calcwgrant: that was fast :)00:08
wgrantcalc: That's one of the fastest rollouts I've seen them do. Pleasantly surprising.00:10
calcwgrant: yea :) short outages are fine with me :)00:15
calci'm just scared of those 8hr+ outages ;-)00:15
wgrantI remember back when they used to take it down for >2 hours every Tuesday night. That was annoying.00:16
beuno12 minutes total downtime00:25
beunowe're getting better!00:25
wgrantbeuno: But I guess you can't be so quick during normal rollouts :(00:29
beunowgrant, probably not, but quick-er00:30
beunoand just wait until read-only launchpad lands...00:31
wgrantThat has been coming for a long time... but it does seem to have a hard target now...00:31
beunowell, you know, good things come to those who wait...00:31
beunoif you don't, onlt bad things (>)00:31
=== MacSlow_ is now known as MacSlow
bryceI has haircut00:36
* wgrant blames developers' haircuts for RC being buggy.00:37
persiawgrant, You think it's better to fix bugs than cut hair?00:39
wgrantpersia: You obviously haven't seen my hair.00:39
persiaNo :)00:40
persiaAlthough, personally, every five or six months, my hair starts getting in the way of my doing useful things like seeing or typing, and I find a haircut assists in bug closure.00:40
brycepersia: indeed00:41
wgrantThere are workarounds for that which don't involve cutting it, fortunately.00:41
brycetiming haircuts to coincide with lp downtimes == priceless00:42
persiabryce, Admit it: it was luck.00:42
bryceyeah pretty much00:42
persiawgrant, Depends on your hair.  Mine tends to break.00:43
ograpfft heairs00:44
wgrantMine has survived quite well for a number of years.00:44
ogramine too ... but i find beards more significantly showing that state of my workload :)00:45
ion_pitti: Heh, there’s already a bug report about it. I’ll see whether i’ll get around to creating a patch for the issue.00:55
* StevenK appears01:14
persiaStevenK, There's no kernel, and been no word for ~8 hours.  Apparently it was evening in Europe.01:16
persiaOh, and Good morning :)01:16
munckfishcjwatson: you there?01:47
cjwatsonmunckfish: if you don't mind a zombie01:48
munckfishwell I am one myself :)01:48
munckfishcjwatson: could we add a "recovery" option to the kboot-installer package?01:49
munckfishI needed that today01:49
cjwatsonnot now, maybe for jaunty01:49
cjwatsoncan't add features 12 days before release :)01:49
munckfishyeah true, it's a feature01:49
cjwatsonso you mean like a rescue CD type thing?01:49
munckfishumm like we have in grub01:50
cjwatson"rewrite my kboot.cnf"01:50
munckfishtwo items for each kernel01:50
cjwatsonoh, you mean a separate boot menu entry01:50
munckfishsecond one boots kernel with "single" as it's arg01:50
cjwatsonyeah, sure, that would make sense for jaunty01:50
munckfishwhich boots into that recovery menu which allows you to get root shell or fix X etc01:51
munckfishOh I nearly cried today01:51
munckfishI never expected to see such bad bad problems so late01:51
cjwatsoncan't you edit the menu in kboot to some degree?01:51
cjwatsonor boot manually or something01:51
munckfishespecially as Intrepid  was running so nice just last week :(01:51
munckfishcjwatson: oh yeah I can edit it01:51
cjwatsonI agree the framebuffer thing is bad, you'll have to delve into initramfs to figure that one out01:52
munckfishIt just occurred to me it'd be useful for "users"01:52
cjwatsonhopefully my kboot-installer change will fix the label thing, I'm pretty confident01:52
cjwatsonit's definitely a correct fix01:52
munckfishah cool01:52
munckfishroughly what did you change? Or where can I see the patch?01:52
cjwatsonmunckfish: http://paste.ubuntu.com/59077/01:53
munckfishcjwatson: do you ever sleep?01:53
cjwatsonwas a global change across partman, we just missed kboot-installer :-(01:53
cjwatsonmunckfish: not nearly so much as I'd like01:54
munckfishaha that defo looks like the thing01:54
munckfishyou in BST/GMT?01:54
cjwatsonBST, yes01:54
munckfishme too01:55
cjwatson... and I have to be up in reasonable time tomorrow so I think that has to be a wrap :)01:55
munckfishyeah I need to quite now too01:55
munckfishthx for your help so late01:55
cjwatsonno problem01:55
munckfishc ya!01:55
wgrantOh ffs.02:05
wgrantIs there somebody around with an amd64 xserver with a Synaptics touchpad?02:05
wgrantSomething continues to be borked in the X stack.02:05
brycewgrant: sadly my amd64 box is a desktop02:06
wgrantbryce: Are you able to run xinput list-props on one of your real mice?02:06
wgrantSomebody is complaining that my new syndaemon version doesn't work properly, but xinput is segfaulting, so I think we can blame it elsewhere...02:07
slangasekwgrant: amd64 w/ synaptics here, yes02:07
wgrantI can reproduce it with an i386 server... but only on the synaptics device.02:07
wgrantWhat the....02:07
wgrantThe other devices work fine.02:07
wgrantSo amd64 clients don't like synaptics properties for some reason.02:08
wgrantRegardless of server arch.02:08
wgrantamd64 needs to die. Or X.02:08
bryceslangasek: btw, fix for targeted bug 275285 is tested and uploaded02:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 275285 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[intrepid] Flash, VirtualBox, Dosbox etc. video freezes after few seconds" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27528502:09
wgrantSo XGetDeviceProperty now works fine.02:10
bryceslangasek: wait a sec02:10
wgrantBut XListDeviceProperties segfaults for -synaptics. How stupid.02:10
bryceslangasek: ok 275285 ready for approval02:12
RAOFwgrant: Uuuh, yeah!  What the hell happened there?  xinput list-props "Syn..." _worked_ for one blessed day, and now segfaults?02:12
slangasekbryce: well, hasn't reached the queue yet :)02:13
wgrantRAOF: I'm stepping through upgrades to work out what broke it.02:13
* RAOF 's internet is currently capped at a princely 64kbit/sec, so is not the ideal candidate for that. :(02:14
* bryce turns attention to 26197702:14
wgrantRAOF: I've only been capped once this year, but back two years ago when we were on the 1GB plan we were frequently capped to 28.8kbps for half a month...02:15
LimCorehi devels \o/02:15
RAOFwgrant: I forgot how utterly dependent on a fast connection Intrepid testing is.02:15
wgrantRAOF: Yes...02:15
wgrantThough it's not so bad now we're frozen.02:16
RAOFAt the current rate, it'll be _tomorrow_ before I finish downloading yesterday's updates.02:16
* RAOF thanks OOo and Java for that.02:16
wgrantWhy won't X just stay unbroken?02:16
LimCoreso, I would like to fix the braindeadness in logout funcionality ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/285141 ) but there are rumors of APIC changes... So, what is now the proper way to have script power.sh executed when ever someone presses power button (the one on PC, not on keyboard)02:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285141 in ubuntu "logout box + no way to kill computer = data corruption" [Wishlist,Confirmed]02:16
brycewgrant: what fun would that be??02:16
bryceLimCore: the acpi stuff is sort of in a state of flux02:17
bryceLimCore: acpi-support is still used for some things, but other stuff is moving towards hal, and pm-utils02:18
wgrantbryce: True...02:18
wgrantBut I think this might be a clientside change.02:18
LimCorebryce: but I hope, that no matter what system uses, in the end system WILL provide a way to execute user script on common ACPI event like power-off button, right?!02:18
wgrantEr, serverside.02:18
bryceLimCore: I haven't had a chance to go through pm-utils and learn the new world order for acpi, so sorry I don't know02:19
LimCorethere should be some  powerdown.d/ directory or something.  And there my patch would go, to fix above bug (to do, so that pressing power button repeataly will turn off pc)02:19
LimCore*turn off the system02:20
bryceLimCore: I'd encourage you to review the pm-utils source02:20
LimCorebryce: I dont have now time for that, unfortunatelly, yet I like to fix the problem.  If I do it using current acpi-support, then can I ask someone to port it to the new way, pack it, and include in 8.10?  current way of logout is realllly brain dead02:20
persiaLooks loosely like they belong under /etc/pm/ somewhere, although one wants to check the implementation before blindly stuffing something there.02:21
HobbseeLimCore: is that release critical?02:21
Hobbseeif not, it won't get done.02:21
LimCoreHobbsee: yes02:21
LimCorebad design of logout funcionality leads to fs corruption.  seems horrible to me02:22
HobbseeLimCore: provide patches then.02:22
LimCoreI almost lost my fs today, thanks to that02:22
LimCoreHobbsee: thats what I want to do, and therefore my question.02:22
bryceLimCore: for intrepid, if you can make it work in acpi-support, porting it to pm-utils should not be necessary02:23
LimCorebryce: cool, thanks02:24
LimCorecan I implement this in C++?02:24
LimCoreor in C or even bash, this utility must go to base system imho02:25
bryceLimCore: bash would probably be the only thing likely to get accepted02:25
persiaWell, actually, POSIX shell would be preferred to bash, generally.02:25
LimCorelike, /bin/sh ?02:25
persia/bin/sh means different things for different people, but yes :)  Test with dash.02:26
bryceacpi-support is currently a mix of bash and sh.  I did convert some simpler stuff to sh02:26
james_wum, have you tried on an up-to-date Intrepid Ubuntu (GNOME)?02:27
persiajames_w, tried which?02:27
james_wdoesn't pressing the power button show a menu to shutdown, with a 60 second timeout that shuts down the machine?02:27
* Hobbsee notes kde used to support that, too.02:27
Hobbsee(as in, automatic shutdown when power button is pressed)02:27
persiajames_w, Does for me.02:28
RAOFjames_w: Actually, it shows a logout dialog, not a shutdown dialog (at least here).02:28
persiaRAOF, how updated are you?02:28
james_wRAOF: are you up to date, it was changed this week.02:28
RAOFA day or two late.02:29
LimCorejames_w: 60 s is too much.  Plus, the goal is pressing button will also shutdown machine that is partially hanging (i.e. 100% cpu usage)02:29
persiaMight be it.  I got the logout yesterday.02:29
james_wLimCore: well, that's quit a bit more work.02:29
LimCorealso, it will not work when not in X02:29
LimCoremy idea is simple: system (scripts) react to pressing the power button.  first 1,2,3 times nothing (but WM can react)02:29
LimCore4 - shutdown   5 - more aggressive shutdown  etc02:30
LimCoreanother use case is to get machine almost hanging by fork bomb02:30
* jdong mumbles Alt-sysrq-REISUB under his breath02:30
HobbseeLimCore: if it's partially hanging, or fully hanging, will it really result in the filesystem getting finished properly anyway?02:30
* jdong agrees with Hobbsee 02:30
* LimCore jdong points to his use cases in which lights are out and/or keyboard doesnt work. but yes, this is the goal, only by power button instead02:30
james_wyou want to run a script when the system is being fork-bombed?02:30
persiaIn the case of a hang, it doesn't help at all, as it won't trigger acpi-support|pm-utils02:30
jdongthere's no guarantee that the flurry of shutdown scripts will execute correctly if it's fork-bombed02:31
LimCoreok, perhaps this is not solution for forkbomb use case.   it is for no-keyboard  and no-screen cases02:31
jdongwhy is 60s too long?02:31
LimCoreuser perhaps wants it off in 10s02:31
LimCorea) ups will die in 30 s02:32
* persia notes that it would be nice if the 60s didn't count down in 10s increments.02:32
jdongwill the user die if the computer turns off in 60s?02:32
LimCoreb) thunderstorm02:32
LimCorec) fire02:32
jdongok those are ridiculously far-fetched usecases.02:32
LimCorejdong: no, but FS will02:32
Hobbseejdong: if you were out drinking, and didn't notice that there was a thunderstorm.02:32
persiaLimCore, It's going to take a while to sync the disks and shut down anyway.02:32
Hobbseejdong: until the first boom02:32
Hobbseepersia: well, that's what I would have thought.02:32
LimCorepersia: that is why waiting 60 is too long.  sync takes 1-3 sec usually02:32
ion_d) nuclear holocaust02:32
LimCorejdong: thunderstorm  and   ups die in 30 s  are my own use cases02:33
Hobbseeion_: i'm sure that c & d mean that you don't care about the laptop, in that case.02:33
persiaLimCore, How long does it take your machine after you select shutdown from the menu?  Takes me 20-30 seconds.02:33
Hobbseeor other computer.02:33
jdongso for that we should make the shutdown button work with less confirmation?02:33
LimCorepersia: correct, this is why 6th press will just  sync and remount ro02:33
jdongfrankly I already think Intrepid has gone off the nazi end for lacking confirmation02:33
jdongi.e. the logout/restart/shutdown buttons all have no confirmation prompt02:33
Hobbseejdong: as long as they *never* become like my work system...02:33
persiaHobbsee, What's that like?02:34
Hobbseejdong: "shutdown".  "OK!  bang!" "oh, shit, another 3+ min wait for it to boot again"02:34
LimCorejdong: first 3 presses do nothing.  its not like users will press them by accident02:34
Hobbseepersia: ^02:34
jdongsync and remount-ro is not any less likely to corrupt your data!02:34
jdongparticularly if it involves some SIGKILLS first02:34
persiaOh.  I had a configuration like that once.  Very annoying.02:34
bryceLimCore: hmm, given this is sounding feature-ish, you may find it challenging to get such a thing accepted by the intrepid release team02:34
LimCorejdong: sync + remount-ro  is not less likelly to corrupt file system, then pulling out the plug?02:35
Hobbseebryce: yeah, i can outright decline it now, if you like :)02:35
jdongand we don't need morse code sequences for the power button... I'd be very much against that idea from a UI perspective.02:35
Hobbseebut i figured i should at least listen to it first.02:35
bryceHobbsee: *nods*02:35
jdongLimCore: it is not any less likely to corrupt the data, no.02:35
Hobbseejdong: ++.  Little kids and computers.  argh.02:35
Hobbseearent' filesystems good enough nowadays to handle this stuff, particularly when the machine is locked, anyway?02:35
LimCorejdong: ok, then unmount, or whatever is needed02:36
jdongLimCore:  are you listening? interrupting all disk activity via SOFTWARE is no safer than doing the same in HARDWARE.02:36
LimCoreHobbsee: if you are so sure, you can try right away, especially try with XFS fs02:36
jdongLimCore: XFS doesn't even remount-ro when you tell it to02:36
jdongLimCore: nor does it completely sync.02:36
HobbseeLimCore: right, well, last I checked, we don't use xfs by default...02:36
jdongif you are worried about powerdown corruption you shouldn't be anywhere *NEAR* XFS.02:37
jdonghell XFS makes assumptions about disks that aren't even true except on expensive corporate storage devices.02:37
LimCorejdong: well, then unmount02:37
jdongLimCore: how do you propose doing that? :)02:37
LimCorethis is a related problem, it should be more userfriendly to unmount DVD in use etc, is that fixed02:38
Hobbseewhy don't you test it?02:38
LimCoreafair latest gnome finally shows a list why it cant unmount02:38
Hobbseeactually, last ichecked with a dvd in use, pressing the eject button worked fine.  Maybe tha'ts not user friendly enough for you, i'mnot sure.02:38
LimCoreit could use a button to kill thoes applications.  but that is not critical02:38
jdonglol no, we shouldn't give users a magical button to kill processes.02:39
jdongyou do that and I will personally write an exploit for it.02:39
Hobbseejdong: there already is one, anyway.02:39
Hobbseejdong: well, at least, for GUI bits.  in the panel.02:39
Hobbsee(not on by default, fortunately)02:39
LimCorewhy not?02:39
ion_hobbsee: It should only eject after you hit the eject button five times. :-P02:39
Hobbseejdong: it's how i save firefox's state :P02:40
jdong*sigh* where is desktop Linux going these days...02:40
jdongLimCore: because it can be used to kill processes maliciously?02:40
Hobbseejdong: just be greatful that the ones who tend to make the decisions upstream aren't currently here and talking...02:40
LimCoreion_: no no, sudo something something ;   ps aux ;  kill -9 etc etc,  is much more user friendly. For humanbeings.02:40
HobbseeLimCore: you shouldn't *have* to be force killing anything *at all*.02:40
jdongyou shouldn't be using kill -9 if you care about corruption either.02:41
jdongI still don't see *ANY* sense in fscking killall -9'ing userland to "unmount the filesystem safely"02:41
jdongisn't there something counterproductive about doing this? anyone?02:41
Hobbseeif the program's freezing, it's a bug.  fix the program, instead of making it easier to killthings.02:41
LimCorejdong: corruption of filesystem -vs- corruption of data in file written by given program because I terminated that02:41
Hobbseejdong: sure, but i don't thinkhe'slistening...02:41
jdongLimCore: your filesystem should not be corrupting when you uncleanly shut down02:41
LimCorewell, Im reading all you say02:41
jdongLimCore: take that up with your hardware and filesystem vendor.02:42
jdongnamely for XFS this is a hardware problem02:42
jdongyour hardware was obviously not designed to run XFS02:42
LimCorejdong: I had such corruptions on ext3 as well, but I did not test recently. Still Im quite sure randomly pluging out power cable in middle of writes to ext3 will corrupt more then just the files that where being written to02:43
* jdong thinks hard about why we don't configure to use XFS by default...02:43
jdongLimCore: it won't corrupt the filesystem but any in-transit data is at risk for being stale or incompletely written.02:43
jdongand that's *GASP* the same symptoms of killall -9.02:44
LimCoreso you are saying that killing -9 one program is not better then randomly pulling out the plug from pc?02:44
Hobbseeguys, we have a release soon.  This being discussed now is *not* a release critical bug, and it would be great if these discussions could be held elsewhere.02:44
* jdong agrees with Hobbsee 02:44
jdongLimCore: depending on what program, absolutely not.02:45
james_wit would be great if the participants would go and fix RC bugs instead of discussing it :-)02:45
* bryce +102:45
LimCoredata corruption sounds like RC problem, doesnt it?  With the confirmation box, no need to kill -9 anything02:45
Hobbseejames_w: that too.02:46
LimCoreso, is it not?02:47
bryceLimCore: RC bugs are ones targeted | milestoned in launchpad02:48
LimCoredo we want to make some users have to hard reboot their boxes, or do we want to take 2 hours to fix it?02:49
james_w2 hours?02:49
elkbuntuLimCore, i'm not a developer, and not even i can take what you're saying here seriously.02:49
LimCoreelkbuntu: do you have some reasoning for that?02:50
HobbseeLimCore: provide the patch, and get it uploaded.  It will then be reviewed.  It may be declined for intrepid, which means you can get it into jaunty.02:50
elkbuntuLimCore, yes. you're refusing to listen to other people's reasoning.02:50
jdongyes. what you are saying does not make much sense, you have not provided any valid solutions, and now you are continuing to disobey the requests to keep this channel on topic.02:50
HobbseeLimCore: unless you do this, no it will not be considered, and the discussions will not continue here.02:51
LimCoreelkbuntu: I responded to all arguments so far.  Ok, which channel is on topic for this then?02:51
elkbuntuLimCore, responding does not mean you listened properly.02:52
slangasekapachelogger: how does it happen that a patch that's been in kde4libs for a year was responsible for bugs just filed?02:55
slangasek(in the past two months, that is)02:55
* Hobbsee eyes that kdebase-workspace upload02:56
slangasekHobbsee: yes, I skipped over that one in the queue02:57
apacheloggerslangasek: the one about kmenuedit wasn't visible in KDE 4.0, because there was no visible way to start the editor at all02:57
apacheloggerI am not sure why he broken icons one isn't older though, TBH bug reports for KDE 4 are really rare still02:58
Hobbseeslangasek: i don't think it's right, either.02:58
apacheloggerHobbsee: what's it changing?02:59
Hobbseeapachelogger: well, it's bumping an unsatisfiable recommends to an unsatisfiable suggests, to start with.02:59
NCommanderStevenK, hola03:00
apacheloggerHobbsee: python-plasma-examples is available here03:00
Hobbseeapachelogger: in what repository?03:00
apacheloggerOrigin: Ubuntu03:01
Hobbseeapachelogger: (apt-get policy  python-plasma-examples)03:01
apachelogger        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com intrepid/main Packages03:01
Hobbseeapachelogger: hmmmm, i'll try updating again, but my apt-cache isn't finding it.03:02
apacheloggerHobbsee: kdebase-workspace is actually the source package for python-plasma-examples03:03
Hobbseeapachelogger: ah.  wonder why it refused to find it previously.  p.u.c doesn't know about it either yet03:04
apacheloggerHobbsee: puc is not the fastest ;-)03:05
apacheloggervery weird either way though03:06
Hobbseeapachelogger: ahh.  so itis new.03:07
apacheloggerpretty much03:08
Hobbseeslangasek: if we're not building cds yet, then i presume that one's safe.03:09
slangasekHobbsee: kdebase-workspace?  If you think it's appropriate, feel free to push it through03:14
Hobbseeslangasek: OK03:14
Hobbseeslangasek: i'm just not sure of cd building status.03:15
slangasekCDs on Monday03:16
Hobbseemdke: was ubuntu-docs going to get updated before release?03:28
nixternalhe is probably sleeping03:28
Hobbseenixternal: that's a point.  it's been updated in the bzr branch, but never got uploaded.03:30
nixternalactually, the final upload of ubuntu-docs will be for translations only03:30
nixternaland that typically happens like, damn right now03:31
Hobbseenixternal: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/ubuntu-docs/+bug/272772 too, preferably.  it's RC.03:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272772 in ubuntu-docs "packages that Depend/Recommend/Suggest firefox (meta-package) must alternatively Depend/Recommend/Suggest abrowser" [High,Fix committed]03:31
nixternalya, I just saw that03:31
nixternalubuntu-docs shouldn't depend/recommend/suggest firefox as they aren't built to HTML, they stick in DocBook/XML format for ubuntu-docs03:32
nixternalunless something has changed03:32
Hobbseenixternal: ubuntu-serverguide does03:32
nixternaldoes it dep on www-browser?03:32
nixternalwww-browser | x-www-browser or whatever it is03:33
nixternalhaven't looked in a while to be honest03:33
* nixternal looks03:33
Hobbseenixternal: not on my sysetm.03:33
nixternallooking now03:33
HobbseeSuggests: firefox03:33
nixternalhrmm, that is nuts03:34
nixternalshould just recommend either www-browser | x-www-browser, not a specific browser03:34
Hobbseeoh,score, Keybuk's tracking down this iwl3945 bug for us!03:34
nixternalwhat is the bug?03:34
Hobbseenixternal: well, yes.03:34
Hobbseenixternal: the one above?03:34
Hobbseeor the iwl?03:34
nixternal0c:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev03:35
nixternalmine has worked great actually, but then again I don't use it all that much03:35
Hobbseenixternal: boot hang bug - https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/linux/+bug/26305903:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263059 in linux "[regression] 2.6.27-7 sometimes fails to boot (iwl3945 issue?)" [High,In progress]03:35
nixternalHobbsee: yes, mdke fixed ubuntu-docs in bzr by suggesting www-browser ....03:38
Hobbseenixternal: right, yes, I see that in the bug, but it's not in the archive yet :)03:38
nixternalHobbsee: looks like he is currently importing translations03:38
Hobbseenixternal: oh, so that's related.  right.03:38
nixternalnot related, but he will probably prepare the package shortly and get it uploaded03:39
Hobbseeah, cool.03:39
nixternalhe has been highlighted enough, he will update us in the next 12 or so hours I am sure :)03:39
* calc back, and got his hair chopped off03:59
calcslangasek: thanks wrt 22347604:08
calcslangasek: i'm pretty sure i brought that bug up before but it was several months ago04:08
calcslangasek: and we were already too low on space at the time04:09
* Hobbsee kills more bugs off the intrepid list.04:09
nixternalkill kill kill04:10
* calc is getting rid of his bugmail queue04:13
* nixternal is trying04:13
=== LimCore_ is now known as LimCore
calcgar, new vmware installs into /usr without asking you04:23
calcit should at least into /opt if not /usr/local04:23
lifelessthe FHS is for other people04:26
Hobbseesbeattie: were you planning to provide a patch for https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/djvulibre/+bug/277301?04:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277301 in djvulibre "package update-manager 1:0.93.18 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: SystemError in cache.commit(): E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)" [High,Triaged]04:27
calclifeless: until 6.5 it asked where you wanted to install it04:31
calcwell it is a lot simpler install, but too simple i think since it installs into an illegal (for 3rd party) location :\04:33
Hobbseecalc: 223476 should probably be fix committed / fix released - i accepted the u-m upload to add -math to the seeds.04:38
* NCommander is finally free from classwork!04:39
HobbseeNCommander: yay!  so, fix some bugs!04:41
calcHobbsee: cool :)04:41
NCommanderHobbsee, working on fixing lpia's kernel ;-)04:41
HobbseeNCommander: that's good too :)04:41
calcHobbsee: done, i added it to hardy as well on the bug report to have it examined when i get a chance04:42
lifelesscalc: I was being droll04:43
Hobbseecalc: \o/04:43
calclifeless: i know, i just wanted to rant about it since it is really annoying :\04:45
* lifeless hands calc a blog04:45
calcheh :)04:46
lifeless(it is ontopic here, just saying, a good rant deserves an audience)04:46
calci haven't had a blog in several years, i probably should set one up again04:47
NCommandercalc, join the planet04:48
StevenKNCommander: Hey hey04:51
NCommanderStevenK, so amitk broke the lpia build ;-)04:51
NCommander(he forgot to bump the abi folder name)04:51
NCommanderI'm getting closer to nailing this04:51
NCommanderAlmost everything is getting built now, but I'm debating if I should move the binary-indep rules to binary-arch04:52
NCommander(since the lpia kernel strictly speaking has no arch all packages)04:52
StevenKPersonally, do whatever makes the diff smaller04:52
StevenKamitk might feel differently04:52
NCommanderWell, that would technically make the diff get larger, but having binary-indep called from binary-arch shouts hack04:53
calclaunchpad should host blogs :)04:54
calcit does everything else already, heh04:54
Hobbseecalc: erk.04:54
StevenKYes, "Erk"04:54
NCommandercalc, SourceForge has that feature even04:56
* calc wonders why up arrow in vmware 6.5 causes printscreen04:58
NCommanderStevenK, WOOO< success!05:02
NCommanderdpkg-deb: building package `linux-headers-2.6.27-4-lpiacompat' in `../linux-headers-2.6.27-4-lpiacompat_2.6.27-4.8_lpia.deb'.05:02
[reed]calc: 8.10 remapped all my keybindings on my thinkpad05:02
NCommanderNeed to go through and make sure everything actually worked sanely05:02
[reed]I wasn't happy at all05:02
[reed]considering they are all wrong05:02
[reed]and like three different random buttons now printscreen instead05:03
NCommanderStevenK, I can upload this to a PPA, and then smoke test lpia-lrm/lpia-meta05:03
NCommanderStevenK, second woo moment, it appears at first glance the linux-lpia-headers packages are also properly working05:06
NCommanderdh_installchangelogs: I have no package to build05:06
StevenKNCommander: To be honest, don't bother with a PPA05:06
NCommanderThat however I'm still figuring out05:06
StevenKNCommander: I just want it in the archive05:06
NCommanderFind someone who can commit to the git tree :-)05:07
StevenKNCommander: It's more to be in the archive than the git tree at this point, given where we are in the release05:09
StevenKmore important05:09
NCommanderStevenK, well, right now, I'm ripping the rules a new one05:10
NCommanderTHe actual debs are not being built because the debhelper magic is screwed up05:10
NCommanderSo give me some time to finish twisting the rules into submission (everything is getting built which is a good thing)05:10
NCommanderand since I just need to rerun the install phase over and over, its not that time consuming05:12
NCommander^- StevenK05:13
StevenKFair enough05:13
NCommanderIt will probably take me an hour or so to get this properly locked down (an install run takes about 10 minutes), and then I would like to do a full build run if you can tolerate it ;-)05:14
StevenKI'd like to upload before I have to leave at 4:45pm local05:19
NCommanderStevenK, how long is that?05:22
StevenKNCommander: An hour and change away05:22
wgrant1.5 hours.05:22
NCommanderStevenK, its building packages, I'll post the list once it finishs so we can make sure all the necesities are there05:27
NCommander-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 556K 2008-10-18 00:41 linux-headers-2.6.27-4-lpia_2.6.27-4.8_lpia.deb05:52
NCommandergetting closer05:52
StevenKWe knew that one built05:54
StevenKlinux-lpia-headers-2.6.27-4 is the question mark05:54
NCommanderStevenK, the files weren't getting loaded into it05:57
NCommander(I just fixed that)05:57
NCommander(the important thing is dpkg -c actually listed stuff :_-))05:58
NCommander-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5.6M 2008-10-18 00:58 linux-lpia-headers-2.6.27-4_2.6.27-4.8_lpia.deb05:59
* NCommander needs to clean and make sure allt he files still end up in the right places however06:00
NCommanderStevenK, all the packages aside from the -debug ones seem to get built, but I need to do a full build run to make sure all the files are properly ending up int he right place06:02
* NCommander however saves the debian/build directory so the kernels themselves do not need to be recompiled06:03
StevenKNCommander: Still building?06:59
NCommanderStevenK, well, I had to restart it because of a bug06:59
* NCommander got the build script stuck in an endless loop <g>07:00
StevenKNCommander: I'll be leaving in a few, can you mail me the debdiff?07:00
slangasekcalc: well, it was never nominated for intrepid until now... :)07:00
NCommanderHowever, I did get a proper linux-headers and linux-lpia-headers package it seems07:00
slangasekcalc: anyway, we'll see if it fits :)07:00
Mezanyone here know lots of linker voodoo ?07:21
* Mez needs some help with a question from his Debian NM thing, and I REALLY don't know the answer (and can't find much, and man gives a horrible explanation)07:22
NCommanderMez, depends on what sorta voodoo07:27
MezNCommander: an explanation of ld's -Bsymbolic?07:27
NCommanderThat's usually a bonus question07:27
NCommanderAre you sure you have to answer it?07:27
slangasekMez: the explanation in ld(1) is complete, as far as it goes; what part is confusing?07:34
slangasekit's true that this is a bonus question; it's certainly not the question I would ask about library linkage if I'd written those templates :P07:35
Mezslangasek: It's evil... though - ld confused me a little as I wasn't reading the right bit of the man page explanation07:37
Mezslangasek: "Bonus" Question ?07:37
slangasekMez: being able to answer the question correctly has no real bearing on your NM application07:38
Mezslangasek: o_O ok... *confused* wasn't aware of that, but have managed to find a better explanation now07:39
NCommanderslangasek, the T&S bonus questions though are useful, the AM_MAINTAINER_MODE is handy for someone who hasn't heard of it before07:40
slangasekI happen to find the current written test approach to NM distasteful in general, and fundamentally, the lack of a support structure for a more skills-oriented NM process was a big reason why I failed at being an AM07:40
lifelessNM is broken07:41
slangaseknews at 1107:41
wgrantI'm not sure that NM is more broken than our process.07:41
Mezslangasek: Indeed, a more skills oriented approach would be nice (like in Ubuntu) ... but... *shrugs*07:41
lifelesswgrant: its way more broken07:41
NCommanderslangasek, I personally learned a lot during NM07:41
MezNCommander: so have I ;)07:42
lifelessNCommander: thats to your credits, not the NM process' credit07:42
NCommanderslangasek, so its not completely useless, and for the one or two questions I did get stuck on, my AM was extremely helpful07:42
MezNCommander: yeah, my AM has been extremely helpful too ;)07:42
Mezif a little pedantic ;)07:42
NCommanderWell, I feel the P&P test is extremely useful for those unexposed to licensing issues, but for T&S, I think I would perfer something more hands on07:43
slangasekNCommander: that's fine; but it ought to be "here's some stuff you should digest, ask me if you don't understand something, now here's a handful of random questions about it, ok now let's see what you're actually *doing*"07:43
slangasekwgrant: NM doesn't do a good job of selecting for the things it should07:44
Mezslangasek: don't they actually check your packages etc though?07:44
NCommanderslangasek, well, my biggest concern with NM is two fold, is that the length of the process is insane, and for people who are porters (or do things beside packaging as a main task), its completely lopsided07:44
slangasekwgrant: too much of it is a test of one's tolerance for paperwork and sitting alone in a cold waiting room waiting to be called in for your interview07:45
NCommanderIt's meant for people who package pretty much exclusively. Even my AM admitted its not well suited to people who are pretty much porting vs. packaging07:45
wgrantslangasek: Right, and it's particularly fun when your AM vanishes.07:45
Mezwgrant: haha, I'm lucky and havent had that happen yet, though it's part of the reason I wouldn't become an AM at the moment. I have a tendency for doing that ;)07:46
slangasekMez: yes, but the package checks are pretty weak; they amount to "can the AM find bugs in your package?" when it should be "can the NM find bugs in this package and fix them?"07:46
wgrantMez: white is your AM, isn't he?07:46
Mezslangasek: I thought that part of the process was going and fixing RC bugs/other bugs07:47
NCommanderslangasek & wgrant: that just happened to me07:47
Mez(and I've been told to do QA uploads too)07:47
Mezwgrant: yes... you stalking me ? :P07:47
* NCommander is considering applying for DM status so I can help with pkg-xfce without constantly stalking for uploads07:47
wgrantMez: Heh. Maybe.07:47
slangasekMez: "find one RC bug and fix it" is, IMHO, an insufficiently high bar for DDship on a point that counts07:47
slangasekwe have high bars in the wrong places07:47
NCommanderslangasek, well, looking at debian-qa, there are very few people who are seemingly working on RC issues if the package maintainer hasn't tackled it already07:48
Mezslangasek: I've been told at least 2 and a couple of important or higher07:48
slangasekNCommander: why are you expecting to see evidence of this on debian-qa...?07:48
NCommanderMost of the work on solving RC bugs is split up between #debian-qa and #debian-devel on IRC07:49
NCommander^seems to me07:49
slangasekdebian-qa has always focused on unmaintained packages; that's the last place I would expect to see folks holding a Bsp07:50
NCommanderwell, the bug count is going down slowly. It was over 200 a few days ago as lenny gets closer and closer to release07:52
Mezslangasek: so where are the high bars that shouldn't be there, and where should the high bars be?07:56
slangasekMez: the long written test for T&S shouldn't be there; it should be reduced to a random scattering of questions per applicant.  And there should be higher bars for demonstrating functional knowledge and involvement, including being able to fix an artificially broken package, and demonstrate a record of healthy contribution to Debian (which definitely does /not/ mean having a pet package in the archive).07:58
Mezslangasek: multiple pet packages ? :P07:58
slangaseka pet desktop environment07:59
Mezslangasek: what about evil non-free stuff taken over from someone else, but that people seem to want to use for some unknown reason?07:59
slangaseksure, that's ok... if I were the AM, I would quiz someone extra hard about the DFSG if that was their only package, though :)07:59
Mezslangasek: I probably don't pass on your score then ;)08:00
slangasek<shrug> looks fine to me. :)08:01
slangasekyou have three pet packages, *plus* non-free packages, so. :-)08:02
Mezslangasek: I wouldnt exactly call symfony a "pet" package atm ;)08:05
MezIt's annoying the heck outta me... and upstream need a good slap ;)08:05
slangasekthere are people who keep chihuahuas as pets08:05
Mezslangasek: ;)08:06
Mezgood analogy.08:07
* Mez is going to have to get the word "chihuahua" in the changelog now somehow08:07
NCommanderMez, O_o;08:29
bryceslangasek: fix for 283921 uploaded and ready for review.  I've promoted it to be an RC bug because its inhibiting input-hotplug configuration from working.08:38
bryceslangasek: it's just a one line fix, but took wgrant an appreciable amount of the day to debug it.08:38
bryceslangasek: he's also identified all the packages that depend on that header and will be putting in builds for each.  I've reviewed all this and it looks correct.08:40
NCommandercjwatson, are there lpia CDs?08:40
bryceNCommander: not afaik08:41
NCommanderHow can it be installed?08:41
wgrantOf course upstream had to fix it just a couple of hours after I had the first part uploaded...08:41
* NCommander has a friend who has an atom board, and has great interest in lpia08:41
bryceNCommander: when I've done it, I've gotten a USB iso image, put it on a USB stick, and booted from that08:41
slangasekbryce, wgrant: accepted; how many packages are we looking at for needing rebuilds?08:41
NCommanderbryce, where can I find that?08:41
bryceslangasek: 7, listed on 28392108:42
wgrantIsn't x11proto-input one of the 7?08:42
* wgrant counts.08:42
slangasekbryce: bleurgh08:42
bryceok 608:42
bryceslangasek: huh, I hadn't heard ack pronounced that way before08:43
slangasekwill these all get uploaded over the weekend, so as to not block CD builds come Monday?08:43
wgrantThey're trivial rebuilds, so I don't see why not.08:43
slangasekjust making it clear :)08:43
wgrantThey only depend on x11proto-input-dev being published.08:44
bryceonly fair :-)08:44
NCommanderbryce, bah, my friend will be disappointed by the lack of lpia installability08:44
bryceNCommander: well, really you should talk to the UME guys directly.  There's a ubuntu-mobile mailing list that's the best place to ask08:45
slangasekNCommander: he could install i386 instead and pretend lpia doesn't exist?08:45
bryceI've not done an install in some time, so my knowledge is dated.08:45
wgrantlpia has some nasty MID-specific patches... it should probably be avoided.08:46
NCommanderslangasek, he could, but lpia is compiled for atom ... ah08:46
macowgrant: any chance bug 278418 was intentional?  i personally find the similarity of the icons confusing, but crimsun says it might have been on purpose08:46
persiaNCommander, There is an lpia alternate CD, and a MID live environment.08:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 278418 in human-icon-theme "human-icon-theme no longer replaces System->Administration icon" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27841808:46
NCommanderpersia, where's the later08:46
persiawgrant, It should work fine for Kubuntu.08:46
wgrantmaco: They're very different styles, so I doubt it...08:46
persiaNCommander, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mid/intrepid/current/08:46
macough, he says i have bad quoting because "no idea if it was on purpose" is totally not the same thing as "might have been on purpose" though i dont understand the difference...08:47
wgrantOne just implies a slightly different magnitude of suggestion, I guess.08:47
macomy interpretation was "*shrug*"08:48
NCommanderpersia, I think I got the LPIA kernel fixed08:49
persiaNCommander, Cool.  It builds cleanly now?08:50
NCommanderpersia, and it generates proper header packages08:50
persiaIs it still -4 ?08:50
NCommander(-4.8 now)08:50
NCommanderBUt yeah08:50
NCommanderNo ABI changes08:50
persiaAnyone feel like uploading a kernel?08:50
NCommanderI did give the rules file a lobotomy08:51
persiaIt probably needed it.08:51
NCommanderI actually wanted to make more changes08:51
NCommander(its a rather nasty hack at the moment)08:51
NCommanderBut that can wait for jaunty08:51
persiaHow nasty?  Will it break on SRU?08:51
NCommanderIt sorta fails the builds in a sane way test now, binary-indep is called from binary-arch08:51
NCommandersince lpia kernels aren't built at all on x86 to generate the meta packages08:52
persiaSee, the details are unpleasant, offensive, and likely wrong ...08:52
persiaWill it break on SRU?08:52
persiaOK.  Then it needs uploading :)08:52
* NCommander couldn't see how a rules change could break SRUs ...)08:53
persiaWell, it's possible to create a rules file that works until it's been used to compile the package on the buildds.08:53
NCommanderI tested an earlier version of this package in my PPA08:53
persiaSuch a file would then break if the package was included in the archive, and it was rerun.08:53
NCommander(that one had a few bugs which have been since exercised)08:54
NCommanderit built without issues08:54
persiaNext step is testing on HW?08:54
NCommanderyou mean an actual lpia machine?08:54
persiaThat, or use the lpia-compat flavour if you don't have an i686 available.08:54
NCommanderI have an i68608:54
NCommanderSo you want make to make sure the kernel boots08:55
NCommanderIt would be lovely if I could install the packages, but I'm arch amd64, not arch i386 :-/08:55
persiaWell, that's a bonus :)08:55
persiaShould work in kvm if you can do that.08:55
NCommanderWell, I'm waiting for a final build run to finish08:56
NCommanderWith debug packages, docs, and sources generated08:56
NCommander(I fixed everything with the rules evil ;-))08:56
persiaThis one is expected to finish?08:56
NCommanderI've already built it before08:56
NCommanderBut without the debug kernel08:56
NCommanderI also just need to make sure files are ending up in the right places (since we've never built headers out of the lpia)08:57
NCommanderpersia, do you have a kernel.u.c account?08:57
NCommander(I have git patches)08:57
persiaNo.  Just send them to amitk.08:57
NCommanderworks for me ;-)08:57
NCommanderpersia, its a LARGE debdiff because a folder has to be renamed08:58
persiaJust a folder under debian/ right?08:58
NCommanderthe abi folder needed a version bump08:58
persiaOK.  No worries.  That part is the part that kernel developers don't like to change.08:58
NCommanderThere are no source changes08:58
NCommanderand the ABI check confirms nothing changed08:59
NCommanderthe lpia-lrm and meta packages *should* just compile out of the box once this available08:59
wgrantWon't they need build-dep changes for the new header name?08:59
macoABI check? is there documentation somewhere i can read about that? i didnt know there was some automated way to find out if the kernel ABI was changing08:59
persiamaco, There's a script in the kernel source packages.09:00
wgrantmaco: It is perhaps the hardest part of building a custom kernel. It's nasty.09:00
NCommanderwgrant, no, there is a provides linux-headers, so it should in theory just do the right thing if I follow StevenK right09:00
NCommanderIf not, then I can kick off the packages09:00
NCommanderOk, all the udebs built09:00
persiawgrant, They got those in the last upload, which then promptly FTBFS because they weren't built.09:00
NCommanderpersia, you must be happy this got fixed ;-)09:00
NCommanderpersia, what was the last linux-lpia package to be uploaded? (packages.u.c is giving me issues)09:01
macopersia, wgrant thanks09:01
persiaNCommander, p.u.c is not a reliable way to check anyway.09:01
NCommanderan earlier version of my patch landed in git (it wasn't finished testing when it got committed, and the repo was tagged)09:01
NCommanderI'm not sure if that package was uploaded or not09:02
persiaNCommander, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-lpia09:02
NCommanderpersia, ok, that makes life easier, I'll have amitk simply pop off the patch in git, and pop mine in place, which will get everything synced up :-)09:03
NCommanderErr http://us.archive.ubuntu.com intrepid/main linux-lpia 2.6.27-4.7 (dsc)09:05
NCommander  Could not open file linux-lpia_2.6.27-4.7.dsc - open (13 Permission denied) [IP: 80]09:05
NCommanderoh wait09:05
amitkNCommander: you got something for me?09:12
NCommanderamitk, I got the build fixed09:12
* NCommander is waiting for one last build run to finish09:12
NCommanderits builiding linux-lpia-source ;-)09:12
NCommanderIt just finished linux-lpia-doc :-)09:12
NCommanderamitk, here, I got the patch, its still building (my HDD is thrashing ATM so ... :-/)09:18
NCommanderpersia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/59191/ - kernel patch, I can have a debdiff in a few minutes09:21
persiaamitk, ^^09:22
NCommanderMy laptop sucks09:22
NCommanderI dunno why its taking forever to build the source package09:22
NCommanderand to whoever uploaded the package09:22
NCommanderPLEASE, upload a .orig.tar.gz09:22
amitkpersia: NCommander: reworking this into git and recreating a diff.gz now. Give me 20mins09:23
NCommanderamitk, give me upload credit this time :-) *shot!*09:23
NCommanderamitk, so I take it your the lpia kernel guy?09:24
loolmoving from linux-lpia-headers to linux-headers hmm09:29
NCommanderlool, its consistant with linux-ports09:30
* lool refuses to ponder on the usefulness of having a separate source if we don't have separate headers09:30
loolWhatever fixes the installability :)09:31
NCommanderlool, we do09:33
NCommanderlool, 2.6.27-4.8-lpia(compat)09:33
persialool, binary package name has no relation to contents.09:33
amitkNCommander: I did give you credit in git. Do you want to do the deb diff?09:33
NCommanderamitk, I was referring to upload credit ;-)09:34
NCommanderI was doing that now09:34
amitkNCommander: go ahead09:34
NCommanderI was just making sure the headers came out in the right place09:34
NCommanderhttp://pastebin.ca/1230022 - there we go!09:34
amitkpersia: ^09:36
amitklooks ok to me09:36
persialool, ^^09:37
amitk_NCommander: how are we doing? upgrade killed my network...09:53
NCommanderamitk, got a debdiff09:53
NCommanderamitk_, someone needs to test the resulting kernel to make sure it works, and as an added bonus, the header packages are all installable and usable09:54
amitk_NCommander: your patch doesn't apply cleanly - lots of trailing CRs and a reject09:54
amitk_I wonder if the first part is pastebin's doing09:55
NCommanderamitk, might be09:55
NCommanderHold on, let me just fire you an email09:55
NCommanderamitk, you got mail09:56
* amitk_ back from breakfast in 1509:58
amitk_NCommander: did you create the patch against the existing patch in git or against -4.7?10:22
NCommanderThe git patch I sent you was against git, the debdiff was against 4.710:22
elmoif, in a postinst, I'm starting an initscript that depends on ldconfig actually being run rather than triggered; what's the BP way to do that? just setting LDCONFIG_NOTRIGGER to something?10:43
elmoalso, is there a better way than /etc/modules to get a module permanently installed, from a packaging POV10:48
persiaelmo, In the one case where I encountered a package like that, I just called ldconfig.real in the postinst.  Best practice is probably to separate libraries from daemons so you never have to do that.10:48
elmopersia: I'm not sure that would help?  there's no guarante the trigger would have run by the time the daemon's package's postinst comes to run?10:49
elmooh, duh, yeah there is.  don't mind me10:49
=== asac__ is now known as asac
elmopersia: ta10:51
NCommanderamitk_, the kernel smoke test works!10:52
NCommanderamitk_, I'm testing to see if I can build modules against the headers10:52
NCommanderpersia, do you have a core-dev who can upload?10:56
persialool, care to upload linux-lpia ?10:57
elmonext stupid question: why doesn't libc6-i686 include a ld.so.conf.d/ for */lib32/ ?10:58
NCommanderpersia, forget it for the moment10:58
NCommanderpersia, I caught a bug in the headers package10:58
NCommanderOne of the headers came out in /usr/src/linux-lpia-headers by accident10:59
Hobbseebryce: not to pressure you, but will xserver-xorg-input-evdev appear soonish in the queue?10:59
HobbseeOTOH, the buildds just got langpack'd, so you've got time..10:59
amitk_NCommander: I've folded in your latest patch with your previous one and pushed to git10:59
NCommanderamitk_, d'oh10:59
NCommander(we just caught a bug)10:59
NCommanderindep_hdrpkg = linux-lpia-headers-$(abi_release)11:00
NCommanderindep_hdrdir = $(CURDIR)/debian/$(indep_hdrpkg)/usr/src/$(indep_hdrpkg)11:00
NCommanderTwo points to anyone who can see the bug :-)11:00
* NCommander does note we're making progress here11:01
persiaNCommander, You forgot a : ?11:02
NCommanderit needs to be usr/src/linux-headers-$(abi_release)11:03
NCommanderor module-assistant can't find the headers11:03
NCommander(they came out in /usr/src/linux-lpia-headers)11:03
persiaAh.  I see.11:03
wgrantHobbsee: bryce advised me that all of my rebuilds were uploaded, and he went to bed some time ago.11:03
NCommanderpersia, its just a minor oversight, so I just need to rebuild the kernel, and test in two/three hours11:04
cjwatsonwgrant: bryce uploaded evdev to hardy by mistake ...11:04
cjwatsonso somebody will need to fix that and reupload11:04
Hobbseecjwatson: ah, was *that* the problem.11:04
wgrantcjwatson: Ah, that would do it.11:04
cjwatsonsame happened to xserver-xorg-video-intel11:04
wgrantDid the others go there?11:04
wgrantI'm no core-dev, so somebody else will need to do it.11:05
cjwatsonthe rest are in unapproved11:05
cjwatsonbryce: ^-11:05
Hobbseecjwatson: were11:05
NCommanderStevenK, ping11:05
wgrant19:58:13 < bryce> ok, I'm too tired.  --> bed.  night11:05
Hobbsee-intel wasn't in the list of rebuilds..11:05
mdkeHobbsee: yes, ubuntu-docs will need a translations update which I'm aiming to do by thursday11:05
cjwatsonintel was a different upload11:05
wgrantHobbsee: Indeed, it wasn't relevant.11:05
cjwatson2008-10-18 01:05:07 DEBUG     * 27_disable_fbc_on_965.patch:11:05
cjwatson2008-10-18 01:05:07 DEBUG       - Works around issue where flash videos freeze after playing for a few11:05
amitk_NCommander: so it should be indep_hdrpkg = linux-lpia-headers ?11:05
cjwatson2008-10-18 01:05:07 DEBUG         moments on i965 chipset, by disabling Frame Buffer Compression, which11:05
cjwatson2008-10-18 01:05:07 DEBUG         is not working reliably on this chipset.  It can be re-enabled via the11:05
cjwatson2008-10-18 01:05:07 DEBUG         FrameBufferCompression option for testing purposes.11:05
Hobbseecjwatson: ah, right.  actually, That was in intrepid too.11:05
cjwatsonah, ok, I didn't check11:05
cjwatsonright, really gone now11:06
Hobbseemdke: cool11:06
Hobbseecjwatson: cya!11:06
Hobbseewgrant: if you put it somewhere, i can sponsor it.11:06
Hobbseewe won't discuss who then goes on to accept it11:06
mdkeHobbsee: the www-browser update for ubuntu-serverguide will go in at the same tim, unless you desperately need it earlier11:06
wgrantHobbsee: It's a trivial rebuild - it's probably more work for you to apply a debdiff. But if you want me to, I'll do it.11:07
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
Hobbseemdke: not really.  just hope it gets done.11:12
Hobbseewgrant: sorry, that's what i meant11:12
mdkeHobbsee: well, it is done.11:12
Hobbseemdke: ok, cool11:13
wgrantHobbsee: You want a debdiff?11:13
Hobbseewgrant: yeah, why not :)11:13
wgrantHobbsee: Sure, give me a sec.11:13
wgrantHobbsee: http://www.qeuni.net/f/1/2008/evdev.diff11:16
Hobbseewgrant: thanks, got it11:21
NCommanderStevenK, 90% success11:23
StevenKNCommander: 90%?11:23
NCommanderStevenK, we got the headers and sources packages building and installable11:23
NCommanderStevenK, but one bit of the headers ended up int he wrong place when the package was installed (would break lpia-lrm)11:23
wgrantHobbsee: Thanksl.11:23
NCommanderStevenK, so we're almost there, I have a potential fix, but I need to wait for the build to finish to make sure the headers end up in the right folder11:23
NCommanderStevenK, not bad for 24 hours of work and coming in with no git/no ubuntu-kernel experience ;-)11:25
* NCommander has learned from his sponsors to slow down when doing work11:26
NCommanderStevenK, second BTW, ubuntu-mid, when installed, doesn't seem to properly setup X1111:26
StevenKIt ought to11:27
NCommanderDIdn't for me in QEMU11:27
* NCommander actually made sure the resulting kernel images were installable :-)11:27
NCommanderStevenK, I want this to be a single upload to fix everything11:27
=== Adri2000_ is now known as Adri2000
NCommanderStevenK, so it should just be a matter of uploading, waiting for it to get published, and then clicking retry on lpia-lrm, and lpia-meta11:32
StevenKEr, yeah, I know all that.11:33
* NCommander just feels the need to be complete11:34
pittiion_: right, ted and I just discussed doing the latter (hiding "new guest session" if one is running), he's working on it11:37
ion_pitti: I emailed a preliminary patch to him last night. I didn’t get around to testing it or refreshing the following patches yet, though.12:12
StevenKNCommander: Any news?12:24
NCommanderStevenK, not yet12:24
NCommanderStevenK, well, it just finished compiling, now its installing12:27
NCommanderStevenK, ok, it built12:47
NCommanderStevenK, testing module assistant now12:49
persiaNCommander, dkms might be more interesting than module-assistant, given that more things use it.13:19
NCommanderpersia, I just want to make sure I can build a kernel module13:19
NCommanderAs long as a kernel module can be compiled, I'm satisfied ;-)13:20
ion_dkms handles kernel upgrades better.13:20
persiaNCommander, Right, but the common case of compiling a kernel module in Ubuntu is going to be with DKMS, rather than with modass13:20
NCommanderGIve me a command and I shall run it13:20
persiaapt-get install kqemu-source ought to do it.13:21
NCommanderpersia, looking promising13:26
NCommanderpersia & StevenK: success!13:35
StevenKNCommander: So I can have a kernel now?13:39
NCommanderStevenK, give me a moment13:40
* NCommander is making a debdiff13:43
* NCommander notes debdiff on the kernel is a SLOW process13:47
NCommanderstill debdiffing13:49
* NCommander pokes his laptop to see if it just died without anyone noticing13:52
gaspacjwatson: I tested and added a simple correction to a your patch on thi bug:#25976113:57
gaspabug 25976113:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259761 in usplash "usplash segfaults on shutdown when pulsating" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25976113:57
StevenKNCommander: It's still debdiffing?14:03
NCommanderThe debdiff IS getting bigger14:04
NCommanderso it hasn't stalled14:04
NCommandermy HDD is trashing like mash14:04
* NCommander thinks his laptop ready to segfault and die on me14:04
persiaNCommander, You do have patchutils installed, right?  And you're using the same orig.tar.gz?14:06
NCommanderpersia, what orig.tar.gz?14:06
NCommanderpersia, the linux-lpia in the archive didn't have one14:06
NCommander(yes, it is debdiffing two 70MB tarballs)14:06
persiaOh, right.  I forgot.  No diff.gz shortcut.14:06
NCommanderpersia, yeah14:07
NCommanderpersia, someone needs to upload a orig.tar.gz14:08
persiaNCommander, Not at this point in the release cycle.14:08
* NCommander puts it on the jaunty todo14:09
NCommander"No-changes orig.tar.gz upload"14:09
NCommander31629 linux-lpia.debdiff14:10
* NCommander had to rename a directory14:10
NCommanderwoo, its a 1.9MB patch14:11
StevenKOh, argh14:11
NCommanderStevenK, where should I send it?14:12
StevenKNCommander: stevenk@canonical.com14:13
StevenKGiven the size, I'll review it tomorrow14:13
StevenKNCommander: CC amitk@canonical.com, please14:13
NCommanderStevenK, its just a directory rename, that's whats so massive14:13
NCommanderStevenK, you got patches14:15
n3himadoes anyone know of a way do extract a partition image from a disk image14:26
Treenaksn3hima: http://tuxinarow.com/2006/12/27/loopback_mountin_a_specific_partition_inside_a_disk_image ?14:31
n3himaTreenaks, thx v much14:31
Treenaksn3hima: It was a simple google query...14:32
amitkStevenK: NCommander:  1.9Mb?14:34
NCommanderamitk, the directory rename14:34
NCommanderamitk, really bloats a diff up REAL nice14:34
persiaamitk, directory name change means that there's *lots* of duplication.  git supports rename, so git change would be much smaller.14:34
amitkNCommander: could you just send me the git diff. I don't care too much about debdiff...14:36
NCommanderamitk, yes sire14:36
amitkNCommander: thanks.14:36
amitkNCommander: this will be on top of what is already in git, or on -4.7?14:37
NCommanderIts a replacement for the last commit I gave you14:37
NCommander(reset that diff, and then put this in that place)14:37
amitkNCommander: ooh...14:44
NCommanderHold on14:45
* amitk hopes it is against e3a18175deaed9f2af0b7694e44e6dd686906f1e in the git tree14:46
NCommanderamitk, nope14:49
NCommanderamitk, its a one line change from that14:49
NCommanderIf you want, I can do that14:49
NCommanderor tell you specifically what to change :-)14:49
NCommanderamitk, I sent a patch that susposed to replace e3a18175deaed9f2af0b7694e44e6dd686906f1e14:50
amitkNCommander: ok... I'll diff it just to be sure.14:50
* NCommander hugs amitk 14:51
NCommanderTHis is motivation to get me an account so you don't have to constantly merge in patches14:51
* amitk thanks NCommander for his hardwork and promises him a beer if he is at UDS14:51
* NCommander isn't 21 ;.;14:51
amitkthen root beer for you :-p14:51
Mithrandiror you can come to a real country where you're allowed beer before 21.14:52
NCommanderMithrandir, cheaper to wait for 2114:52
amitkMithrandir: true14:52
lfaraoneHey, there are a collection of GPL'd documentation for a variety of software included in Ubuntu at flossmanuals.net, I'm wondering how to go about packagign them for ubuntu and whether to make them a separate package from the projects they document. (sabdfl sent me here)15:07
* NCommander asks that someone flog me15:19
* lfaraone flogs NCommander 15:23
NCommanderI made a joke involving race conditions and a proof about P=NP :-P15:24
persialfaraone, I'd recommend starting with a few cluster packages for related stuff, and working with all the upstreams to get the documentation for their stuff included.15:26
persiaOnce each thing is included upstream, it can be split out as foo-doc in the packaging, and removed from the combination package.15:26
NCommanderpersia, so StevenK got the linux-lpia patch15:27
NCommanderits fixed15:27
* NCommander feels his brain melt15:27
persiaThis is somewhat similar to that being done with ia32-libs : where some libraries are being updated to build 23-bit and 64-bit variants, and dropped from the combination package.15:27
persiaNCommander, Don't we still have a few hours to wait until it hits the right count of publisher cycles and everything rebuilds?15:28
NCommanderpersia, that's for my sponsor to worry about. Once I'm an MOTU I'll worry about that bit ;-)15:28
* NCommander runs15:28
persiaWell, actually, linux-lpia is in main, so being MOTU doesn't make any difference.  That said, what one worries about ought have little relation to ones entries in an ACL : it's about what is interesting.15:29
NCommanderpersia, ok, core-dev15:30
NCommanderpersia, I'm sorta worried about sleep. By time I wake up, it should have all automagicially resolved itself ;-)15:31
persiaNCommander, Again, no, it shouldn't matter.  If you change something, you've told the world you're responsible for that change, so it's worth making sure that anything else that needs doing is done, rather than counting on a sponsor.15:31
* NCommander has to file a bug against ubuntu-mid about their daily image15:32
persiaWhat's wrong with the ubuntu-mid daily image?15:32
lfaraonepersia: so we'll have "flossmanauls-collection" which will include all the unassociated docs, and evrentually we'll have separaet "inkscape-fm-doc" etc packages?15:32
NCommanderThe lack of X11 working on install15:32
persialfaraone, Or just inkscape-doc, if you can build the right spirit of collaboration.15:32
NCommanderpersia, I'm being sacastic. I realize that for any changes I make, I'm responsible for the resulting breakdown of the universe15:32
lfaraonepersia: ah, kk. (in that spesific case, inkscape was the group that commissoned those docs, so yeah, that'd work)15:33
persiaNCommander, Which package is missing?15:33
NCommanderpersia, I dunno. I can startx to a grey screen15:33
lfaraonepersia: and we'd just make -doc a Reccomends: of inkscape?15:33
NCommanderpersia, I install it just fine, but I get dumped to a command line15:33
persiaNCommander, I suspect it's an issue with something other than the image.  The image is responsible only for making sure certain packages get deleted on install (see http://paste.ubuntu.com/59306/)15:35
persiaWhich username are you using?15:35
NCommanderpersia, the one I set during install?15:35
NCommanderpersia, no, X11 doesn't come up period15:35
NCommanderI get a terminal login prompt15:35
persiaNCommander, RIght.  I suspect you want to file a bug against ubuntu-mid-default-settings that it doesn't work if the username isn't "ubuntu".15:36
persiaI don't think it's an image problem.15:37
NCommanderOk, I shall do that15:37
NCommanderpersia, I'm just happy linux-lpia is resolved :-)15:39
persiaNCommander, Create an "ubuntu" user and reboot to verify I've guessed the right bug.15:40
NCommanderpersia, why would it be dependent ont he existance of an ubuntu user?15:41
persiaNCommander, read /etc/event.d/session15:41
NCommanderpersia, what priority would you mark that? I guess its low since normal users won't see it, but I'd like a second opinion15:42
lfaraoneAre dates appropreate for version numbers of packages?15:44
persiaNCommander, I'd call it medium.15:46
NCommanderpersia, yup, your right15:46
persialfaraone, best to use a numerical format like 20081230 so it's guaranteed not to have issues (Nov10 > Dec15)15:46
lfaraonepersia: Ok.15:47
=== njpatel is now known as njpatel_away
NCommanderpersia, bug filed :-)15:54
persiaNCommander, Cool.  Be jaunty before it's fixed, but handy to have for reference.15:55
NCommanderpersia, Ubuntu mobile looks pretty cool15:56
NCommanderIf I buy a freerunner15:56
NCommanderBeware of port15:56
pwnguinisnt the freerunner arm?15:57
lfaraonepwnguin: yeah15:58
pwnguinthat seems incompatible with mobile stuff / ubuntu15:59
NCommanderpwnguin, like I said15:59
NCommanderbeware of port15:59
NCommanderI AM crazy enough to port Ubuntu to bring -mobile/-mid to the freerunner15:59
pwnguinNCommander: last i knew, mobile had a flash component15:59
pwnguinNCommander: is the -mobile stuff installable via package & regular ubuntu yet?16:01
NCommanderno idea16:01
tseliotpwnguin: you can install ubuntu-mobile16:02
persiapwnguin, mojo.handhelds.org16:02
persiapwnguin, Also, intrepid has everything you'd expect for ubuntu-mobile and ubuntu-mid.  Nothing external.16:02
pwnguinpersia: ah; i got frustrated with the xephyr / chroot setup16:03
persiapwnguin, Yes, that's just pointlessly broken.  Use kvm, vbox, or some other virtualisation if you want to run it as a guest on your normal workstation.16:04
pwnguini'd rather run it installed alongside my other stuff, but apparently this is not in the cards?16:04
lfaraoneHey, what package contains the Ubuntu keyring?16:04
* james_w guesses ubuntu-keyring16:05
pwnguinalrighty. enough embedded stuff, at least until my Pandora arrives in December16:05
ogranah, thats likely a trick question :)16:05
pwnguini got a complaint from upstream that the libgnomecanvcas shipped in ubuntu is broken16:06
lfaraoneI have a feeling that bug 283890 will be a wontfix, am I right?16:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 283890 in ubuntu-keyring "put medibuntu's pgp key / keyring into ubuntu.org official repo" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28389016:06
LimCorecould we allow to access medibuntu-keyring in ubuntu.org repos?  Just keyring, its legal;  It will close a possible security hole (how you know medibuntu keyring was not spoofed when you download it unsigned by ubuntu)16:07
pwnguinlegal rammifications aside, i dont think it's a good idea to place keys from 3rd parties in by default16:07
pwnguinLimCore: the question is, should we trust medibuntu by default?16:07
LimCoreno legal rammifications, just the key ring.  So the reason is that ubuntu developer can not trust medibuntu developers enought to sign it?16:08
LimCorepwnguin: dunno... I thought it was lead by trusted people asociated with ubuntu16:08
lfaraoneLimCore: it's a potential MOTM attack.16:08
lfaraoneLimCore: if you install it by default.16:08
james_wman on the moon?16:08
LimCoremitm attack?  man in the middle?   my idea is exactly to avoid mitm16:09
jdongit does NOT belong in ubuntu-keyring16:09
jdongI'd have no objection to having a medibuntu-keyring package in Ubuntu16:09
LimCorejdong: this is exactly what I said16:09
jdongbut I do not want medibuntu's key as a part of the central Ubuntu keyring16:09
LimCoreok, so lets do it \o/ ?16:09
jdongsure, jaunty.16:09
LimCorewell ok16:10
pwnguinI wonder if that would be contributory patent infrigement16:10
jdonghaha does such a thing exist?16:10
jdongaccessory to patent infringement16:11
NCommanderNo comment16:12
pwnguin35 U.S.C. § 271(c), or "contributory infringement," is triggered when a seller provides a part or component that, while not itself infringing of any patent, has a particular use as part of some other machine or composition that is covered by a patent.16:12
pwnguinobviously wikipedia is not legal council16:13
* LimCore loves USA... the Freedom country. lol yea16:13
jdongwell I still don't think medibuntu's keyring falls under that.16:13
jdongI remind you that libdvdread contains a script that directly fetches medibuntu's css package.16:13
* LimCore sends troops to arrest all the evil patents terrorist from ubuntu16:14
pwnguinim just suggesting that maybe it's not cut and dried. canonical being incorporated in an offshore island territory helps them a bit i suppose16:14
* LimCore back to back reporting - xorg crashes epically on intell in 8.10 up to date16:14
pwnguinthere's also the fact that medibuntu provides some packages offensive to ~50 percent of the target userbase16:17
Lutine.g. ?16:17
Lutinsigh. no one forces anyone to install it. ubuntu has firefox, too. which can offense potentially 100% of the userbase, as it allows access to internet.16:19
lfaraonepwnguin: 50? bah. I think you're underestimating people's level of offense.16:20
pwnguini'm just trying to give a complete picture of the relationship between medibuntu and ubuntu proper. i can't say which parts are relevant from a key perspective16:21
mr_pouitpwnguin: the key is used to sign the Release.gpg files, nothing more…16:22
lfaraoneSo we can make it a medibuntu-keyring package.16:22
pwnguinon a related note, is it too hard to manually include a key?16:23
lfaraoneRemind me, what's the package that ubuntu uses akin to WNPP in debian?16:23
lfaraonepwnguin: it's a security risk, you're downloading it over an unsecured line.16:24
lfaraonew/o auth16:24
pwnguinlfaraone: so use https16:24
LimCorepwnguin: lol?16:24
LimCorepwnguin: medibuntu uses real ssl cert? like from cacert?16:25
pwnguinLimCore: why not?16:25
LimCoreThe certificate is not trusted because it is self signed.16:25
LimCoreThe certificate is only valid for zeus.flosoft.info16:25
LimCoreThe certificate expired on 10/09/2008 09:08 PM.16:25
LimCorewow, that really helped.16:25
* LimCore fells secure now16:25
jdongfrankly if you use medibuntu you should not be worrying about security.16:25
jdongwho the hell are making the packages?16:25
jdongare they in a verifiable build system such that the sources are turned into the binaries you see?16:26
jdongwho maintains the server that it's hosted on?16:26
pwnguinjdong: i think you've got it backwards. if you care about security, don't use medibuntu ;)16:26
lfaraonejdong: well, the medibuntu team.16:26
LimCoremost desktop media users will get medibuntu16:26
pwnguinbut yes, those are the core reasons to not trust medibuntu16:26
LimCoreits huge user base.  we should consider this16:26
lfaraonejdong: https://launchpad.net/~medibuntu-maintainers/+members16:27
jdonglfaraone: I know that.16:27
LimCoreperhaps ubuntu should start another company (for legal resons), that would be trusted,  and they will run "officiall" medibuntu16:27
LimCoreit is lead by trusted people from ubuntu staff? well, seems fine to me16:27
pwnguinlfaraone: you've already seen two of them speak here16:27
jdongoh great... more flash md5sum fun.....16:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 284530 in libgnomecanvas "Writing in xournal lags or doesn't complete and selection boxes render incorrectly" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:32
pwnguini hope it's not too late to fix that16:32
jdongneeds https://bugzilla.novell.com/attachment.cgi?id=242687 that patch?16:33
LimCorewe have crashes on intel gfx card(s?) under openGL load.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/28529816:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285298 in xorg "intell gfx glitches: on X3100 GM965/GL960, freez when running few openGL applications - Error in I830WaitLpRing(), timeout for 2 seconds, Ring at virtual 0x7f5c1d6c0000 head 0x0 tail 0x100 count 64" [Undecided,New]16:33
LimCoreif I can help more to debug it a bit, let me know :)   bl.16:33
jdongit would be more helpful if you attached logfiles so the discription isn't a 5 page register dump.16:34
LimCorejdong: the log file in 150 mb.   but ok I will attach the shortened version and remove it from descr16:35
pwnguinjdong: yes, it seems16:35
jdongyes, that's what I meant. thanks.16:35
asachmm ... no sound on my X61 speaker :/16:35
jdongpwnguin: do we have any confirmation that fix works?16:35
james_wpwnguin: isn't that bug a dupe?16:35
jdongpwnguin: it's not too late to fix the bug but it's probably too late to play the *upload* "are the lights on yet?" game.16:35
james_wah, no16:35
pwnguinjdong: there's confirmation the patch works in suse. nothing tried on ubuntu yet16:37
james_wthe fix has been accepted upstream16:39
pwnguinim not sure what all patches are applied yet. i just started looking at this16:41
=== fta_ is now known as fta
avbguys, im examining boot procedure of ubuntu17:21
avbi filled some bugs17:21
avbbut im wondering17:21
avbwhat the point to load bunch of modules with modprobe at boot time on each pc instead of compiling them into kernel?17:22
avbim talking about /etc/init.d/acpid and /etc/init.d/powernowd17:22
avbthey modprobing like 15 modules17:23
avbi convert acpid to use insmod to reduse load time, but its not that easy to do in powernowd, coz modules there have dependencies17:23
avbonce this modules will be builtin into kernel, we will save about 1-2 seconds at boot17:25
amitkavb: these issues are already known and on the agenda to be fixed for Jaunty. You should attend UDS or participate in the teleconf in December if you would like to participate in the discussions.17:36
avbamitk: unfortunately im located not in US or Europe :)17:37
avband its a bit hard to get visa for me17:37
avbat least that nice, that problem is known17:37
amitkavb: you can still call into various sessions of the UDS. Schedule will be published closer to 8th Dec.17:39
avboriginaly im from belarus, but now im in dominican republic, caribbean17:40
avbmaybe Mark can fund UDS summits on the boards of caribbean sea? :)17:40
avbanyway, we will see. thanks for the info17:41
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=== ryu2 is now known as ryu
doggymenzwhen someone fix http://start.ubuntu.com/8.10/ so it say 8.10 instead of 8.04 ?21:34
mdkedoggymenz: the website team is working on updating that page in time for Ubuntu 8.1021:57
doggymenzok, i want it get updated fast22:00
doggymenzso i can whine at them, if they do it wrong22:01
doggymenzsomene tried sneak in an ugly wallpaper22:01
doggymenzbut luckily we caught it, whined, and it got fixed, now we got a very pretty one22:01
mdkeI preferred the previous one, myself.22:02
mdkeanyway, no, you don't get to do that with this webpage, but you can of course subscribe to the webteam mailing list and participate in the discussions there22:02
mdkeit's not whining, but it's second best22:03
doggymenzi think they should set up the page now, as per open source tradition "release early, release often"22:09
doggymenzbecause 8.04 sucks, it has google search, but it goes to .uk for all users, even those who not .uk22:10
RainCTmdke: uhm.. that page isn't displayed correctly on epiphany22:14
RainCTmdke: the "Ubuntu Merchandise" entry is not aligned with the other ones, unless you increase the text size22:15
RainCTand in Firefox two of the images get a weird border if you decrease the size o_O22:16
mdkeRainCT: feel free to report that as a bug, I have a bad memory at the best of times, let alone for stuff I don't work on22:17
RainCTmdke: against which product should I fill it?22:17
mdkethe page is getting a complete redesign from what I've read, but I don't know if that will be ready for 8.10, so it's worth filing bugs for the existing version22:19
doggymenzgnome start menu is much easier than kde22:40
doggymenzkde is slow and confusing to navigate22:41
Plagmanmy wireless adapter stopped working after upgrading to intrepid22:58
Plagmangetting "rt2x00lib_request_firmware: Error - Failed to request Firmware." errors when trying to bring the interface up22:58
Plagmanis this a known problem?22:58
james_wPlagman: install linux-firmware23:06
james_wPlagman: I think you just got unlucky with the time you upgraded23:07
Plagmaninstalling now23:07
Plagmanthanks a lot23:08
Plagmanso it was just a temporary gap in the dependencies on the intrepid repositories and I was unlucky enough to dist-upgrade right then?23:08
james_wI think so23:09
james_wI got hit too23:09
james_wthe -generic image depends on it, but I think we upgraded before that caught up23:09
james_wunless you don't have that installed23:09
PlagmanI think it's installed23:09
directhexdepends or recommends?23:10
Plagmananyway, thanks for the tip23:10
Plagmantime to unplug the good ol' rj45, see ya23:11
Plagmanthanks again for the tip, I wouldn't have figured that out right away :)23:11
calcnomination appears to be broken on LP23:12
calcslangasek: bug 278943 (i can't seem to approve nomination23:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 278943 in openoffice.org-dictionaries "Spellchecking doesn't work in Pidgin and Tomboy with LC_ALL=fr_CH.UTF8" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27894323:13
wgrantcalc: You don't get an "(approve/decline)" button on the nomination line?23:16
persiaCould an archive-admin please reject linux-rt 2.6.27-3.6 from unapproved?  I'll be pushing 2.6.27-3.7 fairly soon (3.6 works against 7.11, but FTBFS against 7.12), so there's no advantage to keeping this one.23:23
slangasekpersia: done23:33
persiaslangasek, Thank you.23:37
calcwgrant: i do and it keeps giving me launchpad errors23:57
calcwgrant: er whenever i click approve23:57
wgrantcalc: OOPSes?23:58
calcwgrant: i suppose so23:58
calcwgrant: looking at the bug again23:58
wgrantcalc: Lovely. See if somebody else is able to do it.23:59
calcwgrant: gives me (Error ID: OOPS-1022F2097)23:59

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