* thorwil thinks about i18n regarding countdown banner17:43
huayrahi AliTabuger722:26
huayrahow is life?22:26
ryanakcanewz2000: ping, how goes progress on bug 253931 and bug 255390 ?22:27
ubot3`Malone bug 253931 in kubuntu-website "Documentation tab on http://wiki.kubuntu.org/ should be removed" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25393122:27
ubot3`Malone bug 255390 in kubuntu-website "Kubuntu download form accessible separately on www.ubuntu.com" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25539022:27
AliTabuger7I wanted to talk about some concerns I have about ubuntu's website and the potential hosting of the developing project spreadubuntu on the official servers22:27
huayraoh, that...22:29
huayrawell newz2000 is the man when it comes to ubuntu.com22:29
huayrawhen it comes to spreadubuntu.com, well, we have to find out who to talk to :) I guess it will be easier to do so, when we have the code in our hands22:30
AliTabuger7Ok. Well my first concern while I'm developing it right now is that I want to be sure that spreadubuntu has the potential to be officially hosted.22:31
newz2000hey ryanakca, I'm doing a wireframe of a revision for ubuntu's due by end-of-day Thursday (our time)22:31
newz2000I suggest we use that solution for kubuntu too22:31
newz2000hey huayra, how can I help you?22:31
ryanakcanewz2000: sure22:32
ryanakcawireframe, as in, restructure it / fix up the layout...22:32
newz2000ryanakca: yeah, simplify22:32
newz2000let me see if I can dig it up...22:32
newz2000I've got a sketch already22:33
huayrahi newz2000, I was just explaining AliTabuger7 here that he maybe should talk to you about his concerns22:33
newz2000ryanakca: sent to your gmail account22:33
huayrahave you seen the SpreadUbuntu site lately? http://ubuntu.ec/su/drupal5/22:34
ryanakcanewz2000: thanks22:34
huayraAliTabuger7, is doing some great work there22:34
newz2000oh, good work huayra and AliTabuger7. It's nice to see some content!22:34
newz2000this project has been in discussion for a long time!22:35
newz2000I'm sorry to see you had to suffer through the nasty html/js of my first drupal theme22:35
newz2000so how can I help you?22:36
huayrayou did have a newer theme, didnæt you?22:36
huayraFor drupal 5?22:36
AliTabuger7I might be mistaken, but I think we're using a variant of it actually.22:36
newz2000There is a version that works with drupal though it's not much better22:36
huayradrupal5 or 6?22:36
newz2000there is a new version that I'm actually working on at this very moment that is visually very similar but from a code perspective so much more beautiful22:37
huayrawe could give it a shot, it is a testing site anyway ;)22:37
newz2000I'm not quite ready yet22:37
huayraah, ok22:37
AliTabuger7We are using a variant called ubuntu07-nj22:37
newz2000I was hoping to be ready to test today but I have only one hour left and don't think I can pull it off.22:37
huayrais that new variant going to ubuntu.com?22:38
newz2000it's a fixed-width theme though22:38
huayrawell, give us a link as soon as you have it :)22:38
newz2000so some people may not like it22:38
AliTabuger7If you need anything, newz2000, let me know22:38
newz2000So was your question about hosting?22:38
AliTabuger7That was my first one22:38
newz2000what modules are you using for drupal?22:38
AliTabuger7thats relatively undecided at this moment, but mostly it is views, cck, fivestar, openid, google analytics22:39
newz2000I can't set up hosting for you but I can connect you with those who can... but I know what their questions will be22:40
newz2000do you need fivestar?22:40
AliTabuger7Well I kind of thought that it would be good to have a rating system for the materials22:40
newz2000the standard drupal hosting is made available to locos and they may host your site but they'll look critically at modules they don't already support.22:41
newz2000Similar to fivestar, do you need google analytics?22:41
ryanakcaAliTabuger7: from personal experience, I'd start with little... and once they get it setup, slowly increase what you ask for... otherwise it sits for 2-3 months while they review everything.22:42
newz2000regarding openid, we (canonical) have sponsored creation of a module that connects authentication to launchpad.22:42
newz2000It uses openid22:42
AliTabuger7oh, well i was also doing some fancy stuff with the theme files22:42
AliTabuger7thats exactly the module i'm talking about22:42
newz2000it will go into testing Wednesday on the fridge if the test goes smooth, otherwise it goes after intrepid release22:43
newz2000I mean it will go into use on the fridge if testing goes ok22:43
newz2000shortly after successful deployment it will be made available to the whole Ubuntu and drupal community and we'll encourage more sites to use it22:44
AliTabuger7Is the theme-ing stuff ok? like making a node-material.tpl.php22:44
newz2000it usually is OK22:45
newz2000what you need to do is send an email to rt@ubuntu.com explaining the details. List what modules you need (and keep in mind ryan's advice) and a link to the bzr branch for your theme (or however you have it hosted).22:45
huayranewz2000, is that the SSO2 add-on we talked about a while ago (I'm hubuntu, by the way)22:46
newz2000yes, it is22:46
huayraI tried to contact flacoste, but he said it would have to go into internal testing first22:46
newz2000yes, that hopefully starts tomorrow with the fridge site.22:47
huayraHopefully it will be out before intrepid so we can have it in our 0.1 release by the 30th22:47
huayragood :)22:47
newz2000we'll see. I'm a blocker on this and I'm bogged down with a bunch of tiny details. :-(22:47
* newz2000 hates being a blocker22:47
AliTabuger7My second question is if it would be possible to use mod_gz for css and js files on ubuntu.com and the future spreadubuntu site. This should be relatively low strain on the server because they are static and would not need to be recompressed.22:48
newz2000Oh, interesting. So the content is gzipped but the static files isn't?22:49
AliTabuger7no, so far nothing is except analytics (not related to you) on ubuntu.com22:49
newz2000well, I tested a while back and (for example) www.ubuntu.com's homepage was being served compressed.22:51
AliTabuger7webmasters are generally against mod_gzip because of the strain of compressing dynamic html pages for each user, but css and js never change really.22:51
newz2000server administrators are concerned with it. I'm not a server admin though. ;-)22:51
ryanakcanewz2000: thinking about it... I think I would have the Advance options collapsed... I think it might be too much crowded around the download button, the button would get lost (unless it was big and flashy and there was good seperation between the top half and the advanced half)22:52
newz2000yeah, I've thought about that too22:52
newz2000I'm going to make an HTML mockup by the end of the day Thursday so we can see it in action22:52
newz2000AliTabuger7: you're right. No gzip. I'll investigate.22:53
* ryanakca nods22:53
newz2000I'm surprised22:53
newz2000ryanakca: so for kubuntu the tabs idea doesn't really make sense does it?22:53
ryanakcaNope... no such thing as Kubuntu Server... but if you have the Ubuntu mockup, I can tweak it to make our mockup...22:53
newz2000ok, I'll keep that in mind as I do the wireframe.22:54
* ryanakca hates having to duplicate work when he can just modify what's already there and save time22:54
ryanakcaThanks :)22:54
newz2000Maybe for kubuntu's the main tab will be kubuntu and another tab could be Ubuntu Desktop/Server combined22:54
newz2000but maybe that's distracting people from the kubuntu site22:54
ryanakcaI'd say stick to Kubuntu...22:55
AliTabuger7So, it's an accident that gzip is not enabled for static content?22:56
newz2000maybe got lost when we switched to squid?22:56
ryanakcaAt the last UDS / a followup meeting, it was decided that we wanted to stick screenshots on the front page using the same AJAX script on kubuntu-fr.org ... d'you think the sysadmins would have any issues with it?22:57
* ryanakca would think not, since they already host it on kubuntu-fr ... but ... I never seem to know with these things...22:58
AliTabuger7My third and last question (for now) doesn't really have to be answered, especially not since your busy. Is there some reason that torrent downloads are not made available right from the download page?22:58
newz2000just a sec, on the phone23:00
AliTabuger7Thats fine. This has been suggested before, but never really got a definitive answer in bug 10297423:02
ubot3`Malone bug 102974 in ubuntu-website "getubuntu download not proposing .torrent" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10297423:02
newz2000ryanakca: I don't think that's a problem.23:19
newz2000Ajax can be static content23:19
newz2000for example, check out www.canonical.com23:19
newz2000the homepage has a rotating partners list on the top right23:20
newz2000it uses static xml (edited in drupal)23:20
newz2000AliTabuger7: yes, we won't change this23:20
newz2000bt is a pain in the behind for the sysadmins I guess23:20
newz2000the trackers tend to be very flaky and unreliable and there's no time to baby sit them.23:20
newz2000We do have them listed but we don't want to emphasize them.23:20
newz2000AliTabuger7: would you send me an email to matthew.nuzum@canonical.com regarding the new ubuntu theme I'm working on? When I'm done with it I'll reply with the link and you can start playing with it.23:21
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