ST47OK, I give up.03:49
ST47I'm trying to use upstart to run and maintain a perl script - restart it if it dies, etfc03:49
ST47I created a file in /etc/event.d03:49
ST47start on botstart03:50
ST47and then the exec /home/st47/Perl/test.pl03:50
ST47However that script never executes03:50
ST47main process terminated with status 12603:51
ST47never mind, I suck, that's not really the error. It returns status 127. 03:54
ST47That's supposed to be a $path error, however there shouldn't be any missing dependencies...03:54
ST47when I run the command from bash as root, even from the /etc/event.d working directory, it executes properly.03:59
ST47When I change it from a straight /home/st47/Perl/test.pl to perl /home.... it returns error code 204:01
lagahey guys.20:48
lagawhere can i find documentation for the 0.3.9 event syntax? i'm told upstart.ubuntu.com only has documentation for 0.5.020:48

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