NafalloRinchen: I can see about 70 in my flat damnit :-P00:00
beunobac, btw, your tweaks to the apache conf worked very well in accessing from other PCs on the network, thanks  :)00:00
RinchenMy favourite pastime at the office is turning on service discovery applet and looking at everyone's machines and devices.00:00
Nafalloand I can see the O2 wifi from the datacenter, and that's on the other side of the Thames :-P00:01
NafalloRinchen: wow. you must have a boring life :-)00:01
Nafallomy favorite pastime is drinking coke and talking with people :-)00:02
RinchenNafallo, well, no, but I do get a kick of trying to match machine names to individuals00:05
wgrantUbiquity makes that easy.00:06
Rinchenthere are some mighty interesting names out there00:06
wgrantLots of people just accept the default machine names.00:06
wgrantI see that a lot at uni.00:06
NafalloRinchen: haven't matched mine yet, have you? ;-)00:07
RinchenNafallo, um yeah, that's how I knew who you were when you introduced yourself at dinner to me a few weeks ago ;-)00:09
Nafalloehrm... based on my laptop's hostname? :-)00:12
NafalloI'm not my laptop fwiw :-)00:12
Hobbseeso, we've got diffs between packages now.  When will we get diffs between what's in the queues, and the most recent package for that distroseries?03:09
tlf1138Can somebody give me some launchpad support?03:46
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:49
tlf1138I have a Lenovo X200 that I am trying to install Intrepid Ibex on. I have found some bugs, and for some reason my launchpad account does not work and I can't report them. Many of them are showstoppers for the X200, and some of them are show stoppers for the entire release.03:51
wgrant!doesn't work03:51
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.03:51
spmtlf1138: ie can you even browse to LP? have you tried various browsers? Does your user account "page" come up at all?03:52
tlf1138The time setting program in the installer reports the wrong time, the disk partitioner reports things that are not there, and the installation process frequently crashes.03:52
wgranttlf1138: What's the problem with your Launchpad account?03:53
tlf1138I can't log in.03:53
wgrantWith which message does it reject you?03:53
tlf1138No errors, just no way to log in. I consulted a buddy of mine who works for canonical and he said that this was a good place to ask about access.03:53
Hobbseeprobably not on a weekend, it isn't, but yes ;)03:54
wgrantWhat do you mean "no way to log in"?03:54
tlf1138I simply get bounced back to the beginning screen.03:54
wgrantEnsure that you have cookies enabled.03:54
tlf1138I do cookies manually.03:55
tlf1138Lemme open another window and try to get in.03:55
tlf1138Okay.. it works now.... some cron job causing the delay? I dunno. thanks.03:57
spmtlf1138: there are no cron jobs delaying logins03:57
tlf1138Just guessing.03:57
spmI did enjoy the call to irrelevant authority: "a buddy of mine... " Evil Chuckle. >:)03:59
Hobbseehmmm.  in the advanced search, if you put in the wrong field,there's no indication at the top of the page that there was an error.04:41
* Hobbsee argh!04:42
* Hobbsee smashes launchpad bug searching with a brick.04:42
Hobbseei need to file that bug, too.04:42
wgrantYou know, I could really do with some extra PPAs for my user right now :(05:27
wgrantI hope they get to that feature soon.05:28
lifelesswgrant: just create a couple of groups06:50
wgrantlifeless: That seems to be the recommended solution until we have multiple archives, but that's ugly and a waste.06:52
wgrantI just cleared my PPA for this, and I'll put the old contents back later...06:53
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RainCTIf someone is around, I've some questions about Launchpad's OpenID... First, why is the e-mail address send if it's requested from revu.ubuntuwire.com but not if it's requested from localhost (with exactly the same code)?11:38
wgrantRainCT: REVU was granted special privileges a couple of days ago.11:43
bacbeuno: glad it worked.  we should document that...11:43
RainCTwgrant: ah, so only authorized hosts get additional data?11:45
wgrantRainCT: Yes.11:45
RainCTWell, and question two: is the e-mail address always send? (or, eg, isn't it if it's marked as private)11:47
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njpatelneed some help: how do I register a release with the new UI? Specifically I want to make tarballs available for download15:17
njpateloh nvm, found it15:19
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_AndrewWhat's the address to view the latest revision of a bzr repository? For example project/trunk/files/28?file_id=  If I update my code 28 won't be the latest revision so what do I put instead to ensure the link is always up to date16:03
persia_Andrew, revision -116:11
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_Andrewawesome, thanks16:13
_AndrewThat's not working..16:15
_AndrewHow do I use -1 correct on this address?16:16
persiaI'm not sure, but I'm guessing you replace the 28 with -1, rather than sticking it at the end.16:32
* persia is suggesting -1 based on memories of past answers to questions, rather than real knowledge16:32
_Andrewnevermind it's not that important16:46
beuno_Andrew, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~hardwar/hardwar/trunk/files/head:?file_id=trunk-20080128121747-hzzwhqny0rrrlrhe-116:55
beunoreplace the revision number with head:16:55
_Andrewoh ok thanks16:57
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b24hi, I want to help to translate. How can I find projects that need translation?17:36
beunob24, https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu17:40
b24beuno: thanks :)17:41
beunob24, enjoy!17:42
logari81yesterday "I" uploaded a virus as an attachment to a bug report. accordingly to this log:18:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 240615 in xkeyboard-config "Dead keys don't work when certain Greek keyboard layouts are in the selected layouts list" [Undecided,New]18:10
logari81offcourse it wasn't me18:10
logari81the attachment "unnamed" scaned by clamav gives the following:18:12
logari81unnamed: Worm.SomeFool.P FOUND18:12
logari81I am wondering how could that happen18:13
nedkoi've got remote bzr repo locked, can someone help me?18:51
LarstiQnedko: bzr break-lock <url/to/locked/branch>18:52
nedkothat removed lock but now i'm at first step, bzr push freezing. Last time i pressed ctrl-c and got exception abd remote repo locked18:56
nedkonevermind, it was just *extremely* slow18:57
nedkorepo with 10 revisions18:57
nedkoargh :(18:57
nedkocan i force rebuild of source package?20:29
Flare183How do I get help with a project?22:07
beunoFlare183, what's the problem?22:07
Flare183beuno: I need some help with developing/programming a project22:08
Flare183I can't do it all by myself22:08
beunoFlare183, ah, I see. This probably isn't the channel to ask then  :)22:09
Flare183beuno: Any suggestions on what channel I should ask in? I mean, this project is going to based on Ubuntu but will run on something else.22:10
beunoFlare183, I wouldn't know22:10
Flare183beuno: Oh ok, thanks anyway22:11
mrooneyDoes Launchpad Janitor work on non-Ubuntu projects? Specifically the (LP: #123456) syntax in bzr commit messages?22:15
mrooneyOr, does it not actually work like that.22:15
beunomrooney, you can set it per-project22:15
beunoif you want it to expire things or not22:15
mrooneybeuno: okay, but I can't set it to parse commit messages of certain branches, to mark linked bugs fix committed, for example?22:18
beunomrooney, no, we don't have that feature yet22:19
wgrantmrooney: You can commit with --fixes.22:19
wgrantThat will link the branch to the bug.22:19
wgrantBut it won't change the status, as that would probably be wrong.22:20
mrooneywgrant: ahh, so that's how you do that part of it22:20
wgrantAlthough it could be a bit more intelligent if it sees the fix in the trunk for a series.22:20
mrooneyOkay so the launchpad janitor aspect that marks as fix released is ubuntu only magic?22:20
wgrantmrooney: Ubuntu doesn't get bugs closed by marking fixes in bzr. It's a special field in the changesfile that we upload.22:20
persiawgrant, Just as a counter-use-case : ubuntu-jp-improvement would like uploads to Ubuntu to close bugs (and Ubuntu doesn't want ubuntu-jp-improvement bugs)22:24
beunoI agree having that feature would be interesting22:25
persiaThe project might be an abuse of LP though.22:25
wgrantpersia: ubuntu-jp-improvement should probably be a tag.22:25
beunobeing able to change bug statuses through bzr22:25
persiawgrant, All the bugs are in Japanese.22:25
wgrantbeuno: Since branches are now able to associate with a series, it should be possible.22:25
persiabeuno, Doesn't that already work?22:26
beunopersia, no AFAIK22:26
wgrantBecause I might commit to some random branch which has no real association with the project.22:26
persiaOh.  I guess the people who merge my branches are just effective then.22:26
beunowgrant, well, we can maybe just limit it to the mainline22:27
persiawgrant, I meant commits-to-registered-trunk22:27
beunothat's it  :)22:27
wgrantbeuno: Or other series.22:27
beunowgrant, right, that too22:28
Nafallowgrant is here but not there...22:28
* beuno blinks22:29
Nafallobeuno: hehe. just getting him to login to jabber ;-)22:29
wgrantNafallo: Blah.22:29
mrooneyYou could have it branch specific, right? A setting like: "When bugs are referenced in [drop down of branches], change status to [Fix Committed / Fix Released]"22:35
beunowell, yes, but it sounds too complex22:36
wgrantIt only makes sense to have the status change for the series when it's committed to the series branch.22:36
beunoI think just making it work on trunk or series would work pretty well22:36
wgrantSo I think Launchpad already has all required information.22:36
mrooneyyes, quite possibly22:37
persiaAre packages autorejected (e.g. wrong signer) archived anywhere accessible to the public?23:54
wgrantpersia: No. There is a bug open about that.23:55
wgrantAn archive admin *might* be able to tell you.23:55
persiaNot worth chasing  Patch was "uploaded" for linux-rt about half an hour ago, and the patch author went to bed.  I can recover when the sun reaches Europe again, and nobody's on archive-admin duty today.23:57
wgrantAh. Unfortunate.23:58

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