gnomefreakanyone stillhanging out?02:17
gnomefreaki see the java script is upstream errors :)02:20
gnomefreakbtw i need testing done on both sunbird and lightning extensions please ignore the error when starting either, its upstream bug and im working with some of the people that are talking about it on the calendar dev list, waiting for a bug number from them02:47
gnomefreakasac: iceowl for lenny and sid or just one02:48
gnomefreaksetting up shroots and was just wondering so i know what order to build them in02:49
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asacok doing plenty of NM tests ... going off for that16:04
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fta[reed], is there a plan to unstick the "open new tab" button ? i find the new location really unnatural and annoying.. i want to be able to move it as before17:04
asacfta: i have a good idea for dquilt ;)17:18
asacthe first dquilt push could also unpack embedded tarballs and then apply the first patch :)17:18
ftaasac, hmmmmmmmm.... could work but what is your use case? using branches and bd --merge, i don't see how this could help17:28
asacfta: well. people can also prepare patches by apt-get source more easily17:30
asacfta: also its easier to tell someone:17:30
asacbzr bd --merge -e17:30
asacthen go to the dir and use "dquilte" just like you would use quilt17:30
asacand remember to copy the new patches back to the bzr branch debian/patches directory17:31
asacalso we could think about making bzr bd smart enough to create a link for debian/patches? or would that work?17:31
asacjames_w: ^^17:31
ftai would like a bd switch doing -e + patch17:32
asacjames_w: do you know why i suddenly have a bzr tray thing that doesnt really provide much features?17:32
asacmy command line tool bzr just became a gui application :)17:32
asacfta: well yeah. dquilt could be used for that then and also for people working with apt-get source17:33
james_wasac: it's part of bzr-gtk17:33
asacjames_w: how did that came to me? any idea?17:34
asacthrough a recommends?17:34
asacor was it always installed and just got a tray thing now?17:34
james_wasac: I uploaded a fix to the desktop file yesterdays so that it actually launches now17:34
james_wasac: and I don't know what you mean about creating a link for debian/patches17:35
asacjames_w: what does it do? i only can select preferences with right mous but nothing with left17:35
james_wit hooks in to bzr-dbus and bzr-avahi to provide notifications of commits17:35
asacjames_w: so it notifies me that i just commit something ;) ... sounds not really useful :-D17:36
ftaasac, /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.3/defaults/preferences/firefox-branding.js is not the same file on i386 and amd64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/56044/17:36
asacjames_w: anyway links:17:36
asacjames_w: bzr bd --merge -e17:36
asaccd $builddir17:36
asacquilt push -a17:36
asacedit some/file17:36
asacquilt refresh17:37
asacnow i have to manually take care that the patches get into the patches/ directory17:37
asaccp -r patches/* /path/to/bzr/tree/debian/patches17:37
asacthe last step is quite cumbersome17:37
asacand i would like to get rid of it ;)17:37
james_wasac: as I said the other day "bzr bd-do" is intended to do exactly that17:37
asacjames_w: ok. didnt understand it that way17:38
james_wsaves you "cd $builddir" and "cp -r patches/*"17:38
asacjames_w: cool if it does what it should do then it really is great17:38
asacfta: ^^ try that please ;) and then use the "new" dquilt :-P17:38
james_wI nicked it from svn-buildpackage17:39
ftaasac, did you patch dquilt ?17:39
asacno :-P17:39
james_wone caveat is that you need to "bzr add" any new files (e.g. patches) afterwards17:39
asacfta: the new dquilt was a joke17:39
ftaasac, ok17:39
asacjames_w: afterwards?17:40
asacjames_w: at best i would like to be able to just commit there as usual17:40
asacand then say exit 017:40
asac-> then a bzr push happens17:40
asacexit 117:40
asacthe changes done in the branch are discarded17:40
james_wthat could work17:40
james_wit means the source you get during bd-do isn't the same one that is built, which might be a problem17:41
asacwell. for some17:43
asacbzr bd-do is usually ment for development17:43
asacand i dont think that a .bzr directory would cause issues for normal debuild -b17:43
asacotherwise bzr bd-do-dev ;)17:44
james_wthe other alternative would be automatically adding, but I haven't thought it through completely, so I'm wary of doing that.17:48
asacjames_w: personally i wouldnt like automatically adding17:50
asacjames_w: actually i wouldnt like automatically copying all over when you exit17:50
asacjames_w: now that i think about it, i think its a different command. bzr bd-do is similar to cdbs-edit-patch etc.17:51
asacwhile bzr bd-dev is just there to make a working/merged development tree ;)17:51
ftaarmin76, http://juliank.wordpress.com/2008/10/10/gentoo-destroying-earth/20:05
ftaasac, mozilla bug 421977 => approval1.9.0.4 denied20:26
ubottuMozilla bug 421977 in OS Integration "nsGNOMEShellService::GetDesktopBackgroundColor should support GConf's actual format" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42197720:26
asacfta: fair enough20:27
asacfta: i think the policy gets "luckily" harder finally20:28
ftawhat a changelog! https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/xserver-xorg-video-nouveau/1:0.0.10~git+20080706+b1f3169-120:29
ftawith automated ppa builds in it20:30
[reed]fta: I requested blocking on it22:34
fta[reed], on what?22:45
[reed]new tab button22:45
[reed]making it movable22:45
ftabug id ?22:47

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