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cjwatsonslangasek: around?16:02
cjwatsonanyone here for the release team meeting?16:06
* mathiaz waves16:06
cjwatsonphoning slangasek16:06
* heno is16:06
cjwatsonwhy don't we get started, using the previous meeting's agenda16:07
cjwatson * Team reports16:08
cjwatson  * Per-team topics:16:08
cjwatson   * Milestoned bugs16:08
cjwatson    * https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+bugs?field.milestone=132516:08
cjwatson   * Release-targeted bugs16:08
cjwatson    * https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+bugs16:08
cjwatson   * Milestoned features16:08
cjwatson    * https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-8.10-beta16:08
cjwatson   * Future issues expected to impact the release16:08
cjwatson    * Freeze exceptions16:08
cjwatsonoh, I should use mootbot16:08
MootBotMeeting started at 10:08. The chair is cjwatson.16:08
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]16:08
cjwatson[TOPIC] QA Team16:08
MootBotNew Topic:  QA Team16:08
sbeattie* bug 279669, bug 269926 - wireless firmware moved to l-r-m16:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 279669 in linux "ipw2200 firmware moved to restricted" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27966916:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269926 in linux-restricted-modules "missing iwlwifi-4965-2.ucode" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26992616:09
cjwatsonhere's the milestoned bug list for anyone who's lost it, BTW:16:09
sbeattiewe were wondering if there was a way to make this transition on users.16:09
cjwatson[LINK] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+bugs?field.milestone%3Alist=132616:09
MootBotLINK received:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+bugs?field.milestone%3Alist=132616:09
sbeattieerr, easier on users.16:09
cjwatsonmvo: we could make update-manager detect those PCI IDs and ensure that the restricted kernel modules are installed ...16:10
henoalso bug 145360 has lots of dupes16:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 145360 in compiz "compiz.real crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14536016:10
cjwatsonpitti: who's handling compiz at the moment?16:11
pittiit's still between seb128 and mvo16:11
pittiat least Michael did the last round of uploads16:11
pittiand he's still part of the desktop team for another 2 weeks16:11
cjwatson161 duplicates> owww16:11
cjwatsonit's an old bug, from September last year16:12
cjwatsonI wonder if all those dupes are really the same problem ...16:12
mdzsbeattie: I would ask a different question (as cjwatson did yesterday), which is: why did it move, and should it stay where it is?16:13
cjwatsonlet's table that for the kernel team's slot16:13
mvocjwatson: firmware> if that is the way forward, I can add code to update-manager16:13
dholbachcould it be that compiz crashed at the end of the session and apport shows the crash on session start?16:14
dholbach... and people think it crashed on session startup?16:14
henoalso, not sure if bug 193970 was raised last time16:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 193970 in linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24 "iwl3945 | iwl4965: Wireless can't be activated after disabling kill switch" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19397016:14
pittifrom the bug comments, at least a good deal of those compiz crashes happen at logout16:14
pittiright, what dholbach said16:15
randahello everyone.16:15
mdzheno: pgraner just recently cleaned up and assigned that one16:15
henoand finally I would encourage teams to look at http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/ esp the new regression section16:16
henomdz: ok, thanks16:16
mvocjwatson: I have the same feeling, might be someone just duping all segfaults to it16:16
pittimvo: someone> retracer probably16:17
cjwatson[ACTION] desktop team to follow up on bug 14536016:17
MootBotACTION received:  desktop team to follow up on bug 14536016:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 145360 in compiz "compiz.real crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14536016:17
* ScottK is here now.16:17
mvopitti: hm, I check that out16:17
cjwatson[TOPIC] Desktop Team16:17
MootBotNew Topic:  Desktop Team16:17
pittiSpecs: all done, no further changes planned16:18
pittiRC Bugs:16:18
pitti - #274146 (f-u-s-a migration on upgrade): Solution uploaded by Michal today, testing now16:18
pitti - #261084 (g-p-m suspends again right after resume): Ted says it is generally on track, and a fallout of the new key handling in X. He has a test package which tries to work around this, and it got some testing with mixed results already.16:18
pitti - #256131 (failed to upgrade: "update-xmlcatalog: error: entity already registered"): Nobody looked at that yet, I'll assigned the bug to me and will deal with it soon16:18
pitti - #276878 (replace scrollkeeper with rarian on upgrade): easy dependendy change which Seb will do along with the 2.24.1 upgrades.16:18
pitti - #212098 (nautilus-share not notifying about required session restarting): We agreed on how a solution should look like and posted it to the bug report; a community member, Didier Roche (didrocks) said he'd work on this.16:18
pittiOther problems:16:18
pitti - Unavailability of current language packs, which is a particular problem for KDE: The major blocker here is the utter slowness of Rosetta exports. Martin talked with Arne, and agreed on a plan how to get reasonably current language packs over the weekends, by manually combining the latest full and delta export from Rosetta.16:18
pitti - Import from libgphoto cameras is utterly slow, since f-spot now uses the fuse mount instead of directly talking to the camera, and does wrong assumptions; we need to revert that to only automount using gvfs if the user chooses to open the camera with nautilus, and otherwise keep the old and proven direct f-spot -> libgphoto import.16:18
pitti^ that's on Seb's list for monday16:18
pittiIntrusive changes:16:18
pitti - F-spot was updated to new upstream version 0.5 this week, after lots of pressure from users/community, and it's part of GNOME 2.24.  Looking good so far.16:18
pitti - GIMP is at current version (2.6.1) now, too, similar case16:18
pitti - Ekiga 3.0 is less lucky, the proposed packages are totally broken, and nobody has the time to work on it; so we'll most likely ship with 2.0 and take the bashing (we can provide backports later)16:19
pitti - GNOME 2.24.1 is due on October 22, the Sebmaster and his little packaging army are standing by16:19
cjwatsonRosetta has now managed to import kde-l10n-*, as far as I can see; Arne is going to be doing at least a delta update16:19
cjwatsonhe tells me that full exports take about 7 days16:19
pittiyeah, just discussing with him again16:19
pittiwe'll fake a full tarball by combining the old one plus deltas16:19
mdzI'd like to add bug 280646 which is a regression with a patch, which I'd like to land for 8.1016:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 280646 in linux "ACPI brightness events no longer work on ThinkPad T61" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28064616:19
pittithat *will* cause troubles later on, but for now we don't have a choice16:20
mdzit's in my PPA right now but needs some regression testing I think16:20
pitti(troubles: all future delta exports will be broken)16:20
cjwatsonpitti: we'll have time for a full update before 8.10, surely16:20
cjwatsonand indeed should start one going now, now that we have KDE imports16:20
pittiright, for now we just f**ng need them ASAP16:20
cjwatsond-i has started importing too, so we'll get installer translations (finally)16:21
pitticjwatson: btw, kernel -7 landed today (ABI change)16:21
cjwatsonI saw, thanks; the d-i change is committed16:21
cjwatsoncorresponds to 2.6.27 final AFAIK16:21
cjwatsonmdz: which bit is eek?16:22
mdzcjwatson: the ABI change, though I assume it was expected16:22
mdzI didn't expect that between rc8 and final16:22
cjwatsonI just figured it went with the territory of using 2.6.27 pre-release16:22
mdzespecially when there wasn't supposed to be an rc8 in the first place, but neither here nor there16:23
pgranermdz: regression fixing needed to touch internal structs16:23
mdzno worries, was just surprised16:23
cjwatsonpitti: who should take 280646?16:23
cjwatsonactually, looks like mdz's going to upload that one once regression testing happens16:23
pittihm, anyone with a T61 here?16:23
mdzI'm happy to upload it but need help getting it tested16:23
cjwatsonmdz: have you asked for testing in a better forum than a bug yet?16:24
mdzpitti: I can test on T61, I need regression testing for others16:24
mdzcjwatson: no, I just put it in the PPA an hour ago16:24
mdzand was in a meeting since then16:24
pittiah; I'll test it on dell16:24
cjwatson[ACTION] mdz to seek regression testing on 28064616:24
MootBotACTION received:  mdz to seek regression testing on 28064616:24
cjwatsonthere :)16:24
pittican we do a CFT on u-devel@?16:24
mdzpitti: yes please16:24
cjwatson[TOPIC] Mobile Team16:25
MootBotNew Topic:  Mobile Team16:25
ScottKpitti: I thought the KDE bluetooth stuff was on the RC list?16:25
pittiScottK: hm, the bug got fixed tonight?16:25
pittioh, there was another one, right?16:25
ScottKYes.  The other one.16:25
persiaI still see 280997 on the list16:26
ScottKKudos for superm1 for the work he's done so far, but we're still at zero bluetooth capability in KDE currently.16:27
cjwatsonpersia: can you represent the mobile team? looks as if lool isn't around16:27
cjwatsonwe can leave you guys until later if that would be easier16:28
persiaLater would be better.  I'll review the outstandings, and try to describe them.16:28
cjwatson[TOPIC] Kernel Team16:28
MootBotNew Topic:  Kernel Team16:28
cjwatsonslangasek is on his way16:29
pgranerSo, we now have 2.6.27 final as was noted earlier16:29
slangasekmorning, folks; sorry, didn't realize a meeting was expected today16:29
looldidn't realize either16:30
pgranerWe are working thru a few late issues due to Linus closing the window on it so early.16:30
luisbg_may I interrupt with a related issue when the kernel section is almost over?16:30
cjwatsonmy bad, I will remember in future to remind earlier16:30
pgranerAs noted before the rf_kill issues, some ath5k wireless issues.16:30
pgranermostly we have focused the entire team to bug squash prior to kernel freeze next week.16:31
sbeattiepgraner: also, before you joined, the intel wireless drivers moving to the restricted modules package was raised.16:31
pgranersbeattie: that will be uploaded today16:32
cjwatsonpgraner: the issue raised was actually slightly different16:32
pgranercjwatson: ???16:32
cjwatsonpgraner: the issue was that anyone without the restricted modules installed (it isn't mandatory, and some people choose not to do so) will have to install them in order to keep their networking16:32
ScottKIs there a bug where I can read up on the Intel wireless driver move without districting the meeting?16:32
* ScottK is one of those people16:33
cjwatsonso we can work around this in the update-manager if need be and mention it in the release notes, but that's another data point we should think of when deciding if maybe we shouldn't just move the firmware back to main16:33
cjwatsonpgraner: bug 279669, for the record16:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 279669 in linux "ipw2200 firmware moved to restricted" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27966916:33
cjwatsonalso bug 26992616:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269926 in linux-restricted-modules "missing iwlwifi-4965-2.ucode" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26992616:34
pgranercjwatson: it was my understanding you and BenC worked thru that yesterday, no correct?16:34
cjwatsonpgraner: I hadn't considered this issue16:35
cjwatsonlike a court, new evidence => reexamine :)16:35
pgranercjwatson: I was mistaken then, ok I'll have to dig into it today16:35
cjwatsonwe were talking about the l-r-m udeb business16:35
cjwatsonScottK: (the above is all I know about)16:36
pgranercjwatson: ok, let me get on it and I'll post back to u-devel list16:36
cjwatson[ACTION] pgraner to look into firmware in restricted vs. main (279669/269926)16:36
MootBotACTION received:  pgraner to look into firmware in restricted vs. main (279669/269926)16:36
cjwatsonpgraner: there's a large number of kernel bugs on http://people.ubuntu.com/~sbeattie/regression_tracker.html - has somebody done a pass through those to triage any that merit 8.10 fixes?16:37
henoogasawara: ^16:37
henocan you report on that?16:38
ScottKcjwatson and pgraner: luisbg_ has an Ubuntu Studio related kernel issue he'd like to discuss16:38
ogasawaracjwatson: I've gone through the majority of them - a lot of which are in an Incomplete state and needing more info16:38
mdzhat page isn't slow in firefox anymore for me16:38
cjwatsonScottK: understood, I'll get to him at the end of this slot16:38
pgranercjwatson: yes, most of the wireless are being addressed, the others are have been picked up by team members and should start dropping off the list early next week16:38
luisbg_ScottK, I told cjwatson before that I want to add an item at the end of the Kernel Section :)16:38
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cjwatsonpgraner: ok, that's good to hear, I was getting worried :)16:39
luisbg_cjwatson, I didnt told you directly, sorry16:39
mdzogasawara: can you speak to bug 250139?16:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250139 in linux "iwl4965: Can not allocate SKB buffers" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25013916:39
cjwatsonluisbg_: I'd noticed16:39
mdzogasawara: I recently had it cause a crash for me (rather than just an error in dmesg), so it may be more serious than we thought16:39
ogasawaramdz: hrm, let me look into it more16:39
mdzogasawara: it was acked by intel at one point, but doesn't seem to have been followed up16:39
ogasawaramdz: I'll also ping my intel contacts about it16:40
mdzogasawara: thanks16:41
loolpgraner: I wonder about the linux/linux-lpia merging; I think it's decided to keep them separate for intrepid now; is security team aware?16:41
pgranerlool: correct, we will address for Jaunty16:42
cjwatsonluisbg_: ok, what's your bug?16:42
pgranerpgraner: i believe so, wrt to the security team16:42
luisbg_cjwatson, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-rt/+bug/28127616:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 281276 in linux-rt "Upgrade linux-rt to 2.6.27" [Undecided,New]16:42
luisbg_This is _crucial_ for Ubuntu Studio. We are very close to have to (for the first time) make a release without a real time kernel. If we can get a freeze exception though, the linux-rt of 2.6.27 will be ready for release.16:43
loollool: ok, thanks16:43
cjwatsonluisbg_: has anyone actually done the work?16:43
cjwatsonluisbg_: oh, I see abogani has. Does he have a git repository for it?16:43
luisbg_cjwatson, alessio has done an incredible work of repatching the kernel after the move from .26 to .2716:43
luisbg_in very small time16:43
cjwatsonI think it makes sense for the kernel team to review and sponsor that. pgraner?16:43
pgranercjwatson: ack16:44
luisbg_cjwatson, I agree :)16:44
cjwatson[ACTION] kernel team to review and sponsor linux-rt (281276)16:44
MootBotACTION received:  kernel team to review and sponsor linux-rt (281276)16:44
cjwatsonluisbg_: thanks for raising that16:44
cjwatsonok, we should move on16:44
luisbg_cjwatson, thanks you for adding the action16:44
cjwatson[TOPIC] Foundations Team16:45
MootBotNew Topic:  Foundations Team16:45
cjwatsonwe mostly have a pile of bits and pieces, I'll paste a quick summary16:45
cjwatsonMilestoned/targeted bugs:16:45
cjwatson149832 (partman-base: Installation doesn't change partition ID): I just ran across this again and decided it was important enough to fix for 8.10; I think it's because some commands in parted_server don't mark16:45
cjwatsonthe partition table as changed16:45
cjwatson272772 (openoffice.org: firefox vs. abrowser): calc has promised this for the next upload16:45
cjwatson281100 (grub: update-grub needs to support the new uuid command): evand is working hard on this, needed for USB installs16:45
cjwatson247376 (fglrx-installer: undefined symbols when trying to load fglrx): bryce and I are in the process of agreeing an announcement which can go out about this, since it's unlikely to make it16:45
cjwatson273489 (Remaining Intrepid template approvals): approvals mostly done, translation import queue at 32000 or so but making fairly good progress, KDE translations are imported now16:45
cjwatson185311 (libxcb: hardy, locking assertion failure, xorg/libsdl): likely to be punted to jaunty :-(16:45
cjwatson274740 (totem: Enabling BBC plugin dramatically slows totem initialisation): no word yet, am going to give Collabora a deadline of next week16:45
cjwatson279288 (hw-detect: User interface exception request: Ask the user if they wish to activate dmraid arrays): awaiting ubuntu-release approval, needed because sometimes dmraid metadata presence doesn't imply dmrai16:45
cjwatsond should be used16:45
cjwatson274076 (casper: Running the Intrepid LiveCD in persistent mode results in busybox prompt): breaks persistence on USB drives, no progress yet though, help welcome16:46
cjwatson207881 (xserver-xorg-video-intel: [Gutsy, Hardy] Black screen with mouse pointer on i830, intel driver): recently reopened, perhaps model-specific16:46
cjwatson264462 (xserver-xorg-video-ati: Radeon Driver fails to load on 2 Sep daily [ATI HD3870]): forwarded upstream but no word yet; presumably we can just switch autodetection for these models to vesa as a fallback p16:46
cjwatson204272 (pulseaudio: totem-gstreamer crashed with SIGSEGV in pa_stream_write()): bites lots of people but I haven't connected with Luke about this yet16:46
cjwatsonStill working through regressions and trying to decide importance, they're mostly network-manager and X from my point of view16:46
mdzcjwatson: 185311: jaunty or jaunty+intrepid-updates?16:46
pitticjwatson: #247376> so maybe I should entirely disable the fglrx handler in jockey for now, to reduce confusion?16:46
cjwatsonthe most important of those are the USB-related bugs (grub uuid and casper persistence) and the pulseaudio breakage that covers a lot of things16:46
cjwatsonpitti: yes, I think so16:47
mdzcjwatson: talking of USB, what's the status of USB installation media?16:47
cjwatsonmdz: 185311> depends on the character of the fix; at the moment, honestly, there isn't even a candidate approach16:47
cjwatsonmdz: but note that hardy is affected too16:47
cjwatsonmdz: 281100 is needed, and evand just asked me to review that; other than that, the status of USB installation media is that we'll run usb-creator on the final image to create it16:48
lool264462> radeonhd might be a nicer option16:48
slangasekxcb upstream's plan for fixing 185311 is an extensive code change16:48
cjwatsonand we are just hoovering up bugs in usb-creator in the meantime16:48
mdzcjwatson: I'm comfortable with building/tweaking the final image by hand if necessary; usb-creator is not essential if that's a high-friction approach at this point16:49
cjwatsonmdz: usb-creator is the intended low-friction approach IMO16:49
mdzcjwatson: so long as we have a single golden 8.10 one somewhere (for the shop)16:49
cjwatsonlool: see https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubp-hoary/+bug/264462/comments/2516:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 264462 in xserver-xorg-driver-ati "Radeon Driver fails to load on 2 Sep daily [ATI HD3870]" [Unknown,Confirmed]16:49
cjwatsonmdz: err, only internally. I said all along we weren't going to publish USB images on releases.u.c (for space explosion reasons)16:50
cjwatsonmdz: we'll continue testing usb-creator for now and generate the final image by hand during the release sprint16:50
mdzcjwatson: correct16:50
cjwatsonsince Evan will be there16:50
cjwatsonI apologise for not having made it through the NM and X regression lists yet, they're a bit intimidating16:51
cjwatsonhelp on either taking regression-potential tags off where not required or targetting them appropriately would be welcome16:52
mdzcjwatson: I can make a pass over them if it would help16:52
cjwatsonheno: do we have a convention for "yes, this is a regression, but we've determined that we won't fix it for this release"?16:52
mdzjust send me a URL16:52
sbeattiecjwatson: bmurray has started to target for jaunty ones we won't fix.16:52
cjwatson[ACTION] cjwatson to either pull his finger out with NM and X regression lists or send them to mdz16:52
MootBotACTION received:  cjwatson to either pull his finger out with NM and X regression lists or send them to mdz16:52
henocjwatson: not really, because we want to track them historically as well16:52
cjwatsonsbeattie: err, how? you can't target bugs for jaunty until the distroseries is created16:53
henoeven if they are fixed or dropped16:53
slangasekcjwatson, sbeattie: an ubuntu-release-notes task should be opened as well for those, so that we can evaluate whether it should be documented16:53
sbeattiealso, adding a task to ubuntu-release-notes project for documentation.16:53
cjwatsonheno: that's unfortunate, it basically means we have no way of marking the things on that list that have been evaluated16:53
sbeattiecjwatson: ah, I think he might just targetting for "Later" then.16:53
henocjwatson: I agree we should cover that workflow case16:54
cjwatsonslangasek: noted16:54
henotargeting for Later seems sane16:54
pgranercjwatson: need to add one item to the end pls.16:55
cjwatsonpgraner: go16:55
henosbeattie: can you separate 'Later' bugs out on your page?16:55
slangaseksbeattie: in that case, can the ones targetted for 'later' be taken off the page?16:55
mdzpgraner: did you get your ppp patch in?16:55
slangasek(or moved to a separate list, yes)16:55
pgranercjwatson: last good boot, did you and Keybuk have time to review the data from BenC16:55
sbeattieheno|slangasek: will separate.16:55
cjwatsonpgraner: no, you only reminded me of it at the start of this meeting :)16:55
henosbeattie: thanks16:56
mdzpgraner: (bug 258801)16:56
pgranermdz: I had to revert back to the original due to some unexpected side effects. I can get the first one in and refine in an update16:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 258801 in ppp "Gets bogus DNS servers during PPP negotiation" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25880116:56
cjwatson[ACTION] sbeattie to separate 'later' bugs in the regression tracker16:56
MootBotACTION received:  sbeattie to separate 'later' bugs in the regression tracker16:56
cjwatson[ACTION] cjwatson/Keybuk to review last-good-boot data from BenC16:56
MootBotACTION received:  cjwatson/Keybuk to review last-good-boot data from BenC16:56
mdzpgraner: is asac in the loop on thaht?16:56
pgranermdz: not yet, but he will be16:56
cjwatsonanyway, my slot is over time and I'm done16:56
cjwatson[TOPIC] Server Team16:56
MootBotNew Topic:  Server Team16:56
mathiazbug 84918 is being reviewed16:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 84918 in unattended-upgrades "package should set up sensible config" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8491816:57
mathiazmvo: is on it and we should have something fixed today16:57
cjwatsonmvo: let me know when you've done so and I'll sync the installer16:57
mathiazthe next item is JeOS and the minimal install option in the installer.16:58
mathiazas of now the minimal option in the installer installs -standard and the -generic kernel16:58
mathiazwhereas JeOS in hardy installed minimal and -virtual16:58
mathiaznow that -virtual exists we may try to modify the seed to install -virtual16:59
cjwatsonI don't think the seed will help you16:59
cjwatsonit'd have to be done in cdimage16:59
mathiazcjwatson: I mean th ubuntu-server-minimal.preseed16:59
cjwatsonok, that's a preseed not a seed :)16:59
cjwatsonhowever I'd question whether that's quite what people other than JeOS users will want from "minimal install"17:00
mdzcjwatson: not only that, the 'seed' in preseed is unrelated ;-)17:00
mathiazcjwatson: right. It seems that CLI could be used for that.17:00
mathiazcjwatson: we may have to reword the option a little bit.17:00
cjwatsonmathiaz: but people other than JeOS users want minimal installations17:01
cjwatsonI'm not sure that you can just take over the option for that one use case17:01
mathiazcjwatson: correct.17:01
cjwatsonit was intended to encompass more than just the VM case17:01
mathiazcjwatson: the issue here is that we don't have the equivalent of JeOS in intrepid.17:01
cjwatsonwell, you can probably do it by adding base-installer/kernel/override-image=linux-virtual :)17:02
cjwatsonlet's talk about this in #-devel after the meeting17:02
mathiazcjwatson: IIUC the plan was to merge JeOS into the -server iso and for now we don't have that option.17:02
mathiazcjwatson: sure17:02
mathiazthat's all I had from the server team - dendrobates didn't mention anything else.17:03
cjwatsonslangasek: can you take over, I need to help Kirsten carry some stuff17:03
loolcjwatson: (don't forget to #endmeeting in some time :)17:04
slangaseklool, persia: are you ready to go with mobile?17:04
mdzmathiaz: dendrobates mentioned a list of bugs yesterday17:04
loolslangasek: I guess so17:05
slangasek[TOPIC] Mobile team17:05
* persia defers to lool, who is here now.17:05
loolpersia: I'll let you start with the bugs?17:05
mdzbug 227848, bug 257739, bug 257739, bug 27975417:05
loolOh ok17:05
cjwatsonright, sorry about that17:05
cjwatson[TOPIC] Mobile Team17:05
MootBotNew Topic:  Mobile Team17:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 227848 in open-iscsi "boot order wrong for iscsi" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22784817:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 257739 in linux "intrepid guest install with virtio net doesn't work" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25773917:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 279754 in kvm "Intrepid fails to install onto virtio block device" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27975417:05
loolSo the bug from last release meeting are all fix released17:05
loolwe just got lrm-lpia and the -mid images should now also install17:05
mathiazmdz: 257739 is fixed17:06
loolThe last important thing on the intrepid todo is completing ubiquity --automatic mode support17:06
mathiazmdz: others are being worked on17:06
loolMostly in a good shape, no particular bugs to raise; they were raised here already17:06
mdzmathiaz: 279754 is not assigned or marked in progress, could you fix that?17:06
lool(ath5k, grub uuid)17:06
loolpersia: You have anything more?17:06
persiaNot specifically.  280014 is blocking moving to --automatic, but that's in progress.17:07
loolslangasek: We're done17:07
loolany questions?17:07
mdzmathiaz: also needs an importance set17:07
mathiazmdz: done17:08
cjwatsonpersia: you saw my comments on 280014?17:08
persiacjwatson, I did.  I'm currently chasing a timing issue between reading the preseeded value and checking it in the UI.  If you have time later, I'd be happy to share my work-in-progress and get a hint.17:09
cjwatsoncertainly, after meeting17:09
persiacjwatson, Thanks.17:10
slangasek[TOPIC] motu-release17:10
cjwatson[TOPIC] motu-release17:10
MootBotNew Topic:  motu-release17:10
cjwatsonecho echo echo17:10
ScottKNothing terribly concerning.  Everyone wants the latest and greatest and how come it wasn't uploaded last week.17:11
ScottKWe just executed a pretty major upgrade of our Sugar packages.  Fingers crossed on that one.17:11
ScottKThe rt kernel issue was the only thing that anyone specifically asked me to address.17:12
ScottKSince I upgraded my laptop to Intrepid I will confess that I've gotten pretty distracted by KDE polishing for the release.17:13
ScottKThat's all.17:13
slangasekok, thanks17:13
mdzScottK: Sugar = sugar or Sugar = SugarCRM?17:14
ScottKSugar == sugar17:14
ScottKIIRC SugarCRM isn't distributable.17:14
slangasek[TOPIC] Known regressions17:15
mdzScottK: (it's GPLv3 actually, but nevermind)17:16
ScottKmdz: OK.  Must have been thinking of something else.17:16
slangasekthere are a few bugs that were highlighted in the beta overview that are still unresolved and ought to be looked at for final17:17
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta#Known%20Issues17:17
cjwatsonslangasek: (it wasn't on last meeting's mootbot log, but we should remember to check over outstanding actions)17:17
* slangasek nods17:17
slangasekthe two I see that concern me are bug #270423 and bug #26197717:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270423 in ubiquity "[kde] doesn't show dialog after installation" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27042317:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261977 in dell "nv is chosen even if it doesn't support the card" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26197717:18
cjwatson270423 is on the intrepid-targeted list, although only medium; I've bumped it up to high. it's an infinite loop somewhere in ubiquity's logic but evand couldn't find it last time he tried17:18
cjwatsonwe'll have another look17:18
cjwatson261977 was supposed to be fixed?17:18
cjwatsonbah, apparently not17:19
mdzcjwatson: reopened by mario on 7 oct17:19
cjwatsonlooks like Timo has a handle on the problem though ...17:19
slangasekyes, seems to be in progress now; I'll target it to intrepid so it's on the watch list17:19
slangasek[TOPIC] hardware testing17:20
henoWe are running daily tests and preparing reports for vendors17:21
slangasekheno: I haven't looked at the reporting site since before beta; are things on track there, and are we any closer to having a summary page that supports drill-down?17:21
henolast report from yesterdays images:17:22
heno release |    disk    | runs | with_failures | tests | passed | failed | skipped17:22
heno 8.10    | 20081009   |    7 |             0 |    63 |     63 |      0 |       017:22
heno None    | None       |    1 |             0 |     2 |      2 |      0 |       017:22
cjwatsonzero failures!17:22
cjwatson(is that true?)17:22
mdzonly 7 runs?17:22
slangasekotoh, only 7 runs17:22
cjwatsonmm, I shall stop being excited17:22
henoslangasek: the UI is non-intuitive still but you can drill down17:22
mdzand how is it possible to run tests with no release or disk? ;-)17:22
henoslangasek: I can walk you through it later17:23
henomdz: I think those are the manual tests17:23
henocr3: do you have more detail?17:23
cr3heno: that looks good17:24
cr3heno: that report consolidates the 7 builds tested, right?17:25
henocjwatson: the automated tests are basic I'm afraid, manual testing has produced some failures17:25
henobug 271370 for example17:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 271370 in linux "Dell Dimension 9200 stalls when rebooting after installing 20080917" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27137017:26
cr3mdz: the reason there were only 7 runs is that I run: ubuntu for i386/amd64, kubuntu for same, mythbuntu for same, ubuntustudio for same. so, that's a total of 8 images being tested automatically17:26
cr3mdz: when testing images between milestones, we don't test all machines, we just test the builds themselves17:26
cjwatsonheno: such reports usually need dmidecode output, FYI17:27
slangasekcr3, heno: ok, what do the test results from the beta look like then?17:27
henocr3: can you say a bit more about the tests launched on all (most) machines?17:27
cjwatsonheno: because that's what the reboot quirks are based on17:27
cr3mdz: actually, I also test ubuntu-server, so that should be a total of 10 runs so 3 are missing for 20081009: ubuntu-server amd64, xubuntu i386 and mythbuntu amd6417:27
cjwatsoncr3: ^-17:27
mdzheno,cr3: reporting bugs using ubuntu-bug will automatically include the pertinent info, please use that for every hardware bug17:28
cjwatsonmdz: as it happens they don't include dmidecode output17:28
slangasekI think we still don't have an overview of "these are the most recent test results for each piece of hardware", unless that's changed in the UI now17:28
mdzcr3: that's good, though we also need a report which covers all hardware (david murphy showed me a sample which looked good)17:28
mdzcjwatson: they include most of the relevant bits via lshal, but that's easy to add17:28
cjwatsonmdz: oh, lshal of course, never mind then17:29
henoslangasek: you can get that on the info page for each piece of hw,but not in a table for all hw17:30
cr3mdz: but do you want all hardware tested every day? the point is that we have two types of runs, milestone and non-milestone. heno was giving up to date results for non-milestone, ie 2008100917:30
slangasekheno: right, and going to pages for individual pieces of hardware is exactly what I don't want to do :17:30
mdzcr3: happy to discuss it, but let's take it up after the meeting17:30
cr3the tests being run consist mostly of: installation, daemons running, disk io performance and network io performance17:30
henoslangasek: agreed. as mdz says schwuk has a prototype for that and is integrating it with the site17:31
slangasek[TOPIC] ISO size17:32
slangasekthis unfortunately has continued to be a problem right up to beta, and even in the post-beta dailies (due to a package dependency regression, in that case)17:33
slangasekso please be vigilant about size changes in the packages being uploaded; we are very close to the limit, and we don't want to have to do a lot of cowboying at the last minute to trim images down to size17:34
cjwatsonamd64 desktop looks not too far over the wire, but I agree it's awkward17:34
slangasekgimp has added a lot of new library deps, but overall it doesn't seem to have had a large net impact17:34
cjwatsonwe only have one substantial language available to drop17:34
slangasekall the images have grown 2-3MB since beta, though, so there's really not much room at all to spare now17:35
pittiso maybe we should watch out for putting some more packages on a diet17:35
mdzpitti: don't we have a list somewhere of low-hanging fruit we haven't picked yet?17:36
slangasekI take that back, most of the size change since beta *is* gimp; so yes, it has had an impact17:36
slangasekit doesn't help that gimp 2.6 depends on webkit, I'm sure17:36
pittimdz: I don't17:36
slangasekdoko had been keeping lists, I'm not sure he has been for this cycle17:37
pittislangasek: argh, took some effort to revert the webkit stuff in yelp, etc.17:37
slangasekpitti: well, apparently we didn't kick it out of main to signal to seb not to build-dep on it ;)17:38
pittiwe might be able to do something about that, though17:38
slangasekthat would definitely help us if we could17:38
pittiplease action that for me, I'll do some further inquiries17:38
slangasek[ACTION] pitti to look into dropping webkit from gimp 2.617:39
slangasekI think that's everything I have, then17:40
cjwatsonoutstanding actions17:40
slangasek[TOPIC] outstanding actions17:40
cjwatsonhmm, I haven't been proxying17:41
cjwatson[ACTION] pitti to look into dropping webkit from gimp 2.617:41
MootBotACTION received:  pitti to look into dropping webkit from gimp 2.617:41
slangaseklooking at the list from last meeting, there don't appear to be any outstanding17:41
cjwatson[TOPIC] outstanding actions17:41
MootBotNew Topic:  outstanding actions17:41
cjwatsonoh, ok :)17:41
cjwatson[TOPIC] AOB17:41
MootBotNew Topic:  AOB17:41
slangasekso, thanks for that, folks :)17:41
pitti  --without-webkit        don't build the help-browser plug-in17:41
mdzI'd like to flag bug 22279617:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 222796 in linux "Brightness up not generating ACPI event on Thinkpad T43p, T42, X31, X40, R52" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22279617:42
KeybukI'd like to flag bug #26321117:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263211 in gnome-desktop "apps-wont-open-due-to-maximum-clients-reached-error" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26321117:42
mdztjaalton is looking into it, and although the regression status is unclear in the bug comments, I think it warrants an update if we can nail it17:42
SyntuxWho's here for Ubuntu Arabic meeting ? من هنا لحضور اجتماع اوبونتو العربي؟17:43
cjwatsonSyntux: I'm afraid the release meeting is running late17:43
loolSyntux: Sorry, still not completely done with release meeting17:43
mdzKeybuk: eek17:43
SyntuxSure, release is much more priority than ours, just checking who's there to get them into some other channel.17:44
slangasekmdz: agreed; and I see that it's targeted aleady, and probably doesn't warrant a milestone at this point?17:44
Keybukmdz: I'm hitting it roughly once a day it appears17:44
mdzslangasek: I have a T42 running 8.04 where this is working, and intend to check into it over the weekend.17:44
mdzslangasek: if it's a regression, I will milestone it and work on it17:44
loolKeybuk: I get that from time to time17:44
slangasekmdz: ok17:44
slangasek[ACTION] mdz to follow up on bug #22279617:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 222796 in linux "Brightness up not generating ACPI event on Thinkpad T43p, T42, X31, X40, R52" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22279617:45
slangasekKeybuk: looks like 263211 is already milestoned and targeted; I'm assuming we don't need to fix it right now in the meeting, then :)17:46
mdzKeybuk: when did it start?  I've never seen that17:46
cjwatsonnor I17:47
cjwatsonbut, anyway, it is serious if it's happening even if it's not to everyone17:47
Keybukmdz: the day I updated to Intrepid17:48
slangasekshall we adjourn and take up that bug on #-devel, though?17:48
lool(for me as well)17:48
mdzslangasek: sounds good17:49
MootBotMeeting finished at 11:49.17:49
slangasekthanks, all17:49
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=== Rafik_ is now known as Rafik
SyntuxWho's here for Ubuntu Arabic meeting ? من هنا لحضور اجتماع اوبونتو العربي؟17:55
smelianسلام عليكم17:57
Syntuxو عليكم السلام17:57
smelianكيف الحال17:57
Rafikسلام عليكم !17:58
SyntuxWho's here for Ubuntu Arabic meeting ? من هنا لحضور اجتماع اوبونتو العربي؟18:00
dholbachدانيل :-)18:01
stuntgp2k1أنا محمد من المغرب18:01
dholbach(although I'm pretty sure, I managed to mess up just writing my own name :-))18:01
* dholbach stays quiet now18:01
Syntuxdholbach, surprisingly its correct :P gut gut :-)18:02
dholbachhehe :)18:02
smelianهذا اجتماع عربي ولا انجليزي ؟18:03
Syntuxsmelian, عربي18:03
smelianعيل تكلموا عربي لو سمحتوا18:03
MootBotMeeting started at 12:03. The chair is Syntux.18:03
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]18:03
Syntuxالسلام عليكم, اهلا و سهلا في الاجتماع الاول لفريق اوبونتو العربي اجنده الاجتماع موجوده في الوصله التاليه http://wiki.ubuntu-arabic.org/%D8%A7%D8%AC%D8%AA%D9%85%D8%A7%D8%B9_118:04
Syntuxسنقوم بمناقشه البنود المذكوره بغض النظر عن ترتيبها في الموقع18:05
Rafikموافقة نبدا باي موضوع ؟18:05
Syntux[TOPIC] انتماء الفرق العربية لاوبونتو العربي على لاونشباد18:05
MootBotNew Topic:  'F*E'! 'DA1B 'D91(J) D'H(HF*H 'D91(J 9DI D'HF4('/18:05
Syntuxok that's a bug :D18:05
MootBotMeeting finished at 12:05.18:05
Syntuxانتماء الفرق العربية لاوبونتو العربي على لاونشباد18:06
RafikSyntux, i reported that bug already18:06
Syntuxحاليا يوجد عدد لا بأس به من الفرق المحليه العربيه18:06
Rafikالفريق الاردني هو الوحيد في هذه الحالة18:06
Syntuxلدينا فريق واحد رسمي و فريقين فعالين غير رسمين, و محاولات لتفعيل فرق في دول اخرى18:06
Syntuxكل الفرق تواجه مشكله مشتركه, و هي تقديم الدعم باللغه العربيه عندما يطلب منها, بعض الفرق كانت واضحه باختيارها لغه غير العربيه لتقديم الدعم18:07
Rafikنريد ان يكون اوبونتو العربي نتيجة لتوحيد الفرق العربية18:07
ALAYAexcuse me, I dont have arabic keybord right now18:07
Syntuxمثل الفريق الاردني اختار الانجليزيه, التونسي و اللبناني اختار الفرنسيه18:08
SyntuxALAYA, it's ok18:08
Syntuxطبعا هذا جزء من الحريه التي يمتلكها الفريق و لكن ما زال المستخدم العربي يواجه مشكله و هي توفر الدعم باللغه العربيه18:08
Syntuxو حيث انه لا يوجد فريق محلي واحد يستطيع تقديم هذا الدعم ظهر الفريق العربي كحل لهذه المشكله18:09
Rafikبين قوسين العديد من المستخدمين موجودين على مواقع اخرى و علينا ان نجمعهم18:09
Syntuxو الفكره المطروحه هي تشجيع الفرق المحليه العربيه على تخصيص بعض من وقت افرادها للعمل مع الفريق العربي18:09
Syntuxقد لا تكون اللغه العربيه او المستخدم العربي اول اهتمامات احدى الفرق مثل الاردني او التونسي او اللبناني18:10
Syntuxو لكن تستطيع هذه الفرق ارفاد المهتمين بالعربيه او الباحثين عن الدعم بالعربيه للفريق العربي18:11
Syntuxهذه الطريقه الوحيده لنمو الفريق العربي18:11
Syntuxحاليا يتوفر للفريق العربي كافه المصادر و التمويل للعمل كاي فريق في مجتمع اوبونتو العالمي18:11
Syntuxو كل ما نحتاجه  هو تشجيع أعضاء الفرق الاخرى للعمل معنا18:12
ALAYA!(mean I ask permission to speak ;) )18:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:12
RafikALAYA, go ahead no need for that :)18:12
ALAYAI think it's better to take one or more project, then ask LoCo's to participate, like you did Syntux in the translation project on launchpad18:12
ALAYAI mean, it's better to focalise in unifing efforts around some projects then to unifing groups and later the efforts18:12
Rafikو لكن كيف توحد العمل دون توحيد الفرق ؟18:13
ALAYAthis is an oprinion18:13
Syntuxنعمل على هذا و لكن المشكله تكمن بان باقي الفرق لا تدعمنا لغايه الان, و لا يوجد لدى الفريق العدد الكافي من المتطوعين18:13
Syntuxالحل المقترح:18:14
ALAYASyntux: even in our team we have this problem (nomber of volonteers and contiuity in effort)*18:14
Syntuxحيث ان الفريق العربي سيقوم بالتخفيف عن الفرق العربيه المحليه و حيث انه سيقوم بتحمل جزء من مسؤولياتهم, على الفرق المحليه العربيه التعاون مع الفريق العربي و لو حتى بالاخبار عنه18:15
Syntuxو على كل فريق تخصيص جزء من وقته للعمل مع الفريق العربي18:15
Rafikانتماء الفرق العربية بداية لذلك18:15
Rafikللتحسيس قبل كل شيئ18:16
Syntuxتبداء هذه العمليه بانخراط الفرق المحليه العربيه مع الفريق العربي عبر اللنشباد18:16
Syntuxو من ثم تواقل مدراء الفرق المحليه مع مجلس الفريق العربي لوضع خطوط عريضه للتعاون18:16
Syntuxفعليا لا يوجد لنا شروط او طلبات غير التعاون18:17
Rafikيعني انو كل منتسب لفريق عربي يجد فسه ايضا في اوبونتو العربي و هذه البداية18:17
ALAYA1 min18:17
Syntuxهل معنا اليوم اي من مدراء الفرق المحليه العربيه ؟18:17
SyntuxALAYA, you don't have to ask for permission, just say it :-)18:17
RafikSyntux, نعم. انا عن الفريق التونسي18:17
ALAYAif you have some thing clear: like a project18:17
ALAYAyou can discuss18:18
ALAYAif not18:18
Rafikزياد. عندنا الموقع18:18
Rafikالمنتديات و الدعم18:18
ALAYAyou are saying to them: come with us to do some thing we don't know yet18:18
Syntuxعليا, الكلام المطروح خط عريض ليناسب كافه النقاط الاتيه , مثلا الموقع, الدعم, الترجمه18:18
Syntuxلو كل فريق ادخر لنا وقت عضو واحد سيكون فريقنا مكون من اكثر من 5 اشخاص فاعلين, يعملون على تقديم الخدمه و توسيع المجموعه18:19
Syntuxواضح انك غير مطلع على الاشكاليات التي نواجها18:20
Rafikلم لا نطلب تخصيص شخص من كل بلد للتنسيق مع الفريق العربي ؟18:20
ALAYAIf you have some thing clear (even one or two little project to do) it will be more convenient .And like I said: it's my opinion.18:20
Syntuxاو حتى لأين وصلنا الان18:20
SyntuxALAYA, again, it's clear that you are not familiar with the issues that we have in Arabic team starting from recognition, running the website, translation, community.18:21
SyntuxIf you check the mailing list archive and LP it should give you clear idea on what we have done so far and what we are planning to do18:21
Syntuxالافكار و المشاريع و المشاكل الموجوده كثيره و الحمد لله18:22
Syntuxمشكلتنا الام عدد الاعضاء الفاعلين18:22
Rafikالمشكل هو اولا عدم التعريف بالفريق و احيانا عدم الاعتراف به و نكرانه18:22
bay199السلام عليكم18:22
Rafikو عليكم السلام18:22
smelianوعليكم السلام18:23
Syntuxو الي نطلبه الان ان يقوم الاعضاء الفاعلين ضمن لغات اخرى او فرق اخرى بالعمل معنا18:23
Syntuxو عليكم السلام.18:23
Syntuxو طبعا مشكله عدد الاعضاء واضحه على الاقل من عدد الحضور اليوم18:23
stuntgp2k1و عليكم السلام18:23
Syntuxاو من انجازنا في دليل المترجمين , او اداره الموقع18:24
Syntuxسيكمل اداره هذا الاجتماع الاخ رفيق.18:24
Rafikليش ؟18:25
RafikSyntux, ممكن نعمل اكثر بالتنسيع مع لوكو كاونسل18:25
Syntuxطبعا, و علينا التخطيط لحضور اجتماعهم القادم18:26
Rafikو بهذ الطريقة يتم الاعتراف بالفريق رسميا كمشروع اوبونتو18:26
Rafikو عندها تقل المشاكل خصوصا المتعلقة بهوية الفريق18:27
Syntuxاتمنى هذا مع العلم باني افضل الذهاب للمجلس ببعض الانجازات18:27
Rafikنعم شيئ طبيعي18:27
Rafikفي خلال شهر ممكن نكون جاهزين18:27
Syntuxهل علينا التصويت على شعار الفريق الان؟18:28
bay199ممكن اضافه يا حماعه18:28
Syntuxbay199, اكيد, تفظل18:28
bay199هل ممكن ان تعملوا شعار بدقه عاليه حتى نتمكن من وضعه في شنطة السياره18:29
Rafikيمكن نكلم اصحاب الاقتراحات طبعا18:29
Syntuxbay199, ممكن و لكن اولا علينا التصويت على شعار18:29
bay199طيب جميل18:29
Syntuxرفيق, ممكن تجمع التصويت18:30
Syntuxالرجاء من الحاضرين بخصوص الفريق العربيه التصويت على الشعارات المقترحه18:30
Syntuxبكتابه رقم الشعار18:30
Rafikتفضلو :)18:31
Syntuxمع توضيح لماذا تم هذا الاختبار و ان كان هنالك اي اقتراح لتعديله بشكل بسيط18:31
Rafikstuntgp2k1, bay199 smelian18:31
bay199باك يا حماعه18:32
anmarSalam Guys. Sorry no arabic keyboard today :(18:32
bay199شعار رقم اربعه لكن هل ممكن تغير الخط18:33
bay199الله يعينك يا انمار18:33
stuntgp2k1رقم 1 أو رقم 4 إذا أضيف حرف: ض18:33
Rafikانا اختار الرقم 6 و يكون اجمل مع اضافة كلمة اوبونتو من شعار 418:33
anmarbay199: heheh.18:33
Syntuxanmar, it's ok18:33
* Syntux never had Arabic keyboard. 18:34
anmarI vote for number 418:34
anmarBut I would change the font.18:34
Syntuxmy vote goes to # 1 but with #3 fonts.18:35
bay199انمار انا معاك في الخط18:35
Rafikstuntgp2k1, رقم 1 ؟18:35
bay199رقم 6 كذالك جميل18:36
stuntgp2k1نعم لأنه الأقرب إلى شعار أوبنتو18:36
lbbI mean number 218:37
anmarI recommend we use the font used in this screenshot (Nautilus's menues) (http://art.arabeyes.org/albums/arabbix/Arabbix_Gimp.png)18:37
Rafikعندنا :18:37
SyntuxRafik, هل تجمع التصويتات ؟18:37
Rafikstuntgp2k1 + Syntux : 118:38
Rafiklbb : 318:38
Rafikbay199, anmar : 418:38
RafikRafik : 618:38
Rafikما نسيت احد ؟18:38
bay199انا كذالك اقترح 618:38
Rafikاوكي, علينا لاجتيار بين 1 و 618:39
SyntuxRafik, you are the team leader,you have VETO.18:39
Rafikتعقدت الامور18:39
smelianانا اقصد 518:40
stuntgp2k1أعتقد أن رقم 6 يحدد العرب جغرافيا و رقم 1 أوسع شكولية18:40
Syntuxلا, انتا عندك صوت ثاني :)18:40
The-GrubHello everybody, i'm from morocco18:40
smelianلكن لو يتم تعديل النجوم وتصير دائره عاديه18:40
anmarThe-Grub: hello. We are voting on the logo.18:40
smelianويتم ضبط الخط العربي18:40
RafikThe-Grub, سلام18:40
anmarThe-Grub: wanna vote?18:41
SyntuxThe-Grub, we are voting on the logo, http://wiki.ubuntu-arabic.org/%D8%B4%D8%B9%D8%A7%D8%B1_%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%81%D8%B1%D9%8A%D9%82 please make your vote now18:41
The-Grubhow ?18:41
SyntuxThe-Grub, just check that page and paste the logo number you favor here.18:41
The-Grubok thank you :)18:41
ubottuSchedule for Etc/UTC: Current meeting: Ubuntu Arabic 14 Oct 15:00: Server Team | 14 Oct 17:00: Kernel Team | 15 Oct 12:30: ubuntu-us-pa LoCo Team | 15 Oct 17:00: QA Team | 15 Oct 22:00: Platform Team18:42
Rafikيا جماعة عندي فكرة18:42
The-GrubNumber 218:42
Syntuxتبقى لدينا 15 دقيقه, خلينا نتحرك بسرعه18:42
The-Grubin logo number 618:43
The-Grubthere is an error on the map18:43
Rafikاولا الشعار يكون من كلمة اوبونتو مع الصورة او الصورة فقط ؟18:43
Rafikيعني ممكن نختار صورة من احد الشعارات و نضيف له الكلمة18:44
RafikThe-Grub, how ?18:45
Syntuxانا اعتذر و لكن على الذهاب الان18:45
smelianالنجوم مالها داعي كأنها نفس الي موجوده في علم اسرائيل18:45
SyntuxI'm sorry but I have to run now, Salam all.18:45
The-GrubRafik, on the map of morocco18:45
bay199النجوم انا اشوف شكلها مثل الزخارف18:45
anmarsmelian: I think you are over analysing it. It is just a simple logo.18:46
Rafikمع السلامة Syntux18:46
The-Grubcan i speak french here ? because my english so bad :s18:46
anmarSyntux: salam.18:46
smeliani know18:46
anmarThe-Grub: you can try of course.. who will respond is another matter :)18:46
RafikThe-Grub, ok, i'll translate18:46
The-Grubok thank you18:46
The-Grubsur la carte du maroc y a un trait au niveau du sahara18:46
The-Grubça veut dire que le polisario est representé18:47
The-Grubpour nous les marocains18:47
The-Grubon accepte pas se genre de chose18:47
The-Grubest ce que vous pouvez trouver une solution ?18:47
stuntgp2k1نظرا لديق الوقت أقترح إضافة قائمة تصويت في موقع ubuntu-arabic.org18:47
Rafikاه. مشكلة البوليساريو18:47
The-Grubje vais vous donner un exemple de la carte du maroc pour comprendre18:47
Rafikيعمي لا توافق الفصل بين المغرب و الصحراء18:48
anmarThere isn't much time left guys. We need to wrap it up.18:48
RafikThe-Grub, الامر لا يهمنا هنا على ما اعتقد, سنعتمد ما نجده على ويكيبديا18:48
bay199ايوه اتفقتوا على ايه ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟18:49
Rafikعندنا ساعتين يا جماعة18:49
The-Grubc'est très important pour nous18:49
The-Grubça c'est un exemple ?18:49
RafikThe-Grub, we will use the same map as on Wikipedia18:49
bay199اهلاً محمد18:49
Rafikif ever we vote for this logo18:50
Muhammadbay199, اهلا18:50
The-GrubRafik, meme si il y a une erreur sur la carte ?18:50
Muhammadوعليكم السلام رفيق18:50
RafikThe-Grub, on ne sait pas si c'est une erreur, la politique ne nous concerne pas18:50
The-GrubRafik, est ce que tu peux accepter de voir un trait qui sépare palestine ?18:51
Rafikon prendra le logo de la ligue arabe, c'est un truc officiel18:51
Rafikيا جماعة18:51
bay199 نعم يارفيق ؟18:51
The-GrubRafik, tu peux me donner un exemple ?18:51
Rafikنختار رقم 1 او 6 ؟18:51
bay199انا افضل 618:51
RafikThe-Grub, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arab_League18:52
bay199الشعارات ايهم افضل18:52
The-GrubThank you18:52
Muhammadرقم 618:53
Rafikيعني خلاص18:53
The-GrubJe suis desolé mais il y a une erreur sur la carte18:53
persiaI'm certainly not on the team, and haven't been following closely, but I'd recommend against selecting #6, just because it can lead to various discussions about maps, and may become out of date at some point.18:54
stuntgp2k1رقم 1 لأنه يمثل كل من يتحدث العربية18:54
anmarpersia: I second that.18:54
Muhammadرقم 6 يمثل كل من يتحدث العربية بشكل اكبر :)18:54
Muhammadخريطة الوطن العربى فى نظرى أفضل18:54
Rafikpersia, it's the official Arab League map18:55
Muhammadpersia, i don't think so , as maps rarely changes18:55
persiaRafik, I understand.18:55
anmarMuhammad: not int he middle east they do't :)18:55
persiaMuhammad, Well, every 10 years or so, worldwide.18:55
bay199كويس جداً وهذا هوا المجتمع العربي18:55
persiaAnyway, like I said, I'm not on the team: it's up to you guys :)18:56
bay199نريد العربيه واجنتماعانا بغيرها18:56
bay199وانا كمان عندي شويه انجليزي18:56
Muhammadpersia, several point of view as well :-)18:56
Rafikpersia, your opinion is interesting and you are right, The-Grub was talking about that issue18:56
persiaRafik, Yes, my French is better than my Arabic :)18:57
Rafikpersia, c'est super alors :)18:57
RafikI think we can choose number 6 and adopt the map of the arab league as it is.18:57
Muhammadgood opinion18:58
The-GrubRafik, ok mais pas celui sur Wikipedia je vous en prie18:58
RafikThe-Grub, on veut une source officielle, pas plus18:58
Rafikon verra ça plus tard18:58
Rafikon ira chercher le loco de la league arabe tel qu'il est18:58
The-GrubMerci Rafik18:59
The-Grubje vous propose la carte du monde arabe sans les frontieres18:59
bay199اذا خلصتوا من حصفة الفرنساوي والانجليزي ابقى كلموني18:59
The-Grubqui se que vous en pensez ?18:59
Rafikbay199, عفوا18:59
stuntgp2k1أنا معترض على أي تحدبد جغرافي.19:00
bay199هههه اهم شي رسيتوا على اية شعار19:00
Muhammadالفرنسية هى المشكلة ....19:00
The-Grubstuntgp2k1, je suis d'accord avec toi19:00
The-Grubmen doune ta9ssimate joghrafia19:00
The-GrubKharita 3arabia wahida19:00
The-Grubhal hadah momken ?19:01
Rafikاعتقد ان القرار تم و نختار رقم 6 بدون الحدود و باعتماد خريطة جامعة الدول العربية19:01
Rafikموافقين ؟19:01
The-GrubRafik, Na3am wa chokrane19:01
Rafikاجابة بنعم او لا من فضلكم ؟19:01
Rafikشكرا لكم19:02
bay199الحمد الله19:02
bay199الان كبروه لنا علشان نلزقه على السياره19:02
Rafikمن الاجندة19:02
Rafik#  تكوين فريق لربط علاقات مع مواقع عربية ذات صلة باوبونتو19:02
Rafik    يتكون هذا الفريق من المتطوعين المشاركين في مواقع و منتديات عربية لها علاقة باوبونتو و مهمتهم التعريف باوبونتو على تلك المواقع و استدعاء اعضائها للمشاركة في موقعنا. الرجاء من الاخوة الراغبين في المشاركة اعلامنا بذلك لنبدأ العمل في اقرب وقت19:02
Rafikعندنا اليوم افراد من مجتمع لنكس العربي19:03
The-GrubJe suis interessé pour un support du français19:03
The-Grubet etre un point de relais entre les pays francophone19:03
bay199هناك قروب في مجتمع لينكس العربي19:03
anmarit would be great to pool our resources together and do something for the Arab world.19:04
The-GrubO9adem lakom khadamati benessba lé dowal al magharibia19:05
Rafikهل معنا اعضاء من ادارة linuxac ?19:06
RafikThe-Grub, مرحبا بك :)19:06
The-GrubChokrane :)19:06
Rafikيا ريت نتوصل الى اتفاق مع مجتمع لنكس العربي لتوجيه الدعم الخاص باوبونتو الى اوبونتو العربي19:07
bay199الاداره هناك جداّ جميله19:08
bay199يعني باستطاعتك الاتفاق معاهم19:08
Rafikلازم نتصل بالادارة و نعمل معا على الافضل19:08
bay199دقيقه اشفلكم واحد فيهم هناك19:08
bay199للأسف لا احد موجود على الايميل ولا في الغرفه19:09
RafikMuhammed لا ؟19:09
RafikSkeleton_Eel, مرحبا19:10
Skeleton_Eelاهلا يا باشا :)19:11
bay199<Skeleton_Eel> اهلاً19:11
Skeleton_Eelاتأخرت كتير ؟19:11
bay199محمد اهلاً19:11
Muhammadاسف فكرت انكم انتيهتم19:11
bay199لا باقي شويه19:11
bay199كلمه يا رفيق19:11
stuntgp2k1أقترح إنشاء وسام صغير لأوبنتو العربي يوضع على المدونات وذلك للفت إنتباه قراء هذه المدونات.19:11
Skeleton_Eelطيب ممكن ملخص ؟ :D19:11
MuhammadSkeleton_Eel, انت فى كل حتة كده ياد :P19:12
Rafik<Rafik> يا ريت نتوصل الى اتفاق مع مجتمع لنكس العربي لتوجيه الدعم الخاص باوبونتو الى اوبونتو العربي19:12
Rafik<bay199> الاداره هناك جداّ جميله19:12
Rafik<bay199> يعني باستطاعتك الاتفاق معاهم19:12
Rafik<Rafik> لازم نتصل بالادارة و نعمل معا على الافضل19:12
MuhammadRafik, طيب ايه المطلوب توصله للادارة ؟19:12
Skeleton_EelMuhammad : طبعا :p19:12
bay199محمد اكيد19:12
Muhammadنوعية الدعم اللى انت محتاجه ؟19:12
Rafikتوجيه الاعضاء الراغبين في الدعم الى اوبونتو العربي19:13
Rafikالدعم الخاص باوبونتو طبعا19:13
Skeleton_EelRafik : بس اصلا في فرق بين الموقعين19:13
Muhammadطيب عظيم ، بس افتكر انه فيه اكتر من شخص كان بدأ الموضوع ده19:14
Skeleton_EelRafik : يعني ده منتدى و ده موقع يشبه المدونة19:14
The-GrubAssef 3alaya dahab li bid3ate da9ai919:14
Rafikيمكن نتوصل الى اتفاق لتبادل الروابط او الاوسمة19:14
bay199انا اتوقع انه رفيق قصده تبين الناس انه في مجتمع خاص للينتوا العربي ولا مو كذا19:14
RafikSkeleton_Eel, http://forum.ubuntu-arabic.org/19:14
Rafikbay199, نعم19:15
Skeleton_EelRafik : بالنسبة للمنتديات ، بفضل يتم توحيد الجهود في منتدى واحد19:15
stuntgp2k145 دقيقة على إنتهاء الإجتماع19:15
Skeleton_EelRafik : انما لو في طريقة تانية للدعم مفيش مشاكل19:15
Rafikاجل. و دعم اوبونتو يجب ان يكون على الموقع الرسمي19:16
Muhammadاؤيد كلام Skeleton_Eel19:16
bay199Skeleton_Eel رفيق قصده علشان يتم اعتماد المجتمع العربي لليبنتوا كمجتمع رسمي عن الام19:16
Muhammadلانه قاعدة المستخدمين العرب بسيطة جدا19:16
bay199عن = عند19:16
Rafikbay199, جيد19:17
bay199وجهة نظر يا حماده19:17
Rafikيعني المجتمع يخص لنكس اجمع و لكن يا ريت ان الاسئلة الخاصة باوبونتو توجه على منتديات اوبونتو العربي19:18
Skeleton_EelRafik : اعتقد ان الافضل يكون الموقع عبارة عن تجميع how to19:18
Muhammadصراحة انا ليا فترة مع المنتديات حوالى سنتين كل مرة اللى بيحصل كالأتى المنتدى العربى يستمر لفترة بعدين يحصله suspend زى غيره19:18
Muhammadلحاجتين الأولى المشرفين على المنتدى الحاجة التانية قلة المستخدمين19:18
Skeleton_EelRafik : بالاضافة للاخبار المتجددة19:18
MuhammadSkeleton_Eel, اظن الويكى الخاص بالمجتمع هتبقى نفس الفكرة19:18
RafikMuhammad, فريقنا سيكون رسمي و معتمد من اوبنتو19:18
Muhammadبس مش موجه لاوبونتو بس19:18
MuhammadRafik, نعم لكن المفروض الاعتماد سيكون على الفريق نفسه والمتسخدمين العرب19:19
Muhammadلا تتوقع اعداد كبيرة مثل المستخدمين الاجانب19:19
Rafikاجل. و لكن من هم المستخدون. نحن19:19
Rafikو الاعداد المتواجدة على المجتمع19:20
Muhammadنعم لكن إلى متى سيستمر هذه هى النقطة19:20
Muhammadبحكم الفترة اللى احتكيت بيها مع المنتديات فى النهاية للأسف النتيجة مخيبة19:20
Muhammadاقصد المنتديات العربية اللى بتقدم دعم للينوكس بشكل عام19:20
Rafikالمطلوب هو التعريف بالفريق كفريق رسمي و مش مشروع شخصي كالبقية و بعد الامور تكون اسهل ان شاء الله19:21
Muhammadعلى كل الموضوع بسيط تستطيع عمل موضوع فى قسم الحوارات العامة فى موقع المجتمع وتقوم بالتعريف عن الموقع19:22
Muhammadادارة الموقع لا تمانع نهائيا باشياء مثل هذه19:22
Skeleton_EelRafik : ممكن يكون الموقع مثلا زي ubuntu geek19:22
Rafikنواصل الحديث على المجتمع اذا19:22
bay199ادارة المجتمع لو انها ادارة شكره كان الربح السنوي 1000%19:23
Skeleton_Eelاو ubuntu guide19:23
RafikSkeleton_Eel, سيكون مثل ubuntu.com19:23
Rafikسيكون الواجهة العربية الرسمية لاوبونتو19:23
Skeleton_EelRafik : اعتقد لسه بدري على الموضوع ده ، عدد مستخدمي اللينوكس مش بالعدد الكبير فضلا عن مستخدمي اوبنتو :)19:24
Skeleton_EelRafik : لو بالشكل ده هل محتاجين فريق عمل كبير ؟19:24
Rafikنبني المستقبل من اليوم اخي !19:25
Skeleton_Eel"‏‫سيكون الواجهة العربية الرسمية لاوبونتو"19:25
Rafikعدد المستخدمين يزيد كل يوم19:25
RafikSkeleton_Eel, نعم19:25
Skeleton_Eelمحتاجين كام شخص عشان يقوم بالمهمة دي ؟19:25
stuntgp2k1أنا موافق على إنشاء منتدى أوبنتو العربي دون الإهتمام بمن سيزوره أو ينضم إليه. المهم أن يكون مجال للتفاعل.19:25
Skeleton_Eelهو موقع اوبنتو نفسه فيه ايه ؟ - بغض النظر عن المنتدى -19:26
Skeleton_Eelstuntgp2k1 : عن نفسي لا احبذ الفكرة : )19:26
bay199شوف ايش رايكم بهذه الفكره19:26
Muhammadstuntgp2k1, يبدو انه دخولك للمنتديات العربية قليل اظن19:26
stuntgp2k1كما أدعو كافة المدونين المهتمين أن يقوموا بتغطيت مشروع أوبانتو العربي.19:27
Skeleton_Eelbay199 : اي فكرة ؟19:27
Rafikstuntgp2k1, ok شيئ جميل و كيف ننفذه ؟19:27
Skeleton_EelRafik : ممكن تقول على تصورك لموقع اوبنتو العربي ؟19:27
bay199مين قال فكرة19:27
bay199how tio19:27
bay199t;vi pg,i19:28
bay199فكره حلوه19:28
bay199ويكون عندنا خط ساخن للدعم الفني19:28
bay199مثلاً بريد الكتروني يشرف عليه كذا شخ19:28
stuntgp2k1Muhamamd, ليس بالضروري، الملاحظ أن هناك صحوة19:28
RafikSkeleton_Eel, ترجمة ل ubuntu.com مع wiki.ubuntu.com مع منتديات للدعم19:28
bay199ويكون سرعة الرد في حدود 48 ساعه19:28
bay199وبكذا تكون ويكي سريع19:29
Rafikbay199, عندنا القائمة البريدية19:29
Muhammadstuntgp2k1, نحتاج إلى استغلال تلك الصحوة فى توحيد الجهود لا تفريقها19:29
bay199طيب يسر الدعم عن طريق القائمه البريديه19:29
Muhammadهذه مجرد وجهة نظر ليس إلا19:29
bay199وانا كمان حطية وجهة نظري19:30
RafikMuhammad, الهدف من الفريق توحيد كل ما هو اوبنتو و بالعربي على موقع واحد19:30
MuhammadRafik, اتمنى لكم التوفيق :)19:31
stuntgp2k1Muhammad, فكرة أوبنتوا العربي في حد داتها تفرقة.19:31
Rafikكيف ؟19:31
Skeleton_EelRafik : طيب ما انا بقول كدا ، يعني الويكي  من غير منتديات19:31
bay199رفيق ليه ما تكم المنتدى الرسمي للموقع ويدونا قسم يكون فيه الدعم العربي19:31
Rafikو فين الدعم ؟19:31
RafikSkeleton_Eel, و فين الدعم ؟19:32
Rafikbay199, ما فهمت19:32
RafikSkeleton_Eel, كيف التفرقة ؟19:32
bay199يعني المنتدى الرسمي يديك قسم من منتداه ندعم فيه العربيه هناك19:33
Skeleton_EelRafik : يكون في فريق عمل للموقع ، بس مش شرط يكون منفصل عن منتديات لينوكس التانية19:33
Rafikbay199, منتدياتنا ايضا ستكون رسمية مثل المنتديات الانجليزية19:34
stuntgp2k1أؤيد skeleton_Eel19:34
RafikSkeleton_Eel, نريد توحيد كل ما هو اوبونتو في مكان رسمي و معتمد رسميا19:35
Skeleton_EelRafik : ايه فائدة الاعتماد رسميا ؟19:35
bay199على فكره هوا مين الي ممول الشركه تبع اليبنتوا19:36
Rafikان تكون داخل مجتمع اوبونتو و تشارك فيه فعليا19:36
anmarbay199: www.canonical.com19:36
bay199طيب الدعم حيستمر كم سنه19:36
bay199انا كاني سمعة 15 سنه19:37
bay199كم مر منهم سنه19:37
Skeleton_EelRafik : و ايه الفائدة برده ? :D19:37
Rafikbay199, الى ان يختفي اوبونتو من الوجود19:37
bay199ممممم ؟19:37
bay199شوف يا رفيق خليني اكون معاك صريح19:38
Skeleton_EelRafik : حالياً بنحاول نعرف الناس باللينوكس19:38
Skeleton_EelRafik : بنحاول نعمل دعاية في الجامعات و المعاهد19:38
anmarGuys. lnux is very important for the Arab world19:38
anmaras we join the world, piracy will become an issue19:38
anmarand affording MS crap is just too much.19:38
bay199ممكن في اي يسقط الينتوا لنه على حد علمي مالي اي مرجع مالي يقدر يوقف منه مره تانيه19:38
RafikSkeleton_Eel, anmar this also what we do, it's ouer goal19:39
anmarso FLOSS is the way to go19:39
Skeleton_EelRafik : بعد كدا نبقى نفكر على راحتنا هنعمل ايه بالنسبة لاوبنتو :)19:39
bay199مو زي فيدروا19:39
bay199ولا موا يا شباب19:39
Rafikbay199, اطمن. الظاهر انك ما تعرف ابونتو جيدا19:39
anmarthis sounds silly but ideally if one of the dubai guys spends some money on pushing Linux in the Arab world instead of building another tall building19:39
bay199انا لا اعرفها نهائياً19:40
bay199حتى اكون صريح معاك19:40
Skeleton_Eelbay199 : متخفش من الناحية دي :D19:40
Skeleton_Eelدبيان تعيش على التبرعات فقط19:40
stuntgp2k1تبقى من الوقت 20 دقيقة19:40
bay199انا اخاف من التربعات هذي19:40
anmarSkeleton_Eel: but donation is not common in ME. People usually have enought to live by19:41
bay199لنه ما لها ضمان19:41
Rafikيا جماعة. منكم من هو جاهز للانظمام لفريق منتديات اوبنتو العربي ؟19:41
Rafikو انا ساتصل بادارة المجتمع و نشوف البقية19:42
Rafikسلام نزار19:42
nizarusاهلا Rafik19:42
bay199انا ان شاء الله انا سوف انظم الى المجتمع19:43
stuntgp2k1أنا مستعد لتقديم المسعادة لكل مشاريع البرمجيات الحرة.19:43
bay199لكن سوف يدء غداً اول يوم دراسي يعني سوف يقل التواجد19:43
Rafikجيد جدا19:43
stuntgp2k1أوبنتو العربي  واحد منهم19:43
Rafikاذا اطلب منكم الانظمام الى القائمة البريدية19:44
bay199وكمان شباب صدر اعلان رسمي من الحطومه بهد المنطقه الي انا عايش فيها فربنا ييسر ادعوالنا والله الدنيا ساريه قرف19:44
Rafikلنواصل العمل معا19:44
bay199الحطومه = الحكومه19:44
Rafikالله معك19:45
bay199اللهم امين19:45
Rafikيا جماعة. ننهي الاجتماع ؟19:45
bay199اتوقع انتهى19:45
bay199لكن لا تنسوى الاستكر19:46
Skeleton_Eelلأ استنو19:46
Skeleton_Eelهقول حاجة على السريع كدا :)19:46
Skeleton_Eelيا ريت كل مجموعة في بلد و خصوصاً الناس اللي ما زالوا بيدرسوا ، يعملوا مجموعة من اربع او ثلاث افراد لتعريف الناس باللينوكس19:47
Skeleton_Eelو المصادر الحرة19:47
Skeleton_Eelفي الجامعات و المعاهد19:47
Skeleton_Eelو حتى المدارس - الثانوية -19:47
Skeleton_Eelعلى الاقل نعرف الناس ان الكمبيوتر مش وندوز19:47
Skeleton_Eelو نمحي كتير من المعلومات الخاطئة عن اللينوكس19:48
bay199Skeleton_Eel انتا طيب اقولك صدر اعلان بهدم المنازل وتقولي سوي قروب هوا اصلاً كم فيه شخص في جامعة ام القرى19:48
stuntgp2k1بالنسبة لي سأطلع في الفترة المقبلة على تقدم المشاريع العربية بهذا الخصوص و سأساعد على المستوى الفردي سواءا إنضممت إلى فريق أو لم أنضم19:48
RafikSkeleton_Eel, في اوبونتو عندنا هذا الشيئ و هو نظام الفرق المحلية19:48
RafikLoCo Teams19:48
Skeleton_Eelbay199 : لما ربنا يفرجها عليك يا سيدي !19:49
bay199ههههههههه ان شاء الله19:49
Skeleton_EelRafik : التعريف بالينوكس و المصادر الحرة عموما : )19:49
Rafikاشكركم جميعا و لا تنسو  الانظمام للقائمة البريدية و سارسل فيها عدة تفاصيل  و لو عندكم اي سؤال الايميل على ذمتكم : rafik at ubuntu.com19:49
bay199ان شاء الله19:50
Skeleton_Eelان شاء الله :)19:50
Rafikو يا ريت نعيد الاجتماعات لتعم الفائدة19:50
Rafikو لا تنسوا19:51
stuntgp2k1من الأفضل في نهاية الأسابيع.19:51
Rafikيا ريت تجعلو من الانضمام الى القناة العربية اوتوماتك :)19:52
bay199هههههههههه ان شاء الله19:53
RafikThank you all19:53
Skeleton_Eelالسلام عليكم :)19:53
bay199هل نخرج من هنا الان19:53
Rafikbay199, ممكن نواصل على #ubuntu-arabic19:55
Rafikemgent, hello, we just finished our ubuntu-arabic meeting.19:56
emgentah sorry :)19:56
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Syntuxstill arabic meeitng? ;)23:07
ScottKNo.  Not for several hours23:08
Syntuxoh thanks23:09
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