jegHegywell this failed horribly :( the intel xorg driver throws some garbage and crashes X after login00:35
jegHegyon vesa now00:36
jegHegylooks a lot like bug #27770900:43
aramorning all :-)07:33
ara I remember you that today is a Ubuntu Testing Day07:42
ara https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/UbuntuTestingDay/2008100607:42
araWe will be focusing on upgrade testing07:42
ara If you are willing to upgrade from Hardy to Intrepid (beta) this is the perfect timing to do it while helping to make Ubuntu better07:42
Tallkenara: I'm doing my job now: filling bug reports :D07:47
araTallken: :D07:47
araTallken: cool, thanks :-)07:47
Tallkenok, I can't find a easy match to Google for an error07:47
TallkenI only have printk's and a irq 23 error07:48
araTallken: when reported, could you post here the bug number, so others can know about it?07:48
TallkenI don't have the time to reproduce the error to be 100% right, however it is at least the second time it happens with a fairly recognizable procedure, will mention this fact at the bug report07:49
Tallken(be 100% right in the procedure)07:49
Tallkenmy connection is going wacko07:57
Tallken_ara: I'm unable to reproduce it :'( but it happened at least twice with similar procedure08:16
ubot5`Launchpad bug 278924 in linux "[unable to reproduce for now] huawei e220 (option module?) triggers weird usb behaviour and module crash" [Undecided,New]08:16
Tallken_lol, that's mine all right08:18
Tallken_ok, is it normal a revision for a PCI line being "(rev ff)" ?08:20
davmor2Good Morning Everybody08:22
Tallken_ok seems so08:22
Tallken_hello davmor208:22
Tallken_or if it isn't it normal, it has been since 7.0408:23
Tallken_that issue with 0xFF all over Intel's Gigabit Ethernet adapter got me panicking anytime I see an 0xFF...08:23
aramorning davmor208:23
=== Tallken_ is now known as Tallken
Tallkenmeant 8.04, not 7.0408:25
davmor2Tallken: did you report it as a bug in 8.04?08:43
Tallkendavmor2: hum? no? I'm just complaining my lspci reports a revision as being 0xFF, I suppose it's not a bug, it's just a device of mine who has a funny revision, I guess...08:50
Tallken07:09.4 System peripheral: Ricoh Co Ltd xD-Picture Card Controller (rev ff)08:50
davmor2Tallken: but it should be displayed correctly so it is a bug :)  Write a bug put in what it does get called and what it should be called etc08:51
Tallkendavmor2: should I consider this a bug as well? :08:53
Tallken07:09.4 System peripheral [0880]: Ricoh Co Ltd xD-Picture Card Controller [1180:0852] (rev ff) (prog-if ff)08:53
Tallken        !!! Unknown header type 7f08:53
ubot5`Tallken: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:53
davmor2Yeap probably part of the same issue if the device isn't recognised correctly then these are the kinda errors that can arise.08:54
Tallkendavmor2: ok :) will fill bug report when I 've time08:56
DJonesHi, just wondered whether anybody had reported problems with the alternate intrepid beta cd? I had various difficulties over the weekend doing an install (All solved in the end), the main issue I had with the alternate was that on a Toshiba Equium L20 laptop with ATI Radeon Xpress 200M graphics, I couldn't get the display working during install, it brought up the install screen & let me select install, and then a plain black screen, I tried us09:01
araDJones: is that reproducible?09:09
araDJones: how did you solve it in the end?09:09
araDJones: you can check here for the bugs that have been filed for the alternate cd: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/test/197309:10
DJonesara: It kept happing every time I booted with the alternate cd, the only solution i found was using an external monitor for the display during install which worked with no problems, i'd tried changing the boot paramaters to use vesa and vga=771 etc with no sucess09:11
DJonesara: Thanks I'll have a look at the bugs filed09:11
araDJones: do you have an account in the ISO tracker?09:11
araDJones: if not, create one, so you can add your findings to the ISO testing09:12
DJonesara: No, I don't, this is the first time I've found somthing reportable, I will do, thanks for the suggestion09:12
davmor2DJones: is it something similar to this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/27429009:12
ubot5`Launchpad bug 274290 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "Intrepid daily, X Server hangs on ATI Radeon 9200 SE RV280" [High,Confirmed]09:12
davmor2Guys If you don't already know about it I recommend firefox-launchpad-integration it adds launchpad type stuff to the search bar in FF09:14
DJonesdavmor2: I don't think so, the laptop is always a PITA to install on so I end up using the alternate, I can get the desktop cd to get to the install setup by using vesa as a boot parameter, but then hangs (maybe I'm not giving it enough time because the cd & hdd lights still flicker as though data is being read - But after 45 minutes I had to give up) Its been that way from Edgy onwards with the desktop cd09:16
schwukMorning all09:18
schwukdavmor2: I didn't know about that package - thanks09:18
aramorning schwuk!09:20
schwukara: did you have a look at mvo's sandbox-upgrader?09:30
araschwuk: no, i didn't. did you?09:30
schwukYes, but it's failed horribly both times :(09:34
schwukWondered if it was just me...09:34
davmor2DJones: I think  know what it is.  I think it might be the edid of the monitor screwing things up for you.  The newer Xorgs set the display by the edid reported to it by the monitor check out https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/151311 or this with related bugs https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xresprobe/+bug/12700809:34
araschwuk: I am going to try it now09:34
ubot5`Launchpad bug 151311 in xorg-server "DDC report some ridiculous physical screen size - causes wacky font sizes on login screen" [High,In progress]09:34
davmor2Morning schwuk Np's only found it myself by accident :)09:35
schwukdavmor2: useful. I've tried the GNOME Do LP plugins, but then I'm switching away from the browser to go back to the browser...09:38
davmor2schwuk: Yes I found it useful this morning :) I was looking through the repo list in nbr to find an app I couldn't remember the name of and stumbled across it and thought that a cool idea :)09:41
davmor2morning heno :)09:49
henohey davmor209:49
henohappy testing day!09:49
davmor2could it be anything other than a happy testing day :)09:50
jegHegyafter upgrading from 8.04 to 8.10, i have a bunch of packages in update-manager that can't be checked for install. where do i look for a log that gives me more info?09:58
arajegHegy: /var/log/dist-upgrade10:05
jegHegyaha, they all have a broken dep on libmp3lame010:08
arajegHegy: are the packages with the broken dependencies part of a non ubuntu archive? (medibuntu or similar)10:12
jegHegyno, it's in multiverse10:13
jegHegyoh, libmp3lame0 is, i mean10:13
jegHegythe broken ones might be in universe10:13
jegHegyi turned off all third party repos before upgrading10:14
jegHegy(sidenote: rhythmbox while watching youtube, YEAH :D)10:15
schwukjegHegy: have you tried doing `sudo apt-get install libmp3lame0` from a terminal?10:19
schwukIf it's can't install, it should at least tell you why.10:19
jegHegyi did so, now it's upgrading the broken dep'd packages :O10:22
jegHegylooks like a conflict with some third party packages as it removed some in the process10:22
jegHegyeverything seems to be in order :)10:24
arajegHegy: have you tried running sudo apt-get install -f ?10:24
jegHegythe packages seem to be fine now10:25
jegHegythis would've been quite confusing though if i didn't know where to look for help10:26
jegHegysomehow there needs to be a way to help users through things like this, preferably with a UI10:27
davmor2jegHegy: you'll probably find that it will work flawlessly tomorrow and that someone is already updating the package I find it quite often upgrading :)10:27
jegHegyi know this is not something that's going to be worked on after a beta release, just letting it out :)10:27
jegHegydavmor2: cheers :)10:27
jegHegyso what i encountered was a problem with packages themselves?10:28
davmor2jegHegy: nine time out of 10 one app will request libmp3lame0-ubuntu10 and libmp3lame0-ubuntu9 is in the repo as upgrading libmp3lame0 is the next on the devs agenda he just ran out of time the day before :)10:31
jegHegyah :)10:32
jegHegywell other than this fiasco and a crashing intel xorg driver, the upgrade went real smooth :)10:32
jegHegyi'm gonna grab some breakfast and then try to get a backtrace10:34
jegHegylooks like #277709 from the symptoms10:34
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jegHegyok, i've ran into a bit of a problem while trying to get a backtrace of X11:19
jegHegyno sort of networking is brought up until gdm login and the crash i'm trying to get at happens at login11:19
jegHegyso i can't ssh in to run gdb :/11:19
jegHegytried booting into recovery mode and running /etc/init.d/networking as root, but ifconfig still only shows the loopback device11:21
jegHegyifup doesn't help11:21
davmor2jegHegy: does nothing show up in /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?11:28
jegHegyi looked at it last night, nothing too helpful in it apart from telling me it's gonna die11:30
davmor2jegHegy: might be enough for the bryce's of the world :)11:35
jegHegymaybe :) i guess i'll just post the log and see if he needs a trace from me too11:36
* popey files bug 27899811:42
* popey pokes schwuk 11:42
micr1hi anyone out there?11:46
ubot5`Launchpad bug 278998 in rsnapshot "[intrepid] rsnapshot.conf comments out common parameters" [Undecided,New]11:46
aramicr1: yes, welcome :-)11:46
arapopey: thanks for sharing11:46
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aranice split :-)12:08
brobostigonwe lost half the room over at ubuntu-uk12:08
abePdItaHi everybody, running test!12:16
brobostigonwhats the status of the powerpc version, i have 7.10 still on my mac, and am looking for something newer, will the 8.10 version for powerpc be usable and stable, this is my laptop i use for work so it has to be stable,?12:18
arabrobostigon: 8.10 is beta now. It is not meant to be installed in production servers, or important desktop/laptops. 8.04 is the stable release now12:30
araabePdIta: cool, what are you testing?12:30
brobostigonara: ok, thank you, how is 8.04 on powerpc, do you happen to know, by chance,?12:31
abePdIta.. =) just following instructions on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases/UbuntuDesktop12:33
araabePdIta: cool :-)12:34
arabrobostigon: you can download it from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/hardy/release/12:34
arabrobostigon: it should be stable enough, but sorry, i cannot tell, as I am running under intel12:34
brobostigonara: ok, thank  you, i will give the live one a try first.12:36
* ara -> lunch12:47
henoheh, tried installing every single firefox plugin in the archive - it works but it looks a bit messy :)12:48
heno(this was Hardy - will now upgrade from there)12:48
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davmor2heno: can you have a word about the bug bot to get it so it works if you type in the bug number please?12:57
henodavmor2: who runs that Sevaas?13:06
henoara (when you're back): Is the testing library only available f13:06
heno..or intrepid?13:07
henoI'm trying to set up automated an upgrade test from Hardy to Intrepid13:07
davmor2heno: no idea I'm afraid that's why I asked you :)13:08
araheno: I am afraid their only available for intrepid, but there are ldtp 1.2. ppas for hardy. Installing those, and the intrepid tests packages in hardy, should work13:37
araheno: https://launchpad.net/~apulido/+archive13:37
henoara: ok, thanks - will try13:40
arathe split day13:59
henoyay, I've got it launching update-manager!14:04
henobut it fails to check and install updates14:04
henoara: what's the recommended way to file bugs against the test suite - attach the report html page?14:05
arawell, there is a way to debug a bit more14:05
ara(i need to write a guide about that)14:06
araheno: ^ report first with the html14:06
araand then you can improve the information running again the test, but having set the local variable LDTP_DEBUG=214:07
arathat should print a lot more information to the terminal14:07
henoright. perhaps we should just enable that by default for now?14:07
araheno: well, we could enable that variable as part of the installation process, but I don't know if that's a good idea14:14
henoara: right, I see now it's quite verbose too. docs will be fine14:16
henoara: bug 27906814:24
araheno: which file have you changed to put your password?14:27
henoara: update_system.py14:28
araheno: no, it is not the way to run it. you have the instructions here14:29
araheno: the file to be modified is update_manager_data.xml, and you have to run it using run_test.sh14:29
henook, I'll try that. I used run_test.sh update_system.xml14:30
araheno: cool, that's the way, but you have to modified update_manager_data.xml14:32
araheno: I have updated the bug report as well14:32
henoara: that worked nicely :)14:44
araheno: good news :-)14:45
henonow, can we make a system_upgrade version?14:45
araI am afraid we can't, but you could file that in ubuntu desktop testing project as a wishlist :-)14:46
henoOK, will do. what are the blockers?14:46
araheno: could you please read my latest comment at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/276657 and give me some feed back?14:46
ubot5`Launchpad bug 276657 in ubiquity "Main menu is still in English after installation from LiveCD" [Critical,Fix released]14:46
araheno: no blockers14:46
henofor one thing it would have to be launched from a terminal as 'update-manager -d', not from the menu14:48
araheno: sure, but we could add that as an option. in ldtp you can run applications without the menu as well14:49
henoara: ok. it would be nice to automate upgrade testing as we approach release14:50
araheno: ok, I will work on it as soon as I clean some other tasks14:51
henoara: cool. I'm preparing some kvm images that can be used for regular upgrade tests14:52
charlie-tcaAny objections to my updating the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases/XubuntuDesktop today?15:04
davmor2charlie-tca: help yourself but we intend setting up new pages any way :)  But it's always good to have it first hand :)15:08
charlie-tcaThanks. I'll do that15:08
davmor2charlie-tca: give me a ping ehwn you finish :)15:22
charlie-tcadavmor2: I think I have it for now. Anything else should be trivial15:28
davmor2charlie-tca: cool :)15:29
cr3hi folks, it's 15h00 UTC and time for a Checkbox tutorial16:00
arajoin cr3 at #ubuntu-classroom16:01
araok, I am leaving now, enjoy the rest of the testing day!17:05
davmor2cr3: You need a logo for checkbox, the obvious one would be a box with a tick in it :)18:01
cr3davmor2: thanks, I've already contracted Kenneth Wimer for the job. I think the tick will be it18:04
WastePotatoIs it meant to be testing day today?18:05
davmor2WastePotato: It is indeed18:10
WastePotatoRight. Where can I get the .iso?18:19
davmor2WastePotato: which one?18:19
WastePotatoThe Ibex Live CD. Not too sure I want to install it yet.18:20
davmor2WastePotato: ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu?18:21
WastePotatoUm. I'll just try Ubuntu.18:21
WastePotatoThanks. :)18:22
davmor2heno: m-a and wubi I think are pretty much tested to death now :)18:27
henodavmor2: I'd suggest people could start playing a bit with automation18:49
henosee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation18:49
henoperhaps it's best to run it in a VM18:49
davmor2heno: might look at that tomorrow while I take images of Kubuntu for the wiki :)18:50
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coucoufHi there, may I tell my Intrepid upgrade experience here ? I saw the post on the planet and wanted to give a hand.20:00
ZergyYou can if you want, this is the right channel.20:05
coucoufWell it could be summed up like this : today there is no suitable X driver for an HD3850 graphic card.20:07
ZergyI don't know, I'm using a nVidia graphic card. :/ Anyway, the ATI graphic card always have some driver's problems on Linux20:09
ZergyYou can use the "ati" drivers insted of the officiel fglrx if it don't work ("ati" is a 2D only driver)20:10
coucouffglrx doesn't work (bug #247376), radeon/ati doesn't work (bug #264462) and radeonhd flickers (bug #278471)... Bad luck. :-(20:13
Zergyvesa ? :/20:15
coucoufyes :D20:16
coucoufAt least the problems are known and the bugs are filed in Launchpad, but I really hope either of them is solved until Intrepid is released.20:18
ZergyYep, beaucoup vesa is not the greatest drivers for every day use. ^^20:19
Zergy*beaucoup -> because20:19
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