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Azagwhat good GTK2 themes are that are not black, a copu of other OS and not the human of ubuntu :)18:12
thorwilhi _MMA_19:56
_MMA_yo :)19:56
* thorwil lloks at the top right of http://www.ubuntu-fi.org/ and wonders how people can be so brutal20:00
thorwillooks, even20:00
_MMA_Gross. Looks like they cut it out of something.20:01
_MMA_Looks like something we should help them with.20:01
thorwil_MMA_: there was a request from one person and i mailed him the source SVG for the translation20:02
thorwil_MMA_: in the mena time, somone else already "solved" this via editing the bitmaps20:03
thorwil_MMA_: early ones looked ok, it is just now with the switch in the spirals that there's not enough spacing20:03
thorwilso one again i have to note: do not trust any stranger to have any design competency until you saw it :}20:05
_MMA_Oh well. I wish we had better representation from some of these folks on our list.20:05
_MMA_thorwil: hehe. On that note, what do you think of the current drive icons?20:06
thorwilyeah. at least one responsible person for each major country on the artwork list ... one can dream20:06
thorwil_MMA_: you mean drive-optical 1/2?20:07
thorwil_MMA_: as i wrote on the list, the 2nd looks unfriendly in comparison20:08
_MMA_That hard line around the tray?20:08
thorwilmore the darker tone20:08
_MMA_thorwil: Gimme a couple of mins. I just got home and I am filthy. I need a shower. I'll be back.20:09
thorwilotherwise, the 2nd actually looks more defined20:09
thorwil_MMA_: it's true, you smell much better now!20:38
* thorwil scrolls the distributor logo below the fold20:40
_MMA_Yeah. I'm gonna ax that one. It's really bad.20:41
_MMA_It's nothing but a bad rip of the Vista "Start" button which is a rip of those Apple bubble icons we saw 5 or so years ago.20:43
thorwil_MMA_: so, before drive-optical2 appeared, i said i'm for including that first drive-optical, as soon as the symmetry is fixed. now the small sizes of the 2nd are a bit better, but i prefer the almost white tone20:44
_MMA_Cool. Ill look over the current posts on the ML and reply to the right thread with these details. (which I also agree with)20:45
* thorwil be gone in 10 minutes20:49
thorwilgood night!20:57

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