wgrantbryce: Any idea what's going on in http://paste.ubuntu.com/59086/? It doesn't look very pleasant...02:31
wgrantIt only happens on that one device, and the property is "Synaptics Edge Motion Speed"02:32
* bryce looks02:35
bryceew xcb calls02:36
wgrantThe only atom that it manages to ask the server about is this:02:36
wgrant000:<:000d:  8: Request(17): GetAtomName atom=0x10f(unrecognized atom)02:36
wgrant000:>:0x000d:60: Reply to GetAtomName:  name='Synaptics Button Scrolling\000\000'02:36
wgrantBut it crashes here:02:36
wgrant#7  0x0000000000401e6b in print_property (dpy=0x2b0aaac10a00, dev=0x60ef30, property=269) at ../../src/property.c:4702:36
wgrant47    name = XGetAtomName(dpy, property);02:36
wgrantAnd atom 269 is Synaptics Edge Motion Speed02:37
bryceusually if your stack trace shows _XReply, then it indicates there's some sort of error in the client/server interaction02:37
brycewhich could be due to client incorrectly making its server call, or could be an error inside the server02:37
bryce_typically_ the former more than the latter02:37
wgrantI'll downgrade the server.02:38
wgrantAs a client stack hasn't changed at all from the working version still fails.02:38
brycewgrant: issues with _XReply I've found awfully hard to debug02:38
bryceit's hard to trace into the server and see what's going wrong02:39
wgrantBut no, I'm still running an oldish server.02:39
wgrantxtrace doesn't show the request ever getting to the server... hmmmm.02:39
bryceI notice you have null pointers for vector and count... are NULLs valid for those?02:40
wgrantI've got no idea about xcb.02:40
brycewgrant, you could also set up xmond to view the protocol communication between the client and server02:40
wgrantbryce: I've used xtrace to do that.02:41
bryceah good02:41
brycewell the xcb bits are just the libx11 layer02:41
brycewhatever the bug is, it's not likely to be in that (possible, but not likely)02:41
bryce*most* of the issues like this one ended up being the client making an incorrect X protocol call, or passing parameters that weren't valid02:43
wgrantThose are the calls that it makes before it dies...02:45
wgrant146,36 is XListDeviceProperties.02:45
wgrantOn other devices it then issues a GetDeviceProperty.02:46
bryceyou mentioned you were using an old xserver... what version precisely?02:47
bryceso old only in relative terms ;-)02:48
wgrantI'm upgrading now.02:48
bryceshouldn't matter02:48
brycethe 1ubuntu4 change was only for -psb02:49
wgrantHmm, maybe not, 400MB is a bit too much of an upgrade for peak.02:49
bryceer wait02:49
brycesorry was thinking 1.5.2-1ubuntu302:49
wgrantThere's been a merge since then...02:49
bryceright.  worth the upgrade.02:50
wgrantI'm upgrading just X bits.02:50
bryceglancing at the changelog, nothing that looks likely to be the cause of this02:50
brycebut who knows02:50
wgrantThe strangest bit is that it worked with this xserver last week...02:51
brycehey while you're waiting, there was an email on u-d-d that you'd be best to answer - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2008-October/005931.html02:52
bryceI can pass a reply along if you don't want to sub to the list (it's kind of a noisy list)02:53
wgrantbryce: I'm subscribed, but don't normally keep up to date.02:59
wgrantI bet he added the options to the Synaptics part of the fdi file rather than the ALPS one.02:59
wgrantI'll reply shortly.02:59
wgrantThanks for pointing it out.03:00
brycegreat thanks03:01
wgrantStill segfaults.03:01
wgrantIt must be a server-side change, I think.03:01
wgrantThe last updates in the amd64 chroot in which I'm testing were on the 11th, and I've only upgraded libxi6 and xinput since...03:02
wgrantIn fact, the last updates were the day I created the chroot, which means that same set of packages was working fine after that Atom size issue was fixed.03:03
wgrantSo it's not the client.03:03
wgrantAh, bug #28392103:04
ubottuBug 283921 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/283921 is private03:04
bryce(private bugs ftl)03:06
wgrantvalgrind reports the same sort of stuff and dies similarly on a request that works, however.03:07
brycewgrant: I de-privated it03:07
wgrantThose bad writes aren't healthy, even if they don't kill it in most cases...03:09
wgrantAnd those don't happen on i386... so it's something like the same problem.03:11
wgrantThey're always of size 8... very suspicious...03:13
* wgrant will poke it after lunch.03:15
wgrantYou know, I bet it was http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/proto/inputproto/diff/XIproto.h?id=36c8a6f3faf56a8f8ca31455812c9132b379b1b3 (which we don't have)03:32
wgrant(intrepid-amd64)root@fisto:/home/fujitsu/libxi-1.1.3# xinput list-props 303:43
wgrantDevice 'SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad': Device Enabled:1 Synaptics Edges:1632, 0, 5312, 0 Synaptics Finger:25, 0, 3003:43
wgrantIt works.03:43
wgrantAnd the moral of the story is that defines suck.03:43
brycethe hardest bugs always seem to end up being 1-line fixes03:46
wgrantNow to work out what needs to be rebuilt...03:46
wgrantlibxi, at least.03:46
wgrantbryce: It appears that only 5 uploads can have been affected by that bug.04:35
brycenot bad04:35
wgrantlibxi, xorg-server, gnome-control-center, xf86-input-evtouch and xserver-xorg-input-evdev.04:36
wgrantNothing else uploaded since includes XIproto.h or anything else that includes it. 04:36
tjaaltonhuh, I thought we had that already06:47
tjaaltonsince wasn't that what made properties work on amd64?06:48
tjaaltonor, not fail for some06:48
tjaaltonoh sorry, it's undef, not the #define Atom CARD32 -change06:54
wgranttjaalton: Yes, so it's causing the opposite problem now.06:57
wgrantI'm stupid, basically. I initially fixed it by replacing the Atoms in XIproto.h with CARD32s. I tested that thoroughly. But then upstream fixed it with #define Atom CARD32, so I did too. I then only did basic property getting/setting testing, and didn't try to list them again...06:58
tjaaltondon't worry, it's trivial to fix now06:59
wgrantIt's trivial to fix the header, sure.07:00
wgrantBut I had to script a grep through 300 packages to set what was going to need to be rebuilt.07:00
wgrantIt turns out to be these: https://edge.launchpad.net/~wgrant/+archive07:01
tjaaltonhum, ok07:03
brycehey tjaalton07:22
bryceI've got a patch for 261977, let me post t07:22
wgrantbryce: I like your regression potential mitigation strategy for -synaptics.07:30
wgrantYou left the patch out of debian/patches/series...07:30
wgrantIt'll need another upload once x11proto-input is fixed, anyway.07:31
bryceI'll prep a debdiff to fix, sorry about that07:33
bryceping me when you want the timing is right to upload it and I'll  put it in07:35
wgrantI'll need to convince somebody to let x11proto-input in first.07:35
brycelp #?07:37
tjaaltonbryce: hey, cool, I'll read it through07:38
wgrantBug #283921 is the main symptom, but there's no debdiff attached. I'll generate one.07:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 283921 in xinput "xinput crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28392107:38
wgrantLP's package diffing is braindead. Why won't it diff from primary as well as the old version in my PPA!?07:39
tjaaltonbryce: looks good. for completeness sake it could check the system like later in the file (can't check the function now), but since we don't support !*x86 that doesn't matter much07:41
tjaaltonbah, cheese can't find my camera, daughter disappointed07:43
brycetjaalton: can do - it'd be helpful though first to just verify it does solve the bug07:46
tjaaltonbryce: sure07:46
wgrantbryce: See the debdiff on bug #283921. All functionality tested with i386/amd64 clients and i386 server.07:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 283921 in xinput "xinput crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc()" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28392107:51
tjaaltonhmm, looks like the gstreamer default video input device is wrong07:57
tjaaltonshould be v4l207:57
tjaaltonstrange, mouse scroll changes the desktop even when the cursor is on some gtk-based progs08:03
wgranttjaalton: I noticed that, and presumed it was a feature.08:05
wgrantAlbeit an annoying one.08:05
wgrantAnd it's only on some widgets, AFAICT.08:05
tjaaltonlikely so08:06
tjaaltonbut anywhere on the cheese window, for instance08:07
brycewgrant: with the x11proto-input debdiff, is that a complete fix for 283921 or a partial fix?08:21
wgrantbryce: It will several no-change rebuilds afterwards.08:22
wgrantThe changes are all in my PPA, but the rest are just rebuilds.08:24
elmargolany ideas what temperatures are ok for a GeForce Go 7900 GS?08:25
wgrantNone - it's an nvidia card, so it is implicitly unOK.08:25
elmargolI agree nvidia sucks bigtime08:26
elmargolI'm nor sure what my problem is a) The fan starts to late or b) the memory gets unstable if the card gets hot08:30
elmargolor c) the powermixer has a bug an clocks the memory wrong08:30
brycewgrant: uploaded x11proto-input08:33
wgrantbryce: Great, thanks.08:34
wgrantI really need to get myself some amd64 hardware at some point.08:34
elmargoluhh there is a dell laptop controll daemon :D08:34
wgrantFor controlling what?08:35
elmargolthe fan08:35
wgrantbryce: I suppose you don't want debdiffs for the rebuilds?09:08
brycewgrant: probably no need09:10
brycetjaalton: philip langdale of VMWare fixed -vmmouse for input-hotplug09:12
brycetjaalton: bugs 248521 and 28530509:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248521 in xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse "vmmouse seems to register incorrect x,y values for mouseclick" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24852109:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285305 in xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse "vmmouse doesn't work with input hotplug" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28530509:13
brycefor 248521, the new upstream version just had one patch so I've packaged it and uploaded it09:14
brycebut 285305 is to add a hal fdi file.  If you have time could you look at that one?09:14
bryce(or if we need to bug pitti about it, let me know)09:17
tjaaltonbryce: ok, read the bug. I don't know why it would need a callout script, just setting the driver in the fdi should work09:34
tjaaltonI'll add that to the bug09:34
tjaaltonah, running vmmouse_detect is the reason09:35
tjaaltonhe also mailed xorg@ about it09:36
* wgrant saw that.09:39
wgrantWasn't he saying that it only worked for USB?09:39
tjaaltonwith evdev, this is needed for PS/2 emulation09:40
tjaaltonbryce: so, including the fdi file and callout-script to the package would fix both issues09:47
tjaaltonthe script could go in /usr/lib/hal like debian-setup-keyboard09:48
brycesounds good09:52
brycewgrant: your builds should all be in now, assuming I did them right.  Can you doublecheck later on that they all got through okay, and let me know otherwise?09:58
bryceok, I'm too tired.  --> bed.  night09:58
wgrantbryce: Thanks a lot! Night.09:59
elmargoltseliot: did you see my comment?10:24
tseliotelmargol: yes, I did10:34
tseliotbut it's not something I can fix10:35
tseliotonly NVIDIA can10:35
elmargoltseliot: well nvidia does not care10:39
elmargoltseliot: do you know a tool to control the gpu fan?10:39
tseliotelmargol: try nvclock10:43
* munckfish rolls up sleeves to work on bug 281610 (and cries)11:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 281610 in ubuntu-ps3-port "[regression, intrepid] Xorg servers broken "No core keyboard" and "failed to initialize core devices"" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28161011:12
tjaaltonhow do you install a ps3 nowadays?11:18
tjaaltonI've got one to try11:19
tjaaltonI'll ask upstream11:25
Q-FUNKhow soon can we get around uploading the new geode to hardy-updates and close bug #255991 for good?11:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 255991 in xserver-xorg-video-geode "xf86-video-geode:  DDC probing broken on GX2/CS5535 since 2.9.0 (patch)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25599111:30
tjaaltonis it in -proposed?11:31
Q-FUNKit's never been uploaded11:32
Q-FUNKbryce had submited a debdiff and pitti approved it11:32
Q-FUNKan actual package just needs to be produced and uploaded11:32
Q-FUNKbased on that diff11:32
tjaaltonno patch system11:36
tjaaltonshould I apply the diff directly??11:36
Q-FUNKI think that bryce didn't go as far as slicing his diff into a series of debian/patches11:37
tjaaltonno he didn't, but since it's your package you are welcome to do so :)11:37
Q-FUNKbut it would probably work to just throw the whole diff into debian/patches/ and enable the include for simple-patch.mk11:37
Q-FUNKlemme do that now, then we can uplaod11:38
tjaaltondon't forget the changelog, since you know the details11:38
Q-FUNKcan I strip the extraneous debian/rules content too?11:41
Q-FUNKthere's duplicated lines that ended up there for no reason11:41
tjaaltongo for it11:41
wgrantThere is something still not entirely 64-bit safe there.11:44
wgrantBut it doesn't affect xinput, only syndaemon, so it's probably some header order issue...11:45
munckfishtjaalton: you can install Ubuntu on PS3 from a daily cd takes about an 2 hours all in11:50
munckfishYesterdays was the first time for months I've been able to get all the way through an install11:50
munckfishUnfortunately once installed the nightmare only begins11:51
munckfishsince last week everything changed11:51
munckfishtjaalton: I'm thinking of trying to do a git bisect between 1.5.1-1ubuntu2 and 1.5.1-1ubuntu3, do think that's a good first step ?11:53
munckfishOr is there other info we could collect first that may help us guess the problem?11:54
munckfishSeems like there's two issues here: graphics and input, not sure if they're separate problems.11:55
tjaaltonI don't understand why it doesn't use evdev for the keyboard even with 1.5.1-1ubuntu212:17
munckfishtjaalton: it does use evdev12:18
tjaaltona lesson for all; don't teach your daughter to play flash-games with an unstable platform12:18
munckfishI just had to downgrade the xserver-xorg-input-evdev package to match with the 1.5.1-1ubuntu2 of the server12:19
tjaaltonno sound after suspend -> flash-games don't work -> disaster12:19
munckfishthat's with Flash 10 on Intrepid?12:19
tjaaltonmunckfish: well, I'll try to reproduce it12:19
munckfishnightmare I was hoping flash was more stable in v1012:19
munckfishho hum12:19
tjaaltonbut the sound issue is some alsa trouble12:19
tjaaltonjust that the flash game doesn't progress if there's no sound12:20
munckfishtjaalton: if you decide to install to your PS3, you'll need a couple of workarounds to get to state where you can mess around with it12:20
tjaaltonok, I'm all ears12:21
Q-FUNKtjaalton: debdiff and build log attached12:21
munckfishbug 285231 - cjwatson fixed it last night I'm not sure it's on last nights daily build12:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285231 in ubuntu-ps3-port "ps3-kboot fails to find rootfs so cannot boot system" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28523112:21
munckfishbasically if you can't boot that'll be why12:21
munckfishnext to stop usplash from hanging the system on boot (cries weeps)12:22
munckfishyou'll need to drop to a shell in kboot, remount the target partition and edit the bootloader config12:22
munckfishbest ping me when you get to that stage12:22
munckfishjust need to add in a "Recovery" boot config which boots with kernel parameter "single"12:23
munckfishthen you can at least get to a root shell and start messing with X12:23
wgrantTracked down the synaptics 64-bit unsafeness issue.12:23
munckfishall good fun!12:23
tjaaltonmunckfish: heh, sounds like a lot of fun12:24
munckfishYeah and to think it was all working so nicely just a week ago12:24
munckfishtjaalton: hmmm git bisect isn't going well12:25
tjaaltonQ-FUNK: ok, I'll look at it later12:25
Q-FUNKtjaalton: thanks!12:25
munckfishit's landed me in commit 4e6cbd323854709ae00c44108c93ab6596151de212:25
munckfishwith no debian/ dir, so I grabbed the debian dir from an earlier commit12:26
munckfishbut build is failing :(12:26
munckfishdix/devices.c:99 error: 'XI_PROP_ENABLED' undeclared (first use ...12:31
tjaaltonyou must have the latest properties-patch for the server12:32
jcristaui'd just try to revert the 3 xkb commits between 1.5.1 and 1.5.2..12:32
tjaaltonso git-bisecting the ubuntu-branch probably doesn't work12:32
tjaaltonyeah, that could be it12:32
munckfishright yes this is a nightmare with or without the debian dir, other deps are causing a pain the arse now12:41
munckfishok so I'll try to selectively revert different patches12:41
munckfishjcristau: so that will deal with the keyboard issue, but I think need to deal with the no graphics at all issue first and that gets introduced in 1.5.3 as well I believe12:42
munckfishnot 1.5.312:42
* munckfish slaps forehead12:43
wgrantjcristau: That conditional redefinition of Atom depending on _XSERVER64's definedness just bit me. It's rather inconvenient!13:27
wgrantThere are some really strange things lurking in the depths of the X headers...13:27
tjaaltonQ-FUNK: uploaded13:43
jcristauwgrant: yeah, it's a mess13:51
wgrantjcristau: -synaptics' config.h is included in both its driver and clients, and it includes xorg-server.h. Chaos ensues.13:53
jcristauwgrant: hah. should probably have a separate config header for the clients, or something13:54
wgrantFor now I've worked around it in my PPA by wrapping the #include xorg-server.h in #ifndef SYNAPTICS_CLIENT_ONLY and defining those in the clients... but that's because I'm no good with autotools and can't work out how to do it properly.13:56
jcristauyeah, that should work too13:56
Q-FUNKtjaalton: thanks!   can you post on the bug to show the upload has been done and close it?14:08
tjaaltonbut it's only in proposed, so it's fix committed14:11
Q-FUNKah yes14:11
tjaaltonoops, bryce uploaded -evtouch when he meant to upload evdev14:19
tjaaltonand a wrong version at that14:20
tjaalton-4 when we had -3ubuntu12 :)14:20
tjaalton(-4build1 but still)14:20
tjaaltonwell, ogra will fix it :)14:20
jcristaushouldn't all of them have been XubuntuY instead of Xbuild1?14:21
wgranttjaalton: -evtouch was needed as well as -evdev.14:21
tjaaltonwgrant: how so?14:21
tjaaltonanyway, I think all the changes were dropped14:21
tjaaltonhmm, xorg-server 1.5.2-2build114:22
wgranttjaalton: It built against the broken XIproto.h.14:22
tjaaltonI think xorg-server is busted as well14:22
wgrantlibxi too.14:23
wgrantJust the versioning is wrong, but it's still a bit messy...14:23
Kanohi, will u get new nv legacy drivers or not for release?14:23
tjaaltonKano: there are no new legacy versions14:24
Kanoand what do you tell your users then ;)14:25
tjaaltonforce them to nv14:25
Kanonv does not work correctly, at least not for my nvidia 8800 gts 51214:26
Kanowhen will the vesa override work?14:26
tjaaltonpatch exists14:26
tjaaltonsorry, doesn't14:26
tjaaltonKano: is there a bug about it, do you know?14:29
Kanowell not in lauchpad i guess, i told aaronp,but he said he has got no time for it14:30
tjaaltonI mean the xforcevesa not working14:30
tjaaltonwgrant: yep, the diff reveals that only the changelogs were modified14:31
Kanotjaalton: if you did not add one, i only told it here14:31
wgranttjaalton: I checked them on LP and came to that same conclusion. Good.14:32
tjaaltonKano: it might be filed already14:32
tjaaltonwgrant: now the question is, how to fix them :)14:33
wgranttjaalton: We can't until we merge from Debian.14:33
tjaaltondoesn't look like anyone has filed a bug about xforcevesa b0rkedness14:34
Kanothere are 20 bugs with xforcevesa...14:34
tjaaltonplease tell me14:34
tjaaltonsearching for it gave no results14:35
* wgrant wins.14:35
wgrantI now have confirmation that syndaemon works without SHMConfig, even on amd64. Yay!14:35
tjaaltonhehe, bug 28397914:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 283979 in xorg "I am having problems when I am typing anything the cursor moves and then I am typing in a different word.  What I mean is when typing I always have to be careful that I am not typing in another word.  IT HAPPENS A LOT.... I have tried to use the inset button but that doesn't work.  It mainly happens when I am emailing or when I am typing in word processor.  Can you please help me with this?  It is driving me nuts.  " [Und14:36
wgrantWhat a summary.14:36
mnemoif I have a BLAH.patch creating using git-format-patch, how can I apply that to a "apt-get source" tree? git-am won't work but I want to try this patch on the ubuntu version of this app15:28
jcristaupatch -p115:28
tjaaltonKano: so you have those 20 bug reports, please share them15:32
Kanowell i used the first search option15:33
Kanobut there is no specific bug against xserver-xorg with xforcevesa15:33
tjaaltonI get two bugs with 'xforcevesa'15:35
Kanoyou can search on first page too15:35
tjaaltonwhat. first. page?15:36
tjaaltonright, so not searching the _bugs_15:37
tjaaltonand it also lists closed bugs15:37
tjaaltonbut yes, no current ones filed15:37
tjaaltonnow floorball ->15:38
mnemojcristau: thanks15:48
bryce_bleah, I need to not do packaging until 2am18:05
bryce_tjaalton: anything we can do to fix the version numbers?  I clearly wasn't thinking18:05
tjaaltonbryce_: hehe :)18:07
tjaaltonbryce_: well, maybe ask jcristau to release the versions, and we could merge them then. libxi has only received some packaging fixes which should be trivial, and xorg-server has one commit by lool (included in our package too)18:12
mnemobryce_: my G45 (desktop) machine current freezes directly after login and I now finally have some clues as to why18:19
mnemoin fact I know a specific patch that makes EXA work for me18:19
mnemoI've tried to apply this patch to ubuntu's intel-agp.ko and ti worked18:19
mnemothe specific change that allows G45 to boot is this one:18:19
tjaaltonso it's a kernel bug?18:19
tjaaltonfile a bug on the kernel then18:19
bryce_mnemo: cool, good work tracking that down18:20
mnemothat change is VERY small and it's also "if its G45 then do blah" so maybe we can get it in?18:20
tjaaltonask the kernel people18:20
mnemoI will open a bug and nominate for intrepid and we'll see what happens18:20
bryce_yeah, and also make sure to grab a kernel guy on irc, because I don't think there's much time left to get it in18:20
bryce_nominating probably won't be sufficient at this point18:20
bryce_also (esp if you can't get a kernel guy), let the release managers know about it18:21
munckfishhi still trying to get my head around bug 281610. Could someone gives me some tips as to where input device config actually gets into the xserver if not specified on the cli or xorg.conf?18:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 281610 in ubuntu-ps3-port "[regression, intrepid] Xorg servers broken "No core keyboard" and "failed to initialize core devices"" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28161018:21
bryce_like cjwatson, pitti, slangasek, or hobsee18:21
tjaaltonfiled bug 285562 about the xforcevesa issue18:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285562 in xorg "xforcevesa doesn't work" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28556218:22
munckfishI've been running gdb on xf86Config.c in checkCoreInputDevices but it just doesn't find any anywhere :(18:22
tjaaltonmunckfish: have you tried reverting the three xkb related commits?18:23
munckfishtjaalton: not yet, my build failed so I decided to grab the -dbg package and see if I could get any hints from that. I can revert those next.18:24
tjaaltonmunckfish: please do, probably easier to get results that way18:24
munckfishtjaalton: ok thx18:25
wgranttseliot: It seems that the dist-upgrader is commenting out the inputdevice sections, but not commenting out the lines in serverlayout. That causes problems.21:31
tseliotwgrant: mvo wrote that script. From what I remember it should remove the entries in the serverlayout section too21:33
tseliotI can talk to mvo again21:33
tseliotwgrant: he didn't use my script that uses xkit because xkit removes comments (from sections) and doesn't comment things out21:34
wgranttseliot: Ah. I've seen at least two fairly sane reports of it on ubuntuforums.21:36
tseliotwgrant: having the links to such reports would help21:38
wgrantI'll see if I can find them again.21:38
wgranttseliot: Here's one: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95165921:42
wgranttjaalton: Shouldn't bug #285562 be High with an Intrepid task? Critical without an Intrepid task doesn't imply release-criticality.21:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285562 in xorg "xforcevesa doesn't work" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28556221:44
tjaaltonwgrant: yep, milestone alone isn't enough I guess22:05
wgranttjaalton: Yep. There was an email about it a while ago.22:05
wgrantAny idea how I make my joystick not be a mouse?22:05
wgrantEven if I add it to the fdi file, it still breaks things.22:05
tjaaltonhow exactly does it break things? I keep hearing that a lot but I'm missing something22:06
wgrantIt it seems to scroll up. And up. And up.22:07
wgrantI would xinput query-state it, but it's not easy!22:07
tjaaltonand there is no way to not let evdev grab them, at least no practical way (since they tend to have a input.keyboard capability)22:07
wgrantWhat are other distros doing?22:09
tjaaltonlaunchpad is failing on me22:09
tjaaltonthey don't care, or use input-hotplug?-)22:09
tjaaltonI'll check fedora22:10
wgrantThey don't use input-hotplug, you mean?22:10
tjaaltonthey don't have -joystick22:10
tjaaltonI saw that earlier but forgot22:10
tjaaltonwgrant: right, not many distros do yet. fedora is one but I'm not aware of others22:10
tjaaltonbesides us22:10
tjaaltonduh, forgot that evdev refuses to use my joysticks22:12
tjaalton(WW) Logitech Logitech RumblePad 2 USB: Don't know how to use device22:13
tjaalton(II) UnloadModule: "evdev"22:13
tjaalton(EE) PreInit returned NULL for "Logitech Logitech RumblePad 2 USB"22:13
tjaalton(EE) config/hal: NewInputDeviceRequest failed22:13
wgrantI wonder if we should try to harvest joystick names from xorg.conf.22:13
wgranttjaalton: I fixed that by adding it to the -joystick fdi file.22:13
tjaaltonyes, I don't have it installed atm22:13
tjaaltonrumblepad should be there already since I added it22:13
tjaaltonlet's try with it22:13
wgrant      <match key="info.product" contains="RumblePad">22:14
tjaaltonupstream master supports properties, but I sort of didn't care about it ;)22:15
wgrantWhat do the properties allow?22:15
wgrantThis whole stack should be fairly nice for Jaunty, I must say.22:15
tjaalton"Set type_name to XI_JOYSTICK. Let's not claim we are XI_MOUSE."22:15
tjaaltonI wonder if that would help22:15
tjaaltonshould be yes22:16
wgrantI tried that, but it's not actually defined anywhere.22:16
wgrantAnd I don't think much uses the type at the moment.22:16
wgrantsynaptics only just started reporting itself as XI_TOUCHPAD within the last few months.22:17
tjaaltonok, so with joystick it moves the mouse now22:17
wgrantMust be evdev being stupid.22:18
tjaaltonit's stupid only with evdev?22:18
wgrantjoystick hasn't traditionally performed mouse actions, so it must be evdev.22:19
tjaaltonnot according to the log22:19
tjaalton(II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Logitech Logitech RumblePad 2 USB" (type: MOUSE)22:19
wgrantI think that's fine.22:21
tjaaltonI mean that there's no evidence that evdev is handling it22:21
wgrantOh, indeed. There was for the failure when it wasn't in the fdi file, but you're right...22:22
wgrant(**) Microsoft SideWinder Precision 2 Joystick: always reports core events22:22
wgrantShouldn't it not be doing that?22:22
tjaaltonthere was a time when I was able to crash the server with this thing, and then evdev was handling it22:23
tjaalton(**) Logitech Logitech RumblePad 2 USB: always reports core events22:23
wgrantWhat is the internal difference between a joystick and mouse?22:24
tjaaltonthat's a good question, I don't know22:26
tjaaltonbut there was a discussion about the patches a while ago on xorg@22:26
wgranttjaalton: I'm eating now, but try setting StartMouseEnabled to false in the fdi file.22:35
wgrantIt's exposed through properties now.22:35
tjaaltonwgrant: yep, that did the trick22:39
wgranttjaalton: I wonder why it's changed.22:39
wgrantThe option was added in January, but the default was TRUE before AFAICT.22:41
wgrantI wish I'd thought to try a joystick earlier22:46
wgrantI wonder which 64-bit-unsafeness bugs I'll find today.22:53
wgrantOne of the three was my fault, but still...23:02
wgrantThis joystick's axes are behaving decidedly mouselike23:17
wgrantie. only valuators 0 and 1 have values, only button 1, 2, 3 work.23:17
wgrantThe working valuators are also relative.23:17
wgrantAnd affected by more than one real axis.23:18
wgrantHow odd.23:18
wgrantX didn't like me dropping a copy of -joystick master over the top of the old driver...23:26
wgrantIt crashed and hardlocked before I released enter!23:26
tjaaltonthat's to be expected23:26
tjaaltondon't remember anymore how to prevent that from happening23:28
tjaaltonsome option for cp or so23:28
wgrantIt is behaving exactly like a mouse now.23:33
wgrantI can perform appropriate clicks with the first three buttons, drag, etc.23:33
wgrantThe throttle scrolls, too.23:34
jcristautjaalton: --remove-destination23:44
wgrantjcristau: Thanks.23:46
jcristauotherwise you're truncating and modifying the file the server has mapped, which doesn't work too well :)23:47

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