CMD_L1N3_i'm having some trouble with Bluej and Ubuntu 8.0401:13
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BernmeisterHi...recent convert to Ubuntu from Windows.  Written a couple of Java applications and am able to run them via a command line (terminal) but would like to "install" them as I would on Windows.  I'm finding it difficult to locate a tutorial which covers this...any ideas?05:41
BernmeisterI've already released a couple of Java apps to SourceForge...but I've only so far built Windows executables/installers.  Would like to eventually contribute these apps (if wanted that is) to Ubuntu, etc.05:45
persiaBernmeister, The "install" process is typically broken into two stages: "packaging" and "installation".  The general idea is to do as much work in packaging as possible so that the user does nothing special on installation, and it just works.05:47
persiaFor packaging, there's a distinction between the source package and the binary package.  The source package will contain all the .java files and instructions to build the binary package.  The binary package will contain a .jar of the .class files, and perhaps a launcher, if it's a GUI application.05:48
BernmeisterAll makes sense so far.  I've already go my jar file (plus libs, etc) ready to go...I presume I need to go from this to a .deb right?05:49
persiaRight, although you'll want to rely on system libs, etc. and just have your source .jar.05:49
persiaThe source .jar will be submitted to the buildds to generate a binary .jar for installation.05:50
persiaI'm looking for a basic guide for packaging Java apps now, but I might end up giving up and just pointing you at an example package.05:50
BernmeisterI was looking at jdeb...hoping to just use ant to build and package...but it's not clear to me how to use it.  I know how to use ant...just don't understand the concepts that jdeb is trying to do for me...05:51
persiajdeb isn't in the repos, so while it might work for quick generation, I'm certain it won't work long-term if you want the packages in the repositories.05:53
persiaHmm.  The only page I can find that provides any hints is http://java.debian.net/building.html and it's not exactly a guide.05:55
BernmeisterYeah, I've seen that...surely I'm not the first/only person to want to do this?  How hard is it going from .jar to .deb?  It was trivial on Windows...combination of ant and NSIS.05:57
persiaIt's fairly trivial to do quickly.  Doing it in a policy-compliant manner suitable for the buildds isn't that hard, but most of the documentation on packaging is focused on other languages, and I guess nobody wanted to duplicate that.05:58
BernmeisterBut on the jdeb note: I thought all I want to do is release a .deb file right?  If so, what does it matter if I use jdeb (or whatever) to create that .deb file.  As long as I provide a deb to the repos that's all that counts right?   Or am I way off now...05:59
persiaTake a look at the robocode source.  Seems reasonably clean to me.05:59
persiaThe repos don't accept binary uploads.05:59
persiaYou'd need to create a source package (.dsc, .orig.tar.gz, .diff.gz), and that source package would generate the binary package (.deb) on the buildds.06:00
BernmeisterSo in short, there's no step-by-step guide on getting your Java app into Ubuntu?  Do you know who/where I can poke to go from here?  If anything I'd like to just build a deb to release for myself!06:05
BernmeisterOtherwise, I swear I'll go back to Windows ;-)06:05
persiaIn short, I can't find one.06:14
persiaAs I said before, I'd recommend grabbing the source of another package (e.g. robocode) and basing from that.06:14
persiaThe files you most likely have to modify are debian/control, debian/copyright, debian/rules, debian/changelog, and debian/watch.06:15
persiaYou'll want to replace/remove anything in debian/patches and anything clearly specific to the example package.06:15
BernmeisterThanks for your help...I'll give it a (long) shot!06:23
persiaBernmeister, Please ask here if you get stuck, or if nobody is about, #ubuntu-motu may also have some answers.06:24
persiaBest of luck.06:24
BernmeisterI just joined #ubuntu-motu now...194 people in it...might have more luck.  Thanks again.06:25
Kooncody-somerville: as member of motu-sru could you have a look at bug 179447 ? It needs SRU approval (and nomination acceptation), we still get duplicates for it in hardy.07:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 179447 in tomcat5.5 "Installation of tomcat5.5 fails if sun-java-jdk is not installed" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17944707:24
persiaKoon, I've approved the nomination, although it still requires motu-sru to approve07:28
Koonpersia: hopefully that will make it a little more visible, thanks07:29
persiaNo problem.07:30
KoonI'm a little unconvinced by how we handle SRU in launchpad. The nomination system is a little too much development-release oriented.07:31
KoonBut hey, i'm also a little unconvinced by how sponsoring is handled (to me we should track it by status, not just by subscription)07:32
persiaYeah, well, the current nominations system is widely believed to be broken.  It assumes the number of bugs to be small, and a core set of developers to be reviewing the bugs.  This is fine for many projects, but doesn't scale to Ubuntu.07:32
Koonyes, I agree it's very adapted for smaller scale projects07:33
persiaYou may be interested in bug #17985707:35
Koonpersia: what's your take about sponsoring ? To me New->Confirmed->InProgress->Confirmed+sponsor-sub just doesn't make sense. It would be more logical to have a "Fix proposed" after "In progress"07:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 179857 in malone "Package sponsorships involve awkward bugtracker machinations" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17985707:35
Koondoes sound like it, yes07:35
persiaUnfortunately, we didn't get something in the 6-12 month timeframe, and so now don't scale at all well.07:36
persiaThere's a blueprint, and I know it's being discussed.07:37
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Ste1I'm trying to install IntelliJ a java editor17:44
Ste1but I get an error that the java path is not valid.17:45
Ste1when I print the env vars I don't see JAVA_HOME in the list.17:45
Ste1i'm using ubuntu for 2 days.17:46
Ste1I tried following these suggestions17:48
Ste1but really got lost.17:48
Ste1Do I have to manually set the path to java each time17:48
Ste1has java not been correctly installed.17:48
persiaSome of the applications set JAVA_HOME in wrappers, but you can set it in your .bashrc, and it will stay.17:49
Ste1wow some applications you mean distributions? i'm using ubuntu17:50
Ste1ok, in .bashrc where do I find that file?17:50
persiaIt's in your home directory.  If it isn't there, you can create it.17:52
persiaAnd no, I mean applications.  For instance, there might be some Java program that doesn't work with some specific JRE, so it wants a different JAVA_HOME than your normal one.17:52
persiaOther applications will hunt down which JREs you have installed, and try to use the one they like best.17:53
persiaWe're working to unify everything, and just use OpenJDK, but it's not done yet (and probably won't be done for a while, although I think the majority of apps should just work for 9.04)17:53
Ste1In windows I could open the application(IntelliJ editor) and it let me choose a jre.17:57
Ste1after it opened17:57
Ste1i'll have to log off to apply the new text17:59
Ste1I added this line:17:59
Ste1# add extra paths17:59
Ste1export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-
CMD_L1N3anyone use BlueJ ?18:08
Ste1Hi persia18:09
Ste1I get this error now18:10
Ste1stefan@stefan-desktop:~/java/idea-6197/bin$ ./idea.sh18:10
Ste1exec: 60: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- not found18:10
persiaWell, does that file exist?18:10
persiaAlso, with regard to the automatic choice of JRE being missing, that's more an issue with the application than with the operating system, as it would be the application launcher that was checking.18:11
Ste1The file doesn't excist there, but I pointed it to18:13
Ste1I gues I have to drop the java/bin18:14
Ste1it's funny because this is helping me to learn linux by solving this problem18:14
persiaThat sounds right.  It's looking for the HOME.18:15
persiaAnd then it adds the path inside the come.18:15
Ste1should i append a / or not?18:16
Ste1i'll try18:16
Ste1Ok, so I'm one step further now it sais cannot find x in classpath18:23
Ste1please make sure JAVA_HOME points to JDK and not JRE path.18:23
persiaSte1, I don't think you need a final /18:23
Ste1ah right18:23
* persia is trying to multitask, not entirely effectively :)18:23
persiaDo you have a JRE or JDK installed?18:24
Ste1i don't know :o18:24
Ste1that's bad.18:24
Ste1In the synaptec manager i clicked sun java and install18:25
persiaI think that's just the JRE.  I think there's another package for the JDK.18:25
persiaFor the Sun Java6 binary package, it's sun-java6-jre vs. sun-java6-jdk18:26
Ste1ok, will check18:26
Ste1downloads jdk :)18:28
Ste1woot it starts18:30
Ste1thx for being patient with me18:30
persiaSte1, No problem.  I hope it works for you.18:31
Ste1what did *** mean with you are multitasking?18:31
* persia used /me to indicate an action18:32
* Ste1 i?18:33
Ste1ok then18:33
Ste1can i ask you more or...18:34
persiaSure, although if you want to ask about things not related to Java packaging, this might not be the best forum.  In any forum, I'll recommend asking generally, as someone usually is able to answer.18:35
Ste1ok my questions are very simple.18:36
Ste1and #ubuntu is just flooded with people18:36
Ste1´╗┐ok for example i would like a shortcut for the ide on my desktop18:37
Ste1I copied idea.sh to the desktop but now I always get do you want to exe or view content.18:37
Ste1rather have the app start right away :p18:37
persiaWell, if you're using nautilus, you can right-click and select Create Launcher, but I'm not sure for other environments, nor entirely sure what you put there.  I know it ends up being a .desktop file, but suspect that you don't want me to give you the .desktop file spec URL.18:38
Ste1I have nautilus18:40
Ste1I right click on idea.sh18:40
persiaNo, on the Desktop.18:40
Ste1and now I have a shortcut(it has a white arrow on the right)18:40
Ste1I typ exec /home/stefan/java/idea-6197/bin/idea.sh in the execute: textbox18:44
Ste1double click file or path doesn't excist, i copy the full path into nautilus and it does exist.18:44
persiaInteresting.  I don't understand why that happens.18:45
Ste1when I type exec /home/stefan/java/idea-6197/bin/idea.sh in the console directly it does start :/18:56
Ste1the terminal i mean18:56
persiaIs the script executable?18:56
Gaurav__Needed to access my nokia 5300 through cable but i am unable to do so that. any ideas??18:57
Gaurav__sorry that is nokia 531018:58
persiaGaurav__, For that, I'm sure this isn't the best place to ask, and unfortunately don't know anywhere better than #ubuntu.18:58
persias/better/more specific/18:58
Ste1i'll go there aswell18:58
Ste1thx for the help persia18:58
persiaSte1, Good luck.  Sorry I don't have the answer for the launcher.  It doesn't make sense that it doesn't work.18:59

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