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boredandbloggingnice wikipedia news there14:04
boredandbloggingtyche: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20081009-wikipedia-adopts-ubuntu-for-its-server-infrastructure.html14:09
tycheYou HAVE put that link in UWN 112, haven't you?14:10
tycheDANGED STRAIGHT! That one is a good one.14:11
tycheOh, BTW.  IT'S SHIPPED!!!!  IT'S COMING!!!! YIPEEEE!!!!!14:13
boredandbloggingtyche: what shipped?14:13
tycheAhHem.  Pardon me.  Just a bit of over-exuberance.14:13
tycheMy Mini 914:14
tycheIt wasn't supposed to ship until November 314:14
tycheEstimated delivery date of October 14.14:14
boredandbloggingvery cool14:15
tycheYea.  One of the things it's neat for is the PDF novels that I can transfer to it, and take anywhere.14:15
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