ftawhat about luke? can't he take it?00:01
ftabug 24749401:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247494 in xulrunner-1.9 " / 3.0.1 security stability update" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24749401:30
ftaasac, to backport to gutsy, we need to backport mozilla-devscripts >= 0.10 because of abrowser01:57
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines08:38
gnomefreakdamnit its still broke09:44
gnomefreakasac: you lurking yet?09:50
=== asac__ is now known as asac
asacNCommander: ok lets continue here ;)13:37
asacNCommander: hehe. well. if you want you can uncommit and recommit with right email.13:38
* NCommander uncommits :-P13:39
asacNCommander: dont need to. just thought that you want the right email ;)13:39
asacNCommander: ok. one nifty thing13:39
asacNCommander: the security documentation should be on top ... doesnt need to be associated with me13:39
asacsecurity upload:13:40
NCommanderLet me fix that13:40
asac + fixed CVE13:40
asacthen [whoever ]13:40
asac* changed this13:40
asachope that cryptic thing was clear enough ;)13:40
asacNCommander: and be a bit more verbose about what you change in bzr commits13:41
asacusually a good idea is to use debcommit13:41
asacbut well. not important now13:41
NCommanderI already uncommited13:41
NCommanderFIxing now13:41
asacin the long run changelog and commit should be like what we usually do13:41
asac* i changed this13:41
asac  - update debian/control13:41
asac* i changed that13:42
asac  - added debian/patches/supertcoolpatch13:42
NCommanderOk, recommitting :-P13:42
asacNCommander: so how can we get someone in the maintainer keyring?13:43
NCommanderPerson posts to debian-newmaint saying they wish to become a Debian maintainer, etc.13:43
asacNCommander: looks better. only thing not done is that you named the files touched.13:43
asacbut not a hard thing13:43
asaccan stay like it13:43
NCommanderSponsors reply with signed emails saying Yes, I sponsor13:44
NCommanderWait four days13:44
asacNCommander: what are the requirements?13:44
NCommanderOne sponsor13:44
NCommanderNo negetive feedback13:44
NCommanderSigned GPG key by a debian developer13:44
asacNCommander: ok. good13:44
NCommanderYeah, its the last one that's somewhat hard13:44
asacNCommander: is there a need for a track record?13:44
NCommanderJust an advocation13:44
NCommanderYOu can only upload to packages that your an uploader and have DM-Allow-Upload, so its fairly safe13:45
asacfta_: could you send your email there?13:45
NCommander(hence the low requirements)13:45
NCommanderfta_, has your key been signed by a debian developer?13:45
asacfta_: i would then do the initial upload of all the stuff you did and you can upload then to debian directly13:45
asacNCommander: oh. that needs to be done?13:45
NCommanderSame requirements unfortantely13:45
asacwell. thats ok13:46
NCommanderI can become a DM because my key been signed by a DD13:46
Nafalloself-sigs ftw? ;-)13:47
asacNCommander: yeah ... i think we should definitly do that13:47
NCommanderNafallo, no, it has to be a signature from someone in the debian-keyring13:47
asacNCommander: how far are you in the new maintinaer process?13:47
asacwaiting for what?13:47
asacor is AM waiting for you?13:48
NCommanderAM to finish reviewing my packages13:48
NCommander(finished T&S2)13:48
asacNCommander: how long?13:48
NCommanderbeen about a week or two13:48
asacok. thats not long13:48
NCommanderwhich is anonying as hell13:48
NCommanderI only have three packages!13:48
* NCommander is a porter, not a packager in debian13:48
asacNCommander: well. still the AM needs a spare cycle to do that13:48
asacNCommander: who is your AM?13:49
NCommanderasac, huggie13:49
asacNCommander: who is huggie?13:49
asacNafallo: can you reproduce your "sleep" issue?13:50
NCommanderasac, Simon Huggie. Xfce packager13:50
asacNafallo: if so, please post a syslog after reproducing13:50
asacNCommander: ok. thanks13:50
NCommanderasac, https://nm.debian.org/nmstatus.php?email=mcasadevall%40buildd.net13:50
Nafalloasac: oki. we'll see next week when I'm up and running again.13:50
* Nafallo haven't left bed yet ;-)13:50
asacNafallo: hah. well. next week is probably too late to do anything for release :/13:51
asacbut we can try ;)13:51
asacNafallo: are you sick? or just sleepy?13:51
Nafallobaah. I can haz PPA.13:51
NCommanderasac, icedove builds13:51
Nafallojust sleepy13:51
asacNafallo: ok. enjoy then.13:51
asacNCommander: ok. please test properly e.g. also that enigmail works if possible.13:52
NafalloI need to shower, clothes, have breakfast on-the-go and end up in the store, where I can buy more stuff :-P.13:52
asacand then close changelog and look for a sponsor ;)13:52
NCommanderasac, enigmail?13:52
NafalloNCommander: gpg stuff :-)13:52
asacNCommander: enigmail is the most important extension for icedove in the archive13:53
NCommanderoh fun13:53
asacNCommander: if that break, people will file RC bugs13:53
asacand will NMU13:53
NCommanderI'll check13:53
asacr do whatever they think is insane13:53
asacbut i doubt that it breaks because of
NCommanderSpeaking of sanity13:53
asacbut having checked that helps one to decline breakage as being "uesr-fault" ;)13:54
NCommanderasac, https://wiki.kubuntu.org/BzrBuildpackage - this is what I was talking about with merge mode13:54
asacfta_: ^^ i guess that makes sense for most branches14:02
asacoh. we can commit all the bzr options as it seems14:02
asaci think we should also see if we can commit quilt options ;)14:03
asacKB1OHY: hi14:03
asacNCommander: did you do the final release commit yet?14:04
asacdont see it on launchpad now14:04
NCommanderWhat final release commit?14:04
asacand would like to push it to our "release" branch14:04
NCommanderI'll propose for merging, you accept it, amd Launchpad does the merge14:04
asacNCommander: since when does launchpad the merge?14:04
* NCommander is still waiting for icedove to finish building the actual debs14:04
NCommanderasac, since the new GUI :-)14:05
asacNCommander: btw, its just a pull ... push14:05
NCommanderasac, Well, you can make LP do it now14:05
asacNCommander: yeah i use that GUI for reviewing merges14:05
asacbut havent seen that LP does the merge for me14:05
NCommanderTHere is a link "Queue for merging"14:05
NCommanderWhich does it automatically14:05
asaccool. please use it. i want to try ;)14:05
NCommanderYou have to use it ;-)14:05
* asac wonders what launchpad does14:05
NCommanderI'm not in ubuntu-mozillateam14:05
NCommanderbzr merge14:05
asacNCommander: well. i could do bzr pull ... bzr push14:05
NCommanderSO I commit what to the changelog?14:06
asacas there are no modifications on the mozillateam branch14:06
* NCommander is somehwat lost14:06
asacNCommander: you make a dch -r -Dunstable14:06
asacNCommander: then look at bzr log14:06
asachow i committed for
asacNCommander: * RELEASE to debian/unstable14:07
asacNCommander: already requested merge?14:08
NCommanderstill committing14:08
* NCommander is noting his laptop is thrasing at the moment and crawling14:08
asacNCommander: imo folks should try to have the same launchpad name they use on IRC :)14:09
NCommanderasac, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~sonicmctails/thunderbird/iceweasel-
asaci always have problems to find users :(14:09
NCommanderYeah, well, I'm non-confirmist14:09
asacbut probably i just miss a launchpad feature to properly searc for irc nicks14:09
Nafalloasac: you love me then :-)14:09
asacNafallo: do yo uhave a launchpad account at all ;)14:10
* Nafallo having changed his nickname to realname ;-)14:10
asacNafallo: you renamed your launchpad nick14:10
asaci was told that you might loose stuff like bzr branches14:10
asacdid that happen or didnt you have a bzr branch?14:11
Nafalloasac: I haven't renamed myself on launchpad, no :-)14:11
asacNCommander: too bad that launchpad still doesnt allow to see the diff14:11
asacwell. i can look at individual commits14:11
asacdoing that now14:11
NCommanderit should14:11
Nafalloaha. two N's and lazy asac with the tab :-P14:12
asacNCommander: err, why is your branch called iceweasel?14:14
asacjust confused14:14
NCommanderasac, early morning insanity14:15
asacon crack ;)?14:16
asacNCommander: ok i did it in the good old way14:16
NCommanderLack of sleep14:16
asacNCommander: the merging thing didnt allow me to tell which email to use for committing the merge14:16
NCommandertesting icedove and engimamail14:16
NCommanderasac, it gets signed Launchpad Auto-merger - Accepted by asac14:16
NCommanderSOmething like that14:16
asacapparently launchpad understood that and removed the branch from the merge request14:17
asacNCommander: yeah. just wasnt sure ;)14:17
asacand since i had to update my branch anyway :=14:17
asacso it was just a push14:17
asacNCommander: yeah cool. so go and find a sponsor for 9114:18
NCommanderGot it14:18
NCommanderUploading to mentors and confirming enigmail still works14:18
asacfrom lp:~mozillateam/thunderbird/icedove-2.0.0.x14:18
asacNCommander: i told your DD that its ok to do whatever you say to him ;)14:18
asacNCommander: ok. if he cannot deal with bzr branches thats probably right14:19
NCommanderwhy should I be running?14:19
asacNCommander: huh?14:19
* NCommander has that urge14:19
asactomw_v i think14:19
NCommanderOk, my sponsor is taking a look at it14:19
NCommanderHe's done a few NMUs for me14:20
NCommander(he gave me a look when I said icedove, but yeah)14:20
asacNCommander if he is in doubt point him to the fact that this is on the official release branch ;)14:21
NCommanderasac, once this is uploaded, I assume you want me to file an unblock request14:21
asacNCommander: unblock?14:21
asacah right14:21
asacyeah well. mostly someone does that14:21
NCommanderSO it can enter testing14:21
NCommanderasac, you've been using Ubuntu too long :-P14:21
asacNCommander: because there is a RC bug against testing14:21
NCommanderasac, the maintainer usually has to request it14:21
asacNCommander: yeah. but others do that for me ;)14:21
asacNCommander: maybe not perfect, but works14:22
asacmaybe it just means i should call for help. but that happened now14:22
Nafalloasac: also, I think I did something to you in private...14:22
NCommanderenigmail works14:24
asacNCommander: cool. then get that uploaded.14:25
asacNCommander: if not i can also build and upload14:25
asacNCommander: i just cannot test14:25
NCommanderwell, I'm uploading to mentors14:25
NCommanderSo. slow.14:25
asacNCommander: and then?14:25
NCommanderpoint my sponsor at the dsc14:26
NCommanderand let him build and upload ;-)14:26
* NCommander adds ubuntu-mozillateam to his ajoin14:26
asacNCommander: ok. lets hope he doesnt complain. that would definitly make things unefficient ;)14:26
NCommanderYOu can't upload without building14:27
asacNCommander: yeah. in worst case i could build and upload14:29
asacbut i cannot test ;)14:29
NCommanderITs already been tested :-)14:29
NCommanderasac, you could always use a chroot to test14:30
asacNCommander: right. but preferred is still that someone else builds and uploads ;)14:30
NCommander(just bindmount your home folder and tmp)14:30
asacNCommander: i usually do. but that chroot isnt in a local net14:30
asaconly place where i can build sid right now is remote ;)14:31
asacand testing icedove remote isnt really something feasilb14:31
NCommanderasac, I just did ;-)14:31
NCommanderasac, WOOO, X11 forwarding14:31
asacNCommander: depends on your ping14:31
asacNCommander: remote == over the internet14:31
NCommanderI find X11 is still responsive enough to test over the 'net14:32
NCommanderif your ISP isn't *****14:32
asacmy current ISP is 3G broadband14:32
asaci doubt that i can do that .... really14:33
NCommanderI've done X11 forwarding over 56k14:33
asacthat works ... but doesnt work for icedove14:33
asacwell. at least i dont call that "testing"14:33
asaci can open ... test one thing14:33
asaci did that developing security fixes at some point for firefox14:34
asacit works. but is so painful that i try everything to not do that14:34
asacNCommander: let me know if the sponsor does it ;)14:35
NCommanderasac, I can simply build the package, and give you the changes to sign and build.14:35
NCommanderto sign14:36
asacNCommander: i dont sign binaries i havent built.14:37
NCommanderOk ...14:38
saivannasac : ubufox locales all works except 3 ones, I'm looking to find why. I should have a branch ready soon14:38
* NCommander gives you an SSH account to my machine then :-P!14:38
asacsaivann: rock14:38
asacNCommander: please ask your spnsor14:38
asaci can only do it as a  backup14:38
asacotherwise i would have done it on my own ;)14:38
asacthat was the deal i thought14:39
asacnext time you probably could upload on your own as DM14:40
asaci now have to get a shower and get some fresh air14:40
asacif that didnt work until then i can  take a look14:40
asacNCommander: is that ok or do you feel like thats "too complicated"?14:43
NCommanderI'm not a DM14:44
NCommanderAnd  can't upload the package until the DM-Upload-Allow flag is set ;-)14:44
asacNCommander: yeah. you can find a sponsor this time14:45
asacNCommander: and we get you a DM next week14:45
asacNCommander: at lesat i think that tomw_v already offered to do the sponsoring. if he doesnt want to do it, i will do it later today14:46
NCommanderWell, I gave you the dsc14:46
NCommanderTalk to him before uploading ;-)14:46
asacNCommander: why didnt you give the dsc to him14:46
NCommanderasac, I also gave it to him14:47
asacNCommander: all clear. was just a bit confused14:48
NCommanderasac, you going to be on in a few hours?14:51
asacNCommander: will be out now ... 2-3h .. crossing fingers that all just happens ;)14:51
asacNCommander: will be back then14:51
NCommanderI'm going to get some sleep14:52
NCommanderIf you want me to apply for DM, we can do that then14:52
asacNCommander: which timezone14:52
NCommanderEastern Standard14:52
NCommander(yes, I don't sleep)14:52
NCommander^like normal people14:52
asacNCommander: ok. sleep well. no need to hurry for the DM thing14:52
NCommanderwell, emigamail has a new RC bug14:53
NCommanderalthough it might be invalid14:53
asacNCommander: hmm14:53
asacNCommander: we should ensure that icedove ships $APPDIR/.autoreg14:53
asacif it ships that we need to touch that file when upgrading enigmail14:54
asacalso when upgraidng icedove14:54
NCommanderThat would have been good to check14:54
asacNCommander: its ok. we can do that later14:54
asacNCommander: any clue when lenny is to be released?14:54
NCommanderUh, later in the cycle :-)14:54
NCommanderOnce the RC bug count drops to zero14:54
NCommander(so we got awhile)14:55
asacNCommander: how many are left?14:55
NCommanderTotal shown: 178 bugs.14:55
NCommanderWe got awhile14:55
asacNCommander: hmm. http://bts.turmzimmer.net/ doesnt have neigmail14:55
NCommanderYOu have to switch it to lenny only14:56
asacis that site unreliable now?14:56
NCommanderenigmail was what was NMUed14:56
asacerr. i remember that such an option existed on that site once14:56
asacbut its not there aynmore14:56
asacat least not linke14:56
ubottuDebian bug 501973 in enigmail "enigmail: diff for NMU version 2:0.95.0+1-3.2" [Normal,Open]14:56
asacyeah that loks more like i remember it14:56
NCommanderthat one has been uploaded and entered the archive14:57
asacNCommander: oh. so enigmail was NMUed ;)14:57
asacand not icedove14:57
NCommanderYou need to Ack or NACK it14:57
asaci always NACK NMUs14:57
asacwhere nobody talks to me14:57
asacbut well. i dont know how to nack14:57
asaci think ack is just remoiving the fixed tag14:57
NCommanderApply a debdiff that undoes their changes with a new maintainer upload that says "Rejecting Non-maintainer upload *version*"14:58
asacerr ... what crak is that14:59
asacNCommander: shit thats an NMU of an NMU15:00
asacwhat the hell was uploaded as 2:0.95.0+1-3.115:01
NCommanderThat's not a good thing15:01
NCommanderasac, check the change log15:01
asacmost likely 3.2 fixed a bug introduced in that upload15:01
asaci mean he is in 100 channels that i am15:03
asacbut his upload was probably ok15:03
asache pushed a fix from here to debian15:03
* NCommander notes its always bad when you have multiple NMUs15:05
NCommanderasac, so tomv_w is building icedove15:06
NCommanderThat will be uploaded as soon as that finishes \o/15:06
NCommander(once I get the installer email, I'll request an unblock so in ten days that will migrate from sid to lenny)15:06
NCommanderasac, figure out your NMU mystery?15:11
asacNCommander: oh yeah. that reminds me that we should have set priority to high15:16
asaclet release manager early hint it if they need  it15:17
asacNCommander: no will look this evening if there is something with sense in enigmail15:17
* NCommander is reading the changelog15:17
asacNCommander: 3.1 makes sense ... dont see why 3.2 would fix anything15:20
NCommander3.2 FTBFS on everything expect i38615:20
asacthe changes he did look more try to clean something up15:20
asacNCommander: at least that ;)15:20
asacNCommander: i will see this evening.15:21
asacnow out15:21
asacfor 3 hours or so15:21
NCommandercya asac15:21
asacNCommander: you go sleep ;)15:21
asacarmin76: what bump are you looking for16:33
armin76firefox 5.8!16:46
=== fta_ is now known as fta
ftaasac, backporting ff to gutsy is a pain in the *s17:26
asacfta: right. i would suggest that we backport from hardy17:30
asaci think we can just use that branch17:30
asacthen drop the /usr/bin/firefox binary17:30
asacerr links17:30
asacand fix the .desktop file17:30
ftai did it from head17:31
ftai thought i was done but what about the profile ?17:32
asacfta: the profile migration code?17:33
asacfta: we have to disable it17:33
asacand use the same17:33
asacthat was used before17:33
asacfta: i dont mind if from head or from .hardy ... once we did this properly in a branch most should be fine17:33
ftashould the profile be .m/ff-3.0 and auto created from .m/f ? i don't remember..17:34
asacfta: good question17:35
asacfta: i guess its the profile we used17:35
asacfta: good idea would be to start the current backport in gutsy chroot and see i guess :)17:37
asacmost likely its the firefox-granparadiso profile there17:37
asacwe could look ;)17:38
asac(in diff.gz we should have a patch or something)17:38
ftai did it in a gutsy chroot and starting from your backport branches on lp, + merge from head17:40
asacfta: right. but those were not finished17:40
asacwe have to look in gutsy backports diff.gz to know the truth about the profile dir17:41
asacfta: i will look when back ... getting some fod now17:43
asacfta: yeah... seems like its ffox-3.017:49
asacfta: we could take the firefox.sh.in script directly from the latest backports package17:51
asacfta: and the profilenamepatch17:52
asacfta: hmm. the problem with doing the backport for gutsy from .head is that we opt-in to provide backports in hardy too17:53
asacotherwise people that install abrowser from gutsy cannot upgrade without loosing abrowser17:53
asacas gutsy users _must_ upgrade to hardy before going to intrepid17:54
asacwhich also means that we should do a backport from .head to hardy-backports17:54
asacfrom ther eto gutsy-backports17:54
ftalooks same18:04
ftawhy would we do backports for gutsy and not for hardy ?18:05
ftaasac, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95165918:23
asacfta: why does this guy have
ftadon't ask me, i just posted the link18:39
ftadamn, i can reach google18:40
asacfta: ok i answered18:42
asacnot even 10% of posts from me get thanked18:44
* asac thinks forum users should be more thankful ;)18:44
ftasame for me18:44
asacfta: you should get the ubuntu developer emblem if you havent18:47
asacforum admins said that users would be even more motivated on the forums if there would be more developer participation ;)18:48
asacthats why i tried to use to forums to get feedback18:48
ftai have "ubuntu member"18:48
asacwas kind of tough to get such dumb feedback ... but once you get used to it, its ok and you can get something out of it.18:48
asacfta: really18:49
asacdid that hapen automatically?18:49
ftano, i had to ask mike18:49
ftai didn't know there was an ubuntu developer emblem18:50
asacfta: hehe18:50
asacfta: ask again.18:50
ftawhat is mike's nick on irc ?18:50
asacwho is mike?18:50
asaconly forum guy i know is procechild18:50
asacnot sure if he is still active though18:51
asacbut he frequently was on irc in -devel i think18:51
ftamike basinger18:51
asacisnt there an #ubuntu-forums channel or something?18:51
fta#ubuntuforums but it seems dead18:55
crimsunfta: Technoviking19:07
ftacrimsun, thanks19:10
asaccrimsun: that script failed to run somehow yesterday. i have a X61 thinkpad ;)19:10
asacand my speakers are not working19:11
asaconly the headset plug appears to get a signal19:11
asaci have no .asoundrc19:12
asacthats rhythmbox ... i think the login sound is playing19:13
asachmm ...appears to work now ... miracle II19:13
crimsunanyhow, not sure how that script would have failed (it's a bash script), unless upstream's server simply refused to accept the info...19:17
crimsunif it happens again, use `bash alsa-info.sh --noupload' and paste{,bin} the /tmp/alsa*19:18
crimsun(just the one text file is sufficient)19:18
asacok thanks20:19
ftaasac, just upgraded my laptop, nm is once again seriously broken23:10
ftaeven for just wired23:10
asacfta: that kind of description doesnt really help ;)23:16
asacin which way?23:17
ftaafter a reboot, wired was broken, with an ip like 1.80.250.x23:17
asac what kind of setup?23:18
ftayes dhcp23:18
asacdo you see that that ip came back from dhclient in syslog?23:18
ftathe applet in the panel is gone23:18
asacis NetworkManager running?23:19
asacor did it crash?23:19
asacfta: i think applet crashes sometimes when started for the first time after using 0.623:19
ftai used System / pref / network config23:20
ftagot wired as ifupdown eth0 (never)23:21
ftatried to edit23:21
ftaipv4 setting was (and still is) set to manual23:22
asacok thats wrong then23:22
ftathe ip is !23:22
ftaand impossible to change to dhcp23:22
asacwhats the name of the connection?23:22
ftagot that "http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tmp/Screenshot-Untitled%20Window.png"23:23
asacfta: this means that you used wired from /etc/network/interfaces23:23
asacand have managed=true?23:24
asacin /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf?23:24
asacwhats in your /e/n/interfaces?23:24
asacfta: yeah. so this means that you have the ifupdown enabled23:26
asacfta: which creates read-only connections from your /e/n/i23:26
asachowver, that shouldnt be enabled by default23:26
asacits still experimental23:26
asacif you enabled it by intend i would like ot see the /e/n/interfaces23:26
asacas there appears to be an exceptional configuraiton in there23:26
asacwhich causes the wrong static ip to be generated23:27
asacfta: i need to see the syslog. thats a bug then23:27
asacfta: did you properly reboot and everything?23:28
ftai ended up doing a manual dhclient23:28
ftayes, after the update, i rebooted the box23:28
asacfta: please give me your syslog its an important bug if you get ifupdown with managed=false23:29
asacand your /etc/n/interfaces config23:29
asacnot sure what causes the confusion here23:29
asacfta: wait23:29
asacfta: in the applet. is there actually any device not "unamanged" ?23:29
asacfta: anyway. syslog is really important here for me to see if thats ok at all ;)23:30
asacor what is wrong i mean23:30

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