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calimeredward-p i need to know how to install karbon14 (koffice) on my edubuntu01:36
calimerany takers?01:36
LaserJockcalimer: on 8.04?01:43
calimeredward-p ?01:43
calimerhe picked a bad time to go afk :D01:43
edward-psorry there, me from indonesia. (sorry for the english also) what is the time there?01:45
calimer8:45pm in NY :D01:45
LaserJockyou should be able to run apt-get install karbon01:49
juliuxogra: morgen;)08:05
juliuxogra: what have you done with tablet pc support in intrepid?08:06
ograjuliux, why ? anyhing wrong ?12:22
ograjuliux, btw http://grabanddrag.mozdev.org/index.html13:19
Eeyore-Jrhi.  what are the base requirements for ltsp?19:16
nubaeEeyore-Jr: that depends on the amount of clients and the server, but check the documentation, there's a lot in there19:17
Eeyore-Jrwehre is the docs located?19:17
nubaethere's a link to if from here: help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP19:17

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