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sbeattiemorning ara!07:10
sbeattiedoes anyone know if there's a way to run hardy's update-manager in a debug mode? I've had it happen where, with enough packages to install, it just downloads them, says it installed them, but doesn't actually do it.07:12
araevening sbeattie ;-)07:12
persiasbeattie, What sort of debug information are you trying to extract?07:13
sbeattieuh, a clue as to why it's not actually installing packages?07:13
persiaThat's harder then.  The actual installation is done by a call to synaptic, which then processes the changes in the requested apt-cache.07:14
arasbeattie: have you read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingUpdateManager?07:14
sbeattiehrm, I just realized I probably don't have apport turned on either.07:14
arasbeattie: did it fail in a particular package?07:15
aramorning thekorn07:50
thekorngood morning ara07:51
davmor2Morning Everybody08:01
davmor2mvo: morning Dude do you deal with upgrades or is it someone else?08:02
mvohey davmor208:16
mvodavmor2: I do that08:16
davmor2mvo: cool upgrading from hardy to intrepid you get the logout (greenman) top right and the fusa switch user/log out/switch off to the left of n-m applet is this known?08:19
mvodavmor2: yes, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fast-user-switch-applet/+bug/27414608:23
ubot5`Launchpad bug 274146 in fast-user-switch-applet "Has not yet replaced the existing log out applet" [High,In progress]08:23
mvodavmor2: its not tirivial, we will add a notification about this for the user so that he can click on a button and that updats his config08:24
mvoautomatically modifiying user configs is something we don't want to do08:24
mvodavmor2: it should land today (hopefully)08:25
davmor2give me a ping if it does I can re-test on Monday08:26
mvocool, thanks08:26
davmor2mvo: Looks like everything else work pretty much fine08:27
mvocd upgrades still need some love, but otherwise we should be in good shape08:27
davmor2mvo: Nvidia updated without any issues which I know played up at one point, so looking good08:28
mvocool! that is good to know08:28
mvoreal HW testing, especially with nvidia and ati is great08:28
davmor2mvo: I need to get hold of an ati card.  I got nvidia and intel so I'm only missing ati to round off my hardware collection :)08:30
aramvo: one question. I am trying to automated distribution upgrades. When reaching the dialog that stats "Do you want to start the upgrade?" and that you have two buttons, Cancel and Start Upgrade...10:37
aramvo: the accessibility seems to be not working at that point10:37
aramvo: if I try to run at-poke or accerciser, they get stuck10:38
aramvo: so I cannot get the assistive information10:38
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mvoara: right, I think that this is a problem with the way the accessability stuff works. update-manager switches to root for the actually install11:08
mvoand IIRC/AFAIK when doing that (via gksu/sudo) the layer does no longer work11:08
mvonow I wonder if it is possible to just run the automatiation as root too (or even log into a root desktop session) for this testing11:09
aramvo: mmm, yes, I guess that would be the only solution11:09
aramvo:  thanks :-)11:09
mvoara: cheers, let me know how it all works out, I'm very interessted in your work on this11:12
mvoara: what VM solution do you use ?11:13
aramvo: virtualbox11:13
mvoara: does it support a non-gui mode too? so that you can e.g. attach vnc to it but it runs otherwise non-interactive and headless? kvm can do this, but it has other disadvantages (like needs HW support and snapshot seems to be broken)11:14
aramvo: I don't know, I will check that11:18
mvonot important, I was just curious :) I am frustrated with kvm sometimes (especially because of the broken snapshot support) and I am curious about alternative11:20
thekornhi, has anyone ever heard about a bug where after an installation of intrepid no swap is used?17:48
persiathekorn, I've encountered timing issues with swap loading sometimes, but trying to turn it on post-boot always seems to work.  I figured it was just my setup for encrypted swap being based on an out-of-date HOWTO.17:49
thekornpersia: hmm, I did two clean installations in a row now, swapon -s is showing the swap device, but used stays at 017:54
thekornso I'm wondering what's going on there17:54
sbeattiethekorn: what's free show?17:55
davmor2sbeattie: Duh it's a show that's free ;)17:55
persiathekorn: have you applied enough memory pressure to force swap?  What about your swappiness tunable?17:58
persiaIt usually takes me a VM session and a bunch of other stuff to start using swap.17:58
thekornpersia: memory is at 89% right now, so I think swapping should have started18:00
thekornoha! swappiness is 9918:03
mcascan anyone tell me how i can start the gnome applet to change my cpu speed?18:06
mcashow is the command?18:07
SiDiAnyone who knows where i may find the Ibex official themes ?18:36
persiaSiDi, I'd recommend starting with a liveCD.18:37
SiDiWell i just wanna get the 2 themes :)18:39
SiDiIf possible without DLing the whole CD18:39
SiDii'm a bit limited in terms of bandwidth18:39
persiaSiDi, Yes, but I don't know.  You might ask in #ubuntu-art18:40
SiDiAlright, thanks18:41
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