DCPomi have two partitions of x/ubuntu, how can i choose which one is default?00:19
zoredachewhat do you mean, default?00:30
zoredachehow are you switching between them right now?00:30
gometzi'm having a problem... my task bar disappeared & i don't know how it happened or how to get it back01:43
Odd-rationalegometz: try alt+f2 and run xfce4-panel01:43
gometzi'm guessing that should go into the start scripts?01:44
Odd-rationaledid that get your panels back?01:44
gometzyes it did, ty :)01:44
Odd-rationalei think something got messed up with your sessions file...01:45
* ball still doesn't really understand sessions.01:48
gometzprobably like a browser session <.<01:49
ballBrowser sessions don't persist across reboots though.01:49
ballhello DCPom01:51
DCPomheya ball01:51
ecksiiAnyone have experience with Xubuntu 8.04 and the Asus Eee?01:57
ubottuHi! I'm #xubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:59
ecksii!eee no network02:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eee no network02:01
ecksii!eee no eth002:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eee no eth002:01
ecksii!eee eth002:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eee eth002:02
gometzany idea what package chkconfig might be in?02:02
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".02:02
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ecksiiI'm having trouble getting wired networking going on an Asus eee with Xubuntu 8.0402:21
ecksii(The bot's not helping)02:22
ecksiiLooks like xubuntu and the eee are not meant to work together.02:48
xn00bHi all04:30
xn00bCan anybody direct me to some good tuts for setting up networking in xubuntu?04:33
dakunanyone here?04:45
xn00bThey do suggest patience in here, im waiting too :-)04:46
dakunoh, i wasnt being impatient, i was just trying to stur responses04:46
dakunumm, for xubuntu 8.10, will it have xfce 4.6.x on it?04:47
xn00bmission accomplished :-)04:47
xn00bdo you happen to know of tutorials for getting one's network up and running in xubuntu?04:47
xn00bit's not native in the Thunar file manager04:48
dakunumm, if you use samba you can just use the samba, i use smbmount and point it to ~/../share and mount the shared folders from the other computers to those folders. the only drawback i see is that when the other computer isnt connected it laggs the file manager04:49
dakuni havent figured out how the whole permissions thing work with passworded accounts04:50
xn00baha, ok.. thanks for the tip anyway04:50
dakunumm, for xubuntu 8.10, will it have xfce 4.6.x on it?04:50
xn00bi cannot answer that question unfortunatly04:51
dakunits kinda the only reason i want to update to intrepid04:51
xn00bok, I'm a complete newbie04:51
dakunall the package updates will work for hardy for another year after so i dont want to waste another disc04:52
xn00bjust went from ubuntu --> to xubuntu04:52
dakunwell im gonna stop using e17 for a while, wait for them to ad some stuff and then check it out again04:52
dakuni like xubuntu04:54
dakunless extra stuff that i dont use, granted that there is still stuff like that in there04:54
xn00bme to, it's much faster on the laptop Im using04:54
xn00bbut a major con with the lack of browsing ones network04:55
dakunyup, xfce 4.6 is supposed to be even faster04:55
dakunues samba04:55
xn00blike, for music, video etc04:55
dakunjust use the bookmark side bar04:55
xn00bok, the "server"  have is a Synology NAS04:55
xn00bit's does not run Samba04:56
xn00bbut I think it runs windows type of shares.04:56
dakunoh, your running a xubuntu server, not desktop04:56
xn00bno, I'm writing from a xubuntu laptop right now.. and want to gain access to my NAS (synology)04:57
xn00bon the network04:57
dakuni have no idea what a NAS synology is04:58
eirehac1network-attached storage04:58
xn00bsorry,   NAS (network area storage)   Synology is the brand04:58
xn00battached yes04:58
dakuni see04:58
eirehac1xn00b: do you have NFS enabled04:59
dakunhave you enabled nfs settings05:00
dakunbeat me too it05:00
eirehac1haha sorry bout that, ill be quiet. :/ heh05:00
xn00boh, probably now :-)05:00
dakunits ok, the more help the better05:00
xn00bexcellect.. thanks05:00
eirehac1haha good point05:01
xn00bI'm trying to get my linux chops together05:01
xn00bthanks dakun05:01
xn00bnfs vs. smb   who's the winner?05:01
dakunidk if that leads to it working but it might point in the right direction05:02
mconway88nfs! :D05:02
xn00bok mconway88 , is it because it is more transparent?05:02
xn00bsmall networks it should be ok i guess.  but larger ones with  security stuff then?...05:03
dakunpersonas addon for firefox05:06
dakunpretty cool05:06
xn00bwhat is it?05:06
dakunits a sorta themeing plugin only its kinda simplified but its still experimental05:06
dakunits still in the mozilla labs05:07
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dakunagh, i cant do anything with gim05:10
XFCEntralyeahh as much as i like the fact its free over Photoshop, it can be a bit difficult05:11
dakuna bit?05:11
XFCEntralhaha may be an understatement yes05:11
dakuni havnt used it for hardly anything but a screenshot or 205:11
xn00bI had that dilemma too..  PS is what i've worked with for years05:12
XFCEntralyeah my girlfriend likes it but i find it wastes space05:12
dakunide rather go and download the .net and use pdn05:12
xn00bits too expensive05:12
dakunthe .net framework? expensive? did ms start charging for dowloads?05:13
xn00bno, Photoshop05:13
dakuni like inkscape best though05:14
dakun• There is no need for users to have separate home directories on every network machine. Home directories could be set up on the NFS server and made available throughout the network.05:19
dakunoh yeah, thats definitly better then smb05:19
xn00bI'm going to split,  thanks for the help05:22
ubottuFTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd05:41
DCPomshould i install nautilus on xubuntu to connect to an FTP server?05:41
JinKazamaDCPom , u can connect with ftp server from the command line06:33
ciapsadmHi, everybody08:34
ciapsadmI have a problem with Xubuntu,08:35
ciapsadmNot detect GPS08:36
ciapsadmI put the USB cable and I shoved in my GPS and nothing appears to Xubuntu to install or configure08:37
ciapsadmLed to the GPS on, but the computer does not detect anything08:39
TheSheepciapsadm: what program are you using to read from the gps?08:39
ciapsadmNot program08:41
ciapsadmI do not use GPS program in Xubuntu08:42
TheSheepciapsadm: then what do you need gps for?08:42
ciapsadmI want to get some music on it, as are the card in it08:44
XFCEntraldo you have a card reader?08:44
XFCEntralmaybe your GPS will let you manage the music and photos on your card on the computer, but that was probably meant for Windows, or Win and Mac. :(08:46
ciapsadmHow do you detect Xubuntu I connect the GPS to the computer?08:46
XFCEntralwhich company made your GPS unit?08:46
TheSheepciapsadm: you can try 'lsusb' in terminal and see if it's listed08:48
ciapsadmCompany is G P S08:48
TheSheepciapsadm: also dmesg may show you some messages related to it08:48
ciapsadmXFCEntral: The problem as not windoze not go08:51
ciapsadmTheSheep: I wrote in terminal lsusb not give me anything appears08:53
TheSheepciapsadm: then it doesn't even detect the device08:54
TheSheepciapsadm: is it on?08:54
ciapsadmTheSheep: Look what I appear: http://www.pastebin.ca/123001208:54
Waltman15I have a question.. Im hoping someone can answer.09:16
Waltman15Is anyone here at the moment?09:17
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)09:18
Waltman15Im sorry.. I was wondering if it is considered legal for me to distribute CDs with Xubuntu and Ubuntu burned on to them for the price I payed for the CD?09:18
TheSheepWaltman15: it depends on the licences of the software contined on the cd, but most of it is either GPL or BSD licence, and they permit it09:21
TheSheepWaltman15: actually, they permit you to charge any amount of money for it09:22
TheSheepWaltman15: note that I'm not a lawyer though09:22
Waltman15So if I do sell these CDs i should be in the clear legally?09:22
tapeHow I do this09:24
Waltman15I have to go to bed. Thanks TheSheep! I appreciate the elp!09:25
ciapsadm_I managed to follow, but do not have access to the disk (card)09:47
TheSheepciapsadm_: I don't know, maybe try googling for the model name of your device and 'ubuntu' or 'linux'09:52
ciapsadm_But I managed to follow;)09:54
ciapsadm_Just do not know why I can not change anything on the card, I do not have access09:54
jarnosWould Skipstone be nice lightweight browser?10:27
jarnosAnybody tried midbrowser? It works in 8.10.10:30
jarnos" a mobile web browser based on Firefox"10:30
jarnosnetsurf is yet another lightweight web browser; no javascript, though. People with old computers might like to know about these.10:35
MadBrozzeRHi. Does anyone know how to make Wine understand ru_RU.UTF-8?10:56
MadBrozzeRIs there someone alive?..10:57
DarkLimitHi guys, I installed Xubuntu and when I installed the updates  it refuses to load and takes me to a busybox screen why is that?13:08
knomeDarkLimit, check that xfce session is selected at gdm login13:08
DarkLimitis this before I update it?13:09
knomeDarkLimit, you do get a graphical login screen after updates?13:10
DarkLimitno none at all.....13:10
DarkLimitjust a buysbox screen and nothign happens13:10
DarkLimitjust sits there...13:10
knomeyou probably mean that it is on command line interface?13:11
DarkLimityou got it13:11
DarkLimitwon't even le t em get to the logon screen13:12
knomenot even the CLI one?13:12
DarkLimitwhat you mean CLI? sorry new to this13:12
knomecommand line interface = cli13:13
DarkLimitit's a dos screen if thats what you mean13:14
knomebut do you get cli login?13:15
DarkLimitall it shows is the version of ubuntu and it sits at infanate command line if I spelled that correctly..13:17
knomedoes it say "machine-name login:" ?13:18
knomeok, do you have any output on tty1 (press ctrl+alt+f1)13:18
DarkLimitI can't check I uninstalled it and am re-doing it13:21
knomeDarkLimit, ok, good luck with the installation this time. i hope all goes well13:21
DarkLimitbut all went wrong after I did the update... I just won't update it13:21
knomeyeah, and we might never get the bug fixed/problem solved...13:22
knomeanyway, i will go and eat now. ->13:22
DarkLimitthanks alot13:24
viddOdd-rationale, can you come to #xubuntu-offtopic ? i have a question about lxde in ubuntu14:22
gulzarHi, where could i find acer-acpi and acerwificontroller packages?15:00
viddgulzar, your running an acer computer?15:01
gulzarvidd, yes.15:01
gulzarActually both, acer and a toshiba. Both having the same wifi problem.15:02
viddacer-acpi is now bundled with linux kernel since 2.6.25 or 2.6.24 for Ubuntu15:02
gulzarAs both have the same cards.15:02
viddwhat does lspci say the wifi card is?15:03
gulzarLinux gulzar-laptop 2.6.22-15-generic #1 SMP Wed Aug 20 18:39:13 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux15:03
viddupdate your kernel =]15:03
viddabout the wifi card15:04
gulzarIm on 7.10 and i have already done an upgrade.15:04
gulzarI think i have the lastest of the repository.15:04
viddwhat does lspci say the card is?15:05
gulzarEthernet controller: Atheros Communications, Inc. AR5006EG 802.11 b/g Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)15:05
viddyou should simply upgrade your kernel...reboot, and enjoy the card....15:06
viddis aceracpi in your synaptic?15:07
gulzarThere is no package by acer*15:08
gulzarvidd, So that means i got to compile it bu hand :(15:08
* gulzar checks the repo15:09
viddlet me find the deb....15:09
viddgulzar, of course, if you just upgraded to hardy (8.04.1) you would get it automatically15:11
gulzarOh, i dont want to upgrade the distro :(15:12
gulzarvidd, I would be happy to install the deb.15:13
viddgulzar, http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/base/ is where you find the deb's for the various kernel images15:14
viddmake sure you get all the dependencies15:15
viddand make a back-up of your stuff before you proceed15:15
gulzarSo i should not worry about that being hardy?15:15
viddjust need to upgrade15:16
viddshould be ok15:17
gulzarThanks :)15:18
gulzarvidd, Ill look into it.15:18
Odd-rationalevidd: hey there! i just woke up... :P pm me if you wish...15:51
tzolkinHi~~ can xubuntu install evolution?15:55
tzolkini download one, it's tar.bz2, and i don't know how to install it.15:57
TheSheeptzolkin: go to system->synaptic, search for evolution, install it16:01
TheSheeptzolkin: you don't have to download anything yourself16:01
tzolkinAh... that's great, thank you =)16:02
ciapsadmHow do I install my video card?16:47
viddciapsadm, which video card you got?16:47
TheSheepciapsadm: you power off your computer, open its case, find the right slot for your card, insert it, close the case, power on the computer16:48
viddTheSheep, i think ciapsadm means "the drivers"16:48
Grey_LokiDon't forget to connect a monitor if you want to see what you're doing16:48
* Grey_Loki whistles16:49
TheSheepvidd: ah, yeah, you will need a screwdriver for that16:49
viddciapsadm, what video card you have?16:50
ciapsadmvidd: Via16:50
knomeviae omnes romam ducunt.16:51
viddciapsadm, go to their website and follow the instructions16:51
viddif its the same kinds i have, the drivers are not built into the kernal16:52
viddbut i usually get by with the vesa driver that is built in to the kernel16:52
ciapsadmExactly what should I do?16:54
viddgo to via's web site16:54
viddlocate your card16:54
viddfollow the instructions on the site16:55
viddhello DarkJesus16:55
DarkJesusWhat is the username and password for the live cd?16:56
viddubuntu and black (i beleive)16:56
viddverify username by opening /home16:56
ciapsadmHow do you see in Xubuntu what I love video16:56
viddciapsadm, huh???16:58
ciapsadmWe came up here: http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageID=2&OSID=4516:59
viddclick the "integrated graphics" link17:01
viddsince you want the driver for your integrated graphics card17:01
viddDarkJesus, password is "blank" (as in there is no password)17:02
charlie-tcaDarkJesus: oth, there is a 10 second timer that will count down and then it17:03
charlie-tcawill log in automatically, if you wait17:03
ciapsadmI gave there on the graphic17:17
viddciapsadm, is this a new board?17:17
ciapsadmHere: http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageID=2&OSID=45&CatID=322017:18
viddthen look at the box it came in, and find the graphics card17:18
viddOR run lspci in terminal and get the info there17:19
viddpastebin your lspci if you want (http://pastebin.com)17:21
ciapsadmvidd: http://www.pastebin.ca/123028817:25
viddciapsadm, line 25 tells you EXACTLY which driver you need to download from the site17:26
ciapsadmI need to link17:26
viddno...you need to THINK17:27
ciapsadmCan not find17:27
viddyou gave ME the link to the page already17:27
viddim not going to drive out to your house to int=stall it for you17:28
Demiosi have question that is not xubuntu related, I just got a new laptop and it lists two hdd partitions. I'm certain there is not two hdds in here, how do I tell if it is one hdd that is partitioned?17:32
viddDemios, does it have a "recovery" feature in windows?17:33
viddthen the larger partition is the main hard drive, and the smaller partition is the "recovery" partition....one hard drive17:34
Demiosthe second hdd is empty17:34
vidddoes the "recovery" thing in windows work?17:35
viddDemios, are you saying that in windows explorer it shows 2 partitions? or in linux?17:39
DCPomcan i use a 10.0.X.X local IP or do i have to use 192.168.X.X17:52
viddDCPom, sure you can17:52
DCPomis it the same X.X because i couldn't find a 10.0.X.X in ifconfid17:53
vidddoes your router have dhcp enabled?17:53
DCPom:\ i don't know...17:54
vidddo you know your router's IP address?17:55
viddwhat is it17:56
DCPomthe local is
viddso you are going to set up static IP on this machine?17:57
viddand hard-wired or wifi?17:57
DCPomyes and wifi17:57
DCPomactually half and half17:57
DCPombecause my *nix is connected via ethernet to a wireless ibook17:58
viddso the ibook is the router17:58
vidddo you have it configured as such?17:58
DCPomi have it forwarding ethernet, so yes (i think)17:59
viddwhat is its ip address?18:00
viddfor the nic card18:00
DCPomi don't understand the question, what do you mean nic card?18:01
viddDCPom, normal configuration for internet sharing is in via lan, share via wifi18:01
viddso what is the ip address of the ibook's lan card18:02
viddso your *nix needs to have its gateway set as
DCPomhow do i set that?18:03
jannottHey. I just installed xubuntu on my laptop but i cant boot up coz kernel gets stuck configuring my integrated camera(broken). Kernel just says cannot configure camera and so endlessli18:04
viddDCPom, this might help: http://www.comptechdoc.org/os/linux/usersguide/linux_ugbasicnet.html18:09
DCPomthank you18:10
kushalsejwalI tried to boot my pc from my LiveUSB pen drive with Xubuntu 8.04 by using usb creater0.1.9. It booted but then I was not able to see GUI mode but it stared some command line which was "busy box v1.1.3 ...... build in shell..... initramfs ..." Pls help?18:48
kushalsejwalcan anybody help me :(18:49
viddkushalsejwal, can that system boot from normal livecd?18:50
kushalsejwalI havent burned the .iso yet I tried18:50
viddhow much ram?18:51
kushalsejwalvidd: xubuntu-8.04.1-desktop-i386 is what I downloaded from xubuntu site I hope its the correct live CD one18:51
viddif your system meets the minimal requirements, and is intel processor or AMD32 processor...should be the right image18:53
kushalsejwalvidd: I have ATI graphic card is that what creating the problem18:53
viddquite possible18:53
* vidd never uses the live cd....18:53
kushalsejwalyeah mine is 32 bit so I installed the i386 which is I gues st the right one18:53
viddits always more trouble thenm its worth18:54
kushalsejwalI do use live CD often but I thought to try Xubuntu this time I have always use only Ubuntu or kubuntu live CDs18:54
vidddo either of those run on that system?18:54
kushalsejwalyeah they do18:55
viddthen the issue is most likely the pendrive image isnt working correctly18:55
vidda proper live cd burn should be fine18:55
kushalsejwalvidd: actually I wanted to check it before wasting a CD that was the primary reason I tried it on pendrive but I guess I have to use a Cd for this18:56
viddthen make a testbox18:58
viddset up qemu18:58
viddthen install the iso onto the qemu18:59
kushalsejwalqemu? testbox?18:59
viddif it fails, the image is bad18:59
ubottuqemu is an emulator you can use to run another operating system - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo18:59
viddit will let you create a sort-off virtual machine on that system19:00
kushalsejwalokay so is it like virtual box/19:00
viddyou mount the iso as the cdrom for the qemu environment and install19:00
kushalsejwalokay I got it I would try it that way19:01
kushalsejwalso vidd you use xubuntu?19:01
kushalsejwalhow is it? as compared to ubuntu19:01
viddi prefer to install from the mini iso19:01
viddi prefer it19:01
viddthe mini iso is < 10 MB19:02
viddonly has the stuff get your network up and running....19:02
kushalsejwaloh minimal installtion I heard about it but dont konw what exactly it is would google about it19:03
viddand you can install any and all *buntu's with the one disk19:03
viddno...not minimal install19:03
viddnet install19:03
kushalsejwalok through internet19:03
kushalsejwallike we install packages thru it19:04
kushalsejwalnever tried it but sounds cool ;)19:04
viddand you can install xubuntu from it, cli-only from it, ubuntu from it, etc19:04
viddso which version you want? 7.04, 7.10, 8.04, 8.10?19:05
viddthey even have dapper19:06
viddkushalsejwal, which version?19:07
viddso i can post the link19:07
kushalsejwalI want 8.1019:07
viddthe file is "mini.iso19:08
kushalsejwalso just boot the pc from this and everything is done19:09
viddno...it will start an installer program19:10
Odd-rationalethe mini.iso downloadas all the packages from the internet19:11
viddyou configure it the way you want, all the packages get downloaded off the internet rather then from the disk19:11
Odd-rationaleso if you have slow internet connection, it might take a while... :P19:11
kushalsejwalokay I understud thanks buddy :)19:12
Odd-rationalethe alternative cd can do a cli install as well...19:12
Odd-rationalecommand line interface19:12
kushalsejwalOdd-rationale: I got cli with the desktop Live CD as well :(19:13
kushalsejwal Odd-rationale: I tried to boot my pc from my LiveUSB pen drive with Xubuntu 8.04 by using usb creater0.1.9. It booted but then I was not able to see GUI mode but it stared some command line which was "busy box v1.1.3 ...... build in shell..... initramfs ..." Pls help?19:13
viddkushalsejwal, that was a failed boot....not an install19:14
Odd-rationalebusybox is different than a command line install of ubuntu...19:14
kushalsejwalthanks for all the help. See you later. Bye19:17
[ifrog]Hey, vid19:25
[ifrog]vidd, Around?19:26
vidd[ifrog], yeah...im here19:26
[ifrog]vidd, I installed 2.6.24 and it does not work.19:27
vidddid you reboot afterwords?19:28
[ifrog]vidd, actually i listened and upgrade to hardy which came with that kernel.19:28
[ifrog]Rebooted twice.19:28
[ifrog]vidd, How do you know if that kernel really supports the hardware, is there is list somewhere?19:29
viddnow that you are on the current release you should have an easier time getting that card to work19:29
[ifrog]vidd, how is that?19:30
[ifrog]I though you said the kernel supports it by default.19:30
viddi assumed you had instructions for getting the card to work and you needed acer-acpi to get it to work19:31
viddacer-acpi is fully integrated into the kernel19:31
[ifrog]I read online that with acer packages it works.19:31
viddwhat other acer packages are needed?19:32
[ifrog]But i still cant find that package in the hardy19:32
vidd[ifrog], http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62495919:34
viddturn on the restricted driver19:34
[ifrog]its on.19:34
viddso the driver is listed as active in the restricted drivers app?19:35
[ifrog]yes, its ticked there.19:35
[ifrog]it actually did it automatically.19:35
viddthen its installed19:35
[ifrog]as i installed from the dvd.19:35
[ifrog]well iwconfig and the tray icon does not show it.19:36
viddwhats the problem then?19:36
[ifrog]the device is not created at all.19:36
viddpastebin ifconfig for me19:36
[ifrog]ah, got to switch the internet to it, As i got only one lan cable here..19:37
[ifrog]just a sec..19:37
caram3l0hello, i'm having some problems. i was working ok on my xubuntu, then i needed to restart, when i did that, it booted again and with no internet, it is not even recognizing any wireless near. when i use the xubuntu live cd it stays ok.19:55
ciapsadmWhere can I find a site with the laptop?19:58
caram3l0if i try going on my network service it doesnt even show that i have wireless connection19:58
ciapsadmHow do you see someone on the web with Pidgin?20:30
Odd-rationaleciapsadm: pidgin does not yet have video support...20:40
Odd-rationaletry ekiga20:40
Odd-rationale!info ekiga20:40
ubottuekiga (source: ekiga): H.323 and SIP compatible VoIP client. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.12-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 4454 kB, installed size 14632 kB20:40
spadewarriorhi. does anyone know how to change the default directory on catfish?20:57
* MalfermitaKodo needs some help troubleshooting a sound problem. I had it working out of the box, did some optimizations, I found in the ubuntu wiki for the Acer Aspire and now it does not work anymore... well, works like a buerocrat: you get no output even though everything seems to be fine21:01
viddhello Ben_Cs21:09
Ben_Csxubuntu comes with Transmission preinstalled. For some reason, Transmission downloads A LOT slower than Deluge. Any ideas why?21:09
Grey_LokiBen_Cs, perhaps a port forwarding issue?21:09
Grey_LokiHave you tried it with the same torrent?21:09
Ben_CsGrey_Loki: same port same torrent21:09
Grey_LokiMalfermitaKodo, obvious things first - while you were tweaking, you didn't accidentally turn down the sound either on your laptop, or within linux anywhere?21:09
viddwhat is the comand to install via apt-get to auto-include recommends?21:10
MalfermitaKodoGrey_Loki: I didn't... I checked alsamixer... and, well, I did reboot to use different kernelparameters, in case this is relevant21:12
Grey_LokiMalfermitaKodo, it could be - have you tried rebooting again and not giving the kernel parameters?21:12
MalfermitaKodonot yet... will do now21:13
MalfermitaKodohmmm elevator=noop should but interfere with sound but apparently does21:25
Grey_LokiThat gives you something to google with, at least - I don't know anything about acer laptops, and I only know a little about linux in general21:26
viddhello Linuxica21:36
LinuxicaI want to delete some files from a pendrive, using thunar, but I can't.21:37
Linuxicawhere I can configure that?21:37
viddin terminal, type "sudo thunar"21:37
viddthen you have god-rights to thunar21:38
viddyou can delete anything, anywhere, without a safety net21:38
vidd(use with caution!)21:38
LinuxicaI usually delete them from the terminal , con "rm"21:39
Linuxicabut i'd like to delete as user21:39
viddthen chown the pen drive to the user21:39
Linuxicaany time I use the pendrive?21:40
Linuxicasorry, you're very kind but i'd like to control the pendrive as my hard disk21:41
Linuxicado you know how I can?21:41
viddanything you write on it from that user is chowned to that user automatically21:41
viddsince the data was written elsewhere, it is chowned to a user that this computer doesnt know21:42
Linuxicayes bit it is owned by root group21:42
LinuxicaI delete the files then the files are there again!!21:42
viddbecause root owns everything not owned by another group21:43
viddwhat file structure is the pendrive using?21:43
Linuxicafat I suppose21:43
Linuxicafat 32 or 1621:43
Linuxicabut I added a hd with ext3 and it's the same21:44
viddyou need to sudo rm [file]21:44
viddthe user cannot remove a file that they dont have permission to21:45
LinuxicaNo, I can delete as user from terminal21:45
Linuxicarm file21:45
viddyou JUST said, the file returned21:45
Linuxicabut I can't from thunar21:45
LinuxicaI can from terminal, I can't from thunar21:45
LinuxicaI'm confused...21:46
viddso am i21:46
LinuxicaI don't understan very well the new fstab I used debian before.21:47
viddif the user can remove the file in terminal, then shift+del (bypassing the trash can) should work in thunar as well21:47
Linuxicaanother thing, the trash in the pendrive is a hidden archive21:48
LinuxicaIt happens with every usb unit.21:49
viddyeah....wich would indicate issues if you dont hold the [shift] key when you delete21:49
Linuxicade camera, de pendrive, and my ide new HD21:49
Linuxicaops... the camera.. the... sorry I'm not speak english very well21:51
viddi knew what ya meant21:51
Linuxicashift + del works!!!21:51
Linuxicathank you!!!!21:52
viddrm in terminal does not put stuff in trash21:52
Linuxicai know21:52
viddtrash is hidden archive so thunar cant use it21:52
Linuxicabut the pendrive was fulll21:52
viddshift-del works the same as rm in terminal21:53
vidddont matter21:53
LinuxicaI didn't knew21:53
Linuxicayou're very knd to help me21:53
viddthe pendrive could have only 3kb used....21:53
viddthunar still cannot use hidden trash archive21:53
LinuxicaI like xubuntu very much21:55
viddgood to hear21:56
LinuxicaI've tried another "linux systems" and by now xubuntu it's the best one21:56
Linuxicaform me, ofcourse21:56
ciapsadmHow do subtritrarea to see more?21:57
ciapsadmIn VLC21:58
Linuxicathanks for the help vidd , bye!!22:01
owen1how to make fnc+f7 (video out) work on vaio?22:08
viddowen1, one moment22:11
owen1vidd: are u talking to me (xrandr)22:17
viddowen1, yes22:18
owen1vidd: what about xrandr? i run it and it shows me my resolution.22:18
viddinstall it and the bios option works22:19
owen1vidd: i just ran it so i assume it's already installed.22:19
owen1vidd: what bios options? will i be able to do video out by changing somthing in the bios?22:20
viddFN+[something] is a bios-enabled function22:20
owen1vidd: how do i get to the bios? rebbot and 'f8' while rebooting?22:21
viddxrandr lets linux pass those commands to the bios so the bios does what it needs to22:21
owen1vidd: ok. i have xrandr. what is my next step?22:21
vidduse the fn+ functions22:22
viddthey should work22:22
owen1vidd: please elaborate...what is my next step? run xrandr or rebbot and going to bios?22:23
viddthere is no next step22:24
viddas long as xrandr is installed, they keys should work22:24
owen1vidd: the brightness works (fn+f5/fn+f6) but when i connect external tv and hit fn+f7 i don't see anything on the tv.22:25
viddis the tv set to recieve?22:26
owen1vidd: as soon as i connect my desktop to the tv, i can see the desktop on the tv. so i assume the problem is not the tv.22:27
viddthen your bios must need to enable that feature22:27
viddwell...i have to go home now22:28
owen1vidd: ok. thanks!22:28
viddi should be back on tommorrow22:28
owen1vidd: np. thanks a lot.22:28
owen1i can't find anything in the bios..i tried 'LCD Screen Expansion' but it didn't help22:43
dasChaos23Hello everyone....23:10
dasChaos23Does anyone know of a nice graphical remote client, ideally between windows and xubuntu?23:11
dasChaos23Basically I would love to set up a xbox server, which can be accessed by Window, Mac and Linux machines (ideally)23:12
owen1how to convert ntfs or fat into ex3 (external usb drive)?23:14

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