didrockslut seb128 :)08:23
seb128'lu didrocks08:23
didrocksseb128: do you want me to have a look at nautilus-share for notification? (nothing special to do this week-end :))08:27
didrocks(I am currently reading the commentaries on the bug #212098)08:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 212098 in nautilus-share ""easy" file sharing not notifying about logout/login" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21209808:28
seb128didrocks: that would be nice!08:28
didrocksseb128: ok, working on it :) I just have to find another package with similar notification (I only used GNOME notification in python, not in C)08:29
seb128didrocks: what sort of notification are you speaking about there?08:30
didrocksI didn't read the end of the commentaries (still reading), but the chosen solution is not to notify user about unlogin/login again?08:31
didrockslut crevette08:33
crevettehello frenchies08:33
seb128didrocks: right, but there is several way to notify users, notification bubble, dialog, etc08:36
seb128'lu crevette08:36
crevetteseb128: salut, is g-user-share covered by GNOME exception freeze ?08:37
didrocksseb128: I will first read the end of the commentary (I was thinking first about the notification area in gnome's board)08:37
seb128crevette: no but I grant an exception, did some ask about it on the bug?08:37
crevettedidrocks: sorry I'm arriving in the middle on the discussion, for that do you need notification (I can perhaps help you)08:38
crevetteseb128: yep08:38
crevettedidrocks: bug 212098 ?08:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 212098 in nautilus-share ""easy" file sharing not notifying about logout/login" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21209808:38
seb128mvo, pitti: any opinion about whether the need to restart your session notification should be a gtk dialog to acknowledge or a notification icon or bubble?08:38
didrockscrevette: exactly :)08:38
crevettedamn epi doesn start08:38
seb128crevette: read the previous lines on your screen?08:39
pittiseb128: my feeling is that it should be a messsage box which offers you to restart your session right now, or do it later08:39
mvoseb128: I think it should be a dialog08:39
pittibut IANAUE (usability expert)08:39
seb128ok, we all agree there apparently08:40
didrocksok :)08:40
seb128didrocks: so it's a dialog which should be used there ;-)08:40
mvodidrocks: you will work on this? excellent!08:40
* mvo hugs didrocks08:40
didrockswhy not using the GNOME notification area? (just to know why having a different behavior from upgrades)08:40
didrocksmvo: you will thank me once done :)08:40
mvoheh :)08:41
pittididrocks: you don't need to restart your computer, just your session08:41
pittiwe don't have an existing panel thingy for that, do we?08:41
mvoI don't think we have08:41
seb128pitti: I think the question is rather about consistency08:41
didrocksyeah, the existing panel is only for restart, you're right :)08:41
crevetteseb128: what about using zenity ?08:41
seb128crevette: that's the suck, why adding a depends on an another software when you can use gtk directly?08:42
seb128crevette: it's a C application using GTK anyway, so better to add some line that ugly system call to zenity08:42
crevettezenity is installed by default, but I think we are rather limited08:42
seb128crevette: what do we win to use zenity rather than writting some code lines?08:43
crevetteI don't know the scope really08:43
didrocksthat's for sure, we do not to add an extra dependency08:43
seb128crevette: the scope is displaying a gtk dialog in a gtk application08:44
crevettejust to request to logoff or with a button that will logoff the user?08:44
seb128the dialog should tell the user it needs to restart the session08:45
seb128you get bonus point for adding a button doing that though ;-)08:45
crevetteI already did that for gnome-user-share08:45
didrocksI will try to get bonus :-)08:45
crevettea neat notification bubble when files arrive adyou have not only 1 but 2 buttons08:45
crevetteOne to open the file and one to reveal the file in nautilus08:45
seb128crevette: in this case we don't want a nautilus bubble08:46
crevettethere is no api to propose to logoff from the session08:46
crevetteI quickly read over the consolekit doc, but didn't find that08:47
didrocksand what about adding (not now, but for the future) a dedicated GNOME notification for unloging/login in addition to the restart one?08:47
crevettedidrocks: you have all the API to do it :)08:47
seb128crevette: gnome-session has an api, see how the "restart now" bubble works08:48
crevettethe one to restart the computer ?08:49
* crevette is looking for the doc08:50
davmor2seb128: gimp gegl white balance window it too small all the button and scales are on top of each other08:54
seb128davmor2: I don't care08:54
seb128davmor2: I don't use gimp, I don't work on gimp and I've too much to do already08:54
seb128davmor2: bugs go to the bug tracker08:54
seb128crevette_: did you figure why your nautilus is slow btw?09:42
Nafalloseb128: gnome-panel froze, and I stupidly did pkill gnome-panel... can I get it back?09:51
seb128Nafallo: it should automatically autorespawn09:52
Nafallognome-panel & says it's already running :-/09:52
seb128try again ;-)09:52
Nafallothat's what I thought...09:52
Nafalloit does start a new gnome-panel, but it doesn't come back.09:53
Nafallojeez, even the panels hate me now...09:53
seb128that's weird09:54
Nafalloagreed. I have done nothing for them to be hateful.09:55
* Nafallo blames NM PPA09:55
seb128try restarting your session maybe09:55
seb128though that should be required09:55
Nafalloyepp. will do when this file transfer has been completed.09:55
seb128did you verify that the gnome-panel pid changed when you restarted it? maybe it's really stucked ;-)09:55
NafalloI did.09:56
Nafallodifferent PID09:56
Nafalloalso, this is hardy :-P09:56
Nafallowith some crack from PPA ;-)09:56
seb128you did something to upset it apparently09:59
seb128or do you have an another display connected? or incorrect display environment set?09:59
Nafalloseb128: nope. all fine after a reboot though10:04
mvois there a way to force the panel to reload its config?10:11
mvodbus/unix signal or somethign?10:11
seb128mvo: no, that's gconf and it should pick that up but that doesn't work correctly which is a bug10:13
seb128mvo: is that for the config change after upgrade? users should better restart after distro version upgrades anyway10:14
mvoseb128: right, there is the case when there are multiple users, each of them has to click on the button individually10:14
mvoseb128: its for the panel config update thing10:15
seb128mvo: is that an issue having the dialog for each user?10:15
mvoseb128: no, I was just wondering if it can be done more elegantly. right now it tells the user to logout after the change got applied10:16
mvonow I just need someone to review the strings :)10:16
seb128mvo: ideally the gnome-panel should update its configuration immediatly but I doubt we will work on that before intrepid10:17
mvo(and more tea)10:17
* seb128 hugs mvo10:17
mvoseb128: yeah, its really a corner case and a one time operation so it should be fine10:17
crevette_seb128: no10:26
crevette_seb128: it is just the windows resizing in spatial mode for icon and compact views10:27
seb128crevette_: not list?10:27
crevette_seb128: no10:28
crevette_seb128: I'm interested if you can confirm my bug10:33
seb128crevette_: no I can't, but I'm using compiz and the view content is not updated dynamically when changing the geometry is only displays a color rectangle10:34
crevette_ah yeah10:34
=== crevette_ is now known as crevette
crevetteI will open a bug10:34
crevetteyeah window manager is perhaps tied also to that10:35
crevettetons of things are related10:35
seb128well, it does a lot of content update when resizing10:36
seb128which means rewrapping the icons etc at every event10:36
crevetteit seems the icons view is heavier10:36
crevette« icons » for icon and compact view10:37
seb128sure, the list is just a list10:37
seb128icons need to be placed, ie it needs to recalculate the grid for every geometry change10:37
seb128which can easily be some hundred times when you do your change10:37
crevetteyeah, but I would have thought the list is heavier as there more infor to display and place10:37
seb128the list has no calcul, that's just a list, it's linear10:38
seb128the grid in icon view needs to determine if the icon goes to the next line etc10:38
seb128the padding, the space, the wrapping10:38
crevetteso, I need to correct my package10:42
* crevette is doing too much things in the same time10:42
seb128crevette: what?10:45
seb128hey slomo10:45
slomohi seb128 :)10:45
seb128slomo: did you look at the stacktrace the guy attached on the gstreamer new crasher?10:45
crevetteseb128: installing a 9 TV box for my parents in law for instance10:45
slomoseb128: not yet, one moment :)10:45
seb128crevette: ah ok10:45
crevetteand the patch on which i'm working on since Monday for nautilus-sendto10:46
slomoseb128: stackstrace looks good, i'll care for it later10:50
seb128slomo: thank you10:50
slomono idea how this can happen yet but the stacktrace contains almost everything useful :)10:51
slomomust be some interesting vorbis file ;)10:52
=== asac_ is now known as asac
mvohm, gnome-panel uses quilt ...11:23
crevettesomeone around here ?12:43
crevettefor http://launchpadlibrarian.net/18365004/gnome-user-share_0.40-0ubuntu1.dsc I've change Maintainer to  ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com but should I change uploader also ?12:44
BugMaNcrevette: i think no12:47
BugMaNcrevette: just change maintainer and add original-maintainer field12:47
BugMaNseb128: (13:44:26) crevette: for http://launchpadlibrarian.net/18365004/gnome-user-share_0.40-0ubuntu1.dsc I've change Maintainer to  ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com but should I change uploader also ? Confirm that?12:48
crevetteBugMaN: okay that's already done, on machine12:48
seb128crevette: no, no need to change the uploader12:48
crevetteBugMaN: yes, but it seemed weird to have the uploader set to Debian GNOME Maintainers <pkg-gnome-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org>12:49
seb128crevette: that's not worth a delta, uploader is just not used in ubuntu12:50
desrtdavidbarth; yo14:07
huatsseb128: hey14:14
seb128lut huats14:14
huatsthe good news is that the latest bakery is packaged....14:14
huatsthe bad one is that I cannot fully test it (since I need glom for that), and so far I have a pb with my pbuilder and local packages...14:15
huatsbut I hope to solve it really soon...14:15
seb128huats: I'll not look at those before monday anyway so take your time14:17
mvompt: do you have a moment to review a upgrade note text with me? I would like to have your input on it16:45
mptmvo, sure16:50
mvoseb128: seriously, how much would you hate me if I put gnome-panel into bzr?16:57
seb128mvo: I though you did this morning?16:57
mvoseb128: I have it locally in bzr, but did not push anything to LP16:59
mvoI didn't want to do it without your consent16:59
seb128mvo: oh I didn't reply to the your comment? you already did that for several other packages so feel free to do it for this one too, not sure what it brings you though, it seems only extra work to me still ;-)17:00
mvoits ok, I don't have to, I can just keep it locally and sync it back when needed17:01
seb128mvo: no, just use bzr, it's not lot of extra work, I'm just curious to know how it makes your job easier ;-)17:02
seb128mvo: would be nice to have a way to get ubuntu:source and push without having to know what urls to use though17:02
mvoI love to be able to do bzr diff and revert and stuff17:02
slomoseb128: are there any other new scary gstreamer bugs since the update? :)17:05
seb128slomo: not that I noticed no, only this user who run into a crash17:06
seb128I didn't get any new issue and there is no other bug that I read about17:06
pittianyone who knows gimp?17:44
pittiI have gimp-help-en installed, but help menu still says that help isn't installed17:44
pittiI'm looking into building without webkit, to cut down the CD explosion with the new gimp again17:45
pittiand want to check what kind of regression it would give17:45
pittibut I can't even get help to work with the current intrepid version17:45
pittioh, gimp-help-* is still for 2.417:45
pittiseems we need to update the gimp-help source package to 2.6, too?17:46
seb128pitti: trying17:51
seb128pitti: help is working on my intrepid17:51
pittiseb128: if it just displays the help in the default web browser instead of its own webkit plugin help browser, that's accetpable IMHO17:51
pitti gimp-help |    2.4.1-1 |      intrepid | source17:51
seb128pitti: well, using the gimp menu entry opens the help browser17:51
pitti"The GIMP user manual is not installed on your computer."17:52
seb128pitti: sudo apt-get install install gimp-help-de?17:52
pittiii  gimp-help-common      2.4.1-1               Data files for the GIMP documentation17:52
pittiii  gimp-help-en          2.4.1-1               Documentation for the GIMP (English)17:52
pittiand if I start it with an english locale, it doesn't work either17:53
pittiseb128: I'll try installing -de17:53
seb128pitti: I've gimp-help-fr and it's working17:53
seb128pitti: gimp-help-en for an english local I guess17:53
pittithat's what I have installed17:54
pittiseb128: do you have 2.6.something from a magical source?17:54
pittiah, indeed, -de works17:54
seb128pitti: no, I've the intrepid version17:54
pittiseb128: ok, merci17:54
pittithat's good for testing17:54
seb128pitti: you want to build without the help browser to space CD space?17:55
pitticonsidering it if it doesn't break help completely17:55
pittiif it appears in the standard browser isntead, that's fine17:55
seb128pitti: the standard browser will not have index, etc17:55
pittiwe are running out of langpacks to drop17:55
pittifile:///usr/share/gimp/2.0/help/de/gimp-help-index.html is the index17:57
seb128pitti: well that sucks compared to the gimp help browser and the sidebar17:57
pittiwell, *shrug*, other options to bring the CDs back in shape appreciated17:58
pittigimp was the reason they exploded after beta, so it's natural to look at it first17:58
seb128pitti: right, let's be constructive, my rant against the 1 CD limitation will not be useful there ;-)17:58
pittino, not for intrepid at least :)17:59
pittiar p /var/cache/apt/archives/evolution-common_2.24.0-0ubuntu2_all.deb data.tar.gz | lzma -9 > /tmp/data.tar.lzma doesn't help either (for the alternates)17:59
seb128pitti: easy target is to split the evolution documentation translations17:59
pittiand all the identical help files are already symlinked17:59
pittiand make them depends of language-support-translations-*18:00
pittiif we can get some more space, we could even add a couple of langpacks, that would certainly be great18:01
pitti/usr/share/gnome/help is 171 MB, uuh18:02
seb128pitti: I hate having to drop translations, it makes the liveCD and shipit CD pointless for many users18:02
pittiseb128: right, that's why I'm so eager to keep some langpacks :)18:02
pittibut for now the more urgent goal is to get them below 700 MB again first18:03
* pitti will be off for an hour while gimp is building18:04
seb128pitti: I guess opening /usr/share/gimp/2.0/help/<locale>/index.html in $webbrowser would be alright18:04
seb128pitti: maybe having libwebkit as a suggest or recommends not installed but the help browser built and try to figure at runtime if webkit is available or not18:05
seb128pitti: if it's not available use $webbrowser18:05
seb128that's libwebkit taking the space, not the gimp help browser binary18:06
seb128pitti: see you later18:06
crevetteasac: around?18:21
asaccrevette: no :-P18:24
crevettehey asac, just a small question18:25
crevetteAs an user of epiphany, I'm still ennoyed by the SSL certificate issue, and moreover epiphany doesn't provide automatically the url to get the certificate18:26
crevettecould it be an easy for someone who doesn't know the xul / moz code ?18:26
crevette<- easy fix18:26
asaccrevette: you need to debug this. the call that would automatically set the hostname is lost somewhere in the javascript engine18:28
asacapparently because some context object either is missing in the first place or is lost somewhere on its road18:28
crevetteasac: ah yeah :/18:28
crevetteasac: it was reported upstream I assume?18:29
asaccrevette: the other option is to introduce the old xulrunner code.18:29
asacbut that isnt a real option18:29
james_wseb128: hey, does bug 280715 have your ACK for a freeze exception?18:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 280715 in gnome-user-share "Sponsoring request for gnome-user-share 0.40 with BlueZ 4.x patch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28071518:35
crevettehey james_w18:35
seb128james_w: yes18:35
crevetteI'm Baptiste18:35
crevetteseb128: I've seen that nemiver is stll an old version, is it still possible to update it ?18:35
james_whey crevette18:36
james_wcrevette: I don't have bluetooth to test, I assume you have tested that part well?18:36
seb128crevette: I though I already told you that but if somebody is wanting to do the update or test the current debian version it can be updated18:36
crevetteseb128: ah don't remember18:36
crevettejames_w: I asked for testing my ppa package, and didn't had a lot of feedback18:37
crevetteWebdav should work okay, as there was not a lot of activity on the code18:37
crevetteI'm still unable to test BlueZ 418:38
crevetteI need to figure why18:38
james_wcrevette: ok, I'll review the changes and then we can talk testing18:38
crevetteah thanks, I hope you speak louder than me18:39
crevettejames_w: there was so much changes in the BlueZ world lately, taht I hope all works18:39
james_wyeah, that's my concern, but I expect it's more likely to work better with the upload than without, we should just try and get some testing first18:40
crevettejames_w: that's my point too18:41
crevetteat least we have the code for BlueZ 4.x18:41
seb128ok, enough work for now, have a nice weekend everybody18:53
saxonjfanyone here?23:16
nxvlhas been a change on the way compiz works in ubuntu?23:50
nxvli've no plugins, it doesn't work23:50

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