jeeves_Mosswhat file do I edit to be able to auto mount a drive @ boot up?00:00
DarkGu1click x server display configuration00:00
soundray!fstab > jeeves_Moss00:00
ubottujeeves_Moss, please see my private message00:00
carrerathere are also, nvidia-xconfig and nvidia-but-report.sh files00:00
carrerawhat's nvidia-xconfig?00:00
DarkGu1carrera:  Not neeeded right now.00:00
Dreamglidersteven_, try sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /media/HP_RECOVERY -o force00:00
jeeves_Mosssoundray, thanks00:00
DarkGu1Are you in x server display configuration?00:00
juaksoundray: thx, doyou know of a daemon based solution? a cron alternative?00:00
DavidCanariasDoes anyone know much about using external memories. I have one of 160GB and have videos stored on it. If I plug in the USB to my DVD player can I bring up the menu on the TV and choose a film to watch???00:01
soundrayjuak: no, but of course that doesn't mean there isn't one00:01
unitypunkhey everyonee00:01
juaki'm trying the script then00:01
carreraDarkGu1, yes, i'm in the X Sever Display Configuration tap now00:01
DarkGu1carrera: Click the resolution drop the down menu. What do you see?00:01
jclbrtwhat's a good widget program for Ubuntu?00:02
jclbrtkinda like vista's sidebar00:02
drowner_unusual problem: I have default gnome installation, also have e and xfce and flux desktops, when i try and run a diff desktop i get booted back to log in, seemingly randomly, after about 1 hours. Happened with XFCE, and with flux. Anyone ver heard of such a thing?00:02
DarkGu1carrera: ?00:02
steven_Dreamglider: Thanks. That worked. I wasn't sure if it was safe to do that command.00:02
carreraDarkGu1, I just did to no avail. There's "off" grayed out, then "Auto" and then the highest value "1440x900"00:02
Blackhou5eI'm having speed problems with SAMBA, but so far all the info I found was not relevant. FTP speed is fine (and even file transfer is pretty speedy), does anybody have additional info on samba speed problems on hardy (besides the forum).00:02
Blackhou5e*file transfer over ssh00:03
_sebastian_Question: anyone problems with gFTP crashing when deleting large folders00:03
DarkGu1carrera:Now it gets a little more complex. Can you respond immediately to my questions?00:03
Dreamglidersteven_, i dont know if it is !00:03
carreraDarkGu1, I can try00:03
Dreamglidersteven_, but i do know it works :)00:03
DarkGu1carrera: Ok. What kind of monitor do you have?00:04
thomcAny recommendations for an app that can limit bandwidth used by individual programs?00:04
carreraalready told u00:04
jclbrtanyone know a good program that has widgets for Ubuntu00:04
carreraDarkGu1, yessir. It's a Samsung SyncMaster BW1932 - 19"00:04
DarkGu1carrera: one momenty00:04
Dreamglidersteven_, next time you are to mount you just type sudu mount -all that usualy works for me00:04
carreraDarkGu1, this time I had responded to your question even before you asked!  ;)00:05
DarkGu1Do you know the horizontal sync and vertical refresh?00:05
Blackhou5eAdditionally: I'm using ubuntu Server and try to upload/download with Vista 64bit (atm)00:05
carreraDarkGu1, Nope!00:05
DarkGu1carrera: hang on. In the mean time do gksudo gedit00:05
carreraDarkGu1, i'm logged in as root - sudo -i00:06
carreraDarkGu1, why gedit?  can just use vi?00:06
DarkGu1carrera: Open your monitor's menu and go to the info page.00:06
drowner_carrerra is vi-1337!00:06
DarkGu1Carrera: Open a text editor in root00:06
kitcheso I take it the mplayer-plugin package just makes a symlink to make it work for firefox3 in the correct place00:06
imaginativeonehow do I see all the files on my system?00:07
imaginativeoneit's time to clean off the big, unnecessary ones...00:07
carreraDarkGu1, Display Info: 55.9kHz, 60Hz PP00:07
drowner_imaginativeone: which ones in particular are you wanting to get rid off?00:08
carandraugin most programs, I use shift+Ctrl+u followed by the hexadecimal code to insert certain special characters. However when using LyX it doesn't work. Shift+Ctr+u already gives me a special character. Anyone knows how to go around this?00:08
drowner_btw i'm bumping my question.00:08
drowner_unusual problem: I have default gnome installation, also have e and xfce and flux desktops, when i try and run a diff desktop i get booted back to log in, seemingly randomly, after about 1 hours. Happened with XFCE, and with flux. Anyone ver heard of such a thing?00:08
carreraDarkGu1, Display Info: 55.9kHz, 60Hz PP00:08
steven_How do I start a new x-server? I know the command is something like starx -- :100:08
steven_Not sure if that's it though.00:08
jribsteven_: that works00:09
DarkGu1carrera: ok.00:09
jribsteven_: startx, not starx00:09
drowner_jrib: is it startx?00:09
jribdrowner_: too slow!00:09
DarkGu1Carrera: open up xorg.conf in a text editor as root00:09
steven_jrib: thanks00:09
drowner_jrib:  indeed00:09
imaginativeonehow do I locate all the big, unnecessary files on my system?00:09
jribimaginativeone: accessories -> disk usage analyzer00:09
DarkGu1Does anyone know what libc6 is?00:10
imaginativeonethe C library, version 600:10
imaginativeonehow do I locate all the big, unnecessary files on my system?00:10
DarkGu1Does anyone know what xlibmesa3 | libgl1 is?00:10
der|kunstlerDarkGu1, libmesa is the 3D library for your system, handles 3D stuff00:11
steven_jrib: that command doesn't run unless I type in "sudo startx -- :1", but I don't want to be running in root mode the whole time.00:11
w0ls0nhow dio I update drivers? I am seeing these types of messages in dmesg00:11
KossilarWhat kind of unnecessary files are you looking for?00:11
w0ls0nsda:<4>Driver 'sr' needs updating - please use bus_type method00:11
der|kunstlerDarkGu1, libc is the C library for ur system00:11
kitcheDarkGu1: well libc6 is the core of your system if you remove that you seriously mess your system up so it no longer works00:11
jribsteven_: you shouldn't need sudo.  What exactly happens when you don't use sudo?00:11
DarkGu1der: 'Is there a way to install libmesa without deleting my drivers, or editing my display in anayway? I need it as a dependency00:11
FFForeverHow do i install libqt4?00:11
imaginativeonehow do I locate all the big, unnecessary files on my system?00:11
kitcheDarkGu1: well libmesa should already be installed00:12
jribimaginativeone: did you see my response?00:12
Orbixximaginativeone: Play around with du and ls.00:12
DarkGu1kitche: okay. Do you know what python 2,4dbus is?00:12
steven_jrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/59032/00:12
jribsteven_: probably because you ran it with sudo00:13
dextervipdoes know why my ssh key is failing on login? here is the debug log http://pastehere.net/1100:13
Blackhou5eFFForever: what do you need it for?00:13
FFForevervlc :)00:13
FFForeverit says this when i try to install vlc (latest) Depends: libqt4-core (>= 4.3.4) but it is not going to be installed00:14
jlevydoes anyone have experience with the postgresql distro?00:14
kitcheFFForever: well for that you probably need to grab it from the PPA00:14
corpcompCan someone please point me to where I can find the HCL for Ubuntu server.00:14
n3cr0sprit3hi! i have troubles reading manpages. The layout is messed up and some lines are not wrapped around correctly. These lines contain something like '[7m<80><99>'.00:14
FFForeverwhat ppa?00:14
Blackhou5eFFForever: try 'apt-get install libqt4-core' from the command line00:14
DarkGu1does anyone know of how to get the correct dependencies for EVE-online00:15
steven_jrib: so I would have to log out to do so?00:15
jribsteven_: check the permissions on the file it is complaining about00:15
FFForeverBlackhou5e, nope :(00:15
jlevyI'm having an issue getting postgres to produce log files.  It seems to be something particular to the ubuntu distro.00:15
Blackhou5eFFForever: it can't find it?00:15
FFForeverBlackhou5e, http://pastebin.ca/1229781 i am converting from a kde4 kubuntu install to a kubuntu00:16
FFForeverit that matters00:16
FFForeveri did the puregnome thing and installed ubuntu-desktop00:16
carreraDarkGu1, is it under /etc?00:16
DarkGu1carrera: yes00:17
benvlatouta quoi peut bien servir ce forum00:17
w0ls0nhow can I tell what my tape drive is? like /dev and then ??00:17
dgvjlevy: have you looked at your postgresql.conf file?00:17
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr00:17
Blackhou5eFFForever: copy your sources.list in pastebin too please :)00:17
drowner_Wicked! I command les bots!00:17
jribsteven_: wait.  You are doing this from a tty right?00:17
carreraDarkGu1, well, I don't seem to have it00:17
Polygon89hi people, quick question. for some reason, the latest version of vlc, when i play a video, i get two windows, one window with the controls and a seperate window with the actual video that says VLC (X11 output). It did not used to do this, how do i make it all one video again?00:18
carreraDarkGu1, did a "find . -name xorg.cong" to no avail00:18
steven_jrib: No. I'm doing this from a terminal on the computer I want to open a 2nd x server on.00:18
DarkGu1carrera: look in /etc/x1100:18
tyberionI already asked in #cf for that, but is anyone here using compiz fusion 0.7.8?00:18
DarkGu1carrera: If you didn't have it your computer would be dead00:18
carreraDarkGu1, I don't even have /etc/x1100:18
FFForeverthe last one even if i disable it i get the same thing Blackhou5e00:18
jlevydgv: yes, here is the relevent part http://www.mibbit.com/pb/b3tQYV00:18
FFForever(the last one is for the latest vlc)00:18
jribsteven_: you need to run it from a tty.  By the way, if you want gdm to pop up instead of whatever is in your ~/.xinitrc, you can use gdmflexiserver00:18
BobCFCPolygon89: the vlc people did it on purpose because of another bug, it should be fixed in next version, you can always downgrade to old one 9.200:19
carreraDarkGu1, "cd x" in /etc shows only xdg/ xml/ and xulrunner-1.9/00:19
steven_jrib: I will look into tty. Thanks.00:19
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.00:19
DCPomi have two partitions of ubuntu, how can i choose which one is default?00:19
jlevydgv:I've been told that everything is set correctly, but the pg_log directory is empty00:19
Blackhou5eFFForever: Not sure if I can help you out here... it seems to require some packages from PPA, but not all dependencies seem to match :(00:19
tyberionAnyone got a guide on howto upgrade to compiz-fusion 0.7.8 on ubuntu hardy?!00:19
Polygon89BobCFC, okey dokey ill stay with .9, its much better =)00:19
FFForeverBlackhou5e, can u give me ur sources.list?00:20
tyberiontried compiling from source, tried git... no success L:(00:20
carreraDarkGu1, "cd x <tab>" in /etc shows only xdg/ xml/ and xulrunner-1.9/00:20
sarndthello all00:20
ThePandemic82off topic question, but do any of you think logisys makes good keyboards?00:20
DarkGu1carrera: open the folder x1100:20
carrerahi sarndt00:20
sarndtI have a questions00:20
DCPom!ot | ThePandemic8200:20
ubottuThePandemic82: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:20
FFForeverBlackhou5e, i really don't wanna reinstall ubuntu that is why i did a pure gnome because they said i could thats another 700mb dl :/00:20
carreraDarkGu1, "cd x <tab>" in /etc shows only xdg/ xml/ and xulrunner-1.9/00:20
dulakcarrera: it's X not x00:20
w0ls0nhow do I update scsi drivers?00:20
w0ls0nhow can I tell what my tape drive is? like /dev and then ??00:20
BobCFCPolygon89: yes it dorve me mad i tried deleting my .vlc folder and everything turns out its the same for everyone so i went back a version00:20
sarndtdo you know of the current best place to get a new AA1 with the 120gig HD?00:21
carrera<DarkGu1> carrera: open the folder x1100:21
sarndtaka cheapest00:21
jburdcarrera:  The file system is case-sensitive.  Try cd X<tab>00:21
=== david is now known as Guest73336
jburdcarrera: /etc/X11/...00:21
* sarndt has a friend that want's an AA1 for running windows00:21
Artur_hi all00:21
carreradulak, jburd, I know it's a case-sensitive fs but DarkGu1 said x11. thanks00:22
jribsarndt: what is AA1 and how is this related to ubuntu?00:22
sarndtsorry, wrong channel00:22
DarkGu1carrera: are you in?00:22
jburdcarrera: Ah alright.00:22
carreraDarkGu1, yessir00:22
carreraDarkGu1> carrera: look in /etc/x1100:22
metalopfresh install: i can't get X in anything but 800x60000:22
FFForevercan someone post me the default ubuntu 8.04 source.list?00:22
mad_max02what do my hdds work in background ??00:23
mad_max02how can I turn tthat off ?00:23
jribFFForever: use System -> Administration -> Software Sources00:23
DarkGu1carrera: Open xorg.conf in atext editor as roto00:23
DarkGu1Er, root or sudo00:23
carreraDarkGu1, I did00:23
carreraDarkGu1, please go on00:23
metalopcan someone help me set my NV15, im stuck in 800x60000:23
DarkGu1carrera: ok. Look in the file for the setting horizsync. Tell me if you see it00:23
Artur_wait your turn metalon00:24
jburdFFForever: http://pastebin.com/f5b9fda6a  Here's mine.  It's default+proposed and universe added00:24
BobCFCmetalop: have you enabled the 3D drivers?  try System->admin->Hardware Drivers and tick a box for Nvidia, you will need to reboot00:24
FFForeverthanks :)00:24
metalopBobCFC: those are making X crash, i just want Vesa to work I dont need 3d00:25
DarkGu1gotta go, sorry00:25
benvlatoutubuntu .fr00:25
jribFFForever: don't use proposed unless you want to actually test things and have things break00:25
Artur_I have a question, if I have a processor AMD ATHLON 5500, IS 64 bits procesor?00:25
carreraDarkGu1, jburd, dulak, I looked searched for "horiz" and "Horiz" in xorg.conf to no avail!00:25
BobCFCmetalop: they also give you smooth video playback too00:25
jburdcarrera: What are you trying to do?00:25
carreraincrease my display res beyond 1440x90000:25
carrerajburd, increase my display res beyond 1440x90000:26
metalopBobCFC: i dont play videos either ;) but anyways how do I get them to work? I00:26
jburdcarrera: Does your monitor support that?00:26
carrerajburd, most probably00:26
mad_max02how do you turn off idle hdd activity and os boot disk checking ??00:26
=== kiosk is now known as naruto
carreraDarkGu1, jburd, dulak, any other ideas?00:27
jburdcarrera: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8397300:27
Artur_help installing cedega!00:27
metalopBobCFC: So I ran nvidia-xconfig to add nvidia to xorg.conf00:27
metalopBobCFC: Do I need to modprobe the nvidia drivers?00:28
BobCFCmetalop: you need to use sudo to save settings to xorg.conf as root... but if drivers not enabled nvidia-settings will tell you to install them when you run it i think00:28
jribArtur_: contact transgaming.  You paid for support00:28
Artur_i don´t paid00:28
Artur_and i don´t want to00:28
=== FreshPrince_ is now known as FreshPrince
jribArtur_: then you can't use cedega00:28
metalopBobCFC: problem is, when I reboot and GDM first runs, there is a bunch or screen distrotion using the nvidia drivers00:28
klweihey i have a 2GB flash drive and wanna run ubuntu from it. which method would you recommend me?00:29
DualBootNNanyone know of a Wine room?00:29
Artur_I have a question, if I have a processor AMD ATHLON 5500, IS 64 bits procesor?00:29
kitcheDualBootNN #winehq00:29
BobCFCmetalop: did you get a choice of 3 drivers in the System->Admin menu.. you may need to choose the old one for NV15 that might be why it crashed00:29
metalop*of not or00:29
Artur_I have a question, if I have a processor AMD ATHLON 5500, IS 64 bits procesor?00:29
jburdArtur_: type uname -m in a terminal00:29
Dreamglidercan i get ubuntu video output to look as good as the video in WinXP ?00:30
metalopBobCRC: I should use the legacy maybe?00:30
BobCFCmetalop: i am using the 177 drivers but the ones for old cards are called version 96 or something00:30
Artur_I´m using windows now00:30
rivers22_I need help getting java-gnome to work!!! can some one help me?00:30
carreraDarkGu1, jburd, dulak, I only have one entry under Section "Monitor". It's Identifier "Configured Monitor"00:30
jburdArtur_: Boot from the Ubuntu live disc and do that then.00:30
klweihey i have a 2GB flash drive and wanna run ubuntu from it. which method would you recommend me?00:30
BobCFCmetalop: also try searching for keyword nv15 on ubuntuforums.org00:30
jburdcarrera: Then you might need to edit that section00:30
unitypunkdamn you wubi!00:30
metalopBobCFC: just says nvidia 7100:30
carrerajburd, thanks00:30
dulakcarrera: that means it's using ddc to get the horiz and vert sync rates00:31
carreradulak, ddc?00:31
jribArtur_: that won't work.  Just google your processor00:31
jburdcarrera: before you make any changes to /etc/X11/xorg.conf  make a backup of that file.00:31
dulakcarrera: it's a way for X to ask the monitor for the right rates00:31
carrerajburd, ok00:31
unitypunkanyone ever have wubi get stuck in busy box?00:31
carrerajburd, dulak, then should I still add HorizSync and VertRefresh under Section "Monitor" or just let ddc determine?00:32
jburdah yes, Artur_.  You'll need to google your processor00:33
klweihey i have a 2GB flash drive and wanna run ubuntu from it. which method would you recommend me?00:33
dulakcarrera: if you know the right sync rates you can set it manually00:33
klweihow would i get it on the stick that is00:33
klweilive cd?00:33
klweilive usb system creator?00:34
klweiubuntu live usb creator?00:34
carrerajburd, dulak, would that give me higher Res Values???00:34
dulakcarrera: if you set it correctly for the monitor it should let you choose res values all the way up to whatever the monitor supports00:34
carreradulak, so ddc is not getting the right valuse from my display?00:35
dulakcarrera: I'm guessing that's what the problem is00:35
klweii want a real system00:36
carrerajburd, dulak, thanks for your help. I'll continue tomorrow00:36
dulakcarrera: do you have resolutions listed in the Display subsection of Screen that are higher than 800x600?00:36
klweican you advice me?00:36
klweii wanna store my data00:36
carreradulak, yessir00:36
klweicould i do this?00:37
dulakcarrera: then specifying your sync and refresh should fix it up for you00:37
drew_anyone have any experience with wine00:37
klweilike run a completely usual system from usb00:37
=== drew_ is now known as FlintTown
klweilike hard disk00:37
ericjungwhat's a good SFTP server for ubuntu00:37
klweihard drive*00:37
FlintTownjust trying to run the vista version of solitaire in ubuntu00:37
w0ls0nericjung, it's built it00:37
carreradulak, I even installed nvidia-settings00:37
drowner_klwei: so you want to install a new operating system to a USB drive?00:37
klweiyes drowner_00:37
klweithat would be cool00:37
klweii only have 2 GB though00:37
ericjungw0ls0n: what's the process/exe name to start it?00:37
ThexLeopardFlintTown, ubuntu has solitaire00:37
dulakcarrera: yeah if X isn't getting the right info from the monitor the driver doesn't matter00:38
carreradulak, thanks dude00:38
w0ls0nericjung, just make sure ssh is enabled00:38
drowner_klwei: Ok, ubuntu is too big. You need something like damnsmalllinux00:38
carreraare u around in 12 hours?00:38
ericjungw0ls0n: it is but I can't connect via filezilla00:38
FlintTownThexLeopard: yea but the g/f HAS to have this one00:38
FlintTownThexLeopard: you know how woman can be....00:38
klweihm but 2GB isnt that bad is it00:38
ericjungw0ls0n: i can ssh in but not sftp00:38
After_MathFlintTown, lol00:38
carreradulak,  are u around in 12 hours?00:38
After_MathFlintTown, use wine00:38
klweibut how would i get it to run from usb drowner_ ?00:38
alph4__Does anyone here know how to upgrade libc 2.6 to 2.7 ?00:38
klweiwow this channel is too big00:38
dulakcarrera: probably not that's 4am my time00:38
ThexLeopardO.o, load canfield on aisle riot and tell her its vista solitaire FlintTown00:38
klweitoo fast00:38
alph4__In Ubuntu of course00:38
drowner_klwei: Provided the computer can boot from USB, then it will boot00:39
carreradulak, it's 3:10 am here. where do u live?00:39
klweidrowner_: how would i get it on the stick00:39
dulakcarrera: arizona00:39
After_Mathklwei, not sure but are those for C?00:39
carreradulak, cool00:39
drowner_klwei: there are a few ways00:39
klweiAfter_Math: dont exactly know what you mean00:39
klweiwhats +e00:39
After_Mathklwei, oh sorry wrong person :)00:39
FlintTownAfter_Math: i am trying to00:39
klweiah =]00:39
After_Mathalph4__, might be the linux header files00:40
slamFISTi can't access any usb flash drives anymore.. nothing gets detected when i plug them in. any ideas?00:40
alph4__After_Math, what might be?00:40
klweidrowner_: which ones?00:40
GneaslamFIST: direct connection or through a hub?00:40
FlintTownAfter_Math: just doesnt seem to be working00:40
After_Mathalph4__, libc00:40
alph4__I know *my* version, I need to upgrade from my verison 2.6.1 to libc 2.7.00:40
slamFISTdirect connection00:40
carreradulak, is Phoenix on PST?00:40
wakejagrhow do i use xmonad instead of gnome (i've put my settings into .xsessionrc, but gnome still runs after i exit xmonad)?00:40
GneaslamFIST: any other usb devices plugged in?00:40
After_MathFlintTown, well, you can use Virtualbox00:40
alph4__So I'm wondering how to do that in Ubuntu, the version in the repos is 2.6.100:40
Gneacarrera: arizona doesn't do daylight savings00:40
alph4__Which is epic crap.00:41
After_MathFlintTown, is your system a dual boot right now?00:41
slamFISTGnea: keyboard and mouse are usb00:41
slamFISTthey work fine00:41
jribwakejagr: how are you logging in and starting X?00:41
dulakcarrera: yes, half the year we are pacific, half the year we are mountain, we don't do daylight savings here00:41
thomcCan ubuntu automatically install libraries? I'm just going through my dpkg.log and there's some dns libraries installed that I swear I didn't manually install?00:41
carreradulak, is that why you're time is the same as San Fran now00:41
GneaslamFIST: try unplugging them, then plug a device in and see if it works00:41
drowner_klwei: try www.damnsmalllinux.org or www.pendrivelinux.com00:41
FlintTownAfter_Math:  no just ubuntu UE00:41
dulakcarrera: yes00:41
After_Maththomc, could have been dependencies00:41
slamFISTGnea: alright00:41
wakejagrjrib: gdm.  new install today, only changes have been those i've tried to get gnome -> xmonad00:41
xeonzHi. im having a problem with apt-get dist-upgrade. I get Fetched 60.7MB in 31s (1949kB/s)00:42
carreradulak, what time are u back tomorrow?00:42
xeonzE: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on libc600:42
=== kiosk is now known as naruto
After_MathFlintTown, I would suggest installing a virtaulmachine, such as virtualbox, install vista on it, and you can run windows in ubuntu and play your game :)00:42
dulakcarrera: 9am pacific or so00:42
thomcAfter_Math: yes, but the install is timestamped at a separate time to any package installs.00:42
DCPomhow do i change the default partition used?00:42
After_Maththomc, updates?00:42
carreradulak, thanks dude...00:42
drowner_DCPom: what do you mean by that?00:42
FlintTownAfter_Math: thats something im not sure on how to do00:42
thomcAfter_Math: ah yes *slaps forehead* cheers00:42
jribwakejagr: just select xmonad from options before you log in in gdm.  You installed xmonad from the repositories right?00:42
After_Maththomc, haha 0_o00:42
klweithanx drowner_00:43
After_MathFlintTown, let me find you a tutorial00:43
drowner_klwei: its ok.00:43
DCPomdrowner_, i have a xub parition and a server partition, the server will launch if i don't manually select xub within the time limit. how do i change that?00:43
Gneaxeonz: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=65317700:43
klweiwill get ubunto tho drowner_00:43
slamFISTGnea: still no luck00:43
wakejagrjrib: i installed xmonad from source (apparently recompile is needed to change settings)00:43
drowner_klwei: sure. i see there is a xubuntu option00:43
drowner_DCPom: You boot using GRUB, I presume?00:44
w0ls0noh this is awesome : http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-tape-backup-with-mt-and-tar-command-howto/00:44
DCPomdrowner_, yep00:44
jribwakejagr: well copy the /usr/share/xsessions/xmonad.desktop from the xmonad package then00:44
GneaslamFIST: can you pastebin output of dmesg command?00:44
After_MathFlintTown, what version are you running?00:44
wakejagrjrib: ah.  thanks00:44
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ronzillacan someone help me on installing geforce 8800 gts drivers00:44
xeonzGnea, that did not work00:44
After_MathFlintTown, ya , like 8.04 8.10?00:44
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:44
xeonzGnea, the package got installed but upgrade returned same error00:44
FlintTownwell UE 8.04 to my knowledge00:45
BobCFCFlintTown: i think there are some .dll files that you need which are not in wine.. try copying XINPUT9_1_0.dll and slc.dll to you .wine/drive_c/windows folder ?  might work00:45
Gneaxeonz: what are you upgrading from->to?00:45
FlintTownBobCFC: for what, solitaire to run?00:45
xeonzGnea, DISTRIB_CODENAME=gutsy 7.1000:45
drowner_DCPom: are you familiar with the file menu.lst?00:45
Chris_Fosteris there a way to get kubuntu to play a fullscreen video at login until the video finishes, then show the desktop? My desktop looks really slow while loading, and Id like a video to cover to welcome me and cover it until its done loading. any ideas?00:45
BobCFCFlintTown: yes if you run it from the terminal it should tell you missing dll etc error messatges00:45
DCPomdrowner_, i looked at it, but i didn't know what to change00:45
xeonzupgrading to whatever is current00:45
DCPomdrowner_, i can paste mine if you want00:45
After_MathFlintTown, I believe this was the one I used, just skip the usb past if you dont need it, let me know if you have any problems   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=77074500:46
jribwakejagr: I just looked at the .desktop.  You should be able to just install the xmonad package and your xmonad from source and not have to do anything extra to run it from gdm.  The .desktop calls "xmonad" so just make sure the one you have from source is first in your PATH00:46
drowner_DCPom: into the pastebin, not here00:46
RYknowHey guys...need help getting my sound to work00:46
rutterhi, can anyone tell me what bash shell command can let me copy all files endding in .mp3 from a folder and its various subfolders to another folder?00:46
DCPomdrowner_, yeah, hang on00:46
andersI have a question regarding samba, I've added two shell users, and i gave them samba passwords by issuing sudo smbpasswd -a <user> , however, only the first login works. When i try to login with the second I get this error: tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME00:46
RYknowJust got some updates...and now I lost my sound...?00:46
carandraugin most programs, I use shift+Ctrl+u followed by the hexadecimal code to insert certain special characters. However when using LyX it doesn't work. Shift+Ctr+u already gives me a special character. Anyone knows how to go around this?00:46
Gneaxeonz: are you trying to upgrade to hardy?00:46
After_MathRYknow, have you restarted your comp?00:46
RYknowI'm using a X-fi Extreme Gamer00:47
xeonzgnea, yea00:47
DCPomdrowner_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/59050/00:47
dulakcarandraug: it gives you a little u character right?00:47
FlintTownerr:module:import_dll Library XINPUT9_1_0.dll (which is needed by L"C:\\Solitaire.exe") not found00:47
Gneaxeonz: via commandline or with the upgrade gui?00:47
BobCFCFlintTown: when i have had errors in the past, copying dll form somewhere fixed it it might work.. i usually put them in same folder as the game but you could try in the .wine fodler i said.. it has to be a path where wine will find them00:47
carandraugdulak: gives me a crossed zero00:47
xeonzgnea, command00:47
Gneaxeonz: and this is with the desktop version?00:47
francois there a way to install iTunes into your computer?00:47
xeonzgnea, server00:47
dulakcarandraug: yeah that's bad, means it won't take unicode input00:48
dulakcarandraug: if it was a little u that would be normal for unicode input00:48
TetracommDoes anyone know where I can get a release date for Ubuntu MID?00:48
Gneaxeonz: what procedure are you using?00:48
Gneaxeonz: from a url?00:48
jribfranco: with windows or osx sure.  Not on ubuntu that I know of.  But there are plenty of great alternatives on linux00:48
jrib!player | franco00:48
ubottufranco: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs00:48
xeonzgnea, apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade00:48
After_MathRYknow, ok let me see where it mightbe in the logs00:48
carandraugdulak: damn. Is there anyway to set shortcuts for some commonly used chracters?00:48
GneaslamFIST: in channel, please00:48
drowner_DCPom: They're all on the same partition!00:49
francojrib: So there is no way for me to place music into my iPod from Ubuntu right?00:49
drowner_Could someone else have a look at that patebin for me?00:49
GneaslamFIST: others might be able to help fix too00:49
slamFISTGnea: http://pastebin.com/d76da0be9 that's as high as i can scroll up00:49
dulakcarandraug: there is a character map program for x you can copy and paste from, but I don't remember the name of it00:49
jrib!ipod | franco00:49
ubottufranco: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod00:49
Awsoonncrazy question time, is it possible to resize my root partion... without rebooting? :D00:49
After_MathRYknow, Im not sure how to fix this, I havent had to fix my own sound yet ^^ but you might want to check the logs, try " cat /var/log/dmesg" or any other log file in there that might be relevant00:50
bobertdosdrowner_: sure :)00:50
terrorstormHey all.00:50
carandraugdulak: yes, I know that. But some characters I use a *lot* such as celsius degree ℃00:50
After_MathWOW got to love this  ---    [   17.170218] rtl8187: 8187B chip detected. Support is EXPERIMENTAL, and could damage your00:50
After_Math[   17.170222]          hardware, use at your own risk00:50
terrorstormRealtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8180L 802.11b MAC <--- Dlink card, Im sure you've all gotten this a thousand times...But how can I get my wifi working?00:51
RYknowAnyone with experience setting up a X-fi Extreme gamer Fatal1ty edition?00:51
andersI have a question regarding samba, I've added two shell users, and i gave them samba passwords by issuing sudo smbpasswd -a <user> , however, only the first login works. When i try to login with the second I get this error: tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME using the exact same connection string (smbclient). Any ideas are appreciated.00:51
mgolischwhat exactly happens if one uses make -j ? will that make the cpu explode? will it realy start unlimitless concurent compile processes?00:51
dulakcarandraug: I don't know man, I know the crossed zero means that program wont' take unicode input00:51
jkristhekingis there any shortcut key to like say how it was in windows EX: alt+0210 dose linux have the shortcuts keys like that?00:51
RYknowCard was working fine, but due to recent updates...I've lost all sound.00:51
dulakcarandraug: not sure what else to tell you00:51
jribjkristheking: ctrl-shift-u00:51
carandraugdulak: ok. Thanks anyway00:51
drowner_bobertdos: thanks. Is the correct answer 2? I don't want to give bum advice00:51
jribjkristheking: u for unicode00:52
jkristhekingok thank you00:52
jkristhekinghhaaahah suprizing i know just about everything about ubuntu and yet i ask the gayest questions00:52
bobertdosdrowner_: Oh, which pastebin should I look at?00:52
After_MathRYknow, check this out http://www.hardwareanalysis.com/content/topic/69474/00:52
terrorstormjkristheking: Know anything about wireless?00:52
drowner_bobertdos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/59050/00:52
drowner_he wishes to boot xubuntu, not server by default.00:52
drowner_he tells me (DCPom) that he has them on different partitions, but he doesn't. Maybe menu.lst is not the answer00:53
ronzillaI can't figure out how to install NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-177.80-pkg2.run00:53
jrib!nvidia | ronzilla00:53
ubotturonzilla: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:53
DCPomdrowner_, i know i have two partitions, maybe the second is empty :\00:54
drowner_DCPom: Maybe. Maybe the second partition isn't known to grub.00:54
carandraugjrib: is there anyother way to enter different from Unicode? It doesn't work in LyX00:54
drowner_DCPom: how do you boot Xubuntu when you want to boot it?00:55
bobertdosDCPom: You have Server on one partition and Xubuntu on another, is that right?00:55
xeonzim having an issue upgrading ubuntu from gutsy to hardy. using: apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade   I get: E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on libc6 . Still get the error even after doing: apt-get install libstdc++600:55
DCPombobertdos, i believe so00:55
jribcarandraug: not that I know of00:55
drowner_DCPom: how do you boot Xubuntu when you want to boot it?00:55
FAJhello, I am having some hugte computer issues on my friend's computer.  Windows will not start up at all, and then when I load the livecd, I get a lot of Harddrive buffer I/O errors, and the computer is making some really really bad (scratching) sounds.  Gparted shows no HDD at all, and the bad scratching sounds persist.  anyone help PLEASE!00:55
DCPomdrowner_, there's an interface that pops up and i can select one of 6 options00:55
drowner_DCPom: You mean Grub? Do you select the 3rd option for Xubuntu?00:56
DCPomdrowner_, the first two are server and server recovery mode, then a memtest then the two xubs one safe, then memtest again00:56
jribcarandraug: why would you need it in lyx?00:56
Sniper1which is better, openSuse or xubuntu?00:56
FAJ!poll | Sniper100:56
ubottuSniper1: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:56
ericjungwhat's the cmd for changing another user's passwd?00:56
Sniper1I was not taking a poll00:57
=== shriphani_ is now known as shriphani
ericjungi know "passwd" buut how to change someone else's pw?00:57
carandraugjrib: to enter celsius degrees for example00:57
Sniper1I was asking because I am going to install either opensuse or xubuntu00:57
DCPom!better | Sniper100:57
ubottuSniper1: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:57
carandraugjrib: ℃is different from ºC00:57
FAJhello, I am having some hugte computer issues on my friend's computer.  Windows will not start up at all, and then when I load the livecd, I get a lot of Harddrive buffer I/O errors, and the computer is making some really really bad (scratching) sounds.  Gparted shows no HDD at all, and the bad scratching sounds persist.  anyone help PLEASE!00:57
Sniper1so I can't ask a opinion?00:57
jribcarandraug: aren't you writing your documents in latex when you use lyx?00:57
DCPomSniper1, i use xubuntu00:58
jribSniper1: #ubuntu-offtopic for opinion questions please00:58
BobCFCSniper1: anytype of buntu has apt-get/synaptic wich is the easiest way to install software.. after that you can customise everything so it doesn't matter much00:58
JacobbsFAJ get some hardware help lol00:58
carandraugjrib: I don't know LaTeX but yes, LyX is an interface for LaTeX00:58
Sniper1ok thanks00:58
ericjungwhat's the cmd for changing another user's passwd?00:58
JacobbsIf it's scratching, there's no sense asking software to fix it00:58
Sniper1I guess I'll go with xubuntu00:58
dulakcarandraug: what version of lyx you have?00:58
FAJJacobbs:  not messing around; big probems.  i am guessing it's hadware.00:58
drowner_DCPom: First, back up the menu.lst. Then change the number in line 14 from 0 to 200:58
JacobbsYou make it sound like hardware00:58
drowner_DCPom: You know how to backup, don't you?00:58
jribcarandraug: if you're writing latex documents, you have special commands for things like the degrees symbol00:58
JacobbsIf you suspect hardware, I'd get that taken care of first00:58
Sniper1and is there much of a difference between xubuntu 64 bit and 32 bit?00:59
FAJJacobbs: i personally think it is hardware00:59
DCPomdrowner_, just cp?00:59
Jacobbsat least then you won't be fiddling with bad hardware (if it is the hardware)00:59
drowner_dcp: yes00:59
carandraugdulak: 1.5.3, the one in Ubuntu repos00:59
drowner_DCPom: yes00:59
JacobbsBecause if it isn't hardware, then you can work from there.00:59
ericjungundermine authorit00:59
ericjungundermine authority00:59
JacobbsBut I'd go get the hardware vetted.00:59
BobCFCSniper1: if you have 4gb ram or more use 64bit oterwise 32bit make life simpler00:59
dulakcarandraug: lyx claims 1.5.x supports unicode00:59
JacobbsThen once you know that's sound, you can eliminate that possibility and try to work it out in software00:59
ActionParsni1hey all00:59
Lordvedahello world00:59
Jacobbsif it is a software problem00:59
ActionParsni1quick question00:59
Sniper1I have 3GB and a core 2 quad00:59
carandraugjrib: in math mode. But there's an unicode character which already has the degree simbol and the C in one01:00
Sniper1so, 64 then?01:00
BobCFCSniper1: 3gb is fine for 32bit01:00
drowner_ActionParsni1: you are asking questions? wow01:00
LordvedaDoes openchrome 0.902 driver work with xorg 7.4?01:00
slamFISTGnea: dont worry about it, figured it out01:00
BobCFCSniper1: the max 32bit can read is 4gb -video ram so u get about 3.5gb left...  a 3gb system is perfect for 32bit and is simpler for things like flash01:00
GneaslamFIST: cool01:00
DCPomdrowner_, restarting now01:00
GneaslamFIST: what was it?01:00
ActionParsni1yeah a first eh01:00
carandraugdulak: then, it must have some other way to enter the code. Shift+Ctrl +u gives me a crossed 0 even before I could enter the code01:00
drowner_god speed, DCP01:01
Sniper1ok thanks01:01
dulakcarandraug: http://wiki.lyx.org01:01
ActionParsni1ive got vmware server installed. how can I make it always connect to localhost or is there a command line arg i can use to make it autoconnect??01:01
drowner_I'm so dumb i've probably got him booting a memtest by default01:01
LordvedaDoes openchrome 0.903 driver work with xorg 7.4?01:01
drowner_but it's ok cause Joni Mitchell just came on my banshee <301:01
Sniper1well thanks for the help01:02
jamesishBobCFC: Might be worth noting, too, that linux can address the 36bit channel intel put in their chips  for a maximum of about 16gig of ram. I think it's just an apt-get somekernelorother away01:02
ActionParsni1jamesish: with more than 4Gb ram id implement PAE01:02
BobCFCjamesish: yes the OS can read more with a workaround but each process or program cant rad the whole 8gb01:02
DavidCanariasCan anyone please tell me how I can blank a rewritable DVD?01:03
terrorstormDavidCanarias: Right click and hit format?01:03
dulakcarandraug: http://wiki.lyx.org/LyX/Unicode01:03
DavidCanariasterrorstorm: Thks I will try this, but only format?? does this delete everything on the DVD01:04
carandraugdulak: I'm already reading that. But thanks01:04
BobCFCjamesish: so you are sort of running 32bit limited apps sidebyside01:04
kwyjibois there a way to reset the gnome movie player and all codecs back to ubuntu factory defaults? i broke something somehow. video is jerky and pixelated :<01:04
DCPomdrowner_, didn't work, nothing changed. is it possible that one partition is ignorant of the other01:04
drowner_DCPom: did it work?01:04
ActionParsni1DavidCanarias: sudo apt-get install dvd+rw-tools; sudo dvd+rw-format /dev/<cdrom name>01:04
krido i need the 'Examples' folder in my home directory?01:04
krii dont want to see it01:04
terrorstormDavidCanarias: Formatting should delete everything on the dvd if it is a RW01:04
jribkri: nope, delete it if you want01:04
ActionParsni1so no one uses virtualisation?01:04
krirm -r Examples, sure. but i want to just hide it01:04
BlueEagleDavidCanarias: It deletes it as far as it will be overwritten next time around. It doesn't overwrite the data I think.01:04
krihow do i hide a folder in terminal mode01:05
jribkri: it's just a symlink01:05
kriif i 'mkdir abc' then i want to make it .abc after its created how do i do?01:05
Aggrav8dregexp question:  I want to find a string ending in 'xyz' and replace the entire string with one of my own making (call it 'abc').  is this the proper syntax for sed?  sed -i "s/xyz$/abc/g"01:05
ActionParsni1kri: add a . to the start of its name using mv01:05
BlueEaglekri: mv01:05
mdeslauris there an archive or morgue for old ubuntu packages?01:05
kriok thanks01:05
BobCFCkri: any folder that begins with a dot will be hidden01:05
BlueEaglekri: mv abc .abc01:05
drowner_DCPom: yes, it's possible. Both of those linux kernels were on the same partition, so it's very possible that your grub doesn't know about the 2nd partition. Having said that, I don't know if that was the case how you could boot into Xubuntu at all.01:05
ActionParsni1kri: e.g. mv ./visible ./.visible01:05
drew_copied over the /dll's01:05
ericjungundermine authority !01:05
=== drew_ is now known as FlintTwn
DavidCanariasterrorstorm: I did right click on the DVD but it didn't give me the reformat option.01:06
BobCFCkri then if you want to view hidden files to use   ls -a01:06
BobCFCKrimZon: a for all01:06
terrorstormDavidCanarias: I would suggest snagging a copy of gnomeburner and using it to format01:06
DCPomdrowner_, how can i look at partitions in bash?01:06
BobCFCkri a for all01:06
DavidCanariasActionParsni1: Thks for this infor. but if I have -RW would I put - and not +RW?01:06
drowner_DCPom: sudo fdisk -l01:06
=== FlintTown is now known as FlintTwn
MersaultI've installed intrpid server, and I've installed clutch, the web gui for transmission, but the init script is failing to start transmission-daemon successfully. Anyone run into this issue and have a tip for passing transmission-daemon the correct options at startup?01:07
DCPomdrowner_, i'll pastebin this for you01:07
FlintTwnfixme:slc:SLGetWindowsInformationDWORD (L"Shell-InBoxGames-Solitaire-EnableGame") stub01:07
DavidCanariasBlueEagle: I know in some of the programs I can use tools and reformat, but it didn't work well when I tried before01:07
lelantusaplay -l detects my sound card, it is not muted in alsamixer but I still do not have sound. Please help me01:07
DCPomdrowner_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/59055/01:07
ActionParsni1DavidCanarias: its just a name01:07
ActionParsni1!intrepid | Mersault01:08
ubottuMersault: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu01:08
DavidCanariasterrorstorm: I have been using GnomeBaker which I like, but when the DVD has been used before it does seem to come up with errors. That's why I wanted to blank it first01:08
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CaptainHowdyHowdy all I seem to be having a problem with virtual desktops http://paste.ubuntu.com/58627/01:08
DavidCanariasActionParsni1: Does this mean it doesn't matter if I put -RW or +RW??01:09
drowner_DCPom: Tell me once more - when you want to boot Xubuntu, you get that option in grub, don't you?01:09
xainHello everyone! ^_^01:09
drowner_DCPom: I think you have 2 menu.lst You have installed twice.01:09
BlackDalekhey.. is anyone here familiar with the Dalek webcam from ThinkGeek? If so, has anyone tried it with Ubuntu?01:09
FlintTwnbeen trying to get this solitaire to run under wine but havnt had any luck01:09
DCPomdrowner_, :\ how do i fix that?01:09
drowner_DCPom: this is why you have 2 swaps (you don't need 2 swaps, but that's irrelevant at the moment)01:09
drowner_DCPom: Do this for me01:09
ActionParsni1DavidCanarias: dvd+rw is the name of the program, if you care yuo can symlink it if you want. Its just a name01:09
drowner_DCPom: are you in your server or in your Xubuntu install?01:10
xeonzguys. need help. idk what is going on: im having an issue upgrading ubuntu from gutsy to hardy. using: apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade   I get: E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on libc6 . Still get the error even after doing: apt-get install libstdc++601:10
drowner_Okey dokey01:10
xainI dont wanna sound needy but if anyone has steam running good on ubuntu i need some Help. i get an error everytime i try to run a Hl1 game in opengl and software is too slow and any HL2 game just doesnt open01:10
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:10
LjLxeonz, well that doesn't sound good... but you shouldn't have upgraded like that01:10
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes01:10
drowner_DCPom: do you know where your / directory for the server install it?01:10
FlintTwnanyone had any luck with wine, cant even get solitaire to run01:11
DCPomdrowner_, no, it doesn't appear in file system01:11
FlintTwnbasic windows application (well vista)01:11
LjLxeonz: (also, libc6 is *not* libstdc++6)01:11
drowner_DCPom: oh, really?01:11
xaini got wine to work everything but steam x.x01:11
jkristhekingwhats the command that shows your nic devices!@#!@#???01:11
drowner_DCPom: cat /etc/fstab01:11
FlintTwni cant seem to get even solitaire to work01:11
drowner_DCPom: show me that01:11
LjLjkristheking: shows what about them? "ifconfig -a" is one01:12
DCPomdrowner_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/59057/01:12
jkristhekinghmm isn't there one thats like NICmodule?01:12
echz_For the first time I slipped and hit WindowsKey+R and now I'm ZOOMED in ... and feel like a dipshit lol ... can anyone recommend wtf to do to get out of this zoom mode?01:13
DavidCanariasActionParsni1: what do you mean by symlink??01:13
xainechz: hit Windows ker +R again ?01:13
drowner_DCPom: How did you start Xubuntu this time?01:13
ActionParsni1DavidCanarias: yuo can symbolically link the app so it is the same thing with a different name01:13
kwyjiboechz_: windows + roll mouse wheel01:13
xeonzLjL, followed instructions and got same error01:13
kudakechz_: or windowskey + 101:14
DavidCanariasActionParsni1: Being a newbie you have completely lost me, sorry!!!!!01:14
xeonzLjL, also.. tried apt-get install libc6 and got: Couldn't configure pre-depend libc6 for findutils, probably a dependency cycle.01:14
DCPomdrowner_, when i restarted after the Dell BIOS was finished a box with 6 options and i selected the one that said -generic and not -server01:14
FlintTwnthose are the errors i get with wine01:14
xainAnyone wanna help a noob with Half life? open gl mode not working for me but i can do compiz and native linux opengl games fine01:14
FlintTwntrying to run solitaire01:14
chaos1hey ubuntu peeps. I was wondering if I could get some feed back on this GDM that I have pieced together from other GDMs. http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Gnome_Bro+with+user+list?content=9141401:14
ActionParsni1DavidCanarias: example01:14
echz_I tried all of them and none of them did anything lol i feel like such an idiot01:15
LjLxeonz: have you checked http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=653177 ?01:15
ActionParsni1DavidCanarias: if you run sudo ln -s /usr/bin/firefox-3.0 /usr/bin/browser01:15
brendan_chook_, looks nice01:15
xainechz: did u try restarting ? o.o01:15
ActionParsni1DavidCanarias: this will create a link to firefox called browser01:15
drowner_DCPom: I know you've done this before, but do it again01:16
xeonzLjL, that is the first thing i tried01:16
brendan_chaos1, looks nice01:16
ActionParsni1DavidCanarias: you will then be able to run firefox by yping browser01:16
kwyjibochaos1: the username box border and the black buttons look out of place with the simple video game style01:16
xeonzLjL, sudo apt-get install libstdc++6 .. which installed the package, but still get same error at upgrade time01:16
echz_i could reboot but i dont want to lose my uptime ;)01:16
drowner_DCPom: cat /boot/grub/menu.lst01:16
LjLxeonz, not *that*. the *last* posting.01:16
chaos1its a work in progress01:16
FlintTwnanyone with wine exp.01:16
xainechz: well with something like that restarting would be the frist thing i know XD01:16
DCPomdrowner_, do you want me to paste it?01:16
xainFlint: i wish im looking for someone who knows wine good too01:17
drowner_DCPom: yes01:17
DavidCanariasActionParsn1: Thks for your patience01:17
kwyjibochaos1: and the fonts are inconsistent across the skin. a script font above in all lower case, and centered. a drop-shadowed italics font below, right aligned. they clash.01:17
FlintTwnxain: i cant even get solitaire to run01:17
DCPomdrowner_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/59062/01:17
xainFlintTwn: Really? what windows solitaire u trying to run? i got wine to work on most everything but steam01:18
echz_xain:  i got it!  it was somehow "locked" from window zoom01:18
angel12hey guys quick question01:18
echz_once i "unlocked" i was able to winkey+1 for normal01:18
xainechz: Ah! There ya go ^_^01:18
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:18
angel12whats the command  to see if a usb device gets plugged in?01:18
ubottuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", only for Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers01:18
xainechz: no problem01:18
angel12it would show it in the terminal01:18
jamesishwindows key+esc01:18
xainFlintTwn: did u try any other vers?01:18
chaos1kwyjibo, so what would you say to use01:18
jamesishechz: windows+r zooms in, windows+esc comes back out.01:19
yoyonedangel12: sudo cat /var/log/messages01:19
chaos1kwyjibo, keep in mind i am making this for a kids computer01:19
kwyjibochaos1: consistency of style01:19
ActionParsni1DavidCanarias: you'll use it a bit, its like making a shortcut in windows01:19
FlintTwnxain: no01:19
xeonzLjL, where can i get this libc6 .deb file then?01:19
drowner_DCPom: I am shot.01:19
drowner_DCPom: You have a few problems.01:20
ronzillaI should be able to expand desktops with ubuntu nvidia drivers correct?01:20
xainI dont wanna sound needy but if anyone has steam running good on ubuntu i need some Help. i get an error everytime i try to run a Hl1 game in opengl and software is too slow and any HL2 game just doesnt open01:20
ActionParsni1DavidCanarias: its also useful when a library is superceeded but an old crappy app hasnt been updated so you symlink the new library so it has the old name01:20
drowner_DCPom: But they are completely fixable.01:20
jribxain: appdb.winehq.org has instructions01:20
chaos1does anyone know how to change the 'actions' window features in a GDM theme01:20
xainjrib: i followed all the guides i could find on the internet. but i get a pixelformat change or something like that when i try to use opengl in hl101:21
jribxain: not all the guides on the internet.  start from scratch with the one from the official winehq site01:21
drowner_Perhaps someone else can help DCPom. He seems to have installed a server install, and then installed Xubuntu again - but not by a command line install from the desktop, via a new vanilla CD. I can tell, because he has 2 swaps. He cannot get his grub to point to his Xubuntu by default, he has to manually select it01:21
M|sf|tsi got a internet question i was wondering if someone could help me with. ???01:21
xainjrib: alright ill take a look.01:21
quink_xain: 8.04 with the latest updates or 8.10 beta?01:22
bubradarHello. I have an Asus 3870X2 with 4 DVI outputs. Is it possible to have a quad monitor setup with this card on ubuntu? It is the only thing holding me back from making the switch.01:22
xainjrib: all i see is like what works what doesnt01:22
yoyonedDCPom: what are you trying to do?01:22
xainquink_: 8.0401:22
jribxain: link me01:22
drowner_yoyoned: he wants to boot Xubuntu, not server, by default01:22
xainjrib: link you to what?01:22
DCPomyoyoned, boot with xubuntu as default start up disk, but it normally uses server01:22
jribxain: to the page you are reading on appdb.winehq.org01:22
xainjrib: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=373101:23
drowner_yoyoned: i'm stumped because he doesn't even seem to have these entries in his menu.lst01:23
yoyonedDCPom: are there 2 seperate installations01:23
DCPomyoyoned, i believe so, but i think i royally messed up my partitions some how01:23
jribxain: you don't see the "HOWTO" section?01:23
yoyonedDCPom: just 1 disk?01:23
DCPomyoyoned, this is my fdisk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/59055/01:23
xainjrib: where?01:24
DCPomyoyoned, yeah01:24
DCPomyoyoned, wait you mean the live CD or the HD?01:24
M|sf|tsI got an internet question....01:24
jribxain: hit ctrl-f in your browser and type "HOWTO"01:24
yoyonedwhat are you booted into now01:24
M|sf|tsim in kuwait right... well kuwaits government does not allow veiwing of certian sites... like porn ect... i am tryiD fearing muslims dont want to goto www.skype.com i was wondering how i could bounce from one IP to another where i would be able to connect to www.skype.com ...  its not illegal to be smarter then then is it ?01:24
DCPomyoyoned, xubuntu01:24
xainoh now i feel stupid sorry jrib im also haveing a cant change resolution problem x.x01:24
yoyonedDCPom: what is the output of df -h01:25
DCPomyoyoned, http://paste.ubuntu.com/59068/01:25
xainjrib: and that is just one of the games the real one im haveing problems with is Half life 1. but ill look at the site.01:25
ActionParsnipM|sf|ts: you could use web proxies01:26
yoyonedDCPom: so sda1 is the xubuntu install01:26
jribxain: well get steam installed from the link there.  I haven't tried hl1, but hl2 works fine for me01:26
wulaxM|sf|ts: maybe: http://www.opendns.com/01:26
drowner_yoyoned: that's what I thought - but his menu.lst doesn't point to anything BUT sda101:26
DCPomyoyoned, yes, i think so01:26
yoyonedDCPom: can you pastebin your menu.lst01:27
DCPomyeah let me get it01:27
jamesishdrowner: Makes sense that that's where he'd boot into then, yeah?01:27
drowner_this is why i'm stumped01:27
drowner_unless grubs mapped his HD all wrong01:27
M|sf|tsim in kuwait, and for some reason kuwaits gov'ment does not want people to goto www.skype.com  it is on the BANED site list... like the one for porn ect... (kuwaits gov'ment restricts access to sites they dont deem "worthy" ie... the horriable word "cencorshipt") well sence it is not illegal in my eyes to be smarter than someone... how can i bounce around hiding that i am in kuwait and gain access to www.skype.com ?01:27
jamesishdrowner_: we can, at worst, put an entry in by hand. No biggie.01:27
xainjrib: i got steam all installed and running steam runs fine. its the games im haveing problems Gmod wont even load. and hl1 games give me error on opengl if u want to try and help plz pm that makes this easier lol also i have a nvdia 7300LE video card. and i cant seem to change my resolution01:27
DCPomyoyoned, http://paste.ubuntu.com/59062/01:27
drowner_Or his BIOS boots from his sda5. Which is bizarre01:27
yoyonedM|sf|ts: use a proxy01:28
LjLM|sf|ts: i don't find skype "worthy", either, so i suggest you use an open protocol and program for your VoIP calls instead01:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ekiga01:28
DCPomM|sf|ts, you are breaking the law...01:28
LjL!info ekiga | even01:28
drowner_DCPom: Do you know how to mount sda5?01:28
ubottueven: ekiga (source: ekiga): H.323 and SIP compatible VoIP client. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.12-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 4454 kB, installed size 14632 kB01:28
drowner_wait sorry01:28
jamesishI imagine that the best thing to do is mount sda5, see if there's a kernel on there.01:28
DCPomdrowner_, is it just mount sda5?01:29
drowner_DCPom: NOT sda601:29
yoyonedDCPom: what are you trying to fix01:29
drowner_DCPom: can you mount your sda6 please?01:29
M|sf|tsLjL: yeah thats hard when my wife uses windows vista and knows jack about computers....01:29
DCPomdrowner_, mount sda5 /mnt/server ?01:29
ActionParsnipM|sf|ts: once its setup you dont have to sweat it01:29
DCPomsorry but that's the command, right?01:29
LjLM|sf|ts, SIP clients exist for Windows, too, actually there are several. one is SJPhone, it is freeware and looks slick.01:29
ActionParsnipDCPom: you'll need sudo01:29
jamesishYeah, he wants to mount /dev/sda601:29
jamesishsudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt01:30
M|sf|tsLjL: i need to get something she can navagate01:30
M|sf|tsDCPom: how am i breaking the law ? trying to get skype so i can webcam and talk to my wife ?01:30
ActionParsnipjamesish: id mount to a folder withing /mnt01:30
=== blankthemuffin__ is now known as blankthemuffin
jamesishActionParsnip: why's that?01:30
DCPomM|sf|ts, kuwaits gov'ment does not want people to goto www.skype.com  it is on the BANED site list01:30
yoyonedDCPom: you server installation is sda6.  sda5 is swat01:30
M|sf|tsLjL: dude i will let you explain that to my wife... LOL01:30
M|sf|tsactionparsnip: so how do i use proxys ?01:30
ActionParsnipjamesish: so that /mnt can be a single folder for holding mountings01:30
LjLDCPom, M|sf|ts: whether or not you're breaking the law is probably something only a lawyer expert in Kuwait law could determine. all we can say is "do it at your own risk".01:30
ActionParsnipM|sf|ts: you set it in your browser01:31
drowner_M|sf|ts: so, then you are breaking the law! the solution is to put your computer in a bag, and move countries ;)01:31
M|sf|tsactionparsnip: i am new to this...01:31
M|sf|tsDCPom: yeah but is it illegal to out smart them ?01:31
LjL!info tor | M|sf|ts01:31
ubottum|sf|ts: tor (source: tor): anonymizing overlay network for TCP. In component universe, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 947 kB, installed size 2076 kB01:31
FlintTwnhas anyone in here gotten solitaire to run in wine01:31
drowner_M|sf|ts: I'm no expert on Kuwaiti law, but i'd say yes01:31
FlintTwnvista version of solitaire01:31
yoyonedDCPom: drowner_ what are you guys trying to do01:31
jamesish ActionParsnip: It's an aside, I know, but I view /mnt as being the mount point for temporary mountings, and if I need something permanent I make another directory at an appropriate point in the tree.01:31
DCPomyoyoned, trying to mount the ubuntu server partition01:31
drowner_yoyoned: Boot Xubuntu by default. At the moment it boots the server edition01:31
JesseL6272Any graphic designers want to make a quick $30? Please PM me.01:31
jribJesseL6272: do not do that here01:32
DCPomi'm having trouble with the mount command01:32
LjLJesseL6272: not the right channel for this, seriously01:32
ActionParsnipM|sf|ts: look through your webbrowser settings, you will see http proxy settings. browse round for public proxies and use one01:32
jamesishDCPom: what's the issue?01:32
drowner_DCPom: forget mounting the sda6, its probably irrelevant01:32
portablejimWhen I go "md5sum /dev/scd0" it returns "md5sum: /dev/scd0: Input/output error" after some CD activity.01:32
ActionParsnipjamesish: just makes sense to use subfolders in that folder to me01:32
jamesishActionParsnip: fisticuffs at dawn, then!01:32
M|sf|tsDCPom: kuwaits gov'ment should have though about this and blocked it if it was so "illegal"01:33
M|sf|tsdrowner_: you put your computer in a bag and move countires i am happy here plus the us army says i have to stay here01:33
ActionParsnipjamesish: haha, just a sidenot. just dont mount in /proc :D01:33
DCPomjamesish, drowner_ : i think i mounted it01:33
DoYouKnowM|sf|ts, tor might do it01:33
drowner_M|sf|ts: Fair enough then ;)01:33
M|sf|tsactionparsnip: okay i set this its a annonomyus proxy from the states... and on port 80 and this is the IP
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:33
M|sf|tsit still didnt work...01:33
drowner_DCPom: where is it?01:33
DCPomM|sf|ts, fine, your legal issues are your own01:33
DCPomdrowner_, /mnt/server01:33
ActionParsnipM|sf|ts: then you should be ok01:33
DCPomdrowner_, i think it worked...01:33
DoYouKnowoh, you could use that01:34
DoYouKnowwould tor work for something like that?01:34
M|sf|tsno skype.com01:34
M|sf|tsgo figure01:34
DoYouKnowI'm not sure01:34
lbo_kenhi all i wanted to know  can we in one system have many  file system  exemple   / as ex3  var as reiserfs   and  /home as  somthing else?01:34
jamesishDCPom: does ls /mnt/server show content?01:34
Odd-rationaleM|sf|ts: tried tor?01:34
LjLDoYouKnow: of course it work01:34
__jeff_ois there a way to suppress bandwidth in linux so I can browse the web at 56k on my cable connection? I'd like to test how fast my sites would load for a dialup user.01:34
drowner_DCPom: can you do cat the menu.lst on the server install?01:34
DCPomdrowner_, yes i have it open in mousepad right now01:34
DCPomjamesish, yep01:34
ThePandemic82Hi.  Question:  How can i configure firestarter to work with my applications?01:34
ActionParsnipM|sf|ts: you are going along the right lines01:34
yoyonedDCPom: drowner_ grub on the MBR must have been installed from the server not xubuntu.  run sudo grub-install sda01:34
jamesishlbo_ken: yes, with a caveat. The different file systems have to be different partitions, or mounted ramdisks or something.01:34
DCPomdrowner_, pastebinning right now01:34
jrib!pm | xain01:35
ubottuxain: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.01:35
ActionParsnipM|sf|ts: www.hidemyass.com/01:35
jribxain: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=801:35
Odd-rationaleM|sf|ts: the firefox addon "FoxyProxy" is also handy for switchin tor on and off...01:35
M|sf|tsActionParsnip: what you mean ?01:35
DCPomdrowner_, yoyoned  http://paste.ubuntu.com/59072/01:35
jamesishyoyoned: I'm more cautious than to make that kind of assumption without seeing his output.01:35
M|sf|tsfOXYpROXY HMMM.....01:35
ActionParsnipM|sf|ts: you need a proxy to get round stuff01:35
DavidCanariasCan I burn a DVD using Gnomebaker with 2 files: one mpg images and the other a video iso or will this create problems. Any help please??01:35
Odd-rationaleM|sf|ts: another easy thing to do is just us https://vtunnel.com01:35
jamesishit's just a BEAUTIFUL thing.01:35
M|sf|tsActionParsnip: okay so i got a proxy, now how do i bounce around ?01:35
ActionParsnipDavidCanarias: the iso will occupy the whole disk01:35
lbo_kenok   thanks  jamesish01:35
Odd-rationaleM|sf|ts: it uses https so it is harder to block...01:36
ActionParsnipM|sf|ts: that should get round it01:36
M|sf|tsActionParsnip: to hide myself and goto freaking www.skype.com01:36
DavidCanariasAction Parsnip: Is this why it's failing then? Do I have to make 2 separate disks?01:36
Odd-rationaleM|sf|ts: can you go to skype.org with vtunnel?01:37
sachaelis there any way to tell when a current linux install was done on a computer?01:37
ActionParsnipDavidCanarias: if the iso isnt bootable you can extract the data from the iso then burn it all01:37
yoyonedDCPom: your last pastbin was from the sda6 partition right?01:37
DCPomyoyoned, yes01:37
drowner_DCPom: back up that last menu.lst (on the server) then change the 0 in line 14 to 301:37
M|sf|tsOdd- hold on i try now01:37
drowner_reboot, and show us the love01:38
yoyonedDCPom: if you don't want to reinstall grub, edit the menu.lst on sda6 to make xubuntu the default01:38
M|sf|tsOdd- sorry im working at like 100kph to get to FREAKING skype.com LOL01:38
lbo_kencause im rebuilding my p4 in ubutu to use as server (apache/ftp/mysql/icecast) so i wanted to make it the more performing and also the most security       formerly i used the autopartitions but now i put 2 hd (80 gig and one of 40 gig) in the same pc   and i dont know yet much about the difference between the kind of partion  so i was looking for more info ont hat  :-)01:38
DavidCanariasActionParsnip: What I did was to copy a DVD iso. If I take out the data from the iso will it still work?01:38
Odd-rationaleM|sf|ts: if you want, i can download what you want and give it o you via dcc...01:38
ActionParsnipDavidCanarias: depends what the iso is of01:38
drowner_yoyoned: thanks01:38
After_Mathwhere is network manager at?01:39
After_MathI cant find it01:39
BobCFCsachael: if you do    ls -al  /   you can see the date that the root was created that basically tells you when it was formated...01:39
M|sf|tsOdd- i swear kuwait is dumb why would you block freaking skype.com okay i got it god fearing muslims okay i got it so block porn... not  skype.com OMG01:39
BobCFCsachael: look at the dot at the top of the list01:39
ActionParsnipAfter_Math: type nm in terminal and press tab01:39
After_MathActionParsnip, thanks01:39
DCPomdrowner_, you're sure it's 3?01:39
DavidCanariasActionParsnip: On the chat here one day someone helped me to install a program that allows me to copy any DVD and I noticed the name appeared then iso.01:39
After_MathActionParsnip, not working01:39
ActionParsnipAfter_Math: i think its nm-applet01:40
drowner_DCPom: pretty sure. What do you think it is?01:40
yoyoneddrowner_: you should condider reinstalling grub fron xubuntu01:40
Odd-rationaleM|sf|ts: but did vtunnel work?01:40
DCPomdrowner_, no idea xD01:40
lbo_kenmisfit the reason why they do it its cause skype can be used to  talk agains there gouvernement and its  considered as  treachry so they doesnt allow them to do so  with out supervision  im sure most   instant messenger are blocked01:40
After_MathActionParsnip, ** (nm-applet:13935): WARNING **: <WARN>  applet_dbus_manager_start_service(): Could not acquire the NetworkManagerUserSettings service as it is already taken.  Return: 301:40
ActionParsnipAfter_Math: or sudo apt-get install wifi-radar01:40
DavidCanariasActionParsnip: This was great being able to do this so I put in a home made DVD of a wedding and copies it with the iso.01:40
DCPomdrowner_, yoyoned , i'm gonna see if that works, brb01:40
drowner_yoyoned: yes, he should01:40
drowner_yoyoned: also, he should remove one of his swaps01:41
Juansssjoin #gentoo-uy01:42
PovAddicthow do I stop ~ from being a "dead key"?01:42
M|sf|tsif this works i am going to goto porn just to jerk off to porn in kuwait i swear01:42
M|sf|tsstupid laws i am telling you01:42
M|sf|tsOdd-rationale, yeah but where is the fun in doing it myself  if you do that i learn NOTHING01:42
M|sf|tsi just get skype01:42
M|sf|tsif i do this then i get skype and i learn something01:42
M|sf|ts-hey hey dont hate me for being cleaver and intelligent01:42
FloodBot2M|sf|ts: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:42
M|sf|tssave that for the god fearing muslims in kuwait who hate skype01:42
M|sf|tsya know ?01:42
* codyzapp pimp slaps Sylva 01:42
Odd-rationaleM|sf|ts: lag?01:43
drowner_Floodbot2 must be a god-fearing muslim01:43
PovAddictI recall some flamew^H^H^H^H^H^H bug report about the ~ dead key01:43
After_Mathseriuosly like what the fuck happened to network manager01:43
PovAddicton spanish keyboard layouts01:43
LjLhey, what...01:43
LjL!language | After_Math01:43
ubottuAfter_Math: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:43
corbiehuh so this is irc....god i hate being a noob01:44
LjLdrowner_, M|sf|ts: this is not the channel to talk about gods or religions.01:44
After_Mathserisouly like wtf happened to network manager01:44
ActionParsnipAfter_Math: try a reboot01:44
After_Mathwhere is it?01:44
drowner_LjL: mine was a joke!01:44
DCPomdrowner_, close, it should be 401:44
jadams__After_Math, I had to manually run it one time01:44
ActionParsnipAfter_Math: or install wifi-radar01:44
After_MathActionParsnip, I took it off my desktop panel,01:44
DCPomdrowner_, 3 was a line that said "Other Operating Systems:"01:44
jadams__After_Math, and after that it showed up01:44
After_Mathok I guess i can reboot01:44
drowner_Ah ok01:44
M|sf|tsOdd-rationale man my internet is slow...v-tunnel is taking a second i will get back with you01:44
M|sf|tsOdd-rationale yeah some what im on wireless and freaking in the middle of the dessert01:44
yoyoneddrowner_: as far as I know, there is no issue with having 2 swaps01:44
After_Mathhow can I see if it is running right now?01:45
bobertdosDCPom: You know, using the savedefault option might be easier in this case.01:45
=== Eisbar is now known as Jesus
drowner_yoyoned: no, there is no issue, but its a waste of space, no?01:45
ActionParsnipAfter_Math: ps -ef | grep -i nm01:45
BobCFC\0/ \0/  all praise shuttleworth \0/ \0/01:45
yoyoneddrowner_: right, just wasted space01:45
FlintTwnanyone have the /server01:45
DCPombobertdos, i've just changed the menu.list, would you think that's fine now?01:45
LjLAfter_Math: changing it into "wtf" doesn't really change anything. please, english has a variety of phrases.01:45
DCPombobertdos, .lst*01:45
vasslerdoes anyone know about animated wallpapers?01:45
vasslerare they real animated wallpapers?01:46
bobertdosDCPom: Well, I don't think I've looked at it since you changed it.01:46
Odd-rationaleM|sf|ts: make sure to use https://www.vtunnel.com/ not just http://www.vtunnel.com/ https is more secure and harder for other to sniff or block...01:46
BobCFCvassler: yes you can uses a screensaver or video quite easily but you loose the desktop icons01:46
PovAddictthere are a couple of ways to do it vassler01:46
yoyonedvassler: there are in enlightenment 1701:46
ActionParsnipvassler: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2007/09/14/animated-wallpaper-with-compiz-fusion-on-ubuntu/01:46
ActionParsnipvassler: its a compiz thing, head to #compiz01:46
After_Mathljl dude are you seriuos, not to be a dick but come on, where is my first amendment01:46
DCPomyoyoned, drowner_, what should i change to steamline the system a little better?01:47
M|sf|tsOdd-rationale: whoaaaa  v-tunnel worked  i want to learn more about porxys now... maybe i can duplicate what v-tunnel did but on my own so i can just use my browser and not another website to goto a website lol seems like taking the long way to the store when a short cuts right in front of you....01:47
DCPomyou're getting kicked After_Math01:47
PovAddictAfter_Math: this is an international channel01:47
Odd-rationaleM|sf|ts: pm me if you wish...01:47
yoyonedDCPom: nothing I know of, so you think it's too slow01:48
M|sf|tsLjL: gods or religion... hmmmm why would i talk about that, i was stating a fact not having a debate...01:48
DarkGu1Inkscape crashes when I paste.01:48
DCPomyoyoned, well you guys were saying there's a problem with the extra swap and extra grub01:48
drowner_DCPom: Its not a problem having a extra swap01:49
BobCFCDCPom: you can use single swap partition with all you linux installs01:49
drowner_its just not necessary, both installs can use same swap01:49
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:49
BobCFCDCPom: saves space01:49
M|sf|tswhy do people talk to you when they will make no sence...  are you sensitive in the subject of censorship ?  because thats ridiculous   censorship = the art of with holding informartion.    am i not in a open-source community page ?01:49
LjLM|sf|ts: well, this is the channel to ask and answer ubuntu technical support questions, and that's it01:49
yoyonedDCPom: the extra swap is just wasted space.  If you don't need more space, don't worry about it.  do you plan on using the installation on sda6 any?01:50
M|sf|tsOdd-rationale: how do i PM you LOL01:50
PovAddictM|sf|ts: "free speech" doesn't mean you can go to any channel and talk about whatever you feel like talking01:50
M|sf|tsOMG did i just ask that ?01:50
M|sf|tsnever mind let me figure it out01:50
PovAddictdo you also call your ISP tech support and talk about the weather?01:50
BobCFCM|sf|ts: i thnk the rules are because so many people in channel needing help, there is a sperate #ubuntu-offtopic channel for chit-chat01:51
drowner_PovAddict: I just did. It is very humid in Bombay, apparently01:51
M|sf|tsPovAddict: you keep thinking that and find out where it gets you man...   freedom... thats why you chose linux in the first place01:51
BobCFCM|sf|ts: it's hard when over 1000ppl in a signle room01:51
DCPomyoyoned, maybe at some point (i still don't know much about serving), but we're getting off topic, thanks guys01:51
ActionParsnipM|sf|ts: i choose it for simlpicity01:51
DCPomM|sf|ts, open source != breaking the law01:52
After_MathHello, I am having trouble using network manager. I have deleted it from my desktop panel and I cant find it Under preferences or administrator, I have tried a few commands to run it in the terminal but it seems like it is already running, is there a way to stop all its proccesses and start it again. Thanks.01:52
ActionParsnipAfter_Math: ps -ef | grep -i nm will show any that are running01:52
ActionParsnipAfter_Math: id install wifi-radar and use that01:53
After_MathActionParsnip, thanks, Then just kill the pid?01:53
LjLAfter_Math: i don't have network manager installed, but i think the "gnome-network-manager" package is responsible for the panel icon01:53
ActionParsnipAfter_Math: yeah man01:53
After_MathActionParsnip, i did, I am having trouble with that as well01:53
KingOfDosDoes somebody here know anything about iptables (with the use of a NAT) and has a few minutes to help me with some kind of setup?01:53
DavidCanariasActionParsnip: I can see you are occupied, but how can I extract the data from the iso - and would it still work OK?01:53
LjLAfter_Math: so "dpkg -L gnome-network-manager | grep bin" to find out what's the command to start it01:53
After_MathLjL, ya, how do I run that?01:53
After_MathLjL, awsome thaks :P01:53
ActionParsnipDavidCanarias: try it, it might work01:53
LjLAfter_Math: sorry, that's "network-manager-gnome" anyway, not "gnome-network-manager"01:54
jamesishKingOfDos: what up?01:54
BobCFCAfter_Math: network manager runs at startup in you System->Prefs->Session as   nm-applet --sm-disable... it runs in the notification area.. should return when u logouot or reboot01:54
After_MathLjL, ok thanks it said gnome-network-manager wasnt installed ^^01:54
After_MathBobCFC, I see, I will jsut reboot if all else fails thanks :)01:55
KingOfDosjamesish: http://paste.ubuntu.com/59076/ (the "ik wil" needs to be translated to "i want")01:55
DavidCanariasActionParsnip: Can you tell me how to do this??01:55
__mikemI am trying to get a small usb soundblaster to work, and I am having trouble. THe only time any sound plays is when I switch it to digital only and then back to digital/analog. THat causes the startup sound to play and then no other sounds work after that01:56
KingOfDosit's somekind of iptables setup, but i can't find a solution for it (searched a few days, but i think that i'm using the wrong keywords/methods)01:56
ActionParsnipDavidCanarias: just combine the data extracted from the iso with the extra data01:56
ThePandemic82How do I configure firestarter to work with applications such as nicotine?01:57
ActionParsnip!info nicotine01:57
ubottunicotine (source: nicotine): graphical client for the SoulSeek peer-to-peer system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.9+dfsg-1 (hardy), package size 822 kB, installed size 3696 kB01:57
jamesishKingOfDos: so you want to forward requests from to
DavidCanariasActionParsnip: I probably don't understand this iso business.  The video's I have state the title..... iso. Everything is combined01:57
DavidCanariasor is the iso just a sort of index01:57
ActionParsnipDavidCanarias: then you'll have to recreate the iso with the extra data01:58
KingOfDosjamesish: forward it from to the without the NAT setup.01:58
DavidCanariasActionParsnip: When I tried to create a DVD - a video with iso on its own - fine. When I created a DVD with an mpg image - fine. When I try to create one DVD of both it fails!!!01:58
KingOfDosthe router in the network is sending the correct ICMP redirect, so that's already fixed :)01:59
jamesishiptables -A FORWARD -p tcp -i [incoming interface] -o [outgoing interface] -d [ip address of target server] --dport 80 -m state --state NEW -j ACCEPT01:59
terrorstormAnyone have any experience with WMP54G cards in Ubuntu?02:00
jamesishUm, I have a specific port in this, but you get the idea.02:00
jamesishcome in this interface, go out that interface, go to that ip address.02:00
M|sf|tsAnyone know a server name that has everything i could possiable want to know about the internet proxy's and all that... ?02:03
M|sf|tsa new channel02:03
gometzany idea what package chkconfig might be in?02:03
LjLgometz: http://packages.ubuntu.com/ will tell you02:04
ActionParsnip!info chkconfig02:04
ubottuPackage chkconfig does not exist in hardy02:04
gometzLjL: k, ty02:04
gometzActionParsnip: figured, already did an aptitude search :)02:04
KingOfDosjamesish: i'd tested it with "iptables -A FORWARD -i vlan1 -o br0 -s -d -j ACCEPT" things like that.02:04
LjL!apt-file | gometz, if you don't want to use the site02:05
ubottugometz, if you don't want to use the site: apt-file is a program that can tell you which package(s) contain(s) a given filename. To install it and generate the database it needs, run "sudo apt-get install apt-file && sudo apt-file update"02:05
DCPomgometz, if you cant find it with apt-cache i'd try google02:05
preston_show do you login directly to the terminal? (no X; trying to install a new nvidia driver)02:05
LjLpreston_s: you can log into a terminal even after X has started, by hitting ctrl+alt+f102:05
preston_sok, thx. are there any other crtl+alt+f* commands?02:06
KingOfDosf2, f3, f4 :)02:06
Bsimscan anyone point me to a website that reviews motherboards based on Linux compatabilitu02:06
KingOfDosother consoles02:06
preston_sthat would make sense. and to get back to X?02:07
KingOfDosF7 is the X session02:07
Bsimspreston_s: its F702:07
btlI'm trying to install ubuntu server onto a machine. I have a CF card for the target install drive, and used UNetbootin to write the livecd to an SDHC card. I boot off the SDHC card fine, but in the install it keeps asking me to mount a cdrom. I chose manual and 'none' for module needed to access, and tried guessing the /dev device but just keeps failing. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?02:07
LjLpreston_s: yes, you have 6 virtual terminals, accessed using F1 to F6. F7 is for X itself. F8, F9 etc are for any other X sessions you might have running concurrently02:07
preston_sthx all02:07
After_MathOK, well I can connect now, but there is still no network manager?02:07
BsimsKingOfDos: apt-get install screen02:07
ActionParsnipgometz: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2007-February/107788.html02:08
BsimsKingOfDos: allows you to multiplex terminal sessions, and artificialy inflate user count02:08
KingOfDosBsims: i just whas explaining him which key's where what :)02:08
dimmlocale on dapper is very hard!!! who now right order of action to good localization?02:08
KingOfDosi'm currently chatting "from" screen, using irssi/bitlbee setup :)02:08
BsimsKingOfDos: cool02:08
BsimsI so need to put my screenrc back online02:08
Bsimslast time I goggled it had someone one in china mention it02:09
gometzActionParsnip: k, that's what i was thinking...  i'm trying to convert an rpm to a deb >.<;;;02:09
Bsimspoint of pride as I tried to explain what it did and why02:09
ActionParsnipgometz: i wouldnt it can cause instabilities, and with something acting so close to the fundamentals of the system02:10
* Bsims chuckles my comments tend to outweigh code by a 2:1 margin02:10
KingOfDosmy little server (HP ePC 40, celeron 933mhz with 512mb ram, using about 35watt of power) is used for chat/mail/stuff. so i can shutdown my computer to save some power (and the nature/world).02:10
_2why am i invisable ?   or is that not what +i means in irc.freenode.net code ?02:10
* nickrud thinks that he'd be happy with Bsims' code layout02:10
ActionParsnip_2: i can see your text02:10
Bsimsnickrud: not online but I can dcc it02:11
Jangarihaving a screen resolution issue here; whenever I try to use 1680x1050 on my 22" lcd it asks me to enable virtual resolution settings, which messes up my entire x-session, so I have to restore xorg.conf from a backup02:11
Bsimsnickrud: I try to explain as best I can why/how things work and show what it does02:11
nickrudBsims, no need, I just like commented code. I'm extremely rusty, and likely to stay so. I read english better these days ;)02:11
bpat1434anyone get naughtysvn to compile in ubuntu 8.04 x64?02:11
KingOfDosoops, now my nvidia driver has crashed. when pressing the ctrl+shift+f1 and then ctrl+shift+f7.02:11
KingOfDosnice, a dual screen setup. but i've found a bug in kubuntu 8.10 :)02:12
nickrudBsims, but actually I'd like to see it. My screen stuff is primitive02:12
Bsimsnickrud: heh I know cobol, rpg, basic, bash, and some python/perl... my biggest problem is finding an itch to scratch02:12
ActionParsnipBsims: learn c02:12
ActionParsnipBsims: c++02:12
gometzActionParsnip: yeah, trying to help a friend install something for work... they only have an rpm for redhat or suse >.<02:13
btlanyone familiar with installing ubuntu server from an SDHC card? i'm stuck when it tries to load cdrom (which the machine doesnt have)02:13
BsimsActionParsnip: I know some C after the third or fourth language its all just syntax02:13
ActionParsnipgometz: its not advised at all02:13
ActionParsnip!alien | gometz02:13
ubottugometz: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)02:13
_2Bsims no C02:13
ThecatmanI need gelp with feisty02:13
ActionParsnipgometz: id compile source for compatibility02:13
gometzyeah, using alien... first time i used it i added --scripts... that's what complained about chkconfig02:13
terrorstormAnyone know how to get a WMP54G wireless card working?02:14
bpat1434KingOfDos, try a triple screen setup ;)02:14
ActionParsnipterrorstorm: doesnt matter what its called, whats lspci say?02:14
gometzActionParsnip: unfortunately there's not any kind of src :(02:14
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:14
ActionParsnipgometz: its open source, there is source02:14
_2!wifi > terrorstorm02:14
ubottuterrorstorm, please see my private message02:14
terrorstormActionParsnip: 01:08.0 Network controller: RaLink RT2561/RT61 802.11g PCI02:14
_2terrorstorm also that doc might help02:14
ActionParsnipterrorstorm: the case is just a shell, its the wifi chip that counts02:15
terrorstormIm glad someone knows where im coming from02:15
BsimsMostly I write frontends to programs I use often02:15
gometzActionParsnip: not this special rpm crap they have for work ;)  not using --scripts seems to have worked02:15
Bsimsand or converters02:15
terrorstormThis has frustrated me for the past 2 days02:15
ActionParsnipterrorstorm: http://kmandla.wordpress.com/2006/12/17/ralink-rt61-edgy-and-nvidia-again/02:15
_2ActionParsnip does not the standard 802.11g proccess cover his issue ?02:16
_2just a thought02:16
BsimsI'm pondering switching back to Sid... Upgrades seem to go smoother... I've never yet been able to fully upgrade from a gui02:16
BsimsI mean between releases02:17
Bsimscourse I have Universe/multiverse installed but darn it that is what apt is for02:17
terrorstormActionParsnip: _2: Does it matter that im on the amd64 build?02:17
teratomaswitching to debian unstable is silly02:17
ActionParsnip_2: im just giving what i find02:17
Bsimsteratoma: ran it for four years till a HD failure02:17
ActionParsnipterrorstorm: http://hardware4linux.info/module/rt61pci/02:17
teratomaswitching to debian testing is probably a bit saner02:17
BsimsOnly reason I got started with Ubuntu is at the time sid wasn't installable02:18
teratomai run debian testing02:18
Bsimsteratoma: apt-reportbugs is a good thing02:18
KingOfDosbpat1434: why triple screen?02:18
FloodBot2Thecatman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:18
* Bsims issues the IRC Prayer... Oh Lord, please grant me the ability to punch people in the face over standard TCP/IP02:19
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!02:19
KingOfDosbpat1434: is triple screen totaly not working in 8.10? or what's the reason you'd say that? :)02:19
DCPomthank you jrib02:19
_2Bsims lol  10 402:19
bpat1434KingOfDos, dunno about 8.1, but I had a hell of a time getting i working in 8.04 so I had 3 monitors showing one desktop while getting all the extra effects02:20
jribDCPom: thanks for the heads up02:20
predator363 lol not hellpo02:20
gometzwoot, this rpm turned deb seems to be working...  chkconfig was just trying to set up the daemon to run on boot02:20
predator363my fingers are dumb02:20
=== xeonz is now known as vexellon
KingOfDosi've got a dualscreen setup with 2x 20.1" widescreen 1680x1050 resolution, tripple screen can be working i'll guess.02:20
=== Kelvin is now known as Guest32173
terrorstormActionParsnip: _2: Are you guys around often? I might need to brew over this for a while.02:20
predator363can someone help me out?02:20
KingOfDosi'm using envy to download the correct driver, and that's just so easly how it works :)02:20
bpat1434Anyone know of a good GUI client for gnome for subversion?  I'm testing SyncroSVN but just wondering if there's anything a little better or easier to use.  Something like tortoisesvn in windows would be awesome (but I can't get naughtysvn to compile)02:20
DCPom!ask | predator36302:20
ubottupredator363: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:20
_2terrorstorm there is someone here most of the time that can help with that02:20
KingOfDosafther that i'd do some X11 config finetuning and it's fine :)02:21
ActionParsnipterrorstorm: most days02:21
BsimsGonna upgrade to Ibex when it comes out02:22
Bsimsgometz: take a look at rolling packages from source its not that hard02:22
BsimsKingOfDos: I highly recommend installing nvida X-server settings02:22
_2!info envyng > KingOfDos02:22
BsimsIts a gui front end to tweaking nvidia graphics cards02:22
terrorstormAlright, thanks a ton02:22
FloodBot2Bsims: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:22
ubottukingofdos, please see my private message02:22
DeltaWaveDoes anyone on here, know a good tutorial guide for understanding Apt-get and how it works and also for Wine?02:22
nickrudbpat1434, I've used svn-workbench ; doesn't have everything but does do 90% of what I need02:22
bobertdos!apt | DeltaWave02:22
ubottuDeltaWave: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)02:22
BsimsDeltaWave: man apt-get02:22
DeltaWaveThank you, and for Wine any good tutorials for it?02:23
BsimsDeltaWave: winehq02:23
Bsimsits the website for the wine project02:23
btlanyone familiar with installing ubuntu server from an SDHC card? i'm stuck when it tries to load cdrom (which the machine doesnt have)02:23
Craihhgneycould anyone please help me with janusvm in ubuntu?02:24
KingOfDosBsims: nvidia-xconfig is installed by envy. and even envy is searching for the correct driver and settings.02:24
predator363i have had heck installing ubuntu first i burned the cd and when i hit enter on any of the options nothing happens except on boot from first disk and it boots to windows. finally i used wubi to install from in windows and ubuntu load but freezes on powernowd so i dissabeled powernowd and it boots into grub without gui so i type startx and it sais ee error no display found. i cannot boot directly from live cd becouse of the w02:24
* Bsims considers filing a wishlist that when ever someone opens a terminal app for the first time it loads man man02:24
juliananyone know how to get skype to work on 81902:24
BsimsKingOfDos: Gah whats the card02:24
DeltaWaveDo u know where you can get the techicals of Apt-get? like what files it touches, how to phase a index file and repair corrupted index files?02:25
Bsimsjulian: I just downloaded the deb and typed sudo dpkg -i foo.deb into a xterm02:25
julianyea i have it installed but the sound wont work on it02:25
gometzBsims: unfortunately it's a proprietary binary02:25
KingOfDosdont know from my head, and my desktop is *** at the moment. found a bug in kubuntu 8.10 ;)02:25
bobertdosDeltaWave: That's basically what the man page is for.02:26
unitypunkcan anyone help me get restricted drivers working?02:26
KingOfDosbut the card/setup is running fine, so that's not a "question" i'd need an awnser for ;)02:26
_2KingOfDos need hardware info from cli ?   lshw | less02:26
BsimsDeltaWave: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/index.en.html#contents the official debian manual for maintainers02:26
predator363any one wanna pm me to help me out?02:26
DeltaWaveit goes though that too? not just flags?02:26
Bsimsmight answer that, though try man dpkg02:26
DeltaWavethanks a bunch =)02:26
bobertdospredator363: with what?02:26
phoenix24any one comfortable with Joomla here ?02:26
Craihhgneycould anyone please help me with janusvm in ubuntu?02:27
predator363i typed a big long question up there do i need to type it again?02:27
Bsimsgometz: true enough but I'm old and have left the purity wars behind me02:27
Craihhgneypredator just press up and enter again02:27
DavidCanariasIs there an easy way to eject a CD/DVD if it won't come out on it's own????02:27
_2!prefix > predator36302:27
ubottupredator363, please see my private message02:27
predator363i have had heck installing ubuntu first i burned the cd and when i hit enter on any of the options nothing happens except on boot from first disk and it boots to windows. finally i used wubi to install from in windows and ubuntu load but freezes on powernowd so i dissabeled powernowd and it boots into grub without gui so i type startx and it sais ee error no display found. i cannot boot directly from live cd becouse of the w02:27
wulaxhow can i increase the number of scrollback lines in gnu-screen after i do "ctrl+a esc"?02:28
KingOfDos_2: GeForce 8600GT :)02:28
BsimsHeh back to Stargate Atlantis02:28
* Bsims fetches the whiskey and scoots02:28
_2KingOfDos k. i wasn't keeping up with you. just noticed you said you didn't know what card and gui was down.  so i offered a way to find out.02:28
KingOfDosand it "whas" correctly working until i'd did a ctrl+shift+f1 and ctrl+shift+f7. even after a reboot the first (main screen) is not working.02:28
bobertdospredator363: Perhaps the alternate CD would be a viable option.02:28
Craihhgneycould anyone please help me with janusVM in ubuntu?02:29
bobertdos!alternate | predator36302:29
ubottupredator363: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04.1/ubuntu-8.04.1-alternate-i386.iso.torrent02:29
predator363iv tryed both cd's of 8.4 and 8.1 to no avail02:29
KingOfDosand i'd did that to confirm the F7 key for another user with a question :)02:29
KingOfDosthat way i'd found a bug in kubuntu 8.10 :)02:29
Craihhgneycould anyone please help me with janusVM in ubuntu?02:30
_2KingOfDos umm that sounds like framebuffer issues.   switching to tty1 puts the card in a different mode (text if not using framebuffering) and for what ever reason xorg isn't doing a clean reset of the gfx card.   don't know why tho.  just the little i have gleened along the way.02:31
_2KingOfDos short version of that post.  "vidio driver burp"02:31
dr_willisKingOfDos,  i agree with _2 - i would start by disabling the frambuffer, and splash screens  with the proper kernel options in menu.lst02:32
adudeis there a reason my swap turns its self off?02:32
bobertdosadude: What do you mean? When does it do this?02:32
_2vga=normal  ^02:32
_2+ nosplash02:33
LighttitanGnome hates me for some reason right now. I think I will wait to fix it till the 30th when I go to Intrepid... unless someone knows how to and can tell me. When I try to load Gnome it just loads the wallpaper, nothing else. I have tried deleting .gnome2 and .confg files... but it hasn't fix it.02:33
Craihhgneycould anyone please help me with janusVM in ubuntu?02:33
_2!enter > me02:33
ubottu_2, please see my private message02:33
KingOfDoshmz, that's a suggestion. fully shutdown the computer :)02:33
KingOfDoshope that it's back on normal then02:33
Lighttitanoh and KDE works02:33
Supersaiyan_IVKingOfDos, that bug doesn't exist on gnome :P02:33
adudewhen i open the system monitor the swap is listed as 0 gb02:33
predator363uuhgh i dunno why i bothered to come in here i knew it would be to busy and id never get any help02:34
tatterhello everyone im a new to linux can i get some help on how to use it a little better02:34
_2Supersaiyan_IV course not. it's kernel/gfx level.02:34
KingOfDosrofl. even when i'd turn of my computer, my TFT panel does NOT go standby02:34
adudethen if i go into the partition editor i get an option to turn swapon.02:34
bobertdostatter: What would you like to learn? :D02:34
Supersaiyan_IV_2, I was just being cynical02:34
_2KingOfDos hard reset.02:35
dr_willisadude,  check fstab for a proper swap entry, try the 'sudo swapon' command also.02:35
tatterwell..is there such a thing as file sharing...i was seeing this beryl what is that02:35
Craihhgneycould anyone please help me with janusVM in ubuntu?02:36
KingOfDos_2: even when i'd disconnect the DVI cable the screen stays on02:36
KingOfDosso kubuntu 8.10 killed my 350 euro 20.1" widescreen :)02:36
ActionParsnip!beryl | tatter02:36
ubottutatter: Beryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz02:36
KingOfDosat least, that's what i'd think at the moment. i'm going to try a VGA cable to my laptop02:37
adudeok will see if the swap stays on.02:37
DCPomKingOfDos, sounds like a problem with the screen, not the kub, but i don't have a solution02:37
_2KingOfDos very likely.   specally if you were trying to get the highest rez/refresh out of it you could.02:37
wall-ecan anyone help me and tell me how to burn mkv file in ubuntu?02:38
Craihhgneycould anyone please help me with janusVM in ubuntu?02:38
tatteri just wanted that 3d look to it02:38
tatteris there a way to get that02:38
BobCFCtatter: beryl is the old way of doing 3D spinning cubes and other effects.. if you have 3D drivers setupp such as nvidia or ati u can enable new compiz fusion instead02:39
_2KingOfDos i'm just saying i have read the warnings on several things, like svgatextmode for example. that say plainly "experiment at your own risk, setting the rates too high can destroy your hardware!"    just a thought.02:39
BobCFCtatter: do you have 3d grphics?02:39
tatteri have an on board grphic card02:39
tatterwill that work02:40
BobCFCtatter: maybe02:40
tatterso what would i have to do to get that 3d effect02:40
KingOfDos_2: the screen is working when i'm using the VGA connection instead of the DVI connection02:40
wall-e]no idea whats the best program to use to burn mkv files?02:40
BobCFCtatter: try and enable some 3D drivers look in menu System->Admin->Hardware Drivers and see if you can tick a box, you wiol need to reboot02:40
dr_williswall-e,  by burn you mean convert to dvd video, and create a dvd-video disk to play in a dvd player?02:41
KingOfDosi'll try a "oldscool" setup with no dualscreen02:41
ActionParsniptatter: install graphics drivers first02:41
ActionParsnipKingOfDos: how is a single display "old skool"?02:42
=== Strider_ is now known as StriderK
tatterwhere would i find a graphic driver02:42
KingOfDosand the fact is, the "textmode" information comes only on the right screen, and the left screen is'nt working anymore :)02:42
wall-ewhen i was using windows i just put the mkv file on data dvd and played perfect in ps3! but ubuntu just give errror02:42
StriderKCan someone help me out with a stereo headset problem?02:42
BobCFCtatter:  look in menu System->Admin->Hardware Drivers and see if you can tick a box, you wiol need to reboot02:42
_2ok i have a futureistic question.  or line of questions. i am not yet at this point. but i know nothing about windows, and will in a day or two be trying to connect vista and ubuntu.  i know that putty can ssh windows to linux (provided sshd is running on linux) but how can i access the windows vista from linux ?02:42
KingOfDosActionParsnip: i was refering to my setup based on the X11 config with "single screen" setup. not for dual/single screen in general :)02:42
_2networking help please   ^02:43
ActionParsnip_2: share the folder with a rightclick then smbmount02:43
tatterit say no propreatary drivers are in use on this system02:43
_2ActionParsnip any special packages needed in either os ?02:43
ActionParsnip_2: make sure your firewall allows the traffic02:43
wall-eso basicly i just want to get the mkv file to dvd! unless anyone can tell me how to get it directly to ps3?02:43
BobCFCtatter: can you activate one? is there an in the list?02:43
tatterits blank02:43
ActionParsnip_2: samba in linux for smbmount02:43
_2ActionParsnip k.  check firewall and get correct ip.  share folder and smbmount it.    is that all ?   anyway to run a command on the vista box ?02:44
ActionParsnip_2: you could rdp with rdesktop02:44
bobertdostatter: Unfortunately, integrated chipsets often aren't capable of direct rendering, necessary for compiz to function.02:44
KingOfDos_2: i'd powered of my computer AND the screen for a while. and now it's working again :)02:45
tatterok so no 3d effect huh02:45
BobCFCtatter: it might not work then. if you want to try anyway goto System->Prefs->Appearance and click on the Visual Effects tab then try to choose extra02:45
arvind_khadrihi, i have real-player 11 installed but even then i cant play real audio on firefox... the plugins segfault02:45
ActionParsnipbobertdos: compiz is quite light. it just ruins everything else02:45
KingOfDosnote to self: do NOT use the console directly from my computer for a while. at least when i'm not switching "back" to X11 (only for a full restart)02:45
tatteroh i can make the window flimsy02:45
_2ActionParsnip rdesktop you say?   what about telnet  anything i could connect to like that in vista ?02:45
tatterive allready did that02:45
BobCFCtatter: oh good sign!02:46
ActionParsnip_2: you could install a telnet server02:46
BobCFCtatter: if no 3d it says sorry cant enable at that point!02:46
wall-eokay well thanks anyway!?!02:46
bobertdosActionParsnip: haha, I know, but I wasn't really talking about its weight either02:46
_2ActionParsnip thanks for the info that will point me in the right dirrection.02:46
tatterok bummer so what else could i do with linux what are the high points of it02:46
ActionParsnipbobertdos: i think compiz is garbage02:46
=== Eisbar is now known as Jesus
BobCFCtatter: if you have wobbly windows it should be working?02:47
BobCFCtatter: do they wobble?02:47
tatteri can only switch only 2 windows i dont get the cube effect02:47
BobCFCtatter: yes you need to install something02:47
bobertdosActionParsnip: I more or less agree/ I used to use it, and I've always had hardware capable of it, but I got very irritated with it, very quickly.02:47
KingOfDosbut yea, I was kind of worry'd that my expencive screen whas damaged. but even when that whas a fact, then i'd just did a bugsubmit to ubuntu. and send the screen back so they will fix it for me (waranty :) )02:47
Grey_LokiThe effects that Compiz gives are more in the nature of a bonus for me than a major selling point of linux02:48
_2KingOfDos so a hard reset did the trick ?02:48
ActionParsnipbobertdos: same here, fluxbox all the way for me02:48
BobCFCgoto System->Admin->Synaptic02:48
tatteryea that is what sold me02:48
BobCFCtatter: goto System->Admin->Synaptic02:48
KingOfDos_2: i'd did a hard reset of the screen, for about 2 minutes.02:48
tatterand then what do i do there02:49
drowner_unusual problem: I have default gnome installation, also have e and xfce and flux desktops, when i try and run a diff desktop i get booted back to log in, seemingly randomly, after about 1 hours. Happened with XFCE, and with flux. Anyone ver heard of such a thing?02:49
BobCFCtatter: type compiz in search box you should get about 20-30 results02:49
_2KingOfDos yeah. i would probably still disable kernel framebuffering for safty sake on that particular combo.02:49
bobertdosGrey_Loki: agreed02:49
kitcheKingOfDos: your issue is not really a ubuntu issue it's a nvidia driver issue02:49
media7e sysinfo02:49
tatterok did that02:50
arvind_khadrihi, i have real-player 11 installed but even then i cant play real audio on firefox... the plugins segfault02:50
BobCFCtatter: you want to install compiz-fusion-plugins-main, compiz-fusion-plugins-extra and compizconfig-settings-manager02:50
_2kitche yes,  and imo ubuntu shouldnt be supplying a driver it can't support.02:50
BobCFCtatter: you might have the first already02:50
BobCFCtatter: to install one righht click on it and choose Mark for installation02:51
tattergreen box means i have it?02:51
kitche_2: if you say so02:51
BobCFCtatter: yes whgite means not installed02:51
bobertdostatter: yup02:51
_2it's just an opinion02:51
devslashnullwho here has run ubuntu on an eeepc ?02:51
BobCFCtatter: the important ones are Extra plugins and settings-manager02:51
=== djhash_ is now known as djhash
ActionParsnipdevslashnull: ive had it running ok02:52
KingOfDoskitche: i wont say that it's a direct "ubuntu" problem, it's only happening on "ubuntu" with some kind of 3rd party (in this case nvidia or x11, or kde 4.1).02:52
BobCFCtatter: click the apply button once you have made selection02:53
_2when an opensource org. supplies a binary driver,  it is catch 22   damned if you do and damned if you don't.   you can't support it. but you are for all practical purposes, the source of the broken thing.02:53
tatterok i had them all except compizconfig-setting-manger bob cfc02:53
tatterso now what is my next step02:54
BobCFCtatter: ok settings manager is like control panel for the effects you need that one to enable the cube02:54
BobCFCtatter: click apply button02:54
tatteri allready downloaded it02:54
devslashnullActionParsnip, did you overclock it02:54
kitcheKingOfDos: it happens on all distros just not ubuntu02:54
ActionParsniptatter: its good to get your 3d accelleration but compiz eventually gets really annoying02:54
ActionParsnipdevslashnull: no, no need02:55
bobertdostatter: and once it's installed, be aware that you need at least 4 horizontal virtual desktops to have the cube actually be a cube :p02:55
BobCFCtatter: ok now close synaptic and you should have a new menu to enable effects.. goto System->Prefs->Compiz....02:55
BobCFCtatter: it might be called Advanced effects on hardy i forget i am running interpid ibex02:55
SnowWritehi,  I'm moving from Windows to Ubuntu and having trouble with my network connection02:55
tatterthats cool i found it02:56
KingOfDoskitche: i'd understand that. so i'm not saying its a specific ubuntu problem. but it's happening "in my case" on ubuntu :)02:56
tatterso do u know how to use it02:56
SnowWritecan anyone point me to a good how-to/fix that I can start with to troublesshot02:56
_2SnowWrite wireless, wired or dialup ?02:56
SnowWriteethernet .. ubuntu intrepid02:56
ActionParsnipdevslashnull: if you use it as a netbook its fast enough02:56
BobCFCtatter: ok now there is alot of stuff in there i can't expllain because my food is cooked, but Click 3D cube and Rotate Cube to get started and that should get u spinning .. hint: crtl-alt-mouse102:57
KingOfDosit's a big diffrence if i'd say "it a ubuntu problem" or "its a problem for me at ubuntu" ;)02:57
dr_willisSnowWrite, does networking work on the live cd? now about other disrto live  cd's ?02:57
GletobHey I was wondering if there is a good guide to building ubuntu from a minimal install02:57
ActionParsnipdevslashnull: id reccommend not using firefox and using something lighter02:57
ActionParsnip!lowmemory | Gletob02:57
ubottuGletob: For installing on low memory systems, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems.  See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements.02:57
_2SnowWrite actually until release date (oct 30) support for intrepid is supposed to be in #ubuntu+102:57
devslashnullActionParsnip, well i followed these instructions: http://www.sampletheweb.com/2007/12/30/overclock-your-asus-eee-pc-fsb-on-ubuntu/02:57
SnowWritehmm I haven't tried02:57
SnowWriteahh ok02:57
BobCFCtatter: you can find lots of tutorials online about the settings just google compiz-fusion02:57
devslashnulland everything seems to have worked but when i do cat /proc/cpuinfo it still says 630 mhz02:58
SnowWritethanks _202:58
ActionParsnipdevslashnull: try a different guide02:58
GletobI'm not looking for low memory I just want a customized ubuntu02:58
tatterthank u so much bobcfc you are a big help02:58
ActionParsnipGletob: read the guide, you'll see what i mean02:58
KingOfDoskevin_: i will never blame anyone if i'm not 100% sure. specialy in the opensource world that's very stupid. it's all based on 3rd party's, so I think that i've got to be 100% sure that i'm talking to the right person/group.02:58
tropicalsom e girl?02:59
BobCFCtatter: good luck i must get my food02:59
GletobOh ok thanks you very much02:59
klaxiananyone know how to run ubuntu with an 1680 x 1050 screen?02:59
_2egirls ?02:59
ActionParsnipklaxian: set it in xorg.conf02:59
lianimatorklaxian: is it ur native res?02:59
klaxianActionParsnip: doesn't ubuntu auto-detect resolutions in hardy and beyond?03:00
klaxianlianimator: it is the native res of the screen, yes03:00
ActionParsnipklaxian: its worth a try. Its how i set my res03:00
lianimatorklaxian: what is ur vga model?03:00
dr_willisklaxian,  pretty miuch it should.. but i ofte have ti install the nvidia or ati drivers for it to get the proper res..03:00
klaxianActionParsnip: ok i will try03:00
klaxiandr_willis: it's an intel card03:00
dr_willisklaxian,  ive also noticed it gettting it wrong with VGA monitors at times.. DVI is much smarter about it.03:00
phpstarhellow everyone03:01
francoHeyas Ppls03:01
_2dr_willis not been writting your own perscritpions again have you ?03:01
francoHow do I run mp3?03:01
klaxianlianimator: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller (rev 03)03:01
phpstarVLC player franco03:01
ActionParsnipfranco: you can PLAY mp3s with a variety of player03:01
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs03:01
bobertdosfranco: or install the gstreamer codecs03:01
francoI'm using rythmbox but it says something about codes03:01
dr_willis_2,  Not today. :)03:02
ActionParsnip!codec | franco03:02
ubottufranco: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:02
devslashnullActionParsnip, if i overclock should cpuinfo be updated automatically ?03:02
MyyogaHey folks, I have a bit of a problem. I just installed Ubuntu on my system (abit KN8 SLI with AMD 3800+), and for some reason it does not dectect my networking interfaces. Tried installing the Nvida drivers directly, but it required that I had the packages for building the driver....which i couldn't find on the disk. Is there anything I can do to fix the issue?03:02
* lianimator has gtg.03:02
ActionParsnipdevslashnull: i have no idea03:02
_2dr_willis just wondered, i'm normally the one making all the typos and spelling errors...03:02
devslashnulldoes anyone else know ?03:02
ActionParsnipdevslashnull: have you tried the eeepc forum03:02
phpstarMy ISP has given me 3 static ip's , how can i have individual LAN for each IP ??03:02
francoI can't hear mp3?03:02
phpstarcan anyone help me pls03:03
phpstarMy ISP has given me 3 static ip's , how can i have individual LAN for each IP ??03:03
devslashnullActionParsnip, which one?03:03
ActionParsnipfranco: if you dont have an mp3 codec you wont be able to play mp3s03:03
BCM34!mp3 | franco03:03
ubottufranco: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:03
ActionParsnipdevslashnull: websearch for eeepc user forum, you'll find it03:03
francohow do I install mp3 codec?03:03
creslynJust wanted to give a shoutout to the ubuntu team, thanks. That is all.03:03
dr_willisphpstar,  that question did not make much sence... You may want to clarify to the channel what you are doing.03:03
BCM34franco: look at the links ubottu gave you03:03
ActionParsnipfranco: you've been told twice by ubottu03:03
_2devslashnull bogomips is only read at boot time. afaik03:03
phpstarMy ISP have given me 3 static ip03:04
action09i'm not sure what driver exactly to use for a graphic card ati radeon hd 4870 with Ubuntu 8.10, can you confirm please ?  I suppose best choice is to use propreietary driver from website ? isent' the a display problem with 8.10 ?03:04
action09thanks !03:04
phpstari wanna use 3 seperate LAN for each IP03:04
devslashnull_2 so how do i know what the realtime cpu speed is ?03:04
phpstari mean one for one03:04
ActionParsnip!intrepid | action903:04
ubottuaction9: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu03:04
phpstar1 IP -> 1 LAm03:04
MyyogaAny idea on what to do folks?03:04
butthole-surferCan anyone tell me how to change the name of a samba share? My path to the share is /home/user/Share but it shows up as test(old name) on windows and when I ask samba.03:04
BCM34Myyoga: I missed your question03:04
action09oups yes sorry i upgrade few minutes ago i miss about that :)03:05
Myyogaoh sorrry I'll repost it03:05
creslynAnyone else here doing the folding@home?03:05
dr_willisphpstar,  and thats not very clear.. a lan is a set of machines each with their own IP.. So I think theres somthing we are missing here.. You mean you want to set up 3 different machines as gateways for a seperate lan?03:05
BCM34creslyn: why?03:05
creslynJust curious.03:05
leo_rockwhello everyone03:05
_2devslashnull if it changes durring normal runtime, i'm not sure you can.  you have to have a compairisom of some kind.   i.e. clockA reports blah against the rtc and clockB reports blah against clockA03:05
creslynThinking about doing it  myself.03:05
BCM34creslyn: on ubuntu?03:05
phpstardr wills PM ??03:05
creslynDidn't know if there was any other issues that I might've not been aware of regarding it's software.03:06
Myyoga Hey folks, I have a bit of a problem. I just installed Ubuntu on my system (abit KN8 SLI with AMD 3800+), and for some reason it does not dectect my networking interfaces. Tried installing the Nvida drivers directly, but it required that I had the packages for building the driver....which i couldn't find on the disk. Is there anything I can do to fix the issue?03:06
bobertdoscreslyn: This is a bit offtopic, but I used to......haven't in a long time :)03:06
devslashnull_2 um where do i get those clock speeds info ?03:06
dr_willisphpstar,  i doubt if i can help ya much.. perhaps someone can in here.. if we can get the question clarified. of course this isent really ubuntu specific.03:06
leo_rockwI was watching a video and I paused it and I accidentally deleted it. The thing is that I can still watch that video, where is the player getting the information from?03:06
ActionParsnipMyyoga: sudo apt-get install build-essential03:06
creslynI wonder what kind of throughput they'd get on the folding@home with the Nehalem coming soon. ;)03:06
BCM34Myyoga: do you know your wireless card?03:06
phpstari know03:06
BCM34ActionParsnip: she does not have internet03:06
MyyogaI do have a wireless card03:06
ActionParsnipMyyoga: you can install it off the install cd03:06
_2devslashnull the kernel reads them at init.   see dmesg for it's findings.03:06
Myyogabut it is not recognised03:06
phpstari need 3 seperate LAN for 3 seperate static IPS03:06
ActionParsnipBCM34: the install cd can be used as a repo03:06
BCM34Myyoga: do you know what wired or wireless card you have?03:07
dr_willisphpstar,    for my home 'lan' the gateway machine has the isps static ip, then it has its own private lan ip. thats what the lan sees...03:07
MyyogaLinksys Rangle Plus03:07
BCM34Myyoga: is it plugged in via usb?03:08
_2phpstar as per dr_willis and i set the default gateway to the lan ip of the box that also has the inet connection. and forward ipv4 on that box.03:08
Myyogano its a pci card03:08
=== adrian_ is now known as lordars
ActionParsnipMyyoga: download the drivers on another system and get them installed / compiled03:09
BCM34Myyoga: run lspci and place the result in pastebin03:09
MyyogaI was thinking that I could use whats pastebin?03:09
leo_rockwI was watching a video and I paused it and I accidentally deleted it. The thing is that I can still watch that video, where is the player getting the information from? or rather: is there any way to get the file back?03:10
Myyoga*whats pastebin03:10
BCM34!paste | Myyoga03:10
ubottuMyyoga: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:10
Myyogaalright thank you. im not sure how im going to get the printout from a computer without internet to one that does have internet03:11
MyyogaIts time to pull out the flashdrive03:11
ActionParsnipMyyoga: you can read it and type, we only need the one line about your network device03:11
BCM34Myyoga: you don't have a wired connection working?03:11
BCM34ActionParsnip: you know which one? I forget the first part03:12
Myyogaits was not native;y recognised03:12
Myyogathats what really worried me03:12
ActionParsnipMyyoga: lspci will tell you what it is03:12
Myyogaalright. im going to do that now03:12
MyyogaThank you :)03:12
devslashnullif i overclock my cpu at boot up, is there a program i can use to read the cpu speed (not us03:13
_2lshw -C network03:13
devslashnullnot from /proc/cpuinfo03:13
_2devslashnull if it's overclocked when it boots and doesn't change the kernel "should" set correct speeds in /proc/cpuinfo03:14
CITguy08I've got an interesting question. When using nano in a terminal I cannot use the CTRL+X shortcut to exit. I have to use (ESCx2)+X for it to work. Anybody know how I can get CTRL+X to work?03:14
ActionParsnipCITguy08: does ctrl work in other apps?03:15
devslashnull_2 no i overclock after boot up using a script03:16
_2check both left and right ctrl if you have two of them03:16
CITguy08yes, and the other CTRL shortcuts work in nano. Just not CTRL+X.03:16
ActionParsnipCITguy08: does ctrl work in other terminal apps?03:16
Myyogahey guys. here is the url of the paste I just did: http://paste.ubuntu.com/59103/03:16
ActionParsnipCITguy08: run xev and press ctrl, see what you get03:16
Myyogathanks again for your help. I really apreciate your time03:16
poseidonwhats the ubuntu bot?  I need to ask it about the nvidia drivers.  I just installed ubuntu and I want to install the prop. drivers03:17
_2devslashnull ok. i've said about all i know there.  so i'll leave your question to the professionals.   and you might ask in #kernel or in ##linux  also.03:17
CITguy08it's registering correctly, but doesn't work in nano03:17
ActionParsnipMyyoga: theres no wired lan interface there, are you sure its enabled in bios?03:17
bobertdos!nvidia | poseido03:17
ubottuposeido: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:17
MyyogaI can restart and make sure03:18
bobertdos!nvidia | poseidon03:18
ubottuposeidon: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:18
Myyogagive me one moment to do that03:18
Scuniziposeidon: first you need to do your updates.. in a terminal sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:18
ActionParsnipmyygo for it03:18
_2CITguy08 sounds like your terminal app is catching that key combo  check it's hotkey settings03:18
BCM34Myyoga: http://madwifi.org/wiki/UserDocs/GettingMadwifi do this and see if it will get your wireless card to work03:18
CITguy08where do i check that?03:18
Scuniziposeidon: then there should be an option under System/Admin/Hardware drivers to install the nvidia drivers.03:19
_2CITguy08 in it's menus i would think03:19
ObyssIf you're going from internet -> ubuntu gateway <-> switch <-> clients           do you need to use a crossover cable between the gateway and the switch?03:19
MyyogaI'll do both at the same time :)03:19
CITguy08Keyboard Shortcuts?03:19
BCM34!tab < _203:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tab < _203:19
BCM34!tab > _203:19
_2yep sounds right CITguy0803:19
xjiroObyss: no03:20
CITguy08I see nothing mapped to CTRL+X03:20
_2BCM34 what are you on about ?03:20
rootslashdotobyss, between the gateway and the switch i don't believe so03:20
BCM34_2: you seemed to be coping and pasting CITguy08 so I told ubottu to tell you that you can just you tab to autocompleate03:20
rootslashdotobyss the only time you would use a crossover cable would be to connect two computers together03:21
=== MenZa_Aeris is now known as MenZa
rootslashdotwhen transferring data03:21
BCM34administrator: please stop03:21
CITguy08It worked prior to reinstalling Ubuntu, so what could have changed?03:21
LogicalThougCIT Read that it should help you with ur settings03:21
_2BCM34 no i was using tab. and you "tried" to tell ubottu to tell me :)03:21
ActionParsniprootslashdot: or if you are connecting to a crossover port on an interconnection device03:21
LogicalThougi am not really sure how it would change03:21
BCM34_2: ok, sorry03:21
LogicalThougand i also don't really know how you have been using ur box03:22
untermen1chI need help using a linksys wusb54g network key with ubuntu 8.0403:22
ActionParsnipuntermen1ch: run lsusb03:22
ActionParsnipuntermen1ch: give us the single line relating to the usb stick03:22
BCM34untermen1ch: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/wireless-internet/64463-installing-wusb54g-ubuntu-wireless-adapter.html03:22
_2BCM34 i do copy/paste nicks that don't complete easily tho.03:23
untermen1chActionParsnip: which one?03:23
untermen1chActionParsnip: nvm found it.03:23
ActionParsnip!paste | untermen1ch03:23
ubottuuntermen1ch: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:23
untermen1chActionParsnip: Bus 004 Device 004: ID 13b1:000a Linksys03:23
tyberion_hey, hrm, whats a good hex editor for ubuntu?03:23
=== _2 is now known as root_______
BCM34_2: your's is rather easy. :)03:24
=== root_______ is now known as root______
ActionParsnipuntermen1ch: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=588045&highlight=linksys03:25
shoutcastI would like to set up an internet radio station using shoutcast. Where can i find a good tutorial or help guide that walks me through it?03:26
=== pawan_ is now known as pawan1
ActionParsnipuntermen1ch: ndiswrapper is an option if you get no joy03:26
pawan1when is the new version coming out03:26
ham_which wireless net manager in ubuntu?03:26
root______shoutcast howtoforge.something.....03:26
CITguy08LogicalThoug: That article didn't help.03:26
ActionParsniptyberion_: ghexedit03:26
r00t_how do is et up usergroups for virtual box? The VirtualBox kernel driver is not accessible to the current user. Make sure that the user has write permissions for /dev/vboxdrv by adding them to the vboxusers groups. You will need to logout for the change to take effect..03:26
untermen1chActionParsnip: I was having problems getting an ndiswrapper for it. I'm pretty sure I'll need one.03:26
ActionParsnip!info ghexedit | tyberion_03:26
ham_i cant use me wireless network now03:26
ubottutyberion_: Package ghexedit does not exist in hardy03:26
unitypunkhelp plzzz03:26
Myyogaok wow. so thats really nice, umm it seems that my lan controller was turned off03:26
unitypunkkeep getting subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 203:26
unitypunkwhen i try to enable my restricted driver03:27
BCM34Myyoga: lol03:27
ActionParsnipr00t_: you need the ose module matching youkernel version03:27
ham_I always connect automatic to other wireless network03:27
zerwaswhere couldbe the problem if a java applet in browser does not work with linux (1.5, 1.6u7, 1.6u10, ...) but with windows?03:27
ActionParsnipMyyoga: well its good now so you can now get full updates03:27
MyyogaI had a power outage and it killed my install of windows so I switched over to my reliable Linux :)03:27
root______shoutcast howtoforge.net03:27
tyberion_ActionParsnip: well, what can I use if ghexedit aint there anymore?03:27
MyyogaThank you very much! Have a great night guys!03:27
pawan1when is the new version coming out03:28
ham_is there a tool to manager the wireless network03:28
ActionParsnip!info bless | tyberion_03:28
BCM34!ibex | pawan103:28
ubottutyberion_: bless (source: bless): A full featured hexadecimal editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.2-1.1 (hardy), package size 473 kB, installed size 1196 kB03:28
ubottupawan1: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu03:28
ActionParsnip!info ghex | tyberion_03:28
ubottutyberion_: ghex (source: ghex): GNOME Hex editor for files. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.21.92-1 (hardy), package size 918 kB, installed size 2844 kB03:28
ActionParsniptyberion_: all i dod was websearch03:28
unitypunkanyone got any idea?03:28
tyberion_oops, sorry03:28
BCM34!google | ActionParsnip03:28
ubottuActionParsnip: google is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux03:28
chfwiggu1Results for | ActionParsnip on Google:03:29
usserham_, network manager, the tool you should see in your tray applet03:29
* root______ wonders if this is "lets get floodbot2 to kick ubottu for flooding" day ?03:29
ActionParsnipunitypunk: what graphics card do you use?03:29
shunI have an ATI Radeon HD3600 and I would like to install the fglrx drivers for it but when I try to use the propriety drivers it will not boot, all I get is a black screen untill I fix the x server, can someone help me03:29
unitypunksec, let me lspci03:29
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!03:29
ham_yes, i see it before, but now i can't see it now03:29
unitypunkActionParsnip: 00:12.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 7150M (rev a2)03:30
ActionParsnipshun: theres always envyng-gtk as a last resort03:30
Someone-in-Earthi need to understand something which alot of peoples thinks its strange!!! in this video ! http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=73EfykhtXsE&feature=related03:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about scoobysnack03:30
ActionParsnipunitypunk: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx03:30
usserham_, try nm-applet in terminal03:30
ham_usser, so i don't know which network it connected03:30
MariHi can somebody help me? I need help with setting up a small office netword, I work in a small office where we have two computers and I have a LAN card installed in both computers, and I have a Motorola cable modem connected to both of the computers I computer is connected with a LAN card and the other with a usb cable both with the same cable modem, now is there anyway for me to set up a...03:30
Mari...small office network?03:30
r00t_ActionParsnip, i have the ose moduel03:30
ham_okay, i will try03:31
unitypunki did.03:31
ActionParsnipr00t_: make sure you are a member of vboxusers i think it is03:31
shunI tried envy but it didnt work03:31
drowner_Someone-in-Earth: Wat?03:31
ActionParsnipr00t_: you'll have to log off and on to make that active03:31
Someone-in-Earthi want to know if this is real !! because all geniuses talking about it here http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=73EfykhtXsE&feature=related03:31
drowner_Someone-in-Earth: Which part of it is related to ubuntu?03:31
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ham_usser, yes i try, but no response03:32
shunwait can someone make a private chat and tell me how to fix my issude plz03:32
ham_the program can't start03:32
Someone-in-Earthjust asking03:32
ActionParsnipSomeone-in-Earth: this is ubuntu support. please dont post random videos03:32
Luanricksomeone can help me plz ?03:32
ham_it seems hung there03:32
drowner_Luanrick: sure.03:32
ActionParsnip!ot | Someone-in-Earth03:32
ubottuSomeone-in-Earth: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:32
smil3ySomeone-in-Earth>  dont post that towelhead crap in here03:32
MariPlease can somebody help me?03:33
NeverdieI have three times "cdrom" in my Places > Removable media (gnome (duh!)), So, How can I Get them away? (1: I can't reboot now; 2: I was mounting some .iso's on /cdrom/ to get some files off them).. What do I do?03:33
Someone-in-Earthcrap !?03:33
drowner_smil3y: is there a need for racism?03:33
Luanrickcan i install ubuntu in win 95 ?03:33
vexellonHi I am having an APT problem: W: GPG error: ftp://ftp.uni-kl.de stable Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 07DC563D1F41B90703:33
shunaction, can i make a chat with you,03:33
DasEiMari: sure, best would be a witch, and one of the pc's needs a second network-card03:33
StriderKIs there anyone on that can help me with a headset issue?03:33
DasEiMari: sure, best would be a switch, and one of the pc's needs a second network-card03:33
ActionParsnipNeverdie: sudo umount /mount/point/name03:33
MariWhats a switch?03:33
MariI have another lan card03:34
r00t_ActionParsnip,  i dont think i am a member,how do i add myself?03:34
ubottuMari: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:34
root______Luanrick no03:34
Luanrickwhy ?03:34
ham_wireless network probelm03:34
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root______Luanrick not "in" win95 you can't.   file size limitation03:34
NeverdieActionParsnip, the point is, their unmounted!03:34
Bartman84Wondering if anyone can help me with an Xserver issue03:34
ActionParsnipr00t_: sudo usermod -G vboxusers <your username>03:34
LFLF73I'm almost afraid to ask, but how long has google.com/linux been around? this is news to me!03:35
ham_i cant see the tool select the wireless network03:35
Neverdiewait, ActionParsnip it wasn't03:35
MariDasEi: What is a switch, i have a other lan card so i have a total of three lan cards03:35
Luanrickok! thanks03:35
DasEiMari: to direct two pcs by network, you need a patchcable, wwhich'es pins are set different than usually, or a switch, a socket, that automatically takes right settings03:35
Neverdienever mind, Fix'd now!03:35
root______Luanrick and if you knwe your way around the wubi installer well enough to get around that, you wouldn't have asked  :)03:35
Mariim lost03:35
ActionParsnipNeverdie: oh they are present in gnome places?03:36
junaidhow to acess files between host and guest in virtual box   host  ubuntu 8.04  guest  xp03:36
DasEiMari: pc to pc directly = crossovercabel03:36
root______Luanrick you can install along side win95 with ease though03:36
Mariso bacily if i have two lan cards installed i could have internet and a small office network as well?03:37
DasEiMari: pc to pc directly or any cable, switch in the middle03:37
NeverdieActionParsnip, yeah, But their gone now :D03:37
strangehey guys i have a laptop with a t7500 cpu (core2duo 2.2ghz) but when i do cat /proc/cpuinfo it only shows 800mhz per processor, is this some setting thats wrong which makes my laptop not run at full speed?03:37
d6chunglunaid: You can use a drive mapping.03:37
DasEiMari: basically, yes03:37
LimCorestrange: perhaps it auto changes frequency, and will change to max freq when needed (when under load)03:38
RetrogradCulturei changed the password on my root account (not called "Root" btw) and I can't sudo passwd03:38
Marithanks so just need to buy an other lan card and nothing else not even a switch thingy?03:38
LimCorestrange: that is very good (power saving)03:38
RetrogradCulturewhat can I do to change my pw?03:38
shunI have an ATI Radeon HD3600 and I would like to install the fglrx drivers for it but when I try to use the propriety drivers it will not boot, all I get is a black screen untill I fix the x server03:38
Bartman84I am trying to update my video driver, and I get an error when I try to use the ATI Installer, X Server: Unable to Detect.  can anyone help me please?03:38
RetrogradCultureoh and I messed up my home dir03:38
shuncan some one helpz me03:38
r00t_ActionParsnip, r00t@I****UNICORNS:~$ sudo usermod -G vboxuser r00t03:38
r00t_usermod: unknown group vboxuser03:38
RetrogradCulturethat's why I can't log in03:38
DasEiMari: generally I'd suggest to establish two networks, one for internet, one for internal lan#03:38
strangeLimCore: im not on battery though, shouldnt it just use full speed?03:38
LimCoreask | shun03:38
LimCore!ask | shun03:38
ubottushun: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:38
MariDasEi: how?03:38
d6chunglunaid: Using virtualbox's "Shared Folders" feature.03:38
julianwhats the fastest video converter?03:39
MariDasEi: By having two lan cards installed in both pc's?03:39
DasEiMari: if you got two network cards, you can configure them seperately03:39
shunsorry limcore03:39
Mariokay cool thanks03:39
LimCoreshun: no problem :) just ask03:39
root______RetrogradCulture being able to sudo has nothing to do with the root passwd.    if you are refering to the "root jr." account that is commonly called the admin account.  then it should be able to sudo if you input the same user password when prompted03:39
ActionParsnipr00t_: is r00t your login name in linux?03:39
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DasEiMari: minimum require for your scene is 3 NIC's , one crrossover, rest patch03:40
root______RetrogradCulture test this.   sudo echo boo03:40
nnulli see that update manager wants to download kernal headers images etc why do i need a new kernal?03:40
r00t_ActionParsnip, It is the acount i user vb with03:40
RetrogradCultureyeah that's what I meant, an admin account, not "root"03:40
=== Guest87002 is now known as edmccaffrey
MariDasEi: what is that?03:40
root______RetrogradCulture if it asks for your password. give it "your" password.   and if it says "boo" back at you, it's working03:40
MariDasEi: what is NIC's?03:40
ActionParsnipr00t_: thats cool, then log off and on as that user, then you should be ok03:40
DasEiMari: network-adapter, the pci card(or onboard) lan connector03:41
After_Mathshun, what you need help with03:41
RetrogradCulturesee it didn't echo boo03:41
MariI have a few pci connectors in both pc's03:41
r00t_ActionParsnip, logoff then back on? without doing anything inbetween?03:41
nnulli see that update manager wants to download kernal headers images etc why do i need a new kernal?03:41
root______RetrogradCulture ok. did it give any error message ?03:41
lianimatorI mounted a partition into a folder in ~/ but it still shows in My Computer as a volume.03:42
mikeypizanocan someone help me get better batt life?03:42
lianimatori don't want it to show03:43
RetrogradCultureno msg03:43
lianimatormikeypizano: don't plug the AC in when battery is full03:43
root______RetrogradCulture ok in a terminal run "login" and see if you can login as your self03:43
robbiet480hey my eth0 has disappeared and ifconfig says no such device. the lines are in /etc/network/interfaces. i was trying to add virtual interfaces via eth0:x where x is a number but on reboot only the loopback interface comes up. i switched to eth1 and that seemed to fix it but after another reboot it did it again. its a realtek 8168 card. i tried rmmod and modprobe to no effect. restarted the network to no effect. can anyo03:43
mikeypizanoi mean make ubuntus batt last longer03:43
RetrogradCultureNo utmp entry.  You must exec "login" from the lowest level "sh"03:43
d6chunglunaid: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68103703:43
After_Mathmikeypizano, power managment03:44
root______so "exec login"03:44
mikeypizanook im using that but its still crap03:44
d6chungjunaid: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68103703:44
After_Mathmikeypizano, system > Preferences > Power Management03:44
mikeypizanoi kno, i tried that03:44
After_Mathmikeypizano, then your batt is crap :P03:44
mikeypizanonot on windows03:45
After_Mathmikeypizano, how long does it last on windows03:45
mikeypizanobout 3hr03:45
After_Mathand ubuntu?03:45
After_Mathmikeypizano, have you tried it, or is that what its saying?03:45
root______shich windows03:45
lianimatorubuntu could report wrong battery time03:45
mikeypizanoi tried it03:45
RetrogradCulture'exec login ' makes the term session close03:45
lianimatortry using it past 0%03:45
After_Mathmikeypizano, do you run alot of processes?03:46
mikeypizanono, just pidgin and firefox mostly03:46
After_Mathmikeypizano, hmm... Im not sure then03:46
lianimatoruse it until it's depleted03:46
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lianimatorthen next time, it might show correctly03:46
mikeypizanoill try it03:47
reya276How can I get Hardy to recognize my Sanza Fuse player?03:47
robbiet480hey my eth0 has disappeared and ifconfig says no such device. the lines are in /etc/network/interfaces. i was trying to add virtual interfaces via eth0:x where x is a number but on reboot only the loopback interface comes up. i switched to eth1 and that seemed to fix it but after another reboot it did it again. its a realtek 8168 card. i tried rmmod and modprobe to no effect. restarted the network to no effect. can anyo03:47
dotblankWhen does intrepid come out?03:47
root______RetrogradCulture so you couldn't login that way?   hmmm  looks like you will have to reboot to single user mode and fix your password.   command is 'passwd <username>'    when finished you can init 2   to continue loading.03:47
dotblank 03:47
Lerxst51dotblank: at the end of the month03:47
lianimatordotblank: 30th03:47
shawn-pI just installed a new wireless card.   "iwconfig" recognizes it as "eth2".  However, "iwlist eth2 scan" results in "Interface doesn't support scanning : No such device."  Would anyone mind helping?03:47
CITguy08I think I got it working again. I think it had something to do with having multiple keyboard layouts set on my machine. I had the standard QWERTY and right-handed DVORAK both added. When I removed the DVORAK, it started working again.03:47
root______RetrogradCulture it should be a grub boot time option    recovery mode or some such...03:47
lianimatorcan someone tell me how to mount a partition so it wouldn't show as volume?03:48
r00t_ActionParsnip, logoff then back on? without doing anything inbetween?03:48
lianimatorI edited etc/fstab to a folder03:48
RetrogradCulturewell all I really need to figure out a way to do is to change the user dir for the login03:48
DasEilianimator: yup03:48
lianimatornot in /media03:48
RetrogradCulturecause that's what caused the problem03:48
DasEilianimator: pm me ?03:48
root______RetrogradCulture you can't without root permissions03:48
root______RetrogradCulture so it's reboot to single03:49
root______RetrogradCulture that's how to get root when you can't get it via sudo/su03:49
nnulli see that update manager wants to download kernal headers images etc why do i need a new kernal?03:50
root______and never irc as root...    cause the nick is owned and you'll get desynced from your server !03:50
* CITguy08 thanks everyone for the help.03:50
dr_willislianimator,  Huh? You mount a filesystem to a directory. ie  /media/whatever03:50
dr_willislianimator,  you can mount them anywhere you want. Not just /media/Somthing03:51
lianimatordr_willis: not /media/whatever. Cuz I don't want it to show in My Computer03:51
nnulllah laaaah03:51
lianimatordr_willis: I mounted in ~/whatever03:51
QuickFox_Mcan anyone help me on where would i find linux games?03:51
lianimatordr_willis: then in My Computer, it's showing as /home/myname/whatever03:51
gluonmanI need help force mounting an external hard drive that my friend accidentally removed unsafely.03:52
dr_willisQuickFox_M,  theres loits of themn in the repositories.. check the package manager.03:52
Circsnnull: Security and functionality updates are sometimes included in kernel updates03:52
dr_willis!games | QuickFox_M03:52
ubottuQuickFox_M: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php03:52
After_Mathgluonman, did you try -f03:52
noobuntuHello, everyone.  I'd like to backup my ubuntu laptop in such a way that I could reinstall everything (software, settings, tweaks, etc) from one image.  Is partimage the way to do this?  And if so, can it be done automatically or do I have to do it manually using a recovery cd?03:52
nnullCircs¬ its not a critical just a recommended?03:52
gluonmanAfter_Math, sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /media/OneTouch4 -o force03:52
gluonmanAfter_Math, that's the code I tried to use.03:52
gluonmanAfter_Math, it fails.03:53
nnullCircs¬ dont want it to break if i install it heh03:53
After_Mathgluonman, I see03:53
gnubuntuQuickFox_M: try getdeb.net03:53
gluonmanAfter_Math, what's an alternative?03:53
dr_willislianimator,  i think thats more of a gnome filemanager/config issue, then a mounting issue.   Its just seeing all mounts and showing them.03:53
After_Mathgluonman, that should work.Have you tried having the usb in while booting?03:53
gluonmanAfter_Math, no. I supposed I should try that.03:53
Circsnnull: you don't have to update, but generally there is no drawback unless your system is something quite exotic03:53
After_Mathgluonman, also03:54
Craihhgneywhats the symbol for file system anyone?03:54
After_Mathgluonman, /media/OneTouch4 is already created?03:54
gluonmanAfter_Math, I might not have created it properly.03:54
dr_willisCraihhgney,  Symbol? Huh?03:54
* nnull looks at his computer and wishes it could be mistaken for exotic heh ;)03:54
Circsnnull: If you're a standard desktop user i would advise the update03:54
After_Mathgluonman, create the dir first03:54
After_Mathgluonman, what error are you exactly getting?03:54
Craihhgneywhat represents file system03:54
robbiet480im sorry to repeat its just very urgent to get this working since it is a server install. my eth0 has disappeared and ifconfig says no such device. the lines are in /etc/network/interfaces. i was trying to add virtual interfaces via eth0:x where x is a number but on reboot only the loopback interface comes up. i switched to eth1 and that seemed to fix it but after another reboot it did it again. its a realtek 8168 card.03:55
KeatonI tried putting my fat32 partition in my fstab file so I wouldn't have to manually mount it anymore, but now only root can write anything. Is there some setting I can pass in fstab to make it writable for my normal user?03:55
gluonmanAfter_Math, hold on. I re-created the directory using sudo, which might have been my problem. let me try it again and I'll give you the output.03:55
dr_willisCraihhgney,  what represents it where?    You mean the ICONS?03:55
After_Mathgluonman, ok03:55
Craihhgneyno like ./ ~03:55
gluonmanAfter_Math, funny how these things turn out to be simple little mistakes. It worked.03:55
DCPomCraihhgney, just /03:55
Craihhgneyah ok03:56
DCPomCraihhgney, ~ is /home/you/03:56
After_Mathgluonman, haha tell me about it :) glad to see it works03:56
CircsKeaton: Maybe file permissions? (Sorry if I'm no help.)03:56
gluonmanAfter_Math, thanks for your attention. Laters.03:56
Lucifer_hey, is there any reason why a deb package won't install on Ubuntu?03:56
Lucifer_(It's g++, by the way)03:56
DasEi Keaton: yes: user,rw,auto03:56
KeatonDasEi: I'll give it a whirl.03:57
DasEi Keaton: pm me , if you want03:57
dr_willisLucifer_,  mixxing in debian packages ia not a good idea from what i hear.03:57
Circsnnull: Don't worry about breaking it, you're by default only signed up for updates that have been extensively tested.03:58
nnullCircs¬ ok thanks03:58
robbiet480really noone can help me?03:59
DasEi Keaton: also own the folder the parti is mounted to the user has to write to03:59
Circsrobbiet480: Sorry, wish I knew enough to be useful to you.03:59
robbiet480Circs: np. its just mindboggling it does this03:59
DasEirobbiet480: does lspci find it ?04:00
noobuntuanyone have advice on best way to backup an ubuntu laptop?04:00
QuickFox_Mthanks on that!!!04:00
Geforce88who would one speak to about a typo in the www.ubuntu.com/support web page?04:01
Circsnoobuntu: I'd use partition image or Ghost for unix personally.04:01
robbiet480DasEi: yeah it does04:01
nnullGeforce88¬ www.internetypofixers.org -- or just email ubuntu themselfs about it04:02
Circsnoobuntu: Ghost will work for any OS though.04:02
DasEirobbiet480: only nic on the machine ?04:02
noobuntucircs, if you use partimage, is it posible to set that up to do it automatically?04:02
robbiet480DasEi: yeah04:02
Circsnoobuntu: What part do you want to make automagic?04:02
robbiet480DasEi: again its a realtek 813804:02
robbiet480i just got the eth1 up but not able to ping to google04:02
noobuntuhaving it create the image on a regular basis and save to a drive on the network.  I like the idea of being able to reinstall exactly as I had the last stable image.04:03
DasEirobbiet480: sudo ifup eth0                 , result ?     / eeherm, 8138 or 8168 ???04:03
Circsnoobuntu: I don't know of any software that creates images automatically, you could create a script if you felt ambitious.04:04
robbiet480DasEi: eth0: error getting interface flags: no such device04:04
noobuntuhmm, beyond my capability, I'm afraid.  So you use a recover cd with Partimage on it and then run it each time, right?  Is it a lengthy process?04:05
noobuntucircs, btw, thanks for the help04:05
devslashnullanyone here have an eee pc04:06
noobuntudevs, I have a 1000H04:06
Circsnoobuntu: I use ghost for unix because it is filesystem independent unlike partition image. Partition image would be faster and create smaller image files though.04:06
noobuntuand part is free, right?  Ghost is not?04:07
devslashnullnoobuntu, i have a 701. have any idea what the default password is04:07
dimmi want to install 96dpi font's. i think that msttcorefonts is better for me. does the 'sudo aptitude install msttcorefonts' is the right command for this?04:07
noobuntuno, but isn't that a harware independent question?04:07
lepineHey folks, just wondering whether it's possible to have a 'Connect to server' that uses scp04:08
Flannellepine: Should be, yes.04:08
KeatonDasEi: No dice. Tried the advice about assigning the directory rw access to anyone too, but still, I have to be root to edit anything.04:08
noobuntucircs, what about using something like sbackup?04:09
alph4__For anyone wondering. I figured out the easiest way to upgrade libc to 2.7. Just do a ubuntu upgrade.04:09
lepineFlannel: can you point me in the right direction?04:09
CrayboffIf anyone can help me with my internet problem, i would be eternally greatful. Everything I know is on this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=946504  Please post your answers there if possible. Thanks!!04:09
DasEirobbiet480: can you look it up graphically in the network manager ?04:09
robbiet480DasEi: any ideas?04:09
robbiet480DasEi: nope. server install04:09
Flannellepine: Uh, sorry.  I haven't used Connect to Server in forever, but, you should be able to do it just like a regular ftp server, etc.04:09
Circsnoobuntu: That wouldn't achieve what you want I'm afraid.04:09
foomanchew8.10 nvidia issues anyone ?04:09
Flannelfoomanchew: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid questions, thanks04:10
foomanchewFlannel, thanks04:10
noobuntucircs, how often do you create an image?  And have you ever had to restore from one?04:10
ST47upstart is annoying me, and there's noone in #upstart. I have an upstart thingy in /etc/events.d, and it's set up to run the perl script, but when I call it with initctl I get main process terminated with status 204:10
DasEirobbiet480: could you pastebin out from : sudo ifconfig04:10
* lianimator has come back to say that the mount problem is solved04:10
robbiet480DasEi: ok. idk how ill get it over to this other computer but ill tryu04:11
houmalaebay has tourbolister for windows, is there a ubuntu / linux equivalent or work around ?????04:11
Circsnoobuntu: Well being as re-imaging and creating new images is part of my job I'd say about 50 times a day04:11
lepineFlannel, i'm really sorry ... SSH was indeed there! i was blind, and expecting scp instead :)04:11
* lianimator umounted the partition in gparted, then remounted04:11
dr_willisST47,  just guessing at some things to check.. but be sure to give full absoute paths, and be sure the scripts are executable and start with the proper #!/bin/whatever lines04:11
noobuntucircs, lol04:11
DasEiKeaton : the full concerning line from fstab ? remounted it after alternating it ?04:11
Circsnoobuntu: I handle a lot of corporate accounts.04:11
ST47AFAICT, all done. The command is         /usr/bin/perl /home/st47/Perl/IMGBot.pl04:11
RetrogradCulturei can su through terminal mode04:12
RetrogradCulturebut I don't know how I can change my user dir for that admin user04:12
ST47All dependencies are in perl's path or have symlinks from perl's path04:12
robbiet480DasEi: heres the short version. it says eth1 is up with IP and hardware mac address04:12
houmalaebay has tourbolister for windows, is there a ubuntu / linux equivalent or work around ?????04:12
KeatonDasEi: http://pastebin.com/d383d43cd04:13
noobuntui see. i just have my one laptop and i'm a noob returning to linux for the second time.  the thing that turned me off last time is that i knew just enough to get myself in trouble but not enough to restore the system I had running perfectly. so I figured I'd start out right this time.04:13
cs_studentIs there a nvidia configuration program I can download to configure dual-screens?04:13
DasEirobbiet480: if its the only nic, I wonder what happened to eht0, so.. its up, and has a staic ip ?04:13
untermenschOk, I still can't get my WUSB54GV2 to work..04:13
robbiet480DasEi: yeah. it says its up. no ping04:14
cs_studentuntermensch, have you tried the serial monkey drivers?04:14
root______RetrogradCulture you can su ?   ok su and edit the /etc/passwd file   change only the dir entry for that user04:14
cs_studentI have the wusb54G04:14
untermenschcs_student: the what?04:14
untermenschcs_student: v2?04:14
robbiet480DasEi: /etc/init.d/networking restart returns something about no such process then OK04:14
root______RetrogradCulture or use useradd04:14
cs_studentuntermensch, no.  but the rt73 driver probably will work with with v2 as well.  Have you tried it?04:15
root______RetrogradCulture usermod -d04:15
root______does the same thing04:15
RetrogradCulturei'd have used useradd or mod but I couldn't figure out what the arg was to make the account admin04:15
untermenschcs_student: never even heard of it. will you tell me more? or give me a link?04:15
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Zambohey guys, whats the difference between the DVD Ubuntu ISO (almost 4 GB) and the CD Ubuntu ISO (under 700 MB)?04:15
Neo1211Hello, I am having a problem with my Compaq F700 laptop (go figure, I always have problems with it) -- that is, when ever I start the laptop, it starts gnome in low graphics mode, and the only resolutions I can choose from are 800x600 and 640xsomething, and I believe this is due to me not having the proper drivers. Could anyvody shed any light?04:15
Neo1211Anybody, rather.04:15
Zambodoes the DVD include a lot more software?04:15
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root______RetrogradCulture usermod -d <new/home> <username>     ffr04:16
unitypunkand thats the game!04:16
ST47Zambo: Probably the CD requires an internet connection to download packages from the internet, andn the DVD has more packages available04:16
FlannelZambo: Nothing the repositories online dont offer04:16
ST47The CD is perfectly fine, though'04:16
cs_studentuntermensch, I can tell you how to install it if you need, or you can check out http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page04:17
SBWTECHhello. I have a sound question04:17
Neo1211Any ideas? It's an nVidid graphics card.04:17
cs_studentuntermensch, you will need to build it from source04:17
untermenschcs_student: i'd rather you tell me more.04:17
untermenschcs_student: eek. but i'm willing to try it04:17
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unitypunkto that person that just saved me.04:18
unitypunkcant remeber your nick.. lol04:18
mlinslittle off topic, but has I'm running memtest against some new memory.  I get errors with both sims seated at the same time, but when I run one at a time, they're fine for hours04:18
mlinsany ideas?04:18
SBWTECHdoes anyone know about the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS in Ubuntu?04:18
Neo1211Pretty please? :/04:18
DasEikeaton: fstab looks correct, sudo umount /dev/sda204:19
cs_studentuntermensch, k you can download it with sudo wget http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/rt73-cvs-daily.tar.gz -O /usr/src/rt73-cvs-daily.tar.gz04:19
cs_studentdo you know how to build it from source?04:19
DasEirobbiet480: on the server : sudo apt-get install pastebinit04:19
root______mlins both parity04:19
ZamboSBWTECH: should work automatically04:19
SBWTECHit works to an extent04:20
root______mlins check bios04:20
SBWTECHit only plays in movie player04:20
mlinsroot______: check for what?04:20
robbiet480DasEi: cant. no internet connectivity04:20
mlinsboth parity?04:20
SBWTECHeverywhere else is just silence04:20
Zambogo to cmd04:20
mlinsI have it on optimized defaults right now04:20
Zamboand type aplay -l04:20
Zambodoes it show your soundcard?04:20
noobuntucircs, do I backup all partitions?  And where do you save the image file?04:20
SBWTECHok. hang on a sec04:20
root______mlins yes.04:21
Zambodoes it show your soundcard?04:21
DasEirobbiet480: which nic so 69 ><39 ??  ifconfig, more info ?04:21
DasEikeaton:  sudo mount /dev/sda204:21
SBWTECHit shows Audigy2 [Audigy 2 [Unknown]]04:21
root______Zambo cmd ?04:21
Circsnoobuntu: Depends on what you want to save. I end up dumping mine to huge HDD arrays but I'd say just burn one off or dump it to your external04:21
robbiet480DasEi: ?04:21
Zamboroot______: sorry, was talking to SBWTECH04:21
cs_studentisn't there a nvidia program to configure dual-screens?04:22
SBWTECHi knew what he was talking about, lol04:22
luckyonehello, can anyone help tell me what to do... I just put the guts of my computer in a new case, now grub can't start ubuntu04:22
DasEikeaton:  sudo chown <UserWriteAccess>  /mnt/sda204:22
ZamboSBWTECH: then ubuntu sees it, which app doesnt it work with?04:22
Neo1211Please help me.. :/04:22
Neo1211Hello, I am having a problem with my Compaq F700 laptop (go figure, I always have problems with it) -- that is, when ever I start the laptop, it starts gnome in low graphics mode, and the only resolutions I can choose from are 800x600 and 640xsomething, and I believe this is due to me not having the proper drivers. Could anyvody shed any light?04:22
ZamboSBWTECH: you would be best to seek support from whoevere looks after than04:22
DasEirobbiet480: realtek 8138 or 8168 ???04:22
ZamboSBWTECH: because ubuntu is seeing your card04:22
robbiet480DasEi: oh. 8168B04:23
noobuntucircs, I have ubuntu only on my laptop.  I see sda, sda1, sda2 and sda5.  Do all those get backed up?04:23
SBWTECHthe only ones it works with movie player and firefox (i think). it doesnt play the login sounds or anything.04:23
Zambooh i see04:23
SBWTECHit has to be a software thing. My XP partition sees it fine and it works fine04:23
Circsnoobuntu: You're going to have to figure out what is on each one of those, but sda1 has your ubuntu install04:23
dragonhow do i execute php script using browser... i am just able to open it not run....04:23
Zambodid you check your sound settings in the audio mixer?04:23
Zamboyou should really ask for help in #alsa i think, they are more into the audio stuff04:24
SBWTECHyeah. everything seems fine. I'm fairly new to linux, but its not really that much different04:24
SBWTECHi willl try them04:24
Zambogood luck04:24
SBWTECHThanks Zambo04:24
Zambonp, also try opening the mixer (top right)04:24
Zamboand check your levels04:24
Zamboand your output choices04:24
joshualdoes anyone use a gnome menu alternative? just curious if there is anything thats any good?04:24
Zamboit could be set to go to a different output by default04:24
Zamboknow what i mean?04:24
reya276I need some help with my Sansa Fuze MP3 player, for some reason when I unmount it Hardy does not recognize it unless I reboot the system, can anyone help?04:25
SBWTECHokay. like i said, it all seems fine to me, but its probably something small and stupid im missing considering it worked fine yesterday04:25
DasEirobbiet480: so card should be found,next:  netmask and ip in order / dhcp or statically set ?04:25
root______noobuntu and Circs only sda1 and sda5 will have file systems on them sda2 is the extended that holds sda5 the logical04:25
reya276no matter which usb port I use04:25
noobuntucircs, if I am reading the output from cat /proc/partitions correctly, I see sda1 has 156gigs, sda2 has almost nothign on it and sda5 has 3 gigs.04:25
robbiet480DasEi: its on static at the moment04:25
ZamboSBWTECH: what have you done since yesterday mate? again, it could be something tiny in your audio mixer, give it another look i think, or try alsamixer04:25
DasEikeaton:  can you write to the parti, now ?04:26
ZamboSBWTECH: you can type alsamixer in the terminal for a different mixer interface04:26
Neo1211Guys.. honestly, I don't think it's so difficult to solve my problem, and I know somebody's going to tell me to be patient.. but, jesus christ, it's like I'm being ignored.04:26
DasEirobbiet480:netmask and ip in order04:26
Circsnoobuntu: Yeah just rock sda1 then :)04:26
SBWTECHi havent really done anything. it just quit working properly. i even reinstalled Ubuntu04:26
robbiet480DasEi: correct04:26
dragonhow do i execute php script using browser... i am just able to open and save... i have even changed the permissions.04:26
robbiet480DasEi: /
noobunturoot, so if I back up sda1, will partimage allow me to output to an external drive (like a thumbdrive)?04:27
Zambodragon: is php installed?04:27
noobuntusorry, meant circs, but you're more than welcome to answer, root!  Thanks both for your help.04:27
root______noobuntu if size constraints allow   yes04:27
Neo1211You bunch are usually pretty helpful, I'm not sure what's going on right now, and I'm not at all happy :/04:27
SBWTECHim going to #alsa now. Thanks again Zambo04:27
DasEirobbiet480:and you try to ping it from the machine you sit on know ? same address range ?04:27
=== FrozenFire_ is now known as FrozenFire
ZamboSBWTECH: np best of luck04:27
robbiet480DasEi: yup04:27
Zambodragon: well generally you just go to the http://url/bla.php04:27
Zambowhat happens when you do that?04:28
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smil3yNeo1211>  reboot and select recovery kernel from grub.  fix xserver from there.04:28
DasEirobbiet480:any firewall set on the server to permit ping ?04:28
Neo1211I don't see that option, smil3y04:28
noobunturoot, can you store the resulting image on one of the partitions?  logically, I would say no, but I want to make sure I'm understandiing correctly.04:28
Circsnoobuntu: Yeah it should allow you to put the image wherever there's room for it.04:28
robbiet480DasEi: no firewall04:28
noobuntuthanks, circs04:28
Zambodragon: best bet is, create a file test.php, put the following code in it <?php phpinfo(); ?> and then hit that page04:28
smil3yNeo1211>  you have to hit escape when it tells you to04:29
root______noobuntu obviously you can't possably backup a 1TB partition onto a 2GB device  ;/    but in answer to your Q yes if the size permits.04:29
Zambodragon: if you get prompted to download the page, then php is not correctly configured in apache, if you see the info, then php is working cerroctly04:29
Neo1211for me..04:29
Neo1211Takes me to my boot menu04:29
DasEirobbiet480:how do you connect to the server ? cross/switch...04:29
smil3yNeo1211> unless you physically removed it, its there04:29
Neo1211physically removed what..04:30
Neo1211i see my cd drive, hdd, and net adapter04:30
Neo1211that's it.04:30
DasEirobbiet480:led's on nics/switch show connections ?04:30
dragonZambo:yes it is prompting to download...how do i go further?04:30
smil3yNeo1211>  the recovery kernel!04:30
Neo1211ESC brings up the boot menu for me..04:30
noobunturoots, but I cannot save a partition image to that same partition, correct?04:30
Neo1211you mean at Grub?04:30
Neo1211or at POST?04:30
Neo1211got it04:31
smil3yNeo1211>  wow, scroll back up and read what i said04:31
root______noobuntu you would be a nut to try.04:31
robbiet480DasEi: yeah04:31
Zambodragon: ok, you need to configure http.conf to recognise that php is there04:31
root______noobuntu so i'll try it and see :)))04:31
Zambodragon: first, go to a terminal and type   ps -ef | grep apache04:31
Zambodragon: please give me the path it lists04:31
noobuntucan I create a backup partition and backup to that?  And then save that image to a network drive?  I'd like to be able to save the image offsite.04:32
Neo1211smil3y, this could just be me being impatient, btut it seems as if it has stalled04:32
DasEirobbiet480:ip of your current machine ? same subnet ?04:32
root______noobuntu yes04:32
dragon Zambo:http://paste.ubuntu.com/59119/04:32
robbiet480DasEi: correct04:32
devslashnullanyone here have an eee pc 70104:33
Neo1211[    0.524000] ..TIMER: vector=0x31 apic1=0 pin1=2 apic2=-1 pin2=-104:33
Neo1211smil3y, doesn't seem to be doing anything past that04:33
noobunturoot, can I create a partition that expands dynamically based on the size of the files being stored there?04:33
robbiet480DasEi: wait wait. the box im on now is pinging and receiving replies04:33
Zambodragon: nice, so your config is most likely in /usr/sbin/apache2/conf/httpd.conf04:33
robbiet480DasEi: so now its just outbound connections from the box04:33
root______pidof apache   ^04:33
Zambodragon: you'll need to check through the php docs for the lines you must add to the file, and then, restart apache after you do this04:33
Zambodragon: then, its done :)04:33
DasEirobbiet480:ah, physics caming back04:34
root______noobuntu that i don't know.   i don't use partitions.04:34
Neo1211smil3y: you still around?04:34
Zambodragon: its also possible that the lines are infact already in the file but apache needs a restart to reread the config, look for the word php in the conf file, grep php /usr/sbin/apache2/conf/httpd.conf04:34
SylentI'm installing ubuntu via wubi on a computer and it only gives me a choice of up to 30GB for the installation, I would like at least 80GB04:35
noobunturoot, thanks all the same, I appreciate all the help.04:35
root______noobuntu i just make a filesystem on the disk and forget it.04:35
SylentHow can I do this?04:35
DasEirobbiet480:have a third access point or router on that switch ?04:36
robbiet480DasEi: the box isnt able to ping the router but it is able to ping the switch04:36
Zambodragon: i gotta go for now, hope that i have pointed you in the right direction :)04:36
noobuntuwhat do people recommend for creating partitions?04:36
DasEirobbiet480:the switch ?? shouldn't have a ip, that , eehrm04:36
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noobuntuI'm running Ubuntu on a 1000h eee pc04:37
Jangarigparted, noobuntu04:37
noobuntujangari, thanks. is that recommended for a noob like myself?04:37
Jangariyep, very easy04:37
dragonZambo:path specified not have configuration.its there in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf but this doesn't contain php.......04:38
root______oops.  i installed partimage, and executed it.    now that console is hung up !     how the heck do i kill it without admin perms ?04:38
noobuntujangari, thanks, I'll takke a look at that.04:38
dragonZambo:sorry   path specified not have configuration.its there in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf but this doesn't contain php.......04:38
RetrogradCulturebash is telling me "cannot lock /etc/passwd"04:38
root______never mind.  i found it04:39
DasEirobbiet480:the server can ping your workbox, or how do I understand this last ?04:39
=== Uplink_ is now known as Uplink
root______RetrogradCulture fuser -vki /etc/passwd04:39
EvillIs UNetBootIn the recommended easy way of creating a bootable Flash drive from a Live CD iso?04:39
Neo1211Right.. well, seeing as the person who was 'helping' me, seems to have left..04:40
root______RetrogradCulture and why are you still trying to break your system ?04:40
robbiet480DasEi: the workbox can ping the server04:40
dragonZambo:hey are u there?04:40
Neo1211Hello, I am having a problem with my Compaq F700 laptop (go figure, I always have problems with it) -- that is, when ever I start the laptop, it starts gnome in low graphics mode, and the only resolutions I can choose from are 800x600 and 640xsomething, and I believe this is due to me not having the proper drivers. Could anyvody shed any light?04:40
Sylent30GB really isn't enough, is there any way to make wubi install to 80-100GB?04:40
RetrogradCultureroot______:  as a superuser?04:40
root______RetrogradCulture maybe, maybe not.04:40
DasEirobbiet480:and the other way ?04:40
root______RetrogradCulture alwasy try with as little force as you can get by with.04:40
PuyenkHelp Me04:40
Puyenkmy ubuntu crash04:40
RetrogradCulturei'll try sudo04:40
RetrogradCulturebut sudo's not working well04:41
root______so try without it04:41
robbiet480DasEi: nothing...04:41
dragonhow do i configure apache to run php script...?04:41
root______!lamp > dragon04:42
ubottudragon, please see my private message04:42
root______dragon i think that is supposed to explain it04:42
smil3yNeo1211>  did the kernel boot? what does the screen say now04:42
Neo1211[    0.524000] ..TIMER: vector=0x31 apic1=0 pin1=2 apic2=-1 pin2=-1  [[ stalled there ]]04:42
dragonubottu:how to view...?04:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about how to view...?04:43
Craihhgneycan anyone please help me with torbutton?04:43
root______dragon w3m ?04:43
smil3yNeo1211>  ctrl alt f1 and login04:43
Craihhgneycan anyone please help me with privoxy rather04:44
Neo1211CTRL + ALT + F1-F12 are functionles04:44
dragon root______:I didnt get u.. can u b clearer...04:44
DasEirobbiet480:and of course again no permitting secur on the workbox nor the router, hmm04:44
root______dragon did you ask how to view a webpage from the console ?04:44
smil3yNeo1211>  then sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:44
Neo1211in regular ubuntu, correct?04:45
root______dragon if so.   w3m <url here>04:45
robbiet480DasEi: Correct04:45
erossdragon - #apache or #php5 could help you better04:45
smil3yNeo1211>  listen.. aqny linux distro you use if you press ctrl alt and f1 together it will open another tty04:45
Neo1211smil3y, I'm quite aware of that04:45
dragonroot______: no i have written php script in /var/www/html/php. but in browser it is prompting to download not executing the script.....04:45
instahey guys ... why doesn't my hardy box have /etc/inittab?04:45
Neo1211However, it wasn't working in the recovery thing04:46
root______dragon ah, did you visit what ubottu posted ?04:46
smil3yNeo1211>  do you have a root prompt now?04:46
DasEirobbiet480:/etc/hosts.deny  and allow ?04:46
Neo1211smil3y, please confirm, I am supposed to be in REGULAR ubuntu now, correct?04:47
dragonroot______:yes its to install lamp.but i have installed php5 and apache2...04:47
* Sylent cries04:47
Arneywould anyone like to valunteer for a little experiment?04:47
root______dragon i thought there was some common setup instructions too.   sorry.04:47
root______Arney can i do it as root ?04:48
Arneyif you want04:48
Arneyit only requires wine installed..04:48
Neo1211smil3y, I'm using Failsafe Terminal as root.04:48
instanevermind, had to RTFM04:48
Neo1211smil3y, Use kernel framebuffer device interface?04:48
robbiet480DasEi: all fine. where are the DNS servers stored?04:48
smil3yopen a terminal and type sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:48
root______Arney spell it out,  someone might "bite"04:49
Chris_Fostermy computer doesn't like to automount for some reason, and somebody on the forum earlier gave me a command that lets me see the names of attached devices so I can manually mount the devices, could somebody give me that command. I know there is a few different ones, but Im looking for one in specific04:49
Neo1211It presented me with a question, smil3y; Use kernel framebuffer device interface? [Yes] / [No]04:49
smil3yNeo1211>  press enter04:50
RetrogradCulturesorry what were the params with that fuser command?04:50
root______Chris_Foster cat /proc/partitions ;sudo fdisk -l ;blkid   ????04:51
jshriverhow do you enable DRI in Ubuntu?04:51
After_MathRetrogradCulture, what are you trying to do?04:51
Arneythats what it says?04:51
Chris_Fosterroot______:  thanks, it was the fdisk one04:51
RetrogradCulturei have to change a user home dir in /etc/passwd but it says the file is locked04:51
RetrogradCultureor couldn't be locked04:52
After_MathRetrogradCulture, still confused, you are trying to change user home dir?04:52
root______Chris_Foster welcome04:52
After_MathRetrogradCulture, not sure what you mean04:52
Neo1211smil3y, it would seem that after a restart.. that didn't help04:53
RetrogradCulturei'm trying to change the home directory of a user ni the /etc/passwd file04:53
Arneywould anyone like to valunteer for a little experiment?04:53
LimCoreArney: meeee04:53
LimCoreArney: but Im not gay, is that a problem04:53
elknof3hi everybody04:53
Arneyok ok04:53
smil3yNeo1211>  at any time did you try to enable restricted video drivers?04:53
Arneyhttp://www.teamviewer.com/download/TeamViewerQS.exe try that and tell me what it says04:53
Neo1211the nvidia drivers, yes04:54
thenetduckDoes anyone know how I can get Hard drive protection enabled with my excellerometor for my IBM thinkpad04:54
Arneyi suppose you have wine right?04:54
LimCorethenetduck: perhaps write to the IBM / vendor / seller04:54
remuhey everyone, I have a question about HTML and CSS, I am building a site for my mosque, and I was able to get the layout and everything working like I wanted with the site running in FireFox. Now I'm testing it out on IE and am having two problems, one of them I can fix in IE, but that "fix" causes it to not function properly in FireFox, the other problem I can't figure out how to fix.04:54
smil3yNeo1211>  ok, well disable them for now, you know how to do that right, go to hardware drivers disable it and then reboot again04:54
RetrogradCultureroot______:  what was that fuser -something /etc/password command you gave me before?04:54
elknof3could someone help me conecting 2 computers by using crossover ethernet?04:54
Neo1211smil3y, right.04:54
dulakthenetduck: on the macbooks that is handled by the bios, enabled no matter what OS is installed, not sure on the ibms04:55
remuThe website is here www.icclaycounty.org the site is very bare right now, except for the "Plans" section which has content04:55
Neo1211smil3y, oh.. would you look at that.04:55
Neo1211smil3y, they aren't enabled right now04:55
remuthe main body will only line up properly in one browser at a time04:55
remuI can't seem to get the navigation links aligned properly in IE though04:55
remucan someone help me out with that possibly?04:55
RetrogradCultureremu you should probably try #html04:55
smil3yNeo1211>  gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf   and look for "driver"  make sure it says nv not nvidia04:56
remucool, thanks04:56
shaozuozhen Arney: what's that about04:56
DasEirobbiet480:/etc/resolv.conf  is for dns, but pinging internal network ..should be the network settings04:56
smil3yNeo1211>  as root04:56
Neo1211I have a modified xorg.conf, should I revert it?04:56
Arneyim checking if it works on wine04:56
shaozuozhendownloading now04:56
Arneyit does work if i use it from wine... not sure if the other way around04:56
smil3yNeo1211>  no just change the driver to nv04:56
DasEirobbiet480:does your router serve dhcp ?04:57
shaozuozhenUnder linux,wo have to use wine to run it ,right?04:57
Neo1211smil3y, changed to nv.. now, restart?04:57
shaozuozhenso what do you mean "it does work if i use it from wine... not sure if the other way around"04:58
smil3yNeo1211>  u got it04:58
mconway88network-attached storage04:58
Arneyi can connect to a remote computer from wine04:58
mconway88sorry--wrong window.04:58
Arneynot sure if a remote computer can connect to wine04:58
smil3yNeo1211>  yeah if it doesnt work now someone else is going to have to chime in, that always works for me when x is broken04:58
dulakArney: seeing as how vnc has native clients and servers for linux, why would you want to do all this under wine?04:58
Arneyit works on mac and windows04:59
RetrogradCulturei think i finally got my problem fixed04:59
dulakArney: vnc has native clients and servers for linux04:59
Arneyitsa 1mb program and extremely easy to set up, works around firewalls and NATs...04:59
Neo1211Thanks a lot, smil3y.. worked like a charm. :)04:59
dan__can i ask if i could open docx files on open office 3?05:00
smil3yNeo1211>  np05:00
Arneydulak wanna connect to my comp?05:00
dulakArney: not particularly05:00
shaozuozhenArney:tell me your ID and password05:00
Arney129 526 96405:00
sirHaXalotHello there :) i have a quick question, i have a lenovo 3000 v100 and with ubuntu 8.10, now this computer has soundcard autodetected and it works fine, but my computer has a realtek chip, and under windows i can reprogram the microphone output to line out (outpu) is this possible to accomplish under ubuntu, thanx in advance, i know there is alot of questions. Trond05:01
dragonroot______:done with config in that link.but its again prompting to download not running test.php....05:01
shaozuozhenArney: sorry,I don't know how it works05:02
Arneyyou need the real version05:02
shaozuozhen129 546 13005:02
slamFISTim running an audigy2 soundcard and i have 2 sets of speakers... so basically 4 speakers alltogether. how do i get the second set to work?05:02
root______dragon you restarted apache ?05:02
Arneyit dosnt work05:02
DasEirobbiet480:  does your router serve dhcp ?05:02
Arneysame thing happened on another wine05:02
shaozuozhenbut it shows that:the session with 12526964 is finished05:03
robbiet480DasEi: yeah05:03
jshriverIs there a way to start X in a "safe mode" I think its trying to start w/ to high a res.05:03
Arneyrun that on wine and connect to me05:03
shaozuozhenI will try05:03
jshriveror how can you manually configure X to use a lower res?05:03
DasEirobbiet480:  try setting the server and workbox to dhcp-receive then, not static05:04
hanaI'm trying to install some compiz plugins. I upgraded to the latest compiz version from the repository and restarted, and I used git clone to get some gits of the plugins in my ~/compiz folder. But when I use sudo make, it says "Makefile:48: *** [ERROR] Compiz not installed. Stop." What should I do?05:04
dragonroot______: yes even after restarting05:04
robbiet480DasEi: ok05:04
shaozuozhenArney:I'm sorry I have no idea what to do to conect to you05:05
Arneytype this on ID: 129 526 96405:06
root______dragon not still viewing the same page in the same browser window are you ?05:06
Arneythats my pass: 780305:06
dragon root______:no05:06
shaozuozhenI cannot type in,just say that "tell your partner the following ID to connect to your desktop05:07
Arneythats the quick version05:07
shaozuozhenI see05:07
Arneyuse the real version if you wanna take over my pc05:07
TimStarlingwhat would use dprofile on a typical server?05:07
TimStarlingsorry dnotify05:07
root______dragon then i give up.   check in #apache if no one here answeres.05:08
robbiet480DasEi: its got a DHCP from the router now but cant ping out05:08
TimStarlingdnotify has a bug in it and it's crashing my servers, so I have to work out what's using it and kill it05:08
centr0when i first installed ubuntu i had a notification of prop ati drivers on the top right.  after updating its not there anymore?  how do i get it back?05:08
fireadhey guys, I'm a first-time user of ubuntu, I normally use slackware, can anyone tell me why my C compiler doesn't want to install nmap?05:10
DasEirobbiet480:  I become more clueless, hosts allowed, ifconfig on both correct (eth0<>eth1 ?!,though ok dhcp accepted), dns set by dhcp... broken nic ?05:10
dr_willisWhy would the 'c compiler' want to 'install' nmap?05:10
Flannelfiread: what's wrong with the nmap in the repos?05:10
dr_willisor do you meanyou cant get nmap to 'compile' ?05:11
DasEirobbiet480: tired ping as root, of course05:11
Flannelcentr0: You can get to the same screen by going to the "restricted drivers manager" under admin05:12
dragoncan any guide me to config apache to run php script.. as browser is prompting me to download not running the test script...05:12
centr0Flannel: thanks05:12
centr0got it05:12
DasEirobbiet480: I'm beginning to gues, next I'd compare the settings on the /etc/network folder , also check ufw ,firestarter or similar05:12
thenetduckis there anyone that can help me enable Active Hard Drive Protection on my ThinkPad r61?05:13
Flannelfiread: Again, what's wrong with the nmap in the repos? (sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nmap)05:13
fireadyeh willis I can't get it compile05:13
Flannelfiread: Really, there's no reason to compile it.05:13
shaozuozhenArney:are you still there? your ID and pass05:13
Arney129 526 96405:13
Arneyi pmed the pass05:14
centr0is there anyway to turn up the sound on my system other than alsamixer from cli?05:14
shaozuozhensorry? your password?05:14
DasEirobbiet480: is there a /etc/network/interfaces on the server ?05:15
shaozuozhenI see your desktop05:15
dulakfiread: sudo apt-get install nmap05:15
Arneyif you had a faster connection (assuming you dont) you could set it to HQ mode and it would show my Wallpaper05:16
LogicalThoughthey i messed up on my source.list but i made backup how do i restore?05:16
Arneyhow fast is your connection?05:16
LimCoreis there a non-noob and no error-riddled twin-panel GUI file manager for ubuntu05:16
LimCorelike mc05:16
shaozuozhenArney:where it shows?05:16
LimCorelike krusader05:16
Arneyit dosn't05:16
legend2440centr0: right click the volume horn on top right  and choose  Volume Control05:17
FlannelLogicalThought: Just replace it.  Or open up your old one in a text editor and copy/paste the contents05:17
dr_willisLimCore,  use mc. :) or theres proberly 5+ other 2 pane file managers, gentoo, worker, filerunner, krusader, others...05:18
shaozuozhenyou under windows?05:18
slamFISTugh anyone here good with audio cards? i have an audigy2 and can't seem to get the aux to work05:18
centr0legend2440: thanks :)05:18
naknomikwhat packages do I need to install to get nfs-client working?05:18
LogicalThoughtFlannel thanks05:18
dulaknaknomik: nfs-client should be the only package you need05:19
shaozuozhenArney: I send you message,got it?05:19
dulaknaknomik: if you just want to connect to an nfs server anyways05:19
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.05:19
thenetduckDoes anyone have an I B M Thinkpad that has HDPS enabled? with Ubuntu? I need help gettin mine up and running05:19
Arneyyou saw what i saw... so no.05:20
naknomikdulak: it says there is no such thing as nfs-client. Package nfs-client is a virtual package provided by:05:20
naknomik  nfs-common 1:1.1.2-2ubuntu2.105:20
naknomikwhat does this mean?05:20
dulaknaknomik: yeah, I was just reading the link the bot gave05:22
Flannelthenetduck: thinkwiki has good instructions on it.  I can't remember if it was the Ubuntu instructions, or the Debian instructions though.05:22
LimCoredr_willis: mc is not gui05:23
LimCoredr_willis: krusader is best, but contains brain dead bugs05:24
thenetduckFlannel it's the debian instructions05:24
DasEinaknomik:dulak:for the server needes packs : nfs-common nfs-kernel-server portmap , client only : nfs-common portmap05:24
Flannelthenetduck: Assuming the packages they want are in Ubuntu, those instructions will work.05:24
dr_willisLimCore,  i use mc in a terminal as my main file manager under X. i consider it a gui. :) not a X gui.. but stillits a GUI05:24
centr0there any way i can search a term in apt-get?05:24
Flannelcentr0: apt-cache search [foo]05:24
Flannelcentr0: er, without the brackets05:24
keystr0kI have downloaded an application (tar.gz file, extracted) and would like to know the best place to put apps that I don't install via apt-get05:24
Flannelkeystr0k: /usr/local/*05:25
keystr0kI was going to put it in a folder and make a launcher for it.05:25
dr_willisLimCore,  test out 'worker' and 'gentoo'   theres a few others out also. check the package manager for filemanager05:25
keystr0kso make a folder in local for the app?05:25
DasEirobbiet480: is there a /etc/network/interfaces on the server ?want to go on your own ?05:25
Flannelkeystr0k: If its all contained in a single folder, that goes in /opt/05:25
lastmanWhy is it not possible to check if dma is enabled? hdparm -d /dev/sda prints  HDIO_GET_DMA failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device. /dev/sda is an ide disk.05:25
centr0Flannel: ah.. '-cache'~!05:25
Flannelkeystr0k: No, it'd be /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/lib/ etc,  etc.05:25
[radithz]uid=1000(irvian) gid=1000(irvian) groups=4(adm),20(dialout),24(cdrom),25(floppy),29(audio),30(dip),44(video),46(plugdev),109(lpadmin),114(fuse),118(admin),1000(irvian)05:25
[radithz]00:00.0 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN700/VN800/P4M800CE/Pro Host Bridge05:25
[radithz]00:00.1 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN700/VN800/P4M800CE/Pro Host Bridge05:25
[radithz]00:00.2 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN700/VN800/P4M800CE/Pro Host Bridge05:25
[radithz]00:00.3 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. PT890 Host Bridge05:25
[radithz]00:00.4 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN700/VN800/P4M800CE/Pro Host Bridge05:25
FloodBot2[radithz]: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:25
[radithz]00:00.7 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN700/VN800/P4M800CE/Pro Host Bridge05:25
Flannelkeystr0k: But, if its something thats all inside of its own folder, that goes in /opt/  /opt/my-cool-program/05:25
keystr0kFlannel, ahhh, Okay! Thanks :)05:26
dulaklastman: try hdparm -i /dev/sda instead05:26
dr_willislastman,  with the changes to the ide subsystem   and everything showing up as sd** now.. hdparm dosent really work right much any more. Intheory dma should alwys be getting enabled  now a days05:26
keystr0kFlannel, is it normal that my "opt" folder has nothing in it (fresh Ubuntu install today)05:27
centr0i love this apt-get..  no more failed installs because of dependencies05:27
Flannelkeystr0k: yeah.05:27
keystr0kFlannel, cool.05:27
keystr0kthanks again05:27
fireadwhen installing Mplayer I run the configure file and it gives me this message "Error: Cannot find header either inttypes.h or bitypes.h. There is no chance for compilation to succeed.05:27
firead" why?05:27
Flannelfreeman_: What's wrong with the mplayer in the repositories?05:28
Flannelfiread: ^^ that was for you05:28
shawn-pHi.  I'm trying to setup wlan0 using iwconfig and only iwconfig (i.e. without using any GUI).  The strange thing is it doesn't seem to be working properly.  iwconfig wlan0 essid, freq, channel, etc, are not working.  Whatever I set it to has no effect.  essid always stays ESSID:off/any05:28
shawn-pno error messages, nor any kind of output from the iwconfig command whatsoever05:28
shawn-phas anyone experienced this?05:28
hamwireless network problem05:28
Flannelfiread: I suggest you take a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto  It'll explain how to find packages, install them, etc.  Really, there's little, if anything, you'll need to compile.05:29
shawn-p... yes, it's a wireless network problem.05:29
shawn-pcould you expand on that?05:29
centr0hmm.  i installed the flashplayer plugin!  wth!05:29
shaozuozhenArney:you close it?05:29
fireadI'll try thnx but I tried to compile it cos I could find a package05:29
Arneyyeah... you were on?05:29
kab3wmshawn-p: iwconfig doesn't work with all chipsets. I know my ALFA doesn't work with iwconfig. You might look into that.05:30
shaozuozhenyou quit so I quit05:30
Arneyi thought it crashed and it was stalling05:30
cwraigcan anyone tell me which version of swiftfox  to use with an intel atom processor?05:30
dulakfiread: mplayer is in the universe repo, go to system->admin->software resources and enable universe then you will find mplayer05:30
dr_willistheres enhanced mplayer versions in the medibuntu repos also.05:30
RetrogradCulturehow do I give a user admin privs from command line?05:30
shaozuozhenArney:I see your wallpaper05:30
After_MathI am using the Beta version of Ubuntu 8.10. Once the final is releasered will I have to download it, or will the updates take care of everything?05:30
shawn-pkab3wm:  I'm using the bcm413 drivers that came with the installation CD of the hardware (via ndiswrapper)05:31
Wicked!sudo | RetrogradCulture05:31
ubottuRetrogradCulture: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)05:31
Arneyoh you configured it05:31
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines05:31
shaozuozhenso it works05:31
Arneyima reinstall pidgin05:31
Wickedbitchx is dead i think05:31
Wickeddont think its in repos anymore05:31
Arneyyou can connect if you want..05:31
Wickedcheck out weechat05:31
shaozuozhenwhy?any problem?05:31
robbiet480DasEi: im sorry. yeah there is05:31
shawn-pkab3wm:  If I do "iwlist wlan0 scan" then I can see my wireless access point "Mondair"05:31
RetrogradCulturei know how to use sudo05:31
shawn-pI just can't figure out how to connect to it...05:31
FlannelAfter_Math: It'll upgrade to final just fine05:31
shawn-pdo you have any ideas?05:31
OscarTGrouchdoes anyone know of a good channel for asking questions about trouble shooting the line in on an audio card under ubuntu media?05:32
RetrogradCulturebut how do I add admin privs to a user?05:32
After_MathFlannel, great thanks :)05:32
shawn-pScan completed:  Cell 01 - ESSID:"Mondair" Frequency:2.462 GHz (Channel 11) Encryption key:on, etc05:32
shawn-pI'm just not sure how to instruct wlan0 to connect to that access point.05:32
DasEirobbiet480: np for time, I have to straight advice, so you could try yourself, but , in there :05:32
kab3wmshawn-p: Hrmm.. that was my only suggestion. I don't have any experience with broadcom/wifi and Linux, sorry.05:33
manizzlesomeone available to help with some hardware problems?05:33
shawn-pno problem, thanks.05:33
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, What kind of encryption is it?05:33
DasEirobbiet48: auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp05:33
shawn-pFreshUbuntuNoob:  WEP, 64-bit hex05:33
shawn-pI've specified the hex key in my /etc/networking/interfaces file05:33
hamwireless signal scan?05:33
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, And it still doesn't connect?05:33
RetrogradCulturehow do i add admin status to a user from the command line? with sudo05:34
OscarTGrouchRetro:  under linux it is not advised to give a user admin rights.  THis is were sudo and root come into play.  If you look at howtoforge.(something) you can find a tutorial on how to set up the root account.  I find adding that can help make some admin actions easier than typing sudo all the time.05:34
kab3wmRetrogradCulture: visudo05:34
shawn-pI'm not sure how to determine whether wlan0 is connected to the access point... however, both "ping" and "ping google.com" fail05:34
shawn-p( is the address of my wireless router.)05:34
DasEirobbiet48: (2lines) ^shall be there, add : dns-nameservers <ip.addresse.of_the.nameserver(router)>05:34
dulakRetrogradCulture: add the user to the admin group, that gives sudo access05:34
Arneyever since i reinstalled windows with slipstreamed AHCI drivers pidgin has been ugly05:34
RetrogradCulturethat's what i'm asking heh05:35
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, iwconfig will provide you what configration your card is set at05:35
Arneyi cant make it pretty again05:35
RetrogradCulturehow do i add it to that group?05:35
thenetduckI need help adding a module to my kernel does anyone know how to do this?05:35
Arneythat reminds me05:35
kab3wmRetrogradCulture: visudo05:35
dulakRetrogradCulture: sudo adduser username admin05:35
manizzlehelp plz....i was trying to install windows on this slave drive i plugged in, but when i start to format the drive, it goes to 10% then stops, and a screen comes up saying, cannot format the drive, the drive may be damaged. if this is a scsi drive, please make sure all other scsi connections are terminated....wtf...ive tried different IDE cable, setting it as master drive...but nothing is working....i even did like 3 passe05:35
manizzles on the drive, and then reformatted with fdisk...still no luck...05:35
OscarTGrouchRetro are you asking how to give a user admin rights or how to log into the admin account?05:35
DoYouKnowisn't there something called insmod?05:35
OscarTGrouchlisten to  dulak  :)05:35
DoYouKnowinstall module?05:35
Arneyslushpuppeh can you help me out here05:35
Arneyyou can control my comp after all...05:36
thenetduckya  ineed to install a module05:36
FlannelDoYouKnow: that's been deprecated in favor of modprobe05:36
shawn-pFreshUbuntuNoob:  That's the strange part...   wlan0  IEEE 802.11g ESSID:off/any  Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.462 Ghz  Access Point:  Not-Associated  Bit Rate:54 MB/s   Tx-Power:32 dBm  RTS thr:2347 B   Fragment thr:2346 B  Power Management:off   Link Quality:0  Signal level:005:36
alabamahitI can't watch my DVDs.....have 8.10 installed...Have installed ubuntu-restricted-extras...any ideas?05:36
RetrogradCulturei will, cause what kab3wm didn't make ense to me heh05:36
shawn-pand commands like "sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid Mondair" fail to change that05:36
DasEirobbiet48: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart after saving above, try again05:36
alabamahitOh, i have even tried rebooting computer.05:36
shawn-piwconfig wlan0 still reports an ESSID of "off/any"05:36
Flannelalabamahit: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid support, thanks.05:36
dr_willisalabamahit,  you need the dcss stuff i imagine.05:36
kab3wmRetrogradCulture: whats not to understand? From the command line, type in: visudo05:36
thenetduckI just need to install a think called ....hdaps_ec05:36
ieatworldXGL+Compiz problemo. when i get to part where i have to install the 4 packages, i get this error on the terminal "dpkg: operation requires read/write access to dpkg status area" whyyyyyy?05:37
OscarTGrouchi still suggests just adding a password to the root account.  give me a sec and i will give you the command05:37
thenetduckanyone know how I can install a module named hdaps_ec05:37
alabamahitFlannel: Ok, thanks..05:37
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, Which commands are you issue to connect?05:37
FlannelOscarTGrouch: please don't recommend that here.05:37
dulakOscarTGrouch: that's a bad habit05:37
OscarTGrouchwow  sorry but i think that it is better than adding you user to the admin group05:37
FlannelOscarTGrouch: That's incorrect.05:38
dulakOscarTGrouch: the admin group is for sudo access, that is correct procedure05:38
shawn-pFreshUbuntuNoob:  My /etc/network/interfaces file reads as follows:  auto lo\n iface lo inet loopback\n iface wlan0 inet dhcp\n wireless-essid Mondair\n wireless-key XXXXXXXXXX\n auto wlan005:38
ieatworldXGL+Compiz problemo. when i get to part where i have to install the 4 packages, i get this error on the terminal "dpkg: operation requires read/write access to dpkg status area" whyyyyyy?05:38
dulakOscarTGrouch: enabling a disabled account, or adding a user to a group designed for admin access?05:38
shawn-pI will reboot and begin issuing commands to try to connect to the wireless access point.. I'll report the commands here.05:38
legend2440manizzle: for windows support try channel   ##windows05:38
OscarTGrouchi am still new to this so pardon my question,  but wouldnt that then give the user root access?05:38
dulakOscarTGrouch: root is disabled for a reason, and should stay that way05:39
FlannelOscarTGrouch: It gives them admin rights, yes.  What's the problem?05:39
dulakOscarTGrouch: that's what he wanted to do, give admin access to a user05:39
OscarTGrouchi was allway under the impression that under basic use you shouldnt always have admin rights.  one use sudo or root when you need to.05:39
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)05:40
hami cant see my wireless network05:40
hamplz help05:40
RetrogradCulturewhat command will list a user's group(s)?05:40
FlannelRetrogradCulture: groups05:40
dulakOscarTGrouch: being in the admin group doesn't give you access to root programs without using sudo05:40
FlannelOscarTGrouch: with sudo, you don't always have admin access, only when you're using sudo.05:40
ieatworldXGL+Compiz problemo. when i get to part where i have to install the 4 packages, i get this error on the terminal "dpkg: operation requires read/write access to dpkg status area" whyyyyyy?05:40
FlannelOscarTGrouch: that is, only when you invoke something with sudo05:40
shawn-pham:  I'm providing more info than that.  Gimme some credit.05:40
dulakRetrogradCulture: groups username05:40
TraplineI have a camera called VuPoint model dc-c310-vp that when i plug it into the usb ubuntu doesn't detect it. Any idea how to fix this problem?05:40
RetrogradCulturehere we go again! brb05:40
OscarTGrouchok this is making sense.  thanks for explaining05:41
kab3wmTrapline: Have you typed in dmesg in a terminal to see what it says when you plug it in?05:42
elbermungsterhelp! I get this error message when installing an RPM using alien:05:42
elbermungstermkdir: cannot create directory `VMware-server-2.0.0': File exists05:42
hamshawn-p, okay05:43
hamI can't find my wireless network card05:44
hamand i wanna a tool to scan the wireless signal05:44
FreshUbuntuNoobham, iwlist [INTERFACE_NAME] scan05:44
DCPomcan anyone explain to me how fireftp works?05:44
keystr0kFlannel, as you suggested earlier, I extracted my application into its own folder in /opt. My user account doesn't have privs to modify this folder. Is it okay to chown this folder to normal user account?05:44
elbermungsterhelp! I get this error message when installing an RPM using alien:05:44
elbermungstermkdir: cannot create directory `VMware-server-2.0.0': File exists05:44
shawn-pFreshUbuntuNoob: he's just poking fun at me.05:45
BetaTestIs the latest version of 32 bit Ubuntu stable? I recall the previous one being very buggy and not having java support among a few other things05:45
Flannelkeystr0k: No, don't chown it.  Use sudo to gain access.05:45
thenetduckDoes anyone know how to load a module into ubuntus kernel?05:45
dulakthenetduck: sudo modprobe modulename05:45
DasEi thenetduck: modrobe <modulname>05:45
kab3wmelbermungster: Try it with --force05:45
thenetduckdulak, is that going work every time I load my os?05:45
keystr0kthat works well except I want to launch this program from my apps menu... should I just add sudo to the beginning of the command?05:45
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, Sorry I can't really jump to the solution here. I had quite a heck of a time setting up the network myself. It was a pain, until I hardcoded my network, and then later switched to wicd05:45
DasEi thenetduck: put in /etc/modules05:46
dulakthenetduck: you can add the module to /etc/modules for it to be loaded at every boot05:46
shawn-pit's okay05:46
shawn-pthe strange thing is that iwconfig appears to not work at all05:46
thenetduckdulak, than kyou05:46
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, You are doing a sudo right?05:46
shawn-pe.g. "iwconfig wlan0 essid Mondair" does not change the essid that "iwconfig" reports05:46
tj__does anyone know of a program that can run a virtual drive for a disc image file05:46
elbermungsterkab3wm : doesn't work05:46
shawn-piwconfig wlan0 reports an essid of "off/any"05:46
BetaTestCan anyone tell me how stable the 8.04 32 bit is?05:46
kab3wmelbermungster: same error?05:46
ham<FreshUbuntuNoob>, but i can't see the interface name now05:47
thenetduckdulak is there a way to see if ubuntu has this module all ready?05:47
kab3wmelbermungster: are you installing vmware?05:47
DasEi tj__: see man mount, option loop05:47
dulakthenetduck: sudo lsmod05:47
dulakthenetduck: that shows currently loaded modules05:47
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, which card is it?05:47
hami use the ifconfig ,but can't see the wireless interface05:47
tj__DasEi: Thanks05:47
kab3wmelbermungster: So it sounds like its having problems because the directory already exists.. Have you tried deleting that directory and trying to install again?05:47
DasEi tj__:np05:47
keystr0kFlannel, If I want to keep the app in my home directory, what is the best folder? I'd like to have full control over the app's folder, without needing to use sudo.05:48
FreshUbuntuNoobham, that would mean that the driver of your card is not loaded05:48
kurschhow come in safe mode?05:48
Flannelkeystr0k: uh, you just put it whereever you want then05:48
Flannelkeystr0k: make up a convention, ~/apps/ or something05:48
kebomixhello , i have ntfs partition that icant mount ,, how to make mount point to it ?05:49
madrazrHi all, I have jnlp (Java Applet) downloaded from topcoder.com, which I am not able to run, can anyone help me please?05:49
shawn-pFreshUbuntuNoob:  It's a "linksys wireless-G SpeedBooster PCI adapter 2.4 GHz 802.11g WMP54GS"05:49
=== FrozenFire_ is now known as FrozenFire
shawn-pat least, that's all the info I can find on the box.05:49
keystr0kFlannel, sorry if I ticked you off.   That sounds good though... /home/xyz/apps05:49
hamFreshUbuntuNoob, i have the card, how to install the driver.05:49
hammy laptop is HP52005:49
shawn-pham: ndiswrapper05:49
elbermungsterkab3wm : yeah, but i can't see it, even with ctrl+h05:49
onthefence928hey how easy would it be to upgrade to 8.10 while keeping all y current settings?05:49
ieatworldXGL+Compiz problemo. when i get to part where i have to install the 4 packages, i get this error on the terminal "dpkg: operation requires read/write access to dpkg status area" whyyyyyy?05:49
Flannelkeystr0k: ticked me off? never.05:49
DasEikursch: at bootup at grub press Esc > recovery mode or choose at login-screen05:49
Flannel!upgrade | onthefence92805:49
ubottuonthefence928: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes05:49
shawn-pham:  follow this guide:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Broadcom_BCM4311_rev_01_(ndiswrapper)?highlight=(WifiDocs/Device)#Step 1 - Remove any existing copies of ndiswrapper that you may have05:49
kurschdasei obrigado05:49
kebomix hello , i have ntfs partition that icant mount ,, how to make mount point to it ?05:50
shawn-pham: follow this guide:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Broadcom_BCM4311_rev_01_(ndiswrapper)?highlight=(WifiDocs/Device)05:50
hamshawn-p, i had install the software05:50
ieatworldXGL+Compiz problemo. when i get to part where i have to install the 4 packages, i get this error on the terminal "dpkg: operation requires read/write access to dpkg status area" whyyyyyy?05:50
DasEikebomix: open a terminal..05:50
After_Mathkebomix, one sec05:50
shawn-pFreshUbuntuNoob:  apparently I'm in the same boat as ham05:50
kab3wmelbermungster: try: find / -name '04:46 < DasEi>  thenetduck: put in /etc/modules05:50
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, Are you using ndiswrapper?05:51
kebomixDasEi: then05:51
After_Mathkebomix, sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/disk -o force05:51
After_Math assuming you ahve already created the folder05:51
kab3wmelbermungster: try find / -name 'VMware-server-2.0.0'05:51
DasEikebomix: name of the ntfs parti ?05:51
hambut my card is intel05:52
After_Mathkebomix, wait, how do you make a mount point?05:52
DasEikebomix: if unsure, use : sudo fdisk -l05:52
shawn-pFreshUbuntuNoob:  here's what happened.  I bought a new wireless card for my tower.  (The router is too far away for a physical link.)  I went to wal-mart and selected a Linksys SpeedBooster PCI adapter card.  (WMP54GS.)  That was probably a poor decision in hindsight, but meh.  So I slap it in the tower and fire up ubuntu and it appears to recognize the card as 'eth2'05:52
kebomixit worked05:52
shawn-phowever, it doesn't show up in ifconfig.. so therefore the driver probably wasn't installed05:52
kebomixbut every time i reboot i have to make this code ?05:52
shawn-pI could use iwconfig to change its settings however.05:52
shawn-pit just wouldn't work.05:52
shawn-pso I download ndiswrapper and start following this guide:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Broadcom_BCM4311_rev_01_(ndiswrapper)?highlight=(WifiDocs/Device05:52
After_Mathkebomix, I am sure there is automount05:52
After_Mathkebomix, you have to enable it, Im not sure how to do that05:52
hami wanna a tool can scan wireless signal and choose the network,05:53
shawn-pnotice that the guide tells me to blacklist the default broadcom driver05:53
shawn-pwhich I did05:53
BetaTestCan anyone tell me the advantage of using Ubuntu over Debian please?05:53
hammy computer always connect to others network05:53
shawn-pso I blacklisted "bcm43xx" (by adding "blacklist bcm43xx" to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist)05:53
TonnoIs someone is right know online in the amsn? because my amsn do want me to log in, it say server unavailable, can I do something?05:53
ubottuBetaTest: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:53
kab3wmBetaTest: Bleeding edge repository. Debian is stale.05:53
madrazrI have jnlp (Java Applet) downloaded from topcoder.com, which I am not able to run, can anyone help me please?05:53
dulakBetaTest: faster release cycle, more up to date packages05:53
shawn-pthen I copied the driver from the CD that came with the linksys hardware05:53
shawn-pand used ndiswrapper to install it.05:53
shawn-p(sudo ndiswrapper -i bcmw15.inf)05:54
dulakBetaTest: I still run debian on some servers that don't need to be bleeding-edge05:54
shawn-pthen I run the next two commands it tells me to:05:54
shawn-psudo depmod -a05:54
shawn-psudo modprobe ndiswrapper05:54
DasEikebomix: wanna go on ?05:54
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, But isn't your a Linksys? bcmw15.inf would change05:54
kebomixDasEi: i have another 4 gb empty partition ntfs , when i open it , the partition that i mounted files appear on it !05:55
DasEikebomix: one after the other...05:55
kebomixanother partition05:55
shawn-pwell, in the CD that came with the hardware, under the 'drivers' folder, there are two folders:  Vista and XP_2K.  Under XP_2K, there are a few files:  bcm43xx.cat, bcmwl5.inf, bcmwl5.sys, bcmwl564.sys05:55
DasEikebomix: terminal open..., sudo mkdir /dev/sda105:55
shawn-pI copied those 4 files off the cd, then used ndiswrapper to install it like so:05:56
shawn-psudo ndiswrapper -i bcmw15.inf05:56
kebomixcant create05:56
DasEikebomix: do a : fdisk -l                 to determine the other device name05:56
shawn-pso... yes, it's a linksys.  However, I'm using the drivers from the cd that came with it. :)05:56
DasEikebomix: can't ?05:56
After_Mathkebomix, what exactly are you tring to do?05:56
zero__anyone know of a way to upgrade from hardy to ubuntu ultimate 1.8?05:56
ubottukebomix: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:56
Flannelzero__: Ubuntu ultimate is a horribly broken knock off, you don't want it.05:57
shawn-panother thing... "sudo ifup wlan0" doesn't appear to function correctly05:57
kebomixDasEi: no thing05:57
shawn-pthere's some output, followed by:05:57
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, I personally prefer sudo ifconfig wlan0 up05:57
kebomixDasEi: but i have gparted05:57
After_Mathkebomix, do this " sudo mkdir /home/mount" then "sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/"partition wanting to mount" /home/mount -o force05:58
OscarTGrouchhow can i look up if my sound card is installed correctly? and test to see if my line in is working?05:58
TtechHow do I add hardy backports to my Ubuntu Sources list?05:58
shawn-pDHCPDISCOVER on wlan0 to port 67 interval 705:58
shawn-pDHCPDISCOVER on wlan0 to port 67 interval 1805:58
shawn-pDHCPDISCOVER on wlan0 to port 67 interval 605:58
shawn-pNo DHCPOFFERS received.05:58
DasEikebomix: sudo mkdir /media/sda105:58
* Chookah will be back soon, craving some cheese05:58
shawn-pNo working leases in persistent database - sleeping.05:58
DCPom!paste | shawn-p05:58
ubottushawn-p: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:58
zero__Flannel, i had it before, it wasnt too bad, what makes it broken?05:58
shawn-pso... I'm not sure what that's about05:58
FloodBot2shawn-p: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:58
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, That is dhclient kicking in, the dhcp client05:58
DCPomis there a way to force the locate command to update?05:58
DasEikebomix: do a : fdisk -l                 to determine the other device name(the 4gb one)05:58
=== FrozenFire_ is now known as FrozenFire
shawn-pyeah.. but it's failing, right?05:58
bruenigDCPom: updatedb05:58
kebomixDasEi: the first partition is sda5 . and the second is sda705:58
shawn-p"No DHCPOFFERS received"05:59
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, You have DHCP enabled on your router?05:59
Flannelzero__: There are a number of unsafe things done by default; some of these things cause you to never be able to successfully upgrade to later releases, etc.05:59
shawn-pI'm using it via this computer05:59
zero__Flannel, ah i see05:59
Flannelzero__: other things break the package manager, etc.  Lots of stuff healthy systems don't want.05:59
DasEikebomix: the first upon was sda1 :  sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/disk -o force05:59
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, Hold on, let me look at the driver05:59
TtechWhere is hardy-backports located?06:00
vikkuHi all...........i have a spiderman cd how can i install it06:00
zero__i see, and is there a way to backup my system? i tried some stuff from minipe (ghost etc) and i can never get the images to restore06:00
DasEikebomix: so the second, the 4gb ntfs is ?06:00
kebomixDasEi: yeah06:00
bruenigzero__: you can use tar06:01
bruenigthat's a funny way to back everything up06:01
zero__bruenig, what is tar?06:01
kebomixDasEi: i feel that they became connected on mounting when i made force mounting06:01
barney_how do you edit the menu.lst file in the term.?06:01
After_Mathzero__, archive06:01
After_Mathzero__, like zip06:01
kebomixDasEi: how to unmount them ?06:02
zero__i know about .tar, but what do you mean about tar and my system restore?06:02
vikkuHi all...........pls help me install a game of spiderman cd !!06:02
DasEikebomix: figure out the right device names, sudo fdisk -l or gparted....06:02
kab3wmvikku: Does the box say it will install in Linux?06:02
Flannel!backup | zero__06:02
ubottuzero__: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning06:02
After_Mathvikku, you have to use wine06:02
legend2440Ttech: open system>admin>software sources>updates tab>unsupported updates(hardy-backports)06:03
After_Mathvikku, even then it might not work06:03
vikkukab3wm: naaaaaaaaaaaaa :)06:03
DasEikebomix: sudo apt-get install pastebinit06:03
kebomixwhen i try to unmount the 4gb partition manually it show me this Most likely other partitions are also mounted on these mountpoints. You are advised to unmount them manually06:03
vikkuAfter_Math: what is wine ?06:03
vikkudoes hitman play on wine ?06:03
DasEikebomix: sudo apt-get install pastebinit06:03
kab3wmvikku: Then like After_Math said, you will probably need to learn how to use Wine.. and that probably won't work, but it's your best shot.06:03
BetaTestvikku it's a Windows emulator06:03
dr_willis!appdb | vikku06:03
ubottuvikku: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:03
kebomixDasEi: i have it already installed06:04
elbermungsterkab3wm : it said the problem was at line 257 of Package.pm, so I deleted it.06:04
DasEikebomix: mount | pastebinit06:04
bhargavprasannayea.. and it cannot support DLLs06:04
DasEikebomix: url ?06:04
Flannel!wine | vikku06:04
ubottuvikku: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.06:04
kebomixDasEi: http://pastebin.com/f6eda409b06:04
vikkuOK ...has anybody tries Hitman on Wine ?06:05
DCPomis there a command to delete a directory and dump its contents in the current directory?06:05
vikkuOK ...has anybody tried Hitman on Wine ?06:05
Flannelvikku: You'd want to ask that in #winehq, and also you don't need to repeat your question.06:05
dr_willisDCPom,  you mean move all the stuff in the directory somewhere.. then delete the directory.. No command that i know of.. it wouldbe a fairly simple script.06:05
kebomixDasEi: i want to unmount both of then then i will format 4 gb partition to Fat 32 then i will mount force again the first one06:05
DasEikebomix: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit06:05
vikkuFlannel: :( ok06:05
DCPomdr_willis, well, i suppose i know the commands to do that, i wasn't sure if there was an easier one06:06
shawn-pFreshUbuntuNoob: Any luck? :)06:06
TonnoIs someone is right know online in the amsn? because my amsn do want me to log in, it say server unavailable, can I do something?06:06
Flannelvikku: #winehq is full of people who are much more familiar with wine than the people here.  They'll be able to help you more.06:06
dr_willisOf course they will most likely also tell you to check the wine app-database06:07
DCPomis "." current directory or top directory?06:07
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, Apparently, the WMP54GS uses the broadcom chipset. I am not sure, are you aware of this?06:07
vikkuFlannel: : thnks, thnks all the tribe06:07
FlannelDCPom: current.  / is top06:07
dr_willisDCPom,  current direcory06:07
DCPomthank you both06:07
shawn-pFreshUbuntuNoob: since it came with broadcom drivers, I assumed it uses the broadcom chipset, yes.06:07
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, Broadcom native support under Linux is quite nice. I have been running it for quite some time now06:08
=== johnson is now known as Guest76785
geeky_goowyGuys, is there any way to change from gnome to KDE without losing all the installed packages?06:08
Flannelgeeky_goowy: install kubuntu-desktop06:08
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, My first attempt was via ndiswrapper as well. But just like any other wrapper, I didn't like the flakyness. I installed it natively, and it just works06:08
DasEikebomix: so with the force-cmd aboce you tried to remount root, lol,06:08
R0b0t1Someone linked me to the commands to change the default Java before, could someone do that again?06:08
shawn-pI'm running ubuntu 7.10... I'm not sure if the broadcom support was as nice as it is in the latest rev.  But the native support didn't appear to work06:08
DCPomrmdir -f . will remove the current directory, right? (sorry for so many questions)06:09
kebomixDasEi : no  i changed it to sda5 :D06:09
shawn-p(ifconfig could not see the device)06:09
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, Credit given. I have only worked with Hardy06:09
BundyKgeeky_goowy, just install kubuntu on top of ubuntu sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop06:09
DasEikebomix: sda5 is your fat32 one, sda7 is ntfs, you wanto to fat 32, right ?06:09
geeky_goowyFlannel: probably sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop??06:09
Flannelgeeky_goowy: That would be the command, yes.06:09
kebomixDasEiL i want to unmount ntfs partitions06:09
DasEikebomix: sudo umount /dev/sda706:10
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, Make sure that you installed the right version for your driver. Like you said there were many06:10
shawn-phmm.. make sure I installed the right version of which?06:10
geeky_goowyFlannel: i got a kubuntu 8.04 cd.. i don't want to download the DKE package as 'm almost out of free bandwidth.. is there any way to use 'CD as a repository' like on debian?06:10
Flannelgeeky_goowy: Is it a Kubuntu desktop CD or a Kubuntu alternate CD?06:10
geeky_goowyflannel:desktop cd06:11
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, You said there were many bcmxxx.ini files. Make sure you insatlled the one for your card06:11
Flannelgeeky_goowy: then no.  You'd need the alternate CD to have it act as the repository.06:11
geeky_goowyoh ok..06:11
geeky_goowyflannel- thanks.. :)06:11
R0b0t1Someone linked me to the commands to change the default Java before, could someone do that again?06:11
DasEihttp://aptoncd.sourceforge.net/          , geeky_goowy:06:12
R0b0t1IE, I want to use SUN's Java, not the openJdk.06:12
R0b0t1(I've nothing against it, but it doesn't work right)06:12
FlannelR0b0t1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java#Choosing%20the%20default%20Java%20to%20use06:12
shawn-pFreshUbuntuNoob:  sorry, I miscommunicated.  There was only one .inf file in drivers/winxp_2k/06:12
shawn-pso that's the one I installed06:12
legend2440R0b0t1: sudo update-alternatives --config java06:12
R0b0t1Flannel: Thanks!06:12
shawn-pthe other files were .sys or .cab06:12
R0b0t1legend2440: Thanks!06:13
DasEikebomix: now you can use gparted to put it to another fs, all data on sda7 will be lost06:13
geeky_goowyDasEi: but i have installed most of the packages using synaptic!06:13
geeky_goowyDasEi: the link u gave me sez i can copy packages installed with apt only..06:13
R0b0t1Waka waka waka.06:13
shawn-pTHERE.  Success.06:14
kebomixDasEi : there is no data , it is empty :D , i just have aproblem when i try to install windows on another partition it tell methat Windows is Not Compatible with this partition06:14
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, It worked?06:14
shawn-pI had to configure it with a static IP address... for some reason DHCP wasn't working06:14
DasEigeeky_goowy:could be a problem, then,  hmm no flatrate available ?06:14
DasEikebomix: the way round fat32 might work06:15
geeky_goowyDasEi, no flatrate.. :(06:15
shawn-pafter that, I went to the network manager (the icon in the upper right)... went to my device... properties.... "enable roaming mode"06:15
enemabanditanyone have any idea why there might be a delay in certain (but not all) mouse events in x server?  I'm running two displays, my secondary display has no delay at all but my primary has about a one second delay for certain things like right clicks and window maximizing.06:15
shawn-pat that point, it found the Mondair access point06:15
kebomixDasEi : i tried ntfs and fat 32 all failed give me same message06:15
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, take a look at man dhclient, for more information on DHCP client. Personally, I hate DHCP. Stupid idea, and stupid implementation06:15
shawn-pI told it to connect, it prompted me for the password, then again (for the keychain), and then it connected.06:15
shawn-pso yay.06:15
Flannelgeeky_goowy: If you have no alternate CD, doing it through package management (just the packages downloading) is cheaper bandwidth wise as using the CD06:15
bruenigdhcp is nice, no effort networking06:15
shawn-pthank you very much for working with me FreshUbuntuNoob.06:15
keeweeHi. I have an Asus Eee with Ubuntu on it. I want to make my webcam work with Mercury, and I can get it. Any idea?06:16
DasEikebomix: doesn't the win-installer find the partitons ? xp ?06:16
keeweeIt works with other programs (i.e. skype)06:16
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, If you are connecting to anything other than WEP, you would either need the new version of Network Manager (compile yourself), or get yourself Wicd, or be an extremely expert with console06:16
FreshUbuntuNoobshawn-p, No problem, I did nothing :)06:16
FreshUbuntuNoob!webcam | keewee06:16
ubottukeewee: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras06:16
kebomixfind then but give me that windows is not compatible with all partitions06:16
jclbrthey I am trying to install aura GTK engine and I followed the directions on http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-778611.html06:17
keeweeMy webcam is supported by Ubuntu, works on aMSN, Skype and Cheese.06:17
DasEikebomix: (!who) sure, but you can use ONE (like a 10 gig) to install win, add a module for ext3 later to win06:18
jclbrthowever when I get to the part where it says i need to type in "make". I get the following: " make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop."06:19
jclbrtwhy doesn't it work as the directions imply it should06:19
FAJjclbrt: have you read the INSTALL in the dir?06:20
jclbrtFAJ I did...06:20
FAJok.... what is it you are trying to compile?06:20
jclbrtAura GTK Engine06:20
kebomixDasEi : i fixed to partitions , thanks very much :D , can u show me topic in any forum about hacking wireless networks , i read that linux is strong on that06:20
FAJjclbrt: tried sudoing it?06:21
ubottukebomix:: google is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux06:21
jclbrtFAJ: I tried to use the directions found here http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-778611.html06:21
DasEikebomix: tag : wardriving, cu06:21
jclbrti get the same message when sudoing06:21
FAJjclbrt: not a real compiliing expert... i just do it how it works for me.06:21
FAJjclbrt:  try    ./configure            first?06:21
jclbrtummmm.... ok... i did that before06:22
jclbrtdid you look at the directions?06:22
shawnmstouthello, need some help here :)06:22
FAJno b/c i don't really trust myself w/ compiling...06:22
FAJ!compile | jclbrt06:22
ubottujclbrt: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)06:22
FAJmight be some help06:22
FAJ!ask | shawn06:22
ubottushawn: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:22
madrazrI have jnlp (Java Applet) downloaded from topcoder.com, which I am not able to run, can anyone help me please?06:22
jclbrtalready read that....  i have compiled before but for some reason this package is not working despite 4 different ubuntu forums saying that's what needs to happen06:23
FAJjclbrt: try finding a .deb and installing it directly like that?06:23
shawnmstoutnm, i think i got some help06:23
kebomixDasEi: thanks very much , i still have one small problem06:23
kebomixDasEi: if i have movie in 3 connected rar files , then i have to extract 3 files at once to show me one file and it is the movie , here in ubuntu , every file extract with it self and give me three files instead of one file , and movie dontwork , it dont read here that files is connected !!!!!06:25
hamwireless network problem06:26
shawn-pgo for it06:26
Robb_MCan the Educational addon cd be used with Kubuntu? (I would assume so because its got a LOT of kde applications on cd)06:26
madrazrI have jnlp (Java Applet) downloaded from topcoder.com, which I am not able to run, can anyone help me please?06:26
dr_williskebomix,  in the past i just do 'unrar e whateverfirstrarfileis.r01 '06:27
dr_williskebomix,  rar should see the other files and access them as needed06:27
Robb_Mmadrazr: more information is needed, "it doesnt work" is vague...what about it doesnt work? does it throw out errors?06:27
madrazrRobb_M: some pointers I got while I googled said to open it in FireFox, but when I do that, it asks me to save that file06:28
FAJham:  ok...06:28
madrazrRobb_M: if I run javaws, I get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/59156/06:29
hamthank you, I fix the problem06:29
madrazrRobb_M: but the very same jnlp file runs very fine on Windows06:29
centr0whats the compiz option to zoom out all 4 desktops into one row?06:29
kebomixdr_willis: so ,, i have to add .r01 and ,r02 and ,r03 to the end of three files ?06:29
FAJcentr0:  normally better to ask compiz questions on #compiz-fusion06:30
dr_williskebomix,  as i said.. i JUST unrar the first file. and rar will see the other ones and acc4ess them as needed..   i do NOT unrar each file.06:30
dr_williskebomix,  unrar x  whatever.r0106:30
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:30
hyundoji need help06:30
kebomixdr_willis: ok thx :D06:30
alabamahitI was wondering.....I'm backing up my new dvd set i just got...making them avi with acidrip....While its encoding the movie...If i use the computer like say here and browsing the internet will that mess up the quality of the movie? Or mess the encode up any other way?06:31
dr_willisalabamahit,  it shouldent.06:31
vingianhi folks06:31
kebomixdr_willis: how to install warkizniz04?06:31
geeky_goowyalabamahit: i dont find any reason why it should..06:31
FAJ!hi | vingian06:31
ubottuvingian: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:31
vingiankinda new to ubuntu06:32
dr_williskebomix,  never heard of it...06:32
vingianused to have F906:32
hyundojhello how do i set up and extended monitor in ubuntu06:32
FAJ!ask | vingian06:32
ubottuvingian: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:32
alabamahitSweet thanks dr_willis, and geeky_goowy06:32
kebomixwardriving program06:32
hyundojhello i need help06:32
hyundojhello how do i set up and extended monitor in ubuntu06:32
dr_williskebomix,  no idea. I dont use wireless.06:32
dr_willishyundoj,  #1 - tell the channel your video card06:32
vingianbut anyway - in XFCE half of it is normal fonts - but the rest of the stuff has these HUGE fonts06:32
vingianwhat could be going on? is it xfce specific or what?06:33
themimeim trying to get mysql to start, and its failing, and i can't for the life of me figure out why, and nothing is coming up in mysql.err or mysql.log, any ideas?06:33
geeky_goowyhyundoj, what version of ubuntu have u?06:33
hyundojdr_willis is intel06:33
madrazrRobb_M: didn't that help?06:34
FAJhyundoj: nomrally intell just works...06:34
erossthemime - you are doing /etc/init.d/mysql start ?06:34
themimeeross yes, and as root (or sudo equivalent)06:34
erosssomething might be tied to the database, not allowing it to start06:34
hyundoji just do not how to set up and estended not dual monitos06:34
themimeeross: how do you meaned tied to the db?06:34
themimeer mean*06:35
kebomixi want link to kismet and war drving programs ?06:35
erossfor me it was postgresql, it wouldn't start if the server was running06:35
geeky_goowyhyundoj, try thin: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22117406:35
hyundoj i just do not how to set up and extended not dual monitor FAJ06:35
FAJhyundoj: plug it in and restart?06:36
erossmay have better luck at #mysql?06:36
themimeeross: was going to check that next, wasn't sure which one to do, thank06:36
After_Mathwhats the difference between 32bit and 64bit?06:36
dr_willis32bits :)06:36
dr_willisAfter_Math,  when in doubt use 32bit.06:36
After_Mathdr_willis, ok06:36
Lion-OI'll soon find out06:37
geeky_goowyafter_math: generally, 64 bit is better..06:37
alabamahitits faster no doubt06:37
geeky_goowyafter_math: but 32 bit is the most common..06:37
jamesishthemime: what mysql package did you install?06:37
kebomixi love this channel ,  always find help on it : thx to all06:37
erossi can say something about 64bit, it's nice and the incompatibilities are shrinking, i'm using it now, burning a minidv movie, chatting, surfing06:37
After_Mathgeeky_goowy, but how would I know what to use?06:37
hechu8.10 has work on my ATI graphic card with fglrx driver: http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/download/file.php?id=46213&mode=view/1.jpg06:38
geeky_goowyafter_math: 64 bit is best suited for graphics designing..06:38
After_Mathgeeky_goowy, ah ok06:38
geeky_goowyafter_math: 32 bit will more than suffice for home PCs.06:38
erossAfter_Math - it's good to have 4Gb if you go 64bit06:38
FreshUbuntuNoobAfter_Math, Depends on your hardware06:38
After_Mathgeeky_goowy, ok thanks06:38
themimejamesish: not sure, it worked before, i haven't played with my server in a month.  heres version line -> mysql  Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.45, for pc-linux-gnu (i486) using readline 5.206:38
After_Matheross, ya i got 2g06:38
jamesishsudo apt-get install mysql-server06:38
geeky_goowyafter_math: sure..06:38
kebomixcan i run microsoft access on linux ?06:39
ZehRiqueHello there, does anyone here tried to work with dual monitors on Ubuntu, but with different video cards?06:39
themimejamesish: already newest version06:39
geeky_goowykebomix: try it on wine.. but it might not work..06:39
jamesishps auxw | grep mysql06:39
erossthere's crossover office, think you have to pay for it06:39
themimejamesish: already tried, not running =/06:39
dr_willisZehRique,  In the past that was doable.. but a lot depends ont he cards.. and it can take some effort.06:39
alabamahitthemime: did you install php? or are you even trying to run php?06:40
kebomixgeeky_goowy: yeah , i think so , i dont want to get back to windows , i need it in my study :(06:40
FreshUbuntuNoobkebomix, Did you take a look at OpenOffice Database?06:41
jamesishthemime: I understand you've tried it, but humour me. sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart06:41
ZehRiquedr_willis, do you know some good tutorial?06:41
erosshow about running a vmware or other vm install of windows to run it?06:41
dr_willisZehRique,  not tried that in proberly 3 years.. so no.06:41
geeky_goowyhey, has anybody tried epiphany web browser? firefox 3 Beta 5 is so bad on 8.04..06:41
jamesishthemime: what's odd is that upstart should have automatically detected mysql and started it fine.06:41
dr_willisZehRique,  check the gentoo wikis :) they often have weird things like that.06:41
ZehRiquehmmm.. ok dr_willis. Thanks!06:42
dubbyhelp ! im getting kern.log files as large as they can possibly be06:42
jamesishthemime: you might actually want to try something like mysql -u root, just to check in with that.06:42
kebomixFreshUbuntuNoob: there is only 4 programs on open office , word, excel , powerpoint , picture06:42
dethdolne 1 know the best book for begining ubuntu06:42
vingiananyone know where xfce gets the fonts settings from?06:42
dubbyeach of them being atkbd.c : use 'setkeycodes e059' to make it known06:42
dubbylike unknown key pressed every like half a second06:42
Kr0ntabdethdol: there's quite a few out there... the Ubuntu for non-geeks is a pretty decent book for beginnersa06:42
dubbyyet im able to type here just fine...06:43
jamesishI'm having issues getting an iPod shuffle working. It won't auto-mount; the warning being logged is that hal is trying to mount /dev/sdb -- if I explicitly tell it to mount -t msdos /dev/sdb /mountpoint, then rhythmbox can see the uPod fine but can't write to it.06:43
DigitalFizok so i have an issue, i have a laptop that the cdrom is broke in but i have a usb thumb drive how can i format the laptop and install ubuntu on via the thumb drive?06:43
FreshUbuntuNoobkebomix, http://www.openoffice.org/product/base.html06:43
dethdolcan it boot from usb?\06:43
DigitalFizi think so06:43
themimejamesish, alabamahit: it is installed, and was working, i had a working phpbb3 forum but obviously it is saying mysql is down now.  /etc/init.d/mysql restart failed as before06:43
ReaverbotAnyone knows if .net messenger is off-line?06:44
acee12345i just finished reformatting my ubuntu because i tried to install ati drivers then update my kernel. can someone wallk me through the proper way to install these drivers without hosing my system?06:44
DigitalFizhow would i make a live cd type deal with the usb drive06:44
jamesishthemime: if it was working, what changed? This is our interest.06:44
FreshUbuntuNoobReaverbot, I am on it right now using Pidgin. Also this is not the right channel to discuss it06:44
dethdolthen make a bootable iso into your usb key and then restart your computer with the usb as frist boot device06:44
kebomixFreshUbuntuNoob: wow , how to get it ?06:44
dethdolor find what key will open the boot menu and if you installed ubuntu right then it should go through06:44
themimejamesish, the problem is, i can't remember, i remember playing with something, not touching it for a month, and i just not plugged it back in.06:44
themimeroot@mimeserver:/home/themime# mysql -u root06:44
themimeERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)06:44
DigitalFizdethdol, how would i do that im in ubuntu now do you know a tool to do this?06:45
FreshUbuntuNoobkebomix, It is available to install under Add/Remove menu, or some packages via Synaptic. I do believe that for full implementation it requires the Java installation (JRE is preferred). And if I remember correctly, I think it is actually hidden from the menus as well06:45
dethdolsorry no im green at ubuntu youcan always google06:45
jamesishis there nothing in /var/log/mysql?06:46
geeky_goowyis it possible to upgrade from Firefox 3 Beta 5??06:46
Reaverbotfreshubuntunoob: yes, but I ask, because maybe is a problem in my computer. It says "server is unavailable"06:46
themimejamesish: no, nore mysql.log, but, just found this in syslog, i think its having trouble binding with the ip --> Oct 18 01:42:24 mimeserver mysqld[7032]: 081018  1:42:24 [ERROR] Can't start server: Bind on TCP/IP port: Cannot assign requested address06:46
themimejamesish: i remember thinking about messing with IP stuff but didn't think i actually went through with any of it.  also, im shelled in now (its a box sitting in the corner) and i can view my site via the IP in firefox06:47
FreshUbuntuNoobReaverbot, Working normally. Must be some sort of problem with the server responsible for that domain06:47
jamesishthemime: that's the most likely cause of the issue; mysql binds on a port through localhost. So, resolve your networking issues and all will be well. What's in /etc/hosts?06:48
themimeah, one of the warnings was to check for /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' existing, which it doesn't.  not sure why it doesn't.06:48
jamesishbecause mysql isn't running.06:48
jamesishmysql creates that socket.06:48
acee12345if this is the wrong channel to ask about by driver question please direct me to the correct one06:48
themimejamesish: ah ok, checking on /etc/hosts, one moment06:49
themimemy job is working on web servers, this is so embarrasing >=|06:49
ReaverbotFreshUbuntuNoob: Yeah, I use .net passport, maybe is that... or maybe is my e-mail direction.06:50
erossit's ok themime, they think i'm a systems administrator06:50
jamesishit happens to us all, don't worry.06:50
themimeim my defense, im only a level 2 tech, not an admin =P06:50
jamesishI had an interview today for a Ruby on Rails job; code interview. I sat there for ten minutes unable to remember how to generate a scaffold, one of the most basic things you can do.06:50
themimejamesish: http://pastebin.com/m4f77c1e906:50
themimejamesish: haha, i hate rails, it causes us so many problems (mostly cause no one knows how to fix rails issues server-side)06:51
jamesishYou need a rails guy?06:51
enemabanditanyone have any idea why there might be a delay in certain (but not all) mouse events in x server?  I'm running two displays, my secondary display has no delay at all but my primary has about a one second delay for certain things like right clicks and window maximizing.\06:51
jamesishFirst, you don't have an entry in /etc/hosts for resolving your own domain name.06:51
jamesishSecond, what's the output of ifconfig?06:51
Enselic!who jamesish06:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about who jamesish06:52
themimejamesish: haha, i know, because i don't have one, its a local server i connect to either via the IP or through dyndns06:52
Enselic!who > jamesish06:52
ubottujamesish, please see my private message06:52
jamesishYou have, the ubuntu loopvack, but you don't have anything for the public interface.06:52
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ezzieyguywufis there an easy way to make a copy for a directory structure, but not its contents? i have an external hard drive whose directories i'm comparing to some local directories in a program i'm writing, but i don't want to have to keep booting up the ext hd. i'd rather have a copy of all the direcories WITHOUT their contents, locally. any ideas?06:53
aRk4anyone can help me to create a web?06:53
ezzieyguywufi can provide an example if that is too confusing06:53
centr0why do my vids look pixelated using the codecs ubuntu suggested to install upon opening a vid?06:54
jamesishark4: I'll bite, what do you mean? Can you expand a little further, because your question as it stands is cofusing.06:54
CaptainMorganis there a way to shut of a cpu without having to edit the menu.lst file and rebooting... ? would be nice if the rebooting could be avoided altogether... any thoughts ?06:54
Enselicezzieyguywuf: an ugly approach would be to copy the whole directory, then remove all the files06:54
jemyzhang_anybody here uses the sound card alc260?06:54
Enselicezzieyguywuf: for f in `find -type f`; do rm $f; done   or something similar06:54
ezzieyguywufenselic: not possible since i don't have enough space locally for that06:54
jamesishCaptainMorgan: what do you mean? To shut down, you have to shut down; you shouldn't need to shut down to edit menu.lst, though.06:54
ezzieyguywufenselic: i dunno if that would work....06:54
themimeezzieyguywuf, Enselic: haha, i have a more ugly approach, "find /the/dir -type d cp {} other/dir/ \;"  <--- don't try that, its not tested and im sure im missing something06:55
CaptainMorganjamesish, I think you might've misunderstood me? or maybe I you - where did I mention shutting down?06:55
devslashnullcan anyone recommend what i can delete to free up space in ubuntu. im at 14% free disk space06:55
themimeer, nevermind, Enselic already had a similar approach06:55
ezzieyguywufany more suggestions?06:55
jamesishcaptainMorgan: "is there a way to shut off a cpu "06:55
FAJjamesish:    sudo shutdown now06:56
jamesishcaptainMorgan: I'm quite willing to take the blame ;)06:56
FAJrestart:       sudo shutdown -r now06:56
jamesishFAJ: CaptainMorgan's asking the question; he doesn't seem to want to shut down, but that made me think he does.06:56
joshualis there a gui to change default applications in ubuntu? i know kde (kubuntu) has one...06:56
Enselicezzieyguywuf: try something like   cd $TARGET_PATH; for d in `find $SOURCE_PATH -type d`; do mkdir -p $d; done06:56
indian_munndadevslashnull: u can delete ur mp3's and videos. :)06:57
FAJjamesish:  o lol just jumping in when i can ;)06:57
ezzieyguywufenselic: thats a bash command?06:57
Enselicezzieyguywuf: ya06:57
devslashnulli dont have any media06:57
CaptainMorganjamesish, np, thanks anyways :)06:57
shansha[freenode-info] channel flooding and no channel staff around to help? please check with freenode support: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#gettinghelp06:57
ezzieyguywufenselic: what are the semicolons, and what is the 'done', that actually looks like it will work :-)06:57
Enselicezzieyguywuf: might wanna sed away the beginning of te absolute source paths06:57
acee12345i tried to install drivers from the ati website because they were newer than those offered on synaptic but after i did that i did an update which updated my kernel and upon reboot i got a completely yellow display(with working compiz) and was unable to reverse it so i formatted. now im starting anew and was wandering if one of you might walk me through it so i dont hose my system again. version 8.04 x1400 ati06:58
Enselicezzieyguywuf: that's just basic bash scripting, refer to any non-trivila bash tutorial06:58
themimejamesish: i know your helping others but incase you missed it, ifconfig output: http://pastebin.com/m35eed9da06:58
shanshamedia player not working06:58
ezzieyguywufenselic: ok thanks for the help06:58
joshualah yes there is a way... nautilus>preferences>media (tab)06:59
joshualsort of06:59
jamesishthemime: ifconfig looks fine. You can try out starting mysql on a different port, see if that works out.06:59
joshualcant designate your own...06:59
themimenow to find the mysql config file...07:00
jamesishthemime: I think it's just the -p flag when you start the daemon.07:01
binarymutantanyone compile awesome 3 yet? I'm getting a LUA_INCLUDE_DIR (ADVANCED) error but I have all the dependencies installed07:01
bruenigbinarymutant: use dwm07:02
binarymutantbruenig: that's what I have now :(07:02
zigzagscould someone tell me what 'DBus' is in reference to Banshee audio player??07:02
pjwhats the sound chnnel?07:02
bruenigbinarymutant: you are all set then, back to computing07:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dbus07:03
pjwhat channel is sound?07:03
binarymutantbruenig: lol I need the fibannacci patch for dwm to work07:03
themimejamesish: found it, /etc/mysql07:04
zigzagscould someone tell me what DBus is? i get this error when running banshee music player: (DBus is not available) - Your environment is not properly set up to use DBus. Please fix your environment or run Banshee through dbus-launch. Failure to do so may cause problems at a later time in Banshee during this instance.07:04
binarymutantbruenig: and EWMH07:04
themimejamesish: hmm changing the port didn't help.  im sure its just not binding or something.  grrrr07:05
=== visser is now known as illumini-visser
jaak_quaestion about transmission: I have 8Mb/1Mb broadband internet connection. I use transmission as my torrent client. For some reason, everytime it's on and it has even one assigned job,... all of my other programs using internet start failing/jamming ( they cant connect / transmit data for most of the time). Network monitors says that transmission is using 80kb/s down and 90kb/s up from my connection; so the reason cant be that i dont07:05
jaak_have any bandwidth left... Does anyone know what my problem is?07:05
shawn-pI'm trying to browse a Windows share from Ubuntu.  I can connect to my windows box fine (  However, when I try to view the contents of any folder, it prompts me with:  "Authentication required - you must log in to access shawn@ domain MSHOME"07:06
shawn-pit asks me for a username, domain, and password07:06
shawn-phowever, all of my normal credential information causes authentication to fail.07:06
erpoI want a wacom-like tablet at an un-wacomlike price. Must work with Ubuntu. Suggestions?07:06
shawn-pso I'm not sure what to provide -- "shawn"? "guest"? "administrator"? "SHAWN\Shawn"?07:06
illumini-visserhey all, I'm a first time ubuntu user. I've done my research (http://michaelvisser.com.au/blog/low-resolution-isue-ubuntu-intrepid-monitor/) and cannot force the screen resolution for a headless server. help?07:06
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zigzagscould someone reccommend me a non-stupid audio player other than vlc, banshee, and rhythmbox? they all have their own special retarded bugs07:07
illumini-vissererpo, we have yearly aldi specials on great tablets in australia that work with linux07:07
jamesish themime: curiouser and curiouser.07:07
erpoillumini-visser: What brand?07:08
illumini-visserlet me check, I've got one at work and home07:08
erpoillumini-visser: Thanks!07:09
illumini-visserI suspect it's a rebranding... have a look into it07:09
zigzagsi need an audio player that doesnt 1) randomly stop playing music until a restart. 2) can play music overa local network without skipping every 10 seconds. 3) doesnt crash when removing large amounts of audio files whos file-path has been disconnected (unmounted)07:09
zigzagsanyone know any?07:09
illumini-vissererpo, know how I can force the screen resolution in 8.1? I'm desperate07:09
illumini-visserzigzags, windows media player? :P07:09
erpoillumini-visser: I haven't used 8.10 yet. :/07:09
zigzagsalso, are there any processes or plugins i can restart that will fix my audio players not playing?07:09
jamesishthemime: sudo lsof -P | grep :330607:10
illumini-vissererpo, that's cool. thanks07:10
themimejamesish: nothing returned.  *mans lsof*07:10
jjjj5555question about ubuntu: I made an apt-get upgrade and now I experience that there is a random shivering scrolling. a "page" (e.g. webpage in firefox or a terminal window) does not stay steady but scrolls a little bit up, then a little bit down, up again, down again.. and so on... do you have any suggestions on where to start investigate this behaviour?07:10
jamesishthemime:  sudo netstat -tadln look for something on :330607:10
nydocCan someone tell me where to find a bash teaching guide for absolute beginners?07:11
zigzags are there any processes or plugins i can restart that will fix my audio players not playing?07:11
themimejamesish: nothing07:11
jamesishthou jest!07:11
erpoillumini-visser: What do you get with System->Preferences->Screen Resolution?07:12
liritis this line valid: Option "XkbOptions""esc:nocaps"07:12
jamesishthemime: ls /var/run/mysql/mysqld | grep sock07:13
zigzagsanyone know what this crap means?07:13
zigzagsDebug: [10/18/2008 2:06:03 AM] (DAP has not been added) - /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/volume_uuid_457e269b_f9cc_40b2_ac2f_175a26e46c0c07:13
zigzagsDebug: [10/18/2008 2:06:03 AM] (Testing device for DAP support) - /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/volume_uuid_61c0a040_b767_4e4b_ae60_1183da4f7de007:13
jamesishthemime: just ls /var/run/mysqld | grep sock07:13
themimejamesish: you said that it being blank wasn't an issue (which it still is)07:13
illumini-vissererpo, just the basics. 480x640, 600x800... there's no monitor attached. I need to be able to define or force the resolution07:13
zigzagsare there any processes or plugins i can restart that will fix my audio players not playing?07:14
jamesishthemime: okay, we got the big guns now.07:14
jamesishthemime: what, specifically, were you goofing with on networking?07:14
zigzagsomg ubuntu is teh fail07:14
jamesishthemime: because it sounds very much like something was changed, mysql restarted, and mysql is still attempting to bind to the old settings.07:15
centralhello can you tell me how i can renew the configuration of deluge torrent.. cause i can not start deluge the config is corrupt i think need to reload it thanks07:15
zigzagswhat is the command to restart a process07:15
erpoillumini-visser: You might have luck writing an xorg.conf file to do it.07:15
jamesishzigzags: what process?07:15
illumini-vissererpo, I'll go back to windows if I have to do that! lol07:16
zigzagsim not sure...my audio players have all stopped working, and im hoping there is something i can restart to make it work07:16
=== FrozenFire_ is now known as FrozenFire
jamesishzigzags: by which I mean, is it a daemon or something you started? Generally there's a kill signal for restarting most processes, but daemons have init scripts.07:16
illumini-visserI'm looking at that option now, I'd like to have displayconfig-gtk installed, but it's deprecated in 8.107:16
zigzagsi usually have to log out then back in to get any audi players workign again07:16
themimejamesish: im confused, i thought you said that it being blank wasn't an issue before.  to answer your question, i was about to try doing something with a static IP since my router is still set to dhcp and i was thinking about changing it07:17
jamesishzigzags: No sound from audio that used to work means something is probably muted :P Did you check the output of alsamzer?07:17
jamesishthemime: it's cool, I'm just double checking myself. I think you should verify your network settings and consider the deadly reboot.07:17
jamesishzigzags: alsamixer, sorry07:18
zigzagsATM it is banshee, rhythmbox, and VLC, when doubleclicking files in their playlists the 'pause' button 'changes to playing, but the slider or w/e its called never starts moving07:18
themimejamesish: well, i just started it back up.  first thing i did was try to start mysql =/07:18
zigzagsaudio works thru opera, on pandora.com07:18
themimejamesish: ill poke around though07:18
jjjj5555I encounter a weird random scrolling in any applications, any ideas how I can start to investigate this issue?07:18
zigzagsthe players never play the music, they just sit at 00:00 time07:18
zigzagshow do i check the output of alsamixer07:19
jamesishzigzags: this isn't gonna be alsa, so it makes no odds. You've verified that the files you're trying to play are okay otherwise?07:19
zigzagsya they haveall worked before07:20
DCPomwhat port does samba use?07:20
r00t_oin #ubuntu07:20
DCPomand how do you find out your local IP adress?07:20
zigzagsall of the files are fine and I i just tested with ones I know have always orked07:21
jamesishzigzags: It's great that they've all worked before, but have you verified them since these issues started?07:21
r00t_How do i do this?: The VirtualBox kernel driver is not accessible to the current user. Make sure that the user has write permissions for /dev/vboxdrv by adding them to the vboxusers groups. You will need to logout for the change to take effect..07:21
zigzagsno how would i do that07:21
zigzagsits def some other problem07:21
jamesishzigzags: What kind of files are they?07:21
themimejamesish: heh, i took the easy way out are restared first, no go.  poking around networking now07:22
jamesishzigzags: did they work okay in ubuntu or in a different OS?07:22
zigzags'file <file>' returned: setgid Audio file with ID3 version 23.0 tag, MP3 encoding07:22
jamesishzigzags: you have a copy of mplayer?07:23
jamesishtry out the command line mplayer tool.07:23
jamesishmplayer foo.mp307:23
jjjj5555zigzags: since when the do not work anymore?07:23
zigzagsit pauses at: Starting playback...07:24
zigzagsA:   0.0 (00.0) of 264.0 (04:24.0) ??,?%07:24
zigzags10 minutes ago07:24
zigzagslemme rephrase that. it doent PAUSE there, it just HANGS there07:24
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zigzagshmmm is this normal??:    'Forced audio codec: mad'07:25
jamesishthemime: You might want to try out something like sudo mysqld --bind-address=, to verify it's binding to localhost.07:25
jamesishzigzags: it's normal.07:26
jjjj5555restart alsa?07:26
zigzagshow do i do that07:26
=== johnson is now known as Guest26217
jamesishjjjj5555: I don't think it's alsa; sound works fine otherwise. Could be a corruption in the shared mp3 libraries.07:27
jamesishzigzags: might want to tail your logs and see if there's any interesting output.07:27
jjjj5555sometimes I have flash blocking my audio players07:27
jjjj5555or it seems like it is blocking07:27
zigzagsomg itjust started workingin vlc07:28
jamesishGood call.07:28
zigzagsbut its skipping like a crack addict07:28
roganimm   dtyuuuunnk07:29
zigzagsha nvm it wasjust 3 audio players suddenly playing at once07:29
jjjj5555alsa-utils in init.d07:29
jjjj5555zigzags: does it work now?07:30
themimejamesish: hmm, mysqld --bind-address= seemed to work07:30
zigzagsyea i closed opera and it worked, but nothing in opera was playing any audio07:30
hmlwhat's the channel for ubuntu beta?07:31
shawn-pI'm having a lot of trouble trying to access my Windows share from Ubuntu.  I mounted it with the following command:  "sudo mount -t smbfs // /mnt/shawn".  It prompted me for a password, and I left it blank.  I then did "cd /mnt/shawn" followed by "ls", and I got back "ls: reading directory .: Permission denied"07:31
shawn-pdoes anyone know how to fix that? :/07:31
jamesishthemime: cat /etc/mysql/my.cnf | grep bind would you?07:31
zigzagsi had pandora running at one point, but only after the audio had already stopped working07:31
dr_willisshawn-p,  could be its owned by root, not your user .  Personally now a days i tend to use the  'fusesmb' tool to let users mount the windows shares07:32
vingianwhats the xlcient script that gdm says is my default session?07:32
themimejamesish: wow, i fail.  when i restarted my machine, it got a new IP, which i changed the proper forwards in my router... didn't think to look into hard coded conf files that might have had it...07:32
dr_willis.Xclient perhaps vingian  if it exists07:32
kumaraahi any hot girls from india07:32
kebomixany body have tutorials about hacking wireless networks with ubuntu?07:33
vingiandr_willis: lemme try that07:33
jamesishthemime: the correct way for mysql to be set up is with i my.cnf. Whoever changed that needs a punch.07:33
dr_willisvingian,  its either .Xclient or .Xsession07:33
jamesishthemime: your mission is to find hte relevant person and punch in the gut.07:33
SuperMario1776Hello. I tried to install nubuntu, but I've failed. I wrote "kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-16-generic root=/dev/hda1 ro" in to menu.lst but it turns out I should have used "sda1". Now I've got an error during boot saying "ALERT! /dev/hda1 does not exist. Dropping to shell!". Now I am at a prompt that says "(initramfs)"07:33
UplinkFoobillard is glitching and the frames are messed up07:33
SuperMario1776Can I fix this?07:33
themimejamesish: this is my personal server, not work related, so it was me.  i think i had the crack pipe lit while i was trying to do something with remote db connections07:34
jamesishthemime: you must punch yourself. In the gut. It's not like it's optional.07:34
vingiandr_willis: the reason i wonder is because that script is doing something07:34
vingianto setup my desktop fonts07:34
vingiandr_willis: i don't know if its starting a settings daemon or what07:34
jamesishSuperMario: yes, you can. Simplest way, though, is to use the liveCD.07:35
themimeoh, apparently there are two separate sections, one for localhost bind and one for local lan bind. doh!07:35
vingianbut if i just go into xfce - my fonts are all wonky07:35
dr_willisvingian,  i just use it to launch a custom desktop.07:35
dr_willisvingian,  could be the gnome-settings deamon.07:35
vingianif i let xclient load gnome and then log out and log back into xfce07:35
vingianeverything is great07:35
Aaqil Ruby at my ubuntu with easiest way?07:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ruby07:35
AaqilHow to get ruby07:35
jamesishAaqil: sudo apt-get install ruby07:35
vingiandr_willis: well - i tried launching gnome-settings-daemon myself, but it just kinda sits there07:35
SuperMario1776ok, for the live cd, should I choose to boot without making changes, or to install?07:35
jjjj5555do you want to install?07:36
dr_willisSuperMario1776,  install  would start the isntaller an want to reformat/reinstall the system07:36
Aaqiljamesish: how to start ruby?07:36
SuperMario1776not in my experience, the installer doesn't do much of jack07:37
jamesishAaqil: ruby's like an interpreter, a shell, you don't start it. You just learn the language then write code.07:37
SuperMario1776but I'll use "don't make changes" option07:37
Aaqiljamesish:  :( but there it was easy in windows07:37
dr_willisTheres dozens of ruby tutorial sites out. :)07:37
Uplinkruby on rails?07:37
Aaqiljamesish: ok when i write code where to compile etc?07:38
dr_willisruby fun --> http://hacketyhack.net/07:38
themimejamesish: confirmed with /etc/init.d/mysql start, works fine now.  time to go back to my "10 minute install" of tikiwiki s/10/8007:38
jamesishAaqil: ruby's interepreted, not compiled. You can run the ruby script anywhere you are able to set execute privileges on files.07:38
jamesishthemime: awesome!07:38
Aaqilok thanks07:39
Aaqildr_willis :D07:39
themimejamesish: im out, thanks a lot07:39
dr_willisRuby on Rails - is not quite the same as 'ruby' :) but  i guess they overlap07:39
Aaqilactually i am new at rubylearning.org07:39
dr_willis:) i just googled and got that one also.07:40
jamesishOkay, I see where the misunderstanding was. Ruby on Rails is simple.aaqil. Install ruby, then install the rubygems package. From there you can do rails with sudo gem install rails07:40
bingungajahello, is it normal that i can't send file from Nokia to ubuntu (file in nokia - send as - bluetooh), but i can get them paired ( I can browse nokia directory in ubuntu), but from ubuntu, there's no problem to send file to Nokia (file in ubuntu - send as- bluetooth) ,,, anyone please ?07:41
jjjj5555any idea why I experience random scrolling without pressing any mouse button?07:41
jamesishjjjj5555: yes! I kept meaning to answer. Turn off compiz.07:42
jjjj5555how can I turn it off? I do not have visual effects enabled07:43
bingungajaanyone ?07:43
Uplinkomg wtf07:44
Uplinkthats a porn website07:45
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:47
indian_munnda_rogan: don't do that07:47
bingungajahello, is it normal that i can't send file from Nokia to ubuntu (file in nokia - send as - bluetooh), but i can get them paired ( I can browse nokia directory in ubuntu), but from ubuntu, there's no problem to send file to Nokia (file in ubuntu - send as- bluetooth) ,,, anyone please ?07:47
SuperMario1776ok, i've booted in the live cd, what now/07:47
jamesishSuperMario1776: mount the hard drive and edit menu.lst07:48
enemabanditCan someone tell me how to implement this fix? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/24273507:48
SuperMario1776tried that, couldn't find menu.lst, no target folder07:48
jamesishSuperMario1776: what command did you use to mount the hard drive?07:50
inflexWhy is it even after I've installed a new font package (in this case, jmk-xfonts ) I don't see them in the typical font-selector dialogs?07:50
SuperMario1776using the instructions here to mount http://forums.nubuntu.org/showthread.php?tid=16707:50
inflex(xfonts-jmk sorry)07:50
jamesishenemebandit: wait for it to be pushed out to the package management tools.07:50
SuperMario1776cd /mnt07:50
SuperMario1776mkdir nubuntu07:50
SuperMario1776mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/nubuntu07:50
jamesishwhat you got for the output of ls /mnt/nubuntu ?07:51
enemabanditjamesish: Thanks, mang.  I guess that's easiest anyway, eh?07:54
indian_munnda_can anyone tell me what should i do to get sound in firefox while watching videos on youtube?? i mean the sound is not working there.07:54
=== brett is now known as Guest48568
BriteLeafcan anyone tell me how to find out my IP address using Ubuntu please?07:54
jamesishenemabandit: you can do itby hand, but it's not for the faint of heart.07:54
BobCFCenemabandit: it looks like they are saying they fixed it in Intrepid Ibex, ou could either wait 12 days for the official release or use the beta07:54
drhe|lapanyone know how to autostart ssh in ubuntu? like when the computer boots up, and is at the login screen. is it possible to make ssh autostart before the login?? so i can remote access the computer.07:55
SuperMario1776bin, dev, initrd, lost+found, opt, sbin, tmp, var, boot, etc, initrd.img, media, proc, srv, tools, vmlinuz, cdrom, home, lib, mnt, root, sys, usr, yersinia.log07:55
BobCFCenemabandit: i am using intrepid now it's quite stable already07:55
=== sudhir is now known as sudhir492
enemabanditjamesish:  I'll take your word for it, Linux is not exactly my string suit yet07:56
indian_munnda_BriteLeaf: use ifconfig07:56
enemabanditBobCFC:  how does one make this Intrepid go?07:56
enemabanditBobCFC:  Is it just a package I can install?07:57
BobCFCenemabandit: you could either upgrade you whole system or install a new partition from a cd that you download07:57
zigzagsif a new version of transmission is available, how do I upgrade it from its current vs to the new vs? sudo apt-get install transmission isnt doin any upgrades, its still at the same version, even though it downloaded some stuff (that didnt have version numbers......grrr)07:58
BobCFCenemabandit: it is like upgrading a package except it upgrades EVERYTHING and takes a couple of hours if you pc is slow..07:58
BobCFCenemabandit: you would probably do it anyway on Oct30th when it launces officially07:58
zcat[1]kinda like installing a windows service pack, except that it actually makes things better not worse ;)07:58
arvind_khadrizigzags, sudo apt-get upgrade transmission07:59
BobCFCenemabandit: a new Ubuntu is released every 6months, someppl upgrade, some start afresh07:59
enemabanditBobCFC:  It just occurred to me, Intrepid is just the 8.10 release isn't it?07:59
BobCFCi am runni g it now07:59
enemabanditahh... that makes more sense now, it failed to make that connection earlier07:59
zcat[1]any realyl must-have features? I plan to keep running hardy for a while I think...07:59
enemabandit*I failed08:00
BobCFCnautilus is much better08:00
BobCFCnot only tabs but handles large fodler quickly, even with big files like 720p movies08:00
zcat[1]might upgrade one machine. my wife is sick of six-monthly updates so I promised I'd leave hardy on her machine for the next three years08:01
drhe|lapis that bad?08:01
drhe|lapto leave it like that?08:01
Mezzcat[1]: enable backports :P08:01
enemabanditwell, I appreciate the help, I'll take matters into my own hands from here (which may be a terrible idea)08:02
zcat[1]hmm, yeah.. I'll probably enable backports but leave the hardy packages as 'preferred'08:02
BobCFCzcat[1]: you can always install openoffice 3.0 etc on its own.. that didnt' make in intime for intreped anway.. i installed it from a PPA08:02
BobCFCthe new gimp is better too08:03
zcat[1]Ummmm.. anyone got a good good repo for secondlife? I had it installed but it keeps telling me I have to upgrade so I removed the package and isntaleld by hand, but it's a pain setting up all the permissions and links to make it work properly08:03
tavishhow do i do a fsck. i have ubuntu installed on a ntfs partition using that new feature in 8.1008:04
zcat[1]BobCFC: already got 3.0, the day before official release ;)08:04
dr_williszcat[1],  medibuntu perhaps?08:04
Uplinkwhats hacketyhack for?08:04
dr_willisUplink,  a ruby tutorial/sandbox/toy08:04
zcat[1]I think the 2ndlife package I had was medibuntu. Tried to update and it said it was already the latest .. the grid didn't agree with that though08:04
Uplinkdr_willis: is it good?08:05
dr_willisUplink,  go get it and see what you think.  it is just a simple ruby training utility. it lets you build some neat little toys08:05
Uplinkdr_willis: link wont work :(08:05
SuperMario1776Hello. I tried to install nubuntu, but I've failed. I wrote "kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-16-generic root=/dev/hda1 ro" in to menu.lst but it turns out I should have used "sda1". Now I've got an error during boot saying "ALERT! /dev/hda1 does not exist. Dropping to shell!" and I end up at a prompt that says "(initramfs)".08:06
SuperMario1776Now I have booted using the live cd and have mounted sda1. The command /mnt/nubuntu returns "bin, dev, initrd, lost+found, opt, sbin, tmp, var, boot, etc, initrd.img, media, proc, srv, tools, vmlinuz, cdrom, home, lib, mnt, root, sys, usr, yersinia.log". Does anyone have any advice as to how I can fix the install without redoing it, for the 25th time.08:06
zcat[1]ah well, not sure the kids should be playing second life anyhow, they keep going into adult areas...08:06
dr_willisUplink,  its working here  http://hacketyhack.net/08:06
dr_williszcat[1],  err.. theres non adult areas?08:06
zcat[1]hehe, yeah.. not really08:07
Wavesonicshey all, I'm looking to set up a file server running Ubuntu Server, can I expect good reliability our of software RAID 5? how easy is it to set up?08:07
dr_williszcat[1],  check out 'build-a-bearville' some time. :) mmorpg for the kids08:07
zcat[1]they're teens, so can't be too childish...08:08
dr_williszcat[1],  the wife and 21 yr old daughter like the build-a-bearsville :)  its just a lot of mini-games and they can chat with eachother08:08
Mezdr_willis/zcat[1] - care to take this private ?? It's a little offtopic here ;)08:09
zcat[1]yeah, looks ok. they're really into gaia at the moment..08:09
zcat[1]yah, ok..;008:09
MezSuperMario1776: just hit e to edit the line when your grub screen comes up, edit the line, and then change your menu.lst when you've logged in08:10
edgearhello guys! i have installed fglx for my Ati Radeon hd and composite disabled, if i want to play a movie (vlc, ...) ubuntu freezes what can i do?08:10
enemabanditIntrepid Ibex, here I come!08:11
zcat[1]edgear: try a different video plugin/method ?08:11
edgearits on different players the same @ zcat[1]08:12
zcat[1]settings / preferences / Output modules, tick advanced and change from the default to something else and see if that works08:12
drownerI am scared of the Intrepis Ibex.08:12
drownerFor no good reason08:12
Sirrushedgear, did video work before fglrx was installed?08:12
zcat[1]drowner: me too....08:12
edgeari dont know, first time i want to look something08:13
wpsdhi anyone have full tutorial in setting wireless travelmate c110 ( ipw2100 ) i kind of mess up08:13
zcat[1]well actually no, I'm scared of what my wife will do if I upgrade her desktop again ;)08:13
drownerzcat[1]: Stick with the Heron08:13
indian_munnda_hey guys i wana do networking of ubuntu with vista can anyone tell me what should i do????08:14
zcat[1]Might play with II on the lappy08:14
BobCFCbut but.. the wallpaper is amazing08:14
dr_willisindian_munnda_,  #1 realize that theres more to 'networking' then just seeing 'shares' - :) the 'network neighborhood' stuff in windows is  controlled by 'samba' under linux.08:14
wpsduse samba08:14
dr_willis!samba | indian_munnda_08:14
ubottuindian_munnda_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209808:14
dr_willisindian_munnda_,  you want to access windows shares? or set up the linux box as a fileserver?08:15
edgearshould i disable aiglx too?08:15
zcat[1]indian_munnda_: basically plug them both in the same network and the whole 'right click and share' thing should work for you just like windows to windows...08:15
wpsdhas someone succeed in setting ipw2100 ?08:15
zcat[1]don't actualyl have vista here, but I've got shares between this machine and a windows image in virtualbox ;)08:16
indian_munnda_dr_willis: i wanna share the network as well as i wanna run internet on both.08:16
zcat[1]and it was really really easy to set up.08:16
wpsdsamba works even from virtualpc08:16
dr_willisindian_munnda_,  those are totally different tasks. :)08:16
indian_munnda_zcat[1]: i have connected both laptop and ubuntu comp with a cross cable08:17
SuperMario1776mez: YES! it booted, thank you. But I still can't find target. The info I entered into menu.lst is showing up in the grub loader, so it08:17
dr_willisindian_munnda_,  samba handles the shares. and as for internet-conection shareing.. well its doable.. i forget how.08:17
SuperMario1776it's somewhere.... what the hell08:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bridge08:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about canasta08:17
zcat[1]indian_munnda_: ahhh.. install firestarter, and connection sharing is pretty much identical to how you'd do it in windows. tick the 'share my connection' box..08:17
drownerNot inviting you round for a card night then. Sheesh08:17
dr_willisindian_munnda_,  you may want to set up a dhcp server on one machine also.08:17
indian_munnda_dr_willis: if i want to access windows vista files from ubuntu machinewhat should i do?08:18
zcat[1]dr_willis: firestarter does that for you too ;)08:18
dr_willisindian_munnda_,  the linux box/gnome file manager can browse windows shares  easially enough.08:18
zcat[1]indian_munnda_: right-click and share the folder on vista, "places > network" on Ubuntu..08:19
dr_willisgnome menus -> places -> network08:19
SuperMario1776how would just search for the file menu.lst?08:19
dr_willisSuperMario1776,  locate menu.lst   is one way - its in /boot/grub by the way08:19
BobCFCindian_munnda_: dr_willis to share a connection you need to bridge the network, this creates an extra interface like eth0 eth1 and pipes the internet betweenthem transparently08:19
zcat[1]SuperMario1776: /boot/grub/menu.lst08:19
BobCFCgoogle bridge network turorial ubuntu08:19
zcat[1]SuperMario1776: and yeah, locate or find / -name menu.lst will find it08:19
dr_willisBobCFC,  last i did that was ages ago.. and i followd the ip-masquerading howto.  :)08:20
=== Oric_ is now known as Oric
wpsd--> indian_munnda : i suggest you using the free vmware server its better than virtual pc ...08:20
zcat[1]dr_willis: The hard way... it's just a checkbox in firestarter now, 'share this connection' and it sets up the second interface, masq, dhcp...08:21
Sirrushedgear,  and you installed the codecs correct?08:21
dr_williszcat[1],  i go the real easy way now.. i got a router. :)08:21
BobCFCzcat[1]: that is good to know08:21
edgearvlc does not need codecs i think @ Sirrush08:22
zcat[1]I got a router too, but I make the rest of the network go through a transparent squid proxy.. had dans guardian on there for a while too.08:22
edgeari see few seconds of video and than freeze08:22
edgearits a broken mpg08:22
edgearbut under windows with vlc playable08:22
Peddynoob question time: how can I set up an extremely basic fileserver, so machines on the LAN can download like so: http://my.ip/document.txt? Thanks08:22
edgarhowdy folks08:22
zcat[1]Peddy: apache08:22
BriteLeafIs there a way to be logged in as a user, then use the terminal and login as another user at the same time?08:23
edgardoes anyone happened to know how I can change the size of the icons on the desktop?08:23
edgarI'd like them all smaller08:23
BobCFCPeddy: right-click on the folder and choose Sharing Option from the menu08:23
zcat[1]Peddy: apt-get install apache, then drop the files to be shared in /var/www08:23
AdremelechBriteLeaf, su <username>08:23
Peddyzcat[1]: ok, thanks. I was looking into that before. BobCFC, I'll have a look, but I want tcp/ip not Samba or nfs or w/e.08:23
edgeari have Option "VideoOverlay" "on"and Option "OpenGLOverlay" "off" how descibed in the wiki by video-problems08:23
edgearhello edgar08:24
drhe|lapanyone know how to autostart ssh in ubuntu? like when the computer boots up, and is at the login screen. is it possible to make ssh autostart before the login?? so i can remote access the computer.08:24
zcat[1]Peddy: you mean http, not smb, etc...08:24
zcat[1]they're all tcp/ip08:24
BobCFCPeddy: ok that was samba, apache is overkill for files...08:24
jamesishdrhe|lap:sudo apt-get install ssh did it for me.08:24
zcat[1]the man wants http, it's easy enough to set up.. what's the problem?08:25
PeddyOops, yes I do :/08:25
SuperMario1776Awesome, thanks for everyones help. Three days of hell is finally over.08:25
zcat[1]Peddy: for really easy sharing sudo chmod a+rw /var/www (as long as you don't have any 'hostile users' on your machine) and then just make a shortcut to it08:26
dr_willisdrhe|lap,  ssh starts as a service by default - if its isntalled08:26
tom___could anyone explain what decopserver is please08:26
Peddyzcat[1]: ok, I can get the files by using http://localhost, but I can't access via my local IP. How do I expose it? Thanks :D08:26
Peddyzcat[1]: nevermind, I had to wait a few seconds.08:26
Peddyzcat[1]: thanks for your help, I'ma get dinner. Bye.08:26
SuperMario1776really noob question, what do you add to a command to pause output one page at a time?08:27
magnetrondrhe|lap→ just install the "ssh" package and you are good to go08:27
zcat[1]SuperMario1776: | less08:27
magnetronSuperMario1776→ use the "more" or the "less" command. they are the same.08:27
zcat[1]'less is more'08:27
magnetronSuperMario1776→ example: ls | more08:28
magnetronSuperMario1776→ another example: dmesg | less08:28
GarfIIeldAnother noob question: Is there a texteditor with highlighted text for PHP, HTML, CSS etc.? Ofc I want a webserver too that includes everything like WAMP for Windows.08:28
zcat[1]they're the same, more or less ;)08:28
magnetronGarfIIeld→ the standard text editor in ubuntu does that08:28
Sirrushhmmm what type of video are you trying to play08:28
LogicalThoughti'm trying to unpack a tar file from desktop and trying to go to location in terminal08:29
GarfIIeldmagnetron, Ok, have to test it.08:29
LogicalThoughtcd /home/username/Desktop is that correct08:29
SuperMario1776... it won't let me out of the output, I've tried esc enter and ctrl c08:29
indian_munnda_Dr_Willis_: i provided a ip to ubuntu machine and ip to vista machine but now i can only ping from one side that is i can ping ubuntu from vista but not vista from ubuntu?????????08:29
zcat[1]SuperMario1776: 'q'08:29
* SuperMario1776 puts on a big pointy dunce hat08:30
unitypunki need some helppp :-/08:30
unitypunki cant get my hard drive to mount08:30
BobCFCGarfIIeld: in gedit which is the default text editor just goto the View->Highlight mode menu and choose  c++/php etc08:30
magnetronindian_munnda_→ does the vista machine have a firewall?08:30
dr_willisindian_munnda_,  sounds liek a firewall in the way.08:31
indian_munnda_magnetron: sorry but i haven't seen any08:31
drownerare there any ubuntuforums.org admins in here?08:32
zcat[1]indian_munnda_: I think vista has one built in. don't ask me how you configure the damn thing though08:32
magnetronindian_munnda_→ there's an integrated firewall in vista unless you disable it. vista doesn't respond to pings by default08:32
indian_munnda_magnetron: ok let me see08:32
BobCFChehe magnetron how do you draw the arrow?08:33
magnetronindian_munnda_→ for help with vista go to ##windows08:33
magnetronBobCFC→ AltGr + i08:33
zcat[1]If vista can send a ping and get a reply back I'd say things are mostly working at the hardware level08:33
GarfIIeldBobCFC: Thx, I found it now :-D08:33
=== Oric_ is now known as Oric
edgarI'm running ubuntu 8.04, any ideas why avant doesnt work? seems to load for a sec then close out? could it be because this is a vbox guest?08:34
BobCFCedgar: yes i think awn need compiz or similar08:35
BobCFCedgar: there are other docks which don't use effects08:35
edgarok thanks08:36
edgarany suggestions?08:36
indian_munnda_magnetron: i disabled the vista firewall even then its not pinging08:37
magnetronindian_munnda_→ Vista support in ##windows , not here!!!08:37
BobCFCedgar: i can't remember which need 3d and whcih don't... they use it for transparency etc... here is a recent article about linux docks http://www.linuxhaxor.net/2008/10/15/the-state-of-linux-docks/08:37
Gibonshey guys I did something stupid08:37
indian_munnda_magnetron: ok08:37
jjjj5555it seems like my programs get random scroll commands from somewhere, but I do not scroll with my mouse... what could cause this?08:37
vasslerdoes anyone know how to create special effects with openoffice presentation08:38
GibonsI deleted my private folder and now I cant mount ecryptfs, any ideas, I already reinstalled it08:38
=== maek is now known as Guest58206
magnetronGarfIIeld→ you said you wanted a LAMP server. start up Synaptic and choose to select packages "by task" (the Edit menu). choose the LAMP task08:38
=== FrozenFire_ is now known as FrozenFire
GarfIIeldmagnetron: Is it the same as WAMP but for Ubuntu?08:39
GarfIIeldor Linux08:39
magnetronGarfIIeld→ WAMP is the same as LAMP but for windows08:39
edgarbpbctc, thanks, I'll check it out08:40
magnetronGarfIIeld→ LAMP is older :D08:40
GarfIIeldok, that way08:40
edgarbobcfc even :)08:40
* MANIAKA7000 hello!08:40
vasslerdoes anyone know how to create special effects with openoffice presentation08:40
Nyquist333what kind of effects?08:41
jjjj5555vassler: slide transitions?08:41
dr_willisExplosions of Profits and margins?    BulletTime effects on cost analysis?08:42
* magnetron doubles Nyquist333's frequency distorts him by convolution08:42
wpsdslide show > custom animation08:42
vasslerjjjj5555: i want to make animated text and stuff like that08:42
magnetronvassler→ wpsd had a good advice for you08:43
ArthurHi there. Does any one know how to install gdesklets on ubuntu 64bit?08:43
jjjj5555goto slide show -> custom animation08:44
wpsdyes its the same as power point08:44
wpsdunless you use ms power point 2007 before its different than08:45
Nyquist333Yep, I just found all the effects under tasks, for slide transtition and custom animation. Look there.08:45
Nyquist333I think you might need to include an animiated gif or something for bullets though.08:46
hmlanyone here running ubuntu beta on mac os x?08:46
jjjj5555I think animations in a presentation are a huge annoyance08:46
Nyquist333I think presentations are an annoyance. But I've had a bad week. Quick question, can you list the free space of a drive using "ls" or some other command?08:47
wpsduse df08:48
jayanhi all08:48
jakechenwhat are you talking about?08:48
jayanhad any one successfully connected to Exachange 200708:48
wpsd<Nyquist333> use df -h08:48
Nyquist333very cool, thanks. Another command.08:48
Nyquist333 I have a much harder question.08:49
magnetronNyquist333→ shoot½08:49
Nyquist333How do you change the MTU of eth0 at startup. It always goes to 1500, even if I set it in the network-manager to 1492 and rebot. I've also used sudo ifconfig eth0 mtu 149208:49
Nyquist333The network-manager always says it's automatic after reboot. Yes, I'm using DHCP.08:50
magnetronNyquist333→ the MTU is adjusted automatically in Linux. if it's ever too large it will decrease automatically.08:50
jayanAny Idea about connecting to Exchange 2007?08:51
LogicalThoughthow come when i type cd /home/user/desktop it says invaild location08:51
jakechenclose DHCP08:51
Nyquist333Does not in intrepid beta. In fact, when it is 1500, I can't load some websites like www.msn.com or even ubuntuforums.08:51
BobCFCLogicalThought: capital D08:51
wpsdthe desktop use capital D08:51
DCPomwhat port does samba use?08:51
LogicalThoughtlol are you serious..08:51
LogicalThoughtthank you..08:51
magnetronNyquist333→ if this is about the beta, take it to #ubuntu+108:52
magnetron!intrepid | Nyquist33308:52
ubottuNyquist333: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu08:52
Nyquist333ok, I thought it might be a bug, I was not sure. Thanks.08:52
BobCFCthe trasit of venus?08:53
wpsdthe real bug is ipw210008:54
CCNickServ CC08:56
dellphis it possible in samba that i will not allow to create a directory/folder? user can only create file not directory. is this possible?08:57
kiffinHi there, I've got 8.10 beta installed on a laptop without internet access and need to get build-essential for madwifi to build, how do I do this via another 8.04 laptop that does have internet access?09:00
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TaejoI'm having trouble recording audio on my Thinkpad (Z60m, with Hardy) --- I can record by catting /dev/dsp into a file, but not in audacity09:00
wpsd<kiffin> it still beta you better use 8.0409:00
kiffinwill it still build alright on 8.10 beta?09:01
Omar87Is there a way to convert .rpm files into .deb files?09:01
Omar87sorry I mean packages.09:02
kiffin<wpsd> will it still build alright on 8.10 beta?09:03
GarfIIeldNoob question: is it possible to edit/open .psd files in GIMP (haven't tested yet)?09:03
TaejoGarfIIeld: probably best just to try09:04
wpsdtry open it not sure (psd)09:05
GarfIIeldHaven't got a .psd file, they are on my portable hdd (far away).09:05
BobCFCGarfIIeld: i just went to file→open and it said .psd but i am using the latest version 2.6109:05
SirrushOmar87 check this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30433509:06
farciarz84hi guys09:06
BobCFCGarfIIeld: there is an option in save too09:06
Sirrushbah he left : /09:06
GarfIIeldOk, so it might work. Then I don't need to recreate all my webpictures.09:06
vassleri need profesional graphics made and animation, where do i look or who can i ask to help me?09:06
wpsduse mediabuntu09:07
GarfIIeldthanks again :)09:07
wpsdGIMP might have plugin for psd09:07
farciarz84pls tell me how to uninstall programs in ubuntu (not using synaptic, I've installed a program using 'python setup.py install', now want to completely remove it from system09:07
BobCFCSirrush: if yoou use tab-completion for the names it stops when they have left09:08
kiffinhow to get build-essenial?09:08
BobCFCkiffin: sudo apt-get install build-essential09:08
wpsdGIMP can save to psd extension09:08
wpsdthats mean yes you can open psd with GIMP09:09
Sirrushtrue BobCFC  sometimes the finger is faster than the brain09:09
wpsdforget how to uninstall from terminal09:09
GarfIIeldwpsd, Hope it can read all the layers that are created in PS.09:09
farciarz84pls tell me how to uninstall programs in ubuntu (not using synaptic), I've installed a program by typing  'python setup.py install', now want to completely remove it from system. How to do it?09:11
wpsdi dont know that such as blending option thing its not available in GIMP right09:11
dr_willisfarciarz84,  you will have to check the docs for that program.  and hope they include some remove options09:12
wpsd<farciarz84> read the manual maybe it will give u some light bulb  " man purge "09:12
farciarz84it dosn;t contain any information about remove this09:15
Sirrushwhat's the program you installed09:15
farciarz84it's rather libs for python09:16
farciarz84suds soap for python09:16
farciarz84I just want ot remove this and instal earilier version09:16
BobCFCfarciarz84: did you try reversing the original command?  using remove instead of install09:16
farciarz84BobCFC: nope, I will try this09:17
wpsdsudo apt-get remove....09:17
=== bryan_ is now known as hakr
BobCFCwsop no he did a diffeent command... somthing like python  setup.py install09:17
wpsdonly for respitory09:17
farciarz84error: invalid command 'remove'09:17
wpsdthere is no remove09:18
wpsdonly rm09:18
wpsda dangerous one rm is09:18
smelianhello is there any programs that can make Dvd movies in linux ( like convert x to dvd in windows ) .  i want one convert movie and paste subtitle on it09:18
BobCFCfarciarz84: what about --help...  or if indoubt open the .py file and read it in a text editor09:18
farciarz84but I don;t know where are those files so there is no possibility to use rm09:18
Ohmusys monitor says my cpu's averaging 75%.  I only have firefox running, downloading a file at a trickly slow pace.  Plus xchat.  What's going on?  It's a fast computer.  2GHz 1Gram.09:19
BobCFCpython setup.py uninstall   or maybe   python setup.py --help09:19
dionOhmu: run top and see what's consuming the most CPU time09:20
farciarz84see http://paste.pocoo.org/show/88349/09:20
wpsdgoogle it with www.google.com/linux09:20
Ohmudion: thx. useful command. SysMonitor's consuming 20%!!!  I guess it's not using the gfxcard.09:22
indian_munnda_Dr_Willis_: how do i share internet connection with two ubuntu machines?09:22
indian_munnda_Dr_Willis_: i have networked two machine using a cross wired cable09:22
Sirrushfarciarz84,  why not try --help-commands09:23
Sirrushthat will show you all the available commands09:23
dr_willishow is one of them gettting to the internet then indian_munnda_ ?09:23
elektronischokay, so i upgraded to the latest devel release of 8.10 and im getting a ipw2200 firmware load error??  on boot.. now my wifi wont connect09:23
indian_munnda_Dr_Willis_: one machine is having an internet connection09:23
magnetronelektronisch→ you mean you upgraded to the beta test software?09:23
magnetron!intrepid | elektronisch09:24
ubottuelektronisch: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu09:24
dr_willisindian_munnda_,  someone earlier said to use 'firestarter' and check the share connection box. --> <zcat[1]> dr_willis: The hard way... it's just a checkbox in firestarter now, 'share this connection' and it sets up the second interface, masq, dhcp...09:24
wpsd<elektronisch> hardly work even in the hardy09:24
indian_munnda_dr_willis: one machine has two lan cards which is having the internet connection09:24
smelianhello is there any programs that can make Dvd movies in linux ( like convert x to dvd in windows ) .  i want one convert movie and paste subtitle on it09:25
tdawgedoggwhats the codename for 8.10?09:25
tdawgedoggah...will most ppl stick on 8.04 cause its LTS09:25
dr_willisindian_munnda_,  put firestarter onthe box and enable shareing - is the easy way it seems.09:25
elektronisch ipw2200-bss.fw request_firmware failed: Reason -2 is the error btw09:25
indian_munnda_dr_willis: ok trying rite now09:25
hakrim upgrading atm09:25
dr_willissmelian, DeVeDe can do that.. not sure about subtitles09:26
BobCFCfarciarz84: you might be better off in the python channel?  try  joining  #python09:26
smelianthank u i will check it09:26
lepinehas anyone ever seen an sshd taking a long time to return a prompt when `iptables -P INPUT DROP` ... but not otherwise?09:29
lepineit takes about 10 seconds w/ DROP ... it's quasi instant with ACCEPT09:30
lepinenone of my other rules/policies change09:30
abstortedmindsi have 2 500gig HD's in an enclosure running through firewire, right now im backing up to to a single TB HD in another enclosure, when thats done im going to format the 2-500GB disks, since the data is not very important ie, movies, i want to format it as a single full drive, which file system should i use, how would i format it to be one single drive and any other things i should know before i do it?09:30
abstortedminds(instead of using redundancy (raid)09:31
indian_munnda_Dr_Willis_: i can ping my router from the other machine but i can't ping google or any other website?????09:31
lepineabstortedminds: raid0 perhaps?09:31
lepineor just use LVM09:31
dionindian_munnda_: you're default gateway set correctly?09:32
dr_willisindian_munnda_,  thats a gateway/dns setting most likely09:33
indian_munnda_dion: i have provided the computer's ip(eth0) as gateway which is having two lancard,Eth1 is the internet connection09:33
indian_munnda_Dr_Willis_: : i have provided the computer's ip(eth0) as gateway which is having two lancard,Eth1 is the internet connection09:33
dr_willissee if you can get the ip# of a site and connect to it that way09:33
dr_willisie: htto://google.com   vs http://ip.of.google.com09:34
indian_munnda_Dr_Willis_: i can't ping google.com09:34
dionindian_munnda_: so it's a case of PC 1 ---->  PC 2 ----> Router?09:34
indian_munnda_it says unknown host09:34
dr_willisthe do step 2 like i said.. :) see if you canpiung the ip09:34
indian_munnda_dion: rite09:35
dionindian_munnda_: can you ping the router's IP from PC 1?09:35
abstortedmindslepine, would i need to setup software raid controller, if so, which program should i learn about?09:36
dionindian_munnda_: (sorry - I'll probably find you've already answered that if I scroll up)09:36
jburdindian_munnda_: Type 'sudo aptitude install pastebinit; dig +trace www.google.com | pastebinit'09:36
lepineabstortedminds: mdadm09:36
abstortedmindsthanks lepine09:36
indian_munnda_dr_willis: i can ping the ip of google.09:36
indian_munnda_dion: i can ping the ip of google.09:36
dr_willisindian_munnda_,  you just proved its your DNS server settings then.09:37
indian_munnda_dion: i can ping router ip also09:37
dionindian_munnda_: there you go - you've fixed it :p09:37
indian_munnda_dr_willis: got it yes u r rite09:37
indian_munnda_dr_willis: let me provide it first.09:38
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
indian_munnda_dr_willis: dion: got it thanks to both of u.09:39
jinno php-apc in the repo?09:40
dr_willis!find php-apc09:41
ubottu'find' is disabled09:41
dr_willisbummer. :)09:41
dr_willis!info php-apc09:41
ubottuPackage php-apc does not exist in hardy09:41
dr_willisjin,  i see it on the intrepid machine i got going09:41
jinit is unbelievable :(09:41
dr_willisSo no its not unbeliveble09:42
SirrushWell cya everyone09:42
jinI don't want to reinstall my machine09:42
dr_willisjin,  you could upgrade.. i guess...09:42
dr_willisor go install it via source..  or whatever ya want.09:42
jincrap, not good09:43
jindr_willis, how to upgrade?09:43
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes09:44
dr_willisbut 8.10 is still in testing.09:44
jinI know. that's why I don't wnat to upgrade09:45
BobCFCjin you can find a repo for php-apc in hardy... try this PPA https://launchpad.net/~andrew-linuxjedi/+archive09:45
jinsweet :)09:45
dr_willisppa is always handy09:45
BobCFCjin it might be a bit old it was built in march but it is meant for hardy.. it was the first i found there may be others09:46
jinBobbino, apt-cache can't find the package php-apc. I have added the rpeo and did a apt-get update09:48
Cheetahhey guys09:48
lepinejin: apc is php5 specific ... so perhaps php5-apc09:48
jinphp5-apc is not there :(09:48
indian_munnda_Dr_Willis_: how can i access files on ubuntu internet machines from the other machine09:49
lepineapt-cache search php | grep apc09:49
dr_willisindian_munnda_,  setup samba on the ubuntu box, or use ssh and winscp. are 2 ways09:49
Cheetahi'm using ubuntu 8.04 and I have a question regarding the sound daemons. Ubuntu uses PulseAudio as new default sound server. But how does it interact with ALSA and OSS? because I have upgraded form an earlier version of Ubuntu there are all those modules in my sound device choosers now09:49
indian_munnda_Dr_Willis_: i have installed samba09:49
Kolmahello guys09:49
Kolmai've heard about dell video chat working on linux...09:50
BobCFCjin: if you open synaptic and choose browse by Origin you can chooose PPA universe or similar and look there?09:50
Kolmabut i cant for my life find it :/09:50
dr_willis indian_munnda_  did you confiogure some shares on  the linux box? be sure the workgroup is the same also.09:50
jinBobbino, I'm upgrading already :\09:50
BobCFCjin to intrepid??09:50
dystopianrayis it possible to convert the ubuntu livecd into a livedvd so that more packages can be included by default?09:51
indian_munnda_Dr_Willis_: sorry but how to do that09:51
jinBobbino, yep09:51
Kolmano1 can help me?09:51
jinshould be done in 5minutes:)09:51
BobCFCjin: haha oh well i've been running a for 10days or so it is stable already... better make a drink or something09:51
dr_willis!samba| indian_munnda_09:52
ubottuindian_munnda_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209809:52
dr_willisindian_munnda_,  personally i  edit  smb.conf file byhand.. been doing it for years.. You may want to find some gui, or checkout the 'share this folder' item on the menus09:52
BobCFCyeah just rightclick and choose share folder09:53
BlinkizAm looking for the tool that can create a deb package when running "sudo make install". What is the name?09:53
dr_willissome times the right clik -> share folder.. even works!09:53
Kolmaany1 know where i can get dell video chat on linux?09:54
quibblerdystopianray: try downloading the dvd, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/release/09:54
Kolmai see pletny of press releases saying it came out in september but i only find mac and pc downloads for it09:54
BobCFCKolma: there is a dell section on ubuntuforums.org they might help in there09:55
Kolmano finds with search :(09:57
Kolmahow well does Wine work?09:58
Kolmacan it be used for anything? and how many programs can it run at once?09:58
jinKolma, not as good as virtualbox :P09:58
Kolmawats virtual box?09:58
balrogim having trouble with bzr: http://paste.ubuntu.com/59202/09:58
Kolma(i only got 512mb of ram on my comp)09:58
Kolmaand its 800mhz09:59
balrogKoma: i am running it fine on a computer with similar specs09:59
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox09:59
balrogKolma: there is obviously a performance hit no matter what, but wine is impressively good at what it does, even if its not completely perfect.10:00
Kolmatheres an mmo i want to play10:00
Kolmakk im getting virtualbox OSE10:01
[amadeus]Remember the fact that virtualbox has no support for DirectX ...10:01
jin[amadeus], I read that Vmware does support 3d acceleration now or somehting like that :+10:02
dr_willisIve heard vmware is working onit.. but not tried it.or heard much about 3d under vmware10:03
[amadeus]That's true, jin ;-)10:03
karab44_I am in serious trouble10:06
unitypunkcan anyone help me with awn?10:06
karab44_I just deleted my /home/ account10:06
karab44_I mean I've just removed it from the system10:06
karab44_from administration panel10:06
karab44_but i am still on my account10:06
karab44_and I want to undo10:07
jinthe Ubuntu upgrade progress bar is just like Mccain. it says 5min remaining, then change to 7 then 9 then 5 and then 10 minutes. :\10:07
[amadeus]karab44_: That's not possible ... so all your specific settings are already removed now.10:09
NicEXEthis is my fstab file http://pastebin.com/d25d970a1 if I change it like that http://pastebin.com/d3159823a is there any problem that may I face?10:09
olabashermariano_rech: write /join #nwc10:09
bimberikarab44_: try opening a terminal and typing "sudo adduser <thatusername>"10:10
Usiuhow to unsubscribe from following bug reports in launch pad ?10:10
BobCFCNicEXE: you need to create the new directories first, they must exist10:10
Ab3Lgood bye10:11
BobCFCNicEXE: open a terminal and type   sudo mkdir /media/windows10:11
BadElvisMy wireless adapter is not enabled. Finds no wireless networks. How can I enable it manually?10:11
quibblerkarab44_:how did you delete it?10:11
[amadeus]BadElvis: sudo ifconfig <your interface> up10:12
uwe2006hi all10:13
Decepticonhow do i check who is in a usergroup 'friends'10:14
bertodseraHi! can anyone tel me how I can add a custom keyboard layout for a language that is not in the distro? I put the layout in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols but after restarting I don't seem to be able to see it anywhere. Should I edit manually the base.xml file in /etc/X11/xkb?10:15
smokewonHeya, im on my mums PC, she forgot her password, and the computer had crashed (win xp home ed), i tried loggin in with recovery console to repair it, but yeah the password problem, tried number of times but still cant remember pword, i read its possible to use JTR to crack the pword, im not sure what file i should be cracking tho, help!, Using Ubuntu Hardy live cd atm10:15
smokewonis there such a tool called "bkhive-linux" avail for ubuntu?10:16
NicEXEI changed my fstab file (I also made the proper dirs) should I restart my mashine?10:16
karab44_quibbler: I've enter the administration panel10:17
karab44_System->administration->users and groups10:17
BobCFCNicEXE: i think you can do   sudo mount -a   but I don't remember if it will unmount the old ones10:17
DanielXi have problem install wireless Encore ENPWI-G210:17
karab44_I wanted to delete my test account but ive deleted my actual account10:17
DanielXpls help :(10:18
quibblerDecepticon: go to System-Administration-Users and Groups unlock manage groups check the properties of the group you want.10:18
karab44_And now its only /root left10:18
Decepticonim not on a gui10:18
DanielXi install with ndiswrapper10:18
karab44_now I am in big trouble...10:18
NicEXEcool! thanx BobCFC !10:18
BobCFCkarab44_: are your files still there?10:18
karab44_Yes, i am on this account I believe when I logout I will loose everything10:19
BobCFCkarab44_: well you can always backup your home dir first... then try to recreate the account...10:19
karab44_its about 20GB10:20
krishiam getting a message DISK BOOT FAILURE in my webserver10:20
BobCFCkarab44_: maybe if you create a test acount, delete that then see if ITS files get deleted?10:20
BobCFCkarab44_: try and restore the test account see if it works without messiung the files10:20
karab44_but I have to logout then... thats too risky10:21
NicEXEhow can I make a shortcut to a dir or file? (I am on Ubuntu)10:21
BobCFCkarab44_: ok i will try....10:21
PartisanEntityHi all, anyone experienced with xorg.conf and ATI have a minute or two?10:21
quibblerkarab44_: try adding yourself again for example I'm quibbler /home/quibbler10:21
[amadeus]NicEXE: Do you want to create a link on your desktop?10:21
NicEXEI want to create an editable link10:22
NicEXE(on my desktop)10:22
ykphuahis there openoffice 3 in any repos out there for ubuntu?10:22
karab44_quibbler: first thing what I did was adding myself again but... I am affraid that after logout it will execute anyway10:23
[amadeus]NicEXE: So click right and choose the second item10:23
=== RandomCake__ is now known as RandomCake
karab44_Ive removed naturalborn admin account, that was created from the installation menu10:24
karab44_I can not reconstruct it10:24
BobCFCkarab44_: when i created a test account and deleted it, it said "This will disable a users account WITHOUT deleting the users home directory"10:26
karab44_so my data will be safe?10:26
bimberiYes, tried it here too.  The (Hardy) Users & Groups applet claims that "This will disable this user's access to the system without deleting the user's home directory." when you delete an account.10:26
BobCFCkarab44_: hang on still testing... i think so10:27
karab44_my hardy64 didnt tell me that10:27
BobCFCkarab44_: i am using ibex so maybe the message is new but it should work same way10:27
dr_willisIf you are worried bout the data.. openup a terminal and look..if its still there.. BACK IT UP. :)10:28
quibblerkarab44_: I believe BobCFC is right.10:28
karab44_at first I had 2 acc /root  and /karab. I created new one /k44 and deleted /karab for mistaken. karab had all privilages becouse was created from installation menu10:28
karab44_but i am still on /karab10:28
BadElvishelp, i cannpt enable my wireless network adapter in ubuntu 8.1010:29
jinupgrade successful :)10:29
BobCFCkarab44_: when you try to recreate the account it says Home folder already exists.. if you rename it it lets youu remake it using old name... then you can copy files back10:29
karab44_BobCFC: ill make an simulation10:29
karab44_thanks guys10:29
BobCFCkarab44_: eg.  i made account /home/test  deleted it moved to /home/test2  add test account back again the  mv the /home/test2 back again10:30
BadElvissudo lshw -C network shows everthing to be disabled or unclaimed, but i dont know how to enable it. hardware switch is on.10:30
kane77is there any tutorial on how to setup triple boot (windows + ubuntu + ubuntustudio)?10:31
nirehi installed wubi, howver it doesnt see my windows partition. it does however see another ntfs partition. any ideas how to get it to see my windows partition?10:31
dr_williskane77,  why do you need to tripple boot that> whats so special about ubuntu studio? Basicially you manually make a grub entry to boot the other disrtos10:31
nirehkane77: ubuntu studio is ubuntu with some added studio apps. just install those apps. makes no sense to have two OS's for it10:31
FriedPiggyhi all. any chance anyone has a rough idea on when 8.10 will be available? wanting to switch from windows but waiting for the latest release first10:32
karab44_BobCFC: now i did see info about untouching data files when del10:32
=== johnson is now known as Guest43243
karab44_OK I'll try10:32
BobCFCFriedPiggy: Otiber 30th10:32
BobCFCOctober lol10:32
Fri13nireh: Two OS's? You have then just Two software systems10:32
FriedPiggywicked, thanks BobCFC10:32
rage<karab44_> OK I'll try10:32
ragesorry, wrong person10:32
[amadeus]BadElvis: Did you tried ifconfig ..?!10:32
kane77nireh, dr_willis I thought it was more than that (eg using different kernel etc.) if it is just ubuntu + apps then there is no need to install it10:32
BadElvis[amadeus]: yes i think my interface is called "lo"so i did sudo ifconfig lo up10:33
BobCFCBadElvis: lo is for loopback and it is a dummy device10:33
karab44I am back, everything works just fine10:34
BadElvisand how do i find the correct device?10:34
karab44problem is solved :))10:34
BadElvismaybe wlan0?10:34
BobCFCBadElvis: if wifi it will be something like   wlan0   for wired   eth010:34
[amadeus]BadElvis: iwconfig shows you the correct wireless network (it has a wireless extention)10:35
BobCFCkarab44: nice1 mate, you wouldn't notice that message unless you are looking for it, human instint to click ok10:35
BadElvisyes there i have a wlan010:35
[amadeus]BadElvis: So try it :-)10:35
=== olabasher is now known as kopertina
dr_williskane77,  no idea. I noticed they had 8.10 releases of kiubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntu studio (i think)   so im thinking its just packages.10:35
velkoanybody else having recently problems with apparmor and cups?10:36
karab44BobCFC: yes, too much playing warsow :)10:36
BadElvisbut iwconfig wlan0 up gives an error10:36
moppedWhat should I apt-get to download java for firefox? ;)10:36
zhaozhou_mopped, apt-get to download everything you can (:10:36
BobCFCmopped: install    ubuntu-restricted-extras10:36
BadElvisSIOCSIFFLAGS no such file or dirctory10:36
BobCFCmopped: that will give u both java and flash10:36
zhaozhou_mopped, oh. :-D got the question wrong10:37
[amadeus]BadElvis: So your driver does'nt work correcly ... what's about dmesg?10:37
BobCFCmopped: so command would be:    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras10:37
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ykphuahi have moved my top panel to the right, now I can't find any "blank area" on the panel for me to get the properties window, any solution??10:38
BadElvis[amadeus]: gives a long list. by the way, the wired network doesnt work either10:39
BadElvisim on another computer atm10:39
[amadeus]ykphuah: You can reset it with gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/panel :-)10:39
[amadeus]BadElvis: Oh, so it will be a longer discussion :)10:39
BadElvis[amadeus]: i used to work right, but the in once turned off the hardware switch and now it seems as if it didnt realize that i turned it on again10:40
ykphuah[amadeus]: thanks! :)10:40
jinthis is so sweet. on Intrepid it detected my prineter/scanner automatically and works out of the box :) Now I don't have to restart to windows to scan files any more.10:40
ykphuah[amadeus]: clicking on any of the applets should have a "panel menu" like that in KDE.10:40
nirehi installed wubi, howver it doesnt see my windows partition. it does however see another ntfs partition. any ideas how to get it to see my windows partition?10:41
BadElvis[amadeus]: can i tell ubuntt to reconfigure it automatically like it did when i installed ubuntu recently?10:41
[amadeus]ykphuah: Yes ... there's no kind of control with applets are on, too :-/10:41
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[amadeus]BadElvis: Yes and no ....10:41
[amadeus]BadElvis: You can reset the PCI-tables ...10:41
BobCFCjin: great! we are getting there step by step10:41
BadElvis[amadeus]: i dont mind if the information for any stored wireless connections is lost.10:42
BobCFCjin: i hear graphics tablets are better too10:42
farciarz84do U know some really good game only for linux? I mean sth serious game with beatufiull graphic or very playable10:42
private804good morning10:42
alanbshepard77I'm using awn and I like it but I'm not ready to get rid of the panel that comes with Ubuntu yet. is there a way to hide the panel at the bottom of the screen but not delete it?10:42
BadElvisfarciarz84: no10:42
BobCFCfarciarz84: try Nexuiz10:42
dr_willisalanbshepard77,  move it to the top10:43
[amadeus]BadElvis: Ok, can you tell me the output of lspci -nn | grep -i network10:43
BobCFCalanbshepard77: you can set it to auto hide...  rightclick and choose properties10:43
Fri13farciarz84: Cube, Nexuiz (for Windows too), TA Spring10:43
Fri13farciarz84: but those are on Windows too... :-)10:44
farciarz84some RPG? like WOW Baldurs10:44
Fri13farciarz84: Check Linuxgames10:44
alanbshepard77dr_willis: Thanks but I don't want it there either, it makes the top of the screen to bulky.10:44
dr_willisalanbshepard77,  drag whatever parts ya like to the top and just delete it is another way10:45
BadElvis[amadeus]: 03:00.0 Network Controller [0280]: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection [8086:4227] (rev 02)10:45
alanbshepard77BobCFC: Thanks but I tried that, it's "hidden" but still half visible.10:45
Fri13farciarz84: I play NeverWinter nights (1/2) on Linux.10:45
alanbshepard77dr_willis: Ah cool, thanks10:45
BobCFCalanbshepard77: yes i think most ppl delete the bottom panel after moving anything they want to keep on the top panel. thats why i gave up awn and went back..10:46
BlinkizAm looking for the tool that can create a deb package when running "sudo make install". What is the name?10:46
[amadeus]BadElvis: So open (as root) the file /lib/modules/{your kernel}/modules.pcimap and search for "4227" and delete the _whole_ lines10:46
dr_willisBlinkiz,  checkinstall -- perhaps?10:46
Blinkizdr_willis, Nice, checkinstall was the name! Thanks :D10:46
BobCFCalanbshepard77: the other option is move the dock up so it doesn't cover the bottom pannel, depends how big ur monitor is :)10:46
Kolmawine is working great :D, game installed and is currently updating with patches10:47
[amadeus]Aliena *piex*10:47
alanbshepard77BobCFC: Thanks for the suggestion, I think I'll move the trash and desk switcher up top and just delete it.10:47
Kolmait actually downlaoded/installed faster thn on my windows computer :D10:47
alanbshepard77dr_willis, BobCFC: Thanks.10:47
farciarz84I must try this wine10:47
BobCFCKolma: if you have trouble the wine website usually has a page for each game, appdb.winehq.org  sometimes they have special version and tips etc10:47
Kolmaits one of those free online mmo's10:48
Kolmaasda story10:48
bittyxI have a bit of a problem on my PC and I'm not sure whether the cause is WinXP or Ubuntu. I have a ~150GB HDD on my PC. When I got it fresh, I created two primary partitions, C: (20GB), and D: (100GB), leaving the rest for Ubuntu.10:48
BadElvis[amadeus]: ok, now restart?10:48
BobCFCKolma: lol, asda is a supermarket in the UK10:48
Kolmai know xD10:49
Kolmaevery1 i mention game to says taht10:49
bittyxI installed Ubuntu into the empty space and for a while it was cool, but for unrelated reasons, I decided to delete Ubuntu and use the leftover space for another NTFS partitions for WinXP. So I deleted Ubuntu, did FIXMBR from WinXP's installations CD, to skip Ubuntu's boot loader, and I was back in WinXP.10:49
[amadeus]BadElvis: Yes, or is there a modules.alias also?10:50
bittyxThen, I used the Computer Management from Control Panel->Administrative Tools, to format the previously Ubuntu space into a third primary partition, G: (~30GB).10:50
BadElvis[amadeus]: oh, sorry i didnt check. already restarting10:51
Ja1hallo, can anyone tell me, where i find the datafile where the shortcut of an user are saved? i want to copy it10:51
Kolmathe game is in wine10:51
Kolmaand it got a bronze last tested10:51
drhe|lapi got this new hdd im about to install. should i format it as ntfs or ext3?10:51
[amadeus]BadElvis: Well, no problem ... check now :)10:51
drhe|lapthis new hdd is only going to hold media files.10:52
Kolmasays mouse isnt shown :X10:52
bittyxCurrently, in Computer Management, I can see three primary partitions - C: (20GB), D: (100GB), G: (30GB). What I want to do now is reorganize my HDD space in the following manner - I'd like to leave the D: partition, but I want to delete C: and G: and install WinXP onto a bigger C: partition (30-40GB).10:52
BobCFCJa1: do you mean shortcuts on the Panel?10:52
bittyxNow the problem is, when I boot from the WinXP installation CD, it doesn't show my partitions properly, rather it shows only a single C partition with around 130GB space, and no free space on the HDD. Does anyone know what could be the problem?10:52
Kolmawindows cant see EXT310:53
Ja1i mean the shortcuts using in gnome10:53
Kolmaor watever linux uses10:53
bittyxBut all my partitions are NTFS right now.10:53
Kolmaif u want a