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charlie-tcaGood Morning13:57
charlie-tcaanyone else here for the Xubuntu community meeting?13:57
charlie-tcaAnyone here for the Xubuntu community meeting?14:17
njpatelHi, I got accepted for membership to the Ubuntu community on thursday, but I'm not sure how I get added to the ubuntu-members launchpad group, as I've got some blog posts re: UNR lined up, and I want them to be on planet ubuntu too15:05
njpatelor at least, I'd like them to be on Planet Ubuntu too :-)15:05
james_wnjpatel: hey, did you get membership through a regional board?15:37
njpateljames_w: hey, yep through the European board15:37
persianjpatel: It might be a few days, but the secretary for the board should add you soon.15:38
njpateloh cool, thanks15:39
njpatelimpatient as usual :-)15:39
james_wnjpatel: any idea what maximus should do for windows with a WM class of NULL?15:40
njpateljames_w: hmm, they must still have a resource attached to them, right?15:41
njpatelresource-name, I mean15:41
james_wbug 28545215:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285452 in maximus "maximus crashed with SIGSEGV in strstr() when performing video hardware test" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28545215:41
james_wI can see the problem, I'm just not sure if it should ignore the windows, or just not crash and try and undecorate them15:42
njpatelhmm, I think it would be okay to go ahead an maximise (as long as non of the other checks fail)15:45
james_wah, it's hwtest-gtk he's using15:46
james_wI can reproduce now15:46
njpatelah good15:47
james_wit looks like un-decorating should be ok. I'll try and work out what the app is doing to create that window as well.15:47
njpatelokay, thanks. I have to pop out for a bit, but I'll be doing more work this evening, so I'll check the bug for updates15:49
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njpatel_awayxchat crashes, always fun15:50
njpatel_awayjames_w: thanks for the help on this, it'll be nice to get all these little bugs fixed before 1.0.1 release next week15:51
james_wnjpatel_away: branch on it's way :-)15:51
njpatel_awayjames_w: cool :-D15:52
njpatel_awayjames_w: oh, and before I go. I've seen the Ubiquity issue before, but I thought it stopped happening once maximus started to query windows if they can be maximised. You said that you can maximise it on the desktop fine, so I'm not sure what's going on there15:53
njpatel_awayI'll try and figure it out when I get back, hopefully it's something silly maximus is doing, otherwise we can add it to the exception list15:54
james_wthanks for looking.15:54
njpatel_awayoh, another thing would be to right-click on the panel and unmaximise it, and then maximise it to see if it makes a difference15:54
james_wit would be nice to maximise it, because it's more usable like that on small screen resolutions.15:54
james_wI'll try that a little later when I have a live image booted15:54
* njpatel_away actually leaves now15:55

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