JasonWoofI was getting a nastly lag in my framerate/system-performance every 2 minutes when I was using my 43xx00:01
KamilionPersonally, since I have no need for Draft-N speeds, I use a ZD1211B based USB wifi adapter. $26 from dealextreme: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.585800:01
JasonWoofwith the -rt kernel, it would just about freeze my system for about a full second00:01
KamilionI've changed the antenna to a big 16 inch one, it came with a tiny little 3 inch one.00:01
JasonWoofwith the generic kernel it'd just slow down for about two seconds00:02
KamilionI get better wireless performance than all of the other laptops here at NASA Ames research center00:02
Kamilionand it only cost me around $35... $26 for the wifi dongle, and another $9 for the big antenna00:03
JasonWoofnot bad00:03
JasonWoofI'm using a PCMCIA card00:03
JasonWoofI always worry about breaking it00:03
JasonWoofI usually take it out and box it when lugging this monstrocity about00:04
nikkolaiHi guys, in hardy i was using the nvidia-glx-new package, but i can't find it on intrepid beta? Has a new name??00:04
KamilionKnow what you mean. I've got a PCMCIA USB 2.0 adapter to plug the wifi into my 900Mhz HP laptop from 1998... the whole shebang sticks out half a foot from the laptop *grin*... Anyway, offtopic aside... /me returns to idling00:05
visik7intrepid is totally unusable on my system :(00:08
KamilionWhat's the symptoms? Have you tried xubuntu intrepid to narrow down the culprits?00:08
visik7kernel and driver00:09
visik7so it's not a desktop problem00:09
ethana21When will networkmanager auto-crack WEP networks?00:09
Kamilionethana21: as soon as you write and distribute the patch to do so.00:09
* Kamilion grins00:09
ethana21oh sweet!00:09
visik7kernel doesn't boot on AC plugged, and wireless is switched off and unswitchable on00:09
JasonWoofethana21: heh :)00:09
ethana21would they seriously accept such a patch?00:10
Kamilionprobably not.00:10
ethana21but it's Free Software, soo.........00:10
* ethana21 grins00:10
Kamilionbut if the patch was out there, people would use it.00:10
KamilionNot hard to distribute .deb files00:10
KamilionSkype does it. Nomachine does it. (mmm, freenx...)00:10
ethana21I've got $179.55, whose up for a bounty?00:11
KamilionHeh, while you're at it, might as well add in WPA rainbow table support... heh00:12
* ethana21 googles00:12
BrionSdoes anyone know how I can revert VLC back to the 0.8.6 version in Hardy without giving up Ibex?00:14
bruce89BrionS: simply, you can't00:21
* bruce89 fails to see the attraction of VLC00:21
larson9999a nice simple media player.  what's not to love?00:22
larson9999not to mention gives me less headaches than the others.00:22
bruce89it reimplements all the codecs00:22
larson9999now compiz, that's something i fail to see the attraction of00:24
bruce89I concur00:24
nikkolaihow can i set the vesa driver for my video card?00:24
larson9999the pc is one of the places i want opaque windows :)00:24
larson9999and for the love of god stop making the bouncing cursor the default in kde!00:25
BrionSbruce89, the attraction is it plays my DVDs flawlessly - even the Sony ArCCOS ones00:25
maxb_compiz is amusing and flashy. It mostly just makes you go "Pretty!"00:25
larson9999maxb_, it mostly makes me seasick00:26
bruce89BrionS: so does my dvd playing script00:26
BrionSlarson9999, the show desktop / window picker is nice if you have a very full desktop00:26
BrionSbruce89, I'm glad to hear it00:27
maxb_It does have a few features that are actually useful - like shrinking or transparency on demand to keep an eye on a background task00:27
* bruce89 goes back to politic00:27
BrionSunfortunately I haven't had much luck playing some movies with anything but VLC00:27
BrionSso you see my predicament00:27
larson9999BrionS, i think i'm just set in my ways.  i've been using the layout for my desktop since the early nineties and it's comfortable, like my chuck taylors which are about as old.00:28
larson9999kinda like i usually turn of tabs when i can because i'm so used to alt+tab.00:29
BrionSlarson9999, then again I'm a sucker for eye candy.  If I can't play graphics card melting games in Linux, at least I can use my GFX card to some extent with Open GL desktop effects00:30
bruce89BrionS: gst-launch-0.10 dvdreadsrc title=$TITLE ! decodebin name=decode decode. ! queue ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! osssink decode. ! deinterlace ! xvimagesink force-aspect-ratio=true00:30
bruce89I must admit to using Metacity's compositor00:31
larson9999BrionS, and i'm the opposite of that.  i still can't understand it when people say apps look like crap because they don't match the theme.  i really don't understand the complaint.00:31
BrionSbruce89, I don't suppose you have a script that also rips the title track to the drive as well?  My project is to "digitize" my entire DVD library and use MythTV to play it back on my TV instead of popping DVDs in and out of the player00:32
bruce89just replace the xvimagesink element with something else00:33
KamilionIIRC doesn't Myth already have a DVD ripper?00:33
BrionSyes, but it's not half as fast as VLC00:33
BrionSat least last I used it00:33
BrionSI don't want to transcode or anything, just grab the MPEG-2 content as-is00:33
KamilionAh. Personally, when I buy a DVD or bluray, I just download a pre-encoded copy from the 'net and 'forget' to unwrap my purchase.00:34
bruce89BrionS: I'll have a think00:34
KamilionBut I won't vouch for the legality of that.00:34
BrionSKamilion, I could do that but I find most people aren't interested in sharing 5+GB files, not to mention it would take hours to download vs. minutes to rip00:35
BrionSI don't know how anyone can watch movies on an iPod or highly compressed video on a computer monitor00:35
KamilionPoint taken, but I'm not exactly in the habit of storing MPEG2 on my harddrives.00:36
KamilionI convert over to XViD at the very least. 9GB DVD to 1GB mkv/ogm.00:37
DaSkreechAnyone having issues with kopete and Gtalk?00:37
BrionSthis has been a long-standing project of mine started several years ago and I finally have most of the hardware in place just in time to lose my fastest/simplest/least confusing (for me) way to rip00:37
KamilionI don't notice a quality difference. Anyway, offtopic. Sorry.00:37
BrionSin any case...I guess I'll give up on VLC for now until they "fix" their wizard (hopefully sometime in Ibex)00:38
BrionSthey admit it's broken and you shouldn't upgrade if you used it - but I didn't notice the upgrade from 0.8.6 to 0.9.3 when it happened00:38
bruce89a dump would be as simple as gst-launch-0.10 dvdreadsrc title=5 !  filesink location=foo.mpeg00:38
DanaGVLC is utter failage at mkv subtitles.00:38
bruce89it gets a bit complex for transcoding00:39
BrionSthanks bruce89, I've never heard of gst-launch -- I'll check into it00:40
BrionSthat looks good enough for me00:40
gaminggeekis anyone else having problems with banshee?00:40
BrionSgaminggeek, sorry - I used Amarok00:40
bruce89BrionS: try running gst-launch-0.10 with no arguments to see which plugins you have00:40
bruce89then put one of the names as arguments, then you can see how to use each one00:41
BrionSERROR: pipeline could not be constructed: empty pipeline not allowed.00:41
KamilionNote to self, find monty python arguement sketch00:41
bruce89BrionS: sorry, gst-inspect-0.1000:42
BrionSholy plugins batman!00:42
bruce89indeed, gstreamer has quite a few00:43
BrionS167 on mine I guess00:43
BrionSthis may take a while ;)00:43
KamilionWhat package do I need to compile? build-essential or something?00:43
Kamilionyep, that was it.00:45
outbrigaminggeek: switch from the darkside. use rhythmbox :P00:48
d4t4min3rcan someone help me, im trying to see if this is a bug.. or just something wrong on my side00:48
bruce89BrionS: gst-launch-0.10 dvdreadsrc title=5 ! decodebin name=decode ! oggmux name=mux ! filesink location=foo.ogv decode. ! queue ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! vorbisenc quality=0.5 ! queue ! mux. decode. ! deinterlace ! schroenc ! queue ! mux.00:48
gaminggeekoutbri: never!00:49
gaminggeekbanshee is so sexy...00:49
cwillugaminggeek, what kind of problems?00:53
cwillu(be aware, #banshee is on irc.gnome.org, not freenode)00:53
cwillu(also, there's a ppa with newer intrepid and hardy packages for banshee which may be useful)00:54
cwillu(having said all that, state your problem before I go away :p)00:54
gaminggeekcwillu: I know I am in that channel00:54
DaSkreechSo yeah anyone having issues with Kopete?00:59
bruce89BrionS: gst-launch-0.10 dvdreadsrc title=5 ! decodebin name=decode ! oggmux name=mux ! filesink location=foo.ogv decode. ! queue ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! vorbisenc quality=0.5 ! mux. decode. ! deinterlace ! theoraenc ! mux.01:02
bruce89replace theoraenc with whatever encoder you want01:02
BrionSideally I wouldn't be re-encoding, just ripping the MPEG-2 stream from the disc01:03
bruce89I shouldn't have bothered working all that out then01:03
BrionSif it helps, I appreciate the effort. :)01:04
bruce89It might be useful for me01:05
gregordistribution upgrade tries to register files with scrollkeeper but is waiting and waiting because scrollkeeper is not found(replaced  by rarian)01:10
gregorand the distribution upgrade window is now not closable...01:11
httpdssim having speed rendering problems after yesterdays nvidia V.177 upgrade. is anybody with same issue ?01:23
danbh_intrepidgregor: why rarian?01:23
danbh_intrepidgregor: not that I even know what scrollkeeper is01:23
gregorautoreplacement as i remember...01:23
bruce89danbh_intrepid: it's used for maintaining GNOME help pages01:24
danbh_intrepidnow I know01:24
amrikhttpdss: i have a rendering issue where switching tabs in firefox occasionally does not update the buffer and so ctrl+tab will cycle and the page will not redraw01:27
amrikhttpdss: this started with the nvidia 177.80 update01:27
bsnideryo, what's goin' down?01:28
httpdssamrik: that's exactly the same issue :S it happens on firefox to me too01:29
amrikhttpdss: i think i might downgrade to 177.7601:30
KamilionYay, work's over, time to go home!01:30
bsnideramrik, what's the issue?01:30
amrikbsnider: i have a rendering issue where switching tabs in firefox occasionally does not update the buffer and so ctrl+tab will cycle and the page will not redraw01:30
httpdssamrik: yup, i was wondering if i could tweek my config to make it work01:31
bsniderwhy do you think it's nvidia's fault?01:31
amrikbsnider: i had a very similar issue in the hardy beta which when the driver package was updated went away01:31
httpdssbsnider: good point ... but ... who does the rendering if its not the video card ?01:32
bsniderare you using the 3 recommended tweaks?01:32
amrikbsnider: also the issue only reemerged after a package update of the nvidia drivers01:32
amrikbsnider: although since there are a ton of compiz updates coming in it could be that as well01:33
bsniderare you using nvidia's tweaks or not?01:33
amrikwhat are the tweaks?01:34
bsniderok, i guess not01:34
amrikwhat package should i install to get a java plugin for firefox?01:34
bsnidernvidia specifically says the driver won't work correctly without those tweaks01:35
amriki had icedtea-gcjwebplugin installed before but is this the right one?01:35
bruce89amrik: it appears that that is now a metapackage depending on something else now01:36
httpdssbsnider: no, no tweaks 4 now01:36
httpdssbsnider: hmmm .. "ton of compiz updates coming in it" ... that might be also another source of problems01:37
bruce89amrik: icedtea6-plugin to be precise01:38
bsniderhttpdss, if you don't implemment those tweaks, you're not using the driver according to the manufacturer's recommendations, so you can hardly blame nvidia01:38
amrikbruce89: the icedtea6-plugin has no installation candidate though, so although icedtea-gcjwebplugin depends on it, it cant install it and so aptitude is freaking out01:40
sysdocWhat is the default GLIB ver for Hardy?01:40
aurel42I still can't watch Jon Stewart because Firefox keeps crashing on every visit to thedailyshow.com. What's the recommended way to run a virtual Windows these days, preferably free (as in speech)?01:40
bruce89amrik: it will be available soon01:40
bsniderthis ain't hardy01:40
bruce89sysdoc: !info glibc01:41
bsnideraurel42, try using epiphany01:41
bruce89!info glibc01:41
aurel42bsnider: that's webkit?01:41
ubottuPackage glibc does not exist in intrepid01:41
bruce89aurel42: not yey01:41
bsnideraurel42, either one01:41
bruce89!info libc01:41
ubottuPackage libc does not exist in intrepid01:41
bruce89!info libc601:41
ubottulibc6 (source: glibc): GNU C Library: Shared libraries. In component main, is required. Version 2.8~20080505-0ubuntu7 (intrepid), package size 4262 kB, installed size 10552 kB01:41
httpdssbsnider: i'm gonna try on those tweaks. i'm really not "tracking trunk" so i'll blame myself before blaming nvidia ;)01:42
aurel42bsnider: epiphany hangs, then crashes. What's the webkit alternative again?01:42
RAOFepiphany-webkit :)01:42
amrikbruce89: how can i force installation of the package without it complaining about resolving dependencies by hand?01:42
crdlbsysdoc: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glib2.001:43
bsnideri wouldn't blame firefox drawing issues on nvidia, i'd blame them on the fact that firefox is a lying piece of crap01:43
aurel42Midori hangs, then crashes.01:43
bruce89amrik: you can't, just don't upgrade it01:43
bsnideraurel42, what's this website?01:43
amrikbruce89: well i removed it by accident =\ now i have no plugin at all01:43
aurel42I guess my problem is the flash plugin, that's why I would like to try it via some Windows emulation.01:43
aurel42bsnider: thedailyshow.com01:44
amrikbsnider: do i need to restart X for those settings to take effect?01:44
aurel42bsnider: same problem with firefox -safe-mode, and with or without PulseAudio.01:44
sysdoccrdlb: thanks01:44
bsnideraurel42, it doesn't crash here01:44
bruce89amrik: you're stuck until icedtea6-plugin becomes available01:44
bsnideron firefox01:44
bruce89aurel42: blame Adobe01:45
aurel42bsnider: I'm aware that the problem isn't reproducible, strace didn't give any useful hints either.01:45
bsnideraurel42, your flash setup is probably borked01:45
bruce89sysdoc: 2.1601:45
bsniderthis site is loaded with flash objects01:45
amrikbruce89: great...01:45
bruce89shouldn't be too long though01:46
aurel42bsnider: yes, and since I spent a day trying to find out how to fix it and couldn't find a way, I'm now asking for a recommendation wrt Windows virtualization. ;)01:46
amrik!info flashplugin-nonfree01:46
ubottuflashplugin-nonfree (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (intrepid), package size 18 kB, installed size 164 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)01:46
amrikso intrepid will ship with flash 10 beta?01:46
aurel42that's on intrepid:
aurel42*on my intrepid01:47
bsnideraurel42, the thing to do would be fix your flash problem, not virtualize winblows01:47
aurel42bsnider: if it was open source, I would. Since it isn't, I can only curse Adobe and find another solution.01:48
bsnideraurel42, does espn.com crash firefox?01:48
aurel42bsnider: nope, seems to work perfectly01:49
aurel42bsnider: so does YouTube and other flash sites01:49
bsniderwhat? that's crazy talk01:49
bsnidertry making a new user, log in to the account and hten try your dailyshow site01:49
aurel42scrolling is sluggish on espn.go.com, but I guess that's to be expected with half a gazillion flash objects.01:50
aurel42bsnider: I made a new profile by moving .mozilla and tried -safe-mode, isn't that enough?01:50
bsniderthose espn commies are shameless01:50
bsnideraurel42, no01:50
bsniderbut thanks for asking01:50
aurel42bsnider: well, let's try a different user then.01:51
bruce89at least communism doesn't have to bail out banks01:51
bsniderbruce89, marx believed in central banking, so it would still wipe out the value of the money supply01:52
bruce89no matter what you have, it will never work01:53
aurel42bsnider: impressive.01:54
aurel42bsnider: now how do I find out why one user works and the other doesn't?01:54
bsnideraurel42, oh, it works there does it?01:55
aurel42Yes. Stunning.01:55
bsniderwell, i'll be a monkey's uncle01:55
bsniderso, now i would wipe out anything that qualifies as a configuration file in your home directory01:56
bruce89that may be a bit drastic01:56
bsnidercertainly your .gconf, .gnome, .config, .settings01:56
aurel42I wouldn't like to lose e.g. my Evolution settings.01:56
bsniderdon't wipe out .evolution then01:57
bsniderbut your gconf-editor stuff has to go01:57
* DaSkreech sighs01:58
bsniderthat'll give you a default gnome desktop, mor eor less01:58
bruce89perhaps backing it all up may be less bad01:58
DaSkreechNot even sure I care about Kopete anymore X crashes like crazy01:58
aurel42Btw, I was kinda stunned to find out I couldn't switch consoles with ctrl+alt+Fx.01:58
bsniderDaSkreech, they've got a new invetion called "pidgin"01:58
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin01:59
bruce89as you can see, Kopete is Kde, Pidgin isn't anything01:59
bsniderkopete is a tremendous piece of technology, much more sophisticated than pidgin. the only problem is, it doesn't work01:59
DaSkreechIn any case X used to shut down on me like once every two days since the first day I installed Gutsy01:59
DaSkreechNow it does it like every 10 minutes02:00
DaSkreechAlso why isn't xterm installed by default?02:00
bruce89space saving probably02:01
DaSkreechShouldn't we remove the failsafe option for login then?02:02
aurel42bsnider: the dailyshow problem started when I upgraded to intrepid, shouldn't I report it as a possible migration problem and preserve my setup? Be a good Ubuntu citizen, yaknow?02:02
bruce89xterm is depended on by GDM02:02
DaSkreechahhh interesting02:02
bsnideraurel42, no, but thanks for asking02:03
aurel42bsnider: I guess asking was enough to make me feel like a good citizen anyway, thanks a lot for your advice and the surprising solution.02:04
* bruce89 thinks there is something very wrong with a program which crashes because of a minor configuration change02:06
DaSkreechI think it's abrowser02:18
DaSkreechHi Mez02:21
wastrelh ihi02:41
wastreli have a weird bug with window refresh in gnome02:42
wastreli have to click a window before the contents of it will redraw02:42
wastrellike i'll be in firefox, and hit pagedown, and the window won't refresh until i click it02:43
DaSkreechI've seen that02:43
bruce89only it?02:44
wastrelonly firefox you mean?02:44
wastrelno i am seeing it in gnome-terminal too02:44
wastrelswitching channel windows in irssi for example,02:44
wastrelthe terminal doesn't redraw after i switch to another terminal until i click the window02:45
wastreler switch to another channel02:45
freaky[t]how do i set up kubuntu to mount a drive where i have my files in automatically?02:46
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:46
d4t4min3rlooking for help to determine if this is a bug.. or just a issue im having02:47
bruce89nobody ever knows02:48
d4t4min3r2 issues, firefox is hiding my panel.. its almost like full screen but it doesnt show the close buttons, minimize .. and when using ALT + TAB when scrolling onto Firefox, the screen flashes in and out02:48
leonvvhello folks02:50
leonvvim trying to figure out were does intrepid put the new menu.lst file at?02:52
DaSkreechleonvv: You look familiar02:52
leonvvum how so02:52
DaSkreechThere is a new menu.lst ?02:53
leonvvfor some reason when i try to install the new 2.6.27-6 kernel02:54
leonvvit wont show on the boot grub menu02:54
leonvvi understand theres a fall back system now but when i put the new image it doesnt come up on the menu.lst02:54
Jordan_Uleonvv: How did you install the kernel?02:56
leonvvi went thru synaptic installed both the kernel and image02:56
leonvvit updates grub and i see that its fine when see the menu.lst,,,,, now when i boot its still on the 2.6.27-402:57
Jordan_Uleonvv: That's odd, it should show up automagically then02:57
leonvvoh im also running on RAID002:57
gnomefreaki need people to test lightning and/or sunbird from my PPA, you will geet an error about javascript please ignore it for now, its upstreams bug and they are working on it02:57
bruce89reinstall linux-image-2.6.27-602:57
gnomefreakversion 0.902:58
Jordan_Uleonvv: Is your /boot on a separate partition?02:58
gnomefreakok back to work on iceowl02:58
leonvvits on the same raid0 drive02:58
leonvvwith its own partition02:58
leonvvperhaps it could be that,,,, the system boots no problem though02:58
Jordan_Uleonvv: Can you please pastebin your /boot/grub/menu.lst ?02:59
leonvvthere is also a default file in grub too03:00
Jordan_Uleonvv: My guess is that you actually somehow have two copies of your menu.lst on different partitions and the one being updated is not the one being read at boot03:00
leonvvmakes some sense03:01
BiosElementAnyone having a problem with FF which, when going to a new page still has the content from the previous page in parts and needs to be scrolled to fix? Had a similer problem with Gnome file browser as well.03:04
* bruce89 is starting to see a pattern03:04
d4t4min3rim having a "full page" issue with firefox.. its taking up my whole screen03:05
d4t4min3ralt + tab is acting weird as well03:05
httpdssBiosElement: yes, we discussed it for a bit today with bsnider, but didnt arrive into any conclusions03:05
d4t4min3rhum good question... im not sure if ubuntu has a key press for Alt+tab or if it through compiz03:06
Jordan_UBiosElement: Do you have an ati card?03:06
BiosElementhttpdss: Aight, Least I'm not the only one with the problem03:06
BiosElementJordan_U: No, Nvidia 8600GT03:06
httpdssbsnider: im now using nvidia tweaks ;) but same problem ocurres .. i would say worse than before03:06
httpdssJordan_U: im using GeForce 8400M GS03:07
leonvvcan i paste my menu list in here?03:08
Jordan_U!paste | leonvv03:09
ubottuleonvv: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:09
leonvvso whats with the post the bin or something03:09
leonvvi think its a bug03:11
bsniderhttpdss, what's the exact issue?03:11
bruce89those are weird kernel arguments03:12
Jordan_Uleonvv: There is no way that that menu.lst is going to boot anything but ( well, other than the cached kernel from the last successful boot ) there must be another menu.lst being read at boot03:12
Jordan_Ubruce89: He's using RAID03:13
leonvvits raid0 so its considered 1 drive03:14
httpdssbsnider: didn't find it yet... the problems that are happening to me are: Firefox doesnt render quickly, awn is really slow, and the ubuntu menu also has slow rendering when you hover items with the mouse03:14
leonvvi did a /boot /user /root/ and swap on it03:14
leonvvi mean home03:15
bsniderhttpdss, change the initialpixmapplacement value to 103:15
Jordan_Uleonvv: Can you pastebin the output from "mount" ( no arguments )03:15
bruce89httpdss: welcome to Intrepid03:15
bruce89does anyone have any solutions to PulseAudio quitting after login03:16
leonvvand i know for  a fact that its not fake raid03:17
leonvvthe alternate cd actually recognized it as a raid stripped drive03:18
httpdssbsnider: hey that worked like a charm ! nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=1    ... i wonder why the nvidia post that you sent me said its convenient to have it set to 203:18
httpdssbruce89: its the price of beta, and im willing to afford it :D03:18
bsniderhttpdss, i disagree with that value, but oh well03:19
bruce89httpdss: just like the government03:21
bsniderbruce89, have you tried the recommended pulseaudio setup?03:21
bsniderok, i guess not03:22
bsniderbruce89, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86696503:23
httpdssBiosElement: i got it working back again with the help of bsnider (thx) ... check out this url http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=118088     ... and where it says: "nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=2"  replace with "nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=1" ;)03:24
BiosElementhttpdss: Aight, I'll check it out.03:25
bruce89bsnider: I don't trust random modifying files03:27
bsniderbruce89, alright let me impress a point on you03:28
bsnideraccording to lennart (pulse's lead dev), ubuntu does not properly implement pulseaudio, and he receives complaints from ubuntu users about pulse that are not his fault. this forum post contains the information necessary to properly implement pulseaudio03:29
bruce89I see03:29
bruce89that's fine then03:30
bsnideras far as i know, there's only one ubuntu dev working on pulse (luke yelavich) and he doesn't have time to integrate it properly03:33
wastrelthis is an annoying bug03:33
leonvvu around Jordan03:34
Hobbseebsnider: have you (or anyone else) emailed him as to why it's nto working properly, and what can be done to fix it?03:34
bsniderHobbsee, emailed who about what?03:35
Hobbseebsnider: luke, about pulse.03:35
httpdssDaSkreech: LOL03:36
bsniderHobbsee, i just told you why it isn't working properly03:36
Hobbseebsnider: because it's not properly implemented.  you didn't say why it wasn't properly implemented.03:36
Hobbseeoh, that forum post.03:36
BiosElementbsnider: Thanks for the help. httpdss: Thanks for letting me know.03:37
bsniderHobbsee, yes i did. it isn't properly implemented because canonical doesn't want to allocate the programming resources to it. there's only one guy working on it, and he doesn't have time to work it in correctly03:37
Hobbseebsnider: you could help out.  *shrug*03:38
RAOFbsnider: Actually all the tips in that thread have already been implemented.03:38
bsniderRAOF, that's good to know03:38
HobbseeRAOF: that's what i would have thought, too.  Of course, it's more fun to bash the developers.03:38
RAOFbsnider: With the exception of the libao thingy, but that should be covered by the default ALSA mapping.03:39
ionstormanyone else getting a sound delay with the first login sound when gdm starts?03:39
bsniderHobbsee, i'm repeating what lennart said. i'm not bashing anyone03:39
Hobbseebsnider: i was meaning in general, not you specifically03:40
* RAOF wonders what our Intrepid testers will find broken in Do now!03:40
HobbseeRAOF: the new version is uploaded?03:40
httpdssRAOF: Do = gnome-do ?03:41
RAOFHobbsee: Uploaded, and with a couple of extra patches just done.03:41
HobbseeRAOF: sweet03:41
Hobbseeworks for me, so far.03:41
RAOF(Turns out we suck at i18n, and expanding directories)03:41
HobbseeRAOF: are you overly interested in gxine?03:41
RAOFHobbsee: I could be described as _negatively_ interested in gxine.03:42
Hobbseeawww, OK.03:42
HobbseeRAOF: are you interested in totem, then?03:42
RAOFxine is a blot on the otherwise GStreamerful landscape :)03:42
RAOFHobbsee: Totem, yeah?03:42
Hobbseenah, totem with xine.  gstreamer won't let me use the menu on the dvds, iirc.03:42
RAOFYeah.  Although it's pretty close to working in intrepid now, I believe.03:43
BiosElementSo has there been a .deb made up for OpenOffice 3.0?03:43
bsniderRAOF, xine is better for video playback than gstreamer03:43
httpdssBiosElement: there is a ppa for oo303:44
bobertdosWell there are debs available for download as of RC4, so I'm going to assume they'll be ready for final release.03:44
RAOFbsnider: Feel free to make that case :)03:44
HobbseeRAOF: oh, is it?  I thought it was something they deliberately werent' implemented.03:44
BiosElementhttpdss: Aight, thanks03:44
Hobbseeer, implementing03:44
RAOFHobbsee: Not so much 'deliberately not implemented' as 'yeah, I'll get around to it sometime' not implemented.03:44
RAOFAnd "sometime" is now :)03:44
Hobbseeah, right.03:44
bsniderRAOF, oh, you've never had the wonderful gstreamer screwup where the reds and blues are reversed?03:45
bobertdosHas anyone found that the CUPS library is broken in the beta as of yet?03:45
RAOFbsnider: You haven't had the wonderful xine bug where everything's green?03:45
DaSkreechI was going to test it tomorrow03:45
HobbseeRAOF: i've not had either of them.03:45
DaSkreechRAOF: I had that!!03:45
bsniderRAOF, no03:45
DaSkreechI fixed it somehow03:45
Hobbseeactually, i might push this gxine update.  It does fix the volume bug.03:45
RAOFbsnider: I'm pretty sure we can trade bugs like that on and on.  Anecdotes aren't a reason :)03:46
bsniderRafik, i use smplayer03:46
DaSkreechHobbsee: There is a volume bug!03:46
bsniderbut xine is better than gstreamer03:46
DaSkreechI was wondering why everything was so low03:46
RAOFYou could contend that gstreamer is buggier in general, but I'd dispute that claim.03:46
HobbseeDaSkreech: yeah, it starts up muted for some reason.03:46
HobbseeDaSkreech: do you want to test a fixed version?03:46
DaSkreechIt wasn't muted for me03:47
DaSkreechIt was just much lower than it was in Heron03:47
DaSkreechwhen I turn up my speakers and the volume I can go outside and hear it03:48
httpdssRAOF: why is epyphany-browser as suggested on gnome-do ? personal taste ?03:48
DaSkreechin Ibex I have to do that just to hear it in the same room03:48
RAOFhttpdss: It's not gnome-do, it's gnome-do-plugins.  And it's becasue there's a plugin that indexes your Epiphany bookmarks ;)03:48
bsniderRAOF, gstreamer doesn't handle matroska files03:48
bsniderso it's not evena n option03:49
wastrelDaSkreech: did you report a bug on this screen redrawing issue?03:49
DaSkreechwastrel: Didn't know it was a bug I was just playing around with mplayer and it cropped up03:49
DaSkreechI kept playing around and couldn't get rid of it03:49
DaSkreechthen when I shut down and turned the computer back on it worked03:50
wastrelkk i'm submitting one03:50
RAOFbsnider: Again, gstreamer _does_ handle matroska.  Although I don't have a lot of matroska files, so I can't really comment on how buggy that particular support is.03:50
DaSkreech I was getting green lines over the video like a cross between an equalizer and static03:50
DaSkreechRAOF: hit up an Anime site03:50
DaSkreechthey love mkv03:50
HobbseeDaSkreech: the menu of yours is normally black, isnt it?03:50
bsniderRAOF, according to banshee's site, it's a known bug with gstreamer03:51
DaSkreechHobbsee: Menu of what?03:51
HobbseeDaSkreech: sorry, the thing that has play and pause and all that - the controls - of gxine03:51
RAOFbsnider: "It's"?  Banshee, until recently, wouldn't import matroska at all (because it wasn't supported by Taglib#).03:51
DaSkreechOh no that was fine03:52
DaSkreechjust the video screen03:52
wastreli submitted it to launchpad03:55
wastrelcrappy bug report sorry :]03:55
=== kalpik_ is now known as kalpik
wastreli submitted 2 bugs but nobody has responded yet04:03
cwilluwastrel, want me to respond? :p04:10
wastreli don't know, do i?04:10
bsnidercwillu, don't go around calling people wastrels04:10
wastrelone of my bugs is really just a user interface annoyance04:12
cwillubsnider, you don't call people cwillu, and I won't call people wastrel :p04:12
wastreli am not apologizing but i do recognize that it's not a bug as such04:12
cwilluwastrel, bug #'s?04:12
wastrelbug 28106204:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 281062 in ubuntu "Sessions Preferences dialog box not resizable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28106204:13
wastrelbug 28106504:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 281065 in compiz "window contents don't refresh until window is clicked" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28106504:13
cwilluwastrel, video chipset?04:14
wastrelit's a crappy bug report i'm tired :]04:15
wastrel00:05.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 4000] (rev c1)04:15
cwilluwastrel, what's your current uptime / xorg uptime?04:15
RAOFwastrel: Uuuuh.  You're doing one of the above: (a) Not running Intrepid, (b) Running an unsupported Xorg in Intrepid, (c) Using mesa's software renderer for compiz!04:16
wastrelthat's a lie i'm not using that card04:16
wastreli'm ssh'd to my fileserver for irssi - ignore that04:16
wastrel01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Quadro FX 570M (rev a1)04:16
wastrelcwillu: current uptime is 36 minutes04:17
cwilluwastrel, and it's doing it right now?04:17
wastrelit's not 100% of the time04:19
wastrelbut yes it's happening04:19
cwilluwastrel, that's odd (first bug), the glade is resizable afaict04:22
wastrelRAOF: what's wrong with my fileserver's video card?04:27
RAOFwastrel: The nv18?  There isn't an nvidia driver that supports both your card and Xserver 1.5.04:28
wastrelit's still running gutsy04:28
wastrelit's headless anymore too :]04:28
cwilluwastrel, the glade for gnome-session-properties is definately resizable04:30
wastrelcwillu: there's no maximize button and there's no resize at the window edges04:33
bsniderit isn't resizable, but who gives a crap?04:33
wastrelread the bug04:34
wastrelin short: people who care about good user experience04:34
cwilluwastrel, I know that, I'm just saying it's not the glade, it's something in the binary itself changing the window properties04:35
* cwillu adds bsnider to his ignore list04:35
bsnideri don't see why resizing that window would improve things mightily04:36
redvamp128This may sound like a stupid question.. Is it possible to tri boot --- Heron, Intrepid, and Puppy LInux 4.0?04:36
mike-solidushow do i change my gtk theme?04:36
wastrelbsnider: read the bug04:36
redvamp128Or would Intrepid default try to upgrade heron?04:37
cwilluredvamp128, yes, they just need to be added to the bootloader appropariately04:37
RAOFredvamp128: Yes, of course it's possible to triple boot.04:37
redvamp128order please?04:37
bsniderwastrel, i did04:37
wastrelhere's an order : drop and give me 1004:37
mike-solidusoh, sorry, how do i change my gtk theme in kde4/kubuntu04:37
cwilluredvamp128, any order you like04:37
redvamp128Like with windows-- 98 first/ then win2k/ then XP?04:37
wastrelbsnider:  squeezing long lists of items into a textarea 5 lines high is bad practice04:38
redvamp128I already have Heron/Puppy 4.0--(had to manually edit grub to get it to boot)04:38
cwilluredvamp128, only matters with windows because windows has the habit of taking over the drive.  You can install in any order, just tell each installer to repartition and/or which partitions it should touch04:38
redvamp128Should I then install intrepid and will it auto add itself to current grub?04:39
cwilluit should04:39
bsniderwastrel, looked at that way, perhaps you're correct. on the other hand, it shouldn't be such a long list04:39
cwilluredvamp128, you may still need to mess with grub, but just make a backup of /boot/grub/menu.lst, and you should be fine04:39
wastrelyeah that's why i was in there, clearing things out :]04:40
wastrelwould have been easier if i could maximize & avoid scrolling :]04:40
cwilluthere's no reason why it shouldn't be resizable though.  The dialog layout already supports it04:40
redvamp128I have downloaded the iso but haven't burned it yet may do it this weekend...04:41
redvamp128also is there any way to pull settings from heron into intrepid?04:41
bsnideri imagine by the end of the release cycle, the list will be shorter04:41
cwilluredvamp128, put your home dir on a seperate partition, and your profile settings will follow you around04:41
redvamp128So that I won't have to re-compile sound and edit modprobe--still haven't got main volume working.04:42
gnomefreakanyone running kde* and have a grub splash lines at the very top of /boot/grub/menu.lst04:42
cwilluredvamp128, you can just copy in the settings from etc, although you'll want to do it selectively (i.e., don't just cp everything)04:42
redvamp128have to use ALSA mixer for volume control(5.1) sound but only front working (SB audigy LS)04:42
redvamp128I had to download ALSA and compile it-- thanks to SCGUY for teaching me about compiling..04:43
redvamp128then found a change to the modprobe on a Gentoo forum...04:44
redvamp128So that is why I wanted to be able to pull the settings/drivers off heron04:45
wastrelyeah switching to metacity fixes this annoying window redraw bug04:50
freaky[t]hi all. i get this error: http://main.freakyy.de/kdevelop.cpp when trying to use kdevelop in Intrepid someone told me there must be problems with the versions of the tools in the buildchain04:57
freaky[t]does anybody know how to fix that?04:57
td123So I wanted to figure out how an ubuntu install cd works, can anyone point me in the right direction? I want to know what parts it uses for what ( what  program it uses to install and ...)05:03
wastrelhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD  maybe05:06
cwillutd123, right click on the install icon, and start with that program.  The first couple levels are all readable files05:07
cwilluas far as boot up and the like is concerned, you'll want to learn how that works on a normal system first05:08
td123cwillu: I'm not going to be using that part05:11
cwillutd123, which, normal system?05:11
td123cwillu: I will not use that part. ***05:11
td123cwillu: I'm just curious on how the actual install behaves05:12
cwilluso, right click the installer, check what file it calls, and look at that :p05:13
elfgohI have an issue with intrepid using an nvidia card. My current problem is that my GUI always loads 1024x768 resolution. I can only change it to 1152x864 using "nvidia x server settings", not gnome "screen resolution". But this change is not permanent. Any bright ideas on how to set 1152x864 resolution permanently?05:13
leonvvis there a way to change a drives boot status?05:13
td123leonvv: I think you want to look at the bios, or are you just talking about grub?05:13
leonvvcurrently my bootable drive is sda205:13
leonvvi want to change it to sda105:14
leonvvthe boot flags that is sorry..05:14
cwilluelfgoh, if you run their tool as root, it can write an xorg file that'll save that resolution.  alternatively, nvidia-settings also has a command option you can add to apply stored settings, so you can just add it to your session05:14
elfgohcwillu: ok tks will give it a try05:15
jesseboiHi there.  I'm trying to use usb-creator to have persistent file system on the usb drive.  With the daily build of Ibex it doesn't seem to work.  Has anyone had success with Hardy + usb-creator?05:29
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elfgohcwillu: using ur suggested method of using nvidia x server to save a new xorg.conf, the new xorg.conf cannot start gdm. But I resolved my earlier problem and started X, by moving relevant parts of the screen section, from the nvidia xorg.conf to the default one generated by ubuntu05:31
elfgohshld i file a report?05:32
cwilluelfgoh, if you want.  The bug is ultimately in nvidia's lack of support of xrandr 1.2 though, and then in nvidia's settings tool05:32
freaky[t]hi all. i get this error: http://main.freakyy.de/kdevelop.cpp when trying to use kdevelop in Intrepid someone told me there must be problems with the versions of the tools in the buildchain can anyone help me with this?05:33
cwilluelfgoh, filing a bug with nvidia is probably the most useful, in the hopes that enough people bug them for them to fix it :)05:33
cwillufreaky[t], if you're gonna ask for help, you _might_ wanna make sure your url works :p05:34
elfgohcwillu: i am willing to do both... but is filing with launchpad helpful at all?05:34
cwilluelfgoh, yep.  If nothing else, the documentation can always be improved05:35
elfgohcwillu: ok cool will do that right away05:35
freaky[t]oh it's http://main.freakyy.de/kdevelop.txt05:35
freaky[t]sorry ;D05:35
mkhlnshhowdy. i've just updated from 8.04 and i see some packages that i did not had installed before, that i never used, and that are NOT suported by Canonical AND that are not part of Ubuntu. what is this?05:37
freaky[t]hi all. i get this error: http://main.freakyy.de/kdevelop.txt when trying to use kdevelop in Intrepid someone told me there must be problems with the versions of the tools in the buildchain can anyone help me with this?05:37
cwillufreaky[t], you need to stop spamming that every 5 minutes :(05:38
cwillumkhlnsh, can you be more specific?05:38
freaky[t]sorry i ust wanted to say it with the correct url05:38
cwillufreaky[t], what's the source?05:38
freaky[t]the source is ok.05:39
cwillufreaky[t], that's nice.  What's the source?05:39
freaky[t]the source: #include <iostream> and a single int main(void) { return 0; }05:39
cwillufreaky[t], what's the command you typed, what are the instructions given...05:39
freaky[t]i didnt type any command im using kdevelop05:39
cwillumkhlnsh, ?05:40
cwillufreaky[t], are you following a guide?05:41
freaky[t]well, im just trying to start a new project05:41
freaky[t]but it doesnt work since im using Intrepid05:41
mkhlnshcwillu, i'l name just audacious, audacious-plugins and audacious-plugins-extra. but there are many more like this 3. and i see now that there are many more that where installed with 8.04 and they where part of the 8.04 and now they seem not to be part of 8.10. i'l name just gnome-volume-manager and cupsys-common, but here are many more like this 2.05:43
mkhlnshi just don't understand, packages that where part of the default 8.04 are not suported anymore or what? and why did update-manager installed packages that are not part of the official 8.10?05:45
cwillumkhlnsh, it didn't05:45
cwillu8.04 uses some different packages from 8.1005:45
cwilluif you didn't click to remove them (or they were previously installed by the user in 8.04), they'll still be installed after an upgrade to 8.1005:46
mkhlnshthen how do you explain audacious, thunderbird and others, that where installed with tthe update from 8.04 to 8.10? i did not ever installed, nor used them and i did not had them on the system.05:47
cwillumkhlnsh, did you originally install from xubuntu?05:48
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cwillumkhlnsh, pastebin the contents of /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log05:50
mkhlnshcwillu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/55895/05:53
=== fReAkY[t] is now known as freaky[t]
DanaGOOh, new build of compiz... I wonder if it includes the changed way of doing animations.05:56
DanaGcompiz (1:0.7.8-0ubuntu1) intrepid; urgency=low05:56
Jordan_UDanaG: Changed in what way?05:56
DanaGNow you can use other plugins to add possible animations.05:57
DanaGIn the git compiz, that is.05:57
DanaGBut... I don't know if 0.7.8 has that change in it.05:57
cwillumkhlnsh, it didn't install thunderbird during the upgrade05:57
mkhlnshcwillu, what do i have to look for on this file? lines 63, 64 and 65 or something else?05:58
cwillumkhlnsh, run "zgrep thunder /var/log/dpkg* > ~/zgrep.output" and then pastebin the contents of zgrep.output (it'll be in your home directory)06:01
urban_ryogaHey guys. I'm having a problem that I cannot connect to my wireless router after installing Intrepid Ibex. There is no longer an option to pass the 64-bit hex encryption my router requires06:04
cwillubug #27492206:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274922 in network-manager "Intrepid alpha6+beta: nm cannot connect with WEP hex key" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27492206:05
urban_ryogaah. I can't downgrade the network manager?06:06
cwilluurban_ryoga, it would defeat the purpose of helping to test a new release.  You may be able to connect via 'connect to a hidden network'06:07
cwillumkhlnsh, still there?06:07
mkhlnshcwillu, i see, thunderbird was installed 3 days ago. i'l have to ask my brother about that. but what about audacious this is clear that it was installed at the upgrade. http://paste.ubuntu.com/55899/ (output of zgrep thunder /var/log/dpkg)06:07
mkhlnshcwillu, sorry it's the the output of zgrep auda /var/log/dpkg*06:08
BiosElementIs there a bug with the App-Games Menu with the Category? A couple updates ago it sorted things into folders. Now i can't even edit the folders and all the launchers are in the primary games folder.06:09
punkrockguy318i'm experiencing remnants of the text cursor when i move the cursor around in openoffice... is this a known issue and is there a solution for this?06:10
mkhlnshBiosElement, i know that on debian lenny/sid are sorted in folders. i've never seen them sorted on ubuntu.06:10
BiosElementmkhlnsh: Aight. I've been looking through bug reports but haven't found anything really. Was hoping someone might have heard of it.06:11
cwilluBiosElement, I saw a changelog about that the other day, something about reverting a patch from debian to the games folder structure06:13
BiosElementcwillu, Thanks. That's probably it.06:14
cwillumkhlnsh, check the zgrep with 'streamripper'06:14
cwillumkhlnsh, or streamtuner06:16
mkhlnshcwillu, ya might be right about xubuntu. my brother say he installed xubuntu 3 days ago just to check it. it installed with apt-get install xubuntu-desktop, saved a file with all the packages there had to be installed and after that he uninstalled all the packages with apt-get purge *** (where *** means the content of the file he saved)06:17
cwillumkhlnsh, ya, I know :p06:18
cwilluI'm _usually_ right about these things :p06:18
cwilluthat being said, there's nothing malicious in the ubuntu repositories (including universe/multiverse)06:18
cwillu'unsupported' just means that it's not supported by canonical.  everything in universe is still supported by somebody (usually debian, kinda sorta)06:19
cwilluhonestly, you should be more worried about having third-party repositories enabled, they're by far a bigger security threat than random universe packages06:20
mkhlnshcwillu, streamtuner and some other packages where installed by me before update, but not all. i think the other packages are from xubuntu. but still i don't get how these packages from xubuntu, like audacious i think, where installed. as you can see on the last pastebin, audacious had no package installed before upgrade.06:21
cwillumkhlnsh, audacious is a dependency of streamtuner06:21
mkhlnshsince when?06:22
cwillumkhlnsh, since it was installed06:22
cwillu(audacious, not streamtuner)06:22
mkhlnshi've installed streamtuner about 4 months ago and it did not asked for it, nor on updates. and there was no package installed for audacious before update.06:24
cwillumkhlnsh, you're not listening06:24
cwilluaudacious is a dependency of streamtuner as of intrepid06:25
cwillu(i.e., when it was installed)06:25
Jordan_Umkhlnsh: cwillu: It is not really a dependency, it's a recommendation, and it always has been, but in intrepid recommendations are installed by default06:26
cwillumkhlnsh, xmms is severely deprecated, and audacious is the successor in spirit afaik.  Anyways, I really have no interest in walking you through dependency trees to figure out why such-and-such a package is installed :p06:27
mkhlnshJordan_U, now this is something new for me, thanks.06:27
* cwillu thinks ubuntu really needs to put stronger warnings on beta releases :(06:27
Jordan_Umkhlnsh: np06:28
mkhlnshcwillu, thanks for helping. it should. really i did not see any "warning" about this recommendation thing.06:29
cwillumkhlnsh, your warning was 'intrepid is beta software, and may break your system'06:29
cwillubut I still don't see the problem06:29
cwilluit told you what new packages were to be installed, it disabled any third-party repositories (that could otherwise take advantage of the upgrade)06:30
cwillunothing broke (that you've spoken of)06:30
Hobbseecwillu: you need to invent a way of smashing people thru their computer screens for that.06:30
cwilluHobbsee, I'm working on it, but I can't do much until xorg can more reliably detect lcd vs crt (different patterns required to generate a holographic fist :p)06:31
Hobbseecwillu: also, it'll get release-noted in the final.06:31
cwillumaybe the alpha/beta images should set max-volume on all mixer channels, and run ubuntu-sax via upstart, so that only people who know their way around the system can bear to try it :p06:32
mkhlnshcwillu, well i didn't expect to have programs installed _just_ because they are a _recommendation_ of some other. i knew it's beta and i expected to see some things broken. but yes it may be my fault since i read only yhe packages that are being removed and not those that have to be installed.06:34
cwillumkhlnsh, What Broke?06:34
mkhlnshatm, nothing that i can see. but i'm still checking :p06:35
cwilluI can admit that "installing audacious" should probably be considered a bug in any modern user-friendly distro, but I still wouldn't call installing a package 'breakage'06:35
cwilluurban_ryoga, any luck?06:37
mkhlnshone more thing. my internet connection is a PPPOE one. since it is the only one i've used pppoeconf to configure it, and i've disabled network manager from starting. i would like to know if this might be a problem. or maybe should i enable network manager?06:41
cwillumkhlnsh, nm has support for pppoe now I believe, although you may need to install one package06:42
cwilluI may be lying though06:42
cwilluI think I am06:42
mkhlnsh+1 :-"06:43
mkhlnshbut will nm work even in recovery mode?06:44
cwillumkhlnsh, there's some pppoe entries in the network-manager changelog, so it might work06:44
mkhlnshthen i think i just vae to check it.06:45
mkhlnshcwillu, thanks again for help. :)06:45
cwillubug #25874106:46
cwillubug #25874206:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 258741 in thunderbird "thunderbird-bin crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25874106:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 258742 in network-manager "[nm 0.7 intrepid] Hang when connecting DSL, pppoeconf works fine." [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25874206:46
* cwillu pokes mkhlnsh with a stick06:46
* mkhlnsh is "one more happy intrepid user"06:46
cwilluamusingly enough, I have now have a splitting headache06:47
cwilluI don't think I can blame you for it though :p06:47
* cwillu pokes urban_ryoga with a pointy stick06:49
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AyabaraAnyone using kde4? I have problems getting dual screen. My secondary display is all white. I can move windows and the mouse pointer there, but a right-click doesn't show me any context menu.07:08
DanaGWEP?  People still use WEP?07:09
DanaGSorry, reading scrollback.07:09
RAOFDanaG: Some people like sharing their network with random, technologically savvy, strangers I guess.07:13
cwilluRAOF, ... specifically.07:15
cwillusharing their networks specifically with ... :p07:15
cwillu...with questionable ethics07:15
cwilluDanaG, hex guy?07:16
DanaGhex guy?07:16
cwilluthat was the last wep thing I saw07:17
cwilluguy trying to use hex wep keys in network manager07:17
cwilluDanaG, but yes, the local telco here has been putting all-in-one dsl wireless routers in for all their customers.  They're all 2wire###, and they all use wep07:17
cwilluit's almost like we have proper a proper public wireless mesh, except for the 2 minutes it takes to associate when you move from one to the next07:18
LynoureIs there any way to get dual monitor settings in KDE4 to take effect right from login? I always seem to need to go open Display settings in System Settings before my external monitor gets the right resolution07:20
cwilluwho uses kde?07:20
Lynoureand then I need to resize panel by hand07:20
Lynourecwillu: I'm sorry, but #kubuntu+1 forwards to this channel07:20
cwilluLynoure, next you'll be telling me that installing from the kubuntu iso results in a kde setup...07:21
Lynourecwillu: If you think it's wrong and kubuntu+1 questions should be somewhere else, please ask the ops for a separate channel for it (it could be nice)07:21
stdinLynoure, cwillu: #kubuntu+1 exists, and forwards here, as it should07:22
cwilluprobably not enough traffic for two seperate useful +1 channels07:22
cwilluI just have nothing useful to say, and so obviously contribute by providing not-very-comic relief07:23
AyabaraLynoure: but other than needing to adjust resolution it works for you?07:23
Lynourecwillu: it was comic the first time someone did it, but it happens too often and as result feels just like dissing :(07:23
AyabaraI have an xorg.conf that gives me dual screen with correct resolution from startup, but I have other issues with it. The secondary display is all white, though I can move windows there07:24
LynoureAyabara: I don't even need to adjust it, just open the Display settings (after adjusting them once), but I have same image on both displays, not separate ones (that's ok for me)07:24
cwilluLynoure, could probably hack around it by adding the display settings to your startup session, but I doubt that's what you had in mind07:25
Lynourecwillu: that's the lesser part, the panel resizing need is the more of the hassle07:26
AyabaraLynoure: ok. I need different images and resolutions, so I have put some xrandr-stuff in xorg.conf.07:26
Ayabarabtw, is there a working fglrx-driver for intrepid yet?07:26
LynoureI guess it resizes itself automatically for the smaller screen, but not for the bigger07:26
Ayabarafor the Xorg version in Intrepid, I mean07:27
RAOFAyabara: Nope.07:27
LynoureAyabara: which ATI card you have?07:28
shirishhi all, how do I get rid of the gnome-do thing?07:35
TuTUXGaptitude purge gnome-do07:36
shirishTuTUXG: thanx, just did that07:36
shirishTuTUXG: sometimes the head doesn't work right ;)07:36
AyabaraLynoure: ATI X140007:37
shirishI have another issue gentleman, after yesterday's updates/upgrades GNOME doesn't work anymore, it freezes, any ideas?07:37
AyabaraLynoure: Mobility X1400, says lspci07:38
shirishright now in XFCE desktop so able to do something.07:38
danbh_intrepidshirish: try this: sudo apt-get install compiz07:40
danbh_intrepidshirish: or, even this exact command (no typos here): sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^07:41
cwilludanbh_intrepid, what does the carrot do?07:43
shirishdanbh_intrepid: I have ubuntu-desktop as well as compiz, I just don't use compiz07:44
shirishdanbh_intrepid: lemme revert that07:45
shirishdanbh_intrepid: what the hell, seems ubuntu-desktop was removed by one of the updates/upgrades07:45
danbh_intrepidcwillu: it makes it a task07:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tasksel07:46
cwilluLynoure, I will admit, koffice 2.0 is starting to look pretty compelling07:48
danbh_intrepidshirish: did compiz get installed?  I know yesterday morning's updates broke compiz, and uninstalled it.  Anyway, Im going to bed07:49
shirishdanbh_intrepid: I'm still installing ubuntu-desktop07:49
shirishdanbh_intrepid: GN :)07:49
danbh_intrepidmk, good luck  :)07:49
visik7oh god, this intrepid piss me off wireless doesn't work anymore, and boot it's really problematc08:07
penvisik7, beta?08:09
visik7latest upgrades08:10
visik7I'm afraid that those bugs will not be fixed before the final release :/08:13
penvisik7, what bugs?08:14
visik7pen: my wireless doesn't work and I can't boot with the ac plugged08:15
penvisik7, strange08:17
penvisik7, what' s your wifi card?08:17
TuTUXGvisik7, i have the same card and works fantastic under intrepid beta08:18
DanaGI resume from suspend... and I have to unload and reload iwl3945 to get any networks.  Grr!08:19
visik7TuTUXG: it's some messy with acpi and rfkill I dunno what the hell is going on with the intel wireless stack08:19
visik7they change everything 2 month08:20
TuTUXGthen it's not ubuntu's responsibility if they wont work properly08:21
TuTUXGDanaG, ironically, that happened to me when i was using hardy08:22
DanaGIt'll also have wlan0 actually down... as in ifconfig wlan0 down.08:23
penDanaG, mine is a little different08:23
penif I physically turn the wifi off, if I want to turn it on again, I need to bring the interface up manually08:24
penso turning if off works but turn it on need some typing energy08:24
penI wonder if that's fixed in intrepid08:24
DanaGI actually sometimes get it disabling the INTERRUPT of the device.08:24
DanaGIntel wifi better for Linux.... hah!08:24
DanaGNot in my experience.08:25
penthey just never improves it08:27
penI wish they would spend on fixing those bugs08:27
penit would make my life so much easier08:28
penI also really want some interface designer team in ubuntu so they can work on designing interface maybe more superior than mac and windows08:28
elmargolpen: your donations are wellcome!08:30
penelmargol, welsome aboard :)08:31
Ratchet4620hey um i thgink im in a bit of a jam...  I'm in the middle of upgrading from KDE3 to 8.10 and i think the install is frozen08:50
penRatchet4620, try again08:55
mvoRatchet4620: is it still running?08:55
Ratchet4620its just stuck on08:56
mvoRatchet4620: does the terminal show anything (if you expand it) ? or is that frozen as well?08:56
Ratchet4620no taht working08:56
Ratchet4620*thats working08:56
mvowhat does it show? could you make a screenshot maybe and put it somewhere?08:56
Ratchet4620its just hasnt made any progress in like 30 mins and is stuck on virtualbox-ose08:57
Ratchet4620and it has said that there is 19 mins left for 30 mins as well08:57
Ratchet4620maybe its trying to devide by zero?08:58
mvoRatchet4620: oh, virtualbox-ose :/08:59
mvoRatchet4620: that might be it, it asks a debconf question about the old snapshots and the kde frontend does not display debconf questions09:00
mvoRatchet4620: please try pressing ctl-c in the temrinal, it will claim that virtucalbox-ose is broken, but that is ok (and not really true)09:00
Ratchet4620ALl right! its continuing the install again! thanks !09:01
Ratchet4620hope fully i wont have to be back thanks all09:03
pendid you backup your data?09:05
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
kane77hi, when will the power off button be fixed (it is log out button now)? not that it's the most important t09:27
kane77hing on earth09:27
dmh65will ati release a fglrx driver for xorg 7.4 before the Ibex release date?09:28
dmh65does anyone know anything09:29
dmh65seems daft09:30
dmh65there are a lot of ati ubuntu users out there09:30
kane77yes there are.. I just ignore them09:31
dmh65you didnt this one09:31
kane77oh, man.. I didnt read it properly I thought you said there are lot of anti ubuntu :D09:32
dmh65their all in opensuse :)09:32
kane77I don't ignore ati users :D09:32
penI don't use opensuse, not my style09:33
kane77got to go.. breakfast and then school09:33
dmh65I used SuSE since 6.309:33
dmh65went naff after 9.0 > 9.109:34
dmh65well icky now09:34
dmh65breaks a lot09:34
penso are  you using two?09:34
dmh65nah, SuSE 9.0 wont install on my new pc09:35
dmh65besides Ubuntu is the boy now09:35
dmh65Tried Ibex, update packager broke on me yesterday, so I am back to Hardy and my 3d ati driver thank you very much09:36
dmh65just bought a bottle of single malt, so watch out a bit later :)09:38
dmh65any Welsh in here?09:43
johnfluxIs it possible to install kde3 ?09:52
=== marko_ is now known as marko-_-
johnfluxIf I boot into kde4, it eats all my memory (2GB) and all my swap (2GB) and dies.  and this is before its got as far as bringing up plasma etc09:52
johnfluxif i boot into gnome, the window manager doesn't start09:55
johnfluxso I can run programs etc, but no window manager :-D09:55
johnfluxi think something got seriously screwed up :-)09:55
tMishWhere do I report kde4 bug ?10:18
bugabundo_work1in the usual place, tMish10:19
bugabundo_work1as long as you mention the package version, you should be fine10:19
tMishthe mailing list ?10:20
bugabundo_work1no tMish10:22
bugabundo_work1all probs/bugs should be filed on launchpad10:22
tMishWhat is usual place then10:22
bugabundo_work1don't you know it?10:22
ubottuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/10:22
tMishWhy not on kde mailing list10:23
bugabundo_work1if you need help, tMish let us know10:23
bugabundo_work1mailinglists are for discussion10:23
bugabundo_work1not but triaging10:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mailinglist10:23
ubottumail is another medium to communicate. Ubuntu mailinglists can be found at http://lists.ubuntu.com10:23
elmargolIs there a site to report bugs to nvidia?10:23
elmargolupstream bugs i mean10:24
bugabundo_work1elmargol: if it is bugs on Ubuntu package its on LP, other wise you need to go upstream10:24
bugabundo_work1let me find nvidia's BTS10:24
elmargolbugabundo_work1: ubuntu builds the driver from source...10:24
bugabundo_work1elmargol: it seems they like to use foruns for that10:25
mrtimdogIs it possible to order, by some kind of interface based priority, the default routes added my the network manager?10:25
mrtimdogI have two default routes for both eth0 and wlan0, I'd prefer eth0 as the primary default, but it's random as to which gets setup first.10:26
bugabundo_work1mrtimdog: not that I know much about it, but I think it should work as random10:27
bugabundo_work1I see no place to put weighs10:28
tMishmrtimdog, deactivate eth010:28
tMishdeactivate wlan010:29
mrtimdogbugabundo_work1: even if ethX and wlanX connect to very different networks?10:29
bugabundo_work1in that case the routes10:29
bugabundo_work1set where the package goes10:29
bugabundo_work1accordign to its header10:29
mrtimdogtMish: That's the easy way, but it doesn't persist on reboots as far as I can tell.10:29
bugabundo_work1I thought you said they were both connected to the same network10:29
tMishmrtimdog, of course it does10:29
bugabundo_work1mrtimdog: NM 0.7 as some newer ways to do more advanced settings10:30
bugabundo_work1but you have to enable them10:30
bugabundo_work1let me get you that email from asac10:30
tMishbugabundo_work1, is there character interface to NM ?10:30
mrtimdogbugabundo_work1: Yeah, I noticed that, it's looking good :)10:30
bugabundo_work1also please open a Question on LP awnsers10:31
bugabundo_work1it will be easier to track, and help others in the future10:31
bugabundo_work1tMish: what's charater interface ?10:31
bugabundo_work1not sure...10:32
tMishit sucks so much that NMs are all distro-specific10:32
tMishevery one is defective in  something10:32
tMishthere is no law that NM can't be cross-distro10:32
Jordan_UtMish: In what way is network-manager distro specific?10:34
gaminggeek whats wrong with the one in intrepid?10:35
gaminggeekapart from the fact that is seems to favor wireless over wired10:35
bugabundo_work1yes it seems to do that10:37
bugabundo_work1I reported today a funny bug10:37
bugabundo_work1my wifi won't see networks UNTIL I suspend and resume my laptop10:37
bugabundo_work1people usually complain the other way arounb10:37
gaminggeekoh yea there is the one problem how if I go into school with the laptop suspended it will try and connect to the home network10:38
gaminggeekand if I'm at home it will try and connect to the school one10:38
gaminggeekkinda irritating10:38
gaminggeekbut not as irritating as not connecting at all10:38
BigDhi there. have a problem after upgrading my ubuntu to 8.10: i come to the kde-login-screen but there my mouse and keyboard aren´t responding any more....10:39
gaminggeeksounds odd10:40
gaminggeekmaybe try moving the mouse a bit and waiting......10:40
gaminggeekI had a problem that like years and years ago10:41
BigDif i edit my xorg.conf and add the lines for keyboard i can login, but after every login i get a black screen and it throws me back to login-screen10:41
BigDfunny, waiting a few minutes now at the login-screen and now the mouse also works. but everytime i login i get black-screen throwing me back to login10:42
BigDhas anyone an idea how to fix it?10:43
gaminggeekwhen the problem was happening to me it was because I set the mouse driver to be auto10:44
BigDthe stranger thing to me is the login.... ^^10:44
gaminggeekdid you upgrade using the update manager... or did you install a fresh?10:45
BigDi updatet with update-manager. fresh install didn´t work, it always ended up in total black screen10:46
dmh65I went back to Hardy this morning10:49
dmh65that update manager has a problem I reckon10:50
dmh65things started going odd for me the day before yesterday10:51
BigDthe problem i have with hardy is that it needs too much power ^^ my friend is using II since a few days and only needs ~1500mA on his notebook, my Notebook with hardy never runs with less than 2500mA AFTER optimizing it (my friend changed NOTHING on his 8.10)...10:57
dmh65strange how software can determine power usage10:58
dmh65I see Dell have a 19hr notebook now?10:58
BigDlooks like II has some better power-saving features10:59
dmh65battery weighs half a ton :)10:59
dmh65I fancy a acer gemstone11:00
dmh65next buy when I have some spare cash11:01
=== Rafik_ is now known as Rafik
hechuikonia: I've started up my 8.10 beta's X environment by following your tips. thank you.11:03
ikoniahechu no problem11:03
dmh65well done11:03
ikoniahechu don't even remember giving you a tip,11:03
dmh65geez its easy for some heh11:04
hechuikonia:  oh, about 3 or 4 days ago. you told me should modify xorg.conf by myself.11:05
ikoniaooh, well, glad your working11:05
* BigD hört jetzt Sonata Arctica - Unopened [03:43m/320Kbps/44KHz]11:06
hechudmh65: yes, I think it should be easy for somebody.11:06
hetaumahi I have just installed intrepid on my laptop that has a broadcom bcm4306 wifi adapter. When I do ifconfig I don't see any wifi adapter. Also under restricted drivers there is no device available there so I can download drivers. Also when doing lsmod I can see that b43 is loaded. Any ideas?11:09
=== freaky[t] is now known as freaky_t
=== freaky_t is now known as freaky[t]
dmh65the harder you work the easier it becomes11:12
dmh65so they say11:12
dmh65hetauma you need a driver11:13
dmh65hate to say this but, Google may be your friend11:14
dmh65hetauma does it work in Hardy?11:16
hetaumadmh65 yes and just found a bug in launchpad for bcm4306 and kernel 2.6.2711:17
dmh65also have you had any distro on it and it has worked11:17
dmh65thats mad the new kernel is for improved hardware etc etc.  ?11:18
hetaumait has been working since 7.04 when I started using ubuntu11:18
dmh65ubuntu might shot themselves in the foot with 8.10 its only 20 days away from release11:18
dmh65and this no ati driver is crazy11:19
Cheeryhey! I have some major problem here11:19
Cheerycheery@ruttunen:~$ sudo aptitude install test11:19
CheeryReading package lists... Done11:19
CheerySegmentation fault (core dumped)11:19
hetaumadmh65 I also have ati and there are no driveres listed under restricted drivers too11:20
dmh65its xorg 7.4 there are none11:20
=== freaky[t] is now known as freaky_t
dmh65its what I dont understand11:20
dmh65fed 9 did it too11:20
jscinozis it a known issue or just me, that there are no virtual consoles?11:22
jscinozie tty1-611:22
dmh65even suse11 uses 7.311:22
dmh65and they are kin to amd11:22
Cheeryoh, I'm not screwed after all! apt-get works! :)11:22
Cheeryhow to update the whole system through apt-get?11:23
dmh65same as usual11:23
dmh65apt-get update  apt-get upgrade11:23
hetaumaCheery apt-get update and then apt-get upgrade11:23
dmh65I would have thought11:24
Cheeryapt-get still crashes on reading state information11:24
dmh65this is a beta :)11:24
dmh65more like alpha11:24
dmh65all these terms confuse11:25
dmh65testing is good11:25
dmh65not released, and they only have 20 days to go11:26
Cheeryonly upgrade is broken11:26
dmh65hmm indeed11:26
dmh65does it say why?11:26
Cheeryti just says segfault11:26
Cheeryhmm, add/remove programs appear to work11:27
dmh65good old gui11:27
Cheerysynaptic also seems to work11:27
dmh65use it11:28
levanderI'm looking at the feature list for Ibex, doesn't seem to be anything very interesting there.11:31
dmh65new login screen is nice11:32
hechukde is cool.11:32
dmh65since when :)11:32
dmh65tried xubuntu, thats not bad11:33
levandernew login scree, hard to get excited over that11:33
dmh65menues too small though11:33
dmh65its something11:33
dmh65messengers integrate with the logout function, neat but not perfected yet I think11:34
dmh65must admit though 8.10 may equal why?11:35
CheeryI hope they fix the aptitude soon11:35
jianfeidoes the dust theme have a login screen as well?11:36
dmh65sure they will come shining through in the end though11:36
levanderdmh65: Hopefully they've spent the time working on stuff that will come out in later releases...11:36
jianfeidmh65: yes dust theme11:36
levanderCause it sure ain't in Ibex.11:36
dmh65I started at Hardy11:37
jianfeiibex wireless is fantastic for laptops11:37
dmh65were the changes noticable before?11:37
dmh65I started at hardy because my old pc hated Ubuntu11:37
dmh65this one loves it11:38
levanderdmh65: I'm still on Gutsy.  This was the first release where Compiz got at least almost stable.  There's usually something to get excited about.11:38
dmh65Hardy was PERFECT for me, excuse the caps11:38
jianfeilevander: do you like the deformation/cylinder compiz setting in intrepid?11:39
maxbSince upgrading to intrepid I've been experiencing regular visual corruption of compiz-ized window titlebars. (GeForce 6500, nvidia-177). It's a hard thing to write a sensible bug report on, or search for though. Has anyone else seen this?11:39
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment11:39
levanderjianfei: I haven't tried it yet.11:39
levanderjianfei: Haven't tried Intrepid yet.  I was just reading about it.11:39
jianfeilevander: its very nice..11:39
bugabundo_work1maxb yes it's a known bug11:40
levanderjianfei: What do you like about it?11:40
maxbbugabundo_work1: excellent, do you know the launchpad number?11:40
jianfeilevander: intrepid or compiz?11:40
levanderjianfei: Intrepid.11:40
bugabundo_work1maxb https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/26990411:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269904 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-177 "Screen refresh problems with nvidia on intrepid" [Medium,Confirmed]11:40
dmh65maxb yes its a known bug11:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270662 in compiz "Patchwork garbage on screen (dup-of: 269904)" [Undecided,New]11:40
jianfeilevander: the wireless connectivity for laptops11:41
paul68is there a solution for the creative labs xfi drivers in this release?11:41
bugabundo_work1maxb https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/269904/comments/3311:41
jianfeilevander: im using it at work11:41
levanderjianfei: Laptops wouldn't connect wirelessly before Intrepid?11:41
jianfeilevander: they did, but it seems to work better for me using intrepid11:42
maxbIt seems to work worse for me using intrepid :-/11:42
maxbbut hopefully NetworkManager is stabilising a bit now11:43
jianfeimaxb: i always use a HP with broadcom wireless to test it ;-)11:43
hechuyes, NetworkManager often crash on my PC.11:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 183204 in apt "apt-get crashed with SIGSEGV in pkgProblemResolver::MakeScores() Ubuntu 8.04" [Medium,New]11:44
jscinozHi again11:45
minimecHi. The 8.10 live CD is not recognizing my ATI x1250. Now I would like to file a bug with the logfiles, wich are saved in /var/log/filesave... or something. My problem is, that I cannot modify that bulletproof x to use my modified xorg.conf (driver "vesa") and the console is showing my some huge font size (unusable to work). How can I tell that bulletproof 'thing' to start with the vesa dirver?11:45
levanderIs this really the theme for Intrepid?  It's ugly as sin: http://arstechnica.com/news.media/ub3.png11:45
Cheerylevander: it does not fit for firefox, but it's otherwise quite okish11:46
bugabundo_work1levander: its quite nice... many pl like it11:47
bugabundo_work1but it comes with two tones11:47
bugabundo_work1that dark one, and lighter one11:47
levanderThis article does say they've improved boot time, which would be nice: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080629-horny-for-ubuntu-8-10-first-look-at-intrepid-ibex.html11:47
levanderbugabundo_work1: I've really gotten to like SolidSlate Modified theme using Ubuntu Dark Pack wallpaper, plus the mahatann icons so I guess the ugly theme in Intrepid doesn't bother me.11:48
jianfeiim using the dust theme, it looks amazing, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/DustTheme11:48
JackWinterhiya, is there a kubuntu 8.10 beta too ?11:49
levanderjianfei: Yeah, I do like that one.  I'm gonna go look for better screen shots of it.  Is it an emerald theme?11:50
levanderFor Compiz?11:50
Cheerywhy black themes at all?11:50
dmh65offtopic a bit but this yahoo zimbra is good, opensource and for Linux as well as windows11:50
jianfeiworks with compiz11:50
Cheeryyou know what'd be the theme of the future?11:50
dmh65go on11:51
Cheery(I start working..)11:51
Cheery(..on a mockup)11:51
hechuminimec, me the same problem.11:51
dmh65boss arrived11:51
dmh65tell where some cash can be made11:51
minimechechu: same card?11:51
dmh65quality themes for webmin11:51
jscinozis pulseaudio *more* broken with intrepid11:51
jscinozbecause it would seem so :(11:51
hechuminimec, HD 3200, with 780G mainboard.11:52
dmh65hd2400 here11:52
jianfeicheery: I like darker themes, not sure why..11:54
minimechechu: I'll do a fresh hardy installation and do an upgrade for debugging. Again the old ATI problems...11:55
dmh65ati problems?11:55
dmh65there is no driver for xorg 7.411:55
minimecdmh65: my x1250 is not recognized by the 8.10 beta live cd11:55
dmh65I guess that is a big problem though11:56
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment11:56
hechuI guess it's the problem of opensource ati driver.11:56
dmh65with regards to basic resolution11:56
minimecdmh65: We are not talking about the fglrx dirver. Just 'ati' or 'radeonhd' would be nice for a start ;)11:56
dmh65there is no 3d in Ibex11:57
dmh65there is none11:57
dmh65no radeonhd for Ibex11:57
dmh657.3 no problem, walk in the park11:58
dmh65odd thing is fglrx is offed in Ibex but it will not install, it wont let you11:59
dmh65rightly so11:59
dmh65wrongly .so should I say lol12:01
minimecok... HArdy is installing on that machine.... Let's hope for a decent upgrade...12:01
slavikwhat's up with the latest updates removing ubuntu-desktop?12:01
dmh65for ati12:01
dmh65it wants to do that12:01
dmh65then says its not possible12:02
slavikerr, should it?12:02
dmh65its not compatable12:02
dmh65its Ubuntus way of saying get lost until we sort it12:02
dmh65thats my opinion anyway12:02
slavikI figured12:03
dmh65its good too12:03
dmh65shows they are on the ball12:03
slavikerr ... they shouldn't conflict ...12:04
dmh65does not make sense does it12:05
dmh65probably means they are working on it12:05
dmh65intensly :)12:05
jianfeidust theme, http://img66.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshottm8.jpg12:05
slavikheh, well, not everyone who is using ibex is qualified to be a *nix admin ...12:05
dmh65are any of the real guys who work on Ubuntu on the irc?12:06
slavikno clue12:06
slavikcrimsun did some/lots of ALSA stuff :)12:06
dmh65learning all the time here12:06
slavikgood :)12:07
m0u5eanyone else getting a "unable to calculate change" error during update-manager -d upgrade?12:07
dmh65day you stop learning is what?12:07
dmh65the day you start to forget!12:07
slavikdmh65: the day _I_ stop learning is the day the world doesn't exist :)12:07
dmh65me too12:07
slavikm0u5e: I would probably hold off on upgrading stuff12:08
m0u5eslavik: aww but i wanna get in on the action :O12:08
Hobbseedmh65: dunno about 'guys' as such, but people are around, sometimes, yes.12:08
slavikm0u5e: are you already on ibex alpha?12:08
m0u5eslavik: no, i was meaning to try somewhere along the line, but never had time12:08
Hobbseejianfei: nice - what panel are you using there?12:08
mvom0u5e: can you post your /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log and apt.log please?12:09
m0u5emvo: 6__6 i was actually about to go to bed, but just asking around if it were a common error12:09
* Hobbsee throws gummy bears at mvo12:10
slavikhmm, Hobbsee, why waste food?12:10
paul68is there a solution for the creative labs xfi drivers in this release?12:10
Hobbseeslavik: he'll eat them12:10
jianfeihobbsee: its included in the theme, a guy called gaminggeek showed me how to set it up12:10
slavikoh, ok12:10
slavikpaul68: doubt it12:10
Hobbseejianfei: ahh12:11
paul68slavik: bad news12:11
jianfeihobbsee: looks great yeh12:11
peter771Nautilus crashes with segfault 11 when browsing a directory containing mp3 files, is this a known bug?12:11
Hobbseepeter771: can't reproduce.12:11
mvom0u5e: I think its not very common, but it happens from time to time. if you put the logs somewhere (or mail me) I can tell you more :)12:11
paul68slavik: if they don't integrated this12:12
peter771Hobbsee, I can reproduce it12:12
Hobbseepeter771: can you reproduce it on a new profile?12:12
slavikno ALSA driver and from what I have read, Creative's binary blob isn't very good12:12
m0u5emvo: mm maybe tomorrow *yawn going to bed :) night12:12
dmh65midday here :)12:13
slavikpaul68: they might through the restricted driver manager, you should create a launchpad thingy for it ...12:13
peter771Hobbsee, yes12:13
HobbseeRAOF: ah, you're right!  cool!12:19
Omar87Is the e1000e intel processors still there?12:25
slavike1000e is a network driver module12:26
Omar87Okay, maybe I'm a bit naive about that, what I meant to say it, whatever e1000e is, news had been coming that there's a problem between it and the new Ubuntu 8.10.12:27
Omar87Is this problem still there?12:27
slavikOmar87: it might've been fixed, check launchpad ... there is a new kernel in 8.1012:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263555 in linux "[intrepid] 2.6.27 e1000e driver places Intel ICH8 and ICH9 gigE chipsets at risk" [Critical,Fix released]12:29
slavikdo lsmod | grep -i e1000e :)12:29
void^fixed long ago12:29
slavikif there is output, don't upgrade just yet :)12:29
Omar87void^, so the risk is over now?12:29
CheeryThere's been probably billions of these12:29
Cheerybut this is really best window layout I've seen.12:29
* JackWinter still wonders if there is a kubuntu 8.10 beta too ???12:30
Omar87It says: "e1000                 126016  0 "12:30
Cheeryif the handle could be done thinner, it'd be even better12:30
slavikthen don't upgrade to 8.10 yet12:30
slavik8.10 final will def be safe though :)12:30
Omar87Yeah, that's right. :)12:31
Omar87I hope so. :)12:31
Omar87Well, thank God I came into this channel and asked about this problem before I make the move of downloading the beta release.12:32
Omar87And why hesitation? It's only 20 days away, lol. :D12:33
slaviklooks like the latest beta should have the fix12:34
slavikalpha6 did not have it though12:34
Omar87Yeah, that's right.12:34
Omar87Where can I find a complete list of all the command similar to the one you gave me?12:35
elmargolthe e1000 bug was fixed 2008-09-1912:35
Omar87'coz I like to keep one around just in case I wanted to check my hardware, or something.12:36
Omar87I find a problem trying to memorize all those commands, ya know? Can you help me?12:36
slavikOmar87: remembering commands comes with time and experience, don't fret over it :)12:37
jscinozIntrepid, pulseaudio cannot use my primary sound card (Asus Xonar D2X),  pulseaudio reports the device as being busy thus cant claim it, i have no idea what is using it or how to tell.12:37
slavikjscinoz: you can try to restart ALSA12:37
jscinozhowever, pulseaudio claims my onboard sound just fine, but no sound is heard when playing to it,12:37
slavikjscinoz: you might have to set the default sound card12:37
jscinozif i kill pulseaudio, the dedicated soudncard (hw:0) is still in use, but i can play to the second one fine via alsa.12:37
jscinozslavik, any ideas how i can find why hw:0 (/dev/dsp) is busy?12:38
jscinozeven after a fresh boot12:38
Omar87slavik, True, but I want of a list of the commands, so that I can learn to use them,12:38
slavikjscinoz: not off the top of my head ...12:38
HobbseeRAOF: interestingly though, -gstreamer's a lot more bumpy, almost skippy, than -xine in totem.12:38
jscinoz:( yay regression, worked perfectly in hardy, hope this can be fixed by release12:38
slavikOmar87: here are some basic commands that you "must" know: cd, ls, pwd, whoami, cat, less, tar, cp, mv, tr, cut, xargs, grep (and variants), sort, uniq12:40
slavikOmar87: those are the ones that come to my mind atm ...12:40
slavikkeep in mind that those commands have some often used options, while other options aren't used very often12:40
slavikOmar87: also, wget12:40
Omar87slavik, Wait, there was a mistake instead of "lsmod | grep -i e1000e", I gave it "lsmod | grep -1 e1000", without an 'e' at the end.12:42
Omar87slavik, and this time I get nothing.12:42
shirishskavik: what does tr do?12:42
slavikerr, -1??? or -i?12:42
slavikOmar87: doesn't actually matter12:42
Omar87slavik, I know most of these. :)12:42
slavikshirish: man tr :)12:42
slavikOmar87: so, what other commands do you want to know?12:43
slavikOmar87: there is awk and sed, but I could hardly call them simple ...12:43
dmh65reboot is a good one12:43
Omar87slavik, I meant '-i'12:43
dmh65but never shutdown on a remote12:43
jscinozi say you should add nc to the list of commands :P12:44
Omar87Man, Unix is a geeks paradise, LOL. :D12:44
jscinozits very very useful :P12:44
dmh65actually is there a way of disabling shutdown command?12:44
jscinozdmh65, doesnt it want root anyway12:44
dmh65one day I will do it I guess12:44
dmh65when the server is a thousand miles away and its 2 in the morning12:45
slavikdmh65: you will need to edit the sudoers config to disable it, that or rm $(which shutdown) ...12:45
slavikdmh65: I would recommend mv though :)12:45
jscinoztabbed nautilus is awesome12:45
slavikand put it somewhere else12:45
dmh65is there a button I can click :)12:46
Novelldmh65: get a KVM-switch which you can connect to with TCP/IP :)12:46
slavikdmh65: or that, they are really nice ...12:46
dmh65cant get them to replace debian with ubuntu12:47
dmh65like they will add some hardware for me12:47
slavikwhat's wrong with debian?12:47
dmh65nothing, just like to be with it12:47
zniavreubuntu-desktop is broken ?12:49
zniavrehello **12:49
slavikzniavre: don't upgrade yet12:49
zniavretoo late...12:49
zniavreun onduleur specifié usb ca veux dire quoi il ondule aussi pour les ports usb ?12:50
slavikerr ... !fr?12:51
zniavresorry wrong channel12:51
zniavre! libxi612:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libxi612:52
=== Omar1 is now known as Omar87
dmh65what you do exactly?12:53
zniavredmh65:  me?12:53
dmh65just upgrade12:53
=== compilerwriter2 is now known as compilerwriter
PolitikerNEUhello everyone, does anybody know if tuxonice is availible for intrepid?13:02
Prettowhy dist-upgrage stuck in the cleanup process?13:02
slavikPolitikerNEU: search packages.ubuntu.com :)13:02
PolitikerNEUonly tuxonice-userui is availible13:03
=== Delvien_afk is now known as Delvien
compilerwriterI tried to do an internet upgrade yesterday.  All seemed to go well, but I can't seem to login through grub.  I can manage to login to a console session though.  Any ideas?13:05
Prettoanyone can  take a look at this http://img128.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotcu0.png ?13:05
Prettothe distribution upgrade stuck in the last process13:06
minimecPretto: Be patient... I don't see any unusual things. Everything should be ok.13:06
NhorningCan someone help me connect my wifi in Ibex?13:07
NhorningI'm using the hardy live cd now13:07
compilerwriterNhorning I would be happy to just  be able to login to an xsession.13:08
compilerwriterI did the Ibex upgrade and now I can only login via console.13:08
minimeccompilerwriter: ATi card?13:08
compilerwriterCan't seem to get kde up and running.13:08
compilerwriterminmec nvidia I believe.13:09
NhorningI'm using gnome13:09
PrettoNhorning, the problem is that it stuck in that last process and do not   complete the upgrade13:09
Nhorningwhat last process?13:09
Nhorningoh you mean in the first upgrade I did?13:09
Nhorningyeah, it said something about my network the last thing it did in the upgrade13:10
minimecPretto: 'deferred processing...' can take a long time, believe me...13:10
Nhorningbig warnings and flashing lights13:10
PrettoNhorning, cleaning up -> ldconfig deferred processing now taking place13:10
PrettoNhorning, it is in that stage for about 15 minutes now13:11
Nhorningno look13:11
NhorningIt's been days13:11
NhorningI upgraded days ago13:11
Nhorningand my wifi doesn't work13:12
Nhorningso I've been updateding using chroot13:12
Nhorningfrom the live cd13:12
Prettominimec, more than this?13:12
Nhorningand I've got my card to connect manually13:12
PolitikerNEUyou two are talking about different things ...13:12
Nhorningbut firefox still doesn't work13:12
PrettoNhorning, sorry I made a mistake, I was intended to talk to minimec13:12
Omar87slavik, So, I did "lsmod | grep -i e1000e" and got nothing, does that mean I'm safe?13:12
minimecPretto: Do you see any activity of the harddisk or the cpu?13:12
mvoPretto: that seems to be a fairly common bug currently, the partial upgrade is hanging, pstree will show only gnome-pty-helper idling as a child of update-manager13:12
Nhorninganybody want to help me?13:13
Prettomvo, i thought that13:13
compilerwriterI put in my password at the grub gui and then get taken straight back to the grub gui.13:13
Prettomvo, by the way, i was looking for you this week, can i pvt?13:13
mvoPretto: do you have a dual core cpu or a single core one?13:13
Prettomvo, single core13:13
mvoPretto: sure13:13
slavikOmar87: can you pastebin output from lspci?13:13
compilerwriterwhen i do a console login I get to login but can't seem to startx without it crashing.13:13
compilerwriterwill kmail work from the command line?13:14
mvoPretto: I wonder if that might be a issue, I have a dual core and do not see it, but someone else with a similar problem had it on a single core too. maybe some sort of race condition13:14
slavikcompilerwriter: probably not13:14
slavikcompilerwriter: do you have a non-standard partitioning scheme?13:14
compilerwriterI don't think so slavik.  what is the command to look at them. I have been so far removed from console stuff that I forget most of it.13:15
slavikcompilerwriter: when you installed ubuntu, did you go with the default patitioning scheme?13:16
slavikcompilerwriter: also, when you try to log in through gdm, does it give you an error or does gdm not start at all?13:16
slavikOmar87: you're safe13:16
slavikOmar87: I think13:16
slavikOmar87: pastebin 'lsmod | sort'13:17
compilerwritergdm starts.  It fills in my user id.  I put in my password and then I get right back to kdm.13:17
compilerwriterslavik I did the standard partitioning thing.13:17
slavikhmm ...13:17
slavikcompilerwriter: log in through terminal and try to do "startx"13:18
slaviklet us know of any errors of course :)13:18
compilerwriterok I have but I will try it again.13:18
slavikdoes it work?13:18
Omar87slavik, http://paste.ubuntu.com/55978/13:19
slavikOmar87: looks like you are safe ... :)13:19
Omar87Cool! ;)13:19
compilerwriterwell slavik I got the little xscreen that flashes and then I was back to console.  Last line is waiting for X server to shut down.13:20
Omar87Thanks man. :)13:20
slavikOmar87: I think the latest beta has the fix or it has the e1000e module disabled13:20
slavikcompilerwriter: anything before that?13:20
Omar87slavik, That would be even better.13:20
slavikcompilerwriter: what kind of a system are you on now?13:20
compilerwriternothing that looks like and error message slavik13:20
Nhorningsomeone please help me configure my network manager13:20
slavikcompilerwriter: seems like it is something with X13:21
compilerwriterI am on an XP system13:21
slavikcompilerwriter: hmm, k13:21
minimecNhorning: Is your wifi-device recognized correctly?13:21
NhorningI don't know13:21
slavikcompilerwriter: check /var/log/Xorg.0.log13:21
Nhorninghow do I tell?13:21
minimecNhorning: Open a Terminal and type iwconfig. Do you see your wifi-adapter?13:22
NhorningI'm in hardy live cd13:22
Nhorningcan I do that from chroot?13:22
Nhorninglo says no wireless extensions13:22
minimecNhorning: is it a usb stick or a pci card?13:23
Nhorningso I guess pci card13:23
compilerwriterslavik a tail of that file  shows mention of my keyboard mouse and three instances of UnloadModule: "evdev"13:24
NhorningII see device in iwconfig13:24
minimecNhorning: ok. type lspci in a terminal and tell me the hardware id of the wireless device13:24
minimecNhorning: OK. So you see the device. that's cool ;)13:24
slavikcompilerwriter: install putty, remote into your system and pastebin that log file, then do "startx 2>&1 >startx.log" and pastebin startx.log13:25
Nhorningwould it say network controller?13:25
slavikcompilerwriter: you are having an issue that I don't think I have seen so far (gdm works but gnome-session doesn't)13:26
slavikwait, compilerwriter did you upgrade ibex recently?13:26
NhorningIntersil Corporation Prism 2.5 wavelan chipset13:26
compilerwriteryes slavik I did the internet upgrade to ibex yesterday?13:26
Nhorninghmm, remember i'm doing this through a chroot13:26
Nhorninglet me try it through the live cd root too13:26
minimecNhorning: ok. Wait a moment13:27
compilerwriterIt is kdm for me though slavik13:27
slavikdoesn't matter :) they both use X13:27
slavikcompilerwriter: are you using gnome or kde though? that could possibly matter13:27
compilerwriterI am using kde.13:27
slavikkdm/gdm aren't very complicated13:28
Nhorningiwconfig looks totally different though my live cd13:28
slavikmaybe something in kde is causing X to shutdown13:28
NhorningIt's got a device called wifi013:28
slavikcompilerwriter: in any case, pastebin those two files, please13:28
compilerwriterso now to do the apt-get install putty thing slavik?13:28
Nhorningwhere if I do it through a chroot to ibex I don't get wifi013:28
slavikcompilerwriter: no, putty is a windows ssh client :)13:28
Nhorningyou get that?13:28
minimecNhorning: Looks that there were problems with WPA on older Ubuntu distros... Google for ' Intersil Corporation Prism 2.5 wavelan chipset' ...13:29
slavikcompilerwriter: basically, pastebin the stuff I said earlier ... that way there is something to go by13:29
Nhorningso, what do I do?13:29
Nhorninghey did you read the last things I said?13:29
Nhorningmy hardy live cd is seeing wifi013:30
Nhorningbut ibex through chroot is not13:30
slavikcompilerwriter: you will have to install ssh server on the ubuntu box :)13:30
minimecNhorning: If you are using the live CD just open a terminal when your in the gnome session. There you get all the info, how the live CD is handling your hardware. You don't need any chroot thing...13:32
Nhorningyeah I did that13:33
Nhorningthen what do I do with that information?13:34
minimecNhorning: lspci shows you the exact type of your hardware and iwconfig shows you , how (or if) the kernel is recognizing your card.13:35
Nhorningwell hardy see's a wifi013:35
compilerwriterhey slavik what must I do to get my computer to accept the connection.13:35
Nhorningand ibex though chroot does not13:35
Nhorningso what do I change in ibex?13:36
slavikcompilerwriter: did you setup ssh on the ubuntu system?13:36
minimecNhorning: Do you have a fresh ibex beta live CD. I don't see any reason to go with chroot...13:36
compilerwriterI don't believe I did slavik13:37
slavikyou need to13:37
NhorningI don't13:37
NhorningI upgraded from hardy13:37
Nhorninghey, I'll be back in a sec13:37
compilerwriterOh Lordy how does one do that from the console?13:37
Nhorninggot to move down the street13:37
slavikcompilerwriter: sudo tasksel and select ssh server :)13:39
minimecNhorning: so your laptop is running an upgraded hardy. that's ok. So just boot that laptop and get the info you need. I don't understand why you using a chroot environment.13:39
freaky_twhat can i use to read .pdf files in kubuntu?13:40
slavikfreaky_t: evince13:41
minimecfreaky_t: kpdf13:41
compilerwriter slavik I am apt-getting openssh13:42
minimecslavik: evince is gtk based...13:42
slavikminimec: oh, kubuntu, missed the k ...13:42
minimecslavik: I never used the k... ;)13:43
slavikminimec: I mean in freaky_t's 'kubuntu'13:44
compilerwriterok now what do I need to do now that I have ssh setup13:45
ali1234mvo: i think upgrade manager has frozen again13:45
minimecslavik: so do I ...13:45
slavikcompilerwriter: ssh into the ubuntu system from your current system and pastebin the stuff I mentioned earlier13:46
slavikcompilerwriter: have you tried setting GNOME as the session?13:46
slavikcompilerwriter: or is it a straight kubuntu install?13:46
compilerwriterslavik straight kubuntu install13:47
=== freaky_t is now known as fReAkY[t]
slavikk, then start pastebinning :)13:47
compilerwriterIt appears that I am not authorized to run the x server Slavik?13:48
=== fReAkY[t] is now known as freaky_t
slaviklook at the .Xauthority file (ls -l) ... tell me who owns it13:48
compilerwriterI dont find that to be good at all13:48
slavikls -la13:48
compilerwriterit would appear that I own it.  It is also a 0 byte file13:49
khamergot my boot time down to 37s on intrepid ibex already, w/o disabling any services (I think I have apache2 and subversion installed)13:50
slavikremove it13:52
slavikalso, look in .xsession-errors and see if there is anything there13:53
slavikactually, nvm on that last line13:53
mvoali1234: was there anything in cleanup before it got stuck?13:53
ali1234mvo: yes, lots of packages removed... it did them all i think13:54
kentis realplayer in the intrepid archive?13:54
ali1234mvo: it only happens on partial upgrades13:54
nspyrhi just did a partial upgrade and it said "couldnt install ubuntu desktop" please report as bug13:55
platiuskent; http://packages.medibuntu.org/intrepid/realplayer.html13:56
AnAntHello, how can I make some look at a bug that was filed a month ago: bug #267217 ?13:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267217 in compiz "Compiz segmentation faults after Intrepid update" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26721713:56
kentplatius: thanks.  stupid me could not find it.13:56
nspyris there a log file i can attach with my bug report?13:57
minimeckent: I don't think so. I always use the 'marillat' package from here: http://debian-multimedia.org/13:57
AnAntI had this problem in hardy too after some update , I mean that compiz seg faults13:57
nspyrfor the upgrade13:57
=== echidnaman is now known as JontheEchidna
nspyroh i found some13:59
=== freaky_t is now known as fReAky_t
compilerwriterslavic need a link to a pastebin14:00
compilerwriterhttp://pastebin.com/m1c24c2c4 there you have it slavik14:02
compilerwriterslavik I have also removed .Xauthority14:03
slavikpaste the log file and the other thing I mentioned14:04
jmworxAnyone else noticed that the dist-update dialog just stalls there after the upgrade is complete?14:04
slavikjmworx: someone did say something to that effect14:05
compilerwriterjmworx it didn't stall out on me but now I can't manage to get an X session started.14:06
platiusjmworx;  I killed the upgrade process from a console with no ill effects   after it stalled14:07
jmworxplatius: yeah, that's what I did. Was just checking people were aware of the problem14:07
compilerwriterstartx.log is a zero byte file slavik14:09
slavikdid you run the command as I gave it to you?14:10
slavik"startx 2>&1 >startx.log"14:10
compilerwriterslavik console output http://pastebin.com/m50f15f3914:13
compilerwriterstartx.log is still a 0 byte file slavik14:14
slavikwait, did you run it through ssh?14:16
slavikrun it on the system14:16
compilerwriterok slavik just a second.  should I rm .Xauth again?14:17
slavikno need14:17
compilerwriterstartx.log is still a zero byte file slavik14:19
compilerwriterhttp://pastebin.com/d8642715 for the .xsession-errors14:22
AstralJavaHmm... should it have been "startx >startx.log 2>&1" ?14:22
slavikmaybe ...14:22
slavikmost likely14:22
BluesKajI'm running Kubuntu-kde4 on 8.10 and I'm getting a kate error when i try to launch firefox, konverstaion and some other apps from the desktop icon (which is that gear -thing rather than the original) "error-kate The file /home/kaj/firefox.desktop could not be loaded, as it was not possible to read from it" . Why is the app associated with kate?14:23
slavikcompilerwriter: check the file mentioned and see if it's readable14:23
compilerwriterslavik starx.log is world readable14:24
BluesKajslavik: any expreience with why some apps can't be added to the panel or desktop ?14:25
danbh_intrepidmvo: ping14:25
zirodayIs there currently an issue with fglrx in intrepid?14:28
zirodaydanbh_intrepid: is there a bug report I can follow?14:28
zirodayand will it be fixed when its released?14:29
danbh_intrepidziroday: open up the link in /topic14:29
danbh_intrepidziroday: goto the section on X.Org  , and there is your issue14:30
compilerwriterslavic http://pastebin.com/d38876b98 the contents of startx.log when the command is issued as AstralJava suggested14:30
zirodaydanbh_intrepid: ah! should of read the release notes :P14:30
* compilerwriter bows to AstralJavas command line prowess14:31
* compilerwriter chants I'm not worthy and bows to AstralJava's command prowess14:31
dmh65lucky I dont get involved14:32
AstralJavaIt's just a matter of ordering. You tell to redirect stderr to stdout, which gets printed into the terminal at that point. If you _then_ redirect stdout into a file, stderr still points to a terminal.14:32
dmh65use another distro14:32
mvodanbh_intrepid: pong14:33
* compilerwriter bows to dmh65's wisdom if not his willingness to be helpful14:33
dmh65piss off14:33
* compilerwriter is not liking intrepid so much right now14:33
dmh65until you can be constructive14:33
dmh65one or the 214:33
* compilerwriter pours dmh65 a beer.14:33
dmh65Ubuntu is the best Linux distro out there14:35
* AstralJava notes dmh65's criticism of being constructive flying outta the window as [s]he sips the beer...14:35
dmh65if you disagree then please explain why14:35
BluesKajwhat's the deal with apps that can't be launched from the panel or the desktop, only from the kicker ?14:35
danbh_intrepidmvo: did you notice that todays updates break ubuntu again, similar to yesterday?14:36
compilerwriterBluesKaj you may find that if you log out and log back in the apps will end up in the panel.  That is how it was working for me with the remix until I couldn't get x to start for me.14:37
compilerwriterwhat think you slavik?14:37
* compilerwriter pours slavik a beer.14:37
Hobbseedanbh_intrepid: broken how?14:37
BluesKajcompilerwriter:  thx I'll try14:37
slavikme is not sure14:38
danbh_intrepidHobbsee: gnome-control-center xserver-xorg-input-evdec and xserver-xorg-input-synaptics all get broken, and removed by apt-get dist-upgrade14:39
* dmh65 has an erection every morning14:39
dmh65hope that abswers some people14:39
Hobbseedmh65: ....inappropriate.14:39
* compilerwriter makes a mental note to never do a distro upgrade again until it is at least a month old.14:39
dmh65look at the questions14:39
KRFthe fact that he has one or the fact that he says that in public :p14:40
dmh65stupid I agree14:40
danbh_intrepidHobbsee: I'm not sure what update-manger does, but I think it is similar14:40
Hobbseedanbh_intrepid: ah yes, i think wgrant has done that.14:40
sorush20amarok keeps crashing14:40
Hobbseedmh65: still.  behave, or go away.14:40
sorush20i have don apt-get purge remove amarok and reinstalled but its no use.14:40
sorush20any help14:40
danbh_intrepidyou know, I think update manger keeps the ubuntu-desktop package, whereas, apt-get removes that as well14:41
dmh65AstralJava get a life14:41
* compilerwriter muses that he is not the only one cursing Ibex right now.14:41
mvodanbh_intrepid: no, might be a side effect of the last brakgage?14:41
dmh65no one is a programmer here then14:41
dmh65judging by the spelling14:42
Hobbseemvo: wgrant mentioned it14:42
Hobbseedmh65: --> #ubuntu-offtopic.14:42
* compilerwriter thinks that the Ibex is turning out to be more like Poe's Raven and just may start drinking like Poe in the very near future.14:42
unfim using ati y since last update it all goes slowler... glxgears gives me on ly 50 FPS14:42
danbh_intrepidmvo: no, its new breakage, see my comment to Hobbsee, er, I can pastebin if you are curious14:42
* KRF thinks compilerwrite is thinking too much14:42
* dmh65 thinks this is turning into a gay bar14:43
danbh_intrepidmvo: I'm just curious as to why apt-get is so willing to just break your system with these upgrades?  I thought that the standard behavior was to unselect the upgrade until it no longer broke your system?14:43
slavikdanbh_intrepid: upgrade or dist-upgrade?14:43
AstralJavaHobbsee: Sheesh sounds about right.14:44
danbh_intrepidslavik: dist-upgrade, at least, havent tried regular upgrade14:44
slavikdist-upgrade does that ...14:44
slavikupgrade doesn't14:44
danbh_intrepidslavik: ah, you are correct, interesting14:44
danbh_intrepidlol, I think the latest break removes my mouse driver if I installed it!  (evdev)    That would sure suck14:46
Prettoi am having some usb mouse problems myself, sometimes it stops working and i need to reboot to get it working   again14:47
Prettowhen that happens, lsusb doesn't work either14:48
AstralJavadanbh_intrepid: upgrades are not classified into ones that do break your system, and ones that don't. They're just newer versions of packages. You have to realize that safe-upgrade doesn't remove other packages when upgrading some, while full-upgrade might.14:48
* compilerwriter pours Pretto a beer and gives him/her a sympathetic shrug14:48
Prettocompilerwriter, thank you, i don't drink :D14:48
compilerwriterpretto then think of it as Hakke Beck14:49
danbh_intrepidAstralJava: that doesn't quite jive with my research14:49
=== fReAky_t is now known as freaky_t
compilerwriterno alcohol just great beer taste14:49
AstralJavadanbh_intrepid: You may be interpretting the results in a funny way. But that's the bottom line.14:49
danbh_intrepidAstralJava: this upgrade specifically says "this breaks thats"   and so the package manager tries to remove the package so it can install the other newer package14:50
AstralJavadanbh_intrepid: If you're using a development release, you should realize that big changes occur.14:51
frybyeHi I just connected a Cannon S450 printer per usb - it was correctly identified and I could print a good test page - but priting a page from the firefox dosent seem to work - any ideas?14:51
* compilerwriter ponders reciting the kadish over his broken x windows.14:51
AstralJavadanbh_intrepid: Incidents like the one you are describing seldom happen on a stable release.14:51
compilerwriterAny ideas slavik?14:51
AstralJavaPretto: You can try to re-install the related usb modules, and see whether that helps.14:52
PrettoAstralJava, i will  try that next time :d14:53
frybyeah - strange - printing from a link on the web-page itself did not work - although a dialoge showed up - but printing via the browser menus works.. ok that is good enough..14:53
danbh_intrepidAstralJava: of course, of course.  I'm not complaining particularly.  I just thought that dist-upgrade was safer than it is...   and Im curious14:54
mvodanbh_intrepid: the handling with breaks might be too agressive currently, its a matter of tunning it better i guess14:55
mvogenerally speaking its not so much a problem on a stable release or when all deendencies can be satisfied14:56
AstralJavadanbh_intrepid: That's fine. Wanted to make sure you understood the semantics of those operations.14:56
mvoit is a problem in the transition time, when one package is uploaded and ready, but another one not ready and build14:56
AnAntHello, I got a problem with compiz that it segfaults, can anyone help ?14:56
frybyenot sure if anybody is interested in the printer thing .. but printing to the cannon s450 from adobe reader also dosent work..? any tips??14:57
AnAntI got an nvidia card and using the nvidia non-free driver14:57
danbh_intrepidAnAnt: have you done any partial upgrades recently  : )14:57
AstralJavafrybye: Good luck with that machine. I got disgusted about the drivers for that specific model, and switched to a HP printer. HP deals better with linux anyways. :)14:57
AnAntdanbh_intrepid: I had this problem in hardy too after some upgrade btw14:58
AnAntdanbh_intrepid: anyways, I just upgraded to Intrepid 2 days ago, and that compiz problem still exists14:58
bsniderdanbh_intrepid, the new kernel contains a change to the ath9k driver14:58
AstralJavafrybye: IIRC I resolved to using lpr command for printing documents, rather than trying to deal with different front-ends in various applications.14:59
danbh_intrepidAnAnt: well, that sounds like just a bug, eh?  I dunno.  Here is the command that I hand out like candy.  It checks your dependencies and such: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^14:59
frybyeAstralJava: that was my conclusion under hardy.. the printer has been plugged to a windows machin that I have for work stuff here since then and will go back on it apparently..14:59
danbh_intrepidbsnider: -5 contained the fixes that got my card working.  Which release are you referring to?14:59
AnAntdanbh_intrepid: what's the ^ for ?14:59
bsniderdanbh_intrepid, the .27 kernel was released today and there are packages being built now15:00
danbh_intrepidAnAnt: task,  it means install the task, ubuntu-desktop, not the package15:00
compilerwriterAnyone know of a command line mail fetching program that can deal with pop3 until I can get xwin up and running again?  Preferrably one that will allow kmail to import the stuff if/when I can solve xwin issue.15:00
danbh_intrepidbsnider: oooo, hopefully, it doesnt break anything, and makes things better!15:00
AstralJavafrybye: But it's a long time ago now. Might be wrong here. If you decide to try it out, just try to search for the correct .ppd file, and pass that along as a parameter to the lpr command.15:00
ikoniacompilerwriter mutt can deal with it I think15:01
bsniderdanbh_intrepid, "* ath9k: fix oops on trying to hold the wrong spinlock"15:01
frybyeAstralJava: I am pretty much a newbie - and am not into learning a whole load of stuff just cos of a lausy cannon printer.. perhaps the next one will be an HP like you suggest..15:01
danbh_intrepidbsnider: did you ever figure out your problems?  or did they get resolved, whatever?15:01
frybyegenerally i am happy to learn new linux stuff.. but i get the impression that generally the cannon products are poorly suitable for linux or other way round...;=)15:02
bsniderdanbh_intrepid, i can connect to my router now but only if it _isn't_ broadcasting wireless-n at all. g only15:02
frybyeAstralJava: the advantage of a somewhat legacy cannon printer is that one can still buy no-name/cheaper ink refils without messing with built in chip-protection devices etc etc..15:03
AstralJavacompilerwriter: mutt is fine, you can save the mail into mbox format. fetchmail is a very powerful tool also.15:03
AstralJavafrybye: Don't know much about that, I use it so rarely. :)15:04
frybyei c .. the newer printers tend to have various devices to stop one buying -after-market refils.. depends a bit on the brand and the more expensive the printer the less problems with getting cheaper ink etc.. ah well a bit OT..15:05
bsniderso they got the final .27 kernel only 2 weeks before intrepid is scheduled to be finished, because of that intel gigabit problem15:06
elmargolfrybye, If you ask me. don't buy a ink printer15:08
bsniderRAOF, i thought you weren't going to be adding nouveau to intrepid. and yet here it is.15:08
elmargolBuy a black and white laser. and print photos online15:08
bruce89and we all know how cheap laser printers are15:10
elmargolthey are cheap now15:10
frybyebruce.. elmargol is right - they have got much cheaper recently.. especially if one basically only needs b-w ..15:12
elmargol100 EUR15:12
frybyeI have never replaced the (expensive-) color inks in the cannon - for docs and fax copies and stuff b-w is fine..15:12
bruce89I see15:12
frybyeelmargol: even less now - i have seen offers around the 69€15:13
elmargolincluding a full toner15:13
frybyenot that I necessarily have 69€/notes comming out of my ears but .. compared to the 300+ a year or two ago...15:13
elmargolI have a brother 2040. works perfekt and was cheap15:14
* bruce89 tries to get out15:14
frybyeelmargol: I take it you mean with ubuntu??15:14
frybyebye bruce8915:15
compilerwriterAstralJava can you help me get mutt up and running fairly quickly in another chat.  I am not having much luck with figureing it out from the documentation I have handy.15:15
elmargolfrybye, windows/ubuntu hardy/intrepid. plug in and print15:15
elmargolno config at all15:15
bruce89frybye: not literally15:15
frybyebruce89: - ok sorry...15:15
bsniderdanbh_intrepid, tim gardner just wrote some interesting info in your bug report15:16
bruce89the whole printer argument I started I meant15:16
elmargolif you modifi the toner you can print 3000-4000 pages extra :D15:16
frybyebruce89: no argument.. pretty much a consensus of opinion apparently...15:16
danbh_intrepidbsnider: ooo15:16
frybyehow do you mean - modify???15:16
bruce89frybye: not from me, it depends what you need15:16
bruce89for instance, I take quite a few pictures15:17
elmargolfrybye, you cover a hole. insert the toner and the printer thinks this toner is new.15:17
AstralJavacompilerwriter: Already messaged you...15:18
elmargolThe printer just counts the pages you print and does not check if there is toner left15:18
frybyefor the moment - the whole thing is a bit achedemic.. i dont have spare cash for a new printer just now and the otehr thing is that the scanner I have will not work with linux (or even vista - it is old and happy with xp..) so for copying and printing docs and so on - it makes sence to hve the printer running on the win machine anyhows..15:18
danbh_intrepidbsnider: well, it doesnt apply to us, right?  he is asking about ath5k, and we use ath9k15:18
bruce89frybye: indeed15:18
bsniderdanbh_intrepid, no, he's asking about all atheros devices15:18
frybyeelmargol: and the toner can be bought from the after-market - no-name yeah?15:19
danbh_intrepidbsnider: mk, Ill make sure to post something15:19
elmargolfrybye, I'm still printing from the original toner... almost a year now15:19
simon___hi, I've got a new laptop, keyboard+trackpad worked fine when I installed 8.10, but now I did a dist-upgrade and keyboard+trackpad doesn't work in X, here is lspci output: http://pastebin.com/f638a9747  after I kill X I can see the what I wrote in ctrl+alt+F2 (where the X server was)15:19
frybyethats cool...15:19
elmargol12.000 pages is a lot :D15:19
simon___(also I'm in terminal now, so no cool graphical solution :( )15:20
frybyeyeah.. i dont do nearly so much i guess.. basically an ink printer has been ok  - up to my "conversion" to linux heheh15:20
frybyethere it is just the Cannon- specifics that are the prob of course..15:20
danbh_intrepidbsnider: do we get the identifiers with lspci?15:21
elmargoloh sorry the toner lasts 2,500 pages. the drum lasts 12.000 pages15:22
bruce89"only" 2,50015:22
elmargolyou get a noname toner for 20 EUR15:23
frybyeI am out on the balcony for a bit - enjoy some of the last bits of sun.. c u again soon...#15:24
joakimHi, I just updated from 8.04 to 8.10 beta. After a restart my nvidiadriver dont work anymore, iḿ now on "low graphic setting". I tried reinstalling the nvidia driver but no succes15:27
ikoniajoakim: what card do you have15:27
ikoniahow did you install the nvidia dirvers15:27
joakim7900 gt15:27
ikoniajoakim: and your aware your using beta software yes/no ?15:27
joakimyes =)15:27
ikoniajoakim: add remove ? what did you install ?15:27
joakimAdd/remove software in the menu. I installed 177, 16* and 9* something15:28
nspyrjoakim: im using envy and it works15:28
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/15:28
nspyrjoakim: i had the same prob maybe15:28
ikonianspyr: not the best advice15:28
ikoniajoakim: what was the name of the software pckage you installed15:28
joakimI upgraded to 8.10 from "Add/remove software", then tried to install the drivers from the same15:29
ikoniajoakim what ???15:29
ikoniajoakim: what package did you install to try to install the drivers15:30
danbh_intrepidjoakim: you installed all three?15:30
joakimdid not install any new packages, just new drivers in "applications/system/Add remove"15:31
ikoniajoakim what package did you install to get new drivers15:31
joakimI installed one at the time, none of them worked15:31
ikoniajoakim: you must have clicked "something"15:31
ikoniajoakim: what was the name of the package you installed15:31
joakimah yes, tried tree different driverversions, 177 and two other earlyer ones (all official nvidia drivers)15:32
ikoniajoakim what was the name of the package !15:32
joakimdont know the exact names15:32
nspyrno i think none of the nvidia drivers work for his card15:32
nspyrjust like mine15:32
ikoniajoakim: you keep calling them driver version - what was the name of the package you installed15:32
joakimI dont know the names pf the packages15:33
nspyrthere are a few different drivers15:33
ikoniajoakim: please find them15:33
ikoniajoakim: please tell me which packages you installed15:33
nspyrnvidia-glx 96 173 177 etc15:33
joakimNVidia binary X.Org driver ('version 177' driver)15:34
nspyrhes tried them all15:34
joakimthat is what it says in "Add/remove"15:34
ikonianspyr: let him speak15:34
ikonianspyr: don't tell him what he's done/not done15:34
=== simon___ is now known as aoupi
nspyrjoakim: ah yes, tried tree different driverversions, 177 and two other earlyer ones (all official nvidia drivers)15:34
ikoniajoakim: what is the problem, the resolution is poor, nothing worked etc15:35
nspyrand his is the 7600 gt. mine is the 7600 gs15:35
joakimyes, I get a error message that says the driver (or package) has failed and that ubuntu has wsiched to low graphic mode15:36
ikonianspyr: he said 790015:36
danbh_intrepidguys, only the 177 works15:36
milos_have anyone notice the difference in adobe Flash? I have a feeling that it runs at least 5 times better with new update.15:36
ikonianspyr: stop telling him what he's got / not got, let him speak15:36
nspyroh ya15:36
aoupihow do I troubleshoot X errors? (mouse and keyboard not working after dist-upgrade, worked before)15:36
joakimI did uninstall the previous driver before installing a new one15:37
ikoniajoakim ok, now we are clear.15:37
ikoniajoakim: what package version are you currently trying to use15:37
=== Wellar1 is now known as Wellark
joakimthe 177 currently15:37
joakimwich fails on reboot15:37
ikoniajoakim ok, can you please show me the output of "lsmod"15:37
joakimIll try =) brb15:38
nspyrso i should uninstall envy  and use the repo driver?15:38
ikonianspyr thats your call, but I wouldn't be using envy15:38
ikoniaallowing 3rd party scripts to access my machine is a no no15:39
nspyrenvy is in the repo15:39
joakimikonia: it is very long, any particular part of it, or should I just post all of it?15:39
nspyror is it15:39
ikoniajoakim lsmod | grep nvidia15:41
ikonianspyr still wouldn't use it15:41
mvodanbh_intrepid: could you give me the details again what it wanted to remove please?15:42
joakimnvidia               3934028  015:42
joakimagpgart                34760  1 nvidia15:42
joakimthere it is15:42
mvodanbh_intrepid: (pastebin if possible)15:42
shirishhi all15:42
ikoniajoakim ok, the module's loaded, thats a pretty good start15:42
joakimwee =)15:42
nspyrikonia: because this is beta and theres no proper driver there may be no other choice15:42
shirishI am in a problem and cannot access pastebin15:43
ikonianspyr well there is, use the nv driver, and stop using betas if you can't deal with that15:43
shirishusing irssi my hal broke after postinstall15:43
ikoniajoakim actually, that may be a good thing to try15:43
shirishif somebody can work with me can share the details15:43
ikoniajoakim: are you confident editing the xorg.conf file by hand15:43
danbh_intrepidmvo: sure, lemme check if its still there15:43
ikoniashirish: what url are you using15:43
shirishikonia: url?15:44
ikoniato acess the pastebin15:44
nspyrikonia: im just speculating15:44
danbh_intrepidmvo: sorry mate, the updating in the repos must have finished.   Its gone now15:44
shirishikonia: I dunno if there is a way to copy stuff from console to some pastebin15:44
ikonianspyr: I appriciate that, but this is what a betas all about, don't expect it to towkr15:44
shirishikonia: I cannot use GUI because hal is broke15:44
ikoniashirish: sorry, I miss-understood what you where asking, I thought you=r problem was you couldn't use the pastebin15:44
joakimYes I think so, just tell me what to edit and Ill do my best15:45
nspyrikonia: i know that. im helping to fill bug reports..not trying to steer people the wrong way15:45
joakimoh, a line of code to actually get to it would be greate15:45
shirishikonia: anyways can you help me15:45
ikoniajoakim: what you need to do is look for the line (if there is one) that says "Driver "nvidia" "15:45
ikoniashirish: maybe15:46
shirishok here it goes15:46
shirishafter installing these are the lines it spewed out15:46
ikoniashirish it may not be there, so don't be surprised if itn's not15:46
shirishsetting up hal (0.5.11-4ubuntu2)15:46
ikoniashirish: sorry - not you15:46
ikoniajoakim it may not be there, so don't be surprised if it's not15:47
ikoniajoakim: Driver "nvidia" is the line15:47
shirishFailed to open connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket/15:47
ikoniajoakim: grep -i nvidia /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:47
shirishNo such file or directory15:47
ikoniashirish: /etc/init.d/dbus start15:47
joakimsays: Driver nvidia15:48
shirishikonia: should I give more or you think that's the only issue?15:48
ikoniajoakim: change that to Driver "nv"15:48
ikoniashirish: sudo /etc/init.d/dbus start15:49
ikoniashirish: try that15:49
shirishikonia: that is understood15:49
joakimok, how do I get to edit it?15:49
shirishikonia: I meant to ask do you want to know more or15:49
ikoniashirish: thats enough for starters15:49
shirishikonia: thanx15:49
ikoniajoakim: use any editor your comfortable with15:49
shirishikonia: will be back if that doesn't work out15:50
=== noname_00 is now known as lunz
=== lunz is now known as der_lunz
joakimsudo mousepad nvidia /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:50
joakimtried that but when it opens there is no text in it15:50
ikoniajoakim: there is nothing at all15:50
ikoniajoakim: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:51
bsniderdanbh_intrepid, yes i think so15:51
joakimok, I thonk I did it, saved. now reboot?15:51
joakimthink that is..15:51
joakimchanged "nvidia" to "nv"15:52
ikoniajoakim: lets give that a go15:52
ikoniajoakim: easier to debug if you ahve a full desktop to work with15:52
bsniderdanbh_intrepid, what's the pci id for y our card?15:52
joakimthanks alot for your help, you have been most patient.15:52
danbh_intrepidbsnider: 05:01.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5416 802.11abgn Wireless PCI Adapter (rev 01)15:54
bsniderdanbh_intrepid, that's exactly what mine says, down the the last character15:54
danbh_intrepidrev 00?15:54
bsniderrev 0115:55
danbh_intrepido wait, you meant, down TO the last character15:55
bsniderincluding the last character15:55
bsnideris that a netgear device?15:55
shirishok who was my saviour just few seconds back?15:56
shirishbecause of you, now I'm able to be in xfce :)15:57
danbh_intrepidbsnider: no, D-Link, DWA-55215:58
bsniderah, mine is the 54215:58
bsniderthat's the extreme card, with 3 antennae, correct?15:58
danbh_intrepidyeah something like that, it has 3 antennae15:59
joakimok, Im back15:59
danbh_intrepidbsnider: were you trying to connect to an N router that wasnt the same model as the card?15:59
joakimstill same problem, error message and then low-graphics mode15:59
bsniderdanbh_intrepid, the router is matched to the card16:00
joakimand no boarders16:00
bsniderjust as the extreme-n router is matched to your card16:00
joakimmaby my problem is compiz related, how do I completely uninstall compiz fuzion?16:01
bsniderjoakim, what's the problem?16:02
frybyejoakim - with snaptic or adept..16:02
frybyejoakim: in linux one can normally fix problems with a bit of help - not often necess.. to "give up" heheh16:02
joakimafter I updated from 8.04 to 8.10 my nvidia driver (177 official) fails after reboot.16:03
bsniderjoakim, you're sure that driver is the one you should be using? what's your graphics card?16:03
joakim7900 GT pci-e16:03
frybyejoakim - have you dont regular updates within 8.10 - (there was a new 177 delivered today ifaik...16:03
frybyebsn.. perhaps he should go to system - hardware support and see what it offers...16:04
joakimI just managed to enable xfce with Compiz Fusion Icon16:04
frybye(I have the German lang - intrepid-b here but is will probably be:- system-systemadmin-harware drivers.. for the non-free stuff..16:05
frybyejoakim: so your problem is fixed??16:05
joakimI can now move the windows around =) that surely helps. So what driver do you recomend?16:06
frybyejoakim: see above - there is a special feature in intrepid-b that help you select-install the nvidia drivers.. and did you do an update today???16:06
joakimdont know actually, how do I make xfce my defult window manager isntead of compiz?16:06
bsniderjoakim, open a terminal and run the following command: dkms status16:07
joakimfrybye: tnx Ill see if there is any updates. bsnider: brb16:07
joakimnvidia, 177.80: added16:08
frybyejoakim: I did the autom. sys.update this morning - there were (with the repos i have here..) 166 updates.. and amongst them was a new nvidia driver..16:08
joakimthats what it says16:08
bsniderthe dkms command says that?16:08
joakimfryebye: ok will do it now, brb16:09
frybyebsnider.. i dont wanna mess with your advice.. but it seems to make sence to check that he has updated first... or??16:09
compilerwriterslavik you come up with anything to help me?16:10
bsniderfrybye, i can get it working but he has to follow my instructions16:10
frybyei c - beg your pardon.. i will hang out a bit...16:10
joakimok, I get a message that says: "Not all updates can be installed" hold for more..16:11
frybyeassuming the nvidia driver update does not do it .. then - oh he is back...16:11
joakimit says I can make a partial upgrade16:11
der_lunzcan someone guide me, where to report a kde bug to?16:12
bsniderjoakim, please don't do that yet16:12
frybyeyeah was the same with me - you have alternative of "partial update.." i went for that - it was only 2 from 166 that could not be installed..16:12
joakimno partial update - check16:12
bsniderjoakim,  run the dkms status command please16:12
joakimok, brb16:12
joakimnvidia, 177.80: added16:12
frybyejoakim: listen to bsnider.. he knows a lot more than me for sure.. i am a relative newbie myself..16:12
joakimsame as before16:12
joakimthnx fryebye =)16:13
bsniderthat means the nvidia driver isn't built into the kernel, so of course it can't be loaded16:13
ikonia joakim how did you get on16:13
joakimah ok i see16:13
bsniderrunt he following command: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-17716:13
bsniderafterwards, please repeat the dkms status command16:13
joakimnvidia-glx-177 is already the newest version.16:14
joakimnvidia-glx-177 set to manually installed.16:14
joakimseems like it is already installed?16:14
frybyebsnider what is that full command    dkms status   or  sudo dkms or -i would like to check here too...16:14
bsniderdkms status16:15
bsniderthat's the command. it should say: nvidia, 177.80, 2.6.27-6-generic, x86_64: installed (original_module exists)16:15
kinto_0can someone help me figure out why ibex is trying to do a partial upgrade, yet keeps failing on cleanup?16:15
frybyethis is what I get: nvidia, 177.80, 2.6.27-6-generic, x86_64: installed16:15
joakimfryebye, ok I would like that aswell =)16:16
bsniderrunt he following command: sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-glx-17716:16
frybyejoakim: if you have 32bit os will be a bit different.. but listen to bsnider...16:16
der_lunzAfter upgrading kubuntu intrepid today, logging out and in again, the first <ALT>+F2 will cause to disable keyboard input, left mouse clicks will show the "move window" cursor, has anyone seen this behaviour before?16:16
joakimok, will do16:17
nspyrwhat do i do then if the default nv driver makes the screen go corrupt and freeze system and i have to reboot16:17
nspyri mean hit reset16:18
joakimok, done16:18
bsniderdkms status16:18
antoranzHI, Guys!16:18
joakimnvidia, 177.80: added16:18
bsniderstill not installed16:18
bsniderjoakim, open up synaptic please16:19
joakimok, done16:19
* kinto_0 's distribution upgrade remains frozen at processing triggers for man-db16:20
kinto_0: (16:20
antoranzLook.... I change the animation in the compiz manager..... but compiz doesn't do it16:20
bsniderjoakim, you need to have the linux-headers package for your kernel installed, so search for linux-headers16:20
joakimcant find such a package, do I need a extra repo for that?16:21
bsniderjoakim, it is there. search for it, do not use "quick search" use the search button16:22
joakimok, brb16:22
joakimok, I have "linux-headers-2.6.27-6" installed16:23
bsniderok, also grab the -generic package, and the linux-headers-generic package16:24
bsniderthen reinstall the nvidia-177-kernel-source package16:24
joakimgot them both, will now reinstall nvidia-177-kernel-source16:26
bsniderthen reinstall nvidia-glx-17716:26
joakimhm, cant find nvidia-177-kernel-source16:26
bsniderit's definitely there16:27
bsniderjust search for nvidia16:27
bsniderdon't use quick search16:27
joakimok, found it and reinstalled. will now reinstall nvidia-glx-17716:28
bsniderafterwards, run dkms status16:28
jaldharhello. a bad bad thing just happened.16:28
joakimnvidia, 177.80: added16:28
joakimsame as before16:29
jaldharthe last kubuntu ibex upgrade I did apparently installed some partition encryption thingy16:29
joakimwhat does "added" meen anyway?16:29
ikoniajoakim included16:30
joakimbsnider, your help is most appreciated16:30
ikoniajoakim: installed16:30
jaldharwhen I rebooted I was greeted by a message asking me to enter my passphrase.  but I never chose a passphrase16:30
ikoniajaldhar then your screwed16:30
ikoniajaldhar: if you've encypted your disk and don't know the password your out of luck16:30
jaldharikonia:  AAAARGH.  But how did this happen?16:31
ikoniajaldhar you installed it16:31
joakimmaby I should just reinstall the whole os?16:31
fr00dIs there a known issue with pidgin and not connecting to icq server? Here it only says waiting for network connection.16:31
joakimand not install compiz =)16:31
jaldharikonia: yeah but shouldn't there have been some debconf thing about it?  I swear there wasn't16:32
siriusnovaintrepid ibex16:32
siriusnovai need me some venison16:32
ikoniajaldhar I think you've missed it16:32
=== zaggy-nl_ is now known as zaggy-nl
jaldharikonia: one more thing.  If I didn't choose a passphrase, is it blank or was some random one chosen?16:33
ikoniajaldhar try blank,16:33
bsniderjoakim, this has nothing to do with compiz16:33
bsniderjoakim, please reinstall your main kernel package16:33
joakimbsnider, ok16:33
jaldharikonia: but the prompt won't let me enter a non-empty one.  Any way around that?16:34
ikoniajaldhar nope16:34
batti5 hi im batti5, i installed kubuntu interpred ibex beta, all ok but i can`t set the res higher the 1024x768 on my intel 815 card, can anyone help?16:34
bsniderjoakim, reinstall linux-image-2.6.27-6-generic16:34
joakimok, will do that now, brb16:35
=== ma101 is now known as ma10
jaldharikonia: this is a kernel driver or some user mode program that displays the prompt16:35
batti5but iterpred works good16:36
danbh_intrepidfr00d: did anyone answer you?16:36
batti5in hardy its easy you can select video card & monitor from the settings16:36
ikoniajaldhar: it's usermode I believe16:36
batti5in ibex there isent in setting16:37
fr00ddanbh_intrepid: No. :(16:37
kinto_0i need some upgrade help please16:37
danbh_intrepidfr00d: its a known bug of network manager.  For now, you can just disable and then re-enable the account to connect16:38
rafkidhi - have just allowed 8.1 beta to upgrade itself - now stuck at my login screen without a keybaord or wokring mouse to boot from - any ideas gratefully received16:38
jaldharikonia: hmm I wonder if I can recompile it to accept blanks, burn an ubuntu live cd with it and try mounting the encrypted volume with that.  which package should I be looking for?16:38
fr00ddanbh_intrepid: Is it also possible to disable nm completely?16:38
ikoniajaldhar: it's too late - it's encypted16:39
fr00ddanbh_intrepid: I didn't think about it but I never used network-manager.16:39
fr00dI'm using only the ifupdown tools some dhclient, ifconfig and so on.16:39
jaldharikonia: I see.  Damn16:39
batti5i need help with ibex resolution set16:40
danbh_intrepidfr00d: there probably is, but I never cared to look into it.  I'm sure they will fix it at some point.  I DID figure out the firefox problem though.  If you want that work around, let me know16:40
danbh_intrepidrafkid: can you get to a tty?16:40
fr00ddanbh_intrepid: I'll first have a try without network-manager, brb.16:40
rafkidpossibly - am wokring a winxp box atm16:41
parfubatti5 : you have a 8.04 live cd?16:41
batti5i try dpkg-reconigure xserever-xorg but it only asks about keybord not video nor monitor, anybody has any ideas?16:41
danbh_intrepidrafkid: you know what Im talking about, right?/ the ctrl+alt+f116:41
kinto_0danbh_intrepid: ibex distro upgrade is freezing on cleanup ... is there a way to fix this?16:42
batti5no i installed from alternative cd16:42
danbh_intrepidrafkid: try this candy command!  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^16:42
rafkidaaaaaaaaaaah - yes I did understand - you just made me realsie something though - i might get that I can do ctrlaltdel16:42
rafkidif i did get a tty=terminal where to then?16:43
W8TAHhi folks -- working on a kubuntu ibex beta install -- went from the live CD -- answered all the questions and clicked install - im getting the 2 spinny balls and no HDD activity -- problem?  resolution?16:43
danbh_intrepidrafkid: run the command I just posted16:43
batti5parf : you have a 8.04 live cd? batti5 : no, do i need it?16:43
danbh_intrepidrafkid: and dont forget the ^(carrot) !!!!!!16:44
rafkidin fact many ty's16:44
rafkidlol - ok -ty16:44
fr00dperfect! It works really fine without network-manager.16:44
parfubatti5: in 8.04 there was displayconfig-gtk, but it has been removed (i really can't understand why). I copied my xorg.conf from 8.04 to intrepid16:44
kinto_0danbh_intrepid: ibex distro upgrade is freezing on cleanup ... is there a way to fix this? ... sorry for asking again16:44
alkisgHi, I think I read somewhere that in Ubuntu Intrepid there was to be another IM, alternative to pidgin... But I don't remember the package name! Any help?16:44
kinto_0comment keeps getting lost16:45
alkisgkinto_0, thanks!16:45
W8TAHalkisg: i cna recomend carrier or kopete16:45
danbh_intrepidkinto_0: I don't really know.  I would just kill the thing, and then run some update commands from the cli, to make sure everything got finished16:45
batti5can i install a displayconfig for hardy?16:45
kinto_0what cmd's would that be???16:46
alkisgAbout the update_manager, a bug is filed, it's milestoned...16:46
parfubatti5 no, it has been removed16:46
danbh_intrepidkinto_0: that would be the work around.  and I assume you just want to get it working16:46
batti5so wath then?16:46
kinto_0indeed ... link?16:46
alkisgkinto_0, let me find it...16:46
W8TAHhi folks -- working on a kubuntu ibex beta install -- went from the live CD -- answered all the questions and clicked install - im getting the 2 spinny balls and no HDD activity -- problem?  resolution?16:47
kinto_0tks alkisg16:47
danbh_intrepidkinto_0: try this candy command!  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^16:47
rafkiddanbh - will brb - am swapping box's ty=thankyou :)16:47
bsniderjoakim, i'm under some time pressure here16:47
danbh_intrepidrafkid: np16:47
alkisgkinto_0, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/28023616:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 280236 in update-manager "update-manager --dist-upgrade gets stuck at the end" [High,Fix released]16:47
batti5i like interpred, its cool, the audio runs like never before on intel 81516:47
joakimbsnider, ok i had to reboot couse synaptics froze. now I dont have root.. how do I get it?16:48
alkisghey, fix released?16:48
mvothe update-manager fix just got uploaded16:48
alkisgOh, 7 minutes ago!!! :)16:48
mvoshould be there in ~1h16:48
bsniderjoakim, i don'16:48
mvo(in the archive)16:48
bsnideri don't understand the question16:48
alkisgmvo, very good!!!16:48
joakimbsnider, ok. I marked the linux-kernel for reinstallation but I cant click apply16:49
TheGameHi, how can I upgrade without the iso16:49
joakimI guesse that it is because Im not root16:49
bsniderjoak close synaptic and open a terminal please16:49
joakimok done16:49
bsnideralright run the following command:16:50
W8TAHnevermind -- its worked - -16:50
bsnidersudo dkms build -m nvidia -v 177.80 -k 2.6.27-6-generic16:50
zniavrehal seems to does not detect mouse and keyboaard anymore16:50
parfubatti5 in this i can not help you. The only way is to manually config /etc/X11/xorg.conf but my knowledge is really poor in editing xorg16:51
zniavrethere is a way to reconfigure hal please?16:51
TheGamenoodlesgc, that update manager command doesn't give me the option of upgrading to 8.1016:52
TheGamenoodlesgc, I use xbuntu if that makes a diff16:52
joakimbuild completed16:53
bsnidernow run sudo dkms install -m nvidia -v 177.80 -k 2.6.27-6-generic16:53
batti5dose anyone konw how to setup intel 815 video card & compaq 7500 manualy?16:53
noodlesgcTheGame ok, not sure, ask in here16:53
joakiminstall completed16:54
TheGameDoes anyone know how I can upgrade my xbuntu 8.0.4 to 8.1.0? Without having to download the whole iso16:54
bsniderjoakim, run dkms status16:54
joakimnvidia, 177.80, 2.6.27-6-generic, i686: installed16:54
joakimthats a good thing, right?16:55
bsniderok, the module is now available to be loaded and used16:55
TheGameOh noodlesgc, I just disabled my pre-release respiratory sources and tried your command again and now it's given me the option! Thanks16:55
bsnidernow i need a look at your xorg.conf file16:55
bsnidercan you pastebin it?16:55
joakimok, what line? All of it?16:55
noodlesgcTheGame ah, ill remember that one, i'm sure it will happen to countless other people16:55
joakimSection "Monitor"16:56
joakimIdentifier"Configured Monitor"16:56
joakimSection "Screen"16:56
joakimIdentifier"Default Screen"16:56
joakimMonitor"Configured Monitor"16:56
joakimDevice"Configured Video Device"16:56
joakimSection "Module"16:56
bsnideri said pastebin, not paste it in here16:56
joakimsorry, here is the whole one16:56
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)16:56
joakimok, sorry16:57
bsniderjoak, i want you to open your xorg.conf file in gedit with root privilges and replace it with mine16:57
joakimbsnider, ok16:57
batti5<bsnider> can you help me with xorg.conf to?16:58
bsniderjoakim, here's mine http://paste.ubuntu.com/56028/16:58
bsniderafter you finish, restart your computer and the nvidia module should load16:59
bsniderbatti5, i have to go away for awhile, but maybe later16:59
joakimbsnider, ok I will now reboot16:59
zniavrehello again17:02
joakimbsnider, back but the driver did not load17:02
jaldharikonia:  I got back to the encrypted disk!  Apparently if you choose recovery from the grub menu and select drop to a shell (or something) it bypasses the passphrase check.17:03
zniavrei can't use mouse / keyboard anymore any ideas of what is the worrie?17:03
jaldharikonia: so now how do I set a passphrase or reset it or remove it altogether?17:04
joakimdkms status17:04
joakimnvidia, 177.80, 2.6.27-6-generic, i686: installed17:04
joakimso it should load right?17:04
jaldharikonia: is cryptsetup the package that handles this?17:05
bytor4232interesting problem17:06
bytor4232I can't use mouse / keyboard17:07
joakimbsnider : will things get wors if I do a partial update?17:07
bytor4232Just updated.  Now mouse and kbd doesn't work.17:07
joakimbsnider : I have to go and if you are not here when I come back I just like to thank you for your help. You are truly one of ubuntu communitys finest17:09
bytor4232Hey ubuntu+1, how to I get my mouse and kbd back?17:12
zniavrebytor4232:  i hav same problem here17:13
* bytor4232 signs17:13
bytor4232I was able to CTRL-ALT-F117:13
bytor4232At least I could get to my screen, which is running on an LTS server.17:13
noodlesgchave you guys tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?17:13
bytor4232that runs Alpine, Finch, Epic4, and Rtorrent17:13
zniavrethis i do not know how to do but i connect irssi17:13
bytor4232All I need to keep working in an emergency.17:14
zniavrenoodlesgc:  yes i tried17:14
zniavrei talked about hal something17:14
bytor4232noodlesgc: Yup, I tried too.17:15
bytor4232I knew updating at the data center was a bad idea.17:15
bytor4232Actually, running Intrepid on my laptop is probably a bad idea.17:15
* bytor4232 needs to get back to X so he can get Bob and Tom 24/7 back up and going!17:16
bytor4232Of course, I miht need firefox soon.17:16
zniavrei even erase xorg.conf but in failsafe session mouse and kbd are stucks17:16
rafkiddanb - many thanks for the candy tty command - worked a treat after several pass17:17
eklofAnyone else having problems with no sound in flash-movies in firefox?17:17
compilerwriterzniavre are you not able to start an x session either?17:17
igormorgadohi there. I updated Intrepid right now and it broke (again) my keyboard, I noticed that there was missing a special key in keycodes/evdev the fix is just add this special key cause the key exists in symbols/br file. where should I post the fix17:17
zniavrecompilerwriter:  startx does not work too17:18
zniavreyes it's on gdm i can't use mouse/kbd17:18
zniavreso i guess xsession is open17:19
der_lunzi found this bug report, maybe it helps: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/254840/comments/517:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 254840 in xorg-server "[intrepid] mouse and keyboard stop working under gdm and gnome" [Medium,Fix released]17:19
zniavreder_lunz:  this must say it will be corrected soon ?17:20
compilerwriterslavik and I were able to determine that, in my case, kdm was working but something was going wrong in getting x fired up17:20
urban_ryogais there a way to downgrade network-manager? I'm seriously tethered here17:21
rski'could not launch menu item' gnome-apperance-propertions' no such file or directory17:21
rskiwhat package do i need?=17:21
compilerwriterBlueskaj you around?17:21
zniavrehow can i see wabsite without x please to read der_lunz  links ?17:22
igormorgadourban_ryoga: pin the lower version with priority 1000 or greater17:22
der_lunzzniavr: i won't know, though i believe so. Anyways you can follow the directions in the comments meanwhile17:22
EitheL hey, anyone here?17:23
der_lunzzniavre: use 'links' (sudo apt-get install links)17:23
rafkidzniavre - I just had this problem fixed a few moments ago - open a tty and use sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^ - repeat it a few times and here I am back17:23
igormorgadourban_ryoga: or download the lower version manually, remove net-man and install lower version17:23
EitheL hey, i'm having a problem using update manager... still on alpha-6 i believe17:23
rafkidzniavre - and don't forget the ^ carrot...................all thanks to danb17:24
zniavrecarrot ?17:24
urban_ryogaigormorgado: i have to do it manually right? I don't see previous versions in the package manager17:25
rafkid^=carrott symbol17:25
zniavresorry im a bit french i can't understand17:25
tsurudid anyone else's evdev module get flagged for uninstall?17:25
igormorgadourban_ryoga: right17:25
EitheL are the updatet servers down? I am having a hard time updating my computer using update manager and synaptic package manager17:26
zniavrerafkid:  it updates nothing17:26
EitheL some files are just not downloading, takes 5 minutes or more to acknoledge its not downloading17:26
urban_ryogaigormorgado: what do you mean by pin the lower version with priority 1000 or greater?17:27
rafkidzniavre: so sorry for you then - that was the sum totl of my help knowledge today - worked a treat for me - sorry for you it does not17:27
wtgeeHello...my latest round of updates completely borked my whole system, is anyone else eeing that?17:28
ConstantineXVIanyone else not able to call up gnome-do from the keyboard?17:29
EitheL @wtgee I can't update17:29
EitheL @wtgee i'm still on alpha-617:29
igormorgadourban_ryoga: this is "advanced" package administration, isnt intended for users, there isnt any interface to do that, pin is to set a specific priority in a package or repository, btw, GIYF.17:29
wtgeeI lost basically all of gnome17:29
EitheL it appears no one is responding?17:29
igormorgadowtgee:  install gnome-session and ubuntu-desktop17:29
EitheL have you tried to do alt+f2 and put in update-manager?17:30
EitheL gnome on my computer works17:30
wtgeeigormorgado: Yeah, I am pretty sure I can fix it...I guess I was wondering why it was so broken.17:30
igormorgadowtgee: because is ALPHA17:30
wtgeeEitheL: I just ran the updates again and it didn't do anything.17:30
wtgeeigormorgdao: Aren't we on beta now. ;)17:30
igormorgadowtgee: things can broke, package can change his names, you can lose an update and something should be removed on repository17:31
EitheL we are... i'm stuck on alpha because update manager isn't working17:31
W8TAHim having with the new network manager in kubuntu 8.10beta -- i cant seem to get to let me have a static IP on my laptop - -can someone please help me?17:31
igormorgadowtgee: but youre not =D17:31
wtgeeigormorgado: I realize that and I am not complaining, just asking if others are seeing it17:31
igormorgadowtgee: i got a problem in my gnome today, fixed in 2 minutes.17:31
igormorgadowtgee: my gnome was wiped out agter a update.17:31
wtgeeigormorgado: Do you suggest fixing it manually or waiting until it is fixed by newer updates?17:32
bytor4232So whats the deal with X.  Can anyone help me fix it in here>17:32
igormorgadowtgee: i dont know youre REAL problem,i fixed mine just installing gnome-session and ubuntu-desktop (meta package)17:33
bytor4232kbd and mouse aren't working after the update I completed a few mins ago.17:33
igormorgadobytor4232: are you using evdev17:33
bytor4232I don't think so17:34
EitheL from what i'm hearing.. i should be happy my update manager isn't working >_>17:34
igormorgadothis is your problem, this is a know bug, have you updated or installed beta from cd17:34
EitheL me?17:34
bytor4232KBD is working if I hit ctrl-alt-f1 and log in from the console.17:35
bytor4232Thats where I am now.17:35
wtgeeigormorgado: I run updates every day, often multiple times.17:35
* bytor4232 is screwed. he's working at the data center without a backup desktop17:35
igormorgadoEitheL: dpkg is your friend, apt is dpkg friend.17:35
igormorgadowtgee: so do I =D, im apt-get dist-upgrade addicted17:35
bytor4232igormorgado: How do I check to see if I'm using evdev?17:35
igormorgadobytor4232: first answer my previous question17:36
wtgeeigormorgado: Yeah, me too, it's rather silly. :)17:36
wtgeeigromorgado: Have you re-run update after manually reinstall ubuntu-desktop and gnome-session?17:36
igormorgadowtgee: no problem on do it.17:36
igormorgadowtgee: after start your empty X session (try to open an xterm and run gnome-session manually, check output)17:37
bytor4232igormorgado: I ran xinit -- :1 &> out.txt17:37
bytor4232igormorgado: In out.txt it says "evdev not found"17:37
igormorgadobytor4232: this is your problem, this is a know bug, have you updated or installed beta from cd17:38
bytor4232igormorgado: I updated a few minutes ago17:38
igormorgadobytor4232: updated from 8.0417:38
bytor4232igormorgado: update-manager17:38
EitheL how do i get it running using dpkg? looked around17:38
rafkidall: for those with no kbd or mouse - mine was fixed with sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^ - which I ran several times until it dl all and isntalled all - it worked for me................17:38
bytor4232igormorgado: Upgraded from Intrepid beta17:38
igormorgadobytor4232: ok edit your xorg.conf and set key and  mouse as evdev driver17:38
=== Omar1 is now known as Omar87
igormorgadoor just remove keyboard and mouse entries.. that should do the work too17:39
bytor4232igormorgado: There is no kbd and mouse entries17:39
igormorgadothat is perfect. hmm17:40
wtgeeigormorgado: ok, brb...hopefully :)17:40
igormorgadotry to paste your xorg.log somewhere17:40
wtgeeigormorgado: Well, I guess I don't have to leave.  session started up fine.17:40
bytor4232igormorgado: http://arthur.jfmi.net/xorg.conf.txt17:40
wtgeeNow to get out of failsafe...17:41
igormorgadowtgee: very nice. now its fixed17:41
igormorgadobytor4232: I want the logs, not the conf17:41
bytor4232igormorgado: http://arthur.jfmi.net/out.txt17:41
igormorgadobtw.. i think that there is a problem here (im not yet confortable with new X org files)17:42
bytor4232igormorgado: http://arthur.jfmi.net/Xorg.0.log17:42
igormorgado(EE) Failed to load module "evdev" (module does not exist, 0)17:42
igormorgadobig problem17:42
wtgeeand voila17:42
igormorgadowtgee: congrats.. its working =D17:43
wtgeeigormorgado: Thanks.17:43
igormorgadobytor4232:  install xserver-xorg-input-evdev17:43
igormorgadowtgee: youre welcome.. I will create a paypal account to me =D17:43
Ali_ixis it stable enough to upgrade without blowing up the system?17:44
EitheL u never know..17:44
igormorgadoAli_ix: not stable at all17:44
wtgeeigormorgado: Hey, my  money probably won't be worth anything soon anyway. ;)17:45
bytor4232igormorgado: http://arthur.jfmi.net/out.1.txt17:45
igormorgadowtgee: dolar17:45
igormorgadowow.. broken packages17:45
Ali_ixigormorgado: can you explain a bit? driver issues? gnome? whole xorg things or kernel?17:45
igormorgadognome, xorg, kernel17:45
igormorgadoall user things17:45
bytor4232igormorgado: I'm running "apt-get update" to see if it fixes stuff17:45
EitheL same here17:45
bytor4232igormorgado: WOOOT!17:46
igormorgadobytor4232: paste your sources.list too17:46
bytor4232igormorgado: BOOOYA!17:46
igormorgado     1:2.0.99+git20080912-0ubuntu3 0 my version17:46
bytor4232igormorgado: Between me running update-manager and now there has been a "fix" or something17:46
igormorgadobytor4232: that happens17:46
bytor4232igormorgado: I ran apt-get update, then I could install that udev17:46
Ali_ixigormorgado: sounds cool :) going to upgrade :}17:46
igormorgadomaybe bot is compiling right now.17:47
igormorgadothen new versions are being uploaded and packages.bz rebuilt17:47
EitheL when I typed sudo apt-get update it downloads some stuff and now its stuck on one and its saying waiting for headers17:48
igormorgadoEitheL: =D wait 1 hour and try again17:48
igormorgadoEitheL: you can step in another hole trying to update now17:48
EitheL its been like this for like... 4 days O_o""17:48
igormorgadoEitheL: youre unlucky =D17:49
igormorgadobtw, this isnt stable yet17:49
rafkidigormorgado: sensei your humour is good :) - a n00b doffs his hat to the master.........................17:49
EitheL so this will autocorrect and I don't need to do anything, just wait17:49
igormorgadoEitheL: if youre stepping in broken package things, your should wait for them "unbroke"17:50
=== Rafik_ is now known as Rafik
bytor4232igormorgado: Your the best.17:50
igormorgadoRafik_: am I know you.17:50
EitheL ok, thanks :D17:51
igormorgadorafkid: am i know you.17:51
EitheL also, pulseaudio problems sometimes AKA it crashes and I get no audio17:52
EitheL is that fixed?17:52
rafkidigormorgado: no we don't know one another - just admiring you helping out is all17:52
igormorgadorafkid: =D no, just because, im really a sensei.17:53
EitheL indeed he is :P17:53
igormorgadoEitheL: i mean, martial arts one17:53
rafkidigor: fantastic!!! - sensei I bow to you17:53
EitheL ahh, literaly :P17:54
EitheL which martial arts specificly :P17:54
igormorgadoaikido and karate17:54
EitheL ahh17:54
EitheL i learned a little akido but it never caught on :P17:54
EitheL aikido*17:54
igormorgadobut this doesnt matter here, I was just curious because that =D17:55
igormorgadoi gtg, lunch time =D be well17:56
joakimProblem: Im on ubuntu 8.10 and my nvidia 177.10 wont load on bootup17:56
joakimdkms status says installed17:57
igormorgadojoakim: tried modprobe nvidia17:57
joakimno, will do17:57
igormorgadook if works add it to /etc/modules17:57
joakimI just realized that I dont know how to use modprobe =) sorry, how do I use it?17:58
igormorgado modprobe nvidia18:00
igormorgadojoakim: intrepid isnt intended for first time users =D18:00
batti5intel 815 not detected in interpred ibex only 1024x76818:00
joakimso Ive learned =) have to learn somehow thoug =P18:01
igormorgadorafkid: http://arda.ibeu.org.br/dojo.jpg18:01
batti5intel 815 not detected in interpred ibex, any help?18:01
igormorgadobatti5: lspci find it(question)18:02
batti5 batti5: lspci find it(question) wath is this?18:02
joakimigor: ok I unloaded it with -r and then loaded it again, cant really tell if it did something18:02
batti5how to set res higher?18:03
joakimigormorgado: ok I unloaded it with -r and then loaded it again, cant really tell if it did something, do I need to reboot?18:04
h4wkis there a workaround yet for BCM43xx ndiswrapper seems to not work, aswell as the fwcutter18:05
igormorgadojoakim: no. try start X and past output somewhere18:05
wtgeeh4wk: I am using bcm4322 drivers without problems.18:06
wtgeeh2wk: from the manufacturer as I recall18:06
joakimok, will do, one more thing though, will a "partial update" make things worse or should I upgrade?18:06
h4wkwtgee: did you fresh install or upgrade?18:06
joakim(update manager is asking med to do a partial upgrade)18:06
Do``i just upgraded to ubuntu intrepid and the keyboard shortcuts in rhythmbox dont work. anyone knows where i could delete any configuration files for this to reset it and hopefully solve the issue?18:06
wtgeeh4wk: fresh, but I had to do the drivers manually.18:07
h4wkwtgee: how did you do it? ndis?18:07
wtgeeh2wk: http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php18:08
rafkidigor: which one? beard front row right?18:09
rafkidigormorgado:  which one? beard front row right?18:10
Zvezdichkohello, folks :) I'm one of your regular testers :) ready to upgrade18:11
h4wkDo it then.18:11
zniavrei installed xserver-xorg-input evdev an kbd and then mouse kbd works again18:12
Zvezdichkohehe, I'm very curious and impatient about the new Kubuntu :)18:12
Oli``Just tried to install the lapm stack through tasksel and now apt is telling me to run "dpkg --configure -a". I run it but it comes back with "dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed. Aborted (core dumped)" and now I can't run any apt functions. =\18:12
Oli``*LAMP stack18:12
joakimigormorgado: startx said that it was already loaded on monitor0.18:15
batti5how to set resolution in ibex?18:17
rmnis compiz safe to update now?18:17
joakimre: just updated from 8.04 to 8.10 and upon reboot the nvidia 177 driver failed to load. What to do?18:17
aoupihi, my sound is not detected here is my lspci -v output: http://pastebin.com/f1b7b8329 aplay -l shows no devices18:18
bsniderjoakim, get to a virtual terminal and kill gdm18:18
bsniderthen run startx18:19
joakimhi again, ok will do18:19
AkariChanhi everyone18:22
Codemaster|Mobilso i log into ubuntu today after updating and no gnome panels show up :|18:23
EitheL hey18:23
EitheL lool18:23
EitheL i feel like we've met before..18:23
EitheL anyway go to terminal18:23
Codemaster|Mobil:P really18:23
EitheL sudo apt-get update  and sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop18:23
Codemaster|MobilEitheL: i've already tried reinstalling ubuntu-desktop and gnome-panel18:23
EitheL hv u tried updating apt-get?18:23
Codemaster|Mobili used aptitude, but nonetheless.18:23
EitheL restart?18:23
Codemaster|Mobilthere seem to be new packages, not for ubuntu-desktop, however18:24
Codemaster|Mobilyes i have18:24
wtgeeCodemaster|Mobil: gnome-session18:24
Codemaster|Mobilhm, let me check that18:24
Codemaster|Mobilthanks for the help so far18:24
EitheL np :P18:24
* Codemaster|Mobil sucks at making bug reports, however :[18:24
EitheL me to:P18:25
AkariChanhi everyone18:25
EitheL hey akari :D18:25
ZvezdichkoOK... in Kubuntu the procedure required adept with --dist-devel-upgrade and then clicking on Version upgrade, right?18:25
AkariChan(why did i say that again... pfft) actually i am here to ask something18:25
batti5nobody know how to set res higher then 1024x768 in interpred?18:25
TuTUXGi have res 1400x105018:26
EitheL what do u need akary18:26
EitheL and batti18:26
AkariChan> quick question: if i want to install more fonts (says from my windows/fonts folder) to /usr/share/fonts, the fonts shows up but it shows as [] [] [] (blocks). any idea how to fix that?18:26
EitheL is ur graphics card18:26
EitheL nvidia18:26
EitheL or do u even have a driver installed?18:26
Codemaster|Mobilbatti5: if you have an nVidia card, try installing the 177.80 drivers18:26
EitheL @akari theres something in synaptic package manager that can fix that.. i forgot what18:26
EitheL well install not fix18:27
batti5i have intel 81518:27
AkariChanuse system > preference > screen resolution?18:27
EitheL brb i'mma go on my linux lappy18:27
Codemaster|MobilEitheL, AkariChan: i think there is a package for window fonts18:27
AkariChanEitheL: ok i'll look into it18:27
EitheL there is18:27
Codemaster|Mobilor TTF fonts or something of the sort18:27
EitheL i'm lookin for it now18:27
EitheL in package manager18:27
EitheL synaptic*18:27
AkariChanCodemaster|Mobil: ah ok. but i am actually looking into installing some UTF-8 fonts specifically18:28
Codemaster|Mobilyeah, i was thinking you might be18:28
EitheL hey akari, have you installed tff2tex18:28
EitheL package18:28
Codemaster|Mobilgah, i remember installing calibri a while ago, i just forget how :)18:28
batti5use system > preference > screen resolution? in hardy i had up to 1280x102418:28
EitheL i thinkk its just compatibilty problems..?18:29
AkariChanim running 1920x1200, on a 8800GT18:29
EitheL is that ATI?18:29
AkariChanbut thta's with nvidia-glx18:29
Codemaster|Mobilbatti5: is running an intel card18:29
batti5it is posible to force it18:29
Zvezdichkomy upgrade started :) Yay!~18:29
EitheL Akari: try installing he package tiff2tex in synaptic package manager18:29
EitheL Akari: or just look up fonts in quick search and install the other thing..18:30
EitheL *still looking for it18:30
Delvienman firefox is moving so slow...18:30
AkariChani'll try that18:30
Codemaster|Mobillol, i keep trying to check what time it is and since my gnome panels are gone i look around the desktop for a few seconds, eventually resorting to the clock on the wall :)18:30
FrankT-QcI'm on ATI-Radeon, working 1680x1050 but if I hotplug the monitor, i can't get higher than 1280x1024... Restarting X after plugging gives me access to the full resolution18:30
AstralJavaEitheL means ttf2tex or msttcorefonts package. :)18:30
EitheL sure both18:30
EitheL thats what I was looking for18:30
EitheL =_=18:31
batti5on the site it sais edit xorg.conf, how?18:31
Codemaster|Mobilwtgee: gnome-session was already installed and i just reinstalled it18:31
Codemaster|Mobilubuntu-desktop is already installed, as well, but i will reinstall that, too18:31
AkariChancompiz is so win :D18:31
Codemaster|MobilAkariChan: definitely18:31
CPrgmSwR2i am having a sound issue amarok and juk won't play music18:32
CPrgmSwR2but I can play system sounds18:32
CPrgmSwR2lame is installed18:32
EitheL does VLC plaer work?18:32
EitheL player*18:32
* AkariChan flips the screen18:32
AkariChanand wine makes it the last thing i had to worry about my windows programs... :D18:32
Codemaster|MobilEitheL: so i have ubuntu-desktop and gnome-session already installed - any other recommendations or should I just try a reboot?18:32
EitheL i'd say reboot18:33
Codemaster|MobilAkariChan: too bad it doesn't run Photoshop just as efficently or i'd be able to convert a good number of art students here; us IT/CS/SE kids already use Linux plenty :P18:33
EitheL are you on the effected computetr18:33
Codemaster|Mobilyup haha18:33
EitheL or your on a different computer18:33
EitheL ahh18:33
Codemaster|Mobilhence the mobil ;]18:34
AkariChanCodemaster|Mobil: actually18:34
AkariChani am running cs3 portable18:34
AkariChanon wine18:34
AkariChanworks well18:34
Codemaster|Mobilah ok18:34
Codemaster|MobilAkariChan: how much memory usage, though?18:34
AkariChanhm let me check, one sec18:34
Codemaster|Mobilor is the usage/speed/etc. comparable18:34
Codemaster|Mobil=_= knowing if i said photoshop worked fine, they'd ask about illustrator, after effects, so on and so forth18:35
AkariChanim installing csp, :D18:35
Codemaster|Mobilanywho, gonna give this laptop a good reboot18:35
AkariChancs3 portable18:35
Codemaster|MobilCS Portable?18:35
* Codemaster|Mobil rebootz18:35
jemarkim running intrepid18:35
batti5my card is detected but the monitor isent, its a compaq 750018:36
jaysonsantosHello people, how can I set webcam (gspca) gamma on intrepid kernel ?18:36
jemarkthe rhythbox + pulsaudio has a high cpu usage...18:36
AkariChanit crashed :P18:36
batti5my card is detected but the monitor isent, its a compaq 7500, how to select it?18:36
AkariChanwhat resolution does it run?18:37
linnyhey ive got the usage of a nice server for a couple of months is there ibex torrents i could seed could some one point me to them please ?18:37
AkariChanif it's a standard resolution (4:3) just choose a generic LCD with that resolution18:37
aoupiis there some easycam equivalent that works in 8.10?18:37
aoupior rather, that is in the repos :)18:37
AkariChanchoose "LCD Panel 1024x768 @ 60 Hz" in the settings for the display then18:38
AkariChanwhen you pick your monitor18:38
AkariChansystem > preference > resolution?18:39
batti5but interpred dosen alow my to select any!18:39
Delvienbatti5 is your gfx card installd correctly?18:39
Do``anyone has troubles with keyboard shortcuts in rhythmbox?18:39
Delviendo'' i use banshee, sorry18:40
AstralJavabatti5: Could you please use actual English words? It's rather disturbing trying to interpret what you're actually trying to say. Thanks.18:40
DelvienAstralJava, /agree18:40
batti5batti5 is your gfx card installd correctly? wath is it?18:40
rskiwhat is the name of the package18:40
Delvienbatti5 GRAPHICS = gfx18:40
rskifor Appereance ?18:40
batti5but how to install it?18:40
rskiupdate-manager removed it i think18:41
batti5now wath?18:41
Delvienbatti5 if you do not know how to isntall your graphics card, you should not be using intrepid yet18:41
mvorski: it removed what?18:41
batti5how to installed back?18:41
Delvienrski gnome-appearance-properties18:41
rskignome-propertios- ah18:42
batti5in kubuntu?18:42
rskiE: Couldn't find package gnome-appearance-properties18:42
Delvienbatti5 back up your data and install from acd18:42
Delvienrski sudo apt-get install kcontrol18:42
linnybatti5: download 8.04 LTS and start fresh18:42
Delvienrski didnt realize you were in KDE :P sorry18:42
rskiPackage kcontrol is not available, but is referred to by another package.18:42
rskiThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or18:42
rskiis only available from another source18:42
rskiHowever the following packages replace it: kdelibs4c2a kdebase-workspace-bin18:42
rskiE: Package kcontrol has no installation candidate18:42
Delvienok so sudo apt-get install kdelibs4c2a kdebase-workspace-bin18:43
CPrgmSwR2VLC player works just fine18:43
CPrgmSwR2but not amarok18:43
DelvienCPrgmSwR2,  errors?18:43
Delvienpastebin them please18:43
CPrgmSwR2It just says too many errors18:43
CPrgmSwR2but it doesn't say what18:44
Delvienrun amarok in a terminal18:44
Delvienthe terminal will output the errors18:44
CPrgmSwR2got it18:44
batti5but i installed fresh not upgrade18:44
Delvienbatti5 yes, but you installed a beta version. which is prone to bugs.18:45
CPrgmSwR2I am not sure if this will help18:45
DelvienCPrgmSwR2,  my god thats a mess18:45
DelvienCPrgmSwR2, "[WARNING!] Phonon failed to play this URL. Error:  "" "Error, can not play this track."   are you playing a stream?18:46
batti5yas, but i can set res manualy, if i would know how!18:46
CPrgmSwR2I am playing an mp318:46
Delvienbatti5 http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download download that version, burn the image to a cd and install from there.18:47
CPrgmSwR2I am using GStreamer18:47
DelvienCPrgmSwR2, are you fully updated?18:48
batti5but it going to be relased on oct 30, if i wait autoupdate would fix it on?18:48
DelvienCPrgmSwR2, Phonon is audio output, are you having other sound problems? try playing the MP3 with totem (or whatever you use)18:49
batti5its just 10 days left18:49
CPrgmSwR2I am able to play with vlc18:49
DelvienOctober 30th is 20 days away batti518:49
CPrgmSwR2but I can't play with juk18:50
CPrgmSwR2its like gstreamer is fucked18:50
batti5but that not so bad18:50
DelvienCPrgmSwR2,  language18:50
batti5sould i report this bug?18:50
DelvienCPrgmSwR2,  its ok, just keep it SFW (safe for work)18:50
CPrgmSwR2okay lol18:50
DelvienCPrgmSwR2,  do you have an MTP device attached?18:51
batti5maybe it whill get fixed18:51
CPrgmSwR2I need to go to work, but I think there is a sound issue with intrepid18:51
DelvienGuess not :p18:51
Delvienim looking CPrgmSwR218:51
linnybatti5: even on the 30th its likley that intrepid will still be less stable than hardy18:51
CPrgmSwR2There is a thread with someone else having the same problem18:51
DelvienCPrgmSwR2,  in amarok options, select xine. and try again18:52
rmnlatest kernel is unbootable (can't see keyboard or usb-key to get passphrase for luks-volume)18:52
rmnsuggestions on how to proceed?18:52
batti5wait! if the final version is relased i need to reinstall or the updates will do?18:52
rmnbatti5, updates should do. some larger than others18:52
Delvienbatti5 you can upgrade from an older version18:52
Delvienrmn any errors?18:53
rmnno errors18:53
Delvienrmn just sits there?18:53
rmni just can't enter the passphrase18:53
Delvieni see18:53
DelvienLaptop ?18:53
bsniderrmn, try another keyboard18:53
batti5thats wath i did from hardy, but it never started again.18:53
rmnlaptop.  and i have a special key-script that FIRST looks for a keyfile on usb.  bios says pendrive with no OS.  ubuntu says "failed retrieving keyfile"18:53
td123Delvien: as long as he doesn't think sfw mean sex for work18:53
rmnbsnider, i'll try. but what worries me is that it doesn't even see the usb keyfile18:54
Delvientd123,  lol, yeah but who is sick in the head like that18:54
td123Delvien: ya, statistics don't say anything18:54
Delvientd123 well thats why i added safe for work18:54
td123who cares if 3/4 men have visited a porn site in the past 24hours, they're just statistics right?18:55
rmnbsnider, assuming that an external keyboard works then what? how to get it to work again18:55
DelvienCPrgmSwR2,  that work?18:55
bsniderrmn, i don't know18:55
_Zeus_td123: i don't believe that18:55
linnydid you know that 85% of statistics are incorrect ?18:55
bsniderrmn,  i was suggesting that you have a broken keyboard18:55
Delvientd123 i dont even know what you are talking about right now...18:55
td123linny: 85% of them are incorrect, 50% of the time18:56
rmnbsnider, keyboard works fine.  i chose "last successful boot" and everything works as expected18:56
Delvienbsnider i think he has a script on a usb that makes him log in, almost like a key to a car18:56
linnytd123: lmao18:56
rmnbsnider, it broke after i did the updates accumulated over the past two days18:56
batti5also the sound is going best in interpred, fast start, cool looks, the res is the only problem, it runs 10x better then the first beta of winvista18:56
td123Delvien: me neither, your sfw explanation got me thinking though :P18:57
bsniderrmn, when did you finish installing htem?18:57
rmn2 min ago18:57
Delvienbatti5 my grandma runs better than vista beta118:57
linnyDelvien: hahaha18:57
rmnsay 5 to account for boot-attempts18:57
_Zeus_she probably runs better than Vista SP1 :P18:57
Delvientd123 Maybe you are one of those statics :P18:57
td123Delvien: na18:57
* Delvien thinks spelling was made by the debil18:58
penI want to upgrade, what is the best way to backup my partition18:58
DelvienCPrgmSwR2,  Do you have the Jamendo plugin/script running with amarok>18:58
bsniderrmn, is that an extra boot parameter on hte kernel or something? i don't know how th keyfile works18:58
td123pen, just copy all the custom files you have..18:58
Delvienpen there are several backup utilities, google is your friend for this18:58
batti5the only problem is i cant change the video card because i dont have a agp, on my compaq deskpro ed slim18:59
_Zeus_echo $Delvien-3 | sed s/debil/devil/18:59
Delviennice _Zeus_18:59
penDelvien, but there are too many, I just want a working one. dd is too much a hassle I remembered it's weird18:59
td123pen, the best backup is not to rely on backups but rather copies of some files..18:59
rmnbsnider, in GRUB i chose "use the last successful boot".  the keyfile-stuff works by an additional script in crypttab and init.  the script works, but i can't type anything to it18:59
_Zeus_Delvien: ty :P18:59
pentd123, what do you mean?18:59
batti5are thare pci vid cards?18:59
pentd123, they mean the same aren't they?18:59
Delvienbatti5 yes,18:59
rmnbsnider, normally i get asterixes when i type the password, now i get none18:59
Delvienbatti5 before agp was mainstream, then pci-e x1619:00
batti5can you recommand one?19:00
Delvienrmn running a custom GDM?19:00
td123pen: for instance, I have a backup of my music folder, some work, some code, and books. That's it.19:00
DreadKnightanyone managed to upgrade from hardy kde4 mix to intrepid?19:00
bsniderrmn, if you hit the caps lock key does the light come on? i mean is the keyboard getting power?19:00
Delvienbatti5 no, sorry.19:00
_Zeus_Delvien: I also could've done !-719:00
ali1234batti5: nvidia vanta series cards are pretty goo19:00
td123pen: iow, I just have a copy of those files on my ipod19:00
ali1234batti5: i had to put one in a computer the other day because the pci-e card blew up and it was the only other none agp card i had19:01
rmnDelvien, no.  everything is regular.  used alternate cd for install, and installed an extra keyscript19:01
Delvienpen http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/backup19:01
td123pen: you shouldn't need to backup your os, unless you seriously have a customized os, like gentoo...19:01
rmnbsnider, i am on the same machine now, albeit in safe-graphics-mode due to the new kernel modules being incompatible with the old (working) kernel19:01
Delvienrmn hmm, weird, not sure, sorry man19:01
rmnDelvien, ok. i'll make a post on the forum.19:02
Codemaster|MobilEitheL: somewhat working now :)19:02
Delvienpen rsync command should do the trick, but you have to find the files you want to back up and it will do the rest if you type the paths19:02
Codemaster|Mobilgot gnome-panel back, but now my minimize/maximize/exit buttons are a bit awkward and my desktop backgrounds aren't being displayed19:02
bsniderrmn, which modules?19:03
rmnbsnider, nvidia 177, i suppose19:03
Delvienpen just take a look at that article, it has some nice instructions/suggestions19:03
rmnbsnider, but that's not the issue19:03
bsniderrmn, that should be rebuilt automatically by dkms19:03
rmnbsnider, the issue is that the boot is broken with the latest kernel19:03
rmnbsnider, i'm on the old kernel because the new is broken19:03
penDelvien, ok19:03
bsniderrmn, the new kernel is not broken19:03
bsnideri am running it no problem19:03
bsnideri think your upgrade got borked somehow19:04
rmnbsnider, well, the pre boot authentication part of it is19:04
Codemaster|Mobili am running on the newest kernel, as well, with only minor issues that are presumably unrelated :)19:04
rmnbsnider, i'm using crypt-fs (luks)  (alternate install-cd).19:04
bsniderthe factt hat dkms didnb't rebuild the nvidia module is another indication of that19:04
DreadKnightanyone with an Intel GMA 950 under intrepid btw?19:04
rmnbsnider, i'd like to continue this after dinner.  /msg in the meantime19:04
_Zeus_i have one under hardy19:04
Codemaster|Mobili wonder what can fix these issues with my wallpaper and min/max/exit icons19:05
|neon|just did and upgrade and now after rebboting i see the login screen but the keyboard does not work or the mouse any ideas?19:05
ZvezdichkoHow do you use Intrepid Ibex? Do you install it on a separate drive or replace the current version19:05
bsniderthere were very, very few changes fromthe last kernel to this one. basically linus just wanted it to sit for a few days to test the e1000e thing19:05
igormorgadorafkid: yes19:05
DreadKnight_Zeus_: oh... curious if there are any issues regarding xorg server under intrepid xD19:05
FrankT-QcZvezdichko: sudo update-manager -d19:06
_Zeus_DreadKnight: sorry, don't know19:06
ZvezdichkoFrankT-Qc: so you already use it on your home computer19:06
FrankT-QcAnyone having "fuzzy" windows after returning from sleep/hibernate ?19:06
_Zeus_Zvezdichko: either one you want19:06
_Zeus_you can install it over the current version19:06
FrankT-QcZvezdichko: Yes, on a Laptop. All good except a few sound glitch and window decoration when comming back from sleep19:07
Zvezdichkohmm.. I'm going to test in on an Intel PC19:08
Zvezdichkoand of course, I'll report19:08
FrankT-QcAs for now, it's doing pretty good on a centrino duo19:08
TR_Mhi there. have a question about II and ATI-Graphics...19:09
td123has ubuntu updated their intel 945 video drivers?19:09
FrankT-Qcthe only thing : there's this possibility of going dual head (virtual big screen...) kind a killed my X, had to boot in recovery and repare X back to normal.19:09
rafkidigormorgado: truly awesome - what an amazing coincidence tho - that u r a sensei - such fun19:10
TR_Mi've read that fglrx won't work on 8.10, what alternatives are there?? ^^19:10
FrankT-QcTR_M ATI : What's up ?19:10
=== LSD|Ninj1 is now known as LSD|Ninja
TR_Mi only know how to work with fglrx, thats my problem :-(19:11
pwnguinnautilus seems to just lock up on the desktop19:11
FrankT-QcTR_M : I'm on an ATI Mobility radeon X1400 and everything's fine with the open source driver19:11
pwnguinis there a place i should look for error messages?19:11
|neon|just did and upgrade and now after rebboting i see the login screen but the keyboard does not work or the mouse any ideas?19:11
pwnguini get no icons on the desktop =(19:11
FrankT-QcTR_M : By the way, there is fglrx in the repository, except that it supports fewer cards than it used to19:11
FrankT-Qcpwnguin: in windows...19:12
TR_Mhmm adept doesn't even find the fglrx...19:13
antoranzcan anybody help me get my sound back? I haven't been able to hear a thing on intrepid19:13
antoranz00:09.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP73 High Definition Audio (rev a1)19:13
bsniderantoranz, install today's pulseaudio updates19:14
antoranzI didn't have it installed :-S19:14
rskianyone having gnome-appearance-properties in the repo?19:15
rafkidneon: from tty - "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^" worked for me after several pass's through the process19:17
l337ingDisorderanyone have experience customizing the ubuntu install cd?19:17
=== TeLLuS__ is now known as TeLLuS
linnyl337ingDisorder: you mean with somthing like remastersys ?19:17
linnyive used that ?19:17
rafkid|neon|: from tty - "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^" worked for me after several pass's through the process19:18
l337ingDisorderno remastersys just creates a copy of your installation so you can only really use it on machines with the same hardware configuration19:18
l337ingDisorderI mean customizing the ubuntu installer cd19:18
Codemaster|Gamehm weird - seems that metacity has almsot no setings in gconf (under apps, metacity)19:19
AkariChanAnyone has experience mapping a logitech mouse that has horizontal tilt function to make it do something else (like backward, forward), how do i go about mapping it in xorg.conf?19:19
Codemaster|Gamewhat do you think would fix that? reinstalling metacity from apt?19:19
l337ingDisorderthere's only one entry in all of the ubuntu forums dealing with the issue I'm having and it just got moved to the archives supposedly being "solved" but the solution listed doesn't fix the problem for me19:19
linnyi belive remastersys does have an option to create a distributable copy19:19
bsniderAkariChan, you don't. xorg.conf is not used for that purpose anymore19:20
l337ingDisorderyeah I spent 2 days trying to get that working on a VM and then found tucked away in the back of some support forum that the "dist" option that creates a distributable basically just strips out the home dir19:20
AkariChanwhat shall I do then, if you have any idea where i should start looking19:20
l337ingDisorderso it's redistributable in that it doesn't have your personal home dir.. but it still won't work on a different hardware config19:20
bsniderthere are numerous threads int he intrepid forums about that kind of tweaking19:21
pwnguinanyone else have a problem where the desktop icons don't show up19:21
bsniderpwnguin, if you icons aren't there it means nautilus isn't running19:21
Codemaster|Gameno idea on the metacity issue?19:21
bsniderpwnguin, alt+F2 type nautilus and hit enter19:22
pwnguini have a nautilus window up19:22
pwnguinthe desktop one isnt showing =/19:22
pwnguini suspect it's locked on something19:22
bsnideri'd killall nautilus and the start it again19:23
FrankT-Qcpwnguin: have you checked if there is a setting in Configuration Editor ???19:23
pwnguinbsnider: thats a temp fix that works, but id rather hunt down the root cause19:23
_Zeus_rhapsody rocks :D19:23
bsniderpwnguin, when did it start happening?19:23
pwnguina few days ago19:23
bsniderdestroy your nautilus confi info19:24
pwnguinis that in gconf?19:24
pwnguinhmm. removing .nautilis may have fixed it. i should probably test from a cold boot19:27
DreadKnightwireless issues fixed now in kubuntu?19:28
sorush20I keep gettting errors like this for some packages.19:31
sorush20W: Failed to fetch http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kdebase/libkonq5-templates_4.1.2-0ubuntu2_all.deb19:31
sorush20  404 Not Found19:31
sorush20I need to sort out my repostitories.. can some one take and look and tell me what could be wrong?19:37
AstralJavasorush20: You have updated the apt database? If so, then try using the official repo, not the mirror. Mirrors can be out of sync at times.19:39
lovinglinuxHi everyone. I just upgraded (fresh install) to Intrepid and it doesn't recognize my slave drive. Any idea how to solve this?19:41
tsurulovinglinux: when you say recognize, do you mean mount?19:43
tsurulovinglinux: is it no where in 'sudo fdisk -l'19:43
zniavre(20:18:15) rafkid: |neon|: from tty - "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^" worked for me after several pass's through the process >you told him same of me    :o)19:43
zniavrebut i just reinstalled xserver-xorg-input-evdev / kbd and it work well now19:44
lovinglinuxtsuru: yesw, the drive is not mounted19:44
Codemaster|Gamei just reinstalled metacity and nothing is in gconf19:47
Codemaster|Gamemaybe i have to restart x19:48
tsurulovinglinux: are you also saying that Places > Removable media doesn't have it?19:48
lovinglinuxtsuru: my mistake. During install I have mounted it in the wrong path.../home/mydrive instead of /home/me/mydrive How do I fix this?19:49
lovinglinuxtsuru: it is working now, but in the wrong mount point.19:49
tsurulovinglinux: try looking in /etc/fstab and see if you can fix it there19:50
lovinglinuxtsuru: thanks I have found a tutorial in the site documentation. I try...brb19:51
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tsuruman this new login sound makes me feel like I'm playing Rise of Nations19:52
sorush20AstralJava: I think that was the problem the uk repository is out of sync19:53
VSpikeHi folks - I have an existing install with software raid and LVM.  Can I install to a blank LV with the live CD or do I need to use the alternate?19:53
skybinaryhello :D19:55
skybinaryi installed intrepid, on top of a b-e-u-tiful fresh install of 8.04 altho my nvidia is twitching after this upgrade19:56
sorush20I'm getting this error E: postgresql-8.3: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1 E: postgresql: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured E: tor: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1 E: tor-geoipdb: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured19:57
aoupihi, my sound card is not detected, I'm not sure what sound card I have, but this is what lspci -v says: http://pastebin.com/f3cda0e8f19:57
aoupiit says nothing about audio, I've loaded the snd-hda-intel driver but that didn't do anything19:57
tsuruaoupi: looking up what kind of sound card you have would probably be the next best step20:00
tsuruaoupi: has it worked with linux before?20:00
aoupitsuru: yea, but I think it is an onboard one, it is a laptop20:00
aoupitsuru: I got sound once when I first logged in after installing 8.04, but it didn't work there either after that :)20:00
ndubeThe installer does not see and of my HD if I have more than one plugged in. If I have only one HD plugged in, the installer see's it fine. Any Ideas?20:00
skybinarydont panic!20:02
tsuruaoupi: looks like it's probably part of the ICH9 chipset20:02
sorush20ndube: so20:02
aoupitsuru: yea, but I've found others lspci output and that shows audio, but this doesn't20:03
tsuruaoupi: and there is also word the repos are a litte on the fritz... you might want to try updating again20:03
tsuruaoupi: at least I had some repo weirdness a little while ago20:03
sorush20is it ide sata, what chip is it if stat or ide. What mother board is it. can you see them in bios. are the jumpers setup correctly. Have you checked the cables. Have tried another sata or ide port. Is your installation media good?20:04
aoupitsuru: changed server and now I got tons of new stuff :)20:04
ndubesoruch20: so?20:05
ZvezdichkoUpgrade complete!20:05
ZvezdichkoNow... the restarting20:05
Zvezdichkothis is when I'm scared :)20:06
debfxwhich team should I subscribe to a bug to get a patch into the intrepid kernel? ubuntu-release?20:06
tsuruZvezdichko: did you double-check your grub menu.lst20:06
_Zeus_debfx: i think it's too late.  you could try...20:07
Zvezdichko hmmm, no, why?20:07
tsurugot me once20:07
ndubeThe installer does not see any of my HD if I have more than one plugged in. If I have only one HD plugged in, the installer see's it fine. Any Ideas?20:08
antoranzok... so I just installed pulseaudio20:08
antoranzhow do I get it to work?20:08
antoranz(by the way.... I'm on kubuntu)20:09
VSpikeAnyone know can I can enable software raid in the live CD so I can see my disks?20:10
Codemaster|Mobiloh boy :(20:10
Codemaster|MobilE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg exited unexpectedly A package failed to install.  Trying to recover: dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.20:10
ndubevspike: let me guess, you are getting the red screen of death also?20:10
VSpikendube: no! at least, not yet :)20:10
VSpikendube: from the sound of it, I don't want to either20:11
ndubevspike: so, does the installer not see anything?20:11
VSpikendube: haven't run the installer yet, just fired up the live CD.  It can see the drives, but I have no /dev/md0 or anything20:11
VSpikendube: I tried modprobing md-mod (I think it's the right module) and installing mdadm and running an mdadm --auto-detect20:12
_Zeus_VSpike: what are you looking for?  md0?20:12
VSpike_Zeus_: yeah20:13
_Zeus_VSpike: yeah what?20:15
tsuruyeah he's looking for md020:15
_Zeus_what is md0?20:15
_Zeus_(just curious)20:16
VSpike_Zeus_: RAID device20:16
* _Zeus_ catalogs that for future reference...20:17
ZvezdichkoHmmm... Ubuntu upgraded successfully, nice looking KDE desktop, no hardware issues20:17
ndubeI suppose no one knows why I can't see my HD?20:20
Codemaster|Gamendube: check fstab?20:20
ndubei am in the installer on the alternate cd20:21
ndubeno fstab20:21
VSpikendube: what does "sudo fdisk -l" show you?20:21
VSpikendube: ah20:21
l337ingDisorderanyone know how to make a custom install cd that omits certain packages?20:21
ndubethis is happening on more than one system so I am inclined to say it is something wrong with the alt cd20:22
Redhammer_the_Olhello -- since this morning all my network devices have gone awol20:22
ndubebut i am unsure20:22
Redhammer_the_Olanybody else have that and fixit20:22
Redhammer_the_Olall gone, wired and wireless20:22
l337ingDisorderRedhammer_the_Ol: check your hardware drivers?20:22
VSpikendube: I'll probably have to download the alternate install CD, so I'll soon find out20:23
ndubevspike; k20:23
VSpikeaha -- i have raid devices!  sudo mdadm --examine /dev/sdb120:23
VSpikeThen it finds them20:23
andryhmm.. just updated. touchpad doesn't work anymore on thinkpad T40020:24
rafkidzniavre: it did work though - why the derision? am confused - i got tha t tip here and it just worked really well - explain my n00bishenss?20:25
andryand laptop can not reboot20:25
DoYouKnowhas there been an improvement in the drivers for ati radeon xpress 200m and the other mesa stuff for r300 between the beta and now?20:28
DoYouKnowbecause I had some trouble with flickering screens while doing 3d stuff20:28
DoYouKnowI'm upgrading as we speak20:28
DoYouKnowto the latest builds, so I'll file a bug if there's still a problem20:28
DoYouKnowI had some trouble with flickering and after closing a window (such as glxgears), it leaving a residue on the screen20:29
andrydo you guys have touchpad working after last upgrade?20:36
andrymy thinkpad stopped responding on touchpad20:36
andryshould I file a bug?20:37
ZvezdichkoI noticed several nasty bugs and I'm ready to describe them20:40
Zvezdichkoanybody noticed that KDE is very slow?20:40
Tm_TZvezdichko: KDE 4 and nVidia?20:40
w8tahcan someone tell me how, in kde4, to make the mouse wheel change the desktop?20:40
ZvezdichkoTm_T - No, KDE and Intel - 946 GZ20:41
ZvezdichkoI'll describe this in the bug report...20:41
Tm_TZvezdichko: KDE3 or KDE4 ?20:41
frybyew8tah: install compiz-fusion with synaptic - and compiz-icon also perhaps..20:42
w8tahok - cool - -compiz icon or fusion icon?20:42
w8tah(under kde3 it was fusion icon)20:42
frybyeboth - and the ccsm config appl - and then starting that with the icon you need to do some config...20:43
frybyeyou can probably find a good detailed info with google - " install compiz fusion ubuntu " should find it...20:43
w8tahisnt compiz dead and its now beryl?20:43
Tm_Tno, beryl is dead and it's now compiz fusion20:44
ZvezdichkoI'm sorry, my KDE crashed20:44
Zvezdichkoit was KDE 420:44
frybyew8tah: I am no real expert- just a somewhat busy newbie...20:44
Zvezdichkotemporary switched to GNOME20:44
frybyeif smbdy else whats to jump in with more detailed stuff or a good url for this...?20:45
ZvezdichkoThere are several others bugs I encountered - Kopete fails to start under KDE 4.1, but strangely, it works in GNOME20:45
ZvezdichkoI probably need some more testing before sending the bug report20:45
Zvezdichkomy first question in - how can I disable the Kwin special effects which are turned on?20:46
frybyebtw - since the latest updates the bbc-plugin for totem movie-player seems to be working - extras|install plugins| bbc plugin.. for us british expats a rea boon.. it didnt work up til lattest updates..20:47
=== nemo___ is now known as nemo
HalabundI just tried the Ubuntu 8.10 live CD.  As I click the little network icon in the upper right corner, I see an entry: Configure VPN. But in the window it brings up, all the buttons are disables (on the VPN tab).  Is this feature still unimplemented?20:47
frybyeand of course for anglophiles of all flavours...20:47
frybyeHalabund: probably have to install some additional packages or...?20:48
w8tahfrybye: whats the ccsm package name -- do you happen to remember?20:48
danbh_intrepidHalabund: its because you have entries in your /etc/network/interfaces            just delete all the entries, EXCEPT THE FIRST TWO, which relate to lo20:48
frybyeeh .. hang on...20:48
danbh_intrepidHalabund: here is mine for reference http://pastebin.com/f2b25221620:49
frybyew8tah: I have in total under copiz in synaptic the following...20:50
Halabunddanbh_intrepid: It only has two lines, the same as your example.  I did not make any changes, in fact the first thing I did after booting from the live CD was see how a VPN could be set up20:50
danbh_intrepidHalabund: hmmm, does your network work at all?20:52
antoranzso.. no one can help me get my sound back on kubuntu?20:52
Halabunddanbh_intrepid: I'm talking to you right now, so yes :)20:52
Halabunddanbh_intrepid: I'd just like to set up a VPN20:52
HalabundIf I don't, I have to keep the browser open and type the password every 10 minutes or so to keep connected ... Just the stupid way we access the net in here20:53
frybyecompiz  compiz-plugins compiz wrapper compiz-core compiz-gnome python-compizconfig compizö-fustion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extrea fusion-icon compizconfig-settings-manager (!!this is it i guess!!) and  thats it .. you proably dont have to request them individually.. hehe20:53
frybyeif you hve the rest then of course the compizconfig-settings-manager will do the trick...20:54
danbh_intrepidHalabund: oops, I missed the part about being in a livecd.  Im sorry.  The VPN stuff is accessible on my system, but I've never tried it.  I don't think I can help ya20:54
w8tahthanks ton!20:54
HalabundI booted from the beta live CD, clicked the network icon on the tray (or whatever it is called in gnome), and chose Configure VPN.  But all buttons are disabled (there's an Add button, but it's disabled)20:54
frybyei have an updated intrepid-b - thats what the list is based on...20:54
Halabunddanbh_intrepid: OK, I'm just playing with the live CD, so it's no big deal :)20:55
Jordan_UHalabund: You need to install a VPN package like "network-manager-openvpn"20:56
frybyew8tah: be carefully of a couple of apparent typpos - in that list.. in fact i have a wireless keyboard and blame typpos on me being too far from the pc heheh20:56
kavonhello, if i were to use the ubuntu or kubuntu 8.10 beta, is there any risk of my intel ethernet port being corrupted?20:56
frybyekavon - probably not  - garanties next door... heheh20:57
danbh_intrepidkavon: if you get the current version, its been fixed.  Im not sure what the state was with the actual beta release20:57
w8tahfrybye: no problem -- i have it working.. beautifully20:57
frybyew8tah: cool...20:58
kavonw8tah: so you're using it and they did officially disable the driver?20:58
frybyei just upgraded my cpu here and now the box is also b e a u t i f u l l .. heheh20:58
w8tahkavon: just had to install it20:58
kavonw8tah: just had to install what20:59
w8tahcompiz etc21:00
kavonA problem that could result in corruption of the firmware on Intel GigE ethernet hardware has led to the disabling of the e1000e driver in the Linux kernel included in Ubuntu 8.10 Beta.21:01
HalabundJordan_U: I couldn't find that package, and when tried to "tick" in all repositories, I got a download error after reloading the package information.  I guess I'll come back when 8.10 goes final.21:01
kavoni got my confirmation, i don't use ethernet so i'm good to test it21:01
w8tahkavon -- im talking about compiz setting manager - -which has nothing to do with with the e1000 driver21:02
danbh_intrepidkavon: there you go.  If you then update, the driver will be re-enabled, because a fix was released21:02
kavondanbh_intrepid: nvm i can't test kubuntu 8.10 beta: NetworkManager 0.7 as included in Ubuntu 8.10 Beta is not compatible with static network configuration21:02
Codemaster|Mobilhm, okay21:02
Codemaster|Mobilso i was able to get metacity fixed21:03
Jordan_UHalabund: You should  be able to enable universe and install it, are you connected to the internet?21:03
Codemaster|Mobilhowever, i still am unable to have a wallpaper, for some odd reason21:03
Codemaster|Mobilif i set a wallpaper, it simply sets itself to the background color21:03
HalabundJordan_U: Yes, I am chatting from the same machine21:04
HalabundJordan_U: But Synaptic says: "Could not download all repository indexes"21:05
Jordan_UHalabund: odd21:05
Halabund_Does that "-" sign have a special meaning in the search box, or is this a bug?21:09
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* Codemaster|Mobil grumbles21:14
ilembitovHi, all. Does anybody know, will OpenOffice 3 make its way to 8.10?21:16
andriijasanyone else experiencing mouse troubles after last days updates?21:16
bsniderac3/dts passthrough on totem-xine works for the first time since i've been using it21:17
bsnideri now have no more audio complaints on ubuntu, except for the fact that pulse is 3 milestones out of date21:19
terhi, some trepidation about installing intrepid - do upgrades after Oct30 catch up with the normal upgrade process?21:20
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes21:21
tsuruandriijas: check to make sure xserver-xorg-input-evdev is installed...I lost my keyboard and mouse earlier today. reinstalling that helped21:21
HalabundSo is it a bug that when typing "vim" in Synaptic's Quick Search box, vim-gnome comes up, but when typing "vim-gnome", it doesn't?  Or am I missing something?21:21
andriijastsuru: thx21:22
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots21:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xorg-bugs21:27
bytor4232When should I run the Intrepid updates to test to see if evdev is installed for those of us not using it?21:28
bytor4232I'm sure upgrading from Hardy to Intrepid will have evdev installed, I just have three machines that are in a pre-evdev state that I can test tonight.21:28
HalabundA question: How does one make this awful "The media contains software" bar go away in the file manager?  (This storage device has an autorun.inf file.  I understand this, but I do not want to run any software at the moment so I do not need that bar there all the time while I'm browsing the files.)21:29
terThx. Read UpgradeNotes. For a install to new machine, think beta->final release is better than heron->ibex?21:32
bytor4232ter: Plus, you don't have to wait two weeks to upgrade.  Once ibex drops the servers will be flooded for at least a week.  It was with heron.21:33
tsuruyikes I didn't know that... that is a little yuck21:34
terOK, here I go intrepid.21:34
bytor4232I had an issue with the updates this morning, that was just because I updated at a bad time.  The repos should be fine right now.21:35
bytor4232the infamous evdev thing they switched to.21:35
tsuruis what they 'switch to' explained anywhere?21:35
tsuruor was it just a  snafu?21:36
danbh_intrepidbytor4232: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^21:36
bytor4232tsuru: I don't know.  Eventually I was able to install evdev, but only after a package dependency problem was worked out.21:37
bytor4232danbh_intrepid: Does startupmanager come with ubuntu-desktop?21:38
Codemaster|Mobilso yeah, any idea with the "missing wallpaper" deal? I set my wallpaper, yet it doesn't display... another issue is that i go into applications (or places or system) and no icons appear21:38
bytor4232danbh_intrepid: I'm technically a Xubuntu user, though I help out in the *buntu* channels.21:38
danbh_intrepidbytor4232: oh, change that command to: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop^21:39
ZvezdichkoI hate firing global X bugsd21:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 281442 in kubuntu-meta "KDE 4.1.2 is extremely unstable in Intrepid Ibex, using Intel 946GZ integrated chipset" [Undecided,New]21:39
tsuruCodemaster|Mobil: when did you last update?21:40
bytor4232danbh_intrepid: I did.  Should I rerun it after upgrading my other boxes?  I want to help out and make sure evdev gets installed by default when our intrepid beta people go to upgrade.21:40
Codemaster|Mobiltsuru: today21:41
danbh_intrepidbytor4232: intrepid beta people?21:41
DaemonikIs there any way to print an .odt without using X?21:42
danbh_intrepidbytor4232: the update this morning concerning evdev would've broken your system if you did a dist-upgrade, or did a partial upgrade with the update manager21:42
bytor4232danbh_intrepid: I know, my lappy was down for a while during work hours.  It was a little frustrating.21:42
bytor4232danbh_intrepid: Has that been worked out?  Are any other dist-upgraders going to experience that?21:43
danbh_intrepidbytor4232: that command will reinstall xubuntu-desktop, and all the defaults.  If you are running the defaults already, it wont change anything21:43
Codemaster|Mobiltsuru: why, any idea what might be wrong21:43
danbh_intrepidbytor4232: yes.  others advised me to use just regular upgrades in the future, that would've avoided the problem.  Only use the dist-upgrade when you need to21:44
Codemaster|Mobilhm, i think it might be compiz related.21:44
bytor4232danbh_intrepid: I was using the update-manager.21:45
* Codemaster|Mobil restarts X and is going to try to remove compiz and see if that fixes it....21:45
Dada_Hi there!  Anyone know if a community port for 8.10 has been made or will be made?21:45
Omoikane_I just did a partial update of Ibex and now my Flash video has stopped working.21:45
Dada_community port for PPC21:45
MTecknologyI have a support question about an app - and useing 8.10 - ask here or no?21:46
bytor4232danbh_intrepid: The update-manager did the dist-upgrade or the partial upgrade.21:46
danbh_intrepidbytor4232: then it wouldve asked if you wanted to do a "partial upgrade"     same as dist-upgrade21:46
bytor4232danbh_intrepid: So beta testers should not use dist-upgrade/partial upgrade?21:46
bytor4232danbh_intrepid: I just clicked on the icon in my panel and told it to go to town.21:46
markithi, any tips about upgrading from 8.04+kde4 to 8.10+kde4 without loosing kde4 settings??21:47
danbh_intrepidbytor4232: well, you need to understand why it broke21:47
Omoikane_How should I go about getting my flash video back?21:47
danbh_intrepidbytor4232: there was an upgrade of several packages, all depending on each other, and they hit the repos at different times21:48
danbh_intrepidbytor4232: thus, when the first few hit, it breaks the system.   I don't really know what you _should_ do, except just accept the situation, and repair when things break.  I really don't know21:48
MTecknologyI used bluetooth-applet to pair my phone and computer. I know it works bacause I grabbed files off of it. Now I want to setup blueproximity but when I scan for devices, it doesn't see my phone.21:49
tsuruor maybe not upgrade as long as it says "partial upgrade"21:49
bytor4232tsuru: You know, thats probably a good idea.21:49
Codemaster|Mobildoesn't seem like the issue is compiz21:49
bytor4232tsuru: I've always had problems after "partial upgrades"21:50
Codemaster|Mobilmy icons and wallpaper are still broken21:50
AstralJavaCodemaster: I think I saw mentions of Murrine-Human theme causing issues earlier today. Might wanna look into that. There should be mentions of it in .xsession-errors21:50
Zvezdichkomarkit: mv .kde4/ .kde/21:50
Zvezdichkobut KDE 4 is very unstable here21:51
Codemaster|MobilAstralJava: okay, i'll look into that file21:51
danbh_intrepidbytor4232: you still need the partial upgrades when there is a new kernel.  Maybe just let those partial upgrades sit for a day or two, till you are sure you need it21:51
Codemaster|MobilAstralJava: i did a ps aux | grep nautilus and it seems nautilus is running as "nautlius --no-desktop --browser"21:51
Codemaster|Mobilno-desktop, indeed, too...21:51
markitZvezdichko: I'm using kde4 right now, but since 8.10 installs as kde, and I also have (past) kde3 configs, wondered what would have happend upgrading... did you tried?21:52
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markitZvezdichko: or as "unstable" you mean that kde4 was much more stable in 8.04?21:53
Codemaster|MobilAstralJava: I checked my ~/.xession-errors anad there's no menton of human at all21:53
AstralJavaCodemaster|Mobil: Sorry, can't help you there. Seems like there isn't exactly anything called Murrine-Human, but check the Murrine themes anyway.21:53
Zvezdichkomarkit: yeah, I tried. By unstable I mean... it crashes, freezes...21:53
ZvezdichkoI fired a global bug, anyway, attaching as many files as possible21:53
Zvezdichkonow I use GNOME21:53
AstralJavaCodemaster|Mobil: No mention of "failed to load Human-Murrine" ?21:53
AstralJavaCodemaster|Mobil: Okay, then it's a separate issue. Sorry of being of no assistance.21:54
Codemaster|Mobil:) no problem, thanks though21:54
markitZvezdichko: gnome is evil for me... so you suggest me to stay with kde4 in 8.04? or you never had kde4 in 8.04?21:54
Jordan_Umarkit: It's not gnome thats evil, your just obviously not stupid enough to appreciate the simplicity and lack of features ;)21:55
Zvezdichkomarkit: I had it. It worked well. But Intrepid Ibex is beta and it's not ready21:55
Zvezdichkoif anybody is interested in what I encountered+files and logs= https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-meta/+bug/28144221:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 281442 in kubuntu-meta "KDE 4.1.2 is extremely unstable in Intrepid Ibex, using Intel 946GZ integrated chipset" [Undecided,New]21:56
sven-tekIf i use the profile keyword, the file /etc/readahead/boot is not created. Can someone confirm this?21:56
Codemaster|Mobilwhy would nautilus be running with --no-desktop21:57
Omoikane__I ran a partial update on Ibex and when I try to play a flash video in FF it tells me I need to install flash but it's installed... Any ideas?21:57
danbh_intrepidOmoikane__: ubuntu?21:57
markitJordan_U: lol :) I was referring to Incaza involvment, sorry in any case if I hurted someone with my rough opinion, anyway21:57
danbh_intrepidOmoikane__: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^21:58
Omoikane__Danbh_intrepid with the ^?21:58
* danbh_intrepid should become a bot that just repeats that over and over21:58
markitZvezdichko: I'll have a look. Running live beta in my laptop (the one that has 8.04 + kde4) was without trouble21:58
danbh_intrepidyes, with the ^21:58
Zvezdichkodanbh_intrepid: Just configure your crontab :)21:58
Omoikane__Danbh_intrepid Why does that fix it?22:00
Omoikane__Just wondering.22:00
danbh_intrepiddid it do anything?22:00
Omoikane__It fixed it.22:01
danbh_intrepidOmoikane__: well, its because sometimes the dist-upgrade will break your system22:02
Omoikane__Did that just reinstall the ubuntu desktop?22:03
lfaraoneHey, I am at one of the initial stages of the upgrade, and am told that I may have a worse graphical experience (fglrx is no longer present in intrepid, I have a AMD card). Is this replaced by anything?22:03
Jordan_Ulfaraone: By the open source 'ati' driver which may or may not support hardware accelerated 3D with your card22:05
lfaraoneJordan_U: Ok, is there a list of working cards?22:05
markitanyone else upgraded from 8.04+KDE4 to 8.10+KDE4?22:06
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment22:06
tsurulfaraone: the ati catalyst drivers don't support xserver 1.5 yet which is what intrepid is on...22:06
Jordan_USuch a smart bot, being channel aware and whatnot22:07
Codemaster|MobilJordan_U: lol22:07
Codemaster|Mobilthe bot is quite helpful22:08
lfaraoneOk, this isn't my production machine, so WhyTheHellNot?22:09
* lfaraone installs anyay.22:09
penguin42hmm the update today seems to have made my machine less happy than it was - gnome network manager says I don't have a network connection on this machine22:14
Codemaster|Mobilone possible culprint could be this error i am getting22:14
Codemaster|Mobilx-session-manager[20948]: WARNING: Application 'gnome-wm.desktop' failed to register before timeout22:14
Omoikane__How do I get the desktop look from all of the ibex screenshots?22:28
Omoikane__namely http://linuxiano.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/clear___intrepid_ibex_by_salane89.jpg22:29
TuTUXGOmoikane__, that's a mockup22:30
Omoikane__where do I download ubuntu themes?22:33
Omoikane__Yeah, I liked the translucent panes without the title bar etc...22:42
mifritscherstill have big problems with wacom22:46
Do``i've just upgraded to ubuntu intrepid and my keyboard is acting up real weird22:47
mifritscherwithout running wacdump it works only sometimes , aleways for a few seconds22:47
Do``the keyboard configurations dont seem to take affect22:47
mifritscherwith it works always, but really choppy22:47
Do``delay, speed, cursor blinking, all stuck on default values, no matter how i set it22:47
Do``anyone experienced something like this?22:47
danbh_intrepidDo``: you sure you have the latest evdev? or whatever?22:49
Do``my intrepid is fully updated22:49
danbh_intrepidDo``: yeah, I filed a bug report about it awhile ago22:49
danbh_intrepidDo``: I can dig it up if you want to add your complaint :P22:50
mickstephensonAfter a recent update the cooling fan on my laptop has gone crazy. It has 5 second bursts of full force, followed by 1 second on slowing down completely, then full force again. It is seriously driving me crazy, I have a Dell M1330, anyone else experiencing this problem?22:50
Do``danbh_intrepid: if your bugreport is the same then no thanks :)22:51
Do``unless there's a workaround in the comments22:51
Do``another thing i noticed though22:51
Do``is that my special keys dont work22:51
danbh_intrepidI just complained that keys repeat to fast, and you cant change it22:51
danbh_intrepid*too fast22:52
Do``mine are too slow :)22:52
Do``and you cant change it ;p22:52
Do``does your special keys work btw?22:52
Do``i'm using a logitech internet pro keyboard, it has play, pause, mute, volume, favs, email buttons at the top22:52
Do``and in keyboard shortcuts they are set to control rhythmbox, and they worked fine through 7.04 7.10 8.0422:52
Do``but now only volume up and down work, nothing else22:53
danbh_intrepidyeah, they worked as well as they did before, which is about half of them work22:53
Do``even after resetting them one by one22:53
Do``i think i saw some thread suggesting that evince might be hijacking those buttons22:53
Do``but i dont have evince installed22:53
=== TeLLuS_ is now known as TeLLuS
Do``can you confirm this?22:55
danbh_intrepidconfirm what?22:55
danbh_intrepidI have evince installed22:56
danbh_intrepidbug 26419622:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 264196 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev "[intrepid] keyboard Repeat Keys is failing to adjust" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26419622:56
Do``would you care to remove it just to check?22:56
Do``if it fixes the special keys for you, maybe there's something to that suggestion22:57
danbh_intrepidDo``: well, I think its better to say that my special keys work.  Most of them do.  Only a few don't, and it was the same as in hardy22:59
Omoikane__I saw a few screens of Ibex that had a theme that looked like panes of glass for windows. I was wondering if that can be done.22:59
Do``i was thinking that i should find the configuration of the keyboard shortcuts program22:59
Do``and i found out that it's launched by gnome-keyboard-properties22:59
Do``but i couldnt find the package that installs it23:00
Do``so i dont know where to look for the rest of the installed files23:00
danbh_intrepidDo``: Sys > prefs > keyboard23:00
danbh_intrepid*keyboard shortcuts23:00
Do``i know that23:00
danbh_intrepidDo``: do you have that link?23:00
Do``i'm looking for the actual files23:00
Do``so i could delete the configuration file23:01
Do``maybe there are some leftovers from hardy23:01
Do``danbh_intrepid: https://launchpad.net/bugs/26377923:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263779 in evince "Evince takes over global shortcut keys" [Unknown,Fix released]23:02
danbh_intrepidDo``: gnome-control-center: /usr/bin/gnome-keyboard-properties23:02
Do``just the 1 file?23:02
Do``where does it store the settings?23:02
danbh_intrepidthats the package23:02
Do``i dont have a gnome-keyboard-properties package installed according to synaptic23:03
Do``so no.23:03
danbh_intrepider, the package is gnome-control-center23:07
Do``ah, cool23:08
rmnwhere can i find a changelog for ubuntu kernels?  2.6.27-6 introduced some problems that continue with -7 (can't boot with cryptodisk)23:09
PiciLaunchpad will have them.23:10
PiciOr that.23:10
rmnexcellent. i'll give it a look23:11
bsniderrmn, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/intrepid-changes/2008-October/008342.html23:11
rmnbsnider, thanks.  but that's the -7?  -7 also has the problem, but it was introduced in -6.23:12
bsniderbut every kernel after rc2 contains nothing but bugfixes and regression fixes23:12
Chousuke... generally :)23:13
Chousukestuff that can't break existing code may go in later too.23:13
rmnwell, something broke.  and since changing the kernel during boot fixes it the culprit seems to be ...-623:14
bsniderrmn, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/intrepid-changes/2008-October/008062.html23:14
rmnbsnider, thank you very much.  looks like the one i ended up with after fiddling with your first url23:15
bsnideryou're talking about the changes from rc9-now, that's not a lot.23:15
bsniderthere wasn't even supposed to be an rc9, except for that e1000e thing23:15
rmnbsnider, with rc-9 you mean ...-5?  i do realise that the changes are small, but i have a hard time believing that it could be something else.  well, initrd, but it was rebuilt to no avail.23:18
bsniderno, -6 was rc9. -7, the one we're using now, is the final release23:20
rmnthe change was from -5 to -6 so then it must be RC8...now23:22
bsniderit worked with rc8 but not with rc9 and the final, right?23:23
rmnand it continues to work with manual selection of kernel, so it's not the surrounding stuff that is broken23:25
bsniderwhy don't you try setting it up again from scratch as if you hadn't set it up before?23:26
rmnby that you mean full reinstall?23:26
bsniderno, just the feature you're having trouble with23:26
rmnwell - the feature i'm having trouble with requires full install23:26
rmnthe hard drive is encrypted, every part of the filesystem except /boot.  this is officially supported through the alternate disk.23:27
rmnproblem is that i can't authenticate, and hence it can't commence boot23:27
rmni would very much like to keep my present setup, if at all possible23:28
bsniderrmn, did it work with an older kernel? were you able to upgrade kernels without any trouble?23:29
bsnideror did you set the whole thing up on the rc88 kernel?23:29
Do``danbh_intrepid: reinstalling that package kinda fixed the repeat speed and stuff, not the best but now i can see it changing as i change the settings23:29
rmnbsnider, yes, i believe i updated from -4 to -5 ok23:29
Do``danbh_intrepid: special keys still dont get to rhythmbox though :/23:29
rmnbsnider, it is this very machine. if i force -5 it works as it used to23:29
rmnbsnider, actually, i installed the pre-beta.  and it has worked since then.23:30
bsniderare you worried about physical security or something?23:30
ionstormthe new updates screwed my system up23:30
ionstormwell not screwed23:31
rmnbsnider, i am concerned about my personal information, as well as that i possess for others, e.g. my employer.  i find it somewhat narrowminded not to encrypt the hdd when it is possible, and usually works without a hitch23:31
ionstormI just cant boot, nvidia wont work23:31
ionstormkernel panic with zd1211 card in23:31
rmnbsnider, i've run a debian etch server with the same setup for over half a year where i have had no problems upgrading kernels23:31
penguin42rmn: luks seems to be OK for a single partition on -6 at the moment; I don't do whole disc though23:31
rmnpenguin42, it appears to be usb-related during initrd?23:31
penguin42debugging initrd is horrid23:32
bsniderrmn, i forgot if you'd said that the keyboard is getting power at the login screen?23:34
gaminggeek-sigh- tablets are never going to work just out of the box are they?23:41
penguin42is it the spinishness or the touchscreenishness that doesn't work out of interest?23:41
gaminggeekwith tablets?23:42
gaminggeekI mean wacom tablets23:42
penguin42I thought you meant tablet pc stuff23:42
bsniderwacom tablets work fine23:42
gaminggeekbsnider: no they dont...23:43
bsnidermake sure it's plugged in before you boot23:43
gaminggeekoh right23:43
bsniderit isn't hot-pluggable23:43
gaminggeekwell thats anoying,,,,23:43
bsniderwell, there's always winblows23:43
gaminggeekwhy is it not hot-pluggable?23:43
rmni lost connection at :31.  penguin42, bsnider, did you reply to anything after that?23:44
bsnidergaminggeek, let me astonish you with this answer...23:44
bsniderthat's why23:44
penguin42rmn: I didn't but I think it was bsnider who asked if your USB had power23:45
bsniderrmn, i forgot if you'd said that the keyboard is getting power at the login screen?23:45
gaminggeekwell arn't you clever, your mother must be proud23:45
rmnbsnider, penguin42 it's the same keyboard I use in grub.23:46
penguin42rmn: What other USB stuff do you have plugged in?23:46
rmnso if it's power-related the latest kernels actively disable it23:46
rmnnothing apart from the keyfile usb23:46
rmnthe usb pendrive gets seen by bios23:46
bsniderrmn, what i mean is, if it isn't getting power, the module isn;t there and maybe you could add the keyboard module to the list that should be automatically loaded23:46
rmnbsnider, plausible.  i should be able to see that by a diff if i can get both lists.  where can i find them?23:47
bsniderrmn, lists of what? loaded modules?23:48
rmnbsnider, list of modules to be loaded by initrd23:48
rmnbsnider, i have a list that loads fat-etc, but that's a for-all-kernels-list23:48
bsniderrmn /etc/modules23:48
compilerwriterAny patches to Ibex been put out while  I slept the last six hours?23:48
bsnidercompilerwriter, many23:49
rmnbsnider, that's also a for-all-kernels-list23:49
rmnbsnider, so if that was the case i wouldn't be able to boot with -5 like i am just now23:49
bsniderrmn, but if it's a kernel problem you can force the keyboard driver to load and get it working that way. it's a workaround, but it might work23:50
compilerwriterbsnider do you think any of them will fix startx for me? and how should I go about getting them from a console only login state.23:50
rmnbsnider, i'd like to give it a try.23:50
bsnidercompilerwriter, what exactly is the issue?23:50
rmnbsnider, i might need to be handled for a bit, if you can bare with me23:51
bsniderrmn, i'm not sure what the damned keyboard module is called. hold on whilst i look for it23:51
compilerwriterbsnider the issue is kdm is running and tries to log me in, but startx craps out23:51
penguin42would it be hid or something?23:51
* compilerwriter is thankful that at least I have a console working. I would be pulling out what is left of my hair if I couldn't even manage a console login.23:53
* compilerwriter can't remember a beta that went this badly23:53
penguin42(is anyone else seeing network manager saying they don't have a connection?)23:54
compilerwriterpenguin42 I  would be happy to see a network manager that I didn't have a connection.  I would at least have xwindows at that rate.23:55
compilerwriterzniavre are your problems being worked out?23:55
penguin42compilerwriter: Ah23:56
penguin42compilerwriter: What's your video hardware?23:56
danbh_intrepidcompilerwriter: ubuntu?23:56
compilerwriternvidia penguin4223:56
zniavrecompilerwriter:  yes23:56
compilerwriterkubuntu danbh_intrepid23:56
jianfeianother 67mb of intrepid updates23:57
compilerwriterwow that 67mb might have what I need in it.23:58
compilerwritersomeone tell me the command to go get them from the console23:58
compilerwriterI haven't managed to remember how to work this way very well.23:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mutt23:58
jianfeicompiler: its compiz and xserver updates23:58
iamrafkiddanbh_intrepid: thank you for earlier - you rescued the day23:58
compilerwriterjianfei I need xserver stuff.23:58
compilerwriterI am excited.23:59
compilerwriterIf I can get xserver working I will consider working with the cube again.23:59
gaminggeekcompilerwriter: what is the issue your having?23:59
penguin42compilerwriter: if you do an apt-get update and then apt-get distupgrade it should do it23:59
* compilerwriter misses his cube23:59
danbh_intrepidiamrafkid: your welcome, though I don't remember the details  : )23:59
compilerwriter:sudo apt-get update23:59
compilerwritersorry not used to ircii23:59

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