bobertdost_dude: Just switch and then start ALSA with /etc/init.d/alsa-utils start00:00
gemqemi did put it on this computer at school the other day, it didn't have a video card, yet, it can run the special effects00:00
foohm, how can I tell what Ghz my proc is running at? /proc/cpuinfo says  AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1500+ ... this is a 2700+00:00
comicinkercomicinker: with gparted live-cd, you could copy files on it?00:00
DasEifoo: hwinfo00:01
t_dudepermission denied00:01
DasEifoo:or conky00:01
DasEi t_dude: sudo in front00:01
comicinkerjesus. rhodry_2409: in gparted live-cd you could copy files on it?00:01
rhodry_2409comicinker, yes but not on ubuntu, i have i/o errors00:02
gemqemi think this is only a 1800ghz or something00:02
t_dudegot it00:02
gemqemits just my spare computer, my main one, went belly up yesterday :(00:02
t_dudelemme see00:02
rhodry_2409comicinker, in fact i try to install a gentoo on a pda hp hx470000:03
t_dudestill no sound00:03
rileymanfavorite pornos guys?00:03
unopferretonthelus, doesn't look like you copied the whole command00:03
LjLferretonthelus: please, *try* actually typing *exactly* what you're told to type... :P00:03
gemqemthanks for all your help00:03
unopferretonthelus,   sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/status{,.bak} && zcat /var/backups/dpkg.status.6.gz | sudo tee /var/lib/dpkg/status >/dev/null00:03
rileymanfavorite pornos?00:03
rileymanfavorite pornos?00:03
unoprileyman, you're silly00:03
comicinkerrhodry_2409: anyway, I would run badblocks on it. double check contacts, cabls eventually,00:03
fooDasEi:  cpu MHz               : 1303.057 ... so I guess it's not where it should be00:04
t_dudewhat should i do to turn on the audio on games damn!00:04
ferretonthelusunop; thought i did.....8>(00:04
DasEifoo: check bios00:04
foohm, so, my proc isn't being recognized properly. Is it possible that I either A) have the wrong kernel, or B) system is somehow underclocked? (I never did this)00:04
fooDasEi: ^00:04
rhodry_2409comicinker, i have verifi every thing00:04
unopferretonthelus, try again, it could be that your clipboard only got part of it00:04
comicinkerrhodry_2409: including badblocks?00:04
t_dudeno one knows?00:04
GenesisEdgeGreetings all.00:05
ballzeeim using text circled logo in gimp but do they have a logo that sprials the text sorta like the stained cd i just want to add more info on the cd with light scribe ?00:05
rhodry_2409comicinker, the card reader and the SD card have no problems00:05
Flamelort_dude: does the sound works with a soundplayer like vlc?00:05
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fooDasEi: 2.6.24-19-server #1 SMP Wed Aug 20 23:54:28 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux .. I'm on this kernel, I suspect it should pick up the right proc without issues00:05
t_dudeyes everything works00:05
unopferretonthelus, actually, now that i think about this .. that command might not work.  as the file does not exist anymore00:05
t_dudeFlamelor, everythig is workin00:05
ferretonthelusunop; im on it, im on it.....http://paste.ubuntu.com/54460/00:05
Flamelorthen i have no idea00:06
DasEifoo: what does bios say 'bout proc speed ?00:06
rhodry_2409comicinker, i 've copied 1.7G0 of files on the card, no probleme00:06
unopferretonthelus,  yea, as i was saying...  try this now         zcat /var/backups/dpkg.status.6.gz | sudo tee /var/lib/dpkg/status >/dev/null00:06
comicinkerrhodry_2409: when you untar the files somewhere else and then copy them?00:06
rhodry_2409comicinker, no00:07
comicinkerrhodry_2409: not possible?00:07
rhodry_2409comicinker, i know, but it's real00:07
fooDasEi: in the BIOS? Not sure, I'd have to reboot this box00:07
t_dudeno one knows what should i do?00:08
comicinkerrhodry_2409: I don't understand00:08
DasEifoo: yes00:08
rhodry_2409comicinker, i have untar the files on my hard disk00:08
ferretonthelusunop;ok, that does nothing but bring me back to prompt "lee@lee-laptop:/tmp$  zcat /var/backups/dpkg.status.6.gz | sudo tee /var/lib/dpkg/status >/dev/null00:09
ferretontheluslee@lee-laptop:/tmp$    "00:09
fooDasEi: ok, when I reboot I won't be able to chat since this is my linux router. Is it possible I need to set the board for maximum performance in the BIOS and that will fix things?00:09
rhodry_2409comicinker, and i have try to copy (in root mode) the files on SD card00:09
unopferretonthelus, that's intended.  means it worked ok.  try this now.   sudo aptitude udpate00:10
rhodry_2409comicinker, and then i/o errors00:10
unopferretonthelus, sorry.    sudo aptitude update00:10
ferretonthelusunop; oh.....00:10
DasEifoo: as you said, kernel should take it with no issues, so its the first thing I'd look for00:10
rhodry_2409comicinker, but no errors on GParted live-cd00:10
fooDasEi: gotcha, was doubting myself. thanks00:10
folksngr81Hey there folks.00:10
folksngr81Anyone in here that I could ask a question to?00:11
comicinkerrhodry_2409: what command did you use?00:11
comicinkerand paste the output somewhere00:11
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rhodry_2409comicinker, on nautilus i had opent in with sudo and used fileroller00:12
folksngr81I am planning on Switching to Ubuntu from Windows 2000. I chat on a site that just switched to using AJAX.. will this work in Firefox in Ubuntu? Will I have to do something confusing and insane to make it work?00:12
ferretonthelusunop; http://paste.ubuntu.com/54462/ i have noticed that the "temp$ " is now at the end everytime.....that supposed to be?00:13
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bobertdos!ask | folksngr8100:13
ubottufolksngr81: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:13
rhodry_2409comicinker, after i had tryed to copy the files with drag an drop in the SD card (in root mode)00:13
folksngr81Oh, I guess I didn't aks correctly. lol00:13
LjLunop: by the way, i believe the wine repository should be http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/ not http://wine.budgetdedicated.com, though i doubt that could have caused the status file problem00:14
comicinkerrhodry_2409: to copy some files on a SD card you don't need root rights00:14
rhodry_2409comicinker, on Gparted: cp -rv inputfiles outputdirectory, and then it was ok00:15
SpragieDoes anybody know how to use a space in the fstab mount location?00:15
comicinkerrhodry_2409: then do so in ubuntu00:15
unopLjL, yea. don't think that would have caused it00:15
rhodry_2409comicinker, it's complet stage00:15
unopferretonthelus,  you'll need to edit your sources.list file and change http://wine.budgetdedicated.com to http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt     gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list00:16
rhodry_2409comicinker, the file i want to untar is a complet system gentoo compiled for my pda00:16
ferretonthelusunop; ok...where so i do that?00:16
rhodry_2409comicinker, then the permissions must be respected00:17
unopferretonthelus, see the last part.  gksudo gedit ....00:17
unopferretonthelus, the tmp$ at the end of your prompt, means your current directory is now tmp (we'd changed that in an earlier command) - not to worry about it00:17
gamikagehi guys, i have a dual boot (Win and Ubuntu) how can I explore Windows with Ubuntu?00:18
comicinkerrhodry_2409: I used to install openmoko for my htc magician, and untared the files, and copied the files with or without root rights to my sd card in a terminal, and it worked just fine00:18
rhodry_2409comicinker, i dont want to take your time but if you want understand what i try see: that: http://gentoo-wiki.com/HARDWARE_PDA00:18
gamikagehi guys, i have a dual boot (Win and Ubuntu) how can I explore Windows with Ubuntu?00:19
FatalErrorgamikage, yes -- in fact, there is a fiar chance ubuntu has mounted your windows partition(s) for you.  Look in /media00:19
FatalErrorgamikage, if not, it's not too hard to set up00:20
DasEi gamikage: install ntfs-3g and mount ntfs-partis (fstab)00:20
rhodry_2409comicinker, if i try with user permission it don't work and i have permission errors00:20
comicinkerrhodry_2409: you already took my time ;)00:20
gamikageFatalError, I am inside of my Ubuntu, but I have to see some files on Windows (Docs and Settings) is there any way I can see them without rebooting the computer00:20
rhodry_2409comicinker, thanks00:21
pslboy_kadeemhi everyone. can someone help me with my networking problem. whenever i restart the computer i have to manually re-enter the password for my router. how can i fix this, thanks in adavcen00:21
DasEi gamikage: yes00:21
gamikageDasEi, how can I?00:21
DasEi gamikage: see:00:21
FatalErrorgamikage, check /media first.. if you don't have your windows partitions there, then you need to set them up00:21
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:21
DasEi gamikage: open a terminal00:22
ferretonthelusunop; i can't find anything about "wine" in that list of fstuff.00:22
gamikageDasEi, already in it...00:22
aurel42Hi. Here's a whodunnit for you. I'm exporting a dm-crypt device on a raid5 using NFS. I found a single folder whose contents I can view locally, but when I access it via NFS, the process hangs. I've never seen that before. Kernel is 2.6.26, custom built but w/ Debian patches. After rebooting the server the client still cannot access the folder (but all other folders on the same NFS mount). Who's the suspect... the server or the client machine?00:22
DasEi gamikage: paste output from : mount00:22
comicinkerrhodry_2409: if you are familliar to the console, you should do that kind of administration and system experiments there00:22
unopferretonthelus, maybe the file for wine is under /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ then - have a look there00:23
aurel42(The client is an Ubuntu machine, that's why I'm asking here...)00:23
gamikageDasEi, already mount /media ??00:23
gamikageDasEi, mount /media ??00:23
ScuniziDo you have to uninstall the previous version of Google Earth to install the latest? or will it just overwrite it?00:23
DasEi gamikage: paste output from : mount               ,just mount00:24
LjLScunizi, i don't know, i get my Google Earth from Medibuntu in a nice Ubuntu package00:24
rhodry_2409comicinker, excuse me my english is a little poor, i try to translate your last line00:25
DasEi gamikage: sudo apt-get install pastebinit00:26
ferretonthelusunop; it says that is a directory. try again00:26
DasEimount | pastebinit00:26
gamikageok... one sec DasEi00:26
LjLferretonthelus: that's because it *is* a directory, you need to look at the files in that directory00:26
ferretonthelusoh, i should use brouser and go there...00:26
DasEimount | pastebinit, gamikage, url ?00:27
folksngr81Hi folks. I am running dual boot rightnow but would really love to switch to Ubuntu full time. I use a chatroom that just upgraded their site and it uses AJAX. Will this work in Ubuntu? If so, does it take some fenagling to make work?  Thanks in advance!00:28
justdaveso I appear to have tweaked something I shouldn't have on my GNOME desktop, and I get the contents of my home directory displayed on the desktop now instead of the contents of the Desktop folder00:28
justdaveanyone know where that setting is?00:28
rhodry_2409comicinker, I will try to do this in console mode but i have no hope00:28
aurel42folksngr81: don't worry about AJAX. It's simply Javascript and some server magic, it will work just fine with your favorite browser.00:29
fraudedo que na cura do Mal de Alzheimer. Assim, daqui a  alguns anos, teremos velhas de seios grandes e velhos de pênis duro,  mas eles não se lembrarão para que servem." DR. DRÁUZIO VARELLA00:29
comicinkerrhodry_2409: don't give up that easy00:29
folksngr81Aurel: So I will need to make Javascript work with my browser in Ubuntu. I have not installed that yet.00:29
comicinkerrhodry_2409: if not today, then next week00:29
rhodry_2409comicinker, a very big thanks you to you00:29
danbh_intrepidfolksngr81: no, any browser will do.  They all have javascript00:29
aurel42folksngr81: you don't need to. JavaScript comes with any modern browser.00:30
folksngr81Aurel42: Thanks a bunch!  I am now off to swtich to Ubuntu! :)00:30
aurel42folksngr81: don't confuse it with Java, that's something different that needs extra packages to be installed.00:30
aurel42folksngr81: good luck!00:30
rhodry_2409good bye everybody00:30
folksngr81Aurel42: I may pop in later if I need help. You've been very helpful!00:30
aurel42my pleasure00:31
ferretonthelusunop; that is a read only, and two files are there with similar names.00:31
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thc11could someone direct me to a document about networking with windows pcs, accessing their shares in particular?00:31
LjL!samba > thc11    (thc11, see the private message from Ubotu)00:31
ubottuthc11, please see my private message00:31
jbroome_!samba > thc1100:31
jbroome_dang, too shlow00:31
dr_willisthc11,  the 'samba-doc' package has severfal books on the topic also00:31
aurel42thc11: I never had to worry about accessing windows shares, some Gnome service (I think) takes care of discovering them and making them available to you.00:33
bimberijustdave: alt-f2 "gconf-editor", /apps/nautilus/preferences, desktop_is_home_dir00:33
aurel42thc11: Samba comes into play when you want to offer the resources of your machine to the windows boxes.00:33
ferretonthelusunop; this is what it says. http://paste.ubuntu.com/54466/00:34
thc11well i saw network in the menu and in there there was "windows network" in there.  but i clicked on it and nothings in there.  i was thinkin it may just be a matter of changing the name of the windows network i wanna be on, i couldnt find that.00:35
justdavebimberi: thanks...  according to the description on that, though, it's supposed to use the homedir if it's checked, and use ~/Desktop if it isn't, and it's not checked.  Any other ideas?00:35
bimberijustdave: no sorry00:36
_haywire_thc11 the network is visible but i've yet to figure a way to browse the network... i have had to manually create my shares in /etc/fstab00:36
unopferretonthelus, that's fine - but you'll need to fix the gpg error - hold on00:36
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LjLunop hmm, perhaps better to concentrate to making dpkg --configure -a work for now?00:37
unopferretonthelus,   gpg --keyserver hkp://subkeys.pgp.net --recv-keys 58403026387EE263 ; gpg --export --armor 58403026387EE263 | sudo apt-key add -;00:37
morghanphoenixfor things like cnxtinstall, that require a root password in the installation script, how does this work with a rootless ubuntu?00:37
unopLjL, yea, was gonna get to that00:37
LjLmorghanphoenix: they don't, i suppose, and they're broken00:37
ferretonthelusunop; i'll try it00:37
LjLmorghanphoenix: i mean, they're intrinsically broken. you don't "su" in a script.00:37
aurel42thc11: perhaps a firewall keeping you from talking to your windows machines?00:37
pengoif "someone" has bungled an alsa reinstall and managed to stop all sound from working on this hardy machine, how should I go about fixing it?00:38
morghanphoenixeven though most distros don't give users sudo? Seems like su is more likely to work than sudo on a default install.00:38
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dr_willisubnutu isent really 'rootless' its just that direct logging in as root is disabled.00:39
_haywire_aurel42 i have the same prob as he does except i can manually connect to the folder -- just trying to browse the network is impossible on 8.0400:39
unopmorghanphoenix, if a script requires super-user access at some point - it's just better to have the script identify if it's running under UID 0 or else complain and quit.00:39
aurel42_haywire_: works for me, with Samba and with an XP machine, I think even without setting a workgroup.00:40
DasEi gamikage: ?00:40
unopferretonthelus, that completed fine.  now onto the next thing.   sudo dpkg --configure -a00:40
morghanphoenixWell, guess I'm compiling this myself )00:40
subdolus_The following packages have unmet dependencies: audacity: Depends: libflac++6 but it is not installable00:40
subdolus_E: Broken packages00:40
subdolus_halp compuder :<00:40
_haywire_aurel42 i have samba, smb and have tried everything possible...00:40
aurel42_haywire_: well, perhaps the Samba server on the other machine takes care of discovery and share listing, I'm not sure how Samba works there.00:41
LjLsubdolus_: pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list00:41
_haywire_aurel42 so basically you configured samba and you are able to open network and browse onto your xp machine?00:41
smokeythemanis there a way i can reset dpkg00:42
ferretonthelusunop; http://paste.ubuntu.com/54469/00:42
bobertdossmokeytheman: Define "reset"00:42
cj7jeepubunto will no connect to server r2 but will login to other workgroup users just fine - please help00:42
cj7jeepit sees it00:42
smokeythemanit cant be opened because i messed it up and id like it to not be messed up anymore00:42
unopferretonthelus, jeez - what happened on your system for it to have gotten to such a state?00:42
FlyerFanaticso i tried knoppix instead...i know this isnt knoppix chat...that wouldnt work either00:43
unopferretonthelus, try this.   sudo aptitude install dselect && sudo dselect update00:43
FlyerFanatici dont think my computer can run linux00:43
ferretonthelusman, i have NO idea..........00:43
bobertdosFlyerFanatic: Okay, I'll just ask you straight, do you have a floppy drive?00:43
aimtrainerhi! I can't get surroundsound working with my sb live 5.1 - can anybody help me with that please? (stereo works fine)00:44
bobertdosFlyerFanatic: unplug it00:44
smokeythemanbobertdos: http://pastebin.com/mfbc2a8f00:44
FlyerFanaticscratch that i was thinking i was on my other machine for a min00:44
FlyerFanaticno floppy on this one00:44
FlyerFanaticjust cd drives00:44
bobertdosFlyerFanatic: oh........hmm00:45
ferretonthelusunop; hope this helps http://paste.ubuntu.com/54471/00:45
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subdolus_LjL: it keeps tripping the spam filter on pastebin00:45
Brian4120Hello, I recently setup my ubuntu laptop for internet connection sharing from wifi to ethernet. Now, I am unable to ping any addresses. I can connect but no pinging.00:45
subdolus_its only 5 lines, can i spam it here?00:45
subdolus_haha ok00:46
LjLsubdolus_: please don't, PM it to me or use another pastebin ( http://pastebin.ca )00:46
Odd-rationalesubdolus_: did you give it a name for username?00:46
FlyerFanaticlinux doesnt run on my comp appearantly...i mean i have vista 64...brand new comp....pretty embarrasing linux is to old school to run right00:46
bobertdossmokeytheman: Wow, what the heck did you do?? :p00:46
subdolus_Odd-rationale: yessir00:46
unopferretonthelus, phew.  cd /tmp/ && sudo dpkg -i dselect*.deb00:46
Odd-rationaleFlyerFanatic: i refuse to believe that... :P00:46
ferretonthelusok.......what a messs!00:46
nshaterhey all I have a wireless card issue i have an atheros card ive tried documentation and Im having a problem running make in the terminal its saying something about the kernel anyone able to help?00:46
FlyerFanaticonly explanation i have00:47
Odd-rationaleFlyerFanatic: what disc are you using? how did you get it?00:47
smokeythemanbobertdos: adept got frozed and had like 7 processes and when i closed them all that hapened00:47
FlyerFanatici d-loaded the iso files onto a disc00:47
FlyerFanaticas directed to00:47
Brian4120I recently setup my ubuntu laptop for internet connection sharing from wifi to ethernet. Now, I am unable to ping any addresses. I can connect but no pinging. The guide I followed was here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91370 Can someone enter into private chat to help me possibly?00:47
scientus_how should i go about installing 64 bit if i dont have a seperate home partition00:47
Odd-rationaleFlyerFanatic: how did you burn the iso?00:47
FlyerFanaticwith a burner?00:47
Odd-rationaleFlyerFanatic: which one?00:47
whileimherehi I installed the package Kubuntu-desktop and now I would like to remove the package and all of the KDE desktop. Is there a way to do this and go back to plain old GNOME?00:47
FlyerFanaticwhich burner00:47
Odd-rationaleFlyerFanatic: yeah...00:48
ferretonthelusunop; http://paste.ubuntu.com/54473/00:48
Odd-rationale!puregnome | whileimhere00:48
subdolus_LjL: ok, now i only have "deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ hardy universe" in sources.list and i get the same error00:48
ubottuwhileimhere: If you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome »00:48
FlyerFanaticoptiarc 720000:48
subdolus_  audacity: Depends: libflac++6 but it is not installable00:48
Batty4Any Linux utilities to recover data from a NTFS partition,00:48
Odd-rationaleFlyerFanatic: is that the name of the program?00:48
whileimhereYeah I found that page but it only is for up to 8.04 not 8.1000:48
FlyerFanaticno the burner00:49
steve_any tinyerp people here?00:49
Odd-rationaleFlyerFanatic: in other words, i want to know whether you burn the contents of the iso or whether you burned the iso iteself...00:49
Brian4120Oh, I forgot that 8.10 was going to be out soon...00:49
FlyerFanatici would assume the iso and contents00:49
LjLsubdolus_: that's hardly surprising, you should have *much* more than that in sources.list00:49
FlyerFanatichang on let me try something brb00:50
LjLsubdolus_: i'll give you a brand new sources.list (you're on Hardy, of course?)00:50
nshaterI'm having an issue with trying to install madhatter drivers when i try to extract it gives me an error message00:50
subdolus_LjL: check http://pastebin.com/m1bdabe2500:50
subdolus_LjL: yes, I'm on hardy00:50
RyuhoI'm getting stutters while playing video files with vlc. I looked around and I think it's pulseaudio but I'm not sure.00:50
subdolus_LjL: hardy gibon i think00:50
unopferretonthelus, ok, let's try this.  sudo mv -v /var/lib/dpkg/available{,.bak} && sudo aptitude update00:50
LjLsubdolus_: no, there's Gutsy Gibbon, and Hardy Heron00:50
bobertdos!info gpart | Batty4: gpart, not to be confused with gparted00:50
LjL!version | subdolus_00:50
ubottubatty4: gpart, not to be confused with gparted: gpart (source: gpart): Guess PC disk partition table, find lost partitions. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1h-4.1 (hardy), package size 35 kB, installed size 112 kB00:50
ubottusubdolus_: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -rc » in a !shell00:50
kWhen I run Wireshark (as root,) it gives me the following error when I try to begin capture:  The temporary file to which the capture would be saved ("/tmpetherXXXXIx7DQG") could not be opened: Permission denied.00:51
subdolus_My mistake :)00:51
Batty4Thanks bobertdos.00:51
nxmehtalogrotate.conf is setup for me to rotate every week (default setting for ubuntu), yet i see the syslog file being rotated daily.  can anyone tell me why that would be?00:51
RyuhoIs there any way easy way to find which process is locking up my computer? top or system monitor freezes too while CPU is 100%, so those are no use00:51
kIt doesn't seem to matter where I tell it to log to, it keeps giving me a Permission Denied.00:51
Marfik, try to chmod the folder00:51
Lengmanwhats the command to find my local ip? ipconfig doesnt work00:51
justdaveyeah, I've definitely got something hosed here, it seems to be ignoring the desktop_is_home_directory setting00:51
MarfiLengman, ifconfig00:51
wx9jfirefox will not remember any new bookmarks00:51
Odd-rationaleLengman: ifconfig?00:51
kMarfi: I'm running as root!00:51
bobertdosRyuho: It might be, but then again, it may not be, because VLC manages everything internally. Check its decoder settings.00:51
Lengmanoh yeah00:51
Lengmanbeen a while since i used linux00:52
Marfik, i can't run wine on a user directory with sudo. =)00:52
ferretonthelusunop; http://paste.ubuntu.com/54475/00:52
kMarfi: I'm running the linux version of wireshark.00:52
unopferretonthelus, ahh, i'm not paying too much attention here.     sudo aptitude update00:53
=== phoenix_ is now known as tiggers
subdolus_LjL: 8.04 Hardy00:53
unopferretonthelus, and then.  ls -l /var/lib/dpkg/available00:53
bobertdossmokeytheman: You could try reinstalling dpkg, I suppose.00:53
Marfik, chmod 777 to the directory that your outputting the data to. sometimes even as root, you can have problems00:53
cj7jeepwill someone help me with a login problem.  I am new to ubuntu and am trying to login into my server (on a workgroup not domain)  I can see it but when i double click it just opens folder and nothing there - not even a prompt for a username and password00:53
Odd-rationaleFlyerFanatic: well?00:53
Marfik, unless you have a root shell with sudo -i00:53
FlyerFanaticwell if its booting up right...doesnt that mean i'm burning it right?00:53
LjLsubdolus_: use this as your new sources.list: http://paste.ubuntu.com/54476/00:53
Marfik, you could do sudo -i then run wireshark from there00:53
Odd-rationaleFlyerFanatic: how far does it boot?00:53
LjLsubdolus_: then type "sudo apt-get update", then try again installing00:53
unopdeaftone, why uh?00:54
FlyerFanaticwell with ubuntu it allows me to get to the menu to let me choose boot from disc...i choose that...the orange load screen goes for a few minutes then i start getting error messages00:54
LjLdeaftone, when your cat, kid, dictionary or whatever has stopped leaning on the keyboard, give me a ping00:54
Killer--Tuxhello to all00:54
john__How do I empty the trash in ubuntu?00:54
Marfijohn__, rm -r ~/.Trash/*00:55
FlyerFanaticwith knoppix it loads up  a screen i hit enter to let that load from disc...starts reading what drives i have and all...then it just ends with knoppix! then just sits there00:55
Killer--Tuxi am looking for a program to fix video quality any advice ?!?00:55
kMarfi: ...okay, chmodding the directory had no effect.00:55
unop!trash | Marfi, john__00:55
ubottuMarfi, john__: The location of Trash has changed in 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash00:55
bobertdos!trash | john__00:55
Marfiah, they moved it. =)00:56
Marfik, did you try with sudo -i, then running wireshark?00:56
kMarfi: yes.00:56
Brian4120Ok, I am currently looking at the command: iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o ethX -j MASQUERADE  If I wanted to delete this rule, would I replace -A with -D?00:56
subdolus_LjL: Love your work dude. All good. Many thanks.\00:56
bloodrockFlyerFanatic, did you dload the 64 bit version of ubuntu00:56
Killer--Tuxi am looking for a program to fix video quality any advice ?!?00:56
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=== DM| is now known as Delvien
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about emulators00:56
Killer--Tuxi am looking for a program to fix video quality any advice ?!?00:57
Odd-rationaleFlyerFanatic: i would try the alternative install disc...00:57
Odd-rationale!alternative | FlyerFanatic00:57
ferretonthelusunop; this is the first one http://paste.ubuntu.com/54478/00:57
ubottuFlyerFanatic: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04.1/ubuntu-8.04.1-alternate-i386.iso.torrent00:57
bloodrockFlyerFanatic, did you try any of the boot options like acpi=off00:57
justdaveI appear to have several things hosed here, not sure what happened.  Besides the wrong stuff displaying on the desktop, it's ignoring the setting to start a VNC server, and I'm having to start that manually from the command line00:57
bobertdosKiller--Tux: fix the quality in what regard?00:58
ferretonthelusunop; and the second. http://paste.ubuntu.com/54480/00:58
FlyerFanaticwhat does turning acpi off do...i think i read that screws comp up00:58
Killer--Tuxbibertdos - ?!?00:58
kMarfi:  Wireshark spits out an error on any kind of file-save operation, it seems.00:58
Marfik, tried to reinstall it? moving to my laptop...brb00:59
Brian4120If acpi=off, doesnt that usually mean it disables advanced options like sleepmode?00:59
ferretonthelusunop, sorry for the distractions...busy watching the bucs and rays lose.... :>)00:59
bobertdosKiller--Tux: What do you mean "fix" the video quality?00:59
Killer--Tuxbibertdos - improve it01:00
unopferretonthelus, i'm not sure what is - but   sudo dpkg --clear-avail && sudo apt-get update01:00
aurel42Killer--Tux: buy a better monitor?01:00
ferretonthelusunop. watching the football and baseball.......01:00
Killer--Tuxbibertdos - when i recored my screen and i send the video to someone the quality is bad01:00
bobertdosFlyerFanatic: Oh yeah!! Disabling acpi......that's what I couldn't think of earlier!01:00
Killer--Tux<aurel42> well i have a 36" sony01:01
aurel42Killer--Tux: try increasing the video quality or "bitrate" in the capturing application.01:01
Killer--Tux<aurel42> tht not the problem01:01
unopferretonthelus, ahh, make sense, sounds very american  and i'm not american ::)01:01
FlyerFanaticwhat does that even do?01:01
Lengmanhow do i turn on ssh server?01:01
JoeFoolyo, how can I search for files or file types in certain folders/directories?01:01
aurel42Killer--Tux: the more details you provide, the higher the chance of someone understanding your problem. ;)01:02
Killer--Tux<aurel42> but how about on videos i have already recorded01:02
dr_willisJoeFool,  the 'find' command is handy for that task01:02
ferretonthelusoh.....sorry...didn't know.......forgive my ignorance......01:02
unopJoeFool,  there's a couple of ways - but define "file types"01:02
Flamelorwhich is the Meta key and which the Hyper key on my keyboard?01:02
JoeFoolhow do I do that?01:02
ferretonthelusunop; http://paste.ubuntu.com/54481/01:02
Killer--Tuxaurel42 : do you understand what i am trying to say ?!?01:02
unopferretonthelus, ok now?   ls -l /var/lib/dpkg/available01:02
JoeFoollike- "find file types home/joe/music .wav"?01:03
pookmuWhy is it that if I use any music player, then sound doesnt work through my browser?01:03
Lengmanapt-get says there's  no package sshd, whats it called?01:03
aurel42Killer--Tux: I suspect that's not possible, but it might depend on your capture application.01:03
FlannelLengman: openssh-server01:03
FlyerFanatichard to get help in here...to much text :)01:03
Lengmanok thx01:03
dr_willisJoeFool,  i would tart with 'man find' and oerhaps google for sojme 'find tutorials'01:03
unopJoeFool, to find .wav files.   find /directory -iname "*.wav"01:03
LjLJoeFool: case Insensitive Name01:03
dr_willisJoeFool,  theres also the 'locate' command if youjust want to find files based on name01:03
unopJoeFool, you should read the man page :)01:03
aurel42Killer--Tux: I think I understand that you use some tool to record videos of your desktop activity and that the quality is too low (blurry text in the video etc.). Correct?01:04
JoeFoolthis is easier, though. thanks for the help01:04
Killer--Tuxaurel42 : yes01:04
FlyerFanaticwell just sounds like my comp is to high tech to even install linux...thanks for the help anyways01:04
bobertdosFlyerFanatic: ACPI is a standard that regulates power management and hardware configuration, usually important, but it can interfere with Linux's boot sequence sometimes.01:04
aurel42Killer--Tux: unless that tool keeps high-res raw data and produces bad-quality videos afterwards, there's no chance to improve videos after the fact.01:05
unopferretonthelus, finally - now, it looks like we fixed these errors - is there anything else that you're having trouble with?01:05
Killer--Tuxaurel42 : oo01:05
tenXFlyerFanatic: and narrowing your issue down to acpi could help you to take further steps01:05
pookmuIm having problems with sound in firefox.01:05
dr_willisFlyerFanatic,  problem is the makers.. dont follow their own specs at times.01:05
Killer--Tuxaurel42 : this is going to be tough01:05
ferretonthelusunop; no...i seee the - sign has changed to a down arrow...is this good?01:05
dr_willisFlyerFanatic,  the next ubuntu release might just fix the problems.. :) that happened on my last laptop..01:05
LjLunop: i guess there's some amount of risk that what he's actually got installed doesn't correspond with what's in status, though...01:06
FlyerFanaticdont wanna mess with any power settings...i could end up screwing something up..dont wanna end up not being able to power up vista or anything01:06
aurel42Killer--Tux: you produced a lot of videos without checking the quality on a sample first? ;)01:06
tenXdr_willis: why might it fix acpi trouble?01:06
smokeythemanwhich filetype is run in terminal01:06
palwhen Ubuntu 9.04 will be relesed?01:06
dr_willistenX,  In my case.. there was some updated kernel patches that  were in the next release...01:06
Killer--Tuxaurel42 : pretty much01:06
bimberipal: april01:06
Killer--Tuxaurel42 : lol01:07
dr_willistenX,  befor that - the laptop had all kinds of issues..01:07
bobertdosFlyerFanatic: It won't be permanent. It only affects the one session, since it's part of the boot options.01:07
pookmuanyone help me with sound problems?01:07
ferretonthelusunop; actually it is an red down arrow with an ! in the middle of it....01:07
tenXdr_willis: i see so those are workaround for errorness acpi tables?01:07
FlyerFanaticso insert the ubuntu disc when the menu loads it will be in the menu?01:08
unopferretonthelus, what is this you are talking about tho? i'm not sure what you mean01:08
dr_willistenX,  some times.  its also worth while to check for bios updates from the makers.01:08
xfmI have installed the facebook plugin, but I can't see it in pidgin01:08
bobertdosFlyerFanatic: Yeah, it's somewhere in the boot options when you hit one of the function keys, I forget which01:08
ferretonthelusunop; WOW .......you are good! thanks.......1jillion times...thanks....01:09
FlyerFanaticoh you mean in my bios or in ubuntu options?01:09
tenXdr_willis: okay the last one i was aware of. just bare interest in the patches. are they distribution dependend or also included in vanilla kernels?01:09
unopferretonthelus, hold on, there's one last thing to do01:09
JoelitoHi all :) Anyone here had successfully run aspx files with lighttpd?01:09
Brian4120Hey everyone again! If my /etc/network/interfaces contains only "auto lo" and "iface lo inet loopback" would that be a reason why I am uable to ping any address?01:09
bobertdospookmu: The "one program at a time" problem is a bug in Pulse. With flash 9, you need libflashsupport for audio support.01:10
ferretonthelusunop, sordry....normally where the orange star is, to tell us there are updates...there has been a red ball with a whhite - in the middle of it.....01:10
pookmuso do a apt-get libflashsupport?01:10
tenXBrian4120: in a way. the question would be why no other network devices appear in your file01:10
badfishbobertdos: can i just apt-et libflashsupport?01:10
dr_willistenX,  i imagine they get sent upstream.  so they get  into vanilla befor too long.01:10
* bobertdos is sufficiently annoyed to go write an addendum for the soundtroubleshooting article.01:10
ferretonthelusoh,, i already selected to do the updates......?01:11
pookmusorry bobertdos01:11
tenXdr_willis: thanks for your information01:11
unopferretonthelus, you mean in the notification area ??01:11
bobertdospookmu: No, no, I wasn't directing that at you. I've just had to explain this to too many people the past few months.01:12
unopferretonthelus,  ls /usr/share/doc | grep -v [A-Z] | grep -v '^texmf$' | grep -v '^debian$' | awk '{print $1 " install"}' | dpkg --set-selections && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade01:12
ferretonthelusunop; if it is not impolite t ask, i would like to know where you are located.....yes, in the notification area......01:12
bimberiBrian4120: that interfaces file is normal for networking managed by NetworkManager. can you ping localhost?01:12
dr_willistenX,  yea. My laptop was totally unuseable when i first got it under ubuntu, then 2 mo later..  a new ubuntu release and its  100% :)01:12
tenXBrian4120: check for unmentioned networking devices with ifconfig -a01:12
unopferretonthelus, on the other side of the big pond - where the queen lives :)01:12
pookmubobertdos thank you for the help01:12
Brian4120bimberi: Yes01:12
bobertdospookmu, badfish: Yes, sudo apt-get install libflashsupport01:12
ferretonthelusok, very good,,,,i figured so...very good chap!01:12
unopheh :)01:13
unopta mate01:13
md22are there any text editors in ubuntu  (other than the console editors) that numbers the lines and allow switching between text display and hexidecimal display01:13
ferretonthelusunop, copy and paste the whole line?01:13
Brian4120tenX: I get an eth0, lo, wlan0 and wmaster 001:13
tenXdr_willis: fortunately i never ran into acpi problems with any system where i actually had to install linux. only with live cds for fixing issues01:13
unopferretonthelus, yep01:13
Brian4120tenX: For with and without -a01:13
ferretonthelusunop, of should i say both lines?01:13
unopferretonthelus, it's actually only one big line01:14
tenXBrian4120: to get the wanted network support on boot up, you'd have to configure your devices the way you want in the interfaces file01:14
LjLmd22: "apt-cache search hex editor" gives no good suggestions?01:14
bimberiBrian4120: any of the interfaces have an "inet addr" other than ?01:14
tenXBrian4120: since those devices are present, the drivers are loaded and the devices should be usable01:14
ferretonthelusunop, it is still loading 85 updates...should i wait for it to finnish?01:14
mikeculverI just upgraded to a new motherboard and can't get my Ubuntu to boot.  I can't even get the desktop CD to boot.  What can I do to fix this?01:14
md22LjL: thanks for that01:15
tenXBrian4120: from that point its probably only a matter of configuring parameters for you environment01:15
LjLmd22: i use khexedit myself, no line numbers though.01:15
tenXBrian4120: dhcp or static addressing01:15
FlyerFanaticthis is so frustrating....my computer always gives me problems..never is just installing something going to make it easy01:15
Brian4120bimberi: Only eth0 has my local IP (Currently connected to that interface. but this problem is with that and wlan0)01:15
unopferretonthelus, well, i'm guessing if you haven't experienced anything out of the ordinary by now, everything's ok - so let these updates finish and then run this command.   sudo aptitude safe-upgrade01:15
BobPenguinhello there. I'm sorry to say I've been having a lot of issues with multimedia related applications on UbuntuStudio 8.04. The most annoying ones are related to Ardour and Lives Video Editor. I was wondering if you could recommend me other media friendly linux distros, or mention an IRC chat where I could get that info01:16
Brian4120By local IP i mean my routers DHCP given ip01:16
bimberican you ping your router's address?01:16
unopferretonthelus, that should have sorted you out - now, i have to go hit the sack :) hope everything's ok - ciao!01:16
_haywire_cya unop01:16
Brian4120bimberi: Negitive01:16
* unop &01:17
Brian4120Im thinking it could have been a problem in the iptables.01:17
bimberiBrian4120: only if you've been fiddling with them :)01:17
Brian4120I did have to to setup the ICS. I can give you the exact link to the guide I used in a second01:17
ferretonthelusunop. yes, i am sure it is late?or early there?.....!01:18
smokeythemanhow do i tun a file in terminal01:18
Brian4120bimberi: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9137001:18
smokeythemanits a script01:18
EvilDaemonsmokeytheman: What kind of file?01:18
EvilDaemonwhat does the first line say?01:19
ferretonthelusunop; ahtank you and hope you sleep well!01:19
Brian4120A bash script?01:19
smokeythemanplain text doc01:19
sheyI have a Dell LCD Monitor plugged into the back of my laptop which I wish to use as my primary screen, but I have no idea how to set this up, and the "Screens" thingy in preferences does not detect the display, I am using it now but it is a cloned display from the laptop screen. Is there a way to set this up?01:19
EvilDaemonwhat does the first line say, smokeytheman?01:19
EvilDaemonIt's a bash script then01:20
Brian4120smokeytheman: Make sure you chmod it to be executable and then do ./filename01:20
bimberiBrian4120: Are you using a GUI on this box?  FireStarter provides a fairly straightforward way to set up ICS.01:21
EvilDaemonsmokeytheman: so you need to run 'sudo chmod +x FILENAME.sh' and then './FILENAME.sh'01:21
PoisonArrowOn my laptop I have two partitions. One was for my windows, and the other is for Ubuntu. I have already backed up my files on the windows partition and would now like to delete it and migrate it back into the Ubuntu partition. Would using Gparted accomplish this?01:21
Brian4120bimberi: Yes, would I be able to undo an ICS setup if I installed that?01:22
EvilDaemonPoisonArrow: Gparted might. your other choices are fstab, cfstab, and one other, can't think of it offhand01:22
mikeculverI can't get Ubuntu to boot after I installed a new mainboard.  I tried recovery mode and all I get is SATA link up and down messages.01:22
EvilDaemonBut yeah, if you can figure it out.01:22
PoisonArrowEvilDaemon,  I see. Is it hard to do?01:23
EvilDaemonmikeculver: Did you google your problem?01:23
PoisonArrowEvilDaemon just deleting the partition should be fine right?01:23
Turlhow can I setup the summer time and all that? the clock widget does not have this "advanced" controls01:23
mikeculverEvilDaemon: yes.. I got a lot of possible kernel options to try, but none of them worked.01:23
tiggershow do SSH keys work?01:23
ferretonthelusThis has revived my faith in the free source and the people behind it! may YOUR GOD bless you. However you see HIM,HER,IT!01:23
Turlnevermind, I found it01:24
bimberiBrian4120: Possibly.  You might need to undo the changes to files in those instructions.01:24
EvilDaemonPoisonArrow: I don't know, I haven't used gparted.01:24
EvilDaemonPoisonArrow: run man gparted for instructions01:24
EvilDaemonmikeculver: not sure what you need to do. maybe ask in ##hardware  ?01:25
yurimxpxmananybody know whether Requiem will still work if I use an older version of iTunes?01:25
EvilDaemonor #hardware01:25
EvilDaemonyou'll redirect01:25
mikeculveri'll try that.. thanks01:25
EvilDaemonyup, no prob01:25
Turlanother question, why does my clock give me ALWAYS an hour more that the time it is actually?01:26
TurlI have set up my timezone correctly :S01:26
Brian4120bimberi: I am thinking the command appending the rule to the POSTROUTING thing might be whats messing me up. I tried doing iptables  -t nat -D POSTROUTING -o wlan0 -j MASQURADE but I got a cannot load target error01:26
=== Guest14027 is now known as Brucee
luminrdUmm, I have 2 hard drives conencted, they have automatically mounted (I can see them in Gnome) but nothing is in /mnt... where does it mount them to?01:26
EvilDaemonyurimxpxman: If your looking for a general itunes replacement, Amarok or Banshee. Otherwise, I don't know what your saying.01:27
kitcheluminrd: /media/01:27
Palace_Chananybody know what:01:27
Palace_Chan[tcsetpgrp failed in terminal_inferior: No such process]  could mean ?01:27
yurimxpxmanEvilDaemon: requiem's a DRM removal tool01:27
EvilDaemonNo idea, yurimxpxman.01:27
EvilDaemongoogle yet?01:27
badfishburn em all to an iso in windows01:28
badfishthen rip it with ubuntu's cd audio extractor01:28
bimberiBrian4120: Sorry I don't know enough to know for sure, but yes you'd not be wanting to see erros on such commands.01:28
philliphey dudes i run crunchbang i like it better than ubuntu and its based on ubuntu anyways but one problem is getting wine to run in it....any advice?01:28
badfishfind a crunchbang channel?01:28
EvilDaemonNO SPAM, xSharastisisx01:29
root0i've just installed intrepid using the alternate cd. only one question i have. how can a new user that i'l create will have an encrypted home folder? i've asked on #ubuntu+1 but no answer yet...01:29
Brian4120bimberi: Thanks anyways, Ill give the firestarter a go. As soon as I can get it over to my laptop. No internet means no apt-get01:29
luminrdkitche: Ah thank you :D01:29
Lengmanin the file browser i do Go->Location and type "smb://windowsbox/sharename" and it says "Couldn't display "smb://windowsbox/sharename/". Error: Failed to mount Windows share. Please select another viewer and try agian".  what viewer should i use?01:29
badfishi've noticed my audio output in ubuntu is significantly lower than in windows01:29
badfishanything i can do about this?01:29
Brian4120Once I get this one, next task, finally fixing my samba server!01:30
xompomg the grammar on crunchbang.org lmao01:30
codazodaHow do you set the screen resolution to one setting (say 800x600) and the desktop resolution to a higher setting (say 1280x1024)?  I've seen this before where moving the mouse to the edge of the screen rolls you around the larger desktop.  Can't find this in ubuntu though.01:30
kitchebadfish: make sure PCM is turned all the way up01:30
bimberiBrian4120: You can always download via packages.ubuntu.com and transfer manually to the box01:30
Brian4120thanks bimberi!01:30
bimberiBrian4120: np :)01:30
xmagixxmy colors when i watch video is all screwed up. in gstreamer-properties i have XwindowSystem /X11/XShm/Xv) as i usualle have. but for some reason now i have to change it to XwindowSystem (no Xv) anyone got a fix for this ?01:31
xompCrunchbang's grammar reminds me of the McDonalds tag lines or those Boost Mobile ads. "We lov to be seein' u smilin'" and "Whuuur u at dawg?"01:31
pookmuIs anyone here old enough to remember the september that never ended?01:31
philliphow do i get to the crunchbang channel? i am kinda new to linux..just switched from xp01:31
badfishhow do i access my pcm volume control?01:31
snovabadfish: with whatever audio mixer you use01:31
xompphillip, do you like McDonalds and Boost Mobile? :-)01:31
codazodaI want to simulate a fixed "zoom" without using compiz.  In order to get around adobe flash bugs in linux, but to watch hulu video's.01:32
spiritssightHow ofton is the ISO done in other words is the updates that came out today on the ISO if I download it right now??01:32
phillipthey're ok why01:32
xompphillip, just curious :-)01:32
phillipkinda random lol01:32
dr_willisspiritssight,  the latest 8.04.1 iso came out a few mo ago.. theres still a few updates that came out after its release..01:32
badfishlike the volume control in rhythmbox?01:32
EvilDaemonphillip: ask in a PM or on #defocus, #ubuntu-offtopic, or other various chitchat channels. not a SUPPORT channel01:33
xompphillip, I noticed the www.crunchbang.org website's grammar, it reminds me of "that generation" of people have gone "Awwwww yeah! Linux!" lol, puts me in mind of McDonalds & Boost Mobile trying to "Connect" to the urban culture lol01:33
EvilDaemonoh, whoops. Sorry phillip01:33
codazodaNo idea's on setting the screen resolution to one thing and gnomes desktop resolution to another setting?01:33
EvilDaemonThat was meant for xomp01:34
phillipyea im that kinda guy01:34
snovabadfish: maybe. a plain old volume control might not have it. try a more specialized application. it depends on the audio system you have installed.01:34
dr_williscodazoda,  i just set the screen res lower. as a fake zoom. :)01:34
xompEvilDaemon, "I have only been usin' t' installation for about 24 hours, but I be impressed with what I have seen so far." I rest my case01:34
EvilDaemon(no spam, xomp)01:34
mikeculverEvilDaemon: i did find a fix...01:34
mikeculverit's very dirty though.  And I'm not sure it won't severely impact performance01:34
badfishi maxed the master volume and the volume in the program01:34
badfishit's not just rhythmbox but audacity, and everything else01:34
spiritssightthanks :-)01:34
badfishi run my computer out to an amplified stereo01:35
EvilDaemonmikeculver: good, that's good. Got it all working then?01:35
codazodadr_willis: Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.  I want the screen res to be 800x600, but the desktop to be 1280x1024.  I can't figure out how to set this up in ubuntu.01:35
xompEvilDaemon, ah kk I'll leave Britany alone :)01:35
Turlcodazoda, in xorg there's a config called virtual desktop01:35
smokeythemani tried and i cant do it :|01:35
Turlinvestigate on google01:35
snovabadfish: well, look for mixers in the package manager, i guess.01:35
EvilDaemon!spam > xomp01:35
smokeythemani tried and i cant do it :|01:35
ubottuxomp, please see my private message01:35
smokeythemanchmod so it can be executable01:35
pookmuI set up privoxy and the update manager connects through it. when I stop privoxy it wont connect.01:35
smokeythemanhow do i set it to read as a bash script01:36
phillipi really like linux sofar. My network at work is micro ad...how can i implament linux on my servers?01:36
codazodaVirtual desktop...  Right.  Thank you.  I couldn't remember the term, so couldn't come up with any good results online.  I'll go from there.  Thanks for the help.01:36
bruenigsmokeytheman: use the bash shebang01:36
=== Linwood_ is now known as Adrian
HappyI have 1440*900, but no 1280*800, howto setup properly. googled around no clue01:36
smokeythemani cant install anything until i execute the script01:36
EvilDaemonsmokeytheman: look here01:37
mikeculverEvilDaemon: yes.  Is there any way in which I could contribute my work-around so that others might benefit?01:37
dr_williscodazoda,  thats used to be set ages ago with the virtualdesktop settings in  the xorg.conf, but most people HATE that way of doing things.01:37
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:37
EvilDaemonmikeculver: Yeah, make an account at http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ and post it there. Or, you may want to go over to #ubuntuforums and ask to sumbit it01:38
xmagixxmy colors when i watch movie in any player is messed up for some reason. anyone care to help out ?01:38
mikeculverEvilDaemon: is there some sort of hardware wiki?01:38
EvilDaemonmikeculver: But you need to be specific in what you do, how you did it, command by command, and hardware your using01:38
EvilDaemonmikeculver: Ask over in #hardware / ##hardware , I don't know off hand.01:39
smokeythemanthis sucks01:39
smokeythemanim dying01:40
Turlwhat do you need? :p01:40
TurlI may be of help ;)01:40
luminrdI started a rather large file transfer in terminal from one external hard drive to another. is there any way to check the progress01:41
smokeythemani dare someone to turn this into a bash script and send it to me http://pastebin.com/m751eb7cc01:41
Turlluminrd, stat /new/path/to/file and see the filesize01:41
Turllet me see smokeytheman01:42
fx3luminrd, you can ls -l the target file01:42
Happyany help to set up 1280*800 in ubuntu8.04? i got only 1440*90001:42
dr_willis'watch ls -l /path/to/file/being/copied'   is handy01:42
Foxfirehow do I connect to a torrent?  I have bittornado...01:43
Turlsmokeytheman, that's already a bash script01:43
TurlI imagine it just needs chmodding and correct execution01:43
smokeythemanhow do i execute it as root01:43
Turlsudo chmod +x filename (only once)01:44
EvilDaemon!sudo | smokeytheman01:44
ubottusmokeytheman: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)01:44
Turland then sudo ./filename01:44
SpherousGuys, when I open Cedega and start my Spore Free Trial my screen goes black and says "Cannot display this video mode" I passed all the diagnostics and I had Compiz disabled... I am running an EVGA NVIDIA Geforce 7950GT KO Superclock... so I don't understand why its not working. it has nothing to do with Cedega, thats why I'm asking here, its a problem with some video driver I thin, but when I tried to reinstall my video driver,01:44
luminrdthanks guys01:44
kitcheSpherous: it has to deal with cedega ask them01:44
EvilDaemonSpherous: #cedega ##cedega ?01:45
Spherouskitche, No one answers there~ and I can't post on their forums unless I pay for a subscription, well I'm not gonna pay for something before it works01:45
dr_willisSpherous,  ive heard that wine/cedega has some issues with SPORE.01:45
kitcheSpherous: well then what are you using a trial software?01:46
Spherousdr_willis, the Spore Trial is their free thing to see if you can get Cedega working before you pay01:46
TurlSpherous: look in getdeb.net, there's a plain wine patched to support spore01:46
Oilfurnaceanybody know how to remove oxidation from a copper pipe?01:46
Spherouskitche, full software, but a trial account, you sign in to an account every time you start the program01:46
dr_willisSpherous,  you mean to say the 'cedega' free trial is called 'spore' ?01:46
neetodoes anyone happen to know what they called the hacked and ported version of the iphoneOS running in a VM?01:46
TurlOilfurnace, I heard you can with Coke01:46
mrbrdoI have a soundcard with multiple outputs (6 or so, i think), and on windows i use this to have my headphones and speakers connected at the same time (i get sound from both), but on Xubuntu i only get sound from the speakers.. How can i make it give sound to the headphones aswell?01:47
kitcheSpherous: I know what cedega is well if you have full software then you most likely downloaded it someplace fishy since you have to buy for the software01:47
Turlneeto: iphoneOS is just Macintosh01:47
Spherousdr_willis, no... They advertize the Spore free trial on their software01:47
xompI just found out it's possible to play Team Fortress 2 with ubuntu through WINE. Right there goes my reason to dual-boot XP with Hardy!!!01:47
FlyerFanaticok back01:47
FlyerFanaticwho was helping me01:47
Grey_Lokixomp, congrats ;)01:47
Spherouskitche... Cedega.com isn't some place fishy01:47
luminrdWhen you delete something from a usb drive does it stay until you empty the trash?01:47
dr_willisSpherous,  ahh..  so the free cedaga trial comes with a trial of spore...  Heh..01:47
Oilfurnacehow would coke help?01:48
kitcheSpherous: well ask cedega since they would know more about their software then we would here01:48
TurlOilfurnace, I was told coke "eats" the oxidation01:48
Spherousdr_willis, right, but I can't get the trial to work, so I don't want to pay for it to get WoW to work before I can even get something they advertise as a testing game to work01:48
FlyerFanaticwho was helping me i forget...in a pm01:48
fx3Oilfurnace, you want something like WD40, hold on, did you say rust? copper pipe?01:49
kitcheSpherous: sounds like you need to do some editting to cedega's configuration01:49
Oilfurnacecopper pipes yeah green stuff01:49
xompcopper does not rust, it oxodizes don't it?01:49
Oilfurnacething that carrys hot water01:49
Spherouskitche, how do you propose I go about doing that? I can't put in a ticket unless I pay for a membership, I can't post on the forums, and I've asked in #cedega many times with no one answering me01:49
xompthe oxidation extends the life of the copper01:49
hardcorelinuxRust - Iron oxide01:49
mrbrdoI have a soundcard with multiple outputs (6 or so, i think), and on windows i use this to have my headphones and speakers connected at the same time (i get sound from both), but on Xubuntu i only get sound from the speakers.. How can i make it give sound to the headphones aswell?01:49
Turltalk on #metal better ;)01:50
smokeythemananyone know what awk is?01:51
Flannel!anyone | smokeytheman01:51
ubottusmokeytheman: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:51
PoisonArrowawk = a white kid01:51
kitcheSpherous: well fix the configuration in cedega's pull down menu it's actually not that hard but cedega is a unsupported product here since they have their own excellent support since this is mainly for ubuntu questions01:51
kitcheSpherous: been a while sicne I used cedega or I would tell you where you can change it01:52
smokeytheman!anyone | Flannel01:52
ubottuFlannel: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:52
EvilDaemonxomp: PLEASE quit spamming, or your likely to be kicked/banned01:52
luminrdHow do I get rid of stuff in my trash that I deleted from a usb drive? When I try to empty trash it just sits there at 0%, when I delete individually it tells me it's a read-only fs01:52
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o01:52
fx3smokeytheman, i know what awk is =)01:52
EvilDaemon!botabuse | PoisonArrow01:52
ubottuPoisonArrow: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.01:52
smokeythemanWhat is awk?01:52
Spherouskitche, I checked all the settings, it all shows exactly what it should, so theres nothing wrong there. And like I said, they don't answer me in #cedega, I've asked about 20 times in the past week, no one answered01:53
fx3smokeytheman, thats the correct question this time, the answer is 'man awk'01:53
EvilDaemonSpheous: Did you google?01:53
=== sgallinger is now known as splooge
PoisonArrow!stfu | EvilDaemon01:53
ubottuEvilDaemon: Acronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.01:53
SpherousEvilDaemon, yes. To no avail01:53
smokeythemanwhat is the path to awk?01:53
kitcheSpherous: well considering it's not for support did you check out the wiki01:53
Flannelsmokeytheman: awk is a programming language, type 'which awk'01:54
EvilDaemonPoisonArrow: Please stop, or you will be banned.01:54
Spherouskitche, yep, nothing there about it~01:54
luminrdWhy would a USB drive be a read-only filesystem??01:54
smokeythemanwhich awk01:54
kitcheSpherous: well "official" support anyways :)01:54
unopsmokeytheman, you can ask your shell what awk is using the whatis command.   whatis awk01:54
PoisonArrowEvilDaemon, so be it01:54
speenerwow, windows user are so stupid01:55
EvilDaemonspeener: Not really.01:55
luminrdGparted won't even let me reformat it.01:55
unop!ot | speener, EvilDaemon01:55
ubottuspeener, EvilDaemon: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:55
MaslowHello, just have a quick question. I know that normally when you try to install two things at once it gives an error stating the service is in use; is there any way to manually cut that particular process off?01:55
EvilDaemonluminrd: cfdisk?01:55
FlannelMaslow: Why do you want to do that?01:55
speenermmm...shut up01:56
Flannelspeener: Please be polite.  You are offtopic.01:56
JabIs there a specific ubuntu irc channel for networking?01:56
luminrdEvilDaemon: Gives me fatal error cannot open drive01:56
GneaJab: no, but #networking usually works alright01:56
MaslowEarlier I was having issues installing java. First it'd seem to finish fine before giving an error and then when going back to try installing a different package it just says its already in use.01:56
EvilDaemonluminrd: sudo cfdisk01:56
etyrnalwhat would cause an ubuntu machine to open thousands of active sessions to my isp's dns ??01:56
FlannelMaslow: Whats the actual errr?01:56
MaslowSec, let me see if I can get it again.01:57
Gneaetyrnal: visiting a porn website01:57
etyrnalGnea, but the machine is just sittingthere -- headless01:57
luminrdEvilDaemon: I had used sudo. But I was trying to do the /dev not the mounted one... but anyway, now it says I have no permissions to write01:57
darrylI am looking for help with Mythtv on Ubuntu 8.04 - - Stactic when I try to watch live tv01:57
kitcheetyrnal: many things a bot a rootkit along with being used as a zombie01:57
etyrnalGnea, nobosy is even loged into it01:57
=== speener is now known as zarathustra
Gneaetyrnal: and its purpose is?01:57
=== zarathustra is now known as speener
EvilDaemonluminrd: sudo cfdisk should've done it with no problem... one second.01:58
luminrdEvilDaemon:  Opened disk read-only - you have no permission to writelast_lba(): I FATAL ERROR: Cannot get disk size01:58
=== speener is now known as I
EvilDaemon!cfdisk | luminrd01:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cfdisk01:58
FlyerFanaticsomeone mind helping me out individually?01:58
danbh_intrepiddarryl: not the same, but try hulu.com01:58
PoisonArrowEvilDaemon, sorry, but I have read the Rules, and no where does it say asking a question to ubottu am I doing bot abuse, thanks01:58
EvilDaemonDid you google a bit?01:58
=== I is now known as egotrip
Gnea!pm | FlyerFanatic01:58
ubottuFlyerFanatic: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.01:58
etyrnali looked in my router's active sessions list and there are over 20 pages of udp connections open to the dns 1 & 201:58
EvilDaemonPoisonArrow: Please read them again.01:58
etyrnalbut not to any other remote address01:59
etyrnalall on port 5301:59
Gneaetyrnal: so it's a router?01:59
FlyerFanaticsorry but i'm not sure how to explain or show you what messages i'm getting with all this clutter01:59
etyrnalthe ubuntu box isn't, but my router shows the connecions01:59
Maslowhttp://pastebin.com/m5caf6f6b <--- heres what im given when the error occurs trying to install an item through the terminal.01:59
luminrdEvilDaemon: Not sure what to google for on this..01:59
GneaFlyerFanatic: ignore the clutter and just do it.01:59
FFEMTcJFlyerFanatic: pastebin.com01:59
etyrnalcan i use netstat to find out what process is doing this?01:59
MaslowI got this one because I was also using ubuntus default app install deal to install something else at the same time.01:59
luminrdI mean, read-only is rather common but usually root can at least write it02:00
Gneaetyrnal: so is the headless box the ubuntu box or the router?02:00
EvilDaemonluminrd: Google the error message you had, like 'cfdisk no permission writelast_lba(): I FATAL ERROR: Cannot get disk size'02:00
danbh_intrepidPoisonArrow: if you are asking the bot questions, its better that you do it over pm.  !BotAbuse is one way of invoking ubottu to give you those directions.  The guy probably didn't mean to imply anything...02:00
etyrnalthe headless box is the ubuntu02:00
FlyerFanaticjust going to assume my comp specs are to new for linux...gonna have to wait for an update...hop the include my drivers02:00
etyrnalGnea, the router is just where i see all the connections02:00
Gneaetyrnal: okay, and what purpose does it serve? firewall? what?02:00
EvilDaemondanbh_intrepid: the guy = me?02:00
=== egotrip is now known as acidreflux
etyrnalGnea, the ubunto box?02:01
=== acidreflux is now known as egoflux
Gneaetyrnal: there's another 'it' that i'm referring to?02:01
danbh_intrepidEvilDaemon: i'd have to scroll up, but sure02:01
luminrdEvilDaemon: Nothing comes up with that or various variants of it.02:01
fx3FlyerFanatic, just paste your stuff to pastebin and try to explain the problem02:01
etyrnalGnea, it's a slave 3D renderer for Blender 3D02:01
etyrnalbut it's idle02:01
EvilDaemondanbh_intrepid: If it's the bot abuse incedent, then yes.02:01
Gneaetyrnal: okay. is it running any network services of any kind?02:01
danbh_intrepidEvilDaemon: yeah, it was you...02:02
PoisonArrowdanbh_intrepid, ya I know. I found it little rude thought to send me a botabuse pm.02:02
FlyerFanaticwell i tried ubuntu didnt work....tried knoppix...didnt work...this is ubuntu chat...but being told to turn off acpi...dont know how to...02:02
TheKiNGI just did apt-get install xfce4, and the system wont boot into xfce.02:02
luminrdOh wow I'm a moron. Sdb not Hdb!!!02:03
etyrnalGnea, if it is i'm not certain because i didn't set it up for any other purpose than to act as an available 3D renderer for distributed rendering -- all machines are local02:03
EvilDaemonluminrd: I think your next best bet would be going to http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ and making an account. Then post a topic, and see if anyone can02:03
fx3FlyerFanatic, you tried the ubuntu Live CD, right? What was the problem with it? were you able to boot it? did the OS start up ?02:03
xompTheKiNG, did you select xfce from the Sessions menu at the login screen?02:03
FlyerFanaticbesides...kind of tired booting/rebooting comp for the night...just not gonna mess with linux....seems like you need to be outdated for it...otherwise stuff prob wont work02:03
EvilDaemonluminrd: There you go. :-)02:03
TheKiNGxomp: That doesnt even come up02:03
TheKiNGI got the server one02:03
luminrdsorry thanks for the help EvilDaemon :P02:03
TheKiNGSo, it will boot into the console02:03
hardcorelinuxFlyerFanatic, during the CD boot, hit F6(options) and add 'acpi=off' at the end of the boot line without the quotes ofcourse02:03
TheKiNGstartx says /etc/x11/x isnt found02:03
FFEMTcJFlyerFanatic: you just have to be willing to learn.. More than likely somethings out there.. you just need to find it.02:04
etyrnalGnea, in my router i see this...  http://pastebin.com/m1178172d  except for twenty plus pages of it...02:04
EvilDaemonluminrd: Don't be sorry. Questions are meant to be asked. :-)02:04
xompluminerd, stay away from ubuntuforums.org at all costs. It is folly to post there, I have 2 threads that were posted nearly a year ago with no response lol02:04
xompluminerd, just keep trying here, eventually someone will be able to help.02:04
TheKiNGCan somebody help02:04
fx3FlyerFanatic, linux works for bleeding edge as well as the trailing. all it takes is a little interest02:04
EvilDaemonxomp:  Please quit spamming. It is getting tiresome.02:04
Technovikingxomp: tht kinda unfair to say02:04
Brian4120Alright, I have another question. I run a samba server on a headless box. Currently all my users cannot access their files. They can connect to the box via smb://hostname. When prompted for a user/pass it works there. But when I navigate to a folder it asks for a user/pass again. none of the username/pass combos i have will work.02:05
EvilDaemonluminrd: He's just trolling. It's a good place to go, I use it all the time.02:05
xompEvilDaemon, get the hell off my back mate, I'm not spamming. You have a damaged view of spam.02:05
TheKiNGOkay, plz2nothavedramakthx02:05
FlyerFanatici'm just gonna have to find someone that can talk me through it on a messenger program...i cant type fast enough to keep up with everyone02:05
TheKiNGstartx says /etc/x11/x isnt found02:05
FlyerFanaticthanks though02:05
TheKiNGCan somebody help02:05
EvilDaemonTrolling, spamming, the whole works are tiresome. Please stop, or you will most likely be banned.02:05
Technovikingxomp: The forums are great source of community support, just different that irc, mailing list etc...02:05
Technovikingbut I may be biased02:06
fx3FlyerFanatic, you dont have to type fast, just say someones nick, it highlighs them02:06
FFEMTcJFlyerFanatic: you dont have to type fast.. just if you find someone to talk to, use their name in every sentence, then they know they are being talked to02:06
TheKiNGMY GOD.02:06
danbh_intrepidTheKiNG: why didnt you try installing xubuntu-desktop?02:06
TheKiNGdoes that have xfce?02:06
FlyerFanaticalright well here i go...02:06
xompTechnoviking, the forums have been as useful as a rectum right here *points at elbow* for me. Why is it "spam" or "trolling" to suggest nobody use it? lmao02:06
FlyerFanaticwell i guess i need to try to turn off acpi02:06
EvilDaemonTheKiNG: yes, that is the manager.02:06
fx3TheKiNG, xubuntu has xfce, maybe you should try that02:06
fx3(didnt see the x there, sorry =) )02:07
FlyerFanaticguess i'll go ahead and try that...bbl02:07
fx3xomp, maybe you were asking the wrong questions?02:07
Technovikingxomp: cause just because it is not a good experience for you does not mean it is for other people02:07
etyrnalGnea, i originally set it up using a monitor, but i only ssh to it now so i can start renders02:08
zetheroo-ubuntuI tried following the Ubuntu Community Documentation here (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick) but the device does not boot. Instead I get this error: BOOTMGR is missing02:08
EvilDaemonxomp: Considering the populaity, I don't see why it isn't a good place to go. It would've died out by now if it wasn't [good].02:08
FlyerFanaticnm....screw it...not gonna mess with this anymore...maybe sometime in the future linux will make it easier to install02:08
xompTechnoviking, I'm just saying, he should stick around and see if anyone can help instead of embarking on a voyage of being ignored by those on the forums. The forums should be your very last option after asking every possible person connected here or that will ever connect lol.02:09
danbh_intrepidzetheroo-ubuntu: did you try this page? https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/boot-usb-files.html02:09
luminrdI don't see how that's possible.. I reformatted the partition and still there's stuff on the drive!!02:09
fx3xomp, if your issue is clearly described it will get answered.02:10
Odd-rationalei find the forums more helpful for indepth problems... simple issues are easly solved by reading the docs, searching the forums, or coming here...02:10
Technovikingxomp: you don't like the forums, cool. be let other people make there own decision02:10
FlannelAlright guys, the meta-forums discussion has run its course.  Lets get back to our regularly scheduled programming.02:10
FlyerFanatici posted in the forums...and got no responses thus i came here02:10
zetheroo-ubuntudanbh_intrepid  : no ... but why should that work? ... I meant here are plenty of supposed ways to do this kinda thing out there on the net ... and this one that I did should be working ... but its not ...02:10
Technovikingsorry Flannel02:10
zetheroo-ubuntudanbh_intrepid  : has this method worked for you?02:10
fx3FlyerFanatic, if you dont feel like /messing/ about with it, then dont do it, for a newbie its generally trial and error at first02:11
Odd-rationalei think 90% of issues can be solved by searching the forum, or the wiki... the forum tends to be more up-to-date than the wiki...02:11
EvilDaemonYup, time to get back on topic.02:11
xompTechnoviking, I have no issue with that, but to say I'm spamming or trolling is a bit ignorant. I'm offering my opinion on the use of the ubuntu forums is all.02:11
luminrdShould I sudo rm -rf /media/drive if I want to get rid of EVERYTHING on it?02:11
onatshow can i remotely access my ubuntu desktop from a windows machine?02:11
danbh_intrepidzetheroo-ubuntu: never tried myself, but thats the official documentation, where as you are following the community docs.  I figured it was worth a shot02:11
Odd-rationaleluminrd: no02:11
tenXonats: vnc?02:11
luminrdOdd-rationale: What should I do?02:11
tenXonats: namely tightvnc as a suggestion02:12
Technovikingxomp: I'm glad to continue out of channel02:12
FlyerFanaticyea linux sounds to complicated think i'm done trying to get to the point to even mess around with it02:12
Odd-rationaleluminrd: rm -rf /media/drive/*02:12
EvilDaemonluminrd: Don't do that unless you know EXACTLY what your doing, what will happen, and the tempature of canada before you do it.02:12
zetheroo-ubuntudanbh_intrepid  : ok ... well I suppose it is worth a shot ... thanks02:12
fx3luminrd, *DO* *NOT* mistype that command, whatever you do02:12
luminrdYes I'm aware of its effects02:12
Odd-rationalei not sure sudo is needed02:12
luminrdBut no other method seems to be workin02:13
luminrdOdd-rationale: it is, I don't know what it is with Ubuntu, it likes to mount shit read-only02:13
EvilDaemonOdd-rational: yes, if it's not owned by him02:13
r4bdoes the ibex beta have the new version of wubi?02:13
Odd-rationalewell, if hal mounts it... it should be mounted as user...02:14
Flannelr4b: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid questions, thanks.02:14
=== speener is now known as egotrip
xompto all those saying I have no right to down play the forums, here's my post dated March 2008 and the only person to have bothered with replying to my topic has been ME!! LOL http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=73093302:14
Odd-rationaleusually, that is...02:14
Flannelxomp: Please stop.02:14
luminrdOK, WTF! Seriously DOUBLEYOO TEE EFF????  sudo rm -rf /media/disk/*  admin@integrity-client01:/media/disk$ ls -a.   ._20080821 Taming the CC Beast.wav  .Trash-1002  ._.Trashes ..  .Spotlight-V100                     .Trashes02:14
FlyerFanaticgood to know my system specs are too amazing for linux lol02:15
Flannelluminrd: * doesn't include dotfiles02:15
=== egotrip is now known as egoflux
* luminrd facepalm02:15
luminrdI asked a minute ago and someone said it did.. ok anyway what do I need? rm -rfa?02:15
BeeftubeI am installing Ubuntu for a blind friend, is there a TTS system for IRC chat? (TTS = Text to speech) TIA :)02:16
Odd-rationaleluminrd: rm -rf /media/drive/.*02:16
luminrdLol. makes sense. thank you02:16
lukus78oh my god - I have been pulling out what little hair I have ... trying to get dual screen on my laptop (with shitty intel 945 graphics)....02:16
_haywire_you called?02:16
luminrdHoly balls.  A whole lot of "you can't do that"02:17
xompBeeftube, Festival02:17
luminrd"Read only filesystem". WTF02:17
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:17
fx3luminrd, can you remount it as rw?02:17
Beeftubethanks xomp02:17
lukus78RandR has been my saviour02:17
lukus78it's absolutely AMAZINGLY simple02:18
xompBeeftube, np, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TextToSpeech02:18
lukus78Xinerama is COMPLETE shite ... imho02:18
FlyerFanaticwell i'm fed up with being annoyed with this...i'm out02:18
luminrdfx3: Seems I can't unmount it, device is bzy.. but what options would I give it to mount it rw?02:18
lukus78does anyone know what I'm talking about?02:18
Beeftubeyou rock xomp :D02:18
* smokeytheman whines like a baby02:18
smokeythemani need help!02:18
Odd-rationaleluminrd: are you in the dir in your terminal?02:18
xompBeeftube, some would beg to differ :P Glad to help none the less :-)02:18
darkblue_BJAVA - I had 1.6 installed and working fine to run an occassional app.. just now, I ran an app and t said that Java 1.7b10 failed??!? I didnt put that there.. how can I find out what put it there, or make it not the main Java, or something.. help02:19
luminrdOdd-rationale: what dir? the mounted volume or the /dev location02:19
FFEMTcJis it normal that my /etc/network/interfaces would just include auto lo and iface lo inet loopback? even though im using a dhcp router, shouldnt it still have something for eth002:19
root0luminrd, with rm .* you've just deleted the . and .. I'm not sure what will work now...02:19
Odd-rationaleluminrd: try "cd ~ ; sudo umount -l /media/drive"02:19
danbh_intrepid!java > darkblue_B    check these docs.  I think there is a command to select which java is used02:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:20
luminrdroot0: It didn't let me delete anything02:20
danbh_intrepid!java > darkblue_B02:20
ubottudarkblue_B, please see my private message02:20
hardcorelinuxFFEMTcJ, may because your are using NetworkManger?02:20
jianfeitrying to mount a NTFS volume, says wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda4 any ideas how to force mount?02:20
wizard_2I've let the mysql package set the mysql root pw and something had been able to tell all my other packages what the root mysql pw is during install time. Now I need to know what it is and I don't. I'm fairly sure I can just reset it with some mysql tools, but I'd rather just pull it from whatever tells my packages during install.02:20
Brian4120Hi. I have a question. I run a samba server on a headless box. Currently all my users cannot access their files. They can connect to the box via smb://hostname. When prompted for a user/pass, none of the username/pass combos i have will work. Any suggestions?02:20
fx3luminrd, find out whats using it, or try the magical -f02:21
jigphello guys.what is the command for video card brand?how to know my video card brand I mean...02:21
danbh_intrepidjianfei: are entering ntfs as the partition type?02:21
wizard_2never mind, it's nothing02:21
wizard_2stupid packages02:21
smokeytheman./var/lib/dpkg/status has dissapeared. I found a script that recovers it using blah blah blah andit just makes a blank file. i do sudo apt-get update and it works fine with no new errors but i cant install anything and adept is still busted02:21
joaquinmsudo lspci | grep -i graphics02:21
FlyerFanaticis it normal for ubuntu to not boot from disk in vista 64?02:21
joaquinmor -i video02:21
joaquinmor do a full sudo lspci and look for your video card02:21
FlyerFanaticto constantly have error messages02:21
luminrdOK why is it giving me this "read only filesystem" crap???02:21
FFEMTcJhardcorelinux: ok.. so to make a static ip then just open the network manager, click on wired properties, remove enable roaming, and type in what i want then??02:21
FlyerFanaticsurely i'm not the only one with this problem02:22
thc11how can i use samba to see what windows boxes i'm seeing?02:22
jigpjoaquinm:  thanks ill try that :)02:22
jianfeidanbh: its just displayed as an icon for mounting02:22
xompsudo lspci | grep VGA02:22
Odd-rationaleluminrd: what type of fs? how are you mounting it?02:22
Brian4120FlyerFanatic: What are you running vista on? laptop?02:22
FFEMTcJhardcorelinux: or should i manually configure it with interfaces02:22
jianfeidanbh: asks me for my password02:22
smokeythemanthanks anyway, ill just jump off a bridge02:22
root0luminrd, sudo rm -r /media/drive/.[^.]* will delete anything on that folder in a safe way so it won't delete . and ..02:22
Brian4120FlyerFanatic: Any specs? Model?02:22
thc11is there a way i can get a list of computers it sees on the windows network?02:23
smokeythemanE: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on libc602:23
luminrdroot0: No, it won't let me delete it at all. It won't let me.  it says read only filesystem.02:23
luminrdAs root.02:23
FlyerFanaticummm vista 64 bit, 4 gb ram, 320 GB HD i think...what else you need? its a self built02:23
hardcorelinuxFFEMTcJ, NetworkManager is convenient for quick setups02:23
Odd-rationaleluminrd: it wont let you delete as root?02:23
luminrdThat's what I've been saying from the beginning! That's the problem in the first place.02:23
root0luminerd, can you tell me using a pastebin what the mount command say?02:24
Odd-rationaleluminrd: how did you mount it?02:24
Brian4120FlyerFanatic: Motherboard and processor? Manufacturer should be enough info02:24
luminrdUbuntu auto-mount02:24
jigpjoaquinm:  how to get the driver of the videocard and install it?02:25
FlyerFanaticmobo gigabyte ep-45-ds3r02:25
root0luminrd, can you tell me using a pastebin what the mount command say?02:25
unoproot0, you should't be able to delete . and .. anyway02:25
luminrdroot0:  just "mount"?02:26
luminrdroot0: http://pastebin.com/m67f8aeb702:26
root0unop if you do rm -r .* on a folder that will delete . and .. too : http://ubuntuforums.org/announcement.php?f=33802:26
darkblue_Bdanbh_intrepid: thx that fixed it!02:26
Gneaetyrnal: looks like someone on is browsing the web02:26
Brian4120FlyerFanatic: And how are you booting the ubuntu cd? Are you going to the BIOS and setting the cd drive to be booted before the harddrive?02:27
danbh_intrepiddarkblue_B: hmmm, cool, what was the original page you were looking at?02:27
Wickedhmm is gimp 2.6 in repositorys?02:27
darkblue_Bdanbh_intrepid: page?02:27
Brian4120Where are you getting stuck?02:27
ubottugimp is an advanced image manipulation application for Ubuntu. See http://www.gimp.org for tutorials and more information.02:27
danbh_intrepiddarkblue_B: nvm, I forget the advice I gave you : P02:27
FlyerFanaticafter i click to run ubuntu from the cd itself...the orange load bar goes then right after i get the error messages02:28
etyrnalGnea, in a tcp dump i see no http - only the dns stuff02:28
root0luminrd, so can you cd to your drive? i see no /media/drive02:28
Brian4120Any idea what they are saying?02:28
FlyerFanaticbuffer I/O error on device fd0 logical block 002:28
Gneaetyrnal: well you'll need to look on .44 and figure out what app is trying to hit that ip02:29
FlyerFanaticevery couple seconds a new line of the same error message02:29
unoproot0, well, something clearly doesn't add up then - http://pastebin.com/d1e6d3df302:29
danbh_intrepidFlyerFanatic: you could try disabling your floppy drive in the bios02:29
darkblue_Bdanbh_intrepid: adding bookmark.. all for now.. thx again02:29
Brian4120FlyerFanatic: Do you have a floppy drive installed? fd0 is the floppy drive02:29
Gneaetyrnal: #networking might be able to help you out a bit better02:29
FlyerFanatici know in my bios i can choose to move around floppy drive...but i have no floppy installed02:30
etyrnalGnea, thanks for theawesome tip!02:30
FlyerFanaticwe're talking old school floppy disk thing right?02:30
FlyerFanatici dont have any hooked up02:30
root0unop, i can't explayn that. but i do know that i once lost some things with that command...02:30
danbh_intrepidFlyerFanatic: yeah, either disable it, or maybe update your bios.  But disabling it is a much easier option.  (do this even if you dont have one hooked up)02:30
Turlyour mobo has a controller though ;)02:30
Turldisable it02:31
FlyerFanatichow do i disable it?02:31
Brian4120FlyerFanatic: Take a look at this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43892302:31
Turlenter the BIOS and set Floppy Drive to Off or sth similar02:31
Brian4120That thread may point you in the right direction02:32
tonsofpcsupgrading from gusty to hardy i'm getting a lot of issues02:32
FlyerFanaticok  will check that out02:32
=== terminal_ is now known as terminal
danbh_intrepidtonsofpcs: are you using update-manager?02:32
tonsofpcsfirst the machine hung on reboot (crash detector says python 2.4 failed to upgrade properly)02:32
tonsofpcsdanbh_intrepid - yes02:32
tonsofpcsand i used not-latest-gusty kernel to do it02:33
unoproot0, from the time I can remember - gnu rm has had this safety net - but it could have behaved differently before that - we're talking about 5-6 years ago - but this is only with rm - other apps will behave differently02:33
tonsofpcsthen on boot, GDM said it failed to load the theme "Human"02:33
danbh_intrepidtonsofpcs: sucky, I can suggest some commands...02:33
tonsofpcsthen after crash detector told me py2.4 had crashed, it told me gnome-vfs-daemon closed unexpectedly, as did gnome-screensaver-gl-helper02:34
danbh_intrepidtonsofpcs: sudo apt-get install -f02:34
Brian4120FlyerFanatic: I just found something saying that you may want to try the alternate instalation cd.02:34
tonsofpcsdanbh_intrepid - there's no broken depends according to apt02:34
FlyerFanaticwhere do i get that?02:34
D^mienwhat is ubuntu?02:35
danbh_intrepidtonsofpcs: so that command said nothing?02:35
dr_willis!ubuntu | D^mien02:35
ubottuD^mien: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com02:35
root0unop, i think this is good news on one hand. on the other hand it may be just on newer versions and it may still be a problem on other... i really don't know.  i just really hope that no one will loose theyr work as i did once...02:35
tonsofpcsi also got two "This problem report does not apply to a packaged program" (/usr/bin/seesat5 and /usr/lib/firefox/firefox-bin)02:35
NecrosanAny Intrepid Ibex PS3 beta yet?02:35
FlannelNecrosan: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid questions, thanks02:35
NecrosanNo one answers there02:35
NecrosanIt's been idle for awhile.02:35
Brian4120FlyerFanatic: Another option is pressing f6 at the cd boot menu and adding floppy=off02:36
mib_z246s4w1how do i run windows application in ubuntu with full compatibiltiy02:36
FlyerFanaticlet me try that...i'll come back after02:36
Brian4120mib, closest thing i can suggest is wine.02:36
danbh_intrepidtonsofpcs: well, the next command to try is sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, and then this EXACT command: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^02:37
Brian4120You can also do virtual installation of windows via virtualbox02:37
root0mib_z246s4w1, using wine will be easy. using a virtual machine will a bit more hard than wine but will be easy too...02:37
ferfactorhow i can install unreal tournament 2004 in ubuntu02:37
kitcheferfactor: by using the linux installer for it02:37
mib_z246s4w1wine is not PERFECT02:37
ferfactorwhen i'm finishing to install ubuntu said me that i need to put the second disc02:38
Brian4120ferfactor: You will need to take the first install disk, find the linuxinstaller.sh file on the first disk and copy it to your desktop or some folder02:38
mib_z246s4w1i might try the virutal thing...what if i need to update the...VM..thing02:38
root0mib_z246s4w1, define the word perfect please.02:38
NiceStreicould someone help me out mounting a disk that wasn't properly unmounted in windows?02:38
salamandyrany way to install all the 32-bit compat libs in a recently installed 64-bit HH?02:38
mib_z246s4w1i what to be able to run any and all windows programs02:38
Brian4120ferfactor: I had that problem too, you have to copy the installer to the desktop so it remains available after you remove the first cd.02:38
Brian4120make sure its chmod02:39
Brian4120make sure its chmod'd to be executable. then run it via terminal02:39
ferfactorBrian4120... i have one disc02:39
ferfactoronly one disc02:39
mib_z246s4w1i want to be able to run any and all windows programs02:39
ferfactorBrian4120... only the installer?02:40
Brian4120ferfactor: That is strange. I have the CD version and it came with 6 cds total02:40
luminrdroot0: It's not /media/drive, it's /media/disk02:40
=== PrivateVoid_ is now known as PrivateVoid
Brian4120ferfactor: yes02:40
kitcheferfactor: do you have the anthology?02:40
Omlettemib_z246s4w1: Good luck with that.02:40
root0mib_z246s4w1, i am sorry to inform you but that is not perfection is just a Windows machine. Windows is not Linux. period.02:40
rebel_kidmib_<blah blah>: use virtualization lik virtualbox, but i would recommend trying to find a lin equivelent first they are much better02:40
ferfactorno i don't02:40
luminrdroot0: disk-2 actually02:40
kitcheferfactor: well then you should have more then one disk02:40
=== splooge is now known as vacheeli
root0luminrd, ok, and did you managed to cd in it? and to rm -r * ?02:40
ferfactorno my version is downloaded from internet02:40
ferfactormy brother installed UT in his computer in windows...02:41
=== vacheeli is now known as vacheela
ferfactorand work properly02:41
harksawSo I'm on x64 and I'm trying to install gens, the genesis emulator, from source. I have the package libsdl1.2debian installed, but when I do a ./configure it says "checking for SDL - version >= 1.1.3... no*** The sdl-config script installed by SDL could not be found*** If SDL was installed in PREFIX, make sure PREFIX/bin is in*** your path, or set the SDL_CONFIG environment variable to the full path to sdl-config." I'm not sure02:41
harksawwhat that is suggesting I do. Any ideas?02:41
luminrdroot0: Yes I can cd into it. But no, I cannot rm -r, that is the entire problem here.02:41
berrantrykethe *only* thing i have to complain about ths far is the inability to add repeat/delays in my g15 macros... otherwise... ubuntu.. is purrfect02:41
mib_z246s4w1thanks anyway i use both linux is more interesting to use..windows is stupid friendly...macs are retarted02:41
Brian4120ferfactor: was it from the same download? (hope it isnt warez)02:41
ferfactorBrian4120... no...02:42
ferfactorBrian4120... do you have the link??02:42
NiceStreii am trying to get files off a windows installation that shit the bed, but since the computer crashed, the drive wasn't properly unmounted in windows (and i can't get back onto windows to do a proper shutdown). how can I force unmount the drive, so i can mount it in linux and copy the needed files onto an external hd?02:42
Mike020How can I move around icons on a panel?02:42
Brian4120ferfactor: is it the demo or the full installation? I only remember having the demo available for download02:43
=== Taco is now known as Raize
berrantryke@mike: right click, unlocm, right click again and select move02:43
manishdrag and drop @ mike02:43
ferfactorBrian4120... i have the full installation... my brother play with this disck in his computer. but he has windows vista and play well02:43
ferfactori try to play with this disc in ubuntu...02:43
Brian4120Alright. Any he only gave you one CD?02:44
root0luminrd, it may be your environment or something. i just can't figure it out. sorry, is over my knowledge.02:44
ferfactorthe disk weight 3.3 gb... i don't know how much weight your discks02:44
ferfactoryes i have one disk only02:44
RaizeBAM. So. Would any of you happen to know if theres a way to set nautilus to show search results as they're found rather than waiting for it to finish?02:44
ferfactorBrian4120... your disk is original?02:44
kitcheBrian4120: yeah looks like the DVD version02:44
anaklnQuick question about 8.10. if i downloaod it now and install it, would I have any issues when the official release comes out and I do a distupgrade?02:45
Brian4120ferfactor: Yes, but it is the cd version. it takes about 5-6 cds to install02:45
luminrdGod the past few weeks have been a great reminder of why I own a Mac. Linux is an absolute nightmare02:45
Flannelanakln: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid questions, but none.  You can upgrade to final release through regular daily updates, etc.02:45
ferfactorohhh... well i think that i have to buy the discks... maybe one copuy02:45
luminrdI can't even use my own freakin USB drive because of permissions issues. Seriously. It may be less secure, but giving permissions for everything to everyone is better than THIS nonsense.02:45
* danbh_intrepid feels sorry for luminrd02:45
=== vacheela is now known as fudgina
=== fudgina is now known as pigsquat
postersanguitarWhy is linux a nightmare to you?02:47
manishlinux rocksssss ...02:47
NiceStreianyone able to help me out?02:47
manishok whats the prob02:47
Brian4120ferfactor: Maybe. I checked and the CD version was 6 disks and the DVD was 1 or 2. So I would check with your bro to see if he only needed the one DVD02:47
postersanguitarNiceStrei: with what?02:47
ZikeyHi, anyone knows an utility to limit on a tcp port the number of simultaneous connections from the same IP ? (can I do this with iptables ?)02:47
kitchepostersanguitar: well really linux is a nightmare02:47
centaur5If a hard drive is replaced and I want to copy program settings do I have to open the program once then copy the hidden directory (ie .evolution) from the old drive to the new one?02:47
postersanguitarkitche: Why do you think that? No crashing, no viruses, gret, free graphic design software02:47
NiceStreii am trying to get files off a windows installation that shit the bed, but since the computer crashed, the drive wasn't properly unmounted in windows (and i can't get back onto windows to do a proper shutdown). how can I force unmount the drive, so i can mount it in linux and copy the needed files onto an external hd?02:47
dr_willisNiceStrei,  you can force linux to mount the ntfs drive.02:48
Doctor_Nicklunix :D02:48
dr_willisntfs-3g --help    Shows how02:48
kitchepostersanguitar: because it is and trust me my knowlegde over all of Linux is pretty advance02:48
NiceStreidr_willis: alright i'll give that a shot02:49
Mike020Is it possible to choose a custom town for Weather on the weather icon in a panel?02:49
Brian4120NiceStrei: Try mount /dev/whateverthedeviceis /mountpoint -o force02:49
loca|hosti have a fresh install of 8.04 and i have no shutdown button, only hibernate/logout/switch user02:49
ferfactorBrian4120... he want only one disck maybe to ubuntu are 2 disk02:50
dr_willisGiven the Nightmares ive had with windows.. i will stick with Linux. :)02:50
root0Mike020, yes, just another place.02:50
Mike020root0: I only see custom locations02:50
=== samba is now known as Guest21187
Brian4120ferfactor: Nope, it uses the same disks on windows as it does on linux. quick google search got this: http://girasoli.org/?p=228 it may help02:51
WalkingAsteriskIs it possible to put the places and system menu inside the applications menu ?02:52
manishcant change my login name02:52
ferfactorWell thanks Brian412002:52
morghanphoenixhow do you find the PID for a running process that isn't taking up enough system resources to appear on top?02:52
Mike020How can I make windows minimize to a different panel?02:53
NiceStreiBrian4120: that worked! thanks man02:53
Brian4120NiceStrei: No problem :P02:53
crdlbmorghanphoenix: pidof or pgrep02:53
root0WalkingAsterisk, just replace the Menu Bar with Main Menu. Right click on the panel and Add to Panel...02:54
WalkingAsteriskhmm Cool,02:54
bazookai have a problem with apache02:54
kitchebazooka: what's you problem with apache?02:55
bazookafavicon.ico doesnt not esist error ................. can anybody help me with this02:56
root0Mike020, move the Window List to a different panel.02:56
bazookaexist *02:56
FlyerFanaticcrap he not around02:56
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
FlyerFanaticok so i tried putting in the boot line floppy=off as well as acpi=off02:56
FlyerFanaticstill didnt work02:56
bazookahow do i make apache stop looking for the favicon.ico file02:56
Flannelbazooka: Its not really an error.  Just that the icon doesn't exist.02:56
FlyerFanaticdo i need to put both in at the same time?02:57
Flannelbazooka: you don't.  Its actually something the browsers look for automatially.  Don't worry about it.02:57
=== pigsquat is now known as piggina
root0bazooka, create a favicon.ico and put it on the folder02:57
bazookathe folder where i have my html files02:57
=== piggina is now known as bullsballs
Mike020root0: How do I do that?02:57
Flannelbazooka: Your document root.02:57
ubottuIrssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help.02:57
FlyerFanaticman everytime i leave to try something the people helping are gone02:58
vengerwhy isn't there /lib/modules/ dir like there is for /lib/modules/2.6.24-19-generic?02:58
bazookai also have a php with php scripts02:58
bazookaprob *02:58
bazookathe browser just displays the php scripts02:59
FlyerFanaticcan anyone help me?02:59
Mechdavebazooka, http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-questions/2004-March/041707.html  :)02:59
root0Mike020, on a default install you have the Window List on the lower panel. it is easy to find it. right click on it and you have some options...03:00
Mechdavebazooka, or you could link it to /dev/null03:00
bazookahow to do that03:00
Mechdavebazooka, you need to read man ln03:00
FlyerFanaticwell i'm never going to get this problem solved here...guess i'll try the forums hope someone can help me out03:01
Mechdavebazooka, but to start the command is like this --> ln -s /dev/null /path/to/document/root03:01
bazookai am all confused03:02
bazookadev/null is to linked to the folder where i have my html documents ?03:02
Mechdavebazooka, Oops wrong... try this --> ln -s /path/to/document/root /dev/null03:03
root0bazooka, you could start by reading manuals before doing some big mistakes...03:03
Mechdavebazooka, Oops double Oops03:03
bazookaok i am not trying .lol03:03
Mechdavebazooka, Oops double Oops --> Sorry REALLY wrong03:03
flu_no lines, no waiting03:04
Flannelbazooka: Just... ignore it.  Missing favicon isn't the end of the world.03:04
=== samba is now known as Guest86579
Mechdavebazooka, don't do that... it will wreck your web server03:04
bazookabut it doesnt run my program03:04
bazookawithout the favicon.ico03:04
bazookai am trying a simple hello world program ..i am very new to php03:04
Mechdavebazooka, try ln -s /path/to/document/root/favicon.ico /dev/null03:05
bazookawhat is document root if you could tell me03:05
Flannelbazooka: If your PHP script depends on a favicon, you'll have to create one.  Linking it to /dev/null won't fix it.03:05
Mechdavebazooka, now that should link favicon.ico to /dev/null which should stop your problem03:05
MechdaveFlannel, it won't?03:05
FlyerFanaticcan anyone help me out?03:05
FlannelMechdave: Likely not.03:06
MechdaveFlannel, bummer... thought I was being smart there :(03:06
bazookacreating is like giving any image file .ico extension ?03:06
FlannelMechdave: If PHP is looking for it to do something with, it likely wont like /dev/null03:06
xmagixxtrying to build tangerine from souce but i get a error when i type make . http://paste.ubuntu.com/54512/ in the bottom . it's the hole ./configure and make03:07
xmagixxanyone know what to do ?03:07
MechdaveFlannel, Oh right, fair enough, then bazooka will have to create a favicon03:07
bazookaok how do i creat03:07
=== ugger33 is now known as bitseven
root0bazooka, first of all, check what you did and what you installed: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/index.html after that try to figure out what you are really doing and try to understand what the manuals say for your situation. running a server is not just as easy as writing texts. afterwall if you really wanna be a good php programmer you first have to understand on what are you geting in.03:08
xiamxso silent03:08
gumpishany bash quote escaping wizards around? I need to know how to pass something like foo'bar"foobar as a pattern to grep, but I can't make bash happy no matter how I escape or quote the pattern....03:08
Mechdavebazooka, http://www.google.com.au/search?hl=en&q=How+to+make+a+favicon.ico&btnG=Google+Search&meta=03:08
loca|hostanyone ?03:09
loca|hosti have a fresh install of 8.04 and i have no shutdown button, only hibernate/logout/switch user03:09
bazookai installed LAMP from  ubuntu synaptic03:09
gumpishloca|host:  well, you know how to shutdown from the terminal?03:09
xiamx22:09 < loca|host> i have a fresh install of 8.04 and i have no shutdown button, only hibernate/logout/switch user03:09
xiamx22:09 < loca|host> i have a fresh install of 8.04 and i have no shutdown button, only hibernate/logout/switch user03:09
Mechdavebazooka, a good place to start is at http://www.apache.org03:09
bazookawhr shld this .ico file be placed  ????????????????03:09
luminrdI just installed Ubuntu on a new machine. The mouse worked great during the install process, but now that it's installed and running the mouse doesn't work.03:10
Flannelbazooka: your document root.  By default that's /var/www03:10
Flannel!repeat | xiamx03:10
ubottuxiamx: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:10
bazookai played with it ...by reading the forums ... i think i have got that changed @ flannel03:10
Flannelbazooka: Why did you play with it?03:11
bazookai am sorry :(03:11
siganyone know if there is an iso for intel mac for ubuntu?03:11
evilbugsig- you mean ubuntu for intel mac?03:12
xompsig, you mean Hackintosh?03:12
Flannelsig: The regular Ubuntu.03:12
luminrdScratch that. After a minute or so it started working.03:12
evilbugsig- any iso would work.03:13
xiamxi think x86 is ok for intel mac03:13
Flannelbazooka: No need to be sorry, but what were you trying to accomplish by changing them?03:13
hernick_whoa... I'm running 8.04 with desktop effects and I've just fallen into some weird zoom-mode where what I see is a zoomed segment of the whole desktop03:13
bazookathe .ico file should be placed at  var/www ...i got to know whr is my current default03:13
hernick_anybody knows how I can return to normal mode03:13
evilbugsig- i have x86 xubuntu on my mac and it's fine.03:13
sigevilbug: you have an intel mac?03:13
sigmine is 64bit intel03:13
evilbugsig- mbp 2nd gen.03:13
Mechdavebazooka, you need to do some reading about apache configuration03:13
root0bazooka, do you know that you have installed? do you understand your environment? try to understant it before starting to read/learn mechanically. is not a problem that you've changed it, but now things may be different. this is one reason to know what do you have.03:14
[T]ankcan anyone recommend a flash editor?03:14
evilbugsig- anyone of these would work http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/03:15
bazookai just want to run a simple hello world php program ..the favicon.ico file is not allowing me to do it . browser : firefox or opera...not IE03:15
ShinHadokenDoes anyone know the name of the User Switcher app that sits in the task bar and let's you click to switch users in Ubuntu? I just had a GDM crash, and when I reinstalled, that app didn't come back.03:16
papnaShinHadoken: Fast User Switch Applet03:16
Flannelbazooka: a simple program should have nothing to do with a favicon.03:17
jcd8604Hey, I have an issue with running Ubuntu on a T61 Thinkpad where I can't connect to my router but I can connect to ones around me just fine. But I also have a problem simply using Firefox in that sometimes (wired or wireless) it will hang and time out when I attempt to view a new page and I have to either dis/reconnect in order to get it to work.03:17
Flannelbazooka: Pastebin your php file, if you don't mind.03:17
Flannelbazooka: actually, lets take this conversation to #ubuntu-offtopic, we're getting slightly offtopic for this channel.03:17
root0ShinHadoken, right click on the panel and Add to Panel... and search for Fast User Switch Applet03:17
bazookayou want the php code ?03:17
RickZillaI get this error message: "Error while opening sound device. Please check the output device settings and the project sample rate." Looking through the wiki for solutions, but not finding much. Any ideas on how to fix this? I used Audacity just fine on my Windows machine, but not having luck here...yes, I have installed the lame file.03:18
Flannelbazooka: Yes.03:18
Flannel!paste | bazooka03:18
ubottubazooka: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:18
hernick_I'm stuck in desktop effects zoom mode03:18
chamunksAnyone in here have any experience setting up snort IDS and could give me some assistance I need some assistance getting started.03:18
hernick_where can I find the documentation for the keymappings03:18
hernick_so that I can find out how to get out of zoom mode03:18
bazookai am so new to all these03:18
=== buono is now known as lenios
Mechdavebazooka, http://www.linuxsecurity.com/content/view/133913/171/  <-- an article on securing your apache on Ubuntu03:18
ShinHadokenpapna: what is the package called, so I can install it through aptitude?03:19
xiamxhernick- restart X and check the botkey of zoom funcion03:19
hernick_xiamx: bad idea, I have plenty of open apps03:20
hernick_this isn't windows I don't need to restart to fix this03:20
xiamxhernick_: well, the hotkey map usually come with compiz configuration tool03:21
Mechdavehernick_, you just need to restart the X server, usually with key combination Ctrl + Alt + Backspace03:21
hernick_ok, I fixed it03:21
hernick_I went in the keyboard shortcuts and there was no keyboard shortcut for zooming or unzooming03:21
hernick_which was a lie since I had activated the shortcut03:22
RickZillaAnybody interested in helping me attack some Audacity issues?03:22
hernick_inadvertantly earlier on03:22
xomphernick_, try <SUPER> + MOUSE403:22
hernick_anyway, it works now, I mapped in a new shortcut where there was none03:22
xiamxwhat the button for Mouse4?  just interested03:22
hernick_wheel up03:23
=== phoenix_ is now known as tiggers
tiggershow can I use the shell to find out my router's IP address that is assigned from the ISP?03:24
hernick_tiggers with the route command03:24
hernick_it'll print out the routing table's contents03:25
centaur5If a hard drive is replaced and I want to copy program settings do I have to open the program once then copy the hidden directory (ie .evolution) from the old drive to the new one?03:25
hernick_centaur5: you don't need to open it once03:25
darkjesterCan anybody help me with the problem I'm having getting 75Hz out of my LCD panel? I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 and I have a monitor running at 1440x900@60hz on an ATI Radeon 9600. I am poor of sight, so PMing me would be handy (I'm more likely to notice it).03:25
centaur5hernick_: Okay, well my question then is will opening the program overwrite the directory I copied?03:26
hernick_centaur5: in most cases no03:26
=== Esquilo is now known as JulioNeto
hernick_centaur5: it's not foolproof and it may vary from program to program03:26
centaur5hernick_: Okay, thanks. Last time I did this I didn't have any bookmarks, configured chat accounts, or e-mail. I had to redo it all even though I copied the directories.03:27
codazodaI have "Virtual 1280 1024" setup in xorg.conf.  I also have "Modes "800x600@75".  But, kubuntu seems to ignore this and run me at 1280x1024, period.  Any idea's why this might happen?  The log says it's using 1280x1024 instead of what I have in there...03:27
codazoda*Driver mode "1280x1024"03:27
codazodaIs restarting X with CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE enough to read the new xorg.conf in?03:29
* root0 does anyone know anything about the encrypted home folder from intrepid?03:29
darkjesterCan anybody help me with the problem I'm having getting 75Hz out of my LCD panel? I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 and I have a monitor running at 1440x900@60hz on an ATI Radeon 9600. I am poor of sight, so PMing me would be handy (I'm more likely to notice it).03:29
darkjesterSome further information: I used http://www.sh.nu/nvidia/gtf.php to get a modeline and put it in xorg.conf under Section Monitors but all that got me was Ubuntu telling me it was going into low graphics mode because it could not detect my settings.03:29
wariskamparcan anyone help me with my wifi03:30
codazodadarkjester: Maybe Settings, Resolution?03:30
wariskampari need to supply WPA password each time to connect to internet03:31
darkjestercodazoda, so I should put the modeline there also?03:32
comicinkerwhich port should I use to bypass common routers and login via ssh over web?03:33
ShinHadokenThanks, now my GDM works again.03:33
[Solaris]anyone good with working with dhcpd.conf, having trouble making one up and need some one-on-one guidance if someone has time03:34
tenX[Solaris]: well what is it you need?03:34
tenX[Solaris]: doesnt your distribution ship an example config file?03:35
[Solaris]i am trying to get away from my router dhcp and move it to the box, the box is in the cluster ... want 192.168.2..0/ but want the router to be .1 and the box to be .203:36
[Solaris]yes it does but its like reading a foreign language03:36
tenX[Solaris]: actually it's a pretty easy task03:36
Mechdave[Solaris], have you looked at http://tldp.org ?03:37
haliland bye bye03:38
gnychisdoes anyone know if hrtimer is enabled in the ubuntu kernel by default?03:38
darkjesterMy LCD is in 1440x900@60Hz in 24-bit. I need to get it to 1440x900@75Hz in 32-bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't have much experience with modifying the xorg.conf file (big noob). So please be specific.03:38
Mechdave[Solaris], try http://tldp.org/HOWTO/DHCP/index.html03:39
Mechdave[Solaris], or http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Home-Network-mini-HOWTO.html03:40
Mechdave[Solaris], that is how I learned enough about dhcp to set one up03:41
danbh_intrepiddarkjester: I take it the screen resolution app isnt working for you?03:41
darkjesterI have a "Monitor" and a "Screen" section. Screen refers to the monitor listed in in the "Monitor" section, so should I try putting modelines in the "Screen" section?03:41
[Solaris]Mechdave i take a gander03:41
darkjesterintrepid, no, I can only get as high as 60hz.03:41
luminrdWhen I plug my iPhone into Ubuntu, it like, connects and disconnects over and over really fast. And it sees it as a camera. I don't need to sync or anything -- I just want to charge it. What should I do?03:41
danbh_intrepiddarkjester: what video card?03:41
darkjesterATI Radion 960003:42
darkjesterIntrepid ATI Radeon 9600, spelling mistake there :)03:42
danbh_intrepiddarkjester: well, I don't know anything about ATIs, sorry03:42
darkjesterIntrepid, thanks for the interest03:43
luminrdIs it possible to just dock/charge a non-jailbroken 2.1 iPhone?03:43
RickZillaAnybody interested in helping me attack some Audacity issues?03:44
badfishwhat kind of audacity issues?03:44
darkjesterDoes anybody know how to get my ATI Radeon 9600 and my Cibox 19" TFT into 1440x900@75Hz? Please prefix messages with my nick (I can see very well and the blip when my name is said helps me locate replies).03:45
jonhnashthe ubuntu 8.1o bete still have the bug in the kernel that affected the NIC intel?03:46
jonhnashhave the bug in kernel or no?03:47
jonhnashso i will wait03:47
JeffreyfHi, anyone familiar with the package "signing-party"03:47
danbh_intrepidnot too sure, but it was updated today.  But this should be in +103:47
Ganandorfhi guys i need some help big time i was trying to change the splash screen the one that shows a progress bar when ubuntu loads and i deleted the original how do i get it back cause now my graphics are in a mess they only have 640*320 available03:48
darius_I just upgraded to 8.10 and my Intel Wireless NIC iwl3945 went into Hardware Disable mode.  The key on my keyboard that should re-enable it has no effect.  Any ideas?03:48
danbh_intrepid!intrepid | darius_03:48
ubottudarius_: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu03:48
XGasjonhnash: it was fixed in the mainline, but don't know about Ubuntu putting up the patch yet.03:48
Tim-Sif my USB mouse is not autodetected when I plug it in, is there a way to have Ubuntu recognize it without rebooting?03:49
jonhnashso is danger install a beta now this will fix in the final release03:49
Ganandorfhi guys how to get back my original splash screen03:50
danbh_intrepidjonhnash: there is no danger before the fix.  They disabled the driver.  But, I think the driver is actually fixed now. So you can install and use the card03:50
graeme_Hello everyone I am new to Linux and I am looking for some good software to play DVD's and .avi files which would you recomend03:51
Tim-Sgraeme_: there are a lot of options out there, but VLC is a good player03:52
darkjesterDoes anybody know how to get my ATI Radeon 9600 and my Cibox 19" TFT into 1440x900@75Hz in 32-bit?03:52
darkjesterIt is currently running at 1440x900@60Hz in 24-bit and the flickering is horrible. The screen resolution utility does not offer any help. Ubuntu 8.04.03:52
darkjesterPlease prefix messages with my nick (I can't see very well and the blip when my name is said helps me locate replies).03:52
graeme_play thank you very much03:52
bruenigvlc is mplayer + qt03:52
bimberijonhnash: "disabling of the e1000e driver in the Linux kernel included in Ubuntu 8.10 Beta" - http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta03:52
graeme_this is my 5th day using Linux so I am not sure what to do with most of this03:53
brueniggraeme_: gnu/linux*03:53
Ganandorfdarkjester:  i need some help please how do i get back my original splash screen i deleted it by mistake03:53
Tim-Sgraeme_ 'sudo apt-get install vlc' will install VLC for you03:53
graeme_thank you very much03:53
Tim-Salso, it will only be able to play certain types of video files03:53
bruenigsudo apt-get install mplayer would save you some time, since vlc is just a static build of mplayer libraries with a qt interface03:54
Tim-Sbe sure to read: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu if you want to know how to play encrypted dvds03:54
jamesishgrame_: Tim-S just gave you a command line command. You can otherwise get it via your add/remove menu.03:54
darkjesterGanandorf, I have no idea, I'm new to Ubuntu03:54
rebel_kidusing virtualbox on a computer using wireless internet, would the virt system see the network as a hardwire? the distro i want to test doesnt support wireless yet is why i am asking03:54
Ganandorfdarkjester:  damn ok no scene any body out there that can help03:54
Tim-Sif my USB mouse is not autodetected when I plug it in, is there a way to have Ubuntu recognize it without rebooting?03:54
tictac232434Hey I am kinda new also especially when it comes to Ubuntu with Laptops.... I was needing someone who knows about setting up wireless for my laptop with Ubuntu03:54
Ganandorfi am afraid i will have to reinstall03:54
Tim-Stictac232434: do you know your wireless card?03:54
badfishGanandorf: what splash screen?03:55
danbh_intrepidjonhnash: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/l/linux/linux_2.6.27-5.8/changelog    fix was released today03:55
bimberirebel_kid: yes, my vboxes have an eth003:55
jamesishGanandorf: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1147803:55
jonhnashbut is secure install ubuntu 8.10 beta ?03:55
Tim-Stictac232434: here is a guide that works for almost all broadcom cards: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Feisty_No-Fluff03:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about inteprid03:55
Ganandorfbadfish:  the one that comes up when ubuntu loads with the progress bar and stuff all i see is text and now my graphics are in mess03:55
jamesish!fr | blind03:55
ubottublind: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr03:55
Tim-Stictac232434: let me know if you have a problem, I have a broadcom card myself03:56
micha_how would i get my wifi working03:56
rebel_kidbimberi, i was also concerned about the type of network, i need it to allow the virtbox server functionality03:56
tictac232434Tim: Thanks I am new so probably might need ur help03:56
micha_how would i get my wifi working03:56
Tim-Smicha_: do you know your wireless card?03:56
badfishcheck the link jamesish sent you03:57
owen1xsane does not recognize my canon scanner (usb, new model) any idea?03:57
bimberirebel_kid: type?  a virtual device provided by VirtualBox03:57
rebel_kidbimberi, but are any ports blocked or anything?03:57
rebel_kidis ubuntu kernal 2.4 0r 2.6?03:58
jamesishrebel_kid: run uname -a from the command line03:58
micha_ Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2200BG Tim-S03:58
Ganandorfok i think i understand som eof it but i don't have the original splash screen any more its deleted03:58
_Zeus_rebel_kid: the latest is, i think, 2.6.27-403:58
bimberirebel_kid: ah I get you now.  For outsiders to get to the box you will need to set up some routing on the host afaik.03:59
krono2k5is there a howto for qmail installtion for ubuntu03:59
rebel_kidbimberi, damn :( i am a networking idiot but i prefer to run it vert :( ah oh well i will figure it out03:59
FlyerFanaticanyone that can help me out?04:00
Tim-Smicha_: that card should work, can you pastebin the output of ifconfig?04:00
Tim-Smicha_: sorry, the output of 'sudo iwconfig'04:01
jamesishGanandorf: Just download the source to the OS and find the image. Or try google, whichever's faster.04:01
jamesishGanandorf: if you're feeling frisky, download the .iso for ubuntu and mount it somewhere. The image is on there somewhere, and you'll learn by looking and reading stuff.04:02
justdaveanyone know any reason why nautilus would ignore the desktop_is_home_dir setting?04:03
Tim-Sif my USB mouse is not autodetected when I plug it in, is there a way to have Ubuntu recognize it without rebooting?04:03
micha_Tim-S: http://pastebin.com/d6e49a33e04:04
Ganandorfjamesish:  i am kinda lost where do i go to download the image it self and if i am downloading the iso how do i mount in ubuntu04:04
tictac232434Tim: Can't u install stuff while in CDROM mode?04:04
tictac232434Tim: Live CD04:04
Tim-Stictac232434: I'm not sure04:04
TehSnarfI'm trying to get wakealarm to work in Intrepid with 2.6.27-5-generic, but when I try to edit /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm, it gives me a "Permission denied" error, whether I attempt to use sudo or as a regular user... how exactly do I edit the file?04:04
imchrislabeardwhich version of ubuntu can you use as a live install04:05
bimberitictac232434: yes you can install stuff while running on livecd04:05
imchrislabeardi wasn't sure if 8.10 you can still do that or not04:05
tictac232434Bimb: its not working04:06
bimberitictac232434: error?04:06
tictac232434Bimb: I am trying to install stuff to see if my wireless card will work04:06
Tim-Smicha_: from what I can tell, your wireless card seems to be working.  Can you click on the network manager icon (in the top right, next to the clock) and select a wireless network?04:06
micha_no Tim-S04:07
FlyerFanaticwho can help me out anyone?04:07
Ganandorfjamesish:  i am kinda lost where do i go to download the image it self and if i am downloading the iso how do i mount in ubuntu04:07
micha_it is grayed out04:07
tictac232434Bimb: It just says abort when it asks for 213kb for addional disk space to be used.04:07
keppiFlyerFanatic:  what's the problem?04:07
krono2k5are there any howto's for qmail in ubuntu04:07
bimberitictac232434: hm, perhaps your pc lacks the memory04:07
justdaveaha, found it.  For anyone else that runs across it, ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs had XDG_DESKTOP_DIR set to $HOME04:07
FlyerFanatici am trying to boot ubuntu from a disk04:08
bimberijustdave: good work :)04:08
justdavechanging that back to $HOME/Desktop fixed it04:08
micha_Tim-S: i think it is the shortcut to enable it ... i cant enable the wifi04:08
tictac232434Are you talking RAM?04:08
bimberitictac232434: yes04:08
tictac232434No I have 4gb04:08
FlyerFanaticand i'm getting this error message : (huge integer) I/O buffer on device fd0 logical block 004:08
Tim-Smicha_: is there a keyboard shortcut to enable it?04:08
justdaveall of my desktop icons got deleted and apparently at login it resets any of those directories that are empty to $HOME for some reason04:09
bimberitictac232434: put the command and the output/error on a pastebin04:09
keppiFlyerFanatic:  okay...04:09
micha_yes and i guess thats not working Tim-S04:09
justdaveso I guess you can't have a blank desktop04:09
tictac232434how do i do that?04:09
Tim-Smicha_: try sudo ifconfig eth1 up04:09
keppiFlyerFanatic:  maybe a bad disk?04:09
FlyerFanatici tried adding acpi=off and floppy=off to the bootline in the menu like some others told me to try here earlier04:09
justdaveGoogle eventually found me this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nautilus/+bug/27394604:09
FlyerFanatici burned it twice the second time at a slower speed04:09
ferfactori have this problem with conky anybody here can help me please!!! http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/54527/04:09
keppiFlyerFanatic:  bad download?  did you do a CRC?04:10
bimberi!pastebin | tictac23243404:10
ubottutictac232434: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:10
tictac232434Just copy+paste right?04:10
FlyerFanaticwhats CRC?04:10
bimberitictac232434: I'm assuming the PC is connected (via wired)04:10
onatson my ubuntu 8.04 64 bit installation, is it possible to detect all 4GB's of RAM? currently, my system only detects 3.4 GB04:10
keppiFlyerFanatic:  cyclic redundndancy check.04:10
tictac232434I need to get on Irc on the other computer04:10
FlyerFanaticnot sure what that is...but i dont see it being a bad d-load or anything...i mean maybe04:11
Tim-Sis there a way to scan for plugged in USB devices to detect them?04:11
bimberiTim-S: lsusb04:11
FlyerFanaticthe forums seem to have threads about this same problem...so it seems common04:11
ferfactoranybody can help me please??? /sys/bus/i2c/devices/0-002d/temp2_input04:11
tictac232434Ok sorry04:12
ferfactorsorry this is the link http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/54527/04:12
Tim-Sbimberi: hrm that doesnt seem to detect my mouse (Which works if I plug it in before bootup) any other ideas?04:12
bimberiTim-S: sorry, no04:12
keppiFlyerFanatic:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM04:12
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:13
DigitalFizis there a way to "restart" usb? seems every so often ubuntu stops picking up usb devices04:13
tictac232434Bimb: here u go http://paste.ubuntu.com/54532/04:14
ubuntunubhow can i find the MAC address of my computer from within ubuntu?04:14
FlyerFanatickeppi: that will verify the disc or something?04:14
keppiFlyerFanatic:  yes04:14
micha_ok is there a way to manualy enable the wifi ... because the manager tells me wifi disabled ... Tim-S04:14
Tim-Subuntunub: sudo ifconfig04:14
Tim-Smicha_: did you try 'sudo ifconfig eth1 up' ?04:15
micha_yes Tim-S04:15
tictac232434Bimb: u there?04:15
Tim-Smicha_: what happens, does eth1 show up in the output of 'sudo ifconfig' ?04:16
Tim-Subuntunub: yes04:16
bimberitictac232434: yes, I was looking at it.04:16
tictac232434oh ok04:16
ubuntunubthat is the MAC of my wireless card04:16
ubuntunubnot of my machine04:16
micha_Tim-S: yes it does04:16
ubuntunubisn't there one specific for my machine?04:16
tictac232434Any idea's dude?04:17
Freakin_Busyhey every one (o8  If i wanted to record a video from my web cam with audio, any one suggest a good app?04:17
roukoun#join /perl04:17
Tim-Smicha_: do wireless networks show up now when you click on network manager?04:17
Tim-Subuntunub: one specific one per network device (wireless card, ethernet port, etc)04:17
Aareny a t il des francais?04:17
ubuntunubk thought so04:17
micha_no it still states wifi disabled04:17
ubuntunubmy friend was wrong then04:17
micha_no it still states wifi disabled Tim-S04:17
Tim-Scan you right click network manager and check enable wireless?04:18
Tim-Sor that is what is greyed out?04:18
tictac232434Ubuntunub: Try going to your router through Mozilla 192.168.(digit).(digit)04:18
bimberitictac232434: try capital Y.  or 'apt-get install -y ...'04:18
micha_no it is gayed out Tim-S04:18
tictac232434ok ty04:18
KrystallKittHow busy is it?04:18
Tim-Subuntunub: if you are curious, sudo apt-get install macchanger will let you spoof the mac addresses of your devices04:19
comicinkerI have a question about ports: I want my laptop to be accessable via ssh as soon as it is connect anywhere (ethernet cable or wlan). is there a port to use best in that case?04:19
Tim-Scomicinker: 2204:19
Tim-Sthat will be the default for the ssh daemon04:19
comicinkerTim-S: most routers block them, or?04:19
KrystallKittIs there someone who will help me with audio drivers?04:19
Tim-Scomicinker: you'll need to forward the port through your router04:20
micha_hmm i try a /etc/init.d/networking restart Tim-S04:20
Tim-Smicha_: is the wireless network you are trying to connect to open?04:20
Tim-Smicha_: ok04:20
FlyerFanaticdont think thats it04:20
keppiFlyerFanatic:  did the checksum match?04:20
justherehi all :-)04:21
bimberi!hi | justhere04:21
ubottujusthere: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!04:21
comicinkerTim-S: in case my laptop got stolen, powered up and connected somewhere, I can't set  up routers. so it is only luck if the have port22 open?04:21
micha_ok Tim-S that gives me gnoring unknown interface eth0=eth0.04:21
justheregot a little problem here  reouire  advice04:21
tictac232434Bimb: Should I just try installing Ubuntu and take it from their?04:21
stitchedwingsI have an Hanns.G HG281D 28" LCD with HDMI from a ATI Radeon 2600HD.  It is currently working fine on my second LCD, but the HG281D has about 1" border of black around the viewable area.04:21
Tim-Scomicinker: if your laptop got stolen, you wouldn't know what ip/domain name to ssh to04:21
stitchedwingsHow can I get it to use the fullscreen?04:21
comicinkerTim-S: dyndns04:22
stitchedwingsI have ati-radeon Envy modules installed04:22
bimberitictac232434: seems it would be a good idea04:22
Tim-Scomicinker: if the purpose is to track down your laptop if it gets stolen, there are better tools out there that will autoreport to email, etc.04:22
tictac232434Bimb: i was going to wait to make sure this works... because it might cause more problems..04:22
tictac232434because I gotta shrink Windows Drive04:23
comicinkerself-written scripts, probaby04:23
tictac232434to make room for Swap and root04:23
justheredose anyone here know how to install or use sata drivers on ubuntu live cd urgent files to be taken off04:23
Tim-Scomicinker: http://adeona.cs.washington.edu/04:23
blakHow comes I can't get gparted to let me resize my ext3 partition?04:23
bimberitictac232434: i've done installs on live sessions many times.  Not sure what's going wrong for you though.04:23
tictac232434hmmm I will restart my computer maybe the RAM was full for some reason...04:24
bimberiblak: is the partition adjacent to unallocated space on the drive?04:25
ArlianinHey guys04:25
Arlianincan you help me get the wifi card work?04:25
Tim-SArlianin: do you know what wireless card you have?04:25
bimberi!wifi | Arlianin04:25
ubottuArlianin: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:25
ArlianinI've already had a look at that04:25
Arlianindidn't find anything helpful...04:25
bimberiArlianin: righto, sorry :)04:25
Freakin_Busyanyone know of an app to record video and audio...04:26
Arlianin!wifi arlianin04:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wifi arlianin04:26
Tim-SArlianin: do you know what wireless card you have?04:26
justhereim still not able to load sata drivers using live cd any ideas please04:26
ArlianinI do know04:26
ArlianinI got04:26
ArlianinAtherons AR242X04:26
comicinkerTim-S: thanks04:27
Tim-Stry this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76616904:27
Arlianinups xD04:27
Tim-Scomicinker: no prob, hope your laptop stays safe :-p04:27
Tim-SI'm a moron04:28
Tim-SArlianin: did you start that yet?04:28
justhereadvice required re sata disk drivers04:29
tictac232434Blimb: Back ima try it now04:30
bimberirighto ticta04:30
tictac232434Blimb: If not I will just have to install Ubuntu and deal with it later04:30
* bimberi wonders if blimb is as shiny as bling :)04:31
anilmI am trying to install the beta of Ibex and I am getting a "no screens found", "unable to connect to X server" error ... is this a know issue?04:32
amrikhi which channel can i get help for testing intrepid ibex?04:32
justherethanks for nothing guys04:32
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tictac232434Blimb: Nope still did not work. This disk is not the most recent one if that matters...04:32
bimberitictac232434: shouldn't, but given the mysteriousness of it all I couldn't be sure.04:34
drumstyk1anyone know why i could see a windows pc on my network but i time out when i try to see their shared files?  other windows pc's can see my shared stuff just fine!04:34
bimberiamrik: #ubuntu+1 (and anilm for that matter)04:34
anilmbimberi: thank04:34
TR1GG3Rdoes anyone know how to change the cursor on ubuntu?04:34
blakbimberi: i am trying to make some room to put winxp on about 15 gigs of this hardrive that already has hardy heron 8.0404:34
tictac232434Blimb: I will just install Ubuntu. DO u know if with the parition editor on the live CD if it will be able to resize Windows without hurting it?04:34
blakbimberi: i have no unalocatted space currently04:35
bimberitictac232434: the installer will resize.  It's described as a safe process.  I would still have good backups of important data.04:36
bimberiblak: ah, I was assuming you wanted to grow the partition sorry.  Not sure about shrinking.04:36
drumstyk1can anyone help with my smb problem?04:37
stitchedwingsI have huge 1" borders around my viewable screen.  How do I fix this?04:37
stitchedwingsIt is an LCD04:37
stitchedwingswith HDMI, so I cannot adjust it manually04:37
blakDoes anyone know a good site with a howto or know how I can shrink my ext3 hardy heron 8.04 on it about 15 gigs to make room to install winxp for dual booting04:37
SpherousEvery time I go full screen on anything I get an error on my screen that says "Cannot display this video mode"04:38
TR1GG3Rdoes anyone know how to change the cursor on ubuntu?04:38
drumstyk1blak: can u not do that with partition edititor?04:38
luminrdHow easy would it be to disable Internet for a certain user, for all but certain sites?04:38
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franco__hey guys04:40
franco__I got one last question04:40
Hewblak: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot04:40
drumstyk1anyone know why i could see a windows pc on my network but i time out when i try to see their shared files?  other windows pc's can see my shared stuff just fine!04:40
franco__How do I open an executable?04:40
juanejanyone using ubuntu eee?04:41
franco__me over here04:41
Scunizifranco_: you mean a .exe?04:41
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juanejhow should i let the partitions in the installer?04:41
Be1hey, does anyone know how to edit the favorites under "places" on the top panel?04:41
juanejI don't want xandrox anymore04:41
dmsupermanI just installed 4GB of ram, but top is only showing 2.8GB. I knew I wouldn't quite get all 4GB, but 2.8? Any ideas how I can figure out why?04:41
gsevildo you know how to change services shutdown order when running init 6 and init 0?04:41
Arliayeah scunizi04:42
ArliaI downloaded the game Tibia for Linux04:42
drumstyk1Be1:  yes, go to computer>bookmarks>editbookmarks04:42
Arliabut I can't find the way to run the executable04:42
Spherous Every time I go full screen on anything my screen goes black and says "Cannot display this video mode"04:42
Arliabut I can't find the way to run the executable04:42
Be1wow, thanks, i am dumb04:42
ScuniziArlia: .exe doesn't work on linux.. if you're trying to unpack it if it's zipped.. then right mouse click and choose extract.. if that doesn't work.. fo-get-about-it04:42
Arliait's not a .exe04:43
pan__need help with tar files04:43
Arliait just says04:43
pan__i tar xzvf file04:43
imchrislabeardhey i thought ubuntu had ntfs support04:43
ArliaIt's an executable file04:43
pan__then i make04:44
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, It does using the ntfs-3g04:44
pan__if i make install and i want to get rid of the program how would i get rid of it04:44
ScuniziArlia: you just said it was an .exe.. what kind of executable is it.. what's the extension?04:44
SpherousArlia, I used to play Tibia aswell, it should be a .deb file04:44
marcustomizedpan__, "make uninstall"04:44
pan__it wont let me04:44
SpherousArlia, else you didn't download the linux version~04:44
pan__there is no make uninstall04:44
pan__i haven't "make install" yet04:45
Arliahey Spherous04:45
Arliathere's like04:45
Arliadoesn't say any extension04:45
gsevilhow can I change service stop order when shutdown my computer?04:45
marcustomizedyou're running it in the terminal, in the directory where the program was compiled?04:45
tenXpan__: so no files will have been installed yet?04:45
SpherousArlia, what happens when you double click it?04:45
pan__i know i can run it by typing in ./name04:45
imchrislabeardFreshUbuntuNoob: so do i need to download ntfs-3g?04:45
pan__what does make install do04:45
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, Which version of Ubuntu are you running?04:45
pan__if i want to get rid of it later04:45
SpherousArlia, open a shell, cd to the directory of it04:46
tenXpan__: then for removing your software you will simply have to delete the source folder04:46
marcustomizedpan__, make install installs a compiled program04:46
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, It should be included with Intrepid04:46
SpherousArlia then type ./(the name of the file) with out the ()'s04:46
pan__oh i c04:46
Arliahow do I cd to the directory?04:46
marcustomizedtenX: the makefile may b screwy and pan could end up with useless junk still installed04:46
SpherousArlia, where did you save it04:46
imchrislabeardFreshUbuntuNoob: so how do i get to it04:46
imchrislabeardFreshUbuntuNoob: i haven't done this in awhile04:47
ArliaIt's in04:47
vengeris there a way to make alsa speaker-test stop trying to use pulseaudio?04:47
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, What exactly do you want to do with NTFS?04:47
imchrislabeardi need to get some files off of it04:47
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SpherousArlia okay, so type ~/Desktop/Extras/Tibia04:47
SteckelBudI'm running server (hardy heron)/suddenly got "no space left on device".  The ONLY thing that doesn't have plenty is udev mounted as/on DEV, but the copies are in VAR.  Not sure what to do, looking for advice!04:47
the9a3eediHi. I have a strange problem with mplayer and gmplayer. I just noticed this happening today. Whenever I start mplayer or gmplayer, it takes like 5-10 seconds to start, then play the video. which is very strange.. it wasn't like this before. Anyway, I checked out the terminal.. and found that after I start mplayer or gmplayer... it doesn't do anything, but when I press ctrl-C it continues to load fine. any04:47
SpherousArlia, that should be right04:47
Arlianinok sec04:47
imchrislabeardFreshUbuntuNoob: i need to get some files off of it.04:48
tenXmarcustomized: if it was debian/ubuntu there exists a package whose name i always forget which builds a .deb package from a source like that making it easier to keep track and remove04:48
SpherousArlia, ah, no, do cd ~/Desktop/extras/Tibia04:48
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, If you have default install of Intrepid, and nautilus installed, try going to Places and see if your other NTFS partition is automatically recognized there04:48
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Arlianinhey Spherous04:48
Arlianinit doesn't load04:48
imchrislabeardFreshUbuntuNoob: yeah it sees the drives04:49
kiyikocan someone here help me, with editing a rhythembox plugin?04:49
imchrislabeardFreshUbuntuNoob: it just keeps saying cannot mount volume04:49
SpherousArlianin, it does nothing after you type ./(Name of the file)04:49
Arlianinworks now04:49
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, Could you open up the error details and paste-bin it?04:49
Arlianingoing to do that last part04:49
imchrislabeardyikes im on a different computer04:49
imchrislabeardh.o a second04:49
luminrdHow easy would it be to disable Internet for a certain user, for all but certain sites?04:49
ArlianinI'm in04:49
Arlianinthe tibia folder04:49
FloodBot2Arlianin: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:49
SteckelBudluminrd: edit the hosts file on the users machine, deny them rights to the file04:50
SpherousArlianin, it should say something like this: susa@Spherous:~/Desktop/Extras/Tibia$04:50
Arlianinit's like that04:50
SpherousArlianin, then your in the tibia folder, now type: ./(Name of the file) with out the ()'s04:51
blakI have ubuntu hardy heron 8.04 already installed taking up the whole drive. I need to shrink the ext3 / partition, but i don't know how... I can find plenty of info on installing windows first but not on installing windows second...04:51
Arlianinand which should the name of the file be?04:51
SpherousArlianin, Idk I'm not there, open the folder and see what it is named04:52
Arlianinit doesn't load it04:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rdesktop04:53
darkbishopanyone can help me with rdesktop04:53
Arlianin./Tibia: error while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS6404:53
imchrislabeardFreshUbuntuNoob: whats pastebins address again04:53
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:53
SpherousArlianin, does it by chance say: tibia831.tgz?04:53
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209804:53
imchrislabeardFreshUbuntuNoob: it wont let me copy the details04:54
blakanyone know how i can shrink my ubuntu partition so I can install winxp onto about 15 gigs of it?04:54
luminrdIs there an easy way to restart x without rebooting?04:55
FreshUbuntuNoobOk, can you just give me a brief of it, does it say something like try a force mount?04:55
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard,  Ok, can you just give me a brief of it, does it say something like try a force mount?04:55
the9a3eediHi. I have a strange problem with mplayer and gmplayer. I just noticed this happening today. Whenever I start mplayer or gmplayer, it takes like 5-10 seconds to start, then play the video. which is very strange.. it wasn't like this before. Anyway, I checked out the terminal.. and found that after I start mplayer or gmplayer... it doesn't do anything, but when I press ctrl-C it continues to load fine.04:55
Spherousluminrd, ctrl alt backspace04:55
luminrdthank you Spherous04:55
CorbinFoxliminrde: CTRL alt backspac04:55
CorbinFoxdangit, im too slow04:55
imchrislabeardFreshUbuntuNoob: yes04:55
FreshUbuntuNoobthe9a3eedi, I had the same problem, do you have any KDE libs/apps installed like Amarok?04:55
the9a3eediFreshUbuntuNoob: yes, but I had them a long time ago. I also have KDE too lol04:56
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, That means the file system wasn't closed properly. You need to mount the partition from terminal04:56
the9a3eediFreshUbuntuNoob: this problem just happened recently04:56
imchrislabeardFreshUbuntuNoob: so mount -t or what04:56
Arlianinhey Spherous04:56
FreshUbuntuNoobthe9a3eedi, Yes, apparently, while starting up, mplayer tries to disable the screensaver apps, one of them involves dcopserver, if I am not mistaken, and it is actually not running, so mplayer waits for it to respond, and then fails after 5 seconds04:56
SpherousArlianin, I PMed you, please check it04:57
FreshUbuntuNoobthe9a3eedi, I solved the problem by reinstalling Amarok ( the only app using KDE libs on my PC), but there might be other better ways of doing it04:57
the9a3eediFreshUbuntuNoob: Interesting o_o04:57
the9a3eedithanks a lot! :D04:57
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, Sorry for the delay, responding to 2 people is quite crazy :)... use fdisk to check the partition04:57
the9a3eediI'll try reinstalling amarok now..04:57
imchrislabeardFreshUbuntuNoob: k04:58
FreshUbuntuNoobthe9a3eedi, That won't work, since you have the entire KDE installed if I might assume correctly04:58
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QTParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap04:58
isgoungoowho have wine cad suceed04:58
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, I am not experienced at mounting paritions, but I believe you have to force mount it using NTFS-3g04:58
the9a3eediFreshUbuntuNoob: I'm not going to reinstall all of KDE T__T04:59
FreshUbuntuNoobthe9a3eedi, YOu can just do this04:59
FreshUbuntuNoobthe9a3eedi, Wait04:59
imchrislabeardFreshUbuntuNoob: yeah in the details it gives me the line to enter in terminal04:59
the9a3eediI tried searching google but I couldn't find anythi9ng useful04:59
gaintsuradoes anyone know if there is a WMA to MP3 converter on ubuntu?05:00
FreshUbuntuNoobthe9a3eedi, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4946456 <= here is the Ubuntu forum thread specifying the details05:00
the9a3eedimplayer works now o_O05:00
FreshUbuntuNoobthe9a3eedi, I thought it did, but wasn't sure05:00
the9a3eediwell.. gmplayer05:00
the9a3eediI reinstalled mplayer and all related apps, as well as amarok05:00
FreshUbuntuNoobthe9a3eedi, gmplayer uses the mplayer in backend, so if either works fine, both should work fine05:00
isgoungoohow to wine autocad05:01
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, Oops sorry, wrote the wrong message to one person, I thought it did, wasn't sure05:01
funky_can i join the wine conversation?05:01
the9a3eediFreshUbuntuNoob: Awesome. Thanks for the hints :D05:01
FreshUbuntuNoobthe9a3eedi, No problem05:01
FreshUbuntuNoobfunky_, #winehq05:01
funky_I was thinking of trying Rhino3d on wine, has anyone else tried?05:01
funky_FreshUbuntuNoob: cheers - in there now05:02
imchrislabeardFreshUbuntuNoob: you have any other ideas for getting files off the hd05:02
FreshUbuntuNoobgaintsura, You should check out mencoder and ffmpeg05:02
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, It doesn't mount?05:02
gaintsuraFreshUbuntuNoob: thanks, will look05:02
imchrislabeardFreshUbuntuNoob: well i did what it said and it just gives me this huge list of commands05:02
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, What command did you use?05:03
isgoungooanyone Chinese05:03
imchrislabeardmount -t nfts-3g/dev/sda 2/media/PRESARIO_RP -o force05:04
gaintsuraFreshUbuntuNoob: neither of those say anything about supporting wma, and they are both targeted at video, not audio, but thanks anyway05:04
FreshUbuntuNoobgaintsura, I did use ffmpeg to encode from MP3 to other formats, I don't exactly remember now05:05
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, Is that a space between sda and 2?05:05
imchrislabeardi think so05:05
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, I don't think it should be... can you do a sudo fdisk -l and paste-bin it?05:05
blakall the info i can find is on if i already have winxp how to partition for ubuntu.... is there any info on if you have ubuntu and you want to add winxp?05:05
jianfeini hao isgoungoo, whats the matter?05:06
SpherousEvery time I go full screen on anything my screen goes black and says "Cannot display this video mode"05:06
jianfeiisgoungoo: pls use the private window05:06
juanejanyone using ubuntu eee?05:07
juanejI need some quick help05:07
juanejjust a few questions05:07
graeme_Ubuntu 8.04 keeps freezing up on me anyone have any ideas why it would be doing this05:08
Spherousgraeme_, you could be low on ram or have too weak of a processor05:08
RickZillaAnybody interested in helping me attack some Audacity issues?05:08
graeme_i have 2gb of ram and a dual core 3ghz05:08
CarlFKwhat are simple v4l players?  (like to display what a webcam is pointed at)05:08
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, I have to run. but here is what a quick search found out. The correct syntax is: sudo mount -t ntfs-3g [PATHTOPARTITION] [MOUNTFOLDER] -o force05:09
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, More details here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78403205:09
imchrislabeardoh ok05:09
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, Here is an example command, sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /media/sda2 -o force05:09
arunvkumarwhich application is used to convert php web pages to a desktop application?05:09
WalkingAsteriskcan i force apt-get to install something, and disregard all errors ?05:09
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, Where /dev/sda2 is your parition address, /media/sda2 is the folder to mount it to05:10
FreshUbuntuNoobimchrislabeard, Sorry, can't help you further, Bye05:10
Spherousgraeme_, do you have compiz turned on?05:10
arunvkumarwhich application is used to convert php web pages to a desktop application05:10
imchrislabeardthanks though05:10
blakanyone know how you can put winxp on after ubuntu was installed?05:11
blakthere are a million things about how to resize winxp first not add it later05:11
ian0405partition, pop in the windows disc, install?05:11
graeme_no i do not05:11
graeme_it is a fresh install05:11
hamletmmm, spanish?05:11
FlyerFanaticso disabling my floppy didnt work either.....i'm not sure where to go at this point...cant believe its been this diffucult to just get ubunbtu to run from the disk05:12
graeme_and it just started freezing05:12
ian0405anyone know about audio devices on laptops?05:12
Spherousgraeme_, Then I have no idea...05:12
blakhow do i shrink my ext3 partition?05:12
danbh_intrepidFlyerFanatic: fd0 is still giving an error?05:12
hamletalguien que hable español?05:12
Spherousgraeme_, I'm still new with this too, so I'm no expert, I could tell you how to fix it in Windows easy though,haha05:12
blaki can't do anything with gparted loaded up?05:12
danbh_intrepid!es > hamlet05:12
ubottuhamlet, please see my private message05:12
FlyerFanaticmy floppy had been disabled the whole time05:12
graeme_yea same here05:12
graeme_could it be due to I didn05:13
graeme_t setup a swap file05:13
imchrislabeardwhat would be the mount point if you are running off a dvd live disc05:13
danbh_intrepidFlyerFanatic: have you tried the intrepid beta?05:13
FlyerFanaticno idea what that is05:13
danbh_intrepidFlyerFanatic: its the next version of ubuntu05:13
jim_phow do i use curl like wget, ie to dowload a file from the net?05:14
FlyerFanaticnah dont think i have..been using the latest most stable one i guess05:14
SpherousEvery time I go full screen on anything my screen goes black and says "Cannot display this video mode"05:14
danbh_intrepidFlyerFanatic: is your mobo newish or oldish?05:14
jim_p/whois hosstest05:14
jim_psorry :(05:14
blakcan gparted not do anything when you are currently booted onto that partition you are running it from?05:14
imchrislabeardanyone know what the mount partition would be on a live disc05:15
marcustomizedblak, exactly05:15
marcustomizedu can edit unmounted partition tho05:15
isgoungoowho has wine cad05:15
jim_pblak: anything that gparted can do needs an UNMOUNTED disk to be done, thus you better with a live enviroment05:15
blakok so  i basically need to boot from the ubuntu cd and partiation?05:15
blakthanks jim_p and marcustomized05:16
blakwill do05:16
danbh_intrepidFlyerFanatic: well, it cant hurt to try the beta livecd, especially if you are using cdrws: http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-beta-alternate-i386.iso05:16
isgoungoohow to deal with fonts05:16
jim_pisgoungoo: are they ugly? use the ms ones05:16
FlyerFanatici am righ in saying i dont have to partition or anything right? all i'm trying to do is play around with ubuntu not change anything so i just need to boot from disk right05:17
luminrdI have some identical machines running Ubuntu. One is running a really low resolution (this one did too at first but I can't remember the exact steps to fix it).  But I installed the nvidia 3rd party driver and copied the xorg.conf from the working one, so the xorg.conf is exactly the same.. how can it still be running low res??05:17
danbh_intrepidFlyerFanatic: with the livecd, yes05:17
yao_ziyuanwould like to create a "shortcut" command, say, "upup", which executes "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade", how?05:17
FlyerFanaticok d-loading that beta now05:17
danbh_intrepidluminrd: are you using compiz?05:17
danbh_intrepidFlyerFanatic: wait!! cancel that05:18
danbh_intrepidFlyerFanatic: http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-beta-desktop-i386.iso05:18
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danbh_intrepidFlyerFanatic: the first one was the wrong link05:19
luminrddanbh_intrepid: Is compiz the default?05:19
danbh_intrepidFlyerFanatic: the second should be the right one05:19
marcustomizedluminrd, try running "sudo nvidia-settings"05:19
luminrddanbh_intrepid: On the one that works, I have the "Desktop effects" enabled, and it works great. The other one won't let me enable them05:19
FlyerFanaticwow this one is gonna take awhile05:20
luminrdFlyerFanatic: Hmm, command not found05:20
FlyerFanaticwhy is the speed so slow dang05:20
darkbishopwat the difrent between "sudo apt-get upgrade" & " sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"05:20
danbh_intrepidFlyerFanatic: maybe you wana try the torrent?05:20
luminrdFlyerFanatic: I do have the driver though -- I have run nvidia-xconfig a few times trying to figure it out05:20
danbh_intrepid!apt > darkbishop05:20
ubottudarkbishop, please see my private message05:20
jim_phow do i use curl like wget, that is to dowload a file from the net?05:20
chamunksIs there a way to do a Get What You Can copy of a big file from a mildly corrupt cd?05:21
WalkingAsteriskErrors were encountered while processing:05:21
WalkingAsterisk vmware-server05:21
WalkingAsteriskE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)05:21
WalkingAsterisk <--- how can i fix that05:21
FloodBot2WalkingAsterisk: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:21
FlyerFanaticwhats that luminrd?05:21
Doc8404oh wow...05:21
Doc8404maybe someone in here can help me05:21
danbh_intrepidluminrd: the hardware-manager is the best way to get it working, when combining 3d and compiz05:21
WalkingAsteriskSorry it should have been a one liner05:22
chamunksAnything at all i can do?05:22
Doc8404i cant get a video card to show up so i can do 3d mode and use the cube for compiz fusion05:22
FlyerFanaticyea i'm not d-loading that beta tonight...its going really slow...says its gonna take 10 hrs to complete05:22
Doc8404right now im stuck on two screens, id like to be using four05:22
luminrdFlyerFanatic: uh, sorry meant danbh_intrepid :) danbh_intrepid: Hardware-manager...just run that command?05:23
jim_pWalkingAsterisk: how do you install vmware server? you opened the tar.gz file with gdebi?05:23
FlyerFanatichaha ok05:23
danbh_intrepidluminrd: well, you could try reconfiguring xorg, then disabling the 3d drivers, and then re-enabling05:23
FlyerFanaticthats what i thought05:23
WalkingAsteriskno apt-get install vmware-server05:23
jim_pi am afraid i have to ask again... is vmware server included in a repo?05:23
danbh_intrepidluminrd: lowercase h, but I think thats it.  They keep changing it05:24
WalkingAsteriski done an apt-cache search and it was there05:24
sheepjim_p: I don't think so05:24
FlyerFanaticit seriously has to be something really dumb...i cant believe how difficult it is to get started. i actually just expected to run into problems once it was up and running but jeez oh pete05:24
=== dmsuperman_ is now known as dmsuperman
luminrddanbh_intrepid: hmm, nothing found.. I'll google some05:24
luminrdthanks for the advice05:24
jim_pWalkingAsterisk: is vmware-server in apt? well i would pay you for the deb for sure!!!05:24
danbh_intrepidluminrd: Sys > Admin > Hardware something05:24
Doc8404so... ive only been on ubuntu for a day... ive installed the compiz fusion and emerald... but when i go to hardware it only brings up the empty choices. im running 950 video on a toshiba laptop.. anyone have any ideas because ive only got two screens id like 4 and the cube05:25
jim_pWalkingAsterisk: can you please find me the repo?05:25
WalkingAsteriski didnt add anything special i dont think05:25
blakmy panels are frozen in Gnome right now but my app windows are working fine.. why would that happen and how do i fix this without losing my windows i currently lhave open?05:26
jim_pblak: killall gnome-panel05:26
FlyerFanaticwell...its back to the forums i guess05:26
luminrddanbh_intrepid: Ah, ok, yeah, it shows the nvidia device and it is checked "in use"... I know the driver is there but obviously something's wrong :/05:26
Guest51478i can no longer open files with vlc via context menu... though in terminal it works fine05:27
Doc8404i think vlc works better here than windows xp05:27
Guest51478also i can open same files with other progs via context menu05:27
jim_pGuest51478: right click > open with?05:27
Guest51478yeah, doesn't work05:27
turtle_i need instructions to install swifterfox plz?05:27
zerox20hi gotta question -- i am playing with other distros (have had ubuntu for 1+ years and love it).  can i run a virtual machine within ubuntu to access other versions i have installed?05:28
rebel_kiddoes ubuntu-server have troubles in virtbox?05:28
blakjim_p: thanks a lot that worked!05:28
jim_pturtle_: http://getswiftfox.com/deb.htm pick the one that is for your cpu05:28
jim_pblak: you are welcome05:28
FlyerFanaticany other ideas?05:28
=== Guest51478 is now known as mike__
FlyerFanaticother than d-loading the beta?05:29
jim_prebel_kid: i havent noticed something that is ubuntu-server related. i have noticed LOADS that have to do with vbox. what is the problem exactly?05:29
Doc8404i need some ubuntu compiz fusion help...05:30
rebel_kidjim_p told me that the kernal needed something not supported by my cpu (after install and reboot)05:30
mike__my vlc problem began after upgrade to ibex beta...05:31
FFEMTcJDoc8404: ask your question..05:31
Doc8404when i go into hardware to activate the 3d driver... it doesnt show any video cards. im running a toshiba 105-s4104 satellite from 2006. its got a gma950 intel video card05:31
Doc8404and im trying to figure out how to do 4 screens, right now its on two. ive got ubuntu with compiz fusion and emerald installed05:32
FlyerFanatici did d-load the right version right. i have a 64 bit vista...i select the 64 bit AMD and intel option yes?05:32
FFEMTcJDoc8404: i did 4 screens along time ago.. but dont really remember how i did it05:32
=== DocInOverHerHead is now known as Indoctrine
jim_prebel_kid: what was it? do you have the vtx options enabled?05:32
ferfactorey i have a problem installing unreal tournament 0405:33
rebel_kidjim_p vtx???05:33
ferfactoral the half of the instalation said me that i have to put the second disk.. but i have a DVD05:33
Doc8404lord this linux hates me more than xp did05:33
jim_prebel_kid: what version ov vbox do you have?05:33
Doc8404does anyone here know how to switch from 2 screens to 4?05:34
FlyerFanatici think linux hate a lot of people lol...look how many people are in the chat :)05:34
rebel_kidjim_p, i am running 8.04 server edition, not sure the vbox version05:34
Doc8404but its so much faster now... with xp it was dragging. with linux its like lightning05:34
jim_prebel_kid: thats what i want to know!05:34
rroblakcan someone recommend a way to have a command execute completely regardless if i lose my ssh command and/or logout?05:34
FFEMTcJDoc8404: are the two monitors that are currently working one the same video card or different?05:35
jim_prroblak: sudo apt-get update && logout ?05:35
danbh_intrepidFlyerFanatic: you are in one of the hardest parts of linux, hardware support.  Especially for new hardware.  Thats why I was suggesting the beta05:35
Doc8404no no i mean... when you push ctrl alt left... ive only got two... im trying to go to four05:35
=== dmsuperman_ is now known as dmsuperman
rebel_kidjim_p, well how do i find the vbox version, just installed it today im assuming the current05:35
FFEMTcJDoc8404: 4 physical monitors, correct?05:36
FlyerFanaticohhh...so maybe even just wait for the new version at the end of the month?05:36
OrangeKyolol no he wants 4 workspaces on 1 monitor05:36
Doc8404lol no... 4 virtual05:36
Doc8404yeah that one lol05:36
FFEMTcJsorry... i did have four *real* monitors on a linux box05:36
danbh_intrepidFlyerFanatic: well, if the beta livecd works for you, you will be do quite well with the final release, I think05:36
jim_prebel_kid: open upp vbox and go to hellp > about05:36
Doc8404wow... no i have a dos box running three monitors05:36
zerox20sorry to ask this again, dont think it was answered -- can i run a virtual machine within ubuntu to access other versions i have installed?05:37
rebel_kidjim_p 1.5.605:37
Doc8404yeah... im trying to figure out how to go from two workspaces to four workspaces05:37
FlyerFanaticalright well i'll d-load it tommorow...hopefully it works05:37
EvanRhey, is the 8.04 CD a live cd or just the install?05:37
zerox20(i have gentoo on another partition)05:37
Doc8404its both evanr05:37
EvanRok good05:37
EvanRi need to do a rescue05:38
danbh_intrepidDoc8404: do you see the workspace switcher in the lower left?05:38
Doc8404lower left or right danbh?05:38
danbh_intrepidDoc8404: yes, the right : )05:38
danbh_intrepidDoc8404: right click, hit preferences05:38
rroblakjim_p: what I finding is that I execute a command that will take a long time05:39
Doc8404it says columns two rows one05:39
rroblakjim_p: like an hour05:39
rroblakjim_p: at some point, I lose my ssh connection05:39
rroblakjim_p: and then the command's process is killed05:39
Doc8404wow how many can u do?05:39
rroblakjim_p: so I have to reconnect and restart the process05:39
SexyKenHey anyone here have experience with configuring dual monitors with 2 different video cards?05:40
FFEMTcJzerox20: should be able to05:41
jim_prebel_kid: a) upgrade because you will soon run into dependency problems b) right click on the virtual machine >settings > Advanced > is the checkbox that says "Enable VT-x/AM-V" enabled?05:41
FFEMTcJSexyKen: what type of cards05:41
rebel_kidjim_p, no it wasnt :(05:41
Doc8404ok so now my second question... on hardware i never set up ad 3d driver... but yet i can cube???? wtf lol05:41
zerox20FFEMTcJ: how would i go about doing that?05:41
SexyKenFFEMTcJ:  Just brand?  nVidia05:41
jim_prebel_kid: what cpu do you have?05:42
rebel_kidjim_p intel centrino duo pos05:42
jim_prroblak: then you need to make a script, but since the connection fails, it will be interupted too05:42
FFEMTcJzerox20: you are wanting to just make a VB of a different distro correct?05:42
jim_prebel_kid: do you know the exact name of the model, like E8400?05:43
rebel_kidjim_p no i do not05:43
mike__can't find an answer on google about lack of context menu functionality vlc05:43
[Solars]whats a good free application for connecting to box and starting a X session through this connection... on windows05:43
zerox20FFEMTcJ: well i already have the partitioned space and ahve started a gentoo install, i don't entirely feel comfortable working entirely from taht command line, so i was wondering if there was a way i can run it virtually through ubuntu until i have gentoo configured correctly05:43
FFEMTcJSexyKen:have you tried using nvidia-settings05:43
SexyKenFFEMTcJ:  Yea, it only shows GPU0 and Screen005:44
jim_prebel_kid: cat /proc/cpuinfo05:44
FFEMTcJzerox20: you would have to create a new virtual install.. i dont believe that you could turn that into a virtual install05:44
rebel_kidjim_p model 1505:44
zerox20FFEMTcJ: thats what i figured.  thanks for confirming05:45
jamieyg3hi, i just installed ubuntu because i need linux for school.. anyways i'm supposed to go to the terminal and login as root but i don't remember ever setting a root password, and i just installed this about an hour ago... is there a default or is there even a root user with ubuntu?05:45
FFEMTcJjamieyg3: sudo passwd root < will change it05:45
jim_prebel_kid: look at this line here (that is mine): model name: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E4500  @ 2.20GHz05:45
jim_prebel_kid: i am model 15 too05:46
Luriahi, does anyone use ubuntu eee?05:46
rebel_kidjim_p, T730005:46
danbh_intrepidjamieyg3: a better idea is to use sudo -i05:46
Flanneljamieyg3: `sudo -i` will give you a root terminal, there's no need to enable your root account.05:46
jim_prebel_kid: let me ask intel now05:46
FFEMTcJSexyKen: in Hardware Drivers, does it show two by chance?05:46
jamieyg3sudo -i seemed to work, thanks guys05:47
rebel_kidjim_p, lol ok05:47
Doc8404ok so i know im a newb... so please bear with me... anyone know what the best firewall/antivirus is for ubuntu05:47
m3thodwhat are best files to download. (.tar.gz),(.diff.gz) or (.dsc) ?05:47
rebel_kiddoc8404, you dont need a firewall or antivirus linux doesnt have those problems, so dont worry about it :D05:47
SexyKenFFEMTcJ:  In hardware drivers it shows only:  "Device Driver:  NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (latest cards)"05:47
jim_prebel_kid: ok your cpu does support the VT-x instruction set, tick on  that checkbox05:48
DigitalFizDoc8404, should always have a firewall but ubuntu has iptables already setup for you05:48
FFEMTcJSexyKen: is linux detecting both of them?05:48
Doc8404i used to use bit defender...05:48
SexyKenlspci shows both...05:48
rebel_kidjim_p, and it works, your good :D05:48
SexyKenFFEMTcJ:  lspci shows both VGA controllers05:48
jim_prebel_kid: thank you05:49
Doc8404DigitalFiz, do you recommend one05:49
rebel_kidjim_p, you must be some server guru lol, thanks for all your help05:49
DigitalFizDoc8404, iptables is all you need your good :)05:49
jim_prebel_kid: now please upgrade your vbox to something that sun has made (i cannot guarantee it is trouble free though, loads of bugs)05:50
jim_prebel_kid: and you are welcome05:50
Doc8404so... ive been reading the blogs... and it says basically office products free, games free, and firewalls all free... wtf is microsofts problem?05:50
FinnishWhats wrong, when I try to write b-letters in firefox after 4 letters it turns to something chinese-based/graphic font?05:50
joshuajtlhay folks, anyone know where aquire>screenshot went in gimp 2.6 ?05:50
FFEMTcJSexyKen: try: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-help/131817-two-nvidia-graphic-cards.html05:50
Doc8404i bought this linux because i was tired of service pack 3 in windows xp and all the crap and shit u had to buy and do this and that05:51
FFEMTcJDoc8404: $$05:51
Doc8404and so far my computer runs almost lightning fast... the guys at best buy said 1 gig ram is way more than enough... now im pissed to high hell at microsoft05:51
DigitalFizDoc8404, bought?05:51
Doc8404yeah its 10 bucks for ubuntu full programmed05:51
XGasDoc8404: Download Ubuntu for free, CD-R buy from somewhere, price varies.05:52
DigitalFiz$10 to have someone else install it isnt bad i guess05:52
Luriaor usb stick or floppy/netinstall :-)05:52
XGasDoc8404: Order CD from ubuntu.com for free.......05:52
Doc8404so... other than wine... i have a program... its streetatlas 2009 with gps reciever... anyway to make it work here ?05:52
thiebaudei'll install it for 1005:52
Doc8404aww really? lol... fuck05:52
omolinahi all05:54
N1X0N<all> Hello omolina!05:54
Doc8404the only windows emulator ive found is wine... and it sucks... it wont run the program... i dont have any windows on this comp at all05:54
omolinasomeone uses monoDEVELOP?05:54
pepoHello this one is my page http: // www.pepo-metal.blogspot.com/you can make me a click in the advertising, as a favor ... thank you05:54
omolinaI need help please05:54
mike__final chance for cookies... solve my context menu riddle!05:55
Doc8404thiers 1227 people in here... and only 5 talking... wow05:55
[Solars]most idle05:55
askrhits called the idle-effect!05:55
Doc8404lol... im on xchat is thier a better one?05:55
techman2lots of idlers on IRC05:55
LuriaDoc8404, no, xchat is probably best05:56
pepoalguen habla español?05:56
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:56
[Solars]erm i should go find my idle-bot script and find out who gets the highest level :P05:56
Doc8404idle bot script?05:57
[Solars]Doc8404 heh yea a eggdrop script.. basically a game used by people that idle05:57
Doc8404oh ok...05:57
Peddyhey guys, I'm just a regular user, no special python requirements or software or anything, do I need python-2.4 if I already have 2.5 installed? Thanks.05:57
[Solars]it has you fight people and gather random equipment etc etc05:57
Doc8404so is thier an windows emulator thats better than wine... cause wine sucks and wont play my program05:58
Doc8404makes u fight people?05:58
sheepPeddy: usually, no05:58
Peddythanks sheep05:58
RyeBryeDoc8404 - WINE isnt' an emulator05:58
Luria#1 wine isnt an emulator.05:58
Luria#2 try a vm05:58
Doc8404but wine doesnt work either05:58
[Solars]Doc8404 just use vbox05:59
uwe2006hi guys05:59
Luriawow, lotsa echos05:59
[Solars]and install windows inside vbox (virtualbox)05:59
PeddyDoc8404:  WINE is a acronym for "Wine Is Not an Emulator"05:59
RyeBryeDoes vbox support hardware graphics acceleration and such?05:59
Doc8404is vbox in the synaptics, or add program05:59
Peddy!intrepid | Peddy05:59
ubottuPeddy, please see my private message05:59
EvanRlets say i want to use the live CD, then use the drive to burn all the recovered files to a bland disk05:59
EvanRis that possible05:59
[Solars]vbox questions should be asked in #vbox05:59
SpherousGuys, Wine is an emulator, in a sort, it emulates the Windows API, not Windows itself, so yes and no to the Wine emulator thing05:59
WalkingAsteriskhey jim_p its in the partners repo btw05:59
mike__ok, thanks anyway everyone, i'll try again later05:59
Doc8404evanr no its just a demo of the program... i tried that already lol06:00
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox06:00
EvanRwow wine is or is not an emulator, this channel is very sophisticated :)06:00
pepoHello this one is my page http: // www.pepo-metal.blogspot.com/ you can make me a click in the advertising, as a favor ... thank you06:00
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.06:00
jim_pWalkingAsterisk: thanks a lot. let me have a look. (i feel like technology has left me behind)06:00
EvanRDoc8404: do what?06:00
Doc8404where can i get vbo06:00
WalkingAsterisksudo apt-get install virtualbox06:00
[Solars]Doc8404 apt-get install virtualbox06:00
[Solars]Doc8404 apt-get install virtualbox-ose06:00
Spherous!vbox | Doc840406:01
ubottuDoc8404: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox06:01
Luriaisnt aptitude preferred?06:01
EvanRdoes the ubuntu live cd support 'copy freakin everything to ram' or whatever so i can use the drive during the live environment06:01
Doc8404do i need the ose too06:01
WalkingAsteriskhey jim_p after i install vmware-server do i use player to install and use the vms ?06:01
XGasEvanR: use something else like Gnoppix or Knoppix06:01
blakHaving problems with wpa_supplicant if anyone wants to try and help I have pasted my logs of the debug errors and my .conf file etc. on the ubuntu forums at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5915029#post5915029   thanks.06:01
EvanRXGas: it may not support my wireless06:02
EvanRor, the dead computers wireless06:02
Doc8404hmmm once u kinda get used to linux its a little nicer than windows... speed wise its rediculous. im downloading things at speeds that are incredible06:02
jim_pWalkingAsterisk: no server will play the vms. if you do need something lighter, then go with the player06:02
EvanRubuntu has a rep for wireless support06:02
Peddydoes vbox support hardware acceleration for graphics?06:02
XGasEvanR: What Wireless chip you have?06:02
sheepPeddy: I don't think so06:02
Doc8404wireless n-mimo the only way to go06:02
WalkingAsteriskHmm. i ended up with some web interface thing06:03
WalkingAsteriskmust have ran the wrong command06:03
XGasPeddy: VMWare Workstation, and Parallels does up to DX9.0b06:03
SpherousDoc8404: Ubuntu or windows, your download speeds shouldn't change06:03
jim_pWalkingAsterisk: i think vmware made a new program recently that makes typical vmware machines, thus you may not need server at all06:03
jim_pXGas: does vmware have 3d acceleration on host oses?06:03
SpherousDoc8404: Unless of course you had a virus on windows causing your dl speeds to be slow06:03
WalkingAsterisktheres workstation but its not free06:03
EvanRXGas: not sure yet, the computer is dead and i havent booted it up yet in anything to check. ubuntu live cd will take another 2 hours to dl :)06:04
PeddyXGas: I have VMware Workstation, it's extremely unstable, never worked for me so far. What about Parallels, is it stable?06:04
Doc8404so on vbox... now i just insert the installation disc and go?06:04
XGasjim_p: ...... who do you mean.06:04
PeddyXGas: I mean, it's not a supported feature, you have to enable it manually06:04
SpherousDoc8404: Pretty much, it'll tell you when to put it in, but yes06:04
WalkingAsteriskvirtualbox is great tbh. But i cant get the guest to grab an ip from the router06:04
XGasPeddy: A..... friend of mine (developer), used Parallels to run Team Fortress 2, works fine. (on Mac OS X though)06:05
jim_pXGas: <XGas> Peddy: VMWare Workstation, and Parallels does up to DX9.0b. wont you need 3d acceleration for this job?06:05
luminrd:( Anyone mind helping me figure out why the same xorg.conf doesn't produce the same results on the same exact hardware?? Gettin a real low resolution I can't seem to shake :(06:05
XGasjim_p: yes, that is why he has a GeForce 8600m GT on his laptop, so it worked.06:05
=== vodkanux is now known as vodkanux[taf]
jim_pluminerd: because of a silly mechanism that kicks in because it "found" something bad on the xorg.conf06:06
XGasjim_p: or you can look at TransGaming's SwiftShader06:06
Doc8404base memory size is the size of the program correct06:06
Peddyjim_p: what's your point?06:06
jamieyg3anyone using ubuntu with Sun VirtualBox? when I try to run the "Install Guest Additions" it says "This program must be run with administrator privileges. Aborting" what do I do??06:06
jim_pXGas: :O i am damping windows by noon if this is true!06:06
Doc8404awww crap you literally have to install windows into vbox? anyone know where you can get a free one?06:07
XGasjamieyg3: Add your user to the vbox group06:07
pepoHello this one is my page http: // www.pepo-metal.blogspot.com/ you can make me a click in the advertising, as a favor ... thank you Hello this one is my page http: // www.pepo-metal.blogspot.com/ you can make me a click in the advertising, as a favor ... thank you06:07
pepoHello this one is my page http: // www.pepo-metal.blogspot.com/ you can make me a click in the advertising, as a favor ... thank you06:07
pepoHello this one is my page http: // www.pepo-metal.blogspot.com/ you can make me a click in the advertising, as a favor ... thank you06:07
FloodBot2pepo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:07
jamieyg3XGas: thanks what's the easiest way to do that06:07
=== lakitu2 is now known as lakitu
carpedie1Doc8404: what did you expect, vbox would come with Windows?06:07
Doc8404lol i dont have windows of anykind06:07
XGasjamieyg3: see System -> Administration -> User and Groups06:08
jim_pjamieyg3: in the host os, mount the vbox additions iso and do a     sudo sh /media/cdrom/VBox....run06:08
DigitalFizYour kernel was built with "gcc" version "4.2.3", while you are trying to use06:08
DigitalFiz"/usr/bin/gcc" version "4.2.4".06:08
DigitalFizhow do i fix this?06:08
nincompoopyare you guys all students??06:08
SpherousDoc8404: Torrent it o.o I didn't say that06:08
bruenigDigitalFiz: get a new kernel or an old gcc06:08
Doc8404off here?06:08
jim_pjamieyg3: you will also need the kernels headers for that job06:08
carpedie1Doc8404: Virtualbox is not a way to circumvent paying for windows.  If you want to use windows, you need to pay for it.06:08
XGasjamiryg3: damn, oops, sorry, got what you asked wrong06:08
jim_pnincompoopy: it has been 4 years since i finished university06:08
DigitalFizbruenig, i guess i should recompile the kernel any links on how to do that?06:09
XGasjamieyg3: follow jim_p's instructions, I got what you asked wrong.06:09
bruenignincompoopy: ubuntu is not really the student OS, hardcore computer science folks tend to roll gentoo or arch or other more serious up to date distros06:09
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages06:09
XGasbruenig: arch is a bit too lazy, just recommend Gentoo, Slackware or LFS06:10
=== carpedie1 is now known as carpediem
Doc8404hmm... so i guess the next question is which torrent program works best in linux... cause im sure as hell not using limewire ever again06:10
bruenigXGas: some CS people are lazy afterall06:10
rebel_kidwhere can i find ubuntu bittorrent downloads?06:10
bruenigDoc8404: rtorrent06:10
luminrdWhat could cause an nvidia machine to run at like 640x480? I ran nvidia-xconfig to no avail06:10
bruenigluminrd: bad configuration06:10
luminrdI am using a xorg.conf that definitely works on an identical machine06:10
jim_prebel_kid: in ubuntus site! there is an option to download it from torrent06:10
Doc8404lemme guess its on the main programs list06:10
bruenigDoc8404: apt-get install rtorrent06:11
luminrdbruenig: Any suggestions to fix said bad configuration?06:11
bruenigluminrd: I don't what the configuration is06:11
XGasbruenig: basically, anything that uses libtorrent is good.06:11
luminrdbruenig: What "configuration" are you talking about? xorg.conf?06:11
nincompoopythey blocked Demonoid =[.......06:11
jim_pluminrd: can you post your xorg somewhere? here is mine http://7g.pri.ee/mine.conf06:12
jamieyg3thanks jim_p and XGas for the virtualbox help06:12
Doc8404installed rtorrent but its not showing up in apps06:12
jim_pDoc8404: rtorrent is a cli app06:13
bruenigDoc8404: run "rtorrent" in a shell06:13
Doc8404whats a shell06:13
Doc8404or a cli app lol06:13
bruenigoh no06:13
Doc8404ive been doin this two days lol06:13
bruenigthe thing you type commands in06:13
Doc8404oh the terminal ok06:13
ubuntu30hey guys, very new to ubuntu ... how do I install beryl06:14
digdugwhat program are you trying to run, doc?06:14
bruenigwell the terminal displays the shell06:14
bruenigthe shell is bash06:14
Pulpiehey all06:14
carpediemubuntu30: Beryl was merged back into Compiz (as Compiz Fusion)06:14
sheepubuntu30: compiz-fusion has replaced beryl06:14
digdugno, I mean, the windows one06:14
ubuntu30cool thanks06:15
PulpieI need beta testers for fushi. Fushi is an educational interactive tutorial type of program.06:15
Doc8404oh ubuntu compiz fusion06:15
carpediemubuntu30: and you probably already have it if you installed hardy06:15
bobertdosubuntu30: and it comes preinstalled in Hardy, so the only thing you need to install is compizconfig-settings-manager (and proper drivers for your video card)06:15
digdugwhat program do you need windows to run?06:15
PulpiePlease join #pulpie if you are interested for beta testing for me.06:15
Doc8404streetatlas 2009 lt40gps06:15
jamieyg3last thing i need to know for tonight... i'm on a laptop with vista, running ubuntu through sun virtualbox.. anways, when it's just vista running my laptop fans stay off for the most part (they only come on during heavy processing).. now with ubuntu running, the fan goes on.. off..on..off.. about once per second, no matter how much processing is being done, any fixes for this?06:15
bobertdos!wine | digdug06:15
ubottudigdug: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.06:15
PulpieYou can find the website at http://fushi.sourceforge.net06:15
carpediemDoc8404: have you tried it in wine?06:15
Doc8404yeah wine cant make the maps06:16
Doc8404it crashes06:16
ubuntu30already done the drivers, will chase down compizconfig ... ty06:16
digdugbob, not asking for myself06:16
Doc8404and i tried typing run rtorrent nothing happened06:16
digdugtransmission torrent client should come installed by default06:17
bobertdosdigdug: Understood, I'm just an informant :D06:17
carpediemDoc8404:  Just install Azureus and be done with it.06:17
Doc8404sudo apt-get install azureus?06:17
carpediemDoc8404: well, I'd say do it from Add/Remove06:17
digdugor just use transmission, check your applications menu, it might already be installed06:17
carpediemDoc8404: but that will also work06:17
carpediemDoc8404: he's right, transmission should be already installed06:18
Doc8404no transmission06:18
droopsta915my computer isn't slow, but is there a way i can speed it up anymore? without purchasing hardware06:19
carpediemDoc8404: it comes default with Hardy, so not sure...its under Internet06:19
luminrdjim_p: yeah, I will in a sec, though as far as I can see it's identical to the one I'm using on this machine, which works fine06:19
Doc8404yea it sucks lol06:19
carpediemdroopsta915: I'd suggest trying Xubuntu06:19
carpediemdroopsta915: I prefer Gnome, but XFCE is smoking fast.06:19
progrock`I just built a new comp, intel dual core 3 ghz... with 8 gb of ram... what image should I dl?06:20
carpediemDoc8404: if you want some more featureful, then Azureus is it.06:20
Doc8404im thinking about getting a new laptop.... looking to spend 1600 so it won be that good06:20
Doc8404yeah its installing it now06:20
evilbugprogrock`- ubuntu 8.04.1 i38606:20
progrock`Doc: if your in school id recommend getting a teblet06:20
Doc8404tablet linux?06:21
progrock`evilbug: thatll support the 8gb of RAM? i thought id need a 64 bit, since I need a 64bit windows06:21
evilbugprogrock`- that's what i meant, sorry.06:21
ubuntu30thanks everyone06:21
progrock`Doc8404: yeah, I use it.. its amazing.. and i got a gretat deal on an amazing thinkpad06:21
luminrdjim_p: http://pastebin.com/m54da5f7b06:21
progrock`Doc8404: i might be able to get you an emplioyee discount too06:21
Doc8404thinkpad tablet? ive seen the hps06:21
evilbugprogrock`- but you know you need to install some stuff to make flash work and such.06:22
evilbugprogrock`- with 64-bit i mean.06:22
Doc8404but with a tablet... im looking for something around 2.5 to 3 ghz wirless n and bluetooth06:22
progrock`ok, so the amd64 is the one to download? even tho it says amd?06:22
progrock`since im trying to install it and im gettin gall the fd0 errors.. i dont know why,.. it migh tjust have been a bad burn06:23
carpediemprogrock`: amd64 works on the intel 64 chips as well06:24
progrock`ok, so i hope i just burt the cd bad, and somethign s not screwed up.. jsu built the comp06:25
progrock`vista installed fine06:25
jim_pluminrd: the lines 62 and 63 i THINK should be under the nvidia section. plus, what are all these zeroes on line 7?06:25
carpediemprogrock`: possibly....though the installer has a check option in the menu06:25
progrock`oh, anyone use myth on a 64bit?06:26
Doc8404but ive heard good things about lenovo06:26
luminrdjim_p: I honestly don't know about the 0's. That part was generated by nvidia-xconfig06:26
carpediemprogrock`: yes, my server is on a 64 bit Intel, running amd64 ubuntu, running Mythbuntu06:26
progrock`Doc8404: I love the tablet.. its unbelievable for mt engineering classes.. and lenovo is IMO the bets quality, and most professional looking06:26
=== pronoy is now known as pronoy_
jim_pluminrd: delete the 006:26
Doc8404lenovo is a bit expensice lol06:26
progrock`carpediem: is that a real distro?.. and what TV card do you use?06:27
cjsCan someone help me with a few annoyances I'm seeing as someone who's just switched to ubuntu?06:27
Doc8404thiers way to many versions of this thing lol06:27
progrock`Doc8404: I got an employee discount.. I might be able to ge tyou it.. its liek an extra 15 to 25 % off of the bext web deal06:27
Doc8404oh wow that would be awesome06:27
carpediemprogrock`: I have a pchdtv 5500 and an HVR 1600 (the latter is kind of a pain on Linux though).06:27
Doc8404this thing got friends lists lol06:27
cjs#1: How do I vim to stop forcing a specific set of formatoptions on me? It appears to be ignoring my removal of o and r in my .vimrc.06:27
progrock`yeah, i got it for liek 1200 with a 160gb HD and 2 gb of RAM a while ago when ram cost a lot more06:27
progrock`Doc PM me your email.. sadly they used to send me an email every month i could forward you.. but i havent gotten one in a bit, i dont know why06:28
luminrdjim_p: I deleted the 0 and those 2 lines, still in the same place with it..06:28
Doc8404how do you pm in here06:28
jim_pluminrd: did you move the 2 lines under the nvidia section?06:29
cjsYou type "/msg joe something or other".06:29
progrock`Doc8404: probably double click my name06:30
luminrdjim_p: yes06:30
progrock`Doc you can always write your emall in here, but do it spam free06:30
cjsIs there some other channel for ubuntu help, or is this the place?06:30
Doc8404nope that dont work lol06:30
=== Nicke_ is now known as Nicke
progrock`but it might take me a day or two, sinc ei need to see if i can get back on it06:30
jim_pluminrd: restartX06:30
juanejcan i move my home directory to another partition?06:30
progrock`just do it email@SMAP DReewebsite.com06:30
Doc8404bamcis got it06:30
LexvegasHey, guys. I have a problem. I just got a second hand Dell Latitude D600, and i installed XUbuntu on it. The problem is that the wireless card id not working06:31
carpediemjuanej: having your home directory on another partitiion is recommended (by me anyway)06:31
PucKidgood morning/jo reggelt06:31
sudoconfusedwhat's good about it?06:31
luminrdjim_p: I ahve of course done that with each change06:31
luminrdIt's still not workin06:32
Doc8404all the shortcut keys are driving me nuts... is thier one to open the shell06:32
juanejcarpediem I'm using ubuntu eee but the default location is on my 4gb partition, how can i move it to the 16gb partition?06:32
carpediemjuanej: well, I've done just that on my eee....06:33
Doc8404*tries to find a terminal shotcut key*06:33
carpediemjuanej: look at /etc/fstab.  You need to create an entry (preferably by UUID) that mounts on /home06:33
jim_pluminrd: remove any blank lines between section-endsection, like line 25 and 3606:33
danbh_intrepidDoc8404: I set one using the keyboard GUI06:33
bobertdosDoc8404: It's disabled by default, but you can set it in System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts06:33
luminrdjim_p: I'm not really sure it's the xorg.conf. Like I said, theone I was using, was pretty much identical to one I have working06:33
juanejcarpediem can i query you? i have a couple of questions about ubuntu eee06:34
carpediemjuanej: you can06:34
bobertdosdanbh_intrepid: I must express my joy!! The Pulse "multi-app" bug is gone!!!06:35
danbh_intrepidjuanej: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving06:35
foraohi one quick question... whatever work i do on a live cd is not going to be saved after i shut down my computer right?06:35
danbh_intrepidbobertdos: what did I do?06:35
jim_pluminrd: then i dont know what else to do. sorry mate :( find me a way to disable that mechanicm and i will pay you!06:35
progrock`carp: why 2?.. dan danm i was planning on gettin ghte latter06:35
luminrdjim_p: got rid of the lines, still no dice06:35
Flannelforao: correct (unless its accessing your harddrive)06:35
luminrdThanks anyway jim_p06:35
=== jscinoz_ is now known as jscinoz
bobertdosdanbh_intrepid: Ah, I'm just telling you because of how many times we've talked about how annoying Pulse is in Hardy.06:36
danbh_intrepidjuanej: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home   actually this one06:36
jim_pluminerd: you are welcome06:36
juanejok thx06:36
Doc8404anyone here know how to get wallclocks running?06:36
danbh_intrepidbobertdos: yeah, pulse is better in intrepid  : )06:36
LexvegasHey, guys. I have a problem. I just got a second hand Dell Latitude D600, and i installed XUbuntu on it. The problem is that the wireless card id not working. I have run sudo lshw -C network, and the card shows up, but it says: *-network DISABLED.06:36
bobertdosdanbh_intrepid: MUCH, and it makes me HAPPY!!06:36
bustaplzI installed Ubuntu on a disk that was previously Windows XP. Turns out my Vista installation had wrote it's MBR to the disk XP was on. I am no unable to boot into Vista. I configured GRUB to boot Vista but when I select Vista in GRUB it says BOOTMGR. I've tried running the Vista disc to repair MBR but it can't see the installation and won't accept any of my SATA drivers, including the ones that are currently installed for Vis06:38
bustaplzta(it lets me browse my C:\ drive and pull the drivers from \WINDOWS\system32\drivers) What do I need to do to get GRUB booting Vista?06:38
k0dei wonder where The Unit is06:38
progrock`carpediem: so how come you ahve two cards? and how bad is the latter? it has amazing reviews.. and i might be using windows a littl emore when using the TV06:39
progrock`depending if i likt myth or not06:39
Doc8404lex i had that same issue i had to reinstall ubuntu06:41
daquinois it possible to have ubuntu aware of the iso instead of looking for the cdrom ?06:41
macvrhi... could anyone suggest the software for ripping audio from a video file?06:41
danbh_intrepiddaquino: I think you can mount iso's06:42
daquinoyes i know how to mount iso's06:42
daquinoi just wnat to point my sources at the iso or an extraction of it ...06:42
danbh_intrepidthat doesnt do it?06:42
daquinoi dont want to mount it every time06:42
daquinothe source list entry looks like some special type of cdrom entry06:43
danbh_intrepidoh, you arent running an upgrade?06:43
Doc8404anyone know what that red line is?06:43
bdunnCould anyone help me with an issue where I am unable to reach a machine at from a machine at, but I can reach  When I am trying to reach .21 or .66 from a machine on, it works fine.  There is a Linux gateway running at which has a mask as does all of the other devices.06:43
daquinodanbh_intrepid: what?06:44
danbh_intrepiddaquino: nvm, I don't know06:44
Doc8404oooh i got one for you guys... if i write something in the word processor in ubuntu will it run in microsoft office?06:45
danbh_intrepidDoc8404: save as...06:45
DigitalFizDoc8404,  yes if you save it as a microsoft doc06:45
Doc8404ok good06:45
macvrhi... could anyone suggest the software for ripping audio from a video file?06:46
droopsta915how can i display the weekly weather forcast on my desktop?06:46
DigitalFizthink openoffice now even supports docx not sure06:46
joejoecircusboybdunn: Is 1.11 running linyx?06:46
macvrdroopsta915: u can use conky06:46
DigitalFizmacvr, vlc can do that06:46
droopsta915macvr: is this in the apps?06:46
macvrDigitalFiz: how do i do it from vlc?06:47
=== rebel_kid|zZzZ is now known as rebel_kid
bdunnjoejoecircusboy:  That machine is running Windows.  .21 and .66 are both printers.  The Linux box can ping neither.  :-S06:47
DigitalFizmacvr, not sure read the docs on ive never done it but i know you can06:47
sathehandCan anyone here help me get a Linksys WPC54G S v2 to work in Ubuntu 8.04?06:47
sathehandI've done some searching, and tried what they did, but nothing...06:48
DigitalFizi dont think you can ping a printer can you?06:48
Doc8404i saw a thing that looked like a mac icon bar... where do we find those?06:48
greenthumbhi. What do you do if your keyboard/pc suddenly switches to 'counter strike layout'? you know where underscore takes ? button and all that stuff06:49
greenthumbit's annoying06:49
DigitalFizDoc8404, http://themes.beryl-project.org/ try there look into installing emerald06:49
Doc8404i installed emerald...06:49
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: I'm sorry - the Linux gateway CAN ping .66.06:49
Doc8404DigitalFiz, i installed emerald06:50
macvrDigitalFiz: found something similar.. to what u said... i'v been using vlc for so long but i never noticed this!!!:-D06:50
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: This is fairly random.  I have checked the settings on printers that can be seen and those that cannot be seen.  Unfortunately, something on 10.200.1.x MUST be able to see printers at 10.200.2.x - 10.200.7.x by morning.06:50
Doc8404DigitalFiz, all i got from it was the cube system and a couple other little things06:50
r2k_linux turns 17 today as it seems06:51
r2k_happy birthday06:51
DigitalFizDoc8404, go to that link i posted and look at the themes06:51
joejoecircusboybdunn: you at work?06:52
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: Not physically there but at work.  :-)06:52
joejoecircusboynice, hehe06:52
macvrDoc8404:  i think u are looking for a mac-like dock... try avant window navigator06:53
joejoecircusboybdunn: Can you list your machines again, by IP, and give a brief desc06:53
luminrdWhat aside from xorg.conf can cause a low resolution?06:54
=== pronoy is now known as pronoy_
uwe2006hi ho06:56
dialmanHmm.. I think something is wrong here. Why do I keep ending up with 2 copies of xorg running, and taking up so  much memory! (333m 124m)?06:56
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: These are just examples of course.  Printer  Printer Linux gateway Windows server  Windows server     Everything can ping, but nothing outside of 10.200.2.x can ping  There are many examples like this of printers that cannot be reached while others can.  All of these machines have masks of and the gateway of 10.200.06:57
dialmanCan I safely kill the one that's using no cpu?06:57
progrock`idamn.. all I get when try to install is "Buffer I/O error on device fd0, logical block 0' non stop, then a black screen06:57
greenthumbhow do you fix your keyboard layout if ? has switched places with _ and all that stuff06:58
progrock`oh, maybe its my keyboard, lol06:58
joejoecircusboybdunn: Can ping the linux gateway?06:59
joejoecircusboybdunn: Can the linux gateway ping
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: No07:01
joejoecircusboybdunn: does 'arp -a' on the linux gateway show a MAC address for
Doc8404the themes dont change wallpapers. or menu bars... only application looks07:02
macvrDoc8404:  i think u are looking for a mac-like dock... try avant window navigator07:02
Doc8404macvr, where can i find that07:02
ozatomicIs there an easy way to upgrade to 2.6.25 ?07:03
ozatomicit seems to have support for my dvb usb stick and i want to give ti a try?07:03
macvrDoc8404: add remove programs07:03
jim_pcan i view all the files of a folder and its subfolders with ls?07:03
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: arp: in 193 entries no match found.07:03
jim_pozatomic: only if you are willing to compile from source07:03
davidrydercomparison of major browsers in linux07:04
davidryderi use opera but only because of the speed07:04
davidryderhuge difference07:04
jim_pnever mind i got it07:04
bazookaopera is super fast07:04
joejoecircusboybdunn: there should be a record there, whether it resolved it or not.. Try pinging again and checking the arp table right afterwards (use grep)07:05
Doc8404ah that worked07:05
jim_popera has what you will see as a default in a browser tomorrow, today07:05
=== LSD|Ninj4 is now known as LSD|Ninja
macvrDoc8404: and for wall papers u need to change them separately07:05
jim_ppretty much like the mercedes s-class07:05
Hentaycan someone help me with gdesklets?07:05
Doc8404all in one... all in one... ima start creating all in one packaged lol07:06
davidryderHentay: try screenlets07:06
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: ? ( at <incomplete> on eth007:06
davidryderjim_p: you know of any plugins equivalent to downthemall in opera?07:06
Hentayscreenlets the same shit like gdesklets?07:06
davidryderHentay: yes, just WAAAy better IMO07:06
davidryderthey just work07:06
Hentayoh clear07:06
joejoecircusboybdunn: what ip address is assigned to eth0 on the linux gatway?07:06
davidryderi spent like 2 hours trying to get gdesklets to work07:07
Hentaywith gdesklets i had problem07:07
Hentayi install it and then i try to start it it fails07:07
jim_pdavidryder: i just use the Links menu from the side panel to get the links, copy them on list.txt and wget gets the rest done07:07
joejoecircusboybdunn: this is one signel switched network, correct? (there are no routers involved)07:07
jim_pdavidryder: if someone is capable of making a script out of it...07:08
electrofreakI'm running 2.6.24... and when I view 'dmesg' it prints out numbers before each message.... which I know are the number of seconds since boot. But is there a way to make it display the time and date that message occured? it's kind of annoying that I don't know if errors that it prints happened today or last week.07:08
davidryderHentay: http://www.phpstory.net/graphics/ss_Oct_06_2008_0207.png07:08
davidryderthat's screenlets07:08
Doc8404anyone here familiar with wallclocks?07:09
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: Yes... all connected via MPLS - ethernet hand offs.07:09
Hentaydavidryder:  i am doenloading it via synaptic07:09
Hentayi'll try it07:09
macvrDoc8404: are u looking for desktop clocks?07:09
Doc8404yeah i had one but it wouldnt work07:09
jim_pelectrofreak: if you open /var/log/messages, either with cat or some text editor, you will get the dmesg output + the date07:10
macvrDoc8404: use screenlets07:10
electrofreakjim_p, actually, I just discovered /var/log/kern.log.07:11
jim_pelectrofreak: you are welcome07:11
joejoecircusboybdunn: hmm, haven't played with MPLS before.... but this sounds like a <layer 3 problem (if arp is not working)07:12
Hentayscreenlets is for amd64?07:13
joejoecircusboybdunn: are the various '/24s' within your network handled differently at the MPLS layer?07:13
PucKidHentay: yes they work on amd64 also07:13
davidryderelectrofreak: you could also try dmesg | tail07:13
davidryderit will print out the last several errors07:13
Hentayhuh ok than... because gdesklets don;t work on it07:13
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: I don't believe so... this is pretty much a large ethernet connection somewhat invisible to the local network.  Everything connected at 100MBs just like a local LAN.  Transparent.07:14
davidryderHentay: did you get screenlets working?07:15
joejoecircusboybdunn: hmm.. ok.   Can anthing outside of 10.200.2.x reach a host in 10.200.2.x?07:15
bdunnYes, for example can ping and reach (printer) but not (printer).07:16
pronoyns identify passwd07:16
joejoecircusboyCan the linux gateway reach (i.e. does ARP work)07:16
=== pronoy is now known as pronoy_
jim_pi just realised the value of the terminal. I had to make 10 folders to organise my downloads, so i did : mkdir A B C D E F G H I J . i snaped my fingers and ...puff they were created!07:17
davidryderCLI is awesome07:18
davidryderbash is awesome07:18
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: Yes...  ? ( at 00:04:00:4E:C0:C8 [ether] on eth007:18
paul68davidryder: is there somewhere a usefull list of bashscripts to simplefy the work in ubuntu?07:19
bullgard4What is the command about:config in Firefox 3.0 for?07:19
joejoecircusboybdunn: Can the prints be assigned  multiple addresses? (2.21 specifically)07:19
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: No, only one address.07:20
juanejis there a /home backup on the livecd?07:20
joejoecircusboybdunn: are the problematic printers in another building or somewhere remote from the working ones?07:22
the_antcan i install xampp on ubuntu-7.10?07:22
bdunnNo, they can be next to each other.07:22
joejoecircusboybdunn: do the non-working printers share something in common (like say make or model)07:23
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: No.  Tough one huh?  :-(07:23
joejoecircusboybdunn: ya!07:23
joejoecircusboybdunn: is this a new network?07:24
rizwanHOW R U  ALL07:24
davidryderpaul68: is there anything in particular you are looking for? i just usually write my own07:24
bdunnYes and no.  Everything changed IP addresses today.  It was all statically assigned and now is assigned by DHCP.07:24
rizwanANY ONE MUSLIM07:24
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: From the Linux server.07:24
davidryderpaul68: i don't know of any sites that feature bash scripts07:24
pan__if i sudo ifconfig ath0 down; can i pull out my wireless card07:24
joejoecircusboybdunn: what was the address scheme used before?07:25
tenXpan__: yes07:25
pan__thx tenX07:25
jim_pthe_ant: yea07:25
tenXpan__: not for that..07:26
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: Every network was different, but they were public IPs everywhere and routers connecting them together.  They were on the private side but had public IPs.  Total mess.07:26
davidryderpaul68: if you use nautilus http://g-scripts.sourceforge.net/ there are some scripts there07:26
the_antwaalaikum salam07:26
joejoecircusboybdunn: you new to that environment?07:27
=== pronoy is now known as pronoy_
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: Somewhat, yes.07:27
joejoecircusboybdunn: oh man...07:27
jim_pbullgard4: about:config !!!07:27
paul68davidryder: thanks07:27
joejoecircusboybdunn: you're in a pickle, eh?07:28
bullgard4jim_p: Please elaborate.07:28
nianjoiahey what is a good program for converting a PAL dvd to NTSC?07:28
joejoecircusboybdunn: did you try switching network jacks between a working and non-working printer?07:28
jim_pbullgard4: sorry?07:28
bdunnjoejoecircusboy: Yes07:28
the_antcan i install xampp on my ubuntu-7.1007:29
jim_pbullgard4: i had left the room and the window was scrolled up there that you asked about ff307:29
TeslaTonyHow can I keep PulseAudio from loading on startup?07:30
bullgard4jim_p: I do not understand what your message adds to solving the question which I have put.07:30
joejoecircusboybdunn: can you pastebin your dhcpd.conf07:30
jim_pbullgard4: can you please repeat it? i am terribly sorry07:30
davidryderbullgard4: about:config is a place to tweak all the options for ff07:30
bullgard4davidryder: Thank you very much for explaining.07:31
=== pronoy is now known as pronoy_
jim_pbullgard4: now i get it. sorry07:31
bullgard4jim_p: davidryder just did help me.07:31
=== dmsuperm1n is now known as dmsuperman
Doc8404goodnight all, have a good monday07:33
Doc8404thanks for the help07:33
davidryderbullgard4: for instance: do a search for urlbar - changing it to true will highlight the contents of the URL with a single click instead of a double click07:33
Rat409bullgard4: another one is about:plugins07:33
WIGGMPkMy sound doesnt work anymore.. Need help. When the login screen loads, the sound plays, when the login is successful the sound plays. however no login music, or system sounds work. When using "Test" in sound preferences, it yields this: audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Failed to connect stream: Invalid argument07:33
dialmanWIGGMPk: I had the exact same problem when I switched from Gnome to KDE recently.07:34
dialmanI was using pulseaudio in gnome, and it was not being automatically started in KDE.07:34
hathiwalaany one knows gambas ?07:34
hathiwalai m facing 1 problem in gambas any one help me ?07:35
WIGGMPkdialman: solution? I havent switched, been using GNOME my entire linux life (only screw around with KDE, IMHO its too messy) but I have all sound devices on Autodetect07:35
hathiwalaprob in gambas help to solve ?07:36
bullgard4davidryder: Ok.07:36
Doc8404apples good for ya07:36
hathiwalaprob in gambas help to solve ?07:37
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:37
dialmanWIGGMPk: Weird. I have no idea then. If you want to try on a lark to see if it is the same problem I had (and you were using pulseaudio): open a terminal and run pulseaudio. That was how I figured it out (audio should suddenly start working if that's the problem)07:37
WIGGMPkdialman: lol you were right about it but it wasnt pulseaudio.. i ran "sudo alsa force-reload" and all my system sounds ran07:39
WIGGMPkdialman: how can I prevent this from hanging... or not loading every time?07:39
dialmanYou are asking the wrong guy- I am pretty new to linux :)07:39
dialmanI just happened to have some somewhat helpful advice this time :)07:39
Hentaydavidryder:  thanks :)07:39
WIGGMPkdialman: well thanks for the helpful advice07:40
davidryderHentay: you like?07:40
davidrydersweet :D07:40
Hentayone sreenlet rulez07:40
Hentaysystem monitoring07:40
davidryderi like that one too07:40
Hentayothers is so so :)07:40
WIGGMPkSo, does anyone know how to prevent ALSA from hanging on start?07:40
Hentayi don't use alsa07:41
davidryderyeah i got bored with the others... i don't really see my desktop enough07:41
Hentaydavidryder: excatly :)07:41
Doc8404anyone here know how to change the background... not the one on the workspaces, the one outside the cube07:41
Hentaydavidryder: do u use xmms?07:42
davidryderno i use rhythmbox07:42
davidryderi'm a big fan of id3 tags and i like being able to filter my library by genre artists and album07:42
macvr Doc8404: see the in preferences> advanced desktop effect settings07:42
Hentayi want to browse my library by folders :D07:43
Doc8404macvr, ok07:43
davidryderthat's how i used to do it07:44
davidryderi have ~9000 songs now though07:44
m3thodhow do u install a .tar.bz207:44
Hentayi have only 4048 songs :(07:45
macvrm3thod: install what? program or theme?07:45
Hentayand all are metal07:45
davidryderholy crap07:45
davidryderthat makes sense then07:45
davidryderm3thod: bz2 is an archive, the install files are likely inside the archive07:46
davidryderm3thod: unrar x file.tar.bz207:46
Doc8404macvr: i didnt see the option to change it, what was i looking for07:47
macvr Doc8404: if have compiz installed? right? see in preferences> advanced desktop effect settings>desktop> appearance tab> skydome... in that add a skydome image07:49
m3thodlinuxPkg_5.07.tar.bz2 would be different if installed driver07:50
Chaotic_DescentI think I already tried every audio setting for VLC media player, but some videos have audio that only plays in Mplayer, but not VLC. but I want to use VLC because MPlayer doesn't let me resize the window while keeping the aspect ratio.07:50
Doc8404macvr: ill look again. but yeah i have compiz but never saw that07:50
macvrDoc8404: its there... just change skydome07:51
macvrChaotic_Descent: where did u change for audio settings...in vlc or gsrtream07:51
Doc8404i dont have a skydome setting????07:52
Chaotic_Descentmacvr: in VLC.07:52
Doc8404macvr: i dont have a skydome thing????07:52
pronoyjoin #compiz-fusion07:52
valiza1hi, I need help with python qscintilla configuration, since an application using it (Eric4) complains that my locale (qscintilla_es_UY) could not be loaded. I'm sort of lost ... would gladly accept help07:52
Doc8404macvr: its underadvanced in mine07:52
valiza1I installed the qt4 and qscintilla packges from with synaptic (ubuntu 8.04)07:53
macvr Doc8404: u r not looking.... in the desktop section... desktop cube... appearance tab...07:53
macvr Doc8404: what are u using ubuntu/or ku07:53
=== pronoy is now known as pronoy_
macvrChaotic_Descent: what is the output module u have selected?07:54
willacdrom doesn't mount cds after suspend...what can i do?07:54
michaelnocda się zrobić jace w ubuntu07:55
Chaotic_Descentmacvr: default. but like I said, I'm pretty sure I've tried them all.07:55
jeeveswhat would cause poor respoance from evoulition?  Mine is slow when connecting to an IMAP server and I now have 7 e-mails (sending via SMTP) sitting in my outbox that refuses to send07:56
Chaotic_Descentmacvr: hrm... well in the case of this particular video, ALSA seems to work. :S07:56
DaCapnAnyone ever have trouble with SD cards from cameras? I have no idea what the issue is but on several cards with many photos, after a certain point, the photos can't be copied or opened with eye of gnome. No problems from these cards in my camera or on my laptop running debian.07:56
=== pronoy is now known as pronoy_
macvrChaotic_Descent: change the gstream to pulse and set vlc to use alsa.... i had similar probs with vlc audio .. and this worked for me07:57
jim_pDaCapn: do you unmount before puling the card out?07:57
jim_pDaCapn: even if you dont write something on it07:57
DaCapnEye of gnome gives the following error: Error interpreting JPEG image file (Improper call to JPEG library in state 200). Nautilus just gives an I/O error.07:57
DaCapnYes, I always unmount.07:58
Doc8404macvr: i had to activate it under advanced settings... but under desktop it didnt exist07:58
jim_pDaCapn: do they automount in ubuntu and in debian?07:58
DaCapnSince they work fine in two other devices I have doubts that I've caused any trouble with the filesystem or caused corruption of files.07:58
DaCapnYes. Perfectly fine.07:59
Hentayhmz... maybe someone can tell me with witch music player i can browse my music by folder names07:59
like0537hello guys07:59
like0537need help here07:59
Chaotic_Descentwhat's gstream?07:59
jim_pHentay: audacious ? file > open ...07:59
like0537i want to install gimp 2.608:00
* _adrenaline uses audacious08:00
jim_plike0537: you have to wait until 8.1008:00
macvrChaotic_Descent: in sound preferences what are u unsing?08:00
Hentayi;ll try it08:00
like0537im using hardy heron 8.408:00
Hentaygstream totem fucks alot08:00
valiza1i think something very hard to discover has broken in my ubuntu. Is it adviseable to tell all the installed packages to re-install ?08:00
error404notfoundif I want to run apt-proxy, how much disk space do I need? give me a bound, an average...08:01
Chaotic_Descentmacvr: what sound preferences?08:01
like0537any gimp user here08:01
=== pronoy is now known as pronoy_
macvrChaotic_Descent: panel>preferences> sound08:01
jim_plike0537: you must wait until 8.10 comes out and upgrade it with the rest of the installation. otherwise, use backports (if it can be found there) or build it from source08:02
like0537how  about using ssh08:02
WIGGMPkOk, so I wanna try PulseAudio, but what do I select on the Default Mixer Track, I have two options that say PulseAudio, Capture and Playback.. What do I select for the Device?08:02
Chaotic_Descentmacvr: just the defaults. I've never been in there08:02
_adrenalinelike0537, what about ssh?08:02
like0537ah ok thanks08:02
jim_plike0537: ssh for what job?08:02
like0537i want to something about ssh specially making keys?08:02
macvrChaotic_Descent: u need to tinker a bit there... i was havin audio problem in vlc similar to urs08:03
greenthumbwhat happens if I mount the partition with windows on in ubuntu_08:03
like0537tunneling, copying etc08:03
_adrenalineWhat do you want to know?08:03
like0537any good tutorials here08:03
error404notfoundif I want to run apt-proxy, how much disk space do I need? give me a bound, an average... anyone?08:03
nianjoiashould I upgrade to ubuntu 8.10?08:03
jim_plike0537: i cant help you there. all i do is control another pc though ssh08:03
jim_pnianjoia: not yet!08:04
nianjoiaah ic08:04
mandhhi all08:04
N1X0N<all> Hello mandh!08:04
nianjoiafinally!  someone answers me!08:04
jim_plol hi08:04
nianjoiagot another questioni for you jim08:04
like0537thats a good idea what would i do then to cotrol t?08:04
greenthumbcan I browse my windows files in ubuntu if I mount the win partition from ubuntu?08:04
mandhi have ubuntu that freeze suddenly08:04
jeevesis there a repair utility for evoulition?08:04
jim_pnianjoia: hit it!08:04
nianjoiawhat is a good program for converting a PAL dvd to ntsc?08:04
mandhi upgrade the system and still freeze "kernel panic"08:04
raheemgreenthumb: yes08:04
nianjoiaIm new to ubuntu..but i must say i like ti way better than vista08:05
sleepster nianjoia how can you compare vista with ubuntu?08:05
jim_pnianjoia: i suppose this means you have to recode the dvd?08:05
greenthumbsweet raheem, thx08:05
macvr nianjoia: avidemux... might work08:05
nianjoiaah ok ic08:06
sleepstermandh: what's the kernel panic say?08:06
jim_pnianjoia: or mandvd? or i am wrong08:06
nianjoiawell I have to convert .vob files...08:06
sleepstergreenthumb: yeah, you need the ntfs or fat32 file system drivers for linux08:06
WIGGMPkWhat should be the Default Mixer Tracks: Device if I wanna use PulseAudio.. I have two options, Capture & Playback.. which one should i use? or do I still use HDA NVidia (Alsa mixer)????08:06
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/08:06
jim_plike0537: like what? i connect to the other pc as a user and do its upgrades etc08:06
nianjoiaI'll check em out08:06
mandhsleepster, humm let me search about it  , but like interrupt ...08:07
greenthumbsleepster:  oh.. well it works fine just mounting it, i'm playing mp3's from it in amarok now08:07
like0537thanks jim_p08:07
sleepstermandh: it could be several things.. why did the kernel panic occur? did you build your own kernel?08:07
error404notfoundanyone awake here?08:07
* _adrenaline is sleeping08:08
* raheem is asleep08:08
Spinac1can  i change the screen res from terminal?08:08
* sleepster is sleeping08:08
DaCapnThis SD card issue is kind of strange too. The last image that can be read at all on the card renders with the bottom half black in eye of gnome and it similarly can't be copied.08:08
greenthumbsleepster:  how come my headphones cant play very loud in ubuntu? Everything is turned all up, mastersound, amarok, my headphones08:08
greenthumbbut it's way louder in windows08:08
mandhsleepster, no not build it is from the os itself08:08
DaCapnThe total size of all of the files that can be copied is close to 1GB.08:08
sleepstergreenthumb: you should turn up PCM pulse code modulation08:09
jim_pDaCapn: are you sure it was unmounted properly everytime in its lifetime?08:09
macvr greenthumb: that seems to be the only prob for a lot ... volume is lower than in windows08:09
sleepstergreenthumb: see the volum control in the top right... there is a properties menu.. right click and you want to turn up PCM08:09
DaCapnjim_p What are you proposing is happening if that isn't the case?08:09
sleepstermandh: what kind of hardware are you using?08:09
DaCapnAnd to that, the answer is YES.08:09
sleepstermandh: I've never had a problem with kernel panics on a fresh machine.. only when they are self-inflicted08:10
greenthumbsleepster:  I see the pcm, but I dont know how to turn it up08:10
greenthumboh there08:10
mandhsleepster, whan u mean? me i dbout with hw08:10
greenthumbit plays great now. thanks a lot08:10
sleepstergreenthumb: it should allow you to enable it in your volume.. you select it..08:10
sleepstermandh: ?08:10
mandhsleepster, hardware08:10
raheemgreenthumb: great to know it works :)08:10
sleepstergreenthumb: np08:11
jim_pDaCapn: i had pulled a CF card one out without unmounting it . it had like 200 photos inside and i lost some 4-508:11
Spinac1can  i boot with resolution parameters?08:11
sleepsterjim_p: what file system were you using?08:11
DaCapnWhat I said was that these photos can be read and accessed fine on my camera and in my laptop running debian.08:11
sleepsterSpinac1: ?08:11
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto08:12
DaCapnThe files are there and are contiguous.08:12
sleepsterSpinac1: the best thing is to let yoru video card configuration tool do it08:12
jim_psleepster: on my drive? ext308:12
sleepsterjim_p: hmm.. I am surprised you lost any data08:12
DaCapnext3 of your CF card?08:12
sleepsterjim_p: unless you were in the middle of the copy I guess08:12
greenthumbhow come the play list in amarok clears it self out after every restart of the program? I just drag the files into the playlist.08:12
sleepstergreenthumb: you can save them08:13
briguydhello all08:13
N1X0N<all> Hello briguyd!08:13
Spinac1the problem is i cant see x now that i changed my res to unsupported res so now just getting bad signal input blank screen. but i have a command prompt08:13
=== glade88 is now known as glade88|AFK
* sleepster goes back to reading... 08:13
briguydi recently seemed to have messed up my hard drive08:13
greenthumbyeah.. but like in winamp they just stay in the playlist without you having to have som playlist file saved08:13
jim_psleepster: no on the card i have fat32! i thought you said on the drive08:14
Hentayamm maybe someone is using autocad on ubuntu? :)08:14
briguydit appears in lsusb and dmesg, but it doesn't show under /dev as it used to and i can't mount it08:14
briguydcan anyone please help me work it out?08:14
raheemSpinac1: can't u try the ALT CTL + combination ? i guess ti should work08:14
jim_pbriguyd: filesystem?08:16
briguydit was ntfs08:16
greenthumbhmm, is it normal that video quality is worse in ubuntu than in windows? i've installed vlc, dno about codecs08:17
briguydit worked fine until earlier today when i was moving it betweena  vista and os x computer08:17
TeslaTonyHentay: AutoCAD doesn't work on Ubuntu. There's a few Windows CAD programs that work so-so on Wine, and there's a few Linux-native CAD programs.08:17
raheemSpinac1: or from the command prompt, type sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf , put the resolution that worked08:17
talibIn ubuntu, why can only 1 audio file play? if you try 2 simultaneously only 1 audio file works08:17
midnightRmbler_greenthumb: should be the same08:17
jim_pHentay: use qcad08:17
Hentayjim_p,  and it is the same like autocad?08:18
macvr greenthumb:  what graphics card are u using?08:18
jim_pHentay: roughly the same08:18
Hentayas usualy08:18
greenthumbmacvr:  nvidia geforce 9800gtx08:18
Hentaylet's try :)08:18
DaCapnHentay don't expect compatibility.08:18
jim_pHentay: depends on what you do. for me gimp is NOT similar to photoshop no matter what08:18
HentayDaCapn, i need it :)08:19
macvr greenthumb: nvidia should give an output nearly as good as windows08:19
jim_pbriguyd: have you "safely removed" it from xp?08:19
TeslaTonyHentay: As someone that's used both AutoCAD and QCad, AutoCAD is light-years ahead. QCad is good for some 2D stuff, but not nearly as robust as AutoCAD. Try it, though08:19
Hentayor if i'll try to load autocad using wine?08:19
jim_pHentay: wine or virtualization08:19
DaCapnHentay installations of AutoCAD after 2000 require .NET framework. This is notoriously a problem for wine and similars. Mono doesn't show additional promise.08:19
TeslaTonyAutoCAD doesn't work with Wine08:19
FloodBot2Hentay: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:20
DaCapnI've used AutoCAD 2006 by running it inside a WinXP VM with qemu.08:20
briguydjim_p: it's not recognized under xp anymore08:20
=== c0de1|off is now known as c0de1
briguydor OS X for that matter08:21
DaCapnThat's the best you'll probably get... which is a lot better than some dual-boot nonsense.08:21
greenthumbmacvr: okay, i have only seen a small bit in windows of the avi file i'm testing with, so it might just suck and i don't remember. i'll try with a dvd08:21
jim_pbriguyd: what drive is it? wd?08:21
jim_pwhat is wrong with dualboot DaCapn ?08:21
jim_pHentay: about wine and autocad >> http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=8608:22
DaCapnNothing if you don't mind restarting your machine when you want to do something different.08:22
koshariHentay people have had success with autocad r1408:23
jim_pDaCapn: i spend 90% of my time in linux08:23
DaCapnI can understand dual boot for people who want to play games. Anything else... the juice isn't worth the squeeze in my opinion.08:24
greenthumbhow come i cant extract rar files on my windows drive from ubuntu.? is that impossible?08:25
DaCapnAnd I'm just guessing that he isn't interested in rebooting every time he wants to use AutoCAD.08:25
vilhonenhas anyone made a silent install with ubuntu?08:25
briguydjim_p: seagate08:25
kosharigreenthumb if you can mount the partition theres no reason you shouldnt be able to access any non encrypted fiels08:25
TeslaTonyDaCapn: AutoCAD uses as much as or more memory than many games08:26
ZmAYwhere to look for the path to Tcl/Tk08:26
vilhonenI tried to follow instructions from here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=883017 with little success08:26
mmcjidoes the ubuntu-server cd have LTSP on it?08:26
=== e is now known as Guest93348
jim_pDaCapn: i do dualboot for photoshop and games. and dont tell me to use gimp. for what i want, gimp is far behind08:26
greenthumbkoshari: i cant mount it. so that's weird. I got all these rar archives all together containg a dvd movie. you know like .r00, .r01 and so on08:26
macvrgreenthumb: check if u have ntfs-3g,ntfs-config.... should be there08:26
vilhonengenerated disk image boot fails in bootcdproberoot script failures08:26
mmcjior is that just the alternate cd for the normal desktop install08:26
jim_pDaCapn: i dont mention premiere...08:27
greenthumbmacvr: how do i check that?08:27
DaCapnjim_p I'm not telling you to do anything. Do what you like.08:27
jim_pDaCapn: lol i was not offended and i hope neither were you. peace08:27
briguyddmesg | tail prints out [  741.435905] scsi4 : SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices08:27
macvrgreenthumb:  system> administration> synaptics package manager08:27
briguyd[  741.437143] usb-storage: device found at 908:27
briguyd[  741.437160] usb-storage: waiting for device to settle before scanning08:27
briguyd[  746.427066] usb-storage: device scan complete08:27
briguyd[  752.028971] usb 5-3: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 908:27
FloodBot2briguyd: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:27
kosharigreenthumb yeah so whats the problem?08:28
greenthumbmacvr: okay, what do I do in there?08:28
macvrgreenthumb: see if u have the 2 packages?08:28
=== _spiderz is now known as spiderz
greenthumbkoshari: it says something about the archive aint supported. but it's normal rar files08:28
jim_pbriguyd: chances are that your drive is ... dead :(08:29
KarhutonHi, what's the best way to get a Finnish locale settings but English traslations in all applications?08:29
DaCapnTeslaTony I've found that the bottleneck for AutoCAD in qemu is image rendering. At least on the machine I did it on. This was without the kqemu module. It was ridiculous if you had many lines visible.08:29
kosharigreenthumb you need to install the rar codec, "sudo apt-get install rar"08:29
briguydbut would it show up in dmesg?08:29
pan__what man page would i look at for bluetooth connection08:29
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:29
kosharithen it will unrar in fileroller08:29
Guest93348 /msg smoggy XDCC SEND #11708:29
KarhutonDue to using English language packages all my apps default to AM/PM and USD currencies.. And sometimes (like Evolution) I can't affect the settings in certain places08:30
briguyddmesg output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/54576/08:30
greenthumbmacvr:  the 3g is there, the config is not. when ive checked it to installation, how do i install?08:30
jim_pbriguyd: if it is damaged, no08:30
TeslaTonyDaCapn: It'd be really nice if AutoDesk put out a Linux client. But until then, I'm stuck with Windows.08:30
kosharigreenthumbif you can see the files the drive is mounted fine08:31
jitu3485hi, can I use a fiesty repository in ubuntu hardy? will it cause problems?08:31
macvrgreenthumb: just check the box to install and it will do the install08:31
ndlovuhi all. I had to kill update-manager (Ctl+Alt+Bkspace), Now it's complaining about not getting a lock. can I just delete /var/cache/apt/archives/lock ?08:31
greenthumbkoshari:  i can see the files, i can play avi and mp3 files from there, but i cant extract my dvd movie08:31
macvrgreenthumb: check if u are having applications>archive manager... it should have the default rar plugin08:31
kosharigreenthumb you need to install the rar codec, "sudo apt-get install rar"08:31
DaCapnTeslaTony Yeah, I agree, it's not really feasible for an architect/designer to use it for all of their work purposes inside qemu.08:31
jim_pndlovu: you killed it the wrong way. use killall next time08:32
ndlovujim_p, how do I know what the process name is?08:32
=== e is now known as Guest95334
kosharigreenthumb so open a terminal, paste the line i posted (without quotes) into a terminal and your away08:32
greenthumbkoshari:  when i try to install it says E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/) is another process using it?08:33
jim_pndlovu: you just says it was update-manager!08:33
kosharigreenthumb close the synaptic  or update app you have open08:33
jim_pbriguyd: sorry mate, i am out of ideas for the drive08:33
macvrgreenthumb: close synaptics package maager and try again08:33
Hentaygreenthumb, and use sudo08:33
ndlovujim_p, the only program I could find with update in it was update-notifier, and I wasn't sure it was the same thing08:33
hp_ok i'm positive now. hardy is much buggier than feisty08:34
jim_pndlovu: kill it!08:34
greenthumbmacvr:  ah, its installing now :) Hentay, of course08:34
hp_i wish i'd stuck with feisty08:34
greenthumbw00t I can extract the rar files now :D08:34
greenthumbthanks all08:34
ndlovujim_p, next time I'll do that :) right now I'm stuck with a lock - can I just delete the lock file?08:34
hp_thats over 2 machines too08:34
kosharigreenthumb and you can install a package :-)08:35
hp_how soon until hardy is stabler? anyone know?08:35
greenthumbwhat do you mean? havent i always been able to do that?08:35
jim_pndlovu: sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock and cross your fingers08:35
greenthumba package is the ones you install from add/remove right?08:35
kosharihp_ hardy is considere3d stable now08:35
hp_koshari, have you noticed more trouble since leaving fiesty?08:36
pronoy_hi how can i change the resolution of my log in screen ???? not the workspace08:36
jim_ppronoy_: you cant. gdm picks the 1st one it finds in xorg08:36
kosharihp_ not here i typicly get uptimes of a few weeks until a power outage or a kernel update,08:36
greenthumbi love that you can mount your windows drive in ubuntu :D if only ubuntu played all games with no problems, i could  completely drop windows08:36
hp_actually 'more' is wrong, i never had any issues with feisty. never crashed once. now with hardy i'm getting gray terminals once every 3 days08:36
ndlovujim_p, I was hoping for more confidence in the procedure ;), but thanks for your help. so far nothing broken...08:36
=== HD is now known as Guest25377
pronoy_jim_p: here's the xorg.conf file....what am i doing wrong ????? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/54572/08:37
kosharigreenthumb: get a console08:37
hp_koshari, sounds pretty sweet then08:37
pronoy_jim_p: ps i am anoob08:37
hp_koshari, i'll persevere08:37
jim_pndlovu: do a sudo apt-get update08:37
jim_pndlovu: and check for errors08:37
ndlovujim_p, apt-get update and apt-get upgrade worked okay08:37
kosharihp_ whats your actual problem?08:38
greenthumbkoshari: hehe.. well i just spend lots of money on this pc for gaming08:38
jim_pndlovu: then you are good to go08:38
greenthumband i kinda like playing pc08:38
jim_ppronoy_: you made all this yourself!?!?!? is your laptops native resolution 1280*800?08:38
ubuntu_toddThe hotkey of compiz fusion conflict with that os SCIM08:39
ubuntu_toddHow to solve that?08:39
juanejhi, is there anyway i can automount a usb flashdrive without being root?08:39
ryg9Ijuanej: sudo apt-get install usbmount08:39
koshariubuntu_todd change the hot key in compiz manager08:39
pronoy_jim_p: my resolution wasn't changing so i have edited the conf file08:39
pronoy_jim_p: had a friend's help...and desktop.. not lappy08:40
kosharijuane it should do so already otherwise you may need to tweak a hal setting08:40
ubuntu_toddkoshari: does it matter the consequence of my installation?08:40
greenthumbhow do I do so the playlist i've got in amarok right now stays there so it's there when i open up amarok next time?08:40
hp_koshari, regularly i'll notice a new terminal is empty. then it goes gray. any new terminals are like that until restart08:40
jim_ppronoy_: what is that line that says virtual there?08:40
ubuntu_toddkoshari; I mean which one should be installed first?08:41
juanejryg9I it keeps asking for root access08:41
gligorhoriawill rm -r follow links ?08:41
hp_koshari, but i can't restart via the menu or a terminal. so i have to cntl-alt-F[x] into another shell to call a sudo shutdown08:41
juanejyou have to be root to use mount08:41
=== saint is now known as SA\INT
juanejthat's what it reads08:41
vilhonenhow do I automate the installation of ubuntu08:42
vilhonenI would like to preconfigure everything to my liking and then have a cd that automatically overwrites the whole disk and install my preconfigured ubuntu08:42
lbi want install gf9600 gso , need help!08:42
koshariubuntu_todd i understood you have compiz installed already, isnt that  how you discovered the conflict? i would imagine the program you want to change the hotkey in would be the one you install first if that wasnt the case08:42
lbi want install gf9600 gso drivers, need help!08:42
Hentaylb nvidia?08:43
gligorhoriawe are lb don't screem08:43
jim_ppronoy_: some advice a) send the depth parameter on line 70 outside that subsection    b) remove line 69 that says Virtual...  c) save, exit, restart X if that wont word  d) delete the sublection Display altogether08:43
kosharihp_ you may have to try and isolate the problem to the program causing it, whether it is xorg, compix ect ect/./.08:43
Hentaysudo apt-get install envyng08:43
Hentayi used for my gf 8600m GS08:43
hp_koshari, ok i see. thanks08:43
gligorhorialb go to system>administrate>hardware drivers08:43
kosharivilhonen so install and then make an image backup08:43
gligorhorialb and then select the gforce and restart the system08:44
Hentaygligorhoria,  then i tried to do so i have a problems with my resolution :D08:44
kosharikoshari and if you use vesa video drivers and have a basic fstab it should boot on most tystems08:44
ubuntu_toddkoshari; Yes I installed compiz first then SCIM. Later I found the hotkey for compiz don't work anymore. Even more the different workspaces don't function correctly. Now I can only have on workspace.08:44
lbok!! i'm try08:44
gligorhoriaHentay: your on a laptop or what ?08:45
frybyepay him 10/Month and throw 20yds of cable accross the grass... ???08:45
koshariubuntu_todd  iam not familiar with scm but you may need to temperalily uninstall it , remap the offending functions and replace it08:45
gligorhoriaHentay: you can inforce resolutions to the xorg u know, even thow they don't aprea in the menu :D08:45
gligorhoriau wan't to know how to do that ?08:45
Hentaygligorhoria,  yes08:46
Hentaytell me08:46
ubuntu_toddkoshari; But I have no idea about the remap.08:46
gligorhoria1 sec please i have to document :D08:46
frybyeubuuntu_todd - u got the compiz icon - easy to re-start/config whent thing go wrong mostly..?08:46
vilhonenkoshari: how do I make that image backup?08:46
Hentayi u have it in pdf or smth like this pls send me ok? :)08:46
koshariubuntu_todd: you may need to install the compiz advanced settings manager and go in there and check the bindings,08:46
kosharivilhonen with a partimage live disk,08:47
gligorhoriaHentay: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8397308:47
ubuntu_toddkoshari: Ok. I got it. But one of my friend recommend me to install beryl. What's your idea?08:47
kosharivilhonen theres a good guide on phsycocats08:47
koshariubuntu_todd beryl is obsolete, its now compiz fusion08:48
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gligorhoriaHentay: you have to read that, it's not that complicated08:48
ubuntu_toddkoshari: thanks.08:48
gligorhoriaHentay: be sure to use sudo when u modify those files08:48
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=== Rick_Comp is now known as RickLinux
imchrislabeardhey guys08:49
Hentayi save that link08:49
Hentayi'll study it later08:49
KarhutonHi, what's the best way to get a Finnish locale settings but English traslations in all applications?08:49
Hentaygligorhoria, thanks :)08:49
gligorhoriaHentay: you only have to modify 1 header, np good luck08:49
imchrislabeardso im trying to grab some files off of a ntfs hard drive on a laptop do i have to install ubuntu to get those files off cause when i try to access the drive it says cannot mount any ideas?08:49
Hentayfor a newbie user to modify one header sometimes is very difficult :)08:50
bozyJust for test.08:50
gligorhoriaHentay: i'm not kidding you, it's not hard, that guide is verry self containing08:51
jim_phow can i make the icons that appear on menus like right click a liiiitle bit smaller? i know its a gtk something hack, but which?08:51
imchrislabeardany ideas08:51
vilhonenkoshari: with the partimage the partition size will be fixed, I was looking for something that makes partitions before installing08:51
greenthumbis it possible to make limewire download directly to your windows drive?08:51
Hentayok ok gligorhoria  :)08:52
Hentaynow i try to load a game :D08:52
jim_pgreenthumb: yea, if you can access it and know where it is mounted08:52
xPhilosxfor to plz hlp!!!?!11!08:52
greenthumbjim_p:  i can acces it, read and write and place files there. but I dont know the location of it other than it's in computer08:53
greenthumbso i dont know how to browse to it from limewire08:53
jim_pgreenthumb: post me this "cat /etc/fstab | grep ntfs"08:53
gligorhoriaman this ubuntu support is cachy :D cu guys it's addictive :D08:54
jim_pgreenthumb: the drive is in ntfs right? you write these in terminal and i want the output08:54
=== SA\INT is now known as Sa[i]nT
greenthumbjim_p:  it's ntfs ye. what do you want me to write in term? cat /etc ....?08:55
jim_pgreencookie: yea. it will make a line or 208:55
greenthumbjimmacdonald:  nothing happens, it just jumps down to a new line08:56
skephi, i have a problem with my usb wlan (DWL-G122) and high packet loss (30%). any idea on how to solve this? link quality is hji (90+) and encryption is wpa2. here some info: http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/392259/08:57
meekhi all08:57
N1X0N<all> Hello meek!08:57
kosharivilhonen ok, you could resize the partition which may be an option, otherwise you will be looking at something like reconstructor08:57
imchrislabeardwhere would the ubuntu disc manager be in 8.1008:58
greenthumbkoshari: do you know how i dowload directly from limewire to my windows partition?08:58
kosharigreenthumb you should use frostwire instead of limewire08:59
Flannelimchrislabeard: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid support, but probably system > administration08:59
kosharigreenthumb and the destination directory will be in the settings08:59
greenthumbkoshari:  settings in limewire?08:59
koshariimchrislabeard do you meed gparted?09:00
koshari greenthumb cant help ypu there.09:00
imchrislabeardkoshari: i guess i will dl that09:00
RickLinuxHow do i install debian?09:00
jim_pgreenthumb: did you find how to change the location?09:01
RickLinuxWhat location?09:01
jim_pRickLinux: through ubuntu?09:01
RickLinuxjim_p yes, through ubuntu09:02
ShinobiTenois there any "cleaning" program ie to kill pidgin logs and other well known trash... or it is best to write "rm script" manually?..09:02
greenthumbjim_p: i know how to change loc, i just didnt know where my c drive in windows was. but i found out now :) media/disk/09:02
koshariRickLinux in a VM?09:02
RickLinuxI don't know how to work grub09:02
jim_pShinobiTeno: better make a script09:03
RickLinuxand I want to know how to install debian seperately09:03
ShinobiTenojim_p: k, thx)09:03
jim_pRickLinux: look at some debian documentation09:03
KuB^anyone having problems with the latest update off firefox 3.0.3 it wont remember me hompage, if i activate it again its only nead to restart firefox again then its gon again. Im use this system, SYSTEM INFORMATION09:03
KuB^Running Ubuntu Linux, the Ubuntu 8.10 (intrepid) release.09:03
KuB^GNOME: 2.24.0 (Ubuntu 2008-09-22)09:03
KuB^Kernel version: 2.6.27-5-generic (#1 SMP Fri Oct 3 00:36:38 UTC 2008)09:03
KuB^GCC: 4.3.2 (x86_64-linux-gnu)09:03
FloodBot2KuB^: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:03
KuB^Xorg: unknown (24 September 2008  06:39:34PM) (24 September 2008  06:39:34PM)09:03
koshariRickLinux you want to dual boot, and the grub installer should see both installs and add them to the menu.1st file09:03
RickLinuxKoshari: How do I do that?09:04
jim_pgreencookie: are you sure this is your drive? does it have other contents there09:04
koshariRickLinux make some room , make a partition, run the debian installer09:04
jim_pRickLinux: you need some virtualization program09:04
koshariyou will need to downlaod a debian install disk09:04
aussie_nuttwhy do u need both for09:05
koshariRickLinux  you wont need virtualiasation if you are dual booting,09:05
ShinobiTenoRickLinux, Debian was first linux I installed with NO knowledge! Its not that diffucult at all.09:05
RickLinuxIs there an installer for debian?09:05
ShinobiTenoRickLinux get lastest stable ISO, burn it as image and let go!)09:06
koshariRickLinux there will be on the distribution disk, you will have to boot into it just like windows or ubuntu09:06
RickLinuxAlright. Thanks fella's.09:06
jim_pRickLinux: get the latest TESTING iso from debian. stable is as ancient as the dinosaurs09:07
aussie_nuttlenny i think that is09:07
xPhilosxRickLinux, debian tends to confuse people at times because it looks like the install files are abnormally huge.  Just download the minimal install disk and then burn the ISO and perform a net install.  You will download all the packages you want as you install.09:07
AdvoWorkhi there, im having a problem with a mounted share, in /home i do ls it takes AGES, then its listing a folder NEWcompleted(shows in red), if i cd to that folder and do ls it takes ages then says: ls: .: Input/output error. I originally do //tstation/Completed$ /home/NEWcompleted   smbfs  defaults  0  0 in /etc/fstab and ive tried sudo mount -a and that works, any ideas?09:07
=== Teiseii is now known as Teisei
koshariAdvoWork use cifs instead of smb09:08
stitchedwingsIf you know how to get rid of the black border that appears on some LCDs, please view my post @  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=939527 ... TIA09:09
dialmanAny idea why no matter what display manager I use upscaled video in my browser in interpolated backwards (eg.. If two adjacent source pixels are 1 and 0 the interpolation looks like 0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1) exactly backwards and looks crappy.09:09
AdvoWorkkoshari never heard of cifs and how come?09:09
jim_pdialman: use your lcds monitor native resolution and adjust it though some OSD settings09:10
Teiseiice111111: Hi !09:10
ice111111Nice to meet you!09:10
ShinobiTenojim_p: on debian: stable is not that ancient) besides it is meant to make a good base system. later, and testing repositories and do an update. voila - upgraded to testing.09:11
koshariAdvoWork http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=483184+09:11
ShinobiTenojim_p: later add testing repositories09:12
ReVoLveRhi, I've been using Xubuntu like for 3 months now. Last night after I shut down the pc I opened it today, and the top and bottom panel is missing. Any solution for this anyone?09:12
morningwalkerhow is ubuntu as a server??09:12
morningwalkerhow is ubuntu as a server??09:12
jeeveshow do I enable VNC control over my computer over the internet?09:13
AdvoWorkkoshari is that link the same?09:13
koshariAdvoWork i typos the first one09:13
dontchokewhat is i686?09:13
gnuskoolReVoLveR: in terminal type xfce4-panel09:13
koshariAdvoWork no "+" at the end09:13
=== rebel_kid is now known as rebel_kid|zZzZ
balachmarIf I try to use java, I get that it is not found, however, I do have it installed /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-
balachmar(I also mean javac)09:14
AdvoWorkkoshari yeah but its the same thread number?09:14
=== rebel_kid|zZzZ is now known as rebel_kid
jim_pShinobiTeno: gnome 2.18, kernel 2.6.18, kde 3.5.5, firefox 2 and so on. all these are like 1.5 years old and in linux "years" they are as old as a 50yo person09:14
elvelindhi. I just updated the kernel and now the nvidia module can't load.09:14
elvelindI've tried reinstalling it but no luck.09:14
ReVoLveRgnuskool : whats the shortcut key to open terminal? I cannot open terminal like I used to open before coz I don't see the top panel.09:14
gnuskoolbalachmar: YOU NEED THE STANDARD SDK, LOOK AT SUN.COM09:14
koshariAdvoWork correct, i just thaught the first link wouldnt work with the plus accidently added to the end09:14
gnuskoolReVoLveR: press f2, type terminal09:15
ShinobiTenojim_p: yes, yes, but again it is not supposed to be used, but supposed to BUILD a base system. Im not that sure testing will INSTALL ok...09:15
balachmargnuskool: Why? This worked before...09:15
kosharielvelind were you using envy?09:15
ShinobiTenojim_p: adding testing to reps and doing upgrade instantly transforms stable into testing.09:15
elvelindkoshari, standard intrepid install09:15
AdvoWorkkoshari how can i test if thats worked?09:15
kosharielvelind unlikely then if you havnt heard of it09:15
koshariAdvoWork how do you meand?09:16
gnuskoolbalachmar: sometimes you just need to point to the java directory in your path09:16
ReVoLveRgnuskool : thanks bro, that was useful09:16
gnuskoolReVoLveR: no worries09:16
AdvoWorkkoshari i mean, now ive but a cifs entry into /etc/fstab how can i check if its working?09:16
jim_pShinobiTeno: i know. it is just too much for me to install an old base system and upgrade 1GB of stuff to get to present day09:16
kosharielvelind see intrepid support, remember intrepid is under heavy development09:16
ShinobiTenojim_p: well it depends)) matter of preference:)09:17
balachmargnuskool: I shouldn't because java and javac are in /usr/bin and there is a simlink to /etc/alternatives, which points to the correct java executable.09:17
jim_pShinobiTeno: i agree. i prefer the bottom up solution.09:17
koshariAdvoWork sudo mount -a09:17
elvelindkoshari, as in the forums?09:17
balachmargnuskool: And I can see those files with ls, however I cannot read them, because then I get that the file was not found...09:17
gnuskoolbalachmar: soz, not sure, i had minor issues with it on my eclipse install which I solved by installing the sdk09:18
aussie_nuttis nvidia glx config enabled09:18
MadGhosthello all.09:18
AdvoWorkkoshari im trying to unmount the folder so i can test it properly, im doing sudo smbumount ... and its saying:  probably not smb-filesystem  any ideas how I can unmount before i sudo :09:18
MadGhostI want ask to question.09:19
kosharielvelind dont worry about envy, i thaught you may have had it installed, its a tool to automate the instalation on new restricted binarys09:19
jimqode!ask MadGhost09:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask madghost09:19
philip_i want to have a cube 3d desktop for ubuntu 8 gnome. can enyone help me?09:19
MadGhostI will buy notebook without dvd-rom, only USB, how I'll can install ubuntu on notebook?09:19
elvelindkoshari, ah. okey.09:19
=== RandomCake_ is now known as RandomCake
koshariAdvoWork if your smb line is in fstab mount will look after it, basically if you run mount -a it will update your mounts with the latest fstab entry09:20
elvelindkoshari, any advice on why the module can't be found?09:20
hwilde!usb | MadGhost09:20
ubottuMadGhost: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent09:20
MadGhost<ubottu>  very thank you :-)09:20
hwilde!cube | philip_09:20
ubottuphilip_: Compiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubotu compiz » and « /msg ubotu effects »09:20
kosharielvelind i could only guess, like i said there is heavy development in 8.10 and it may be a broken package or anything09:20
balachmarnevermind, I manually edited the alternatives link09:21
koshari!intrepid | elvelind09:21
ubottuelvelind: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu09:21
balachmar(shouldn't be needed however...)09:21
aussie_nuttcould u do modprobe for drivers09:21
elvelindaussie_nutt, FATAL: Module nvidia not found.09:22
AdvoWorkive tried a mount in /etc/fstab and do:  cifsexec,uid=root  and ive tried other users, and it keeps saying: mount: unknown filesystem type 'uid=root'09:22
joerackWhy after a while I'm using ubuntu, all my media players don't play  sound, movies.... after I reboot everythings goes normal09:22
joerackpls help09:22
koshariAdvoWork can i im you?09:23
aussie_nuttmaybe u could try adding nvidia to /etc/modules09:23
aussie_nuttthat list that gets modprobed at boot up09:23
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:24
aussie_nuttbut then also dont it use restricted modules too09:25
TeiseiOn startup, why doesn't my amsn start in system tray ? It only starts in window list09:25
TeiseiIt's really annoying because amsn takes space in window list09:25
TeiseiIf I close amsn and start it again it will go to system tray normally09:25
AdvoWorkkoshari do you have msn?09:25
AdvoWorkactually nm09:26
ghalebhello, I have created a user, but I want him only to modify certain files in www09:26
linnyim having problems with ff3 when it starts it goes to fullscreen mode and f11 doesnt resize it ,im using 8.10 compiz,gnome,and i have an 8500 gt is it a known issue are there work arounds ?09:29
TeiseiAnybody else tried to put amsn in startup applications and noticed that amsn doesn't go to system tray at all ?09:30
TeiseiEven though it goes in normal launch09:31
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pronoy_jim_p: the login problem not solved !09:31
lars_bauerTrouble with python-pyatspi  "runtime error , try to evalulate pyton 2.5 code with python2.3 interpreter"09:32
=== Roland899 is now known as Rolanditu
lars_bauerse more http://trimballerup.bauerhost.dk/Members/bauer/error-installing-python-pyatspi/09:32
linnyim having problems with ff3 when it starts it goes to fullscreen mode and f11 doesnt resize it ,im using 8.10 compiz,gnome,and i have an 8500 gt is it a known issue are there work arounds ?09:32
jim_ppronoy_: can i see xorg.conf again?09:33
=== meek is now known as meek-afk
error404notfounddontchoke: intel 686 based architectures, check wikipedia09:34
jim_plinny: some guy that had this reverted to metacity09:34
error404notfounddontchoke: never mind, my scroll bar was stuck, so I saw your question as the latest on channel :P09:35
jim_pdoes anybody know a good web-based irc client?09:35
=== lipsinV1 is now known as lipsin
kosharijim_p are there any?09:36
=== pronoy is now known as pronoy_
dzdncnfusd#/attach irc.rizon.net09:37
koshari!intrepid | linny09:37
ubottulinny: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu09:37
jim_pkoshari: any of what?09:37
aussie_nuttlinny reset ur toolbars and controls i think but dont click anything else u mite lose stuff09:37
koshari jim_p web based IRC clients09:37
jim_pkoshari: i remember a friend saying about mibbit.com09:38
jim_pkoshari: i logged in once, and i never loged in again because i lost myself in the settings09:38
jim_pkoshari: i am sure i cant select the networks when i am on the windows pc at work. the menu is just not there!09:39
IamSOGum.... is fluxbuntu and ubuntu related ?09:40
pronoy_jim_p: problem solved09:41
jim_ppronoy_: how?09:42
mib_573trxnp jim_p mibbit seems to be working here09:42
jim_pmib_573trxnp: i will try to login from the win pc at work. i cant be THAT blind! the servers dropdown list is not there!09:42
pronoy_jim_p: you saw the xorg.conf file ? i just went to nvidia settings and merged the file with the x org.conf there09:43
pronoy_its workin now09:43
kosharii didnt even log in, just searched for # ubuntu and clicked the hotlink09:43
jim_ppronoy_: well done. koshari: i will try that!09:43
pronoy_jim_p: laters09:44
greggeDoes anyone of you consider ubuntu faster than XP or about the same speed-wise?09:45
dew6at boot09:45
lars_bauerse more http://trimballerup.bauerhost.dk/Members/bauer/error-installing-python-pyatspi/09:45
juanejanyone with an asus eee pc 900?09:46
juanejI can't get the camera to work09:46
lars_bauerTrouble with installing gnome-orca.  see more http://trimballerup.bauerhost.dk/Members/bauer/error-installing-gnome-orca/view09:47
aussie_nuttxp boots faster by far lol09:47
m0nikerwish I had a Eee09:47
dew6assie_nut as09:47
=== MadMax is now known as Guest92613
dew6moniker eee'sare over rated09:48
pronoy_jim_p: how do i use virtual cd creator on linux ... i have the windows version....does it work with wind ?09:48
greggedew6: yeah, I hate it cause mine is really slow (there's a problem somewhere), but I heard everyone say it was faster, but I think it would be slower even if it worked normal09:48
aussie_nutton boot then ubuntu dew09:48
aschuchHow is the package called which installs the man pages for system calls or POSIX library functions, printf() for example?09:48
jim_ppronoy_: what does it do??09:49
=== m-y-t-h-o-s is now known as mythos
jim_ppronoy_: and what is wind? wine?09:49
aussie_nuttbut give it bit and tides will change09:49
erUSULaschuch: manpages-dev ?09:49
pronoy_creates images of cds and makes a virtual drive and yeah typo its wine09:49
pronoy_jim_p: creates images of cds and makes a virtual drive and yeah typo its wine09:49
dew6aussie_nut yea i was agreeing xps way faster09:50
jim_ppronoy_: you can make images out of cds (iso) with isomaster i think and use acetoneiso to mount them09:50
pronoy_jim_p: already have an image...want to run it ?? how ?09:50
jim_ppronoy_: of cource, both jobs are done from terminal with a fracton of the time09:51
erUSULjim_p: pronoy_ "cat /dev/cdrom > image.iso" and "mount image.iso /mount/point"09:51
jim_ppronoy_: install acetoneiso09:51
greggedo you think there's any development for older graphics drivers still. I'm not sure where the issue lies, but every driver I've tried fails horribly so far.. But I really want to us Ubuntu instead :/09:51
aschucherUSUL: Ah, thanks. Works. :)09:51
erUSULaschuch: no problem09:51
erUSUL!iso > pronoy_09:51
ubottupronoy_, please see my private message09:51
pronoy_jim_p: ok i'll get back to you after installing acetoneisop09:51
IamSOGdoes anyone know if fluxbuntu and ubuntu related ?09:51
jim_pIamSOG: fluxbuntu is a remake of ubunut with the fluxbox enviroment. canonical does not support fluxbuntu though09:52
=== m-y-t-h-o-s is now known as mythos
IamSOGjim_p but does the people from ubuntu make fluxbuntu ?09:53
badfishit's not quite that simpole09:53
badfishprobably some of the same people are involved09:53
ubottufluxbuntu is a LPAE-standard compliant, Ubuntu-based derivative that maintains the goal of running on a wide range of mobile devices and computers (low-end & high-end). It is lightweight, swift and efficient. | Support Channel: #fluxbuntu on freenode | Homepage: http://fluxbuntu.org/09:53
IamSOGOh, I see... thanks, because I can't seem to find anything with Fluxbuntu on the Unbuntu web page09:54
=== Eric is now known as Guest54722
jim_pIamSOG: no. fluxbuntu is a community project thats why it gets left behind in rel;ation to ubuntu09:54
noriyukihey MY keyboard does a very horrible sound when I press tab button or any other key when I do not have to. HOW can I get that sound off09:54
ghalebhello, how can I limit a user from seeing system files like etc, bin .. etc09:54
Guest54722how do i triple boot debian with my ubuntu and xp pro?09:54
jim_pnoriyuki: in the terminal?09:55
IamSOGI see... thanks jim_p09:55
pronoy_jim_p: the image i have is in the form of .vc409:55
jim_pIamSOG: you are welcome09:55
jim_ppronoy_: let me guess... it was created with that virtual something program? only use standard formats like .iso09:55
Guest54722im kind of a novice but i got ubuntu to work so i think i have grub now09:56
error404notfoundsuppose I have a 7.10 machine, and I want to upgrade it to 8.10, it's a development machine, and has stuff like svn, apache, tomcat and etc, and I don't want to lose them or their configurations, what would be the safest method? update-manager -d will also work? or sudo apt-get dist-upgrade? or?09:56
Guest54722so when i download the debian iso how do i get it to show up on GRUB?09:56
ikoniaGuest54722: you don't boot iso's09:56
jim_p.iso files play anywhere, can be opened by anytype of program that supports them and that can be burned to disk by any program09:56
aussie_nuttit should do it itself mosttime09:56
pronoy_jim_p: ya it was created using that....i gues i'll have to install windows on virtual box and then install the software on windows and then access it !!!09:56
=== KuB^ is now known as KuB
noriyukijim_p, in the terminal09:57
pronoy_what a drag09:57
Guest54722oh so i just download and click it?09:57
Guest54722and it does the rest?09:57
ikonia!iso | Guest5472209:57
ubottuGuest54722: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.09:57
Guest54722orrrr could i use easybcd?09:57
aussie_nuttdownload it pit on cd then boot up it09:57
Guest54722cant i just download it and boot it up on my desktop?09:58
Guest54722or does it HAVE to be on a cd?09:58
ikoniaGuest54722: no09:58
jim_pnoriyuki: open the terminal and go to Edit > Current settings > General (tab) > Terminal bell09:58
aussie_nuttunless u suing vm09:58
ikoniaGuest54722: your desktop is running, an os is already booted, so you can't boot it09:58
Guest54722k is there anyway around the cd thing?09:58
pronoy_jim_p: can i install yahoo IM client on ubuntu...because pidgin doesn't support voice chat right >?09:58
=== KuB is now known as L-G
ikoniaGuest54722: what are you talking about09:59
ikoniaGuest54722: you have a running OS - you can't boot another one ontop of it09:59
aussie_nuttuse gyache that alrite for yahoo n voice09:59
Guest54722is there anyway i can boot Debian without burning it to a disc?09:59
noriyukithanks man09:59
Guest54722cause i dont have any cds09:59
aussie_nuttin a vm09:59
ikoniaGuest54722: join #debian and ask for debian support09:59
aussie_nuttbut dont u want dual boot it09:59
=== indra_ is now known as naruto
jim_ppronoy_: i dont think there is a linux crient for yahoo that supports video or voice10:01
jim_pi have to go now10:01
_haywire_cya jim_p10:01
jim_p_haywire_: bye10:02
Quadrescencexubuntu is now installing! :O10:02
=== m-y-t-h-o-s is now known as mythos
personwhy xubuntu10:03
noriyukiIs anybody using wave keyboard logitehc10:03
noriyukiperson, what do you mean10:04
noriyukipronoy_,  PRESS THE BUTTON10:04
noriyukipronoy_, DONT SHOUT MAN it is not adequate thanks10:04
pronoy_noriyuki: sorry10:04
aussie_nuttyahoo msg for linux dont have voice10:05
Quadrescencepronoy_: THE BUTTON TO THE LEFT is what noriyuki is referring to.10:05
aussie_nuttpron i told u look at gyache10:05
pronoy_sorryy guys10:05
personnoriyuki:  why choose xubuntu10:05
aussie_nutti know that does voice in chat rooms10:05
m3thodhow do u install sound device?10:05
noriyukiDoes anybody knows how to link header files (c++ language) using  GCC compiler? (programming question, or just tell me if there is a channel for this , THANKS!!)10:06
noriyukiperson, you could choose what ever distribution you lik as long as you feel good with it10:07
personwhat the fuck10:07
IamSOGI have re-complie my Xubuntu 7.x's kernel, if I update to Xubuntu 8.1 will my kernel be "over-written" ? or it will just the same config file ?10:07
personwhy did you choose xubuntu, why not any other linux distro10:07
personthat's what i'm asking10:07
noriyukiperson, why ubuntu ? it is suppose to be the most friendlier by now IF you are a windows user you will find this distribution easier to use than the other ones if you are a ubuntu user10:07
aussie_nuttcuz different ppl have different preferences10:08
binarymutantdoes anyone know how I can authenticate myself using wget on identi.ca/api/statuses/update.xml ?10:08
personi'm on ubuntu 8.04 right now. i'm asking why did you choose Xubuntu instead of hardy heron10:08
aussie_nuttit like asking wat is best distro really there is none cuz it user that makes the choice and wat they like10:08
noriyukiperson,  there will be an upgrade to ubuntu soon 8.10 I think IM excited!10:09
noriyukiperson,  there will be an upgrade to ubuntu soon 8.10 I think, IM excited!10:09
gnuskoolperson: xubuntu will also run on hardy, if its installed, the difference is the gui, GTK2 and other minor stuff, otherwise they are the same10:10
error404notfoundsuppose I have a 7.10 machine, and I want to upgrade it to 8.10, it's a development machine, and has stuff like svn, apache, tomcat and etc, and I don't want to lose them or their configurations, what would be the safest method? update-manager -d will also work? or sudo apt-get dist-upgrade? or what?10:11
pronoy_noriyuki: is there any other software like macromedia flash for ubuntu ??10:11
erUSULIamSOG: you will kkep your kernel and get the new ones probably the new ones will get first on the grub boot list10:11
Quadrescencepronoy_: look in the ubuntu restricted repos.10:11
KenBWIntrepid is meant to have 3G support, right?10:12
IndoctrineIn Amarok, how do I get it to show up more than one band?10:12
IndoctrineIn the playlist search10:12
erUSULKenBW: the version of NM that comes with intrepid. ubuntu has 3g support but usually you have to "manually" configure the conection10:13
QuadrescenceIndoctrine: I think that is out of the scope of this channel.10:13
erUSULKenBW: NM --> Network Manager10:13
erUSULerror404notfound: update-manager10:13
erUSUL!upgrade | error404notfound10:14
ubottuerror404notfound: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes10:14
KenBWerUSUL: does it mean i can buy a dongle safe in the knowledge that it'll work?10:14
error404notfoundKenBW: I have to dongle, and one does work, other doesn't, same port, same system.... don't know why...10:14
erUSULKenBW: not that fast the device must have linux drivers (or be standar enough to work with standar usb stuff)10:14
IndoctrineQuadrescence, yeah, but no one in the amarok channel answers. :)10:15
greenthumbhi. can someone help me? i've got firefox 3.0.3 and i've installed that flash-nonfree thingy10:15
QuadrescenceIndoctrine: I know how it is. Just being the channel asshole while my thirst remains unquenched.10:15
Pete_going smoking :D see ya later10:15
greenthumbbut i cant watch vids on youtube anymore. i could yesterday10:15
Pete_outside :D10:15
greenthumbit just goes blank like this http://img517.imageshack.us/my.php?image=youtubeeu9.png10:16
Indoctrine!language | Quadrescence10:16
ubottuQuadrescence: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:16
Quadrescence!sex | Indoctrine10:16
ubottuIndoctrine: Some things are inappropriate for #ubuntu. Controversial topics, which always turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)10:16
hp_greenthumb, have you restarted since installing it?10:16
greenthumbhp_ yes10:16
greenthumbyesterday i had probs with it too, but i found out ff wasnt updated, so i did, and it worked.10:16
greenthumbbut now it won't work again10:17
erUSULKenBW: is th same case that with wifi cards... first the driver then NM can be used to configure the rest of the details ...10:17
hp_well, i gave up on it in the end myself and went back to adobe10:17
hp_so mb i'm not the best person to talk to10:18
greenthumbhp_: i would like to use the adobe, but when i download and extract the installer is readonly. how do I get around that?10:18
linnygreenthumb download the tar.gz10:19
greenthumblinny: i did.10:19
greenthumbthat's the one with the readonly file10:19
linnygreenthumb exract it an cp libflasplayer.so /home/unamne/.mozilla/plugins10:20
linnyunmae insert username10:20
cvmhi all10:20
N1X0N<all> Hello cvm!10:20
zeno___Hi, I had a usbaudio mike plugged in, but when I removed it and changed sound settings back to autodetect in gnome contorl i cannot hear the test sound10:20
aussie_nuttgreen best thing to do is prob uninstall adobe flash /gnash then restart ff then go to yuotube and add it on adobe flash again10:21
greenthumblinny: cp?10:21
linnygreenthumb imade typos in that sorry i just got up10:21
linnypm me and ill show you10:21
IndyGunFreakwhy not just run the script that is inside the flash tarball?...10:22
gogstadi've added a variable in /etc/environment, is there a way to "instantiate" this variable without restarting?10:22
zeno___aussie_nutt: sudo apt-get remove gnash;killall firefox;sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree;firefox &10:22
gogstad"export FOO='foo'" doesn't leave the variable visible outside the current shell10:23
linnyIndyGunFreak: ive had trouble with that in the past personnaly i just copy the file10:23
IndyGunFreaklinny: weird, cuz i've installed Flash like that more times than i care to think about on my PCs, friends pCs, etc.. and never once had an issue.10:23
aussie_nuttzeno i wasnt askin lol10:23
linnywhen i used the installer for some reason i didnt get sound ?10:24
zeno___aussie_nutt: k sry10:24
aussie_nuttnp lol10:24
IndyGunFreaklinny: thats not because you used the installer.10:24
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=== MadMax is now known as Guest7604
Indoctrinewine says I need mono to run .NET programs, how do I get said mono?10:26
aussie_nuttjust go to add/remove n it in programming10:26
zeno___is there a way to restart all sound stuff?10:26
zeno___nm i just have to manually select alsa, instead of auto or pulse10:27
aussie_nuttcould u just use killall10:29
aussie_nuttwouldnt that reset or restart it10:29
kentis  ubuntu 8.10 supposed to support 3g internet through nm-applet now?  I cant get it to work. Where do i look for loggs about errors?10:31
ikoniakent: #ubuntu+1 is for 8.10 support10:31
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto10:33
error404notfoundhow large should /boot be? 100M?10:35
Pete_round about that year..10:35
aussie_nuttlol 100 is plenty10:37
aussie_nuttthink largest kerenl ive compiles was only 3 mb lol10:37
error404notfoundwhat if I store about 3,4 kernels, how large should be /boot?10:40
aussie_nuttstay with 10010:40
dontchokeThe program 'memcached' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:10:40
dontchokeapt-get install memcached10:40
dontchokeis that all i have to do10:40
hateballI'd suggest you make /boot bigger than 100mb, or you'll have problems distupgrading Ubuntu10:41
error404notfoundhateball: how large?10:41
aussie_nutti know mate has 2/3 and one kernel is 15mb and he still hasnt used whole 100 yet10:41
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:42
hateballaussie_nutt: that might be true if you compile your own kernels10:43
hateballerror404notfound: I'd say 200, and make sure to clean out unused kernels before you upgrade10:43
error404notfoundsuppose I have 40GB HD, tell me if this sound okay: 700MB swap, /home 10G, /var 5G, /boot 100M, /usr 5G, remaining for /10:43
ActionParsniptowa2k: all you are writing are sqares on my display10:43
ActionParsniperror404notfound: how much RAM do you have?10:44
error404notfoundActionParsnip: 512MB10:44
hateballerror404notfound: Why would you want /usr on a separate mount?10:44
error404notfoundhateball: read it in Linux Admin Made Easy... :P10:44
achadwick!ko | towa2k10:44
ubottutowa2k: For Korean help, /join #ubuntu-ko10:44
ActionParsniperror404notfound: what is the system for? will their bbe many apps installed?10:44
isgoungooanyone chinese10:44
hateball!cn | isgoungoo10:45
ubottuisgoungoo: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk10:45
error404notfoundActionParsnip: yup, development machine, apache, tomcat, eclipse, such things are assumed to be installed...10:45
aussie_nuttswap id make 100010:45
linnyim having problems with ff3 when it starts it goes to fullscreen mode and f11 doesnt resize it ,im using 8.10 compiz,gnome,and i have an 8500 gt is it a known issue are there work arounds ?10:45
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
hateballI personally think having /usr on a separate partition is overkill10:45
ActionParsniperror404notfound: id make swap 1Gb / to be 10G and /home for the rest10:46
error404notfoundActionParsnip: only that many partitions?10:46
ActionParsniperror404notfound: ive never put /usr on a seperate partition myself10:46
TheSpawnwhat is the hold up on google chrome? i thought it would be out for linux the next day?10:47
hateballOnly reason to put /boot on it's own would be to use something like ext2 instead, for whatever minimal speed gains that might give10:47
ActionParsniperror404notfound: put all your apache docs and the like in your home dir then you can backup in one swoop10:47
greggeI want to do anything to get Ubuntu working better, and as I suppose it's slow due to bad drivers, would it be possible to use ndiswrapper to run the win-drivers?10:47
ActionParsnipgregge: absolutely10:48
idimmuis there a site somewhere that lists some serious pros/cons between debian and ubuntu10:48
aussie_nuttguess its ppl choices there action with dif partitions10:49
ActionParsnipidimmu: http://www.linux.com/forums/topic/122710:49
aussie_nuttsome say some things others say others10:49
greggeActionParsnip: Cool. I thought maybe it would be too advance to use graphics drivers.. But I'll invest some time for it then!10:49
idimmuas i need to sell switching from debian to people in power10:49
idimmuActionParsnip: ta10:49
BabylykkeI upgraded to 8.10 and now the internet-icon is just gone. I cannot connect to any wirless network :S10:49
error404notfoundidimmu: just a matter of choice... I like winter, you might like summer...10:49
ActionParsnip!intrepid | Babylykke10:49
ubottuBabylykke: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu10:49
idimmuerror404notfound: i dont believe in choice10:49
BabylykkeActionParsnip: what?10:49
idimmui believe in consistant release cylces and lts10:50
ActionParsnipBabylykke: support for 8.10 is in #ubuntu+110:50
ActionParsnipidimmu: consistant releases and lts doesnt prevent choice10:50
idimmuit does if the other choices dont offer that and you need it10:51
aussie_nuttlook at debian and its release lol10:51
chronographerhi. anyone know a good video format to use for a school presentation ender. I have a ogg file I want to convert, its around 200 meg, looks beautiful but I want a <10 meg looking good file... needs to work on windows ... what do you recommend?10:51
ActionParsnipidimmu: it depends where the "choice" you are on about lies10:52
ActionParsnipchronographer: thats a 90% compression, you are going to lose a tonne of quality10:52
idimmuActionParsnip: how can anyone make an informed choice with out some kind of list or summary of differences10:52
chronographerwhy can't avidemux open the ogg file?10:53
afancyhi, does anyone know how to install Cisco VPN on Ubuntu? thanks10:53
chronographeryeah... sure that will have to do10:53
ActionParsnipidimmu: then they need to research, just like before investing any sort of time or money into anything10:53
chronographerafancy ... I did it a while ago, it was easy .. read the manual, search google10:53
idimmuif the only 'difference' is personal preference then by definition ubuntu is a waste of time10:53
idimmuActionParsnip: and im doing that research at the moment to sell my point of view :D10:54
KenBW22idimmu: what choice are you speaking of10:54
idimmuswitching from debian to ubuntu10:54
afancychronographer: Could u share it with me? as yesterday, it cost me much of time, but i still couldnot make it work.10:54
ActionParsnipidimmu: most ive talked to think Ubuntu IS linux (no ther distros) and they get confused when i mention other distros10:54
greggeActionParsnip: I just read about ndiswrapper and it doesn't say anything about the ability to use graphics drivers10:54
chronographerum... I can't remember sorry10:54
mte_hello.. I screwed something with apache2 configuration in /etc so I removed /etc/apache2 dir, then I did "apt-get purge apache2 apache2-common" and "apt-get install apache2" and now /etc/apache2 dir is still not there... how could I fix this?10:55
ActionParsnipgregge: i thought you were talking about wireless drivers10:55
KenBW22idimmu: ive never used debian, but id assume ubuntu nis easier to use10:55
idimmuActionParsnip: im not selling this idea to dinner ladies, im selling it to competent people that i work with10:55
greggeActionParsnip: nope :(10:55
idimmuKenBW22: easier to use isnt much of an issue as the people i work with arent idiots10:55
aussie_nutti am debian user and went to ubuntu like it10:55
afancychronographer: could u recall it?10:55
chronographerlook at the above link10:55
ActionParsnipgregge: what graphics card do you have?10:55
afancyok, thanks10:55
greggegeforce 8400M GS10:56
ActionParsnipgregge: have you tried envyng-gtk?10:56
greggeI've tried several drivers, and it works well for games, but everything else is way too slow.. Yes, I use the one Envy recommended now10:56
ActionParsnipgregge: have you tweaked your xorg.conf any to get better preformance10:57
greggeActionParsnip: No, could it make a significant improvement? Everything is working really nice in XP, but i want to use Ubuntu10:58
ActionParsnipgregge: it works in XP as the driver support in xp is awesome10:58
ActionParsnipgregge: you are now using ubuntu which isnt xp10:59
afancychronographer: There is soem errors when i install it10:59
chronographerwhat are they?10:59
ActionParsnipgregge: you need to tweak stuff a little, have you tried nvidia-settings?10:59
afancy/tmp/vpnclient/GenDefs.h:113: error: conflicting types for ‘uintptr_t’10:59
chronographertry an open source one... anyone know if open vpn clients work?11:00
greggeActionParsnip: It's much worse in Ubuntu.. Right now I'm on XP.. sadly. No i haven't use nvidia-settings11:00
ActionParsnipgregge: id have a browse round to see if anyones had any luck with your graphics card model11:01
ikoniagregge: which card do you have ?11:01
=== rebel_kid|zZzZ is now known as rebel_kid
afancyhi, does anyone know how to install Cisco VPN on Ubuntu? thanks11:02
ActionParsnipits an 8400M GS11:02
ikonia!away > rebel_kid11:02
ubotturebel_kid, please see my private message11:02
ActionParsnipafancy: http://www.longren.org/2007/05/17/how-to-cisco-vpn-client-on-ubuntu-704-feisty-fawn/11:02
greggeActionParsnip: I've been asking people for since I bought it two months ago, with no luck. Lots of people must use it as I find heaps of latops with it11:02
ikoniaActionParsnip: thats an odd one, I'll have a dig11:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vpnc11:02
ActionParsnipgregge: have you checked the forums?11:02
chronographersearch in synaptic for cisco vpn11:02
afancyActionParsnip: Hi, i have tried it just now, but there r some errors when i installed it11:02
rebel_kidiknonia, that was my isp dieing, and my secondary nick is my away nick, once i ghosted my standard i /nick 'ed11:03
greggeActionParsnip: Which forums? Ubuntu's official? Not really, only for my specific laptop, which didn't help much11:03
ikoniarebel_kid: still don't need an "away" nick11:04
rebel_kidikonia, i dont use it in this chan11:04
ikoniarebel_kid you just did, hence the message11:04
aussie_nuttisnt there vpnclient11:04
rebel_kidikonia, that was no different than an alternate nick in case of ghost or nick takeover11:05
ActionParsnipgregge: have you tried nvidia-glx-new11:05
rebel_kidikonia, it just happened to be |zZzZ11:05
ubottuFrom more information on vpn please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gaming_VPN_Using_PPTPD11:05
ikoniarebel_kid nice changes for away / sleeping / alternative nics are not really appriciated11:05
greggeActionParsnip: Think so, but it was a while ago.. not positive though. I'll see what info I can get on it11:06
rebel_kidikonia, that was not a nick change for sleeping or away, that was my internet dieing and rebel_kid disconnecting, then x chat reconnecting under an alternate because rebel_kid was a ghost, after ghosting i nicked back to rebel_kid that had nothing to do with being away or sleeping11:07
ikoniarebel_kid why are you arguing this, it was just a polite request11:07
rebel_kidikonia, i found it rude, seeing as how the message "rebel_kid quit(nick collission from services)" came first11:08
ikoniarebel_kid thats your issue to deal with then, just because your connection died, you had another "away" nick idling11:08
rebel_kidikonia, you would have seen the same messages had the alternate been rebel_kid_11:09
=== alberto is now known as Guest22225
ikoniarebel_kid yes11:09
FabianB_gpgme doesn't seem to work in the beta, looks like a focus bug11:10
FabianB_thunderbird and balsa act the same11:11
mookidI am trying to install SnapLogic.. the installer is complaining that I don't have python dev files installed and according to my package manager this isn't the case. What should I do?11:14
=== duckers is now known as neuratix
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
ActionParsnipmookid: sudo apt-get --reinstall install <whatever its called>11:15
aussie_nuttthink that cuz it uses python 2.4 n most use python 2.5 now11:15
mookidActionParsnip: I have removed and installed11:15
mookidis that the same?11:15
ActionParsnippretty much11:16
ActionParsnipmookid: maybe you need to set a path up to point to the files11:16
aussie_nuttprob have do a private install of python 2.4.4 in separate directory11:16
MilosAnyone know some kind of webcam software that will automatically take snapshots and save them every few seconds?11:20
MilosOn command line?11:20
ActionParsnipMilos: you could cron a job with imagemagick11:21
ActionParsnipMilos: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86703011:22
laptop_Hello, I have one DVD-RW and I have some data on it, I want to delete whole data on DVD, how to do it11:22
aussie_nuttmaybe freshmeat or something like that have something there11:22
laptop_I can't do it with DVD/CD creator11:22
bazookabreak the dvd if its not  rewritable11:23
laptop_It is rewritable11:23
laptop_I am asking how to delete data from it11:23
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
bazookalol k11:23
laptop_so, anyone knows?11:24
bazookai dont11:24
aussie_nuttbest advice is treat then like dvd r lmao11:24
ActionParsniplaptop_: try one of these11:24
ActionParsnip!burning | laptop_11:25
ubottulaptop_: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto11:25
tyso1hey anyone know where i can go to get info on how to change the backgrounds and cube cap images when using the desktop cube?11:26
ikonia!compiz | tyso111:26
ubottutyso1: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion11:26
ActionParsniplaptop_: or try sudo dvd+rw-format -force=full /dev/<dvd drive device name>11:26
saurabhis there a utility to generate keyboard heatmap?11:27
=== Pitlik_laptop is now known as Pitel_laptop
bazookatry another dvd writing software11:28
aussie_nuttnot sure how nero linux is11:29
aussie_nuttmite have it prob not though11:29
* ActionParsnip doent use DVDRW11:29
aussie_nuttme either11:30
ActionParsnipaussie_nutt: isnt it proprietary and paid for software11:30
aussie_nuttyeah it is11:30
bazookayour dvd is scratch free ?11:30
aussie_nuttbut there demo for him to see if it will11:30
bazookai dont go for paid sw11:30
aussie_nuttjust suggestion11:30
ActionParsnipbazooka: me neoither, some purists hate proprietary too11:30
bazookait is against the whole concept of open source11:30
smm289Curious as to why all the drives on my system are labeled sd, for example sda, sdb,sdc,sdd.  All of these drives are IDE drives and the sdd drive is a USB thumb drive. Why are they labeled as SCSI?11:31
aussie_nuttcant say u never used them though11:31
ikoniasmm289: it changed a while ago11:31
ikoniasmm289: it's called libata and all disks now show as sd*11:31
smm289ok, so its normal than11:31
ikoniasmm289: very normal and very good11:32
bazookaaussie_nutt: i havent11:32
smm289I guess that makes my life a little easier, will a cd drive even show up as SD11:32
bazookalinux is not so popular among females ..lol11:32
bazookaok even i have a small problem11:32
bazookai cannot unmount my pen drive11:32
bazookai have to pull it out without having it properly ejected11:33
ActionParsnipbazooka: sudo umount /mount/path11:33
bazookait doesnt unmount11:33
bazookaok let me try11:33
bazookahow do i find its path11:34
=== M-ERiMiEs- is now known as M-ERiMiEs
aussie_nuttcant u just rite click on lil icon on screen and unmount11:34
ActionParsnipbazooka: type mount in terminal11:34
bazookait hides the icon of the PD ..but doesnt stop the PD11:34
bazookaActionparsnip: ok done11:35
bazookaActionparsnip: now what11:35
ActionParsnipbazooka: read the screen, it will tell you where its mounted (e.g. /mnt/stick) then you can unmount it with sudo umount /mnt/stick11:35
smm289For some reason the ubuntu partition is labaled as sda2 then under that there is an ext3 sda5 and a linux swap sda6.  sda1 is an ext3 file system worth 116GB that used to be my old windows partition.  I want to give this space to linux but it won't let me merge it into the ubuntu partition.  Would I have to use the live cd to work on the ubuntu partition?11:36
ActionParsnipbazooka: yours will be different as it may be mounted somewhere else11:36
ikoniasmm289 extended partition11:36
bazookaActionparsnip: i got this ..../dev/sdb1 on /media/disk11:36
ActionParsnipsmm289: sda2 is an extended partition, sda5 and sda6 are logical partitions in the extended partition11:36
ActionParsnipbazooka: fine11:37
ActionParsnipbazooka: sudo umount /media/disk11:37
testhow to next/previous rhytmbox using terminal?11:37
smm289yep, thats what G-parted is telling me11:37
bazookaActionparsnip: ok trying11:37
ActionParsnipsmm289: you can mount ntfs with ntfs-3g11:37
ActionParsnipsmm289: you may have some issues with folders containing weird permissions11:37
bazookaActionparsnip: the PD is still glowing the light11:38
smm289I don't have any more ntfs files, I formated the old windows partition to ext3 totally killing windows, now I have the left over space that I want to merge into the sda2 or move the sda2 and merge that into sda111:38
ActionParsnipbazooka: does it turn off when unmounted normally?11:38
AdvoWorkanyone here know much about demonizing, or I think thats the word anyway?11:38
bazookaActionparsnip: nope just doesnt ... i pull it out without unmounting11:39
natalisushkaHi, I am having a strange problem. I have played with the partitioning of my laptop while ubuntu is installed on one partition, and resized some to create a new one for freebsd. After a free space was created, I moved one ubuntu's partition and swap to the right so I can have the empty space on which I wanted to install DeskTopBSD. When I restarted, everything worked fine and I am logged in to ubuntu. I rebooted and i11:39
ActionParsnipsmm289: you could mount it in a folder in ~/ so you can write user data to it11:39
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
ActionParsnipsmm289: if practical i would reinstall (if this is a new install) and repartition properly11:40
mookidActionParsnip: I've reinstalled python and python-dev and it's still moaning that 'I do not appear to have the python development files installed' - SnapLogic is now using python 2.5 so this is not the issue I don't think11:40
smm289and the NTFS file permission thing is a pain in the $&#@.  I have two large storage drives that are ntfs, I can write and read from them fine fron linux but all of the file permissions are set as root and I am unable to change the permisssions.  I need another drive so I can start to move things over and then convert them to ext311:40
bazookaActionparsnip: the icon on the desktop gets hidden after unmounting ...but i can still access the PD from the places . and the PD continues to glow11:40
smm289file ownership I mean11:40
aussie_nuttbaz i think some pd mite still have lighton could be bois related there but longs u unmount it should be fine11:40
ActionParsnipmookid: is there a variable you can pass to point the system to the pythin-dev stuff?11:40
bazookaany help will be appreciated :D11:41
drowner29_Hello everyone11:41
N1X0N<everyone> Hello drowner29_!11:41
drowner29_so erm11:41
ActionParsnipsmm289: then you are mounting wrong, Id check your mount UIDs so users can write11:41
drowner29_question about uninstalling11:41
ActionParsnipdrowner29_: uninstalling what?11:41
bazookacan anyone help me with this ??????????????????/11:41
smm289I have my file server setup pretty close to how I want it, with all the programs I use installed and running.  If I copy my home folder to a DVD, then format and re-install ubuntu.  If I restore my home folder will all my settings and installed programs be restored11:42
bazookathe icon on the desktop gets hidden after unmounting ...but i can still access the PD from the places . and the PD continues to glow11:42
bazookathe icon on the desktop gets hidden after unmounting ...but i can still access the PD from the places . and the PD continues to glow11:42
drowner29_I just did an update, and watched it. I noticed there was a bunch of K packages, like kdesktop. I use gnome. The only K thing i think i have installed is Amarok11:42
Quadrescencebazooka: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111:42
natalisushkaHi, I am having a strange problem. I have played with the partitioning of my laptop while ubuntu is installed on one partition, and resized some to create a new one for freebsd. After a free space was created, I moved one ubuntu's partition and swap to the right so I can have the empty space on which I wanted to install DeskTopBSD. When I restarted, everything worked fine and I am logged in to ubuntu. I rebooted and i11:42
drowner29_I can live without Amarok, if I uninstall it, will it uninstall any dependent packages if nothing else needs them? or does kdesktop come anyway?11:42
ActionParsnipdrowner29_: then its a dependancy of amarok11:42
mookidActionParsnip: do you mean a parameter?11:42
=== Zorix_ is now known as Zorix
ActionParsnipmookid: yeah, or a defined variable to point to it11:43
P_KableHi there, I want to secure my flash drive using gdecrypt, does anyone knows how to do that ? Been trying for 3 hours, no luck11:43
ActionParsnipdrowner29_: if you uninstall amarok then run sudo apt-get sutoremove11:43
ActionParsnipdrowner29_: then all orphaned apps will go11:43
drowner29_is that a typo?11:43
ActionParsnipdrowner29_: good eyes :D11:43
smm289I can write fine to the NTFS drives, but for example if I have an ISO located on the networked NTFS drive my ubuntu laptop cannot mount those ISO's using G-mount.  I am told I do not have permission to do that.  I can change the ownership of these files to my self but then they automatically switch back to root.  If I copy the iso to my local hard-drive then I can mount it.  Google searches says other people with the ntfs structure have n11:44
bazookathe icon on the desktop gets hidden after unmounting ...but i can still access the PD from the places . and the PD continues to glow11:44
mookidActionParsnip: I can specify ' Enter the location of the Python executable' and 'Specify the install directory for Python'11:45
ActionParsnipsmm289: you just gotta tweak permissions, specially for the username you are connecting over the LAN with, make sure they have full access11:45
drowner29_Thanks ActionParsnip. I'll try that... i hope i don't have some other k app somewhere. I dont like having things i dont need11:45
ActionParsnipmookid: looks like a step in the right direction11:45
aussie_nuttthink once u unmount it the light still flashing cuz u cant turn off power on usb port11:46
smm289thats the issue, files that are already located on an NTFS drive hosted by ubuntu, I am unable to change ownership of those files.  I can write to the ntfs fine, just that any file placed there ends up with a root ownership that I am unable to change11:46
mookidActionParsnip: What are the correct paths for these?11:46
ActionParsnipmookid: no idea man11:47
batkingIf someone can help me with flash on feisty fawn please message me. Thanks.11:47
ActionParsnipis feisty still supported?11:47
drowner29_running it now, ActionParsnip. I'll let you know, i'm sure you're interested11:47
ActionParsnipdrowner29_: just read the screen. it will tell you what its removing11:47
drowner29_its removing kdesktop11:48
ActionParsnipdrowner29_: is it removing anything you wanna keep11:48
mookidActionParsnip: the help command is throwing up this in a couple of places: ' ***unknown variable default_python_location*** ' - does that mean anything to you?11:48
drowner29_nothing that strikes me11:48
drowner29_a few things look important11:48
ActionParsnipdrowner29_: you can always reinstall11:48
batkingwait what am i on about. i mean 8.0411:49
ActionParsnipmookid: i'd /j #python11:49
ActionParsnip!flash | batking11:49
ubottubatking: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash11:49
drowner29_looks important, ActionParsnip11:49
drowner29_except i dont have an amd anything11:49
=== bitseven is now known as bit7
drowner29_been removed, i can still see the screen, however11:50
drowner29_thanks, ActionParsnip11:50
ActionParsnipdrowner29_: do you have an AMD graphics card?11:50
drowner29_No, i dont11:50
drowner29_so, i dont know who told it to install that11:50
ActionParsnipdrowner29_: then you're ok11:50
drowner29_i used to have automatix. i blame that11:50
ActionParsnipdrowner29_: dpkg -l | grep xserver-xorg-video11:50
drowner29_what will that do ActionParsnip?11:51
munckfishHi folks - does anyone else feel that Hardy is much less responsive than previous versions? I definitely get more occasions sat looking at a screen which needs to be refreshed while something else is working away.11:51
ActionParsnipdrowner29_: theres a few, you can remove the pointless ones if you wanna free up space11:51
alexeySomeone russian?11:51
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke11:51
ActionParsnipikonia: you beat me to the draw11:51
alexey! ru11:51
alexeyi 40?11:52
alexeyи что?11:52
neil_ddoes anyone know if the intel 8-port sata board SRCSATAWB work on Linux ?11:52
ActionParsnipdrowner29_: it lists ALL installed apps then grep filters to show all the ones containg that string11:52
smm289if I backup my home folder, format and re-install ubuntu, then restore the backup folder are all settings and installed programs restored?11:52
natalisushkaHi, I am having a strange problem. I have played with the partitioning of my laptop while ubuntu is installed on one partition, and resized some to create a new one for DeskTopBSD. After a free space was created, I moved one ubuntu's partition and swap to the right so I can have the empty space on which I wanted to install DeskTopBSD. When I restarted, everything worked fine and I was logged in to ubuntu. I rebooted a11:52
ikonianeil_d check out the hardware compatability list, most intel boards will11:52
drowner29_ActionParsnip: most helpful, thankyou11:52
ActionParsnipsmm289: yes as long as you backup the hidden folders too11:52
ActionParsnipdrowner29_: grep is DAMN powerful11:52
smm289will a normal copy get the hidden folders ?11:53
drowner29_natalisushka: your problem is not there. I can imagine what it is, though11:53
ActionParsnipsmm289: dont think so personally11:53
aussie_nuttbazooka : u could write lil script up to put the usb device in suspend mode like windows11:53
aussie_nuttthen light go off11:53
aussie_nuttbut always unmount first11:53
neil_dikonia: where is the list ?11:53
smm289probably should use one of the backup utilities then hu, other than a standard copy11:54
bazookaaussie_nutt:damn how to do that11:54
natalisushkadrowner29_: then where is it?11:54
drowner29_no i mean11:54
drowner29_natalisushka: read your message11:54
drowner29_natalisushka: the last thing you said was everything worked fine, and you rebooted.11:54
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
aussie_nuttcuz i think that reason why light still on cuz windows always goes into suspend mode when not in use and done think linux does that11:54
aussie_nuttso that why light just keeps flashing11:55
bazookabut this is very much in use11:55
bazookait just never gets unmounted11:55
ikonia!hcl | neil_d11:55
ubottuneil_d: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection11:55
ActionParsnipaussie_nutt: gotta love weird hardwrae11:55
aussie_nuttwell i find it so strange cuz wat action said it be safe to take out11:55
natalisushkadrowner29_: yes, I know, but since I am using ubuntu, and it's an operating system that can play with partitions, then I guess I could find help here!11:55
drowner29_yes, you can11:55
aussie_nuttand thinking that usb port doesnt go suspend mode like windows so then power still going to it11:56
aussie_nuttaction : yeah i know11:56
bazookabut that means it is still mounted ...and the unmount has failed11:56
ikonianatalisushka what is the actual issue, everything seems to be working fine11:56
drowner29_natalisushka: What do you want help with?11:56
drowner29_natalisushka: the last thing you said was 'everything is working fine and you were logged into ubuntu'11:56
drowner29_which is also my current status, too11:56
aussie_nutthmm maybe11:57
aussie_nuttwat ubuntu u using11:57
aussie_nuttthink 7.04 had unmount bug11:57
aussie_nuttbut 8.04 all good11:57
bazookathis is 8.0411:57
bazookahas 6.06 earlier ..that was fine11:57
bazooka8.04 never was11:57
aussie_nuttas action said weird hardware but just unmount and wait few seconds and take it out the script really only puts port in suspend mode like windows n light go off11:58
aussie_nuttbut u still have unmount11:58
natalisushkaikonia: drowner29_ .. I don't know how you see the post but to me the last sentence was : I rebooted and installed DesktopBSD on the free partition, and after that its grub detected ubuntu .. but when I tried to login to ubuntu I received an error in the unix: Error: Unable to mount partition! from DeskTopBSD and live ubuntu CD I am able to see the files of other partitions including ubuntu partition. how can I solve 11:59
bazookahahaha i think pulling it out abruptly is easier11:59
HUNTER_byteHow do I know which packages were installed the last time I used aptitude?11:59
natalisushkaikonia: drowner29_: probably it's the webbased IRC that I am using11:59
ActionParsnipnatalisushka: your partition names will have changed as you have been playing with them. You will need to edit /etc/fstab to reflect your new partition names11:59
aussie_nuttlmao if u want do that way then do it12:00
ikonianatalisushka ok, your partition table has changed, so you'll need to make sure your menu.lst is up to date, and grub references the correct partition for menu.lst12:00
ActionParsnipnatalisushka: you will need to change this in your ubuntu boot12:00
ActionParsnipnatalisushka: as well as what ikonia says12:00
chester_mHi, how can i know the name of my wireless device?12:00
bazookabut there has to be some fix for this ...12:01
ActionParsnipchester_m: do you mean your accesspoint or the wireless connector in your PC?12:02
ActionParsnipHUNTER_byte: you could search for files modified after a certain date12:02
chester_mwireless connector. It's usb (but internal). I do lsusb, and i pick 0bda:8197 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.12:02
chester_mBut what i want is to know the name12:03
ActionParsnipchester_m: lsusb and lspci12:03
mrbumbaI cannod download new packages in ubuntu12:04
ActionParsnipmrbumba: do you have an internet connection?12:04
ActionParsnipmrbumba: to the ubuntu pc?12:04
mrbumbayes, sure12:04
ActionParsnipmrbumba: and can you browse the internet from it?12:05
mrbumbaafter all, I'm in irc at this moment12:05
mrbumbaumgh - yes12:05
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit12:05
ActionParsnipthen you want to do: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:05
ActionParsniphere we go12:05
mrbumbastop flooding - I cannot copy text12:05
ActionParsnipmrbumba: paste that into a terminal and you will be fully updated12:05
drowner29_that's a decent split12:06
aussie_nuttlil kiddie12:06
=== hechw is now known as hechu
drowner29_hands up if you12:06
drowner29_are on this side12:06
drowner29_this is the cool side12:06
Paddy_EIREthat was just Chuck Norris rebooting his server12:06
* Grey_Loki laughs12:06
paul68I'm here12:06
bazookathe icon on the desktop gets hidden after unmounting ...but i can still access the PD from the places . and the PD continues to glow12:06
drowner29_and.... we're back12:06
smm289I have VirtualBox OSE 1.5.2 installed, I want to update to the latest version, but the new version is not listed in my Add/Remove... programs section??12:07
ActionParsnipmrbumba: you probably havent ran sudo apt-get update so you r system doesnt know whats onthe repos12:07
ActionParsnipsmm289: sudo dpkg -l | grep -i virtual12:07
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
mrbumbaActionParsnip: I tried that, but unfortunately it didn't work12:07
smm289will that just update and leave my current VM settings for XP intact or will I have to start over12:08
ActionParsnipmrbumba: what does it say when you try?12:08
mrbumbathe error message appears after apt-get update12:08
ActionParsnipsmm289: it only updates the program, settings are in ~/ and are untouched12:08
mrbumbaVrhe http://apt.tt-solutions.com hardy/main Packages 404 Not Found12:08
mrbumbaW: Tiedoston http://apt.tt-solutions.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz nouto ei onnistunut  404 Not Found12:08
ActionParsnipmrbumba: and so on with lots of 404s?12:08
mrbumbathere's only one 40412:09
cwraighi all, a really weird thing just happenedi have 8.10 installed on acer aspire one. It incorrectly identified my wireless chipset and there fore failed to work. following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne#Install%20Ubuntu%20Intrepid%20Ibex%208.10(Alpha6)%20on%20the%20Acer%20Aspire%20One the first step is to turn off madwifi driver and reboot. as soon as i did the card works and the driver manager says the madwifi driver is not enabled. I am pleas12:09
cwraige but confused.12:09
ActionParsnipmrbumba: then comment those lines out. Use: gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.lst12:09
ActionParsnip!intrepid \ cwraig12:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:09
ruediixWell, there's always only one 404 page.  ;)  Oh, You mean 404 errors, in which case, you should probably refresh your list.12:09
ActionParsnip!intrepid | cwraig12:10
ubottucwraig: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu12:10
ruediixOn synaptic make sure to save your changes first.12:10
cwraigActionParsnip, Ok thanks12:10
smm289Action: was that supposed to update the VirtualBox software or just update my repository list.  I spit out a bunch of text, but I think its just telling me the version of the stuff I have installed12:10
ActionParsnipsmm289: i thought you just wanted to know what version you had?12:10
gholmcan anyone help me? I'm trying to install Ubuntu on a machine that runs WinXP fine... it just won't install. It freezes at partitioning... grrr12:10
bazookaaussie_nutt:why you laffin mate12:10
halyconHey everyone I keep getting all these problems saying I have the "wrong architecture" when I am installing things. For some reason Ubuntu seems to think I have a 64bit machine even though I dont. I just tried installing Adobe Flash Player and got the following error: ERROR: Your architecture, \'x86_64\', is not supported by the12:11
halycon       Adobe Flash Player installer.12:11
ActionParsnipgholm: did you md5 check the image and cd once it was burned?12:11
drowner29_gholm: what are the specs of the machine you are trying to install on?12:11
aussie_nutti was laughing at action with the /12:11
smm289naa, I want to upgrade to the latest version, its 2.0.X I have 1.5.6 and 1.5.6 is the only version listed in the add/remove programs section.12:11
ruediixgholm, that's a tough one, what type of system is it, and also run a check on the CD like mentioned above.12:11
ruediixgholm, of both pass, use an external hard drive.12:11
mrbumbathat fixed the problem12:11
mrbumbathank you so much12:12
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
ActionParsnipsmm289: then you can either compile it or find a repo with the newer one on. does 1.5.6 not work ok for you?12:12
bazookai am glad my system is stable ... if you neglect the usb problem12:12
MrKenniehalycon: what does uname -m say?12:12
aussie_nuttid stick with the 1.512:12
mynameistuxwhat is the terminal command to find out network bandwidth usage12:13
bazookathat sounds interesting12:13
MrKenniethen you are running a 64bit version of ubuntu and you have a 64bit processor.12:13
smm289Action: ya it works fine, it just has a few bugs, especially in seam-less mode and I think V2 address that, other than that its works perfect, but seeing that its not listed in the add/remove i will just leave it alone12:13
aussie_nuttsmm - if not remove the virtualbox then go too sun site and get new one12:13
bazookamynameistux:  good question12:13
mynameistuxI need to keep an eye on what my server is using12:14
smm289I kinda need a couple of my XP programs and I dont want to mess up my VM by attempting an update12:14
gholmActionParsnip: yeah md5 checked it, dlwlded the alternate disc & did the same... I'm AMD 64bit12:15
smm289i was hoping the update would be point, click, forget :)12:15
gholmdrowner29_: AMD 64 bit12:15
aussie_nuttthink it iftop12:15
IamSOGhttp://www.ubuntu-eee.com/index.php  <--- this is interseting I didn't know Ubuntu have this version :o12:15
gholmruediix: external harddrive? as the system drive?12:15
ActionParsnipgholm: try booting the live cd with noacpi and nodma12:15
gholmActionParsnip: noacpi and nodma ... I'll try it.. what's it mean?12:16
ActionParsnipgholm: id also turn off as much hardwrae in bios to minimise unecessary detection12:16
aktassi installed ubuntu near pardus and then ubuntu installed its own GRUB but i want to use Pardus's GRUB. How Can i Fix it12:16
ActionParsnipgholm: turns of power management and direct memory access12:16
gholmActionParsnip: OK.12:16
mynameistux! I just figured somthing out12:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:16
gholmActionParsnip: the live CD runs fine BTW... just freezes when it hits partitioning12:16
ActionParsnipgholm: it can be good to get systems installed then boot normally to see if its ok, it may have to be a permanent option12:16
aussie_nuttiftop -f icmp will find out how much bandwith users r wasting n y network slow12:16
mynameistux(does happy dance)12:17
ActionParsnipgholm: is your disk ok?12:17
IamSOGhave anyone tried the ubuntu eee version ?12:17
ActionParsnipmynameistux: wtg :D12:17
gholmActionParsnip: as far as I know....12:17
ActionParsnipIamSOG: yeah, its not bad at all12:17
ActionParsnipgholm: check the disk in the live environment12:17
gholmActionParsnip: has been running WinXP fine with no complaints for about 4 months12:17
mynameistuxI can fix my grub problems, by moving /boot to another partition, I am so smart12:17
gholmActionParsnip: fsck?12:17
ActionParsnipIamSOG: i prefer puppy though12:17
ActionParsnipgholm: the same :D12:17
gholmActionParsnip: kewl12:17
IamSOGOh.. interseting12:18
smm289I have been running Wuala on linux for about a month now. And after I left things alone I am upto 19days and counting uptime with ubuntu.  the most I got from my vista install was about 12 days.  GO Ubuntu :)12:18
=== uli is now known as Guest65592
mynameistuxwhat is the terminal command to find out network bandwidth usage12:19
foxyfoxHey has anyone in here succeeded in installing the X-Fi 32bit drivers?  I've tried alot of posts/howtos and running out of ideas on what I'm doing wrong.12:19
ActionParsnipIamSOG: my other boxes have mandriva or kubuntu + fluxbox12:19
aussie_nuttwats ur main one action12:19
ubottufluxbox is a lightweight and responsive window manager for GNU/Linux. For how to set it up and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fluxbox12:20
paul68foxyfox nope still trying to figure it out12:20
ActionParsnipmynameistux: let me websearch12:20
MrKenniemynameistux: iftop12:21
ActionParsnipmynameistux: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/intrepid/man1/trafshow.html12:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about trafshow12:21
ActionParsnip!info trafshow12:21
ubottuPackage trafshow does not exist in hardy12:21
VSpikeI'm just looking into software raid and reading a few howtos but I'm confused and I think this may be because there are two sets of tools.  Am I right that /etc/raidtab, raidstop, raidstart and mkraid and part of one toolset, and mdadm is another toolset -- and they are not dependant on each other?  And that mdadm is the only one included in Ubuntu?12:21
foxyfoxpaul68 mind if we compare notes anyway?12:21
ActionParsnip!raid | VSpike12:21
ubottuVSpike: raid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto12:21
=== pronoy is now known as pronoy_
ActionParsnipmynameistux: thats in intrepid but maybe its in hardy12:22
mircoHi all, I'ld like to use the pciback module on my Dom0 but it doesn't seem to be there... Someone a hint for me?12:22
mynameistuxiftop is a program, installing now12:22
mynameistuxon server12:22
aktasscan someone help me?12:22
aktass i installed ubuntu near pardus and then ubuntu installed its own GRUB but i want to use Pardus's GRUB. How Can i Fix it12:22
paul68foxyfox: I try to run the beta installer from the creative labs site however I get an Error 2 at the end12:22
ganesi want a diagrammatic represtation of ubuntu supports devices12:22
paul68and since then I still can't get it to work12:23
aussie_nuttmake sure u read filters too for it works best that way tux12:23
ActionParsnipganes: how do you mean?12:23
paul68foxyfox: also a newby on the linux so not willing to fool arround a lot to avoid reinstalling it afterwards12:24
aktasscan someone help me?12:24
aussie_nuttthat joys learning though12:24
ganesActionParsnip, the diagram which should be useful for the user that ubuntu supports following devices12:24
mynameistuxI might have to sift through the man pages to figure out how to understand the output, but it looks like exactly what I am looking for12:24
ActionParsnipaktass: you'll need to reinstall the grub that pardus uses12:24
MrKennieaktass: I would seek support via the usual pardus' grub channels12:24
ActionParsnip!hcl | ganes12:25
ubottuganes: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection12:25
ActionParsnipganes ^ how about a website instead12:25
error404notfoundwhenever I ssh to a new system, ubuntu asks me to add its key to the known_hosts, how to I disable that? I have commented out HashKnownHosts in /etc/ssh/ssh_config12:25
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=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
ActionParsniperror404notfound: this may help http://wp.uberdose.com/2006/10/16/ssh-automatic-login/12:26
ActionParsniperror404notfound: why do you not want a key?12:26
ganesActionParsnip, ubuntu os in central & the supported  devices attached to it12:26
ActionParsnipganes: lspci12:27
ganesActionParsnip, what you have is a text  format & i want the same in diagram12:27
error404notfoundActionParsnip: I am using a script to ssh to systems, and I don';t want to be prompted for that...12:27
ActionParsnipganes: not heard of anything like that, lspci is all i know in that way12:28
ActionParsniperror404notfound: if you dont have any joy you could have something that handles it12:28
error404notfoundActionParsnip: I know about key based authorization, I just don't want to add that system's hash, prompting for password is dine..12:28
billgoldbergHi, I need to get in touch with a mod or admin at the ubuntuforums.org, any here?12:28
ganesActionParsnip,not lspci command .. i want the diagram which is general for ubnutu supports the external devices12:28
ganesActionParsnip, it is general for the os architecture giagram12:29
ganesActionParsnip, it is general for the os architecture diagram12:29
ActionParsnipikonia: help?12:29
ikoniabillgoldberg: tons in #ubuntuforums12:29
ikoniaActionParsnip: what's up, sorry not been following12:29
ActionParsnipikonia: can you read what ganes is saying please12:29
ikoniaganes: you are looking for a diagram of supported devices for ubuntu ?12:30
BonezAUI just upgraded from Hardy to Intrepid, after booting the new kernel I get: Init: Error passing configuration: Input/Output error - Kernel Panic - Not syncing: Attempted to kill init! - I am able to boot the old hardy kernel but not the new one. Can anyone help?12:30
ikonia!intrepid | BonezAU12:30
ubottuBonezAU: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu12:30
ganesikonia, yeah12:30
drowner29_ganes: do you mean in picture format? what do you mean 'diagram'?12:30
ActionParsnipikonia: you have that on clipboard dont you12:31
ikoniaganes: I don't beleive that exists, I've certainly never seen or heard of it12:31
ganesdrowner29_, yeah12:31
ikoniaActionParsnip: I just type like the wind12:31
BonezAUikonia, I have been asking in +1 for the last hour with no response so I just thought i'd try here in case anyone could help me...12:31
* ActionParsnip doesnt get why regular users are installing intrepid12:31
AdvoWorkhow can you count how many files are in a folder with ls? or cant you12:31
drowner29_ganes: what do you mean 'diagram?'12:31
ikoniaBonezAU: +1 is the place, be patient people will get to you12:31
ikoniaAdvoWork: ls | wc -l12:31
ActionParsnipAdvoWork: let me websearch12:31
PiciAdvoWork: ls -1 | wc -l12:31
aussie_nutti wont go to intrepid yet lmao12:31
ganesdrowner29_, diagram means12:32
ganesdrowner29_, like putting box12:32
ikoniaganes: I don't think what you want exists12:32
BonezAUikonia, no probs, thanks. ActionParsnip - i've used the last 3 beta's of Ubuntu with less problems than I can count on my both hands. I don't mind running in to trouble, it helps me learn how and why things break.12:32
drowner29_ganes: oh, so you want it presented in table format? or something like that?12:32
night_timeGuys do u think that this can cause any danger ? http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-use-more-than-3gb-ram-on-32-bit-ubuntu.html12:32
aussie_nuttthat very true Bones12:33
ActionParsnipBonezAU: i work on computers all day so when im done i want zero problems, hence ubuntu12:33
ikonianight_time: danger - no12:33
drowner29_why don't you just go to the website recommended and do a search on the page?12:33
ganesikonia, in one box os , next box webcam , another box iput devices .. like this12:33
ikoniaganes: ooh12:33
ikonia!hcl | ganes12:33
ubottuganes: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection12:33
aussie_nutti agree there action no hassles get enough during the day lol12:33
BonezAUActionParsnip, I understand... I also work on computers all day, but they run Windows. I like to come home and dabble with Ubuntu. You can tell I don't have a girlfriend :P12:33
Picinight_time: no danger, but not all the restricted modules are available for the server kernel.12:33
drowner29_ikonia: I think ActionParsnip has already tried that ;)12:34
aussie_nuttoh so pc not one yet lol12:34
ganesikonia, instead of putting webcam you can put webcam diagram12:34
ikoniaganes: doesn't exist12:34
ikoniaganes: your welcome to make one12:34
Piciganes: There is no graphical reporesentation within the OS of what your hardware is... that I'm aware of at least.12:34
ActionParsnipBonezAU: i use windows for work too but i just like simplicity. Windows is ok for my needs too as I chat and browse12:34
digiforHow do I know when sbackup has finished?12:34
ganesPici, if there please give the link ..12:35
ikoniaganes: there isn't12:35
Piciganes: There is none.12:35
ActionParsnipdigifor: is there a config to make it email you on completion?12:35
spx2hi,I'm using vim in screen and vim is opening up very slowly,really really slow.what should I do in order to overcome this and why is this happening ?12:35
ActionParsnipspx2: is there a folder named ~/.vim12:35
ActionParsnipspx2: cd ~/; ls -a12:35
ActionParsnipspx2: or something simila12:36
spx2ActionParsnip: lemme check that out12:36
ikonia!hcl | ganes12:36
ikoniaganes: use that as a template12:36
ikoniamake your own12:36
ikoniait's just a matter of changing the words to pictures12:36
aussie_nuttcant stand windows anymore lol12:36
ganesikonia, ok12:36
aussie_nuttaction " wat work u do12:36
error404notfoundso anything?12:36
ActionParsnipaussie_nutt: i'll pm you, its offtopic12:36
digiforActionParsnip, can't see anything like that.12:36
digiforsbackup is 0.10.04 maybe in newer version?12:37
digifordf -la doesn't show any change on sdb1 for some time.12:38
digiforoops got to go. the missus has my dinner ready.12:38
ActionParsnipdigifor: hmmm, you need to find out where the config for vim is and rename it, you will then get a stock set of settings12:39
ChoKHello everyone12:39
N1X0N<everyone> Hello ChoK!12:39
ChoKI have a problem with power management12:39
ikoniahello EvanR_12:39
dr_willisvim config - /etc/vim/vimrc or the users   /home/username/.vimrc12:39
ikoniahello eveyone12:39
r0nn1ehi ikonia12:40
ChoKI have a T5800 Core 2 duo but I don't see a C3 state12:40
ChoKdo they have one?12:40
munkey092092i have a development problem for you at ubuntu12:40
ActionParsnipdigifor: ok, do you see the folder ~/.vimrc12:40
zirodaymunckfish: what is your problem?12:40
munkey0920923g modem support12:40
ikoniamunkey092092: thats quite poor at the moment12:41
dr_willisActionParsnip,  its a file. Not a directory.12:41
ActionParsnipdr_willis: bah, its just words to mv though ;)12:41
munkey092092it didnt recognise the 3g windows software ikonia12:41
FuzzybunnGuys I am really confused as to whether I have a 64 bit machine... In Windows Vista it says I have a 32 bit operating system12:41
FuzzybunnUbuntu says I have a 64 bit machine12:41
ikoniamunkey092092 it won't its windos software12:41
ActionParsnipFuzzybunn: you can run 32bit OS on 64bit CPU12:42
cyrusgodhi there, how can i add nm-applet to the painel again? please12:42
munkey092092ikonia - yeah but it said on the docs that all windows was supported12:42
FuzzybunnActionParsnip: Why would Sony have shipped it with a 32 bit version of windows if it is a 64 bit machine tho12:42
munckfishziroday: just wanted to get other folks opinion on the matter. I note that there were changes in the kernel algorithms for IO scheduling and pre-emption since gutsy. Personally I feel my desktop is less responsive than it used to be12:42
munkey092092i use windows for the games myself but just let people know12:42
ikoniamunckfish your uusing ubuntu - not windows12:42
aussie_nuttmoney iid say12:42
munckfishYes Hardy12:43
ActionParsnipFuzzybunn: its a different os and a different price12:43
hjparkany package can logging traffic on port 80 ?12:43
r0nn1eFuzzybunn: you be better installed 32bit os, cause not mush app is 64bit12: