* SkEmO bbs00:02
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josephdriver: NV             what does that mean?00:12
josephusing nVidia00:12
josephnvidia drivers arnt working00:15
josephjussi01: hey there are you too busy to help with video drivers?00:17
josephwhat packages do I need for invidia video?00:23
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josephcomputer store needs help with kubuntu 8.04 64 bit nvidia drivers00:37
adri__my desktop disapeared00:37
josephI cant find any clues in the forums00:37
adri__everything is black00:37
Under_Wrapsjoseph: what's the problem with your drivers?00:38
Under_WrapsI use Envyng to install mine YMMV00:38
josephI get driver: nv00:40
josephbut it lists my video card00:40
josephI thought the video driver was installed, but dont have 3d support00:40
josephI use 8.04.1 64bit00:41
josephI have to deliver this pc tonight to a customer. I'm 'almost' in panic mode.      lol00:41
josephget all that? Under_Wraps00:42
Under_WrapsI'm an ATI person, I've never used nvidia and Linux00:44
josephahhh, bummer00:44
Under_Wrapsgive envyng a go, it performs magic for me :)00:44
Under_Wrapsalso http://albertomilone.com/envyngfaq.html#A00:45
josephwhy does envy get a bad wrap?00:46
Under_Wrapsdoes it?00:50
Under_WrapsDr_willis_: I found this grub snippet http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/grub-very-slow-427442/#post232858401:06
ofvHi. My Kubuntu 8.04 lost internet connection. It can connect to other machines in the Lan, though.01:06
Under_Wrapsall my partitions are ext3, I'm considering changing some of them to ext201:07
DaSkreechofv your route got dropped01:07
Under_Wrapssounds like your router is borken01:07
ofvusing IP addresses doesn't work, so it isn't a DNS issue.01:07
ofvDaSkreech: tracert to some IP address on the Internet shows the IP address of my gateway as the first hop. isn't this enough?01:08
DaSkreechofv: It goes beyond that?01:08
ofvsuccesive hops fail.01:08
DaSkreechwhat' the output of the command route ?01:08
ofvKernel IP routing table01:09
ofvDestination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface01:09
ofv172.16.2.0      *        U     0      0        0 vmnet801:09
ofv192.168.1.0     *        U     0      0        0 eth001:09
ofv172.16.148.0    *        U     0      0        0 vmnet101:09
ofvlink-local      *          U     1000   0        0 eth001:09
ofv 01:09
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)01:09
ofvsorry. on ubuntu pastebin now.01:10
ofvthe previous paste was incomplete. it missed the crucial line.01:14
ofvnow at http://paste.ubuntu.com/55835/01:14
nejodeofv: are you running a virtual machine?01:22
ofvnejode: no vmware running.01:23
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nejodeofv: have you tried shutting down VMware and restarting your interface?01:25
ofvnejode: okay, i'll kill all vmnet* processes and restart eth0.01:26
ofvnejode: it didn't work.01:31
nejodeofv: can you get a lease from your router?01:32
ofvi'm not sure what a lease is, but the machine connects to other machines on the network.01:33
ofvthe only difference of this machine with the others (apart from the OS) is that01:33
afeijohey, who knows Dropbox sw ?? pretty cool !01:34
nejodeofv: can nyou get an IP address from your dhcp-router?01:34
ofvthe kubuntu machine has a IP address assigned by the DHCP server (integrated in the router) based on its MAC address.01:34
ofvnejode: yes, this machine has an ip address and i can see it from other machines on the lan.01:35
nejodeofv: but you get a fixed ip address from your router (for port forwarding I presume)01:36
ofvnejode: i like to use fixed ip addressess, that's all. and it gets the ip address that is specified on the rule on the DHCP settings of the router ( for mac address 00:etc..)01:37
ofvthe only problem is that traffic to the internet doesn't pass the router/gateway01:38
ofv(for this specific machine, the others work)01:38
ofvi'm thinking on re-starting the router, just to try.01:38
nejodeofv: do you have a switch after the router?01:39
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nejodecan you ping the router?01:39
ofvno. it connects direct to the internet (it's a router/adsl modem).01:40
ofvyes, i can ping the router from the kubuntu machine.01:40
kubuserHello People.01:40
armandohola por favor me pueden birndar la direccion ubuntu01:40
kubuserguys how is sound setup on kubuntu. does ARTS control all sounds?01:41
ScorpKingmorning guys. how can i change the file assosiations from konsole? scribus is opening every single text or anything that might be a text file and it is annoying the crap out of me. where can i look? changing it in kcontrol takes ages.01:41
armandoalguna sala de chat de ubuntu01:41
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:42
ofvarmando: http://www.ubuntu.com01:42
thibaudy'a quelqun01:43
nejodeofv: well man, try restarting the router...everything else seems ok01:43
ofvnejode: okay. this means I'll go away for some minutes. thanks for the help so far, nejode.01:44
stdin!fr | thibaud01:44
ubottuthibaud: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr01:44
kubuserhaving issues with mplayer. While playing the video, it plays lot of sharp noise. If the window is hidden behind another window, then it plays the sound ok. Also when minimized.01:44
kubusersame issue in kmplayer. however, in kmplayer while hiding video, no sound plays.01:46
ScorpKingkubuser: what codecs do you have installed? have you tried playing it with vlc?01:46
ofv`it's the router!01:46
ScorpKingkubuser: kmplayer is just a kde frontend for mplayer01:46
kubuserScorpKing: hmmmm. ok good to know. mplayer plays sound fine when video is hidden. When kmplayer is used no sound when video is hidden.01:47
ofv`how can i assign a fixed ip address inside kubuntu itself, as i do for the windows machines.01:47
kubuserScorpKing: how to check what codecs are installed.01:47
ScorpKingopen console an run - aptitude search codecs .it will show "i" on the first line if it's installed01:48
kubuserScorpKing: also amarok fails to play mp3s saying audio device is already busy. Weird behavior for out of box install. :)01:48
kubuserScorpKing: running the command.01:48
ofv`nervermind. found it on the debian docs :-)01:49
ScorpKingkubuser: sounds like your arts daemon is on holiday. run - sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart - in konsole and see if it starts working01:49
kubuserScorpKing: ok only shows two lines....01:49
kubuserv   python2.4-cjkcodecs             -01:49
kubuserv   python2.5-cjkcodecs             -01:49
kubuserScorpKing: hmm... mplayer plays mp3s fine in console... :) restart alsa....01:50
ScorpKingkubuser: please don't paste more than that here ;) .i think you need some extra repo's enabled for the other codecs01:51
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ScorpKing!find w32codecs01:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about find w32codecs01:51
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:51
ScorpKingah stdin :) , thanks01:52
kubuserScorpKing: hmmmm currently, I have all the universe, restricted, multiverse, main checked in the kubuntu software tab in ADept.01:53
ScorpKingkubuser: look at that link for w32codecs ^01:53
ISS_StudentWhat is the Channel for Kubuntu KDE401:54
kubuserScorpKing: medibuntu stuff?01:54
ScorpKingkubuser: yes, you need the medibuntu repo01:54
kubuserScorpKing: cool. I'll read the link and see how to add that. :) In Ubuntu it didn't have those issues. But kubuntu does. kind of different from the other one. :) Good to know all the little things.01:55
kubuserScorpKing: thanks. :) I'll get to fixing. :)01:55
ScorpKingkubuser: i use kaffeine or vlc to play stuff. mplayer seems to give problems now and then01:56
kubuserScorpKing: interesting. Kaffeine wouldn't even play the video. haven't tried vlc yet. That's a good idea. I'll try that also. Been a mplayer long timer on gentoo. :)01:58
ScorpKingkubuser: i found that without the w32codecs a lot of files won't play. install it first and then try again. there is also a non-free-codecs package in one of the repos02:00
kubuserScorpKing: ok. can you help me determine which distro I'm running. Hardy Heron or Intrepid Ibex...? where to check.02:00
DaSkreechlsb_release -a02:00
kubuserDaSkreech: cool. thanks. :)02:01
ScorpKingah yes DaSkreech. i missed that one. kubuser, also install libxine1-ffmpeg02:01
* DaSkreech chuckles02:02
kubuserScorpKing: so just apt-get libxnil-ffmpeg....?02:02
ScorpKingsudo apt-get install <packagename>02:03
* ScorpKing slides some coffee to DaSkreech..02:03
DaSkreechIn a Kubuntu Kup?02:04
kubusercool. :)02:04
kubuserin kubuntu MUG02:04
ScorpKinghaha.. KMug sounds good ;)02:05
kubuserok still shows the issue. Plays the video fine in kaffeine if the video is covered. Otherwise, it plays the video choppy and plays lot of noise. No audio02:06
kubuserno audio that is listenable.02:06
ScorpKingkubuser: that must be annoying02:06
ScorpKingwhat file is it?02:07
kubuseras if with a lot of distortion.02:07
kubuser.avi files. probably divx.02:07
ScorpKingkubuser: run - file <moviefilename> - in konsole02:07
DaSkreechHmm I had the same issue yesterday02:08
DaSkreechKept trying to solve it then I turned off the machine02:08
DaSkreech came back later turned it on and I was good02:08
kubuserScorpKing: RIFF (little-endian) data, AVI, 384 x 288, 25.00 fps, video: DivX 3 Low-Motion, audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (stereo, 44100 Hz)02:09
ScorpKinghehe.. maybe it just needs a reboot ;)02:09
kubuserhehe, linux is getting closer and closer to needing reboot after installs. LOL. Hehe. But as long as it work, eh?02:09
ScorpKinghmm.. that sould play. the only file i had problems with before are the new realaudio movies02:09
kubuserso a reboot coming right up.02:10
kubuserdon't worry. Avoid realaudio like the plague.02:10
ScorpKingkubuser: yeah or you can just hunt for the service in /etc/init.d/ that needs to be restarted ;)02:10
DaSkreechkubuser: You technically would just need to restart X02:10
kubuserScorpKing: eventually, it just becomes easier to reboot. So you just fix all the other issues as well.... :)02:11
kubuserDaSkreech: hehe so just ctrl-alt-bkspace.... :)02:11
DaSkreechI'm just saying I discovered that it because of a reboot02:11
DaSkreechkubuser: Or logout02:11
ScorpKingkubuser: true but you don't learn anything that way02:11
DaSkreechthat's more graceful and would restart X02:11
kubuserScorpKing: oh definitely it's nicer to learn about how the system is setup.02:11
* ScorpKing agrees..02:12
kubuseranyway.... reboot. quick dinner.... will be back later... :)02:12
kubuserif you guys are not here.... just saying  thanks very much for your help guys.02:12
ScorpKingrighto.. have fun02:12
DaSkreech /whisper ScorpKing lets empty out the room to freak him out when he comes back02:17
* ScorpKing fights with qemu..02:18
DaSkreechGet up on the 7 count02:18
DaSkreechif you stay down for the other three qemu will get the belt02:18
mister-teait's astanding 802:18
draikHow do I search for a certain channel?02:19
ScorpKingdraik: /list <channelname>02:19
lovre_hi all02:19
ScorpKinghiya lovre_02:20
ScorpKinglong time no see ;)02:20
lovre_i have gnome, i used kde 3.x before. Now i would like to try KDE4.1... can i install only kde4.1 without any kde applications? I just want to see how it feels. Last time i did this, it installed tons of applications that i dont want...02:21
lovre_ScorpKing: yea, how are you doing... :)02:21
DaSkreechlovre_: Bit confused02:21
lovre_DaSkreech: yes?02:21
DaSkreechYou want to install KDE without any KDE applications02:21
draikThanks ScorpKing02:21
ScorpKinglovre_: been worse. you won't be able to do that02:21
* Dr_willis_ wonders what kde4 withoug any app would be.. used for...02:21
DaSkreechSo you just want the wallpapers and sounds ?02:21
Dr_willis_May as well just go look at kde4 screenshots02:22
lovre_DaSkreech: well, lol02:22
ScorpKingDr_willis_: entertainment02:22
DaSkreechDo plasmoids not cont as applications?02:22
ScorpKingyeah they do02:22
Dr_willis_go get a kde4 live cd.. and test it out safely02:22
Dr_willis_I still find kde4 very myuch a work in progress.. and not real useable..02:22
lovre_Dr_willis_: thats a good idea...02:22
ScorpKingi've got kubuntu 8.10 beta in vmware. it's faster than my host system02:23
DaSkreechlovre_: Grab an intrepid CD to see where KDE is for Users now or a SUSE Cd to see where it is for develoers02:23
lovre_i started using Gnome few months ago, because kde3x gave me lots of trouble. and in hope that kde4 will be ok, i was thinking of testing...02:23
DaSkreechlovre_: Ha ha02:24
DaSkreechNo KDE4 will probably be an interesting ride for you02:24
ScorpKingdoes anyone know how the make qemu think it has a usb flash drive instead of a hard drive?02:24
DaSkreechWhat was KDE3 fighting you on?02:24
draikWhat is the correct pronounciation of SUSE? "Susie" or "Zeus"?02:25
DaSkreechdraik: I can spell it02:25
draikDaSkreech: LOL02:25
DaSkreechIt's easier to walk around with a Placard and hold it up anytime you refer to it02:25
Dr_willis_try #SUSE02:26
lovre_DaSkreech: applications were going crazy, everything had problems staying in the kicker tray, it floated in small windows, USB memory keys didnt automount, and other stuff....02:26
DaSkreechIsn't it #opensuse-kde now ?02:26
DaSkreechAhhh well02:26
DaSkreechKDe4 does none of that02:26
draikI'll ask in both02:26
lovre_DaSkreech: so you think it has made some progress...02:27
ScorpKingdraik: i also want to know02:27
draikScorpKing: That's from #SUSE02:27
ScorpKinghmm.. thanks02:28
ofv`the system refused to assign a fixed ipv4 address to eth002:28
lovre_is Kaffeine replaced with another application in kde4.1? since i had many problems with it....02:28
ofv`i did exactly what it says on paragraph here:02:28
DaSkreechlovre_: dragonplayer02:29
ScorpKingofv`: sounds like you interfaces file is a bit messed up02:29
DaSkreechYou'll probably want kaffiene back02:29
ofv`ScorpKing: i checked it several times. it looks good.02:29
ScorpKingofv`: cat you pastebin it?02:29
ScorpKingcan* even02:29
draikI've been wanting to try other OS's just for user experience. I started a bit of a mini-war in ##mac when I asked for the difference from Linux to a Mac. They derailed from my question and got into their arguments.02:29
ofv`i can't paste it because the machine has no net connection, but i can copy it. give me a minute.02:30
lovre_is kde 4.1 stable, or do i download kde 4.0?02:30
ScorpKingdraik: i find that funny :)02:30
ScorpKingdraik: the audio and video editing software is better on mac02:31
draikScorpKing: Me too. I was being serious with my questions, not trying to instigate. "Yeah, well I think that Mac..." "No, you're wrong. It's best/better to..."02:31
DaSkreechlovre_: It's stable02:31
Dr_willis_lovre_,  i dont find any of the kde4's very stable at this time.. its getting better..... but still02:31
Dr_willis_ya learn what 'not to do' with it real fast.. heh02:32
DaSkreechDr_willis: I find they push X really hard and X sucks02:32
Dr_willis_accidently added the 'calculator' plasmid widget to the panel.. and that dident work very well02:32
lovre_ok, thank you DaSkreech, Dr_willis_02:32
ofv`ScorpKing: interfaces copied into http://paste.ubuntu.com/55852/02:32
ScorpKingdraik: it would be interesting to know what the difference is. i've never used a mac though02:32
DaSkreechYeah I spent a lot of fun time adding everything to the panel to see what would break it02:33
Dr_willis_I got a Mac.. in the closet.02:33
DaSkreech 4.2 should allow us to pop them back and forth so that should be good02:33
Dr_willis_I still havent figured out how to MOVE panel gizmos02:33
DaSkreechDr_willis: It's trivial in 4.102:33
DaSkreechas long as they stay on the panel02:33
draikScorpKing: Well, from what I gathered, it's very similar. Both based on Unix. I don't know when I'll dare to go back and ask another question.02:33
Dr_willis_well they got it hidden from me then.. :) I dident see a 'move' in the menus, tryed right/left/middle clicking,02:34
lovre_another question, i tried to connect my pc to a windows laptop pc, with a crossover cable. Seemed to set up everything nicely, but couldnt connect.... I thought this was supposed to be simple...02:34
Dr_willis_silly clock was stuck in the middle of the panel.02:34
ScorpKingofv`: try this http://paste.ubuntu.com/55854/02:34
DaSkreechDr_willis: the cashew at the end unlocks the panel and you can slide any plasmoid anywhere you want02:34
ScorpKingdraik: maybe i should try ;)02:34
* ScorpKing giggles..02:34
nejodeofv: add "network" and "broadcast"02:35
ofv`ScorpKing: thanks, I'll do it asap.02:35
DaSkreechlovre_: How do you mean connect?02:35
ofv`nejode: thanks, i'll try that too.02:35
Dr_willis_lovre_,  give them both static ip's seeiof they can ping each other.. if so t- they are networked...02:35
lovre_Dr_willis_: yea, i did that. but couldnt ping them....02:35
ScorpKingofv`: you'll have to add what nejode said for it to work02:35
Dr_willis_then ya got network settings wrong.. or its not a crossover cable..02:35
ofv`ScorpKing: okay.02:36
Dr_willis_lovre_,  or set up a dhcp server on one machine. :)02:36
lovre_Dr_willis_: it is crossover, cuz i used it before... i used this application to setup: nm-applet02:36
nejodeofv: *broadcast
Dr_willis_thats the normal network manager applet.   some peple have issues with  the network-manager stuff  at times.. but ive not had any problems02:37
ofv`nejode: ah! I was just going to confirm that! :-)02:37
lovre_Dr_willis_: ok thank you02:37
nejodeofv: i goofed up again>> broadcast
lovre_another one of my questions... I connected a camera to the USB, and i wanted to put some images on it. But it insisted that it was read-only, and whatever i did i couldnt change that, even with root. Why is this02:38
ofv`nejode: hehe. thanks.02:38
DaSkreechlovre_: Cause it was mounted read only I Would assume02:38
lovre_DaSkreech: that is possible. But it was automounted... i didnt mount manuallly..02:39
DaSkreechand I'm thinking the automount mounted it read only02:39
naught101how can I get back the old mouse theme? oxygen is crap02:39
DaSkreechTHough .. it should mount it as a USB drive02:39
lovre_DaSkreech: what can i do about it02:39
ofv`nejode, ScorpKing: it works. thank you, guys.02:39
naught101in kde302:40
DaSkreechlovre_: I dunno that's what happened I'd have to run the mount command and see the options on the mount point02:40
lovre_DaSkreech: ok, i will deal with that later. Thank you anyway, i downloaded and burned live kubuntu 8.04 with kde4 and going to try it. Be back in 5 minutes lol02:41
DaSkreechlovre_: ok I'll be here02:41
ScorpKingyw ofv`02:43
nejodeofv: glad to help02:45
ofv`time to get some sleep. good night, guys.02:46
freaky[t]how do i set up kubuntu to mount a drive where i have my files in automatically?02:46
naught101kubuntu-desktop package doesn't exist any more?02:47
DaSkreech!fstab | freaky[t] Here02:47
ubottufreaky[t] Here: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:47
Dr_willis_freaky[t],  edit the fstab file - if its an internal drive02:47
freaky[t]ok thanks ill try02:48
freaky[t]is there any documentation on how to do this?02:48
freaky[t]it's a ntfs drive02:48
Dr_willis_you want to read up on ntfs-3g02:48
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions02:48
freaky[t]thank you :D02:48
armandouna vez instaldo :   sudo aptitude install unrar-nonfree ya puedo desconprmir mi archivo de rar02:51
armandoo no02:51
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:51
ubuntuhi, im on live cd at the moment02:55
=== ubuntu is now known as lovre___
DaSkreechubuntu: we guessed :)02:55
lovre___this is me, sorrz02:56
lovre___DaSkreech, it seems i didnt download something right....02:56
* DaSkreech raises eyebrow02:56
lovre___DaSkreech, it is version kde 4.0 and its all as it was 8 months ago, bad and shitty,... i was hoping for kde 4.1.2....02:57
DaSkreechlovre_ Ahh curses02:57
=== ubuntu is now known as lovre____
DaSkreechlovre____: did you get a daily ?02:58
lovre____DaSkreech, what you mean02:59
DaSkreechWhere did you get the cd ?02:59
kubuserHello People.02:59
freaky[t]DaSkreech dr_Willis thanks for your help ;D03:00
DaSkreechkubuser: What about robots?03:00
kubuserDaSkreech: robots?03:00
kubuserHello People.03:00
lovre____DaSkreech, here: http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu03:00
kubuser0111011010011000 robots!03:00
DaSkreechlovre____: Ah no I said to get a daily :)03:00
kubuserDaSkreech: so still no go after reboot.03:01
lovre____DaSkreech, can you give me the link please?03:01
stdinChris_Foster: right click the KMenu -> Menu Editor, you can set it from there03:02
DaSkreechkubuser: So there goes your theory :)03:02
kubuserDaSkreech: well now, I'm not sure.... Maybe intall Ubuntu...?03:02
Chris_Fosterstdin: ?03:02
DaSkreechkubuser: Whats the history of the problem ?03:03
stdinChris_Foster: to bind a command to a key combo03:03
Chris_Fosterstdin: okay, thanks03:03
kubuserDaSkreech: my Ubuntu box works fine on divx stuff.03:03
Chris_Fosterstdin: Never would have thought to look there :)03:03
lovre____DaSkreech, so to download interpid?03:03
kubuserDaSkreech: history is that it's a new install. moved gentoo box to kubuntu. just got the wifi working. Now got samba working. copied the media stuff over. installed mplayer.... then video problem.03:04
kubuserDaSkreech: installing vlc....03:04
stdinChris_Foster: you can set it from 'System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Command Shortcuts', but the first way is quicker to get to03:05
lovre____be back....03:05
Chris_Fosterstdin: okay, I think I'll go with the second way because Im using kbfx and I couldn't find it03:06
draikIs anyone here familiar with BackTrack 3? I want to get into using it, but don't know where to start.03:06
rullusb o hard disk?03:06
Chris_Fosterdraik: could you clarify "no knowing were to start"?03:06
Chris_Fosterdraik: bt3 is a tool OS, its used to break security of computers and is equipped with many tools to do so, try learning what the tools do first03:07
draikChris_Foster: Not so much. I want to get into security testing and such by starting with my own home network. I want to hack everything and see where my vulnerabilities are so that I can cover my butt.03:07
rulli have it in a "asus eee pc" and work good03:07
Chris_Fosterdraik: I'm just starting to experiment with it myself, and there really is no tutorial on how to hack, because almost every time you hack something it will be different. That's the fun and complication of it03:08
rullmmm with airscript03:09
rullone module of back track..03:09
rull1= scan victim...03:09
Chris_Fosterdraik: A good idea is to start with wireless security, I found that relativelly easy03:09
rull2= asociation..03:09
draikChris_Foster: I'm all for the fun and complicated. It is by far the best way to learn. I keep a few notebooks next to my desk so that I can take note of what I did, saw, thought and learned.03:09
Chris_Fosterdraik: good idea, although I've never found it to do anything but waste my time. :) everyones different03:10
rulli wrote a mini-guide about testing my network03:10
draikIt's about what happened when I did something different.03:10
rulliĺl go to bed, in spain is 04:12 a.m ...... zZz03:12
rullgood night all ^^03:12
Chris_FosterMy first hack was I connected to my router by using "tcpdump -n" and copying to router address and entering the settings to view my moms laptops internal IP address then I scanned her computer, got blocked by windows firewall, so I turned it off on her system and scanned again, found a disk sharing exploit and I had managment over her whole system :)03:13
jimmy51_homehello, i've got a bluetooth headset (normally paired with cellphone) i'd like to pair with my kubuntu box to use as a headset.  how can i do that?03:13
rullone rapid guide... 1º airodump-ng, 2º aireplay-ng...3ºaircrack-ng... is easy03:14
stdinjimmy51_home: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothHeadset03:15
jimmy51_homethanks stdin.... checking03:15
Chris_Fosterrull: I was so confused at first because I bought a wireless adapter that didn't support packet injection, so I couldnt figure out why everyone was doing it in 5 mins and it took my a week :P03:16
rullChris_Foster: ouch.. in this situation i will buy a "atheros" adapter ;)03:17
dekkong_2hehe i have a zyxel AG 220 wireless adapter and it worked out of the box :)03:18
Chris_Fosterrull: yeah, I went out and got a different one. I had just bought it that day, so I could return it. When The dude asked why, I tried to make it sound as confusing as possible without laughing, the look on his face was priceless considering im 14 :D03:18
=== azrael is now known as Guest30799
rullmy level of english is bad, i dont understand very good Chris_Foster, sorry xD03:19
jimmy51_homestd:  do i follow the pulseaudio stuff?03:20
jimmy51_home(i don't know what that is.... so i fear it's ubuntu specific...)03:20
jimmy51_homewhoops, stdin:  do i follow the pulse audio stuff?03:20
Chris_Fosterrull: It's all good. I took the wireless adapter back and explained it to the guy, and he looked really surprized a 14 year old kid just told him all this complicated stuff03:21
stdinjimmy51_home: kubuntu does not use pause audio, so no03:21
jimmy51_homestdin: what's the kubuntu equivalent to this:  pactl load-module module-alsa-sink device=bluetooth03:22
jimmy51_homeand... pactl load-module module-alsa-source device=bluetooth   ?03:22
stdinjimmy51_home: ignore the pause audio part03:23
rullChris_Foster: he he, right , now i understand ;), is true, you re so young for this themes, but.. is good that you learn and read about it ;) remember.. is your network security! haha ;)03:24
jimmy51_homestdin:  ok.  stdin:  hmmm, it's not doing something right.  ALSA lib pcm_bluetooth.c:460:(bluetooth_hsp_hw_params) BT_SETCONFIGURATION failed : Input/output error(5)03:24
Chris_Fosterrull: :D03:25
Chris_Fosterrull: Well, I'm gonna go watch my tv show, nice talking to you03:25
stdinjimmy51_home: what command is that from?03:26
jimmy51_homeplaying a sample file03:26
rullChris_Foster:  he he, me too Chris ;), iĺl go to sleep, because in spain is 04:26 a.m, and tomorrow iĺl go to clas XD03:26
rullChris_Foster: see u men ;)03:27
Chris_Fosterrull: Yep :)03:27
stdinjimmy51_home: try disconnecting/reconnecting the headset03:27
mister-teais the headset on discovery mode?03:28
jimmy51_homeyup, light's on solid03:28
jimmy51_homestdin, mister-tea:  ok, now it's attempting to play, but i don't hear anything03:29
jimmy51_homeah, ended up with same error03:29
cesbelhola, como estan todos03:31
mister-teamuy bien03:32
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:32
cesbelalguno de ustedes me podria ayudar con un problema con kstarupconfig03:32
jimmy51_homethis is a brand new motorola H50003:32
jimmy51_homedoes sudo modprobe snd-bt-scod mean anything to you guys?03:34
draik!es | cesbel03:34
ubottucesbel: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:34
jimmy51_homeis that a module i should use?03:34
cesbelanybody know how can I do for solving a problem with kstartupconfig03:36
=== aib is now known as regex
mister-teacesbel whats the problem?03:38
armandoya entendi03:39
cesbelI write my username and my password, but I cannot enter in any sesion, neither gnome nor kde03:39
cesbelIn the screen appear a message related with kstartupconfig03:40
cesbelRIght now I am working in gnome failure mode (I don't know if this is the right way of writing)03:41
x_linkIf I want to start the calculator.03:42
x_linkShouldn't I just write "calc" in "run command"?03:42
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:42
x_linkIt has alwaysed worked befrore.03:42
cesbelthe problem is that I upgrade the system from ubuntu 8.04 to ubuntu 8.10 beta03:43
dstamboux_link: install speedcrunch, awesome calc :)03:43
dstamboux_link: and comes up with "calc"03:43
=== mohsin is now known as Guest9271
x_linkdstambou: But I already have a calc.03:43
x_linkdstambou: But it's just not working now, always worked before03:43
dstamboux_link: I've no idea why it won't show. It may use a different name, may need to edit the menu entry03:44
Guest9271i enable the nvidia drivers from restricted drivers can anyone tell me how to use it03:44
DaSkreechIf lovre comes back someone ping me03:45
x_linkGuest9271: sudo aptitude install nvidia-glx-new, then change "nv" to "nvidia" in your xorg.03:45
Guest9271how to do that03:45
Guest9271x link i install the compiz but can;t use it untill i solve this prob03:46
x_linkGuest9271: I just told to how?03:46
x_linksudo aptitude install nvidia-glx-new03:46
x_linkThen you have the driver.03:46
x_linkAfter that you do -> sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf  there you change "nv" to "nvidia" and save it. After that you restart X.03:47
x_linkI really don't understand this with my calc.03:49
Guest9271x link03:49
Guest9271its already nvidia03:49
x_linkThen what's the problem?03:49
Guest9271  Identifier     "nVidia Corporation G72M [GeForce Go 7400]"03:49
Guest9271    Driver         "nvidia"03:49
Guest9271the prob is that my comiz is not working03:50
x_linkGuest9271: Good, then you're using nVIDIA.03:50
x_linkGuest9271: Have you installed all the right files?03:50
Guest9271when i run this compiz --replace03:51
x_linkInstalled fusion-icon?03:51
x_linksudo aptitude install git-core03:51
Guest9271when i run this compiz --replace03:52
x_linkGuest9271: When you have done that then you write:03:52
x_linkgit-clone git://anongit.opencompositing.org/users/crdlb/fusion-icon && cd fusion-icon && sudo make install03:52
x_linkGuest9271: Listen to what I say.03:53
x_linkI mean, do what I said.03:53
Guest9271right mate no worries03:53
Guest9271its downloading03:53
x_linkGuest9271: Okey, tell me when it's done.03:55
x_linksudo aptitude install git-core03:55
x_linkYou do that first and then the other command.03:55
Guest9271kbefore that command git-clone git://anongit.opencompositing.org/users/crdlb/fusion-icon && cd fusion-icon && sudo make install03:55
x_linkThat second command, the long one, it should be ONE line so you know.03:56
jimmy51_homei just tried 4 different procedures to get a bluetooth headset to work with kubuntu03:56
x_linkGuest9271: Done both commands now?03:56
x_linkjimmy51_home: =/03:56
Guest9271stull downloading03:56
jimmy51_homethe end result is.... bluetooth doesn't work and now amarok crashes when i click on an mp303:57
x_linkGuest9271: Okey, shouldn't take that long.03:57
Guest9271don know y taking so long03:57
x_linkjimmy51_home: Does it crash with other players as well?03:57
InveliosWhat packages are needed to compile plasmoids?03:57
x_linkGuest9271: Strange.03:57
Guest9271now its downloaded03:58
jimmy51_homex_link: no.... and it doesn't crash if i open amarok, and then play the file from within.  it just crashes when i click on one03:58
=== ubuntu_ is now known as lovre____
x_linkjimmy51_home: Ahha okey, odd.03:58
x_linkGuest9271: Okey, good.03:58
lovre____DaSkreech: are you here03:58
x_linksudo aptitude install compiz compiz-bcop compiz-core compiz-fusion-bcop compiz-fusion-plugins-extra compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-kde compiz-plugins compizconfig-backend-kconfig compizconfig-settings-manager libcompizconfig0 libcompizconfig0-dev03:58
DaSkreechIt depends on if you are here03:59
x_linkGuest9271: Run that now, as ONE line.03:59
jimmy51_homei guess i'll just have to stick with windows for my SIP phone + bluetooth03:59
DaSkreechlovre____: Nice tail03:59
x_linkjimmy51_home: Sorry I can't help you =/03:59
lovre____DaSkreech: >) bah, other one is registered...03:59
DaSkreechBy you?03:59
x_linkGuest9271: I really have to go now.03:59
x_linkBut run that last command as well.03:59
jimmy51_homex_link: no prob.  maybe it will work in the next release03:59
DaSkreechYou are nicer with the tail anyway :)03:59
Guest9271x link03:59
Guest9271after that04:00
x_linkAnd when that's done just press Alt+F2 and write fusion-icon.04:00
Guest9271jus give me a hint04:00
lovre____DaSkreech: thank you04:00
x_linkGuest9271: Okey?04:00
lovre____DaSkreech: anywazy, im in kde4.1 now, and its greeeeeat! just one question, why dont my applications show in try, for example konversation and amarok. they say they will sit there but i dont see them04:00
=== sgallinger is now known as arch-villain
lovre____DaSkreech: yes, registered by me, but cba to identify atm04:00
x_linkGuest9271: When your current download is done, that long command, press Alt+F2 and write ->  fusion-icon.04:00
DaSkreechlovre____: konversation and amarok don't turn up in the tray?04:01
x_linkGuest9271: Sorry, forgot one thing. You have to install emerald as well.04:01
lovre____DaSkreech: yes04:01
lovre____DaSkreech: they dont :s04:01
x_linkGuest9271: sudo aptitude install emerald when your current download is done.04:01
x_linkNow i have to go.04:01
DaSkreechlovre____: Both are KDe3 that might have something to do with it04:01
x_linkGuest9271: Join #Compiz-Fusion if it doesn't work after.04:01
x_linkIt's 05:01 here now, so I should go to sleep =)04:02
x_linkGood night!04:02
lovre____DaSkreech: and kopete too.. nothing is going in the tray :^04:02
DaSkreechlovre____: Whats in the tray?04:02
lovre____show dashboard, klipper, knetwork, kmix, and device notifier, clock ofcourse04:03
lovre____DaSkreech: by the way, this looks way awesome tbh. i only hope there wont be many bugs... >s04:04
DaSkreechAnd kopete doesn't turn up?04:04
DaSkreechthat's strange04:04
* genii puts on a pot of coffee04:04
lovre____DaSkreech: could it be because im on live version. although i doubt it04:04
* DaSkreech shrugs. It's a daily :) I have no idea what changes were made04:05
dstamboumy tray is screwy in kde4, glitches all over the place :p04:05
* DaSkreech sits by genii and gets out a KMug04:05
lovre____DaSkreech: ok, dont bother :)04:05
DaSkreechdstambou: Such as ?04:05
lovre____DaSkreech: thank you for your time :04:05
* DaSkreech shakes the box and looks in04:06
DaSkreechlovre____: You can have some more I have a litte left04:06
* genii fills DaSkreech's Kubuntu Mug to the brim with delicious coffee04:06
lovre____DaSkreech: ehehehe, amused :)04:07
lovre____DaSkreech: is katapult still active or is there something else04:08
DaSkreechlovre____: try alt+F204:09
DaSkreechit does a lot of katpult type stuff04:09
lovre____DaSkreech: i see04:09
DaSkreechKatapult is still coming along04:09
DaSkreechand there is another project quicksand that I'm hoping will be available for Ibex04:09
lovre____DaSkreech: kk04:09
=== mohsin is now known as mohsin__
kubuserDaSkreech: :)04:35
kubuserstill trying to determine who uses KMail and KOrganizer and etc....04:36
mike-solidushow do i mount an ntfs drive?04:42
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE04:44
ubottuFUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a !kernel driver that allows non-root users to create their own filesystems. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_in_Userspace for more on FUSE.  Some examples of filesystems that use FUSE are !ntfs-3g, sshfs and isofs. A full list of Filesystems that use FUSE is here:  http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/FileSystems04:44
kubuserthat ntfs-3g is really cool. however some issues with putting it in fstab.04:44
kubuserlot of configuration.... :) but it rocks!!!04:45
mike-solidusi'm trying to get it to mount when clicking the filesystem, don't care about automounting04:45
kubuserclicking? in dolphin?04:45
mike-solidusit says i don't have privaliges and to rebuild fuse, is there simply a different fuse package with privalages built in?04:45
mike-solidusyeah with dolphin04:45
kubuserNot sure about KDE as I'm new. With xfce and such click actions use fstab entries for mounting.04:46
kubuserI'm sorry I shouldn't have interrupted genii as he probably has better info.04:46
=== arch-villain is now known as alpolopanuc
mike-solidushmm, its cool, just needa find out how to mount it somehow, i know i can automount through tutorials, but i'd like to do it thorugh kde's userspace filesystem so i can access it via dolphin easily04:48
mike-solidusit claims i need a different version of fuse because i'm an unprivaliged user04:48
geniikubuser: I only use ext4 and XFS these days so no expert on ntfs :) But thanks for the high esteem04:52
geniimike-solidus: Hm. Is this username you are on the first user which was made with install, or another name added subsequently?04:52
genii(they do not get added to adm/sudo enabled group by default)04:53
mike-solidusgenii: it's the only user on the install04:53
=== Kage_Jittai2 is now known as Kage_Jittai
mike-solidusgenii: besides root, letme see if i can get the actual error message for you, dolphin hides it pretty quick04:54
=== Invelios is now known as chrisruls00
=== root is now known as Guest75857
geniiProbably another argument for not running as root04:55
mike-solidusand error occured while accessing "Volume (ntfs)'. the system responded: unprivileged user can not mount NTFS block devices using the external FUSE library. Either mount the volume as root, or rebuild NTFS-3G with integrated FUSE support and make it setuid root. Please see more information at http://ntfs-3g.org/support.html#unprivaliged04:57
juacom99sorry i didn't mean to send that04:57
=== |Aryn| is now known as aRyn
geniimike-solidus: Have you compiled anything on your box yet? eg: Do you have build-essential and other stuff like that already05:07
mike-solidusgenii: no, but i did it through the first link you gave me with the automated python program, its wierd that fuse isn't compiled with support since kubuntu is usually run by the user instead of root though05:08
geniimike-solidus: I found an explanation of why here: http://bugs.archlinux.org/task/974805:08
=== adam is now known as Guest13722
mike-soliduskk, so its an error with fuse itself kinda05:09
geniiLooks like05:10
jimmy51_homewhere do i set file type associations?05:11
jimmy51_homedo i just open with, other, and check the box for remember association?05:11
geniiInside the file05:11
jimmy51_homeah, click the little wrench05:13
jimmy51_homehave you ever heard of adept running as a little window with a green ball icon, instaead of running in the system tray?05:13
geniiIf you are in kde4 and added a systray widget to desktop, possibly05:14
jimmy51_homekde3.5, and it only happens on some boots05:15
mike-solidusjimmy51_home its a conflict with compiz05:15
Guest13722omg, can someone help me register a name?05:16
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode05:16
=== Guest13722 is now known as Pantheon
=== Pantheon is now known as AdamTech
=== AdamTech is now known as AdamTech1
AdamTech1ok got it05:18
AdamTech1just had to refresh my memory as I registerd before05:18
AdamTech1thanks anyway05:18
* genii hands out another round of coffees in shiny new Kubuntu mugs05:18
* mr---t- sips slowly05:19
jimmy51_homemike-solidus:  ah05:19
geniimr---t-: Hiya05:19
AdamTech1ummm how you swith channels again?05:19
genii/j #name05:19
AdamTech1oh ok thanks05:19
mr---t-another night guiding the lost kubuntu user05:20
AdamTech1well i have used it before, just thought i would give it a shot again05:21
AdamTech1anyone used wine before?05:21
anethum_ahey i just installed the nvidia 177.80 driver and it killed my sound...what do i need to check to see whats wrong?05:22
AdamTech1i downloaded a .tar.bz2 file and how do i get it to install?05:23
geniiUm, perhaps see if the thing you just downloaded is available instead from in the package manager05:24
geniiAdamTech1: Is this wine you are trying to install?05:26
AdamTech1it won't i get an error05:26
AdamTech1and yes05:26
geniiAdamTech1: Follow the instructions at: http://www.winehq.org/site/download-deb05:27
AdamTech1i did05:27
geniiWhat exactly does the error message say?05:27
AdamTech1its not woking05:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about doesnwork05:27
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.05:27
geniieg: What exactly does the error message say05:28
AdamTech1There was an error commiting changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages.05:28
EagleSnAdamTech1 paste the error, using http://paste.ubuntu.com/05:29
AdamTech1omg the error is right there05:30
AdamTech1the full error is right there05:30
EagleSnprovide a link please05:30
AdamTech1?!?! for what?05:31
EagleSna link to see your error05:31
DaSkreechapt-get install -f05:31
geniiuhoh battery alert... AFK finding charger05:32
AdamTech1what will "install -f" do?05:32
EagleSnforce install05:32
anethum_ain that case, perhaps i'll try sound work -f05:33
AdamTech1when i use the install -f i get : http://paste.ubuntu.com/55888/05:34
DaSkreech-f is fix install not force05:34
EagleSnyou have to use sudo05:34
anethum_aany ideas about why the latest nvidia driver killed my sound?05:35
EagleSnsudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -f install wine05:36
mr---t-DaSkreech: really ? i thought it was force05:37
mr---t-my bad05:37
anethum_a:~$ sudo kmix05:39
anethum_aERROR: Communication problem with kmix, it probably crashed.05:39
anethum_axine was unable to initialize any audio drivers05:40
ScorpKingsee what alsamixer does05:41
ScorpKingcheers guys, have fun05:41
anethum_a:~$ sudo alsamixer05:41
anethum_aalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory05:41
enyawixkde 4.x ?05:42
enyawixlooking for a distro that has it05:43
anethum_akde 4.1.2 Kernel 2.6.24-21-generic nvidia proprietary driver 177.8005:43
kavonso will kubuntu be using NetworkManager 0.7 and have all those snazzy features ubuntu ibex will have?05:44
stdinkavon: kubuntu will have whatever ubuntu has, it has to05:46
stdinthey share the same base05:46
anethum_aok, today i installed the newest nvidia driver, 177.80, and it killed my sound, any help???05:48
EagleSnkavon network manager 0.7 is not working well for me in Kubuntu 8.10 beta, it just does not list any available wifi05:48
geniianethum_a: Incidentally in future don't use sudo to run kde or gnome applications05:50
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
geniianethum_a: It makes their resource files owned by root and therefore not allowed to be read or altered by the user they should rightfully need to be run by05:51
anethum_aoh, i was only trying sudo becuase they weren't working initially, but thanks for that info05:52
anethum_akmix will not start and anything sound related seems to have died05:53
geniiThis is how initially simple problems become compounded....05:53
geniianethum_a: My first guess is that your chipset is integrated. What does command:     lspci | grep Audio              report as your soundcard make?05:54
anethum_a00:07.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP67 High Definition Audio (rev a1)05:54
geniianethum_a: Looking it up05:55
=== fReAkY[t] is now known as freaky[t]
geniianethum_a: It uses the intel hda driver.    does command:    lsmod | grep snd_hda_intel            report anything?06:01
geniianethum_a: Try:   sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel                  and then try previous command again, pastebin result of that please06:03
geniiThere is also a known issue with intel made hda cards, the fix for which may also work on this one. But we will see first about just loading the driver06:04
anethum_athats all its giving me06:07
=== Evil_DuDe_ is now known as Evil_DuDe
geniianethum_a: You forgot the dash between snd and hda when loading the module06:08
geniieg: snd-hda-intel    and not snd hda-intel06:08
anethum_asame results06:08
mr---t-isn't it underscore?06:09
anethum_ai tried a combination of dashes and underscores just for kicks06:09
geniimr---t-: It's underscore when lsmod dash when modprobe06:09
geniiHmm. "unknown symbol" generally means compiled for incorrect kernel version06:11
geniianethum_a: Can you pastebin result of command:    dmesg | tail              please06:12
geniianethum_a: OK. I think you should follow the instructions for getting regular intel hda to work, since it involves compiling the driver, which will in this case overwrite the one giving grief06:16
ubottuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto06:16
enyawixis kubuntu 64bit milti arch?06:16
enyawixwill debian .deb packages work with kubuntu?06:17
anethum_aok, great. if its not terribly important that i do this now, i'd like to wait until tomorrow as i've really got to get in the bed!06:17
geniianethum_a: Nothing should blow up before tomorrow ;)06:18
anethum_athanks a bunch for your help you're a lifesaver06:19
zerothisI have some files in a ........../subdirectory on a removable drive. I want them (the subdirectory) to be automatically available in my home directory when the drive is plugged in. Would mount -bind or mount -rbind do this?06:19
anethum_ahopefully i can get it straightened out tomorrow. g'night!06:19
geniienyawix: 64 bit works on both amd and intel.       second answer: most debian packages will. But it is not a good idea to install them because when they do not work, failure can mean a system which is not operational. Usage of debian packages on (k)ubuntu is discouraged, and not supported06:21
enyawixgenii is flash working on 64 bit version? and can I install more than one version of gcc and switch between then with gcc-config?06:30
geniienyawix: Yes.Yes. And Yes.06:33
=== armando is now known as Lima
=== Lima is now known as armando
=== iddqd is now known as unitypunk
dincihello there - what are the min. system requirements for kubuntu 8 beta07:04
geniidinci: They should know in channel #ubuntu+107:04
dincigenii: why not here?07:05
Jucatobecause this channel isn't for "the next release of *buntu"07:06
geniidinci: Someone here actually might know. But it's not the channel for beta releases07:06
geniidinci: The minimum requirements for 8.04 are approximately Pentium 2 400Mhz system with 256Mb RAM and 3Gb hard drive.07:07
dinciperfect - thank you. I didn't find that on their website in FAQ section :) they should add it!07:09
dincithen here is a question for you: I just upgraded my dapper drake to edgy eft. apt-get update showed only errors. I replaced the previous sources.list from dapper. did the update - it worked.07:10
geniidinci: There is not a question in that statement07:11
dincithan dpkg -r to the xubuntu desktop and some related applications (kept only kde). rebooted and guess what bustbox /in/sh: can't acces tty; job control turned off07:11
TRIGG3Rcan anyone explain to me step by step, how to make an extended partition using the live cd?07:13
dinciNow I have oly the (initramfs) prompt and have no idea what to do - because the busybox can appear from various reasons07:14
dinci(as I read on the net)07:14
dincigenii: am I on the right channel for this question?07:14
geniidinci: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=27988407:15
geniidinci: Yes, this is the support channel for ubuntu. It would not work very well if it there were no questions being asked and answered07:15
geniiInsert a "k" before "ubuntu" in above statement  ;)07:17
anbuany one help me mount an usb pen drive07:17
anbuit says permission denied07:17
anbupls help07:18
anbuam newbe07:18
anbupls help07:18
freaky[t]is there any good UML tool for kubuntu?07:19
geniianbu: How is it you are attempting to mount the drive?07:19
anbuwhen i plug my drive it shows07:19
geniicommand-line,dolphin,konqueror, etc07:19
mike-solidusis the new amarok out in packages yet?07:19
anbugenii - konqueror07:20
geniianbu: Is the username you are logged on with made after installing kubuntu, or the first name made during the install?07:20
anbufirst made07:21
anbugenii - first made07:21
geniimike-solidus: I've heard amarok2 is available but have no experience or other knowledge of it07:21
geniianbu: OK. What filesystem is on there?07:21
anbugenii - its fat3207:21
mike-solidusgenii: cool, do you know how to force katapult to reindex applications. after upgrading to the beta it still trys to load all my kde3 apps which it can't find07:22
geniimike-solidus: No idea07:22
mike-soliduskde4 is amazing07:23
mike-solidusi tried it at 4.1 and it was really crappy, but this version rocks07:23
geniianbu: Please remove the drive. Wait 20 seconds. Then plug it back in. Then in konsole issue:   dmesg | tail         and please put the result in a pastebin and report here the URL07:24
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)07:24
geniianbu: If unfamiliar with pastebin see the bots instruction above07:24
anbuok gennii thanks07:25
TRIGG3Rcan anyone explain to me step by step, how to make an extended partition using the live cd?07:25
geniiTRIGG3R: See http://tldp.org/HOWTO/html_single/Partition/#mixed07:29
anbugenii its herehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/55910/07:29
geniianbu: Reading07:29
anbugenii did u read07:31
geniianbu: OK. Issue: sudo mkdir /media/sdc1;sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc1 -o exec,rw,users07:33
anbumkdir: cannot create directory `/media/sdc1': File exists07:34
geniianbu: You should after be able to navigate to it through konqueror..storage media07:34
dincialt+f1 -> boot log. alt+f7 -> initramfs prompt. i understand grub doesn't know the swap. I edited the grub -replaced UUID with /dev/hda2. Booted - same error. On reboot the old UUID is still there (?)07:34
anbugenii - it show error  'mkdir: cannot create directory `/media/sdc1': File exists'07:35
geniidinci: Editing it in grub prompt works for 1 boot. To make it permanent edit /boot/grub/menu.lst07:35
geniianbu: Thats fine. Just do the second part then07:35
geniianbu: EG:        sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc1 -o exec,rw,users07:35
anbumount: /dev/sdc1 already mounted or /media/sdc1 busy07:36
anbumount: according to mtab, /dev/sdc1 is already mounted on /media/sdc107:36
geniianbu: OK. first then, do:    sudo umount /media/sdc107:36
anbuthanks genii its worked07:37
anbuthanks a loooooot07:37
geniianbu:You're welcome07:37
anbubut it shows access denied when i write some thing07:37
dincigenii: I don't have the boot directory when ls-ing from the (initramfs) prompt. that ain't the problem. error persists when booting from grub without UUID07:38
geniianbu: OK. 1 minute07:38
rod_Hi all07:41
anbuhi rod07:42
dinciyo rod07:42
rod_new to kubuntu trying out the toys07:43
geniianbu: sudo umount /media/sdc1   once more. Then: sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc1 -o user,rw,exec,umask=0               this time07:43
geniidinci: So using hda2 still gave some grub error and will not come up into system?07:44
dincigenii: unfortunately07:44
stdinI think "uid=1000,gid=1000" would be good ^ there07:44
geniistdin: Thanks for paying attention :)07:45
stdingenii: just looking in whilst compiling codeblocks ;)07:45
anbuyes it work07:45
anbuwhere u get this information genii07:45
geniianbu: Google :)07:45
anbubut i search for an hour and i can't how u can07:46
geniianbu: Specifically in this case from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15296607:46
* genii google-fu's!07:46
anbuoh that's good this is the distinction between knowladgable and me07:47
geniidinci: Able to boot to livecd at all?07:47
dincigenii: livecd worked07:47
anbuonce again thanks genii.07:47
geniianbu: You're welcome07:47
geniidinci: From livecd would be useful to know output of: sudo fdisk -l          so to try and deduce where to point grub for loading kernel07:48
geniidinci: In pastebin preferably :)07:49
dincigenii: tried stdin's sugestion. boot blocked. splash disabled. kernel panis - not syncing:attempted to kill init07:51
dincibut there's a syntax error: 0xid=1000 ..07:53
dinciI'm wrinting "uid=1000,gid=1000"07:54
geniidinci: If you're going to upgrade from 6.06 to 8.04 anyhow maybe just download an 8.04 cd and install directly instead of bothering to try and rescue the 6.06 failed 6.10 upgrade07:54
dincithat's what I thought ..07:54
geniidinci: The uid/gid recommendation was for anbu and not you07:54
geniistdin: You should put username to which instructions are directed in the body of a reply so as not to cause confusion .... ;)07:55
* genii runs and hides07:55
geniidinci: Anyhow, sudo fdisk -l    should have some info on your hd like what the partitions are named and then you could experimentally try them in turn from editing the grub prompt07:58
geniihda1 hda2 hda3  or so on07:58
=== ferenc is now known as ferenc_
tekgeekltanyone have a recommendation for a ftp server that has a gui and not to difficult to setup?08:00
dincigenii: thank you for your help. god bless you08:12
geniidinci: You're welcome, although how effective the assistance was may be of some debate08:13
=== ocs is now known as faLUCE
unitypunkanyone around?08:18
geniiunitypunk: Somewhere between 2 and 290 perhaps08:18
geniiunitypunk: Please state the nature of your Kubuntu emergency08:19
unitypunkim having some wifi issues i think08:21
=== sfs is now known as _StefanS_
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:24
unitypunki cant stay connected to irc on the deskto08:24
chfwiggu1unitypunk: ure up now 10 mins08:26
unitypunkim not on the desktop08:27
unitypunkits trying to get synaptic08:27
unitypunkbut it keeps hanging up08:27
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »08:30
unitypunklike waiting for na time bomb...08:40
=== chfwiggu1 is now known as chfwiggum
Ratchet4620 hey um i thgink im in a bit of a jam...  I'm in the middle of upgrading from KDE3 to 8.10 and i think the install is frozen08:51
Ratchet4620anysugestions on what to do?08:52
Ratchet4620anybody ?????08:53
chfwiggumRatchet4620: :) its impossible to upgrade from kde3 to 8.10. u can do so from kde3 to kde4 or from 8.04 to 8.1008:54
geniichfwiggum: Beat me to it08:54
chfwiggumfast typer :)08:54
Ratchet4620is a noob XD08:54
Ratchet46208.04 to 8.1008:54
Ratchet4620that what i ment08:55
geniiRatchet4620: Perhaps you should consider not installing beta software :)08:55
geniiRatchet4620: That aside they may be able to help or know something about how to assist you in the cannel for 8.10 which is #ubuntu+108:55
=== unitypunk__ is now known as unitypunk
jfesalvaneradoes anybody here knows how to setup wifi08:59
amerigohello I got a problem with kino08:59
unitypunkim on the trouble maker now..08:59
unitypunkcant you telll :-/08:59
amerigois impossibile to conveert in mpeg format ...09:00
amerigokubuntu 8.04.109:01
amerigokino just installed09:01
amerigounitypunk: probabily you must activate zeroconf09:02
unitypunkwhats that :-/09:03
jfesalvaneradoes anybody here knows how to setup wifi09:04
jfesalvaneraany help09:04
chfwiggumjfesalvanera: must specify your problem. names, versions. cant help you09:04
amerigosorry unit i was telling to jfesalvanera09:05
jfesalvaneraim using ubuntu 8, I had a problem how to setup wifi connection09:06
unitypunkthat is so frustrating.09:06
jfesalvanerawhat driver do i need to install so that my wifi works?09:07
unitypunkoh look09:10
unitypunkdesktop made it back online again.09:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kino09:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mdeie09:16
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs09:16
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:16
amerigosomebody can help me with kino??09:19
amerigoi can't export avi in mpeg format09:22
amerigobutton is gray...09:24
genii!info konverter09:31
ubottuPackage konverter does not exist in hardy09:31
unitypunkamerigo, what were you saying about zeroconf09:34
amerigohardy is 8.0409:34
unitypunkim pretty sure09:35
amerigomanDVD work in hardy?09:35
unitypunkgot no idea.09:35
unitypunki am super new to linux.09:36
unitypunki take it back09:36
unitypunksuper ignoarant.09:36
amerigoZeroconfig may be the daemon that search Wi-Fi connection09:37
amerigoif you have access code may be very simple to huck a Wi-Fi connection09:37
unitypunki dont follow you?09:38
amerigoi don't have wifi system ... i don't know exactly09:38
unitypunkoh.. heh09:38
amerigoin Admin >>System09:38
unitypunkknetwork manager shows up as staying connected to the wap09:39
amerigothere is something like that09:39
amerigoyou can found configuration09:39
amerigoof system09:39
amerigoand wifi connection09:39
amerigoone of them have zeroconf09:39
amerigoyou had to found this procedure...09:40
amerigobut may be halso a firewall configuration09:40
amerigoin this case toy must check it09:40
amerigothis is what I know09:41
unitypunknot firewall.09:41
chfwiggumi have some difficulties :) with i think the xine engine.when i use amarok and mirointernettv(depends on democracy player) under kde4 it seems the video driver for xine isnt set correctly.tried most of the drivers to change in console b/c xine gui crashes when it comes to change video drivers.manipulated xorg.conf - no change.the mplayers work all nicely, kaffeine also, but crashes when i try to set xine-parameters in the gui.09:48
chfwiggumprobs only with amarok2-video and democracyplayer09:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xine09:50
chfwiggumin mplayer i chose x11 for video_driver but cant find it in xine-maybe different name?09:51
chfwiggummaybe someone may lend me his xorg.conf to compare? on an ubuntu install democacy works like a charm out of box09:54
unitypunk__why cant i mount this hard drive :/10:02
unitypunk__well i know why..10:03
unitypunk__but it wont let me fix it..10:04
chfwiggumunitypunk__: which hard drive?10:04
unitypunk__its a 160g ntfs drive10:05
chfwiggumwant it to mount at start? did u put it in /etc/fstab?10:06
unitypunkchfwiggum,  its not in fstab.10:11
unitypunkand.. it timed out again.10:11
chfwiggumunitypunk: do u want it to be mounted at boottime?10:11
unitypunksure, but im not spcificly trying to do it at boot, i was trying to do it now.10:11
chfwiggumok ill help10:12
chfwiggumunitypunk: open a console10:13
chfwiggumunitypunk: blkid10:13
unitypunkdidnt do anything10:13
chfwiggumunitypunk: sudo blkid10:13
chfwiggumthen u open /etc/fstab in kate as root10:14
chfwiggumto write10:14
chfwiggumlike alt+f2  kdesu kate /etc/fstab10:14
chfwiggumunitypunk: rgr?10:15
unitypunkkate is up10:15
chfwiggumnow in console there u find ur hd with an UID10:16
chfwiggumthis UUID u copy in fstab10:16
chfwiggumin a new line :)10:16
tMishwhere do I report fde4 bug10:17
tMishwhere do I report kde4 bug10:17
chfwiggumso this line starts with UUID=some number10:17
unitypunkgot it10:17
chfwiggumthen u make a folder in your home directory10:17
chfwiggumwher u want this hd to be mounted10:18
unitypunkdoes it matter where i make it?10:18
unitypunkcan i put it with the other hard drive in /media10:19
chfwiggumwell if u want read/write acces as a normal user it should be in YOUR /home/unitypunk directory10:19
unitypunkoh.. ok10:19
chfwiggumor whatever ur username is10:19
unitypunknew folder named anything i want?10:20
chfwiggumback to /etc/fstab10:20
chfwiggumfirst UUID10:20
chfwiggumthen space then the path to your new hd-folder10:20
chfwiggumthen space then ntfs ?(u said?)10:21
chfwiggum space defaults space 0 space 210:21
unitypunkgot all that10:22
chfwiggumno quotes around the UUID? then save that thing:)10:22
chfwiggumkewl now in console lets mount all in fstab with mount -a10:23
chfwiggumno reboot its not M$10:23
unitypunkdidnt work10:23
chfwiggumsudo mount -a?10:23
joymay i ask how to delete most visited site?10:23
unitypunkgave me the same thing about being denied10:23
chfwiggumonly sudo can mount !!10:24
unitypunkbecause ntfs iss marked to be inuse10:24
unitypunki did sudo mount -a10:24
joyi want to delete all the site i recently visit10:24
unitypunklog file indicates unclean shut down10:24
joycan you help me how to do this?10:24
chfwiggumwant to paste that fstab line? leave out your username10:25
joywhere can i find log file?10:25
joyis it at the konqueror?10:25
=== matthew is now known as mty4806
unitypunkthe line with uuid?10:26
joyhey unitypunk10:26
joycan you help me?10:26
mty4806soone plz... I need some serious help.... drivin me nutz10:26
unitypunkUUID=DED08416D083F2D7 /home/unitypunk/storage ntfs 0 210:27
mty4806have a new, FRESH install... just finished updating...10:27
unitypunkno joy, i suck at this stuff..10:27
unitypunkim trying to learn myself :-/10:27
mty4806fresh formated HDD.... 1tb internal. 3 partions ext310:27
unitypunkmy dad got a 1tb external.. im jelous..10:28
mty4806mounted in each perspective folders under /home/XXX1 - 310:28
joyme too10:28
joyanybody here...10:28
mty4806I cant write to any of them...10:28
joyhey mty480610:28
mty4806ya ya10:28
mty4806waz - up joy10:28
joycan you help me how to delete all the site i recently visited?10:29
carib909Cannot open network services on KDE4 Kubuntu authentication error. Any ideas10:29
mty4806visited some ... pern sites dont want to be found out10:29
joyi want to delete it10:29
mty4806ok, well under firefox, cust clear the cash10:29
joyim here at office10:30
joyits prohibited here10:30
joydont them to find out10:30
joycan you help me10:30
carib909They can still tell what sites you visited. Registered on servers.10:30
joywhere can i find firefox10:30
mty4806ummm... is this a corperate system ur using?10:30
joyim using linux10:31
mty4806if it is, good luck with permissions... you will prolly need to be sudo....10:31
carib909What browser is joy using?10:31
mty4806firefox i presume10:31
chfwiggumjoy: no ladies' pics at work if u dont have write access :)10:31
joyits konqueror10:32
joysomebody help me10:32
chfwiggumjoy: ure doomed10:33
mty4806so um yeah.... I need to modify permissions for all 3 of my partisons within one drive, mounted at /home/"folder 1- 3"10:33
unitypunki got it..10:33
mty4806cant write to them withought sudo10:33
chfwiggumbring it on10:33
unitypunkhad to force it.10:33
mty4806this is my drive for netatalk file locations10:33
chfwiggumunitypunk: it works?10:33
unitypunkits in my fstab twice10:34
joycan you help me10:34
joyim using konqueror10:34
chfwiggumunitypunk: once is enough if ure sure delete the second10:34
mty4806if your corp is any good they prolly log all internal network activity via a proxy svr10:34
chfwiggumor comment it out with #10:34
unitypunkone was there before you10:34
unitypunk*before i added the one10:35
chfwiggumcomment it out10:35
unitypunkor ##?10:35
chfwiggumone # at beginning of line is enough10:35
chfwiggumthen save it maybe u want to reboot to prove your work10:35
joyi cant follow10:36
mty4806so yeah.... I need to make write premissions to 3 partions... for read/write alll folders in each partion10:36
carib909  Cannot open network services on KDE4 Kubuntu authentication error. Any ideas10:37
mty4806btw, ever notice in the showtime siers "Weeds" there isnt a single IBM??? APPLE is #1, ubuntu is #1.110:37
unitypunkdamn its late.10:37
mty4806well in iraq its jsut about lunch time10:37
mty4806<<--- deployed US SOLDIER10:37
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!10:38
mty4806so yeah.... havin a lil issue10:39
mty4806and I just broke my chair.... now I have 2 issues10:39
smutjecould somebody tell me how to change grafic size10:40
mty4806grafic.... specify plz10:40
smutjei wanna use 1024x76810:41
smutjeor 1280x76810:41
mty4806do you have the restricted drivers installed?10:41
smutjei only can use 640x or 800x10:41
mty4806nvidia, or ati?10:42
smutjeuptget nvidia ?10:42
mty4806well that is ez.... go to system/admin/ hardware drivers10:42
carib909Help on network connections please10:44
mty4806np smutje10:44
mty4806i have to go to the px... my chair brokeded....10:45
amerigonobody have idea why export in mpeg is disabilited...?10:49
amerigopgrm. Kino  -  Hardy 8.04.110:49
amerigoi can't export10:50
powertool08how many minutes can I overburn an 80 min cd? Is 87:44 too much?10:51
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=== Copertone is now known as kopertone
=== kopertone is now known as Kopertone
waylandbillpowertool08: 90 seconds depending on media10:53
chfwiggumGuest79985: depends on the material u got, but 87 might be too long10:53
powertool08waylandbill: hmm, so I guess I'm not going to get those last ones on there :/10:54
waylandbillno. not 7 minutes. :)10:54
powertool08waylandbill: and it wouldn't do 4:04 over?10:55
chfwiggumpowertool08: well on some german sonys i heard 85 was possible10:56
powertool08waylandbill: I guess a better question is, how do I find the size of the files to be added in k3b?10:56
powertool08chfwiggum: Hmm... I just have a boring samsung10:56
chfwiggumpowertool08: it really depends on the cds u got10:57
chfwiggumnot the writer10:57
powertool08chfwiggum: If I go for it will it just burn to the edge and then stop mid-song when I play or will it fubar my drive?10:57
powertool08chfwiggum: oh, well cheap imation's for the media10:58
chfwiggumpowertool08: no harm to hardware, maybe u check it out10:58
powertool08chfwiggum: I think I will, thanks :)10:58
waylandbillyou won't hurt the hardware, you just will make a frisbee... or a beverage coaster..10:58
waylandbillyou are essentially writing on the lead area. If you write too much, there will no room for the lead and it wont get written making the disc no good.10:59
powertool08waylandbill: ok11:00
powertool08well it burned but the last song cuts off 1:49 into it, oh well...11:07
chfwiggumpowertool08: so how much did u put on it?11:08
powertool08chfwiggum: I went with the 84:0411:09
chfwiggumnot too bad :)11:09
powertool08chfwiggum: so it cut about a minute and a half from the last track, and the last 3 don't have cd text with them11:10
chfwiggumah 82 aint world record :)11:10
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=== freaky_t is now known as freaky[t]
powertool08guess I should get some sleep... its 5:15 am and I have to be up at 711:14
* powertool08 bids goodnight to irc11:14
=== freaky[t] is now known as freaky_t
mty4806nahhh its 127pm in iraq... ur good11:27
JackWinterhoray, just setup /boot/grub on another partition and made a custom menu.lst  works a charm.  considering adding a 5:th os now :)11:31
JackWinteris the kubuntu 4.10 beta out yet ? and which level ?  rc ?11:31
mty4806hey jack... can u help me?11:32
JackWintermty4806: don't know if i can :)  what's the prob ?11:33
mty4806kk... here check it out... I got an internal 1tb, 3 partons, mounted in /home/"fldr1 - 3" but I cannto write to them... each drive is for somthing differnt... 1 music, 2 fam pics& vida, & 3 time machine to run with netatalk.11:34
jarek_hello! i have ubuntu and want to install on it kubuntu, how? sudo apt-get install kde? that is all? :)11:34
mty4806but I cant write to them... adn I need ALL users to be able to write11:34
mty4806write read, create, move ... all permissions?11:35
mty4806can I just chmod 770 /home/ fldr 1-3?11:35
waylandbillmty4806: the way I would handle that is to put the users you want to access into a group and give write access to that group.11:39
waylandbillmty4806: giving write access to the world would do what you want, but is almost always a bad idea.11:40
mty4806ok.... last time I did that I had to reinstall cause I messed sumthin up...11:40
mty4806what I did i unno11:40
JackWintermty4806: ok, as i've been told lately the traditional way is the mount media in /media but that shouldn't matter, you can do as you like.  are the disks writable at all ?  depends on the options used in /etc/fstab  lastly i suppose you can chmod them.  770 would make them accessible for yourself and users in your group.  maybe 644 would be a better choise ?11:40
mty4806well lets try...11:41
JackWintermty4806: or 666...  would make them read/write for all users11:42
mty4806ok, the devil chmod... got it....11:43
mty4806ok creating a folder is says permissions denied11:44
mty4806do I need to reboot?11:44
JackWinterno need to reboot11:45
mty4806no work yet11:46
JackWinterfirst of all for what user are they ?  ls -l  shows that11:46
waylandbillyou shouldn't ever have to reboot unless you install a new kernel. :)11:46
mty4806ls: cannot access /home/music/lost+found: Permission denied11:48
mty4806total 011:48
mty4806d????????? ? ? ? ?                ? lost+found11:48
mty4806wtf is that?11:49
JackWintertry sudo ls -l then11:49
mty4806drwx------ 2 root root 16384 2008-10-10 09:32 lost+found11:50
JackWinterso that belongs to user root from group root, and is rwx only for root, so no one can access it....11:51
mty4806k how do I amke it part of the "users" group11:51
JackWintersudo chown user:group filename11:52
mty4806K can I just do that to a directory?11:52
JackWinterthink you can do it reccursive with -R option, so try "sudo chown -R mty:mty /home/music"11:53
JackWinterreplace mty with your username:group11:54
mty4806what is the default user group?11:55
JackWinteri assume you are under kubuntu.  in that case it would be the same as your username.  look with "ll -l *" in your home dir...11:56
mty4806ok.. tried that... heres the error11:56
mty4806Error removing file: Permission denied11:56
mty4806that is with rght clk creat new folder11:57
JackWintercan you pastebin the /etc/fstab file ?11:57
* JackWinter still wonders if there is a kubuntu 8.10 beta :)11:58
mty4806k its there11:59
mty4806mty4806 fstab11:59
JackWinterok that looks fine.  you did create the mount parts in /home before mounting the partitions right12:01
mty4806i created the parts during install12:01
JackWinterno i mean the mountpoints.  in /home you would have to do "sudo mkdir music" "sudo mkdir TimeMacheen" etc.  also be careful about upper/lower case...12:03
mty4806like I said.... they were created during inital install...12:03
JackWinterok.  what happened when you did chown above ?12:04
mty4806just took it12:04
mty4806no errors12:04
JackWinterand how does a "sudo ll -l *" in /home look like ?12:05
JackWintersorry ls -l *12:05
mty4806d????????? ? ? ? ?                ? lost+found12:05
mty4806drwx------ 2 matthew matthew 16384 2008-10-10 09:32 lost+found12:06
mty4806this is sudo12:06
JackWinteris this in /home ?12:08
JackWinterok, looks like music belongs to you know.  and if you do the same in /home/music ?12:11
mty4806permissions denied for cd12:12
JackWinteractually i wonder if this is right.  (still a bit of a noob).  my mountpoints are 755 once the media has been mounted in any case...12:15
mty4806ok. here seeing how there is nothing in them folders... I will delete them.... and erase them from fstab12:16
mty4806recreate.... but I need them to remount auto after reboot12:16
amerigoi had to install gtk+ for kubuntu hardy 8.0412:17
amerigowhat should i use?12:17
JackWinterprobably you have to set them 755 if they are for your own use, and 777 if they are for all users of the machine...12:18
mty4806ok.... here we go12:19
mty4806sudo chmod -R /home/12:19
JackWinterno, that's a bad idea :)12:19
amerigomty4806: with how you are speaking?12:19
amerigook sorry12:20
waylandbillyou don't want universal access to all user's folders to all users. that's definately an accident waiting happen.12:20
waylandbillnot to mention that Jill may not want Jack to see her... files...12:21
mty4806the "server" is only for serving personal files on home network from OS X12:21
mty4806this system will be used by none.... screen keyboard, mouse all disconected with fiber to router12:21
mty4806and then stuffed in a closet12:22
JackWinterand what are you going to use nfs ?12:22
JackWintersorry don't know that.  if it was nfs then it would be easy :)12:22
waylandbillif you don't need multiple users then just create a single account for storing the files then.12:22
randryI have problem with wireless12:22
JackWinteri don't think you need to worry about all these users and access rights12:23
randryanyone can help?12:23
waylandbillrandry: perhaps if you could be more specific we can try.12:23
mty4806well OS will require login.... default username is os x registerd name. ie "Matthew Yax" and then TM will conect and create immage of system12:24
randryif I run lspci12:24
randrythere is no WLAN0112:24
randryonly eth0 and io012:24
randryI have installed ndiswrapper but it won't work12:25
mty4806ok, I am out...12:25
randryand it can't recognise my broadcom12:27
randryit says uknown device 431112:27
randryany suggestion?12:28
randry it says  ::0000:06:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation: Unknown device 4311 (rev 01)12:28
waylandbilllast I knew that line was handled by the b43 kernel module and didn't need ndiswrapper.12:31
randryWhat can I do?12:31
waylandbillis it listed in the Hardware Drivers Manager?12:32
randrywhat do u mean12:32
randryI run lspci12:32
randryit was listed there12:33
randryeven the light showing wireless is not on12:34
waylandbillI mean... in the k-menu, go to system, and select "Hardware Drivers Manager"12:34
waylandbillthe broadcom should be in there and not enabled. enabling it requires a hard wire network connection to download the b43 firmware.12:35
randrythere is no hardware driver manger , do u mean device manager?12:36
=== jens is now known as Guest4453
Dr_willis_for the b43 stuff.. some times you need to do a little more work.. dependong on the exact wireless chipset. (or at least ive had to)12:39
randryI can't find there , is it Mobile PCI bridge12:39
randrywhat is b43?12:40
randryand system>administration>networking says enter password invalid12:41
Dr_willis_it would want your first users password - i imagine..12:42
randryI have only one user12:43
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=== ubuntu__ is now known as ubuntu_
randryWhat can I do know?12:44
Dr_willis_I just  got here.. so have no idea what you are trying to do.12:47
randryI want to get my wireless working12:48
waylandbillrandry is trying to get his 4311 wireless running. ndiswrapper is installed.12:49
Dr_willis_K -> system -> Hardware Drivers Manager12:49
Dr_willis_is the hardware driver tool under Kubuntu 8.04 Kde 312:49
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs12:49
Dr_willis_I would check the docs and wiki pages for that specific card also.12:50
randrymine is ubuntu 6.06 LTS12:50
Dr_willis_some take  a little extra work12:50
Dr_willis_I have No clue on 6.06 -  I would suggest upgrading.12:50
waylandbilloh.. dapper.. that's why there's no hardware driver manager. :)12:50
Dr_willis_that card may not even be supported on 6.0612:50
* Dr_willis_ points out that the VERSION of the release.. is very impiorntant thing to mention when asking a question. :)12:50
randrythere is no hardware Driver manger12:51
Dr_willis_randry,  yep.. i forget what its called in 6.06 - it may be restricted-manager, or somthing named lilke that..12:51
waylandbillif the version isn't told, we assume the current release. :-D12:51
Dr_willis_But thats no guarentee that card will work in 6.0612:51
randryhow do I upgrade it12:51
Dr_willis_wireless has been much improved in 8.0412:51
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes12:52
waylandbillI'm pretty certain the b43 module is not in dapper.12:52
waylandbillI want to guess that it came with fiesty or gutsy12:52
randryso wireless will not work in ubuntu dapper12:53
waylandbillyou may be able to get ndiswrapper working, but you may save some frustration by upgrading12:53
=== ubuntu_ is now known as ubuntu__
waylandbillhaving a kernel module is better than a windows driver wrapper for sure.12:54
Dr_willis_if you are going to upgrade.. you may want to wait till the 8.10 release is out..  and just do a clean new install.12:54
Dr_willis_8.10 due out at the end of this month12:56
randrythere is a windows wireless driver inside system>administration12:56
randryand a button add12:56
Dr_willis_if there are no modules/drivers for that broadcom chipset.. it wont matter what buttens are there..12:57
Dr_willis_I would hit the ubuntu forums and serch for '6.06 B43XX' where XX is your proper chipset #12:58
randrymine is 4311 i think12:58
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=== Caveman__ is now known as Caveman
=== ubuntu__ is now known as OLD
H|V_3ala2I have a problem installing kubuntu 8,1013:11
H|V_3ala2fresh istallation,,,,,stops at a screen with text mod,,,,,ubuntu@ubuntu:"$13:12
H|V_3ala2any1 here knows what to do?13:12
Dr_willis_clarify a bit..13:13
Dr_willis_You Installed.. and it installed succesuffly? but you get  the LOGIN: prompt at boot up?13:13
H|V_3ala2It's on booting13:14
H|V_3ala2after the loading screen13:14
Dr_willis_thats not very clear...13:15
Dr_willis_you mean after grub.. then ya see the silly bar animation, you then do not see the KDM login screen. but instead get a login: or is it going straight to a Shell Prompt?13:15
H|V_3ala2when u want to install it or run the live,,,,u put the cd to boot13:15
randryHave u found something there Dr_willis13:15
Dr_willis_randry,  somthing where?13:16
H|V_3ala2I have selected language13:16
H|V_3ala2and then pressed enter13:16
randryin forum 6.06 b431113:16
H|V_3ala2loading screen apear,,,then finish,,,and it says bios year==0...then mouse cross apear13:16
H|V_3ala2but only for 2 secs13:17
CavemanH|V_3ala2: so you get ubuntu@ubuntu$: prompt ?13:17
H|V_3ala2at the end that's what I get13:17
Cavemanit looks like you might have booted into text mode13:17
Cavemanthis is the live cd you said?13:17
Cavemanwhat kind of video hardware do you have?13:17
H|V_3ala2sis mirage 313:17
Dr_willis_you said it was  a 'fresh installation'   which dident make sence then..13:18
CavemanH|V_3ala2: hrmm, ok this a laptop or desktop?13:18
Dr_willis_Ive seen lot of people in here with 'sis' problems.13:18
Cavemanmake model?13:18
H|V_3ala2I meant by fresh that's not I'm upfrading13:18
H|V_3ala2it's 67113:18
H|V_3ala2yea sis mirage 3 67113:19
H|V_3ala2sorry 67213:19
H|V_3ala2the cd works on core duo2 laptop13:20
Cavemanwell there have been video problems with that model I seem to remember13:20
H|V_3ala2but not on mine13:20
Cavemanwait let me dig up the thing I was reading the otherday13:20
Cavemanone sec13:20
H|V_3ala2I got it13:22
Cavemanyeah looks like that it has problems with that model13:22
Cavemanbut I'd suggest maybe try running the text mode installler13:22
Cavemanif you are trying to install13:22
H|V_3ala2even when I try safemode,,,it doesn't start13:22
Cavemanas it sounds like its getting to a textlogon prompt13:22
CavemanH|V_3ala2: try the option that says install13:22
Cavemanand then it should ask13:23
Cavemanif it wants' text or gui13:23
Dr_willis_The live cd may not like the sis card.. it maybe best to install using the alternative installer13:23
Cavemansay text13:23
Cavemanwhat Dr_willis_ said13:23
Dr_willis_I dident think the live desktop cd had the text installer.. I think the live-dvd does have both..13:23
Cavemanyeah I don't know13:23
CavemanI don't use the live cd much13:23
CavemanI normally just use netinstall13:24
randryI have a problem also using wget , Dr_willis , are u familiar with wget?13:24
H|V_3ala2even when I try to install,,,,on certain step it says faild to start xserver13:24
CavemanH|V_3ala2: your going to have to get everything installed in textmode13:24
Cavemanand then mess around with the video settings13:24
Cavemanthat link I gave should help you with that13:25
H|V_3ala2or mabe I should just upgrade?13:25
Cavemanyeah you might find the alternative installer disk the way to go13:25
Cavemanthat's a text based installler13:25
H|V_3ala2I mean install 8.04 the upgrade13:25
Dr_willis_It may be worth trying the 8.10 live cd13:25
Cavemanshould allow you to get the OS up and running13:26
CavemanDr_willis_: is that out?13:26
H|V_3ala28.04 works13:26
Dr_willis_Caveman,  its being worked on - due out at end of month13:26
CavemanDr_willis_: ohhhhhh right13:26
Cavemangood stuff13:26
Dr_willis_Caveman,  :) so its oit..b ut not finalized13:26
H|V_3ala2but 8.04 is boring13:26
randryIs anyone here familiar with WGEt?13:26
Cavemanrandry: depends what you want to do with wget13:27
Cavemanif it know we'll answer13:27
Dr_willis_wget has some very detailed man pages. :)13:27
H|V_3ala2u know by the way it's the same error installin the ubuntu 8.1013:27
Dr_willis_!info kwget13:27
ubottuPackage kwget does not exist in hardy13:27
Dr_willis_bummer.. i know theres a front end or 2 to wget also.13:28
Cavemanblah, wget is better than kwget heh13:28
randryit says always connecting to campusnet.ac.za and then proxy not found13:28
Cavemanrandry: does your network need a proxy server?13:28
Cavemancan you get a direct connection to the server your trying to get to ?13:28
randrythe problem is I'm no longer in this university13:29
manishwhat is the repository for KDE 4.113:29
randryI don't know if I should change something13:29
manishcan somebody tell me please13:29
H|V_3ala2kde 4.1 rocks13:29
Cavemanso your trying to connect to the server from outside?13:29
manishya HJV but i dont the repositories that i need to enable13:30
Cavemancan you do it in a borwer?13:30
manishcan you please tell me13:30
Caveman*browser even13:30
Cavemanmanish: google? http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-To-Install-KDE-4-1-On-Ubuntu-8-04-91034.shtml13:31
H|V_3ala2dunno manish,,,I'm not even able to run a new system runs it13:31
ubottuKDE 4.1.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.2 - Support in #kubuntu-kde413:31
Dr_willis_that url tells ya how to install kde4.113:31
H|V_3ala2what's the best operating system have ever made?13:32
Dr_willis_C64 Geos13:32
Dr_willis_the C128 Geos was good also.13:33
H|V_3ala2bad that I didn't hear about them13:33
H|V_3ala2windows98sec edtion was nice13:33
Cavemanbest os ever made..13:33
Cavemanman that's a hard call13:33
CavemanI mean its a very personal decision13:33
ActionParsnipamiga :D13:34
H|V_3ala2but at least we can say vista is not among them13:34
Dr_willis_OS's are tools..  some tools are better at some tasks then others.. You dont want to use a claw hammer to drive fence posts.. :)13:34
Cavemanhaha yeah13:34
Cavemanalthough vista is ok on the right hardware13:34
Cavemanjust wish they hadn't changed all the m enus13:34
Cavemanserver 2008 is kinda cool13:34
Caveman*loves all those new GPs*13:34
Cavemanbut that's another topic13:34
H|V_3ala2some rest to pc'z13:35
H|V_3ala2or just before som1 hurts his system13:35
H|V_3ala2what's the longest duration that some system stayed with u before it crashed?13:36
Cavemanand needed a reboot13:37
Cavemanor rebuild?13:37
Dr_willis_ive had 3+mo uptime on some of my home machines..13:37
Cavemanwell my current linux desktop install of ubuntu13:37
Cavemanstarted out ages ago13:37
Cavemanits been through three lots of hardware13:37
Cavemansame install13:37
Cavemanthat's probably 3 years worth13:38
Dr_willis_1+week is commonplace here.. one month+  a bit rarer.. but some boxs get that.13:38
Cavemanalthough my windows desktop at work isn't doing badly13:38
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/13:38
Cavemanits up to 2 years13:38
Cavemanwithout a rebuild13:38
Dr_willis_Grandson likes to press the prety blue buttons13:38
Cavemanin terms of uptime..13:38
CavemanI don't keep huge uptimes13:38
Cavemanlike ot reboot my boxes from time to time13:38
Dr_willis_I like to power down.. and clean the dust bunnies out of the box's every other month also13:39
Cavemanbut the server that runs my tape library is up to 300 days13:39
CavemanDr_willis_: oh your good! I'm bad with that13:39
H|V_3ala22years r coooooool13:39
CavemanI tend to pay attention when the fans start making those bad noises13:39
Dr_willis_I do use a aircompressor.. thats not great on a pc.. :) but that compressed air in a can is too much $$13:39
Cavemanor I get temperature alarts13:39
Dr_willis_I got a Pomerianian Dog.. he gets fur everywhere13:39
CavemanI steal the compressed air from work for my clean outs13:40
freaky_twhat can i use to read .pdf files in kubuntu? im on intrepid and kpdf doesn't exist13:40
randryWhen I was trying to get something using wget it gave me this13:40
JackWinterhm long shot.  i just deleted some file (by mistake) that i didn't want to lose.  they are not in the trash.  anyway to recover them from a ext3 partition ?13:40
randryResolving campusnet.xxx.ac.xx... xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx13:40
ActionParsnipfreaky_t: xpdf13:40
H|V_3ala2I'm just running a huge fan to cool my pc13:40
randryConnecting to campusnet.xxx.ac.xx|xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx|:xxxx... connected.13:40
randryProxy request sent, awaiting response... 502 Proxy Error ( The ISA Server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL).  )13:40
randry14:38:01 ERROR 502: Proxy Error ( The ISA Server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL).  ).13:40
freaky_tActionParsnip: thank you13:40
ActionParsnip!pdf | freaky_t13:40
ubottufreaky_t: pdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)13:40
randryDo i need to change something somewhere13:41
Cavemanrandry: sounds like either you have a proxy server on your network that it can't get through13:41
Cavemanor there is one at the remote end13:41
Cavemandoes a web browser get to the page?13:41
Cavemanif it does13:41
Cavemancheck the proxy settings13:42
Cavemanin the browser13:42
Cavemanand then try those in wget13:42
Cavemanor if your using an isa proxy13:42
Cavemaninstall the isa client13:42
ActionParsnipease up on CR dude13:42
Cavemanand wget will tunnel through it13:42
randryyes the network have a login and password , but it says this even I when was outside the network13:42
Cavemanrandry: can you get to the page from your browser on the machine your running this command on?13:43
randrylet me try13:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kget13:46
=== freaky_t is now known as fReAkY[t]
randryCaveman I can't it says login as anonymous  ... login incorrect....13:47
randryCaveman , where can I enter login and password?13:48
=== fReAkY[t] is now known as freaky_t
Cavemanrandry: looks like your going to haveto find a username and passowrd!13:48
Cavemanif you get it working in the browser13:48
Cavemanjust replicate those setttings in wget13:48
Cavemanand it should all work )13:49
Cavemananyway, I'm heading off13:49
randryI have username and password , but I dont know where can i enter it13:49
randrysetting in wget? where is it ?13:50
BluesKajerr howdy :)13:55
randryLast question : My headphone was not working, and now it works but with a pitch noise13:56
randryhow can i cancel this noise13:56
BluesKajrandry: pitch noise ?...could you elaborate13:58
H|V_3ala2disable mic sound13:58
manishwhat is the file where synaptics db is stored13:59
manishmy synaptic does not open13:59
=== freaky_t is now known as fReAky_t
manishwhat should i do13:59
manishPlease help13:59
randryI have but it still there13:59
manishplease can some body tell where to edit synaptic database14:00
randrya pitch noise == like beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee14:00
H|V_3ala2like a sound commin from magnetic field14:01
randryI don't know how to call it14:01
H|V_3ala2that's what I guess14:01
randrylike a radio fm = beeeeeeeee14:02
randryI'm not joking14:03
H|V_3ala2is it ur cellphone?14:03
H|V_3ala2try to move it and see14:03
randrymove my cellphone?14:03
BluesKajfeedback H|V_3ala2 ,is prolly right. Mute the mic input14:03
H|V_3ala2he muted the mic14:04
H|V_3ala2what u suggest blueskaj?14:04
randryyes I muted int MIC14:04
nightdragondamn... wheres a german channel when you need it14:04
H|V_3ala2there is german chan14:05
H|V_3ala2try kubuntu-de14:05
BluesKaj!de | nightdragon14:05
ubottunightdragon: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de14:05
randryAnd from  my alsamixer command I don't have headphone volume bar14:05
nightdragonnice, but i was talking more along the lines of general german conversation :)14:05
randryboth MASTER and PCM control the headphone14:06
randryH|V_3ala2 are u kidding me14:08
H|V_3ala2kiddin ya with what?14:08
randrythe noise stop when i touched the headphone jack14:09
nightdragonits a grounding problem14:09
nightdragonjust FYI14:10
randrybut after 5 s it come again14:10
nightdragonoh, thats not a grounding problem... most likely its a bad mike14:10
H|V_3ala2magnitics sux14:10
H|V_3ala2he means mic14:10
nightdragonsome of the "higher end" mikes have a noise cancelation feature where they shut off the mike pickup after 5 seconds... the problem is apparently that you have noise in your line14:10
huydqI AM VIETNAMESEhelp me14:11
nightdragoni would get a power conditioner on your computer (aka surge protector)... that should clear things up14:11
nightdragonif that doesnt work, you can ususally pick up a low pass filter from radio shack, that would work too14:11
huydqI WANT TO ACV|TIVE ROOT user ! WHAT DO I DO ?14:11
huydqI WANT TO ACV|TIVE ROOT user ! WHAT DO I DO ?14:11
huydqI AM VIETNAMESEhelp me14:11
huydqI WANT TO ACV|TIVE ROOT user ! WHAT DO I DO ?14:11
nightdragonhuydq: the first thing to do is to stop typing14:11
nightdragonbecause when you repeat your lines its annoying14:12
huydqi have reset password for ROOT user14:12
nightdragonwhat you do to get into root is type su14:12
nightdragonand it will prompt you for your PW14:12
huydqi have reset password for ROOT user14:12
nightdragonbut be careful because you can do some nasty stuff with root14:12
BluesKaj!root | huydq14:12
ubottuhuydq: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo14:12
nightdragonpssh... scripts? how blasse. :-P14:13
nightdragoni enjoy the finger excercise. :)14:13
huydqthanks !14:13
nightdragonand you can easily set a root password by logging into single user mode and using passwd14:13
nightdragonalthough i doubt huy here would be able to figure that out14:14
||arifaXI want to use bigmem x86 kernel from debian in my kubuntu (hardy) is it easy going or problematic?? has someone a good link for a howto?14:14
H|V_3ala2I'm sick of computers14:15
randrynightdragon how do i cancel this line noise14:15
nightdragonrandry: is it a USB headset? or the old fashioned jack kind?14:16
nightdragonH|V_3ala2: i vote abacases.14:16
randrynot usb14:16
nightdragontheres your problem14:16
nightdragonget your wires from your mic away from any high frequency sources14:17
nightdragon(like a CRT monitor)14:17
BluesKajrandry:  are you using a crt screen or lcd ?14:17
nightdragonor if your cable is shot14:17
nightdragonyour best option is a USB headset though... those things have sound processors in them that block that stuff out good14:17
randrycrt , lcd ?14:17
nightdragonis the thing big and fat or really thin14:18
nightdragonyour monitor that is, not your mother in law :)14:18
H|V_3ala2haha,,,he thought I was kidding when I said magnitic field14:18
nightdragonno that is what it is... electonics 10114:18
randrybut when i touched the jack it stopped14:19
AlephTwoAny grub wizards here today?14:19
nightdragonrandry: the question is.. is your monitor a really big heavy one, or is it a flat panel?14:19
nightdragonwe need to know this to help you14:19
randrymp3 player headphone14:20
H|V_3ala2ok u may try to isolate the end of the wire14:20
nightdragonoh this is an mp3 player?14:20
randryI don't know what a monitor is?14:21
H|V_3ala2it's his pc,,,but he is using mp3 headphone14:21
AlephTwomonitor = screen = display14:21
nightdragonrandy: its what you are looking at right now as we speak14:21
nightdragonyou are reading my words off of it14:21
randryno , the headphone14:21
nightdragonthat is called a monitor14:21
nightdragona screen... its a tv for your computer14:22
nightdragonyou get my meaning?14:22
nightdragon...and the lightbulb clicks on :)14:22
* AlephTwo needs a grub guru. Feel free to volunteer =)14:22
randrymonitor = flat = laptop14:22
nightdragonok... cool14:22
nightdragonin this case... the hum is probably caused by a broken set of headphones14:22
huydqi want to active ROOT user ? can you help me ?14:23
nightdragonbut it could also be that you have the wire next to your power brick (the thing you use to charge your computer... you plug it into the wall)14:23
AlephTwohuydq: open a console. Type the following: sudo -s14:23
nightdragonmake sure its kept away from that.14:23
huydqi changed password for ROOT succesful14:23
randrybut there is no noise when I use it on windows14:23
nightdragonthen its a software problem14:23
nightdragongo into your volume control14:24
nightdragonand turn down the volume to your microphone.14:24
nightdragonand disable "Mic Boost" if its checked14:24
huydqno, my idea is Logiin with ROOT account at panel login !14:24
nightdragonthat should help14:24
huydqHELP ME 114:24
huydqHELP ME14:24
huydqno, my idea is Logiin with ROOT account at panel login !14:24
nightdragoncalm down14:24
nightdragonyou dont DONT want to do that14:24
nightdragonyou never want to run linux with root normally14:25
nightdragonbecause that bypasses all of linux's security features14:25
huydqI Know ! but i want check Account !14:25
nightdragonwhat account?14:25
huydqI want to login with root acc14:25
randrynightdragon I don't have a volume control for headphone and I have muted mic14:26
AlephTworoot account is disabled by default14:26
huydqyes , its disable !14:26
huydqNOw, i want to enable it !14:26
nightdragonyou only want to use root when you need to14:26
nightdragonbecause you can do sooo much damage with it14:26
nightdragonone little command running as root14:26
nightdragonand your whole computer could be wiped14:26
nightdragonand unlike windows, you cant recover data that has been deleted with linux14:27
huydqcan you show me, that i do !14:27
huydqcan login with ROOT acc14:27
huydqHelp me !14:27
nightdragondo you want to be logged in as root while you use your linux? like all the time?14:28
huydqCan enable ROOT user !14:28
huydqHelp me !14:28
nightdragoni'm asking you a question14:28
huydqOk, I want to login ROOT at this time ,14:28
nightdragonàm bạn muốn sử dụng tất cả các gốc thời gian trên máy tính của bạn?14:29
AlephTwohuydq: System Settings -> advanced -> login manager <- this should be able to configure root login.14:29
huydqBat chuc nang ROOT nhu the nao14:29
randryok I give up , I am bored of it14:29
H|V_3ala2I dun like headphones14:30
H|V_3ala2I use big speakers14:30
nightdragonusing ROOT in your daily sessions is just a really, really bad idea... you know?14:30
huydqBan oi14:30
huydqcho minh hoi14:30
H|V_3ala2and huydq,,,,nightdragon was using a transelator14:31
huydqminh dang muon bat chuc nang ROOT14:31
H|V_3ala2is that helps?14:31
nightdragonoh jeez14:31
huydqI want to login with ROOT14:31
nightdragon...lol i dont know vietnamese14:31
H|V_3ala2see I knew it14:31
nightdragonhuydq: login to WHAT? to bash (The shell?)  or to KDE?14:31
randryI can speak chinese14:31
nightdragoni can speak japanese and german14:32
nightdragonbut no viet14:32
H|V_3ala2I speak english and arabic14:32
randryviet ,is it like chinese or japanese14:32
nightdragonnothing like it14:32
randryi speaks french , matlab,fortran ,C++14:33
H|V_3ala2they look like each other somtimes14:33
nightdragonfortran... i bow to you, sir14:33
H|V_3ala2but the defer in language14:33
nightdragoni dont know any aincent dead languages myself14:33
randryis fortran a dead language?14:33
nightdragononly in my dreams14:33
randryI know some using Pascal14:34
nightdragonfortran is an evil product of the 50's14:34
nightdragonmuch like buddy holly14:34
AlephTwoAnybody know how to configure grub with external sata card (2 drives) and internal ide (pri slave). Installing & booting from ide. BIOS reads sata last. Kubuntu reads sata first. I believe it's messing with device.map and menu.lst, but I'm a bit confused as to the details.   :|14:34
nightdragonpascal is a newb language... try C++ or java14:34
nightdragonjava is a hippe language, but C++... now thats a mans language14:34
randryfortran is good but it makes life difucult14:34
nightdragonwith all its pointy goodness14:34
nightdragontheres nothing that can be done in fortran that cant be done in C++ in half the time14:35
nightdragonexcept for writing the program on punch cards... you cant do that in C++14:35
H|V_3ala2I was excited about studying computers14:36
H|V_3ala2but,,,it gets boring at som point14:36
randryfortran is good ,14:36
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!14:36
H|V_3ala2u feel like u r talkin to a machine14:36
nightdragonparty pooper :-P14:37
H|V_3ala2and when u try to program somethin it says bad syntax too much14:37
nightdragonH|V_3ala2:  thats because you are talking to a machine14:37
nightdragonand for me, it ususally says Segmentation Fault too much14:37
mitconky + kde4.1 == works well?14:38
H|V_3ala2that was when I used to run visual basic14:38
MrKennieplease take this conversation elsewhere14:38
randrynightdragon , if I use wget with a ISA server do i need to change something in .wcget?14:38
nightdragonwhat is an ISA server?14:38
nightdragon!google ISA14:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about google isa14:38
randrya server with username and password14:39
nightdragonas far as i know, ISA is a bus type thats used on motherboards14:39
H|V_3ala2see u want it smarter14:39
nightdragonthe bot doesnt seem to do anything useful lol14:39
nightdragonrandry: no, you just provide that with a command line switch14:39
nightdragondid you RTFM?14:39
MrKenniedid you? this is ot in this channel, please take it to #kubuntu-offtopic14:39
randrybut it says login as anonymous .. login incorrect14:40
H|V_3ala2dun take it seriously14:40
nightdragon                             one of IPv6, IPv4, or none.14:40
nightdragon       --user=USER               set both ftp and http user to USER.14:40
nightdragon       --password=PASS           set both ftp and http password to PASS.14:40
MrKennieH|V_3ala2: tell that to the ops, it's channel policy14:40
nightdragonsorry for the bad form14:40
nightdragonbut yeah thats the comand14:40
H|V_3ala2it's not a governmental place14:40
nightdragonMrKennie:  not to seem rude, but if you havent noticed i am indeed helping with a legitimate question here.14:41
randryso is it wget --user=...  --password =... ftp://....?14:41
nightdragonwget <url> --user=(username) --password=(thepassword)14:42
nightdragonwget is worthy of worship by the way14:42
randryok I will try14:42
nightdragonjust thought you should know that :)14:42
randryit work fine14:43
nightdragongood to hear.14:43
randrythank oy14:43
nightdragonno problems :)14:43
* nightdragon thinks he is starting to like it here14:43
=== nightdragon is now known as NightDragon
H|V_3ala2what everybody does?14:45
randrynightdragon , it works for inside the network but when I am trying to wget something outside the network it goes to campusnet.xx.xx14:46
randryProxy request sent, awaiting response... 502 Proxy Error ( The ISA Server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL).  )14:46
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu_
randry15:44:39 ERROR 502: Proxy Error ( The ISA Server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL).  ).14:46
NightDragonouch. Thats because you have some sort of firewall. Contact your system administrator.14:46
NightDragon      --proxy-user=USER       set USER as proxy username.14:47
NightDragon       --proxy-password=PASS   set PASS as proxy password.14:47
NightDragontry that14:47
NightDragonif you need a user and pass for your proxy14:47
randryit s not working14:48
=== fReAky_t is now known as freaky_t
NightDragonyeah talk to your sys admin then... cause something freaky is going on14:50
randrycampusnet.xx.xx is for my university , and now I'm outside the Unive network, but it still says resolving campusnet.xx.xx14:50
NightDragonyeah go bitch at them... they'll help you out... i cant because i dont know the details of your lame-ass university network14:52
NightDragoni mean seriously, what uni has a firewall that restrictive?14:52
NightDragonthats weak sauce.14:52
AlephTwosounds like my works network14:52
randryand have u used DC_gui before?14:53
AlephTwofscking net-nanny software14:53
randrywhy do u laugh14:53
NightDragoni'm laughing about the work network thing14:53
H|V_3ala2we don even have wirless network on our university14:53
AlephTwoAccess to site xxx is blocked: Category: reference14:54
AlephTwocategory: pretty-much-anything14:54
H|V_3ala2just couple of pcs on the library14:54
NightDragonyou should send your boss a hosts file that redircts all of the websites he uses to kiddie porn14:54
AlephTwoSod 'em. My adsl is faster than their network anyhow.14:54
randryH|V_3ala2 where is ur university?14:54
=== mit is now known as MitsuoDeshoDesho
NightDragonmy uni is a Inet2 uni... its freaky fast over here... fastest connection in the state14:55
randryu must be joking, Egypt is an advanced country14:55
AlephTwoBunch of crappily-locked down windows machines with norton antichrist corporate edition and some dodgy usb-blocking software which hooks badly into win... Useless bunch of cnuts!14:55
H|V_3ala2that's what they told u14:56
NightDragondoes egypt follow the sharia?14:56
H|V_3ala2no,,,they follow rules14:56
tekoraikHow to preview thums of videos in dolphin in kde 4.1? Please, who can help-me?14:56
H|V_3ala2otherwise many bitches would be killed14:56
NightDragonaleph: easy way around that. pop in a ubuntu live CD and grab all their files, and then go to your competitor :)14:56
randryIn madagascar the download rate is 100 b /s14:56
NightDragonwell yeah i mean is egypt ruled by islamic law14:57
H|V_3ala2not islamic14:57
AlephTwoNightDragon: Funnily enough, I have kubuntu live cd's hanging around the place =) I need them to remove my programs which I wrote, etc...14:57
H|V_3ala2it's just like the international law14:57
H|V_3ala2with some modfications14:57
NightDragonyou tell them that their computer science security policy is retarded and i could break it with probably little resisitance14:58
NightDragon...and i'm a comp sci student :)14:58
H|V_3ala2danger danger14:59
AlephTwoThey leave physical machine next to me, in a secure room (which they can't easily access) and then try to lock it down. sigh. Some people have no idea14:59
tekoraikHow to preview thums of videos in dolphin in kde 4.1?14:59
NightDragonthe general rule of thumb is14:59
NightDragonif i have physical access to it14:59
NightDragoni can break it14:59
NightDragon*break into it14:59
NightDragon(but i guess the other meaning also applies ;) )14:59
AlephTwoscrewdriver? check. Paperclip? check. Live CD? check. =)15:00
NightDragoneven if its linux15:00
H|V_3ala2u have intel inside15:01
NightDragonedit grub to boot up linux into single user mode, do a init 1, do a  passwd, and boom15:01
NightDragoni just set the root password without knowing it15:01
NightDragoncouldent be easier15:01
NightDragon....oh, thats a linux box you say?15:01
NightDragonwell let me get my Ophcrack liveCD out and frak your computer15:01
AlephTwoboot from cd. sudo -s. mount boot drive. chroot to boot drive. Leave password alone - no traces ;)15:02
* NightDragon likes15:02
AlephTwoor copy shadow file to usb & hack at leisure from home15:02
NightDragonmmm... a rlogin session does wonders15:03
H|V_3ala2any1 heard the news?15:06
H|V_3ala2usa announces its broke15:06
huydqI want to ENABLE ROOT account . WHAT DO I DO ?15:06
H|V_3ala2has no mune15:06
huydqI want to ENABLE ROOT account . WHAT DO I DO ?15:07
NightDragonoh jeez this guy again?15:07
NightDragonH|V_3ala2:  we really cant be broke in the traditional sense of the word15:07
NightDragonsince our currency is the defacto currency for world trading15:07
huydqi have changed password ROOT account and NOW i reset my computer to login with ROOT , but i have no seen ROOT15:07
AlephTwohuydq: you mean your login screen is not giving you root as a user?15:08
huydqYES !15:08
H|V_3ala2usa will claim its mune from the other countries15:08
H|V_3ala2as saudi arabia15:08
AlephTwoThen you have to unhide the account from the login options in system settings -> advanced -> login options (or something. No linux in front of me atm)15:09
huydqi want to see users , example : ROOT , other users .. to choose login !15:09
huydqHelp me !@15:09
=== ubuntu is now known as juacom99
huydqCommand to enable ROOT account ???15:10
NightDragonhuydq you need to articulate what is it you need before we can help you15:10
AlephTwoYou have to unhide the root user from the login screen. In system settings (like control panel in windows). Go to advanced and experiment with the login options15:10
rohanhey.. can anyone help me regarding LVDS in kubuntu.?15:11
huydqHelp Me ?15:11
huydqENable ROOT account ?15:11
huydqi login with simple user , can use "SUDO " command to SU root but i want to see ROOT acc at login panel15:12
huydqhwlp mw !15:12
AlephTwohuydq: unhide the root user in login options.15:13
* AlephTwo is booting linux now to talk huydq through the process...15:13
=== ircbouncer is now known as Olawls
huydqHelp ,me15:14
MitsuoDeshoDeshoAlephTwo: what do i run to bring up the kde3 settings dialogue?15:14
rohanhey... i am using an exterrnal LCd with kubuntu, my GFX is nvidia 8600M GT.. now the LVDS and VGA output is all messed up..15:14
rohanLVDS is above the VGA and it wont change15:14
juacom99cuould sombody please help me. I change my file xorg.conf and now my kubuntu is broken.15:15
juacom99i-m on  the live cd now15:15
AlephTwoMitsuoDeshoDesho: the system settings program15:15
MitsuoDeshoDeshoi doubt its in the menues15:16
MitsuoDeshoDeshoi'm on kde4/115:16
AlephTwothe program is called system settings15:16
=== mofux is now known as mofux|bbl
AlephTwoMitsuoDeshoDesho: type: kdesu /usr/lib/kde4/bin//systemsettings15:16
MitsuoDeshoDeshoi need the kde3 one15:17
AlephTwohuydq: open the system settings panel thingie15:17
AlephTwoMitsuoDeshoDesho: that'll give you root access to the panels15:17
rohanAlephTwo: Please can u help me. I'm also new to kubuntu.15:17
MitsuoDeshoDeshowell, its simple. i'm using konversation, kde3 app. whenever i click a link lynx comes up. i want to change that15:18
AlephTwoThat's a different thing...15:18
AlephTwokonversation preferences, I think15:18
amerigothank you for Kino i've solved15:19
AlephTwohuydq: Do you have your system settings or control panel (kde3 equivalent) open?15:19
MitsuoDeshoDeshoAlephTwo, oh, there is browser setting15:20
AlephTwoyou found it?15:20
MitsuoDeshoDeshothank you15:20
MitsuoDeshoDesholast time i changed it on kde3 settings15:20
MitsuoDeshoDeshofor default browser15:21
AlephTwoI'm new to kde4 myself... You'll probably find that you can also change it there.15:21
rohanHow to succesfully connect to an ext LCD in 8.0415:21
jmuxrandry: try wget --proxy=no or change your /etc/wgetrc or ~/.wgetrc *_proxy entries15:22
huydqAlephTwo: I open KDE 315:22
huydqAlephTwo: I open KDE 315:22
huydqand i want to enable ROOT user !15:22
AlephTwook. Go to your control panel thing (system settings in the menu, I think. I use kde4 so I can't help with the name)15:22
huydqOk , you say continue15:23
AlephTwogo to the advanced section15:23
huydqOk, !15:23
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo15:23
AlephTwogo to login options15:23
stdinyou don't need to enable root, ever15:24
AlephTwoClick on the users tab (I think)15:24
huydqAlephTwo: continue15:24
MitsuoDeshoDeshostdin, what if you really want to?15:24
AlephTwoRemember. I'm running kde4, so my things are different15:24
AlephTwoNow you see a list of excluded users?15:24
stdinMitsuoDeshoDesho: why would you ever want to?15:24
ubottuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)15:24
huydqI see ROOT , but it is hidden15:24
MitsuoDeshoDeshostdin, just for the sake of doing so15:25
AlephTwoSo tick it to unhide it15:25
huydqI see ROOT , but it is hidden15:25
huydqI see ROOT , but it is hidden15:25
stdinpeople often want to enable root because they don't know how to use sudo, teach them how to use sudo and all problems go away15:25
AlephTwoenable the administrator button15:25
AlephTwo(click = enable)15:25
huydqAlephTwo: Otherwhile , can you use command to enable ROOT user ?15:27
* AlephTwo is downloading kubuntu 8.04.1 with kde3... Seems less painful that way.15:27
huydqAlephTwo: Otherwhile , can you use command to enable ROOT user ?15:27
huydqAlephTwo: Otherwhile , can you use command to enable ROOT user ?15:27
AlephTwohuydq: ?15:27
AlephTwoI don't understand your question15:27
stdin!repeat | huydq15:27
ubottuhuydq: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience15:27
huydqbecause, i do not enable15:27
stdinwhy do you need to enable root?15:27
AlephTwoSwitch on your administrator (press the administrator button. Bottom right, I think)15:28
huydqCan YOU use a command to enable ROOT15:28
Frekuhe is not listening15:28
Frekutalking to a brick wall15:28
AlephTwoYou can open a console and type sudo -s15:28
AlephTwogives you a root console15:29
stdinhuydq: WHY do YOU want to enable ROOT?15:29
AlephTwoif you want to open an application as root. Open a console and type in kdesu </full/path/to/program>15:29
huydqI have prolem when i use user orginar15:29
stdinAlephTwo: doesn't need to be the full path if it's in the normal path15:29
AlephTwoIf you want to login as root (for whatever reason) then you have to unhide root from login options. You also have to enable the root account15:29
Frekuand that problem is ?15:30
AlephTwoyou sure stdin ? In kde4 I have to give full path to kde4 binaries, even though they are tab-complete15:30
huydqThanks @!15:30
stdinAlephTwo: thet aren't in the normal path15:30
stdinfixed in intrepid btw15:30
AlephTwomy path lists /usr/lib/kde4/bin as first option. Still kdesu can't find them.15:31
AlephTwosorry, $PATH15:31
stdinAlephTwo: it's not a standard path, sudo does not search $PATH, it has a pre-defined secure path. (for security reasons)15:32
AlephTwoah. that'd explain that then15:32
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bebecan someone help me with this ?15:47
=== ismael is now known as ismael__
=== ismael__ is now known as Sennosen_
bebechecking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables15:47
bebeSee `config.log' for more details.15:47
bebei did apt-get install gcc but i received this :15:48
bebegcc is already the newest version.15:48
bebe0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.15:48
=== david is now known as Guest61301
jmuxbebe: at least you should apt-get install build-essential15:49
glade88which package is responsible for theming apps with oxygen theme in kde4.1.2 ?15:49
=== noname_00 is now known as lunz
=== lunz is now known as der_lunz
emlHmm I need some help now. For some reason my /home/ partition is apparently full, but du -h /home/ clearly says it takes 16GB of space, and the partition is 42GB big... dcop is acting out too. Any ideas?15:52
=== david is now known as Guest32253
AlephTwotried du -hsc /home ?15:53
AlephTwopossibly not recursing into subdirs (not too familiar with du syntax)15:54
JuJuBeeI have 2 (of 14) computers that are acting up.  I have to manually restart nis before nis users can log in after a reboot.  Where can I look to see what the problem is?  /etc/rc1.d ?15:54
davidhow do I get libgtk with the new kde4 adept manager? I cant find it. I need gtkmozembed15:57
AlephTwocheck your repositories maybe?15:57
=== david is now known as Guest28992
bebehow to install boost ?16:01
kaboanyone here using kchmviewer? i only get this message "16:01
kaboCould not start process Unable to create io-slave:16:01
kabo klauncher said: Unknown protocol 'ms-its'.16:01
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bebedoes anyone know ?16:02
=== david is now known as Guest65427
user6my keyboard some time don't works16:07
AlephTwoWireless? Check batteries. Cabled? Check connection.16:07
user6without no reason stop to write and i had to restart the system16:08
user6no ps216:08
AlephTwoDid the mouse work?16:08
geniiusb keyboards also sometimes go into power-saving state16:08
AlephTwoWere you in a shell?16:08
user6go on16:09
AlephTwoYou were in x?16:09
freefuaircrack with intel wlan 4965AGN a kernel of 2.6.25 or higher, aircrack-ng (=> RC1), :(16:09
lkjasaHow do I downgrade the KDE 4 remix to KDE 3.5?16:10
user6AlephTwo: ?16:11
AlephTwoSo you were in X. Typing in a window. Your keyboard stopped for no reason. Yes16:11
=== david is now known as Guest64962
AlephTwoOk. Try this. Sometimes worked for me:16:11
user6system is 8.016:11
AlephTwoWhen the keyboard stops working, highlight some text and paste it into the window you're typing into (highlight = copy)16:11
user6noooooooooooooooooo, whT YOU SAY??16:12
AlephTwoThat looks suspiciously like your keyboard is broken16:13
user6yes but for you16:13
user6canging keyboard problem is solved?16:14
AlephTwoIf your keyboard is frozen. Can you open a new console to type? Or is it frozen for everything?16:14
AlephTwoPS2 keyboards cost about 5euro. Beg, borrow or steal one from a friend to try.16:14
AlephTwoeven better, try a usb keyboard (in case your psaux port is broken)16:14
user6is noo the problem16:14
user6but it works perfecly for the second pc attacched16:15
user6usb is better?16:15
AlephTwoThen your socket (the part which is attached to the pc) is broken maybe? Alternatively, you have the keyboard plugged into the mouse psaux port?16:15
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user6why is i restart system it works?16:16
geniiuser6: Perhaps if you have your keyboard attached to two computers at once with perhaps a keyboard/video/mouse switch, this can also explain non-responsiveness16:16
user6he second is xp16:16
genii"[11:15] <user6> but it works perfecly for the second pc attacched"16:16
AlephTwoCould be a blocking IO process.16:17
AlephTwouser6: Do you unplug the keyboard and plug it into the XP machine?16:17
user6no is always attacched with a shitch16:18
AlephTwoTry unplugging it from the switch and plugging it directly into the computer16:18
user6always attacched16:18
pimHello, my kwin doesn't work propery after rebooting. Is there any way to remove it, and then reinstall it?16:18
AlephTwoYour switch could be broken on one side16:18
user6still done16:18
AlephTwoOr try a usb keyboard (to make sure your connector isn't broken)16:18
AlephTwoYou have plugged the keyboard directly into the ps2 port on your linux pc?16:19
AlephTwoIt is still frozen?16:19
AlephTwowhich question?16:19
AlephTwoUse the mouse to open a console16:19
AlephTwotry to type into the console16:20
user6i've also keyboard on the screen16:20
AlephTwo(if it's still frozen. try resetting the machine. keep the keyboard plugged into the ps2 port directly).16:20
user6it's ok16:20
AlephTwouser6: keyboard is ok or keyboard on screen is ok?16:21
user6already done two times16:21
=== david is now known as Guest1706
user6no screen16:21
AlephTwoyes, but you haven't done it while the keyboard is plugged into the computer directly16:21
user6hard keyboard stops to work16:21
AlephTwoI would recommend a usb keyboard test. I think your ps2 port might be broken16:22
user6it isn't broken because it works perfectly on xp machine16:22
AlephTwonot the keyboard plug. the socket which is in the linux pc16:22
geniiAlephTwo: There is also a quirk with some intel usb chipsets that affect ps2 keyboards which needs some kernel switch like usb-handoff which can be to blame. But I think his box is unloading keyboard driver when he has it on xp box16:25
lokpestkubuntu 8.04 isnt LTS, right?16:26
geniilokpest: Due to the release schedule of kde vs gnome, yes16:26
AlephTwoI suspect a dodgy switch myself. If it's 'sparking' mid-switch, it might fry is ps2 port16:26
lokpestgenii: yes as in: yes it is, or yes you are correct?16:27
geniilokpest: As in you are correct, it is not an LTS16:28
lokpestok, then wikipedia is wrong16:29
lokpestagain! ;-)16:29
batti5hi im batti5, i installed kubuntu interpred ibex beta, all ok but i can`t set the res higher the 1024x768 on my intel 815 card, can anyone help?16:29
Tm_T!ibex | batti516:29
ubottubatti5: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!16:29
pimIs there anything I should know about before uninstalling kde?16:30
geniipim: Probably make sure you have some other thing like xfce installed in case it fails horribly16:31
AlephTwoshell commands =)16:31
jussi01pim: not much, going for pure gnome?16:31
pimno I just want to reinstall it16:31
batti5but iterpred works good16:31
jussi01!puregnome | pim16:32
ubottupim: If you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome »16:32
AlephTwoI'd learn how to use apt from the shell before I did that if I were you.16:32
pimI've got xfce installed now, how would I start xfce from the command line?16:32
batti5and  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion has no information about video card16:32
pimAlephTwo I know my way around apt16:33
AlephTwoThen a  quick apt-get reinstall kde-base etc. should work fine for you, no?16:33
geniipim: You should still be able to have login manager like gdm16:34
stdinbatti5: intrepid support only in #ubuntu+116:34
batti5in hardy its easy you can select video card & monitor from the settings16:34
glade88whats the binary package for konqueror? kdebase?16:34
pimAlephTwo would doing sudo apt-get purge kde-base in a console now remove my kde base system?16:35
stdinglade88: 'dpkg -S bin/konqueror' would show you, or "apt-cache showsrc konqueror". but, yes16:35
=== ms_ is now known as NewHere
glade88stdin: thanks16:35
stdinpim: why do you need to reinstall kde?16:35
AlephTwoalmost definitely16:35
pimbecause it doesn't work quite right when I boot my pc16:36
stdinand that reinstall command won't work16:36
=== NewHere is now known as SlightlyLost
pimit doesn't show titlebars16:36
AlephTwoare you sure that it's not just a preference issue?16:36
stdinpim: even after alt-f2 -> "kwin --replace" ?16:36
pimand it insists on starting KDE system monitor and firefox16:36
pimyes, kwin --replace fixes the issue16:36
=== SlightlyLost is now known as completelylost
stdinpim: set KDE to start with a blank session16:37
=== completelylost is now known as testingxxq
pimbut having to fix it every time I boot isn't exactly ideal16:37
pimstdin how would I go about doing that?16:37
* genii suspects compiz is running16:37
* pim shakes no16:37
stdinpim: system settings -> Advanced -> session manager16:37
stdinset to "Start with an empty session"16:38
glade88stdin: I have a harmless error (not crash, but just curious about it!)16:38
glade88stdin: kwin: X Error (error: <unknown>[DAMAGE+0], request: XDamageDestroy[DAMAGE+2], resource: 0x4a003cc)16:38
=== testingxxq is now known as lost123
pimstdin any command line way of doing that?16:38
stdinpim: why can't you use system settings?16:38
pimI can, but I prefer to use the cli for most things16:39
glade88stdin: I get it when I do kwin --replace and then, open *any* new window16:39
stdinglade88: something to do with the X11 libs, so I don't really know. maybe the people in #kde or (more likely) #kde-devel know16:39
glade88stdin: thanks, is this worth a bug report? or should I ask in #kde-devel first ?16:40
pimI'll go for a quick init 6 now16:40
stdinglade88: ask first16:41
stdin(besides, KDE 3's kwin is dead)16:41
glade88stdin: I guess the kwin-kde4 is something they made a cocktail with compiz16:42
glade88it does compositing by default but unlike kde4, it uses compiz16:42
stdinnot exactly, it has some similar features to compiz, but it's not based on compiz16:42
glade88but actually, I dont really know it kde4.0 also used compiz16:42
glade88stdin: but why do have compiz running by default then?16:43
stdincompiz is a window manager, as is kwin16:43
stdinGnome has compiz because the gnome window manager (matacity) does not do compositing16:43
* AlephTwo crosses fingers in the (vain) hope that is wifi card comes up without ndisfuckingwrapperconfighell16:43
glade88well, when I do compiz --replace it has the same effect as kwin --replace16:43
glade88stdin: thats not true, metacity does a bit in transparency and thumbnail mipmaps16:44
stdinglade88: I didn't say "transparency", I said "compositing" ;)16:44
stdinwith "compiz --replace" you're telling the compis window manager to replace the currently running one (kwin)16:44
glade88right, but metacity versions older than hardy did not have transparency and mipmapped thumbnails16:45
JuJuBeeI have a service that is not starting at boot (NIS), how can I fix this?16:45
glade88metacity has an extra "lighter effects" in gconf since hardy16:45
JuJuBeedo I use update-rc.d ?16:45
glade88stdin: yes, I know compiz --replace would do that.. but a compiz --help-all will give the exact arguments that kwin --help-all will16:46
glade88so they are strikingly similar, unlike the kwin in KDE4.016:46
stdinexactly the same? that's odd16:46
glade88a min..16:47
stdinI don't have compiz installed, so I can't tell16:47
AlephTwoanybody have a quick & dirty howto for broadcom bcm4306 wireless card?16:47
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx16:48
glade88stdin: maybe I see it now.. compiz calls have been linked to kwin in kde4.1.2 -- the compiz --help-all shows the properties for kwin!!16:48
stdinglade88: what does "ls -l $(which compiz)" say?16:48
* glade88 checks16:49
glade88glade@Mean-Machine:~$ ls -l $(which compiz)16:49
glade88-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 10458 2008-10-09 17:16 /usr/bin/compiz16:49
stdinahh, I see. "/usr/bin/compiz" is actually a script which checks for compositing support and falls back to kwin/matacity16:50
glade88so still like kde4.0, its kwin which does all the compositing here..16:51
stdinno, it sees you don't have compositing so runs 'kwin "$@", which passes all the arguments to kwin, in this case "--help"16:51
glade88I would rather prefer compiz on my intel GMA950.. which IMHO work *much* smoother..16:51
glade88stdin: oic16:51
stdinI remember actually making the change to that script to get it to find kwin now :p16:52
glade88stdin: you a MOTU ?16:52
stdinnot exactly, I haven't got around to putting in my motu application yet16:53
stdinthough I have several packages in universe ;)16:53
stdinand many-a-patch16:53
glade88nice.. you you're rather, a to-be MOTU ;)16:53
stdinI'm a MOTP (Master Of The Patches)16:54
glade88is the ccsm for GTK same for KDE ?16:54
stdinccsm is only in GTK, but runs in KDE if you have the GTK libs (like firefox)16:54
stdincompiz is *very* GTK-centric16:55
glade88kde 4.1.2 is awesome.. I dumped gnome already :D16:58
stdinI've used KDE 4 as my primary desktop since KDE 4.0 beta16:59
glade88is there a plasma widget for controlling screen brightness ?17:02
glade88whats the command line for KDE window decorator? its not kde-window-decorator..17:14
glade88oh my.. compiz with kde4.1.2 gives *ugly* mouse cursors17:16
compilerwriterBlueskaj you in?17:24
compilerwriter /who17:24
compilerwriterJucato are you around?17:24
apparlehow to select the audio driver in dragon video player17:37
apparlehow to change the sound driver from ALSA to OSS17:40
frozzenfirehey guys17:43
frozzenfirei have a question here17:43
frozzenfireim downloading kubuntu here17:43
apparledon't waste time, ask right away17:43
frozzenfireand its downloading an iso file17:43
frozzenfiredo i need to burn that before i install it on ubuntu?17:44
AlephTwoyou have ubuntu installed?17:44
AlephTwoThen you can install it from package manager17:44
frozzenfirehow do i do that? im sorry im really new to linux17:45
AlephTwoopen up adept manager17:45
AlephTwoor whatever the ubuntu version is17:45
AlephTwoanybody know the name of the kde meta-package?17:45
frozzenfiredo u mean add and remove program thing?17:46
AlephTwoyup. look for kde-standard or something like that17:46
AlephTwo(inside the add/remove programs)17:46
frozzenfirenone for kde standard17:47
AlephTwoAsk on the #ubuntu forum for the commands to change to kubuntu from ubuntu17:47
frozzenfiremaybe i should update the 400 files that needs to be before doing that huh lol17:47
AlephTwoor the name of their package manager17:47
frozzenfirekk gotcha17:47
frozzenfirethats the package manager name for ubuntu17:49
AlephTworun synaptic17:49
frozzenfireleme find it lol17:50
AlephTwolook for the kde-standard package (the gnome one is called gnome-standard, so I hope kde is similar ;)17:50
frozzenfirehope soo lets see how to open this thing ol17:50
AlephTwoIt should ask for your password17:51
dhendu9411does anyone know how to get kolourpaint to be able to save as a gif?17:52
AlephTwoNot me17:55
AlephTwoTried file -> save as & then choose gif from the options box?17:56
rawbin Greets. Was trying to build bleeding edge using kdesvn-build and kdebase builds are failing. The logs say :  CLucene/clucene-config.h: No such file or directory. This is on an Ubuntu Hardy machine and the libclucene-dev package is installed. The file in question seems to be at  /usr/lib/CLucene/clucene-config.h while the build is expecting it at /usr/include. What gives ? Thanks.17:56
=== glade is now known as glade88
=== sharkk_ is now known as sharkk
bobrg20DCC SEND 12345678901234518:11
bobrg20DCC SEND 12345678901234518:11
bobrg20DCC SEND 12345678901234518:11
bobrg20DCC SEND 12345678901234518:11
Fieldythank you.18:11
=== ChunkStyle is now known as Guest43849
CPrgmSwR2I am having an issue with sound in intrepid18:16
CPrgmSwR2I get sound in kde4, but I can't get amaork or juk to play sounds18:17
apparleCPrgmSwR2: are you using ALSA drivers or OSS drivers??18:20
CPrgmSwR2How do I find out18:21
CPrgmSwR2more than likely alsa I would assume18:22
CPrgmSwR2Does intrepid unstall mp3 support18:22
CPrgmSwR2Apparently I am not alone18:25
chfwiggumCPrgmSwR2: try that : http://forum.vectorlinux.com/index.php?topic=7374.018:27
||arifaXI am currently in menuconfig trying to configure a x86 kernel for 4gb memory support. I saw that 4gb is already enabled shall I go to 64gb or do I have to change the vmsplit option. a little help is needed.18:27
apparlecan I request kde4 CDs beforehand18:28
stdinapparle: https://shipit.kubuntu.org/ will change to intrepid soon, you can then request CDs18:29
CPrgmSwR2I don't have that settings amarok18:30
stdinCPrgmSwR2: intrepid support in #ubuntu+118:30
chfwiggumCPrgmSwR2: are libxine-misc-plugins and amarok-xine installed?18:35
CPrgmSwR2amarok-engine-xine was missing18:38
emlOne of my partitions (used for /home) is having some major failures, I can't get it booted and I've remade it twice and tried fixing it and all that jazz. I need some assistance to failseek it, I'm  "limited" to the shell.18:41
=== tholmes is now known as w8tah
AlephTwoeml: can you mount it manually?18:41
AlephTwoeml: ?18:42
emlAlephTwo, Yes, but when the system tries doing so manually it fails, I think it's got something to do with the UUID= stuff in /etc/fstab18:42
OutoLumoI have a question concerning re-installing the system.18:42
emlAlephTwo, And thank sbtw, I hadn't even thought of mounting it manually18:42
AlephTwoI can't remember how to get uuid of your drives. Maybe fdisk -l?18:43
OutoLumo1) How can I grab a list of installed packages so that I can easily re-install them? Is there a way to determine the seeders?18:43
emlAlephTwo, Nope18:44
emlAlephTwo, Actually that should list partition tables bu tit doesn't18:44
AlephTwoudevinfo will give you the correct UUID of your drive (if that's been altered in fstab)18:45
AlephTwo... maybe =)18:45
=== nicholas is now known as Guest99058
emlAlephTwo, "udevinfo <what>"?18:46
AlephTwothat's the $$$$ question.18:46
emlfdisk /dev/sda doesn't work either :-O And for some reason it has assigned my normal IDE-disk to /dev/sda instead of /dev/hda18:46
AlephTwoYou have a sata/ide mix of drives?18:47
emlNope, I have one IDE and one external (USB) which is usually /dev/sda18:47
emlThough I did install it using VMWare, which has never been a problem before18:47
AlephTwotune2fs -l /dev/sda1 (or whatever) should give you UUID =)18:48
=== miguel is now known as Guest66769
emlAh, thank you18:49
AlephTwoafter that it's making sure your fstab options are all nice n happy18:49
AlephTwo 18:49
emlLet's hope this is the only problem... Likely there's something else wrong since this shouldn't happen. This hard drive is like 7 years old or so =)18:49
AlephTwoalso, you can use ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/ to get uuid's =)18:49
lokpesthmm, just upgraded to Hardy and I have to packages that adept uppdate tells me there are new versions of, but it dont seem to download them18:50
emlAh, good to know, thanks again AlephTwo18:50
AlephTwoI suspect your drive is fsck*d... If you get it going. I'd advice a backup18:50
lokpesterr, that was wrong18:50
lokpestit downloads them, but dont seem to _install_ them18:51
AlephTwoIf the drive is dying. It could be overheating. I hear of some people freezing their drives for a while (in bags, obviously) to put enough life into them to drag the data off. Good luck!18:51
emlAlephTwo, Well it works fine now18:51
emlSeems like it's only the partition18:52
OutoLumolokpest, using aptitude, press U and G...18:52
AlephTwoyeah, but a 7-year old drive is going to be on it's way out. I'd recommend a backup =)18:52
emlEverything's bakced up on the external one already18:52
emlI don't trust this one enough to keep music/whatever/important/stuff on it18:52
AlephTwoNo. Just your home partition ;P18:53
emlI don't keep anything of greater importance there :P18:53
AlephTwoMulti-user machine? Then I bet they store crap in their home folders =)18:54
emlNope single-user =)18:54
AlephTwothen you're fine then =)18:55
emlWon't be too bad upgrading to 200gb or so either18:55
AlephTwoLucky you. I've got to wrestle with a complaining grub config soon :(18:55
emlI think this one deservs to rest18:55
AlephTwoWhen you plug a pci sata card & drives into a machine which has ide drive(s) installed. Fun really starts to happen18:56
eml: D18:57
AlephTwoThe BIOS puts the SATA drives after the IDE chain. Linux puts them before. Grub gets all confused and refuses to play :(18:57
emlSounds like something I wouldn't be able to solve nor have the patience to fiddle with :P18:58
AlephTwoIt's basically fiddling with the /boot/grub/device.map and /boot/grub/menu.lst files. It's just a matter of getting the configs right (hopefully)18:59
AlephTwoUnfortunately I have to wait for my upgrade-all to finish...19:00
DreadKnightanyone managed to upgrade from hardy kde4 mix to intrepid?19:00
AlephTwoMight play some urban terror, methinks19:00
webaswhere to make firefox default player and link opener..i cant take it anymore19:02
emlAh I used to play urban terror actually19:02
emlBut nowadays drumming takes most of my time19:02
andrei_всем привет19:04
blunderhey guys19:04
andrei_how are you19:05
blunderI am using a 2wire dsl modem and it massively reboots when I attemp to connect to it using kubuntu 8.0419:06
blunderhow are you19:06
DreadKnightanyone with an Intel GMA 950 under intrepid btw?19:07
blunderI think I just found a way to remotely reboot 2wire devices19:08
w8tahin kde4 how do i get the pager to change desktops as i scroll the mouse wheel?19:08
blunderI am positive that I could reboot every 2wire wireless dsl modem from my notebook19:09
Lokiasecan anyone tell me what "upgrade all" in the adept manager means19:13
lamiaathere is anyone here?19:15
unitypunkLokiase, upgrade all will upgrade all available packages i believe19:15
unitypunkthink of it as batch updater19:15
=== TeLLuS__ is now known as TeLLuS
webaswhen i connected camera to windows it was automatically detected as removable hdd..why on kubuntu its not so? what to do?19:20
=== Tizz_ is now known as Tizz
||arifaXwebas: some cameras use special drivers under windows. some have to be configure how they show to the os. for example as hard-drive or camera. maybe a simple change in your camera's setup will help you out!19:26
||arifaXwebas: search for usb setup in your cameras menues19:27
webasits already in usb mode ye i tried :)19:27
lufthanzaok, i've installed ubuntu from the base packages (base install and built up from there19:28
lufthanzai'm having trouble with alsa though19:28
lufthanzait works and yet it doesn't19:28
||arifaXwebas: well maybe it is just not mounted19:29
DreadKnightwireless issues fixed in intrepid?19:29
lufthanzait's not loading snd-hda-intel automatically, and i cannot use alsamixer or kmix to control volumes19:29
webasits sure mounted how can it be overwise :( i have done it manually :) eh...19:29
lufthanzawhen I load snd-hda-intel, i still cannot use kmix or alsamixer for control, and yet, sound works in kde19:30
||arifaXwebas: so what's not working?19:30
webasmy camera ( not web cam ) is not detected as removable hdd as in windows :)19:31
||arifaXwebas: so you cannot access the files or is it just because it is not detected as removable just fixed?19:31
webasits not deteced at all.. hm..where to look for it..maybe i dont know where to look for it :|19:32
lufthanzaanyone know how to configure alsa properly?19:32
||arifaXwebas: you wrote its mounted ? didn't you19:32
=== david is now known as Guest4274
webasi mounted manually plugging in usb..but maybe i should go in linux on some hard to get in folder to see all plugged stuff?19:33
artur_how can i find out my kde version?19:34
||arifaXwebas: when you plug-it in. what does a "dmesg" in a command-window say? (it should says something about /dev/sxx where xx could be a-f or something19:34
Colonel_PanicHey all19:35
Colonel_PanicI'm installing a new hard drive19:35
aredhi there19:35
Colonel_PanicBut Qtparted won't boot for some reason, so I can't create a partition19:35
Colonel_PanicI mean19:36
Colonel_Panicit won't star5t19:36
=== ared is now known as miciuxfreemind
webasit fills whole termnal i cant even see the beggining.. :D19:36
=== joe_ is now known as CyD
Colonel_PanicThe OS boots fine19:36
||arifaXwebas: look at the end19:36
webasi should plug out floppy cos it takes almost everything + ethernet.. nothing about photocamera sill searching19:37
||arifaXwebas: or repeat and always check the end19:37
bebedoes anyone has any ideea of this error ?19:37
bebeFATAL:  invalid value for parameter "work_mem": "-B"19:37
Colonel_Panicmy root partition, an 8.7GB partition,  is 97% full19:37
bebei use postgresql19:38
Colonel_Panic>y /home partition is 426GB and it's pretty full as well19:38
Colonel_PanicI just installed a new internal HDD19:38
Colonel_Panica 1TB Seagate19:38
Colonel_PanicMy plan is to create a new storage partition on that volume and move most of my permanent data there, then repartition my old 500MB hard drive to give me a 30GB root partition19:40
Colonel_PanicMy problem is, Qtparted won't start when I try to open it19:41
Colonel_PanicCan anyone help?19:41
webasye why you need qtparted ?19:42
Colonel_PanicI need to create an ext3 partition on my new hard drive19:42
Colonel_Panicthen I need to repartition my old hard drive to create a bigger root partition19:42
||arifaXwebas: did you correctly plug-it out of windows (with the wizard) or just disconnected (caused file system errors)19:43
Colonel_PanicI might also want to expand my swappartition19:43
webasthis report is while camera is still plugged in :)19:43
Colonel_Panicis there a better way to do this?19:43
Colonel_PanicWhen I make the new partition, do I need to specify it as a /homke partition?19:44
Colonel_Panicoops /home19:44
webasuse gparted19:44
webasokay im tired thanks for help..next time gl..19:45
Colonel_Panicinstalling gparted now19:45
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, no19:45
Colonel_Panicgparted ought to already be installed, right? I mean, if I have QTParted...19:46
Colonel_PanicOutoLumo, what?19:46
OutoLumoYou just make a partition, mount is somewhere (eg /home2), copy /home to it, unmount /home and /home2 and mount the new partition as /home. Then adjust /etc/fstab accordingly19:47
Colonel_PanicOK first I have to create the partition on this 1TB drive, right?19:47
Colonel_PanicI use gparted to do that, no?19:47
OutoLumothat's the idea19:48
Colonel_PanicOK I'm running gparted now19:48
OutoLumouse gparted to partition the 1TB disk as you wish.19:48
Colonel_Panichow long shold it take to detect all my drives?19:48
OutoLumoWill you put it all on the new 1TB disk?19:49
Colonel_PanicOK mit doesn't seem to see my 1TB drive19:49
Colonel_PanicOK, my long-term plan is this:19:49
Colonel_PanicI have a server case with 6 hot-swappable drive bays19:50
Colonel_Panicand one internal drive bay19:50
Colonel_Panicthe root partition and all the system stuff will reside on the 500MB drive that's in the internal bay19:50
Colonel_Panicalong with documents I'm working on19:51
OutoLumoAlong with swap, I guess?19:51
Colonel_Panicthat's 500MB, plenty of space for working in19:51
Colonel_Panicthe 1TB drive is in the 1st hot-swap bay19:51
=== tekgeeklt_ is now known as tekgeek
OutoLumoOk, it seems you want swap, root and homepartitions on that drive19:51
Colonel_Panicmy long-term goal is to create a huge RAID 5 array for all my long-term storage19:52
Colonel_PanicI don't have anonugh drives to do that at the moment, and I don't have a RAID controller yet, so I'm using this 1TB drive inj the meanwhile19:52
OutoLumoWhere are you going to mount the RAID?19:52
Colonel_Panicgeez my typing sucks today...19:52
Colonel_PanicOK anyway what I plan to do is, use this drive for the time being, then when I get the RAID controller and more drives, I'll install all of them in the rest of the hot-swappable bayss19:53
Colonel_Panictransfer all the data from this 1TB drive to the RAID array, then erase this drive and use it as my spare19:54
Colonel_Panicso in the end I will have a 4TB RAID 5 array plus 1 parity drive and one spare filling all 6 bays19:55
OutoLumoOk, so now you need to detect the TB -disk, partition it as swap, root and home.19:55
OutoLumoWhat's your filesystem of choise the root and home, btw?19:55
Colonel_Panicno, I'm going to use this 1TB drive as storage only. My OS will not reside on the RAID array19:55
OutoLumoSingle-user machine? You might want to mount the RAID under /home19:56
Colonel_PanicI want to detect this 1TB drive, transfer all my permanent data over there, then repartition my 500MB system drive to engarge the root partition and shrink the /home partition19:56
Colonel_Panichold on, i left out a step19:57
OutoLumoIn that case: backup everything on the TB, repartition 500MB: grow swap and root, shrink home19:57
Colonel_PanicI have to detect then CREATE A PARTITION on the 1TB drive, then do all the rest19:57
Colonel_PanicI think I may have to adjust my BIOS settings to detect this drive19:58
OutoLumook, so the problem is really detecting the disk...19:58
bebehow to start my postgresql ?19:58
=== adam is now known as AdamTech1
OutoLumoIs it SATA?19:58
sorush20plasma panels are only being added to the top of my screen19:58
bebehow to start my postgresql ?19:58
smutjesomebody out hohere who can explain me19:59
Colonel_PanicOh wait... it already sees the 1TB drive. All I have to do is partition it now.19:59
smutjehow to use virtuell box?19:59
smutjeVirtualBox kernel driver not installed. The vboxdrv kernel module was either not loaded or /dev/vboxdrv was not created for some reason. Please install the virtualbox-ose-modules package for your kernel, e.g. virtualbox-ose-modules-generic..19:59
smutjeVBox status code: -1908 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED).19:59
smutjeIConsole {1dea5c4b-0753-4193-b909-22330f64ec45}19:59
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, ok, you have a go then :-)19:59
smutjewhat should i do now ?19:59
Colonel_PanicI'll create 1 ext3 partition on there19:59
smutjehow to install vm_driver ?19:59
Colonel_PanicThen transfer all my data there19:59
smutjeplease i need help20:00
Colonel_PanicShould I put my root partition on there as well?20:00
mr---t-what is the replacement photo editor for f-spot20:01
geniismutje: Read carefully what you pasted especially about something called virtualbox-ose-modules20:01
smutjegenii thx20:02
bebehow to start my postgresql ?20:02
Colonel_Panicshould I use an MS-DOS volume label?20:02
DreadKnightany opera users around?20:03
OutoLumoI think I't optional20:03
mr---t-anyone know a good photo editor for kubuntu?20:05
ubottugimp is an advanced image manipulation application for Ubuntu. See http://www.gimp.org for tutorials and more information.20:06
DreadKnightgimp gimp horay..20:06
DreadKnightwondering if latest opera still has an IRC client integrated.... haven't used it in a while and i just can't find it around in the interface anymore heh20:06
mr---t-ok let me try it , I thought it was only for graphics20:06
trappistmr---t-: it's great for photos.  it compares decently with photoshop, though most (objective) users would say it's a little less powerful and a little less usable20:07
ubottuCinelerra is a video editor and compositor that cannot be included in Ubuntu for legal reasons. Install instructions can be found on http://cvs.cinelerra.org/getting_cinelerra.php#ubuntu20:07
PolitikerNEUI think digikam has some basic photo editing features included20:07
geniigimp is king however20:08
trappistyou can find plenty of OSS zealots to tell you it blows photoshop out of the water, though20:08
chfwiggumDreadKnight: yeah that irc client was nice, maybe they have it as a plugin20:08
=== kurumin is now known as kurumin__
DreadKnightchfwiggum: searched for a plugin/widget thingy but no luck..20:09
=== kurumin__ is now known as __-
=== __- is now known as JuJu______
chfwiggumDreadKnight: opera is the best browser since years, im too sad i changed to firefox for  no reason20:10
DreadKnightchfwiggum: same here; want to ditch gtk firefox asap20:11
DreadKnighti had the 'pure open source20:11
DreadKnight' mania20:11
trappistI still use firefox if only because I can't stand the way opera selects which tab to focus when you close a tab, and last time I checked I couldn't configure it.  oh, and I'm addicted to adblock.20:11
ubuntujest jakis polak? :D20:11
ubottuMozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl20:11
chfwiggumDreadKnight: http://www.opera.com/products/desktop/chat/index.dml20:11
Colonel_Panicfor image editiong, I prefer using Photoshop under Wine20:12
Colonel_Paniconly problem is, some of the keyboard shortcuts don't work20:12
mr---t-trappist: thanks gimp works great20:12
ubottugimpshop is a hack that makes The Gimp look and feel more like Photoshop.  A .deb for Ubuntu is available via http://plasticbugs.com/?page_id=29420:12
* genii sips20:12
chfwiggumtrappist: opera had addblock first. was writing my own filters 6 years ago20:12
Colonel_Panichmmm... I ought to try gimpshop20:12
Colonel_Panic@ this point, I only use Gimp for basic stuff20:13
trappistchfwiggum: yeah I found some solutions, but they all required more work on my part than I was interested in putting out20:13
AdamTech1how do you do that sip thing genii?20:13
Colonel_PanicWine is pretty awesome20:13
genii/me does something20:13
DreadKnightchfwiggum: for some reason i can't customize it so i can enable the chat panel, it's greyed out... heh20:13
geniiAdamTech1: See above20:13
=== ubuntu_ is now known as thetmx
thetmxHi to everybody.20:14
DreadKnightchfwiggum: was just browsing that page actually xD ty anyway20:14
Colonel_PanicI've found that most of the Win apps I used to use will work great under Wine, except you might need to do a little tinkering and configuration first20:14
chfwiggumDreadKnight: sry i cant help u there, but i made up my mind-tomorrow ill change back to opera again :)20:14
Colonel_PanicOne of the best things I've learned from using Linux is how to solve problems20:14
DreadKnightchfwiggum: haha20:14
Colonel_PanicOpera is a fine browser20:15
geniiColonel_Panic: Thats one of the reasons I love it so much20:15
Colonel_PanicI wonder when FF will come out woth a multithreaded version20:15
DreadKnighti encourage open source, but some stuff just remains crap and needs to get deprecated...20:15
thetmxis there someone who know a channel about Grub installation help?20:15
Colonel_PanicOpera is fast as hell20:15
geniiI wonder when FF will come out with firefox-qt20:15
DreadKnighti'm considering chrome20:16
DreadKnighti don't use adblock anyway20:16
Colonel_Panic\Fuck Chrome20:16
chfwiggumDreadKnight: not really20:16
Colonel_PanicChrome is very insecure20:16
geniihehe !language20:16
Colonel_PanicChrome has issues20:16
Colonel_Panicit's still in beta anyway20:16
DreadKnightmultithreaded, open source, webkit, nicely designed, light weight...20:16
Colonel_Panicif you're running Linux, why in the world would you want Chrome?20:17
DreadKnightjust no working damn linux version...20:17
DreadKnighttold my reasons20:17
Colonel_PanicThe only idea I like about Chrome is the notion of a "sandbox tab" a.k.a. "porn tab"20:17
DreadKnightcan browse porn without that as well20:18
Colonel_Panicand maybe the fast Javascript rendering engine20:18
Colonel_Panicwell it's not necessarily for porn you know20:18
DreadKnighti use a real irc client and have plasmoids on my desktop; giving up on opera heh xD20:19
Colonel_Panicthe idea is that it doesn't accept cookies or use Javascript so you can use it without being tracked or run the risk of getting malware20:19
DreadKnightjust can't manage to get the irc client inside running20:19
DreadKnightColonel_Panic: i know what it does20:19
Colonel_PanicIt also doesn't keep history20:19
Colonel_PanicWell I like that idea20:19
DreadKnightno malware in linux i guess xD20:19
Colonel_PanicI haven't run across any20:19
Colonel_PanicLinux is not 100% secure though20:19
DreadKnighti know20:19
DreadKnightbut doesn't compares to windoze20:20
Colonel_Panicanyway, OutoLumo, should I use the MS-DOS volume title, or some other?20:20
DreadKnightit's so easy to be an administrator for my parents pc's20:20
geniiThats not even like comparing apples and oranges. It's like trying to compare apples and moon rocks20:20
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, I think the volume label is optional for hard disks, but not sure.20:21
Colonel_PanicOK I'm creating a partition now20:21
Colonel_PanicIt's going to be really nice to have some elbow room on this machine again20:22
chfwiggumDreadKnight: ok now u got me. i actually installed opera on my old ubuntu box here. ill look out for the client20:22
DreadKnightchfwiggum: xD no worries man20:24
administrateurwho is french please20:25
chfwiggumDreadKnight: works fine for me, quick install, quick irc access, quite smooth operation20:25
administrateurya til des utilisateur francai?20:25
Tm_T!fr | administrateur20:25
ubottuadministrateur: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr20:25
jimmy51_is there a linux app i can use to try to recover a NTFS volume that's screwing up?20:25
administrateurthank you20:26
* AdamTech1 does not think so20:26
eddieftwhey all what is the kde4 kdm package name?20:26
administrateursorry i don't understand i speak english very little20:26
shadowhywinddoes anyone know how to lock the computer from the console20:27
Tm_Tshadowhywind: KDE3 ?20:27
eddieftwkdm-kde4, got it20:27
shadowhywindTm_T: but does it matter? would think the command would be the same20:28
Tm_Tshadowhywind: nope, not the same then20:28
chfwiggumshadowhywind: maybe this helps :  http://www.debianhelp.org/node/911420:31
AdamTech1Is there a way to get your own channel?20:32
Tm_TAdamTech1: just join, it will be created if there isn't one already20:33
shadowhywindthanks will look into it20:33
vladon unbuntu is there eny way to open windows and unbuntu linux in the same time20:33
AdamTech1Tm_T: Thanks20:34
mr---t-genii:  I installed gimpshop with g-debi and now I can't find it20:34
chfwiggummr---t-: tried locate gimpshop?20:35
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=== AMD-64 is now known as Linux-Power
mr---t-yes no responce20:36
radovichdoes anyone have a problem loading pages that contain a lot of flash in firefox? it freezes for a long time. is there a fix?20:37
Colonel_PanicOutoLumo, I'm considering making this RAID array a FAT32 partition, or maybe even NTFS20:37
Linux-Powerhey will PCI-express video cards not work under kubuntu (linux)?, some guy told me they were commercial cards, not for normal home computer use?20:37
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, Fat32 has file size limitations. Why would you want to make NTFS?20:38
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, Are you going to access it *directly* from Windows? How about Samba?20:39
Colonel_Panicto maintain compatibility, should I wish to transfer the array to a Windows machine at some time in the future20:39
Colonel_PanicYeah, actually I don't have any kind of defragmentation tools under Linux so I may as well just make it ext320:39
ubottupong is an old atari game. It's fun!20:39
OutoLumook. In that case I believe NTFS should be better.20:39
geniiAh, I'm alive!20:39
w8tahcan someone tell me how in kubuntu 8.10 to make the mouse wheel change desktops20:40
Colonel_Panicwhat's the advantage there?20:40
OutoLumoExtended File System.20:40
Colonel_Panicis that different from ext3?20:40
mr---t-genii: I installed gimpshop with g-debi and now I can't find it20:41
OutoLumoWell, it was designed for higher end systems20:41
chfwiggumnobody using reiserfs here?20:41
OutoLumoReally, servers and RAID systems might find ext -systems limiting20:41
Tm_Tmy phone uses ext220:41
vladhi there can i use unbuntu linux and windows in the same time?20:41
bomber_w8tah:  Go to start--- system settings--- mouse and make change there20:41
Tm_T!dualboot | vlad20:42
ubottuvlad: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot20:42
OutoLumochfwiggum, I use. I'm getting rid of it.20:42
chfwiggumvlad: no20:42
chfwiggumOutoLumo: y?20:42
Tm_T!vm | vlad20:42
ubottuvlad: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications20:42
Colonel_PanicOutoLumo, I've created the partition, now I have to make KDE recognize it. Do I need to edit /etc/fstab?20:42
OutoLumochfwiggum, poor support prospects?-)20:43
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, that's a good way. But temporarily, it's enough to mount it somewhere20:43
basyhi, im looking for FTP client that can scan FTP server directory tree and store that into file ...20:44
Colonel_PanicMay as well edit fstab. I'm going to to ve using it on a regular basis.20:45
Colonel_Panic*to be*20:45
OutoLumoAs for filesystems for RAID, here's a list... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems20:45
OutoLumoOk, you still need to mount it as well. Just putting it to fstab wont do that.20:47
Colonel_Panicwhat do I need to put in /etc/fstab?20:48
chfwiggumOutoLumo: a fine link20:50
Tm_T!fi | OutoLumo20:51
ubottuOutoLumo: Suomenkielinen keskustelu (K)Ubuntusta kanavilla #ubuntu-fi ja #kubuntu-fi20:51
geniimr---t-: If you had gimp installed already need to remove that since it's 2.4 version and gimpshop linux is 2.2 version. To run gimpshop just issue in terminal/konsole: gimp20:58
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, I found this too: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Root-RAID-HOWTO.html :-)20:58
Colonel_PanicOutoLumo: what do I need to put in /etc/fstab?21:01
OutoLumoLook at the other entries there... they should gibve21:02
OutoLumogive a good idea21:02
OutoLumoauto means that its mounted automatically at boot21:04
Colonel_Panicall I see in /media/sdb1 is "lost+found"21:05
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, Also this might be interesting discussion: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/38821:06
OutoLumoshow me the fstab line21:07
Colonel_PanicOutoLumo: all I see in /media/sdb1 is "lost+found"21:08
OutoLumoTry creating a file in there21:08
Colonel_Panicdo I need to create a new directory in there with my username and chmod it to allow access only by myself?:21:08
OutoLumothat's a good way21:09
lwizardlwhats better to share printers printer hooked to Ubuntu and shared with windows or printer hooked to windows and shared with ubuntu?21:12
vladwhat is the easyest way to instal Flash player?  (tar.gz; .Rpm or Yum ?????21:15
* genii hooks his printer to the switch and uses it from whatever platform21:15
vladcan enywhone help me ?21:15
trappistvlad: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree21:17
vladthanks trappist21:18
* _jabba smacks all the people that pm him and disappear21:20
Colonel_PanicOutoLumo: nothing is showing up in /media21:20
rg535748I want to install ns2 how do I do that?21:20
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, you have mounted it there, right?21:20
vladtrappist:  can u tell me how do i find .... a website to help me to use better the terminal .... i whant to learn a lot more about linux...  where shod i start?21:20
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, with command "mount" ?21:21
Colonel_PanicI mounted it at/media/sdb121:21
trappistvlad: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prompt-HOWTO/21:22
Colonel_PanicI mean /media/hdb121:22
Colonel_Panicwait... no my mistake. it is sdb121:23
chfwiggumvlad: most commands http://www.oreillynet.com/linux/cmd/21:24
rg535748how do I check what version of kubuntu I have?21:24
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OutoLumoColonel_Panic, and there is no /media/sdb1 ?21:25
OutoLumo(you could mount it as /media/tera if you wanted)21:26
trappistvlad: please keep it in the channel21:26
Colonel_PanicOK it's there21:27
Colonel_Panictransferring files now21:27
vladhow can i make my unbuntu look like this?  like cube and stuff like that21:29
rg535748When I try to build ns2 I get the following error:21:29
rg535748configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot creat21:29
rg535748e executables.21:29
rg535748anyone seen this before?21:29
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, btw, I have a similar project ahead: I need to repartition my harddisk and just got a external drive for backup.21:29
vladi am alowed to put internet adresses in here? in main channel?21:29
vladhow can i make my unbuntu look like this?   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTHCYjFWqHA  like cube and stuff like that21:30
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, the difference is that I plan to reinstall the system partition; I might be forced to wipe the entire disk as well, as I need to reinstall windows as well.21:30
pimwhat's the standard all-comprising kde package called?21:31
pimkde-base right?21:31
OutoLumovlad, start here: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/category/compizberyl/21:32
vladthanks OutoLumo21:33
OutoLumopim, kde ?21:33
pimnah kdebase21:33
Colonel_PanicYeah, if you're reinstalling Windows anyway you may as well reformat the Windows system partition21:34
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OutoLumopim, sorry, I missed the word "standard" :-P21:35
Colonel_PanicOutoLumo: I just tried to open a file that I'd copied to the new HDD but I got an error and it wouldn't open21:35
Colonel_PanicIt's an mp3 file and it opens fine on the original hard drive21:35
OutoLumoSInce the Windows-installer is oblivious of partitions, I either have to repartition the disk from scratch or install it using virtual machine. And since I need to grow root and swap partitions anyway...21:36
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, checked the md5 sum?21:37
Colonel_PanicOne sec21:39
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nahhi i need some little help with kubuntu21:42
MrKennie!ask | nah21:43
ubottunah: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)21:43
nahi've changed my graphic card to the one in motherboard and now i can't changee screen resolution more than 800x60021:43
OutoLumonah, You need to reconfigure X?21:44
OutoLumo(how was that done again?)21:44
Colonel_PanicOK how do I check the MD5 sum?21:45
MrKennienah: do you know what grpahics card you have?21:45
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, to start with, you could check the file size...21:45
=== konrad is now known as K1lo
Colonel_Panicyeah those are all right21:45
K1loHi all!21:45
nahwell i tried but after i set keybord it actually dissapear and then i cant even start kde21:45
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, then `md5sum filename` should give you the sum of that file. Check the two files and compare sums.21:46
nahim using dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg commend21:46
K1loOut of interest, does the beta kubuntu use the ati restricted driver by default?21:47
MrKennienah: do you know what grpahics card you have?21:47
OutoLumonah, hmm...21:47
K1loati x200m *shudder21:47
OutoLumonah, you have checked that the driver is supported?21:47
Colonel_PanicOK if I copy it to the desktop, it plays fine21:47
K1look, will figure out how to sort it out - not had much experience with kde. Mostly just used gnome before21:47
nahnvidia 615021:48
K1loyeah it works under ubuntu21:48
Colonel_Panicbut it won't open directly from the new hard drive21:48
MrKennienah: you might get better resolution using the nvidia drivers21:48
K1loso I am sure it will work with kubuntu ;P21:48
MrKennienah: I had a similar problem with a 6000 series21:48
nahi had nvidia card before21:48
MrKennienah: oh right.21:48
nahbefore it broke down:(21:49
nahit was 7300 and now i have the one in motherboard21:49
MrKennienah: is it still using the nvidia driver now?21:49
OutoLumoColonel_Panic, you might have an issue with permissions... try softlinking the directory from the desktop :-P21:49
Colonel_PanicOK I'm going to wait until this other directory finishes copying21:49
Colonel_Panicmaybe that's the cause of it not opening21:50
nahi think yes... a havnt deinstall anything21:50
MrKennienah: in system settings -> Monitor & display and hit the Hardware tab and it should tell you21:50
nahwell it is using the nv drivers21:52
MrKennienah: or K -> System -> Hardware Drivers Manager will confimr if you are using it or not.21:52
MrKennienah: right21:52
MrKennienah: if you go to the Hardware Drivers Manager as above you can install the nvidia drivers and see if that fixes it.21:52
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zabbadappMy computer can't boot from a usbstick with a 8.10beta image (using usbtostick.sh). I have no cds to burn. I can boot into a Knoppix live-cd or a Mythbuntu live-cd. Is it possible to initiate a usb-boot from within those?21:53
MrKennie!ibex | zabbadapp21:54
ubottuzabbadapp: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!21:54
zabbadappits a 4 year old left over machine I just want to try the beta on ... but ok, out of curiosity -- is it possible to boot like that? or do I need to install a dummy OS first to get a grub menu to maybe select the usb-device.21:56
zabbadapp(the "can't boot" I mentioned means that the computer seems incapable of booting from usb-sticks, regardless of beta status of the OS on it)21:57
OutoLumozabbadapp, hmm...21:58
MrKenniezabbadapp: can your PC boot from USB?21:58
zabbadappapparently, no21:58
geniizabbadapp: Install debbootstrap onto the usb stick from cd or wherever else. Then chroot there and install whatever.21:58
OutoLumozabbadapp, you could mount the stick and try to jailroot from that mounted partition somehow?21:59
=== stephan_ is now known as stedede
zabbadappgood ideas, I will google about chroot a bit ... else i'll buy some blank cds tomorrow :-(22:00
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webashow can i install diablo2 lod via wine if it tells me to insert another cd and i insert..i press ok..and it doesnt install anymore :)22:01
OutoLumozabbadapp, buying cd:s might be faster, using chroot more educating ;-)22:04
nah_MrKennie i did it and now its finnaly work:) thanks for help22:07
unitypunkhow can i get a remote shell?22:35
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fbahello peoples22:44
freeman192038hi, someone know where i can find mod_slotlimit package? it's a project that i've found on sourceforge22:47
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anethum_ahi, i am in the process of reinstalling alsa using this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto . i am trying to compile alsa-utils and i am running into a problem. this is what im getting:http://pastebin.com/m2ef929f523:06
anethum_aproblem occurs at line 103 apparently23:08
anethum_a"/bin/bash: xmlto: command not found"23:09
anethum_aany ideas???23:12
lkjasaanethum_a: try installing xmlto ...23:13
lkjasajust a guess23:13
anethum_aumm....forget my question...lol yeah, it helps if i have the xmlto package installed ;)23:15
anethum_ait helps me sometimes if i write out my problems... ;)23:16
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ron_64where do I find the beta 8.10 kubuntu download for a amd64, the site shows 8.04 kde remix??23:18
mm_202This may be a stupid question, but why is Kubuntu using 2.6.24[-21], not the latest?  (since 2.6.27 just came out...)23:20
qualifiedhay h r u?23:23
vladheloo there i need some help i whant to open on my linux... Alsow my windows ... enywhone can help me whit that?23:43
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vladtrappist:  are u there?23:44
Guest24534Hi all, do you know a shell command to unedrstand which RAm is installed on my nitebook?23:44
Guest24534I need this information because I wanna upgrade my notebook memory!23:44
=== Guest24534 is now known as giuseppe_
giuseppe_so... anyone23:45
vladenywhone knows how i open my windows in my linux?23:46
Flare183vlad: You mean your windows partition?23:46
Flare183Guest54777: top might help23:47
Flare183!ntfs | vlad23:47
ubottuvlad: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE23:47
Under_Wrapsfollowing an experiment with ext2 and LILO, Adept has broken with 'The APT Database could not be opened! This may be caused by incorrect APT configuration or some similar problem....'  But, Synaptic works, so does apt-get. I've replaced sources.list and reinstalled adept23:47
Under_Wrapsany ideas?23:47
giuseppe_do you know a shell command to unedrstand which RAm is installed on my nitebook?23:48
giuseppe_I need this information because I wanna upgrade my notebook memory!23:48
acxalgun español?23:48
acxcomo cambio la resolucion de pantalla en kubuntu? no lo encuentro.. soy novatillo23:49
Under_Wrapsgiuseppe_: I Goggled for 'ubuntu ram type' and the first reply was very informative :)23:49
Flare183!es | acx23:49
ubottuacx: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.23:49
giuseppe_Under_Wraps: now I try... thanks23:50
vladubottu and afther i mount it23:50
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:50
vlad how do i open it?23:51
Flare183!ntfs | vlad23:51
ubottuvlad: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE23:51
Flare183do what it says on the link23:51
Flare183!fuse > vlad23:51
ubottuvlad, please see my private message23:51
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