rsc-kwwii, but its not even 1920!00:41
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zniavrehello can i use the intrepid background image to make a gdm theme and give it  to gnome-look.org ?09:45
lucazadeof course you can09:46
lucazadeit's gpl09:47
zniavrethank you ,09:47
lucazadei'm looking if it's also Creative Common, btw i don't see any issue with it09:48
zerwasumm isn't GPL good enough?09:51
lucazadeyes i think it is09:51
jianfeia great ass shot of mrs. jianfei! http://img511.imageshack.us/my.php?image=mrsjianfeikh3.jpg11:09
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kwwiianyone running intrepid and my ppa will want to check for updates and install them14:09
kwwiilet me know of any problems14:09
yanndinendalhi kwwii14:54
yanndinendalI've done the update14:54
yanndinendalbut I don't see the difference14:54
yanndinendalwhat has changed ?14:54
yanndinendalkwwii, should I log out to see the new theme and background?16:42
Cimikwwii, which version of murrine did you packaged?17:04
kwwii_Cimi: the old snapshot should still be in...planning on putting all the new stuff in on Monday17:09
Cimikwwii_, please change the metacity17:10
Cimiand fix menuitem's separators17:10
kwwii_Cimi: which part of metacity were you refering to?17:10
Cimihuman metacity17:10
Cimitotally not consistent17:11
kwwii_well, the metacity is the one we have been using for ages17:11
kwwii_I might be able to hack on it a bit over the weekend17:11
kwwii_but my brother just came into town17:11
Cimiubuntu maybe has the bad theme between all distro17:11
Cimijust mandriva is worste17:12
kwwii_gotta pick up my wife from the train station, bbiab17:12
SiDiHello, anyone around ?18:41
thorwilSiDi: hi, perhaps18:43
SiDiI'ld like to know, do you have any idea where i could get the Ibex official themes from without having to get the whole liveCD?18:43
kwwii_there are three packages which install themes18:44
kwwii_apt-get source will get the source code18:45
kwwii_the package names are gnome-themes, human-theme, and community-themes18:45
kwwii_apt-get source gnome-themes18:45
SiDibut i'll get those of my repo, 8.0418:45
kwwii_erm, right...there is a way to get that somehow...hrm18:46
kwwii_not sure18:46
SiDiah yeh18:46
SiDigood idea18:46
kwwii_get them from the bzr repo18:46
zniavrereally nice the wall from PPA20:17
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kwwiiargh, my server has gone crazy :-(21:32

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