persiablahblahx: Not for 8.04.  Should be doable for 8.10.00:20
ograwell, it will change your complete defaults as long as ubuntu-mobile-default-settings is installed00:32
ogra(in 8,10)00:32
persiaYeah, but it's 8.10.  Installing ubuntu-mobile in hardy is an exercise in frustration, more than anything else.00:35
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smp4488anyone up?13:41
smp4488how would i go about embedding rythmbox into a custom interface13:44
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu-mobile!13:52
maniheerdoes anyone know if ubuntu mobile would work on a mio 269?13:52
persiamaniheer, what's the specs?13:53
maniheergot it yesterday13:53
maniheerand google ain't helping13:54
persiaOK.  Do you know which processor it uses?  What OS is on it now?13:57
maniheerits on WinCE13:57
maniheerno idea about processer13:57
maniheeri think 300mhz13:58
maniheerand 2.5 GB13:58
persiaOK.  I found http://www.mio-tech.be/en/gps-navigation-device-Mio-269-plus-specifications.htm13:58
maniheerthats all I know13:58
maniheerthats the one13:58
persiaLaunchpad doesn't have any ARM buildds, so Ubuntu can't support ARM, so it won't work.  You might try the rebuild from mojo.handhelds.org13:58
maniheerwats ARM?13:59
persiaWIth that low a resolution, I'd recommend looking for something different anyway : at QVGA, you want a very specialised interface.13:59
persiawww.arm.com : it's a processor architecture.13:59
maniheerbut I dont like what they've got preinstalled14:00
maniheerits ****14:00
maniheeri'd rather use google maps14:00
persiaYou'll probably either have to do something custom, or look for a embedded community that supports QVGA.14:01
persiaCurrently, Ubuntu supports down to 800x600, and there's work to get that down to 640x480, but I've not heard of anything that was known to work at 320x240, and Ubuntu Embedded has been quiet for a while.14:02
maniheerso i'm stuck14:02
maniheertime to go reinstall WinCE14:04
maniheerand thnx14:04
smp4488im trying to write a c program to control rythmbox14:42
smp4488do i need to use the dbus?14:42
persiasmp4488, For rhythmbox customisation, you probably want a rhythmbox-specific channel.  Here we might be able to help you with a variant hildon interface if you wanted that (although I'm not sure how helpful we could be).15:31
smp4488i basically want an overlay to make a media player15:33
smp4488and then have rhythmbox running in the background15:33
persiaThat sounds overly complex.  I'd suggest either building a hildon interface for rhythmbox, or a dfferent gstreamer-based music player (there are a few in the repos).15:36
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smp4488how would i go about building an interface?16:03
persiaI'm entirely the wrong person to answer that, but glade seems popular.16:03
smp4488see thats what i was thinking and using python to code the buttons to do simple things like forward, play, and back16:04
persiaMakes sense.  If you're going to use rhythmbox, I'd recommend doing it inside the rhythmbox code as an extended UI.  If you want to do it in python, I'd suggest something like decibel as a base.16:07
smp4488so what do you think16:13
persiaI think that having something better than totem for playing audio would be nice.  Which way you do it is up to you.16:14
smp4488i was thinking or embedding rhythmbox16:15
smp4488i dont know if you have ever heard of roadrunner for windows16:15
smp4488it uses winamp for its functions16:16
smp4488it hides winamp but you can use most of its functions inside of the "skin"16:16
persiaRight.  That doesn't sound to be like a lightweight solution.  rhythmbox is basically a library manager wrapped around gstreamer with plugin support.16:19
persiaThat's why I pointed you at decibel if you want to do it in python : creating a decibel-hildon package as a separately built binary in the install process should be fairly easy (take a look at update-manager vs. update-manager-hildon for an example of how to do this).16:19
persiaThen you can tweak the interface there, take advantage of the smaller backend (with mostly the same technologies as rhythmbox).16:20
persiaIf you want to do it in rhythmbox, I'd suggest the same: building an alternate frontend within rythymbox, rather than a wrapper, but that's not python.16:21
smp4488i was wanting library and playlist functions thats why i thought rhythmbox16:22
persiaRight : I'm just suggesting that rather than trying to embed the whole app, you extend it internal to the code.16:22
persiaOr if you want to use python, you select one of the music players already written in python, and extend that.16:23
smp4488makes sense16:23
persiaBuilding a wrapper usually takes more disk space, memory, and processing power, and those are precisely the things that are often lacking in smaller devices.16:23
smp4488decibel looks good16:23
smp4488so then instead of adding on top i take the existing interface and modify it16:25
persiaSo just extend the interface to fit inside the hildon interface, and then tweak to meet your needs.  Should be fairly straightforward.16:25
smp4488now i just have to learn python. i know c# but thats about it16:26
persiaIf you're careful about how you write the code, you should be able to adjust the packaging to have decibel, decibel-common, and decibel-hildon.16:26
persiaheh.  Well, at least you have a python project :)  If you want to learn GTK instead, you could do the same thing with rhythmbox.16:26
smp4488so now it comes time to choose a path16:27
smp4488i want to learn gtk but i dont see it as a traditional language16:28
persiaIt's C : probably the most traditional language for unix programming.16:29
smp4488yea but it is low level16:30
persiaMind you, the GTK libraries encourage writing C in a way that is a little different from other people.16:30
persiaIt's not really that low-level when you're just gluing GTK, GNOME, GIO, and gstreamer.16:30
persiaC can do low-level, but it can also do high-level.16:30
smp4488i need to learn a few16:32
smp4488so gtk is just a library for c?16:33
persiaYep, as are the others I mentioned.16:35
persiaAll of them also have python bindings.16:35
persiaYou'd be using the same libraries for either language : it's just a matter of which language you want to use to program.16:35
smp4488that makes more sense16:35
smp4488time to take a dive in a direction16:35
smp4488what do you prefer?16:35
persiaC, but that's because I learned C a very long time ago (well before python was ever imagined).  I'd recommend picking whichever seems more common for the sorts of applications you want to modify.16:37
smp4488im coming from c# so what do you think?16:39
persiaI can't say.  I don't know C#  From the name, it might be like C, but I have heard it's fairly different.16:40
persiaPerhaps you'd do best to read some C code and some Python code, and see which you find easier to understand.16:40
smp4488alright we will see what happens16:41

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