rivers22_hello everyone....I need some help00:20
rivers22_I've been trying to get java-gnome working00:21
rivers22_every time I try to run my app an exception java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no gtkjni-4.0 in java.library.path00:23
rivers22_I can't get it to work00:24
persiaI suspect that this requires the installation of libjava-gnome-java, but wonder why we also have libgtk-jnu and lingtk-java-dev.  We do need to clean up the duplicates one of these days.00:26
rivers22_I need help with java-gnome!!!00:32
rivers22_I can't get it to work properly00:32
rivers22_Every time I try to run an example or my own code it an exception is thrown saying that there is no gtk-4.0 in java library.path00:34
persiarivers22_, You need to install libjava-gnome-java00:34
persiarivers22_, Next time you get a similar error, you can use a command like `apt-file search gtkjni` to find out which package you need.00:34
rivers22_I can't find libjava-gnome-java in synaptic????00:36
persiaAh.  It seems to only be in 8.10 beta.  Sorry.  You might try libgtk-jni, but that only provides libgtkjni-2.10.s000:38
rivers22_Okay I have it install00:39
rivers22_I have libgtkjni-2.10.so and libgktjni.so  in /usr/lib/jni/  and libgtkjni-4.0.so  in /usr/local/lib00:42
rivers22_how could i set gtkjni-4.0 in java.library.path???00:43
rivers22_when I run the java-gnome "make demo" it runs perfectly but when I try to compile and run it manually it does not work....00:45
persiaNow you've gotten outside of what I know well enough to help.  Sorry.00:47
rivers22_do you have java-gnome working?00:48
persiaNo, but I also don't have it broken (I've not tried to play with it)00:49
rivers22_okay, so are you using and IDE to program in java?00:50
persiaI play with netbeans some, but I haven't done any significant development in Java in some time.00:50
rivers22_what programming language do you use if I may ask??00:51
persiaMostly make.  A bit of shell.00:52
persiaI tend to do packaging, and merging of patches.  Not so much development of code.00:52
persiaSome of that is for Java, so I hang out here, and sometimes have useful things to say, but not once it gets into real code.00:53
rivers22_is that more difficult than development code?? I've never done any packagin or merge any patches.....00:54
persiaFor code questions, I usually recommend people visit ##java, but it seems like you have something in-between a code issue and an issue with how java-gnome is installed in Ubuntu, so I don't know if you are in the right place.00:54
persiaIt's mostly different, rather than being either easier or more difficult.00:54
persiaMost of it is like plugin development : you know the system that will be calling the code, so you write to a given set of callbacks and make sure you are in the correct state at each point.00:55
persiaInstead of corresponding to interpretation of mouse/keyboard/video stream/etc. events, the callbacks are things like "compile package", "install package", "remove package".00:56
rivers22_don't you have to code all of those instructions in a language???00:57
persiaYep.  Like I said, mostly make or shell.00:57
rivers22_hey do you know why is taking so long for the apt-file to update??? I've just install it and ran the apt-file update command but it seems its taking a lot of time..00:59
persiaIt needs to download a list of every file in each of the 20,000 packages.  Takes a while.00:59
persiaAfter this, it's *really* easy to find which package has stuff, but the first update is slow.01:00
rivers22_Okay, that's good to know, I was getting worry.....01:00
persiaOnce you've updated the first time, it shoulld be quicker, as later updates are only updating the lists in the security or updates repos, so a few hundred packages at most, rather than all 20,000.01:00
rivers22_okay the apt-file update has finish... i run the apt-file search gtkjni command and I got back this: libgtk-java-dev: /usr/lib/jni/libgtkjni.so libgtk-jni: /usr/lib/jni/libgtkjni-2.10.so01:06
rivers22_but I already have them install, what I need to know is how to set the java.library.path01:07
persiaRight.  Those are the two packages that contain files containing "gtkini", so it's likely that one or both of them are the ones you want.01:07
persiaDon't you just pass a CLASSPATH to javac?01:07
rivers22_yes, that's what i've been doing01:08
rivers22_okay I got it working!!!!!! yeah!@@!01:13
persiaCool!  Nice job.01:15
rivers22_I just had to use -Djava.library.path=/usr/local/lib and then -classpath01:15
rivers22_okay well thanks, this is the first time I've use IRC, it's pretty cool....thanks a lot persia you're a genius!!!01:32

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