apacheloggerblizzz: TBH, in order to fix stuff in KDE you just need to have a text editor, the knowledge how to use google and a lot of time ;-)01:08
apacheloggerpoking code with code snippets might not be very productive but certainly works :P01:08
blizzzapachelogger: my eyes are two big question marks01:08
blizzzwhat do you point at?01:09
apacheloggerblizzz: whether C++ knowledge is still required for doing some Kubuntu magic01:09
apacheloggerRiddell: I will sneak a patch to increase kopenwithdialog's reliability in my kde4libs upload01:10
apacheloggercurrently it creates KService objects using findByName, which fails for a lot of apps01:11
persiaapachelogger, One doesn't need C++ to cherrypick, but it can help when upstream is inactive.  I know I learned it because I needed to port an app and upstream said "Oh, I'l probably get to it in a couple years".01:12
blizzzapachelogger: i will tell that as side note ;)01:12
apacheloggerpersia: yeah, I am learning C++ so I can rewrite KDE's help center one day :)01:13
apacheloggerhorrible application right now01:13
persiaheh.  Best way to learn is to be motivated to fix something :)01:14
apacheloggerblizzz: perfect, and recruit me some minions :P01:14
blizzzi don't even know what this word mean in german01:15
blizzzah Diener01:16
blizzzget Carlos01:16
=== akonadi is now known as nihui
a|wenwhere should icons for kde4 apps be put ... in /usr/share/icons/hicolor* or in someplace else also02:10
Hobbseea|wen: #ubuntu-motu should be reasonably desktop-agnostic - but a lot of people don't know kdepackaging in there.02:19
a|wenHobbsee: there seemed to be around the same amount of life (eg. chance of an answer) in both channels02:20
Hobbseea|wen: that's true.  particularly depends on when you ask, too.02:21
a|wenhe, true enough02:21
persiaDoesn't KDE4 just look in the standard XDG locations for icons?02:22
apacheloggera|wen: depends on the icons really02:23
apacheloggerthe application's icon always goes to hicolor02:24
a|wenapachelogger: it is the applications main icon (to be seen in the application launcher)02:24
apacheloggericons which are only used/of use for the app itself usually go to share/kde4/apps/APPNAME/icons/02:24
apacheloggerthough they can as well go to hicolor02:24
apacheloggera|wen: hicolor then02:25
a|wenapachelogger: seems the application launcher doesn't pick them up though02:26
apacheloggera|wen: KDE 4 application?02:26
a|wenyeah ... kvkbd02:26
apacheloggerkquitapp plasma && plasma&02:27
a|wenapachelogger: i tried to logout/login again02:28
apacheloggera|wen: are you sure the name in the desktop file matches the icon name?02:28
a|wenapachelogger: it does02:31
apacheloggervery odd02:32
apacheloggera|wen: can you upload the icon and desktop file somewhere02:33
a|wenapachelogger: was just going to02:34
a|wen-intrepidapachelogger: the .desktop file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/59091/02:36
a|wen-intrepidapachelogger: and this is the location of the icon files: http://paste.ubuntu.com/59092/02:38
apacheloggera|wen: try a new user02:39
a|wenapachelogger: not any better :/02:43
apacheloggerRiddell: uploaded kde4libs02:44
apacheloggera|wen: technically it should work, are the permissions of the icon files correct?02:44
a|wenapachelogger: 644 root:root in all cases (i suppose this is right)02:47
apacheloggera|wen: no idea then02:48
apacheloggerin theory it should be working02:48
a|wenapachelogger: strange ... it uses the icon to bounce up/down when i start the app; but can't display it still02:50
apacheloggerhm, maybe a caching issue02:50
a|wenapachelogger: didn't we have a problem with the konversation icon not showing in certain cases?02:53
apacheloggerthat was due to konversation not being stored in /kde402:53
apacheloggerkvkbd on the other hand is02:54
a|wen-intrepidapachelogger: if i add konveration to favorites it doesn't show a correct icon <-- same for you?02:55
a|wen-intrepidi suppose this could be the reason for it:02:57
Hobbseewho sponsored the kdebase-workspace change?02:57
a|wen-intrepidwrong size -> /usr/share/icons/hicolor/32x32/apps/konversation.png:   PNG image data, 31 x 31, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced02:57
nixternalevening to you as well good sir03:27
apacheloggera|wen: fix for that awaits approval03:28
a|wenapachelogger: okay ... then i'll stay away from that :)03:29
* vorian thinks apachelogger never sleeps03:32
apacheloggersleep is overrated03:34
* a|wen will go to sleep03:34
a|weni can sleep an hour extra for you apachelogger ;)03:35
voriancongrats on your membership a|wen :)03:35
a|wenthx vorian :)03:35
apacheloggera|wen: very nice, thank you ;-)03:35
a|wennight everyone, see you tomorrow03:36
nixternalapachelogger: what is top of the agenda right now?03:53
apacheloggernixternal: getting lang packs fixed ;-)03:54
apacheloggerand bug triage, as always03:54
nixternaldo we have a list of "must fix now" bugs?03:55
apacheloggernot really, just check out the once targeted for 8.1004:00
nixternalroger that04:03
nixternalkile in svn actually builds and runs04:57
nixternalimpressive..however it is very rough04:58
ScottK-palmnixternal: How's your dbus?04:58
nixternalnot as good as my udev or hal :P04:58
nixternalwhat's up?04:58
nixternalI have been up to my kneck writing some code around udev and hal for our appliance at work...what a headache that has been04:59
ScottK-palmThere's a guidance-power-manager bug I could use some help on.04:59
ScottK-palmBack in a second with the number.04:59
ScottK-palmnixternal: Bug 27767805:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277678 in guidance-power-manager "Using Adept, upgrade - python2.5 crashed with DBusException in call_blocking()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27767805:00
nixternalya, I get that damn thing all of the time...I can take a gander at that05:00
ScottK-palmI don't get that one.05:02
nixternalmaybe this isn't the one I get...must be another 2.5 one that I have ignored for the time being as I have already commented on it05:03
Hobbseetxwikinger: your bugfix has been accepted, but has failed on lpia.05:07
Hobbseeas did ppx05:08
Hobbseeand sparc.05:08
ScottK-palmA lot of kde is broken on lpia and all of it on hppa.05:08
HobbseeScottK-palm: nah, it's a broken rules file05:09
txwikingerhmm. I have to look into that then05:09
Hobbseetxwikinger: ah.  you don't have all the files for all the architectures in the source directory.05:10
Hobbseeyou've got 4 desktop-<flavour>, but 6 live-recommends-<flavour>, and no mention of lpia anywhere05:10
txwikingerok.. I will have a look05:11
* txwikinger tries to figure out how to test userconfig within systemsettings05:11
ScottK-palmHobbsee: Please beat nixternal with your stick until he fixes my Guidance bug.05:15
ScottK-palmSee you all later.05:15
nixternalScottK: looks like the GetAllProperties call in powermanage.py needs to be in a try: except:05:26
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:27
nixternalScottK: http://paste.ubuntu.com/59141/05:32
jussi01rgreening: now you are a member, you get specialness like a cloak :)06:14
Hobbseeprepare to be spammed!06:15
Hobbseeanother thing kubuntu has, but ubuntu doesn't by deafult.  http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/14514/06:31
NCommanderrgreening, its 47 now once you correct for inflation07:14
rgreeningIt's the answer, but what it the question?07:15
rgreeningDirk Gently knows07:15
rgreeningI lost you probably huh? Read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams)07:17
NCommanderrgreening, no, I read it07:31
NCommanderYou didn't get the 47 ;-)07:31
NCommanderIn Star Trek, its the answer corrected for inflation07:31
jussi01Just finished my intrepid upgrade from hardy!07:52
jussi01worked suprisingly well considering I had all sorts of weird stuff installed, the kubuntu members repo etc07:52
=== eagles is now known as eagles0513875
NCommanderRiddell, ping11:08
Riddellhi NCommander11:10
Riddelljussi01: any problems?11:10
jussi01Riddell: a few, x didnt start and I had to reconfigure and reinstall fglrx, lost all my konq bookmarks, (thank god for backups) and a few other configs11:12
jussi01Riddell: regarding bug 281808 - Ive added a whole lot of info and done some debugging with crimsun but still stumped on that.11:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 281808 in kdebase "Flashplugin not working in Konqueror (8.10)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28180811:14
Riddellflash can be nasty11:19
seaLneinteresting update-manager fails on my machine at home complaining about needing way too much disk space in /boot :(11:19
NCommanderRiddell, can I steal you for an upload of linux-lpia in one or two hours?11:19
seaLneso unfortunatly not just a fluke at work11:20
RiddellseaLne: make sure you report a bug about that and attach /var/log/dist-upgrade/*11:22
seaLneyeah just trying to find the bug i reported last time11:22
Riddellthen poke mvo politely11:23
a|wencrappy kde icon cache not updating itself ... that's why things doesn't seem to work right11:25
a|wenRiddell: i have an update to kvkbd including icons ready for you in 10 minutes? ... no more missing icons on a default kubuntu install11:26
Riddella|wen: does smarter know?11:31
* smarter waves11:32
a|wenhi smarter :)11:32
smarterwhat's your update?11:32
a|wenit's simply adding some icons to kvkbd11:32
smarterin the desktop file?11:32
smarterif so, I've fixed it in the svn11:32
smarterin fact, I may release Kvkbd 0.6 with tons of fixes today if the patch ossi sent me for apps-on-kdm work11:33
a|wenthe desktop files already mentions icons ... but there isn't any installed or in the package11:33
smartera|wen: shouldn't be needed, it uses an oxygen icon11:33
smarter(which is a standard fd.o icon name afaik)11:33
a|wensmarter: ahh, cool (that is someting new then, i suppose=11:34
smarterdon't remember how it was in 0.5.99 :P11:34
smarterthere's a package on my ppa if you want to test11:34
a|wensmarter: i'll give it a spin and see if it looks good :)11:35
smarteralso, once 0.6 is released I'll try to plasmoidify Kvkbd :)11:37
a|wenuhh ... we also need a good keyboard for the touchscreens11:39
smarterwell, kvkbd should work on touchscreens11:40
a|wenof course ... but it needs to be ├╝ber-cool as well11:41
smarterthat's why I make it a plasmoid :P11:41
smarterthen we can have themes and stuff11:41
smarterand rotated keyboard \o/11:41
smarter(not sure if that word exists :p)11:41
a|wenjust my point11:42
a|wensmarter: svn snapshop seems to look good ... if you have anything else you need tested regarding it, just throw a msg11:49
mornfall--> Seoul. Don't forget to hit on new Adept... ; - )12:21
apacheloggerdoes hunters are killin animals again12:23
apacheloggerthere goes the good mood12:24
apachelogger"write the root password down"13:18
* apachelogger rofls13:18
apacheloggerkick ass13:18
Riddellthat highlights why sudo is superior13:20
apachelogger hm, "root password, a great security measure, one reason linux tends to be more secure than other operating systems"13:23
apacheloggersomething is wrong here13:23
* apachelogger likes robin's videos13:24
Riddellopensuse has a tickbox on its installed now "set root password to same as user password"13:24
apachelogger1:44 2nd video awesome statement13:26
* a|wen wonders how they managed to make kde4 look so non-polished13:28
apacheloggerjust like suse did13:29
* apachelogger is worrid about the install/remove issues in mandriva13:29
* apachelogger rsyncs CD and checks intrepid 13:29
Riddellinstall remove issues?13:31
apacheloggerRiddell: watch the second video13:31
a|wenmandriva 2009 = wait till 2009, then we might have fixed it13:33
* apachelogger is wondering how mandriva is making money with that kind fo issues :|13:35
Riddellwhat makes you think they make money?13:35
apacheloggerthe fact that they employ people :P13:36
apacheloggeroh, rsync almost finished, time to start xvm13:36
Riddellwow, this is quite harsh13:37
seelehmm.. wonder what robertknight wanted13:42
apacheloggerRiddell: why is ubiquity not using oxygen?13:43
Riddellapachelogger: widget theme?  because nobody ported it to pykde13:43
Riddellapachelogger: interestingly, it magically switches to oxygen theme by the end13:43
apacheloggerneeds to be done for jaunty13:44
apacheloggerpretty weird looking13:44
Riddellyes, it's not hard at all, just takes somebody to do it13:45
apacheloggerRiddell: it's in a bzr branch?13:46
Riddellapachelogger: lp:ubiquity I expect13:46
Riddellapachelogger: and no it won't get into intrepid :)13:46
apacheloggerI already exchanged the icons :P13:47
Riddellwe miss the "log in automatically" tickbox that ubuntu has and I was never told about13:47
apacheloggermakes it only halfbad13:47
* Riddell watches apachelogger turn into a python programmer13:47
apacheloggeroh my13:47
apacheloggerRiddell: btw, some german magazines consider autologin a security issue13:48
Riddellapachelogger: it's a non-security feature surely13:48
apacheloggerRiddell: we should include an image selector13:49
Riddellimage selector?13:49
apacheloggernow that KDM uses the user's image resource we could provide a selection already at installation13:49
apachelogger"user pic chooser"13:50
Riddellmm, that might be fun, so long as it doesn't get in the way13:50
seeleapachelogger: user pic is a functional requirement in the new user admin tool13:51
apacheloggerseele: user admin tool?13:51
seelei wonder if it would make sense to put the functionality in both places13:51
apacheloggerRiddell: maybe a box like in systemsetttings -> about me13:51
seeleapachelogger: yeah, TT was working with some UI designers and ME convinced them to do some pro bono work with KUP13:51
apacheloggeroh, nice :D13:51
seeleapachelogger: so they are designing a new KUser and i assume ME is going to find someone to implement it13:51
seeleit's going slowly though, so probably not until 4.3, but it will exist eventually13:52
seelethere is also an interest in a new kpackagekit ui ;P13:52
Riddelltxwikinger was looking at user config porting13:52
apacheloggera lot of people were looking into porting13:52
apacheloggerthen again user config didn't work very well13:52
Riddellkpackagekit seems to have been added to the 4.2 feature plan13:52
a|wenit wasn't the best ... but at least the user config was better than the gnome/ubuntu equivalent IMO (missed functional group assignments totally)13:56
apacheloggerRiddell: ubiquity has a static style defintion14:02
apacheloggerone line change14:02
persiaRiddell, re: log-in-automatically : you'll want to get user-setup-apply (in user-setup) to work with kdm as a preliminary step, before trying to adjust ubiquity.14:08
txwikingerseele: If you need someone to implement it, I am interested14:10
txwikingerHi blizzz14:19
ScottKnixternal: So you think the Guidance thing is yet another symptom of HAL gone missing (catching up from your paste of last night)?14:21
Riddellapachelogger: mmm, really?14:23
Riddellpersia: yeah I know14:23
apacheloggerRiddell:         self.app = QApplication(['ubiquity', '-style=plastique'])14:24
apacheloggerRiddell: what would be the best way to start porting?14:24
Riddellit was forced to plastique I guess when pyqt-dbus didn't work with oxygen, they shouldn't affect it any more14:25
Riddellso that should be safe to fix, I guess you could ask evand and/or cjwatson if they have an opinion about letting that change in14:25
Riddellporting to pykde certainly won't get in intrepid but you just need to find a pykde template and copy over the bits14:26
RiddellKAboutData, kCmdLineargs, s/QApplication/KApplication/14:27
* Riddell coming live from mandriva14:27
Riddellstart openoffice -> crash screen14:27
RiddellI wonder why they don't use kickoff, they did in kde 3 times14:29
Riddellhey Sime, we're turning apachelogger into a pykde programmer :)14:29
Simecool. and what is he going to do first?14:29
Riddellport ubiquity to pykde from pyqt14:30
Simewhat does ubiquity do again?14:31
Riddellkubuntu installer14:31
* Sime is busy with Marble Python bindings.14:31
Riddellthat'll cause renewed calls for marble in ubiquity :)14:31
* Riddell lunches14:31
* txwikinger is looking for kcmshell4 documentation14:36
a|wenScottK: i took a quick look at the  guidance bug ... you already have patched it to catch this exception; and it shouldn't be able to happen anymore (at least not with that exact backtrace, and all the duplicates had the same trace)14:37
ScottKa|wen: OK.  Thanks.  I guess the one comment that they still had the problem was likely someone who didn't have the current one then.14:40
* ScottK decides to wait and see then.14:40
a|wenScottK: yeah, i suppose so ... you could throw a comment, that if he still gets an apport popup, we would like him to complete it to get his traceback14:42
apacheloggerRiddell: how do I debug ubiquity?14:51
apacheloggernot very chatty that app14:52
NCommanderapachelogger, very painfully14:52
apacheloggeroh noes14:53
* apachelogger should have ported it to ruby first :P14:53
txwikingerwell python has a logger library14:59
apacheloggerhow to use that?14:59
txwikingerimport it and set it up15:01
txwikingerthen you can put log statements in the code15:01
txwikingerapachelogger: http://docs.python.org/lib/module-logging.html15:03
txwikingerapachelogger: http://www.red-dove.com/python_logging.html15:03
ScottKRiddell: Just upgraded the kid's computer to KDE 3.5.10 with no problems.15:08
ScottKa|wen: Mentioning the maintainer change in debian/changelog is not needed.  It's actually actively discouraged these days.15:13
a|wenScottK: okay ... i just use the update-maintainer script from ubuntu-dev-tools, thinking that was current policy15:16
ScottKa|wen: Grab the one from Intrepid.  It won't do that.15:16
ScottKNot a big deal.  Just FYI.15:16
a|wenScottK: okay, it is a rather recent change ... i'll just delete the entries in the changelog from now on15:18
nixternalScottK: yes, seems like HAL may be missing, or it is making the wrong DBus call15:50
ScottKnixternal: a|wen looked at it some more and he thinks it won't get there anymore if HAL is missing.  If it's the wrong DBus call though ...15:51
ScottKnixternal: Any idea what a right one would be?15:51
nixternalI would have to take a look a little more which I can do15:52
nixternaldbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method"FindDeviceByCapability" with signature "s" on interface "org.freedesktoph.Hal.Manager" doesn't exist16:18
nixternallooks like the problem is deeper16:18
nixternalheh, I found out the problem...I can't type16:21
nixternalbut if I debug while up, it doesn't crash out16:21
RiddellScottK: yay17:00
Riddellapachelogger: ubiquity outputs to /var/log/installer/something or /var/log/syslog17:01
claydoham I reading this right:http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-3.5.10-updates17:15
claydoh3.5.10 in Intrepid's17:15
Riddellno in hardy17:16
claydoh"The latest KDE 3 bug-fix release 3.5.10 has moved to the updates section of Kubuntu 8.10."17:16
claydohI am sure there are couple of mail list/forum posters who might get a bit excited over that :)17:18
Riddellclaydoh: fixed17:18
Riddellyes, they might get the wrong message17:19
Riddellclaydoh: did you see the meeting yesterday?17:19
claydohI am catching up on that now :)17:19
claydohfrom logs17:19
* claydoh apoolgizes for having to work :) it always gets in my way17:20
claydohI am making a list of questions/concerns I have picked up17:23
claydohbut very little yet on upgrade issues as not many have done that yet17:23
claydohI haven't yet as my hardy box is still dead17:24
jussio1*cry* my upgraded system has pretty much died... wonder what I did wrong...17:28
jussio1Tm_T: most programs dont start, Im lucky to have konsole17:29
Tm_Tjussio1: well I'm in between of trunk and 4.1.2 so some stuff isn't working right17:31
jussi01Tm_T: I figured out what it was. soon as I installed gtk-qt-engine, everything went beserk.17:35
apacheloggerRiddell: The KDE libraries are not designed to run with suid privileges.17:56
apacheloggercould that be the problem?17:56
apacheloggerit's quitting right after that :S17:56
apacheloggerinteresting enough that nothing in usr/*/ubiquity got a +s18:14
apacheloggerthe good news is, adding and removing xchat actually works on kubuntu :D18:21
Riddellapachelogger: huh?  we have lots of apps that run as root18:26
Riddellit works in mandriva too for me18:27
apacheloggerRiddell: that output is uber strange, according to my research a normal user couldn't start an app if it got +s18:27
apacheloggerworks as sudo18:27
apacheloggerthing is, I even start ubiquity from a root prompt18:28
apacheloggerRiddell: according to strace it exists right after it writes that suid warning18:32
apacheloggeropen("/root/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)18:32
apacheloggersomething is very very very very very wrong here18:34
apacheloggerI just -R 777'ed .kde18:35
apacheloggerstill permission denied18:35
yuriyapachelogger: don't know what the conversation is about, but is selinux or similar (apparmor?) enabled? that can cause weird permissions problems19:09
Riddellanyone tried the new language packs?21:57
smarterRiddell: they should fix the missing i18ns?22:02
Riddellsmarter: hope so22:07
smartercool :)22:07
smarterI'll test tomorrow and report back here the results22:07
smarterthe French team have achieved 100% localized strings, so it should be easily noticable :)22:08
txwikingerKDE needs some better documentation!22:26
Riddelltxwikinger: I'm sure the docs team would glady accept your help :)22:27
txwikingerI was asking for that, right?22:27
txwikingerWell.. if I figure it out, I will document it :D22:28
Riddellnixternal: a volunteer for you!22:28
=== claydoh__ is now known as claydoh
a|wenRiddell: yay ... the new lang-packs has a lot more danish translations in kde :)22:46
a|wenwe were getting awfully close to release22:50
* a|wen wonders why it is so hard getting the right things to crash once the -dbg package is installed22:54
txwikingerI had hoped KDE4 would survive my stress tests better than KDE3.. so far I do not see a difference22:54
txwikingerRe-login took 25 mins with load of >10022:55
txwikingerI think my expectations are too high22:56
txwikingerapachelogger: I have a nice bug for you Bug #285668 :D23:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285668 in kdebase "[intrepid] In konqueror rendered often appears in status line and scroll bar" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28566823:07

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