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lfaraoneHey, I'm in the ubuntu IRC cloak'd group, but my cloak doens't seem to be active...17:12
LjLlfaraone: let me check17:25
LjLlfaraone: we can get you an ubuntu cloak but will have to remove the wikipedia cloak, is that ok?17:26
naliothi was just asking him about that in PM17:27
lfaraoneLjL: is it possible to do something like wikipedia/ubuntu.member.lfaraone, or vice-versa?17:27
LjLthat's not possible, sorry17:27
lfaraoneLjL: ah, well, I'll go with ubuntu then.17:28
* lfaraone is away.17:29
naliothlfaraone: which nick did you want in your cloak?17:30
lfaraonenalioth: lfaraone.17:30
naliothlfaraone: /msg nickserv help set accountname   please17:30
lfaraonenalioth: done.17:30
naliothlfaraone: done.17:31
lfaraonenalioth: thanks.17:31
Dkcrosswhere is the log  channel #ubuntu-sv?20:12
Dkcrosswhere i can see ?20:12
naliothes no logbot en el canal  :(20:13
Dkcrossi can create a logbot?20:15
LjLDkcross, si el team de El Salvador es oficial y los operadores del canal quieren publicar los logs, pueden pedir un locobot20:15
DkcrossLjL,  yo soy operador20:15
Dkcrosspero estamos teniendo problemas,20:16
Dkcrosspero no se como pedir uno o a donde ponerlo20:16
Dkcrossme puedes guiar?20:16
LjLDkcross: que tipo de problemas?20:16
Dkcrossgente que entra para molestar, y no queremos banearla sin tener el respaldo de los log20:16
* BashItOut wished he paid more attention in Spanish20:16
DkcrossLjL, entiendes?20:17
LjLsi entiendo20:18
LjLveo si hay alguien que conozca los administradores de locobot20:18
Dkcrossy tiene sitio web, o algun lugar donde contactar,?20:19
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LjLsí, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots#LoCoBot20:19
DkcrossLjL,  es necesario entonces ese locobot para que tenga log el canal20:19
Dkcrossasí no mas no se puede tener log del canal?20:19
LjLDkcross, para logs oficiales sí20:19
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LjLDkcross, claro que puedes tener tu propios logs o crear vuestro bot personal, pero es normal para los canales locos de haber un locobot20:20
Dkcrossbueno entonces me pondre un locobot20:20
Dkcrossque pasos tengo que seguir?20:21
LjLDkcross: el owner del team ubuntu-sv, o el owner del canal (lamont) tienen que mandar una mail a admin at ubuntu dash eu dot org20:22
Dkcrosseso hago ahorita  mismo20:22
LjLDkcross, espera un minuto20:23
DkcrossLjL,  ok20:23
BashItOut(me not knowing spanish that well) Did you sort out Dkcross's problem?20:32
Dkcrossmy question is, what need to have locobot. or logs about #ubuntu-sv20:33
LjLBashItOut, well not yet, i'm seeing if i can get a locobot in the channel more expediently than by emailing the admins20:34
BashItOutLjL: Ok20:34
ErosionWhere do the loCobots generally log too?20:35
LjLDkcross, estoy ententando ver si puedo contactar directamente los admins de locobot en irc sin esperar que lean email, pero no se, veamos20:35
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/20:35
RafikDkcross, you need to talk to #ubuntu-eu guys : admin at ubuntu-eu org20:35
naliother, !logs does it, too20:35
DkcrossRafik,  ok20:35
ErosionIs Seveas still a ubuntu member?20:35
LjL /whois seveas will tell you20:35
RafikErosion, yes20:36
ErosionAh -- I seen that. Just he used to be really active in #ubuntu and other channels, is not on so much any more?20:36
ErosionAnd he used to be founder there before things were changed.20:36
LjLhe's less active, yes.20:37
DkcrossLjL,  dime? entonces..20:37
LjLDkcross, haz come decí rafik, email a admin at ubuntu-eu dot org20:38
LjLescribe algo como eso20:39
LjLHello, the El Salvador team would like to request a LocoBot logging bot in the #ubuntu-sv channel20:39
LjLno creo que necesite nada mas complicado20:39
RafikErosion, Seveas is the secretary of the Ubuntu EMEA membership board20:44
Rafikeuh, I think.. or Americas ? can't remember /20:45

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