* cilkay finds the list nannies quite annoying. Personally, I don't mind the occasional off-topic conversation, especially when the channel is not busy.00:00
* stdin doesn't care if people find it annoying, it's the rules of the channel and you're expected to respect that00:00
unitypunkhaving trouble with wubi..00:01
stdinunitypunk: don't know much about wubi but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide and http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=234 should have something00:03
unitypunkit keeps booting into busy box00:05
mad_ozoy guys ... hello there!00:16
rod_Hi guys  I have a query as I've just installed Kubuntu on my PC Gigabyte GA-81EX motherboard00:17
rod_my issue is no audio evidiently there is no driver known  Is anyone running on one of these motherboards ?00:18
mad_ozcan you please help me? ... i saw kubuntu 8.10 beta was out ... can you tell me if the beta will turn into a "stable" after the stable-version is out? ... i thought about "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" every time there are updates00:19
rod_Hi Mad oz00:20
mad_ozhello rod_00:22
rod_I'm not sure if I'm in the right IRC to ask about Kubunti drivers etc as I just installed00:24
nejoderod_: first you have to find out what audio chip that MB has00:28
* unitypunk needs to figure out why wubi is booting to busy box?00:31
White_Pelicanhi all, question about the latest news on the kubuntu site. Does this mean 3.5.10 will be available for intrepid?00:32
stdinWhite_Pelican: no, intrepid will have KDE 400:33
nejodeWhite_Pelican: they say that it's not going to be easy to downgrade to 3.500:34
White_Pelicanso sorry00:35
White_PelicanI'll stick to hardy then :)00:35
Chris_Fosteris there a way to get kubuntu to play a fullscreen video at login until the video finishes, then show the desktop? My desktop looks really slow while loading, and Id like a video to cover to welcome me and cover it until its done loading. any ideas?00:37
rod_Thanks nejode  Just reading through the specs it says the chipset is creative CT5880   plus Sigmatel 9708T codec00:45
rod_The GA-81EX has spdif out too00:46
nejoderod_: go to >>K menu> system> kinfocenter ... to see if your system "sees" your sound card00:49
nejoderod_: or the command "lspci"00:49
nejoderod_: or the command "sudo lshw"00:50
FisherPricedoes anyone here use mythTV and knows how to set it up?00:56
rod_Kinfo centre says Audio devices NOT ENABLED IN CONFIG01:00
unity`Buntuhow do i make wifi work with ndis/01:04
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:04
favroI'm playing with the source for mpg123 and need a clue on what to look for to have it not show up in the taskbar01:05
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ActionParsni1does anybody use vmware server here. Ive got a really simple qyuery01:12
unitypunkhow do i make sure im using restricted drivers?01:25
unitypunkcana nyone help me set up my nvidia video card01:37
DarthFrogFisherPrice: What do you want to know about  MythTV/01:49
FisherPriceoh i think i might have it sussed out now01:50
FisherPricebut there's still many questions.01:50
FisherPricei think I might press on thanks DarthFrog01:50
unitypunki cant seem to get restricted drivers to work02:01
unitypunkE: nvidia-glx: subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 202:03
unitypunkwhen i enable them.02:03
ServaHi. How do I install mysql server on hardy? I have the installation file with me, but dont know how to run it02:08
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unitypunkdamn these videocards.02:12
lukea website chatroom wants java VM, i'm pretty sure my friend put java on last night, how can i find out and turn it on?02:12
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jorge_jpw dp02:18
* unitypunk needs help enabling his nvidia video card..02:19
unitypunkE: nvidia-glx: subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 202:19
unitypunkkeep getting that after i mark the box to enable it.02:19
cuzntunitypunk needs help enabling his nvidia video card..02:34
cuzntunitypunk is it disabled in your bios?02:34
cuzntthats first02:34
dr_williswhat has he done to enable it so far.. is the firs question.. and what specific kind of card...02:34
unitypunkits on board02:34
cuzntim out02:35
Craihhgneycould anyone please help me with janusVM in ubuntu?02:35
dr_willisCraihhgney,  never heard of it.02:35
dr_willisunitypunk,   You have used the restricted-drivers gui tool to install the proper nvidia drivers yet?02:36
dr_willisNormally its got an icon at the top right.. and in the menus, its called like hardware-drivers, or somthing.02:36
unitypunktop right pf?02:36
dr_willisor from a terminal its like ' jokey-SOMTHING'02:36
unitypunkoh yeah02:37
dr_willisTop right of the panel, normally first time ya log in theres a icon/popup02:37
unitypunki check the box02:37
unitypunkfor the driver02:37
unitypunkand get E: nvidia-glx: subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 202:37
cuzntJanusVM (June-2007) Release  Because of two exploits found with Samba and PPTPD, plus the latest Tor update, we are encouraging existing users to update to the new version immediately! If you have not tried JanusVM, now would be a great time! It's FREE, open source, and protects your privacy when used at home or on the road.02:37
cuzntthat one?02:37
cuzntfrom here http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=17677602:39
dr_willisunitypunk,  so it seems it wants the nvidia-glx package for your card. I would try installing it from the termial with the following 2 commands.02:39
dr_willis'sudo apt-get update && sudo  apt-get upgrade'     then 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx'02:39
cuzntcraugggney the link to download janusvm is a dead link.. it appears not to be02:42
cuzntmmm i type well dont i?02:42
dr_willisFirefox can't find the server at janusvm.peertech.org.02:44
dr_willishttp://peertech.org/ also nothing02:45
dr_willisI think thers some server issues going on.02:45
unitypunkdr_willis: http://pastebin.com/m52aa46002:45
cuzntand june 2007 is a long time ago software wise02:45
unitypunkis what happened after upgrade02:45
dr_willisunitypunk,  looks like your package manager  is a tad 'confused' about somting getting half way installed.. Not sur what the best way to get it back in line would be.02:46
dr_williscould try the various 'force' options to apt-get02:47
dr_willisbut ive rarely ever had to do that02:47
unitypunkidk how to force something02:47
dr_willisapt-get remove -force nvidia-glx02:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about apt-geyt02:48
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)02:48
dr_willisThe line of interest is -  "1 not fully installed or removed."02:48
dr_willisso either it needs to be forced to remove, or forced to install.. :)02:48
dr_willisthe following 'might' get it going.. it might mess things up badly also -->       sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:49
dr_willisOR ---->    sudo apt-get remove --purge  nvidia-glx02:50
dr_willisIve not had to 'fix' apt very much. so not sure whats the best way to fix this issue is.. Im checking the forums  where i searched for 'not fully installed or removed' and found several hits/tips02:51
cuzntmaybe it is stuck?02:54
cuznti try             sudo dpkg --configure -a02:54
cuzntsometimes when its stuck02:54
dr_williswell its not 'not configured' it seems to be half installed..02:55
dr_willisbyt thats another tio try command. :)02:55
DarthFrogI don't think you can force apt-get.  You'd have to use dpkg directly to force things.02:56
unitypunki can force it to reinstall02:57
dr_willisforce it to remove, then reinstall02:57
DarthFrogTry "apt-get -f install"02:57
unitypunksame thing02:58
dr_williswhat 'same thing'02:58
dr_williswhats the error?02:58
unitypunksubprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 202:58
dr_willisapt-get -f remove02:59
DarthFrog-f means fix, not force.03:01
unitypunkmarked it for reinstalation03:01
unitypunkannd it went through03:01
unitypunkall gravy like..03:01
KingOfDosi've got a strange problem with the panels at kubuntu 8.1003:13
ubottuAlpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!03:13
KingOfDoscurrently everything is removed from it (except the current applications)03:13
dr_willisadd new plasmids back to it.03:13
KingOfDoswhen i'll add the K-menu again to it, that will center and cover everything.03:13
dr_willisthen unlock the panel with that cashew at the side. and move them around.03:14
dr_willisand thats the extent of my kde4 knowledge..:) i dont use it much.03:14
jmodyeah you can add take away  anything you like03:14
KingOfDoswhehe, indeed. that should work normaly (i'll guess, now i'd see the option)03:15
KingOfDosbut i can move the K-menu only up and down the panel, and the panel is at the bottom of my screen.03:16
KingOfDosbut anyhow. needs all beta software to be discussed in #ubuntu+1? or is there a special kubuntu beta channel (like #kubuntu+1?)?03:17
knioletonly ubuntu+1 i think03:18
Bartman84Can anyone help me with an Xserver Issue?03:36
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Bartman84When I try to update my video driver (ATI) I get an error while running the auto installer.  X Server Not Found03:40
dr_willis'auto installer' ? what auto-installer?03:46
Linux_Galoreanyone know what the default version of xorg in intrepid is ?04:02
Linux_Galoreyeah that seems correct04:05
Linux_Galorejust trying to find why the ati driver is hit and miss and only randomly works04:05
dr_willisAnd thats different fromhow ati drivers have been for the last few years - how exactly Linux_Galore  ? :)04:07
Linux_Galoredr_willis: well when I activate the driver then logout /restart X it either leaves me at a blank screen then i force a shutdown (use the off button) and reboot into recovery mode then use the OSS radeon driver and Im fine, but sometimes it takes and the ati driver works04:12
dr_willisLinux_Galore,  i recall a bug with the ati drivers ages ago where if i loged out of X it would bivce me a black screen. I had to edit the gdm/kdm configs and enable the 'always resstart X server' option04:13
dr_willisit affected  just the fglrx driver, not the radeon driver.04:14
Linux_Galorewhen I login after the recovery mode swaps me back to the open radeon driver I see a notice regarding settingsmanager crashing04:14
Linux_Galoredr_willis: this is the new driver04:14
dr_willisTry booting without using GDM/KDm and see if you can 'startx' and quit and get back to a normal screen/start X again..04:14
dr_willisIt may be the same issue/bug poping up again,,, or a totally new bug04:15
dr_willisit wouldent hurt to enble the  'always restart X server' setting i imagine04:15
Linux_Galoredr_willis: you mean do a standard Xinit boot and see if I can get a raw X session ?04:15
Linux_Galoredr_willis: what I fond amusing is that there isnt a captcha script to make sure the desktop has actually started, if not drop you to a vga mode04:16
dr_willisyea.. or just disable  the kdm/gem service.. and see if 'startx' works fine.04:16
dr_willisOn mylaptop i did that  boot to login: use startx for a while till i researched the other fix's04:17
dr_willisthis was on a x200m video card04:17
Linux_Galoreok Im going to enable the ati driver then do a none kdm/gdm login04:18
tjhessHi there.  I am having trouble with my DVD drives.  I am getting errors from K3B, xine, and Kaffeine.  Nothing is working.  Can someone help me with my setup?  TIA04:18
MrKennietjhess: what errors are you getting?04:19
tjhessfrom xine: There is no input plugin available to handle "dvd:/"04:20
tjhessfrom xine: Maybe you don't have enough rights for this or source doesn't contain data (eg disc not in drive) (dev/dvd)04:21
dr_williscould be the /dev/dvd link is incorrect also04:21
MrKennietjhess: does /dev/dvd exist? ls /dev/dvd in konsole04:21
dr_williscan k3b burn disks?04:21
MrKennietjhess: sorry, ls -l /dev/dvd04:22
tjhesslrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 2008-10-17 12:12 /dev/dvd -> scd004:22
mixed1234anyone knows how to disable the annoying auto scrolling between deskstops by moving the mouse cursor???04:23
mixed1234anyone knows how to disable the annoying auto scrolling between deskstops WHEN moving the mouse cursor???04:23
tjhessWould you like to see my fstab entry?04:23
mixed1234tjhess, if youre a female I would like to see your fstab entry :-)04:24
MrKennietjhess: you say xine, you;re using xine-ui or is that output from kaffeine?04:25
tjhessthat's xine04:26
owner wat is this this is my 1st time here?04:27
tjhessThe source can't be read.04:27
tjhessMaybe you don't have enough rights for this, or source doesn't contain data (e.g: no disc in drive). (/dev/dvd)04:27
tjhessKaffeine: No plugin found to handle this resource (dvd://)04:27
mixed1234Dr_Willis, are you there?04:27
tjhess10:26:47 PM: xine: cannot find input plugin for MRL [dvd://]04:27
tjhess10:26:47 PM: xine: input plugin cannot open MRL [dvd://]04:27
tjhess10:26:44 PM: xine: found input plugin : DVD Navigator04:27
owner wat is this?04:27
MrKennietjhess: do you have libdvdcss installed?04:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xine04:28
ubottuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs04:28
tjhesslibdvdcss2, version 1.2.9-2medibuntu404:28
MrKennietjhess: ok04:28
dr_willismixed1234,  thats a kde/pager setting last i looked..  I have it set where it auto scrolls if i am dragging a window04:29
mixed1234Dr_willis, did I wake you?  My apologies!  In between, do you know how to disable the annoying auto scrolling between deskstops WHEN moving the mouse cursor???04:29
dr_willisIm not in kde right now - so cant look.04:29
mixed1234dr_willis, if I take my mouse cursor and I just scroll the pointer down without clicking on anything the desktop changes automatically to the next one, i have been unable to fix that04:30
dr_willisbottom of the screen goes to the next desktop?04:31
MrKennietjhess: in kaffeine, if you edit the xine engine parameters, chand the dvd media device to scd0 and see if that works.04:31
mixed1234dr_willis, thanks anyway, KDE screwed up my distro good this time, I can't shutdown my machine if i'm in gnome, i have to exit out of gnome first04:31
tjhessMrKennie: trying that now04:31
mixed1234dr_willis, precisely, if I go past the screen on one deskstop it'll automatically take me to the next deskstop, this happened after I installed compiz04:32
mixed1234dr_willis, good idea! just disable compiz all together, goodbye eye candy!04:32
dr_willismixed1234,  there ya go.. its a compiz setting i imagine.04:32
dr_willisproberly just a plugin you need to disable04:32
tjhessMrKennie: Same errors04:33
tjhessThe source can't be read.04:33
tjhessMaybe you don't have enough rights for this, or source doesn't contain data (e.g: no disc in drive). (/dev/scd0)04:33
mixed1234dr_willis, I tried every setting imaginable in compiz but i'll give it a try either way, thanks!04:33
MrKennietjhess: are you able to browse the dvd using konqueror or dolphin?04:34
tjhessMrKennie: yes04:34
MrKennietjhess: can you see which device you are browsing at the time?04:35
MrKennieeg: /media/scd004:35
Linux_Galorewell disabling kdm/gdm in intrepid then starting Xorg still crashes with the ati driver04:35
tjhessMrKennie: system:/media/scd1/04:35
MrKennietjhess: ah, so you need to change from scd0 to scd104:36
tjhessHave two DVD writers (DVD+R, DVD+-R)04:36
dr_willisLinux_Galore,  bummer..04:36
Linux_Galoredr_willis: I cant even do the old ctrl+alt+backspace get out of jail04:36
tjhessMrKennie: Aha!  Trying this out.04:36
tjhessMrKennie:  It plays now!  Checking K3B out now.04:38
tjhessMrKennie:  Thanks for getting Kaffeine working!!!04:39
MrKennietjhess: great! np.04:39
MrKenniek3b should automagically recognise any writers you have. I've only ever had 1 recorder at a time, though.04:41
dr_williskb3 has a setup tool/feture that i think rescans04:42
mixed1234dr_willis, you dont use KDE?  You use gnome then?04:42
dr_willisIm not using either at this time. :)04:43
mixed1234dr_willis, what do you normally prefer to use if I may know?04:43
dr_willis The machine behind me has linux on it but its updating04:43
dr_willisI use whatever i feel like at the time. Been using Jwm+Rox-Filer lately04:43
mixed1234dr_willis, yes, the kernel was updated to *.21 version04:43
MrKennieI keep trying diff desktops and wms but seem to end up back with kde3 everytime04:45
tjhessMrKennie:  K3B is not working.04:46
tjhessMrKennie: Error is - K3b was unable to mount medium ArrestedDevelopment (Video DVD) in device ATAPI - DVD+RW 4X4X1204:46
MrKennietjhess: if you go to settings -> configure k3b04:46
MrKennieoh wait, what are you trying to do?04:47
tjhessRip DVD04:47
tjhessRip to disk04:47
dr_willisI just use dvd::rip for that. :)04:48
dr_willisor k9copy04:48
MrKennietjhess: well, you can check the k3b settings. Under media it should show all read-only and writable devices you have04:51
tjhessMrKennie/dr_willie: K9copy is copying now to iso file04:52
tjhessBut K3b still isn't working04:52
unitypunkis there a way i can just put a bash right on the taskbar..04:53
unitypunkinstead of a search04:53
unitypunka line to console.04:53
tjhessMrKennie/dr_willie: thanks for the help.  I'll have to take care of K3b another time.  Much thanks again.04:53
MrKennieunitypunk: konsole you mean?04:54
MrKennieunitypunk: you can drag it from the menu to whereever you want it04:55
unitypunki mean like..04:55
unitypunki cant think of how to explain.04:55
unitypunki want a line on my task bar to be a shell04:57
dr_willisIve seen 'command line' applets befor04:58
dr_willisor use katapult04:58
unitypunka commandline applet04:58
dr_willisor use yakuake04:58
MrKennietah, yakuake is cool04:59
MrKenniethere is a run command applet but not sure if that's what you want05:00
unitypunkif i need to kill a process05:01
unitypunki dont wanna open a konsole05:01
unitypunkjust wanna type kill etc in a box on the taskbar05:02
dan__hello there. can anyone tell me if its possible to open docx files on openoffice3?05:03
yousefwhat kind of process?05:04
MrKenniedocx is the new ms office format right?05:04
yousefopenoffice3 is supposed to be able to open docx05:04
yousefbut you can still open docx with older versions05:04
yousefwith less compatibility05:04
dan__yippee! thanks yousef! :) ooo is cool very cool!05:04
dr_willismake an icon to the 'xkill' command  :)05:07
yousefif its just a window you want to kill05:08
MarshWiggleis this an appropiate place to ask a kubuntu support question?05:16
MarshWiggleThanks. I was using kubuntu 8.04 Hardy (KDE4 remix), and just used the distro upgrade feature to upgrade to 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Beta. It all seemed to go well, but now I cannot log in.05:18
MarshWiggleI can get to the login screen, but logging into KDE takes me to the splash screen and only three of the icons load and then the screne just goes blank and returns to the login screen05:19
dr_willistry logging in at the console and see what happens?05:19
dr_williscould be a kde setting issue.. or a login issue.05:19
dr_willissounds like its a kde/settings issue from your description05:19
MarshWiggleah, but likewise the failsafe login just blanks myscreen for a moment abut returns to the login05:19
MarshWigglethanks, i'm not expecting the exact answer, just where i might be able to look05:19
dr_willisI would test by making a new user, see if they can login via kdm.05:20
dr_willisif so.. then that imples that somthing with the old users settings are causing an issue05:20
MarshWigglethanks i'll try that05:20
MarshWigglehow would I create a new user if I cannot get in, i feel a bit catch 2205:21
dr_willissee if you can login at the console....05:22
MarshWiggleokay, i'll go look up how to create a new user in the console05:23
dr_willissudo adduser username05:23
MarshWigglethank you05:23
MarshWiggleis that username a required field where i put the namer afterwards or do i substitute that?05:25
dr_willisit asks a lot of silly questions youjust hit enter05:25
dr_willisadduser billgates05:25
vikkuhi all05:59
vikkui ahve a spiderman cd how can i install it05:59
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dr_willisIf you mean you have a 'windows game' you wish to try to run under linux, you would do so using 'wine'06:03
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.06:03
Robb_MCan the Ubuntu Educational Addon cd be used with Kubuntu or is Gnome specific?06:22
dr_willisYou could always install gnome if you want under kubuntu - if it needs tnome06:28
dr_willisIn theory - the packages should grab any needed dependencies when they install06:28
Robb_Mim just asking because it said "Ubuntu"..not Gnome or KDE....Ubuntu has become almost generic these days.....heh.06:30
Robb_Mi mean the term itself...not the Distro...06:30
Robb_MI guess the only way to truly find out is...DIY06:31
Robb_Mso...let me get this straight...KDE4 variant of Kubuntu has no updates from canonical?06:32
dr_willisNo 'official' I gather..06:33
Robb_MI heard that from one of my buddies on the forum (I am a member of the beginner team of UF)06:33
dr_willisbut then ya get into whats community supported vs official, vs lts. vs.. whatever.. :)06:33
Robb_Mcommunity support only kinda made me wonder about the updates and stuff.....06:35
dr_willisIve gotten where i just use whats out.. and not worry about it. :) In 6mo there will be a new releae and all sorts of new toys06:36
Robb_Mand its not like i should be scared..as i did do the alpha/beta testing....06:37
dr_willisI just dont find kde4 that useabla at this time.. and its amazingly sluggish on my laptop06:40
Robb_Myeah someone else said that06:45
dr_willisAnd i am gettting constant 'video garbage' when the menus pop up and other quirks.06:49
dr_willisSo for now.. Im sticking with m jwm+rox-filer06:49
acee12345i have an ubuntu related question(asking because i got no responce on that channel) i tried to install drivers from the ati website because they were newer than those offered on synaptic but after i did that i did an update wich updated my kernel and upon reboot i got a completely yellow display(with working compiz) and was unable to reverse it so i formatted. now im starting anew and was wandering if one of you might walk me through it so i dont hose 06:55
acee12345version 8.0406:56
dr_willisI would try to get things working without using the ones from the ati web site.06:57
dr_willisMy 'prefered' order to try the things are 'hardware-manager/repos' then 'envyng' then if all else fails - the ones from ati/nvidia06:58
acee12345everything else does fail. for the brief time between when i loaded them to when i rebooted alot of my flickering broken video etc were fixed which was not the case under restricted driver install. doesnt symantec just package the same drive as is posted on ati?07:00
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dr_willisthe version in the repos - will tend to be a little bit older then the ones from ati07:03
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dr_willisbut the ones fro ati . normally have to be compiled/installed for each new kernel update - if you use them07:03
dr_willisenvyng - i hear is not quite up to date as the ones from ati..  but it automates it better07:04
acee12345how does ubuntu package them so such isnt necessary so i might do the same07:04
acee12345i got flamed the first time i started linux for using envy07:06
Robb_Macee12345: how long did you wait in #ubuntu before you gave up?07:07
acee12345first post was 4 hrs ago last one was 12 minutes07:08
Robb_Macee12345: yeah, those guys just didnt know....did you try posting on the forums as well?07:08
* Robb_M isnt trying to steer you away...just seeing what routes you took without results....07:09
acee12345not yet07:09
dr_willisproblem with nvidia and ati drivers.. are that often theres  issues with specific cards, and often issues with different versions.07:09
dr_willissome cards/setups just seem to have issues :(07:10
Robb_Mi know that ive had issues with my memory card reader since i started ubuntu....07:10
Robb_Mnot that this really relates to you...it kinda does..but yeah...07:10
acee12345i understand that it worked great untill i updated my kernel07:10
sigraanyone know how to make your display picture show up to others in kopete?  I selected avatar but not showing to others07:10
dr_willisIve had some issues with built-in-non-usb laptop-media-card readers.. thats often due to the varity of the readers.07:10
Robb_Mi think its more kernel relate....yeah.......07:10
Robb_M^ dr_willis I totally agree with that statement....07:11
dr_willisGetting close enought now - you may want to 'try' 8.10 release.07:11
acee12345is there a way to turn off the kernel update07:11
dr_willisIt proberly has newer drivers for the cards07:11
Robb_M8.10 is insanely stable ATM07:11
acee12345i may giive it a go the drivers were release through ati 4 days ago07:12
Robb_Macee12345: you might be able to force the current version of kernel to stay the same...with pinning07:12
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto07:12
Robb_Mit doesnt let the version update as far as i know....it just ignores future versions....07:13
acee12345any major draw backs to not update a kernel often?07:13
Robb_Myou pin that version.....07:13
Robb_Macee12345: security holes.....07:14
Robb_Macee12345: ^ biggie07:14
acee12345so i just need to be sure i reinstall the xorg every time i update the kenel07:14
Robb_Macee12345: i would update the kernel often if i were you, even if the component doesnt work...it MIGHT in the future..so...update as often as possible.....07:14
acee12345untill its released through apt-get07:14
* Robb_M nods...i think thats a safe way to go....07:15
acee12345ok, any special procedures to manul install of drivers07:16
acee12345i havent installed restricted yet, running on mesa07:16
Robb_Mnot that im aware of07:16
* Robb_M points to the other guys...unless they have something i dont07:17
acee12345i notice that ati doesnt support xorg 7.4 how does 8.10 get around that07:18
Robb_Mi havent been playing around with 8.10 so i couldnt tell you....07:18
Robb_MI believe we are steering away from xorg in the future.....07:18
acee12345oh, what will replace it?nvidia?07:19
sigraI run 8.10 kubuntu. solid stable for me here.  i just cannot get kopete to display my picture to other contacts..is my only problem07:19
Robb_Macee12345: im not sure actually....looking it up though :)07:20
* Robb_M shrugs07:23
Robb_Mall attempts fail07:23
Robb_M(google doesnt know)07:24
acee12345i looked too, nothin07:24
acee12345brother is demanding internet so i must resign my computer. thank you for your help07:24
acee12345thank you to dr_willis07:25
Robb_Msure acee1234507:26
=== user_ is now known as Zantetsuken
=== Zantetsuken is now known as Gadoken
Gadokenquery: if I install *buntu 8.10 beta, will I be able to cleanly upgrade to *buntu 8.10 come Oct. 30?07:39
baudthiefnah, your machine will catch fire07:40
Gadokendamn I knew it!07:40
* baudthief further pretends to know what he's doing07:40
dr_willisOf course you can07:40
GadokenI just don't feel like reinstalling every  6 months, but 8.10 Kubuntu has stuff I want07:40
dr_willisI perfer to reinstall every 6 mo. :)07:41
Gadokenok thank you guys07:41
Gadokenanyone on the Kubuntu beta presently?07:41
=== Gadoken is now known as FALCON_PAUUNCH
baudthiefgah, viewing gadoken's link crashed my X lol07:47
FALCON_PAUUNCHI was wondering what happened there07:47
FALCON_PAUUNCHdid you get to see it?07:47
FALCON_PAUUNCH<---Gadoken :)07:48
baudthiefnah it openned in Konqueror, trying it in firefox now :P07:48
baudthieffreakin konqueror07:48
FALCON_PAUUNCHthe khtml crashes for some reason07:48
baudthiefbiggest explosion ever :P07:51
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHbit much don't you think07:51
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHdownloading the beta ^__^07:52
baudthiefgod dammit, I hate how youtube is flooded with AMVs07:53
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHcultural thing07:54
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHman KDE4 is fricken' sexy imo07:54
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHI want my dang multimedia button support07:54
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHunsure about installing beta though07:54
baudthiefkde4 is terrible :P07:55
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHI must respectfully disagree07:55
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHand I think 8.10 is only KDE4?07:55
vkep4etoздрасти има ли българи на линия в този ранен час07:55
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHof course you could install KDE3 in an alternate user session, but meh07:56
baudthiefI manually installed it yesterday, I much preferred kde3.5 w/compiz fusion :\07:56
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHI like both to be honest, just lately have a preference for the one07:56
tamaravkep4eto: /join #ubuntu-bg07:56
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHI originally installed 8.04 with KDE3 tbh :P07:57
baudthiefsame :P07:57
baudthiefI guess it depends what you use it for, I've got a dual head setup at home, and couldnt for the life of me figure out how to add an external taskbar to the second screen under KDE4, all the options I'm used to have changed07:57
baudthiefits like moving from XP to vista :P07:57
tamaraHi! I can't change names of shortcuts on the Desktop.07:58
dr_willisI find kde4 at this time to be unbearably sluggish on my laptop.07:58
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHyou can't just add another task bar and drag it over?07:58
baudthiefdr_willis: agrteed07:58
baudthiefFALCON_PAUUUUNCH: Couldnt find teh option, only "add a widget"07:58
baudthiefnothing about external taskbars etc07:58
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHmy laptop is completely compatible, its just as fast (if not faster)07:58
tamaraIn terminal, when I type ls -l, it shows with modified names, but on the Desktop the are still with old names.07:58
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHbut I have an intel chipset07:58
baudthieftamara: wow, thats surprisingly awkward :P07:59
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHmaybe 8.10 baud07:59
dr_willisI got an nvidia card. and got constant video glitzes under kde4 - ive not tried it on the desktop box yet.07:59
baudthiefmaybe, I left it installed anyway, but I select kde3.5 in the session manager before logging in, I'm sure it'd improve alot after some time07:59
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHeven with the nvidya drivers?07:59
INIT_7don't really know what to search for to fix this issue. When trying to play a video off my server on my laptop it will download the video before playing. Is there a way to just stream the video off the server?07:59
dr_willisFALCON_PAUUUUNCH,  yes with the nvidia drivers.07:59
tamaraBefore this I removed entirely my home folder (but got another one with adduser)08:00
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHhm that sucks08:00
baudthiefINIT_7: yeah, you can find "SMB transport" under package transfers like synaptic that work with VLC08:00
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHI love the WM in KDE 4, sexeh stuff08:00
dr_willisINIT_7,  several ways to do it.. if its a samba server, mount the shares so they appear as local directroies - is one way08:00
baudthief*package managers08:00
dr_willisfusesmb - is handy - it can mount the while windows shares/network to one directory you can browse08:00
INIT_7I will try that dr_willis because I know how to mount smb shares08:01
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHhum never tried that08:01
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHVLC can't do it automagically?08:01
baudthiefapparently not08:02
baudthiefit caches the whole file locally before playing08:02
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHhuh interesting08:02
baudthiefI fixed it by installing a plugin a while ago, but I cant for the life of me remember what it was called :P08:02
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHnever tried tbh, never needed to08:02
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHnote to self08:03
baudthiefwow, I really need to poop, but thers no TP to be found in this bathroom at work08:04
baudthiefshould I like, poop first and work out the TP later?08:04
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHsandpaper/paper towels are an option if available08:05
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHperhaps the janitor's head08:05
baudthiefhmm, I could walk to the service station up the road and buy TP, but then my intentions would be obvious08:05
FALCON_PAUUUUNCH"This gentleman is obviously about to crap his pants...look at all this toilet paper."08:06
FALCON_PAUUUUNCH"Sir, you sicken me."08:06
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHwhere do you live, Australia?08:07
baudthiefyep :P08:07
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHservice station gave it away :D08:07
baudthiefwas gonna say servo :P08:07
baudthief"service station" sounds like a brothel08:08
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHhow much is gas in Aussie dollars btw?08:08
baudthief$1.47 today08:08
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!08:08
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHper pint?08:09
kebomixFree Programming ebooks With Direct Links & Request ebooks Here http://request-ebooks.blogspot.com/08:09
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHok meh, no one is talking in here08:09
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHI'm trying to use the money conversion tool in Kubuntu, please help08:09
INIT_7mounting works perfect. and it's nicer to just have the network shares mounted right on the computer and not have to browse to it every time thanks again dr_willis08:09
dr_willisINIT_7,  yep. I really dislike how gnome/kde file manager does the whole browsing shares stuff.. causes a lot of little issues08:10
INIT_7yeah, does kde4 fix any of that08:10
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHwhat do you mean?08:11
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHits like Windows08:11
baudthiefonly in windows most apps recognise UNC paths heh08:11
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHman you guys pay like $6 for gas08:12
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHthat's crazy....er, Kubuntu....tech stuff...et cet I'm on topic o_O08:12
dr_willisGas is Just under $3 us a Gallon here.08:12
dr_willisUS yes08:12
baudthiefhaha holy crap, 1 gallon = 3.78 litres08:13
baudthiefwe're getting screwed08:13
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHyou are getting hosed yeah08:13
baudthiefI mean err, wow KDE4 sucks08:13
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHhosed as much as the data pipelines...in my handy KDE4 window manager! yeah!08:13
baudthiefI'd like to insert my flashdisk, and mount it08:14
baudthief...if you know what I mean08:14
baudthiefwhoa it hapepnned automatically08:15
baudthiefI didnt even know USB worked on this install!08:15
* baudthief <3 kubuntu08:15
jussi01Seriously, please take the non support chatter to #kubuntu-offtopic08:15
* baudthief goes away08:16
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHJuss, we are having a D e s k t o p  R e l o v e l u t i o n here08:16
* dr_willis goes back to testing out 8.1008:16
FALCON_PAUUUUNCHmeh, I got my question answered08:16
daleachhey, I should be embarrassed to ask this but, I'm thinking of getting a dell, and using the video card from this PC.  It comes with an integrated video card.  Can I later add in a pci card?  In general (?) and particularly will ubuntu of course.  Sorry, I know nothing about integrated video cards :(08:23
=== george_ is now known as wesleyp
daleach*with ubuntu08:23
dr_willisDepends on what the motherboard supports.08:23
wesleypHey all. I am trying to copy and paste a folder over one in my USR dir, how do I do this with root privledges?08:23
dr_willisI would hope any new machine would have a PCI-Express slot free for video card upgrades08:24
daleachdr_willis , grr i thought u might say that heh08:24
dr_williswesleyp,  best to use the shell. and the sudo command.08:24
daleachright so if it has pci express.. then08:24
wesleypwhat sudo copy /home/file /usr/file >08:24
dr_williswesleyp,  or cheat like i do.. install mc, then run 'sudo mc' and that way you got a handy file manager you can run as root. :)08:24
daleachit would probably be doable right?08:24
wesleypnice i'll do that08:24
daleachwhat would you do disable the integrated via software08:25
dr_willisthe command to copy is 'cp' and you will need to use some artuments to do it recursively08:25
daleachI have been so removed from the whole hardware and gaming world heh08:25
dr_willisdaleach,  yea. I would be SURE to check the machines and be sure it has a 'pci-express slot' avail for upgrades08:25
wesleypdaleach: i like your style. <GUI all the way for me08:25
wesleyp<hard core gamer08:26
dr_willis'hard core drinker' :)08:26
wesleypWish I had a mod to post my pc info to channel but Im running Dual Core E2180 2.0Ghz, 4 gigs of ram and two 8600 SLI mode08:27
wesleypwhich runs everything I throw at it currently08:27
daleachI'm a programmer who doesn't know about these hardware advancements :-\08:27
unitypunkwhy cant i access the drive wubi is installed on08:28
daleachbtw wesleyp yeah u can prob do .. it through the gui08:28
daleachin kde right? there's a way to go admin mode or something i forgot08:28
vkep4etowhere I can get security updates ?08:28
wesleypthere no ubuntu binary for MC daleach?08:29
daleachi'm in blackbox now my kwin broke does anyone knwo about this one?08:29
daleachi wasn't the one who recommended mc :)08:29
wesleyperr sorry08:29
daleachvkep4eto if you do sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade you should be good...if your sources file is left the way it was  or are you doing stuff more complicated?08:30
wesleypvk left08:31
daleachhah mc u guys meant midnight commander?08:31
daleachdidn't realize it08:32
dr_willismc is in the repos08:32
dr_willisYes. :)08:32
daleachand yes08:32
dr_willismc = midnioght commander08:32
daleachi was just going ot say08:32
daleachits there08:32
wesleypone more thing, Id like to upgrade to KDE4 from KDE3 but last time I did that, it gave me double menus in my Kicker. So I am assuming I have to upgrade then remove KDE3?08:32
daleachsudo apt-get install mc08:32
daleachu mean 3->4?08:32
wesleypgonna have to add some, u know which repos?08:32
daleachif u do08:32
wesleypyeah kde3 upgraded to 408:32
daleachsudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade08:33
daleachid' imagine08:33
daleachu'd be able to see mc08:33
daleachhow long ago did u install ubuntu?08:33
dr_willismc + screen handy. :)08:33
daleachdr_willis he shoudl see mc no problem right? like we can?08:33
dr_willis!info mc08:33
ubottumc (source: mc): midnight commander - a powerful file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:4.6.1-8ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 2059 kB, installed size 5944 kB08:33
dr_willisIts in universe repo.08:33
daleachok so, if I have a pci express slot i should be good you guys think? hehe08:34
daleachits funny because,08:35
wesleypwhats the shell command for Dolphin?08:35
daleachi wonder if i order the video card08:35
wesleypdaleach: what was your full questions? as im running dual pci express cards08:35
daleachbtw dolphin08:36
daleachopens it08:36
daleachwell so, i'm thinking of getting hits pc with integrated08:36
daleach*if* it has a pci express slot i'm sure it does i can prob find that out though in the spec ithink08:36
daleachanyway, can i put one in and overide (turn off completely) the integrated gpu?08:37
daleachat the Operating system level i g uess08:37
daleachits funny I think the system i'm getting there's an option for 2 cards, prob using same motherboard WITH the integrated gpu anyway hah08:37
Nyquist333how do you get the free space listed on a drive, ls does not do it?08:38
wesleypyeah you can08:39
wesleypwell it deponds on the bios some you can, you can only limit the rma you are giving it08:39
wesleypram even08:39
wesleypWhy not just buy a mobo without integrated graphics, much better in the long run08:39
wesleypPlus you can build it yourself at a cheaper cost08:40
dr_willisNyquist333,  'df' command08:40
wesleypuse newegg.com and if you would like you can tell me what you want and i can set you up a shopping cart with compatible hardware and then email you the shopping cart so you can review it08:41
daleachNyquist333 u want to do df -h08:47
daleachfor human08:47
daleachin megabytes08:47
daleachheh wesleyp thanks for the offer08:48
daleachone of the reasons i'm leaning towards dell is i need windows also :-\08:48
daleacha real legal version etc08:48
daleachand its lookin like ap retty good deal08:48
daleach699 2 quad core hah08:48
daleach4 gigs in 2 dimm08:49
daleachits funny one of the things prompting this is my windows xp box finally since 2003 got a virus.. (i run dual boot) i have some .net programming to do, and I have no time to filter through my hard drive now, i guess i could buy another hard drive and use that but i don't want to reinstall a windows don't have a disk etc..08:50
wesleypthats not bad daleach if it includes windows08:50
daleachyeah right?08:50
daleachthat's what i was thinking08:50
daleachthey have such a strong deal with windows usually08:51
daleachi think it gets cheaper to build ur own with higher models08:51
wesleypyeah doesnt sound too bad, for that price you could get an sli rig and more hard drive space but in turn ur getting a 200 dollar os08:51
daleachthey don't have good grpahics cards often etc.. and i don't need a better powr supply etc..08:51
daleachnot really getting it for gaming.. i'll get some other stuff for that again eventually08:51
daleach500 gb hard drive space will be enough for me for now08:52
wesleypwith that price u can get quad proc, good pci express video card, 750 gig HD 4 gigs of ram and 750w ps08:52
wesleyppossibly a second video card08:52
wesleypim about to spend 3k to upgrade this box of mine08:53
daleachhah nice08:53
daleachyou working or a kid or wha?08:53
daleachI guess you work right?08:53
wesleypits not bad as it is but i was to SLI 3 video cards and get a quad 3ghz proc at 120w08:54
daleachI figure since I am in the field, etc... one of these days i'll get some super duper alienware or build one myself etc..08:54
daleachmy brother got an alienware, we REALLY like it, its pretty sweet actually08:54
wesleypbut i am waiting 30 days to see if a new socket is gonna be released or not, theres news of more powerful processors over a new socket comming out dont know if its true or not, if it is i'll buy a new mobo in the base socket class untill more powerful come out08:55
wesleypalienware is over rated inless ur getting an aw laptop08:55
daleachheh, you're a hardcore enthusiast that's cool heh08:55
wesleypyou cant beat the laptops but as far as desktops go, for the price you can build a better machine and even water cool it if ur willing to risk the buck08:56
daleachyeah laptops are always another story08:56
daleachI had a bunch of friends at school08:56
daleachthat did a whole bunch of weird stuff08:56
daleachwith controls for cooling and lighting and stuff08:56
wesleypi dont personally like em because when you pack that much hardware in that small frame your giving up somthing, be it power, performance, cooling08:56
daleachkind of fun08:56
wesleypyour giving something up, now for work, and my wife  i have a couple of lap tops beyond using mine for work i dont use it08:57
wesleypmy brother is a big time programmer who gets a new laptop every 6 months or so, i just buy his hand me downs08:58
wesleypwhats the command to make a .bin executable chmod +x or something?08:59
daleachdepends if u need nah08:59
daleachdon't do sudo08:59
daleachtry without08:59
daleachwhat are u installing that's a .bin? should be careful most things should be like untar and ./configure, make, make install in the *nix environment i'd think if ur not using apt that is09:00
wesleypheres the problem its a .bin file, i just did chmod +x to make it executable and it ran kate when i clicked it09:01
daleachyeah u have to do09:01
daleachit from the shell is easiest09:01
daleachu have ot type09:01
wesleypIts an open source mmorpg game 300 megs in size09:01
daleachof the file name (with the .bin at the end)09:01
wesleypthere we go09:01
daleachafter u chmod it09:01
wesleypthat did it09:01
daleachyeah when u don't do ./09:02
daleachit looks in the $PATH variable type "echo $PATH" to see your path09:02
daleachand . isn't in it, you could put it there but that would be BADDDD09:02
daleachold security threat and well it'd probably just break things in your case heh09:02
daleachactually it still is a security threat heh09:03
daleachbut yeah that's why you need to do that09:03
wesleypnice i'll remember that09:03
daleachheh k09:03
daleachactually for the games to09:03
daleachecho $PATH09:03
wesleypim a nix noob, I mean i have used it off and on since i was 13, and im 26 now09:03
daleachu shoudl write it down09:03
daleachi started 1609:03
daleachand i'm 2509:03
wesleypso for a while I just never retained anything and back then it all seemed like a struggle to do anything, even get drivers and my network card working09:04
daleachbut i've done programming etc, i work in the field and stuff so yeah09:04
daleachand like i've actually learned and forgot things a bunch of times to09:04
daleachthat happens09:04
daleachbut you get better, and things start to make more intuitive sense i guess09:04
daleachand these days you don't even need to be as much of an expert i guess09:05
wesleyplol no you dont09:06
wesleypits all plug and play now09:06
wesleypwhich I like09:06
wesleypand K/Ubuntu is my fav distro yet09:06
wesleypthough one thing I miss is bitchx09:07
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines09:07
wesleyplol gonna download it09:07
daleachbitchx was irc right?09:07
daleachyeah u can get it i'm sure09:07
daleachlook for it in aptitude09:08
daleachhold on09:08
daleachi wonder if they finally changed the name09:08
wesleypi dont think its in apt09:08
daleachare you using xchat btw?09:08
wesleypno Konversation09:08
daleachxchat is badass09:08
wesleypIve used it before09:09
daleachi dno't know i never tried it maybe i should09:09
daleachkonversation that is09:09
wesleypi think there is a bitch UI for it09:09
wesleypkonversation just comes with KDE it looks like Xchat09:09
daleacha skin or theme or something09:09
wesleypnothing special09:09
wesleypI use to wine mIRC09:09
wesleypi love mIRC09:09
dr_willisI would say somthing rude. :) but i wont..09:10
dr_willisPhhht.. :P09:10
dr_willisfor the record. I use xchat under linux and windows09:10
daleachi was just going to say how much i hate mirc hah09:10
daleachsame haha09:10
daleachwhich btw thanks for reminding me09:11
wesleyphow come u two hate mIRC?09:11
daleachi shoudl start using it for my .net stuff sure there is some chat somewhere09:11
wesleypI guess im stuck on it since i used it since i was 13 or 1409:11
wesleypand i used to script in it too09:11
daleachanother thing is09:11
daleachi'm using an all black background09:11
daleachcan u do that in mirc?09:11
daleachah ok09:11
daleachanywayz i'm out of here thanks guys09:12
wesleypheres the screwed up part I used mIRC with a linux IRCII type theme09:12
dr_willisxchat used to have black bg/scheme. but not for a long time . the xchat forums have links to color schemes09:12
daleachwesleyp i've seen u around b4 right?09:12
daleachwhat rooms do u hang out in?09:12
wesleyplate daleach09:12
daleachdo you program also? have i seen u in those09:12
wesleypno, im not much of a programmer, i have dabbled in java, php and .net09:13
wesleypbut nothing serious09:13
wesleypnothing worth looking at09:13
daleachgotcha, yeah i know u said u weren't too much linux but i was thinking maybe u just do windows stuff09:13
daleachso yeah maybe i've caught u in here b4 then09:13
wesleypasking newb ass questions09:13
daleachdr_willis I dunno i'm using a black background now09:14
daleachi guess i did it custom though?09:14
=== harry is now known as Guest13676
daleachusing old preferences i guess from back 2 years ago i guess so i don't remember how i did it, but i'm sure it wasn't too hard09:14
dr_willisTheres backgrounds, then theres color schemes. :)09:14
daleachi have everyone in a dif color on the left09:14
wesleypyeah its just a color scheme09:15
daleachmy typing in grey on09:15
daleachmsgs come out dif of course etc09:15
wesleypshit man its linus09:15
daleachreally good colors actually09:15
wesleypbrb bio then some mmo stuff09:15
daleachalright catch ya guys later09:16
wesleypOuch Im getting a nasty error:09:19
wesleyp./psclient.bin: error while loading shared libraries: libopenal.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:19
wesleypif anyone can help with that09:19
dr_willisinstall the missing libs09:20
dr_willisapt-cache search libopenal09:20
dr_willisand see whats there.09:20
wesleypaww nicee=09:21
=== timmy is now known as Guest19411
wesleypouch got another error09:22
wesleypcept i wouldnt paste it here as its serveral lines09:22
wesleypDEBUG: Sound System Software Renderer Initializing... theres a part of it09:22
wesleypmaybe sound issues09:22
wesleypin the setup theres only a tab to enable sound09:23
wesleypwonder how to make it use alsa09:23
Psychoholici can't seen to find qparted in adept is it under a diffrent name there09:24
dr_willisi always just use gparted09:24
dr_willis!find qtparted09:24
ubottuFound: qtparted09:24
dr_willis!info qtparted09:25
ubottuqtparted (source: qtparted): A parted frontend using QT. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.5-2ubuntu14 (hardy), package size 205 kB, installed size 712 kB09:25
Psychoholici see ptparted09:25
dr_willisnote its qt parted.. not qparted09:25
Psychoholicmissed the t09:25
Psychoholic thakns09:25
=== ubuntu is now known as Nasj
unitypunkanyone know of an app that simulates teh macos quick bar09:44
* dr_willis has no idea what the macos quikbar does. :)09:45
unitypunkdr_willis:  you know the bar at the obttom of everything after like OSx?09:45
dr_willisTheres dozens of os-x like Docks out for linux09:46
apparleis katapult there for KDE409:47
NasjOk im in the middle of installing kubuntu09:52
Nasjright now09:52
NasjBut i want to install to a part of my storage HDD09:53
Nasjso i clicked manually for partitioning09:54
Nasjbut now i have to create like ext3 and such and swap09:54
Nasjand i dont now very much about that09:54
Nasjso is there someone here who can help me ?09:54
dr_willisYou need to resize whatever is on there. and free up some unallocated space.09:55
dr_willistheni normally tell the installer to use the unallocatged space and let it do the partitioning.09:55
dr_willisi normally resize the parittion using a gparted live cd..  :) but thats just me.. Not sure   about how the installer handles it.09:55
dr_willisif you are using Vista.. then Vista has a ntfs resize tool thats MUCH faster then gparted.09:56
Nasjthe installer gives a list of all my HDD09:56
Nasjno XP09:56
Nasja list of all my partitions of my HDD09:56
Nasjand howm uch is used or not09:56
Nasjik can09:57
NasjEdit Partition09:57
Nasjfor my storage HDD09:57
Nasjto resize it09:57
Nasjmaybe i just should download Gparted ?09:58
Nasjthats what im gonna do :p10:00
dr_willisI rarely do these complex tasks in the installer.. so cant walk ya through it10:02
NasjWell its working10:03
NasjI overlooked an option :D10:03
Nasjthanks for the help dr_willis ;p10:05
unitypunkdr_willis: ever used awm?10:05
dr_willis!info awn10:06
ubottuPackage awn does not exist in hardy10:06
dr_willisIf its that OS-X dock thing you are referingto.. i HATE most all of those docks10:06
unitypunkwich one did you like.10:06
dr_willisI use the normal kde panel.10:06
dr_willisall those docks were lacking in any real features that made things easier.. other then 'eye candy'10:07
unitypunkthats the issue im running into..10:07
wesleypwhats the chmod code to use to run a .bin file just chmod +x ?10:07
dr_willisthat makes it excutable.. correct10:09
dr_willisthat dosent 'run' it - it makes it runable10:09
ubottuOn IRC, if you own a nick that is currently being used, you can make it quit by typing: /msg nickserv GHOST <username> <password>10:21
eagleshow do i ghost my nic10:21
eaglesi cannot ghost my nic :(10:22
eaglesoh wait nm10:22
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Nasjisntallation went perfect10:22
Nasjwho knows a good MSN client ?10:51
eagles0513875Nasj: just use kopete10:52
eagles0513875its an all in one10:52
eagles0513875Nasj: or there is amsn which i dont like10:53
eagles0513875does anyone know if archive.ubuntu.com is down10:53
Nasjan all in one ?10:53
Nasjwhat else is there then ?10:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wincodecs10:56
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:56
jazmanany one tried suse10:56
jazmanany one used intrepid yet10:57
freaky_tim on intrepid X just broke when i upgraded i startet it myself now must be something with the nvidia drivers10:58
eagles0513875jazman: is on vm10:58
jazmannope not on vm10:58
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin11:00
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete11:00
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MannyHi, I would like to get some help to same my iptables settings.11:06
MitkOKHey, guys. Do you know how to configure DNS server in Kubuntu latest Interpid Ibex beat ?11:09
sokol /etc/resolv.conf ^))11:19
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eagles0513875i have an issue i just changed my router and got a new linksys wifi router and now i am having issues with slow internet connection apt is unable to resolve repository names and i am unable to load and download what i need11:28
sybuxhi all11:45
sybuxI'd like to use my server internet connection to surf on the web. Actually I connect to my server via ssh. Is it possible to make a "tunnel" for the http ?11:46
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zer0ohi guys i mounted my 4 hard drives by modifing my FSTAB, but i think ive done something wrong cuz sometimes they auto-mount at boot sometimes no, e.g.: my usb pendrive sometimes appears on the desktop as soon as jacked some other times no, same thing with my i-pod and amarok's collection sometimes desappears and i have to re-scan it all the times. here's my fstab http://paste.ubuntu.com/59241/ could someone check it and tell me where im wrong12:21
zer0o(kubuntu hardy heron 8.04 on kde 3.5.9) thanks12:21
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baudthiefhey guys, any idea what would cause my shortcut keys to stop working?12:23
baudthiefie: alt+f2 to run, F2 to rename, etc12:23
baudthiefrebooting didnt help12:23
baudthiefeven alt+f4 doesnt work anymore12:23
baudthiefnevermind, turns out this keyboard has a function-lock key that was turned off :P12:25
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:38
eagles0513875blackflag: O_o u need somethign equivalent to ad in server 200312:39
eagles0513875!ldap | blackflag#12:40
ubottublackflag#: LDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information and installation instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer12:40
eagles0513875!boinc | eagles051387512:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about boinc12:40
RurouniJonesWhat was AD a ripoff of again? It was aNovell product but I can't quite remember the name12:40
eagles0513875RurouniJones: dunno12:40
eagles0513875RurouniJones: 2ndly its off topic for this channel if you would like to talk bout something off topic join #kubuntu-offtopic12:41
RurouniJonesWell since he was after a linux equivalent of AD I thought it rather on-topic, but I digress12:42
eagles0513875RurouniJones: domains dont exist in linux u need ldap not sure exactly how that works tbh12:44
eagles0513875how do i set a pic as my desktop background12:45
eirik__Hello, can anyone help me with my Wireless problem?12:46
dr_williseirik__,  you may want to explain the problem in a bit more detail to the channel.12:46
serenitydoes anyone of you know, whether displaylink is supported by xorg?12:46
eirik__well, I just got a new laptop, and when I installed Kubuntu it couldn't find my wireless card. i eventually upgraded to intrepid, and now it finds the card, but it is not working, it's not scanning for networks12:48
eirik__as far as i can tell12:48
dr_willisIts possible - depending on the exactcard/chipset - you need to install some extra packages.12:48
eirik__I have a suspicion that it is because of the HW RF Kill message that shows up in dmesg12:48
blackflag<eagles0513875; yes I know that. But I need something with samba integration, cause I have also M$- clients12:49
eirik__There is a wireless switch with Fn+F2, but kubuntu doesn't seem to recognize that12:49
dr_willisnormally if the module gets loaded.. tha twill turn on the wireless card12:50
dr_willisor so it does on my 3 laptops12:50
blackflagI found ebox for that porpose, but I have DNS trouble wirh ebox, cause I can not Create the DNS Settings needed for M$-clients.12:50
blackflagIm looking for an alternate for ebox.12:51
eirik__what packages would that be?12:51
dr_willistheres somthing mentioning AD in the repos i just noticed..12:51
dr_willisGUI for Likewise Open Authentication service. Likewise Open12:51
blackflagSomeone knowing something or can give recommandations? How is it with fesora directory server on ubuntu?12:52
eirik__where are the repos? I'm sorry, I'm a noob12:52
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs12:52
dr_willisrepos = where the package managetrs get their packages from12:52
eirik__ok so how do I find that package?12:53
blackflagafaik likiese is only the client to connect linux to MS domain12:54
dr_willisYou need to determine your EXACT chipset, and if you evenneed anything else eirik__  it may just be a configuration issue12:54
eirik__ok chipset is Mobile Intel PM965 Express12:58
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX13:02
eirik__ini iwconfig it says access point: not-associated13:07
eirik__I followed the troubleshooting guide in the wifi documentation, but it says that I should check the MAC adress, of which there are none13:08
eagles0513875blackflag: what exactly are you trying to do13:09
eirik__so what do I do?13:10
blackflagI want an ldap server with samba , So that I have an authentication server for Linux and M$ clients13:11
eagles0513875blackflag: not sure how you would do that13:12
eagles0513875eirik__: try iwconfig in command line and ur mac address should be listed there13:12
eirik__well it's not13:13
eagles0513875eirik__: interesting hold on13:13
blackflagyes, ebox is achaice or fedora directory server im thinking13:13
dr_williswhat if the switch was OFF on the wireless ?13:13
eagles0513875eirik__: im going ot paste u a similar config but using ifconfig for my ethernet device13:13
eagles0513875blackflag: i have used ebox make sure u down load the plugins u need though if u dont ull be staring at a nice blank screen13:14
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox13:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about achaice13:14
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy13:14
eirik__Well there is no way I can physically change the switch. The only way seems to be pressing Fn+F213:14
eirik__which doesn't work13:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about installthemes13:14
dr_willis sudo iwconfig eth113:15
dr_willis -> dosent show the mac for my wireless card.. :)  my switch dosent seem to turn it on either.13:15
dr_willis!change themes13:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about change themes13:15
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes13:15
eirik__because kubuntu doesn't recognize it13:15
eagles0513875eirik__: what kinda card is it13:15
eirik__it's a intel PRO 496513:15
eagles0513875eirik__: have u checked their website13:16
NasjHow to install a downloaded theme ? :\13:16
eagles0513875dr_willis: how do i set a pic on kde4 to be my desktop backgrnd13:16
eirik__yes they only have support for windows13:16
eirik__but it says somewhere on the site that there is a hardware switch AND a software switch for the wireless card13:17
dr_willisI dont use kde4 eagles051387513:17
eirik__I think my hardware kill switch is on13:17
blackflagI have ebox installed. but having trouble for setting DNS entrys for MM$ clients13:17
eirik__and I don't know how to turn it off13:17
blackflagI can alnly do host records but also srv records are needed13:17
blackflagand I can not set it13:18
eagles0513875blackflag: dunno bro :(13:18
eagles0513875dr_willis: what you going to do once intrepid release with only kde413:18
dr_willisproberly start using gnome, or stick with jdm+rox-filer13:19
dr_willistesting out 8.10 ubuntu now inside virtualbox on a machine.13:19
eagles0513875dr_willis: same13:21
DarkSmokesomeone knows a prog to create slideshows please?13:21
dr_willistheres some neat 'tweaks and changes in 8.10 gnome' so far ive not had any issues.. but i will wait another 2 weeks+ befor i switch machines over..13:21
dr_willisOpenoffice has a presentation tool.13:22
dr_willisthat can do slide shows I think.. unless you want to clarify what youneed13:22
eagles0513875hey DarkSmoke13:22
eirik__so noone knows what I'm supposed to do?13:22
NasjIve download this theme its archived in tar.gz how do i install it ?13:23
eagles0513875!patience | eirik__13:23
ubottueirik__: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines13:23
DarkSmokeknow a prog for slideshow eagles0513875?13:23
dr_williseirik__,  with wireless - things can very greately.. best thing to do is to check the wireless docs. and forums for your exact card/chipset and see what others have had to do13:23
dr_willis!changethemes | Nasj13:23
ubottuNasj: To change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes13:23
eagles0513875DarkSmoke: open office presentation13:23
DarkSmokesuckz suckz13:24
DarkSmokecoudln't add photos to pages13:24
eirik__ok thanks13:24
Nasjdr_willis I have read that but still dont know how :(13:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about presentation13:24
DarkSmokeeagles0513875: you're being addicted to that bot... not good13:24
dr_willisNasj,  thing to rember is that  a 'theme' is made of different 'parts' basicially you drag/drop the package you got into the theme/appearance control panel tool and in theory it should load it up13:25
eagles0513875DarkSmoke: yes good13:25
eagles0513875i use presentation13:25
dr_willisNasj,  its also worth remberign that some theme 'packages' you download are totally goofy. and may need some work to get installed right. due to how the people package them13:25
DarkSmoketell me how to add photos then13:25
eagles0513875DarkSmoke: standby13:26
DarkSmokeok i found13:26
DarkSmokefile > open and opened the pic13:26
eagles0513875DarkSmoke: lol13:26
* eagles0513875 smacks DarkSmoke with DarkSmoke13:27
dr_willisDarn them for making things too complex!13:27
* DarkSmoke jaqbdu min onqu u jifgaw13:27
eagles0513875!hi | sirina13:37
ubottusirina: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!13:37
sirinadoes anyone know which package contains the extra-plasmoids ins kde4? :)13:37
eagles0513875sirina: ask in #kubuntu-kde413:38
sirinaeagles0513875: thx13:38
eagles0513875sirina: no prob13:38
v6lurcan i upgrade to intrepid (from hardy), but keep kde3?13:48
eagles0513875v6lur: ask in #ubuntu+113:49
v6lurok, thanks13:49
eagles0513875thats intrepid support channel13:49
blackflag!Mandriva Directory Server13:58
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:58
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!14:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about yum14:03
eagles0513875dr_willis: care to snack on the bot for a change14:03
ubottuLove is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come.14:03
ubottuhate is a thing we don't encourage - why waste your energy14:03
ubottuYou might think your joke is funny, but you may confuse new users who follow your advice or irritate people who attempt to answer your question.14:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ski14:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wengo14:04
eagles0513875i stop now14:04
DarthFrog /msg NickServ identify kisutch14:05
ubottuSome things are inappropriate for #kubuntu. Controversial topics, which often turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)14:05
eagles0513875DarthFrog: ty for ur password14:06
Nasjyeah O.o14:06
DarthFrog???  That went out to the channel???  WTF?14:06
Nasjyou probably hold ctrl or aomething14:07
Nasjyou should change it before someone ghosts you14:07
sirinaDarthFrog: still didn't change it?14:07
DarthFrogsirina: You've seen it before?  I've done it more than once???  Geez.  What is wrong with Chatzilla?14:08
dr_willisHeh heh...14:09
dr_willisyou put a space befor the /14:10
DarthFrogAh, There was a space before the /msg!!!  I cut 'n pasted it is why,14:10
dr_willis /this is a commnd14:10
dr_willis /me goes oops i put a14:10
DarthFrogOK, my password is more better now. :-)14:12
DarthFrogThe things you do when you have insomnia and get up at 5:30.14:12
werenerdya know what? I have been F#@!$ing around with KDE4.1 for 13 hours now. I don't think I can be friends with it14:24
dr_williswerenerd,  :)14:25
dr_willisand how many times did ya crashit?14:25
werenerdoh, no crashes14:25
werenerdI just can't get anything to configure14:25
DarthFrogwerenerd: What's the problem?14:25
kcghello there, I have a question when I am trying to install the latest kubuntu. after the initial GUI, the screen went to "Busybox v1.1.3 (Debian 1:1.2.3....." and then I have this "ata 3.01 revalidation filaed (errorno=-5) anyone has an idea?14:25
dr_willissounds like a hard drive/controller failure issue14:26
dr_willis did it install then did this? or is this the live cd crshing?14:26
kcgthis is the cd crashing14:26
werenerdDarthFrog: I have been screwing around with the wireless drivers that I had set up fine in Ubuntu and Kubuntu with KDE 3.514:26
werenerdWhat irks me the most, is that I have done this every time I re-install and it goes fine. But I am trying out KDE 4.1 and now it just won't work14:28
DarthFrogkcg: Install smartmontools and check the drive's health.14:28
DarthFrogOh, it's the CD.  Hmm.14:28
werenerdAnd why are new application not put in the new funky menu?14:28
kcgi have tried burning two cds already14:28
DarthFrogkcg: Well, either download a new ISO image and check the MD5sum.  Do a checksum on the burned CD and check that it's the same.14:29
kcgDarthFrog, could you tell me how to do that? sorry im kinda new to this14:30
werenerddr_willis: you jinxed me. I just crashed trying to use Adept14:30
DarthFrogwerenerd: What version of Kubuntu are you running and what chipset does your wireless NIC have?14:30
DarthFrogkcg: What are you running right now?14:30
ServaHello, can someone tell me the package names for adobe reader plugin for firefox on kubuntu?14:30
dr_willisServa,  its listed at the medibuntu web site/repo site14:31
dr_willisI always just cut/paste it.14:31
kcgDarthFrog, its XP14:31
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org14:31
Servadr_willis, tks. I'll check it out.14:31
DarthFrogServa: Try "apt-cache search firefox | grep plugin.14:31
DarthFrogkcg: I can't tell you how to do it in XP.  Only in Linux, sorry.14:32
werenerdDarthFrog: I am running the latest Kubuntu (Gutsy) and I have an Atheros with the net5211 driver14:32
DarthFrogServa: mozilla-acroread - Adobe Acrobat(R) Reader plugin for mozilla / konqueror14:33
willluongokcg: download the iso file, then use a program like this http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/isorecorder.htm to burn it to a cd, then reboot with teh cd in your drive. :)14:33
DarthFrogwerenerd: Hardy is the latest version.  Intrepid is the current beta.14:33
DarthFrogwerenerd: I don't know the net5211.  My Atheros NIC uses the ath_pci driver.14:34
werenerdDarthFrog: I am sorry, I have hardy. I wasn't paying attention14:34
werenerdI have to blacklist that driver14:35
DarthFrogThe ath_pci driver?14:35
werenerdI just downloaded it yesterday from the kubuntu homepage14:35
ServaAlso, is there a way that I can configure Backspace key to work in the same way, as it does in windows, taking me to the previous page on firefox?14:36
werenerdDarthFrog: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76616914:36
werenerdthat is the instructions that has always worked for me14:36
DarthFrogWhy are you using a Windows driver and ndiswrapper instead of the native Linux driver?14:36
werenerdthe native driver does not work for me14:37
werenerdnever has14:37
kcgthis willuongo, i will give it a try14:39
DarthFrogWell, personally, this is the way I'd approach it.  Given that there is a new version of Kubuntu coming out in the near future, I'd download and burn a CD of the latest beta.  Then boot into the Live CD from that and see if the wireless NIC works with the latest & greatest.14:40
willluongokcg: No problem14:40
dr_willisassuming the wireless card dosetn need some propriparty drivers14:40
DarthFrogdr_willis: It's an Atheros card.14:41
dr_willisThat means very little to me.14:42
dr_willis100ft rolls of Cat6 was on sale last month.. I got the whold house wired.. From Laundry room to Toilet. :)14:42
DarthFrogwerenerd: You just installed KDE 4.1 on Hardy, right?  You didn't reinstall the whole OS, did you?14:42
DarthFrogdr_willis: W00t!  A wired gigabit home network.  You get serious geek points for that. :-)14:43
dr_willisIts not all gigabit.. yet14:43
dr_willisI had to redo the network to get the 3 gb machines all on the same  loop. :)14:43
werenerdDarthFrog: oh yeah, I wanted to have a clean slate14:44
DarthFrogThe switch will sort all that out.14:44
DarthFrogwerenerd: Ouch.14:44
werenerdDarthFrog: I wanted to see how KDE 4.1 stood up on it's own14:46
werenerdit is not ready from primetime IMO14:46
DarthFrogI have found knetworkmanager in KDE 4.1 to be a useless pile of donkey dung.  I use the regular Ubuntu networkmanager app.  I'm running Intrepid beta.14:46
werenerdDarthFrog: really? you don't use the kde 3.5 version?14:48
DarthFrogwerenerd: Nope.  KDE 4.1.214:49
DarthFrogI don't know if KDE 3.5 is even available in Intrepid.  I think they've left it behind.14:50
DarthFrogcan you install network-manager-gnome and try it?  I'm presuming that ndiswrapper is working and loading your driver for you.14:50
werenerdwell, I am going to wipe this and start over. Back with 3.514:51
werenerdI'll check back later14:51
gulzar!find ace-acpi14:56
ubottu'find' is disabled14:56
gulzarWhere could i find acer-acpi ?14:58
gulzarand also acerwificontroller?14:58
emmacould I have a link to the latest downloadable iso of kubuntu intrepid?14:59
vicvicvickubuntu-8.10-beta-desktop-i386 produces unusably huge text when i boot the live cd15:14
vicvicviceverything is 72pt or so15:15
vicvicvicany ideas? :o15:16
kr0n05931I am aware that guichan default installs into the wrong place in kubuntu when compiled, where should I install it?15:21
cuzntmorning kubuntuers15:27
kr0n05931kubuntuers sounds french :P15:28
jenshej =)15:29
kr0n0593111k people online on the ubuntu forums15:32
arkygeekhi all.15:36
ubottuGoogle Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository15:36
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org15:36
arkygeekdoes anyone have google earth running fast?  here i can get only super slow rendering - as if it is in safe graphics mode...   yet glxgears gives me 5500+fps15:37
Ayabarawhere is the info about the wireless networks I have connected to stored?15:40
ceckohi all, my "df -h" says says this about root partition: 8.9G size  8.7G used, but available: 015:53
ceckowhat is wrong? i cannot download in firefox, nor watch flash videos15:53
DarthFrogcecko: That's correct.  Approx 5% of a file system is reserved, only root can use it.15:54
ubottuTo display the FPS in glxgears, run 'glxgears' in a terminal.15:54
zer0ohi guys, do you have any idea about which are the standard measures of a website page's header?15:54
ceckoDarthFrog, thank you15:56
DarthFrogAyabara: Have a look at:~/.kde/share/config/knetworkmanagerrc15:56
DarthFrogcecko: You're welcome.15:56
FoxIIIHi all. Is there a program which will allow me to record my notes, enabling me to search easily. I know I could use a WP, but I don't want to use that.15:57
AyabaraDarthFrog: thanks. so the stored info isn't shared between gnome and kde?15:57
DarthFrogAyabara: I don't run GNOME so I can't say.15:58
AyabaraDarthFrog: I run a little bit of both :)15:59
Ayabarathanks for the info15:59
avihaybsay, I want to emulate windows xp, on a standard kubuntu installation on a 32 bit core 2 computer16:01
avihaybI want to run a graphicly intensive software, that I know that it can work with a cirus logic video card, tough I prefer something better16:02
avihaybwhat program would you recommend?16:02
avihaybfor the emulation that is?16:02
FoxIIIvirtualbox would probably be the best avihayb16:03
cuznti have the google earth package for utility to automatically build a Debian package of Google Earth is there any faq to help build it?16:03
avihaybbecause it's an improvement on qemu?16:03
FoxIIII find it much easier to use with regard to settings. I think you have a lot more control.16:04
DarthFrogcuznt: Why do you want to do that??16:05
ubottuGoogle Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository16:05
DarthFrog!medibuntu | cuznt16:06
ubottucuznt: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org16:06
blackflagsomeone installed mandriva directory services on ubuntu and can give me some hints?16:07
cuzntso... good luck eh?16:07
* cuznt is a novice.... heh... i got to start readin more16:07
cuzntoh wait .....16:08
* cuznt stfu's16:08
cuzntnow if i could make my web cam work16:09
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Jontzzu
avihaybFoxIII: Have you heard about xen?16:20
FoxIIINo. Never heard of it. What is it?16:20
Servahow do I use google talk on kubuntu?16:21
avihaybIt's a software that runs before the os16:21
avihaybit then gives the first os special privleges on the hardware16:22
avihayband lets you run other OS as guest OSs16:22
FoxIIISounds interesting.16:22
scriptxServa: use pidgin16:22
avihaybseems I won't be able to use a standard kubuntu dough16:22
DarthFrogIf you're interested in virtualisation, you don't need Xen.  Linux has it's own KVM built-in!16:24
ABam I the only one who was problems with Skype in  Kubuntu. Like -if my lap is working really hard skype is the first thing to crash :/16:27
aotianlongreinstall it may be can void this.16:28
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash16:28
aotianlong!automan ?16:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about automan ?16:29
aotianlong!what ?16:29
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:29
zer0ohi guys is there a way to prevent a window closing? i mean if im running an app and accidentally push the X botton to close it, is there a way i can make a pop-up window warning me, like asking me "do you really want to close this app?" that will be really useful, is there a way?16:29
DarthFrogzer0o: Check window settings in System Settings.16:30
ABzer0o: remove X as hot key ?16:30
knioletyou mean like automatically for every application?16:30
ABwhat IRC-client does peole use for Kubuntu ?16:31
aotianlongAB KONVERSATION16:31
DarthFrogRight now, I'm using Chatzilla.16:31
ABno one uses irssi ?16:31
FoxIIIkvirc here16:31
zer0oi dont mean automatically for every window but there's this app im interested about, and it doesnt ask it by default, how can i make it ask?16:31
DarthFrogI used to use Kopete but it doesn't do IRC anymore. :-(16:31
mrunagii cant seem to get flash to play in firefox16:32
ABi'm having a HUGE problem setting charset in IRSSI :(16:32
aotianlongmrunagi: i can.16:32
aotianlongmy firefox with no problem16:32
knioletzer0o: i dount there is a way to do that on a per app basis, email the author of tha app and ask them to add it in (or if you know c++, add it in yourself ;) )16:32
aotianlongkonversation is nice.16:33
mrunagiaotianlong: what did u do to get it to work16:33
aotianlongkniolet: :)16:34
aotianlongkniolet: good way.16:34
aotianlongmrunagi: firefox316:34
aotianlongjust click install plugin button16:34
knioletre converstion, if you are on lots of channels, you may want to change the chanel list to the left instead of the bottom16:35
aotianlongfollow it,then installed.16:35
knioletotherwise it gets to where you cant read the names of the rooms16:35
kniolet(its under settings->intertace->tabs->look->placement, i think)16:36
aotianlonga private problem16:36
avihaybzer0o: you can remove the close button16:36
aotianlonggive the correct form of the verbs in parentheses16:36
avihaybon a per ap basis16:37
aotianlongwhat __ you __ (buy) yesterday?16:37
zer0ohow do i remove it? cannot i just set it to send the app to the icon tray?16:38
avihaybok, I might have a mistake there16:38
avihaybwell, if you right click it's icon in the title bar, there is an option called window behaviour16:38
aotianlongenglish is difficult , i hate it.16:39
avihaybthere is an option called closeable16:40
avihaybtry it16:40
avihaybwell, I don't see an uncloseable16:41
avihaybthe program's icon in the title bar, it opens a drop down list16:41
avihaybon that list, there is an option called configure window behaviour16:42
zer0oi've already tried to modify the specific window behaviour but apparently there's not such a thing16:43
mauriaudacious starts at every song file selected. I would like to play only one at once16:43
avihaybyou need to add one16:43
avihaybin the window behaviour window, you shoyld pick window specific16:44
avihaybthen you need to create a new "rule"16:44
avihaybthen you can press the detect button, and pick the program you want16:45
avihaybto add the rules to16:45
avihaybbut other then changeing transperansy, I don't see anything that will actualy help you not to close it16:47
zer0ome neither16:47
zer0oalright thanks though16:47
avihaybDarthFrog: Does a standard kubuntu comes with the KVM kernel module built in?16:48
maurievery time I riproduce a mp3 file, audaciuos application continues to starts with every files16:48
mauriI would like to reproduce only one sond at once16:49
DarthFrogavihayb: I don't know, sorry.  I know off KVM but have never played with it.  We use Virtuozzo for our server virtualisation.16:49
=== george_ is now known as wesleyp
wesleypHow can I upgrade to KDE4 while removing KDE3? Last time I installed KDE 4 it doubled all the directories in Kicker16:52
XcriptHello there16:57
=== root is now known as Guest51529
ServaHow do I register a nick name?17:09
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode17:09
mauriaudacious starts at every mp selected....i would like to open it once17:12
matadamasi need help17:12
cuznttry just stating your prob matadamas17:13
cuzntsomeone will see it know the answer and tell you17:13
=== Goan is now known as Goan_
=== Goan_ is now known as Goan
cuznttry just stating your prob here matadamas17:17
matadamashello i have a problem, i have installed ubuntu apache mod perl but i cant run cgi applications17:18
matadamasthe message error is 500 internal server error17:19
matadamasThe server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.17:19
matadamassomebody can help me17:19
stdinmatadamas: usually mean there is an error in the script, check the server log /var/log/apache2/error.log17:21
stdin(you may need to be root or in the adm group to read it)17:22
matadamasi found teh error log17:22
matadamasThe server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.17:22
stdinthat's what was shown in the browser, not in the log17:23
matadamasmalformed header  from script Bad header=hello world: test.cgi17:23
stdinyou need to print the HTML headers in the script17:23
* Nasj eten17:24
stdinmatadamas: you need to print "Content-Type: text/html" and a blank line, then whatever else you want to send17:24
Tm_TNasj: er?17:24
FoxIIIHi all. Is there a program which will allow me to record my notes, enabling me to search easily. I know I could use a WP, but I don't want to use that.17:25
Tm_TFoxIII: basket?17:26
FoxIIISounds interesting. I'll check it out.17:26
matadamasstdin now the error is Premature end of script headers: test.cgi17:27
stdinmatadamas: make sure it prints that line, then a new line, then anything else you want17:27
matadamasok im trying17:27
stdinit must have a blank line before the content17:27
matadamasyeahh my test it works17:32
matadamasthanks stdin17:32
matadamashow change the editor jed language to spanish?17:39
ActionParsnipyo yo yo17:53
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke18:12
msiвсем хай18:17
=== george_ is now known as gwp1
sander_i have a weird problem... i've compiled the 1.0.18rc3 alsa driver (both with and without isapnp) and everything went smoothly, no problems regarding modprobing the driver or anything; everything seems to be hunkydory. Excepting the fact that it doesn't work... cat'ing /proc/asound/cards comes up emtpy and naturally kmix cannot find any current mixer. Anyone have an idea to where to proceed?18:26
gwp1Is that the correct driver for your card?18:27
sander_aye, as far as i can tell18:29
sander_the card is an asus xonar d1, and i'm using the virtuoso driver18:29
giuseppe_Hi, my notebook is not able to shutdown, anyone can help me?18:35
giuseppe_so... anyone?18:36
sigra_Anyone know a IM for kubuntu that you can display your pic and see others pic for msn and yahoo18:38
sigra_tried kopete. dont work18:39
sigra_got msn part work..but yahoo dont work see others or show mine18:39
sigra_sometimes does..but its real glitchy18:39
giuseppe_Please, somebody can help me?18:39
arty_hi all pls help if I connect on server with ssh -x and write fillezilla they write me18:40
arty_arty@Server:~$ filezilla18:40
arty_Error: Unable to initialize gtk, is DISPLAY set properly?18:40
lkjasassh -X ?18:40
arty_lkjasa: yes18:40
lkjasachecked sshd_config?18:40
arty_not yet18:41
lkjasashould have "X11Forwarding yes"18:41
arty_lkjasa: omg Im lol18:44
arty_I write ssh -x   I must write ssh -X18:44
dennisterdygash: how r u making out with your 'new' kubuntu machine?18:45
dygashHey dennister18:45
dennisterthought i'd keep an eye out for ya :)18:45
lkjasaarty_: heh that's what I meant when I asked "ssh -X ?"... :)18:46
arty_lkjasa: thx m818:47
arty_paprna: ahoj18:47
paprnaahoj :]18:47
paprnasi rikam, kdo mna higlihtuje ;]18:48
* Nasj back18:48
Schuenemannhey, does anyone how can I make firefox work with openjdk for applets?18:54
=== avihayb_ is now known as avihayb
avihaybif anyone is interested, I took DarthFrog's advice and decided to use KVM. KVM turns your os into a virtual cpu manager, allowing you to run other OSs on the same CPU.18:58
the_lowok, #ubuntu seems pretty busy, maybe someone here has a quick solution:19:05
the_lowI've got an old machine here running 6.06LTS. It has 12 drives as a raid5-compound which contains a luks-encrypted ext3 fs. In other words: A fsck run takes bloody ages. However, it would like to do one NOW while I would love to simply boot NOW. Is there anyway to circumvent the fsck at startup? ctrl-c won't do the trick.19:05
dwidmannthe_low: you could probably mount it from a livecd, then edit the fstab so that it won't run fsck anymore (or run it less often)19:06
the_lowhm. ok, I had hope there would be a simpler solution that doesn't include digging for a spare cd-rom drive, but thanks :)19:08
the_lowwell, it'll still be faster than waiting 3h+ for fsck to finish19:08
dwidmannthe_low: the end of the fstab lines is two numbers between 0 and 2, the first is dump, the second is pass, if the second number is set to 0 then it won't run fsck, 1 is for the root filesystem, 2 is for things to be fsck'd.19:09
the_lowoh, stupid me, the fstab is even on the unencrypted fs. I'll just use a usb = sata adapter and my notebook19:10
the_lowdwidmann: thank you :)19:11
Guildensternwas there a date anounced already by which the 8.10 gots released?19:19
GuildensternI have to install a new PC and I'd like to wait for 8.1019:19
avihaybGuildenstern: for ubuntu, there is19:21
Guildensternand Kubuntu?19:21
avihaybI belive that they try to release on the same day19:22
DragnslcrI believe it's the 30th19:22
avihaybthey say in kubuntu.com that it's released in 12 days19:22
avihaybyI mean, that it will be released in...19:23
Chris_FosterHi, I had a wirless adapter plugged into kubuntu and it worked great, but now I removed it and I dont want to use wireless anymore. BUt every time I login the network manager tries to load wireless and I get annoying failed to connect messages from a bunch of applications until they all go into waiting for 2 minutes mode, then I can disable wireless and it works. I dont want to have wireless automatically, any way to fix?19:27
andersonAlguém aqui fala português???19:28
DarthFrogChris_Foster: Use networkmanager to delete the wireless connection.19:29
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.19:29
Chris_FosterDarthFrog: I've already done that19:29
beataMmkay, why would a cifs mount not allow write accesses except for the user specified in the mount options?19:30
beataCould be wrong, but I do remember it working at one point.19:31
beataOr is there a better place to ask?19:32
itsatrickHi.  Over the past few days I've been downloading an iso file.  I successfully downloaded the file, but now, for some reason, the file is uploading.  Why is this?19:33
Dragnslcritsatrick- how did you download it?19:33
Chris_Fosteritsatrick: if your using a torrent client, then your sharing it with other people who are downloading it19:33
Chris_Fosteritsatrick: Thanks how torrents work, you download them from other people, that in turn download them from you. Its a big sharing netowrk19:34
Chris_Foster*network, lol19:34
itsatrickDragnslcr: I went to the KUbuntu page and download the ISO file.19:35
itsatrickAm I safe to stop the task?19:35
DarthFrogitsatrick: Yes.19:35
johan_Heya, I am testing the 8.10 beta (64bit). I wonder, is it only me, or are there very few packages available?19:37
johan_For example, if I search for "firefox" in Adept, I find nothing.19:38
EvilDaemonis #kubuntu+1 a channel?19:43
EvilDaemonnope, forwarded to #ubuntu+119:44
EvilDaemonthanks everyone.19:44
kr0n05931where is the GRUB list at?19:45
kr0n05931nvm, I found it19:46
kr0n05931why are there multiple kubuntu entries in the grub.lst file?19:47
kr0n05931are these really needed?19:47
kr0n05931ah nevermind19:48
kr0n05931I see that there are different kernel versions19:48
=== rodolfo is now known as rodolfo__
=== rodolfo__ is now known as rodolfo
blackflagI just installed openldap. Can someoen tell me which user is the admin user? cause I can not log in to ldap , wrong credentials. I tried root, admin, but there are all wrong?19:52
blackflagcan someone help?19:53
kr0n05931I can't wait for 8.1019:55
=== socketbind is now known as szalonna
david_I'm trying to burn an Audio CD with k3b, but it doesn't know how to convert MP3 to WAV. Installing extralibs uninstalls k3b. What to do?20:00
david_Any support people here?20:02
the_lowdavid_: hardy?20:03
david_urm... how do i check? it's the current (not bleeding edge) version.20:04
the_lowyou need the libk3b2-extracodecs package20:05
the_lowit contains ffmpeg and mp3 support20:05
the_lowbefore hardy it was called libk3b2-mp320:06
the_lowstupid me, libk3b3-extracodecs20:07
the_lownot 220:07
david_Ah. libk3b2-extracodecs actually *removes* k3b20:07
the_lowsee above20:07
david_it installed, let me check k3b...20:08
gwp1how do you alt tab or minimize in full screen application (game)20:08
=== uman is now known as cnem
david_YAY! That looks like it works. (It's been bugging me for _months_).20:10
the_lownot to be rude, but googling for "hardy mp3 k3b" brought up a solution in seconds ;)20:10
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
johan_Is there an alternative to Dolphin?20:11
david_Yeah, having the *right* keyword helps. Not having "hardy" gets me to instructions that breaks things. :roll:20:12
david_Thanks again!20:12
cnemHello everyone, I have a pretty big problem. I have no idead how, but for some reason a truecrypt volume file I had got deleted. It is in the ubuntu (8.04) trash and if i mount the file from there all the files that are int the volume are fine. However, i copied the file form the trash to another folder, and when I mounted the copy, all the files were missing. What can I do to recover the file from the trash can or copy it without losing the data. PS: I only20:12
cnemhave room in the root partition so i need tu use sudo i guess, or how can i chmod a folder in root / so i can drag and drop it? Thanks20:12
manishI have tried to install theme using KDM Theme Manager but it always says "It is not a valid KDM theme archive" Is there any way i can install a MacOS X theme on to my system --- Please help20:21
manishplease can you help me out20:22
manishwant to install a MacOS X theme on Kubuntu 8.04 and am trying since 6 days -- no success -- am a new bie20:23
=== Goan_ is now known as Goan
manishplease can some body tell me how do i install Mac OS X theme in Kubuntu 8.04. I am tired of googling for days now. ALways get stuck some where or the other20:25
NauarchLysanderHow can I see hidden folders?20:27
=== vlad is now known as drywater
avihaybNauarchLysander: with what program? dolphin?20:35
NauarchLysanderavihayb: Konqueror20:36
avihaybshow hidden files under the view menu20:36
=== sokol is now known as SokoL_SD
=== asobiCrash is now known as asobi
NauarchLysanderavihayb: Ok, thanks. I'm a bit stupid... ;)20:37
GaMbi_DKanyone who can tell me how to access ccsm in kubuntu? It is installed but dont know the command.. and the icon isnt there :S20:38
avihaybor maybe you just missed it20:38
avihaybit happens20:38
=== erwin_ is now known as vaiursch
GaMbi_DKdesktop effects is set to custom..20:38
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion20:38
GaMbi_DKwhere do I customize?20:38
contrastGreets, everyone...20:39
GaMbi_DKnvm :) found it20:39
contrastI'm trying to add a user that will have read+write permissions to everything the default user has access to. Anyone know of an easy way to do this besides putting the new user in the default user's group and giving group read+write permissions to everything I want the new user to have access to?20:41
vicentehola amigos20:42
contrast!hi | vicente20:43
ubottuvicente: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!20:43
vicentecomo va todo20:44
Robb_M!es | vicente20:44
ubottuvicente: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.20:44
Robb_Msorry, i just knew that if i didnt do that....we wouldnt be able to help him, i only know a limited ammount of spanish :(20:44
Robb_Mhello :D20:44
GaMbi_DKCan anyone tell me why my system slows down when I run two separated X screens? (nvidia) and apply effects? is there a fix for this?20:47
Robb_Mcompiz itself takes a lot of memory.......and putting 2 x screens just takes up more....20:48
contrastGaMbi_DK: Any reason you're running seperate screens as opposed to TwinView?20:48
=== nick_ is now known as Candy|Corpses
GaMbi_DKcontrast, TwinView works great.. but I want to be able to switch desktop on monitor and still be able to see movies on second screen(TV)20:51
Robb_M!hi | Candy|Corpses20:51
ubottuCandy|Corpses: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!20:51
* Candy|Corpses waves20:51
Candy|Corpseswow. been a long time since i used irc.20:51
* Robb_M waves back...20:51
Robb_Mlol yeah, the first time i got back after 3 years i was like..wow...i need to re-learn all the commands.20:52
* Robb_M had to re-learn it because of *buntu...i needed help...20:52
Robb_Mnow..im helping :)20:52
Robb_Manyways..got a question for us?20:52
contrastGaMbi_DK: Got cha... I had fiddled with that a while back (I have a home theater PC also). I think I read it's *possible* to get fullscreen apps (e.g., a video player playing a movie, games) to display properly w/ TwinView, but I didn't look too far into it.20:52
Candy|Corpsesnot really20:53
Candy|Corpsesunless you can help me install drivers for nvidia gforce 4 mx 400020:53
Candy|Corpsesi know i cannot be running x server20:53
* Robb_M isnt one of the regulars in here...so i dont really know whos who....20:53
Robb_Mi dont have an nvidia graphics card..so..nope..cant help20:53
Candy|Corpsesim stuck with "nv" driver for now. but its not that bad20:53
GaMbi_DKcontrast, got any links? :O iw spent hours to get this fixed.. also when I download files ti my desktop they show up on TV (the TV is to the left of my monitor)20:54
Candy|Corpseseveryone using kubuntu 8.10?20:54
kr0n05931im using 8.0420:54
kr0n05931I won't even touch a linux beta20:54
Candy|Corpsescheck out 8.10. its pretty neat20:54
Spragieyeah im good on beta20:55
kr0n05931last beta I tried ate windows20:55
Candy|Corpsesit works great for me. and i run an old pc20:55
Spragieim getting ready to install kubuntu over ubuntu20:55
Robb_Mshouldnt beta talk be carried elsewhere?20:55
* kr0n05931 goes back to reading man bash20:55
GaMbi_DKcontrast, thats why im running separated x screens.. then the files ends up on monitor.. and I can change desktops on my monitor and TV is still on the same.. :)20:55
contrastGaMbi_DK: you already have nvidia-settings installed?20:55
GaMbi_DKcontrast, yea.. the newest with envyNG20:56
Candy|Corpsesbut not the drivers20:56
=== Guest12341245 is now known as EvilDaemon
Candy|Corpsesi had to manualy set it to "nv" in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:56
GaMbi_DKcontrast, I know how to work with it if thats what you mean.. I changed allot of stuff in the xorg.conf over the last days.. always with a backup ofc.. any tips? :)20:57
contrastGaMbi_DK: i thought that the icons would show up on the desktop of whichever screen is set to be the main screen in nvidia-settings. i might be wrong though - sorry i can't be much help, it's been a while since i messed with it.20:57
Candy|Corpsesbecause it would not start x with "nvidia" drivers20:57
contrastGaMbi_DK: 'fraid not. i googled for a couple hours, got frustrated and gave up on it. :-\20:58
ralphokubuntu 8.10 beats osx and vista add compiz and well its just out of the park20:58
GaMbi_DKcontrast, windows (movies etc) opens on main.. but files dosn't due to rule of "put as fare left as possible" dont know if that can be changed :S20:58
Candy|Corpsesyeah, once i get better graphics card err new motherboard, imma install compiz.. but for now. i like not crashing x20:59
ralphokde4 takes some learning but we all will20:59
Candy|Corpsesive noticed20:59
GaMbi_DKralpho, you'r using 8.10? no problems at all? :P20:59
Candy|Corpseslike your desktop is not really your desktop20:59
contrastmeh... kde 4's not nearly configurable enough for my liking yet. i'm giving it some time.20:59
Robb_Mkde4 and kde 3.whatever are almost totally different?20:59
ralphonone yet im lovin it like mickey d's20:59
contrastRobb_M: yep21:00
Robb_Mmickey d's is da bomb dude21:00
Candy|Corpsesuhmmm. so you hate it? lol21:00
* Robb_M sighs21:00
Robb_Mman...relearn KDE...yay21:00
Robb_Mwasnt on my agenda for today..but..oh well :D21:00
contrastLancelot is sick though - best thing in KDE 4 yet IMO21:01
Candy|Corpsessame stuff, new gui21:01
MakuseruAre there any programs that let you convert MKV files to MPEG files, I have "Multimedia Converter" and it will do it, but I cant select what audio track and subtitle track I want from the MKV file. Does anyone know any programs that will let me do this?21:01
ralphobig mac rules f flamebroiled chemical taste21:01
Robb_Moh so nothings really changed as far as applications?21:01
Candy|Corpseswt eff is a MKV file?21:01
contrastRobb_M: every kde application has been, or is getting, completely redone for kde421:01
jussi01Kde4 discussion in #kubuntu-kde4 and offtopic discussion in #kubuntu-offtopic. Thanks!21:02
* Robb_M sighs...fun21:02
manishhow do i install the kde themes downloaded from kde-org.com21:02
contrastRobb_M: some radically different, some not so much. kde4's dolphin wipes the floor with kde3's.21:02
Candy|Corpsesman, i really want someone to release music open source music production software that works21:02
jussi01Candy|Corpses: ardour is fantastic!21:02
ralphoonly real problem is nightly builds are sure to break something sooner or later so 8.10 just for fun.21:03
contrastCandy|Corpses: lmms, audacity, ardour, rosegarden - you've tried all of those?21:03
MakuseruCandy|Corpses: its a type of video file that can support more than one video, audio, and subtitle tracks that you can switch between21:03
Candy|Corpsesif you can get the dependencies and make it compile21:03
Robb_Msorry jussi01, didnt realize we had a seperate kde4 room...21:03
Candy|Corpsesand mixx. wired. etc21:03
jussi01Candy|Corpses: ardour and all of thoseare in the repositories21:03
contrastI'm trying to add a user that will have read+write permissions to everything the default user has access to. Anyone know of an easy way to do this besides putting the new user in the default user's group and giving group read+write permissions to everything I want the new user to have access to?21:04
ralphohay that should be kubuntu21:04
ralpho+1 :(21:04
ralphoMake me mingle with brown wallpaper people.21:05
GoanHi. Has anyone worked with postgresql on kubuntu21:14
GoanI have just finished installing postgresql to my hardy machine.. but I could not find the documentation for creating a database and start working on it.. on postgresql website21:15
contrastGoan: did you install the postgresql-doc package? if so, it should be under /usr/share/doc21:19
contrastGoan: i just ran "apt-cache search postgresql | grep doc" and figured that'd have what you need, but you might want to check the output of that command to see if any other packages catch your eye.21:20
lokpestsince last reboot, amarok cant play mp3 anymore, the program ask if I want to add support, but doesnt when I tell it to do so21:21
lokpestwhats the package to let amarok play mp3 called?21:21
administratorhello all21:22
Goancontrast, installing the doc package now21:22
contrastlokpest: strange. try "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras" - i forget the exact package, but that'll definitely pull it in if it got uninstalled for some reason.21:22
contrastI'm trying to add a user that will have read+write permissions to everything the default user has access to. Anyone know of an easy way to do this besides putting the new user in the default user's group and giving group read+write permissions to everything I want the new user to have access to?21:23
administratorjust a quick question, what saoftware is best for copying avi's to disk to watch on dvd player???21:23
lokpestno clue what the mp3-package is, dont like restricted-extras21:23
contrastadministrator: if you're looking for something that'll let you create nice-looking, layered menus, i'd say qdvdauthor. if you want something really quick and easy, devede. they're both in the repos, and getdeb.net has newer versions.21:24
contrastlokpest: libxine1-ffmpeg i *think*21:24
contrastlokpest: err, actually looks like it's libxine1-plugins21:25
LjLlokpest, if you type "apt-cache depends kubuntu-restricted-extras", it shouldn't be hard to guess which package provides mp3 support21:25
contrastLjL: good call21:25
administratorthanks very much for your help contrast21:26
contrastadministrator: np21:26
administratorits just that im new to linux and need to know what programs are best to use lol21:28
contrastadministrator: KMenu -> System -> Konsole -> "sudo apt-get install gnome-app-install" -> KMenu -> System -> Add/Remove -> sort by popularity :-)21:30
contrastAdept (Kubuntu's default package management frontend) sucks next to Gnome's equivalents.21:31
lokpestfucking hell, nothing works21:32
contrastlokpest: o_O ?21:32
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.21:32
GaMbi_DKSomething is wrong with my Desktops.. when I apply Desktop effects I can max have two.. when I disable desktop effects it acts funny too.. can I reinstall em or something? plz help ;)21:32
contrastGaMbi_DK: did you install compizconfig-settings-manager already?21:33
GoanThere are changelog.gz file in postgresql-doc directory, but apprently I cant gzip -c them .. gzip -c filename > destination21:34
GaMbi_DKcontrast, yea.. ccsm.. it worked on ubuntu just fine :) but the desktops are acting up now :S21:34
contrastGaMbi_DK: Advanced Desktop Effects Settings (or whatever they call it) -> Preferences -> Switch the bottom combobox to Flat-file Configuration Backend -> Back -> General Settings -> Desktop Size21:34
contrasti've never had much luck with ubuntu's compiz packages, so i've always just compiled it from git and it mostly works perfectly.21:35
administratorthanks very much contrast im doing that now thanks21:37
contrastadministrator: :)21:38
Goancontrast, any info about the documentation on postgresql installation21:38
administratoris this gnome baker??21:38
GaMbi_DKcontrast, still max two :S.. in "Desktop Size" it dosnt allow me to change "Number of Desktops"21:38
contrastadministrator: umm... ?21:38
contrastGaMbi_DK: and you changed the backend to flat-file?21:39
GaMbi_DKcontrast, yea21:39
administratori think i herd something about this program im not sure21:39
contrastadministrator: gnome baker is a burning program, i think, which i definitely would *not* recommend over K3b (Kubuntu's default).21:40
administratoro yea i seen this in the kmenu21:40
contrastGaMbi_DK: strange. have you tweaked compiz a lot? if not, i'd just delete (or move) ~/.config/compiz/compizconfig/Default.ini and see if that fixes it.21:40
administratori tried this program aswell but it wouldnt work for me21:41
contrastadministrator: which program?21:41
contrastGoan: nope, sorry. i know nothing about db's. :-\21:42
administratorsorry k3b21:42
GaMbi_DKcontrast, now tweaks... I removed the ccsm and the compiz from the "add remove programs" or what ever.. is that enough?21:42
contrastGaMbi_DK: umm... probably not. removing packages never touches anything in your home directory.21:43
GaMbi_DKcontrast, what do I do?21:43
administrator"contrast on the konsole it says ldconfig defered processing now taking place" but it not moving21:43
contrastadministrator: yeah, k3b's mainly for burning stuff that's already prepared for being burnt - so you can use devede to make the .iso of the dvd disc, then just burn it with k3b.21:43
administratoro ryt i see now, o i just use the default settings on devede??21:44
contrastadministrator: you should be able to, yeah. it's pretty intuitive.21:45
contrastGaMbi_DK: rm -r .config/compizconfig/compiz21:46
administratorcontrast: so i need ot make it an iso beofre i can burn??21:46
contrastadministrator: well, that's the way i usually do it. i think you can also just convert them to dvd-ready mpegs, or have it create the dvd folder structure containing the videos (video_ts/ and audio_ts/)21:47
contrastadministrator: i know a lot of dvd players will play data discs with avis on them. did you try that already?21:48
administratornope i havent tried that21:48
contrastof course you won't have a menu or any of the niceties that way... if you've got a really slow computer, i'd recommend that since converting the videos to DVD format can take hours. otherwise, just make the .iso with devede.21:49
administratorcontrast: how long should this take to convert to iso using devede??21:49
GaMbi_DKcontrast, .config/compiz/compizconfig/xonfig?21:51
GaMbi_DKcontrast, .config/compiz/compizconfig/config?21:51
contrastGaMbi_DK: ~/.config/compiz/compizconfig/Default.ini - but i'd just delete the whole compiz directory to be sure. note that this will reset *all* changes you've made in ccsm, so you may want to backup Default.ini first21:51
gwp1how do you alt tab or minimize in full screen application (game)21:52
contrastadministrator: depends on a lot of things - length of the video, resolution, bitrate, etc. in my experience, on average, converting a movie takes around two hours on my P4 3.4GHz w/ HT21:52
administratorim only using a 1.7ghz21:52
contrastadministrator: dual-core?21:53
administratoryes dual core21:53
contrasti think devede has a checkbox for utilizing multiple cores for the conversion, so you should be alright...21:53
administratoro ryt ill try anyway21:54
GaMbi_DKcontrast, .config/compiz deleted.. desktops still acting up.. only two of the 4 works.. 1 and 3 will open desktop 1... 2 and 4 will open desktop 221:54
administratorcontrast: so making th iso splits it into sound and picture files??21:54
contrastGaMbi_DK: how are you switching to them?21:55
GaMbi_DKconcernedcitizen, pushing the 4 icons on my bar21:55
GaMbi_DKcontrast, even sorry concernedcitizen21:55
contrastadministrator: no. it just creates a single file which is ready to be burnt as a video dvd21:55
administratoro ryt ok no probs i will try that out, how do we do it if we just want the film and no menu??21:56
contrastGaMbi_DK: the pager doesn't always work right. try control+alt+left/right?21:56
contrastGaMbi_DK: you can set shortcuts for each desktop in the Rotate Cube plugin in CCSM as well21:56
GaMbi_DKflips like cube effect with only two desktops21:57
contrastGaMbi_DK: in Desktop Size - you have horizontal set to 4 and vertical set to 1?21:57
contrastadministrator: the menu's optional. it's pretty self-explanatory w/ devede. :)21:58
chuxxsssHi all21:58
contrast!hi | chuxxsss21:58
ubottuchuxxsss: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!21:58
contrastI'm trying to add a user that will have read+write permissions to everything the default user has access to. Anyone know of an easy way to do this besides putting the new user in the default user's group and giving group read+write permissions to everything I want the new user to have access to?21:59
GaMbi_DKcontrast, no.. horizontal is 2 vertical 121:59
contrastGaMbi_DK: so set horiz to 4 ;-)21:59
administratorok thanks for all your help i will try this out21:59
administratorspeak to you soon contrast21:59
contrastadministrator: have fun21:59
GaMbi_DKcontrast, worked.. but damn they are big :)22:00
chuxxsssanyone no how to change prefs in kmess it keeps opening screem instead of say firefox22:00
contrastGaMbi_DK: there's an option for how the cube is displayed across multiple monitors as well - either in general settings, desktop cube or rotate cube - i forget which one.22:00
contrastGaMbi_DK: you can always use Advanced Search in CCSM to look for a certain option22:01
contrastchuxxsss: i've never used KMess, but most KDE apps are configured via Settings -> Configure <Program Name>22:01
chuxxssscontrast thanks will look again22:02
contrastchuxxsss: do you have screem set as your default browser? (KMenu -> System Settings -> Default Applications -> Web Browser)22:02
chuxxssscontrast no  it change 2 update ago22:04
GaMbi_DKcontrast, thx... now it works as in ubuntu.. but damn Id like if I could rotate my monitor desktops and TV separately22:04
contrastGaMbi_DK: i'm pretty sure it's possible, but you'll want to ask google about that one.22:05
GaMbi_DKdone that for days contrast  :P22:05
contrastheh, sorry22:05
contrastGaMbi_DK: might also ask in #compiz-fusion22:06
GaMbi_DKcontrast, thx for all the help :) was great22:08
contrastno problem :)22:08
GaMbi_DKcontrast, gonna try #compiz-fusion and google some more.. cya22:08
beataOh hey. Any ideas about getting an 'open with' context item to open with a remote process?22:09
chuxxssscontrast:Browser set for firefox already.  no setting or config in kmess which I can play with mate22:09
chuxxsssand by the way who ever made controlcenter thank you u r gr822:10
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contrastchuxxsss: i'm not sure then, sorry. does kmess have any features kopete is lacking?22:11
oo0my wirless dosn't working after update!22:11
contrastchuxxsss: +1 to that - Control Center >>>>> System Settings22:11
contrastoo0: what'd you have to do to get it working initially?22:12
oo0a download pack22:12
oo0but after a update it dosn't work22:13
contrastoo0: the last update came with a new kernel, so you probably just need to reinstall the module for your card and reboot.22:13
contrastoo0: i assume the Restricted Hardware Manager didn't work for you?22:13
beataI have a bit of an intermittant problem with wifi as well, with a new Intrepid install. But I'm also running remotely.22:13
chuxxssskmess is ezier to use22:14
oo0hm.. ok22:14
contrastwell, guys, i'm off. peace22:15
chuxxssscontract And Kmess is better in one to one chats22:15
chuxxssscontract same back22:16
beataMine's a BCM4306.22:17
epimethwhy is my firefox ugly like in KDE4?22:25
epimethand more importantly, how do I fix it?22:25
epimethI tried installing a new theme and it looks the same :-(22:25
xevixone theory of firefox's creation is that konqi farted one day and fire came out of his butt instead of his mouth, and caught a poor animal on fire22:26
xevixthat's probably why it doesn't quite blend in22:26
epimethkonqui should definitely replace his head with his ass then22:29
epimethcuz KHTML needs a lot of work22:29
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM22:33
messed-uphi all.. im having problems. im trying to get my wifi card up and running. my card is a old broadcom. uses chip 4306. im trying to follow the instructions on http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#fw-b43legacy22:35
messed-upbut i only get error when i try to make.22:35
messed-upbtw, im in windows now..22:36
messed-uphow can i get it to work?22:36
messed-upfwcutter want to go online and fetch the firmware if i understand that thingy correct.22:36
* Nasj gone22:37
messed-upthats kinda messed up.. how the h*** can i go online when i dont have the firmware.22:37
messed-upanyone got an idea on howto fix?22:38
epimethmessed-up: you can download it manually... its all in the instructions somewhere.  I had the same problems :-)22:40
messed-upepimethwhat instuctions? not in the one im reading22:40
messed-upcan you point me to that?22:41
epimethlets see if I can find them...22:41
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs22:41
messed-upthat would be nice22:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fwcutter22:42
messed-upThe requested URL / community/WifiDocs was not found on this server.22:42
messed-upoh wait,, ther was a space in the link22:43
epimethmessed-up: try this22:43
epimethand this:22:43
messed-upi'll rad then.. thanks22:43
epimethno worries!22:44
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messed-upepimeth are you using b43 or b43legacy or bcm43xx driver?22:45
avihaybumm, could someone help me set up some sort of graphical frontend to KVM?22:45
epimethmessed-up: I dunno... mine worked out of the box with hardy22:46
messed-up? how come.. you need firmwares for this cards22:46
webasi still cant sucessfully plug in my sony dsc-w5 digital camera..any help? i tried google but i havent found any guidance there22:47
epimethmessed-up: sorry.. you're right! I had to run the restricted software updater thing22:49
co_butuh_cintaada anak indo ga ya?22:49
epimeththe hardware drivers app says "broadcom B43 wireless driver"22:49
epimethhave you tried running that?22:49
epimethwebas: have you tried help.ubuntu.com22:50
webasno but im going there right now :)22:51
epimethwebas: good luck!22:52
webasno help there.. :)  just for novices how to import photos after pluging in the camera :(22:52
epimethwebas: so you plug it in and *nothing* happens?22:53
epimethwebas: how about other USB devices?  do those work?22:53
webasnothing happens.. other usb devices? i have non..well flash card works fine :P22:54
epimethwebas: do you have a windows partition?  does it work there?22:54
webaswell i have windows also but its really not fair..restart pc..select windows..take photos..then restart pc..go into linux..copy from windows partition :D22:55
webasalso i found in google that same camera worked fine without nothing22:56
epimethwebas: that was meant as a check that your USB works :-p22:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lsusb22:56
webasBus 001 Device 007: ID 054c:0010 Sony Corp. DSC-S30/S70/S75/F505V/F505/FD92 Cybershot/Mavica Digital Camera22:56
webaswhat this means? that it has been detected or what? :)22:57
EvilDaemonHow do I make a shortcut for Konsole?22:57
avihaybwhat does Kamera think about it?22:58
webaswhat? kamera?22:58
willie_KDE4 is not doing it for me - the NVIDIA problems are the last straw - if I can't run FGFS in accelerated mode then its no fsking use at all - any ideas on how to gracefully downgrade to 8.04 with KDE3.5  - or am I approaching this problem form the wrong angle?22:58
avihaybwell, some cameras have a wird non-mass storage access to theyre memory22:59
webashm im trying to install kamera software.. maybe this wil help22:59
webaswell it found camera but something is still not nice..cant work :D23:04
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EvilDaemonHow can I make a keyboard shortcut for konsole?23:08
enemabanditSo I'm running two monitors in 8.04.  Everything works fine except for one little problem.  The appearance and configuration of my two main panels are different and I can't figure out what settings to mess with to make them the same.  Are there any config files I can just copy and paste or something?23:14
rogananyone have experience in installing http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/23:24
gregoreki have overclocked cpu but when i boot into system its reverted to default, powernowd uninstalled, what else can cause that?23:24
Dadounethi :)23:27
mot_are there any failsafe ways to detect an ipod in kubuntu?23:30
mot_i've tried installing ipodslave, hipo, etc. none of them detect my ipod23:30
mot_i tried to format it by hand and i'm pretty sure it messed up and just ruined the partition table, now i can't even access the thing to format it23:31
Dadounetdon't know mot_, I just plug it and it works for me23:31
Dadounetyou should repair it with iTunes I fear23:32
DadounetI think I had the same problem some times ago23:32
mot_meh i'm too lazy to boot into windows23:33
mot_lemme see if i can get an old version of itunes working i nwine23:33
webashttp://pastie.org/295450 - anyone can help me get into my digital camera? :)23:33
Dadounetit's possible to install iTunes with linux no ?23:33
mot_i think older versions, yea.23:34
marcinhow do I connect to the MySQL client? I keep getting   Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)23:34
marcinBtw, Im running lammp23:34
Dadounetyou can automatically install iTunes 7 with PlayOnLinux23:34
mot_what's playonlinux?23:34
Dadounettry google it mot_ ;)23:35
Dadounetthere is even a reposirtory for playonlinux23:35
Dadounetit's a small apps which can help you to install (via Wine) games and some apps23:36
joe_salve scusate23:47
joe_ho appena installato kubuntu e ho un paio di problemi23:47
joe_primo di tutto configugare il wirless23:47
joe_ho una broadcom b4323:47
joe_qualcuno sa aiutarmi?23:47
joe_c'è nessuno?23:48
renealgun hispano23:48
ravhello. I've just updated to the new kernel for kubuntu 8.04.1 and the nvidia driver is not working anymore, so X is not working23:50
joe_a siete dei froscetti inglesi del xcazzo23:51
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.23:51
joe_infilatevi il vostro bel linux nel culo23:51
joe_w il mac23:51
Dadounet"hello. I've just updated to the new kernel for kubuntu 8.04.1 and the nvidia driver is not working anymore, so X is not working"23:52
Dadounetuse the "nv" drivers23:52
Dadounetin command line, run "sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf", search for the section for your video card where it is written "nvidia" and replace with "nv"23:53
ravDadounet: at first it asked me to install displayconfig-gtk. I did, and tried to select the nv driver, and the nvidia driver. neither worked23:53
Dadounethm, do you run ibex beta ?23:54
ravno, still using hardy23:54
Dadounetok... (i say that because in ibex, there is a feature to avoid this kind of problem that appears during kernel update :) )23:54
Dadounetwell, i'm not a guru, i don't know sorry23:55
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Dadounethave you an error message ?23:55
=== Dadounet is now known as DanaKil
[|Liam|]How do you open up Tar.Gz files on Kubuntu?23:56
[|Liam|]No wait scrap that23:56
[|Liam|]How do you get Ventrilo working on Kubuntu?23:56
ravDadounet: on bootup, everything gets an 'OK', but when it reaches the nvidia driver it says 'Failed'23:56
[|Liam|]http://www.ventrilo.com/dlprod.php?id=301 - There's this but I can't open up tar.gz files.23:57
DanaKiluse Ark to open tar.gz, no?23:57
DanaKilrav : have you tried to manually set to "nv" in the xorg.conf ?23:57
ravDanaKil: no, i used displayconfig-gtk and tried both nvidia and nv23:58
DanaKilhm, you should use nano to check if your xorg.conf is really updated to "nv" :/23:59

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