dendrobatesbug 23664000:05
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 236640 in debian-installer "iSCSI install fails under hardy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23664000:05
erichammond1mathiaz: Yes, I am testing vmbuilder --ec200:11
lycanno wall on ubu server?02:47
SangreDeThorI did some searching but have not found anything recent on how to enable the second cpu on 8.04 server. I ram dmesg and it only shows 1 cpu, any suggestions?02:50
DCPomi have a book that has some info on two cpus...02:54
SangreDeThorDCPom: Do you happen to remember the book's name?02:55
DCPomit's called hacking linux, but it doesn't have much info02:57
DCPomit says try installing the explicit SMP kernel: sudo apt-get install linux-686-smp02:57
DCPombut it may be that your motherboard isn't compatible02:58
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SangreDeThorI did read some old information stating to install the SMP kernel, but then newer information stated that it was not neccesary to do anymore, this hardware is about 6 years old, (HP DL 360 G1), one thing i noticed in dmesg was that it was giving ACPI, and the box doesnt support it03:50
themimeim trying to get mysql to start, and its failing, and i can't for the life of me figure out why, and nothing is coming up in mysql.err or mysql.log, any ideas?06:37
sommeranything in /var/log/syslog?06:39
themimeactually found someone in #ubuntu with some stuff, one sec06:41
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Pav5088Anyone here played much with GOsa?  I run it under Debian Lenny, and have the basics running (ie. LDAP, Samba, posix, DHCP, DNS).  I'm looking to get it managing more advanced stuff (eg. Asterisk, Fax, FAI, Squid etc...).  Anyone attempting similar things?13:53
tanerhow to configure the network interface of a vm (per virt-manager)?15:50
tanersource device is "-"15:50
DCPomcan i use a 10.0.X.X local IP or do i have to use 192.168.X.X17:52
Deepsyou can use 10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x, or any other private lan assined ip range on your own lan17:52
Deepsit's entirely up to you17:52
DCPomhow do i find out the 10.x.x.x address?17:54
Deepsyou pick whatever you want17:55
Deepsit's your network17:55
DCPomerm no17:56
DCPomwrong room17:56
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hohohosome help needed18:24
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noRegisteredNickis there anyone alive?18:26
ScottK!weekend | noRegisteredNick18:30
ubottunoRegisteredNick: It's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.18:30
noRegisteredNickok, thx ScottK18:46
DCPomhey, i have a wireless network set up with 4 macs. Each has an IP in the form 10.0.x.x. My ubuntu server is connected via ethernet to one of the macs and has the IP address Is there a way to get the IP for the ubuntu box in the for 10.0.x.x?18:56
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qman__I have a question regarding software RAID 521:40
qman__I currently have a machine with 6 disks in RAID 5, with an ext3 filesystem21:40
qman__I want to add more disks to it, but my case is full, so I'd need to transplant all the hardware21:40
qman__If I don't hook all the drives up in the same order they're currently in, will the RAID still be recognized?21:41
qman__I don't mind if it has to rebuild itself, I just can't lose any data21:43
qman__I don't have anything large enough to back up the data, so this is an all or nothing task21:43
frithi don't think you can simply add disks to a raid set just like that21:46
qman__I've read up on it, you can add more disks with mdraid21:46
frithi've never done md raid5, cpu load seems very high21:47
qman__well, I haven't really had much issue with that, though this is mostly a personal use system21:48
frithnor have any of the hardware raid controllers been able to simply add disks into the set21:48
qman__I use samba to share with windows clients21:48
qman__and I can get as much as 80MB/s read21:48
qman__over gigabit lan21:48
frithnever really experimented21:49
qman__This is similar to what I want to do21:49
qman__I wouldn't try it online21:50
friththat is pretty cool21:50
qman__but I can afford to go down for a day if that's what it takes21:50
frithi would make a backup21:50
friththen try it21:50
qman__Actually, that just sparked something21:51
qman__I could shut it down, then switch two of the disks21:51
qman__see if it comes back ok or not21:51
qman__if not, just switch back21:52
qman__or even just move one disk to another port21:53
qman__but yeah, performance is pretty good21:55
qman__I've never seen it get over what I'd consider idle, and I run an apache server on it with torrentflux21:55
qman__load averages less than 0.0521:55
DCPomhow do i find out what servers are currently running?23:26
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trimetaIs there a way to limit the amount of bandwidth usable by a given user on my server? I don't want anyone monopolizing the rather thin pipe I've got.23:45

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