ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ffmpeg00:00
After_MathLjL, I am sorry, I apologize to you and the room01:48
LjLAfter_Math, please don't confuse the first amendment with whatever is acceptable on a given IRC channel01:48
After_MathI know01:48
After_MathIm just fustrated I am sorry01:48
After_MathVery inacceptable01:48
LjLbut you understand that, while i could normally let an acronymized "wtf" slip, if you say01:48
LjL<After_Math> seriuosly like what the fuck happened to network manager01:48
LjLthen i give you language01:49
LjLand then immediately you change it into01:49
LjL<After_Math> seriuosly like wtf happened to network manager01:49
After_MathI know, I usually never curse01:49
LjL... then i just feel like i'm being made a fool of01:49
After_MathI know, I will apologize to everyone as well for my lnguage01:49
After_Mathif I am ever allowed back in01:49
LjLno, please don't apologize to anyone01:50
LjLi brought you here just to avoid disrupting #ubuntu with this conversation01:50
LjLyou can rejoin it01:50
After_Mathok, again I will say sorry to you though, long live LjL !!!!! :P01:50
LjLAfter_Math: just keep !etiquette in mind and you'll be fine. if you're frustrated, well, i usually swear verbally to the computer, it works ;P01:51
ubottuDCPom called the ops in #ubuntu ()02:19
naliothjrib: ya don't have to mind that one for a while02:21
bunnytohu ho02:45
bunnytoam i in?02:45
bunnytoim an 73 year old Ubuntu user, and i was banned many time from this channel, i guess im an oldtimer and the new wave doesnt understand me, thanks for welcome me back02:46
bunnytothis is kinda quite....02:48
elkbuntuyes, most people are selectively deaf to lies.02:57
bunnytoalternatively called , .... racism03:28
mneptokyes, because race is readily apparent in a textual medium03:29
mneptokshouldn't you be under a bridge or stealing childrens' dreams or something?03:29
bunnytoI'll come in Christmas and we will talk ...03:30
bunnytojust put a glass of Daniel's, "there" 03:32
naliothbunnyto: is there anything else we can help you with?03:42
naliothcare to let us know, then?03:44
bunnytoone hours please, im elaborating03:46
jdonghour to type a maximum of 255 characters?03:51
bunnytowhats the problem with this new generation... on old west times... things were different03:51
FlannelWhats the story with him?04:01
Flannelah, not recent stuff04:02
Mezno idea who he is05:50
FlannelI've seen him before, etc.  Just was wondering why he was here this time.  But,  BT answered that.05:50
* nalioth didn't need the BT to know. He can smell mutton across network cabling.05:52
Hobbseejust a FYI, as we're so close to release, i'm enforcing the "people who are trying to inhibit ubuntu development will be stopped" rule more.05:53
elkbuntuis limcore still going?05:54
Hobbseewell, he stopped for a while, but is now starting up about openssh05:54
elkbuntusame invented and unproven bug?05:54
Hobbsee[15:47] <LimCore> I once said that installing  sshd  should really strongly warn that you are about to run an ssh SERVER.  Its up for debate, but if we agree, then the fix is trivial05:54
Hobbsee[15:50] <LimCore> your unwillingness to improve software to make it more user friendly / idiot proof a bit dissapoints me. is it just the close date of 8.10 or what05:54
Hobbsee[15:51] <LimCore> ubuntu is not gentoo or debian - it should make it hard for someone to shoot self in the foot.  Especially if all it takes it so use password like "bob3" and install random packages to "try out the stuff" (both happen)05:54
Hobbseepresumably we should patch out rm and be done with it, too.05:55
Flannelof course.  and take away all the sharp objects.05:55
jdongyeah, grumble.....05:55
jdongthis is probably one of the worst times of the release cycle for clutter in the devel channels05:55
Flannel$ rm foo05:56
Hobbseejdong: yeah.  and limcore's always been rather unhelpful.05:56
elkbuntuHobbsee, cant we just slip in a patch that nukes anyone called limcore?05:56
Flannel"Are you sure you want to delete that file?  it's going to *remove* it from your harddrive and you wont be able to access it anymore!05:56
Hobbseeelkbuntu: *snort*.  I'm fairly sure that would be against the CoC05:56
HobbseeFlannel: with 27 "are you sure?" windows after?05:56
FlannelHobbsee: I was thinking more along the lines of the infinite "Abort, Retry, Fail" loop05:56
elkbuntui think it would be quite respectful and courteous to the developers and anyone else who's been near a limcore discussoin05:57
HobbseeFlannel: hah05:57
Hobbseeelkbuntu: i don't think I can put an opinion on that either way,in a logged channel, can i?  :)05:58
elkbuntuof course not, you're not allowed to have opinion. in fact, jimmy wales is allowed more opinion than you.05:58
ubottudvd aliases: libdvdcss, libdvdcss2, k9copy, css - added by Seveas on 2006-06-17 22:19:35 - last edited by LjL on 2007-10-20 22:02:3706:06
Hobbsee!no dvd is <alias> restricted06:06
ubottuI'll remember that Hobbsee06:06
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:11
jussi01morning all07:51
Mezw00... well, I just finished my NM questions07:52
jussi01how do you tell from the cli the package version you have installed?07:53
Mezjussi01: dpkg -l <package>07:54
Mez(and make sure it has ii at the start07:54
Mez(or use apt-cache policy <package>)07:55
jussi01ahh, apt-cache policy was what im after07:56
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, magnetron said: ubottu: no, kirby-#ubuntu-offtopic is <reply> ←(^.^←) ←(^.^)→ (→^.^)→08:23
* ikonia would like a council member please09:48
ikoniaor someone with opts in #ubuntu-fr-offtopic09:50
gnomefreakikonia: did you try !ops in that channel assuming ubottu is in there09:51
ikoniathere is a bot in there, but it doesn't seem appropriate09:51
ikoniathe spammer guy simon49 is in there09:51
ikoniaI'm trying to get freenode staff to remove him again (he's been klined) he's been spamming channels all night09:52
ikoniadon't want him even idling in any ubuntu channels09:52
ikonia(in my view)09:52
gnomefreakatleast its the only ubuntu* channel hes in09:55
gnomefreakmost are private user channels it seems09:55
ikoniait's not "urgent" the bigger picture is to get him re-klined09:56
ikoniaif "his" channel is closed (only him in it) there will be nothing for him to spam about09:56
Hobbseeer, i have a ban type question...10:40
Hobbseeoh, no i don't.  eagles was ban evading again - probably unintentionally10:40
Hobbsee(damn dynamic hosts, and nick changes)10:44
=== Gary is now known as spongebob
=== spongebob is now known as GazzaK
tuxiceI was wondering, what is Ubuntu Brainstorm based off of?12:50
Hobbseetuxice: try #ubuntu-brainstorm for that12:50
tuxiceOk, thank you.12:51
ubottuHymnToLife called the ops in #ubuntu (Guest72461 is spamming)16:06
EvilDaemonI was looking at a channel, and the topic said that they supported unicode and utf-8 or something. Is this channel specific, or is it a network wide thing?16:09
jdongit's a network wide thing16:10
EvilDaemonoh, okay. thanks.16:10
LjLjdong: is it? i'm not really aware of any freenode policy about character encoding16:10
jdongLjL: well I don't know of any part of freenode that doesn't support unicode....16:11
LjLjdong: #ubuntu-ru only wanted KOI-8 at a time16:11
LjLfortunately they changed their minds16:11
WastePotatoAny ops about in #ubuntu-uk?16:36
WastePotatoOh Gawd.16:36
LjLWastePotato, GazzaK might be around16:37
WastePotatoHeh. Done. :D16:37
WastePotatoRight. I'm off.16:37
ubottuHymnToLife called the ops in #ubuntu (AdBot is a spambot)16:40
sergiuwhy i am banned on #ubuntu ?17:52
sergiuyou are not serius guys17:53
sergiuhave banned me on all ubuntu channels17:54
sergiuyou sucks17:54
stdinyou abused the ops call in ubuntu, that's why17:55
sergiuare you sure?17:55
sergiui don't remember to abuse the ops in ubuntu17:55
naliothsergiu: it matters not why we banned you.  your attitude here shows us quite a bit.17:55
stdinthe ops trigger for ubottu 17:55
sergiuwhat trigger?17:55
naliothsergiu: bans usually don't last more than 24h.  is there anything else we can help you with?17:56
sergiunalioth, ca i speak with stdin17:56
naliothyou may answer my question, please17:56
sergiu<stdin>, when ?17:56
sergiui haven't enter the ubuntu channel 2-3 days17:57
sergiuand know i tried to enter , and i was suprised to know what i am banned on ubunru17:57
naliothsergiu: bans usually don't last more than 24h.  is there anything else we can help you with?17:57
sergiunalioth, yes17:57
sergiuunban me know17:57
naliothi don't think that will be possible atm.17:58
sergiui did not abused in #ubuntu , why should i be banned17:58
sergiuand wait the 24 hours17:58
naliothit's not always 24h17:58
naliothyou can try again tomorrow.  please see the /topic here17:59
sergiucan i ask here17:59
stdinyou called the ops because you "wanted to know to ubuntu ops channel"17:59
sergiustdin 17:59
sergiuremembered 17:59
sergiuwhen i enter the !ops commands ocasionaly 17:59
nalioththat is what stdin is referring to, yes.18:00
sergiuthis was not an abuse ...18:00
sergiui typed thiscommands for the first time18:00
naliothagain, you _may_ be unbanned by tomorrow.  check back about this time then.18:01
sergiuand this was if i remember , some days ago18:01
sergiui can't wait18:01
stdincome back another time, preferably when the op who banned you is available18:01
sergiui need to ask18:01
naliothsergiu: please type /topic and heed the instructions18:01
sergiuwhat dose mean that an ubuntu realise is not more supported? the repository is no longer available ? (i want to install ubuntu 7.04 and want to know...18:02
stdinthis is not a support channel18:02
naliothsergiu: anything we can help you with?18:03
stdinsergiu: I strongly suggest you leave and come back tomorrow18:03
sergiutomorrow you will say18:03
sergiuthat unfurunoly we can't help you18:03
sergiuyou are banned18:04
naliothtomorrow is a hypothesis18:04
naliothhave a nice day, sergiu (please try again tomorrow)18:04
sergiutommorow is after 12:0018:05
naliothbans are not 'fire and forget'18:06
LjLstupid server crashed solid just because i ifup'd my wifi card19:02
jdongI need ops to #ubuntu-kernel please19:12
jdong14:02 -!- oneunshamed [n=hoffmann@ip68-97-237-165.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined 19:12
jdong          #ubuntu-kernel19:12
jdong14:02 < oneunshamed> not really related to unbuntu - but if any of you guys are 19:12
jdong                     into collecting celebrity memorabilia, etc - the company I 19:12
jdong                     am working for is streamcasting (w/ interactive bidding) 19:12
jdong                     the Bob Hope estate auction going on right now in 19:13
jdong                     Hollywood. http://www.auctionnetwork.com/19:13
jdongLjL: ^^19:13
jdongack crap that was a long paste.19:13
LjLjdong: few people in the access list there19:13
jdongoh. should've checked the list...19:13
naliothjdong: bye bye bye19:15
jdongnalioth: ah, smell the burn :). thanks19:15
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)19:29
* nalioth pets floodbot319:34
LjLanyone's got an easy route to locobot admins? (given last time i had to do with this, their email address wasn't very attended to)20:21
LjL[21:43:55] <davismj> can you please unban me from #ubuntu  <LjL> what should make me suppose that you won't just start again behavior like you did before the ban?  <davismj> thats a question with no answer!  <davismj> you could just give me a little grace, which would implicitly intensify the weight of any bad decisions i should make20:49
LjL   <LjL> that's sound enough reasoning   <davismj> thanks [21:48:14] <LjL> you're unbanned. please check /msg ubottu etiquette   <davismj> lol  <davismj> okay   <davismj> thanks20:49
nickrudlol LjL an honest answer! you were blessed21:08
nickrudI've gotta make more time, if that's the caliber of user's we're seeing. Oughta make more time anyway21:09
jussi01nickrud: when you figure out the recipe for making time, be sure to let me know :P21:09
nickrudfor me, quit playing with drupal and wow ;)21:10
nickrudand cut back from 48 hrs/wk at work21:10
jussi01nah, thats re assigning time... making time is the tricky bit :P21:11
nickrudmaybe I should conjure einstein back up, he helped with my attitude :)21:11
SergiuHi, can i be unbaned from #ubuntu+1 ?21:39
droghey, just wondering if I can get unmuted in #ubuntu22:01
PriceChildLet me take a look22:11
PriceChilddrog: do you go by other nicks?22:13
PriceChildoh... gord22:13
jdongis that if jesus and his dad had a gay baby together?22:14
jdongdo I go to some sort of Christian hell for that?22:15
drogk, I get muted in ubuntu for saying that a piece of software is sexy, and jdong can say that and get away with it...22:15
drogdot dot dot22:15
jdongw... what?22:15
* jdong doesn't understand why he's involved22:15
PriceChilddrog: I'm going to lift the ban. Why the change in nick?22:17
drogthe gord most of the people know here got irritated that I took his nick22:18
drogI changed it to theothergord, but that was still confusing to some so I flipped it22:18
drogyou'll find all that in the #ubuntu-offtopic logs if you want22:19
PriceChilddrog: done. I'm sure you know about /msg ubottu guidelines ?22:19
drogI think ompaul took my nick changes as a form of "ban evasion"... though I'm not sure how changing my nick could evade a ban on my net address22:19
drogyes, I'm familiar22:20
PriceChildCool, anything else I can help with?22:20
drognah, that should be good, thanks PriceChild 22:21
jdongI'd like to apologize and retract my inappropriate remarks above22:22
jdongi thought I was on a different channel22:22
PriceChildjdong: and that makes it ok to make fun of other people's religion?22:22
jdongPriceChild: well I don't believe what I do outside of the bounds of ubuntu namespace should concern anyone else22:23
jdongthough when it leaks into the namespace that is my problem...22:23
drogjdong, I would think it concerns the people you're targeting with the message22:26
drogbut that's just coming from a human being, so take it with a grain of salt22:27
jdongmeh I still believe we have the right to say what we want to when it isn't done against the rules of where it's said.22:27
PriceChilddrog: anything else we can help you with?22:28
jdongthere are entire forums dedicated to rude comments about me :)22:28
drogthat doesn't make their comments any more appropriate, nor does it legitimize your own22:28
drogbut I'll be quiet now22:28
PriceChilddrog: please also note the /topic (and identify to nickserv! :D)22:30
PriceChildHey Sergiu, still here?22:30
Sergiui am still here22:31
PriceChildSergiu: remember why you were banned?22:31
PriceChild1224364924 1018T222204 <+jdong> I'd like to apologize and retract my inappropriate remarks above22:37
PriceChild1224364930 1018T222210 <+jdong> i thought I was on a different channel22:37
PriceChildgah.... really didn't mean to paste that22:38
* PriceChild looks at copy, looks at paste, then memorizes the difference22:38
PriceChildmemorises even jdong ;)22:38
jdongPriceChild: you just won't let me live it down either, huh? :)22:39
jdongtoday's just not my day, is it?22:39
PriceChildSergiu: you called for the operators in both #ubuntu & #ubuntu+1 using the !ops command?22:40
PriceChildjdong: I'm worrying about how I'm going to explain it.22:40
SergiuPriceChild, i remeber, in #ubuntu i have used !ops22:40
PriceChildSergiu: why did you use that command?22:41
Sergiu<PriceChild>, i thought that this command will display  me the ubuntu op channel ..g22:42
Sergiui will never use it again, becuse i can see the ops in here however .22:43
naliothSergiu: were you not asked to check back in 24h ?22:43
PriceChildSergiu: okies. Anyway I've just been pointed to how you were here earlier today and told when to return. The bans won't be lifted at this time. See you later.22:43
Sergiui just asked if i can be unbanned in ubuntu+122:44
Sergiuif not, ok..22:44
Sergiuit seems it's really hard for you22:45
Sergiuwhy i cannot be unbanned on ubuntu+1 ?22:46
PriceChildSergiu: I believe this was explained last time you came here. Please go read your logs and we'll try again in 24h.22:48
drogPriceChild, how can I become an ubuntu op? I wish to wield the mighty ban hammer.22:49
SergiuPriceChild it's ok22:49
naliothSergiu: please read and heed the /topic here.22:51
PriceChilddrog: Channel owners are free to choose whoever they want to operate their channel. In Ubuntu I find owners usually pick active helpers.22:52
Sergiusome question..23:00
Sergiuit's allowed to swear in ubunt uchannels?23:00
Sergiuwhy not23:02
stdinbecause many people use #ubuntu including children23:02
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines23:02
Sergiuyeah, ircguidelines is reffered on ubuntu, on ubuntu i never permit myself to swear23:05
ikoniawhats the point ?23:06
elkbuntuSergiu, anything else we can help you with? this is not a channel to sit and chatter in.23:06
Sergiu<ikonia>, i have been banned23:06
Sergiuon #ubuntu23:06
Sergiuof swear23:06
elkbuntuSergiu, under a different name?23:07
Sergiu<elkbuntu>, "anything else we can help you with?" -nope, just leaving23:07
Sergiu<elkbuntu> , under this name how i remember23:07
naliothSergiu: what part of "check back in 24 hours" is hard to understand?23:08
Sergiugood bye23:08
elkbuntuah, he is found under his ip.23:10
twfxfnfdown with IRCops !!!!23:17
* bavardage wants to see what happens to twfxfnf 23:17
bavardageor are these trials conducted in private?23:17
twfxfnfi'm a political prisoner!!!!!23:17
twfxfnfall actions by operators are inherently against the benefit of the populace, as the seizure of power only results in disparity, either economic or in potency!!!23:18
PriceChildtwfxfnf: lets take a deep breath first.23:18
elkbuntunothing wil lhappen if you leave now.23:18
twfxfnfnot to mention some asshole just banned from #ubuntu 23:19
elkbuntustaying beyond this point means you will not challenge what happens23:19
ikoniaI just muted you in ubuntu23:19
twfxfnfexcuse me, elk?23:19
twfxfnf+b =/= mute23:20
elkbuntudarned lag23:20
ikoniaahhh it's the achhlinux boys again23:20
twfxfnfas soon as you erect a code of conduct, you imply that the enforcement of those rules by means of kicking and banning is acceptable!23:20
ikoniathis has happened before23:20
ikoniathey are all in #archlinux-offtopic egging each other on23:21
bavardageikonia: I wasn't part of this..23:21
twfxfnfthat's not even a semblance of humanity23:21
ikoniathis has happened a few time before23:21
bavardageI often lurk in ubuntu now.. incase I can lend a hand23:21
bavardagewhen I'm bored and have little to do...23:21
elkbuntuikonia, thanks for that information. I shall speak with their operators now.23:21
twfxfnfi'm a model citizen23:21
ikoniaPriceChild: has also seen this23:22
twfxfnfclearly the entire group of archlinux users is as fault!23:22
twfxfnflet's bomb their measly chatroom to smithereens!23:22
naliothis there something we can help you guys with?23:22
naliothif not, i think y'all made a wrong turn on the keyboard23:22
twfxfnfbefore long there are going to be ubuntu grand wizards!!!23:23
twfxfnfsectarian hatred is always antithetical to the purpose of philanthropy!!!23:23
naliothif you don't have any business, here, please leave the channel23:24
twfxfnfthe internet is about freedom!23:24
twfxfnfi have business here23:24
bavardageoh sorry23:24
bavardageI was hoping for twfx.. to get owned23:24
PriceChildeight: be off with you please.23:25
elkbuntucsilk, eight, no need for you two to stay either.23:25
csilkhaha, fair enough23:25
elkbuntuCheiron, have you a purpose here?23:25
ubottuIn ubottu, MTecknology said: !argue is Please stop this arguement. There's a huge lack of bandwidth on the Internet and wasting it with agrueing just isn't worth it.23:28
* PriceChild grins23:33
ikoniafunny how their attitude changes when the new guy joins23:35
PriceChildI can't remember when I started idling there, but I stopped a few weeks ago.23:36
ikoniayou idleed after getting two troll attacks from their members and I asked you to help23:37
PriceChildoh i remember why23:37
ikoniawhich you did23:37

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