ikoniaLjL: I thought it was scope to give them a nudge before removing ?00:11
LjLikonia, if i were to act like a robot, i'd just use a robot... if someone tells me to fuck just because i point them to the spanish channel since they're speaking spanish, i'm not really going to waste the channel's time discussing that00:13
ikoniano no, I thought he was just "saying oops" in a bad way00:14
LjLikonia: uhm, i hadn't interpreted it that way. maybe.00:14
LjLikonia: seen too many people being randomly abusive after being given the !xx factoid00:14
ikoniaeg: use the spanish channel, "oh fuck - sorry"00:14
ikonia(I know he didn't say sorry)00:15
ikoniaLjL: yes, I agree many random abusive language responses, more so latly00:15
* ompaul thinks that too soft a line is taken remove and pm is a tactic that will get one of two replies00:16
ompaulthe sorry 00:16
ikoniayes, that works 00:16
ompaulor the one where they regret your presence on the network00:16
ompaulif the latter I tend to tell them they can't win a competition of how to win friends and influence people if that fails then you ain't goin nowhere00:17
LjLsg ubottu wireless00:19
ompaulnight 00:20
nickrudany of the floodbot handlers around? They are not working well together, I think00:39
naliothnickrud: can we help you?00:40
nickrudnalioth, nah, they seem to have worked out their confusion00:41
LjLnickrud, my hd was full00:41
nickrudah :)00:41
LjLas usual00:41
LjLtrying to compile the rt2500 drivers00:41
LjLyou wouldn't know how big the kernel headers are...00:41
naliothimposter-nickrud, if there's nothing else we can help you with, please see the /topic00:41
nickrudI have a terabyte now, there's no end to evil people, are there ;)00:41
naliothhi nickrud! ltns00:42
* LjL rolls eyes00:42
nalioththere's been a bit of nick thieving going on lately 00:43
naliothfolks don't watch for "ID'd or not ID'd" and will just talk to anyone in a nickrud (or other known nick) suit00:43
nickrudI'm on my work machine in windows. Never did set this client up right00:43
LjLand, after all this unwarranted floodbot killing, the stupid realtek doesn't show up in ifconfig anyway >:00:43
PriceChildrt2500 is ralink, not realtek00:43
LjLright, that00:44
PriceChildits a ralink card? pci?00:44
LjLpci yes, 00:09.0 Network controller: RaLink RT2500 802.11g Cardbus/mini-PCI (rev 01)00:44
PriceChild(usb was rt2570)00:44
LjLnote i'm on debian though00:44
PriceChildhmm never touched the minipci00:44
nickrudhm, my cloak seems to have disappeared00:45
LjLPriceChild: what even *is* the minipci? i just have plain pci slots in my server00:45
PriceChildnickrud: its there00:45
LjLnickrud, you are cloaked...00:45
nickrudsilly client00:45
PriceChildLjL: I have no idea, by cardbus.. is that like laptop slots?00:45
PriceChildi'm not a hardware nerd by any stretch 8-)00:45
nickrudwhat I get for not firing up the vm00:45
LjLPriceChild, it sounds like something like that, but i really assure you the slot is pci00:45
nickrudcardbus, new name for pcmcia, minipci is a pci slot 00:46
PriceChildLjL: have you compiled this using module-assistant?00:46
LjLnickrud: wasn't the new name PCCard?00:46
PriceChildor is that an ubuntu thing?00:46
nickrudsame thing I think. 00:46
LjLPriceChild: yeah, even though i had to install some linux-kbuild from a .deb on the web because apparently i didn't have it - anyway, yes00:46
nickrudbut I'm no hardware guru either00:46
PriceChildLjL: have you tried "sudo ifconfig ra0 up" ?00:46
elky_workralink drivers are stupid00:46
LjLPriceChild: yeppers00:47
LjLra0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device00:47
LjLjust as before as probing the module00:47
PriceChild(that made it magically appear for me, even if it wasn't listed anyware before)00:47
LjLPriceChild: oh, i need to install its anyware? ;P00:47
PriceChildyou did install after building right?00:48
LjLPriceChild: yeah, anyway the module is there, modprobe probes it00:48
LjLthough, uhm...00:49
PriceChildI believe the windows drivers have separate drivers for pci, mini-pci, usb and the other version of rt25** and rt24**. Not sure if its the same here.00:49
LjLthe modules i have in ubuntu (and for other kernels that i can't start in debian) are two, rt2500pci and rt2500usb00:49
LjLinstead, this one compiled with m-a is just rt250000:49
LjLPriceChild: i see, the description of mine says "An alternate driver, rt2500pci, is available in the rt2x00-source package and in the Linux kernel from version 2.6.24" (i'm running kernel 2.6.18). so this one *should* work for minipci (it also says that), but isn't the same module you get in current kernels00:51
PriceChildi haven't messed with it since feisty most likely00:51
PriceChildhehe, feisty most likely00:51
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-ops's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:52
nickrudwrong factoid for -ops ;)00:52
LjL!info linux feisty | PriceChild, still you had a newer kernel than me ;)00:52
ubottupricechild, still you had a newer kernel than me ;): linux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component restricted, is optional. Version (feisty), package size 24 kB, installed size 52 kB00:52
LjLi have newer kernels installed, but err, last time i booted one, it wouldn't boot00:52
LjLand that involved a nasty restorage of lilo from a cd-rom00:52
LjLwhich also refused to boot for a while00:53
* LjL should install grub, at least that doesn't lock up like lilo, but then i'm afraid it would result in *another* such restorage...00:53
ubottuMythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV01:05
LjL!no MythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV - For discussion and specific support, try #ubuntu-mythtv01:05
ubottuI'll remember that LjL01:05
LjLok, i tried grub, and of course it messed up, by locking up on "grub-install".01:06
LjLso i'll reboot, and if you don't see me coming back, "ping 1" in -monitor01:06
naliothwatch travolta01:08
* jrib watches travolta leave01:10
Hobbseeis ubotu on canonical servers yet?01:12
naliothnot yet, Hobbsee 01:17
LjLbah, grub didn't kill lilo, the wireless card sort of works though i still cannot connect to it, and even if it worked it's pretty clear that i'm not going anywhere without an *antenna* for that card... so i suppose i can go to bed half satisfied01:33
CreamHello! How can i get the source of the floodbots?01:41
PiciYou can't.01:43
PiciCream: They are not open source at this time.01:43
CreamThat truly violates the spirit of Ubuntu you know...01:45
PiciI'm sorry.01:46
=== Cream is now known as Guest62694
Guest62694thx anyways01:49
Mezgoodbye cruiel world01:49
tritiumnalioth: ping04:26
gnomefreakanyone know AmalgamX04:27
naliothtritium: pong04:28
tritiumNo, but egoflux is sure a foul-mouthed, abusive PMer.04:28
tritiumnalioth: may I share with you the /query I've received from egoflux?04:28
naliothtritium: any time04:28
tritiumThanks, nalioth.04:30
Flannel[Arch_Slax]Draco: How can we help you?06:56
[Arch_Slax]DracoFlannel, hi. i'm from #ubuntu-cn, i wonder if i could borrow a anti-flood bot ^_^06:58
FlannelAh.  I believe the correct channel for LoCo team issues like that is #ubuntu-irc06:59
[Arch_Slax]Dracothanks anyway06:59
jussi01Good morning all!07:50
FlannelHowdy jussi01 07:54
jussi01Hey Flannel, how goes it?07:55
Flanneljussi01: been busy, but good.  How about yourself?07:56
jussi01Flannel: In superbusy work mode :)07:56
FlannelOne wonders what it is about this time of year.  Seems like everyone is.07:59
MyrttiMez: I have to say, I lolled.09:41
Myrttithat was just so epic.09:43
MezMyrtti, ??09:58
Myrtti[03:49] <+Mez> goodbye cruiel world09:59
Myrtti[03:50] ~~~Mez [n=mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by  peer)]09:59
Myrtti^ :-D09:59
MezMyrtti, haha, yeah, that was just before I rebooted my server :D09:59
* Mez waves10:00
* Myrtti cries a bit10:56
* Tm_T huggles Myrtti 10:58
elkbuntuwow, so this is what my flat looks like. i'd forgotten13:50
* elkbuntu just pulled off 13hrs at work, without a lunchbreak13:51
elkbuntubecause of a delusional bastard of a client13:52
ikoniajrib: I'm not buying this13:52
jribikonia: possible in theory, but I doubt it as well13:52
ikoniajrib I think the users in the admin group, but not the primary group so he's getting worked up over nothing13:52
* elkbuntu settles down with a 1/4 chicken and some pasta salad for lunch... at midnight13:53
ikoniajrib: FYI: the user with no sudo rights he was testing was "root"14:01
Hobbseeheads up on dmh6514:43
Hobbseeand gone.14:43
ikoniaHobbsee: where was he bad this time14:44
Hobbseeikonia: oh, so he's known?14:44
Hobbseeikonia: #ubuntu+114:44
ikoniayeah, he was flooding ubuntu14:44
Hobbseedecided all teh questions were stupid, so decided to say that he gets an erection each morning.  sigh.14:45
Hobbseegot warned for that, then continued in various other off-topic stuff14:45
Hobbseethen kaboom.14:45
ikoniayes, just read14:45
jussi01cool! matti ahtisaari won the nobel peace prize :D http://edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/europe/10/10/nobel.peace.prize/index.html15:21
ikoniais anyone else finding it odd the lack of "when will 8.10 be released" questions15:26
Tm_Tikonia: "but it is released!!" (beta)15:35
ikoniashould a person who can't edit a file really be using the beta15:51
* mneptok wriggles erotically16:24
jussi01mneptok: !!!16:25
mneptoksorry i've been AWOL a bit. i've been visting family this week prior to GNOME's Boston Summit16:26
ikoniamneptok ????16:33
ikoniawriggles erotically ????16:33
mneptokjust for you, behbeh16:34
* Myrtti larts jussi01 for misspelling Martti's name17:44
* mneptok douses Myrtti in kerosene and raw animal passion17:47
Myrttiyou're silly17:49
Myrttiand I'm happy17:52
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)18:10
mneptokMyrtti: *muah*18:12
Myrttisilly mneptok.18:12
Myrttihmmmm hmmmm18:30
Myrttichocolate semolina porridge might be a good idea18:30
MyrttiNOM NOM NOM 19:34
* ompaul prepares the getto gun19:50
ompaulit is a blaster :)(19:50
* ompaul hangs around by the door19:51
* ompaul sharpens a bottle of water .....19:53
* ompaul drinks the sharp water19:54
ompaulahh 19:57
ompaulthe pity 19:57
ompaulI missed that19:57
ompaulvery very funny19:57
ompaulopaul, get life19:57
Myrttihow cute19:57
opaulWhat's your problem?19:57
ompaulyou may have the letter a if you want19:57
ompaulban avoidance is one thing19:58
ompaulthat would be your behaviour 19:58
ompaulso you got stuck here19:58
opaulAnd you are?19:58
opaulFor now. I won't be here that long19:58
ompaulsomeone who can19:58
opaulSomeone who can19:58
* Tm_T huggles opaul 19:58
ompaulTm_T, elaborate on that19:58
ompaulohh you did :)19:58
Tm_Tmay someone elaborate what is going on here?19:59
opaulYou're not even an intelligent conversationalist.19:59
opaulTm_T: Apparently this guy has been blocking me "because he can"19:59
ompaulopaul, perhaps you are not someone with whom I would usually engage in reasonable conversation19:59
Tm_Tompaul: now now (;19:59
opaulI've been calling him (and tritium) out for it, but they respond by blocking19:59
Tm_Topaul: erm?20:00
ompaulopaul, no someone is blocking you because you avoided bans20:00
ompaulopaul, in fact your ban avoidance was so bad I forwarded you here20:00
opaulThat someone is "opaul"20:00
ompaulno that someone is * misfbackw__ (n=misfback@97-116-120-45.mpls.qwest.net) has left #ubuntu-ops20:00
ompaullets look at that bans that you avoided shall we20:00
Tm_Twe shall please20:01
ompaul* ompaul removes ban on *!?=mfwisbac@*20:01
ompaul* ompaul removes ban on mfisbackw!*@*20:01
ompaul* ompaul removes ban on *!*@97-116-115-120.mpls.qwest.net20:01
ompaul* ompaul removes ban on *!*@97-116-122-187.mpls.qwest.net20:01
ompaul* ompaul removes ban on *!*@97-116-105-71.mpls.qwest.net20:01
ompaul* ompaul removes ban on mfwitten_!*@*20:01
ompaul* ompaul removes ban on mfwitten!*@*20:01
ompaul* ompaul removes ban on *!*@97-116-120-118.mpls.qwest.net20:01
ompaul* ompaul removes ban on *!*@97-116-118-127.mpls.qwest.net20:01
ompaulafter I forwarded you here I thought why burden the ban list20:01
opaulYou make it seem like I was banned for different things20:01
Tm_Topaul: and you've been ban evading because...20:01
Tm_Topaul: no he doesn't20:01
ompaulopaul, I will ban for ban avoidance, you can come here and complain if you want20:02
opaulBesides, those bans just knock some other poor schmo off the channel.20:02
ompaulI forced you here20:02
ompaulopaul, or should I say "anonymous"20:02
opaulompaul: It's just a matter of time before I get another IP20:02
Tm_Topaul: and ?20:02
ompaulopaul, you threatening me?20:03
ompaulright game over20:03
Tm_Tompaul: noooo20:03
Tm_Topaul: I repeat, why you ban evade20:03
opaulompaul: You're the kind of guy that's interested in asserting power.20:03
Tm_Topaul: and stop pushing20:04
opaulTm_T: I ban evaded because I was banned (unnecessarily)20:04
ompaulopaul, wrong, I am the kind of guy who does not want a disrupted20:04
Tm_Topaul: then come here, don't ban evade20:04
Tm_Topaul: ban evading is worse than getting banned20:04
ompaulchannel and furthermore you have exceeded the social norms and more or less threatening us that you what to do ban evade further20:04
opaulTm_T: The only reason anyone even knew I was "ban evading" was because I was calling out these guys for their nonsense.20:04
Tm_Topaul: that's doesn't make it less bad20:05
opaulompaul: hahah.20:05
ompaulopaul, lets have a look20:05
Tm_Topaul: your agressive stance isn't helping you here, son20:05
opaulYou guys are enjoying this aren't you?20:06
Tm_Topaul: no I'm not20:06
ompaul2008-10-10T17:46:15 <mfwitten> What the hell is this Ubuntu Christian/Muslim edition bullshit. How can you guys let these cults ride on the coat-tails of Ubuntu and associate with you? It's not just rude, it's ridiculous.20:06
Myrttiyeah, we have take perverse pleasure in wasting our Friday night with IRC...20:06
opaulYou're the kind of guys that lopped off lavoisier's head and started the spanish inquisition20:06
Tm_T(and who's guy and who's not)20:07
opaulIt must be thrilling to hold court20:07
ompaulthis ain't no court20:07
Tm_Topaul: no, you're not helping anyone now, son20:07
opaulQuit calling me 'son'. Who do you think you are?20:07
Tm_T...I am your father, Luke!20:08
* Tm_T hides20:08
ompaulopaul, why not reflect that glorious question at yourself, who do you think you are20:08
opaulTm_T: At least you have a sense of humor20:08
Tm_Topaul: no, seriously, you're my son20:08
Tm_T(as long as I have to watch your doings)20:08
ompaulyou have exceeded the social norms for irc 20:08
opauloh cut it out20:08
ompaulyou therefore were sanctioned 20:08
opauloh my goodness20:08
opaulListen to this blabbering20:08
Tm_Topaul: we are listening20:09
opaulI am too20:09
Tm_Topaul: have you read our channel rules?20:09
Tm_Tand to you others, he's mine20:09
Tm_Tmy preciousss.... son20:10
Tm_Topaul: have you, son?20:10
ompauljust for fun and no profit20:12
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines20:12
ompaulthe noise is deafening 20:15
ompaulTm_T, I'll leave it with you20:15
Tm_Tompaul: danke sehr (:)20:15
Tm_Topaul: son, something else we can help you with?20:24
opaulTm_T: Yeah. You want to have sex/20:27
Tm_Tye, he's free prey20:29
ompaulanalysis - troll - first question that is likely to inflame, second, accuse those who mute of being a lynch mob, third annoy and pretend to be misunderstood, fourth get removed just because 20:30
ompaulohh well 20:30
* ompaul thinks about a best selling factual novel, trolls I have known, about 10 people would want to buy it .... 20:33
ompaulbut anyway20:33
ompaulmneptok, ping a ping a ping a pong20:33
ompaulTm_T, this might be worth #fix-your-connection * blablebl (n=blablebl@pD9EA638E.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #ubuntu20:34
Tm_Tsowwy I'm not in that channel atm20:34
ompaulit is to send that party to there :)20:35
macvrADMINS ther is a spam bot in #ubuntu >>> JesseL62720:56
Tm_Tmacvr: how does it spam?20:57
macvrJesseL627> I actually ran accross a profitable stock pick site today: www.profitlock.net<<< this keeps running every few mins20:59
Tm_Tlet me see20:59
Tm_The's not there?20:59
GaryTm_T: already removed by Pici 21:00
Tm_Twhat was the method to retrieve list of ops etc in channel?21:00
macvrwhat is ops?21:01
GaryTm_T: /msg chanserv access #channel list21:01
Tm_TGary: ah it's still that, thanks21:01
Seeker`wow, Gary is still about21:15
Garyyes, I am :p21:16
Piciabout what?21:20
Garyabout a bit I think, about here, about there, etc21:28
mneptokompaul: oy21:44
ompaulmneptok, I was away with the automobile21:48
ompaulmneptok, prepare yourself for the g force :)21:49
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
MyrttiSKYPE ♥ 22:03
Piciskype isn't floss.22:04
Myrttiskype WORKS22:04
Myrttithat's all I need22:04
Myrttiit's a tool, a medium22:04
PiciThe FSF actually has it on a list.22:04
MyrttiI love you all ♥ 22:04
* Myrtti loves Pici22:04
* Pici hugs Myrtti 22:04
* mneptok loves Skype22:06
mneptoka long distance bill isn't exactly free, either22:06
mneptokand if it's a choice between a hugs long distance bill and not being able to see the source code of something that Just Works(tm), that's no choice.22:07
* Myrtti hugs mneptok22:08
MyrttiI lovez you too22:08
Myrttisilly old mneptok 22:08
LjL[23:08:20] --> Oilfurnace1 has joined #ubuntu (n=John_Nel@c-98-216-40-179.hsd1.ma.comcast.net).22:10
LjL(just to keep you updated on his nicknames)22:11
ompaulMyrtti, hate to inform you mneptok is neither silly, nor old22:15
ompauland yes i hear the echo, but that is ompaul claiming that22:15
Myrttihe is older than me though22:21
mneptokyeah, kids these days ...22:24
Myrttikids these days are amazing!22:29
Myrttiyes we are!22:29
Myrttiand I *still* love ALL OF YOU!22:29
Tm_Tme too?22:32
Myrttiyes, you most of them all22:32
Myrttijussi01 the next most22:32
* mneptok waves from the basement22:33
ompaulbasement mneptok feeds on your thoughts22:36
* ompaul grins22:36
Tm_Tgood night, kids, be well22:36
ompaulTm_T, what is the root password to the gateway server to the office? ;-)22:37
ompaulI can't remember22:37
Garyummm mneptok sounds hawt though22:40
ompaulit is a Gary 22:41
Garyhawt, where?22:41
LjLright here!22:41
Garyarn't you lucky22:42
ompaulGary, see the guy with the colchester lug cloak he be gary22:42
LjLfunny-cloaked guys are always funny22:42
ompaulfunny jokes wear out22:42
ompaulGary, where was the "buy one of our tees" campaign this year?22:43
Garyompaul: too busy :'(22:43
LjLtea? can i have some?22:43
Garyummm tea22:43
GaryI've run out of teabags :'(22:44
* jdong looks up...22:44
jdongnever mind.22:44
LjLjdong: yes, we're offtopic22:44
Garyagain, tsk22:45
LjLwell this time we know whose fault it is22:45
mneptokGary: i *am* hot. FOR *YOU*!22:46
* mneptok shakes it for the Colchester studmuffin22:46
Garyoooow, yeah baby22:46
GaryLjL: wasn't me22:46
LjLjdong: now it's getting to the second act22:47
Garymneptok: hawt22:47
jdongLjL: yeah, I'm seeing that...22:48
GaryI feel repressed :'(22:48
LjLsomeone halp him22:48
* mneptok unzips Gary 23:04
mneptokthat better?23:04
Garyoh yes23:04
LjLbzip2 -9 Gary ; chmod a-rwx Gary.bz223:05
Myrttiyou boys are all funny23:11
Tm_Tyeah, you boys are23:17
Myrttiwell, I guess I am a bit too23:33
Myrttipoor guinea pigs23:33
Tm_Twut nau?23:33
Garyaww, guineas are cute23:46
Piciguinea pigs too23:46

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