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ografilipegarcia, so do you know what kind of device it is ? 15:51
* ogra is currently only familiar with evtouch driven devices15:51
filipegarciait's an Lg L1730Sf15:51
ogracan you pastebin your lshal output ? 15:51
ograto paste.ubuntu.com or so15:52
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)15:52
ograah, looks like people made that model work with evtouch before looks good :)15:53
bugabundo_work1where are you getting that info, ogra?15:53
ogragoogle :)15:53
bugabundo_work1!google ?15:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about google ?15:53
bugabundo_work1ehehheeh 15:53
filipegarciai saw a few tutorials about it 15:54
ograall we need now is a proper hal parameter to match against 15:54
bugabundo_work1on another thread remember that 7" laptop I mention? it won't boot from Pen, with u-mobile recent images! it boots fine from generic ubuntu :(15:54
filipegarciabut when i try to change the defenitions in xorg.conf 15:54
filipegarciai have no results 15:55
ograjst get me the lshal output, then we can create a .fdi file from that and lets see :)15:55
ograbugabundo_work1, wth recent images you mean the daily builds ? 15:56
bugabundo_work1yeah ogra15:56
ograhmm, that should work though, how does it fail ? 15:56
bugabundo_work1I don't know... it will fail to boot from several pendrives I tried!15:56
bugabundo_work1orther PCs work fine...15:56
bugabundo_work1I thaught that laptop was tripping with boot from usb, so I made a new pen image from ubuntu using usb-creator, and was able to boot it just fine... took me while, but it booted...15:57
bugabundo_work1ogra: it won't even get me to casper/ubiquity16:00
ografilipegarcia, create a file called: /etc/hal/fdi/policy/10-itm.fdi16:05
ograpaste from line two to the end 16:05
ograsave the file and reboot, lets see if something hapens with it :)16:05
ogra(and make sure to not have an xorg.conf file ! )16:06
filipegarciayeah 16:06
ograor at least no input stuff in it 16:06
filipegarciai remove everything i put there 16:06
ograoh, wait16:07
ograi pasted the wrong values16:07
ograhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/56018/ these numbers are more sane for 7"16:08
ograit wont be calibrated proerly, even if it works 16:08
ograi assume :)16:08
ograbugabundo_work1, well, thats weird, since both boot varants simply uses syslinux16:08
filipegarciarebooting now 16:09
bugabundo_work1maybe some kind of parameter we need to issue on syslinux?16:11
filipegarciaogra: i can't see any differences from the previous calibration 16:11
ograwell, i was aware that my handrolled image had issues, but the dailies should just work16:11
ografilipegarcia, but you see events ? 16:12
filipegarciaby the way, the axes are switched 16:12
ograi.e. the pointer moves 16:12
ograwhich axes ? horizontal or vertical ? 16:12
filipegarciai guess both  16:13
ogralets try with teh y axis: <merge key="input.x11_options.swapy" type="string">1</merge>16:13
filipegarciawhen i go up the pointer moves right 16:13
ograad that line 16:13
ograsorry, testing that will require some rebooting until we get the basic setup right ... then you can calibrate it 16:14
ograoh and at some point i'd like to see your lshal again to make sure it really uses evtouch now 16:14
filipegarciano problem16:15
filipegarciaso http://paste.ubuntu.com/56021/16:16
filipegarciaand the axes are still switched 16:17
ogragreat, evtouch is used .... its only a matter of finding the right options16:17
ograboth ? 16:17
filipegarciamoving up gets the pointer moving right again16:18
ogra <merge key="input.x11_options.rotate" type="string">cw</merge>16:18
ogratry adding that line too16:18
filipegarciasame problem16:21
ogra<merge key="input.x11_options.swapx" type="string">1</merge>16:22
ograadd that too16:22
ograits really a matter of finding the right combo now 16:23
filipegarciathe same16:25
filipegarciait's wierd though16:25
filipegarciathe point doesn't look like is in the same position every time e put my finger in the same place16:26
filipegarciai don't know if i explain myself 16:28
ograyes, thats the broken calibration, though the axis swapping is weird16:29
ograseems on kernel level its using usbtouchscreen16:31
ograthat has an option: swap_xy16:31
ograadd a line to /etc/modprobe.d/options16:31
filipegarciaupper right corner is ok but upper left corner is down right corner16:31
ograoptions usbtouchscreen swap_xy=116:32
ograsee if that cchanges the behavior somehow after rebooting16:32
loolpersia: Didn't realize we had a release meeting today; usually I get an email :)  if you have a list of issues already, that'd be best16:34
filipegarciait changed to up=down left=right16:34
persialool, I'm currently only tracking 280014 and the yet unfiled casper change for -mid.  I've not reviewed the list of bugs against our packages.  Is midbrowser working again?16:35
loolpersia: Do you think I can close https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mobile-meta/+bug/274832 at this point, or should I just fix commit it?16:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274832 in mobile-meta "no linux-restricted-modules for lpia flavour" [High,Triaged] 16:36
loolI think it's in, so fix released would fit, but didn't verfy myself16:36
loolpersia: I think we can now close https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mobile-meta/+bug/27475316:36
persiaYes, it's Fix Released.  I don't know if the fix solves networking on the Q1 (can't test).16:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274753 in mobile-meta "No kernel installed with ubuntu-mobile (dup-of: 274752)" [Undecided,New] 16:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274752 in mobile-meta "No kernel installed for ubuntu-mid and ubuntu-mobile flavours" [Critical,Fix released] 16:36
persiaI just considered that closed as a dup.  It can be explicitly closed if you like.16:37
ografilipegarcia, ok, is that cosistent ? 16:37
filipegarciayes 16:37
ograthen drop the three lines we added to the .fdi again16:37
ograand see if it moves in the right directions16:39
ogradont care about accuracy yet, thats calibration we'll tackle later16:39
ograonly the axes are intresting16:39
filipegarciasame thing16:40
filipegarciaup=down left=right16:40
ograyou dropped the three lines ? 16:40
ograand rebooted ? 16:40
ograif you add the swapy line again, does anything change ? 16:42
filipegarciawill see 16:42
filipegarciasame thing16:44
loolpersia: Err right, it's a dup; got it from last release meeting's log16:45
ograstill up=down left=right16:45
loolpersia: Looks like all bugs mentionned at last release meeting are fix released, which is nice!16:45
ograthen drop the module option again from /etc/modprobe.d/options16:45
ograthat apparently didnt help16:45
loolpersia: So nothing particular to report to release team, apart that we'd like to switch -mid to --automatic mode?16:45
filipegarciawell now is ip=down16:45
filipegarciabefore that was up=right16:46
persiaWell, we'd like to switch to --automatic mode *after* we sort 280014.  That's it for me, but I've only been playing with the installer, and haven't done much usage testing.16:46
ograright, so drop the module setting, and add the rotate line back16:46
ograthat should keep the axes correct, but rotate clockwise 16:46
filipegarciaand still keep the swapy ??16:47
ograno, drop all swap things16:48
ograonly keep the rotate16:48
persialool, Have you been using -mid?  Do you know if we've any other showstoppers?16:48
filipegarciaand now up=right16:49
loolpersia: I can't think of any16:49
ografilipegarcia, and right ? 16:50
loolpersia: jax10 is poorly supported, but I think that's acceptable, and I need to retest with lrm16:50
persialool, OK.  Then I think we're good.  There might be issues with testing, but as RC is really our first big round of testing, that's only to be expected.16:50
persiaYeah.  D4 too :(16:50
ograso down = left, left = down i guess16:51
filipegarciayes 16:51
* ogra tries to imagine what filipegarcia is seeing :)16:51
ogramy brain melts :)16:51
ograchange "cw" to "ccw" in the rotate line 16:52
persialool, 281100 is probably interesting to you, but already on the list.16:52
filipegarciasame thing 16:53
ogracan i see your current lshal again  =16:55
bugabundo_work1you guys still at it ?? uau16:58
* ogra wonders why the rotate doesnt do anything at all16:58
ograccw should have reversed the cw behavior16:59
bugabundo_work1guys good luck. let me know how it goes.16:59
bugabundo_work1time for me to go16:59
filipegarciacan i try the rotation in the modprobe ?17:00
bugabundo_work1The Purple 8 Ball says:  It's possible17:00
ogranope, the kernel driver doesnt have a rotate option17:00
ograoh, wait !17:00
filipegarciabugabundo_work1: ok, and again. thank you 17:00
ograyou might need to capitalize the CW or CCW17:00
ogratry that17:00
ograbig letters :)17:00
bugabundo_work1The Purple 8 Ball says:  It's possible17:00
filipegarciai put CW and is now up=right so changed to CCW17:02
filipegarciasame thing17:03
ograstill up=right ? 17:04
filipegarciawith CW and CCW17:06
* ogra looks at the driver code17:07
filipegarciai didn't thought that this gave so many work 17:09
ograso the code definately looks for capitalized CW/CCW17:10
ogratry to make : rotate being Rotate 17:11
ograin the .fdi file17:11
ograwith a big R17:11
ograso i doubt that will change a thing 17:13
filipegarciaby the way, what's the difference between using the fdi and the xorg.conf ??17:13
filipegarciayeah same thing 17:13
ograxorg.conf mostly ignores input settings by default nowadays, and the new calibration tool uses hal17:15
ograbut it looks to me like the rotation isnt respected at all17:16
ograwhich is weird, since i find it in all documents for that device17:16
ograand it looks like its being used in the code as well17:16
ograif you add the swapX (not Y) how does it change ? 17:18
ogra(leave CW in)17:18
filipegarciain others tutorials the where using rotate cw and swapy =1 17:18
filipegarciawill try that17:18
ograyes, we tried that first "rotate cw and swapy =1 " :)17:19
ograbt you said it didnt change the axes17:19
filipegarciayeap 17:19
filipegarciacan it be because swapy is not swapY ?17:20
ograshouldnt, but try it17:20
ograit shouldnt make any difference if the variables are capitalized or not17:21
ografor the values it might though17:21
ograbut try it, you have the device :)17:22
ograi cant help much apart from giving you the options ...17:23
filipegarciawell 17:23
filipegarciaswapX and swapY is the same17:23
ogratry them capitalized17:24
ograSwapX or SwapY17:24
ograbut i doubt it will change a thing17:25
filipegarciaso swapy=Swapy=SwapY=swapY17:30
filipegarciaalso with the X17:30
filipegarciathe same17:30
ograand left right didnt change either ? 17:30
ograi'm out of ideas :(17:35
ograthe rotate option should definately have an effect ... it doesnt though17:36
filipegarciathis guy is using the same monitor 17:36
filipegarciabut i guess is an older ubuntu version17:36
ograwell, thats what i was looking at first :)17:37
ograOption "MinX" "295"17:37
ograOption "MinY" "200"17:37
ograOption "MaxX" "3815"17:37
ograOption "MaxY" "3948"17:37
ograOption "ReportingMode" "Raw"17:37
ograOption "Emulate3Buttons"17:37
ograOption "Emulate3Timeout" "50"17:37
ograOption "SendCoreEvents" "On"17:37
ograOption "Rotate" "cw"17:37
ograOption "SwapY" "1"17:37
ograand we did set all these values exactly the same way17:37
ograand apparently your lshal output reflects it17:38
ograthe prob is that the rotate is ignored 17:38
filipegarciain my lshal it talk about usbtouchscreen driver17:39
filipegarciais it normal17:39
ograalias:          mtouchusb17:39
ograalias:          itmtouch17:39
ograalias:          touchkitusb17:39
ograthats what modinfo usbtouchscreen reports17:39
ograitmtouch is included in it, which is what your touchscreen uses17:40
ograand at least the swap_xy parameter worked17:40
ograso the kernel driver is correct17:40
filipegarciai see17:40
ogracan you for laughs run the calibration tool and see what it does with your axes ? 17:44
ograits in System->Administration17:44
ograthe code seems to forcefully ignore rotate in calibration mode, i wonder if it behaves different17:45
filipegarciai try before the touchcal17:45
filipegarciabut i have nothing in system->admin17:45
ograyou are on the ubuntu-mobile image, right ? 17:46
ograbut you are on intrepid ? 17:47
filipegarciain ubuntu 8.04 LTS17:47
ograwell, then all we did cant work17:47
ograthe new calibration tool and hal input stuff is only in intrepid17:47
ograsigh, i should have asked that first ... sily me17:48
persiaat least it makes sense now :)17:48
filipegarciai told to bugabundo that 17:48
filipegarciai should told to you also17:48
ograpersia, yeah, after 3h :P17:48
ogranah, my fault 17:48
ograi sholdnt make assumptions :)17:48
ograespecially not while supporting people17:49
filipegarciaspecially people that don't understand a thing you are supporting 17:49
filipegarciawhat you are supporting 17:50
ograintrepid :)17:50
filipegarciashould i try that?17:50
ograonly that has the hal-input fixes and new evtouch calibration17:50
Celtiorehi from france17:50
Celtiorenothing new about aigo p8860 or compal jax10 about touchscreen ?17:51
ografilipegarcia, if you like to :) 8.10 will release end of the month and is largely stable 17:51
persiaCeltiore, I think it's still not working :(  You might try the latest daily, but I think there's a driver issue.17:51
ograyeah, no free driver for the touchscreen17:52
* ogra would love a jax10 to actually poke on that 17:52
Celtiorei see17:52
filipegarciawell the work day is over now. will download in the weekend and on monday will tell you something17:53
filipegarciathank so much for you time ogra17:53
Celtiorepersia, can you give me the weblink for the daily build ?17:53
Celtiorei don't have save it17:53
persiaCeltiore, /topic17:53
Celtiorethanks you17:54
ografilipegarcia, well, thanks for the lshal data, i can at least add a file for your device to intrepid 17:54
ografilipegarcia, and indeed feedback for intrepid is appreciated ;)17:54
Celtiorei need mid or mobile ? for aigo p8860 ? :p17:54
filipegarciayou will hear from me again on monday :)17:55
filipegarciathank you17:55
ogracool, thanks :)17:56
persiaCeltiore, I'd recommend -mid for the Aigo, but you might like -mobile.18:00
Celtioreok thanks you18:13
Celtiorepersia, mid img : fatal server error / no screens found !18:28
persiaYeah, it doesn't support the pouslbo video chipset.  Unfortunately, the drivers don't work with the intrepid version of X.18:29
persiaYou can force it to use the vesa driver.  One way to do that is to add 'Driver "vesa"' to the display device setting in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.18:30
Celtiorei'm very lucky18:30
Celtioretouchscreen driver closed18:30
persiaYou can get there with Alt-F2, and stop it switching back to the error with `sudo stop session`18:30
Celtiorethanks you i try later18:31
persiaOnce you've editing xorg.conf, you can use `sudo start session` to bring up the desktop.  I have to do the same on my D4 :(18:31
Celtiorethanks you18:31
persiaCeltiore, No, thanks for helping test.  You're one of the primary testers on real hardware at this point, as not too many people have MIDs on which Ubuntu can be installed.18:33
* ogra hopes Celtiore at least paid a decent price :P18:34
ograbut by own experience the non working HW is usually the most expensive :)18:34
persiaogra, Unfortunately commonly.  Mine was cheap, but it came with strings.18:36
Celtiorepersia, working, wrong resolution but working19:10
Celtiorei have another question19:10
Celtiorewhere is the application who display all the icons on the desktop ?19:10
persiaWhat's that?19:10
persiaIt's called kourou.19:11
Celtiorethanks you19:13
NanojitIs there something like a changelog for the ubuntu mobile images?22:13
persiaNanojit, Not really.  There are changelogs for the individual packages, but the daily images are just snapshots of the archive state at the same time every day.22:14
persiaNanojit, Are you looking for something specific?22:15
persiaOr just a list of changes on a regular basis?22:15
Nanojitpersia, Nope.. Just wanted to know if there was some kind of changelog with highlights from one snapshot to the other.22:16
persiaNo.  There's the intrepid-changes list that describes all the changes happening to intrepid over time, but nothing flavour-specific.22:17
NanojitWhat's that list's url?22:18
persiaBe warned, it's not exactly a low-traffic list.  Set up your filter *before* you subscribe.22:19
persia(well, some days it's low traffic, but sometimes you'll get 100 emails in 5 minutes)22:19
NanojitI'll just browse the online archives. :p22:20
persiaNanojit, That works :)22:22

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