nikkolaiHi guys, in hardy i was using the nvidia-glx-new package, but i can't find it on intrepid beta? Has a new name??00:06
TheSheep!info nvidia-glx-new00:06
ubottunvidia-glx-new (source: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 ( NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org 'new' driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 169.12+ (hardy), package size 5126 kB, installed size 15256 kB00:06
TheSheepah, that's still hardy00:07
nikkolaithere is a nvidia-glx-new-envy, but not sure if is the same00:07
TheSheepnikkolai: looks like there are also nvidia-glx-177 and such00:08
TheSheepand nvidia-glx installs them all00:08
TheSheepmaybe they don't conflict anymore?00:08
nikkolaino idea :D..  will read a bit about thhat packages... thnx00:09
DCPomwhat's the bash command to append text to a file?00:26
mini-manecho "yada" >> myfile00:29
DCPom thanks00:38
Flare183lol mini-man cool name00:49
mini-manok... progress made..00:49
mini-manI have the same problem, but after adding the line copter noted and rebooting, now even my headphones don't work00:50
mini-manI just hear static00:50
mini-manrealtek ALC883 chipset00:52
night98can anyone help me01:25
DCPom!anyone | night9801:25
ubottunight98: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:25
night98i have a labtop that will not get online01:26
night98i have a wiress network card01:28
night98god what a group01:29
night98hello anyone around01:29
DCPom!punctuation | night9801:30
ubottunight98: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:30
DCPom!wireless | night9801:30
ubottunight98: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:30
DarkTanwill a xubuntu install fit on a 4 gig drive?02:51
DCPomi believe so02:51
DCPomi don't remember the exact size02:51
DarkTanthink it will fit happily?02:52
DCPomit takes 1.5 gb. http://www.xubuntu.org/get#hardy02:53
DarkTanok then, thank you02:53
Igorotwho's on intrepid? anyone experiencing windows not sticking? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfwm4/+bug/27118805:54
gkmngrgnhow to enable policykit on xubuntu?06:00
zerothisI have some files in a ........../subdirectory on a removable drive. I want them (the subdirectory) to be automatically available in my home directory when the drive is plugged in. Would mount -bind or mount -rbind do this?06:19
maalsaHey xubuntu fans, anybody recommend a good distro with Xfce aside from Xubuntu?08:56
TheSheepmaalsa: for what?08:58
maalsafor... use?08:59
viabobedI am no pro.... but if I'm not mistaken you could download the other distros and just d/l the XFCE08:59
viabobedThat's how I got it08:59
TheSheepmaalsa: what kind of use, different distros are good for different things09:00
maalsaTheSheep: I suppose just, "average" use. I've recently been on the hunt for a good distro to switch to. I've tried Xubuntu (like it) and Mandriva (also like it) and I'm just wondering what else is out there09:03
viabobedTheSheep: You probably know more about this than me09:03
TheSheepmaalsa: everybody thinks that what they do is "average"09:07
maalsaTheSheep: Nevermind..09:08
viabobedI've been messing around with XFCE a bit and I have run into two issues.... I came from Kubuntu8.04 KDE4.01 to Kubuntu8.04 XFCE on a older PC09:12
viabobedIs tat Kubuntu original install bogging down the system?09:12
viabobedThe other is the networking to a windows PC09:12
maalsaviabobed: You've gotten farther than me, can't help you out. I'll be getting dirty within the next few weeks though as I attempt to set up a small thin client network (eep)09:13
TheSheepviabobed: details?09:13
viabobedmaalsa: Thanks... TheSheep: PCSpecs; Amd Athalon 1400+, 256MB RAM, Generic Laptop Video Card09:15
maalsaviabobed: did you uninstall KDE?09:16
TheSheepviabobed: how much ram does it use without any app running?09:17
viabobedI downloaded the "remix version of kubuntu online and found it to heavy for this system09:20
viabobedbefore I went to the XFCE system... I got KDE4.01 which improved plenty of issues09:20
viabobedNo I have not uninstalled KDE... I found the command to do that using apt-get protocal09:20
viabobedbut, I am afraid its going to be unstable09:20
viabobedsince thats my original install09:20
viabobed160-180MB was the number I have been seen lately09:21
maalsamaybe a lighter distro period will help speed things up09:21
maalsaif you like the ubuntu base, there's always fluxbuntu (but you have to be a fan of fluxbox)09:22
TheSheepviabobed: can you open the system monitor, enable the 'writable memory' tab and see what's taling the most of it?09:28
viabobedRight now I cant check to compare.. I have ffox, pidgeon, and adept running an update09:33
viabobedBut ill tell you how its running with these apps...09:33
viabobedOk update finished... 54% CPU usage, 91MB usage memory and swap, 157MB09:33
viabobedNot bad after closing ffox and update09:33
viabobedbut still reasonably slow09:33
viabobedUninstall KDE?09:34
viabobed:( wifi disconnect09:34
viabobed54% CPU usage, 91MB usage memory and swap, 157MB09:34
viabobed(04:25:59 AM) viabobed: Not bad after closing ffox and update09:34
viabobed(04:26:07 AM) viabobed: but still reasonably slow09:34
viabobedOk opened System Monitor.. I have ffox on top with 24MB, GNome System Monitor and Pidgeon on top or writable memory09:37
viabobedAfter that nm-aplet09:37
TheSheepwhat's next?09:38
TheSheepand maybe something is using cpu constantly?09:39
viabobedxcfe4panel, xcfemenu, keded4... but by the time you get to keded4 the writable memory usage is 1.5MB09:40
viabobedlet me check what is using CPU09:40
viabobedI am looking at everything and... I guess this CPU might be to weak for the OS09:46
viabobedBecause system monitor is on top of cpu usage at the moment09:46
viabobedthen pidgeon, and kded4 jumps the most09:46
viabobedSo.. i guess its pretty normal09:46
viabobedI just am not used 54% of cpu on minimal aps09:46
viabobedand playing chess vs cpu puts the cpu to 100%09:46
TheSheepwhat's kded4?09:47
viabobedI have no idea09:47
TheSheeptry killing it :)09:47
viabobedMight be one of the KDE files09:47
viabobedKilled it09:48
viabobed40-45% Cpu09:48
viabobedHelped a bit09:48
viabobedBelieve me if I new all of the critical processes to the system I would have killed everything but that09:49
viabobedOn Xp i try to keep my list less than 29 processes09:50
viabobedI have 6 things autostarting including one I added for the "attempt" to setup the home network09:50
viabobedI guess.. If anything I'll research the system files later09:51
viabobedLast question was, do you have any links/bookmarks on the networking of Kubuntu 8.04 with XFCE with Windows NT based pcs?09:52
viabobedI appreciate all of your time TheSheep09:52
TheSheepviabobed: go to settings maanger, sessions and startup and untick the 'start kde services at startup'09:52
TheSheepviabobed: might help09:52
TheSheepthat will slow down startup of kde apps a little, but relieve system resources when not using kde apps09:53
viabobedWhile I was at it I removed the update managers and the printer spooler09:54
viabobedSince i don't need those for a while09:54
viabobedI only left networking and power management since im on a laptop09:54
viabobedTheSheep thanks for all of the help09:57
viabobedI think I am going to run a bit leaner now09:58
viabobedI gotta head out09:58
WooWhy won't my process just die when I kill it?10:02
TheSheepWoo: it it a zombie?10:11
TheSheepzombies are dead already, can't kill them10:12
TheSheepWoo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zombie_process10:12
WooShit... I'll have to break the emergency glass then.10:12
TheSheepWoo: they are harmless10:12
WooIt's not that. The process was a daemon for a program I was running, and I can't restart because it won't rot.10:13
TheSheepWoo: how did you start that daemon?10:14
WooI think I just said deluge in the terminal.10:15
TheSheepand that terminal is still running?10:16
WooNo, I rebooted the machie.10:16
TheSheepand that still didn't get rid of the process? %)10:17
WooThings are working now.10:17
WooBut it was annoying having to restart since it would not dissappear so I could restart the application.10:25
cephianybody have an idea how i can figure out why evince always runs at startup for me?  very annoying16:09
knomecephi, you possibly have saved it at session16:10
knomecephi, turn off all the progs, then on the log out screen select "save session..."16:10
knomethen log in again, evince shouldn't start16:10
cephiok, will try, thx16:10
knomebut on the next logout, remember to check out16:11
knome(the "save...")16:11
cephibrb logout16:11
cephihey it worked thanks16:13
cephiNow for the other really annoying part of my startup: can anyone tell me how to get xubuntu to remember my WPA password?  Currently, I have to enter it every time16:14
knomecephi, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15780816:23
knomecephi, basically, if you set the password to <none>, it will not ask for it, because it's empty16:23
cephihm, but it doesn't want a password for the gnome keyring from me; it wants the WPA passwords itself16:28
knomeah, sorry for misreading16:28
knomeremoving/backuping the keyring file might still be a good idea, though16:29
cephii'll have a go at it16:31
=== mini-man_ is now known as mini-man
KlrSpzanyone have any idea why i can't add the volume plugin to my panel? running hardy17:07
bytor4232I just updated my laptop, which is running Intrepid, and now my mouse and kbd doesn't work.17:12
bytor4232I'm CLI baby17:12
KlrSpzxorg issue?17:13
bytor4232I'm sure17:13
KlrSpzyou using an xorg.conf or it's autoconfig stuff?17:13
ReiKnhello.. could someone help with configuring xubuntu 8.10b to use a printer which is shared from a windows vista computer?18:17
KlrSpzanyone have any idea why i can't add the volume plugin to my panel? running hardy -- http://pastebin.com/m5dae87e018:57
TheSheepKlrSpz: try drag and drop18:57
TheSheepKlrSpz: it's a bug18:57
KlrSpzthat's weird, cuz it's on and off when it works or doesn't18:58
KlrSpzTheSheep: thanks for the quick response, appreciate it19:00
steven__is the only way to reconfigure xorg by the cd?19:19
Odd-rationalesteven__: you can do "sudo dpgk-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg"19:19
steven__tried that19:20
steven__tells me i'm overwriting customizable configuration19:20
steven__any ideas?19:22
steven__it doesn't change anything19:22
steven__doesn't even let me choose resolutions19:23
steven__mouse keyboard19:23
steven__boom back to command line19:23
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto19:23
steven__i will look19:24
TeXnicer!alternative nick19:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:24
TeXnicersteven__, watch your "__"19:25
steven__hardy heron is the only one i've had this prob with19:32
BradasdfHelp, new to os, eepc, can't see bottom of windows19:34
knomeBradasdf, alt+drag19:34
BradasdfJust got it today19:35
oklinuxwhat kind of mini-man are you ?20:55
oklinuxI thougt your name is mini-van20:56
mini-manlol xD20:56
oklinuxyou run xubuntu ? too20:57
mini-manwhere is the firefox32 icon at? I thought it was /usr/share/pixmaps/firefox32-3.png... which I replaced...but the default firefox icon is still showing up when I restart firefox3221:37
DCPomyou can probably download it from google,21:41
DCPomor do a find/locate command21:41
ubottupdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)21:55
mini-manbah. why have all my icons suddenly disappeared in all firefoxes? I have 3 versions of 3.x (vanilla used by ubufox, another used by swiftfox, and yet another used by firefox32 apparently?) and all show x's for icons in the toolbar22:26
mini-mangoogled it and tried removing the 'linux32' before the firefox32 shell script... that didn't help22:26
mauilionHi I am trying to figure out how to keep the panel from grouping windows of the same type.22:39
mauilionhopefully for just terminal22:39
mauilionany ideas?22:39
mini-manright-click on the very first few pixels of the task list22:41
mini-manin the dropbox select never group tasks22:41
mauilionrocking Thanks ++mini-man22:43
Odd-rationalemini-man: tried changing your icon theme?22:44
mini-manOdd-rationale, yes, several times22:44
mini-maneven reinstalled each and every one of the versions i have installed, one by one22:45
Odd-rationalemini-man: hmm.. idk, maby backup your bookmarks and remove ~/.mozilla22:45
freeman192038hi, someone know where i can find mod_slotlimit package? it's a project that i've found on sourceforge22:47
zoredacheI doubt there is a package.  It appears to have been released just 5 weeks ago22:50
zoredacheif you install the -dev package that matches your running version of apache you probably should be able to compile it though22:50
freeman192038thanks zoredache, nobody had never asìnwer ;)22:51
mini-manOdd-rationale, ok, completely *removed* firefox and all traces of it, and installed and the icons are back... BUT it's not saving my bookmarks at all22:51
mini-manI googled it, and did the tweak in about:config, restarted, added bookmark, restarted, and bookmark disappears22:52
mini-manno idea why22:52
zoredachecheck the permissions on your firefox profile directory.  Perhaps you managed to open your firefox profile as root and you can no longer write to it?22:55
zoredachels -alR ~/.mozilla/firefox/22:56
mini-manzoredache,  you're right :)22:56
mini-manzoredache,  thanks22:56
The-KernelSo, my system hangs when booting up23:49
The-Kernelits when it loads hal23:49
The-Kernelis there a way to look at why?23:49
mini-manis there a way to reduce the size of the tray icons in xfce?23:57
zoredachedon't they just try to resize them selves to fit the size of the panel?  Try changing the panel height23:59

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