pteaguehow exactly does mute work?  i'm clicking the mute on my remote & the OSD is saying mute on & mute off, but i'm getting sound whether mute is on or off00:04
superm1pteague, turns on and off the master mixer's volume usually00:18
superm1if it's not the master mixer you want to adjust you need to go into the settings and change which one it works with00:18
pteagueah, ok... maybe that's the issue... i think it may have gotten set to PCM00:19
Corohcan any one help me to make a shop list to my first mythtv box???01:06
orkid_it really depends what u want to do01:09
orkid_with it01:09
orkid_if u say that, in specifics, maybe someone will help u01:09
Corohthere isnt  PCI capture card for my Digital tv system im my country01:11
Corohsoh .. in this first moment i will use a ship one like bt 87801:11
Corohi would like a complete Media Center box01:13
Corohwith hdmi IN and out01:13
Corohorkid_: can you undertand?01:14
Coroha Full remote control woud be fine... and one very important.... the price... as low as possible01:15
Corohim in other channel ... meeet you there.. tanks  #myth-users01:20
planeracerhello all03:38
planeraceranyone around here?03:38
rhpot1991!ask | planeracer03:39
Zinnplaneracer: Please don't ask if anyone is around or if it is alright to ask a question.  Many people check back periodically and may answer your question when they see it.  IRC is not normally an instant fix so check back often for an answer.03:39
planeracerI lost mythbunty control center. When i click on, window shows for a password. after i entered a password cliked ok, nothink happens. Any idea03:41
planeracerwhat happend?03:42
planeracerany way to fix that?03:42
rhpot1991try to launch it from a terminal and check the terminal for errors03:45
planeraceri can lunch that from terminal?03:46
rhpot1991you may need to do it as sudo, not positive03:47
planeracersudo su03:47
planeracerops, not that keyboard03:47
planeracerdo ihave to just type that ?03:48
tritiumplaneracer: sudo -i to get you a root shell03:49
tritiumWe recommend that over sudo su03:49
planeraceri didnt know that03:49
planeracerthen i have type mythbuntu-control-centre .?03:50
tritiumIf you want to run it from cli.  Why are you doing that?03:50
planeracerto see why contol centre not shwoing03:51
planeracerlast time i went into just for enable a video codecs. then that it03:53
planeraceri had a problem with dvd player03:54
planeracerany way to lunch that from terminal? to see any errors?03:55
rhpot1991launch a terminal type "sudo mythbuntu-control-centre"03:59
planeraceri did03:59
planeracerbut command not found03:59
rhpot1991_laptopdid you spell it right04:00
rhpot1991_laptopnotice centre04:00
rhpot1991_laptopif so launch synaptec (or the tool of your choice) and make sure its installed04:01
planeracerlet me check spelling04:01
planeracerok worked now04:02
planeraceri got a index error04:03
planeracerlist index out of range04:03
planeracerI think i did somethink wrong with remote files04:06
Foople1anyone know of a analog USB video capture device that works out of the box with mythbuntu?04:45
planeracerHey ! it works now! Thanks <rhpot1991_laptop> and <tritium>04:48
tritiumplaneracer: good!  :)04:48
jmichelsenI have some questions regarding mythtv/ATI wonder remote 5000015900A. I cant seem to get lirc to work properly. I have the /etc/lircd.conf with the remotes settings, and the ~/.lircrc as well, irw wont recognize signals from the remote, anyone have any ideas?06:46
MythbuntuGuest23hey everyone06:57
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TrainAssI've been looking for an answer regarding Blu-Ray/HD-DVD playback in Mythbuntu06:58
TrainAssI haven't been able to find anything concrete, so I thought I'd pop in here and see if there are any solutions06:59
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faceplantHi all, does anyone here an HDTV tuner card?14:27
jmichelsenI have some questions regarding mythtv/ATI wonder remote 5000015900A. I cant seem to get lirc to work properly. I have the /etc/lircd.conf with the remotes settings, and the ~/.lircrc as well, irw wont recognize signals from the remote, anyone have any ideas?14:28
faceplantI've installed an ATI hdtv wonder. I'm trying to follow these instructions to install it: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/ATI_HDTV_Wonder . The tuner card can be properly probed and detected. Unfortunately, I can't change the channel on the card!14:30
massabuntuhi, i have a question,  how can i make my diskless client reach the internet connection?17:29
superm1should inherently be able to17:35
MythbuntuGuest42anyone with experience with Mythbuntu 8.04 and VNC ?17:38
superm1!ask | MythbuntuGuest4217:43
ZinnMythbuntuGuest42: Please don't ask if anyone is around or if it is alright to ask a question.  Many people check back periodically and may answer your question when they see it.  IRC is not normally an instant fix so check back often for an answer.17:43
MythbuntuGuest42I had the previous version of Mythbuntu installed and everything was good.  I upgraded to the 8.04, and since then I have problems with VNC.  I can connect fine, but as soon as I try to use the mouse or keyboard, the X server dies and I get 13 lines of backtrace in my /var/log/Xorg.0.log.  If I instead run x11vnc on display 0, I can then at least connect and log in, but as soon as I do, the session dies with caught 17:50
superm1MythbuntuGuest42, okay so what happened is vnc4server is broken in 8.0417:51
superm1if you go into MCC and deactivate/reactivate VNC it will transition you to x11vnc insetad17:52
MythbuntuGuest42lovely :(17:52
MythbuntuGuest42But at least I know I'm not losing my mind :-)17:52
superm1yeah a bit of an annoyance really17:52
superm1but upstream doesn't care about new X17:52
superm1so that's what happens17:52
MythbuntuGuest42I just hate to fire up the projector and use my bulb to do something like add a package17:53
MythbuntuGuest42or if I need to fiddle with stuff that needs a GUI17:53
superm1well you can X forward the app17:53
superm1ssh -X -Y17:53
superm1and then run mythbuntu-control-centre17:53
MythbuntuGuest42yeah, but I don't have anything on this end yet to accept the X connections17:53
MythbuntuGuest42my laptop is currently running Windblows17:54
superm1temporarily xhost +17:54
superm1well cygwin?17:54
superm1or a live disk temporarily17:54
MythbuntuGuest42My Solaris boxes are headless.  Soon I'll have another Ubuntu PC I can use in the living room.17:54
MythbuntuGuest42So why does x11vnc die as soon as I log in ?17:56
MythbuntuGuest42and I have to restart it17:56
superm1that shouldn't be happening..17:57
superm1but the command line options for it might be innaccurate17:58
MythbuntuGuest42I'm guessing it's some kind of permissions problem.17:58
superm1i forget the exact ones that are set by mcc17:58
MythbuntuGuest42Since I first have to start it with a -auth pointing to the /var/lib/gdm/0:Xauth17:59
MythbuntuGuest42hi kirkland17:59
MythbuntuGuest42OK I ran a reconfigure through the MCC for VNC, and logged out afterwards - now I can't connect back in.  Where does MCC store the x11vnc options and how does it start it ?  Or do I now have to go and run it manually everytime ?18:04
superm1MythbuntuGuest42, it's started on the autologin18:07
superm1via the session script18:07
superm1MythbuntuGuest42, so you won't see it at the gdm screen, but as soon as you are logged in you do18:07
MythbuntuGuest42OK ... so if it's started as part of the login ... then how do I log in ?18:08
superm1you should have been autologging in18:08
superm1is the idea18:08
superm1    #x11vnc18:08
superm1    if [ -x /usr/bin/x11vnc ] && [ -f /root/.vnc/passwd ]; then18:08
superm1        x11vnc -rfbauth /root/.vnc/passwd -rfbport 5900 -shared -forever -nowf -norc -notruecolor -bg18:08
superm1    fi18:08
superm1that's what gets ran on the autologin18:08
MythbuntuGuest42I've been a Solaris and AIX admin for years ... but I feel completely lost with this stuff - it's like I"m in a new world, and nothing is where I expect it to be :-)18:09
MythbuntuGuest42One of the reasons I don't have it set to autologin, is that only my userid shows up in the list.  The mythtv user doesn't, and I would rather stuff run as mythtv, than as me.18:11
superm1well that's not what you are supposed to do though18:14
superm1that mythtv user is meant ONLY for the mythbackend daemon18:14
superm1and for creating a mythtv group common among users18:15
MythbuntuGuest42ah ok18:15
MythbuntuGuest42I will create another userid for it to run as then18:15
MythbuntuGuest42so my stuff stays separate18:16
MythbuntuGuest42where is the autologin session script you mentioned with the x11vnc stuff kept ?18:16
MythbuntuGuest42cool thanks18:16
MythbuntuGuest42you've been a great help18:16
superm1that's the session script that runs when you've configured autologin in mcc at least18:16
superm1no prob18:17
MythbuntuGuest42I think I'll go see what I can work out from here :-)18:17
superm1if you've got ideas for how to make things work better at all, we're open to suggestions18:17
superm1just because it's done this way right now doesn't mean it's done "Right"18:17
MythbuntuGuest42cool ... I don't feel qualified at the moment ... as I said, I seem to get lost with Ubuntu, but I'm trying to learn.  I eventually want to completely get rid of every Mickeysoft POS operating system in my house :-)18:18
MythbuntuGuest42A friend got me interested in mythtv, as I hated to install MS media center.18:18
MythbuntuGuest42Oh, one futher question - I was thrilled to finally get my video card and TV working - that took me 3 days of pulling my hair out.  I'd like to post what worked for me, in case it will help others.  Where is the best place to post it ?18:20
superm1in the forums18:21
superm1but i'm interested in what didn't work off the bat with the installer?18:21
superm1the installer offers questions about setting up the tv for your18:21
MythbuntuGuest42I have a Radeon X130018:22
MythbuntuGuest42I couldn't for the life of me get the tv-out to work.  Mind you, this was with the previous version.  I ended up digging through various guides and trying different things until I found the right drivers that worked, and then had to figure out what lines to put in the xorg.conf to get the tvout enabled and the other monitor I had.18:23
superm1well actually ati's command line utility generally does the trick18:23
superm1if you pass the right options18:23
MythbuntuGuest42heheh ... yes but for me the question was what were the right options ?18:24
superm1which is what 8.04's installer should have covered, but since you upgraded, that explains things18:24
MythbuntuGuest42It didn't recognize my old Westinghouse TV or the Panasonic18:24
superm1be wary, AMD hasn't released a driver for 8.1018:24
superm1so don't upgrade to 8.10 until they do18:24
MythbuntuGuest42Oh that's good to know !18:24
MythbuntuGuest42My friend was bugging me to upgrade to 8.10 as soon as it comes out, and I told him I prefer not to live on the bleeding edge - I get tired of putting on band-aids :-)18:25
MythbuntuGuest42This time after the upgrade, it did work well with my new Mitsubishi TV, and all I had to do was fix the resolutions so it would work at 1920x1080 ....18:26
MythbuntuGuest42Oh, that's soemthing else - I've noticd that while the TV says it does 1920x1080, and it works and looks great, the pixture is centered in the screen with about a 1.5" border around it, instead of fillin gup the screen .. any way to tell the xserver (and myth) to stretch it to fill whole screen ?18:27
superm1well you need to identify who is to blame there18:29
superm1if it's the driver, or if the tv should be stretching it18:30
superm1the tv might be doing this so as to prevent overscan18:30
MythbuntuGuest42The TV just says "PC" and won't let me change the format so perhaps so18:33
MythbuntuGuest42will dig around and see what info I can find on the TV18:34
MythbuntuGuest42if it's the driver then how would I change it ?  I'm using the fglrx driver18:35
superm1amd's control centre18:35
MythbuntuGuest42ok thanks18:36
MythbuntuGuest42I really appreciate all your help18:36
MythbuntuGuest42Have a good day/evening depending where you are in the world :-)18:36
superm1no prob MythbuntuGuest42 . you too18:38
ajhtiredwolfanyone know how to get totem working in mythbuntu as a media player? I want to use it instead of mplayer because mplayer is having audio sync problems18:45
lotiafolks is there a way to have the live cd frontend work with a machine that has an nvidia card?18:56
superm1yeah, but not with the binary driver19:00
superm1you can use the open source driver no problem though when you do19:00
lotiasuperm1: thanks. is there a way to do a custom image using the standard build so it contains the binary driver?19:02
superm1lotia, casper unfortunately prevents that19:02
superm1it would take a nontrivial development effort19:03
lotiasuperm1: what is casper?19:03
* lotia apologizes for his ignorance and googles19:03
superm1lotia, it's what prepares a lot of the live cd environment19:04
superm1it's a canonical written tool19:04
ajhtiredwolfanyone know how to fix mplayer audio syncing issues in mythbuntu? or other wise know how to use xine in mythbuntu instead?19:29
superm1there is a a wiki page explaining it19:31
superm1how to  switch players19:31
superm1on help.ubuntu.com19:31
superm1i'm not sure if Zinn knows about it19:31
ZinnSorry I don't know about mythvideo19:31
ajhtiredwolfi know how to install and use xine19:40
ajhtiredwolfbut if you just type in totem-xine as the player in mythbuntu19:40
ajhtiredwolfit will play in the background instead of the current window, mplayer has a bunch of special options at the end of the comman19:40
ajhtiredwolfim wondering which ones are needed for xine to work in mythbuntu19:40
ajhtiredwolfcool thanks, looks like it just needs some configuring, works much better than mplayer though19:47
lotiaajhtiredwolf: i use vlc which seems to behave quite well.21:02
MythbuntuGuest07Hello, after making a few configuration changes (disabling/re-enabling VNC, creating a new mythuser and setting it to autologin), I restarted my X server and my resolution on the TV dropped to 1024x768.  Checking the Xorg.0.log, I see it is no longer getting correct EDID data.  I've tried restarting X, rebooting the machine, turning the TV off/waiting/turning it on (it's a DLP so have to wait for the lamp) and reboo21:22
MythbuntuGuest07I still can not get the EDID data back.21:22
MythbuntuGuest07My fglrx driver is 8.471 which i think is the latest21:23
LaschWMy EPG suddenly shows all programms 1hour earlier. So a sending which starts at 20:00 is shown to start at 19:00. Any idea why / how this happened?22:36
LaschWI didn't change the system date/time only mythbackend crashed and mythtv-backend became a zombie process.22:37
cobb28hello, i;ve been trying to get mythbuntu working for about 7 hours now and am wits end...i followed 2 different guides exactly and everything seems to work perfectly in the setup except for liveTV, when I click watchTV nothing happens.23:08
cobb28i am using a HD Homerun and mythbuntu 8.04, DVI to HDMI cable from nvidia card into an Onkyo receiver, i do not have the sound working through the spdif connection yet23:10

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