FFForeverhow can i upgrade to the ubuntu beta without reinstalling?00:23
EruditeHermithey, anyone get an unresponsive display from time to time?00:23
EruditeHermitFFForever: update-managaer -d from terminal or run00:23
bsniderthe beta was 2 weeks ago00:25
FFForeveris the beta stable (for the most part?)00:27
bsniderthis isn't the beta00:27
FFForeverwhat is it?00:27
bsniderthe beta was 2 weeks ago00:27
EruditeHermitFFForever: it is whatever is up to date in Intrepid00:27
bsniderrc in a few days00:27
FFForeverwell update manager won't update LOL00:27
FFForeverunauthenctated packaged....00:27
FFForeverunauthenticated packages****00:28
bsnideraaron plattner fixed a problem with compiz and the nvidia driver, so for my system, it's rock solid now.00:28
FFForeveranyway to tell it to ignore the unauthenticated packages?00:29
FFForeveror install them anyways00:29
bsnidernvidia's driver is superb00:30
bsnidernearly perfect00:30
FFForeverwhat version of vlc is in the repo?00:30
FFForever8.3 in hardy :(00:31
FFForever*downloads iso*00:31
bsniderwhich iso?00:31
FFForeveri386 :)00:31
bsniderget today's daily-live cd00:32
bsnidersearch google for "daily-live". it's the second result00:32
FFForeverdownloading :)00:32
FFForeveri assume its a cron script?00:33
bsnideryou assume what is a cron script?00:34
FFForeverthe daily live cds :)00:35
bsnideri don't know00:35
FFForeveri doubt someone makes them by hand :)00:35
bsnideri really wish more people knew about them because nobody should be using the beta cd anymore00:35
FFForeverwhy not update the topic link00:36
bsnideryou're preaching to the choir00:36
FFForeveri like the new dark room theme :)00:36
bsniderthat makes one of you00:37
FFForeverthankfully this time around i partitioned my system for /home to be alone :)00:37
bsniderinstall a package called "community-themes" and you'll have a few more choices00:37
FFForevertell me when i get on in about 6hours :)00:37
FFForeveri gotta baby sit in a lil bit00:38
billytwowillyis this the first beta or the second beta?01:05
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bsniderthis is a few days away from rc101:06
RAOFzombiehoffa: There is no second beta.01:06
bsniderit's not a beta at all01:06
zombiehoffaoh ok, so after this it's going live? I'm trying to time the purchase of a computer so I get it just after it kubuntu 8.10 is released.01:06
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lelantusaplay -l detects my sound card, it is not muted in alsamixer but I still do not have sound. Please help me.01:09
Mersaultgood evening (here). I'm running intrepid server, and I've installed clutch (the web gui for transmission). The init script is failing to start transmission-daemon correctly though. Anyone else run into this or have ideas on how to pass the correct arguments to tranmission-daemon on startup? I can start it from the CLI easily enough.01:10
bsniderlelantus, that could be a million different problems01:15
lelantushow can i narrow it down?01:16
bsnidergnome or kde?01:17
bsniderdid you just upgrade or something?01:17
lelantusI have a very new laptop so 8.04 didn't run at all. 8.10 runs very well, it is just that the sound does not work.01:18
lelantusi have an asus mM50Vm-b101:19
bsniderdid you clean install intrepid or upgrade from hardy?01:19
lelantusclean install beta01:19
Asa_AI have nvidia-glx-177 installed and it was working until I updated and rebooted. lsmod shows that I have the nvidia driver loaded and "dkms status" shows that the module is loaded. but if I run nvidia-xconfig to put the driver in my config X fails to start. Does anyone have any ideas what else I should check?01:19
bsniderdid you install all of the hundreds of updates since the beta release two weeks ago?01:19
lelantusyes, fully updated01:20
bsniderAsa_A, do NOT run that command. it creates an old, useless xorg.conf01:20
Asa_Absnider: do you have an alternative, nothing else seems to work01:20
Asa_Aits also what running nvidia-settings suggests01:21
bsniderAsa_A, i wrote this thread for people like you: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5952369#post595236901:21
bsniderlelantus, install padevchooser01:22
lelantusk, installing01:23
bsnidernow launch it01:23
bsniderit's in sound & video, pulseaudio device chooser01:24
lelantusok, its in the upper right panel now01:24
bsniderit will create a tray icon. click on it, and select "manager"01:24
bsniderwhat's the server name?01:25
bsniderthen you aren't having a pulseaudio problem either01:26
Asa_Absnider: how can I tell how much vram I have?01:26
bsnideropen pulse's volume control01:26
Mulderhow is flash sound support implemented in 8.10 with pulesaudio? i notice that libflashsupport now conflicts with flashplugin01:27
bsniderflash 10 supports pulseaudio natively01:27
lelantusbsnider, it looks normal, not muted or anything01:27
bsniderlibflashsupport is now deprecated01:27
Mulderyay, this means youtube wont crash anymore!01:28
bsniderAsa_A, the nvidia driver can tell you if you don't know01:28
bsniderAsa_A, start out with a value lower than mine01:29
bsniderlelantus, which applications have you tried to play audio in so far?01:29
Supersaiyan_IVIf anyone here possesses a iwl4965. Try running 'hcitool scan' a few times while unassociated, then use the hardware switch to turn the wifi off. A kernel panic should occur. Can anyone confirm this? I don't know exactly if these are the correct conditions for the panic, but it it would be of great help of somebody could try.01:30
lelantusvlc, totem, no sound on boot either01:30
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blankthemuffinSupersaiyan_IV, I've got one.01:30
blankthemuffinhang on.01:31
lelantusbsnider, pulse audio meter moves when i try to play something01:31
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, how did it occur? Just as described above? Or did you do something different.01:31
bsniderlelantus, open totem and play something while monitoring pulseaudio's volume control to make sure totem shows up there and appears to be playing01:31
blankthemuffinI'm testing now.01:31
Muldernow adobe jsut need to come out with a 64 bit version of flash i guess01:31
blankthemuffinSupersaiyan_IV, I've got a problem where mine drops out.01:32
bsniderlelantus, in that case you've got A) a hardware problem, like a cable not plugged into the correct port, or B) a muted mixer channel01:32
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, as in the iwlagn module stops working?01:32
blankthemuffinSupersaiyan_IV, I've got a intel pro wireless 4965agn in my dell inspiron 1520. Have you had this problem?01:32
lelantusdb shows 0 but it is in there. can't be  hardware problem. sound works fine in vista01:32
bsniderlelantus, your system is creating sound down to the lowest hardware level01:32
bsniderit must be alsamix then01:33
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, yes, it was fixed when I added the missing repository to successfully upgrade to the linux-firmware package01:33
blankthemuffinSupersaiyan_IV, it works, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/+bug/149214 << is my bug.01:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 149214 in linux "[Gutsy] Intel 4965AGN wireless connection dies (dup-of: 200509)" [Unknown,In progress]01:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 200509 in linux "iwl4965: Microcode SW error detected.  Restarting 0x2000000" [Unknown,In progress]01:33
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, checking it out01:33
blankthemuffinoh hang on Supersaiyan_IV, not sure if that's it.01:34
AhadielI just tried 8.10 beta, and Xorg tells me I have an invalid configuration and gives me options to regenerate xorg.conf. None of the options work, and upon further inspection of /etc/X11/xorg.conf, it seems to be empty. There are comments, empty "Sections", and nothing else you'd expect to see in xorg.conf. (nVidia 7150 Go)01:34
blankthemuffinYeah that's it, bsnider it happens in intrepid too, all versions above 7.1001:34
lelantusbsnider, nothing is muted in alsamixer; card and chip set to pulseaudio01:34
Asa_Absnider: thanks (again) for the help, my driver is working again now01:35
Mulderi'm a little concerned at 8.10 using xorg 7.4 before everything else has caught up to it01:35
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, I see, I have that problem aswell, however not on all networks01:35
Asa_Adoes X not reload the config with Ctrl+Alt+Backspace anymore though?01:35
bsnideryes, that shortcut works01:35
bsniderbut it reloads whatever your current config is01:35
bsniderin your case,t hat wasn't xorg.conf01:35
Asa_Aweird, I had to reboot to make it work with the new config01:35
blankthemuffinSupersaiyan_IV, this is a more descriptive error: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-587786.html01:35
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, it happens on the uni wifi network that ses WPA, TLLS, TKIP, PAP encryption/authentication01:36
bsniderAsa_A, because it wasn't using xorg.conf01:36
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, right now I'm on a 128bit encrypted WPA network, and it works fine01:36
lelantusbsnider, do you have any more ideas?01:36
blankthemuffinSupersaiyan_IV, In previous versions I've fixed it by installing the linuxwireless drivers, but I can't get them to work in intrepid for some reason. The hcitool scan fails with no device.01:36
bsniderlelantus, what sound chip is this?01:37
blankthemuffinSupersaiyan_IV, I'm using a non-secured g network.01:37
lelantusaplay -l shows alc66301:37
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, good, now tun off the wifi with the hardware switch if you have on built into your dell01:37
blankthemuffincheck Supersaiyan_IV.01:37
bsniderlelantus, run lspci01:38
blankthemuffinNow what?01:38
bsniderwhat's the full name01:38
lelantus00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller????01:38
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, it's supposed to panic after the scan + killing device + turning it on again01:39
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, if it didnt work I'll just have to narrow it down again :l01:39
blankthemuffinno panic here Supersaiyan_IV.01:39
bsniderlelantus, that is exactly what i've got in here. same pciid. mine is working perfectly01:39
Supersaiyan_IVit might have been because i just resumed from suspend back then01:39
Supersaiyan_IValthough it shouldn't matter01:40
lelantusbsnider, lspci -vv http://pastebin.com/d5dd5a32701:40
blankthemuffinStill getting this bloody error though: Oct 18 11:39:27 blankthelappy kernel: [52449.164096] wlan0: No ProbeResp from current AP 00:08:a1:a1:00:56 - assume out of range01:40
blankthemuffinKills my connection and it won't reconnect without doing so manually.01:40
bsniderlelantus, try alsamix, use the preferences button to check everything01:41
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, not getting that error on my M133001:41
Supersaiyan_IVrunning intrepid01:41
blankthemuffinmmm, maybe it is caused by the encryption level, I might have to enable it and try again.01:41
lelantusbsnider, you mean alsamixer, right?01:41
blankthemuffinnot many people run non-secured networks.01:41
bsnideruh huh01:42
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, indeed, and moreover, this indeed does only occur on networks with more-than-adequate security01:42
lelantusbsnider, master is set to 100% and capture is at 0%01:43
lelantusnot muted01:43
bsniderwhat about pcm?01:43
lelantusnot there01:43
bsniderijn alsamixer, what is the "device"?01:43
jadams__hi all, I have a ridiculously large CRT connected to my intrepid machine (otherwise an entirely modern, Intel Q6600-based system)01:43
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, thx for testing the iwl :)01:43
jadams__it's sticking me in 1024x768 as my max resolution01:44
bsnideruse the drop box to change to HDA Intel01:44
jadams__nvidia video card01:44
lelantusbsnider, alsamixer is command line...01:44
bsniderlelantus, the speaker icon in the tray01:44
Supersaiyan_IVjadams__, compiz running simultaneously?01:45
bsniderdouble ckicl it01:45
jadams__Supersaiyan_IV, compiz is running, yes01:45
Supersaiyan_IVjadams__, check the default output resolution in general settings of ccsm01:45
lelantusHDA Intel(Alsa Mixer) is already set01:45
jadams__Supersaiyan_IV, it's 1280x102401:46
blankthemuffinIs there a way to make the kernel use iwl4965 instead of iwlagn???01:46
bsniderlelantus, play with the pcm channel01:46
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, yes there is, I know joakim does01:46
Supersaiyan_IVhaven't tried doing though01:46
blankthemuffinThe driver isn't in my system, but I have it as a .ucode01:47
Supersaiyan_IVjadams__, nvidia-settings not helping?01:47
bsnideruse the preferences button to add everything else and play with that.01:47
jadams__Supersaiyan_IV, that maxes out a little higher than 1024, but not at the appropriate ratio01:47
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, iwlagn has shared code for most of the new intel chipsets, it simply uses different ucodes for them afaik01:48
blankthemuffinSupersaiyan_IV, do you know where the ucodes hide?01:48
Supersaiyan_IVyep 1sec01:48
lelantusalsa pcm only has one thing01:48
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, in my case /lib/firmware/2.6.27-7-generic/01:49
Supersaiyan_IVjadams__, can't help out much, haven't tried that out yet myself01:50
bsniderlelantus, i don't know what you mean01:50
jadams__Supersaiyan_IV, thanks anyway01:50
blankthemuffinWhat is in there for you, I only have the 4965 ones I added, but I don't know how to make them load.01:50
lelantusbsnider, with pcm selected, preferences only has one device called master01:50
bsniderthe device needs to be hda intel01:51
lelantusHDA intel already had all the playback devices showing in preferences01:51
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, they do load, if they didn't the wireless wouldnt work at all, the ucode is included is modules-restricted-extras01:51
Supersaiyan_IVblankthemuffin, the ucode just lies there in the folder01:52
bsniderlelantus, the ones you need to worry about are master and pcm01:53
lelantusdo i need to be in the audio group? or something like that?01:53
bsniderthe etup out of the box should be perfect01:54
lelantusis there a way to re run the sound setup01:54
blankthemuffinYou mean ubuntu-restricted-extras Supersaiyan_IV?01:54
bsniderlelantus, reinstall alsa-libs and the kernel01:55
dli_gnome-screensaver doesn't go blank?01:55
Supersaiyan_IVsorry, yes ubuntu-* blankthemuffin :P01:55
bsniderdli_, that's a compiz bug01:55
Supersaiyan_IVdli_, also an ati bug01:55
lelantusbsnider, the kernel has been updated several times. would it not have fixed the problem then?01:56
bsniderwell maybe those drivers got corrupted or something. there's not a magic fix here. this shouldn't be happening. your system is definitely making sound01:57
dli_Supersaiyan_IV, it's intel video card01:57
dli_bsnider, thanks01:57
emmasay, i just installed the fglrx amd/ati driver that came in the last updates of intrepid, upon restart I have a screen that says, 'Out of Frequency Range, lower your frequency or use your monitor user manual'01:58
lelantusbsnider, ok, how would i go about reinstalling alsa-libs and the kernel? sudo apt-get remove alsa-libs, ....then what01:58
bsniderlelantus, reinstall is an option in synaptic01:58
Omar87The screensaver isn't working at all, the monitor stays up all the time even when I'm not using it at all, can you help me, please?01:59
bsniderOmar87, known bug in compiz. don't worry about it. it will be fixed soon01:59
Omar87bsnider: is there any workarounds?01:59
lelantusbsnider, alsa-libs are not installed02:00
bsnideryes. open compizconfig, general settings, uncheck "unredirect fullscreen windows"02:00
Supersaiyan_IVOmar87, you could always bind "xset dpms force off"02:00
knioletaccording to my xorg.conf file, my touchpad is no longer configured there, its managed by HAL, but where do I find the configuration for that?02:01
bsniderlelantus, alsa-base, libasound etc. just search for alsa02:01
Omar87Supersaiyan_IV: how do I do that?02:02
lelantusbsnider, should i just reinstall alsa-base?02:02
Supersaiyan_IVOmar87, in compiz → general, bind a command like this "xset dpms force off", then assign a key to it.02:03
blankthemuffinWhat's the key code for that arrow Supersaiyan_IV?? :D02:03
Supersaiyan_IVcompiz-settings manager*02:03
Supersaiyan_IVlinux ftw02:04
lelantusbsnider, nope, didn't do anything02:04
bsniderwell, it could still be any of a million problems02:05
poseidonSo I've decided to switch from debian-kde unstable/testing mix to buntu.  I'm not sure whether to go with kde or gnome, however.02:05
bsniderubuntu is better at gnome than kde02:06
Omar87Supersaiyan_IV: when I try to bind that command it, says the "xset dpms force off" is not a valid shortcut.02:06
blankthemuffinA lot of people I've spoken too hate KDE 4 also.02:06
poseidonbsnider, I think debian is as well.  I just like kde's defualt :)02:06
poseidonand I use kde 3.x02:07
bsniderthat's not available in intrepid02:07
* kniolet LOVES kde4, especially in intrepid, its much better02:07
poseidonI'll probably go with gnome then02:07
Supersaiyan_IVOmar87, did you use the keybindings menu under the commands?02:07
Omar87Supersaiyan_IV: ok ok, I got it. Thanks. :)02:07
buntunub1im testing kde4 too for the last week its awesome02:08
poseidonI don't like all the graphics, I usually turn them all down.  Get the most out of my screen space and RAM02:08
poseidonkde4 didn't work too well with my dual screens02:09
Omar87Supersaiyan_IV: when I use that command, the screen turns off and then comes back again, is this normal?02:09
lelantusbsnider, thanks for the help. I will try to figure it out some other time.02:09
poseidonI'm just tired of debian's open crap02:09
bsnideropen crap?02:10
Supersaiyan_IVOmar87, when you use it the screen comes back on if any other key is accidentally pressed simultaneously02:10
Supersaiyan_IVor mouse is moved02:10
poseidonbsnider, everything has to be open source (ie firefox isn't available for debian, you have to get iceweasel)02:10
poseidonAnything that's not 100% open source can be a pain to install.02:11
Supersaiyan_IVOmar87, just press it fast and it'll work :P make it an easy keybind02:11
Supersaiyan_IVOmar87, such as ctrl + >02:11
Omar87Supersaiyan_IV: yeah, it works. thanks. :)02:13
poseidonbtw, since it's been years since I've installed a distro, let me go over the partitions so I don't screw up. Do I need a /boot partition or just a root partition?02:13
bsniderroot is fine02:13
poseidonI'll just write over debian's partition.02:14
funkyHatAnyone else found open/close animations in compiz don't work after upgrading to 8.10?02:46
Supersaiyan_IVsomebody in #ubuntu fried their 350€ 20.1" screen then doing ctrl+alt+F7 then ctrl+alt+F1 in kubuntu intrepid02:46
Supersaiyan_IVI strongly discourage doing it, it may be a serious graphics but, probably a solid refresh rate override02:47
knioletisnt it kinda hard to actually fry screens these days?02:48
Supersaiyan_IVkniolet, this dude must be special or something02:48
Supersaiyan_IValthough, hats off, he found a bug02:48
funkyHatEverything else works, transparency, minimise, cube etc. but open and close doesn't :(02:49
Supersaiyan_IVtry enabling fading windows02:50
funkyHatIt's enabled02:50
Supersaiyan_IVweird, try installing fusion-icon, and running compiz through that one02:51
funkyHatI don't see any logical reason why that would make a difference02:51
funkyHat(struggling to find any illogical ones either... :P)02:52
Supersaiyan_IVit has a different run parameter selector script02:52
emmaJust want someone to know that the fglrx drivers may not work yet.02:52
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, might work, try it out02:52
emmaWhen I try to activate them they made ubuntu unbootable. Had to go into recovery mode and xfix02:52
funkyHatemma: I've got the fglrx driver working fine here (although I did have an issue initially because I was using the rt kernel with hardy)02:57
klaxiananyone know how i can use my 1680 x 1050 screen with ubuntu?  it doesn't seem to pick up that resolution by default02:58
emmafunkyHat: did you do any tricks?02:58
klaxiani have an intel video card02:58
emmafunkyHat: for me it gives me a screen on startup on the monitor that says "Resolution Frequency Too High"02:58
SnowWritehi, I have ubuntu intrepid installed on a DG33-bu and almost everything works! yay02:59
SnowWrite(intel mobo)02:59
SnowWritebuuut I can't get network to stay up and sound  was working but now it's not03:00
funkyHatemma: no, no tricks, have you tried without an xorg.conf (move it to xorg.conf.old or something)?03:01
funkyHatOr perhaps your monitor refresh rate needs to be configured in xorg.conf... I think that's possible :/03:02
emmai'm trying to do that now.03:02
danbh_intrepidno, you shouldn't need to set the refresh in xorg.conf03:02
emmadisplay settings screen resolution is also broken.03:02
danbh_intrepidyou should file a bug report/ search for reports03:03
funkyHatdanbh_intrepid: I know you shouldn't, but if the mointor is reporting frequency too high then that could make it work, no?03:03
danbh_intrepidfunkyHat: yeah03:03
Joelitohi all, my question is: is apache2 + libapache2-mod-mono + libapache2-mod-php* solved?03:04
Joelitoin intrepid?03:04
action09hi all$03:05
action09i'm not sure what driver exactly to use for a graphic card ati radeon hd 4870 with Ubuntu 8.10, can you confirm please ?  I suppose best choice is to use propreietary driver from website ? isent' the a display problem with 8.10 ?03:05
Supersaiyan_IVi know there is for nvidia, but not sure about ati03:07
Supersaiyan_IVthe latest compiz patch should fix the refresh bug, but now I get corrupted text, now in the chat at times aswell03:08
roxanI feel intrepid very fast, is it me only or everyone03:10
jiffe88hmm, anyone know how to connect to a wireless network, I can configure one but I don't see a way to find available networks or connect to one that I configure03:10
funkyHatSupersaiyan_IV: I installed fusion-icon and ran it and my display died, logging in again :/03:10
KingOfDosjiffe88: try nm-applet03:10
KingOfDosor simular packages03:10
roxanfunkyHat, if its available you will see when you click the network manager03:10
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, did the display die, or did your X die?03:11
danbh_intrepidjiffe88: are you looking for a faster refresh of the available networks?03:11
jiffe88I don't see a place to go to view available networks03:11
Hobbseeroxan: seems faster than hardy.  I think the kernel helped a lot ofit03:12
funkyHatSupersaiyan_IV: I got a really weird issue that I've seen before, where the screen stops working apart from a particular section, which displays the wrong part of the screen, and the rest just freezes03:12
roxanfunkyHat, while logging in ?03:12
funkyHatI can still see the mouse anywhere on the screen, but while clicking on stuff works, I can't see it doing anything (unless the thing I click on is being displayed in the section of screen that is kind of working)03:13
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, running ati or nvidia?03:13
Supersaiyan_IVi see, which mdel03:13
funkyHatIt's fine now, I think it may have been caused by me running fusion-icon when compiz was already running03:13
jiffe88nm-applet --sm-disable appears to be running, I'm guessing thats the icon in the bottom right that is telling me there is no network connection03:14
Supersaiyan_IVit shouldn't matter, it does a compiz --replace anyways03:14
funkyHatWell, stuff died but I logged out and it's fine now03:14
jiffe88I can choose edit connections if I right click that icon, but that just allows me to statically enter the info for the connection, ssid and all, but I don't see a way to tell it to connect to it03:15
funkyHatfusion-icon doesn't make any difference to my actual issue though (close/open animations not working)03:15
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, do "ps aux | grep compiz" and paste the output03:15
roxanjiffe88, iwlist your_interface scanning03:15
roxanjiffe88, see if you can see some ap03:16
jiffe88hmm it doesn't03:17
funkyHatOptions are --ignore-desktop-hints --replace --indirect-rendering core ccp03:17
jiffe88my windows laptop is seeing it though03:17
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, what does "glxinfo | grep direct" say?03:19
roxanjiffe88, then there are no wireless point to connect03:19
funkyHatX just mashed itself again -.-03:19
roxanjiffe88, if there had been then you would have seen while clicking the network manager applet03:20
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, wth03:20
jiffe88there is though03:20
funkyHatSame issue I tried to explain a minute ago, weird display issue03:20
KingOfDosi've got a problem with the panel options. when i'd rebooted (after my daily update round) my panel was empty. when i'd add for example the K-menu and try to move it to the left side of the panel, i only can move it up and down instead of left and right.03:20
jiffe88my windows laptop is connected to it03:20
jiffe88its about 15 ft away fromme03:20
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, that's not normal, might be tht compiz is using indirect rendering03:21
funkyHatWhen I tried to run compiz --help (to find out what --ignore-desktop-hints does, as it's not in the manpage)03:21
funkyHatdirect rendering: Yes03:22
Supersaiyan_IVhmm, after reboot try pasting  "glxinfo | grep direct"03:22
Supersaiyan_IVok thats good03:22
Supersaiyan_IVwhy the indirect redering.. is  "ps aux | grep compiz" output still the same?03:22
funkyHatYeah still --indirect-rendering03:23
roxanjiffe88, is your wirelss card supported?03:23
roxanjiffe88, is the ap not broadcasting ?03:23
roxanjiffe88, or in simple term hidden?03:23
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, i have an ati machine and had similar problems, but I just can't think of anything03:24
jiffe88its broadcasting, shows up in available networks in windows03:24
funkyHatSo something's wrong with the /usr/bin/compiz script?03:24
KingOfDosrofl. ok that's realy stupid. i'd found that it whas a "new" panel, somehow automaticly created with the last update.03:24
KingOfDosremoved the panel, and there below that panel whas my original panel again :)03:24
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, yeah, and the parameters it uses03:25
Supersaiyan_IVim puzzled why it uses indirect rendering when direct is present03:25
Supersaiyan_IValso im pretty sure fusion icon crashed X because it tried to use direct rendering03:25
jiffe88ubuntu wasn't even seeing the wireless card in hardy which is why I updated to intrepid03:26
Supersaiyan_IVKingOfDos, glad you got the display working again03:26
KingOfDosindeed, otherwise i'd got 350 euro damage :)03:27
roxanjiffe88, which is your card?03:28
roxanjiffe88, is it supported now?03:28
KingOfDosand a nice bug submit "somewhere" (ubuntu, x11, kde4, nvidia, whatever). and after that send my screen back for waranty :)03:28
funkyHatSupersaiyan_IV: and still, would that have an affect on the open/close animations but seem to have no affect on anything else?03:29
KingOfDoswe've got a law that says that i've got 2 years waranty on every electronic device, so i'll use that law :)03:29
Supersaiyan_IVKingOfDos, or you could just sqash that bug :P03:30
KingOfDosi'd dont know enouch from linux to help at that level ;)03:30
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, glibloop, does it help?03:30
Supersaiyan_IVplugin in ccsm03:31
funkyHatOh I noticed that yesterday, don't know why I haven't tried it03:31
jiffe88it looks like it, its a 'Intel Wireless 4965 N' from what I cantell03:31
KingOfDosi'm using linux now for a few years, learning a lot. but helping to search for a bug that's just dificult for me, at this moment.03:31
funkyHatDoesn't seem to make any difference though03:32
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, hmm, try reinstalling compiz, and make sure all plugins supported/unsupported are installed03:33
KingOfDosbut i'm running without microsoft (at home). and at the office my workstation and all web/mail/db servers at the datacenter are running linux. so yea, i realy beleave in the "linux community" :)03:33
jiffe88lspci looks like it just says atheros communications inc device03:33
Supersaiyan_IVKingOfDos, much appreciated :) myself I've used linux for a little more than a yer03:34
funkyHatSupersaiyan_IV: I've tried reinstalling every compiz package03:34
roxanwhat does iwconfig shows jiffe8803:34
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, damn, i'm really out of ideas here :/03:34
jiffe88doesn't give a device name, wlan0 says ieee 802.11bgn03:35
KingOfDosthat's why i'm testing kubuntu 8.10, even if that costs me some hardware (what will be a waranty question, because my computer is about 6 months old, and the law says the waranty must be at least 2 year ;) )03:35
Supersaiyan_IVKingOfDos, still, they could say that you installed an OS that is not officially included03:36
Supersaiyan_IVwhich sux03:36
smil3yKingOfDos>  warranty is void when you install linux03:36
KingOfDosi'm using linux on about 6 routers and wifi accesspoints, 15 "hacked" routers (other firmware, solderd some new devices based on them). 8 servers at the datacenter, two servers at the office. 2 workstations and 3 laptops :)03:37
smil3yKingOfDos>  read the eula03:37
Supersaiyan_IVKingOfDos, if you send it in, make sure to reinstall everything the way it was and blame it on blowdows03:37
KingOfDosthe eula of what?03:37
roxanjiffe88, ok so you have wireless support03:37
KingOfDosit's a home build computer03:37
roxanjiffe88, just a question,,,,, is the wireless switched on on your laptop?03:38
KingOfDosso i'll just send de defect part of it to the right webshop.03:38
KingOfDosthey won't get my harddisk ;)03:38
jiffe88it is :)03:38
jiffe88I turned it off and on just to double check03:38
jiffe88I'm going to shut this down and throw the vista HD back in, make sure wireless connects there03:39
roxancan you then tri manually03:39
roxanjiffe88, iwconfig essid sth key sth03:39
roxanjiffe88, thats the ssid03:41
Supersaiyan_IVjiffe88, iwconfig wlan0 essid NETGEAR key 000003:42
Supersaiyan_IVfor example03:42
KingOfDosand even if there is a eula (or something else) by the webshop, they can't prevent the use of linux and they must support damaged hardware by it. it's the lack of support by hardware vendors, not by linux.03:42
jiffe88hmm, it doesn't like my key argument03:42
jiffe88which is just a string of characters I'm passing to wpa_passphrase on my freebsd machine03:43
jiffe88I'm guessing there is some conversion taking place03:43
roxanare you using hex or ascii?03:43
funkyHatSupersaiyan_IV: could be /usr/bin/compiz line 153, | grep -q GLX.*fbconfig03:44
roxanjiffe88, you need to put s: before your key if its ascii03:44
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, checking03:44
jiffe88ok it did take that03:44
funkyHatIt doesn't return anything because glxinfo writes GLXFBConfigs (capitalisation)03:44
roxanjiffe88, ok. so what does iwconfig shows?03:45
roxanjiffe88, connected or ?03:45
jiffe88so iwconfig wlan0 shows that info, still says not associated03:45
roxanjiffe88, are you sure you have the right key and your mac is allowd on the ap03:45
jiffe88yeah, no mac restrictions and I just pulled the key from the config file on the ap03:46
roxanjiffe88, is it a passphrase or password?03:47
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, in other words it's not finding direct rendering03:47
Supersaiyan_IValthough ti should exist03:47
roxanjiffe88, i'm afraind but i dont think passphrase is supported.03:48
funkyHatYeah, well I guess, if that's what GLXFBConfig does... heh03:48
funkyHatIt's not finding something that it looks like it should be finding anyway03:48
jiffe88well the network configuration takes it and converts it to a different string03:48
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, looks like some retarded bug03:50
jiffe88it doesn't like that string via iwconfig though03:50
jiffe88its a hex string, probably too long03:50
jiffe88I'm not seeing this machine in the ap logs at all03:51
poseidonI did an upgrade (just after I installed) and I got to what seems to be the end  "Removing linux-headers-2.6.27-4 and it's been stuck there for about 20 minutes.  What should I do?03:51
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, try doing compiz --replace in a terminal, what's the output?03:51
Supersaiyan_IVif it says FCconfig: present, then direct rendering should be there03:52
funkyHatI just added -i to the checks in the compiz script and it's still starting with --indirect-rendering03:52
roxanjiffe88, atleast is should have shown the ap in nm applet03:53
funkyHatYeah it says FBConfig: present03:53
poseidonShould I just end the process and restart?03:54
funkyHatIt says texture_from_pixmap is not present :?03:54
Supersaiyan_IVfunkyHat, that should be present03:54
Supersaiyan_IVim too tired to think straight, and im out of ideas, it's 05.00 soon, so pillow time for me :P03:55
funkyHatIt's 4:00 soon here too, I should sleep as well03:56
mzuverinkI have an Intel HDA chip on my Sony Vaio Laptop, I have no sound at all, when I test it nothing.  What should I do to get sound?04:04
funkyHatOk I feel really silly now I've fixed the animations thing, it was very simple04:04
mzuverinkok, I take that back, I do hear a low pitch hum, but not the normal sound test, it is much quieter04:05
mzuverinkplaying mps, oggs or flacs are the same, sound all the way up, PCM all the way up and Front(?) all the waay up, but nothing more than a wisper04:08
Geforce88who would one report a typo on the ubuntu.com/support web page?04:08
roxanmzuverink, go to system preferences sound and see if you can find something04:09
mzuverinkroxan, why would not autodetect locate the write/correct one, it always has in the past04:10
roxanmzuverink, i dont know04:11
foomanchewnvidia issues anyone04:11
foomanchewcurrently running in safe mode04:11
Geforce88if you upgraded, you'll have to rebuild your nvidia kernal04:12
Geforce88sorry, your nvidia drivers will have to be recompiled04:12
Geforce88new kernal = new rebuild04:12
foomanchewcan I download the binaries from nvidia04:12
foomanchewfor Ibex04:12
Geforce88what card?04:13
Geforce88i hear if it's older than the fx series, then use the legacy drivers for now04:13
mzuverinkroxan, will those choices sty, I got them to make sound using the choice of HDA Intel ALC262 Analog(OSS), but in the past this machine has always used ALSA04:13
Geforce88but yea, you should be able to get the drivers from nvidia, but, if it worked with hte older kernal, do you still have the driver file on yo machien ?04:14
roxanmzuverink, yes it should by the rule of nature04:15
mzuverinkWhat sound system is IBEX using this round?04:15
Geforce88foomanchew : go to #nvidia, they can help you04:16
mzuverinkroxan, wasnt it pulse last time?04:16
foomanchewGeforce88, thanks04:16
mzuverinkwhat are the drawback of using oss?04:17
roxanmzuverink, there is a hype on pulse04:18
roxanmzuverink, maybe we will have better world if we use it04:18
mzuverinkroxan, I hated pulse04:18
roxanmzuverink, why?04:18
mzuverinkroxan, what is the drwbacks of using OSS?04:19
mzuverinkroxan, had problems with two sound playing at the same time, for example, I am playing a song in  an app, it was not till the app was closed would I get the sound of K#B sucsessfully burning a cd, which happened like 20 minutes ago prior04:21
jiffe88alright, I confirmed it does work in windows vista on this laptop04:22
jiffe88boot back unto ubuntu and its still not seeing any ap's04:22
roxanmzuverink, hmm thats strange04:23
cs_studentanyone here know what the nvidia program to configure dual-screens is?04:23
roxanjiffe88, hmm04:23
mzuverinkroxan, I would like to be able to play a song and tlk on skype, could not do that in pul;s either04:23
RyanPriorYeah, Linux audio is such a mess, doing anything meaningful makes your brain hurt even if you understand the underlying systems.04:53
TwoDAnyone who knows the level of support for dual displays in Intrepid by default? I just booted into the LiveCD (from USB drive atm, same problems on actual CD) and the login screen was all garbage with vertical lines on one display when the other was just black with flickering lines.04:58
TwoDUsing the Beta btw...04:59
TwoDI did get it to work by installing the nvidia 177 drivers and copy most of xorg.conf from Hardy, but I'd like to know if it's possible for a dual head setup to be auto-detected?05:00
crdlbTwoD: possibly, but that's entirely up to nvidia05:02
crdlbthey don't use any of the cool X infrastructure in their driver, so there's absolutely nothing ubuntu can do to improve the experience05:03
crdlbTwoD: oh, I see, you mean the default driver05:04
crdlbwell, that one sucks due to nvidia not providing any hardware specs :P05:04
TwoDI meant before I install their driver, which I had to do to get it working. Would the Live CD without any additional packages be able to use both my monitors (for anything, if it just be a clone).05:04
crdlb(I believe nvidia mostly writes that one themselves too, but without specs, no one can improve on it from the outside)05:05
TwoDSorry, didn't see that last post, had a lag spike...05:05
TwoDSo you're basically saying that with an nvidia card, there's no way to detect more than the default display automatically?05:06
TwoDIs it possible with an ati card? (Not that I'd switch... just curious...)05:06
crdlbI'd expect that the 'nv' driver is _supposed_ to detect both monitors, but clearly it doesn't work well if so05:07
crdlbin the case of ATI, the open source driver can do it out of the box for the cards it supports well (and hit-or-miss for the ones it barely supports)05:08
crdlband the really new ones aren't supported at all except with vesa AFAIK05:09
crdlbso, it's not so much better, but it's _getting_ better, which cannot be said for nvidia05:09
TwoDah ok. I guess that's why the Monitor Resolution Settings dialog is pretty useless for me then...05:09
crdlbnvidia needs to implement XRandR 1.2 for that dialog to allow you to configure multihead05:10
crdlbsince they don't, you have to use nvidia-settings instead05:10
TwoDAh, it's kinda confusing that those settings are still enabled while there's no support for them, and no mentioning of that in the dialog itself. :/05:11
bluefox83ok, you folks likely get this question a lot, but has the nvidia driver issue been solved in 8.10 yet?05:13
bluefox83because i'm stuck with horrid resolution D;05:13
crdlbbluefox83: you mean pre-FX series?05:13
bluefox83i dunno >.>05:14
crdlb... what problem are you talking about then?05:14
bluefox83i can't seem to get ibex to load the new nvidia card drivers properly05:14
crdlbwith what card?05:14
bluefox83holdon two seconds >.>05:15
bluefox8300:12.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 7150M (rev a2)05:15
crdlbin that case, I'm not sure what issue you're referring to05:16
bluefox83ok, when i first upgraded, i had two possible video card drivers05:16
bluefox83neither one of them changed the resolution05:16
bluefox83how do i fix my resolution?05:16
crdlbare you sure they successfully enabled?05:17
bluefox83it's currently at 800x600 >.>05:17
bluefox83well, i uninstalled them...because i wasn't sure which was working05:17
bluefox83then reinstalled the 173 one05:17
bluefox83but now i can't get it to come up on the hardware driver list05:17
bluefox83i even rebooted05:17
bluefox83so, any ideas?05:17
crdlbinstall nvidia-glx-177 with apt-get05:17
crdlbthat should make it show up in the driver manager05:18
bluefox83Error! Your kernel source for kernel 2.6.24-21-generic cannot be found at05:19
bluefox83/lib/modules/2.6.24-21-generic/build or /lib/modules/2.6.24-21-generic/source.05:19
bluefox83Installing initial module05:19
bluefox83Error! Could not locate nvidia.ko for module nvidia in the DKMS tree.05:19
bluefox83You must run a dkms build for kernel 2.6.24-21-generic (i686) first.05:19
bluefox83the heck does that mean?05:19
crdlbno, that does not mean the heck05:19
crdlbI'm not entirely sure what it does mean though05:20
bluefox83i think it's a bad idea to install beta software, even if it is less than a month away from being stable >.>05:20
crdlbeh, you seem to be using the wrong kernel05:20
bluefox83well the other one wouldn't let my wifi card work at all >.>05:20
bluefox83is there an issue with the latest kernel and the atheros card?05:21
bofh80hi chaps, i have upto date intrepid.......however my nvidia-settings crash when i try to save to X config file. any ideas?05:23
TwoDbofh80: are you running it as root?05:25
bofh80TwoD, i tried it normally first, it crashed, then i ran sudo nvidia-settings, same effect. it crashes when i hit save to. i'm trying to enable my dual screens properly...but it crashs if i just try to save resolution for th esingle monitor05:26
bluefox83i think they did this to get everyone to learn not to upgrade before a release goes stable >.>05:27
TwoDbofh80: does it crash at the exact moment you hit "Save to X Configuration File"? Or when you hit the "Save" button in the dialog that pops up? As a workaround, try showing the preview and copy/paste the contents into your xorg.conf05:29
bofh80TwoD, the dialog box does not come up after i hit save, cpu spikes for a few seconds then i get crash reports etc . 1 sec on  paste05:30
bluefox83ok, will a nvidia driver work if i uninstall everything that provides "nvidia" then compile a new one from the installer on the nvidia site?05:31
bofh80TwoD, http://paste.ubuntu.com/59138/05:31
bofh80bluefox83, you'll be really screwing with things going down that route . .  . .05:31
bluefox83bofh80, well nothing is working so far05:32
bluefox83i can't use the latest kernel, cus it wont let my wifi card work...05:32
bofh80bluefox83, oh i c. nasty . .  .:S05:32
bluefox83i have an atheros wifi card...05:32
bluefox83it works in this kernel, but in this one the video doesn't work at all05:33
Hobbseebluefox83: in which kernel?05:33
bofh80yes, i was screwed until i realised my old internet connection was working through ethernet, cos my bluetooth PAND connection is no longer support by bluez.. rather odd05:33
TwoDbofh80: any error messages during the crash when you run sudo nvidia-settings from the command line?05:33
Hobbseebluefox83: but the atheros does'nt work in 2.6.27-7-generic?05:33
bofh80TwoD, core dump or something simlar. you want the exact?05:34
bluefox83Hobbsee, correct05:34
Hobbseebluefox83: does the card flash, at all?05:34
bluefox83and the video doesn't seem to want to work in either D:05:34
bofh80TwoD, Segmentation fault (core dumped)05:34
bluefox83Hobbsee, no, then again it doesn't flash now either05:34
Hobbseebluefox83: meh, nvidia.05:34
Hobbseebluefox83: ouch.05:34
bluefox83<3 nvidia05:34
bofh80TwoD, dmesg says  nvidia-settings[9125]: segfault at 8 ip 080ae92b sp bfec4210 error 4 in nvidia-settings[8048000+93000]05:35
TwoDbofh80: nah, was just thinking there might be a clue to what made it crash, like some function reporting file not writeable or whatever.05:35
Hobbseebluefox83: dunno if the restricted manager will find the drivers for the video card05:35
Hobbseebut it might be something to try05:35
Hobbseebluefox83: no idea if it's https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/network-manager/+bug/25915705:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259157 in network-manager "[MASTER 0.7 regression] atheros/madwifi and orinoco drivers not supported" [High,Triaged]05:36
TwoDbofh80: hmm, I guess only nvidia would be able to tell where in the code that is... tried reinstalling it?05:36
bofh80TwoD, i tried the 173 driver instead05:36
bofh80TwoD, same problem ofc05:36
bluefox83it currently says the 177 driver is being used (and is recommended) but i can't seem to fix my resolution05:36
bofh80bluefox83, use nvidia settings :D05:37
alabamahitI can't watch my DVDs....Have installed ubuntu-restricted-extras...any ideas?05:38
Hobbseealabamahit: what error does it give?05:38
TwoDbofh80:  Hmm, I don't let nvidia-settings mess wit xorg.conf myself as it keeps disabling the extra buttons on my MX518 mouse, even tho I can't find any changes to that part... I'll paste my xorg.conf, maybe you can grab the parts you need and edit it manually?05:38
bofh80TwoD, you have two screens?05:38
alabamahitHobbsee: Could not read from resource.05:39
alabamahitDisk is clean.05:39
bluefox83bofh80, nvidia-settings keeps saying i am not using a nvidia driver...which is retarded cus i am >.>05:39
* bluefox83 wonders whose hairbrained idea it was to break nvidia and atheros D:05:40
TwoDbofh80: yes. I'm running a 19" LG (DVI) and a 24" BenQ (VGA). Got a few metamodes set up for some testing: http://paste.ubuntu.com/59146/05:40
Hobbseebluefox83: well, nvidia tends to do their own drivers...05:40
Hobbseealabamahit: in totem?05:40
alabamahitHobbsee: That is correct.05:40
alabamahitHobbsee: in MPlayer it says Seek Failed05:41
bofh80TwoD, you using twinview? i need seperate X servers :)05:41
alabamahitIhave even tried rebooting the computer and unmounting the Movie and Remounting it.05:42
Hobbseealabamahit: in system, preferences, sound, what's selected?05:42
bofh80TwoD, but at least i'm pushed in the right direction, i go find some xorg confs05:42
Hobbseeiirc, i had this one a whiel ago05:42
TwoDbofh80: yeah I'm on TwinView atm. I think you should just be able to set the Xinerama flag to 1 tho.05:42
alabamahitHobbsee: there is alot there...any certain?05:43
bluefox83if i can't get a descent resolution soon i'm going to break something >.>05:43
Hobbseealabamahit: do they all read pulseaudio?05:43
alabamahitin the Device Tab...Most say Autotdect05:44
Hobbseealabamahit: oh, have you installed libdvdcss?05:44
Hobbseealabamahit: oh, have you installed libdvdcss2?05:44
alabamahitHobbsee: yeah, it installs with the ubuntu-extras..05:45
Hobbseealabamahit: no it doesn't...05:45
alabamahiti even looked to make sure it did install right.05:45
alabamahitill check again05:45
Hobbseealabamahit: however, it does install libdvdread3, which has a script at /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh.  If you run that script, it'll install libdvdcss2 for you (or you can download it in another way if you choose)05:46
Hobbsee(it's forbidden from being distributed directly, due to legal issues)05:46
bluefox83ok, what happened to pidgin? where the heck did that go?05:47
alabamahitsypantic wont open LMAO05:47
alabamahitbrb smoke break....05:47
alabamahitand Reboot...05:47
Hobbseebluefox83: it's there on my system...05:48
TwoDHmm, if I upgrade to Intrepid, it'll ask if I wish to keep my xorg.conf, right? Otherwise I'd have to go through it all again :/05:49
bluefox83Hobbsee, at some point my system forgot to reinstall pidgin05:51
Hobbseebluefox83: weird.05:51
bluefox83it took it out, then never put it back, i had to tell it to05:51
bluefox83yes, very weird05:51
HobbseeTwoD: most of it should be autodected.  not sure if it gets picked up by default now.05:52
bluefox83how do i check to see if my system is really using the nvidia driver and not the nv one?05:52
bluefox83cus lsmod | grep nvidia actually shows nvidia05:52
TwoDHobbsee: It definitely doesn't autodetect my two monitors on my GeForce 7800, or my Logitech MX518 mouse, and from what it seems not my Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard 1.0A (Wired version is not listed, only wireless) either05:55
HobbseeTwoD: darn.  Note, I said "should"05:55
TwoDYeah I know hehe05:56
bluefox83ok, so i selected one of the video drivers to use, is there anything i need to do to get it to actually USE the dang thing? restart X or something?05:56
TwoDI couldn't see the login screen / log in without downloading nvidia drivers, copy/modify my old xorg.conf and restart X....05:56
TwoDbluefox83: that'd be a good idea yes, I prefer restarting the whole computer just to be sure.05:57
TwoDWhat?? Still no x86_64 Flash download? Now that they finally made a .deb and all! :(06:00
TwoDBleh, time to go back to Hardy. Nice visit tho, cya...06:01
alabamahitHobbsee: libdvdread3 is installed06:01
Hobbseealabamahit: yes, and...?06:02
Hobbsee[15:46] <Hobbsee> alabamahit: however, it does install libdvdread3, which has a script at /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh.  If you run that script, it'll install libdvdcss2 for you (or you can download it in another way if you choose)06:02
Hobbsee(the libdvdcss2 is what you actually need to do the descrambling)06:02
alabamahitoh..sorry...forgot that...let me navigate there. :)06:02
* Hobbsee has modified both packages before...06:03
Hobbsee(so i do know them relatively well)06:03
alabamahitOk, im there i see that install.06:04
alabamahitdo i just double click that?...Sorry for the noob question...still learning Linux.06:04
Hobbseeer, you'll need to run that as root06:05
Hobbsee(if you can do it from inside nautilus, eys)06:05
ubottuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs06:05
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:06
Hobbsee^ givesmore clear instructions on it06:06
Hobbseealthough i think it advocates another way06:07
Hobbseeoh, hurrah, it does use my method!06:07
Hobbseebut the path has changed, and that's out of date.  sigh06:09
alabamahityeah i had to remove the /examples/ out of it06:10
alabamahitbut it ran..06:10
Hobbseeso you should be able to restart totem, and have it run06:10
frybyeHi - anybody else noticed that embedded flash videos stop running after a few seconds since the intrepid-beta update that was distributed an hour or so ago...?06:11
alabamahitcrap says same thing....should i try rebooting computer?06:11
frybye- I would like to make a bug-report about this but dont really know enough to be able to do that.. not sure which package is the one with the bug etc..06:12
frybyeI notice now that this does not seem to be a problem when watching youtube stuff with the totem youtube-plugin for instance - but is apparently a problem when watching videos in firefox...06:15
crdlbfrybye: the difference is that flash is playing them in firefox and gstreamer is playing the underlying file when you use totem06:17
crdlbso it's probably a flash bug06:17
alabamahitHobbsee: After reboot everything is working Perfect :)06:17
alabamahitThank you very Much :)06:17
Hobbseealabamahit: \o/06:17
Hobbseealabamahit: you're welcome!06:18
frybyecrdlb: hmmm... strange the videos are now working in youtube.. perhaps it was just the couple of specific files i treid before..06:18
alabamahitfrybye: you on 64 bit?06:19
frybyealabamahit: yes - but I have gone back to some of the content which had caused the problem and it is working now.. end of crisis heheh06:20
frybyegoodness knows what the problem was 15 mins ago....06:21
alabamahityeah...64 is ify some times, lol...I was using it...Sometimes flash worked...and sometimes it didnt lol06:21
frybyethats it perhaps. ... the limits of running an emulated 32bit system...+#06:22
alabamahityeah im back on 32 now...less problems.06:23
elbermungsterwhen is RC coming out06:23
alabamahitThough I was very impressed in 8.10 speed in 64bit.06:23
alabamahitelbermungster: the 30th i think06:23
alabamahit:) now Acid Rip is working :)06:24
frybyeelbe rc of what???06:24
wgrantAnybody here running Intrepid with a touchpad? I need victims.06:24
alabamahitNow I don't have to worry about this $40 South Park season i just bought getting scrathed wOOt06:24
alabamahitfrybye: I hope thats what he ment lol.06:25
frybyethis embedded video problem seems to still be there on the bbc-news site..06:26
frybyethey have thier own implementation of the flash payer thing though....06:26
frybyeand are totally unresponsive if you write to them on a technical issue.. never ever had a reply to such a feedback...06:27
frybyeone would hope they take not of what is said and are -only- too bloody arrogant (or overworked-) to take the time to reply...06:28
bronzewalla84i have a new dell studio laptop, with a fresh intrepid install and can't seem to get sound out of either of the headphone jacks, can anyone help?06:40
joshualis there a gui to change default applications in ubuntu? i know kde (kubuntu) has one...06:56
joshualah yes there is a way... nautilus>preferences>media (tab)06:59
joshualsort of06:59
frybyejoshual: I am running a German version of intrepid - and it is in system|settings|prefered-applications here...?06:59
frybyeat least that would probably be a decent translation of what is here..07:00
joshualfrybye: yeah but its very limmited07:00
frybyemust confess I did not get to look at it.. just went to see if such a thing existed at all...07:00
joshualcant select when a dvd is put what to use etc...07:00
joshualyeah, apparently in intrepid things are a bit better07:01
joshual14 days07:01
joshualand ill get it07:01
frybyejoshual: will for sure be ways to do it - by editing various *.conf files i guess...07:01
joshuali like to know gui ways in case i need to tell someone who isnt familiar with the terminal much how to do things07:02
frybyeafaik if you get the beta now - will auto-update to the full version when the day arrives...?07:02
joshualyeah i had kubuntu intrepid and it was hellish so I went back to ubuntu hardy, i'll just wait... no rush07:02
frybyejoshual: sure that makes sence.. and if ubuntu hopes to win folks over from windows - then the gui has to at least do most stuff for them...07:02
frybyei tried kubuntu intrepid and gave up on it too...07:03
frybyespent days just trying to get the sound system to work anything like ok...07:03
Kr0ntabjoshual: so the nautilus media tab doesn't do what you want?07:03
joshualfrybye: yeah! i couldnt play movie dvds without horrible quality, and had to log into a differnt DE to play games etc etc07:03
Kr0ntabI'm looking at the interface now... and you can specify what application you want to use for DVD's07:03
td123frybye: you should get the final cd and install a fresh copy (there could be leftover files from the beta which is always not good) :D07:04
frybyeyeah but I have tweeked and added so much stuff.. it means weeks of struggel to do a fresh install again...07:04
joshualKr0ntab: in hardy you can only specify "ask what to do" "do nothing" "open folder" or "open movie player"07:04
joshualno way to set a custom app07:04
frybyejoshual: here it is not all about hardy...07:05
Kr0ntabYou're not asking about Intrepid?07:05
joshuali know frybye but i cant handle #ubuntu ... its impossible to get a word in edgewise there...07:05
frybyeno good to use hardy to try and find out how to do stuff with intrepid...07:05
joshualKr0ntab: no07:05
joshuali posted a proposal to make a new irc channel for general questions for whatever released version is current, something like #ubuntu1 ... its really impossible to get help in that channel07:06
joshualmost of the time07:06
frybyewell i know the #ubuntu crowed shove one straight over here if they figure one is asking about +1 - so dont be supprised if the same happens <>07:06
frybyehaving a ubuntu-a ubuntu-b etc with automatic splitting them up when a certain <active->user-number was reached would prob. be the best way - not sure if irc system can cope with such...?07:08
joshualyeah that would be cool07:08
frybyea lot of priv. chat systems do it - and even annoyingly use the same name for the chat-rooms even if split up -- if you go to chat room "whetever" it could in fact be "whatever7" or whatever5 - but one does not know - just when you wanna meet a certain person and they send email that they are there and you dont find them - then it becomes clear what is happening...07:09
joshualyeah that sounds like it could be a real hassle, not knowing...07:11
frybyejoshual: if you put a ? in #ubuntu and get a response at all - then of course you can ask the person if ok to move to /msg ...07:11
frybyebut this is all a wee bit OT here to be honest... ;=(07:11
=== Sebast1an is now known as Sebastian
Hobbseefrybye: tha'ts been discussed before.  The general thought is that a whole lot of <beep> users would go "oh, look, more channels!  Lets ask the questions in all of them, simultaneously!"07:12
joshualI agree that it's OT, but I think as long as noone is talking On Topic, then why make a fuss about Off Topic... my opinion (not that you're making a fuss)07:13
Hobbseealso, a lot of people here probably haven't run hardy in a while07:13
joshualit seems a lot of people are using awn these days...07:15
liritin my xorg.conf, there are these lines: #commented out by update-manager, HAL is now used07:28
liritwhy is that?07:28
=== Oric_ is now known as Oric
=== Oric_ is now known as Oric
crazy_busmedibuntu doesn't seem to have ffmpeg anymore.  I thought this might have been replaced by ffmpeg-unstripped in multiverse but when I installed I still couldn't encode with xvid.  Am I doing anything wrong?09:02
Hobbseecrazy_bus: #medibuntu, surely...09:05
crazy_busI asked there but only got the response of unstripped from one person09:05
Nyquist333I think there might be a bug with the network-manager setting MTU for eth0.09:10
mzuverinkI am desperately trying to get sound out of my sony vaaio laptop,in prior installs it worked uner auto detect.  I ha the Intel HDA sound chip in it/  Anyone willing to help me out and take a stab at it?09:10
dli_mzuverink, 1) run alsaconf as root 2) add yourself to the 'audio' group (log out and log in again) 3) use alsamixer and unmute channels and raise levels (also try muting some channels) 4) arts or esound stopped? 5) OSS modules unloaded? 6) speakers on? 7) modprobe snd-pcm-oss  8) does "aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Noise.wav" work for root? Test your sound with aplay and a wav so codec issues don't confuse the situation. <list als09:12
dli_a users>09:12
Nyquist333I've had problems recording. Still do in some apps. You may need to add every device to your mixer and check if something is muted or low.09:12
dli_mzuverink, from #debian alsa checklist09:12
Nyquist333I don't have alsaconf.09:13
mzuverinkdli_, thanks, your a gem and a plethora of info in theis darkness of no sound09:13
Nyquist333so does anyone know why I have to always set the MTU to 1492 on reboot for eth0. It always goes back to automatic, and 1500 which does not work for some websites.09:15
elektronischokay, so i upgraded to the latest devel release of 8.10 and im getting a ipw2200 firmware load error??  on boot.. now my wifi wont connect09:24
elektronischid give you the exact error but it happens on load and i dont see it in `dmesg`09:24
elektronischokay ipw2200-bss.fw request_firmware failed: Reason -209:25
elektronischis the error09:25
mzuverinkdli_, in your first response to me you ended the line "<list als"  was here supposed to be more to that line09:25
dli_elektronisch, http://ipw2200.sourceforge.net/firmware.php09:25
elektronischit was working.. last night and i do a update every day just to test.. so whatever changed between yesterday and today involving ipw2200 broke it..09:26
dli_mzuverink, join #debian on oftc.net, /msg dpkg alsa checklist09:26
elektronischoh well, guess ill figure out a way to get these drivers compiled tomorrow09:27
mzuverinkdli_, thaank you09:28
mzuverinkdli_, thank very much09:28
gnomefreakout bot has help for getting sound working09:28
crimsunelektronisch: make sure you have the requisite linux-firmware package installed.09:29
rothchildsorry I know this is really trivial, but how do I turn off the large balloon notification announcing that I am connected to my router?09:39
zniavrerothchild:  may be you can try >gconf-editor >/apps/panel/global/tooltips_enabled09:41
bertodserahi! I made a keyboard layout for a language that is not present in the distro, I added it into /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols, now what should I do to see it? restart?09:41
zniavrerestart session i guess09:41
bertodseratnx :)09:42
rothchildthanks zniavre09:43
siriusnovaanyone here notice a bug with Intrepid Beta and Nvidia cards, mainly that Xorg goes to 100% cpu use?09:53
siriusnovait does this on my brand new hp dv5t laptop with a GeForce 9600M GT09:53
siriusnovait makes everything unusable09:53
bertodserawhere do I update the list of languages installed in SCIM?09:54
bertodserato add custom languages, I mean09:54
action09hi all09:55
action09can't find my answer: is Ubuntu 8.10 will work with a graphic card Radeon HD4870 ?  i mean with base installation ? any link to help/configure is needed ??09:56
action09hi first :)09:56
BlinkizHi. Am looking for the simple tool that creates .deb file when running "sudo make install" on a source package. What is the name?09:59
fincanany1 here uses  ubuntu 8.10 on RAID0 setup?10:03
fincanany1 here uses  ubuntu 8.10 on RAID0 setup with dual-boot?10:03
Blinkizfincan, I use software raid1 on ubuntu 8.10.10:05
fincanwith dual-boot?10:05
BlinkizNaa, depends what you mean with dual-boot. I have windows vista also installed.10:06
fincanyeah I mean windows+linux10:07
fincanI have a problem with dual-booy10:07
fincanthere is no problem with booting ubuntu from grub10:07
fincanbut after selecting the windows entry in grob, pc freezes and I have never achieved to boot windows :(10:08
fincancould u share ur windows entry plz*10:09
Blinkizfincan, So this raid0 you have. Is it something on your moderboard (bios)? Or have you created the raid with mdadm?10:09
fincancreated with dmraid10:10
Blinkizfincan, Was windows already installed before you created it with dmraid?10:10
fincanfirst installed was windows xp10:10
Blinkizfincan, Did you install windows xp on the raid0 set of disk or on a single disk?10:11
fincanboth OS s on the same raid0 setup10:11
Blinkizfincan, So the first time you created this raid0, was before any operatingsystem had started (bios), right?10:11
Blinkizfincan, So after you installed winxp, you installed ubuntu 8.10.10:13
Blinkizfincan, And now there is one entry in grub about windows that does not work?10:13
fincanI tried almost all options about windows boot but all I tried could not boo10:14
linux1does anyone know if the xserver in intrepid has mpx support10:14
Blinkizfincan, I have to ask. Because you are installing ubuntu 8.10, are you a experience user of linux/ubuntu?10:15
fincanI used ubuntu almost all 6.10's l10:15
fincanother releases have a bug about raid but it is over with 8.10 and I m back for linux :)10:16
Blinkizlinux1, Don't know. Find the version number that xserver has in intrepid and search on google about "xserver mpx support". Maybe you will see a version number when it was implemented10:16
Blinkizfincan, Nice :)10:16
Blinkizfincan, I have no clue about your problem. Sorry.10:16
fincanBlinkiz: btw what r differences between mdadm ann dmraid?10:17
Blinkizfincan, mdadm is for true software raid. dmraid is for fake hardware raid. True raid is not handled with either mdadm or dmraid10:18
BlinkizBut I must reserve my self about the last sentence. Have forgot, but I think its like that10:19
fincanBlinkiz: which 1 is better performance?10:20
fincanBlinkiz: and may I install mdadm raid as this guide? http://wiki.auzigog.com/My_Ubuntu_(7.10)_Installation10:21
Blinkizfincan, Its the same speed. Both using the cpu to do the raid functionality. I used dmraid in the past but got a crash and drop that tool. More functionality in true software raid.10:22
fincanBlinkiz: and installing process?10:23
Blinkizfincan, No, the guide on that link is way to complicated. Don't know why10:23
fincanBlinkiz: may I install mdadm as this dmraid guide?10:24
Blinkizfincan, No, different tools10:24
fincanany mdadm guide u use?10:25
Blinkizfincan, Hmmm, I guess I just use "man mdadm"10:25
fincanman mdadm: any link?10:26
Blinkizfincan, You write "man mdadm" in a console on your computer. :P10:26
Blinkizfincan, after you have installed mdadm. I believe its sudo apt-get install mdadm10:27
fincanI ask a guide for ubuntu install with mdadm :)10:27
Blinkizfincan, But I can't solve your problem. Am the wrong guy...10:27
utente6look on the web ubuntu > documentation10:27
fincanthx anyway m8, at least I ll try mdadm instead of dmraid10:28
fincanbut 1 more thing could u share ur grub windows entryplz ? :)10:28
Blinkizfincan, if you use mdadm, windows will not work10:28
Blinkizfincan, http://blinkiz.pastebin.com/d5af1deba10:29
fincanthis is bad news :)10:29
Blinkizfincan, I feel you have to understand more about "fake hardware raid" and "software raid". Search on the net...10:30
Blinkizfincan, To have windows work, you have to use fake hardware raid or true raid10:31
fincanso no chance for softraid for me and there is a bug or problem between windows and grub :(10:32
fincanBlinkiz: some1 must detroy all digital world XD10:32
Blinkizfincan, It's no problem between windows and grub. It's your understanding about how fake hardware raid work that is the problem here10:33
Blinkizfincan, And I have to little knowledge to help you in this matter10:34
fincantrust me there is problem or bug, there is no problem with 6.10 but after all releases from 6.10, it is pain10:35
fincanthx alot anyway :)10:35
fincanany other raid0 user with dual-boot(windows and ubuntu 8.10)?10:35
Blinkizfincan, Ask me anything about virtualization with kvm/qemu and I can probably help you more :)10:36
fincannoted :)10:36
elvirolohi everyone10:52
elvirolocould anyone remind how to get the "changelog" of packages that have just been updated?10:53
elviroloit's somewhere on launchpad10:54
d-bhi there is it acceptable to do a manual alteration of source list and apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade to move from ubuntu hardy to 8.10 ?10:58
veloc1tysudo update-manager -d should do it10:59
d-bwhat if it is headless ?10:59
d-bor i want to see what happens ?10:59
veloc1tyyou will see what happens oO10:59
d-bhardly ....10:59
veloc1tyrun it in terminal, then you can see what happens11:00
Hobbseeelvirolo: aptitude changelog <packagename> works too11:00
Hobbseed-b: you can do it manually, but you might miss some of the upgrader hints.11:00
d-bi can do without the hints.11:01
d-bHobbsee: is kde4 replacing kde3 on 8.10 ?11:02
Hobbseed-b: yes.11:02
d-bis there no option to keep kde3 ?11:03
d-band how does one file a bug in ubuntu. without going to launchpad ...11:07
Hobbseed-b: you don't, more or less.11:14
Hobbseeand no, you can't keep kde3, afaik11:14
Hobbseeunless you don't upgrade11:14
d-bdamn. no reportbug like in debian.11:15
frybyed-b - Intrepid has an automated bug-report system - but it does not always kick-in... how to use it with a manual-start I am not sure..11:16
d-bits apport right ?11:16
kimus1hi, every time I login no WM and no compiz is loaded... I allways have to go to Appearance and enable Effects11:17
=== Adri2000_ is now known as Adri2000
shirishhi can somebody help me, this system-cleaner has some issues, can somebody help me.11:40
Hobbseeinteresting.  didn't know that existed.11:42
shirishHobbsee: hi11:42
Hobbseehey shirish11:42
* Hobbsee removes some cruft11:42
shirishHobbsee: hey11:42
shirishHobbsee: can you help me, this system-cleaner is stuck, its not showing up in the top, how do I kill it?11:43
Hobbseesarah@neptune:~% ps aux | grep cleaner                                   9:44PM11:45
Hobbseeroot     26578  4.4  2.4  72020 51548 pts/0    S+   21:44   0:01 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/system-cleaner-gtk11:45
Hobbseepkill it.11:45
zniavreshirish:  its quite long and almost frozen but it does the tricks11:46
shirishzniavre: so should it be pkill 26578 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/system-cleaner-gtk?11:47
Hobbseeshirish: no...11:47
Hobbseeprocess numbers are random...11:48
Hobbseeso, you need to see what it's process number on your system is first.11:48
shirishits 702611:49
shirishHobbsee: wait a sec, process numbers are the second one from root or the one just before the pts/0 thing11:50
Chousukeit's the second field11:50
shirishok cool11:51
shirishso it should be pkill 7026 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/system-cleaner-gtk11:51
shirishbut still that didn't kill it :(11:51
d-bkillall also works.11:52
pwang_why are there so many updates a day in intrepid?11:52
Hobbseeshirish: no, because root owns the process.11:52
Chousukejust "kill 7026"11:52
=== pwang_ is now known as elbermungster
Chousukewith sudo11:52
elbermungsterthere's like, 10011:53
shirishthat one did it.11:53
Hobbseeelbermungster: because it keeps changing?11:53
Chousukepwnguin: it's still under development.11:53
Chousukedon't change your nickname like that ;/11:53
elbermungsterand is there like an update freeze right after the final version comes out?11:55
d-belbermungster: no. it has already been frozen if i understand correctly.11:55
d-bsorry it is pre-release freeze state.11:55
shirishhi guys, i have another issue please see http://pastebin.com/d153327ba11:58
shirishI was purging some unused kernel, it gives me stuff like The link /vmlinuz.old is a damaged link Removing symbolic link vmlinuz.old   you may need to re-run your boot loader[grub]11:59
Hobbseed-b: somewhat frozen.  important stuff's still getting let through.11:59
Hobbseeit'll fully freeze a few days before release, though12:00
d-bHobbsee: odd. i would have thought it was the other way around. freeze the core and make the fixes where they need to be made.12:00
d-b(at least for debian).12:00
shirishso how do I re-run the boot-loader grub ?12:00
Hobbseed-b: well, where "important stuff" is release-critical stuff.12:00
d-bah. that explains it.12:00
Hobbseeshirish: sudo update-grub?12:01
shirishHobbsee: I guess that's it for that one :)12:01
Rasputinwhats the 'widget' next to the application launcher called? mines gone missing12:08
Rasputinon kde12:08
shirishanybody knows what  gtkhtml3.14 is being superseeded by?12:10
Prettowhy update manager is downloading and installing an application I never installed before as un update?12:20
PrettoUpdateManager is showing system-cleaner-gtk in the list of updates,  but why if  I never had it installed before?12:21
shirishwhat is this Ichthux desktop system, does anybody know?12:22
ubottuIchthux (Linux for Christians) is an unofficial Kubuntu derivative. See http://www.ichthux.com/12:22
=== freaky_t is now known as freaky[t]
shirishah ok, scratch that query then12:22
Prettono one ???12:42
shirishPretto: its not in the depends of ubuntu-desktop12:47
shirishPretto: its a good tool, has some irritations, basically finds out obsolete packages in the system.12:48
shirishPretto: before it was difficult to find that12:48
d-bnice work on the new background in 8.10 tho.12:49
Prettoshirish, but update manager is intended to show only updates available for installed packages12:51
HobbseePretto: recommends are installed by default now - packages that give extra functionality to the packages  you have installed, but you can remove.12:51
Hobbseeor, extra dependancies to packages12:52
PrettoHobbsee, I didn't know that... but i know that you could  remove12:52
Prettobut i didnt know that recommeds are installed by default12:53
Prettoanyway, not installed, offered, because if the user take a look at the list they will be able to not install it12:53
d-bas the fix for networking-manager to work with static ips in /etc/network/interfaces been applied yet ?12:59
OzoNeHi, someone is having problems while trying to play .mp3 files with phonon apps (dragonplayer, amarok 2, juk), after the last upgrade? I can't play .mp3 files now :( , but yes other files like .m4a. Any hint?13:20
KRFOzoNe, works for me. just updated13:24
OzoNeIn the last update, aptitude installed a new update for kernel, I rebooted and after reboot, I can't play mp3's with kde apps, but yes with VLC for example13:25
OzoNeI reinstalled mp3 libs, phonon... but I can't get it working13:26
histoAnyone been able to get the screen saver to activate?13:33
OzoNehow can I report a bug for kubuntu intrepid?13:46
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots13:48
d-booo only oo.o 2.413:48
v6lurhi. can i upgrade to kubuntu intrepid (from hardy), but keep kde3?13:50
v6lurhow "safe" would it be to 's/hardy/intrepid/' on sources.list, and then pick packages to update one by one?13:52
mib_tvm1bchey hello!14:12
mib_tvm1bcതാങ്കള്‍ ഏതെങ്കിലും ലേഖനങ്ങളില്‍ നിന്നുമുള്ള കണ്ണി മുഖേന ആകസ്മികമായാണ് ഇവിടെയെത്തിയതെങ്കില്‍ ആ കണ്ണിയെ, പ്രസ്തുത താളില്‍ നിന്നും ഇവിടെ നല്‍കിയിരിക്കുന14:12
maek0!th | mib_tvm1bc14:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about th14:14
mib_tvm1bcpls help ubottu14:14
maek0wtf is that weird language ??14:15
mib_tvm1bcits Mali maek014:15
mib_tvm1bcits beautiful14:15
mib_tvm1bcഏണ്ണി്‍ക so to speak14:16
maek0oh well I think one of the rules is to speak english or join one of the location ubuntu irc channels14:16
maek0but I doubt there is one for Mali14:16
mib_tvm1bci am speaking english14:16
mib_tvm1bcpls help14:16
maek0<mib_tvm1bc> താങ്കള്‍ ഏതെങ്കിലും ലേഖനങ്ങളില്‍ നിന്നുമുള്ള കണ്ണി മുഖേന ആകസ്മികമായാണ് ഇവിടെയെത്തിയതെങ്കില്‍ ആ കണ്ണിയെ, പ്രസ്തുത താളില്‍ നിന്നും ഇവിടെ നല്‍കിയിരിക്ക14:17
maek0ുന <<--- doesn't look like English to me14:17
mib_tvm1bc...വിടാവുന്നതാണ്., or english: hello, i encounter the following problem: i boot the 8.10 cd but it stops at BLUETOOTH CONFIGURATION. then nothing goes on. i changed to some other tty and tried 'startx'. it kinda worked but got some errors. when i shutdown -r now it SITLL STOPS AT BLUETOOTH CONFIG. what could i do and why is this so?14:17
mib_tvm1bcdidnt that come through?14:17
Supersaiyan_IVmib_tvm1bc, you could blacklist the bluetooth module14:18
mib_tvm1bchow would i do that14:18
mib_tvm1bcand why does it stop in the first place14:18
mib_tvm1bci dont even have one14:18
Supersaiyan_IVwait, hmm, have you checked the cd integrity?14:19
mib_tvm1bcSupersaiyan_IV: whats that14:21
mib_tvm1bci mean, yeah, i verified after burning14:21
mib_tvm1bcalso the img md5 matched the public one14:22
robin0800Supersaiyan_IV: I think bluetooth causes more trouble than its worth why don't they leave as an option after install14:22
mib_tvm1bchate it14:22
mib_tvm1bchow could i make my interbrid boot anyways?14:22
robin0800mib_tvm1bc: you could hit escape at start up and choose a repair option or use your cd at boot again choose repair option14:26
mib_tvm1bchey robin0800 i want the full system tho!14:27
mib_tvm1bcwhat is this shit honestly? how could i disable this fuckin bluetooth that i dont even own14:27
trigpinmib_tvm1bc,  to black list bluethooth http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/11/24/disable-bluetooth-on-ubuntu-710/14:28
lachHi, anyone here with synaptics touchpads with activate/deactivate buttons?14:28
trigpinit s tut for 7.10 but doute it changed14:28
lachMine spits out lots of "=" characters when i deactivate and activate again.14:30
mib_tvm1bcthank you trigpin14:30
mib_tvm1bchey buts the install cd trigpin14:30
mib_tvm1bci cant even install it!14:30
mib_tvm1bcwhat could i do trigpin14:32
lachKind of an anoying bug ... Am I the only one with this?14:35
trigpinmib_tvm1bc, try disbaling in bios14:35
mib_tvm1bctrigpin: i have no bluetooth. but ubuntu thinks so14:35
mib_tvm1bcand stops14:35
mib_tvm1bcwhile booting14:35
mib_tvm1bcwhat could i do to let ubuntu know i dont need this shit14:35
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.14:36
trigpinwhen you computer starts there normaly an option ( bios ) with key F12 or different14:36
mib_tvm1bctrigpin: this doesnt make any sense tho14:36
mib_tvm1bcsince ubuntu does it14:36
mib_tvm1bcnot my machine14:36
mib_tvm1bci have no bluetooth in my machine14:37
mib_tvm1bcnothing to disable/enable14:37
lachmib_tvm1bc: Maybe try and blacklist the bluetooth drivers somewhere in /etc/modprobe.d/ ???14:38
mib_tvm1bclach: how would i do this, it is the install cd!14:39
lachmib_tvm1bc: ah....i see...14:40
mib_tvm1bchate it14:41
emmaHey guys I'm concerned about something in intrepid that could affect a lot of people.14:41
emmaFirst there was no driver for the new X for people using ATI.14:41
mib_tvm1bctell us emma14:41
mib_tvm1bcit sucks btw that i just cant enable the bluetooth support14:42
mib_tvm1bchate it14:42
mib_tvm1bcjust stops while booting14:42
mib_tvm1bc(install cd)14:42
emmaNow it seems like ubuntu has put an amd/ati driver in that has not been released, and it's not working.14:42
mib_tvm1bcany ideas emma?14:42
lachAnyone has any ideas for my touchpad bug?14:43
s0u][ightlach, what's the problem?14:43
mib_tvm1bcemma will you help us?14:43
wgrantlach: Which touchpad bug? I'm largely maintaining the driver and config stuff now.14:43
mib_tvm1bcwhat could i do emma14:43
emmais mib_tvm1bc a bot?14:44
wgrant!doesn't work | emma14:44
ubottuemma: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.14:44
mib_tvm1bcemma dont be silly14:44
s0u][ightwgrant, if you are a maintainer: i have kind of 2 touchpads on my laptop (one normal and one existing of media keys ) familiar with those?14:44
emmawgrant: when i use system > administration > hardware drivers to install the fglrx driver, it does do the install, but then when I restart the computer, the monitor says, 'resolution frequency too high'14:45
wgrantemma: It works for most people. File a bug.14:45
mib_tvm1bcwhat could i do guys? problem, cant blacklist the module since its the install cd. what now?14:45
lachwgrant: my touchpad has a activate/deactivate button. It works but when I reactivate it it spits out ================ charachters untill next keypress.14:45
wgrants0u][ight: "one existing of media keys"?14:45
emma!wfm | wgrant14:45
ubottuwgrant: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/14:45
wgrantlach: Please run xev, give it focus, hit the buttons, and see what it says.14:46
s0u][ightwgrant, hmm how can i explain you... sec. i'll look up a good picture14:46
wgrantemma: I'm quite aware, but to say that the driver doesn't work is exaggerating. File a bug.14:46
trigpinmib_tvm1bc,  il ask in ubuntu ..14:46
mib_tvm1bctrigpin: they pointed me over here14:46
emmaokay, i was just hitting you with a !wfm since you hit me with a !doesn't work14:47
s0u][ightwgrant, http://tech2.in.com/media/images/2008/Feb/img_47811_acer_aspire_5920_7.jpg the media keys on the right14:48
wgrantI have been dealing with 64-bit-unsafe X components all day, and you made a mildly useless "doesn't work" statement.14:48
mib_tvm1bcno quit it emma14:48
myk_robinsonmorning :)14:48
emmaNo worries.14:48
wgrantsorush20: ... that's a touchpad!?14:48
s0u][ightwgrant, it's s0u][ight :P14:48
* wgrant hits irssi.14:49
s0u][ightand yeah i've read that it can be used with syntapics driver but never managed to get it working14:49
wgrants0u][ight: Please pastebin the output of 'xinput list'.14:49
cs_studentHow do I just restart x?14:50
wgrantcs_student: Log out and in again.14:50
s0u][ightwgrant, here http://pastebin.com/m735e0c1214:50
lachwgrant: keypress and keyrelease events14:50
s0u][ightcs_student, ctrl alt backspace14:50
cs_studentAnyone here have dual-screens?14:51
cs_studentI'm trying to set it up with nvidia-settings but it keeps on crashing.14:52
wgrants0u][ight: You appear to have a Synaptics InputDevice section in your xorg.conf. You shouldn't any more, as the dist-upgrader comments it out. Remove InputDevice sections and relist.14:52
s0u][ightwgrant, what?14:52
wgrants0u][ight: That xinput output reveals that you have legacy xorg.conf-based touchpad configuration. Things will generally work better if you remove that.14:53
s0u][ightjust removing xorg.conf?14:54
myk_robinsoni am having trouble playing dvds. I have libdvdcss, libdvdread and libdvdnav installed, but Totem just sits there. Any adivce?14:54
wgrants0u][ight: In most cases you should be able to just remove xorg.conf, unless you have strange tablet input devices or use fglrx or nvidia.14:54
s0u][ightwgrant, i have an nvidia card :(14:55
myk_robinsongetting this error in console when I launch totem from the command line to run a dvd:   http://pastebin.com/m2faa3ff014:55
wgrants0u][ight: Pastebin your xorg.conf.14:55
s0u][ightok sec14:56
wgrants0u][ight: Remove or comment out those InputDevice sections, and remove the references to them from ServerLayout. Log out and in, and give me xinput list output again.14:58
myk_robinsonjust tried another dvd and it worked fine.. Nevermind, must just be an oddball dvd14:58
myk_robinsonummm  does Totem not support dvd menus?15:01
Supersaiyan_IVmyk_robinson, try smplayer or vlc15:05
s0u][ightwgrant, i've done what you said15:06
s0u][ighthttp://pastebin.com/m24c9514 this is what xinput list gives me15:06
myk_robinsonSupersaiyan_IV: i just did totem-xine instead of gstreamer, and its working now. thanks15:06
wgrants0u][ight: OK, so it can only see one touchpad. Pastebin lshal.15:07
s0u][ightwgrant, too big15:07
wgrantGood point.15:08
s0u][ightlshal | grep touchpad?15:08
wgrantThat probably won't reveal much, but it's worth a try.15:08
myk_robinsonmatter of fact, that same disk that wouldnt play at all a minute ago plays fine with totem-xine15:09
s0u][ightinfo.capabilities = {'input', 'input.touchpad'} (string list)15:09
wgrant'dmesg | grep input' might also work.15:09
wgrants0u][ight: There's nothing like "input: SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad as /devices/platform/i8042/serio1/input/input5"?15:11
wgrantThere should be one for each input device the kernel sees.15:11
s0u][ightwgrant, what?15:12
storrgieanyone using a linksys wmp54g card? (rt6115:13
mazzenanyone of the ubuntu-Xorg-xserver team around? release day is soon and i don't have the feeling that anyone of the ubuntu team took a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/27769915:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277699 in xorg "Got a black screen with Ubuntu 8.10 beta LIVE CD" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:13
storrgiemine keeps saying 'network is dissconnected'15:13
wgrants0u][ight: dmesg and /var/log/kern.log should contain a line starting with "[timestamp here] input: " for each input device.15:14
storrgie'the network connection has been dissconnected' (RT61 wireless card)15:14
mazzenthanks ubottu, i feel better now ;-)15:15
s0u][ightso wgrant what should i look for?15:16
wgrants0u][ight: Do you see lines like that I mentioned?15:16
wgrants0u][ight: grep them all out and pastebin.15:16
OzoNeI lost mp3 support for KDE apps after the last upgrade, any hint?15:18
s0u][ightwgrant, http://pastebin.com/m1fd41a6915:20
s0u][ightgot them all i think15:20
s0u][ightalso to notice: the play button (touchpad) acts as scroll up15:21
s0u][ightand stop acts as scroll down :|15:21
wgrants0u][ight: I'm surprised there isn't another Synaptics device...15:24
wgrantI'm afraid that it's almost 0130 here, so I need to head to bed.15:24
s0u][ightwgrant, ok laters15:24
AyabaraI have some issues with my wireless. It "forgets" my wireless networks. Now I can't see any networks, though I can connect fine with another laptop.15:30
Ayabarais there a way I can delete all network history on my system? removing .gnonf/system/networking didn't seem to do it.15:33
=== Sebast1an is now known as Sebastian
minimecHi folks. What do you think about the new fglrx beta driver? I see a huge progress when it comes to diplaying videos. Looks like the promised gifts are working. 3D acceleration is still lousy. This is my feeling running a x1250 with the fglrx driver.15:42
hmullerHey, I'm looking for Intrepid Xubuntu instructions for setting up bluetooth mouse, any pointers?16:14
Ayabaraseems both the knetwork manager and the nm-applet starts on boot-up of my system. is there a way I can recreate the default set of applications launched at boot?16:15
Ayabaraadept notifier is kde, right?16:17
Perunhi all16:46
Perunare there already xen dom0 kernel pkgs for intrepid?16:47
emilienneed help isntalling sound driver was here sec ago , tried bios still no work17:08
emilienanyone have any ideas ?17:08
wtgeeHmm..my VirtualBox up and disappeared, anyone else see that?17:09
danbh_intrepidhow can I get eclipse to work with java 1.6?17:09
Ayabarais NewHuman the default theme for Intrepid?17:10
burnerAyabara: that'd be awesome... so far, no17:12
burnerwtgee: alt+f2, VirtualBox ?17:12
wtgeeburner: No, all my VBox commands are gone.17:14
ronnyanyone got an idea how to use network-manager to set up ip-forwarding betwen wlan and ethernet ?17:14
wtgeeburner: I usually start them via the command line (VBoxHeadless)17:15
wtgeeburner: My .VirtualBox dir is still there thankfully.  I am backing it up right now and then going to reinstall.  Weird though.17:16
emilienneed help installing sound card intergrated in to motherboard here lscpi and aplay -l , have windows sound driver, course no linux  =(17:18
|neon|does 8.10 comes with kcontrol?17:39
td123|neon|: dunno17:52
td123what is kcontrol?17:52
Oricso quiet17:58
milos_wazzaaa :)18:04
amikropHello. Please, let me make a suggestion. You could make System -> Preferences -> Appearence -> Fonts -> Details -> Hinting, to be "None" by default. It makes everything look just more beautiful. :-)18:08
wtgeeamikrop: Actually, 'Slight' looks far better on mine.18:09
scientus_where are the keys kept for seahorse and how do i access them from another install etc???18:10
scientus_there is no man page and the docs suck18:10
amikropwtgee: OK, 'Slight' looks nice, too. 'Full' is crappy, though.18:12
amikrop'None' or 'Slight' for default, would be good, I think.18:13
khxyrjugxzCyaoo a tutti!!18:45
dudumomo...Still the same problem with intrepid on my laptop...19:00
jmod_and what problem would that be?19:01
dudumomoIf I listen or watch music, movie....After a couple of minutes (More or less) my laptop freeze19:01
dudumomoAnd I need to restart19:01
dudumomothe alpha was like that...and I have reinstalled the beta ...still the same19:02
dudumomoI don't know why...19:02
amikropHello. Where can I download the Wall-Light Theme, from?19:03
PlzI`ve seen toans of tv-series here without freezing.19:03
vita_Hi all.19:03
dudumomohi vita19:03
jmod_yeah I haven't experianced that problem, so your have is this problem on a fresh install?19:05
secret901I upgraded to Ibex and now I'm having trouble running zsnes.  It's not finding any mouse and the error is "buffer overflow"19:06
secret901anyone having trouble running zsnes in Ibex?19:06
trigpinneed help installing my sound driver ALi Corporation M5455 PCI AC-Link Controller Audio Device (rev 20)19:06
kane77I guess time came for me tu install intrepid on my desktop19:09
kane77this time I'm going for clean install, since I need to clean the / partition..19:10
secret901Anyone having trouble running zsnes with Ibex?19:14
trigpinneed help  with sound card http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5988865#post5988865 ubuntu ibex19:17
bsnideryou're wrong to say that it's unusual that sound chips are integrated. all boards have integrated sound chips19:20
PlzWhere to download Wall-Light theme?19:21
PlzI`ve searched on google like crazy..19:21
bsnidernever heard of it19:22
PlzOn https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Intrepid/Wall-light there is not a download link.19:22
PlzNot on http://willwill100.deviantart.com/art/Interpid-Ibex-Mockup-Part-2-93584910 either.19:22
bsniderhahahaa, linus stomped on dave airlie again. that guy just can't win.19:25
bsniderairlie tried merging gem, and it produced warnings on linus's system, so linus stomped on him. anholdt said the problem is no one writing gem is using the 64-bit build of their distro. keith packard explained that they haven't changed yet because they're "lazy"19:29
trigpinbsnider, didn't know always though you added them later19:30
bsnideryou _can_ add expansion sound cards later, although with highly questionable benefits and a 90% chance they won't have any linux support at all19:32
trigpinbsnider, i have a feeling i have 2 sound card for some reason19:33
bsniderobviously that would be a concern, although pulseaudio can combine them into one virtual device19:33
crimsuntrigpin: run the alsa-info.sh script19:34
crimsunhttp://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh   <-- save and run as a bash script19:34
trigpinthanks will do19:34
crimsunI'm out for about 30 mins, but I'll look when I return19:34
bsnidertrigpin, your lspci shows you have one sound chip only19:35
trigpinbsnider,  ah thanks ,  found this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31706119:37
trigpinbsnider, same card as mine19:37
trigpinbsnider,  will work with ubutnu .10 you think ?19:37
trigpinok =)19:38
bsnideralthough that board is a piece of garbage19:38
bsniderinstead of using mostly intel stuff, it uses amd/nvidia19:39
bsnideruse the info in post #219:41
bsniderinstructions i mean19:41
KareemKhi, does anyone else get segfault while playing ETQW on intrepid?19:48
Jaffarkelshaci have some rmvb video files, is there a software to combine it into 1 video file19:49
bsnideri'd fire it up, but i'm lazy19:49
KareemKbsnider: well they occur somewhere between a map starting and 5 minutes into the map19:49
bsniderwhat graphics driver?19:50
KareemK177 i think19:51
reabyanybody knows if bug #259945 gets fixed to final intrepid, i mean it's with low importance but end users may find it as unfinished product19:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259945 in gnome-media "gnome-volume-control: help button is not showing help" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25994519:52
bsniderKareemK, it works fine here19:57
bsnideri guess i didn't wait the full 5 minutes though19:57
KareemKwell the crash would be noticable ,, it only happened 5 mins into it once for me19:58
KareemKmost of the time it happens in first minute19:58
bsniderguess it must just be you then19:58
bsniderdid you download that update they wanted? because i skipped it19:58
bsnideri don't know19:58
bsnideri'm not really serious about playing it19:59
KareemKwell i've been playing on 1.5 since hardy19:59
MersaultI'm trying to get transmission-daemon and clutch working on my Intrepid server install, but the clutch init script wont start transmission-daemon correctly. Anyone else tried this?20:01
Ayabaraalsamixer on my intrepid only shows one slider, called "Master", and says PulseAudio on both Card and Chip. Is this good?20:07
Ayabarathe gnome volume applet still shows Master, Headphone, PCM20:07
bsniderthat's fine20:09
TeiseiAnyone else getting "the file doesn't exist" error when trying to change display picture or send a file, with aMSN ?20:11
bsnidertry using emesene20:12
Teiseibsnider: If it supports webcam and hand drawing then I try20:13
TeiseiDoes it ?20:13
bronzewalla84im unable to get my headphone jack to work, sound comes out the internal speakers fine, but i'd rather have the headphone jack working (laptop speakers are junk)20:13
bsnideri don't know20:13
TeiseiLet's see20:13
Danniliondoes anyone know how to access the kde 4 system settings? It's not in the application menu, and I can't figure out how to run it in the command line20:16
Dannilionahh, apparently it's not installed (odd)20:17
* Dannilion goes and sees if there's a bug20:17
outbribronzewalla84: are you sure your headphone volume is up? often times there is a separate slider for it.20:19
bronzewalla84yes, positive20:19
outbribronzewalla84: not sure then.20:19
bronzewalla84i can actually hear hissing out of the port, but no real audio20:19
bsniderthe headphone switch is probably not activated then20:20
bronzewalla84it is20:20
bronzewalla84you mean headphone line out right?20:21
croddyhello, i am having difficulty assembling a raid 1 array on intrepid. when i first installed, it did not work, then after a number of reboots it did. now it once again does not.20:24
croddythe raid 1 array existed when i was running hardy. i did a clean install to a different partition using the alternate i386 disk.20:25
croddywhen i attempt to --zero-superblock i'm told that it could not open the devices for writing. any ideas?20:25
croddyso does this channel exist only to preclude discussion of intrepid in #ubuntu?20:30
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu20:40
davismjafter loading up ecryptfs-utils and making a private directory/mount i decided i didn't want to use it and tried to unmount, but i couldn't. there was no /.ecryptfs in /mnt/ and right clicking the Private on my desktop indicated that I needed to be root...so how do i get rid of the private folder/mount on my desktop20:57
crashsystems@davismj I'd bet that it was mounted in /media21:08
davismjcrashsystems: neg21:08
crashsystemshmm, interesting21:08
crashsystemsdid you try ecryptfs-umount-private21:10
davismjya i believe so21:12
crashsystemsWhat about ecryptfs-zombie-kill? It looks like it might be what you need.21:13
davismjno message or anything for that21:14
crashsystemshmm, strange. did you try running it with root?21:15
davismj"fopen: no such file or directory" is the response to umount-private21:15
crashsystemsI'd check launchpad to see if anyone has reported a similar problem. Personally I am much more familiar with Truecrypt21:16
davismji just unmounted private21:17
davismjbut the folder is still there21:17
crashsystemsyeah, that is normal21:17
crashsystemsthere should be a link in that folder for re-mounting the private directory21:17
crashsystemsThe actual encrypted data is stored in $HOME/.Private21:18
davismjyea i mounted it21:19
davismjthe problem is deleting it though21:19
crashsystemswell, with it unmounted, "sudo rm -R Private .Private" should work21:19
davismji feel stupid21:20
davismjthanks crashsystems21:20
crashsystemsalso, take a look in .ecryptfs21:20
davismjokay i have a few files in there, they're safe to remove ya?21:20
crashsystemsI believe so. they are probably created the first time you invoke the private directory maker thing21:21
=== nijm_ is now known as nijm
reabydoes somebody know, how come some non-hwmix capable soundcards gets dmix or similar funcion in alsa under ubuntu and others don't. for example my integrated ac97 works with multiple sources, but audigy se doesn't unless i use pulseaudio? why dmix isn't enabled by default in ubuntu?21:22
crashsystemsI have no clue reaby21:23
reabyI either21:23
reabybut if somebody knows...21:23
reabyi know, hard question. i tried to find answers by googling, but didn't find right keywords21:24
reabydebian ships dmix by default in alsa configs, maybe ubuntu should do same, many people in our loco forum (finland) asks again and again why multiple sounds aren't working for them21:27
crashsystemsI know that sound mixing has been working rather well for me.21:28
reabyi had problems with audigy se.21:28
reabyhad to make .asoundrc default to pulse and make pulse default output device21:28
reabyand disable ac97 from bios, as i didn't find a way how to default all sound sources to audigy, randomly some sources defaulted to ac9721:29
reabythat fixed my sound problems :)21:30
reabybut to newbie that isn't easy21:32
FFForeveri am using the daily live cd and for some reason it says no screen found what gives?21:34
crashsystemstrue. I think for noobs the best idea is to ether get ubuntu pre-installed, or have a geek do it for them.21:34
crashsystems@FFForever what graphics card do you have?21:34
crashsystemshmm, do you have the nvidia binary blob installed?21:34
FFForeveri was using the live cd... (daily)21:35
reabyFFForever: did it work earlier ?21:35
reabyi mean some CRT-monitors doesn't send DDC to xorg that that's causing problems.21:36
FFForeverbut the normal ubuntu works....21:36
FFForeveri am on a laptop :(21:36
FFForeveri use the 32bit on my 64bit cpu :D21:36
crashsystemsare you getting any sort of error message?21:36
FFForeverlemme reboot into the cd again21:37
FFForevernvm now it just froze at boot21:39
FFForeverthe slider stopped moving and the cd is not spinning...21:39
FFForever(never mind...)21:39
crashsystemsI really hate CD drives21:39
crashsystemsbooting from usb is so much nicer (and faster)21:39
FFForeverif i hold ctrl the bar moves....21:40
FFForeverand cd spins...21:40
WelshDragonJust out of interest, Approximately how long is it after intrepid (or any version) is released, that the repositories are available to be used in your sources.list for the next version?21:41
crashsystemsyou mean, for intrepid+1?21:41
BWMhey all.21:41
FFForeverit says (EE) No devices detected21:42
BWMI'm having an issue with Intrepid, I just installed it on my Macbook Pro in place of Linux Mint, which died.21:42
WelshDragonWell no, How long would it be until the jaunty repos are created?21:42
FFForeverrun in low graphics mode?21:42
crashsystems@WelshDragon I woulden't know21:42
BWMI'm not using a swap partition as I have no space left on the drive, but other then that everything is standard. 10GB partition formatted in ext3.21:42
FFForeverwho names the ubuntu releases?21:42
BWMI can't connect to the wireless. My network uses a wep key, and I know the key is right.21:42
BWMBut both of the options 40/128 and 128-passphrase don't work.21:43
crashsystems@BWM If you don't have free space on your drive, that might cause problems21:43
BWMThey connect, and connect, and connect... and then it dies.21:43
BWMWell, I do, but it's in an HFS+ file system.21:43
BWMGParted won't do it21:43
BWMand parted tossed me an error after taking over two hours to chop off 4gigs and resize.21:43
bsnidertrying to install on a crackbook?21:43
BWMBut that's not the problem; before I do anything like that I need to get my wireless up and running21:43
FFForeverlow graphics mode works but whats that mean?21:43
BWMMacbook (heart my Macbook), and yes21:44
BWMPro, about a year and a half old, so second generation.21:44
BWMEverything else works perfectly, but that doesn't mean much if I can't get the Internet XD21:44
BWMFortunately, I have this laptop I'm using now, which runs Puppy21:44
bsniderwhy aren't you satisfied with the excellent macosx?21:44
reabyFFForever: well. for instance you get no 3d21:44
FFForeverosx ftw!21:45
BWMI don't like OS X or Windows.21:45
BWM(though OS X is better and also rox ur sox)21:45
crashsystems@BWM Are you sure that it is automatically selecting the right encryption mode?21:45
BWMBut I have both, and I need Linux21:45
BWMNo, but I've tried all the avaliable options21:45
BWMthere's only two21:45
BWM(and WPA, which we don't use, and LEAP, which also we don't use)21:45
BWM(so I know it must be either 40/128 bit encryption or the passphrase)21:45
bsniderwhat wifi chip is it?21:46
BWMBut usually, I select something like 40/128 bit hex21:46
crashsystems@BWM run "tail -f /var/log/syslog" while it is trying to connect, and that might give you some useful info.21:46
BWMThe default that comes with a MBP21:46
BWMkk, hold on21:46
crashsystemsairport extreme21:46
bsniderrun the lspci command and look for the wifi chip info21:47
BWMsays connected...21:47
BWMthen says it timed out...21:47
crashsystemsis it not receiving a DHCP assignment?21:48
BWMdied at 'could not get ip configuration for auto connection to [my SSID]'21:48
crashsystemsit would sound like your problem is in the realm of DHCP then21:48
BWMand it brought the secrets required box up again21:48
BWMwell, my router does have issues21:49
BWMwith that21:49
BWMwhere it randomly doesn't give people IP addresses21:49
crashsystemsthat is probably it then. is there another wifi network you can test on?21:49
BWMbut usually when that happens every computer on the network goes offline21:49
BWMNot at the moment.21:49
BWMBut I can tell you that when I boot into Windows on the same machine, everything works like clockwork.21:49
BWMWhich is strange for Windows.21:49
bsniderrun the lspci command and look for the wifi chip info21:49
FFForeverubuntu asked me if i wanted to format /home LOL21:50
FFForeverill pass :)21:50
BWMAgain, it seems like I'm not giving it the right type of key21:50
BWMthe card is an Altheros AR541821:50
crashsystems@BWM I could be wrong, but I doubt the problem is with the key21:50
BWMAnd is supported by the ath9k driver (I believe) in 8.10 Intrepid beta21:50
bsnideri have the same thing in here. i can connect to both of hte routers here21:51
BWMI trust your judgement XD21:51
BWMSo maybe it is a router thing, but I dunno how to find out.21:51
BWMIn Mac, when I have this issue21:51
bsniderbut i cannot connect to a wireless-n router at this pount21:51
crashsystemstest on a different network21:51
BWMI manually set the DHCP to 172.16.1.[30-40]21:51
BWMand it works21:51
BWMCan I do that in Ubuntu somehow?21:51
bsniderthere is a bug for this already21:52
crashsystems@bsnider do you have a link?21:52
BWMWe have 2WIRE wireless-G router I think.21:52
bsniderbug 25915721:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259157 in network-manager "[MASTER 0.7 regression] atheros/madwifi and orinoco drivers not supported" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25915721:52
crashsystems@BWM did you say that you are using the daily ISO? Or if installed, do you have the latest updates?21:53
BWMNope, I'm using the regular beta21:54
bsniderUPDATE RIGHT NOW21:54
BWMI can't update, as I cannot connect to the internet - LOL21:54
bsniderthat thing is garbage21:54
bsnideruse wired21:54
BWMUpdate to what?21:54
bsniderto today21:54
crashsystemsif you can get onto a different computer, download the daily iso21:54
BWMYes, I can21:54
BWMbut do I have to reinstall all over again x.x21:54
BWMI really don't have time to do that.21:54
crashsystems@BWM if you can connect the mac to ethernet, you can update that way21:55
bsnideryou can't gett hat thing on a wired connection for a few minutes?21:55
crashsystemsthere are a lot of bugs in the beta iso that have already been fixed21:55
BWMNo, I can't. The guy who controls the network is a little... uptight about that stuff.21:56
BWMI know, I know. Don't laugh.21:56
BWMBRB, I have an alternative - a USB router21:56
crashsystemsyou could try to bribe him21:56
bsnideri really wish more people knew about the daily-live image. downloading the beta image and then reporting bugs that have already been fixed is galactically counter-productive21:56
crashsystems@bsnider I agree, but the ubuntu website could advertise the daily build a little better21:57
AirBenderwhy is the link in the website not linked to the daily-live image?21:57
bsnideri have no idea21:57
BWMhold on21:57
bsniderit hasn't been for years21:57
BWMokay, I has connection now21:57
BWMwhatchall need me to do?21:58
crashsystemsrun update-manager and install updates21:58
crashsystemsyou'll need to reboot once that is done21:58
BWMyour system is up to date21:59
AirBenderupdate the repository21:59
BWMit found stuff... okay.21:59
AirBenderyou'd better do21:59
crashsystemsa lot of stuff probably21:59
bsniderubuntu should drop the idea of a"beta" release and just publicize daily snapshots instead. it would save everybody a whole lot of wasted time21:59
AirBendersudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade21:59
BWMI've been using Linux for a few months now. You'd think I'd know SOME of this stuff XD21:59
AirBenderbsnider: I agree21:59
BWMMeh, I didn't want to switch over to the beta at all, I was going to wait the 13 days22:00
BWMbut Linux called to me... it said 'Come back! What you're using is crap!'22:00
crashsystemsI'm running 8.10 on my laptop, and everything is fine22:00
crashsystemsnautilus tabs ftw!22:00
crashsystemsbesides, you beat the rush that way ;)22:00
BWMsome things can't be installed22:01
BWMwhy is that?22:01
BWMNAUTILUS TABS? Tell me about this.22:01
bsnidermost of the people who have reported problems in here in the last few days have been running the crummy beta release because they didn't know about the daily-live image22:01
BWMlol, file 3 of 37222:01
crashsystemsBWM Nautilus now has tabs22:01
BWMthis may take a while.22:01
crashsystemsBWM run the update again after you've rebooted22:01
BWMtabs is niiiic22:01
BWMyes, I just found that22:01
BWMI shall do so.22:01
bsniderthere are a whole bunch of network-manager and kernel updates that will likely fix the ath9k issue22:02
BWMI didn't think I would like ubuntu over mint.. but... taaaaaaaabs.22:02
BWMWell, I does has internets now, so I will be okaiy for a bit.22:02
crashsystemsMint will have tabs soon too, as it is based on ubuntu22:02
BWMhm m22:02
BWMI want a new background though XD22:02
crashsystemsyou'll get it with the updates22:02
BWMSomething orange. With pumpkins.22:03
AirBenderbtw what's the default gnome theme now?22:03
BWMAnd maybe some trees.22:03
BWMHmm? I dunno, that orange 'human' one.22:03
crashsystemsDebian -> Ubuntu -> Mint. One layer of abstraction is enough for me.22:03
AirBenderbecause there was a new-human22:03
AirBenderreally cool22:03
AirBenderbut now it's called dark room22:03
crashsystemshuman evolved, lol22:03
AirBenderdidn't know about mint22:04
crashsystemsI know that Mint does not have a reliable way to update from one release to another, which is a big turn off for me.22:05
BWMwhat's the cp command to copy all files of a certain type?22:05
BWMI like mint because it has codecs22:05
BWMI have to install them all for Ubuntu22:05
BWMIs there a codecpack of some sort that lets me do that all at once? I heard of such a thing.22:06
crashsystemscp *.bmp /dir/*.bmp22:06
crashsystemsthen once you have gone through their simple instructions, "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras w32codecs libdvdcss2"22:07
BWMhow do I show my Computer/home folder on the desktop again?22:07
crashsystemsnot sure about that22:07
AirBendermake a symlink22:08
AirBendermay be22:08
crashsystemsI've just set a key on my keyboard to open the home folder22:08
crashsystemsthe win key works well for that22:08
AirBenderI use it for screenshot and zoom plugin22:09
BWMBut if I hit it accidentally.22:12
crashsystemsprior to the 8.10 upgrade, I had it mapped to lock screen. that seems not to work any more though22:12
BWMwhen the full 8.10 comes out ,can  I update without reinstalling?22:13
AirBenderyou always can do that22:13
crashsystemsyou can do so then and now22:13
BWMThe only thing I don't like about the bar @top is that sometimes when Firefox starts it gets 'caught' up there.22:17
crashsystemswhat do you mean?22:18
BWMthe window bar @ the top of the firefox window22:18
BWMis stuck underneath the menu bae22:18
crashsystemshold down the alt key and drag down on the window22:18
BWMI have to move the window from the bar below in order to resize it22:18
BWMheh, that's useful22:18
BWMOne of these days I'll learn how to use vim too XD22:19
crashsystemsI've never learned that, and I've been using linux for just over 3 years22:19
BWMActually, I do know a couple of things, like saving and stuff. I had to when my mint died so I could edit my fstab22:19
BWMtsk, tsk.22:19
BWMAnd here I thought you were a guru.22:19
crashsystemsgedit is my fav, which means I am rather lame22:19
crashsystemsnano if I am on the cli22:19
crashsystemsI do use tones of plugins in gedit though22:20
AirBenderwith a few clicks gedit gets really acceptable22:21
AirBenderthere is a really good pdf manual of Vim in their official website22:22
AirBenderreally useful and well explained22:22
AirBenderusing it you can improve your Vim level pretty fast and take the advantages of it quickly22:22
crashsystemsvim level? is this some sort of rpg? ;)22:23
AirBenderVim knowledge level ?22:23
crashsystemsyou may have a high vim level, but I've been working on my archery and spell casting!22:24
AirBenderhaha lol22:24
AirBenderthe good thing is... you cand have a low level of Vim knowledge, but still feel it's a lot more useful than the other editors22:25
AirBenderthat's my case22:26
AirBenderespecially if you use gvim22:26
sorush20is any one using usenext?22:29
sorush20how would you configure it to run behind a proxy22:30
noamhello, i have a problem with sound in flash22:35
noamactually, i have a problem with lack of sound in flash22:36
bsnideri'll do my best to help you, prof. chomsky22:36
noamand i probably have a problem with lack of sound in amarok as well, unless the "Amarok 1.4 Welcome" file is 14 seconds of noise22:37
noambut curiously enough, the shutdown and boot sounds work fine22:37
noambsnider: thank you, but that is not me :)22:37
bsnideroh, well then forget it. i only help mit professors22:38
noam14 seconds of silence, i meant22:38
BWMwell, it's all done. Restarting.22:38
BWMalso, my background did change - though I don't remember approving that ;)22:38
reabynoam: do you have integrated soundcard in your system22:39
reabydid you upgrade this evening intrepid ?22:39
noam00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)22:39
noami just installed it on a brand new computer22:39
BWMBTW, why does Ubuntu's channel redirect me to ubuntu-proxy-users when I don't /join manually?22:39
reabynoam: and no other sound cards ?22:39
noamthat sounds bad22:40
noami could acquire some if needed. but what is the problem?22:40
crdlbBWM: read the topic of that channel; there is a way you can get in when using mibbit22:41
noamoh i forgot to mention - it's kubuntu i installed, not ubuntu22:41
BWMI did, lol22:42
BWMjust wondering why that's nessescary.22:42
BWM...wow, like bots or something x.x22:42
reabynoam: well i don't use kubuntu :( maybe some other knows, for i know sound system in kubuntu differ someway what is used in ubuntu. sorry, i don't have answer for you.22:43
noamah. you thought pulseaudio?22:43
BWMwifi still isn't working22:44
BWMfrom my internal card.22:44
reabynoam: for what i know, kde has it's own libraries for sound22:45
reabynoam: what should fix most of the problems22:45
bsniderisn't there a #kubuntu+1 channel?22:46
BWM@crashsystems: Still can't access my wireless network with the internal card...22:48
BWMand now my external isn't working either -.-22:50
BWMwith no explanation why.22:50
crashsystems@BWM the bug report I saw said that it had ben triaged. This means that people have been assigned to the problem, and it will probably be fixed by the time 8.10 is released.22:52
BWMit seems like I'm getting an error with my other router too now - "error loading '/lib/firmware/zd1211/zd1211_ub22:53
BWMit looks like the firmware is gone22:57
BWMit's not where it's supposed to be anymore22:57
BWMwhy would that have happened?22:57
bsnidermake sure the linux-firmware package is installed22:58
bsnideropen synaptic and search for it22:59
BWMwell, I found the firmware on sourceforge23:02
BWMalready copied it to my laptop, we'll seeif it works.23:02
crashsystems@bwm run "sudo apt-get install linux-firmware"23:02
BWMyes it is23:02
BWM(I can't, I have no internet, remembeR)23:02
BWMnow I can do that.23:02
BWMwait... uhg23:03
BWMthere we go23:03
bsniderdanbh_intrepid, we got a guy in here having ath9k issues23:04
BWMThaaaat's me.23:04
danbh_intrepidwhat kind?23:04
BWMYep, I'm causing problems :(23:04
BWMDoesn't connect. I give it the correct WEP settings, but it throws errors and doesn't connect23:05
bsnidernot problems, issues23:05
BWMYes, we have to be polite about it :P23:05
bsnideri wonder if it would work with wicd23:06
BWMI've heard of that...23:07
danbh_intrepidmine works even without nm now.  I can use /etc/network/interfaces, which rocks IMHO23:08
danbh_intrepidbut I think that sheds doubt on wicd working, since that was about the manager having tweaks that worked around driver bugs?23:09
rwwIf I install the Intrepid beta, I'll be able to upgrade to Intrepid final when it comes out using apt-get, right?23:11
BWMThey keep telling me that, rww, so yes, I think so XD23:12
danbh_intrepidrww: for the most part23:12
bsniderrww, don't install the beta. it is 3 weeks old now23:14
bsniderinstlal the daily-live image23:14
rwwbsnider: link?23:14
bsnidergoogle daily-live and follow the second result23:15
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/23:15
bsniderdidn't know the bot knew about it23:15
bsniderapparently the bot knows all23:15
BWMI installed wine via sudo apt-get install wine23:16
BWMBut it's v 1.0.1 when the latest is 1.1.523:16
BWMCan I upgrade or do I need to uninstall/23:16
rwwexcellent, thanks everyone :D23:16
bsniderthe latest is 1.0.123:16
BWMoh, you mean stable23:17
danbh_intrepidBWM: you can upgrade23:17
BWMno, I want the dev version - which is actually 1.1.6 now that I check XD23:17
bsniderof course23:17
BWMdanbh_intrepid, are you a dev or something?23:23
danbh_intrepidbsnider and I both use the ath9k drivers for wifi, so we chat about that occasionally23:26
BWMhe acted like you were supposed to know :P23:27
bsniderBWM, why did you not want to use the macosx again?23:27
BWMso I figured you might have had something more to do with ubuntu23:27
BWMIt wasn't efficient enough for me, and there weren't enough options23:27
BWMdon't get me wrong, it's awesome23:27
BWMbut I like being able to make my OS do EXACTLY and WHATEVER I want23:27
BWMwhich nither OS X nor windows could do23:27
BWMfor me23:28
BWMit didn't have features which I find useful.23:28
BWMlinux does - after I configure it XD23:28
BWMespecially wine23:28
bsniderwhat features did you want?23:28
BWMwine for mac, now that'd be something.23:28
bsniderthere is a wine for mac23:28
BWMNo customizeable GUI. Keyboards were not that customizeable.23:28
BWMTHe dock was nice, but not easy to use when I needed to know what exactly was going on23:29
BWMand the update system was obnoxious23:29
BWMother then that, I liked it23:29
BWMbut again, lack of compatability and flexibility23:29
BWMyou get the feeling that Apple has created what they feel is the best possible model, and while it does everything very, very well23:29
BWMif you want to change what it does23:30
BWMyou're in trouble.23:30
BWMthat said, I do still heart my mac XD23:30
bsnidertinkertool lets you screw with a lot of gui settings ont eh macosx23:31
zyrorlhi guys23:32
bsniderwhat do you want to run in wine?23:32
billgoldbergHi guys. I'm having a small problem. Ubuntu 8.10 can't seem to mount my digital camera. Ubuntu 8.4 had no problem doing so. An error pops ups saying it's unable to mount it. Any help?23:32
bsniderbillgoldberg, runt he dmeg command after you see that error message. it should give some indication about what the actual problem is23:34
bsnidersorry, that was dmesg23:34
bsniderBWM, what do you want to run in wine?23:35
BWMmany things23:36
billgoldbergdmesg. The last line reads: " usb-storage: waiting for device to settle before scanning". Another line I found that seems related was this: " usb 1-1: usbfs: USBDEVFS_CONTROL failed cmd gvfsd-gphoto2 rqt 33 rq 102 len 0 ret -62" That doesn't mean much too me.23:38
bsniderbillgoldberg, file a bug report on launchpad, sir23:39
billgoldbergok will do23:39
BWMsorry, back.23:44
BWMyay, winedev update :P23:45
BWMupdated* :)23:45
billgoldbergOk, this is the first time I reporting a bug, they need me to specify a package. Should I give  "gvfsd-gphoto2"?23:46
bsnidersure. if you make any mistakes, they'll ask you to clarify and so on and so forth23:49
csilkWhat kernel version will interpid ship with?23:50
Mark_MillimanDoes anyone with an Intel 82801 sound device have problems loading snd-hda-intel?23:50
bsniderMark_Milliman, i've been seeing a lot of those kinds of problems in the past few days, but mine works perfectly23:51
Mark_Millimanbsnider, mine worked too until either the kernel image or headers updated a few days ago.23:52
Mark_MillimanMy old -6 kernel works but not the -7.23:52
bsniderheaders don't matter unless you're building a new driver into the kernel23:52
bsniderfile a bug23:52
Mark_MillimanI have to build the nVidia drivers into the kernel when it updates23:53
Mark_MillimanI have already found three bugs related to it that are still open23:53
bsnideri'm sure that's being looked at then23:54
bsniderif "themuso" comes in here, he's the one to talk to about it23:55
Mark_MillimanI was hoping that someone here knew of a fix for the prolbme23:55
Mark_MillimanIn all of my times with Ubuntu betas I have never lost major functionality for more than a few hours.23:56
Mark_MillimanI haven't had sound for 3 days now23:56
Mark_MillimanI guess I should consider myself lucky23:56
bsniderit seems unlikely that there would be a fix23:58
bsniderdefinitely boot the older kernel though23:58
Mark_MillimanYou never know.  It could be a problem that a newer version of ALSA could fix, but it hasn't been posted yet.23:59

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