CIA-14ubiquity: cjwatson * r2910 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog scripts/install.py): (log message trimmed)00:40
CIA-14ubiquity: * Fix excessive file-copy blacklisting, which had several problems00:40
CIA-14ubiquity:  (LP: #285238):00:40
CIA-14ubiquity:  - wasn't deciding which language packs to use before generating the00:40
CIA-14ubiquity:  blacklist;00:40
CIA-14ubiquity:  - was filtering out packages with prerms before doing ok-to-remove00:40
CIA-14ubiquity:  calculations;00:40
cjwatsonevand: how are those bugs going?02:02
cjwatsonI have to crash RSN ...02:02
evandworking on them.  Had to take a call earlier.  I have a patch for grub-installer that I'm testing.02:03
cjwatsonok, I'm going to be away for most of the day tomorrow, but I can probably squeeze in a review first thing tomorrow if there's anything you're uncomfortable with just uploading02:04
cjwatsonthough it might be most expedient to upload and ask Steve to review02:04
evandok, noted02:05
cjwatsongood luck02:05
evandindeed, so long as I get another set of eyes on them02:05
evandIs it by design that the alternate CD syslinux does not have a countdown before it automatically boots?04:14
evandMy concern is this: http://refit.sourceforge.net/doc/c4s3_keyboard.html04:15
evandThough admittedly not a great concern.04:16
evandhrm, USB disk d-i installs are failing in apt-setup / pkgsel04:23
evandGiven that you cannot create symlinks on vfat, what should usb-creator do when it encounters one?  Recursively copy?04:48
evandThough that wont work for . -> ubuntu05:29
evandcjwatson: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub-installer/+bug/282037/comments/9 - I've tested that as best I could.07:00
evandI have not been able to get a proper d-i setup working yet, but I tested both state= paths on the desktop CD.07:01
evandcjwatson: see also (if you have time) https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cdrom-detect/+bug/23418508:39
evandotherwise I'll just ask slangasek to look when he can.08:40
evandas suggested08:40
evandok, so the problem is in apt-setup as neither /hd-media is present nor is OVERRIDE_LEAVE_CD_MOUNTED set.09:20
evandah, and pkgsel is equally angry at life.09:25
cjwatsonevand: by design although I forget exactly why :-)09:41
cjwatsonevand: d-i isn't supposed to have any of the OVERRIDE_* things set09:41
cjwatsonthey're basically for ubiquity09:42
cjwatsonso shouldn't /cdrom just be mounted in a USB install?09:42
cjwatson/hd-media is only if you're using iso-scan09:42
cjwatsongrub-installer looks reasonable09:44
cjwatsonevand: the only thing I notice about cdrom-detect is that it will fail to check .disk/info in the path where you had to select a CD-ROM driver module manually (rare though that is)09:49
cjwatsonevand: it might be worth leaving the code outside the while loop there with some kind of guard09:50
evand /cdrom is mounted10:38
evandapt-setup tries to remount it with iso9660 RO10:38
evandI mentioned hd-media and OVERRIDE as they avoid that code path10:39
evand(among others needed to be avoided in that file)10:39
cjwatsonmaybe check whether it's iso9660 to start with as well10:39
cjwatsonI know it's getting into check soup but that's probably the simplest fix10:40
evandindeed, that's what I did in the first pass, but then I realized there were other areas in that file that needed to be skipped10:40
cjwatson(and make sure to update the bit further down)10:40
cjwatsononly two bits10:40
cjwatsonyou can just set a flag or something10:40
evandand then made a USB_INSTALL variable set by a check against cdrom-detect/try-usb, but that seems wrong10:40
evandas usb-creator will set that key for both desktop and alternate10:41
cjwatsonno, I wouldn't do that10:41
cjwatsonadd a check to the first [ -d /hd-media ] block for whether /cdrom is currently mounted as iso966010:41
cjwatsonthen, if it actually does the mount, set a flag10:41
evandsounds reasonable10:42
cjwatsonin the other block further down, replace the [ ! -d /hd-media ] && ... bit with checking that flag instead10:42
cjwatsonseems most straightforward10:42
evandthat wont fix pkgsel, whatever it's breaking on, but that's something seperate to tackle when I wake back up.10:42
cjwatsonright, it does it approximately unconditionally for CDs10:43
cjwatsonagain, I suspect an is-it-mounted-as-iso9660 check would do the job for now10:43
evanddoes what?10:43
cjwatsonsince load-install-cd will always mount as iso9660, so unmounting anything that isn't iso9660 is clearly not going to work10:44
cjwatsonthere, a justification :)10:44
cjwatsonit does it> pkgsel and umount, I mean10:44
cjwatsonsorry, in a rush so telegraphic10:44
evandno worries10:44
evandTheMuso_: before I forget, I do believe this will end up counting as a successful test of dm-raid.  Though I think I have a bug to file there with respect to resizing failing by trying to use the wrong device.10:45
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