nickrudLimCore, I had that once: something (I've forgotten what) was waiting for a network timeout, found it in syslog00:00
Doc8404LimCore mine shuts down in like 10 seconds00:00
w_nicramhow do I make qt apps use to the new gtk theme I just applied00:00
nickelpatI want to run PWI and SilkRoad online (both platinum on the site) but PWI won't run correctly, I get no cursor and the models are screwed up with bits of texture jutting out ever direction and chopped into little pieces.00:00
ubottuQt is the Qt (pronounced "cute") toolkit, which forms the base of KDE and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI. Install the libqt3-mt-dev package to compile Qt 3 applications or libqt4-dev for Qt 4 applications. Qt 4.4 is available from hardy-backports00:00
kevin7kalshingen: np00:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about qt-settings00:01
w_nicram!qt theme00:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about qt theme00:01
dysjeDoc8404: Wicd definately not working :p00:01
nickrud!brain > nickrud00:01
ubottunickrud, please see my private message00:01
kenoisgreedyb, i juts discovered this site, it seems to contain a howto for the process: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/05/16/test-drive-flash-player-10-beta-in-ubuntu/00:01
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:02
beefybefayWhat's the name of that package for the compiz 3d effects?00:02
evocallaghan1Where is the default PATH set in bash on a ubuntu box ?00:02
jaksawindows <300:02
GillesMMhello I installed a ubuntu and I have a problem with an ethernet card the 8139too it says eth0 is down ...00:02
NoobuntSHIT FUCK DAMN00:02
jrib!language | Noobunt00:03
ubottuNoobunt: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:03
jribevocallaghan1: why?  there's more than one place00:03
LjLNoobunt, i'm sure you understand that's not acceptable...00:03
LimCoredoes ubuntu support WAP2 wifi?00:03
lovre_hi all. I have this problem where i run a game, and the screen goes blank saying it cannot display this resolution. I must restart X then to log back in. Why is this happening? didnt happen with Kubuntu, nor windows xp. My graphics card is nVidia 7900GS, it should show 800x600 just fine. Native monitor res is 1280*1024... What can i do? Can someone please help? Sory for long post...00:03
evocallaghan1jrib:wtf is that meant to mean00:03
evocallaghan1grep "PATH" ~/.bashrc returns nothing00:03
greedybkenois, thank you00:03
jribevocallaghan1: if you don't understand, then just answer the "why?" question so I can understand what you want00:04
nxmehtacan anyone tell me why ubuntu by default has cron scripts to manually rotate syslog and auth.log files?  it's taken me forever to figure out why lograte wasn't rotating these files properly!00:04
evocallaghan1jrib:In other words you don't know00:04
nxmehtalogrotate rather00:04
beefybefaywhat's the name of the compiz manager package?00:04
eeenicohello my grub was displaced after I installed an additional ubuntu on a usb key any idea how to put it back on my main hd?00:04
trueboskoIs there a command line tool that I can filter results from cat/etc to go to my clip board?00:04
evocallaghan1Anyone else like to give me a straigt answer please?00:05
jribevocallaghan1: in other words, your question is ambiguous.  If you just want to waste my time though, I'm not going to bother trying to help you...00:05
trueboskolike cat foo | copy_to_clipboard00:05
ompaulevocallaghan1, usually if jrib asks you for more info it is because you need to give more info, jrib is in the top five most helpful people in this channel00:05
morth_beefybefay you looking for it or just want the name?00:05
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:05
LjLtruebosko: if you're looking for that in order to paste things to us, then you can use the "pastebinit" package00:05
beefybefaymorth_, the name so I can install it00:05
gabwayHi can somebody help me on a wireless problem in Ubuntu ?00:05
eeenicohello my grub was displaced after I installed an additional ubuntu on a usb key any idea how to put it back on my main hd?00:05
trueboskoLjL: No not to paste to you .. for personal stuff :)00:05
morth_hmm im pretty sure its under add/remove under the application tab00:06
LjL!info xclip | truebosko, then this00:06
ubottutruebosko, then this: xclip (source: xclip): command line interface to X selections. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.08-7 (hardy), package size 16 kB, installed size 72 kB00:06
trueboskoThanks ubottu / LjL00:06
nickelpatWhat's the wireless problem you're having?00:06
deathtechHey guys, i have downloaded an application (Maniadrive) and it shows two files in the directory, start.sh and init.sh , i tried a sudo sh start.sh, but it only returns the error that it couldnt change to some directory, im doing it wrong! lol help ?00:06
evocallaghan1Well what info do you need. Gezz. Where is the PATH set on a default install of ubuntu. it uses bash so..00:06
deathtechi moved the file to opt/data where it requested, and when i run it , it works, but i feel like im doing it wrong....00:06
eeenicocan anyone read me?00:06
ikoniadeathtech: mandriva packaged software is not aimed at ubuntu platfors00:07
ikoniaeeenico: sure00:07
deathtechis it mandriva based ?00:07
eeenicook =)00:07
deathtechi c00:07
ikoniadeathtech: apologies, thought you said mandriva00:07
ikoniadeathtech: just re-read00:07
deathtechnah its a game00:07
eeenicosorry gonna paste again...my grub was displaced after I installed an additional ubuntu on a usb key any idea how to put it back on my main hd?00:07
jribevocallaghan1: default system-wide path is in /etc/environment.  If you want to change the PATH for your user however, use ~/.profile (which also modifies the PATH by default)00:07
sqawerlzdoes anyone know what the process xorg is?00:07
ikoniadeathtech: yup, just saw my miss-read00:07
ikoniasqawerlz: x server00:08
gabwayI installed Ubuntu plugged my USB wireless card, Ubuntu finds a driver and it try to connect but never get a connection.00:08
ikoniasqawerlz: your "windows"00:08
w_nicramhow do I make qt user my gtk theme?00:08
morth_beefybefay You can install Compiz by using the Add/Remove Applications tab under Applications.00:08
evocallaghan1jrib:thank you00:08
sqawerlzok thanks00:08
deathtechany idea on how to install / properly setup a game that comes with data files and a simple start.sh and init.sh00:08
sqawerlzhow come it is listed as xorg rather than xwindows00:08
sqawerlzor xsession00:08
eeenicomy grub was displaced after I installed an additional ubuntu on a usb key any idea how to put it back on my main hd?00:08
ikoniasqawerlz: thats the application name00:08
ikonia!grub > eeenico00:09
ubottueeenico, please see my private message00:09
sqawerlzok thanks00:09
eeenicooh tx00:09
ColeosisAm I going to notice a huge hit in performance if I run ubuntu via virtual machine?00:09
ikoniaColeosis: depends on your machien spec and how hard you hit the vm00:09
ikoniaColeosis: and what you do in the vm00:10
LjLColeosis: no, not really huge, as long as you give it enough RAM and don't use 3D effect00:10
eeenicois ubottu a bot?00:10
jribeeenico: yep00:10
LjL!bot > eeenico    (eeenico, see the private message from Ubotu) quite so00:10
ubottueeenico, please see my private message00:10
morth_beefybefay are you still here?00:10
ColeosisHmm, I'm running a MacBook with 2GB of RAM.00:10
eeenicook thank you guys00:10
lokooa que loko aqui si hay gente00:10
jribLjL: s/Ubotu/ubottu00:10
LjL!es | lokoo00:10
ubottulokoo: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:10
lokooo fuck00:11
LjLjrib: i'm told the very message is unneeded to begin with, anyway00:11
ColeosisI'm debating on actually making Ubuntu my primary OS. I just wanted to see how it ran.00:11
ikoniaLjL: please stop that langauge00:11
LjLikonia: i'll try00:11
ikoniaLjL: sorry00:11
LjLikonia: well, i've complied, no? ;)00:11
evocallaghan1thanks all00:11
ikoniaLjL: thanks, appriciated00:12
DanskmandHowdy :-) - I am installing my new server with ubuntu 8.04 Server on a single 20 Gig-HD....When configuring the HD, I am presented with the choice of how to configure it. I want to use LVM....2 questions: 1st: Do I first use the whole HD as 1 PV and then make the needed LV's, which I format as f.ex. ext3 ?  -2nd: Can my boot partition (/) be part of a LVM ?00:12
shingenkevin7kal: ahh, I've used gtsm before... it manages tunnels... it lacked the features I required (-D for socks-like proxies)... but it doesn't do the network proxy portion... I don't need a SSH manager... I actually need a super configurable proxy manager like tsocks, but works at a daemon level to redirect all traffic00:12
shingendoes a more robust version of gnome network proxy manager exist, so that I can redirect traffic to different SOCKS proxies by domain name?  Or is that something that can only be done by iptables?00:12
MetalHeadDeadwhats a good network traffic monitor for ubuntu?00:12
ikoniaDanskmand: if your using a single disk - lvm is not really needed, more so as you'll need a /boot00:12
ikoniaDanskmand: lvm works better if you use the whole disk as a pv, but you can use partitions00:13
JC_Denton_MetalHeadDead: firestarter does some basic monitoring00:13
blakWhy would you need a /boot, isn't that no longer necessary00:13
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Danskmandikonia: I know I wont really need LVM for a single disk, but I would like to because I might want to put more in later....00:14
Mrfois there an easy way to send an existing process to the background. my XDMCP login froze up (but the processes are still running okay), and I'd like to send some of those running processes to the background so I can turn this remote machine off00:14
ikoniaDanskmand: then configure lvm when you put more disks in later00:14
Mrfoi would ctrl-z it, but i can't access that shell anymore00:15
deathtechHey guys, i have downloaded an application (Maniadrive) and it shows two files in the directory, start.sh and init.sh , i tried a sudo sh start.sh, but it only returns the error that it couldnt change to some directory, im doing it wrong! lol help ?00:15
ColeosisAnyone here running Ubuntu on a Macbook?00:15
deathtechi moved the file to opt/data where it requested, and when i run it , it works, but i feel like im doing it wrong....00:15
Danskmandikonia: Oh, that can be done later ? - Make several ext3-partitions and put data on, and then later convert the whole thing to LVM ?00:15
ikoniaDanskmand: can do, quite easy00:16
blakdeathtech: if it is working, what might be wrong, is drive mania working now?00:16
deathtechi mean yeah, but i had to move it to opt/data , and i have to run using sudo00:16
DanskmandOk....I dont think that was possible on the AIX machines back in the days (1998) when I learned LVM :-)00:17
ryan__Do you need a Firewall software when using Ubuntu?00:17
blakdeathtech: i would say that is fine then00:17
DanskmandWhat filesystem would you use on ubuntu ?00:17
blakdeathtech: a lot of programs would require sudo to run, especially something that sounds like it does something with drives...?00:17
deathtechnah its a gme00:17
deathtechgame **00:18
blakDanskmand: ext300:18
deathtechblak Maniadrive00:18
DanskmandOk...I aggree....Reiser is too unsecure how it will be in ther future....00:18
blakdeathtech: does the game load now? with sudo?.. i guess just use sudo, not that big of a deal?00:18
DigitalFizhey guys guess what!00:19
loshershingen: re: proxies, I think it depends on your requirements. Can you say more about what you're trying to do?00:19
deathtechnah not htat big of a deal, im a windows admin making the nix plunge and jsut testing the water, figured it shouldnt need restrictive access or me to move it to a specific directory to install, wanted to make sure i was doing it right00:19
Aggrav8dhi!  I'm looking for some info about a way to automate the creation/management of subdomains.  I'm looking for keywords I should be googling.  anyone got suggestions?00:19
deathtechjust also i ahve downloaded a few programs and most of them ccome with data files, init.sh and start.sh , and considering i want to know procedure for installing these, or are they pre built and ready to run like this application00:20
blakdeathtech: to install yes, to move depends no the chmod00:20
dylian17Hi people!! Greetings from Costa Rica00:20
Mrfoi have a XDMCP remote login that froze up, but the processes are still running in the background. is there a way to restore that session without logging me out?00:20
deathtechso im not used to chmod so bear with me, its purpose is to grant permanent privledges ?00:21
bryliehow do I tell the difference between PCI and PCI Express?00:21
deathtechbasically ive been doing sudo sh start.sh, checking the directory errors and jsut moving it to where it wants to be00:21
DigitalFizi like pizza00:21
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blakdeathtech: From my understanding a .sh is generally a script that if it does much of anything, will always need you to run it as root or (sudo)00:21
blakdeathtech: you could cat the .sh first and you would know where it wants to be00:22
blakbrylie: google pci express images00:22
dylian17Hi, I have problems with my keyboard using ubuntu, could somebody help me??00:23
deathtechblak : since im doing this manually will i also need to use CHmod then ?00:23
blakbrylie: once you see the visual difference between the two you will definitely know, usually on the mobo it is labeled though.. near the slot00:23
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ubottuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview00:23
blakdeathtech: it would be useful to learn about it, chmod is really important to understand00:24
deathtechthank you blak and weird bot program that randomly chimes in00:24
shingenwhat's the ubuntu dev discussion channel?00:24
shingenubuntu+1 ?00:24
blak!chown > deathtech00:24
ubottudeathtech, please see my private message00:24
dylian17When I try to use the "at" character on my keyboard pressing the ALT GR + Q or 2 the "at" char not appears00:25
blakthat is also applicable00:25
deathtechthanks blak , im a hardcore windows user sincec the early days of dos (6.22 best thing to come outta ms) and i have apretty vast knowledge of things windows side, so its  abit frustrating to go from all knowing to complete newb00:25
dylian17Somebody has an idea about it?00:25
shingen!offtopic > shingen00:25
ubottushingen, please see my private message00:25
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morth_Has anyone read the Ubuntu Linux Bible Written by William von Hagen?00:25
shingenthanks ubottu :P00:25
loshershingen: no, ubuntu+1 is for Intrepid discussion (the next Ubuntu release)00:25
blakdeathtech: yea i know how that is, enjoy the ride with *nix00:25
shingenlosher: well, I'd like to ask for ufw features :)00:26
deathtechin case anyone else is interested in chmod, here is a great article i just found : http://www.defcon1.org/html/Software_Articles/Learning-CHMOD/learning-chmod.html00:26
loshershingen: can't hurt to ask them I suppose. Are you still needing proxy help?00:27
morth_n Every computer user should have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, share, change, and00:27
morth_  improve their software for any purpose, without paying licensing fees.00:27
morth_n Every computer user should be able to use their software in the language of their choice.00:27
morth_n Every computer user should be given every opportunity to use software, even if they work under00:27
morth_  a disability.00:27
FloodBot1morth_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:27
deathtechblak : so if  i understand, chmod is simply permission administration ?00:27
shingenlosher: yeah, I figured that if ufw had easy to use redirects, I'd be happy to use ufw to use iptables to do the redirects :D00:28
shingenlosher: last I checked, it wasn't a feature in ufw00:28
* blak nods at deathtech00:28
DerDracleHow can I change the output resolution and bpp of vncserver in ubuntu.00:28
blakdeathtech: this could be why you are having to use sudo all the time00:28
deathtechblak : thanks man, appreciate it :)00:28
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DerDracleI'm using the graphical Remote Desktop interface.00:28
* blak nods00:28
loshershingen: I'm not convinced you need iptables. You were talking about mapping domain names I thought?00:28
Doc8404anyone know of a free ip tracing service... neotrace pro costs money00:29
blak!ot > Doc840400:30
ubottuDoc8404, please see my private message00:30
shingenlosher: mapping domain names to socks proxies for traffic, cuz I'm too lazy to map out all the IP addresses associated with those domain names, yes :)00:30
deathtechYou guys will be seeing a lot of me, im going from MCSE, A+, Net+  with about 15 years of windows experience, to forcing myself to use linux as a server & desktop for 3 months to get a full unadulterated view of the differences, to see which one i prefer above the hype.00:30
nickrudDoc8404, like traceroute ?00:30
Sn007akehow do you run a program as a superuser in the terminal00:30
deathtechsn007ake : sudo programname :)00:30
jrib!sudo > Sn007ake00:30
ubottuSn007ake, please see my private message00:30
jribdeathtech: you should read the rute book00:31
jrib!rute > deathtech00:31
ubottudeathtech, please see my private message00:31
Doc8404nickrud like something that will give me a address and name of someone whos pinging my computer :)00:31
nickruddeathtech, not another guy ;)00:31
Danskmand007: sudo00:31
brylie! graphics cards00:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about graphics cards00:31
brylie! video cards00:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about video cards00:31
loshershingen: any particular applications?00:31
racerxcan anyone help me with why my wireless is connecting at such a low speed on intrepid?00:31
blakdeathtech: lol, well you made a good choice, *nix is wayyy better for servers, pretty darn good for workstations00:32
enyawixcan use use dselest or some other app get get a new version like debian or do you have to reinstall?00:32
shingenlosher: I have 4 SSH tunnels, all using -D to create dynamic socks proxies, and I'd like to use all 6 proxies at the same time, to redirect traffic for a specific domain names...  All applications preferred, like how gnome network manager works00:32
nickrudDoc8404, dig <ip> , then whois00:32
haren25ok, I just tried to install apache and pear + mysql, to do a test website, and I cant figure out what I missed.. when I go to http localhost it simply asks what I should do with the php file00:32
bryliewhere is the list of supported video cards by manufacturer?00:32
parodyoflanguagedeathtech: If your expertise is with Windows, why would you use GNU/Linux?00:32
deathtechjrib : I know where to look first, but its goood to have a fall back00:32
deathtechparodyoflanguage : old machines laying around that can become useful, and i have friends that are on me about using it. I used nix for a year or so way back (Mandrake 7.0, 1996/97) and have a general interest in new things and computing itself.00:33
racerxI normally could connect on my laptop above 200kb/s but now it is less than a 10000:33
TheSpawnis there hamachi for linux?00:33
deathtechparodyoflanguage : and, i dont want to EVER stop learning :)00:33
jribdeathtech: the rute book is a great book that will give you a tour of linux in general (I know ubottu gave you several links, the last one is the rute book)00:33
shingenyes, it's even on the hamachi website00:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hamachi00:33
parodyoflanguagedeathtech: Then all the power to you :)00:33
Turtle2yuo will learn forevaeva00:34
parodyoflanguagedeathtech: You should also learn programming.00:34
TheSpawncan i just type hamchi in the paket manager00:34
deathtechparodyoflanguage : trust me, i know enough about windows that i have prob tapped the limit00:34
haren25deathtech: no wonder you wanna check out linux00:34
Doc8404blak i have just as much right to ask something in here as you have to be here. im on ubuntu thies 1300 people in here, leave me be00:34
shingenTheSpawn: no, it's unsupported on Ubuntu... read more about it on the hamachi web site00:35
Sn007akeOk im confused here  i go to install something using ./name.run and it Works however i get a prompt saying must be a superuser so i   sudo name.run and it's command not found. Am i typeing it wrong?00:35
deathtechparodyoflanguage : i would love to learn programming actually, that is yet another reason i wanted a nix system, free software and tons of documentation on the subject :)00:35
biggerfischHow do I upgrade kde 4.0 to kde 4.1?00:35
blakDoc8404: neotrace is completely offtopic, but ok..00:35
racerxanyone can help me with y my wireless connection speed is very slow on intrepid00:35
jribSn007ake: why did you drop the './' :)00:35
Doc8404blak then you didnt read my entire question00:35
sweetgumhow can i edit menu.lst in a text editor?00:35
Sn007akeyes im typeing  sudo name.run00:35
jribSn007ake: you missed what I said.  You need the './'00:35
jribsweetgum: gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst00:36
parodyoflanguagedeathtech: Yep :)00:36
parodyoflanguagedeathtech: Learn tools like bison and grep.00:36
blakDoc8404: you were asking a help channel to become a recommendation channel, you could just search google for reviews on good tracing programs that are "free". That is the reason I pointed you to that, not trying to do anything else00:36
parodyoflanguagedeathtech: There's hardly any limit of knowledge with GNU/Linux.  There's always moar :)00:36
mattgyver83wastais there a way to temporarily disable the touchpad mouse on a laptop within ubuntu?00:37
haren25ok, I just tried to install apache and pear + mysql, to do a test website, and I cant figure out what I missed.. when I go to http localhost it simply asks if I want to download the php-file00:37
jrib!lamp > haren2500:37
ubottuharen25, please see my private message00:37
deathtechive played with grep a bit already00:37
jribharen25: follow the troubleshooting steps there00:37
blakYea If I had been 15 years into all that I would be dying for learning something new as well, lol.00:37
biggerfischHow do I upgrade kde 4.0 to kde 4.1?00:37
jrib!kde4 | biggerfisch00:37
ubottubiggerfisch: KDE 4.1.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.2 - Support in #kubuntu-kde400:37
nickrudblak, I read that as a bit of help with what networking tools are in linux. Doc8404 don't forget traceroute00:37
kardielsomeone using a Dell Inspiron 5100???00:37
haren25jrib: thanks00:38
jribkardiel: best to just ask the channel your question00:38
Doc8404thanks nickrud00:38
kardieljrib: my system is running so slow00:38
deathtechblak : i started BBS'ing, and admining my own system at around 12 years old :p00:38
jribkardiel: specs?00:38
deathtechblak : Renegade/Telegard ftw00:38
loshershingen: out of my depth a bit here, but aren't you just mapping domain names into particular tcp address&port? You only do that once per tcp connection at setup time. No need to examine each packet at the iptables level?00:38
kardieljrib: p4 2.66ghz, 512ram00:38
deathtechblak : im now 28 :p00:39
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jribkardiel: check system -> administration -> system monitor  for anything interesting00:39
jribdeathtech,: we like to keep this channel dedicated to ubuntu support only since it is so busy.  Mind moving your discussion over to #ubuntu-offtopic?00:39
blaknickrud: Sorry I didn't try to read that far into it, but hey it's good to know you don't have to even use some crazy software, you can just use some commands to do that, like you said :D00:39
kardieljrib: im not using gnome00:40
shingenlosher: essentially, yes... which is why I'd prefer to do it in a more robust version of gnome proxy manager, as opposed to iptables...00:40
jribkardiel: what are you using?00:40
lesterccan someone tells me if linux-image-xen is for dom0 or domU?00:41
kardielarchlinux, openbox00:41
deathtechjrib : done, my bad :)00:42
morth_how do i change my transparentcy of my terminal agian?00:42
jribkardiel: you're in the wrong channel :)  Try #archlinux00:42
jribmorth_: edit -> current profile00:42
morth_jrib thank you!00:43
MeanderingCodeanyone know what value or command in what file i might change to stop my computer from suspending every time i powerit up?00:45
ubuntu_Virgin Classic Radio does not work anymore in rhythmbox. I think they changed their address.00:46
loshershingen: there are lots of tcp proxy programs on the net e.g. http://www.quietsche-entchen.de/cgi-bin/wiki.cgi/proxies/TcpProxy or http://www.cs.uit.no/~daniels/PacketProxy/index.html00:46
ubuntu_Default list of radio stations should be updated00:46
kitche2ubuntu_: well that is more of a rhytmbox issue really and yes they did change their address and name00:47
thiebaudeubuntu_:shoutcast on the internet has virgin radio, which is now absolute radio00:47
ubuntu_we need to update rhythmbox package then00:48
morth_Booger are you boognasty?00:48
TheSpawnim an idiot what do i do http://pastebin.com/m2067191500:48
blakubuntu_: they people who develop it yea, they probably aren't in this channel though..00:48
thiebaudeubuntu_:totem plays absolute radion at shoutcast dot com00:48
attickidIm new to linux, I got apache running why cant I see apache process while making  ps -e ?00:48
shingenlosher: yeah, I was hoping to not need to run a proxy daemon to handle multiple socks proxies...00:48
blakattickid: try ps -aux00:49
nickrudTheSpawn, put ; between the commands, or run them separately00:49
nickrudtar zxvf hamachi- && cd hamachi- && sudo make install (using && instead of ; makes sure each command completes successfully before trying the next. ; makes them try blindly)00:50
blakubuntu_: you could contact the people who develop ryhtyhmbox about it, i guess.00:50
thiebaudeubuntu_:I'am listening to it now, it sounds real good :)00:50
attickidblak: thanks00:51
* blak nods00:51
Sledgehello jimqode00:51
kingofgamemasterwhy come i cant update firefox or the addons?00:54
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NGL-TwYsTeDubuntu users this comes from my heart some wisdom. if you like burritos and egg rolls you may be intrested. i found if you take a chicken burrito from local mexican food place. and pour terriyaki sauce in it it tastes like a giant egg roll00:55
NGL-TwYsTeDgod bless00:55
FloodBot2awat: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:55
Sledgewhere the fuck is jim_p00:59
LjLlanguage Sledge00:59
Flare183!language | sl00:59
ubottusl: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:59
Flare183!language | Sledge00:59
ubottuSledge: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:59
Flare183oops hehe00:59
Sledgeanyone want to play Enemy Territory00:59
Sledgemy bad on the graphic language00:59
kingofgamemasterhow much space dos it take to install ubuntu?00:59
LjLkingofgamemaster: some 3 gigabytes01:00
MetalHeadDeadwhy is language such an issue here?01:00
Sledgei think like 2gigs01:00
Flare183!install | kingofgamemaster (this might help)01:00
ubottukingofgamemaster (this might help): Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:00
RayrayI have a hp deskjet 3322 and am using the live cd I installed the drivers and i cant get anything to print any idea's01:00
LjLSledge, try to stay ontopic too...01:00
Flare183kingofgamemaster: 4gb I think01:00
LjL!etiquette > Sledge    (Sledge, see the private message from Ubotu)01:00
ubottuSledge, please see my private message01:00
LjL!coc > MetalHeadDead    (MetalHeadDead, see the private message from Ubotu)01:00
ubottuMetalHeadDead, please see my private message01:00
MetalHeadDeadall ubuntu users have a code of conduct? or just here, just asking01:01
[rmd]MetalHeadDead: /motd01:01
LjLMetalHeadDead: those who signed it should respect it; those who didn't sign it, should respect it anyway if they come to places like this01:01
Corohcan any one tel me where is the channel mythbuntu01:01
DCPomMetalHeadDead, it's called being part of a society01:01
LjLCoroh: #ubuntu-mythtv01:01
Flare183!mythubuntu | Coroh01:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mythubuntu01:02
Flare183!mythtv | Coroh01:02
ubottuCoroh: MythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV01:02
Flare183dang it01:02
biggerfischMetalHeadDead not all of us like bad words01:02
Rayrayany ideas guys01:02
xomp!help > Flare18301:02
ubottuFlare183, please see my private message01:02
* Flare183 knows the help he has a clone of ubottu/ubotu01:02
shingen!etiquette > shingen01:02
ubottushingen, please see my private message01:03
MetalHeadDeaddefensive much, just a question folks01:03
LjL!msg the bot01:03
ubottuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.01:03
MrWizeGuy1983when i play a real media file on totem-xine the sound is weird, anybody got an idea on it?01:03
Flare183...Thats a bad nick01:03
DCPomhow do you make a script run periodically?01:04
Geoffrey2I reinstalled Ubuntu, and am still having wireless problems....even though Ubuntu detects the device and installed the driver and firmware for it...01:04
DCPom!wireless | Geoffrey201:04
ubottuGeoffrey2: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:04
Tundrayeti312!cron | DCPom01:04
ubottuDCPom: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm01:04
travoltahow do i search ip ranges so i can chat with local people?01:04
DoYouKnowhow do I get my webcam working in ubuntu?01:05
Geoffrey2thanks DCPom, I've read the docs, done the troubleshooting, still nothing01:05
LjL!webcam > DoYouKnow    (DoYouKnow, see the private message from Ubotu)01:05
ubottuDoYouKnow, please see my private message01:05
DoYouKnowI am particularly interested in v4l2 support01:05
Rayrayany ideas about the printers01:06
Geoffrey2the firmware and driver are installed, the Wi/Fi light is lit, lspci and ifconfig both show the device as being present, but it still can't see the router01:07
Corohlookin for Sony memory stick driver01:07
shingentravolta: define 'chat'... chat programs like ntalk for direct communications between *nix clients aren't commonly used these days01:07
travoltashingen i am talking about ip range01:08
MetalHeadDeadwill brasero burn a .bin file?01:08
shingentravolta: why would you need an IP range to determine who is local to you to chat with them?01:09
aaronI am using Ubuntu 8.04....I want to upgrade my evolution mail to 2.24.0....which is going to be part of intrepid...what is the best way to do this without installing intrepid?01:10
Geoffrey2I may be wrong, but I don't believe there's any correlation between ip address and geographic region....01:11
MetalHeadDeadyou'd be surprised01:11
spasticteapotGeoffrey2: There is.01:11
shingenhttp://ipindex.homelinux.net/index.php < --- correlation between IP address and location01:11
shingenamongst other things01:12
MetalHeadDeadwhat app will burn .bin files?01:12
shingenbut I still think travolta was a bit confused :)01:12
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MetalHeadDeadso nothing will burn a .bin file?01:15
Mrfois there a way to take control of a process thats running on a rogue remote login? i need to make sure it keeps running01:15
sweetgumhow can i install mkinitrd01:15
Rayrayany ideas about the hp deskjet 3322 and any issues with drivers01:16
sweetgumcould someone tell me how to install mkinitrd?01:17
Geoffrey2ok, still no wireless help...that's one difficult topic to find help on....01:17
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perlsyntaxAnyone play AA on linux before?01:20
mini-manOk, I didn't get much help in #xubuntu for this, so... basically I have the exact same problem with my headphones not muting my built-in monitor speakers when they're plugged in, and I can't manually do it either (it either turns the volume up for both or none)..01:22
sweetgumhi md22: do you know how to install mkinitrd01:23
mini-manmy chipset is realtek ALC88301:23
ivoi don't like vi and nano - is there other editor in text mode?01:23
md22sweetgum:sorry i don't know, but it sounds like that ha ssomething to do with the kernel. ask the guys in #linux01:24
md22sorry its for rmadisk01:24
MrWizeGuy1983ivo there is pico if you download it01:25
MrWizeGuy1983i hate vi01:25
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ivoi try to use vi, but after few hours i'm tired01:25
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MrWizeGuy1983i despise vi, get pico01:25
ivopico is the same like nano01:26
MrWizeGuy1983i don't know of nano, but pico is great01:26
lestercthe first thing I do when I finish a debian install is to make vim the default editor instead of nano. :)01:26
MrWizeGuy1983there's a default editor?01:27
techsupportHi! i need help. mouted drive in windows with samba, i get random network drive disconnection errors and/or when compying files from or to this network drive i get error - cannot copy file - specified network name is no longer available01:27
ivoi found on google emacs01:27
lestercMrWizeGuy1983: yeah - /usr/bin/editor or something.01:28
lestercused for vi* commands.01:28
sweetgummd22: k thanks, could you tell me how to edit menu.lst in a text editor?01:28
MrWizeGuy1983who knew, i always type gedit or pico then the file name01:28
MrWizeGuy1983sweetgum, you should be able to type gksudo gedit menu.lst if you're in the same folder as it is01:29
md22hello if you guys had to choose a system to install ubuntu (for multimedia and coding) which on ewould you choose : 1)Athlon x2 6000, 4GB ram ,radeon HD380,Creative Xfi sound card  or 2)Pentium D 2GHZ ,Intel GMA950, 2GB ram,onboard sound01:29
MrWizeGuy1983md22, i'd use it on the 64 bit one01:30
MrWizeGuy198364 bit ubuntu is great01:30
MrWizeGuy1983pentium d is nice too, but it's a 32 bit01:30
fionI'd used it on the 32 bit one01:30
MrWizeGuy1983why would you do that?01:31
MrWizeGuy198332 bit is becoming a thing of the past...01:31
fionmy computer is so old01:32
morth_overclock that badboy then :)01:32
md22fion:any advantage in choosing the 32bit over the 64 bit ?01:32
MrWizeGuy1983it's easier to set up the 3201:32
MrWizeGuy1983but 64 is faster and more future compatible01:33
fionI just use it not for a long time01:33
LimCoreMrWizeGuy1983: I dont think 64 is really faster01:33
fionso am I01:33
MrWizeGuy1983LimCore, why do you believe that?01:33
shingen64bit can be faster depending if the full memory bus size is used when doing computations01:33
fionI used to 32 bit01:33
shingenif it's not, then it's not faster at all :)01:33
LimCore64 bit can be a bit more secure I guess,  but most important - it simply will allow to use more then 4, 8 GB ram+swap easly01:33
md22are the xfi sound blaster cards and the radeon hd3850 cards compatible with linux ?01:34
shingenmore secure? uh, no01:34
MrWizeGuy1983transmitting 64 bits of data at a time or 32 seems rather plain, of course the bus speed matters, but it's faster overall01:34
MrWizeGuy1983the data is transmitted at the same intervals01:34
MrWizeGuy1983the chip itself is twice as fast, but the bandwidth of the fsb is a limiting factor01:34
LimCoreshingen: in theory, 64 bits could offer more stack and other randomizations, but I dont think ubuntu uses that01:35
LimCorewell in 64 bit mode you can access more registers01:35
MrWizeGuy1983my experience with my core 2 duo on 64 bit linux is that it's so fast it's ridiculous, and also used 32 and 64 bit vista on the same computer01:35
MrWizeGuy198364 bit vista runs almost as fast as 32 bit xp, which doesn't run almost as fast as any linux, but still01:36
jmk2hi, started using Subclipse in Eclipse, forgot what i clicked and now most php files start with "<<< .mine" ... how can i go back and removed added files *.php.mine && *.phpr0   ?01:36
LinuxGhostdoes anyone use aircrack-ng????01:36
MrWizeGuy1983if you learn how LinuxGhost teach me, i don't know how to use that thing01:37
LinuxGhostin private room01:37
LinuxGhostbut i want ppl who uses it too to share some01:37
Alastair27hi. i have a question. when ubuntu 8.10 comes out will i be able to upgrade without loosing all my settings and data or will i have to start from scratch? (i'm using 8.04 now)01:38
MrWizeGuy1983LimCore, do you know how to make the audio not be distorted on rm files played via xine?01:38
sysdocWhat is the default GLIB ver for Hardy?01:38
LimCoreMrWizeGuy1983: nope01:39
MrWizeGuy1983i wonder if anyone knows01:39
MrWizeGuy1983i didn't find anything useful01:39
ericboeh1Everytime I left click in firefox it scrolls down a little bit.  But left click still works.  how do I fix this?01:39
PiciAlastair27: You will be able to upgrade.01:39
failureis nfs multi threaded?01:40
Alastair27cool thank you. i was worried i'd have to install all my stuff again01:40
Pici!info libc6 | sysdoc01:40
ubottusysdoc: libc6 (source: glibc): GNU C Library: Shared libraries. In component main, is required. Version 2.7-10ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 4206 kB, installed size 10432 kB01:40
dylian17I have problems with my keyboard layout on Ubuntu01:40
dylian17Plz help!!01:40
morth_i use the Ad-Aware 2008, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Search and Destroy, and CCleaner and Hijackthis on my windows computer... these programs usefull or useless for Ubuntu?01:42
dylian17Morth, actually yes because in Ubuntu, the Windows viruses and spyware cannot attack the system and do some damage to it01:43
jribmorth_: not needed01:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libc601:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about glibc01:43
MrWizeGuy1983morth_, windows just needs those things because it's full of holes and a lot of hackers hate microsoft01:43
morth_now i know Linux isnt 100% Virus, Spyware, Malware Free so what programs should i be using?01:43
MrWizeGuy1983morth_, it's not 100%, just 99.999995%01:44
jribmorth_: none.  Just use official repositories and you will be fine01:44
roukounhi all01:44
MrWizeGuy1983it's a proven fact that more viruses are made in ONE WEEK for windows than exist total for linux morth_01:44
morth_you guys cant tell me you never once searched for a virus..?01:44
Alastair27i have antivirus software on my phone but i don't bother for linux01:44
jribmorth_: too hard to install01:44
jrib!virus | morth_01:44
ubottumorth_: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2101:44
dylian17BTW, how can I know how my Ubuntu firewall is working??01:45
jribdylian17: there are no firewall rules set by default01:45
WarMasterHi all01:46
roukouni have bought a serial db9 to usb converter cable. it came with its drivers but i see that they are for redhat... so what can  i do? is there any way to configure it via the command-line01:46
morth_Okay say - i have a "Windows virus" installed on a cd and i install it onto my Linux system... it wont effect it because a virus f**ks up the registery and hunk a junk on windows making it Debug which linux doesnt have the stuff so what would it do? just sit there and collect dust?01:46
jribmorth_: you're assuming "install it on my Linux system" has a meaning01:46
dylian17jrib> so? Maybe how I know that I'm still protected??01:47
ykphuahwhat is the application that displays the system information at the right hand side of this screenshot? -> http://matthewhelmke.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/current-desk.png01:47
jribdylian17: protected from what?01:47
jrib!firewall | dylian1701:47
ubottudylian17: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).01:47
DoYouKnowcan you guys help me with this: http://www.weasner.com/etx/astrophotography/2005/lpi-linux.html . I'm trying to get my DSI Pro meade imager working under linux, and according to that site a particular kind of v4linux2 driver it needs costs money01:47
DoYouKnowis there any other way?01:47
jribdylian17: ubuntu has no services listening on any ports by default so there's not much point in a firewall01:47
trueboskoHi there. .. I notice that if I watch a video with sound in Firefox, then open up VLC and try to play a video I need to CLOSE firefox, stop the VLC video playback, and then re-play or sound will not work on VLC .. and vice versa if I run VLC then try and watch a video in Firefox01:48
DarwinS-Sup-eus-just googled and found a couple of possible fix but I can't seem to get rid of this error E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) can any body nelp01:48
trueboskoAnyone know what is the cause of this? Perhaps I need to update audo drivers?01:48
WarMasterI am using Ubuntu hardy and I need to jail users on the system in their home directory so they cant cd or list to other users files , I have tried chroot but it didint work out is there any ideas please ?01:48
Alastair27is there a way of protecting windows from viruses i download while using linux (i have dual boot)01:48
jribDarwinS-Sup-eus-: pastebin the command and full output01:48
dylian17Alastair> There's one linux antivirus called ClamAV that can check for windows viruses01:49
roukouni have bought a serial db9 to usb converter cable. it came with its drivers but i see that they are for redhat... so what can  i do? is there any way to configure it via the command-line???01:49
_Zeus_roukoun: probably.  what happens when you plug it in?01:49
DarwinS-Sup-eus-jrib, http://pastebin.com/d7fa9e94101:49
roukoun_Zeus_: nothing!01:49
jrib!pm | dylian1701:49
ubottudylian17: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.01:49
jribDarwinS-Sup-eus-: you're using a proxy of some sort?01:50
jribDarwinS-Sup-eus-: output of 'echo $http_proxy' is?01:50
jribDarwinS-Sup-eus-: then the answer is "yes" to my previous question :)01:51
WarMasterI am using Ubuntu hardy and I need to jail users on the system in their home directory so they cant cd or list to other users files , I have tried chroot but it didint work out is there any ideas please ?01:51
trueboskoI'm trying to use xclip to pipe stdin output to my clip board but it doesn't seem to actually do anything. cat some_file | xclip -i (and -i is default) yet it's not going to my clipboard .. what am I doing wrnog?01:51
DarwinS-Sup-eus-I didn't set that up, how do I fix that01:51
_albertux_hi does anybody knows how to unistall untangle ?01:51
jmk2How do i compare two folders to see which files are missing?01:51
jabagaweei have a folder with a bunch of txt files (sans extensions) in various subdirectories. what would the easiest way to append '.txt' to their names be?01:51
trueboskojmk2: Try using diff .. diff some_dir other_dir | sort01:52
DarwinS-Sup-eus-jribI didn't set that up, how do I fix that?01:52
chmacjabagawee: You can probably do something very clever with command line substitution01:52
roukoun_Zeus_: can you think of anything i can do?01:53
ykphuahjabagawee: you have anyway of identifying those files that you want to rename? a script is easy, but unless you want to rename every file to end with txt, you need some sort of filters.01:53
jabagaweeykphuah, umm, i basically want every file, minus the directories to have .txt appended to it01:53
chmacjabagawee: I'd suggest find is probably the simplest option01:54
ykphuahjabagawee: go into the directory, and run this "find ./ -type f -exec mv \{} \{}.txt \;"01:55
chmacykphuah beat me to it :)01:55
ykphuahjabagawee: that will rename every file to end with a txt.01:55
jabagaweeoh shoot, i forgot to delete the files ending with ~ first..01:55
jabagaweehow do i remove all files ending in ~.txt?01:56
ykphuahjabagawee: that's simple -> "find ./ -name "*~.txt" -exec rm \{} \;"01:56
jabagaweewhat does "\;" mean?01:57
jribDarwinS-Sup-eus-: meh, this return anything:  aptitude search '~dproxy~i'01:57
jabagaweei'm assuming that \{} stands for the files that match the search01:57
ykphuahjabagawee: everything behinds the -exec line, you need to escape it if it looks like some special variable in shell.01:57
jribjabagawee, ykphuah: find has -delete fwiw01:57
ykphuahjabagawee: so its actually just {} ;01:57
ykphuahjabagawee: so the semicolon is just to end the -exec command.01:58
jabagaweeah, escape characters. why is the ";" needed if its just a one line command?01:58
jabagaweeoh.. i see. what would happen if i left it out?01:58
ykphuahjrib: ah, that's something new I learn, thanks!01:58
ykphuahjabagawee: well, you can create a temporary directory and some files to try that out. :)01:58
jabagaweevery true, but i wanna learn the mechanics of it. what happens if i leave out the ;?01:59
marbiscawhy modem usb not wor in ubuntu01:59
ykphuahjabagawee: the best way to learn is by trying.01:59
bzaksI have a "check my wifi connection" script that runs on crontab. it works perfectly fine when I run it. However when crontab runs it02:00
bzaksit fails02:00
bzaksis there any reason why that would happen?02:00
jabagaweethanks guys :D02:00
ykphuahbzaks: I think there's an option in cron to log errors.02:00
jribbzaks: check for local mail from cron02:00
DarwinS-Sup-eus-http://pastebin.com/m3be14361 jrib02:00
ykphuahbzaks: or you could also pipe the output of your script to a log file yourself.02:00
jmk2truebosko: awesome, thx!02:01
jribDarwinS-Sup-eus-: nothing stands out there.  Are you sure you didn't install any sort of proxy like tor maybe?02:01
marbiscabetter kubuntu or ubuntu02:01
roukouncan anyone help me to install the drivers for a serial to usb converter?02:02
Geoffrey2if you don't have read/write access to a folder, would that mean you couldn't see the files in the folder?02:02
jmk2just incase, i was trying to see which files were missing from both directories, where each DIR as hundreds of files, i used: diff -q DIR1 DIR2 | grep -i 'only in' | sort02:02
jribGeoffrey2: yeah02:02
marbiscaall in this chat speak with none02:03
Dr_willis_roukoun,  you may want to explain what kind of 'drivers' they are, did you find source? or kernel patches? or packages or what?02:03
Dr_willis_marbisca,  try them both. use what you like.02:03
Dr_willis_marbisca,  its trivial to have kde and gnome both on the same box. and compare02:03
marbiscai ask to u the very important difference02:04
Dr_willis_marbisca,  one uses kde, other uses gnome.02:04
bzaksAny reason why it won't let me "install" the new crontab entry?02:04
jribmarbisca: it's personal preference.  Try both and use what you like02:04
jribbzaks: what does that mean?02:05
marbiscaand the difference from kde and gnome?02:05
roukounDr_willis_: there are three files named: Makefile, pl2303.c and ReadMe.txt... but i dont know who is the installer!02:05
marbiscaare only graphic?02:05
Geoffrey2I am still seeking help getting my wireless card to see my router....02:05
Dr_willis_roukoun,  you will need to instgall the basic c developer package 'build-essentials' tghen read that readme.txt and  see if it explains how to compile the driver.02:06
bzaksjrib: when I save the new crontab edit, it says "errors in crontab file, retry install?"02:06
bzaksor something to that effect02:06
Dr_willis_marbisca,  you may want to google for 'kde vs gnome' You can easially install both and try them each out.02:06
marbiscaare only graphics?02:06
jribbzaks: pastebin it02:06
marbiscabut I ask to u02:06
marbiscanot at google!!02:06
Dr_willis_because anything we tell you about the 2, wont make any sence because you will just keep asking what we mean. :)  try the ubuntu live cd.. thatg dnome.. kubuntu is kde..02:07
roukounDr_willis_: in the reame.txt it tells how to install it but the command ('make inst') doesnt work02:07
Dr_willis_roukoun,  install the 'build-essential' package.02:07
roukounDr_willis_: it is already installed02:08
Dr_willis_roukoun,  then the 'make' command should be there.. as for 'make inst' no idea. thats just telling the make program to use the makefile and look for the inst. part.. you sure it dident say 'make install'02:08
morth_can anyone suggest a video or a tutorial on how to setup a FTP server02:09
bzaksoooh, I got it, I accidentally added in a new line between the timing and the command02:09
Dr_willis_!ftpd | morth_02:09
ubottumorth_: FTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP02:09
Dr_willis_morth_,  it would be 'best' to learn to use ssh and scp. and let ftp die out. :)02:09
roukounDr_willis: the command make is here!!! but the inst doent work02:10
Dr_willis_roukoun,  thats the fault of the docs, or the makefiles/source then.02:10
Awsoonnhi al, I am on hardy and tried to configure pidgin to use google talk, but t give me an error when tryign to connect, is there somethign I'm missing here?02:10
hon``how can I assign keyboard shortcuts using the "windows" key?02:10
morth_first question - are you typing my name for that or is there like a Shift click command to auto type my name?02:10
random1374hi all02:10
morth_Second is ssh and scp the "same as ftp"?02:10
roukounDr_willis: so what can i do?02:11
morth_and will other users be able to access the ssh and scp on  the website like ftp?02:11
Dr_willis_morth_,  'ssh is secure' - sftp is similer in ussage to ftp.02:11
DCPomhon``, the windows key is the "super" key02:11
tommyhow i install flash player for firfox?02:11
Dr_willis_roukoun,  i would reread the install docs, and check the programs homepage/forums/guides..  make inst   - would be weird.. 'make' by itself should compile the stuff.. or 'make install' or 'make all'02:11
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Dr_willis_!ssh morth_02:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ssh morth_02:12
tommyhow i install flash player for firefox pls?02:12
DaCapnapt-cache search firefox | grep flash02:12
Dr_willis_!ssh | morth_02:12
ubottumorth_: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/02:12
DaCapnThen aptitude install (packagename)02:12
random1374could someone suggest a solution to an off-topic prob? i'm having trouble accessing google and gmail, it happened first a few day ago and i was able to circumvent that by typing l [dot] google [dot] com. is there another trick i can use this time?02:12
morth_is it accessible like a FTP?02:12
tommyDaCapn, WHAT?02:12
hon``DCPom: but when I try to type "Super-Q" (Win+Q), it only grabs Super, as if super is not a modifier key02:12
roukounDr_willis: gimme a try02:12
DaCapntommy Do you know how to install software in general?02:13
morth_because i need easy access for my other users to be able to upload and download files02:13
test1345no I did set up a proxy in ffox I use it to work, but it's currently disabled, I just enable that on demand, and I do it through ffox jrib02:13
DCPomhon``, it works for me, but i'm using xfce right now02:13
tommyDaCapn, ok got it ty :)02:13
Dr_willis_morth_,  basicially yes.02:13
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Dr_willis_morth_,  and its MUCH more secure02:14
morth_how would my other users access it?02:14
jribtest1345: I need to leave, but you need to figure out what is setting the http_proxy variable either in ~ or in /etc/ (grep is your friend)02:14
morth_like ssh://blahblah.com?02:14
Dr_willis_morth_,  with ssh clients,  or other ways...02:14
Dr_willis_morth_,  depending onw hat they want to do.02:14
morth_Upload and Download02:14
Dr_willis_gnome and kde both have some sort of ssh/filesystem feature in the file manager02:14
Dr_willis_or you can do it from the command line, or mount the remote ssh machine with 'sshfs' or other tools.02:15
morth_i need Windows/mac/linux OS people to be able to Upload and download files and media on it.02:15
Dr_willis_ssh and its ussage and related commands are documented all over the place..02:15
Dr_willis_morth_,  ssh has clients for all those os's02:15
Dr_willis_morth_,  for windows - i use 'winscp'02:15
morth_okay i might want to try that out02:16
morth_ill take you're word for it02:16
morth_how hard is it to setup?02:16
Dr_willis_go read/leran about ssh. its  worth learning...02:16
morth_and importantly use it02:16
Dr_willis_takes me 10 sec to get ssh going on my new installs.02:16
xompDoes anyone here use Opera on Hardy Heron? Are you experiencing the mind numbing problems with flash and random crashing like I am?02:17
Dr_willis_ssh is the 'jack of all trades' uber-tool of the  decade. :) it has so many ussage02:17
DigitalFizits just  a communication protocol02:18
Dr_willis_with a bajillion usses :)02:18
LimCoremy laptop is 95% time in C0, while doing nothing, wtf02:20
sysdoc_LimCore, what kernel?02:22
ubottuIrssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help.02:22
Azhi_DahakaHey...I'm missing 2 spaces!02:23
sqawerlzcan anyone tell me how to install flash for firefox on ubuntu02:23
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:23
bzaksSo okay -> I see my crontab command being executed, however, for some reason the test in it (ping -t 3 -c 3 &>/dev/null; if [[ "${?}" -ne 0 ]] then ....fi) is either evaluating to true or I've coded wrong, but it works when I run it manually02:24
LimCoresysdoc_: current, 64bit intell laptop02:24
Dr_willis_bzaks,  you may need to put the command in a script and run it from there, or do some fancy quoteing around the whole command02:24
bzaksIt is in the script.02:24
sysdoc_LimCore, is she heating up?02:25
Dr_willis_bzaks,  so you are telling crotab to run /path/to/fancyscript then?02:25
bzaksSorry, I should've been more clear. The whole command is in a script, and the test condition is not being met (even though it should be)02:25
LimCoresort of...02:25
LimCoreother thing... I can not put hd to sleep02:25
LimCoreit keeps waking up instantly. wtf02:25
bzaksDr_willis_ yes02:25
Dr_willis_bzaks,  the script is calling #!/bin/bash and not #!/bin/sh ?02:26
Dr_willis_bzaks,  im just rembering 'common mistakes' ive seen over the ages.. :)02:26
bzaksDr_willis_ I hadn't been doing the #!/bin at all, I'll giver the ol' college try02:27
Dr_willis_bzaks,  i think that would make it run with 'sh' then..    you may want it to run with bash.02:27
sysdoc_LimCore, make/model?02:28
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LimCoresysdoc_: Extansa5220 acer02:29
LimCoresysdoc_: jfsCommit uses hard drive02:29
LimCorebut I dunno why, wtf02:29
meoblast001where is an autotools irc02:30
bzaksit worked! Thanks Dr_willis_!02:31
meoblast001ive really messed up on a Makefile.am file because there is no real good guide02:31
LimCoreevery 5 seconds or so, damn jfsCommit runs and writes to hd. WTF how to stop this02:32
nodealmsftHey everyone one Im having some issues with my operating system running current ubuntu distro and i have successfully downloaded java and saved it into /usr/java and ran the install in that folder then made a symbolic link in both the mozilla plugins and firefox in /usr/lib folders respectively and it will not work. Should I put it into only one? Is there an easier install? thanks02:32
dadaibm t21,when i install ubuntu ,it will be dead at install 15% ,i do not know why02:33
sqawerlzim getting really annoyed, i cant friggen get flash to work in firefox.02:33
Azhi_Dahakais there a way to restore the gnome configuration to default?02:34
Azhi_DahakaALL of it?02:34
DCPom!flash | sqawerlz02:34
ubottusqawerlz: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:34
sqawerlzim trying to install gnash and i cant figure out how, i installed fast media which is supposed to work and that doesn't02:34
nodealmsfti cant get java ill trade with u02:34
nodealmsfti need java for my job!02:34
sqawerlzi need flash to work for my job02:34
bobertdossqawerlz: Okay, first things first. What does about:plugins say?02:34
DCPomnodealmsft, did you do sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk ?02:35
kwyjibohello. i installed a bad gtk theme and cannot log into a GUI. how can i change my theme from the command line?02:35
sqawerlzbobertos im not sure if you are being smart or not02:35
badfishcan someone please help me make my 360 controller work with prboom?02:35
nodealmsfti have followed all from instructions online02:35
DCPomwhat's not working?02:36
badfishmy 360 controller with prboom02:36
sqawerlzsomeone help me with flash darn it im loosing meh coolz!02:36
nodealmsftthe test on java website and logmein.com02:36
badfishi can get the wad to load, but the joystick won't02:36
DCPomnodealmsft, do you have sun-java6-plugin?02:36
dadacan someone please tell me why  IBM T21 install ubuntu 8.04 will be dead at 15% ?02:37
nodealmsftsqawerlz, you should be able to get that from the add-on menu in firefox02:37
bobertdossqawerlz: I repeat, please type about:plugins into Firefox and see what versions of flash and/or gnash are listed there.02:37
lestercdada: bad disc/dvdrom?02:37
sqawerlzbobertos when you type about:plugins02:37
dadalesterc:sorry no02:38
nodealmsftDCPom private message?02:38
sysdoc_LimCore, U may have the same problems that I was experiencing, and I didn't get it fixed until I went to the 2.6.27 kernel02:38
DCPomi'll do the best i can, nodealmsft02:38
kwyjibocan someone tell me how to change gtk themes from terminal? i can't log into a gui02:38
DCPomso yeah02:38
dadaDetecting file systems..at 15%02:39
sqawerlzbobertos i do not have gnashh installed i downloaded the package but i cant seem to figure out how to install it.02:39
badfishcan someone please help me make my 360 controller work with prboom? it works in jscalibrator. it works in windows02:39
reya276Does anyone know when will the GIMP be update to 2.6 on Hardy?02:39
sqawerlzbobertos totem is installed as well as a flash plugin called fast media which is supposed to handle flash02:39
bobertdossqawerlz: Only flashplugin-nonfree or flash directly downloaded from Adobe will fully support flash content in web-browsers.02:40
Ademanis it possible to have multiple mount points on the same partition?   for instance if i wanted to have all of my bin directories on a single partition could i have    part/bin part/usr/bin part/usr/local/bin      and then mount them to /bin /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin respectively?02:41
sqawerlzbobertos, i dont care how i just need to play flash video on the web. tell me what i need to do.02:41
Azhi_Dahakaok... my wic suddendly disconnects and then refuses to connect back until i reboot02:41
sqawerlzbobertos i did download adobe flash but i couldnt figure out how to install it.02:41
huy_i want to install windows on my ubuntu system, how would i set up grub for it?02:42
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md22sow which of you guys are PCs02:42
sploozeri'm having issues with this very simple bash script, for some reason its not printing out any results to my output files....any suggestions? http://fpaste.org/paste/7326....I want it to compare my request and reply sequence numbers and output any difference between the two to display packet loss occured02:42
morth_im a human :)02:42
kwyjibocan someone tell me how to change gtk themes from terminal? i can't log into a gui02:42
Grey_Lokihuy_, this may help you - http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/how-do-i-add-windows-xp-to-grub-boot-loader-375198/ :)02:43
Ademanhuy_: installing windows AFTER ubuntu is a recipe for pain, however if you wanted to do that, you will have to re-install grub from the livecd after installing windows02:43
md22morth_:just say the MS commercial :)02:43
Ademanhuy_: Grey_Loki's link looks good02:43
bobertdossqawerlz: The quickest way is to type in the terminal: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree libflashsupport. It's not the most stable, but it will work in most cases.02:43
Grey_LokiAdeman, isn't it possible to tell grub to re-scan HDs for bootable partitions?02:43
Grey_LokiOr even set your own manually02:43
Grey_LokiI'm pretty sure i've done the latter in the past02:43
airtonixkwyjibo, this involves invoking gconf-editor from command line02:43
sqawerlzbobertos, how can i install adobe flash? i downloaded it already.02:43
AdemanGrey_Loki: certainly, but XP and vista both blow away grub when you install them02:43
sqawerlzbobertos i tried the ./install-sh but it said file didnt exist!02:44
sploozerany ideas?02:44
morth_kwyjibo - heres a video on youtube movie - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVLKkwzIjrk02:44
kwyjiboairstrics, is that a command line app or does it require gnome02:44
Grey_LokiAdeman, aha, of course - I was fixing grub after it 'just broke' >.>02:44
IntuitiveNipplesploozer: The tail "-f" option isn't going to help02:44
Ademanif you install ubuntu *after* windows, the installer will automatically add a boot option for windows, which is really nice02:44
morth_kwyjibo that video is on how to install a GTK theme in ubuntu02:44
LimCoresysdoc_: centisec thingy fixed it mostly02:44
sploozerIntuitiveNipple: I want to keep track of that file in real time though02:45
airtonixkwyjibo, its both.02:45
DCPomsqawerlz, have you done sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree ?02:45
LimCorewhere can I find the setting to tell jfs filesystem how much to delay to commit to device?02:45
airtonix!tab | kwyjibo02:45
ubottukwyjibo: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:45
Ademanfat balding north american ape?02:45
kwyjiboairtonix, is there a file i can edit manually?02:46
md22question which of card offer  the best 2D performance Ati or Nvidia ?02:46
bobertdossqawerlz: In the terminal, cd into the install_flash_player_9_linux folder. Then run  sudo ./flashplayer-installer. Give the installer the path /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.302:46
airtonixkwyjibo, yes...explore ~/.gconf/apps/nautilus02:46
Ademankwyjibo: you *don't* want to edit gconf manually...02:46
airtonixAdeman, why not?02:46
kwyjiboAdeman, i cannot log into gnome because of a bad GTK theme. it crashes to the login window02:47
kwyjiboAdeman, i need to change the gtk theme for that user02:47
Ademankwyjibo: i believe there's a command line tool that will change a key02:47
airtonixAdeman, gconf is merely a collection of xml files...its is not the bloated thing you might mistake it to be the windows registery02:47
Jordan_Ukwyjibo: Log in with a failsafe session02:47
airtonixAdeman, which is just what i have been saying02:47
kwyjiboJordan_U, ???02:48
Ademanairtonix: true but as i recall gconf's files are actually somewhat scattered02:48
airtonixkwyjibo, here is a start : http://www.jennyandlih.com/gconf-editor-command-line02:48
Jordan_Ukwyjibo: Ahh, nvm,02:48
airtonixAdeman, gconf files relevant to a user are in ~/.gconf02:48
kwyjiboJordan_U, there is a safe mode? how02:48
Azhi_Dahakaok... my wic suddendly disconnects and then refuses to connect back until i reboot02:49
Jordan_Ukwyjibo: Well, there is a safe mode but you choose it from GDM ( the login screen ), so that won't work if GDM won't start :)02:49
kwyjiboJordan_U, GDM is running. it just crashes back to it when i try to log in to that user02:49
sploozerhttp://fpaste.org/paste/7328 suggetions why packetsloss.txt does not get created even tho there are difference between requestfile.txt and replyfile.txt02:50
Jordan_Ukwyjibo: Then go to sessions -> Failsafe Gnome ( or something like that ) from the bottom right menu of GDM02:50
kwyjiboJordan_U, checking now02:50
airtonixkwyjibo, in a terminal, running this command will reveal the chosen theme for metacity :  gconftool -g /apps/metacity/general/theme02:51
Ademanairtonix: hrm, so they are... has it always been that way? i have a pretty distinct memory of finding some gconf files in, say ~/.evolution02:51
sploozerhttp://fpaste.org/paste/7328 suggetions why packetsloss.txt does not get created even tho there are difference between requestfile.txt and replyfile.txt02:51
gluonmanI'm having difficulty playing some DVDs on my laptop (Ubuntu 8.04). I wanted to rip my library of movies to my external HDD for my own personal portable use. Libdvdcss2 seemed to perform nicely on most of my DVDs, but a couple of them have difficulty with copying over their .VOB files because of input/output errors I'm assuming are associated with encryption. After installing some DVD related packages from synaptec, Movie Player won't even play02:52
gluonmanthe same DVDs that won't rip. What should I do?02:52
Chris_FosterHi, I'm looking for a command to completely overwrite a specific file with zeros so it is un-recoverable02:52
Ademan!repeat | sploozer02:52
ubottusploozer: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience02:52
kwyjiboJordan_U, it didn't work. it stalled at a black screen with a grey box in the top left02:52
kwyjiboairtonix, testing that02:52
badfishgluonman: dvdfabdecrypter hd in wine02:53
Chris_Foster!patience > Chris_Foster02:53
ubottuChris_Foster, please see my private message02:53
badfishubuntu runs .iso files every day02:53
gluonmanbadfish, alright. And how about solving my DVD playback issue with movie player?02:53
badfishwhat are those02:53
badfishoutlawed codes02:53
bobertdosChris_Foster: You might like a shredder program.02:53
AdemanChris_Foster: sounds like shred is what you want02:53
airtonixkwyjibo, if you want to change the theme for metacity and gtk then this will be the method you will need to use if a gui is not available for you to use02:53
badfishsomeone help me here02:53
airtonix!restricted | badfish02:54
ubottubadfish: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:54
Chris_Fosterbobertdos, Ademan: okay, I'll look into a program like that, thanks :)02:54
bobertdosChris_Foster: I do believe there are a couple in the repos.02:54
Chris_Fosterbobertdos: thanks02:54
Jordan_Ubadfish: He already has libdvdcss02:54
badfish!restricted | gluonman02:54
ubottugluonman: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:54
AdemanChris_Foster: the actual program is called shred, if you type that in the console it should tell you to run sudo apt-get install shred to get it02:55
airtonixkwyjibo, http://www.gnome.org/projects/gconf/02:55
gluonmanThank you, badfish02:55
AdemanChris_Foster: and all it takes is       `shred filename` to get it going02:55
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Chris_FosterAdeman: you mean in the console?02:55
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Chris_FosterAdeman: thats perfect, works for exactly my needs. Thanks02:56
Ademanno problem02:56
kwyjiboairtonix, k. i'll read up on that02:56
Ademanyou might check the man page for it (you probably already know, but `man shred` )  you'll see different options like how many times it will overwrite the file, usually it does a certain number of passes of random data then a pass of zeros02:57
badfish360 controller with prboom?02:57
airtonixkwyjibo, another interesting command to use is this (it will list dataz about metacity keys) : gconftool-2 -R /apps/metacity02:57
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:58
airtonixplease guys keep it tidy...to avoid confusion02:58
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Chris_Foster!tab > Chris_Foster02:58
ubottuChris_Foster, please see my private message02:58
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badfish360 controller with prboom? anyone?02:59
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)03:00
HaSH!packages x26403:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about packages x26403:00
Chris_FosterDoes anyone know how to bind a command to a key combo?03:00
Chris_FosterAnd Im using kubuntu03:01
DCPomit's in the keyboard menu of your settings, wherever that is03:02
DCPom!kubuntu | Chris_Foster03:02
ubottuChris_Foster: Kubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE03:02
Chris_FosterKubuntu channel is usually dead :(03:02
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Jordan_U!hi | ink103:03
ubottuink1: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:03
ink1I am currently experiencing some issues getting java to function under mozilla firefox03:03
badfish360 controller with prboom? anyone?03:03
DCPomink1, i just helped someone with this03:03
Jordan_Uink1: Have you installed the java firefox plugin?03:03
DCPomink1, sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin03:03
ink1tried both, tried symlinking the java-6 and java-5 shared libraries too03:04
Deltusmmm, loves me some apt-get03:04
ink1I do not seem to have the java-sun-plugin03:04
airtonixbadfish, does your controller work with anything on ubuntu ?03:04
ink1I do not seem to have the sun--java6plugin03:04
DCPomink1, it's sun-java6-plugin03:04
bobertdosink1:  What all is listed under about:plugins in Firefox?03:04
ink1I know03:04
ink1nothing related to java atm03:04
ink1OpenJDK icedtea and regular icedtea does not work03:05
badfishmy emulators03:05
DCPomink1, did you or didn't you install the plugin?03:05
airtonixbadfish, and have you looked at the help.ubuntu .com/community pages yet ? or searched some of the common ubuntu help blogs03:05
bobertdos ink1: Where have you tried creating your symlinks?03:05
badfisheverything except prboom03:05
ink1I tried both03:05
badfishi've googled, i've search the forums03:05
ink1sudo ln -s /usr/lib/jvm/java-5-sun/jre/plugin/i386/ns7/libjavaplugin.so03:05
AlNaharim having problems with flash player, after i hit play, when there is audio, it starts locking up firefox03:05
FloodBot2ink1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:05
badfishi've ran prboom as root and i still can't use my 360 controller with it03:05
ink1I am under x6403:06
airtonixguys, for the sake of others trying to follow the conversation....prefix msgs with the person nick to whom you are talking to.03:06
bobertdos!flash64 | ink103:06
ubottuink1: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava03:06
AlNahari dont have a amd6403:06
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airtonixbadfish, then have you tried contacting the prboom developers?03:07
bobertdosAlNahar: Usually, this is due to libflashsupport. It's just a very unstable library.03:07
gluonmanbadfish, I'm using DVDFab HD Decryptor to rip my No Country For Old Men to my external, which has 21 GBs available. The DVD itself is just under 7 GBs but it's telling me that there's not enough disk space for me to write to. Do you know what gives?03:07
AlNaharwell, when i had pulseaudio installed earlier, after i installed libflashsupport it fixed it03:07
AlNaharbut now after removing pulseaudio03:07
AlNaharit doesn't fix it03:07
badfishgluonman: try ripping to your hdd and copying it to the external03:08
bobertdosAlNahar: that's because libflashsupport is designed to add support for Pulse.03:08
gluonmanbadfish, my HDD has less than 5 GBs of available space.03:08
lbo_kenbye all got to go03:09
AlNaharbobertdos: ah ok, but im still having problems even without pulse of flash locking after i hit play03:09
kwyjiboairtonix, Jordan_U, Ademan. problem fixed. thanks03:09
airtonixgluonman, have you looked through the config files for your dvd ripping software to make sure its not actually ripping to your hdd and not your external?03:09
badfishgluonman: your system is too old03:09
DCPom!away lbo_ken03:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about away lbo_ken03:09
enzotibgluonman, the external is FAT32?03:09
badfishgluonman: probably a memory problem somewhere03:09
DCPom!away > lbo_ken03:09
ubottulbo_ken, please see my private message03:09
gluonmanbadfish, my system isn't too old.03:09
gluonmanenzotib, it's NTFS.03:09
badfishgluonman: it is if you've only got 5 gb left03:09
airtonixbadfish, your logic in flawed sorry03:10
gluonmanbadfish, that says nothing about age. More like usage.03:10
bobertdosAlNahar: The one thing we like to check before we do anything is that you only have one version of flash and/or gnash installed. So, what all is listed under about:plugins?03:10
lbo_keni didnt send any  away message   as far as i know   i was leaving so i sayed bye to every one that all03:10
fiaraHi. does anyone know where to find a sound card driver for a IBM ThinkPad X31?03:10
badfishgluonman: mine's seen plenty of usage, i've never been down to less than 120 gb03:10
gluonmanairtonix, I'm not sure, but I suspect that even when I've selected the folder on my external HDD, it's probably still ripping to my HDD, or at least thinking it is.03:10
badfishand that's when i only had one hdd editing audio for 2 different bands03:11
cygokuIs anyone here using the DUST theme from the Ubuntu Artwork Communtiy ?!?!?!?!03:11
AlNaharbobertdos: this all started when i switched to alsa from oss4(which i also switched to pulse audio at the same time)03:11
gluonmanbadfish, doesn't matter. Just because I have less than 5 Gigs left doesn't mean my system is old.03:11
airtonixgluonman, which program are you using?03:11
badfishgluonman: it means your system won't play a dvd03:11
airtonixbadfish, more flawed logic there03:11
gluonmanbadfish, no, it means my system won't hold the space a DVD will take up.03:11
gluonmanairtonix, I'm using DVDFab HD Decryptor, which badfish suggested to me earlier.03:12
airtonixgluonman, i can only suggest you try some other programs.03:12
iforiguahi some one know how to reconfigure a remote control on a hp pavilon dv6xxx03:13
airtonixgluonman, is there a special reason why your using that one apart from the recommendation from badfish?03:13
fiaraCan somebody help me find a sound card driver?03:13
badfishit works for me03:13
badfishwith 1gb of ram03:13
badfishand a 2 year old cpu03:13
gluonmanairtonix, true. I'll look around. But I did have a problem with movie player. But I'm not sure if it is specifically movie player. I was playing all DVDs fine before. And ripping most fine just by opening the DVD in folder view and copy/pasting to my desired folder. But ther are a few with stubborn CSS blocks. I used to be able to play them but not rip them, but now, after installing a bunch of DVD related things from synaptec, I can't even play03:13
gluonman those ones.03:13
AlNaharbobertdos: any ideas?03:14
badfishgot a specific name for a dvd?03:14
bobertdosAlNahar: I see, well since you already are using flash 10, (32-bit system, right?) I would suggest switching exclusively to either Pulse or ALSA. Check that everything is appropriately matched in System->Preferences->Sound.03:14
badfisha title even?03:14
gluonmanairtonix, no other reason except that I'm just hoping something will work. So if someone gives me a suggestion, badfish or not, I'll try it.03:14
gluonmanbadfish, does the specific name of the DVD matter?03:14
AlNaharwell, im trying to switch to exclusively alsa03:14
AlNahari dont know what im doing wrong03:14
airtonixgluonman, for a start have a look here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DVD::Rip & https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/RippingDVDs03:14
badfishbecause if it's a specific dvd the protection will be the same from disc to disc03:14
badfishso if it works for me, my system is doing something yours isn't03:15
gluonmanbadfish, well it's No Country For Old Men by the Coen brothers.03:15
=== AndyWxy is now known as AndyWxy_busy
badfishi want that movie anyway03:15
AlNaharbobertdos: you mean like gnome-sound-properties?03:15
gluonmanbadfish, again, it has nothing to do with the system, perhaps some codec issues, possibly hardware differences as well.03:15
bobertdosAlNahar: So, everything is set to ALSA already?03:15
badfishno error message?03:15
AlNahari am wondering if the problem is some oss thing with firefox?03:15
Awsoonnhow can I grep a file and print out all the e-mail addresses that it finds? text file btw03:15
AlNaharim going to try removing alsa oss support and see what happens03:15
badfishyou're not going dual boot by any chance?03:15
gluonmanbadfish, or No Country For Old Men is just really well encrypted. I've only had two DVDs that are this stubborn. The rest are a piece of cake.03:16
gluonmanbadfish, I'm not dual booting, but that doesn't really matter.03:16
badfishif it works in windows but not in linux it matters03:16
=== SamSamSam is now known as SoulDust
badfishi don't say things for no reason03:16
SoulDustserver irc.undernet.net03:16
airtonix /wave03:16
zcat[1]I'm rather amused by DVD's marked "CC" -- they generally don't mean Creative Commons...03:16
gluonmanbadfish, if it works in Windows but not in Linux, I'll just have to figure out how to make it work in LInux.03:17
badfishgood luck03:17
badfishi've spent 4 years ripping dvds03:17
bobertdosAlNahar: Yeah, something probably broke in your config when you started uninstalling packages. I generally change as little with the sound packages as possible. I've had much better experience leaving them alone and just switching between them.03:17
badfishsome are just encrypted by god03:17
gluonmanbadfish, that's nice. I've also been ripping them for quite some time. I just ran into a problem with this one.03:17
badfishwell good luck03:18
AlNaharbobertdos: brb03:19
meoblast001how do i fix this http://pastebin.com/d22fb7e6303:19
iforigua hi some one know how to reconfigure a remote control on a hp pavilon dv6xxx03:20
meoblast001it was reported by dpkg-buildpackage -r03:20
thomcCan I use hdparm to spin down a usb drive?03:20
baretteOla les noctunes  ! :)03:21
SioraiIs the latest version of ubuntu 64-bit comptable? O.o03:21
neetoI have an eSATA harddrive that is automatically mounted when I turn my computer on. However, recently for some reason, it's been disconnecting itself after long periods of being connected... say, 12 hours after it's initially connected, it will stop responding. I can try to remount it, but when I do, it says that I must specify the filesystem type (it doesn't do this when it's working correctly, and specifying the fs type correctly doesn'03:21
mynameistuxcan I ask pc hardware related questions here, or is it strictly ubuntu only?03:21
LonelyRacerhi need help setting up ubuntu with my linksys print server03:21
baretteun francophone dispo ici  ? xD03:22
neetomynameistux: people here know a lot about hardware too, I'm sure, go ahead and ask03:22
cygokuIs anyone here using the DUST theme from the Ubuntu Artwork Communtiy ?!?!?!?!03:22
=== qbmaniac is now known as qb_sleep
mynameistuxyou know how people say certain old computers will only recognise a HDD up to a certain size, why is that, or is it all FUD?03:22
mynameistuxI have a computer from 2002, running ubuntu server, and I want to know if I can put a 1TB hdd into it03:23
neetomynameistux: Windows has limitations for sure, but I don't know of any other limitations simply based on hardware.03:23
bobertdosmynameistux: It depends on the filesystem used. Older computer will generally have hard drives formatted with older, limited file systems.03:23
mynameistuxso, its purely a windows related thing, I thought it might have somthing to do with the BIOS03:23
mynameistuxit will prolly be fat3203:24
LonelyRacerhow to connect ubuntu to a linksys print server?03:24
neetomynameistux: I would be surprised if it had limitations, I am pretty sure, IDE is IDE, and SATA is SATA, regardless of size, therefore if a motherboard supports the standard, it should be able to support any size of HDD using that standard.03:24
mynameistuxk, thx03:24
neeto mynameistux: wait, don't format it in FAT32 though03:24
mynameistuxooookay, why03:25
danbh_intrepidmynameistux: the windows nt 5.x installer will refuse to install partitions larger than 20g as fat32, even though fat32 can support larger drives.  Maybe that fact has contributed to the rumors you hear03:25
zcat[1]really old bioses used to have issues with >1G drives IIRC.. but that was over ten years ago...03:25
sb56637hello all, anyone got any sources for debs for the final release of OpenOffice 3.0?03:25
neetomynameistux: FAT32 does have limitations, I believe, I don't know what they are right off hand, but I am pretty sure there is some sort of size constraint on that FS03:25
zcat[1]Fat32 can't handle files >2G ?03:26
Azhi_DahakaHmm... the laptop just froze when playing a simple Quicktime trailer03:26
danbh_intrepidmynameistux: so that includes windows 2000/xp/vista03:26
mynameistuxI remeber reading something about that, wikipedia has a table of various filesystems maximum file size, and maximium FS size03:26
iforigua hi some one know how to reconfigure a remote control on a hp pavilon dv6xxx03:26
neetomynameistux: but if you are running an ubuntu server which is probably using an ext3 filesystem, why would you want to use FAT32 instead of ext3?03:26
zcat[1]HAMMERFS ftw!!03:26
zcat[1]hammerfs doesn't really manage well on drives smaller than a TB03:27
enzotibFAT32 handle files until 4GB - 1byte03:27
mynameistuxwell, I might want to acces somthing dicercly with a windows pc, the chances are slim, but I may want to use windows for gaming one day03:27
zcat[1]Ahh.. 4G, 2G, whatever .. rather limiting when you want to play with DVD isos03:27
mynameistuxso, I want to use somthing accesible to windows and lnx03:27
neetomynameistux: You might just want to go with NTFS, FAT32 support is slow even on windows03:27
zcat[1]Linux handles NTFS pretty well these days.. ntfs-3g03:28
mynameistuxaaah screw it, ext3, if I need to use windows, I will DL the ext3 thing for windows03:28
mynameistuxI support open standereds, w00t, go me etc03:28
enzotibmynameistux, and windows can access ext2/3 with particular fs driver03:28
neetomynameistux: good decision. keep it open03:28
mynameistuxyeah, thats what I will get if I need to03:28
xxploit__mynameistux, alot of the big title games will work on wine03:29
bobertdossb56637: The final release isn't available yet. I just checked last night and they're up to RC4. There is a deb available for that though.03:29
mynameistuxyeah, but you never no what will come up03:29
case^with gfx acceleration?03:29
case^for ati?03:29
neil_dif a card has support for Red Hat, can I assume the driver can be used by ubuntu ?03:29
mynameistuxas I said, the chances of my using windows for gaming is slim, I will prolly virtualise, but I want to keep my options open03:30
neetoxxploit__: wine is nice, but running windows games in a native windows environment is so much less hassle, even though you do have to do have your fun within the constraints of the proprietary operating system03:30
mynameistuxand, if I have a LAN party, someone using windows, might want to acces my server03:30
mynameistuxneeto is right, but I don't want to pay for a windows licence03:30
neetomynameistux: you should just try NTFS then03:30
mynameistuxthey can go and get the ext3 thing, its not my problem03:31
zcat[1]samba simply sees a 'filesystem' -- it doesn't give a fsck if the files are stored on ntfs or ext3 or fat32 ..03:31
bobertdosneil_d: That's probably not a perfectly safe assumption.03:31
neetomynameistux: I don't (publicly) condone piracy, but who says you have to pay for anything these days? lol03:31
mynameistuxyeah, I never pay for stuff, but when I am in a forum or on irc, I pretend I pay for stuff03:31
neil_dbobertdos: oh! rats, I was hoping it word work.03:31
danbh_intrepidmynameistux: you can serve files simply with apache...03:31
zcat[1]so if you want to share your files over the LAN it doesn't matter in the slightest what filesystem you use03:31
neetomynameistux: good man. demonoid/usenet FTS03:31
bobertdosneil_d: Although , the chances for that being true are relatively good for lots of cards.03:32
mynameistuxwhen I say, heading over to amazon, I mean heading over to tpb03:32
tritiummynameistux: do NOT discuss piracy here.03:32
mynameistuxright, amazon for all my softwares03:32
mynameistuxand apche seems to be the way to go, possible SAMBA03:32
Azhi_DahakaHmm... the laptop just froze when playing a simple Quicktime trailer03:33
neetolol, well man, NTFS works beautifully on linux, and it obviously works well in a native windows environment too03:33
AlNaharbobertdos: you there?03:33
AlNaharas i thought, flash player is trying to use oss03:33
neil_dbobertdos: good to here.  been looking for a multi-port sata card, the ones I have found that do say they support linux, all seem to support only red-hat.03:33
AlNaharoh wait, nevermind03:33
mynameistuxAzhi_Dahaka: are you using vlc?03:33
neetomynameistux: if you are going the route of APACHE then the filesystem won't matter because it will all be done over HTTP03:33
AlNaharwhen i disable oss, flash player works fine03:33
Azhi_Dahakamplayer-plugin for firefox03:33
meoblast001please help03:33
meoblast001how do you remove a file with a ~ at the end of it03:33
neetomynameistux: and samba is a good choice too, since it facilitates the sharing of files between linux and windows computers03:34
AlNaharbobertdos: how do i allow alsa-oss to work but not let flash player use it?03:34
AlNaharthat is apparently what the problem is03:34
bobertdosAlNahar: Yeah, I was going to say..........Flash 10 isn't even supposed to be capable of supporting OSS.03:34
neil_dmeoblast001: quote the name03:34
zcat[1]neeto: actually I've seen a few causes where ntfs got 'slightly' corrupted (guy dropped his laptop, etc) and Windows simply could not read it, not even as a slave drive on another machine. Linux handles it just fine apart from a few files that really were damaged.03:34
meoblast001neil_d: i did03:34
AlNaharbobertdos: it seems when i remove all the oss modules from being loaded and flash works fine03:34
mynameistuxwith SAMBA, can I share files that are still on the harddive to other computers on the network, or upload them to the server?03:34
chmacMost stuff in hardy-backports should be safe to install right?03:34
zcat[1]neeto: so I would argue that Linux handles ntfs 'better' than windows does03:34
neil_dmeoblast001: what was the result ?03:35
neetomynameistux: well since your computer would BE the server, there would be no uploading process, things would just be available from the network.03:35
neetozcat[1]: not surprising, linux does quite a few thousand things better than windows does03:35
bobertdosAlNahar: I don't think there's a good way to do that.......unless you could somehow create a custom alsconf, but that's not something I have a lot of experience with.03:35
mynameistuxno, I have an ancient compy running ubuntu server, to do my file serving03:35
meoblast001neil_d: nvm.. my desktop isnt updating lol03:36
Chris_FosterHi, I was recently suggested shred to clear data, but in the man page it says it doesn't support EXT3, is their a program that does?03:36
AlNaharbobertdos: i mean, it seems if there are oss modules loaded, flash player has problems03:36
bobertdosAlNahar: right03:36
Azhi_DahakaSo... no idea?03:36
neetomynameistux: well either way, putting things on the server would make them availiable to the network if you have the permissions set up that way.03:36
LinuxMan92I have a couple simple questions.03:36
neil_dmeoblast001: so it is gone ?03:36
LinuxMan92Is there any way to improve the speed of Ubuntu on a computer with 256ram?03:36
chmaczcat[1]: Are you the same zcat of #centos fame? Have you defected? Or were you poly all along? :)03:36
zcat[1]neeto: yes, but it's always amused my that linux handles slightly damaged ntfs better than windows does, openoffice can read slightly damaged DOCs that MSOffice chokes on, etc..03:36
neetoLinuxMan92: Yes, get more ram.03:36
zcat[1]chmac: no, different zcat03:37
LinuxMan92i was hoping for a different solution03:37
Chris_FosterLinuxMan92: there are many ways, try searching google for a list03:37
mynameistuxmy preference would be being able to open my nerwork places in windows, and the equivilant in ubuntu, and see everything on the server, and things being shared from HDD's on neetwork connected computers03:37
mynameistuxis that possible03:37
danbh_intrepidLinuxMan92: use xubuntu, and yes, get more ram.  I'll probably only cost ya $2003:37
Mrfoi have a semi dead remote login thats running a terminal process that i need to continue. is there a way to send it to run in the background if i can't 'ctrl-z' onto it03:37
=== aib is now known as regex
bobertdosChris_Foster: the forums recommend wipe03:37
danbh_intrepidLinuxMan92: *It'll03:37
neetomynameistux: you should go for samba in that case03:37
mynameistuxso, is it easy to configure03:37
chmaczcat[1]: Arg, I see, that other zcat has a slightly sharp tongue in my experience :)03:37
Chris_Foster bobertdos: wipe? Okay, thanks03:37
LinuxMan92well the computer isnt mine therefore i dont really want to invest money into it03:38
mynameistuxLinuxMan92: more RAM is realy really cheap03:38
zcat[1]chmac: there are a number of zcat's around.. I'm not the only one03:38
mynameistuxLinuxMan92: you can double it for like 20 bucks, and then keep the RAM when you give it back to its owner03:38
neetomynameistux: it's not bad, but it does take work, just like most things on linux...03:39
Chris_FosterLinuxMan92: That is a really common question, it saves time for all of us if you try google first, then your not re-inventing the wheel again03:39
mynameistuxso, is it configured by editing the .samba file somewhere03:39
Mrfoi have a semi dead remote login thats running a terminal process that i need to continue. is there a way to send it to run in the background if i can't 'ctrl-z' onto it03:39
chmacSo, backports are relatively safe to install right? I'm not about to bork my seyste? :)03:40
neetomynameistux: it's configured through a config file somewhere. I don't mean to be blunt, but you should stop asking about it and go play with it. It's free and you have nothing to lose.03:40
LinuxMan92Chris_Foster: I understand that however I was wondering if in the settings there was a way to disable certain effects that would speed it up03:40
zcat[1]bah, easiest way to 'configure' samba is right-click on folders and share them just like in 'doze .. why make things harder than they need be?!!03:40
mynameistuxyou have a point03:40
mynameistux*ssh's into server, and breaks somthing*03:40
mynameistux*reinstalls and gets it right this time*03:41
danbh_intrepidzcat[1]: dont you still need to setup samba users for samba to work?03:41
zcat[1]danbh_intrepid: yeah, the first time you share a folder it goes and installs samba for you.03:41
lordarswhat is new in intrepid ivex?03:42
tritiumlordars: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid questions03:42
zcat[1]danbh_intrepid: I used to know how to set up samba via the /etc/samba/smb.conf file but ubuntu just makes it so easy. I'm lazy. I do things the easy way.03:43
mynameistuxbye all03:43
tnnccan someone suggest an motioring software to install that is easy to setup and will monitor networks in other locations and will install on ubuntu 6.06 or 6.10 thanks03:45
zcat[1]tnnc: nagios is the gold standard but not sure it's 'easy to set up'03:46
perlsyntaxI try to run a shell script in my home dir how can i get it to work?03:46
perlsyntaxi try to run AA game03:47
zcat[1]perlsyntax: chmod a+x foo.sh and then ./foo.sh03:47
tnnczcat[1] ok thanks03:47
Geoffrey2ok, java...is there an open source version for Ubuntu, and does it work fairly well?03:48
perlsyntaxit not working03:48
zcat[1]Geoffrey2: yes, java went open source, and it still works as well as it ever did03:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about notworking03:49
perlsyntaxi try that not working03:49
Azhi_DahakaI'M SICK OF THIS CRAP03:49
case^take it back for a refund03:49
DCPom!language | Azhi_Dahaka03:49
ubottuAzhi_Dahaka: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:49
zcat[1]perlsyntax: not working how?03:49
perlsyntaxi try ./armyops03:50
AlNaharbobertdos: so how can that be, if flash cannot use oss?03:50
Azhi_DahakaWhy on earth does the system decides that it doesn't likes my router?03:50
perlsyntaxafter i di that03:50
Azhi_Dahakadamn, it's frustrating using Ubuntu with wireless03:50
tritiumAzhi_Dahaka: language, please03:50
zcat[1]perlsyntax: ls -l armyops ?03:50
perlsyntaxok i try that03:50
perlsyntaxi think it in root03:50
zcat[1]Azhi_Dahaka: get a well supported shipset and it's as easy as 'plug it in, choose network'03:51
DCPomperlsyntax, is it armyops.sh?03:51
IndoctrineWill things auto mount if I'm using Ubuntu server or do I have to manually mount them?03:51
Azhi_Dahakayeah, right03:51
tritiumAzhi_Dahaka: it's true03:51
bobertdosAlNahar: I don't really know, unfortunately. Does Pulse and ALSA just not work for you?03:51
Azhi_Dahakaanyway... can anyone help me solve this issue?03:51
tritiumAzhi_Dahaka: which wireless card/chipset do you have?  And, have you read the wiki pages for guidance?03:51
Azhi_Dahakai have03:52
IndoctrineMine's like that, Azhi_Dahaka. I've only had problems with it in other distros03:52
Geoffrey2zcat[1], would that be Sun's java implementation, or a different one?03:52
Azhi_Dahakaand it was working fine03:52
AlNahari tried using pulse and it has distortion03:52
DCPomGeoffrey2, sun's is fine03:52
Azhi_Dahakauntil it decided to disconnect from my router03:52
Azhi_Dahakathing is, that i can connect to other networks03:52
perlsyntaxash: ./armyops.sh: No such file or directory03:52
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QTParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap03:52
bobertdosIndoctrine: Things will still automount as long as there are proper entries in fstab, of course.03:52
carloshi there, little question. i have a acer aspire one, currently running xubuntu 8.10 it seems i can only have 800 x 600 screen resolution03:52
DCPomperlsyntax, are you sure it's a shell script?03:52
Indoctrinebobertdos: Do I have to put in my own entries? :\03:52
Azhi_Dahakaas i'm right now, using my neighbour's open wifi03:52
zcat[1]Geoffrey2: sun open-sourced their java afaik.. not sure which version this applies to but the open source once now is genuine sun java03:52
dhgwillack! i b0rked my system by upgrading to the intrepid version of libselinux103:53
Indoctrine!intrepid | dhgwill03:53
ubottudhgwill: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu03:53
dhgwillis there any way to use the livecd to reinstall the proper version?03:53
=== Ty is now known as sleepster
bobertdosIndoctrine: I wouldn't think so, but you might want to read the file just to be sure.03:53
Azhi_Dahakabut SOMEHOW it decided to NOT connect with my router... just for the kicks of it03:53
Indoctrinebobertdos: Okay, which file?03:53
zcat[1]perlsyntax: what's the file called? Is it in your current directory or did you perhaps download it to the Desktop?03:53
dhgwillIndoctrine: i haven't actually upgraded, so i don't need support with +103:53
perlsyntaxarmyops250linux.run i install it03:53
perlsyntaxhow can i do that03:53
dhgwilli upgraded a single package using dpkg -i (which i assumed would warn me about deps)03:53
bobertdosIndoctrine: /etc/fstab03:54
Angieany one tried Nmap install03:54
tritiumdhgwill: which you should not have done03:54
dhgwilltritium: yeah, hindsight, etc etc03:54
perlsyntaxi put it in my home file03:54
danbh_intrepiddhgwill: the package needs to have those dependencies setup for that to happen.  They usually aren't for cross repo systems...03:55
Azhi_DahakaIt's working via nsdiswrapper and for 2 days was working ALMOST ok03:55
zcat[1]perlsyntax: ok, try 'chmod a+x armyops250linux.run' and then try 'sudo ./armyops250linux.run' to run it (each command typed without the quotes around it..03:55
dhgwilldanbh_intrepid: i just downloaded libselinux1-vv.deb and ran sudo dpkg -i03:55
dhgwillit's not really a cross repo system03:55
Indoctrinebobertdos: I'll keep that in mind, expect more questions, I'm setting up my server today.03:55
dhgwillfor a little background, and because i've got plenty of time if i have to reinstall03:55
danbh_intrepiddhgwill: I think you can use the livecd, mount your root system, chroot into that mount point, and then install the correct package03:55
dhgwilli was trying to upgrade vim to the intrepid version03:55
dhgwilldanbh_intrepid: Aha! thanks, that's a great point.03:56
zcat[1]perlsyntax: unfortunately 'binary installers' go against the Ubuntu way of doing things so results may be inconsistyent03:56
=== kalpik_ is now known as kalpik
perlsyntax./armyops250linux.run: Permission denied03:56
dhgwillon a different note, 8.04.1 livecd is beautiful03:57
TGmanwhat is a good way to recover data from a bin file03:57
zcat[1]perlsyntax: weird. You did do the chmod thing first?03:57
sleepsteris 8.10 beta worth trying or should i wait 21 days to do a distro updrade03:58
perlsyntaxi not sure what i do03:58
=== felix-da-catz is now known as felix-da-catz_zz
jribsleepster: no problem in trying it with virtualization or a live cd, but if you depend on your system working I would not upgrade it until it is released03:59
zcat[1]perlsyntax: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AmericasArmy suggests typing "sudo sh ./armyops<version>-linux.run" to run the installer, then ''armyops' to run the same itself03:59
coleosisIs there a way to disable touchpad clicking?03:59
IndoctrineWhat does a USB flash drive mount as in fstab?03:59
jribIndoctrine: nothing special about it.  Same as a partition on your hard drive04:00
Indoctrinejrib: Well, I don't see it in my fstab, only sda1, sda5 and scd004:00
Azhi_DahakaIt's ridiculous04:00
Azhi_Dahakahow could it just decide to NOT connect to a router?04:00
=== sgallinger is now known as arch-villain
sleepsterjrib: defiantly rely on it was just wondering if any of the new features were worth not waiting for04:00
Azhi_Dahakaand pidgin just crashes when no network connection available... that's nice04:00
jribIndoctrine: nothing gets added to your fstab unless you add it (after initial install)04:00
sploozerfor a simple conditional statement how can I check to see if a process or PID is still alive?  for example....if [ps -elf | grep PID = EXISTS then do X else do Y fi ;04:01
Indoctrinejrib: Oh... well... will my USB flash drive just plug and play in Ubuntu server?04:01
tritiumAzhi_Dahaka: #ubuntu-offtopic for random chatter, complaining.  This channel is specifically for support questions.04:01
jribsleepster: no feature is worth me not having access to my main system.  I have intrepid in virtualbox though so I can keep up with developments04:01
Azhi_DahakaI was asking for support but well, seems like it's not a bug but a feature!04:02
Azhi_DahakaI was asked to post my chipset, and I did04:02
Azhi_DahakaI was asked to expose my problem and I did04:02
jribIndoctrine: I'm guessing not, but I don't know.  I also don't know what you should install to have it work04:02
tritiumAzhi_Dahaka: I asked you for it, and you never replied to me.04:02
Azhi_Dahakaand then... well, nothing04:02
Azhi_DahakaONCE AGAIN04:02
FloodBot2Azhi_Dahaka: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:02
tritium!attitude | Azhi_Dahaka04:02
ubottuAzhi_Dahaka: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines04:02
Indoctrinejrib: It plugs and plays in Ubuntu desktop, but does it plug and play in server?04:02
tritiumAzhi_Dahaka: when replying to someone, use their nick so they see your reply.04:03
jribAzhi_Dahaka: hey, remember that everyone helping you here is volunteering04:03
tritium!who | Azhi_Dahaka04:03
ubottuAzhi_Dahaka: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:03
Doc8404whats the change nick code04:03
egofluxanyone in here use skype?04:03
jribDoc8404: /nick new_nick04:03
Azhi_Dahakatritium: http://pastebin.com/f60ce782b04:03
dhgwilldanbh_intrepid: thanks, I think that worked swimmingly, although i got a weird error about not being able to create /dev/null (!!)  i'll be back after reboot to let you know if it worked and thank you profusely04:03
danbh_intrepiddhgwill: your welcome!04:04
tritiumAzhi_Dahaka: and drop the "ONCE AGAIN" all-caps attitude.04:04
anandI am trying to compile cpp files with gcc compiler it says No such files or directory while I can compile .c file easily04:04
jribanand: provide your terminal session on pastebin04:05
Azhi_DahakaAs I said, wireless it's working right not... only, not how it's supposed to... i can connect to the open neighbor's wifi but not to the router 2 meters away04:05
Azhi_DahakaI need to do a full restart to be able to connect once again to my router04:06
MyNamemy school's computers all use ubuntu04:06
MyNameis that normal ?04:06
case^which school?04:06
DCPomMyName, wow i'm jealous04:06
jhalsteadI have a friend still using windows, I want to give her a live cd but I'd like to theme it to look as much like windows as posible. I wonder if KDE or gnome would be best or does it matter?  also where is a good tutorial on remastering04:06
geniiFor them anything is normal04:07
MyNameDCPom, no not campus wide, only to CS students04:07
DCPomMyName, not really, many technical schools use *nix04:07
Azhi_Dahakajhalstead: first, find out if the hardware on the machine is on the support list04:07
jrib!remaster | jhalstead04:08
ubottujhalstead: Interested in remastering the !Ubuntu !LiveCD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use Tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility04:08
anandanand@anand-laptop:~/Desktop/Assignments$ ls04:08
anandAssgn1.cpp~  A-Stub-Generation-System-Fo- C++.pdf  ex1.cpp  ex2.c  main.pdf  test~  treap.pdf04:08
anandanand@anand-laptop:~/Desktop/Assignments$ gcc ex1.cpp04:08
anandgcc: error trying to exec 'cc1plus': execvp: No such file or directory04:08
anandanand@anand-laptop:~/Desktop/Assignments$ gcc ex2.c04:08
FloodBot2anand: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:08
anandex2.c: In function ‘main’:04:08
MyNamei run into a problem04:08
MeVsTheVoicesGrumble bumble no pasting grumble bumble04:08
tritiumMyName: your hostmask shows you in New York City...04:08
MyNamei add some export path into my .bashrc file, but they dont take effect until next time i log in04:08
MyNamehow can i have those export lines take effect immediately?04:08
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/04:08
tritiumMyName: that's normal if you don't source the file.04:08
MyNametritium, how do i "source" the file?04:09
morth_!ssh setup04:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ssh setup04:09
tritiumMyName: "source <filename>"04:09
jribanand: you use g++ to compile cpp04:09
MyNametritium, what will that do, it'll run every line in that file?04:09
jhalsteadsorry, should of been more information.  I used my live cd and it worked great for me. so computer will work without issue.  But she was very confused by the XFCE interface so I'm just looking at interface chage to hopefully get a computer away from windows04:09
egofluxanyone use skype?04:09
tritiumMyName: it'll make it take effect, as you wish04:10
morth_anyone use ssp servers?04:10
egofluxi'm having trouble with sound on skype04:10
MyNametritium, but that is only for profiles, is .bashrc the same as profile ?04:10
anandno i m using gcc to compile c++ do i need to use g++?04:10
jribanand: yes04:10
egofluxi can start calls and use the webcam and all04:10
egofluxbut no sound04:10
DCPom!skype | egoflux04:10
ubottuegoflux: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto04:10
egofluxboth ways04:10
tritiumMyName: it is not only for profiles04:10
anandok let me try04:10
jrib!who | anand04:10
ubottuanand: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:10
anandthanx for ur help04:10
Azhi_Dahakaso? Any ideas?04:11
=== Indoctrine is now known as Doc|Serverising
MyNametritium, i see. so i can do : source .bashrc ?04:11
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)04:11
egofluxwhy do u do shit like that? i've checked the damn forums and nothing works...that's why i'm here04:11
tritium!language | egoflux04:12
ubottuegoflux: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:12
DCPom!language | egoflux04:12
tritiumMyName: yes04:12
egofluxwow...more pricks04:12
jribegoflux: fix your attitude please04:12
MyNamecan i ssh to my linux box, then start ubunt's gnome from a widnows machine?04:12
MyNamehow can i do that?04:12
Azhi_DahakaYou need some sort of VNC server04:13
=== lovestofail is now known as dhgwill
MyNametaht runs on both ubuntu and my windows machine?04:14
MyNameis vnc the only way to go?04:14
=== Doc8404 is now known as DocUSN-USMC
_Zeus_the only way to go for?04:14
MyNamefor using my remote ubuntu session's gnome on my windows machine04:14
geniiMyName: Theres also X forwarding and also freenx04:14
dhgwilldanbh_intrepid, thanks a whole ton everything is back to normal. i can't believe i didn't think of chroot... it's actually a utility i've very rarely used04:14
MyNamei log into it using putty, then launch gnome from there, is that possibly04:14
Azhi_DahakaWhich where slower, AFAIR04:15
MyNamebut can it hanlde something as big as gnome ?04:15
_Zeus_MyName: i don't hitnk so... but you can launch single applications04:15
MyNamethe X window it  mean04:15
tritiumMyName: you'd need an X server running on your Windows machine if you want to do it that way.04:15
MyNamei know about x server04:15
FloodBot2MyName: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:15
tritium!enter | MyName04:15
MyNameis that effective?04:15
ubottuMyName: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:15
danbh_intrepiddhgwill: the directions are actually classic for fixing a broken alpha testing system.  If one upgrade breaks it, you use that strat to update till a fix comes through04:16
geniiMyName: If you launch X from insode an ssh login it doesn't run graphically over the ssh connection usually but rather locally in the box you are ssh'd into04:16
MyNamegenii, by X you mean the X window server?04:16
geniiMyName: Yes04:16
MyNameMyName, i thoguht i launch X on my windows machine, then launch apps from inside my putty's connection04:17
MyNamethen it'll display it graphically04:17
Azhi_Dahakahmmm... so, nobody knows why is the network so picky?04:17
dhgwilldanbh_intrepid, i'm only asking because you seem like you might know: is there an IRC channel for awesomeWM or tiling WMs in general?04:17
Azhi_Dahakanetwork card?04:17
geniiMyName: That is X forwarding04:17
MyNamegenii, well isnt that what i need?04:17
ninjafurywhats is the equivalent of /etc/kde4/xserv/xserver.conf in XFCE??04:17
danbh_intrepiddhgwill: heh, I only know a few random things, and thats not one of them  : )   sorry04:17
geniiMyName: No, you asked "can I start ubuntu gnome from inside my ssh session"04:18
_Zeus_MyName: X forwarding is usually used to launch single apps04:18
orichello ,all04:18
morth_Anyone know how to setup a  FTP server/.04:18
_Zeus_you asked to start a whole desktop, MyName04:18
ubottuFTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd04:18
geniiMyName: In the other case the X server is local and the X applications are forwarded over the ssh into it04:18
MyNameok i see. so i can use x forwarding to launch single apps, but to luanch gnome then it won't work?04:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about proftp04:18
geniiMyName: Now you are getting the idea04:19
MyName_what is that windows program that can simulate linux?04:20
MyName_something win ?04:20
Azhi_Dahakaok, I'm sorry if I was kind of a dick later... now, can someone help me with my issue?04:20
MyName_cygwin yes04:20
MyName_what is cygwin used for?04:20
geniiNot for running X04:20
MrfoCygwin can do that fine04:21
geniiMrfo: Well, technically it can be done but terribly inefficient04:21
MyName_but cygwin is not the same as X window right?04:21
xchhif i want to link to an application in ubuntu's repositories how do i do that?04:21
MyName_X window only supports running linux GUI stuff over windwos04:21
Mrfowhat are you trying to do exactly?04:21
geniiMyName_: You want something like XMing on the windows side04:22
Mrfoi use the cygwin x windows server all the time. it runs just as well as Xming04:22
=== lakitu2 is now known as lakitu
MyName_ok i want to ssh to my linux box using putty in windows, then once i logged in, then i want to launch gnome and use linux graphically just like as if i'm sitting in front of my linux box. not just launch single apps (which i already know how to do suing Star Windows)04:22
MyName_not star-windwos, starnet X windows04:22
MrfoMyName, you want XMing + XMDCP04:23
xchhi want to launch an application to install a program from a web page, how do i do this?04:23
MyName_this one http://www.starnet.com/products/xwin32/04:23
MyName_what is XMING04:23
Mrfoxming is a lightweight X server that will connect to remote clients via X11 forwarded SSH sessions or XMDCP04:23
Mrfo(for windows)04:24
MyName_what XMDCP04:24
xchhlet me rephrase- i have an application in the ubuntu repository- for instance xchat-gnome and i want to link to it so a user can easily install it by clicking a link, anybody know how to do that? I'm pretty certain such a feature exists in ubuntu.04:24
MyName_can i use http://www.starnet.com/products/xwin32/04:24
jribxchh: checkout the apturl package04:25
michalskihey I'm having a bit of a problem with the encrypted private directory function, the command: 'encryptfs-setup-private' isnt working...(command not found)04:25
_Zeus_michalski: have you installed the needed packages?04:25
xchhjrib: thanks (is that in ubuntu by default?)04:25
boum1im thinking about getting a asus xonar d2, not sure if i can will it work with herron ??04:26
_Zeus_michalski: isn't that in intrepid?04:26
michalski_Zeus_: ....pardon?04:26
morth_how do i install this "yum -y install vsftpd system-config-vsftpd"04:26
_Zeus_michalski: are you using intrepid?04:26
_Zeus_morth_: sudo apt-get install ...04:26
tritiummorth_: ubuntu/debian don't use yum04:27
michalski_Zeus_: what is intrepid?04:27
jribxchh: possibly.  Don't know though04:27
_Zeus_michalski: never mind04:27
xchhjrib: it is04:27
geniimorth_: yum is not the native package install method for Ubuntu04:27
_Zeus_michalski: all it says is command not found?  what packages did you install?04:27
morth__Zeus_ sudo apt-get  install vsftpd system-config-vsftpd ??04:27
_Zeus_!info vsftpd04:27
ubottuvsftpd (source: vsftpd): The Very Secure FTP Daemon. In component main, is extra. Version 2.0.6-1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 94 kB, installed size 392 kB04:27
_Zeus_morth_: yes04:27
michalskiThe following NEW packages will be automatically installed:04:28
michalski  libecryptfs0 libpkcs11-helper1 libtspi104:28
michalskiThe following NEW packages will be installed:04:28
michalski  ecryptfs-utils libecryptfs0 libpkcs11-helper1 libtspi104:28
FloodBot2michalski: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:28
m1dn1ghtHey guys.  I'm having some trouble getting my internal mic working on my laptop.  It appears to be connected as I can hear it through the speakers when I tap/blow into it.  Sound card is (if relevant) 00:0f.0 Audio device: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] Azalia Audio Controller04:28
michalskisorry :)04:28
Kattollikisdhow do I change the way to see my icon in my desktop, I want to put then in the right not in the other side?04:28
indian_munndacan anyone tell me how can i just prevent my monitor from being powered off in few min while it is idle????????04:28
morth_sudo apt-get  install vsftpd system-config-vsftpd04:28
morth_morth@morth-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install vsftpd system-config-vsftpd04:28
morth_Reading package lists... Done04:28
morth_Building dependency tree04:28
morth_Reading state information... Done04:28
_Zeus_morth_: yes?04:28
FloodBot2morth_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:28
morth_vsftpd is already the newest version.04:28
morth_E: Couldn't find package system-config-vsftpd04:28
morth_thats the error i got04:29
geniimorth_: Just the vsftpd part is needed. It contains a post install routine which installs configuration files with safe values04:29
michalski(Zeus, see post above)04:29
_Zeus_morth_: that config package doesn't exist in ubuntu04:29
_Zeus_michalski: yeah, i'm seieng it04:30
morth_OMG i just want to setup a fucking FTP server how hard is this lol04:30
_Zeus_!language | morth_04:30
ubottumorth_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:30
indian_munndacan anyone tell me how can i just prevent my monitor from being powered off in few min while it is idle????????04:30
_Zeus_michalski: could you go to ~/Private and do a ls04:30
michalski_Zeus_: sure04:30
morth_there is no way to setup a ftp its a lie FTP = MYTH04:30
tritiummorth_: calm down04:31
geniimorth_: It's as difficult as intalling vsftpd then editing it's config file to suit04:31
_Zeus_michalski: ty04:31
hellhound_somehow i messed up the delete key to where it brings up the system monitor any time I press the delete key.. I was trying to get <alt><control>delete to bring up the system monitor... but instead it just went to the delete key.... can someone help me return my delete key back to the way it was?04:31
_Zeus_hellhound_: go to where you set that and reset it?04:31
michalski_Zeus_: no such directory :|04:31
_Zeus_michalski: ok, hang on plz04:31
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.04:31
geniimorth_: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-vsftpd-ftp-service-server/04:32
hellhound__Zeus_, i used the commands "gconftool-2 -t str --set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/run_command_9 "<Control><Alt>Delete" and gconftool-2 -t str --set /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands/command_9 "gnome-system-monitor"04:32
_Zeus_michalski: as far as i am aware, the encryped folder thing doesn't show up until ubuntu 8.1004:32
morth_genii thank you i hope this works :)04:32
user16penggantar pengelolahan hasiol perikanan04:33
indian_munndacan anyone tell me how can i just prevent my monitor from being powered off in few min while it is idle????????04:33
michalski......OHH....hehe oops04:33
michalskithanks _Zeus_04:33
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:33
genii!cn | zhou04:33
ubottuzhou: please see above04:33
_Zeus_that's a new feature04:33
genii_Zeus_:  hehe04:33
zhousomething about server04:34
indian_munnda_Zeus_: can u help plz04:34
Azhi_Dahaka_ok, can i get some help with at least ONE of the issues?04:34
_Zeus_!ask | indian_munnda04:35
ubottuindian_munnda: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:35
redvamp128Anyone ever get more than the front channel audio working on SB Audigy LS ? Also does anyone know how to change the main volume mixer settings.04:35
indian_munnda_Zeus_: can you tell me how can i just prevent my monitor from being powered off in few min while it is idle????????04:35
redvamp128It is currently working but using ALSA mixer...04:35
_Zeus_indian_munnda: try system>preferences > power management04:35
zhoumaybe something goes wrong04:35
hellhound__Zeus_, i used the commands "gconftool-2 -t str --set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/run_command_9 "<Control><Alt>Delete" and gconftool-2 -t str --set /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands/command_9 "gnome-system-monitor"04:35
_Zeus_hellhound_: yeah, i heard you, i don't know how to fix it04:36
indian_munnda_Zeus_: i did that to never in both the options but it didn't worked.04:36
hellhound__Zeus_, ok04:36
zhouwhat ok?04:36
indian_munnda_Zeus_: any ideas??04:38
w900ihello.... y when loading page on ubuntu.. my pc restart?04:38
_Zeus_indian_munnda: no04:38
jsqhi, i am trying to remove a lot of packages installed with kubuntu-desktop, i removed that package, but all the other automatcally installed ones were not removed04:38
_Zeus_indian_munnda: if you set all those to 0, i have no idea04:38
jsqi stripped all the garbage from /var/log/apt/term.log into a neat list04:39
=== user16 is now known as pengantar
indian_munnda_Zeus_: yup i set those all to never.04:39
jsqcan i feed that into apt-get remove?04:39
_Zeus_jsq: i guess04:39
zhou     set all those to 104:39
wisemanHey everyone04:39
jsqhow would i do that?04:39
_Zeus_jsq: while read LINE; do sudo apt-get remove $LINE; done < filename04:39
wisemanI'm having strange ubuntu weirdness in trying to read a windows partition, can anyone help me out with that?04:39
jsq_Zeus_ thanks, i iwill try that out04:40
_Zeus_jsq: watch out, that will read the file line-by-line and remove them all04:40
_Zeus_jsq: if you want it to not ask you, use apt-get -y instead04:40
indian_munndazhou: what does 1 means?04:40
jsqok, that's what i iwant, i will just say yes, to be sure to each one04:40
_Zeus_jsq: fine, that should work hen04:40
jsqor whatever. here goes04:40
zhou1 means strat it04:40
joshualhey folks, is there a repository for flock yet?04:41
geniijsq: If you have them all on single lines with 4 tabs between and the word "remove" at the end you can just do: sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade             where my-packages is the file name04:41
wisemanIs anyone good with viewing windows partitions in ubuntu?  I really need some help.04:41
zhou<indian_munnda> zhou: what does 1 means?04:41
_Zeus_genii: that's a possibility, but I don't think you need 4 tabs04:41
_Zeus_i think just a ' ' is enough04:41
_Zeus_wiseman: shoot04:41
zhou1 means strat it04:41
wisemanwell check this out04:41
zhou<indian_munnda> zhou: 1 means strat it04:42
genii_Zeus_: The --get-selections uses 4 so to be safe thats what I also recommended04:42
_Zeus_genii: oh, k04:42
vilhelmhello... I have removed my hosts.deny from Adept but the hosts.deny file is still in my etc folder:( how can I remove it?04:42
_Zeus_vilhelm: rm filename?04:42
wisemanI put the windows partition in fstab, and it used to work but I haven't tried to get it in a month or so04:42
legend2440hellhound_: in terminal type gconf-editor and browse to /apps/metacity/global_keybindings and disable it04:42
indian_munndazhou: got it, actually i was viewig movie in totem and its just switching off the monitor in every ten min04:42
wisemanso I tried the other day04:42
zhouvideo films04:42
vilhelm_Zeus_: but shouldn't it be removed already when i removed it from adept ?04:42
wisemanso I do sudo mount -a and I get this error:04:42
_Zeus_vilhelm: you should have used remove --purge04:43
indian_munndazhou: yes04:43
jsqbtw, the only reason i'm doing this, is because after installing kubuntu-desktop i was freezing, and mostly thte mouse would just stop responding. somehow it had switched to ALPS driver instead of synaptics... or something. so hopefully removing all the kde stuff will fix it..04:43
wiseman$logfile indicates unclean shutdown, failed to mount /dev/sda2: operation not supported04:43
_Zeus_wiseman: you need to cleanly shutdown windows04:44
jsqi thought after i removed kubuntu-desktop then did apt-get autoremove all the automatically installed packages would be gone.04:44
hellhound_legend2440, thank you but I get an error that says "Bad key or directory name: "and": Must begin with a slash '/'"04:44
wisemanwhat do you mean?04:44
wisemanI wasn't aware that it was unclean in any way04:44
_Zeus_wiseman: the last time you used windows, did you shut it down?  or did you pull the plug04:44
wisemandid someone drop a dookie on my windows logfile?04:44
hellhound_legend2440, opps i copied too much04:44
wisemanI think I shut it down...it04:44
wisemanit's been a while since I went into windows04:45
_Zeus_wiseman: well, reboot into windows, then reboot back to ubuntu04:45
_Zeus_that will fix it04:45
zhoucommand "sudo"  means what?04:45
wisemanWill do04:45
_Zeus_wiseman: you could force it, but that's dangerous04:45
wisemansudo gives root privelages04:45
geniiwiseman: also running chdsk in windows on the drive can't hurt04:45
wisemangimme 5 minutes, thanks _Zeus_04:45
zhouthank you04:45
indian_munndazhou: is there any settings in totem for that?04:45
vilhelm_Zeus_: yeah i removed the file now .. I think it works now thx :)04:46
hellhound_legend2440, THANK YOU!!!! it works now04:46
legend2440!beer | hellhound_04:46
ubottuhellhound_: Beer is always appreciated.04:46
=== arch-villain is now known as alpolopanuc
_Zeus_vilhelm: cool04:46
Azhi_Dahaka__I... I don't get it04:46
redvamp128Anyone got an idea about how to change the main volume (gnome appellate) mixer to change the alsa mixer.?04:46
=== Tetracomm is now known as Tetradebian
_Zeus_redvamp128: right click, preferences?04:47
morth_How do i create an account for my FTP server?04:47
_Zeus_!google | morth_04:47
ubottumorth_: google is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux04:47
_Zeus_!ask | badfish04:47
ubottubadfish: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:47
badfish360 controller with prboom?04:47
zhouDo any good pc games under  ubunth?04:48
_Zeus_zhou: not really... apparently ut3 does?  and some steam games04:48
zhouwhat do you mean by ?ut304:48
redvamp128still is not moving the correct slider04:48
_Zeus_zhou: it does04:49
_Zeus_i think04:49
badfishunreal tournament 3?04:49
node357I've tried it, it doesn't work04:49
_Zeus_badfish: yes04:49
node357there is a native GNU/Linux client coming but no one knows when04:49
morth_any idea how to create an account on my ftp?04:49
badfishcan i make a joystick work with doom though?04:50
zhouthak you04:50
_Zeus_!google | morth_04:50
ubottumorth_: google is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux04:50
morth__Zeus_ i obviously tried google and it doesnt work thats what this chat is used for so stop being a fucking moron.04:50
_Zeus_!language | morth_04:50
ubottumorth_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:50
Azhi_Dahakaiwlist wlan0 scan doesn't match the list of networks that the network indicator on the taskbar shows04:50
zhouIs anybody can speak in Chinese?04:50
morth_!cry | _Zeus_04:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cry04:50
carandraug!ch | zhou04:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ch04:51
_Zeus_morth_: first page, top entry04:51
carandraug!cn | zhou04:51
ubottuzhou: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:51
morth_Thank you.04:51
badfishcan i make a joystick work with doom?04:52
hellhound_what is the command to remove a directory.  i tried rm but it states that it is a directory04:52
badfishrm -r04:52
_Zeus_hellhound_: rm -r04:52
carandraughellhound_: I think rmdir (or rm -R but be careful)04:52
legend2440hellhound_: sudo rm -rf04:52
_Zeus_legend2440: no need for the -f04:52
marcustomizedthe f isnt necessary04:52
badfishunless you wanna force it04:52
_Zeus_-f is not force04:53
hellhound_badfish, _Zeus_, carandraug , legend2440 thank you all04:53
badfishcan i make a joystick work with doom?04:53
carandraugzhou: you have to type /join #ubuntu-cn04:53
zhouGOT IT04:53
carandraughellhound_: rmdir will only work if the directory's already empty04:54
wisemanShoop da woop04:54
wisemanthanks _Zeus_04:54
wisemanworked like a charm04:54
_Zeus_wiseman: cool04:54
dasickisdoes anyone know how to get egalax working?04:54
redvamp128now the sound stopped working04:54
wisemanexlax always works for me04:54
dasickisi get a bunch of problems with resolution and calibration04:54
_Zeus_wiseman: basically, that's a safety precaution04:54
_Zeus_!caps | zhou04:55
ubottuzhou: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.04:55
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dasickisthe monitor doesn't allow me to resize to 800x600 without doing scaling everything weirde04:55
_Zeus_!caps | zhou04:56
_Zeus_!cn | zhou04:56
ubottuzhou: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:56
jsq_Zeus_ thanks for your help, mouse seems to be acting ok, not to mention my comp not freezing.. guess i'll just be a gnome for awhile04:57
redvamp128got it working again though the preferences don't work for it --- guess I will live with the glitch-- and use alsa mixer to do volume04:57
_Zeus_jsq: cool :P04:57
zhouI can also  speak in English04:57
_Zeus_jsq: you just had your first lesson in bash scripting :P04:57
jsqwish there was an easier way to restore an apt-get install, took me forever to edit that log file04:57
_Zeus_do you have a question?04:57
jsqheh, yes, similar to python, which i'm attempting to learn04:57
_Zeus_bash is so useful04:58
_Zeus_case in point :P04:58
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aliciapgcan someone help me getting my laptop connected to the internet04:59
dasickisaliciapg: ?04:59
jsqaliciapg, what wireless card do you have etc04:59
aliciapgusing ethernet04:59
joshualhey folks, is there a repository for flock yet?04:59
dasickisaliciapg: what are you connected with now?05:00
aliciapga different computer05:00
lwizardlanyone here have any experience configuring retail point of sale systems on linux?05:00
dasickisaliciapg: what does ifconfig tell you?05:00
dasickislwizardl: what POS system are you working with?05:00
aliciapgwhat do you mean/05:00
dasickisaliciapg: run ifconfig on your comptuer that isn't working05:00
aliciapgi did05:01
jsqlwizardl: all i know is i use retail pro 8 for windows 2k and i somewhat hate it. but then again, what windows program has very good support for keyboard shortcuts..05:01
aliciapgbut what do you want me to look at05:01
td123So I wanted to figure out how an ubuntu install cd works, can anyone point me in the right direction? I want to know what parts it uses for what ( what  program it uses to install and ...)05:01
badfishhelp me05:01
badfishubuntu + doom + joystick won't work05:01
dasickisaliciapg: what does it say under eth005:01
lwizardldasickis, I've tried about 10 different applications and don't like any so far05:01
dasickislwizardl: which ones?05:02
dasickislwizardl: what are you trying to do? is this app for restaurants, etc?05:02
jsqbadfish, do you have xserver-xorg-input-joystick? i believe you need that.. at least i diid for alot of joystick games05:02
aliciapgwell...there is a problem05:02
lwizardldasickis, nope i'm opening a retail store05:02
aliciapgthat isn't even there05:02
dasickisaliciapg: what is?05:02
dasickisaliciapg: what devices show up?05:03
lwizardldasickis, well on windows i've only tried openbravo05:03
badfishi've got my joystick working in emulators and jscalibrator05:03
badfishwhat is xserver xorg input joystick?05:03
dasickislwizardl: i'm assuming you need to do credit card processing?05:03
aliciapgoh i see it it just has avahi05:03
jsqwell, it worked for me in zsnes, but it wouldnt work for example gfceu until i installed that package05:03
dasickislwizardl: inventory control, etc.05:03
jsqit's just a package, not sure of the specifics, but i do know it creates a /dev/input/joystick005:04
dasickisaliciapg: try doing ifup eth0 && dhclient05:04
jsqor something like that, do you have that?05:04
badfishall emulators are working fine05:04
badfishi can't find it in aptitued05:04
lwizardldasickis, yes i need credit cards, inventories, etc05:04
Azhi_Dahaka_thing keeps freezing with video :S05:04
badfishfound it05:05
aliciapgit said it's already configured05:05
dasickislwizardl: for me i just called up one of these credit card processing companies and they gave me the libraries to program the credit card processing stuff05:05
jsqbadfish: interesting, i can't find that file now :)05:06
dasickislwizardl: then you can hire a programmer to program the rest of your requirements05:06
lwizardldasickis, yeah but about 99% of the people i've talked to are windows only05:06
badfishstill no response05:06
jsqmaybe you need to configure doom for it?05:07
aliciapgit says ddclient isn't even installed05:07
dasickisaliciapg: hmm05:07
titaCan someone help me about web development05:07
badfishi''m trying05:07
badfishit won't recongize when i push a button on the controller05:08
lwizardldasickis, do you own a store?05:08
Geoffrey2several days ago my onboard wireless stopped seeing my router....since then I completely reinstalled ubuntu, and it still can't see the router.....any ideas?  am I looking at a hardware failure?05:08
titai need something like wamp in ubuntu05:09
badfishi can play with my keyboard but i don't want to05:09
jsqoh, probably the reason i don't see the /dev/input/js0 or whatever it is is because i don't have the js plugged in..05:09
badfishcan i configure my joystick as keyboard keys?05:09
dasickislwizardl: umm let's take this offline because if you can tell me some info like average, high, low05:09
dasickislwizardl: no but i'm heavily involved with CC transactions05:09
dasickislwizardl: i'm involved with mobile transactions i.e. NY taxi cabs05:10
jsqbadfish, honestly, i bet you will use js for awhile, then switch back.. it's my guess, fps are hard to control with joysticks05:10
lwizardldasickis, can I pm you?05:10
badfishit's a 360 controller05:10
badfishif i get it working i'll use it05:10
regeyagimme a good ol' keyboard and mouse for a fps05:10
aliciapgcan anyone help?05:11
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tyocHow secure is to use gparted to move and resize a ntfs partition in an external UBS HD?05:11
jsqok, if you found the option in doom to control with a joystick, and it's not working, then i don't know05:11
lucaxaliciapg, whats the problem?05:11
jsqi thought that package might help, it helped me05:11
aliciapgi can't connect to ethernet05:11
regeyalearned the trick to playing well with kbd + mouse from government-trained killers (well, ok, so they were just rotc college kids, but "government-trained killers" sounds so much cooler)05:11
jsqi myself use a ps2 controller :)05:11
SeaPhoraliciapg, more specific please?05:12
lucaxaliciapg, whats kinda connection to internet u have? adsl?05:12
badfishjoystick is on05:12
aliciapgi'm at a college05:12
jsqi would make sure , do a 'cat /dev/input/js0' and see if you get input. might have to be root05:13
jsqstill not sure about the exact filename05:13
eDRoaCHtita still there?05:13
lucaxaliciapg, so... connect the eth cable to the card, then right click on the nm-applet then go to manual configuration, enable ethernet telling in preferences that u want to use DHCP and try05:14
zj3t3mjuanyone know how to lock file (similar to lock /var/cache/dpkg/lock) and check it locked, unlock it????05:14
aliciapgi've done that05:14
SeaPhoraliciapg, did you uncheck "roaming" ?05:15
zj3t3mjuanyone know how to lock file (similar to lock /var/cache/dpkg/lock) and check it locked, unlock it????05:15
the_ricka_ok, is there a reason I can't find libxine-extracodecs when I search for it with synaptic?  I have the multiverse repository enabled.05:15
lucaxaliciapg, u have to untilt eneable roaming mode, then try dhcp or ipv405:15
koolmenaalguien en español por favor pm05:15
dekkong Quit]05:16
dekkong07:12 < badfish> joystick is on05:16
dekkong07:12 -!- zj3t3mju [n=TTTT-TV@] has joined #ubuntu05:16
dekkong07:12 -!- lotia [n=lotia@c-68-40-199-249.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has quit []05:16
dekkong07:12 < aliciapg> i'm at a college05:16
FloodBot2dekkong: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:16
dekkong07:12 -!- zj3t3mju [n=TTTT-TV@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]05:16
aliciapgi have done that though05:16
lucaxkoolmena, me but in personal message05:16
the_ricka_all the other libxine's seem to show up except that one05:17
lucaxaliciapg, either im sure u are doing something wrong, or u have to set a custom ip and submask and etc etc etc05:17
badfishi'd prefer not to have to use windows again05:17
SeaPhoraliciapg, did you uncheck "roaming" ?05:17
aliciapgyes i did...!05:18
SeaPhoraliciapg, sorry, missed your reply05:18
aliciapgi've tried that many times05:19
aliciapgit is unchecked05:19
holgitquit "Bye"05:19
SeaPhoraliciapg, are you dual-booted, do you know that the cat5 cable is good? or you on wireless?05:20
Thorsten11hello all:) looking for advice on how to add another internal harddrive to 8.04 server.05:20
guest__Hello people!How can I do to start Adept Manager05:20
aliciapgnot dual-boot05:20
aliciapgcable is good05:20
SeaPhorcan you pastebin your output of lshw -C network ?05:21
SeaPhorcan you pastebin your output of lshw -C network ? aliciapg05:22
fignutshow can i tell if my joystick is properly installed?05:22
[TiZ]Hi there. I've been having some problems with my touchpad in firefox. Sometimes when I right click on a link, it will pick a random action from the context menu and automatically execute it. Right now, it just keeps happening. I right click on a link, and an evolution mail composition window automatically pops up. Can anyone help?05:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about joystick05:23
[TiZ]Anyone? Come on...05:24
MrP0cketzwhats the default root password for Ubuntu?05:24
MrP0cketz(im in a live CD and need to mount some shit)05:24
jrib!sudo > MrP0cketz05:24
ubottuMrP0cketz, please see my private message05:24
MrP0cketzyou can't just tell me?05:25
jribMrP0cketz: I did05:25
MrP0cketzas you did05:25
MrP0cketzso why the hell does  "sudo  command"05:25
MrP0cketzbut i cant   su -05:25
FloodBot2MrP0cketz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:25
jribMrP0cketz: because they are two different things.  root has no default password, so you can't login as root using 'su -'.  Use 'sudo -i' if you need some sort of root shell05:26
tritiumHi egoflux.05:27
not_myselfAnyone in here ever installed ubuntu to a usb thumb drive?05:28
not_myselfDoes it boot faster than a hard drive?05:28
SeaPhornot_myself, i have05:29
backzwhat is the package with documentation of getchar (man pages) ?05:29
not_myselfSeaPhor: does it boot faster?05:29
SeaPhornot_myself, and no faster, but it was also less dependable05:29
jribbackz: manpages-dev05:29
[TiZ]I've been having some problems with my touchpad in firefox. Sometimes when I right click on a link, it will pick a random action from the context menu and automatically execute it. Right now, it just keeps happening. I right click on a link, and an evolution mail composition window automatically pops up. Can anyone help?05:29
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badfishcan i bind usb joystick buttons to keyboard keys?05:31
=== Delvien_afk is now known as Delvien
SeaPhornot_myself, like the 3rd day it started losing info, and that was once i started updating, now mine was with a 4gb and i will try again with a 16gb drive,, that may prove better05:31
jesseboiHi there.  I'm trying to use usb-creator to have persistent file system on the usb drive.  With the daily build of Ibex it doesn't seem to work.  Has anyone had success with Hardy + usb-creator?05:31
not_myselfSo it looks like if I wanted a fast boot, I'd need to get a solid state drive, and use that.05:33
badfishi'd really prefer not to have to use windows just to play doom05:33
badfishif i can get my 360 controller to work with every emlator i run, why not doom?05:33
badfishwhat's the difference?05:33
badfishsurely my joystick is being detected on the operating system level05:33
SeaPhornot_myself, i havent seen much improvement in speed with those, just more firmware/driver issues, but they are nice, just very expensive for the lack od dependability05:35
K_DallasHi guys! What is a good bitorrent client (similar to utorrent under windows) for Ubuntu? Besides azareus, the ones that I have found, do not look much interesting. Thanks05:35
geniibadfish: Have you loaded the driver for your joystick make?05:36
fignutsis anybody here familiar with kxmame?05:36
jesseboiK_Dallas:  Don't like Transmission?05:36
not_myselfI can drive 4 blocks before the login screen shows up, and I was wondering if there was an easy way to go about getting a fast boot.  So I'm guessing 1-2 minutes05:36
K_Dallasjesseboi: not much but it is way better than bittorando ...05:37
lex_anybody having problems with using restricted drivers in ubuntu for nvidia cards? *the latest nvidia driver for new cards*05:37
SeaPhornot_myself, there's something else wrong then, i boot in 20-25 seconds on a bad day05:38
not_myselfI guess I could time it.05:38
not_myselfIt's a lap top.05:38
the_ricka_K_Dallas: I like Deluge05:38
shashiI am using AMD64 Ubuntu 8.10. I am trying use 32-bit based browser (flock, firefox), the name resolution is not happening for 32-bit based apps. How can i solve this issue ?05:38
not_myselfWell it's bed time05:38
not_myselfthanks for the info SeaPhor05:39
genii!intrepid | shashi05:39
ubottushashi: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu05:39
SeaPhornot_myself, np05:39
K_Dallasthe_ricka_: I havent tried that yet. Do I need KDE for that?05:39
badfishgenii: yes05:39
shashiSorry, i am using hardy heron05:39
badfishgenii: i loaded it from the ubuntu forum. i can play emulators and use jscalibrator05:39
the_ricka_K_Dallas: No, you shouldn't.  Google it, I think you will like the interface05:39
badfishgenii: prboom is the only program i've run across so far that won't accept my gamepad input05:40
K_Dallasthe_ricka_: thank you very much. I'll look into it right away05:40
ussershashi, heard something like that, are u sure u have all 32 bit libraries installed05:40
geniibadfish: And you're using the linux version of Doom ?05:40
ussershashi, there was quite a few05:40
K_DallasBTW, dansguardian would not interfere with torrent, would it?05:40
badfishgenii: yes05:40
shashiEven i have installed dns client 32-bit libraries and i have installed ia32 libraries. but still no luck.05:40
badfishgenii: obtained via apt-get install prboom05:40
elyeshello, can i find help here please?05:41
ussershashi, if you cant sort it out try pointing getlibs to the original firefox-bin binary05:41
badfishthis is one of 2 major issues keeping me from ditching windows completely that i would like to have resolved05:42
SeaPhorelyes, you haven't said what you need help with, so no-one can answer you?05:43
sramhey chirrens05:43
ussershashi, google for getlibs its freely available05:43
srami have a question about WINE05:43
sramsay i have a program already installed on my windows partition, if i install wine, can i navigate to that program and open it?05:43
sramor do i have to download it to my linux partition as well05:43
elyesi will, thank you very much SeaPhor , I want to install 5.1 realtek High Definition Aduion on ubuntu 8.04 hardy05:44
shashiOK, Let me try05:44
=== lamthienlong_87 is now known as anhchangdangthuo
anhchangdangthuomay khung ha khanh05:44
geniibadfish: What does result of:    grep use_joystick ~/.prboom/boom.cfg        report?05:44
lex_I'm using a HP G60 laptop with nvidia 8200m card. Ubuntu becomes unresponsive after trying to boot, just a black screen; fails using restricted drivers.05:44
ussersram, yea sure you can run it from withing windows partition its just its some programs dont work properly when run from ntfs partition05:44
sramusser: i know that this one does, i was just checking to see if i could use my windows' install like that05:45
ussersram, yes u can05:46
SeaPhorelyes, not really my area, but if you state that in channel, i'm sure there is someone that can help05:47
elyesOk thank you anyway, any one can help me to install my realtek high definition audio on hardy 8.04?05:48
EagleSnelyes it is working well for me on Intrepid05:49
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=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
srami guess i can just apt-get install wine, eh'05:51
MordocaiI'm using fedora, but no one seems to be able to help here... i'm trying to get this to run automatically using the following files, and it's not working. http://pastebin.com/m2fa4b24905:52
MrP0cketzim in knoppix live CD05:52
MrP0cketzwant to backup a /windows/directory  to a /external/folder05:52
MrP0cketzcp command? or is there a better one?05:52
odracir34fiid morning vietnam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!05:54
AlNaharhelp friends05:54
AlNaharerror404notfound: glXCreateContext failed05:54
AlNahari get that with glxinfo |grep render , using nvidia05:54
bobertdosAlNahar: strange........05:55
AlNaharah libglx.so05:55
elyesEagleSn: yes it is working but only in 2.1 mode, I have a 5.1 speakers and cannot use them, only the front speakers are working05:55
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ASrocki installed ubuntu on my laptop and i cant get networking to work...i dont really care about it that much i just want to know how to set up grub to automatically boot windows05:56
EagleSnelyes sorry i dont know how to help you05:56
Doc|ServerisingWhat does Ubuntu server use as a text editor?05:57
FlannelASrock: easiest way is to put "savedefault" on the line after the end of your windows entry in your menu.lst, and then change (near the top) the "default" parameter (it should be "default 0") to default saved05:57
FlannelDoc|Serverising: nano and vim (vim-tiny) are installed by default05:57
Doc|ServerisingFlannel: Thankyou.05:57
odracir34how did you instal ubuntu05:57
ASrockok Flannel its rebooting...if it doesnt boot again im holding you responsible05:59
ASrock...just kidding it worked05:59
turtle_no kidding in here05:59
=== _Guest48224 is now known as Guest48224
ASrocknow im confused05:59
ASrockcuz he said no kidding then just kidding and ya idk...hes sending mixed signals06:00
AlNaharbobertdos: it seems when i use desktop effects, metacity dies?06:00
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SeaPhorelyes, youmight lok into OSS instead of ALSA, i dont have 5.1 but the ossxmix lets me config a LOT of stuff06:01
ASrockwell thanks again Flannel...im gonna hit the hay06:01
bobertdosAlNahar: Based on the error you're getting with glxinfo, I wonder if your drivers are corrupted. Did you say you use Nvidia?06:01
AlNaharbobertdos: i dont get that error anymore, it was libglx.so06:02
AlNahari fixed the symlink06:02
bobertdos AlNahar: Oh, good. Well then, are you using open-source drivers, restricted, or proprietary? Is direct rendering enabled?06:03
AlNaharbobertdos: im not having that problem anymore, i'm asking about metacity06:03
bobertdos AlNahar: I know, I'm just trying to eliminate other possibilities.06:03
Doc|ServerisingHalp. :( Can't work out how to mount my flash drive.06:04
AlNaharbobertdos: well, im using the livna nvidia stuff. but the problem i am having now is if i use compiz, it seems to kill metacity, as if i cannot have both06:04
Doc|ServerisingIt's recognised, etc.06:04
bazookahow do i configure mail server with LAMP . i am using ubuntu 8.04 desktop06:04
bobertdosAlNahar: so is direct rendering enabled or not? It's good to know so we can eliminate that as a cause for Compiz misbehaving.06:05
AlNaharbobertdos: yes, because otherwise compiz cannot run06:05
Psykusgr. xchat shouldn't automatically join this channel on first start06:05
Psykusso, bye!06:05
AlNaharglxinfo |grep render06:05
AlNahardirect rendering: Yes06:05
AlNaharOpenGL renderer string: GeForce 7300 GS/PCI/SSE206:05
AlNahar    GL_NVX_conditional_render, GL_SGIS_generate_mipmap, GL_SGIS_texture_lod,06:05
FloodBot2AlNahar: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:05
bobertdosAlNahar: Haha, yeah, I know, but you'd be surprised how many people don't figure that out.06:05
bazookahow do i configure mail server with LAMP . i am using ubuntu 8.04 desktop06:06
Doc|ServerisingHow do I list all my hard drives?06:07
crdlbAlNahar: livna?06:07
=== Guest59560 is now known as maek0
SeaPhorDoc|Serverising, df -h06:07
AlNaharugh, the metacity thing has nothing to do with nvidia.  it's related to compiz06:08
Doc|ServerisingSeaPhor: It doesn't show all my drives. It shows my first hard drive06:08
crdlbAlNahar: I ask because livna is a repo for fedora ...06:08
Doc|ServerisingI'm looking for where my USB drive is so I can mount it. ;/06:08
AlNahardid i say livna?:)06:08
SeaPhorDoc|Serverising, lsusb ?06:09
Doc|ServerisingSeaPhor: It shows my flash drive there and the other (empty) USB slot06:09
SeaPhorDoc|Serverising, it as not auto-mounting?06:11
Doc|ServerisingSeaPhor: I'm using Ubuntu server, so I kinda need things done through command line, and it's not in /media06:11
SeaPhorDoc|Serverising, cd to /dev/disk/by-path and ls06:13
Doc|ServerisingI see a bunch of scsi, usb and numbers, seanw06:13
=== marcelo is now known as Marcelo
=== Marcelo is now known as MarceloSP
Doc|ServerisingNone of them mean anything to me06:14
SeaPhorDoc|Serverising, by-label if you know what it is06:14
Doc|Serverising...I don't! And that's the PROBLEM06:14
thoughtstipatedi just upgraded to 8.10... and I just gotta say YES! Thank  you!!! (although i might want to be thanking the X folks too...) but my dual monitors are working 'out of the package'!!!06:14
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
Doc|ServerisingIt came up, SeaPhor06:14
Doc|ServerisingIt says my drive name06:14
SeaPhorDoc|Serverising, ;-)06:15
thoughtstipatedcould anyone suggest a decent IRC client, in the likes of mIRC (you windows users know what i'm talkin about)06:15
zerothisI have some files in a ........../subdirectory on a removable drive. I want them (the subdirectory) to be automatically available in my home directory when the drive is plugged in. Would mount -bind or mount -rbind do this?06:16
Doc|ServerisingSeaPhor: Now how do I mounti t?06:16
SeaPhorDoc|Serverising, heh, thats where ya lose me, i can find it,,, but should be     mount /dev/disk/by-label/name mountpoint, but again, i'm good at finding, i'm still a n00b tho, Flannel prolly knows, lol06:20
r2s1how can I remove the last dot from an ip example .. can sed remove the last character of this string??06:20
Doc|ServerisingSeaPhor: I did try that, it didn't work.06:20
SeaPhorDoc|Serverising, see if you can find its UUID, then add it to your fstab06:22
centr0hi all06:22
FlannelDoc|Serverising, SeaPhor: `sudo blkid` will give you a list of UUIDs06:22
Doc|ServerisingWell, I have random hex and crap that just came up06:23
SeaPhorTY Flannel06:23
Doc|ServerisingIt's approx one line06:23
Doc|ServerisingOkay, I see the UUID, now how do I mount it, FlanneL?06:24
ShabdaMy internet connection is connects to my computer via a RJ 45 cable, it used to work nicely till yesterday. Today it gets stuck on "Acquiring network address ..." on Ubuntu. I can connect via WinXp. What should I do to debug?06:24
Doc|ServerisingHang on, nvm06:25
Doc|ServerisingIt's all good, now mounted06:25
centr0trying to do regedit in wine with sudo regedit but its telling me 'wine: /home/centro/.wine is not owned by you' any ideas?06:25
centr0nm.  no need of the sudo06:26
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SeaPhorDoc|Serverising, do you want it to mount on boot?06:26
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Doc|ServerisingSeaPhor: Nah, just this once for ndiswrapper.06:27
SeaPhorDoc|Serverising, oooo why?06:27
Flannelcentr0: You never want to run graphical programs with sudo, you want to use gksu instead.06:27
Flannelcentr0: but, that's correct, you shouldn't need sudo for wine stuff.06:27
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Doc|ServerisingSeaPhor: Wireless drivers. :P06:28
SeaPhorwhat card?06:28
SeaPhorwhat card? Doc|Serverising06:29
SeaPhorwhat chipset? Doc|Serverising06:30
Doc|ServerisingSeaPhor: A NetGear one, using the tutorial on the wiki and it's working06:30
AgentHeXis there a way to force hardware anti-aliasing and texture filtering for the nvidia driver?  i would like to get a bit better image quality from compiz.06:30
SeaPhorcool, let me know how it turns out,,, look me up on #SeaPhor06:30
SeaPhorDoc|Serverising,  cool, let me know how it turns out,,, look me up on #SeaPhor06:31
centr0whats the cmd to show whats mounted?06:31
Doc|ServerisingOkay, that's warped... it said that it was properly installed and then it tells me it's not. >_>06:31
vengerdoes the login process run ~/.gnomerc and is it ran under dash and limited as such?  i added a source script call to gnomerc which creates a few functions that i want to be global to the session and i don't see that they were created06:32
Doc|ServerisingOh stupid, I ran a command I didn't need to06:32
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K-Chiggumswhy would rythombox eat my music?06:35
abchirkK-Chiggums how eating?06:36
K-Chiggumsit jarbled the data in my music folder06:37
K-ChiggumsI had 65GB and now I only have 468MB of actuall mp3s06:37
abchirkhm, I guess that Rhytmnboy wouldn't do sth like that?06:38
K-ChiggumsI dunno I have had no problems with it before06:38
K-Chiggumsbut now i'm left with little to no music06:38
abchirkInstall tunapie :P06:39
acphi can any one direct me to a site that shows how to secure my ubuntu when connecting to a public wifi06:39
abchirkWhy are you so sure that rhymtnboy deleted your music as well?06:39
K-Chiggumsi'm not i'm just assuming that it did06:41
K-Chiggumsit's the only thing that was using the data at that time06:41
abchirkacp it depends on those guys who are also on this accesspoint. :P06:43
lex_I'm not sure if I really fixed my problem. I used the Envy script to manually install what I assumed were the latest nvidia drivers, but now my mousepad doesn't work...any suggestions?06:43
abchirkIf you transmit passwords unsecured and having a very easy pw it isn't so secure.06:44
SeaPhorlex_, i have had issues with all things envy, so, i really dont recommend it and have had better success without it06:45
lex_SeaPhor: I a total noob when it comes to Ubuntu =/ I tried the conventional way to install drivers, but failed06:47
Kartagis!ar | abbas06:47
ubottuabbas: La comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe06:47
SeaPhorlex_,  my bad, sorry06:48
dudehi guys, I have an nvidia 9600 card and I have it running on the restricted drivers so I can use compiz.  problem is every other time I restart the machine the drivers become corrupted or something because I get what looks like static or noise running all over the screen and I can only get as far as the GUI login screen.  I then have to restart in repair mode to repair the xservice (x server?) and then re-enable nvidia's xserver s06:49
dudeettings (via the nvidia xconfig command).  Is this common?  Is there a fix or idea to why this occurs?  This never happens in windows.06:49
lex_SeaPhor: When I first installed Ubuntu, a tip popped up saying restricted drivers were available for my Nvidia card, so I downloaded and enabled them. Upon rebooting, I came to a black screen only06:49
jim_pi noticed today that my ntfs partitions have a uuid of 16 letters, while the ext3 one has ~32. plus i cant find the uuid of the swap partition. is all this normal? any file is at your disposal06:49
abbasi whant run java hk firefox06:50
jim_pdude: how did you install the drivers? apt or from nvidia package?06:50
jim_pabbas: you mean java in firefox?06:50
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository06:50
SeaPhorlex_,  " so I downloaded and enabled them. " means you went to System>Administration>Hardware Drivers and enabled them? or you went to mfg site and downloaded them and installed them?06:51
dudejim_p, from the add/remove portion under the applications menu... I assume that's apt?06:51
jim_pdude: that is apt. do you know the exact name of the package?06:51
jim_p!java | abbas06:52
ubottuabbas: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository06:52
dudejim_p, it's called "NVidia binary X.Org driver ('new' driver)06:53
dudejim_p, there's also another just called "NVIDIA X Server Settings"06:53
dudeboth are installed06:53
lex_SeaPhor: System > Administration > Hardware Drivers06:53
jim_pdude: do this at a terminal     sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new06:53
abbasi whant run wth firefox06:53
jim_pabbas: this will install a plugin and firefox will use it06:54
dudejim_P, it says I already have the newest version.06:54
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SeaPhorlex_, what vid card you have06:55
lex_SeaPhor: 8200m06:55
dtechI'm d/l a plugin for firefox ... it's asking do I want rpm or YUM ... does Ubuntu prefer one over the other?06:56
geniidtech: Neither06:56
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jribdtech: what plugin?06:57
SeaPhorlex_, that an nvidia card?06:57
geniidtech: deb06:57
jribdtech: just visit http://www.badgerbadgerbadger.com and click on the yellow bar06:57
lex_SeaPhor: yep06:57
geniidtech: or:  sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree06:58
macvrhi all.... i'v recently installed picasa...it seems to have installed wine in it tooo... is there any risk of getting infected windows viruses? i know win viruses wont affect me... but will i get them?06:58
dudejim_p, anything else you recommend me to try?  I seems I already have that installed.06:58
SeaPhorlex_, have you installed glx or nvidia-settings?06:59
MrNazi'm trying to bulid something from source and i'm getting the error from ./configure that "C compiler cannot create executables"... i've installed gcc and build-essential what else would i need to do ?06:59
abchirkmacvr why you should get some when you use picasa?06:59
lex_SeaPhor: Not sure, I let Envy do it, it seems to work, i got my widescreen resolution up, but there are glitches when I scroll, text and images become distorted07:00
xzcvczxwheres the default place that ubuntu stores the dpkg files, or is there a way to find out what files belong to a certain package using its apt name?07:00
jim_pdude: does xorg.conf say "nvidia" at the relevant line07:00
dtechthat's great and all! ... but I can't come running to you everytime I need to install something ... are you saying there is some alternative methods I need to learn about for installing add-ons etc. to Ubuntu?07:00
Flannelxzcvczx: dpkg -L package07:00
macvr abchirk: i'm not sure... thats y i'm asking.... i was wondering if it might get affected since it has wine....!07:00
xzcvczxFlannel: don't i need the .deb file for that?07:00
Flannelxzcvczx: Nope07:01
xzcvczxFlannel: ah my bad, thanks07:01
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dudejim_p, I'm not sure... can you tell me how to check please?07:01
P3X-018How do I check whether my WLAN have the drivers needed and is working?07:01
abbasok  sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new fnash07:01
abchirkmacvr hm when you download viruses maybe, but I don't guess that picase has viruses...07:01
jim_pdude: cat /etc/X11/xorg.cof | grep Driver07:01
abchirkexcept googles spaybot :P07:01
P3X-018Under networks connection it simply says: Enable - Wireless Network Device. Though I have been unsuccesful connecting to the net throug it07:02
jribdtech: ubuntu tries to do some stuff automatically, but in the end you are always installing from the repositories using APT or some frontend like add/remove or synaptic.  The reason you didn't get the yellow bar in firefox originally is because the site you were on tries to be too smart (I'm guessing youtube) and doesn't try to load flash if it detects you don't have it07:02
macvr abchirk: i know pisaca isnt... but i'm at risk that the viruses can attach to picasa cause of wine? is this what u mean?07:02
hetaomy name is he tao07:02
abchirkmacvr there won't be viruses only with wine.07:02
hetaoI come from china07:02
abchirkhi hetao07:03
K-ChiggumsWell My 1TB HD has just corrupted07:03
SeaPhorlex_, well, if it works for you, Great, it worked for me too at first but then other stuff started messing up, and when i went to remove envy it was dug in so deep, i thought i was removing a virus,07:03
TRIGG3Rhey guys, i am having some trouble partitioning.  what i am running into is the unusable space do to the fact that i can only have four partitions.  so, as i understand it, i need to make an extended partition and use logical partitions for ubuntu, however i can not figure out for the life of me how to make an extended partition.07:03
dudejim_p, the output came as "Driver "kdb", Driver "mouse"" and that's it07:03
K-ChiggumsI believe it was not rythmbox but DC++ when hashing the files07:03
macvr abchirk: wine is not installed separately.... it is installed in the picasa folder07:03
abchirkhm if its only wine, I don't think so. :)07:04
jim_pdude: then there is no such thing in your xorg.conf. please paste it somewhere07:04
Doc|ServerisingI'm trying to download lynx on Ubuntu server and it's giving me an error saying "E: Package lynx has no installation candidate"07:04
Doc|ServerisingIt also says that it's not available but referred to by another package.07:04
jim_pDoc|Serverising: have you enabled all the repos?07:04
K-Chiggumshow can I recover a corrupted Hard Drive?07:05
Doc|Serverisingjim_p: Probably not, how?07:05
dudejim_p, I can get the drivers working by typing in 'sudo nvidia-xconfig' but then every other time the machine is rebooted it gives me static lines or white noise and I have to reinstall the drivers07:05
macvr abchirk: i was worried since i read  in a lot of places that win viruses work on wine tooo... guess i'm jus being paranoid cause i'v recently migrated from XP and am not using any anti-viruses!:-D07:05
user___Hello, I just installed KDE4 and the desktop was working fine until it disappeared leaving the windows of the programs I was working on up and usable.  Is there a way to restart KDE4 from the terminal?07:05
jim_p!repos Doc|Serverising07:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about repos doc07:05
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jim_p!repositories Doc|Serverising07:05
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:05
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories07:05
jim_pthanks. your nick was bugging the bot07:06
hetaoHello , I am a boy07:06
abchirkmacvr sure if you get an .exe which deletes all your data it will be whereever it has writepermissions :)07:06
dtechjrib: so, how does one find a list of available 'installs' that can be installed this way?07:06
lex_SeaPhor: Yea I'm already noticing negative effects, can't scroll, touchpad doesn't work....=/ I'll keep trying07:06
TRIGG3Rhey guys, i am having some trouble partitioning.  what i am running into is the unusable space do to the fact that i can only have four partitions.  so, as i understand it, i need to make an extended partition and use logical partitions for ubuntu, however i can not figure out for the life of me how to make an extended partition.07:06
Doc|ServerisingThis page explains how to manage repositories in Ubuntu using a graphical user interface.  <-- That's fairly useless to me, jim_p07:06
jribdtech: open Synaptic or Add/Remove07:07
macvr abchirk: how do i prevent that from happening? or is there any other photo editor as good as picasa?07:07
jrib!cn | hetao07:07
ubottuhetao: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:07
abchirkmacvr do not go on pronsites and else. ;)07:07
jim_pdude: that happens because the stupid nvidia automatic thing does not do proper job. paste the /etc/X11/xorg.conf in pastebin07:08
genii!cn | hetao07:08
ubottuhetao: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:08
jim_pmacvr: yes, certain viruses van spreas through wine07:08
macvr abchirk: got bored of porn :-D... no worries there!!!07:08
genii!cn | hetao07:08
jribhetao: english only here07:08
jim_pmacvr: *can spread (i have no light here :P)07:08
Doc|ServerisingIt's all good, jim_p... I only needed to sudo apt-get update07:09
rubydiamondhow to go to particular line in nano07:09
geniijrib: Thanks07:09
macvr jim_p: how do i prevent that from affecting picasa?07:09
rubydiamondhow to go to particular line in nano07:10
* jrib sighs07:10
jrib!cn | huqing07:10
ubottuhuqing: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:10
jim_pDoc|Serverising: are you sure you have multiverse and universe repos enabled?07:10
dudewant me to paste the output of cat /etc/X11/xorg.cof | grep Driver jim_p07:10
Doc|Serverisingjim_p, It's fixed. I've installed lynx07:10
jim_pdude: no, the content of gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:10
jim_pDoc|Serverising: lol ok07:11
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dudejim_p, here:  http://pastebin.com/m55b6998407:12
rukcuswhat other servers are there on IRC?07:12
TRIGG3Rhey guys, i am having some trouble partitioning.  what i am running into is the unusable space do to the fact that i can only have four partitions.  so, as i understand it, i need to make an extended partition and use logical partitions for ubuntu, however i can not figure out for the life of me how to make an extended partition.07:12
dudejim_p, this is what somebody in #nvidia told me: The gist of it is that if you want to use the .run installer, you have to make sure to remove the Ubuntu drivers with the --purge option or they'll leave behind scripts that sabotage the driver when you reboot.07:13
macvr  jim_p: how do i prevent viruses from affecting picasa?07:13
DumbIntelhey guys where is logout located? I'm trying to setup a simple desktop environment and I'd like for her to have a button that just lets her logout.07:13
jim_pdude: ignore the installer. the installer is for windows lovers07:14
rukcusTRIGG3R: look for System > Administration > Partition Editor07:14
enyawixa net installer?07:14
dudehehe ok07:14
TRIGG3Rrukcus: i am using the live cd07:14
rukcusyou can  still access the harddrives, but you have to mount them first07:14
enyawixi do not what to download the 700mb iso07:14
jim_pmacvr: install some antivirus, although it is not likely to happen. in the worst case you uninstall picassa, delete the .wine folder and you are good as new07:14
DumbIntelalso, is there a way I can have her resolution be different from other users? Or is there a theme to make text bigger all around?07:14
jim_penyawix: give me a sec and i will find it for you07:15
rukcusyou can create an Xsession for her user07:15
carandraugTRIGG3R: I think the live cd comes with gparted installed. If not, you can use cfdisk (terminal application)07:15
rukcusand pick a resolution at least07:15
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macvr  jim_p: ok... do u have any idea of a photo editor equal to picasa ?07:15
jim_pmacvr: gimp although i hate it, krita although i never tried it because it needs half kde there07:16
DumbIntelpicasa is out for linux07:16
DumbIntelwhy use it with wine?07:16
enyawixjim_p: thanks07:17
macvrDumbIntel: picasa install wine inside the picasa folder!!!07:17
jim_pDumbIntel: that "linux" picassa is actually windows picassa +wine. take a closer look and you will see07:17
DumbIntelthats nuts, still runs great though.07:17
macvr: jim_p: ok ... thanx..07:17
macvr DumbIntel:  how do u purge the backups of the edited photos?07:18
DumbIntelI never erase the backups...07:19
Doc|ServerisingHow can I list hard drives with ls?07:19
DumbIntelI like to keep them around, in case I'd like to reedit them07:19
macvr DumbIntel: but is there an option other than manually deleting the original folder?07:19
dudejim_p, does there seem to be something missing in my xorg.conf file?07:20
dtechis 'java-common' the equiv. of installinf Sun's JAVA runtime?07:20
pinPointanyone know why when i use pure-ftp to fxp files over from box to box it times out?07:20
jim_pdude: compared to the minimum that i consider "able to work", a line. compared to mine, a lot!07:21
DumbIntelmacvr: Not that I'm aware of, but I would manually delete it reguardless. not sure why taht would be a good option at all.07:21
pinPointi have to keep pushing the file into the queue until it is done.07:21
jim_pdude: between lines 31 and 32 make a new line and insert this07:21
dudejim_p, lol07:21
jim_pdude: Driver  "nvidia"                            and line it up with the rest07:21
carandraugDoc|Serverising: "ls -lF /dev/disk/by-something/"07:22
lex_Can anybody help me install the latest nvidia drivers from scratch?07:22
macvr DumbIntel: in windows LIVE photo editor there is an option to purge old files and an option to set when to delete them.... anyway why would i need old files when i like how i'v edited them...!07:22
dudejim_p, done07:23
Doc|Serverisingcarandraug: It's not there. :S07:23
dudejim_p, anything else?07:23
jim_pdude: i suppose you did the editing with sudo, right?07:23
centr0anyone know the cmd to bring up win explorer in wine?07:23
Vooxis there a program that can make a live usb instead of a cd? (for any distro)07:23
dudejim_p, sure did.07:23
Doc|Serverisingcentr0: wine "explorer.exe" ?07:24
dudejim_p, otherwise it's read-only right?07:24
macvrVoox:  try remastersys07:24
carandraugDoc|Serverising: "ls -lF /dev/disk/by-something" but switch the word something according to the info you want. uuid, label, path or id07:24
TRIGG3Rrukcus: would it be advisable to delete the recovery partition for windoze to free up the fourth partition i need07:24
centr0Doc|Serverising, thanks.07:24
jim_pdude: yes07:24
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Doc|Serverisingcarandraug: I did, but it only came up with my swap, first HDD and USB flash drive07:24
Vooxmacvr, thanks ill give it a shot07:24
centr0Doc|Serverising, it brings up my main filesystem, where would wine install a windows program in it?07:25
Vooxi want to make a live usb not backup an installation ;p07:25
carandraugDoc|Serverising: and it should appear something more? Try "sudo fdisk -l"07:25
centr0ah found it. nm07:25
dudejim_p, got it.  anything else to add?07:25
macvrVoox: it can do that too07:25
Doc|Serverisingcentr0: ~/.wine/drive_c07:25
jim_pdude: restart X07:25
dudejim_p, is that ctrl-alt-backspace?07:25
centr0Doc| thanks man.07:26
carandraugcentr0: it should install it somewhere in /home/username/.wine/drive_c07:26
jim_pdude yes07:26
dudejim_p ok, brb07:26
Vooxmacvr, is there a version I can use on windows?07:26
Doc|Serverisingcarandraug: It should, and it says "Disk /dev/sdb doesn't contain a valid partition table", how do I make a partition on it so I can use it? I don't want to install an OS on it though07:26
jyosephI want to run "xmodmap /etc/X11/.Xmodmap" everytime I login... what is the best way to do this? Through the "Sessions Preferences" ?07:26
TRIGG3R<--- Newb here.... can anyone explain to me step by step, how to make an extended partition using the live cd?07:26
_kevin_Question: Is there a way to boost my wireless card's functionality -- on my Windows partition my wireless works beautifully, but in ubuntu -- not so much.07:27
jim_penyawix: it seems the "minimal" cd is the server edition one, but its still 400+MB07:27
macvrVoox: check this link>>> http://loscompanion.com/forums/index.php?topic=3708.0 <<< it is only for linux07:27
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Reformer81I'm having a problem with Amarok.  It no longer lists all the songs in my collection.  The folders/files for each song are still there, but when I look under the appropriate Artist field within Amarok, it only lists some of the songs!07:27
=== nostferka^ is now known as nostferka
rukcus_kevin_:  it will totally depend on what your wireless hardware is. Check the manufacturer and search to see if it's supported by linux drivers07:27
macvrVoox: these are some of the reasons i find linux cool.... u can do almost anything!!! ;-)07:28
Vooxmacvr, oh well thanks anyway :)07:28
jim_penyawix: there is also this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD but i things it way too trimmed off07:28
Paddy_EIRE_kevin_: hey trying to get your wireless solved?07:28
carandraugDoc|Serverising: run "sudo cfdisk /dev/dsb", get rid of everything there and then create the partitions you want (type 83 for ext3 partitions)07:28
_kevin_rukcus, its not supported by linux drivers -- i had a very hard time getting it working when I installed ubuntu07:28
_kevin_Paddy_EIRE, yes07:28
Doc|Serverisingcarandraug: Doing so07:28
Vooxmacvr, i love linux as well, i am just trying out a few to check if i have video tearing on different distros07:28
Reformer81...ugh.  Nevermind.  Simply restarting my computer apparently fixed this "issue."  Amazing how Linux will work one second but not the next.. and then, two minutes later, all is well again.07:28
Paddy_EIRE_kevin_: what is your hardware.. if you are unsure do "lspci" and "lsusb" in a terminal and pastebin the output07:29
rukcus_kevin_:  if you have a windows driver for the device, you can use ndiswrapper to cloak the windows .sys to work on linux07:29
carandraugDoc|Serverising: you then need to create the filesystems on those partitions. You'll need to umount them and then use a command that I'll give you in one minute. You want ext3 partitions?07:29
jyosephIf I go to "Preferences > Sessions" I see a tab called "Startup Programs". Can I simply put "xmodmap /etc/X11/.Xmodmap" in the command field?07:29
Doc|Serverisingcarandraug: I'm alright from here on07:29
Paddy_EIREjyoseph: that should be fine07:30
dudejim_p... didn't work07:30
_kevin_Paddy_EIRE, Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 02)07:30
jyosephPaddy_EIRE: awesome, thanks... only reason I wasn't sure is I didn't want the machine to have a problem booting if that was wrong07:30
carandraugDoc|Serverising: ok. It's somewhere on the line of mkfs.ext307:30
Paddy_EIRE1 sec _kevin_ thats a familiar chipset07:30
_kevin_rukcus, I heard about that whole "ndiswrapper" -- is it easy to do?07:30
dudejim_p, it did the same thing :( so I did a full reboot and now I'm in some kinda safe or low-graphics mode.07:30
Doc|Serverisingcarandraug: I'm not trying install another OS07:30
_kevin_Paddy_EIRE, sure sure07:30
carandraugTRIGG3R: can you pastebin "sudo fdisk -l"?07:31
enyawixjim_p thanks07:31
Doc|ServerisingI want it to work as storage07:31
Paddy_EIREjyoseph: that method you mention only starts the app/command after login07:31
jyosephPaddy_EIRE: in this case it's for my keyboard07:31
jyosephso that should be okay07:31
carandraugDoc|Serverising: yes. But creating a partition won't be enough. You need to create a filesystem in there, even if it's not for an OS07:31
jyosephsweet, thanks for the reassurance Paddy_EIRE07:31
Doc|Serverisingcarandraug: Kay...07:32
jim_pdude: then i rest my case. have a look at mine http://7g.pri.ee/mine.conf . excluding the ati options under fglrx, all the rest is the perfect thing for the job07:32
Doc|Serverisingcarandraug: Well, does my first partition need to be extended?07:32
Paddy_EIRE_kevin_: which model of laptop is that?07:32
Doc|ServerisingWell, an extended partition07:32
_kevin_Paddy_EIRE, HP Compaq Presario V600007:32
Paddy_EIREjyoseph: anytime07:32
Doc|ServerisingI need optimal numbers for a 320GB disk too07:32
Paddy_EIREah ha07:32
Ububeginany mp3 application in ubuntu accepts HOT KEYS... like Cntrl+Home will play or pause the song.. as in Winamp...07:33
Doc|ServerisingUbubegin: Amarok07:33
DumbIntelmacvr: Only way is to delete them manually07:33
carandraugDoc|Serverising: I think you only need an extended partition if you plan to have more than 4. Otherwise, you can go fine with just primary07:33
enyawixis Ubuntu pure 64bit running 32bit in chroot or multi lib running 64bit and  32bit in the same area?07:33
Doc|Serverisingcarandraug: Right o... so do I only need to use ext3?07:33
UbubeginDoc|Serverising: danke...07:33
carandraugUbubegin: Audacious looks a lot like Winamp (even accepts winamp 2.x skins). I believe it allows to do that07:34
rukcus_kevin_:  its much easier than finding the linux ported drivers for some chipsets, like Realtek ones -_-; there are guides all across the net for ndiswrapper on ubuntu for wifi. the guides worked for this clunky laptop07:34
DumbIntelmacvr: you can always write a simple script and put it in /usr/bin to delete all files which have a edited version.07:34
macvr DumbIntel: k... thanx07:34
Doc|ServerisingAnd do I need one partition?07:34
Ububegincarandraug: k, will try that too07:34
_kevin_rukcus, okay -- I'll see if I can't dig something up. Thanks for your help.07:35
carandraugDoc|Serverising: yes. If you only want to have one partition, you can make just one. And do it as ext3. I have an external HDD of 500Gigas for storage that it's only one ext3 partition07:35
Paddy_EIRE_kevin_: try this method here only replacing the driver he wgets with the one for your wireless http://www.ubuntu1501.com/2008/04/ndiswrapper-in-hardy-heron.html07:36
Doc|Serverisingcarandraug: Thanks, I need mine for storage.07:36
DumbIntelmacvr: and create a shortcut for it on desktop... it would look in your pictures folders and subfolders. Not hard to write, and great learning experience. ;)07:36
Reformer81When converting the lossy mp3 format to the also-lossy .ogg format, should I be concerned about an even greater loss of quality (copy of a copy)?07:36
danbh_intrepidReformer81: yes07:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about usbmouse07:36
macvr DumbIntel: will try that ...07:36
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:37
danbh_intrepidReformer81: its called transcoding.  If you look it up in wikipedia, there is more info07:37
Reformer81danbh_intrepid: What would you suggest I convert my current collection (and actualy CD's) to?07:37
FlannelReformer81: Yes, transcoding will result in a loss of quality (not from copy of copy, since this is digital, but because mp3 throws out some info, and ogg throws out some info, and the union of those two infos is your resulting quality)07:37
FlannelReformer81: For archiving, rip to FLAC.  Then transcode to your lossy format of the week for use on smaller devices.07:38
_kevin_Paddy_EIRE, okay thanks, I'll give that a go07:38
Doc|Serverisingcarandraug: Is this okay? /dev/sdb1 1 38913 312568641 83 Linux ?07:38
carandraugDoc|Serverising: ok. SO once you create your type 83 partition with cfdisk, you'll have a partition that will probably sdb1 (confirm with sudo fdisk -l). The run "sudo mkfs.ext3 -j /dev/sdb1" and switch sdb1 for whatever's correct07:38
Paddy_EIRE_kevin_: read this before hand http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=82870907:38
Reformer81Flannel: Same question to you, then.  I'm not necessarily an audiophile, but I can't stand hearing clicks and pops when listening to my digital collection.07:38
Paddy_EIRE_kevin_: keep chatting your way through the process with us and you will be sure to find a method that works everytime for you :)07:39
danbh_intrepidReformer81: if they are already mp3, just leave them that way07:39
FlannelReformer81: Rip to FLAC, thats lossless, so you can then encode to format X today for your player, and format Y tomorrow (from the original FLAC) for tomorrows [xyz] player that plays a different format.07:39
Paddy_EIREhey Flannel07:39
FlannelHowdy Paddy_EIRE07:39
carandraugDoc|Serverising: looks correct to me. Make the filesystem now. cfdosk, only makes the partitions (there's GUI's to make this kind of stuff such as gparted)07:39
Reformer81Flannel: Thank you!  That exactly what I was trying to decide. :)07:39
* delcoyote hi07:40
Reformer81Flannel: And I assume that FLAC is open07:40
Doc|Serverisingcarandraug: I don't have the luxury of a GUI. :P07:40
Paddy_EIREReformer81: yes it is07:40
FlannelReformer81: While FLAC is a bit bigger (obviously) hard drive space is generally so cheap that it's not an issue.  Free Lossless Audio Codec.  Yep.07:40
rukcusReformer81: if you're talking about storage, i recommend a RAID array if you plan on searching thorugh the collection often07:40
Reformer81rukcus: I don't really SEARCH so much as just find the desired artist within Amarok :)07:41
carandraugDoc|Serverising: you're ok from now on?07:43
Doc|Serverisingcarandraug: Are you sure it's an ext3?07:44
FloodBot2ubuntu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:44
carandraugDoc|Serverising: that's the command to create an ext3. You can use mkfs. something else to make it something else07:45
Doc|ServerisingI've done that07:45
Doc|ServerisingI'm trying to mount it in fstab07:45
Doc|ServerisingNever mind, I missed the 107:46
carandraugDoc|Serverising: you need help with editing fstab?07:46
Doc|Serverising:) Yay, drive is set up07:46
Doc|ServerisingI missed the 1 on sdb1, was my bad07:46
jim_pthe 2.6.27 kernel (final version) just saw the daylight! Yeee07:47
carandraugDoc|Serverising: it's better if you use UUID in the fstab07:48
Doc|Serverisingcarandraug: I'm not likely to add another drive in its place.07:48
jim_pand openoffice 3.00 final version too07:48
carandraugDoc|Serverising: not because of that. I've read that there's development on the kernel and udev that may change the order they are loaded. sda may become sdb and stuff like that. UUID won't change unless you format it again07:50
Doc|Serverisingcarandraug: It shall have to do for now07:51
Doc|ServerisingHow do I make a share in Samba?07:53
carandraugDoc|Serverising: it's easy to swith. You swith the path in fstab by "UUID=whatever" where whatever is what appears in "ls -lF /dev/disk/by-uuid"07:53
jim_phow can i use echo to append lines to the end of a file? like so "echo This-is-a-line-of-text >> myfile.txt"07:53
tyso1hey does anyone know where i can get some info on how to extend my laptops desktop onto another monitor?07:53
jim_por is it with single >07:53
Dio444single is make new file double is append07:53
jim_pthanks Dio44407:55
ogzyi was trying to create a deb package and i made something wrong and now i am not able to remove it because it was always looking at some files which are not already there, how can i make the dpkg remove although some errors, i had fixed the package and tried reinstalling but still feeling to remove that unexisted files, i touched the files but one of them still is removed during the installation somehow so any deb packager here to help?07:56
lex_Can somebody help me to install the latest nvidia drivers? I'm reading several tutorials, but none have worked for me so far07:57
geniiHmm. A deb package to remove a failed user-created deb package07:57
wuyue我打不开3D桌面 怎么弄阿?08:00
jim_pgenii: sudo dpkg -r package ?08:01
r2s1how can I test if the bash script was passed with parameters?08:01
geniijim_p: Usually works08:01
wuyue我打不开3D桌面 怎么弄阿?驱动都装好了 就是没效果08:01
jim_pgenii: i thought it was your question :P08:01
jim_p!chinese wuyue08:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about chinese wuyue08:02
jim_p!ch | wuyue08:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ch08:02
jim_p!chinese | wuyue08:02
geniijim_p: I was thinking of ogzy's dilemma :)08:02
ubottuwuyue: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk08:02
geniiwuyue: 英语语言在这个地方08:04
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* genii hopes babelfish is accurate08:04
ogzygenii, ok any more info you need?08:05
jim_pgenii: lmao08:06
geniiogzy: jim_p's suggestion of: sudo dkpg -r <offending-package-name>               sounds like a good plan08:06
tyso1can anyone steer me toward a tutorial or explain how to extend my laptops desktop to another screen08:08
ogzygenii, i had tried it, didnt removed08:08
sjeaany tech's on?08:08
geniiogzy: Alternately you can try to force removal with switch of: --force-remove-reinstreq:08:08
geniisjea: About 1200 give or take08:08
geniijim_p: And I thought I might get some sleep soon.... silly me....08:09
sjealove that well i have been using ubuntu for about 2-3 month and pat few day seem to really be slow up ? web pages ects08:10
sjeaany thoughts i have due core 2, 3 gig screaming graphics08:10
geniisjea: Too many torrents?08:11
jim_psjea: proper drivers installed?08:11
neo_hey everyone08:11
sjeahumm could be torrents lol but have that off atm drivers should update auto?08:12
jim_psjea: well if you have nvidia for instance, and use generic drivers...08:12
centr0sound just dipped out after "trying" to run wow, any ideas on how to get it back up?08:12
sjeai do have nvidia and just when with the one that install auto08:13
BiosElementcentr0: Using PulseAudio?08:13
centr0BiosElement, would have no clue.  whats the cmd to check?08:13
BiosElementcentr0: Ubuntu ships with pulseaudio by default. Try launching WoW while prefixing the wine launch with "padsp"08:14
sjeai'm sure there is all type a fine tuning i could do but still too new to tweek this os08:15
centr0BiosElement, DLing new patch atm. my sound all around is gone.  cant play mp3s all i hear is system bells.08:15
centr0is there anyway to reset it?08:15
BiosElementcentr0: Yes. Because WoW took control of the sound device. Without pulseaudio, Sounds cannot be mixed so only one program can play sound at a time. Launching it with padsp will make it use Pulseaudio and let the sound mix correctly.08:16
centr0BiosElement, awesome thanks for the tip08:16
centr0would that '-padsp' work with everything i come in contact with that has sound?  ie. ventrilo -padsp?08:17
BiosElementcentr0: The command is padsp wine programname. And Lemme dig up the PulseAudio thread for you that'll help08:18
tyso1anyone have info on extending the workspace of a laptop to another monitor? any help would be greattt08:18
con-manis there a way to force the unmount of a volume? its stuck mounted08:19
sjeamaybe it just me08:19
tyso1turn off the computer and remove it08:19
BiosElementcentr0: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=492890008:20
con-mantyso1: pass08:20
centr0BiosElement, thanks will read up!08:21
dialmanI am running ubuntu 8.04 with Gnome. Anyone know why sometimes resized video is upscaled all funky? (Eg. Say the source video was sized up 5x, and originally 5 adjacent pixels were all white (255), all black (0), and all white (255). Instead of rescaling so that the gradient now goes (255, 204, 153, 102, 51, 0, 51, 102, 153, 204 255) it goes (0 51, 102, 153, 204, 255, 204, 153, 102, 51, 0) exactly reversed. It looks horrible, but I have not been able to fi08:21
tyso1conman:stand on your head count to three and spin five time and retry? it worked for me08:21
geniicon-man: First make sure no file browsers are looking at the mount location. Also that in Terminal or other consoles the prompt is not sitting in there either. Then use the -f option in the sudo umount command.08:21
con-man!rude | tysol08:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rude08:22
tyso1ok just kidding use the force quit application on the desktop it may work08:22
genii!ot | fdd08:22
ubottufdd: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!08:22
dialmanIf this is not the right channel to ask that in please let me know...08:23
con-mangenii: ty08:23
geniicon-man: this will force un-mounting but leave a remnant in file /etc/mtab preventing re-mounting. which you can remedy by editing the file /etc/mtab with admin rights and removing the line referring to the nonexistent mount08:24
ndoGuys, im in the /var/www/html/ directory. And i need to make five directories: statisch, css, dynamisch, php and database. And, ok, i know, to make a statisch directory i have to type "mkdir statisch", but if i would like to make all five dirs at once how do i separate them? plz. ty.08:26
idimmumkdir dira dirb dirc dird08:27
idimmumkdir dira dirb dirc dird dire08:27
sjeaspeaking of torrent i have been gettign these .chm file08:27
ndoidimmu: ty, love ya, have  a nice day! :)08:27
idimmundo also08:28
idimmuman mkdir08:28
ndoty, oke :)08:28
geniindo: mkdir name1 name2 name3 name4 nameX08:29
geniiidimmu: Apologies did not see your earlier reply on same subject08:29
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EatShroomsمرحبا رفاق كيف ينبغي لي أن استخدام نظام التشغيل لصالح محطة العمل؟08:30
jim_p!arabian | EatShrooms08:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about arabian08:31
jim_p!arab | EatShrooms08:31
jaakkomeCan somebody recommend a program with which I could create RSS-feeds for a podcast thing?08:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about arab08:31
ubottuFor the Saudi Arabia team : /join #ubuntu-sa : للانظمام الى قناة الفريق السعودي - For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية08:32
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psurgeonI cannot get DVDs to play on 8.04. Installed libdvdcss2, readdvd3 (or whatever it's called) and run the script to install the restricted packages. I used regionset to set the correct region. I get an ioctl error when I try to play an encrypted DVD in xine or mplayer. Any ideas?08:34
=== Guest54527 is now known as an_di
EatShroomsThere is no one channe08:35
geniiEatShrooms: Questions in English may be asked here08:36
trylobyteroubuntu 8.04.1 installer hangs just after selected an option, may it be try, install ubuntu and check cd for defects08:36
trylobyteroi have a notebook with an intel t2370 and the iso I am using is the i386 one. I tried before with a kubuntu amd64 but didn't work neither08:39
Xcercais there a program that i can use the resize ext3 partitions ?08:39
EatShroomsuse worksation?08:39
jim_pXcerca: gparted08:39
afloofloodo i need to run the same version on dom0 kernel for xen as the hypervisor version? like in intrepid there is xen3.3 hypervisor, but no kernel available.. what to run on dom0?08:39
error404notfoun1i am using virtualbox on ubuntu 8.04 LTS and i get: http://pastebin.com/m7154dc6508:39
utnubudnaihey friends!what does make modules_install do after make the kernel?08:40
Xcercajim_p do i need to run that from a live cd ?08:41
geniiutnubudnai: Pretty much what it sounds like. It makes all the kernel modules you specified and then installs them08:41
jim_pXcerca: yea. use parted magic. it is only 50MB , boots from ram, fast and snappy interface08:42
utnubudnaigenii, should I run make modules_install or not after the kernel has been made?08:42
Xcercaparted magic ? do i burn it to a cd and boot off of that cd ?08:43
Fr0nsany Squid (3) experts here?08:44
geniiutnubudnai: You should, yes08:44
=== lakitu2 is now known as lakitu
w3bs3lli'm making linux kernel 2.6.26 now08:44
heret|chttp://gparted.sourceforge.net/ xcerca08:44
utnubudnaichokri, what is bjr?08:45
usa1glad u asked08:46
=== Doc|Serverising is now known as Indoctrine
chfwiggu1utnubudnai: !fr08:46
utnubudnaiw3bs3ll, I am making it too!the version is
centr0if i have 2 separate hard drives and i chose to install ubuntu on the first hard drive, how do i find that other drive thats NTFS previously?08:47
utnubudnaichfwiggu1, what does that mean?08:47
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr08:47
chfwiggu1utnubudnai: nth offensive , yeah tried that08:48
trylobyterois there any option in the install CD I can use or a key I can press so I can see text saying what is happening instead of the progress bar?08:48
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dinocatzhi every body08:49
maalsahuh, not too many people in here, eh?08:49
dinocatzi'm from malaysia08:50
w3bs3llmany bots in here...08:50
dinocatzlooking for the best media player for ubuntu..08:50
IntuitiveNippletrylobytero: yes, press F6 I think it is, to edit the kernel command line, then delete "quiet splash" and press Enter08:50
dinocatzanybody can help?08:50
w3bs3llhelp what?08:50
maalsathere are a lot of media players for ubuntu08:50
maalsadepends on your needs and wants08:50
maalsasomething simple? something complex?08:51
maalsaall media? just music? just movies?08:51
dinocatzyeah.. i know... but the display quality not so good08:51
maalsadinocats: so something for video?08:51
dinocatznope, for *.avi files.. downloaded from internet08:51
maalsadinocatz: try VLC08:51
IntuitiveNippledisplay quality is controlled by the original file, the codecs, and any scaling08:51
gluonmanI have an embedded terminal on my desktop. It's gnome-terminal with it's transparency and border settings controlled by compiz settings. I have it set to appear in the centre of my screen, but whenever I boot my computer, it appears at the upper left blocking any /media or /dev icons that are present. Of course, if I close the terminal and re-open it, it reappears in the correct location. How do I re-order the sessions so that terminal o08:52
gluonmanpens after compiz settings have been fully recognized so that I don't have to keep closing the terminal and re-opening it?08:52
dinocatzalready installed VLC... other than that?08:52
trylobyteroIntuitiveNipple: thanks, now I can see the problem is many ACPI exceptions "(processor_core-0816): AE_NOT_FOUND, Processor Device is not present [20070126]"08:53
trylobyteroI should use noacpi option, isn't it?08:53
IntuitiveNippletrylobytero: That is a pretty serious bug! what CPU is it?08:53
maalsadinocatz: I agree with IntuitiveNipple, the quality has a lot to do with the video file itself, not necessarily the program playing it08:53
balle_hey, i have lost the shutdown button from the system-->quit menu and i cant get it back, does any of you know how?08:53
dinocatzhmm... ok...08:53
trylobyteroIntuitiveNipple: intel t237008:54
DIFH-icerootballe_: gnome? right click in panel and add the shutdown button again08:54
dinocatzwhen i played with windows, the display so good...08:54
DIFH-icerootballe_: add panel should be the english name08:54
dinocatzhmm... I'm wondering probably i miss some setting with the player itself08:54
maalsaDIFH: it sounds like he didn't lose it from the panel, but from the dialogue that pops up after you click Quit from the apps menu08:55
balle_DIFH-iceroot: i've tried that, and that is in my panel already, but it is the final button you press before the computer goes to shutdown that's gone08:55
IntuitiveNippletrylobytero: What motherboard/BIOS - that looks like an ACPI DSDT entry is incorrect08:55
DIFH-icerootballe_ and maalsa sorry didnt geht that info08:55
dinocatzPentium D08:56
balle_maalsa: exactly and DIFH-iceroot, np man08:56
dinocatzDell PC..08:56
crazy_busif I send someone a password protected archive on ubuntu will they be able to open it in file roller?08:57
maalsaballe_: try this: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm08:57
dinocatzany body can suggest me what application for video editing08:58
balle_maalsa: doing08:58
centr0ubuntu isnt seeing my internal NTFS hard drive. its not listed in fstab and even gparted doesnt see it.  any ideas?08:58
skarhi, is there any way i can get deb packages for cpan modules? like MooseX::Types08:59
balle_maalsa: done, but it appears i have to reboot correct?08:59
IntuitiveNipplecentr0: Examine the /var/log/dmesg and/or /var/log/kern.log for clues about how the system detects the controller, and the devices attached to it.08:59
maalsabaale_: give it a go, come on back, let me know how it worked out08:59
dinocatzi tried my self to avoid windowz from now on... but i'm facing difficulties when i want to do video editing08:59
dinocatzguys, help me please09:00
trylobyteroIntuitiveNipple: phoenixbios 1.1209:00
balle_maalsa: nope, didn't work09:01
usa1balle_ that was fast09:01
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:01
jim_phow can i install w32codecs now that the package is not in medibuntu?09:01
balle_usal: well yea, ctrl+shift+delete is fast..09:01
c4r1ohi, i'm using a notebook right now, do you know how to increase the volume of speakers? with ubuntu it sounds way less than with windows....09:02
usa1i thought he said to reboot09:02
IntuitiveNippledinocatz: http://cinelerra.org  and http://lives.sourceforge.net/09:02
dinocatzthanks for the link...09:02
c4r1oanyone 4 my volume problem? ;-)09:03
trylobyteroIntuitiveNipple: can't see which motherboard it has, the info I have is "cpu type: intel pentium dual cpu t2370 @ 1.73; processor intel centrino + core"09:03
dinocatzreally appreciate it09:03
balle_usa1: i had to quit all the stuff that uses xconf or something like that, and a shift+ctrl+delete should do that, not?09:03
usa1yes, should09:03
IntuitiveNippletrylobytero: What system make/model then? That report suggest something rather wrong somewhere!09:03
usa1you gonna try a reboot of ya OS now?09:04
balle_c4r1o: try to open alsa mixer: sudo alsamixer and try fiddling with some of the settings in there..09:04
gluonmanCan anyone tell me how I can re-prioritize my sessions so that gnome-terminal opens after my compiz settings have been fully recognized so that my embedded terminal opens in the right spot without me having to close it and re-open it?09:04
balle_usa1: think is should?09:04
trylobyteroIntuitiveNipple: Beep Iridium A15 T237009:04
usa1msconfig would stop alot from booting when u do try09:04
c4r1oballe_ thx but already did and everything is max09:04
balle_usa1: sry?09:05
c4r1obut even if everything is 100% it sounds poorly.... like when the volume is half way it's silence already09:05
usa1oh heck, ya all lost me now, i been up almost all night09:05
usa1i cant sleep09:06
trylobyteroIntuitiveNipple: the only options I can choose at the bios setup utility is "execute disable bit", that is enabled, and lcd panel power saving, enabled too, besides of the boot device priority09:06
usa1good reason though, i am at work right now09:06
balle_c4r1o: what about the PCM setting? is that up?, double click on the sound icon09:06
gluonmanRe-prioritizing sessions anyone?09:07
IntuitiveNippletrylobytero: OK. I see it now. Like you said, I think you should try adding the "acpi=off" option on the kernel command line at boot-time, and if you can, post a bug report as per the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI09:07
maalsaballe_: are you running GNOME or KDE?09:07
geniigluonman: renice09:07
c4r1oyeh it's up right now....i've also maxed Front and master09:07
gluonmangenii, what is that?09:07
trylobyteroIntuitiveNipple: I bought this notebook with no license, it had installed freeDOS, but it's suspicious that it had a "windows vista" logo close to the keyboard09:07
balle_maalsa: sry bout that gnome09:08
IntuitiveNipplegenii: No, he wants to cause one app to load after a delay when the gnome session starts09:08
geniigluonman: It assigns less or more resources to a process or app depending on what values you feed it09:08
usa1trylobytero format and go from there.09:08
IntuitiveNippletrylobytero: It seems a bit 'strange', I agree.09:08
geniiIntuitiveNipple: Ah, OK09:08
rukcuscan i format a harddrive to NTFS in linux?09:08
centr0IntuitiveNipple, is there anything i should be looking out for in dmesg?  when i grep sda on output i get '[   25.793506]  sda: sda1 sda2 < sda5 >'09:08
c4r1ook now it's a little different09:09
gluonmangenii, alright, but I'm not keen on syntax. I'm trying to make a program in my sessions wait before it opens. Because it tends to open before compiz settings are fully kicked in, but the desired state of the program relies on those compiz settings. So how can I use renice to make it wait?09:09
c4r1othe MAX volume is ok......but it just takes 3 or 4 times that i press the (down)volume botton and it silences09:09
rukcusor rather more specifically: what is a file system that both Linux and Windows r/w to?09:09
IntuitiveNipplecentr0: If the partition with the NTFS file-system is on sda, then and partitioner *should* see it. Try using "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda"09:09
drue_Hey,how do i install ThunderBird Via Terminal?09:09
geniigluonman: No, you use renice on already-running things09:10
centr0IntuitiveNipple, its a completely different physical drive so could it be /dev/sdb?09:10
IntuitiveNipplegluonman: Have you got it entered in the 'Sessions' tab in Preferences?09:10
gluonmangenii, then that's not what I'm after.09:10
c4r1oso the whole volume bar is instead the second half of it couse when the cursor is half way volume is 009:10
IntuitiveNipplecentr0: Do "sudo fdisk -l" and that will list all drives/partitions that can be found09:10
gluonmanIntuitiveNipple, it is in Sessions. It and compiz are just being initialized in an order I wish to reverse.09:10
IntuitiveNipplegluonman: Try adding a delay to the execution command09:11
gluonmanIntuitiveNipple, can you tell me how to do that?09:11
centr0IntuitiveNipple, just those 3.  sda1, sda2, sda5 = swap09:11
usa1fdisk is my favorite command!!09:11
IntuitiveNipplegluonman: "sleep 20s && gnome-terminal"09:11
trylobyteroso, should I go and ask at the store where I bought it?09:11
gluonmanIntuitiveNipple, I'll try that. Thank you.09:11
IntuitiveNipplegluonman: Try it from the command-line first to be sure it is what you want09:11
gluonmanIntuitiveNipple, alright.09:12
IntuitiveNipplecentr0: Then it looks like the drive isn't connected correctly, or is configured incorrectly09:12
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash09:12
New2ubuntuo install netgear wg311v3 drivers?09:13
r2s1 tried cat /etc/resolv.conf | grep nameserver | awk '{print $2}' .. but the /etc/resolv.conf got this comments that has the word nameserver in it too09:13
drue_how do i install ThunderBird Via Terminal?09:13
IntuitiveNipplegluonman: To control the order you could put both start-up commands in a script, and then call the script when the session starts, too. That way they are guaranteed to follow the order of launch in the script09:13
r2s1where else can I extract info to get the current DNS server for the PC ??09:13
r2s1to use it in script09:13
trylobyteroIntuitiveNipple: now it hangs sooner, at "..TIMER: vector=0x31 apic1=0 pin1=2 apic2=0 pin2=0", with apic=off09:13
IntuitiveNippledrue_: sudo apt-get install thunderbird09:14
usa1oh hell...nm09:14
gluonmanIntuitiveNipple, alright. Thank you.09:14
IntuitiveNippletrylobytero: Some machines won't start without ACPI, unfortunately... Try with "-noacpi"09:14
powertool08what is the strongest encryption for gpg: DSA & Elgamal, DSA, or RSA?09:14
geniir2s1: Just pipe result you have through a sed command to exclude lines with # in them09:14
IntuitiveNippletrylobytero: lol hang on... did you use "apic=off" or "acpi=off" - be VERY careful; it should be ACPI09:15
usa1powertool08  what ya trying to hide.   ??  lol09:15
powertool08usa1: just files I don't want other users into, something that can't be bruteforced easily09:15
packetlossmy eth0 won't come up automatically after restart, so i have to turn it up manually like this; sudo ifup eth0... how could i fix this ?09:16
trylobyteroIntuitiveNipple: sorry, i used acpi, got wrong typing it here09:16
geniir2s1: sed '/#/d'         for instance09:16
IntuitiveNippletrylobytero: OK, worth checking :)09:16
usa1powertool08 and just passwording doesnt keep ya friends out,  wow09:17
IntuitiveNippletrylobytero: Try some of the other kernel command-line options on the wiki page, see if any give a better result09:17
usa1what kinda friends u got anyway>?09:17
powertool08usa1: curious ones09:17
usa1i hear ya09:17
r2s1genii: thanks09:18
IntuitiveNipplepowertool08: Unless you're worried about the NSA trying to crack the encrpytion, I don't think you need to worry which algorithm is used. The main variable is the quality of the passphrase09:18
usa1lol  ya what IntuitiveNipple said!!09:18
powertool08IntuitiveNipple: ok, thanks.09:19
usa1but then again. IntuitiveNipple it could very well be the NSA....lol09:19
trylobyteroIntuitiveNipple: with -noacpi it hangs where it did the first time, acpi exceptions09:19
talntid.. Did someone say NSA?09:19
* IntuitiveNipple has encrypted disks, with no passwords, only accessible with a USB key inserted during boot09:19
talntidWho ratted me out?09:19
powertool08IntuitiveNipple: is there anything strong enough to keep the government at bay? I assumed they could crack anything in a matter of days09:20
IntuitiveNippletrylobytero: I'm afraid it sounds like you've got a 'bad' one09:20
talntidpowertool08, I'll be at your house soon, to inspect your storage media...09:20
IntuitiveNipplepowertool08: sure; multiple layers of different encryptions09:20
c4r1owell if they can access the terminal, if not i don't think09:20
DaCapnpowertool08 Just use the encryption scheme that the NSA uses and you'll know that you're safe.09:20
dada_When i install 8.04 aternate  from disk ,it always tell me to mount CD/ROM ,Why?09:20
powertool08talntid: haha, I don't have much to hide, just curious since I've always heard if the government wants to know, they will09:20
usa1i agree with DaCapn09:20
DaCapnThey surely wouldn't use something that they could break would they?09:20
talntidmeh. the govt has good intel people.09:21
talntidbut not everything is crackable in a matter of days09:21
powertool08DaCapn: who knows...09:21
c4r1odacapn i think the opposite...they should be able to break it in order to recover it....09:21
usa1heya powertool08, if ya got anything the gov. wants. please dont come by the house anymore...  k?09:22
IntuitiveNippleI think you've got far bigger problems than worrying about 'the government' cracking your files, if you're that concerned!09:22
talntidpowertool08, however, all they need to do is put the HDD in a cleanroom, and do the data recovery that way... ;)09:22
IntuitiveNippleEither that or an excessive dose of paranoia :)09:22
powertool08usa1: sure thing, but I doubt they have any interest in me09:22
=== lakitu2 is now known as lakitu
c4r1owho knows powertool......who knows^^09:23
talntidwho names themself that?09:23
administatormy name noom09:23
powertool08IntuitiveNipple: I'm not worried at all, like I said, I just need basic encryption but the NSA was brought up and I was curious09:23
administatori'm thai09:23
DaCapntalntid provided that the encryption implementation is secure (no watermarking or side-channel, etc) then there's not really anything they can do about it.09:23
TheGovernmentWe didn't have any interest in you... till now...09:24
IntuitiveNipplepowertool08: I know; but it's fun to poke at the subject09:24
utnubudnaijim_p, you can add this to your source.list:deb http://medibuntu.sos-sts.com/repo/ hardy free non-free,you can have a try09:24
powertool08lol @ TheGovernment09:24
talntidDaCapn, It should be possible to read the data manually.. it'd take a long time to recreate it, but possible09:24
utnubudnaimaybe too slow for you,and you can search "ubuntu hardy w32codecs" for that!09:25
* genii traces to TheGovernment's secret lair09:25
utnubudnaiuse google for that! jim_p09:25
jim_putnubudnai: i did. it says Package w32codecs is not available, but is referred to by another packag09:25
DaCapntalntid You would read nothing but seemingly random data. That doesn't circumvent the encryption.09:25
talntidso, I just found out the great wonders of VLC streaming......09:25
ushillsCan anyone suggest a cheap scanner that works with ubuntu09:26
powertool08ushills: HP09:26
usa1powertool08   do it like we did when i was a bit younger, when they knock on the door, flush it down the can, oh...heck. cant do that i guess09:26
talntidi'm VPN tunneled into my home computer, from work...09:26
utnubudnaijim_p, can you paste the error messages generated?09:26
jim_putnubudnai: the ubuntu guys decided to provide codecs and dvd support sor $$ !!! let me find the link09:26
talntidand streaming the DVD that is in my home computer DVD rom...09:26
BlueEagleushills: any scanner that runs the niash chipset are cheap and compatible.09:26
talntidabout 60 miles away. pretty neat09:26
BlueEagleushills: scanjets seem to be mostly supported.09:26
ushillsdo most hp work with ubuntu, i thought Hp were expensive.  i tried an artec but no luck09:27
utnubudnaijim_p, ^^,there must be some free for you!09:27
jim_putnubudnai: http://ostatic.com/173388-blog/canonical-opens-codec-sales-and-potential-can-of-worms#rss09:27
powertool08usa1: hmm, perhaps I could rig one of those crazy self-destruct, burn the house down emergency government is after me things like in the movie Conspiracy Theory :P09:27
usa1for sure09:27
usa1that would work great09:27
talntidpowertool08, i'll give you a tip about that09:28
powertool08talntid: oh?09:28
AtaxHi all, in which directory should new programs be placed (im basically looking for c:\programs under linux)?09:28
BlueEagleushills: THe scanjet 3300c (if they still make those) are cheap and they work.09:28
talntid... remember when in school, they tell you to practice your emergency plan?09:28
talntidDON'T! your house will burn down.09:28
powertool08talntid: haha, good tip09:28
talntidand the insurance companies don't really buy the conspiracy story...09:28
BlueEagletalntid: Why, after all the years of school do doctors still call what they do "practice"?09:28
jim_putnubudnai: http://pastebin.com/d6de86a9009:28
talntidBlueEagle, about a year ago, my lung collapsed.09:29
powertool08talntid: well thats the landlord's problem09:29
talntidat that time, i remember them bringing in a bunch of trainees to see how to fix a collapsed lung09:29
powertool08talntid: Should I find a need to burn the house down I either won't get far, or I'll disappear for quite some time09:29
trylobyteroIntuitiveNipple: lol, the first thing I did when I taken the notebook out of the box it was to remove the "windows vista" tag, so the warranty is broken xDDDD09:29
hateballAtax: Are you refering to programs you're compiling from source? If you install from the repositories you need not bother, they'll end up where they should09:29
talntidsupposedly i got very violent, verbally, when they were showing a trainee how to properly hold the drill, to drill into my chest and relieve the pressure.09:30
IntuitiveNippletrylobytero: Hmmm, stick it back! :)09:30
ushillsthanks i will look for prices09:30
jim_putnubudnai: any ideas?09:30
talntidwhich removed a large amount of trust i had in any doctors, actively practicing.09:30
Ataxhateball: In this case I wonder where to put "Sonbird" as well as UrbanTerror, I cant launch them after I placed them in /usr/bin/*09:31
trylobyteroIntuitiveNipple: i sticked it on my brothers t-shirt, joking, and he sticket it on the mirror of the elevator, now it's dissappeared09:31
hateballAtax: Have you downloaded .deb files? Or a tar.gz with source? or precompiled binaries?09:31
usa1talntid and...aint it the same with attorneys. they call what they do a "pratice"?09:32
IntuitiveNippletrylobytero: :p09:32
jdevelso far I'm liking linux more and more09:32
Ataxhateball: they where both tar's or perhaps zip-files09:32
jdevelthought it was going to be more of a pain09:32
bSONdo i need a cups server running when i just print to a network printer?09:32
Ataxhateball: I don t complie! :)09:32
Ataxhateball: compile!09:33
IntuitiveNippleAtax: probably, you've got to give the binaries executable permissions (chmod a+x <programm-name>)09:33
ali_is there any one?09:33
hateballAtax: If they were precompiled, you could just as well put them in your ~/ and chmod +x on them09:33
hateballAtax: Unless you need to have other users access it as well09:33
IntuitiveNippleAtax: usually, user-installed programs are put in /usr/local/bin (/usr/local/lib) or /opt/ depending in whether there is a complete package of files or not09:34
AtaxBut is the ~(home-dir) the propery directory to place file? There must be a equivalent to c:\programs09:34
AtaxThanks IntuitiveNipple: thats what i was looking for!09:34
aki_anyone have any idea why I can't enable better visual settings? I've GF 9800GTX and I've dled the drivers from package manager09:34
AtaxThanks guys!09:34
jdevelmaybe your resolution settings?09:35
jdeveland color depth09:35
hateballAtax: If it's precompiled, it'd be easier for you to just put it in your ~/. Saves you headaches with upgrades etc09:36
jdevelmight have to alter a conf file, or update driver09:36
BlueEaglejim_p: regarding that link. I think Canonical is doing the right thing in this case.09:36
hateballAtax: But sure, /usr/bin for binaries, /etc for settings and so forth, is the standard09:36
IntuitiveNippleAtax: you may be interested in the FHS then http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.html09:36
hateball!FHS | Atax09:36
ubottuAtax: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview09:36
AtaxI know about FHS a bit, ... I previously looked up the wikipedia-article concerning FHS but it dident reveal what you just posted IntuitiveNipple!09:37
jim_pBlueEagle: i agree. canonical is a company and not some independant linux user out there, so it must play by the rules. but what happens when i want codecs? and i am NOT under the american law09:37
IntuitiveNippleAtax: Often you have to chase links to get to the good stuff :)09:37
jdevelthat's the truth09:38
AtaxBut I ll look at the www.pathname.com, ... perhaps that will help if i have similar questions in the future!09:38
jdevelI just found what i needed after 5 hours of link hunting..09:38
aki_well res is set to 1280 x 1024 and I can't set it to higher.. can't find color depth.. and I dled the drivers today from the add/rmv app thingie09:38
IntuitiveNippleAtax: Just a skim read of the headings is very informative09:38
AtaxIntuitiveNipple: Well, that s true ;)09:38
jdevelusually from the configs I've done you add the color depth, what flavor linux?09:39
jdevelof course09:39
jdevelsilly question09:39
IntuitiveNippleaki_: Is the system using the open-source or restricted driver? Has it defaulted to fail-safe mode (that can often happen without you realising, and use the standard VESA driver which is limited)09:40
zenohi how do  i set my default keyring?09:41
zenoor find it09:41
zenonm-applet wants to access it but it is lokced09:41
jim_pany ideas about w32codecs?09:42
IntuitiveNipplezeno: Applications > Accessories > Passwords and Encryption Keys09:42
aki_IntuitiveNipple I think it's the restricted ones09:43
aunvohAnyone here put linux on their ipod?09:43
aki_don't know about the other stuff09:43
IntuitiveNipplejim_p: I missed your original problem - I assume you're trying to install from medibuntu repository?09:43
zenoIntuitiveNipple: well its locked it to that menu only, i can ctrl alt f1 for a tty09:43
IntuitiveNippleaki: best to check:  egrep 'drivers/.*_drv' /var/log/Xorg.0.log09:43
BlueEaglejim_p: Then you grab something that are legal by your countrys standards.09:43
Jordan_U!anyone | aunvoh09:43
ubottuaunvoh: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:43
IntuitiveNipplezeno: Is there no cancel button?09:44
zenoIntuitiveNipple: deney or ok09:44
IntuitiveNipplezeno: Usually the default keyring has the same password as your user  account log-in09:44
jim_pIntuitiveNipple: the w32codecs is no longer in meibuntu, here is why > http://ostatic.com/173388-blog/canonical-opens-codec-sales-and-potential-can-of-worms#rss09:44
IntuitiveNipplejim_p: really? since when?09:45
jim_pBlueEagle: which is... w32codecs, which are not in medibuntu!!!09:45
zenoits not, o well ill just deney/reconfig09:45
jdeveltake care all, time for some sleep09:45
IntuitiveNipplejim_p: http://packages.medibuntu.org/hardy/w32codecs.html09:45
IntuitiveNipplejim_p: That article says nothing about w32codecs not being in medibuntu09:48
jim_pIntuitiveNipple: :| how come it did not get it from the non-free repo then? i have it enabled!09:48
jim_plet me finish something and i will look it up09:48
IntuitiveNipplejim_p: Not sure on that one, unless there was a temporary network issue, or some package dependency issue09:48
Kartagiswhat do I need to install for file transferring over bluetooth?09:49
todd_jim_p, you can download one from the net!09:49
jim_pIntuitiveNipple: the article says about canonical providing codeds and dvd with $$ as exchange. so its logical for the w32 codecs to be removed from medibuntu09:49
Jordan_UKartagis: Nothing, the applet that comes by default should do it09:49
IntuitiveNipplejim_p: No, Canonical is doing that to ensure there is a legal route for people that need it, to have the codecs.09:50
KartagisJordan_U, what if it doesn't?09:50
jim_pIntuitiveNipple: then why were the codecs removed from there?09:50
IntuitiveNipplejim_p: medibuntu isn't operated by Canonical09:50
Jordan_UKartagis: No idea. What happens when you try to use the bluetooth applet?09:51
IntuitiveNippleremoved from where? The codecs are in the medibuntu repository!09:51
KartagisJordan_U, I haven't tried yet09:51
patrickhow can i install ubuntu on a specified partion09:51
=== patrick is now known as Guest32520
KartagisJordan_U, where is in anyway?09:51
jim_pIntuitiveNipple: i have the medibuntu in my sources.list, and i still dont get w32codecs09:51
c4r1oubuntu installed with Wubi is on a partition or not?09:52
IntuitiveNippleGuest32520: Use the installer's "manual partitioning" option09:52
Guest32520how can i install ubuntu on a specified partion09:52
jim_pIntuitiveNipple: http://pastebin.com/d6de86a9009:52
Kartagisoh, system, preferences09:52
trylobyteroIntuitiveNipple: however, I think I still can get a f*cking XP tag and sell this sh*t to any m*ron (now I'm hell m*d)09:52
IntuitiveNipplejim_p: Then there is a problem with the packaging system, or the network09:52
=== marko_ is now known as marko-_-
IntuitiveNippletrylobytero: You can have the old Vista sticker from my laptop :) I know its around here somewhere!09:53
redouando you know somting abowt xhtml en html???09:53
soneilwhat they're selling isn't w32codecs; it's flumendo's implementation of various codecs.  w32codecs aren't theirs to license09:53
KartagisJordan_U, that applet is talking about a converter. do i need an extra device?09:53
jim_pIntuitiveNipple: there is a problem with medibuntu! the package has moved to non-free, it was removed from the medibuntu repo BUT NOT FROM THE SITE09:53
trylobyteroI meant licence, not tag (sorry, i'm hell mad), but thanks :)09:53
dinocatzIntuitiveNipple: Thanks! Installed lives... should work great for video editing09:55
Kartagisredouan, #html09:55
trylobyterothe biggest sh*t is I'm leaving next Monday for a 7 months internship in another country (I'm Spanish, going to Scotland), and I need a notebook :'(09:55
trylobyteroby the way, what's the difference between laptop and notebook? I don't know the difference, is there any difference anyway?09:56
ikoniatrylobytero if you can't speak without swearing, please don't speak09:56
ikoniatrylobytero staring it out doesn't change the fact that it;s swearing09:56
trylobyteroikonia: sorry, it won't happen again09:57
ikoniatrylobytero appriciated09:57
jim_pok installed w32codecs. thank you for your help IntuitiveNipple09:57
usa1and anyway, why ya need license, sell it with VISTA without...lol10:00
peter_Hi. I just installed tslib with apt-get, but I need to know the location of the library and its headers. How can I find out where they are? Thanks.10:00
chervacan anyone tell me a fast way to change identical information in many files at once ?10:00
usa1oh heck. most wont even know anyhow10:01
chervapeter_: whereis tslib10:01
peter_cherva: Tried it, doesn't help.10:01
chervapeter_: hmm don't know then :)10:02
peter_cherva: Neither does whereis libts :-)10:02
yezhaoi'm wondering whether i can use clipboard between rxvt and firefox. looks like i can copy a url from rxvt and paste it into firefox.10:02
=== co_anjink is now known as alone_chamudt
yezhaopeter: dpkg -L tslib10:03
yezhaosorry. looks like i cannot copy a url from rxvt and paste it into firefox.10:03
IntuitiveNipplejim_p: glad you got it sorted. The w{32,64}codecs packages are still listed in the Packages files for apt: http://packages.medibuntu.org/dists/hardy/non-free/binary-i386/10:03
jim_pGRRR still i cant find the w32codecs package. can anyone give me a direct link?10:03
IntuitiveNipplejim_p: http://packages.medibuntu.org/hardy/w32codecs.html10:04
jim_pIntuitiveNipple: i was looking at the greek server for some non-free folder all this time10:04
jim_pIntuitiveNipple: direct link, this is only info10:04
IntuitiveNipplejim_p: Ahhh, a mirror issue maybe?10:04
jim_pIntuitiveNipple: dunno10:04
IntuitiveNipplejim_p: READ the page. link is at the bottom!10:04
IntuitiveNipplejim_p: Architecture: "i386" is the link10:05
peter_yezhao: Thanks.10:05
=== alone_chamudt is now known as ce_narZiez
jim_pIntuitiveNipple: ok i know its the link there. but i want it to work from apt!!!10:06
larryoneHi, my users and groups manager has removed all users and groups, and removed me from sudoers.... is there any way to get this stuff back? It did it when I was adding a new user10:07
=== ShadowXP is now known as Guest81449
larryoneto clarify: all users with 3 exceptions10:07
larryonehi vicky10:07
IntuitiveNipplejim_p: double-check the repo is enabled in apt, and do an "apt-get update" too, the do "apt-cache madison w32codecs"10:07
larryonehi jackhaos10:08
ikonialarryone sure, no problem, what happened to make the users / groups go ?10:08
ikonialarryone: just trying to understand what happened before I expalin how to fix10:08
ArthurHow can I change the "frame per second" parameter in ivtv?10:08
vicky1408I tried to install ubuntu..but while installation the system hangs..why it is happening?10:08
jackhaosbut I using Xp sp210:08
vicky1408pls help me10:08
peter_yezhao: How can I get libts headers? I've downloaded a bunch of .so files, but have no headers10:08
vicky1408I tried to install ubuntu..but while installation the system hangs..why it is happening?10:08
ikoniajackhaos: what's the issue10:09
jim_pIntuitiveNipple: what is madison?10:09
ikoniavicky1408 quick test, when the system hangs can you press the caps lock button and make the keyboard light coem on /off10:09
jim_pIndoctrine: and apt-cache search w32codecs returns nothing10:09
vicky1408the caps lock is not working at that time10:09
jim_pi have to go10:09
_haywire_cya jim_p10:10
thiebaudebye jim_p10:10
jim_pwe will solve it in 3-4 hours when i return10:10
IntuitiveNipplejim_p: Then there is a problem with your apt lists10:10
larryoneikonia: I opened users and groups, put in my passwd, the list that came up was blank, not even me on it. I clicked add user, added a new user, and the list refreshed to show only root. I closed the tool and re-ran it, adding another user, same experience. now only root, me, and the second added user exist - auth log shows that root removed everything else....10:10
swapnaplease tell me how do i join xen developers network10:10
vicky1408ikonia are you there?10:10
vicky1408help me pls10:10
vicky1408the caps lock is not working at that time10:11
ikoniavicky1408 ok, so it's a total hard lock, the most common cause for that is a minor hardware issue, so what I'd suggest doing is when you boot the cd select the "memtest" option, this will take a long time to run, approxy 12- 24 hours10:11
Tor___Hello. I would like to remove certain applications from autostart, including the Gnome interface. How do I do this?10:11
larryonevicky1408: hold on10:11
ikoniavicky1408: but this will give you a quick scan of your memory in your machine to get an solid understanding it's "ok"10:11
swapnam trying to connect but then the box is getting closed10:11
hoa3rHello. Since 2 days. I don't get any emails from evolution. In my webmail i received emails. Does anyboby have the same issue?10:11
swapnaplease help10:11
vicky1408oh ok10:11
vicky1408but after that it will be properly installed a?10:11
thiebaudevicky1408:how much memory does your computer have?10:12
IntuitiveNipplelarryone: You'd have to have all users selected and press the Delete button to have Users and Groups delete them all10:12
ikonialarryone no problem, boot into "recovery" mode from the boot option and select a recovery shell, then do "usermod -G admin $username" replacing username with your user, when you reboot your user will be back in the sudouers list and you can use the gui to re-set thigns back up10:12
ikoniavicky1408: thats not ram10:12
usa1not ya hdd10:12
ikoniavicky1408: how much ram (not disk) do you have10:12
usa1ya MEM10:12
ikoniavicky1408: your on the limit of what the installer needs10:12
usa1need more10:12
ikoniavicky1408: you can either run the memcheck option to test it, or use the "alternative cd" to do an instal10:13
ikoniausa1: no she doesn't need more10:13
ArthurHi there. How can I change the "frame per second" parameter in VLC?10:13
thiebaudeikona:i had 256mb before i went to 512, its slow with 256 installing10:13
usa1256MB, k if u say so10:13
ikoniathiebaude: yes it is10:13
larryoneIntuitiveNipple: didn't do that... the tool seemed to be hanging a bit, and so i closed it. something has gong wrong somewhere. (and I certainly wouldn't be careless enough to do that to my system)10:13
larryoneikonia: thanks, i'll give it a go10:13
vicky1408ya..but it is said that ubuntu will be installed in 256MB..10:13
ikoniavicky1408: yes, and your on the limit of the minimum required10:13
=== _Vinnonet is now known as Vinnonet
ikoniavicky1408: so a.) check your memory is "ok" with memcheck10:14
=== co_anjink is now known as ce_naRziez
vicky1408ya i will try ikonia..thanks10:14
Ronaldikonia, hello Helpdesk Master ;)10:14
ikoniavicky1408: b.) consider using the alternative install disk, that users less memory10:14
mlLKwhen i install apache on ubuntu does it run apache from /usr/local/apache or /etc/apache10:14
* ikonia nods to the mighty Ronald 10:14
usa1thiebaude thats what i am saying, not much is still able to use only 256MB with out some problems10:14
swapnaplease tell me how do i join xen developers irc10:14
ikoniaswapna: read their website10:14
thiebaudeusa1:soo true10:14
vicky1408also can you suggest me to use any linux in windows?10:15
thiebaudeusa1:8.10 runs great with 51210:15
ikoniavicky1408: no you can't use linux in windows10:15
vicky1408i heared about DSL10:15
sling-shotI have Compro VideoMate TV/PVR/FM card. My DTH set top box puts cable signal out at 847.25 frequency. I have installed xawtv and tv timer. None of the programs including Myth TV are able to catch the signal. Ubuntu 8.04. Any help is welcome.10:15
ikoniavicky1408: you heard wrong10:15
ArthurHi there. How can I change the "frame per second" parameter in VLC?10:16
usa1linux in winblows...now thats a good one..lol10:16
ikoniausa1: it's called "windows"10:16
usa1oh ya10:16
vicky1408can you tell me any other linux that could work well in 256MB?10:16
usa1ikonia  typo10:16
VincentI want to know how to configure the boot manager?10:16
swapnaactually i know how to join, but my xchat box is getting closed immediately after i join that10:16
IntuitiveNippleArthur: You can view the options that are available like this:  vlc -H | grep '\--.*-fps'10:16
Vincentthe boot manager should boot windows xp as default10:16
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ikoniavicky1408: well, in that case you are right, things like DSL use less memory, if you join ##linux you'll get more info10:16
ikoniaswapna: its invite only10:17
jackhaoshey , can you help me 1 question plz10:17
zen_it's fantsy10:17
swapnaikonia: thanks10:17
sling-shotVincent: go to /boot/grub/menu.lst10:17
vicky1408oh ok..10:17
ikoniaGuest81449: edit /boot/grub/menu.lst file and at the top there is a line that is default 0 change default 0 to default $number, where number is the position XP appears on the boot loader menu, starting from 010:18
drue_8.10 comes out October 30,2008 Right?10:18
ikoniadrue_: yes10:18
vicky1408how BSD unix differs from linux?10:18
drue_:),Cant wait10:18
ikoniavicky1408: you may want to join ##linux to discuss that10:18
ikoniavicky1408: this channel is for ubuntu specific questions only10:18
jackhaosI'm using XP sp2 . I download iso file from ubuntu.com .Then burn it with Nero app.After that I Change order boot in my bios .But my laptop dont boot to UBuntu DVD .It still boot with WinXP.So I just wanna ask How can I install Ubuntu in my harddisk.10:18
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vicky1408oh...where should I go for that?10:19
vicky1408what is ##linux?10:19
ikoniajackhaos: chec the cd is burnt correctly10:19
ikoniavicky1408: type "/join ##liunux"10:19
usa1its a channel10:19
ikoniavicky1408: ##linux is another channel, this one is called #ubuntu10:19
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ikoniavicky1408: that should read "join ##linux"10:19
Guest26742Hey! Can someone help me? I want to configure the boot manager, so it will boot windows xp as default.10:19
ikoniavicky1408: sorry "/join ##linux"10:20
ikoniaGuest81449: I sent you a response10:20
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ikoniaGuest81449: edit /boot/grub/menu.lst file and at the top there is a line that is default 0 change default 0 to default $number, where number is the position XP appears on the boot loader menu, starting from 010:20
usa1for sure, dont forget the /10:20
ArthurIntuitiveNipple: I don't want to do it using the terminal.... How to do it with the graphic interface?10:20
* IntuitiveNipple knocks 54707 off for ikonia10:21
jackhaosikonia: It's success.But I burn direct from ISO file .I need burn with method boot DVD ??10:21
ikoniajackhaos no, you should burn the iso, thats fine10:21
ikoniajackhaos: try booting from another cd to test the bios is setup correclty10:21
jackhaosyes , I do like you say10:21
ikoniaIntuitiveNipple: huh ?10:21
IntuitiveNippleArthur: use the options that the terminal --full-help reports, in the open dialog additional options10:22
jackhaosthx ikonia10:22
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IntuitiveNippleikonia: Guest26742 not Guest81449 I think you meant :)10:22
ikoniaIntuitiveNipple ahhh thank you10:22
Ademananyone know of a tool to open *.sis files?10:23
jackhaosikonia : Can use blank DVD replace CD???10:23
talntidtime to put my ar-15 back together, and go to sleep10:23
IntuitiveNippleArthur: It's the way I do it - unless you search the web site, which takes longer to find the latest options. checking vlc's -H output is the 100% sure way of knowing the option has been built into the version you are using10:23
ikoniajackhaos Hmmm, you "can" but I've seen that cause issues with certain software packages10:23
ArthurIntuitiveNipple: Thanks!10:24
IntuitiveNipplejackhaos: For writing installation CDs? I've always done that and not had a problem so far, so yeah, you should be okay (your actual results and experiences may vary, etc etc) :)10:24
jackhaosIntuitiveNipple: I will try again. thx anyway!10:26
contarci am booted on rescue mode but i cannot write to /usr/sbin (install/remove packages).  any ideas how i can do this?  permissions are fine 755 and i am using user root10:26
IntuitiveNippleAdeman: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/How_to_unpack_.sis_file10:26
ikoniacontarc what is the error10:26
ikoniacontarc: the file system is probably mounted read only10:26
arunvkumarhow can i log in to mysql server that is located on anthr server from my cmptr through command line?10:27
Ademanthanks alot IntuitiveNipple10:27
ikoniaarunvkumar mysql -h $hostname -u$user -p10:27
paul68what is the best way to do an upgrade to a new version example from 8.04 => 8.10 just do an upgrade or start from 010:27
ikoniapaul68 you can upgrade, my personal opinion is upgrades are not good, and LTS to non-lts version are an even worse idea10:28
ikoniapaul68: but thats only a personal opinio10:28
contarcikonia: it says permission denied.  it's not read only. i can write everywhere else but to /usr*10:28
IntuitiveNipplepaul68: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading10:28
ikoniacontarc: please put the output of mount in a pastebin please.10:29
IntuitiveNipplecontarc: is it possible that /usr is mounted from another file-system?10:29
contarcno. it's only one partition10:29
ikoniacontarc show me the output of id10:29
paul68ikonia:  I understand if I start from 0 which files can I backup in order to reduce the installation time for drivers ect?10:29
paul68IntuitiveNipple: thanks10:30
ikoniapaul68 you can't drivers are int he kernel, so they are a clean install10:30
ikoniapaul68: you can put your user data in your home dir, and backup /home10:30
paul68ikonia: ok  I understand10:31
c4r1oguys i'd like to use compiz to change my desktop, looking in synaptics it should already been installed, but i can't find it....any clue?10:31
ikoniac4r1o compiz is a process that runs in the background10:31
ikoniac4r1o: you need to install ccsm to configure it10:31
c4r1othx, how can i do that?10:32
c4r1ofrom synaptics as well?10:32
ikoniac4r1o open the package manager and install the package called ccsm10:32
c4r1othere's no ccsm package there :-(10:32
IntuitiveNipplec4r1o: For the basics (if you don't laready know): System > Preferences > Appearance > Visual Effects10:33
ikoniac4r1o what version of ubuntu are you using10:33
c4r1olatest one, downloaded yesterday10:33
IntuitiveNipplec4r1o: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager10:33
ikoniac4r1o: search for ccsm10:33
ikoniac4r1o: you'll find there is a package called simple-ccsm10:33
c4r1oyeah simple-ccsm found!10:34
c4r1oi install that one10:34
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c4r1ook what about now, it's installed properly10:35
ikoniac4r1o: then use it10:35
c4r1oand thx btw ^_^10:35
ikoniac4r1o: it's quite self explanitory10:35
c4r1oah ok found it in system10:36
c4r1othx ikonia10:36
kibibytei ahve question10:38
Indoctrine!ask kibibyte10:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask kibibyte10:38
Indoctrine!ask | kibibyte10:39
ubottukibibyte: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)10:39
linuxiushi! I have an USB-Device (cycling-computer), which only has an Windows-Driver (http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/392335/) - a simple one, as it seems. Is there a possibility to programm an simple linux-driver?10:39
kibibytewhen i srun command with sudo my JAVA_HOMe env variable is not visible10:39
kibibytebt when i run it whoud sudo then it is viisble10:39
ikoniakibibyte sudo JAVA_HOME=path javac -c $blach10:39
ikoniakibibyte or sudo -E blah10:40
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* a[2121]e slaps Pr0f`zann around a bit with a large trout10:41
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IntuitiveNipplelinuxius: It looks like it uses a standard serial (modem) connection, so you should be able to set up a module alias in Linux to one of the usb-serial drivers - a good chance that'd work, then connect with a serial terminal application like gtkterm10:42
needhelpHello, I use FireFox and have installed mozilla-plugin-vlc. But still I get only a blank screen with the text "(no video)" from this link: http://www.bt.no/webtv/?id=1409310:44
linuxiusIntuitiveNipple: I'm not used to programming. How do I do that?10:44
chervaIn my Places menu I have an FTP://* link and when I click on it nautilus and firefox opens at the same time ... how to prevent firefox from opening ftp://* links ?10:45
IntuitiveNipplelinuxius: See the output of "modinfo usbserial" - note that you can pass a USB vendor:product ID to it - give it the one from your bike-computer10:45
larryoneikonia: I went a step further. found out all of the users like daemon and stuff were gone also. booted the install disk, copied the bulk of /etc/passwd /etc/shadow /etc/group back into my systems /etc/ dir - preserving the 3 remaining logins.10:45
LuYudoes anybody here know what to do when an SD card becomes unwritable after partitioning?10:46
ikonialarryone sounds fine10:46
LuYuis there some way to force the disk to be writable again?10:46
ikoniaLuYu not put a file system on it ?10:46
larryoneikonia: so now i'm booted properly, and have the real root passwd incase this happens again10:46
ikoniaLuYu: mounted it read only10:46
LuYuno, i want to write to it10:46
IntuitiveNipplelinuxius: To load the module you'd do something like: "sudo modprobe usbserial vendor=0x1d9d product=0x1000"10:46
ikoniaLuYu it is probably mounted read only10:46
LuYuit gets mounted rw, but it denies permission for all writes10:46
LuYuno, i checked10:47
LuYuthe rw flag was definitely there10:47
larryoneikonia: made backups incase it happens when i open the users and groups manager again.... I really want to try to find out why this happened.  Do I have all thhe files I need? passwd, shadow, group, sudoers.  ??10:47
ikoniaLuYu what is the permission10:47
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needhelpI need help!  I use FireFox and have installed mozilla-plugin-vlc. But still I get only a blank screen with the text "(no video)" from this link: http://www.bt.no/webtv/?id=1409310:47
ikonialarryone prety much10:47
LuYushould be the same as this disk10:47
IntuitiveNipplelinuxius: if that works, you'd add the options to /etc/modprobe.d/options : "options usbserial  vendor=0x1d9d product=0x1000" so it works every time you load it10:47
ushillshow do i run a script as sudo at boot?10:47
ikonia!init | ushills10:48
ubottuushills: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto10:48
LuYui did a dd copy of the partition on this card (2GB) and then used gpartd to expand it to the size of the new card (8GB)10:48
LuYuhowever, this card (no change of course) allows writing10:48
ikoniaLuYu I asked what permissions it was10:48
ikoniaLuYu: also what file system is on it10:48
LuYuthe 8GB card doesnt10:48
LuYuthe two systems are identical10:49
linuxiusIntuitiveNipple: ok, I will try this now10:49
LuYuit boots fine and everything is the same10:49
ikoniaLuYu: stop making random comments and answer the uetions10:49
LuYuthe permissions are exactly the same as on here10:49
LuYui cant write to my home directory on that disk10:49
ikoniaLuYu what are the permissons and what file system is it10:49
ikoniaLuYu stop making random comments, and answer the questions10:49
LuYuim trying10:50
ikoniaLuYu: right -so fat16 doesn't support permissions10:50
ikoniaLuYu: so there is a good start10:50
natalisushkaHi, I want to by a laptop that is compatible with ubuntu, and ofcourse I've checked the list provided by ubuntu. I want to go for Dell Vestro 1310. The problem that there are also differences between some of the generations of vestro 1310 like in the VGA chippest. Please advice, what would you go for: An integrated Intell VGA, or NVidia external VGA?10:50
ikoniaLuYu: so it needs to be mouonted with the user rw options10:50
larryoneikonia: I opened the users and groups tool again, only root was listed there... not me, not any other account. closed it again, and checked my passwd files and all. they're ok. Why would the tool list only the root user???10:50
LuYuhold on10:50
ikonialarryone thats a very good question10:50
LuYuill have to revise that10:50
LuYuits jffs210:51
ushillsubottu. i have a script to start junglediskmonitor but want it to automatically run in the background when anyone logs in.10:51
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:51
LuYui guess its sitting on a fat16 partition10:51
ikoniaLuYu the partitions is not importa,t the file system is10:51
kushalsejwalGood Day everybody, I was wondering are GCC and CC are the same? I mean I use CC or GCC command does that make any difference?10:51
ikoniakushalsejwal they are environment variables that point tot he c and c++ compilers10:52
LuYumtd0 on / type jffs2 (rw,noatime)10:52
IntuitiveNipplelinuxius: You'd also probably want to add an entry in  "/etc/modprobe.d/aliases" so the driver is loaded whenever the device is connected. something like "alias usb:v1D9Dp1000 usbserial"10:52
larryonekushalsejwal: not the same but usually makes no difference10:52
LuYui know10:52
ikoniakushalsejwal: most just use CC10:52
ikoniaLuYu please pastebin the output of "mount" and the output of "ls -la $mount_point" in a pastebin10:52
linuxiusIntuitiveNipple: when I type in the "sudo modprobe usbserial vendor=0x1d9d product=0x1000" , how do I know that it worked?10:52
IntuitiveNipplelarryone: what user IDs do the user accounts have?10:52
LuYuhowever, since its a file system within a file system, the question gets weirder10:52
kushalsejwalikonia larryone : thanks guys I would use CC only :)10:52
ikoniaLuYu you can't have a file system within a file system10:53
LuYumtd0 on / type jffs2 (rw,noatime)10:53
LuYuproc on /proc type proc (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)10:53
LuYuvarrun on /var/run type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,mode=0755)10:53
LuYuvarlock on /var/lock type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,mode=1777)10:53
ikoniaLuYu: a partition is format with a file system - you can't change it a directory level10:53
FloodBot2LuYu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:53
LuYuudev on /dev type tmpfs (rw,mode=0755)10:53
IntuitiveNipplelinuxius: check loaded modules using something like "lsmod | grep serial" and check the log-file: "tail /var/log/kern.log"10:53
LuYudevshm on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw)10:53
ikoniaLuYu I asked you to use a pastebin10:53
ikoniaLuYu: PLEASE start listening10:53
larryoneIntuitiveNipple: the defaults they were given. added users incrementing from 1000  the rest are the usual system and subsystem users   all with defaults10:53
larryonei'm user 1000, first one added10:53
jaakkomeHey, can somebody recommend a tool for creating RSS-feeds (for podcasting)? Is there one in the standard repositories?10:54
IntuitiveNipplelarryone: Hmmm, there's something strange agoing on!10:54
LuYuwell, ive never heard of a pastebin before10:54
ikoniaLuYu: so say "I don't know what a pastebin is"10:54
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)10:54
jaakkome(something easier than emacs, that is) :]10:54
linuxiusIntuitiveNipple: it says "usbserial              34152  010:54
linuxiususbcore               143724  9 usbserial,cdc_acm,usb_storage,libusual,usblp,usbhid,ehci_hcd,ohci_hcd10:54
popeyjaakkome: we use wordpress and podpress for our Ubuntu Podcast - http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/10:54
larryoneIntuitiveNipple: certainly is.... I've never seen this behaviour from the user and groups manager on other systems10:54
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:54
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IntuitiveNipplelinuxius: that proves it is loaded... now check the log-file to see if the device is recognised... you should see a /dev/ttyUSB* device if it worked10:55
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots10:55
IntuitiveNipplelarryone: I fixed a bug some time ago relating to something similar, and it was to do with a gconf masking setting10:55
jaakkomepopey, thank you, taking a look at that now10:56
linuxiusIntuitiveNipple: it says: http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/392339/10:56
needhelpHow do I save a video from a website to my harddisc ?10:57
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LuYuboth the cards have the same mount output10:58
IntuitiveNipplelinuxius: That log suggested you don't need usbserial at all.10:58
IntuitiveNipplelinuxius: cdc_acm 1-4:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device10:58
linuxiusIntuitiveNipple: so that means?10:58
larryoneIntuitiveNipple: I'll have a look and see if theres something funny there, but I dont have alot of experience with gconf. unfortunately i'm still on gibbon. upgrade to heron broke my test system, so until i get it working i'm goin to leave my prod system as is10:58
ikoniaLuYu so / is the card ?10:58
ikoniaLuYu: and this is an ubuntu install ?10:58
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LuYuyes it is10:58
ikoniaLuYu ok, so show me the output for "id" please10:59
SOGafter make defconfig, there is no more need to load .config in make menuconfig, right ?10:59
linuxiusIntuitiveNipple: It hoped it would work just like a memory stick or so....10:59
LuYuolpc kernel, though10:59
IntuitiveNipplelarryone: Interesting! Gutsy was where the bug was10:59
ikoniaSOG: thats default10:59
larryoneIntuitiveNipple: is there a fix released for gutsy?10:59
georginaHow do I tell how much space I have left on my hard drive through command line10:59
ikoniaLuYu: olpc kernelolpc kernel ?10:59
larryonei am running with all updates...10:59
SOGya ikonia I just need to edit something from the default10:59
ikoniaSOG ok, so do it10:59
IntuitiveNipplelarryone: There was for the issue I worked on, but I don't think it is identical to your issue at all.11:00
LuYuhold on11:00
LuYuill check11:00
ikoniaLuYu what is olpc kernel11:00
IntuitiveNipplegeorgina: df11:00
LuYuhold on11:00
ikoniaLuYu is this ubuntu yes/no ?11:00
larryoneIntuitiveNipple: ok, i'll just poke around a bit with gconf a bit. If I can replicate the problem on a test box I might report it as a bug11:01
ikonialarryone: certainly sounds worth reporting11:01
LuYuLinux HostName 2.6.22-20071231.2.olpc.83e0631da83a269 #1 PREEMPT Mon Dec 31 10:37:17 EST 2007 i586 GNU/Linu11:01
ikoniaLuYu is this ubuntu yes/no11:01
LuYueverything is ubuntu except a few files copied from the OLPC system11:02
jaakkomepopeye, I suspect our university webserver does not meet the minimum requirements for wordpress :[11:02
ikoniaLuYu that kernel is not ubuntu11:02
ikoniaLuYu show me "lsb_release -a" please11:02
LuYuuid=500(user) gid=500(user) groups=4(adm),20(dialout),24(cdrom),25(floppy),29(audio),30(dip),44(video),46(plugdev),104(scanner),109(lpadmin),110(admin),500(user)11:03
IntuitiveNipplelarryone: I can find the original bug title but not the report itself :p11:03
juliandevwgfcan anyone recommend a good video converter11:04
LuYuDistributor ID: Ubuntu11:04
LuYuDescription:    Ubuntu 7.1011:04
LuYuRelease:        7.1011:04
LuYuCodename:       gutsy11:04
SOGikonia my questions is, does the make oldconfig, or make defconfig  will generate a .config file which I need to load when I do make menuconfig ?11:04
FloodBot2LuYu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:04
popeyjuliandevwgf: winff11:04
larryoneIntuitiveNipple: dang... well I'll see if i can replicate this11:04
ikoniaSOG .config is loaded by default when you do a make $whateverconfig11:04
SOGOh, okay, I see thanks ikonia11:05
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linuxiusIntuitiveNipple: so I don't need no particular driver?11:05
ikoniaLuYu: I'm quite confused that a.) why you have a non-ubuntu kernel b.) why you using an unusual file system for your root file system c.) why you expect to write to your /(root) file system as a non-privileged user11:05
juliandevwgfwinff =unsupported codec for output11:05
LuYubecause a stock ubuntu kernel cannot properly run the OLPC hardware11:06
LuYuor so i assume11:06
popeyjuliandevwgf: what do you want to convert and what do you want to convert to?11:06
m3thodwhat program is used, to copy dvds to hardrive11:06
ikoniaLuYu thats a pretty bad assumption11:06
juliandevwgfvob to avi11:06
ikoniaLuYu also that doesn't explain the unusual file system11:06
LuYuthe instructions on installing ubuntu to an OLPC required this11:06
IntuitiveNipplelinuxius: It appears that the cdc-acm driver has recognised the device11:06
popeyjuliandevwgf: get ffmpeg from medibuntu and use winff, should work11:06
juliandevwgfil give it a try11:07
linuxiusIntuitiveNipple: and how can I mount the device?11:07
popeyikonia / LuYu i know someone who has put ubuntu on their OLPC11:07
toresnhow can i watch a remote ssh session on my system?11:07
popeytoresn: screen -x ?11:07
ikoniaLuYu so what command are you using to try to right to your file system11:07
ikoniapopey be interested if your forced to use jjfs2 file system11:07
LuYui didnt try anything11:07
ikoniaLuYu you said you couldn't write to it11:08
LuYui just observed that i couldnt write to the new disk11:08
LuYutouch monkey.txt11:08
ikoniaLuYu in what direcotry11:08
LuYuon this copy, it works11:08
LuYumy home directory11:08
ikoniaLuYu: please pastebin ls -la /home11:08
LuYuif i dont have write permission there, i wont have it anywhere11:08
popeyLuYu / ikonia http://www.olpcnews.com/software/operating_system/how_to_ubuntu_on_xo_laptop.html11:08
LuYuthis is the writable disk11:08
ikoniaLuYu: please pastebin ls -la /home11:09
LuYubut it isnt a permissions issue11:09
LuYui already checked11:09
ikoniaLuYu: please pastebin ls -la /home11:09
LuYui would have to reboot for that to make any difference11:09
LuYuim running on the writable disk now11:09
ikoniaLuYu if your not going to provide info, we can't help11:09
IntuitiveNipplelarryone: found it! Don't think it is related though: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/14106711:09
LuYulook, im not trying to be combative here11:09
juliandevwgfinstalled ffmpeg still same problem11:09
ikoniaLuYu your not doing anything11:10
toresnpopey: that will just open my screen session11:10
LuYubut i am asking a hardware question11:10
ikoniaLuYu then you should ask in ##ubuntu11:10
popeytoresn: -x allows shared screen session..11:10
ikoniaLuYu: in ##hardware sorry11:10
toresnpopey: i'd like to see what users connected to my system is doing11:10
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LuYuis there a tool in linux that can override SD DRM, so i can use a disk where the DRM has locked down because of repartitioning?11:10
ikoniaLuYu drm would not effect your home directory11:11
toresn(users connected to my system through a shh session)11:11
ikoniaLuYu: unless you mean the hardware has drm locked in11:11
popeytoresn: tail -f /home/$user/.bash_history :)11:11
DIFH-iceroottoresn: just type w to see what users are doing11:11
=== freaky_t is now known as freaky[t]
LuYuSD comes with hardware DRM11:11
ikoniaLuYu: well - no they all don't11:11
ikoniaLuYu: for example the one my laptop is just an SD memory stick11:11
ikoniaLuYu things like sony's magic gate it11:11
LuYuon many SD cards (sandisk and transflash have this problem specifically) they lock up and do not allow writing after partitioning11:12
linuxiusInutitiveNipple: how can I then mount the device?11:12
ikoniaLuYu I'm using a san disk SD card here11:12
IntuitiveNipplelinuxius: You don't mount it, from what I can see, it 'seems' to present itself like a modem so I'm guessing it'll respond to commands, like modems do to the AT command set11:12
LuYuhave you partitioned it?11:12
ikoniaLuYu yes11:13
juliandevwgfcan someone recommend a good video converter11:13
ikoniajuliandevwgf mencoder11:13
LuYuwell, maybe those problems have been fixed in recent sandisk disks11:13
popeyjuliandevwgf: did you try ffmpeg/winff?11:13
ikoniaLuYu or maybe not all SD disks have DRM locked onto them at a hardware level11:14
LuYua few years ago, you couldnt even read one after partitioning11:14
juliandevwgfpopey: yea but it wont convert to avi11:14
IntuitiveNippletoresn: Sorry, missed your question. The answer is, use a screen multiuser session11:14
LuYui dont know11:14
popeyjuliandevwgf: works here, what problem do you get?11:14
LuYuall i know is that i have two systems11:14
ikoniaLuYu either way, drm should not be broken for level reasons11:14
LuYuidentical copies with identical permissions11:14
LuYuit cannot be a software problem11:14
juliandevwgfit tells me xvid is not a recognized format11:14
LuYuone works and one doesnt11:14
ikoniaLuYu: it can, but I'm not going to argue with you11:14
popeyjuliandevwgf: did you install ffmpeg from medibuntu?11:15
LuYuhow can a dd copy result in a broken system?11:15
popey!medibuntu | juliandevwgf11:15
ubottujuliandevwgf: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org11:15
LuYuwell, it certainly cannot be the file permission settings or the mounting11:15
LuYuas those things are identical even in the output11:15
juliandevwgfil check it out11:16
linuxiusIntuitiveNipple: is there a link for these commands?11:16
LuYuwell, it looks like my time limit has been exceeded11:17
=== DumbIntel is now known as demism
IntuitiveNipplelinuxius: I have no idea. You'll have to research that yourself. They are probably device-specific11:17
LuYusee you guys later11:17
m0u5eis there a way to purge all my installed dev packages? (i'm running out of space)11:17
Kartagism0u5e, sudo apt-get purge *-dev11:18
Matt|GShello does anyone have any experiance with svnmailer they could help me with?11:18
Kartagishow can i turn off updates?11:18
m0u5eKartagis: i'm getting a Regex compilation error - Invalid preceding regular expression11:19
ushillsnickserv HELP11:19
needhelpHow do I save a video from a website to my harddisc ?11:19
ikoniaushills do you have an ubuntu question11:19
popeyneedhelp: keepvid.com ?11:19
ikoniapopey thats handy, thanks11:20
=== AliTarihi is now known as AliTarihi|away
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: sudo apt-get -s --purge remove '*-dev'11:20
billybigrigger_morning all11:20
=== freaky[t] is now known as freaky_t
ushillsikonia sorry, was trying to connect to nickserv11:20
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: NOTE the -s (does a simulation) - remove that when you're happy the command doesn't do too much11:20
needhelppopey: can it save this video? I am even unable to see the video. For me it's just a black window with a text "(no video)"11:20
popeyneedhelp: dunno, url?11:20
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: i'm still getting the Regex compilation error - Invalid preceding regular expression11:21
needhelppopey: http://www.bt.no/webtv/?id=1409311:21
tononed solution for the resolution screen11:21
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: : hmm, let me check here11:21
popeyneedhelp: ugh, silverlight - give up11:21
tonocan some one helpme11:21
billybigrigger_is anyone having problems viewing flash in hardy's firefox??? seems like every page im trying to view in the last couple of days just shows a grey box where the flash is supposed to be, youtube, break.com, and some other ones that are more important to me, ie trader.ca just wondering if there's a known work around for this? im pretty sure i have flashplugin-nonfree installed11:21
needhelppopey: what is sliverlight ?11:22
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: hah! sudo apt-get -s --purge remove '.*-dev'   (missing .)11:22
popeyneedhelp: microsoft product - often used for streaming video - there is no linux version11:22
popeyIntuitiveNipple: that's handy!11:22
IntuitiveNipplepopey: Can be dangerous too, hence the -s even for experts :)11:22
m0u5ehaha why does the . make a difference? xD11:23
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: because it is a regular expression expected, not a shell glob11:23
=== osfameron is now known as uo
=== uo is now known as osfameron
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: uh o, it removed some stuff i needed too... like blender 6__611:23
mzuverinkusing file roller is there a way to make a password protected archive?11:23
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: .* means zero-or-more of any character11:23
needhelppopey: check that link again. At the upper right corner, you can choose between Silverlight and Windows Media Player. Any chanced to save the video to my harddisc then ?11:24
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: I *told* you to ensure it wouldn't do that before using it!!11:24
demismwhat app can I use to format a partition?11:24
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: no no i mean in the simulation it removed stuff i needed lol11:24
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: sorry if i didn't make that clear ;-)11:24
popeyneedhelp: yes, mplayer can do it11:24
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: phew!! you gave me a heart-attack :D11:24
usamahashimiHow can I create a .iso file from my ubuntu cd?11:24
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: If it is only selecting -dev packages, do you need the blender -dev ?11:25
popeyusamahashimi: mkisofs11:25
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: it seems to remove the regular blender file11:26
paul68ikonia: concerning upgrade to version 8.10 I have a few questions left11:26
popeyneedhelp: one moment..11:26
usamahashimipopey, yes, i remember its name but I dont know the exact command, can you tell me?11:26
ikoniapaul68 ok, you may want to consider joining #ubuntu+111:26
popeyusamahashimi: man mkisofs :)11:26
needhelppopey: k...11:26
usamahashimipopey, the hard way! :)11:27
paul68ikonia:  what is the difference between this chat and ubuntu+1?11:27
popeyusamahashimi: well the alternative is for _me_ to read the man page11:27
popeypaul68: ubuntu+1 is for the next release11:27
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: it removes cdbs, intltool, automake, blender, build-essential, g__-4.2, quilt, po-debconf, intltool-debian, gettext, gnucash, envy O_O;11:27
notrly_owlWhat kernel does hardy come with?11:28
paul68popey: I understand11:28
popeypaul68: not out yet, due end of the month, once it comes out, support can be found here for that release, then we start the next release in +1 again11:28
usamahashimipopey, man mkisofs says that no manual11:28
ikoniapaul68 ubuntu+1 is for 8.10 discussion11:28
popeyusamahashimi: install it? sudo apt-get install mkisofs11:28
error404notfoun1i started ubuntu-server install on a machine, it asked me for the http proxy at the end of install, i don't remember proxy, so i just clicked continue, and now its scanning mirrors at 28% for the last half an hour11:28
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: i guess a few dev files are required... is there a way i can reassign priorities? to get rid of as many as possible, without upsetting deps?11:28
nichehow would I go about identifying ordinary files, directory, and link files in /usr/bin using ls, grep, and wc commands?11:28
usamahashimipopey, it is installed11:28
ikoniaerror404notfoun1 do you need a proxy to get to the interenet11:28
needhelppopey: are you able to see the video when you select "Windows Media Player" on that site ?11:29
popeyusamahashimi: ah, use mkisofs --help11:29
popeyneedhelp: yeah, hang on11:29
paul68popey: I see however my question is concerning a back up of by stuff and eventually find a way to install firefox with all my extentions without having to search for them again11:29
ikoniapaul68 you can only backup your home dir - but this contains your firefox info11:29
usamahashimipopey, yes, lemme check thanks :)11:29
=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
LycusI'm trying to help my mom rid herself of AOL (she currently runs Ubuntu, and XP inside VMWare to use AOL, largely because of her favorites and address book on AOL) - anyone know of scripts for converting those to evolution?11:30
nichehow would I go about identifying ordinary files, directory, and link files in /usr/bin using ls, grep, and wc commands?11:30
paul68ikonia: so when I install from scratch I don't have another way then reinstall all my applications11:30
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: Use this to generate the list, then edit the file in a text-editor until it only contains the packages you want removing: dpkg-query -l '*-dev' | awk '$1 ~ /^ii/ { print $2 > "dev-packages.txt"}'11:30
ikoniapaul68 correct11:30
popeyneedhelp: http://jwz.livejournal.com/536142.html?thread=9476430 take a look at that11:31
SOGhave anyone tried those morse software for Debian and use them on Xubuntu?11:31
paul68is there a way to do this in a semi automatic way for example create a bash file with all the installation instructions for the several programs?11:32
ikoniaSOG don't mix debian repos with ubuntu11:32
ikoniapaul68 if it's a firefox extension it will be in your home dir and ok11:32
popeyikonia: not necessarily11:32
ikoniapopey mostly11:32
SOGikonia but isn't ubuntu based on Debian ?11:32
popeyikonia: no, not true11:32
ikoniaSOG but ubuntu is not debian11:32
ikoniapopey: expand on that11:32
popeyikonia: if you install extensions using the apt-get thing, they wont be11:32
mzuverinkcould someone point out a good how to to make password protected archives with file roller11:32
ikoniapopey ahh that is vERY true11:33
SOGum... but I don't see much morse or radio software for ubuntu...11:33
ikoniaSOG so it's not packaged for ubuntu yet11:33
paul68ikonia and popey is there a way to create a bash script that can install every application that I want to be installed ?11:33
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: Then use this command (without the -s) to remove the packages:  sudo apt-get -s --purge remove $(cat dev-packages.txt | while read pkg; do echo -n "$pkg "; done)11:33
ikoniapaul68 it's probably easier to just walk through synaptic and click what you want11:33
paul68if so how to do this?11:34
popeypaul68: yes, using dpkg --get-selections and dpkg --set-selections11:34
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: alright trying thx :)11:34
SOGikonia will that be hard to uninstall if I got one of those debian package installed? because I saw "debian package search" for download in the update manager11:34
ikoniapopey won't taht fail due to different versions/package naming in 8.10 ?11:34
popeyits a good start11:34
ikoniaSOG try uninstalling it, see what it does11:34
ikoniapopey yes, a fine starting point11:35
popeypaul68: http://onlyubuntu.blogspot.com/2008/06/howto-backup-all-installed.html11:35
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: yeah there are some weird deps going on11:35
needhelppopey: I have installed mplayer. But from that site you pasted: step 3: No such file or directory. Step 4: command not found.11:35
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: i can't remove some of the devs without other files getting removed11:35
ikoniam0u5e: thigns depends on other things11:35
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: instead of using apt-get remove, you could use dpkg -r11:35
popeyneedhelp: it's for osx (the mac OS) so needs some changes for linux - it's a general guide11:35
=== FreddyGonzo is now known as minimec
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: would that not cause it to remove non devs?11:36
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: err would that allow it *not to remove non devs?11:36
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: For what you are trying to do, I'd suggest using synaptic and filter on Installed -dev packages might be easier for you to check packages and dependencies11:36
needhelppopey: how to get mplayer_noaltivec?11:37
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: dpkg will only usually operate on the package(s) it is told to work with11:37
popeyneedhelp: you dont, just use the "mplayer" command11:37
SOGikonia so it's not safe to install debian packages on ubuntu ?11:37
ikoniaSOG no11:38
c4r1ohello everybody, i'm new to ubuntu, how can i install a package that i download and now is on my desktop?11:38
paul68popey: if I understand this procedure correctly I need to go to for example my folder backup  and run the command sudo dpkg -i *.deb is this correct?11:38
ikoniac4r1o which package is it11:38
wcesWhat are the risks involved in upgrading to 8.10 from 8.4 today?11:38
ikoniac4r1o: was it not in the ubuntu repos ?11:38
c4r1otheme package11:38
ikoniawces it won't work11:38
c4r1ois the cairo-dock one11:38
c4r1ofor the bar11:38
ikoniac4r1o what format is it (tar.gz?)11:38
popeypaul68: it is a general guide, i would do more research - not necessarily following that guide verbatim11:38
wcesikonia: Can you please elaborate?11:38
c4r1oit's a tar.bz211:38
ikoniawces it could not work/break and you'd have to re-install11:39
d_dyerHow do i get SWAP?11:39
popeywces: applications might break, you might lose data, your cat might burn your house down etc11:39
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info11:39
ikoniac4r1o: you need to untar it and read the README or INSTALL file in the package11:39
paul68popey ok11:39
c4r1ook i'll do it now th11:39
wcesikonia:thanks for scaring me!11:39
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: is there something the opposite of apt-get build-dep? like apt-get remove-dep? lol11:39
ikoniawces it's the truth11:39
wcespopey: thank to you too11:39
needhelppopey: like mplayer -dumpstream? "Unknown option on the command line: --dumpstream"11:40
ikonianeedhelp I'm using dumpstream with maplayer11:40
ikonianeedhelp: what version of mplayer are you using ?11:40
popeyneedhelp: one minus sign, -dumpstream does work it is valid11:40
RoRzaI am having problem installing a ruby gem on ubuntu11:41
contarcikonia: http://pastebin.com/d72c4048f11:41
RoRzagem install mislav-will_pa11:41
RoRzaERROR:  While executing gem ... (Errno::EACCES)11:41
RoRza    Permission denied - /var/lib/gems/1.8/cache/hpricot-0.6.161.gem11:41
needhelppopey: MPlayer 1.0rc2-4.2.3. Alright. Is there a easy way to find out what the url for the videofile is on http://www.bt.no/webtv/?id=14093 ?11:41
RoRzaanyone knows why ?11:41
ikoniacontarc why are you showing me that11:42
popeyneedhelp: you'd need to view the source, look for an asx file or similar11:42
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: ah, well i figured out some of the devs ... build-essential requires a single dev ... which leads to dep hell11:42
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: Like I said, create a filter in Synaptic. I just created one, it took 30 seconds. Settings > Filters > New "Installed -dev", Status tab, tick only "Installed", Properties tab, New entry = "Package Name includes -dev"11:42
contarcikonia: apologies.  it's what i was asking about before.   unable to create `./usr/sbin/sshd': Permission denied11:42
needhelppopey: no .asx files11:42
ikoniacontarc I don't remember the actual question for earlier, sorry11:42
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: Then select "Installed -dev" in the Custom Filters list11:42
ikoniacontarc: ooh wait I do11:43
popeyneedhelp: did you switch to media player and not silverlight11:43
ikoniacontarc: ls- la /usr/sbin/sshd11:43
ikoniacontarc: ls -la /usr/sbin/sshd11:43
RoRza    Permission denied - /var/lib/gems/1.8/cache/hpricot-0.6.161.gem11:43
contarc-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root       358740 May 14 16:27 /usr/sbin/sshd=11:43
contarc-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root       358740 May 14 16:27 /usr/sbin/sshd11:43
ikoniacontarc Hmmm it already exists, have you tried remocing it11:44
needhelppopey: still no .asx. But I found a couple of lines with .swf. One of them being: var so = new SWFObject("/template/ver1-0/flash/webtv/scroller.swf", "sotester", "1175", "110", "8", "#FFFFFF");11:44
RoRzaanyone know I get this message when I load try to "rubygem"11:44
=== danopia_ is now known as danopia
contarcthe first one was a mistake11:44
IntuitiveNippleikonia: In that error report contarc gave, there is a leading *dot* in the path reported !11:44
popeyneedhelp: if this doesnt work then there are firefox extensions which can do similar11:44
contarcthe "=" should not be there11:44
ikoniaIntuitiveNipple good eyes !11:45
IntuitiveNippleikonia: ./usr/sbin/sshd11:45
ikoniaIntuitiveNipple: stunning eyes11:45
IntuitiveNippleikonia: I've learned, when its a paste, every dot counts :)11:45
ikoniaIntuitiveNipple I simpley didn't notice, it, but the question is....why11:45
IntuitiveNippleikonia: not sure how he gets to that point, wasn't following... I just join the dots :)11:46
c4r1oikonia isn't there a way to install the cario-dock package from synaptics11:46
ikoniac4r1o don't konw, don't use it11:46
contarcthis is feisty server11:46
c4r1ocouse using the terminal is really hard to me :-(11:47
IntuitiveNippleikonia: I know what the error is11:47
nicheHey guys, what commands do I need to type to find out how many ordinary files, directories, and link files that exist in my /usr/bin directory???11:47
edmoorehi - I have just set up my headless box to my nat router. My laptop also connectors works fine. I can sssh from laptop to box, and I can ping from laptop to box. I can ping from box to laptop. I can't apt-get however, and i can't ping www.google.com from the box. any ideas?11:47
ikoniaIntuitiveNipple do tell11:47
IntuitiveNippleikonia: It depends on where the package came from though - that path is from the source package's debian/sshd.install11:47
RoRzaanyone know why I get tgis error message when I try to install a gem from the Terminal ?11:47
RoRza    Permission denied - /var/lib/gems/1.8/cache/hpricot-0.6.161.gem11:48
ikoniaIntuitiveNipple but it's in the ubuntu repo11:48
ikoniaIntuitiveNipple: looking at his paste11:48
ushillsedmoore. have you set a dns server under resolv.conf11:48
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: okay, i've gone ahead and created the filter and I'm looking through these, but theres just a crapload of deps11:48
wcesBy the way doesn't IntuitiveNipple violate some policy realted to usernames?11:48
contarcikonia: got it.  thanks for your help all.11:48
ikoniacontarc could you explain the solution11:48
ikoniacontarc: I didn't quite pickup full on IntuitiveNipple's comment11:48
contarcDoes not make much sense as to why, but an apt-get clean fixed it.11:49
IntuitiveNippleikonia: Feisty updates, according to packages.ubuntu.com - grabbing the source now11:49
ikoniacontarc I'll have a little research11:49
IntuitiveNippleikonia: http://packages.ubuntu.com/feisty-updates/openssh-server11:49
ikoniaIntuitiveNipple most interesting, doing teh same11:49
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: thx, but I think I won't be able to remove any of the deps... theres too many dependancies ... do you know if there is a way to assign aptitude to resolve the packages as smoothly as possible, potentially uninstalling only packages that have no deps that are devs?11:50
contarcmaybe that might help on the research11:50
natalisushkaHi, I want to by a laptop that is compatible with ubuntu, and ofcourse I've checked the list provided by ubuntu. I want to go for Dell Vestro 1310. The problem that there are also differences between some of the generations of vestro 1310 like in the VGA chippest. Please advice, what would you go for: An integrated Intell VGA, or NVidia external VGA?11:51
ChristofferBHi guys, everybody doing okay?11:51
ikonianatalisushka intel11:51
jscinozFor some reason audio device hw:0 is in use, i believe this corresponds to /dev/dsp. How can i find what program is using this device? lsof | grep dsp didnt work11:51
m0k0k0sudo gdmsetup11:51
m0k0k0gdmsetup[23788]: GLib-CRITICAL: g_key_file_get_string: assertion `key_file != NULL' failed11:51
m0k0k0gdmsetup[23788]: GLib-CRITICAL: g_key_file_free: assertion `key_file != NULL' failed11:51
m0k0k0how can i solve that ...?11:51
FloodBot2m0k0k0: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:51
natalisushkaikonia, tell me why :) ?11:51
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots11:51
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: You'd have to write a script for that I think, that cross-referenced dependencies11:51
ikonianatalisushka open source driver support11:51
natalisushkaikonia, thanks11:52
error404notfoun1i install ubuntu-server inside a vm in vbox, and i get: http://pastebin.com/m423966bc11:52
natalisushkaikonia, does it matter if it's external or internal?11:52
IntuitiveNippleikonia: Ahhh, false lead! I hadn't realised that error report came from dpkg11:53
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: okay thanks (i might look into it if I have that much free time... but as of now, its not worth the space I'd save :(  ) thanks though11:53
ikoniaerror404notfoun1 what are you trying to do11:53
ikonianatalisushka external or internal what ?11:53
natalisushkaikonia, I mean, does it matter if the VGA is integrated with the MB or not?11:53
ikonianatalisushka how do you expect to use a non-intergrated card on a laptop ?11:53
m0k0k0sudo gdmsetup11:54
m0k0k0gdmsetup[23788]: GLib-CRITICAL: g_key_file_get_string: assertion `key_file != NULL' failed11:54
m0k0k0gdmsetup[23788]: GLib-CRITICAL: g_key_file_free: assertion `key_file != NULL' failed11:54
m0k0k0how can i solve that ...?11:54
FloodBot2m0k0k0: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:54
natalisushkaikonia, NVidia isn't integrated as far as I know! intel is integrated (correct me if I am wrong)11:54
ikoniam0k0k0 you've flooded that twicwe11:54
ikonianatalisushka everything is interfrated on a laptop11:54
error404notfoun1ikonia: just practise server related things without affecting machines, i did a simple next next install and on first boot i get: http://pastebin.com/m423966bc11:54
akiluuhow to disable X-server tried googleing but I'm still a bit confused11:55
akiluusmt about ctrl+alt+f1 and login as root11:55
=== JAGFin1 is now known as JAG|away
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: anyways, the main point was, I want to check out intrepid beta, and was going to upgrade but my hd was out of space :(11:56
=== ShadowXP is now known as Guest15445
IntuitiveNippleikonia: contarc: *but* the permissions issue is for *the unpack directory, which if I recall correctly, isn't /usr/sbin (it's one in /var/lib/dpkg/ or /tmp/)11:56
ikoniaerror404notfoun1: this is an ubuntu 8.04 server install ?11:56
=== stefano is now known as supervito
=== supervito is now known as superv
ikoniaIntuitiveNipple correct11:56
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: Ouch :)11:56
ikoniaIntuitiveNipple: just got there myself, about 30 seconds before you posted11:57
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
error404notfoun1ikonia: yes11:57
IntuitiveNippleikonia: I was trying to reproduce it11:57
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: yeah... i have dual boot vista & ubuntu on this top... can't remove vista until i'm sure this laptop doesn't have any more weird hd problems (cause dell will just get pissy) ... so i only gave ubuntu 10 gigs :(11:57
ChristofferBI have just installed the Gnome Global Menu applet, but it's only some apps that it `works´ with... Anybody have a clue to why?11:57
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: hdware*11:58
ikoniaerror404notfoun1 what virtualisation are you using11:58
contarcIntuitiveNipple: ikonia: right.  it's for the package on n /var/lib/dpkg/ but that's not what the rror says.11:58
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: I shrank Vista's partition down to about 24GB11:58
error404notfoun1ikonia: i am using virtual box...11:58
ikoniaerror404notfoun1 its a known issue with virtualbox11:58
ikoniaerror404notfoun1 tons of bugs on launchpad about it11:59
IntuitiveNipplecontarc: yes it does. The error message you see is from when the data.tar.gz (that is in the .deb) is unpacked, and all the paths in the archive start ./11:59
error404notfoun1ikonia: so what should i do instead of vmware if i am migrating to oss?11:59
noob-africagreetings anyone11:59
ikoniaerror404notfoun1 kvm  ?11:59
IntuitiveNipplecontarc: The effect is, the package can be unpacked anywhere since the path will be relative to the current directory11:59
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: I have other programs on vista that I sometimes use... like games :x and they take up lots of space12:00
noob-africai have an old age problem, a usb device suffered an unclean shotdown... i cant seem to sudo mount ntfs-3t -3 .... yada yada yada .... can anyone help me?12:00
noob-africaikonia: am glad to see you here12:00
ikonianoob-africa huh ?12:00
=== JAG|away is now known as JAGFin1
ikonianoob-africa if your ntfs file ssytem is corrupt you need to boot into windows and chkdisk it12:01
stack_smasherI clicked on network manager and disabled wireless networking, now how do I enable it back?12:01
IntuitiveNipplecontarc: Try monitoring it; find out what the real path is it fails on by inspecting the log-file from this: "strace -o apt-get.log apt-get install openssh-server"12:01
noob-africaikonia: can you help me do a force mount? it is an external USB portable disk, that was removed from a windows system without being fully unmounted12:01
noob-africaikonia: it suffered an unclean removal.12:01
IntuitiveNipplestack_smasher: same thing again; it toggles the setting12:01
IntuitiveNipplem0u5e: games? what are games? :p12:02
ikonianoob-africa you need to boot into windows and chkdisk it12:02
Nic1hello, when my mouse pointer reaches the far side of the screen, the cube effect starts and switches to other virtual desktop how can I change that "automation"?12:02
new2ubuntunetgear wg311v3 on ubuntu 8.04?12:02
stack_smasherIntuitiveNipple, the problem is now I don't see any wireless options..and btw, I have a LAN cable plugged in my ethernet port too12:02
noob-africaikonia: so they should chkdisk it on a windows machine to fix the problem? lol12:02
m0u5eIntuitiveNipple: you know, the things that look pretty that you can interact with... on your computer lol12:02
ikonianoob-africa yes12:02
AdvoWorkhi there, trying to do a fresh install of ubuntu the cd in, install ubuntu, then i get: ata1.00: revalidation failed (errno=-5) followed my more stuff, any ideas please?12:02
_lnwhat is the .deb file for extra terminal fonts, i can't code with these.12:02
ikonianoob-africa: it's using a closed source file system12:02
Nic1hello, when my mouse pointer reaches the far side of the screen, the cube effect starts and switches to other virtual desktop how can I change that "automation"?12:03
noob-africaikonia: i have been able to do this, before, on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbons... havent done it on Hardy Heron yet12:03
ikonianoob-africa then do it the same, but I'm advising against it12:03
new2ubuntuhow to install netgear wg311v3 on ubuntu 8.04?12:03
IntuitiveNipplestack_smasher: Hmmm... right-click the network-manager applet in the notification area, ensure "Enable Wireless" is ticked ... after a few seconds WiFi devices *should* appear in the network list12:03
noob-africaikonia: ok, thanks... let me advise my colleague here, who owns the drive... u r advising against force mount or chkdisk?12:03
Nic1hello, when my mouse pointer reaches the far side of the screen, the cube effect starts and switches to other virtual desktop how can I change that "automation"?12:03
Nic1sorry bout the paste12:04
new2ubuntu<b>how to install netgear wg311v3 on ubuntu 8.04?</b>12:04
H|V_3ala2from desktop effects screen12:04
ikonianoob-africa advising agaisnt a force mount12:04
H|V_3ala2I guess12:04
m0u5egreat... cannot calculate change (for intrepid upgrade)12:04
stack_smasherIntuitiveNipple, oh wow...me and my grandiose ideas, I kept on left-clicking it...and went through countless iwconfig parameters :D thanks for reminding me this simple thing12:04
noob-africaikonia: ok... will report back to you... am advising them what to do12:04
new2ubuntuhow to install netgear wg311v3 on ubuntu 8.04?12:04
Nic1yeah but where exactly.12:05
IntuitiveNipplestack_smasher: You're not the first! *blushes*12:05
new2ubuntuhow to install wifi device on ubuntu?12:05
H|V_3ala2I have a problem installing it12:05
H|V_3ala2ubuntu 8.10 fresh install12:05
_lnheh, noob-africa you're in tanzania?12:05
Nic1new2ubuntu, try a google search for that product, it's usually very well documented on ubuntu forums,12:05
IntuitiveNipplenew2ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Netgear_WG311_v312:05
noob-africaIn> yes, i am12:06
H|V_3ala2kubuntu 8.10 and ubuntu 8>10 cannot be installed here12:06
noob-africa_ln> how di you know?12:06
H|V_3ala2but 8.04 works12:06
Nic1install 8;04 and upgrade it to 8.1012:06
Nic1I think 8.10 is still "beta"12:07
H|V_3ala2then I need to download the 8.04 iso12:07
H|V_3ala2i have deleted it12:07
noob-africaNic1: is the 8.10 upgrade any better than 8.04?12:07
Nic1yeah, fast servers out there =)12:07
* md22 wonders why he feels so weird after been without windows for 2 days in a row?12:07
H|V_3ala2md22 I felt like that too12:07
AdvoWorkhi there, trying to do a fresh install of ubuntu the cd in, install ubuntu, then i get: ata1.00: revalidation failed (errno=-5) followed my more stuff, any ideas please?12:08
Nic1I'm still on 8.04 until the updates are stable12:08
IntuitiveNipplenoob-africa: He knows from a tracepath to your IP address: "18:  gw.backbone.co.tz"12:08
H|V_3ala2u know Nic112:08
_lnnoob-africa: heh12:08
c4r1oguys, .deb packages are autoinstallers right?12:08
H|V_3ala2what I really liked is kubuntu12:08
_lnIntuitiveNipple: ;D12:08
H|V_3ala28.10...with kde12:08
noob-africaIntuitiveNipple: Oh... i forgot about THAT! lol!12:08
_lnanyway, what is the .deb file for extra terminal fonts, i can't code with these.12:08
IntuitiveNipplenoob-africa: :)12:08
H|V_3ala2it's wonderfull12:08
noob-africaIntuitiveNipple: what's with the "nipple"?12:09
c4r1o.deb packages are autoinstallers?12:09
H|V_3ala2yes c4r1o12:09
md22H|V_3ala2: i found myself coming up with a kinda excuses to use it again. non valid so far12:09
c4r1ois there any risk using them?12:09
IntuitiveNipplenoob-africa: It's intuitive12:09
H|V_3ala2it's easier12:09
c4r1ook thx again12:09
_lnc4r1o: well, maybe if you acquired it from a source that wasn't "trusted" ;]12:10
c4r1ook, it's not this case, thx a lot12:10
H|V_3ala2I wish all programs to be like that12:10
c4r1ocouse using the terminal is really hard to me , ex windows user :-(12:10
noob-africaWorkaround: If your Compaq HP nx6110 laptop suffers from the "hard disk controller failure" error, you can TRICK the data-bus into force-reading the hard drive channel by opening the CD tray during boot sequence, waiting about 5 seconds, closing it.12:10
IntuitiveNipplenoob-africa: _ln is over in Nigeria... look-out for a 419 :p12:10
H|V_3ala2better than u keep typing sudos12:10
bakaratis there any way to boost sound in ubuntu? cause for some reason my music was much louder in windows then it is at max volume in ubuntu12:10
_lnIntuitiveNipple: ;[12:11
_lnIntuitiveNipple: '419'ers don't know how to grep through files ;]12:11
H|V_3ala2is it right sound lower????12:11
_lnif only they discovered grep ..12:11
H|V_3ala2haven't noitce that12:11
ndoGuys, i have a question. If i copy file in command prompt, using "cp /media/usb-drive/webpage1.html /var/www/html/ndo/statisch" i get a question for overwriting. That i have to confirm with yes or no. What do i have to put in comman to set it to diffault yes? i saw "-f" in the man cp, but its not exactly what i have expected, wouldnt it be something like "-y"? but there is no "-y" in man cp. plz, ty.12:12
H|V_3ala2I use big speakers anyway12:12
H|V_3ala2with 8kwatt12:12
noob-africaThis forces the BIOS to detect a new device, and then reads all devices on the same channel. Someone told me to THROW AWAY my laptop, but it works fine since I found this workarouund.12:12
ikoniando unalias cp from cp -i to just cp12:12
ndoikonia: how do i do it?12:12
=== maek is now known as Guest87978
ikoniando unaslias cp12:13
ndoikonia: ohh, oke ty12:13
ndoikonia: love ya, have a nice day! :)12:13
_lnnoob-africa: the idiot that told you to throw your laptop away is a moron, never speak to them again on any computing matter.12:13
noob-africaQuestion: Is anyone in here familiar with GPRS systems, how to to configure one on Ubuntu?12:13
IntuitiveNipplecontarc: Have you solved your openssh-server issue now?12:13
bEe_is it possible to connect to wi-fi network right after system start up? (I must choose encryption type and enter password by hand now...)12:13
dellphhello pll.12:13
ikonianoob-africa what modem do you want to use12:13
noob-africa_ln: you bet! they sure are.12:14
dellphis it possible in chmod to create a permission that can create, edit files but not delete?12:14
H|V_3ala2have a seat12:14
H|V_3ala2yes I guess12:14
ikoniadellph not relaly12:14
noob-africaikonia: i want to use my GSM phone, Samsung SGH-D880, but I have to buy the data card for it on Monday, then I will be back. You familiar with GPRS systems?12:14
ndoikonia: euhm, and how do i revert it back? :)12:14
ikonianoob-africa quite family12:15
dellphikonia, helo.12:15
ikonianoob-africa familier12:15
H|V_3ala2permission matter is sensitive12:15
H|V_3ala2I havte it12:15
ikoniando alias cp 'cp -i'12:15
IntuitiveNipplenoob-africa: If you use Alexander's latest network-manager 0.7 packages, setting up mobile-phone connections has become real easy.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79705912:15
ikoniadellph: hello12:15
dellphikonia, what do you mean?12:15
_lnterminal fonts anyone?12:15
dellphikonia, is not possible in linux?12:15
ikoniadellph: not really12:15
ikoniadellph: write acess means they can delete it12:15
ikoniadellph: read access means they can't write to it12:15
noob-africaikonia: that is good to know... i am glad12:15
ndoikonia: ty, be well. :)12:16
ikoniando no problem12:16
noob-africaIntuitiveNipple: thanks, have just opened the long12:16
gcdayHello - How would I submit something that I think needs to be incorporated into ubuntu? it's the default settings for a 3g connection12:16
IntuitiveNipplenoob-africa: The packages are in the network-manager PPA12:16
dellphikonia, so  you mean its not possible in linux? but possible in windows12:16
ikoniadellph I don't know if it's possible in windows12:17
ikoniadellph: not rally possible in linux12:17
jianfeiIntuitiveNipple: great name!12:17
noob-africaIntuitiveNipple: thanks... u r great12:17
IntuitiveNipplegcday: post a bug with the details for this package: https://edge.launchpad.net/mobile-broadband-provider-info12:17
H|V_3ala2I hate to save lots of commands12:17
contarcIntuitiveNipple: yes. thanks12:17
noob-africaQuestion: (Gee! I love questions and answers) How can I speed up my current network throughput. Is there a way?12:17
gcdayIN - great thanks12:18
IntuitiveNipplecontarc: Tell us what it was, then!?!? :)12:18
marlunI can only create sqlite databases with mergeant, not mysql or postgresql. What am I missing?12:18
natalisushkaHI, is it possible to create wireless connection between two ubuntu boxes?12:18
gcdayI've been having real problems getting my 3g connection to work and now I've solved it I wanted to pass it on12:18
tv7497well i was trying to install 11g on ubuntu from this tutorial http://www.pythian.com/blogs/968/installing-oracle-11g-on-ubuntu-804-lts-hardy-heron well i am stuck at the fourth step any idea12:18
ndohmm, i've got this:12:18
ndo-bash: alias: cp: not found12:18
ndo-bash: alias: cp -i: not found12:18
scientusin evolution messages with foreign characters are all garbled12:19
ikoniando alias cp='cp -i'12:19
scientusi assume its utf-8 cause its gmail servers12:19
contarcIntuitiveNipple: seems like the package got corrupted.  clearing the package cache forced a successful download which installed the necesary packages.12:20
H|V_3ala23hourz and 40 minuts to download the live cd12:20
md22one question do you guys think that silverlight will be made for other operation systems12:21
craigbass1976Is there some art to mounting samba shares these days?  I used to mount -t smbfs //ip.add.ress./sharename /mountpoint   I knew that it changed to cifs in Fedora, but not in Ubuntu initially, then I stopped running into windows boxes and didn't have to worry about it.12:21
ikoniamd22 don't know, and thats nothing to do with ubuntu12:21
H|V_3ala2no md2212:21
IntuitiveNipplecontarc: Thanks... I did wonder about that but thought if it got that far it ought to be okay12:21
ikoniacraigbass1976 your command looks fine12:21
hon``file permissions on a usb-flash drive are not really a security measure. Can I get rid of them, while keeping the case-sensitivity of the file-system?12:21
H|V_3ala2silverlight is for microsoft internet exp12:21
bEe_Is it possible to autostart wifi connection?12:22
md22ikonia:sorry . let me take it into offtopic :)12:22
noob-africaIntuitiveNipple: i got to the threat, how come the "deb" command doesnt work?12:22
ushillsbEe. my wifi start at bootup12:22
craigbass1976ikonia, I'm getting the infamous "wrong fs type blahblah"   The logs dmesg and messages are giving me the equivalent of blank stares12:22
c4r1oguys during the installation of cairo-dock in the very final part it tells me "Unable to connect with SVN server"....how can i fix it?12:22
noob-africaoops, i meant THREAD12:22
bEe_ushills, my is asking password and encryption type :(12:23
md22where can i get docs and articles on the linux kernel ?12:23
bEe_ushills, i need just to connect to wireless network12:23
ikoniacraigbass1976 make sure you have smbfs package and smb_client package installed12:23
noob-africathat was stupid of me... <KICK KICK KICK>12:23
ikoniamd22 again - offtopic12:23
noob-africait's supposed to be added somewhere, NOT a command!12:23
H|V_3ala2what it does?12:24
H|V_3ala2orgnize ico ns?12:24
c4r1obar like macs12:24
md22aww ok.12:24
IntuitiveNipplenoob-africa: "deb" isn't a command... you should add those lines into the file /etc/apt/sources.list as the article says, or better yet, create a new file just for them, in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/network-manager.list12:24
c4r1oscrolling icons12:24
=== hon`` is now known as hon
* md22 sees ikonia is quick on the draw 12:24
H|V_3ala2u tried installin it with debian pack?12:24
c4r1oi can't connect with SVN server though12:24
noob-africaIntuitiveNipple: yea, i figured that out... silly me!12:24
bakaratis there any way to boost sound in ubuntu? cause for some reason my music was much louder in windows then it is at max volume in ubuntu12:24
c4r1ono couse SVN one has more options12:24
c4r1oif i can't do it than i try deb12:24
craigbass1976ikonia, omg, it's always something stupid...12:25
ikoniacraigbass1976: easy to miss, the error message is not helpful12:25
H|V_3ala2unable to connect??>...12:25
H|V_3ala2is that realated to a timeout?12:25
jeffzhi, wacom-tools had a missing program which has been fixed in intrepid, is it likely that this fix will also be backported to hardy? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wacom-tools/+bug/21634712:26
craigbass1976ikonia, well, this certainly works much better after installing smbfs12:26
craigbass1976ikonia, Thanks a bunch12:26
H|V_3ala2who had a fresh inrepid installation?12:28
noob-africaIntuitiveNipple: am now executing the command sudo apt-get update ... thanks12:28
noob-africa!define Audacious12:28
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:28
MechdaveG'day all, anyone got any pointers on finding how to shape a DSL connection after using a predetermined amount of bandwidth? I have googled around and so far have come up with nothing concrete12:29
noob-africaI thought THIS bot knew how to !define stuff! LOL12:29
alinetis there any client for facebook12:29
alineton ubuntu12:29
H|V_3ala2facebook client?12:30
noob-africaOfftopic: Does anyone know WHEN Adobe Illustrator CS and Photoshop CS will be ported to Linux?12:30
Jeruvy!offtopic | noob-africa12:31
ubottunoob-africa: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!12:31
H|V_3ala2when som1 pay them to mabe12:31
=== JAGFin1 is now known as JAG|away
ushillsHave you tried gimp - seems to do most things12:31
noob-africaJeruvy: LOL... that's why I said Offtopic LOL12:31
IndyGunFreaknoob-africa: i'd say there's a very slim chance of that...12:32
billybigrigger_is anyone having problems viewing flash in hardy's firefox??? seems like every page im trying to view in the last couple of days just shows a grey box where the flash is supposed to be, youtube, break.com, and some other ones that are more important to me, ie trader.ca just wondering if there's a known work around for this? im pretty sure i have flashplugin-nonfree installed12:32
billybigrigger_almost all the sites i go to have flash and they all show grey boxes were flash should be...any help?12:32
H|V_3ala2tried to find an update to the plugin?12:32
noob-africaIndyGunFreak: why?12:33
billybigrigger_almost all the sites i go to have flash and they all show grey boxes were flash should be...any help?12:33
billybigrigger_H|V_3ala2: ya my system is up to date12:33
H|V_3ala2is it opera?12:33
ushillsbillybigrigger. you will need to install the flash non-free plugin12:33
H|V_3ala2or firefox?12:34
billybigrigger_i have flashplugin-nonfree on firefox 3.012:34
noob-africabillybigrigger - have u installed the flash player?12:34
jjuliandoes somebody know if a alsa manual install will help if my soundcard doesnt get recognized right by lspci (update-pciids i already did). and i have no sound at the moment.12:34
jjulianits a ALC888s chip12:34
jjulianrealtek HD sound12:34
ushillsStrange, that worked for me12:34
=== sean is now known as Guest73515
billybigrigger_im pretty sure i have flash player12:35
noob-africabillybigrigger_: i would suggest the following (i) sudo apt-get update and (ii) sudo apt-get upgrade12:35
noob-africabillybigrigger_:  any missing dependencies will be updated and upgraded...12:35
ushillsbillybigrigger. search in synaptic manager for flash and check that it is install, I think there is also a reference to firefox in one of the packages12:36
billybigrigger_my system is up to date12:36
Moaehi all12:36
billybigrigger_pretty sure i said that already12:36
Jeruvybillybigrigger_: sounds like a problem with your browser, if flash isn't available, most 'flash content' detects this and directs you to installing it.  So look at why your browser is not rendering flash content, perhaps your blocking scripts12:36
Moaei have a problem that i can solve :)12:36
IntuitiveNippleMechdave: Use netfilters marks and actions, i.e. http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.adv-filter.policing.html#AEN139312:36
Moaei have deleted  /var/cache/debconf there is a way to restore it?12:36
H|V_3ala2hi MOae12:37
noob-africaMoae: you wrote "can", that's not a problem... it's a solution... LOL12:37
Moaesorry i want to say can't solve :LD12:38
H|V_3ala2conf??...if it's a text confguration u can write it back12:38
H|V_3ala2to the same path12:38
MechdaveIntuitiveNipple, thanks12:38
Moaethe problem is that without the config.dat in the debconf directory APT doesn't work12:39
H|V_3ala2look for the file on the internet12:39
noob-africaHjV_3ala2: that depends on whether a hard copy back up was made, before the conf file was deleted12:39
H|V_3ala2noob,,,,,can it just be paste back?12:40
H|V_3ala2what it does anyway?12:41
Moaei restored the apt cache but i don't know if it's possible restore the deconf cache12:41
noob-africaHjV_3ala2: a LOT12:41
clandeshello, i think i crashed my hardy heron installation12:43
H|V_3ala2what happend clandes?12:43
clandesan installation that took me about 4 days12:43
H|V_3ala2u mean to download the cd?12:44
H|V_3ala2for sure12:44
clandesno, i mean to pimp it like i wanted it12:44
noob-africaclandes: 4 days? it normally takes a maximum of 2 hours! LOL12:44
H|V_3ala2u mean u crached ur files12:44
H|V_3ala2he means he custimized the system12:45
clandesbut i updated my java reader and some other plugins for mozilla, and then i rebooted and now he doesn boot anymore12:45
clandesi can log in, but after that nothing happens12:45
clandesi now working from a live cd12:45
H|V_3ala2good job12:45
clandesyes, my first time with linux12:45
H|V_3ala2but c'mon12:45
H|V_3ala2u were just installing plug ins12:46
H|V_3ala2why it crashed12:46
AdvoWorkis there a way to use a cronjob to auto ftp a file with a certain extension?12:46
H|V_3ala2a virus?12:46
clandesi removed some plugins for mozilla because they didn work properly, en i installes some new on es12:46
Moaeanyone can help me for my deconf cache problem?12:47
jjuliancan somebody help me getting my soundcard to work?12:47
H|V_3ala2ANYWAYS MOZILLA is just a browser12:47
H|V_3ala2greetings ceser12:47
clandesyes i know, but i cant help the fact that he isn working anymore12:47
XerphStarting nginx: 2008/10/10 11:44:37 [warn] 22421#0: conflicting server name "idomiausia.lt" on, ignored  nginx. Why I'm getting that?12:47
clandesi tried to update through my terminal, wont complete12:47
H|V_3ala2tried f8 options?12:47
carreraubuntu 8 doesn't see my RAID-0 on a ASUS-P5E12:48
carrerait shows 3 drives instead of one12:48
carreraany ideas as to why?12:48
clandesi just haven got a clue about whatś wrong12:48
clandesis there a way to go back like one week, set back teh configs12:49
H|V_3ala2that's what makes duel booting ness12:49
H|V_3ala2i mean to have 2 systems12:50
clandeswell, my system was a dual boot, but i deleted the windows bot12:50
H|V_3ala2but u'll miss it12:51
clandesbut is there a way to set back the configs?12:51
clandeswhy wil i miss it?12:51
H|V_3ala2from commands12:51
=== Guest87978 is now known as maek0
H|V_3ala2can't remember commands12:51
H|V_3ala2can u log on text mod?12:52
jjuliani need help with my soundcard pls12:52
swapnahow do i modify glibc?12:52
Dr_willis_swapna,  tell the channel - why do you need to?12:52
ikoniaswapna you don't12:52
=== Omar1 is now known as Omar87
amanullaswapna:what is glibc?12:52
swapnai want to add my own wrapper routine in glibc12:53
ikoniaamanulla core c library of a linux system12:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about glibc12:53
ikoniaswapna then you should know how to modify it12:53
ikoniaswapna: making ANY changes to glibc could be fatal to yous system12:53
ikoniaswapna: you should only really change if it you are %150 certain you know what your doing12:53
H|V_3ala2ikonia,,,,see clandes12:53
amanullai want to run a simple c program how can i?12:53
swapnaactually i m a student12:53
ikoniaH|V_3ala2: pardon ?12:53
swapnawe r doing a project12:54
ikoniaamanulla build it, run iot12:54
H|V_3ala2I mean if u can help him12:54
swapnafor which we need to add our own routine to glibc12:54
IntuitiveNipplecarrera: ICH9R uses software aka 'fake' RAID. I think it requires the dmraid kernel module to read the metadata (like the Promise Fastrak series)12:54
amanullaswapna:how do you run c programs?12:55
amanullado u use nay editor?12:55
amanullaany editor12:55
amanullaikonia:if i write a program in text editor can i run it on terminal?12:55
FloodBot2amanulla: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:55
ikoniaamanulla: if you compile it12:55
swapnaamanulla: type gcc <name of prog>12:55
swapnaamanulla: then type ./a.out12:55
Dr_willis_amanulla,  thats how one normally writes programs.. :) depends on the language you are using...12:55
ikoniaamanulla: theer are guides on http://tldp.org on how to build software12:55
carreraIntuitiveNipple, thanks12:55
carrerathen how should I set up my 3 x 500 GB drives with RAID-0?12:56
esayhow can I write things in /usr/share/stardict/dic  carrera?12:56
IntuitiveNippleswapna: You'd install the glibc source, add what you need to it, adjust the makefile as needed, and rebuild it so it can be installed.12:56
swapnaplease someone tell me about glibc12:56
ikoniacarrera I don't think thats wise12:56
ikoniaswapna: what do you want to know12:56
carreraikonia, why?12:57
Dr_willis_esay,  with use of the sudo command to do things as root...12:57
esayhow can ı do root?12:57
Myrtti!root | esay12:57
ubottuesay: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo12:57
swapnaIntuitiveNipple: do you have any idea about how to modify makefile of glibc12:57
IntuitiveNipplecarrera: If there isn't data on them already, ignore the motherboard 'RAID' and use linux md (mdsdm) to do it12:57
ikoniacarrera well your root partition on a raid0 partition is asking for a dead system, plus your probably going to wantt to use fake raid which is a terrible technology12:57
ikoniaswapna if you have to ask that - you shouldn't be doing it12:57
ikoniaswapna: speak to your professor/teacher that your doing the project for12:57
IntuitiveNippleswapna: That's what being a student is all about - learning how to learn, and learning how to research, and learning how to do :)12:58
ikoniaswapna: be aware that ANY changes to glibc could render the whole system useless12:58
swapnathats ok with me12:58
ikoniaswapna: good luck then12:58
obi_de!ext4 | obi_de12:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ext412:58
akiluuCan anyone shed some light on this Xserver business... I've been trying to run the nvidia driver installation on init 1 (root) but it tells me it can't open it :/ any ideas?12:59
ktnei've just installed ubuntu12:59
carreraIntuitiveNipple, I'm building a brand new server12:59
ktnehow do i install nvidia drivers 177.80?12:59
H|V_3ala2nice ktne12:59
ikoniaakiluu: what is the exact error12:59
ikoniaakiluu: is there a reason your not using the nvidia drivers pckaged with ubuntu12:59
swapnaIntuitiveNipple: please cd u tell any link where i can get the info about modifying writing the makefile of glibc12:59
noob-africaSilly Question: Apart from impressing girls, what else is Compiz good for?12:59
ikoniaswapna: come on - this is nothign to do with ubuntu now, do a google for the glibc source13:00
ikoniaswapna: be aware of how much stuff links to it13:00
IntuitiveNippleswpna: you'd configure and install your glib version using --prefix=/usr/local  and possibly use LD_LIBRARY_PATH for apps that need to use it.13:00
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akiluuikonia not really just wanted new ones + it seemed like the ones pcked with ubuntu didn't work properly13:00
reehanhello room13:00
ikoniaakiluu: in what way13:00
ktneanyone knows how to install nvidia drivers?13:00
ikoniaakiluu: using new ones can make your system display not work out all13:00
ikoniaktne: open restricted drivers manager and check the nvidia check box13:01
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ktneikonia it failed13:01
swapnaIntuitiveNipple: thank you13:01
noob-africaktne: sudo apt-get install EnvyNG13:01
ikoniaktne: in what way13:01
IntuitiveNippleswapna: You can get the package using "apt-get source libc6"13:01
ktneand i want the latest drivers 177.8013:01
carreraikonia, why is fakeRAID terrible?13:01
AdvoWorkcan a bash script auto ftp a file? or similar13:01
swapnaIntuitiveNipple: i have downloaded the source13:01
ikoniacarrera: terrible technology with bad support in general, even worse in linux13:01</