rincewind1013where is the gnome-keyring-manager in xubuntu?00:06
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R1cochethow do i back up a dvd to x264?02:42
CarlFKhow much disk does xu need?03:11
CarlFKI have a 3g drive - hoping it will fit03:12
R1cocheti dont think so, but i installed from live cd03:13
R1cochetbesides it needs a swap partition i believe03:13
CarlFKgood point03:14
R1cochetagain im not sure03:15
gaurdroit shouldn't NEED a swap partition only it will be terribly unstable when it runs out of memory.  i'm not sure how much room it requires (google is your friend) but perhaps puppy linux or damn small linux might be better suited03:17
CarlFKall I really need is x and build-essential - i can install just u-standard and then apt-get the other stuff03:18
cheeseboycan someone help me get my wiimode to work with mednafen?03:45
owen1xsane does not recognize my canon scanner (usb, new model) any idea? btw, i installed libsane-extras03:58
CarlFKowen1: did you run xsane from the command prompt?03:58
CarlFKsomewhere I will see "can't find firmware file" - my hack is to plug the scanner into a xp box which uploads the firmware03:59
owen1CarlFK: no. let me try04:00
owen1CarlFK: i just run xsane and got 'no device detected'04:01
CarlFKcarl@dell29:~$ scanimage -L04:02
CarlFKdevice `snapscan:libusb:002:004' is a Acer FlatbedScanner23 flatbed scanner04:02
CarlFKtry that04:03
CarlFKcarl@dell29:~$ lsusb04:03
CarlFKBus 002 Device 004: ID 04a5:20b0 Acer Peripherals Inc. (now BenQ Corp.) S2W 3300U/4300U04:03
owen1CarlFK: No scanners were identified.04:04
CarlFKsee the device in lsusb?04:04
owen1CarlFK: not sure what lsusb is. it's only one usb, no need for power.04:05
owen1CarlFK: canon canoscan lide 20004:05
owen1CarlFK: any clue?04:14
owen1CarlFK: it's a new model. i hope i'll find a way to use it.. thanks04:16
owen1CarlFK: lsusb returns: Bus 005 Device 011: ID 04a9:1905 Canon, Inc.04:17
CarlFKgood.  sometimes I plug things in and they arn't seen there, so I unplug /plug and they show up04:17
owen1CarlFK: but scanimage -L can't find any scanners04:18
CarlFKman scanimage "The list is not complete since some devices may be        available, but are not listed in any of the configuration files  (which        are  typically  stored in directory /etc/sane.d)04:20
owen1CarlFK: i am not sure i understand what u just said, i tried reading the man page but couldn't see anything important.04:25
CarlFKowen1: total longshot here...04:29
CarlFK echo "usb 0x04a9 0x1905">/etc/sane.d/canonlide200.conf04:31
CarlFKIll let you figure out how to do the permissions04:31
owen1btw, i just run sane-find-scanner and it found it. what does it mean?04:32
owen1CarlFK: bash: /etc/sane.d/canonlide200.conf: Permission denied04:33
CarlFKIll let you figure out how to do the permissions04:34
owen1chmod 777 on this file?04:34
CarlFKif sane-find-scanner found it, then I guess there is something that knows it is a scanner, so not sure you need it04:35
CarlFKi would do  sudo vim /etc/sane.d/canonlide200.conf04:35
owen1CarlFK: i just went to the /etc/sane.d folde and i don't see canonlide200 file ..04:37
CarlFKwhat is the #media-u channel?04:37
CarlFKcreate it04:37
owen1CarlFK: maybe it's for ubuntu media edition?04:37
CarlFKecho foo>bar.txt creates bar.txt04:37
CarlFKyeah - what is the name of the channel?04:38
owen1CarlFK: don't know, i can look for it. 1 sec04:39
CarlFKwait... -studio is what I was thinking04:41
owen1ohhh, ok04:42
owen1CarlFK: ok, i created a new file - canonlide200.conf04:43
R1cochetis there a program like image grabber for linux?04:43
R1cocheti need to make contact sheets of movies04:44
CarlFKR1cochet: grab from where?04:44
R1cochetfrom a video file04:45
owen1CarlFK: what should i do now (after i have this nes file)?04:45
owen1CarlFK: nes=mew04:45
CarlFKR1cochet: i think cinelerra - I have done it about 6 months ago, forget exactly how04:47
CarlFKowen1: scanimage -L04:47
owen1CarlFK: the same message - no scanners identified.  do u need to give permissions to the new file?04:48
CarlFKit should match the usb device with what is in that file.  no clue how that makes it work, jsut folloing what I saw in man scanimage04:48
R1cochetim not finding this in synaptic04:48
R1cochetcould it be a diff name?04:48
CarlFKR1cochet: use this repo: deb http://cp600:3142/akirad.cinelerra.org/ akirad-hardy main04:49
CarlFKthat's my local one..04:49
CarlFKdeb http://akirad.cinelerra.org/ akirad-hardy main04:49
R1cochetcarlFK: Thank ¥ou04:56
owen1CarlFK: any idea what can i do now?04:57
CarlFKowen1: no clue - sorry04:59
CarlFKowen1: I wouldn't give up hope - google sane-find-scanner and see what you should do next04:59
owen1CarlFK: np. thanks for all the help.05:00
CarlFKR1cochet: cin is probably not what you want05:19
CarlFKit has nice controls for moving foward/back, but no quick 'save as' .. from #cin.... (11:15:54 PM) cehteh: render that single frame or a jpeg sequnece .. should work well05:20
LexvegasI have a problem with my old dell latitude D60006:27
Lexvegasthe wireless card does not work06:28
LexvegasHey, guys. I have a problem. I just got a second hand Dell Latitude D600, and i installed XUbuntu on it. The problem is that the wireless card id not working. I have run sudo lshw -C network, and the card shows up, but it says: *-network DISABLED.06:37
zaidAnyone know of a good CPU heat level monitor for xfce4?08:16
R1cochetwould like to dl a pack from sourceforge.net but it gives 2 options08:31
R1cochetdeb.i386 and .tar.gz platform indepentdent which should i get?08:32
nikolahi, how do i turn on keyboard layout switching in xubuntu, using GUI?08:33
nikolaR1cochet, try if that package is already available on packages.ubuntu.com08:33
R1cochetwill do08:35
R1cochetok its there now what?08:37
nikolayou can also use synaptic package manager and with search option find and install software in repositories08:46
nikolaalternatively you could download *.deb for your platform/distribution version and install it with dubleclick on *.deb08:46
nikolaIf package/program you want is newer version and is present in repository of newer xubuntu release then you use, you can try to compile package yourself08:51
nikolaIf you are compiling package yurself use commands sudo apt-get build-dep _package_08:51
R1cochethow do i log in as root?08:52
nikolaand install documentation for build with sudo apt-get install debian-reference08:53
R1cochetok when i open synaptic and it asks for pass, thats the same as root pass right?08:54
R1cochetcuz im trying to log into root in terminal and it wont let me08:54
R1cochetusing su -08:55
LexvegasHey, guys. I have a problem. I just got a second hand Dell Latitude D600, and i installed XUbuntu on it. The problem is that the wireless card id not working. I have run sudo lshw -C network, and the card shows up, but it says: *-network DISABLED.09:08
stitchedwingsIf you know how to get rid of the black border that appears on some LCDs, please view my post @  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=939527 ... TIA09:11
R1cochettrying to sudo mv x264 `which x264`09:17
R1cochetbut get: mv: cannot stat `x264': No such file or directory09:17
TheSheep!root | R1cochet09:25
ubottuR1cochet: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo09:25
R1cocheti got it Thank ¥ou09:33
R1cochetused wrong command09:33
microwhi, i only need web browser to access websites applications. is xubuntu good for a 128m memory machine??09:40
R1cochetmplayer seems to have hijacked volume control for audacious09:41
R1cocheti have to play with mplayer volume, adacious' slider doesnt work for it09:41
microwhi, ?09:43
R1cocheti dont know idle im sure some1 knows09:44
skephi, i have a problem with my usb wlan (DWL-G122) and high packet loss (30%). any idea on how to solve this? link quality is hji (90+) and encryption is wpa2. here some info: http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/392259/10:09
skepi'm using the ootb driver rt7310:09
R1cochetpower manager doesnt put monitor to sleep10:36
R1cocheti have it ticked but it only stops sending signal to display, display doesnt go to sleep just shows black screen10:36
R1cochetstill iluminated10:36
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spaceninjaI'm trying to install eeexubuntu on a usb pen, but which filesystem should it have?11:54
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Pres-GasHey, all.13:44
parfuthere is no displayconfig-gtk in xubuntu 8.10. Is there an alternative?14:36
nnullj #sans15:16
nnulloops :)15:16
james__I'm trying to make a launcher for aisleriot solitaire and I cant for the life of me find what the "command" needs to be.16:26
vinnljames__, you can use the AppFinder for that, in the future :)16:27
james__Oooh, that AppFinder is a life saver! No more manually working out the commands. Thanks guys16:28
james__My only wish is the menu was drag and drop :-(16:29
vinnlSame here :)16:29
nnullwhats app finder16:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about appfinder16:36
vinnlIt's in Applications->Accessories->Appfinder16:37
vinnl(And it's set to be improved a lot in Xfce 4.6 :)16:37
bytor4232I still think its a little non-intuitive to add a blank launcher, and have to fill it in manually or with appfinder.16:38
vinnlIt is16:38
bytor4232Not enough to make me hate XFCE, I still love it to death, but its kindof a pain.16:38
bytor4232cody-somerville: Did you know that I've had to re-enter my security keys with network manager after I upgraded from Hardy to Intrepid?16:41
cody-somervillebytor4232, oddly enough, I did know you had to do that16:42
cody-somervilleI think you mentioned it once before :P16:42
* cody-somerville bugs bytor4232 16:42
bytor4232cody-somerville: It wasn't a fluke with one ap either.  I had to enter it for both the wireless access points I connect to.16:42
vinnlI thought they'd solved that with this version of NM?16:42
bytor4232I upgraded the laptop on Saturday so no.16:43
cody-somervilleThere was an upload today16:43
bytor4232Hopefully that will be settled out before the Intrepid final.16:44
bytor4232everything but my server is upgraded now, btw.16:44
bytor4232All three of my desktops and my lappy.16:44
bytor4232cody-somerville: BTW, the new Xubuntu wallpaper was like reading my mind!16:45
bytor4232cody-somerville: I was looking for a wallpaper with the Xubuntu logo on it.16:45
bytor4232it was a plesant suprise to say the least.16:47
james__Am I right in thinking 8.10 is gunna be out too soon to include XFCE 4.6? Will I be able to upgrade later on?16:52
vinnljames__, yep16:53
Myrttiyou are wrong16:53
vinnlThere's a repository available to install it, but it's not final16:53
vinnlMyrtti, how?16:53
Myrttiofficially 8.10 will not have 4.6, I believe16:53
Myrtticody-somerville ^16:53
vinnlMyrtti, that's what he said :)16:53
vinnlToo soon to include 4.616:54
Myrttimissing comma16:54
Myrttior something16:54
Myrttidoesn't parse right in brain16:54
Myrttimoar caffeine16:54
vinnlI've tried to turn it every way I could but I can't read it another way :P16:54
* Myrtti waves her hands and runs off.16:58
* knome tickles Myrtti 17:00
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »17:24
jalsjust needed that link, think i'm gonna do that now17:24
jalsis it gonna remove sound drivers and stuff like that?17:26
Odd-rationalejals: now, i don't think so...17:40
jalsok we'll see in about 11 mins once it all downloads heh17:42
Odd-rationalejals: you might also want to: sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-restricted-extras; sudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras17:43
jalsis that not included in the link up there?17:43
Odd-rationalei dont remember...17:44
jalswe'll see17:44
TheOneBlackMagehello, I was hoping someone might be able to give me some advice on troubleshooting a network problem17:46
TheOneBlackMageMy Xubuntu maching on 8.04 (Kernel  2.6.24-19-generic) when I'm doing a lot of file transfer, the networking stops working.  I can ping machines on the same subnet, but nothing external.  I don't believe the gateway is accessible either.  If i run /etc/init.d/networking restart, it starts working again.  I've checked /var/log/messages, and can't see any errors.  Is there a way to turn on more logging?17:47
Odd-rationalecan you describe it?17:47
Odd-rationaleyou might want to try the main #ubuntu channel for that one...17:48
TheOneBlackMageok thanks17:48
TheOneBlackMageit did sound more generic, but I am running XFCE17:48
Odd-rationaleit's just another way to say, "I don't know" :P17:49
TheOneBlackMageno worries, i'm stumped myself17:49
TheOneBlackMageif i could just get some more logging around networking, it would be a start17:50
looishow do I install new mouse pointers in xubuntu?18:20
alyawnthe default install of xubuntu doesn't seem to mail me when cron jobs complete or fail (or at all). How do I tell cron to email me? I've added MAILTO to my crontab, but nothing18:43
alyawnam I missing a required package to enable mail to be sent out?18:44
cody-somervilleWhat do you have set to MAILTO?18:49
ali1234where can i obtain netboot files for xubuntu without downloading the whole installation CD?18:53
cody-somervilleAsk vinnl18:59
Alix3c3-Helpplease, help to install xubuntu on alix 3c3!!!19:05
cody-somervilleWhat is an Aliex 3c3?19:06
cody-somervilleand whats your problem?19:06
bytor4232I assume he means this:  http://www.mini-box.com/Alix-3C-Board-3-LAN-1-MINI-PCI-1_219:08
nparafei have installed xubuntu 8.10 beta. Is there a monitor choose tool. Because desktopconfig-gtk doesn't seem to work in this release.19:08
bytor4232nparafe: I noticed that as well.  Good question.19:10
cody-somervilleDo you have an nvidia card?19:14
nparafecody-somerville i do if i am the one who you refer19:17
cody-somervillewell, you can use the nvidia-settings tool19:17
cody-somervillealthough, you'll probably have to hack the xorg.conf file afterwards, lol19:17
cody-somervilleand it has to run as root to save the settings, lol19:18
cody-somerville9.04 will fix this as xfce 4.6 has a nice xrandr based display config tool19:18
Alix3c3-Helpnparafe: yes, the board is ALIX3c3, I've many many problems with screen output... just flashed the .img file of voyage linux from http://www.yawarra.com.au/sw-osimages.php on a CF 1GB, but I cannot see the screen output, so I've added console=tty0 and console=ttyS0,38400n8 at startup and just arrived (on serial terminal) at login stage, but the screen output stop 2 lines befor the login....19:19
AhtenusI have problem connecting to my wireless router. I've typed in the name and password to the WPA encrypted network but then nothing happens. I don'n19:40
vinnlAhtenus, did the icon in the top right-hand corner change?19:41
AhtenusCurrently it is showing that it's connected. It's like a cable between 2 computers. but I'm connected through cabel now.19:43
vinnlRight, so there were no green balls glowing when connecting?19:44
Ahtenushumm wait going to try again...19:44
alyawncody-somerville: I have my MAILTO set to an external address...19:51
alyawnbut I see nothing in syslog about cron attempting to mail anything19:51
cody-somervillealyawn, right. so that won't work unless you configure an smtp server.19:52
AhtenusNo no green balls19:52
Ahtenuscan you hear me ? awkward using irc and setting up wireless..19:53
vinnlAhtenus, OK, what you could try is click the icon and press Manual Configuration19:53
vinnlHeh, yeah, we can hear you :)19:53
cody-somervilleFrankly, all I hear is my music19:53
vinnlI was thinking whether I'd add "well, read, actually", but decided not to :P19:53
AhtenusvinnI, that is what i have done... but see me through anyway..19:53
alyawncody-somerville, so I have to install an smtp server... so is there a preferred smtp server package for xubuntu?19:54
cody-somervillenot particularly19:54
vinnlAhtenus, well, you can then select "Properties" of your wireless device, and you can then uncheck "Enable roaming mode"19:54
cody-somervillealyawn, I'd visit #ubuntu-server for more detailed assistance19:54
vinnlAnd then configure it there and see if it'll work there... Or is that what you already did?19:55
Ahtenusvinnl, yes that is what i have done.19:55
vinnlOw... Then I guess I'm out of options, all I now is to ask ubottu19:56
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:56
vinnl*know now19:57
vinnlSorry :(19:58
Ahtenusvinnl, so there is no easy way to see all the available Wireless networks?20:00
vinnlWell, normally  there is but apparently it's not working for you20:01
Alix3c3-Helphello, I'm going to install xubuntu on ALIX3C3 (embedded) with Vesa graphic card, I only can see: Loading /ubnkern......... Loading /ubninit..........ready. please, help21:11
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deardeathanybody around to help out?23:26
charlie-tcaPlease ask your question23:26
deardeathIs this Kubuntu channel as well?23:27
charlie-tcaNo, that's #kubuntu23:27
charlie-tcano problem23:28
belgarath_anyone know a good tutorial to develop xfce-apps or gtk-apps for xubuntu?23:30
charlie-tcaI don't know tutorials, but have you checked the wiki? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Development23:32
belgarath_yes I have but I not found any useful information there....23:34
charlie-tcaI think about 3/4 way down the page "I'm familiar with Xubuntu and..." should help23:35
belgarath_Yeah of course I want to help to improve Xubuntu :P23:38
xxubuxxhello. i am having a weird problem with my dial-up connection on 7.10 on a eee pc. the first time i used it, it worked fine for maybe 11 hours, and then it began to disconnect randomly. now the modem hangs up every 5 or  10 minutes23:38
belgarath_but right now I want to learn how to put a nice frontend on my c-application :)23:39
xxubuxxcould anyone help me understand the problem (i'm a xubuntu n00b), please ?23:39
belgarath_xxubuxx  sry, i have never used the modem on my eeepc.   I experienced some problem with the wireless when I put the machine to sleep mode.23:44
xxubuxxbelgarath_: well, it doesn't go to sleep mode, and the first connection was really long. now it doesn't last more than a few minutes, even though i'm doing nothing except irc23:48
xxubuxxthe ppp connection is just reset all by magic23:48
belgarath_xxubuxx  it sounds really weird!   i dont know exactly how the ppp is working on xubuntu... but when i used ppp (long time ago) i always had some problem with lock-files that was stored in /tmp23:51
belgarath_xxubuxx  you dont recieve any errors?23:56
ZappzaHi alL!23:58
xxubuxxbelgarath_: no error at all. programs like chatzilla don't even detect the hanging-up23:59

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