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* a|wen will has a patch ready for bug 278218 ... just needs to testbuild+test it01:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 278218 in kdeadmin "KDE4: KUser does not create new user's directory" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27821801:39
a|wenhttp://awen.dk/packages/kdeadmin_4.1.2-0ubuntu2.debdiff <- Riddell, apachelogger, ScottK if any of you have time02:01
nixternalRiddell: wooo! txwikinger if you want to document, I can provide some help02:25
txwikingerDocumenting is not the problem... finding the information that needs to be documented is02:25
txwikingerHowever, yes... give me some hints02:26
nixternalthere is plenty to be documented in KDE 4 and of course Kubuntu02:26
nixternalwe use DocBook/XML....very easy markup language, probably easier than HTML in many ways02:26
nixternalor at least the same02:26
nixternalthere is some good info there to get you started I think02:27
txwikingerwell. I know LaTeX, which is also a SGML02:27
nixternalif you know LaTeX, then DocBook will be easy for you02:27
txwikingerWhy is konversation always opening FF?02:30
* txwikinger suspects a Gnome conspiracy02:30
nixternalI have been using Firefox a lot lately....there are some really useful greasemonkey scripts out there02:31
nixternalthough Konqueror will hopefully have greasemonkey support in the near future02:31
coreymon77nixternal: you just discovered greasemonkey?02:32
coreymon77nixternal: thats not the only useful extension that firefox has02:32
nixternalkind of...this is the first time I have used Firefox for more than 2 minutes02:32
txwikingerWell greasemoney is cute, but I want it on Konq02:32
txwikingerFF is far too heavyweight02:33
nixternalsomeone was writing a plugin for konqi that would allow you to use greasemonkey scripts02:33
coreymon77i prefer it02:33
coreymon77i find konq to be more like ie02:33
txwikingerwhat is that?02:33
coreymon77sure, dolphin is now the default filemanager02:33
nixternalmust be that crack02:33
nixternalcoreymon77: for n00bs it is...I don't use dolphin at all02:34
coreymon77ie=internet explorer02:34
nixternalnothing beats the cli for file management anyways02:34
* txwikinger hasn't used ie for 50 years or so02:34
txwikingerwell.. maybe 502:34
coreymon77as in, it is browser, file manger etc all in one02:34
txwikingerit still usesless memory than FF02:35
txwikingerme would not be able to open 60 FFs02:35
coreymon77and you would do that because?02:35
txwikingerbecause I always have around 60 Konqs open02:36
txwikingerDon't ask me why.. probably 2nd thermodynamical theory02:36
* txwikinger found a cool imap lib for python02:38
txwikingernixternal: Did you figure out how to use python apps inside systemsettings?02:42
nixternalhaven't looked at it....was a bit busy today preparing for a presentation tomorrow02:43
nixternaltotally forgot about the presentation until about 3pm today02:43
nixternal"KDE is not a desktop environment."02:45
nixternalhuh? this is a quote by aseigo I just found on OS News02:45
a|weng'nite, see you all tomorrow02:45
nixternalg'nite a|wen02:45
txwikingerok.. does he say what it is?02:46
a|wentxwikinger: not literally, but like in post-sleep02:46
txwikingerwhat is this ssdp protocol?02:50
txwikingerAh zeroconf is doing that02:51
* txwikinger was rather wondering that nixternal has a presentation tomorrow than seeing a|wen tonorrow02:52
nixternalhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/bradmcmahon/2943240878/ <- this is what happens when you mix beer and nerds...you get jono and I cutting a rug at a club!03:01
txwikingerIs that your line dance?03:01
nixternalhahaha ya03:02
txwikingerI think I need to get my boots... an all because of KDE03:04
txwikingerKDE4 comes with an universum04:46
txwikingerEvery time I log into KDE4, it doubles the number o open apps04:51
ScottKa|wen: Looking at your kdebase patchnow.05:46
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ScottKemma: Please check your network connection.  You're ping ponging in and out of the channel.06:25
ScottKa|wen: Uploaded.  Thank you for your contribution to Kubuntu (that was an important bug to fix).06:25
ScottKa|wen: I'm too tired to understand why Bug #285313 is still happening.  If you take a look, I'd appreciate it.  I'm off to bed.07:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285313 in guidance-power-manager "python2.5 crashed with Exception in _initHAL()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28531307:01
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apacheloggeryuriy: I have no apparmor10:03
apacheloggeroh my10:04
apacheloggera|wen: did anyone sponsor yet?10:05
apacheloggerRiddell: just rsynced the live cd ... About Kubuntu is not german, Install is not german, apparently the Live session doesn't use germany as country/region which makes my clock ungermanish, add/remove software is not german either, in fact all of adept is not translated, besides the base KDE strings \o/ reminds me on my early contacts with halfway translated GNOME, for some reason the systemsettings window title is actually10:09
apachelogger "System Settings" instead of german translation10:09
* apachelogger starts the installation10:09
apachelogger"Step 1 of 6" not translated, "Release Notes" not translated, switching to Step 2 magically translates the string (bug), minor issue is that the keyboard layouts are not translated10:13
apacheloggerknetworkmanager isn't speaking any german at all10:13
apacheloggertxwikinger: creating attachments using a file extension would be useful, btw10:15
emonkeyapachelogger, poke me if I can help you with my restricted skills I've got a bit time today, I'm just learning for my exam tommorrow but I can't do that the hole time so ... let me know.10:50
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apacheloggeremonkey: fix bug 284915 :P11:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 284915 in kdebase-runtime "Khelpcenter missing docs list" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28491511:05
emonkeyöhm apachelogger no idea how but if you think that's in my range of skills ...11:07
apacheloggersometimes I think bug reporter report duplicates just to annoy the shit out of me11:07
apacheloggeremonkey: I am not sure if I think that :P11:07
emonkeyI see :)11:07
apacheloggerso many bugs11:09
* apachelogger smashes head against the wall11:09
emonkeydon't otherwise I've to file a bug for fixing your head11:10
smarter"All in all it's just another brick in the wall"11:11
smarterhi :)11:11
emonkeyhr :) hi smarter11:11
apacheloggerRiddell: KDM in newly installed system is english11:12
* apachelogger goes lunching while KDE starts11:12
emonkeylunch? /me is looking for his breakfest ...11:15
apacheloggerRiddell: after the installation the complete desktop is english11:29
apacheloggerRiddell: I clicked the missing lang icon, installed german just to be told that I have to manually select the language, so I got to the language settings and click select system language, select german, relogin, still english?!, go to the language kcm again and try 'add language' not much of german in sight11:35
apacheloggermay I say that this is about as bad as robin trying to add/remove xchat in mandriva one11:35
* apachelogger is not yet giving up11:38
apacheloggerI go to add/remove and search for german in german => no matches \o/11:38
apacheloggerlets try german in english => no matches \o/11:38
apacheloggerdoesn't help11:40
apacheloggerat this point an 'advanced user who is used to windows' would probably give up11:40
* apachelogger installs kde-l10n-de11:41
apacheloggervia apt-get, just make that clear, adept didn't exaclty help with my problem11:41
apacheloggeroh, now I can select german, hooray, let's also set the country11:42
apacheloggernothing happenes :|11:42
apacheloggerstill talking english11:43
smarterlanguage-pack-kde-de is installed?11:44
apacheloggerit is11:44
apacheloggerthough as a normal user I wouldn't know because adept refuses to give me such information11:45
apacheloggerI give up11:45
apacheloggerthe CD was partly german11:45
apacheloggerwell, one thing I can try11:46
apacheloggerdidn't help11:48
NCommanderhey apachelogger11:48
apacheloggeryo NCommander11:50
NCommanderapachelogger, having fun with the Kubuntu translation packages ;-)?11:50
apacheloggeryes, Kubuntu - the worst localized operating system ever11:50
apacheloggerI don't even know why it is failing11:50
apacheloggerthe .mo's are there, the global and local lang settings are both set to german11:51
apacheloggerthe location of the .mo files is earched by KDE11:51
NCommanderapachelogger, I think we need to upgrade the localization bug to critical11:52
NCommanderKubuntu can't release with it not translatable11:52
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apacheloggerthe bug was critical 2 months ago, now it is more like disaster11:52
NCommanderWTF has the ROsetta team been doing?!11:52
apacheloggerKDE l10n teams are all grumpy, users are all grumpy, I am all grumpy11:52
NCommanderapachelogger, we should probably grab and hug our plan bs.11:53
* apachelogger needs a cigarette and think about the problem11:53
NCommanderapachelogger, well, can't we bypass rosetta and grab the translations by hand and put them in the correct package?11:53
NCommander(obviously thats the wrong way to do that, but I'll take the alternative of not releasing)11:54
NCommanderer, that, to the alternative11:54
* smarter gave up a long time ago and simply overwrote the .mo with the one he built from /trunk/l10n-kde411:55
smarterone user on the french forum said that his Kubuntu 8.10 was translated since yesterday evening11:57
apacheloggerWHAT IN JAMES T. KIRKS NAME!?!?!?!!?!?11:59
NCommanderapachelogger, it *looks* like the actual PO generator is broken12:00
NCommanderI can't download translations. period.12:00
vmloggerme@me-laptop:~$ dpkg -s language-pack-kde-de-base | grep -i status12:01
vmloggerStatus: install ok installed12:01
vmloggerme@me-laptop:~$ dpkg -L language-pack-kde-de-base | grep kdelibs4.mo12:01
vmloggerme@me-laptop:~$ ls -lah /usr/share/locale-langpack/de/LC_MESSAGES/kdelibs4.mo12:02
vmloggerls: cannot access /usr/share/locale-langpack/de/LC_MESSAGES/kdelibs4.mo: No such file or directory12:02
apacheloggernotice something?12:02
NCommanderThat language packs seem to be broken more in general than anything else?12:02
NCommanderapachelogger, is it just KDE thats miserably broken, or everyone?12:04
apacheloggerNCommander: dunno12:05
* apachelogger apt-get reinstalls kde-de-base12:05
NCommanderapachelogger, we have roughly a week and a half to fix translations, right?12:05
apacheloggermore like a week, CD creating and testing needs time as well12:06
* apachelogger runs against the wall12:06
NCommanderI think we need to seriously consider not releasing12:06
NCommanderI remember reading somewhere in the policy manual that the Project Lead can choose not to release if there is just cause12:07
NCommanderI think this qualifies12:07
apacheloggerthe package itself works12:07
apacheloggerbut the CD installation didn't12:07
NCommanderThe translations themselves are MIA12:07
NCommanderI thought the issue was that translations weren't migrating from Rosetta to the kde-* packages12:08
apacheloggernot anymore, or at least partially not anymore12:08
apacheloggerI booted the CD with german locale12:08
apacheloggerdesktop was pretty germanish12:08
apacheloggerI installed12:08
NCommanderWell, thats progress12:08
apacheloggerDesktop what nos german at all, then I fiddled12:08
NCommanderI suppose12:08
NCommanderSomeone going to have to setup germinate and start building images12:09
NCommanderIf we wait on just the daily CDs, we're screwed :-/12:09
apacheloggermaybe my image is broken12:10
smarterare LANG and LANGUAGE set to de_something ?12:11
apacheloggerbut that would lead to the question why locales were working in the live session12:11
apacheloggersmarter: yes12:11
apacheloggersmarter: see above12:11
apacheloggerthe installation was b0rked for some reasoon12:11
* NCommander grabs a CD12:11
* apachelogger gets a new images12:11
smarterwhat happens if you try to launch an app with KDE_LANG=de_DE ?12:11
apacheloggersmarter: nothing, the files just weren't there12:12
NCommanderWhy are only alternate CDs available?12:12
NCommanderer, nm12:12
NCommanderapachelogger, did you test an alternate CD?12:12
apacheloggerI still have untranslated strings12:12
NCommanderOn the liveCD?12:13
apacheloggeron the installation with reinstalled kde-de-base package12:13
smartermaybe the translation is not complete upstream?12:13
apacheloggersmarter: german is one of the most complete translations12:13
apacheloggerespecially visible strings like in the menubar12:13
smarterthen you probably still have the half-borken l10n stuff12:14
apacheloggerwell, maybe the german mirror is not up-to-date12:15
apacheloggerstill, that doesn't explain the broken installation12:15
* apachelogger switches to archive.ubuntu.com12:16
NCommandersmarter, aren't the packages installed from the CD?12:17
apacheloggersmarter: it's not that12:17
NCommanderapachelogger, any news?12:20
apacheloggerNCommander: dist-upgraded, no improvement12:23
NCommanderapachelogger, that's bad.12:23
* apachelogger is also wondering why KDM is using english12:24
NCommanderthat's really bad.12:24
NCommanderapachelogger, on the LiveCD, can you dump the list of packages installed, and then dump the packages installed by the CD?12:24
NCommanderIt might reveal whats missing12:24
apacheloggerwell, it should be identical12:25
apacheloggerthe files just don't match12:25
apacheloggerlanguage-pack-kde-de-base should include all KDE translations12:25
apacheloggerbut as started above with the ls, it doesn't really install anything12:25
apacheloggerapt-get --reinstalls gets the files12:25
apacheloggerbut then still a lot of stuff is untranslated12:25
NCommanderBut on the LiveCD, things are translated?12:26
apacheloggerdidn't look at that close12:26
apacheloggerthey are at least somewhat translated12:26
NCommanderMore translated :-)12:26
apacheloggerwell, 12 minutes until my image download is finished12:27
apacheloggergotta try then12:27
NCommanderapachelogger, should I post the "Should we consider not releasing?" post to kubuntu-devel?12:28
apacheloggernot yet12:28
apacheloggerlet me first trace the issues12:28
apacheloggerNCommander: the CD I installed with is as incomplete12:31
apacheloggerincomplete translated12:32
NCommanderThats not good12:32
apacheloggersee menubar12:32
NCommanderBut the translations are complete in Launchpad12:32
apacheloggermaybe the KDE 4 ones for german are still not completely imported12:33
apacheloggersmarter: is french completely complete?12:33
* NCommander looks12:33
smarternot sure, I overwritten it using /trunk/l10n-kde4 last week12:33
smarterI remove everything and reinstall this evening12:33
smarterhave to go for now12:33
apacheloggersmarter: cya12:33
apacheloggerNCommander: the incomplete translation is caused by the package, I just installed outside the VM, same incompleteness12:35
* NCommander is trying to find the translation on Launchpad12:36
* apachelogger installe le francais12:37
NCommanderObviously we're screwed12:37
apacheloggerNCommander: the menubar strings should be in kde4libs AFAIK12:38
apacheloggerthey are shared among all apps12:38
NCommanderThat's wonderful12:39
NCommanderGerman, and Italian have no translations12:39
apacheloggerthat explains a lot12:39
apacheloggerfrench is working wel here12:39
NCommanderWTF have the translators been up to all cycle?!12:41
apacheloggermore like the rosetta doods12:41
apacheloggerNCommander: http://l10n.kde.org/stats/gui/stable-kde4/team/de/12:41
NCommanderNot a single language has a complete translation12:41
NCommanderWe're not completely boned12:42
NCommanderWe can copy the translations12:42
NCommanderThere is a licensing issue12:42
apacheloggerthat is what is being tried all the time12:42
apacheloggerNCommander: the strings get imported into launchpad12:43
apacheloggerthen the upstream translations get imported12:43
NCommanderThat won't work for KDE packages12:43
NCommanderThey don't use the normal po format12:43
apacheloggerNCommander: lp got special cases12:43
NCommanderso what do we do?12:44
* NCommander is strongly considering a lot of copying and pasting12:44
apacheloggerdunno, who is responsible for that kind of stuff?12:44
NCommanderProbably no one since it hasn't been done12:44
NCommanderThis has been broken the entire cycle12:44
apacheloggerNCommander: worst case solution would be to make lang-pack-kde-de-base an empty package and make it depend on kde-l10n-de12:44
apacheloggerand ship the KDE translations in kde-l10n-*12:45
NCommanderWon't work. lang-pack-kde-de-base is updated AFAIK12:45
NCommanderhold on12:45
apacheloggerwell, one can turn off updates12:45
NCommanderI don't consider that an acceptable asolution12:46
apacheloggerI never considered rosetta an acceptable solution as a whole12:46
NCommanderThe point is now we're boned12:47
NCommanderapachelogger, rosetta is nice for people who can't program but can translate12:47
NCommanderWe need to do roughyl 10-20 translations per package12:47
apacheloggerNCommander: I don't doubt it's use case of rosetta, the implementation is just wrong though12:49
* apachelogger installs new CD12:49
NCommanderapachelogger, I'm making my case in #launchpad to see if we can get the KDE translations into the import queue12:50
apacheloggerNCommander: #ubuntu-release12:50
apacheloggerthey will know what to do and whom to poke12:50
NCommanderWe need someone who can import the translations first12:51
Hobbseeapachelogger: will we?12:51
apacheloggerHobbsee: I would hope so12:51
Hobbseetis a weekend, and people have already been around today.  not sure how much luck you have12:51
NCommanderI was under the impression this was fixed months ago12:51
a|wenScottK: thx for picking up the fix for kuser and uploading <-- apachelogger: yes, ScottK did12:52
apacheloggeraye aye12:52
NCommanderUn-fucking believable12:52
a|wendo we still have translational issues? ... the new langpacks arriving yesterday seemed to fix almost all danish translations though (at least it got from around 20% translated to 80%)12:59
NCommandera|wen, danish seems ok. We're missing a lot of translations12:59
a|wenoh ... that's not good then13:03
NCommanderapachelogger, so its official, we're boned?13:10
apacheloggerpretty much13:10
apacheloggerI am much more worrid about the broken installation though13:10
NCommanderGreat. We miss a release because of Launchpad13:10
NCommanderapachelogger, what broken installation13:10
apacheloggerNCommander: see above :P13:10
apacheloggerthe magic with dpkg -s/-L and ls13:10
apacheloggerthe package are installed but the files which are part of the package are not13:11
NCommanderOh, it gets better by the ****ing minute13:11
HobbseeNCommander: no, you miss a *translated* release, due to LP.13:11
Hobbseeor at least, get a partially translated one13:11
NCommanderHobbsee, personally, I don't see the difference13:11
apacheloggerHobbsee: KDE main market is europe13:11
apacheloggerno translated release equals no release13:11
NCommander^- what he said13:11
* NCommander sighs13:11
* Hobbsee wonders why no one on the kubuntu team tested this, and noticed this, before.13:12
apacheloggerwe did13:12
NCommanderHobbsee, it was noticed13:12
apacheloggerand we poked LP13:12
apacheloggerall the time13:12
NCommanderWe've been waiting months for the Launchpad Rosetta team to fix this13:12
NCommanderIt only JUST got fixed13:12
Hobbseeobviously not agressively enough, it appears.13:12
NCommanderHobbsee, pretty aggressively; there are more than a few threads on it in the archives13:12
Hobbseeyeah, well.  Don't talk to me about launchpad's inadequicies today, i've already seen theentire soyuz and other bits explode13:13
NCommanderapachelogger, it gets better13:13
apacheloggerwe could have threatened to move to debian :P13:13
NCommanderapachelogger, KDE packages don't seem to get imported13:13
apacheloggerNCommander: blueheaded stepchild13:13
NCommanderapachelogger, only the pots are getting imported13:13
NCommanderWhich means the pos aren't13:14
* NCommander hits his head on the wall repeatively13:14
Hobbseeguys, calm down.13:14
* apachelogger joins NCommander13:14
* NCommander is happy we live in a padded cell, right apachelogger?13:15
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* apachelogger gets some oxygen13:15
apacheloggerlitterally, I just turned on the oxygen promo song :P13:15
NCommanderapachelogger, when is Riddell due to appear13:17
Hobbseeapachelogger: i fail to see how it's only a kubuntu issue - OO.o stuff is there (at the back) too.13:18
NCommanderHobbsee, its an issue because we litterially don't have the translations13:20
NCommanderHobbsee, OOo has their translations, they are just be processed at the end13:20
Hobbseeand are 18176 of them kubuntu-based?13:20
NCommanderHobbsee, no, 12 are :-)13:21
NCommanderHobbsee, those are the pot files in the queue13:21
Hobbseei wonder if there's a primer on how the heck launchpad, langpacks, etc, work.13:22
NCommanderdogfood with backtraces13:22
NCommanderFOr a long time13:22
* apachelogger reboots newly installed system13:22
Hobbseeso, why does https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/kde4libs/+pots/kdelibs4 not show a german translation?  Because it hasn't been imported, orbecause no one's translated it?13:24
NCommanderNormally the translation should have been pulled in from KDE13:24
NCommanderBut that broke sometime around the time intrepid opened13:24
Hobbseedid that get fixed?13:24
NCommanderJust POT importing13:24
apacheloggerI am not sure13:25
apacheloggerFrench seems pretty imported13:25
NCommanderif it was, it would simply require a fresh upload of the KDE packages to get everything to import AFAIK13:25
apacheloggeror the LP team did that13:25
NCommanderapachelogger, I think the french translators did that13:25
NCommanderSince French i18n in KDE reads 100%13:25
NCommander(the way I understand it, Rosetta pulls the po and pot files out of every package during upload13:25
NCommanderIf I understand the issue specifically13:26
NCommanderThe problem is that KDE uses a different PO format because Qt doesn't use gettext like everything else13:26
NCommander(that's why there is a seperate KDE PO format export option)13:26
apacheloggerNCommander: unrelated to Qt13:26
apacheloggerKDE uses an enhanced gettext version13:27
NCommanderoh, ok13:27
apacheloggerwith superior support for plurals and string descriptions for translators and stuff13:27
* NCommander is not a i18n expert by any strech of the imagination13:27
NCommanderI know enough to explain how it works, but beyond that13:27
* NCommander always felt gettext was a clever hack13:27
NCommanderanyway, I think if memory serves, is what broke importing13:28
NCommander(exporting appears to work if you do it manually)13:28
Hobbseeright, so, kubuntu has had to throw away upstream translations, because launchpad wouldn't import them, and retranslate everything?13:28
NCommanderHobbsee, no, Launchpad has specific KDE support13:28
NCommanderIt has from the beginning13:28
NCommanderHobbsee, for some reason, around the time of LP 2.0, that import support broke, and translations stopped moving from source packages into rosetta13:29
HobbseeNCommander: so what's happened after that?13:30
NCommanderA few bugs and questions were filed13:30
NCommanderBut pretty much nothing, we couldn't do anything, it was a Launchpad issue that no one seemed interested in fixing13:30
a|wenScottK: the traceback in bug 285313 makes absolutely no sense ... for once it receives the exception when reading a boolean field (powermanager.hasBattery) which in no way should lead to the rest of the trace; and even if the exception really happens there it's inside a generic try-exception ... could it be a borked traceback?13:31
NCommanderAs far as I can tell, despite the LP staff telling us otherwise, it seems KDE translation support is still completely hosed13:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285313 in python2.5 "python2.5 crashed with Exception in _initHAL()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28531313:31
apacheloggerNCommander: there is a long history of issues with LP and KDE l10n13:32
NCommanderapachelogger, I personally agree with the fact that Rosetta is a hack13:32
HobbseeNCommander: well, you'll get the fun of discussing it withthem at UDS, i expect...13:33
NCommanderAnd its compounded by the fact that the people who work on Rosetta seemed determined to keep KDE untranslated :-)13:33
* apachelogger thinks it would be a lot easier if LP was FLOSS13:33
HobbseeNCommander: also, mrevell is good for getting important issues accelerated in the LP team.13:33
Hobbseedoesn't always work - but often helps13:33
NCommanderHobbsee, so from the timespan of one LTS to the timespan of one release ;-)?13:33
* NCommander admits this is bullshit13:34
Hobbseei know, but you've got to a) yell at the right people, and b) try to figure out where it failed, to not let it happen again.13:35
Hobbseeunfortunately, kubuntu's always been a bit of "oh, well, everyone kinda knew about it, but didn't accelerate it up to the general development community enough"13:35
apacheloggerI am wondering13:36
* NCommander wonders if we'd get LP open any sooner if the Kubuntu developer community went on strike ....13:37
apacheloggerbug 20334913:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 203349 in language-pack-kde-sv "Broken plural forms in KDE" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20334913:37
apacheloggerstill not resolved13:37
HobbseeNCommander: you have to ask that?  I doubt it.13:38
HobbseeNCommander: how much do you honestly think people notice of kubuntu, if they're not on kubuntu-devel@, or in this channel?13:38
NCommanderHobbsee, well, I can dream ;-)13:38
Hobbseethat's part of one of the bigger problems.13:38
NCommanderHobbsee, I wasn't being serious, and I am aware13:38
Hobbseesame deal with xubuntu.13:39
* a|wen really wishes for xubuntu that they aren't having the same kind of problems13:40
NCommanderHobbsee, Xubuntu and Kubuntu have 20,000 and 80,000 users respectively13:40
NCommandera|wen, no just the usual kind13:40
a|wenlucky them13:40
Hobbseea|wen: i suspect they've got worse - they've got no paid developers - cody's paid to workon another area13:41
NCommanderHobbsee, I'm a Xubuntu developer13:41
NCommanderWe actually got through this cycle with no major crisis13:41
NCommanderHobbsee, that being said, we've managed not to diverge from the Debian packaging (no 0ubuntuX), so our deltas are small13:41
NCommanderAnd I am a member of pkg-xfce in Debian, so we really have tiny deltas ;-)13:42
a|wenNCommander: and then it got boring with no problems in xubuntu-land and you came here ;)13:42
NCommandera|wen, I cleared every FTBFS in Hardy for KDE13:42
NCommanderSomeone decided I should be made a member13:42
NCommanderGo figure13:42
* a|wen was joking13:43
NCommandera|wen, anyway, that's why Xubuntu usually does fine despite only having 2 (one and two halves of two developers) active13:44
a|wenNCommander: usually it's also a good idea ... low diffs to debian should be a goal wherever possible13:45
NCommanderI think Xubuntu is the only one who's pulled that feat off13:45
jussio1wow, wow, I just have to say wow. I plugged my 3g phone into intrepid, it was so simple to connect. whoever wrote that should get a prize :D13:45
NCommanderI know GNOME is usually 0ubuntuX13:46
NCommanderthat works?13:46
jussio1yep, on it now :)13:46
a|wenapart from the core-kde packages i think lot the other kde/qt packages are pretty close13:46
jussio1NCommander: I know ubuntu studio needs more devs, so if you have time ;) :P13:47
NCommanderjussi01, I want to get a full set of team icons ;-)13:47
NCommanderWhat does -stdio need13:47
NCommander... studio13:47
jussio1NCommander: lots of things, packagers, a kernel hacker or 2 - join #ubuntustudio-devel for more, or grab persia themuso or luisbg13:48
NCommanderjussi01, I fixed liunx-lpia13:49
jussio1NCommander: need more help on the RT kernel if you have expertise ;)13:50
NCommandernixternal, ping?14:25
ScottKa|wen: No, I don't think the traceback is borked, but that's why I was confused.14:25
ScottKa|wen: I have to head out for most of the day.  Could you ask the guy to stop Guidance, start it in a Konsole shell and then paste any output into the bug?14:26
a|wenScottK: i'll do that14:27
* ScottK envisions blog posts and Slahsdot articles on the perils of using proprietary development tools in FOSS projects (re the translations mess).14:27
ScottKa|wen: Thanks.14:27
NCommanderScottK, well, at least people know who to blame14:28
ScottKFundamentally this isn't our problem (although we get the fallout).14:28
ScottKWe have a pretty darn good KDE4 desktop and we should release it.14:29
apacheloggerI just said in a query that we could just ship kde-l10n-*14:30
ScottKIf the translation mess isn't fixed and it's fixed later, they can respin the CDs.14:30
apacheloggerScottK: they don't want to do14:30
apacheloggertoo much work apparently14:30
ScottKapachelogger: Then they should get the Rosetta devs to peddle faster so they don't have to.14:30
ScottKUrghh. they14:30
apacheloggergood point14:30
NCommanderWe could do a ports-like release14:31
NCommanderXubuntu PowerPC is being built unoffically14:31
Hobbseea copmletely uncertified one.14:31
NCommanderHobbsee, better than no release.14:31
Hobbseedoes canonical offer support for kubuntu ones regardless?14:31
ScottKI think this is the point where the Kubuntu community devs just need to look at Canonical and say: "Your problem.  Fix it."14:31
NCommanderScottK, agreed14:31
NCommanderDoes anyone have Riddell's cell phone or something?14:31
ScottKapachelogger: It sucks, but it's really a problem only Canonical can fix.14:32
NCommanderI think we have the following options14:32
NCommander1. Release regardless with the kde-i10n translations (Depends: release team/archive team allowing this to fly14:32
NCommander2. No offical CD image, and maybe spin one ourselves with ubuntu-cdimage14:32
NCommander3. No CD release, and then just get things fixed via SRU for intrepid so those who need/want it can have it14:33
NCommander2 looks appealing14:33
apachelogger3 isn't an option IMHO14:33
NCommanderapachelogger, its just there for completeness14:33
NCommanderapachelogger, I'm not sure we're going to get one to fly14:33
ScottKI vote 1 and push Canoncical to respin when Rosetta's fixed.14:33
ScottKGotta run.14:33
NCommanderapachelogger, who wants to run ubuntu-cdimage?14:34
* Hobbsee wonders how launchpad will cope with that14:34
HobbseeNCommander: it's more a question of...what will then be done with the resulting images?14:34
NCommanderHobbsee, host then on kubuntu.org14:34
NCommanderI'm told that at least on xubuntu.org we had more than enough space and bandwidth for that for -ports14:34
NCommander(granted, this isn't ports, but ...)14:34
Hobbseeto build them offsite, and put them there?14:35
* Hobbsee wonders what elmo will say.14:35
apacheloggerI know what slangasek will say "I don't think this is very appropriate" ;-)14:36
NCommanderapachelogger, they're all going to say that.14:36
NCommanderIn response14:36
NCommander"Its not very appropriate that Rosetta been broken for months"14:36
apacheloggerI am wondering if we could use the suse build service structure to roll CDs14:37
apacheloggernow that would seriously piss people off :P14:37
NCommanderapachelogger, SuSE build service requires RPM based distributions I thought14:37
apacheloggerit can build deb based packages as well14:38
ScottKNCommander: Nope.  It'll build Debian/Ubuntu packages, but I dunna if it'll do it from Debian source14:38
NCommanderI rather just use ubuntu-cdimage14:38
apacheloggerScottK: no14:38
apacheloggerneeds some changes14:38
NCommanderWho wants to call Riddell?14:38
apacheloggerI think we just need to remove dsc and diff.gz and store debian/ next to the orig.tar14:39
* apachelogger is in a valley and doesn't have any reception ;-)14:40
a|wenapachelogger: IP phones ... we know you are online ;)14:41
apacheloggerstdin, seaLne: pling14:41
apacheloggera|wen: would work14:41
* apachelogger is wondering how to pay14:41
NCommanderSOmeone install skype14:42
a|wenbut what shall we tell Riddell ... that translations still broken, please appear online?14:43
NCommandera|wen, emergency release meeting14:44
NCommanderto call, I think I dial 011-44-*riddells number*14:44
Hobbseedo you have kubuntu council quorum?14:44
apacheloggerNightrose is snuggeling I guess14:45
a|wenNCommander: yeah, it's +4414:45
apacheloggernixternal, seele, yuriy, ping14:45
a|wenNCommander: you probably want to strip the first 0 off his number to dial14:46
NCommanderWell, if we don't have quorum14:46
NCommanderIts pointless14:46
NCommanderIt's 4/6 we need for quorum, right?14:46
HobbseeYou can certainly discuss possible solutions with Riddell, though.14:46
NCommanderI suggest we vote14:47
NCommanderCall or don't call ;-)14:47
* NCommander looks for his calling card while he's at it14:47
apacheloggerwe also can call nixternal and Nightrose14:48
apacheloggerjr probably also got seele's number14:48
NCommanderso who is getting called first?14:48
apacheloggerquestion is, do we get them online14:48
apacheloggerNCommander: Riddell, he is the wisest man I know14:49
NCommanderSo how'd we figure out that I am calling?14:49
apacheloggerwe could also call mark14:49
* NCommander runs in fear14:49
NCommanderI'll let Riddell make that call14:50
apacheloggerfair enough14:50
NCommanderProbably a poor choice of words14:50
* Hobbsee guesses mark would say "talk to riddell"14:50
* apachelogger goes smoking14:50
apacheloggertoo much stress14:50
NCommanderCalling riddell14:50
kubotuapachelogger is listening to "Call On Me" by Eric Prydz14:51
* apachelogger goes smoking14:51
NCommanderSorry, that became calling riddel after buying a new calling card14:51
NCommander"You have insufficent points to call this number"14:52
NCommanderTo the store!14:52
seaLnewhats the problem with calling riddell?14:53
NCommanderseaLne, I don't have a calling card14:53
HobbseeseaLne: lack of credit14:53
NCommanderand I'm not being rated 2 dollars a minute by my phone company to call without one14:53
seaLnewant me to txt him?14:54
NCommanderseaLne, tell him to call my cell, +1-917-716-2585, I can explain to him the issues to save a lot fo time14:54
seaLneis it just pretty please come on irc rosetta fuckedness?14:54
NCommanderthat too, but the avoid ;-)14:55
HobbseeseaLne: yup14:55
seaLne(btw i txted him a few min ago)15:01
apacheloggerseaLne: thank you15:08
NCommanderI have returned with the Yendorian Express Calling Card!15:15
NCommanderRiddell didn't pay his phone bill15:17
seaLneNCommander: i thought he just used a pay as you go phone15:20
NCommander"The party has insuffient funds to complete this call"15:20
NCommander(with a British accent, so it wasn't on my end)15:20
seaLnewell thats nothing to do with riddell's end as it dosen't cost to receive15:21
NCommanderYou brits have a nice calling plan ;.;15:21
NCommanderIts possible his pay as you go disallows calls from international numbers15:21
seaLnenot really you get more minutes but pay both ways15:21
NCommanderI'm retrying15:23
NCommanderIts ringing15:23
NCommanderwas rining15:23
NCommanderHe has his landlind, should I try calling that?15:25
NCommanderI got him15:29
NCommanderHe's on his way15:29
NCommanderapachelogger, ping15:30
apacheloggerNCommander: yus?15:30
a|wenNCommander: good job15:30
NCommanderGot Riddell15:30
NCommanderHe's on his way to his computer15:30
NCommanderonly took ringing him about 5 times15:30
* NCommander has acquired skill "International Calling"15:30
apacheloggerthat reminds on sims15:31
Riddellafternoon friends15:32
Riddellanyone looked into what the problem is?15:32
NCommanderRiddell, launchpad15:33
NCommanderapachelogger, care to give him the 411?15:34
apacheloggerif I would remember15:34
apacheloggerthere is a 40k strings import queue for rosetta15:34
apacheloggerapparently it only includes the templates, not the translations though15:34
Riddellwhere do you find that?15:35
apacheloggerNCommander: do you have the url?15:35
* apachelogger closed konqueror15:35
apacheloggerRiddell: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+imports15:35
apacheloggernow, on top of that... the LP guys are currently on their way to a LP sprint15:36
NCommanderapachelogger, not off hand15:36
NCommanderRiddell, only the pot files are being imported, not the po, so no translations15:36
NCommanderAs far as we can tell, PO files are getting exported, so if we can get the translations into Launchpad, they will end up in the lang-packs15:36
RiddellNCommander: what makes you say that po files aren't being imported?15:37
NCommanderRiddell, that we have entire languages that are translated upstream, but have 0 translations in Rosetta is a pretty clear sign15:37
Riddellonly if our pots are correct15:38
apacheloggerwell, they could be stuck in the import queue15:38
NCommanderRiddell, as far as I can tell they are, and actively imported15:38
NCommanderapachelogger, no, they aren't, I checked, only pots are in the queue15:38
Riddellin the worst of cases we should be able just to upload language-pack-kde-xx with .pos directly copied from kde-l10n-xx so don't panic15:39
NCommanderThat's what we were thinking, but I'm worried then when rosetta pushes another set of language-packs, those will get clobbered15:39
apacheloggerRiddell: wouldn't they get superseded with SRUs of language-pack*15:39
Riddellapachelogger: yes, we'd need to check any suck uploads before they happen15:39
apacheloggerRiddell: I considered clearing out language-pack-kde-xx and making it depend on kde-l10n-xx which ships the upstream pos15:40
apacheloggerI guess it would be easier to just have them export nothing than check every upload15:41
NCommanderapachelogger, will having the kde-i18n-* packages just work?15:44
apacheloggerNCommander: no, they require changes, currently they don't install the po files15:45
NCommanderRiddell, what can be done so we can get Rosetta actually been fixed, its been like this for months15:46
Riddellwell, french seems to be working15:50
Riddellwhich does suggest it's a problem with rosetta rather than anything with our template setup15:50
apacheloggerRiddell: as said, it's only the po importing15:51
apacheloggerRiddell: french seems to be mostly done by the french launchpad team15:51
RiddellI just want to be sure because I go being grumpy at the rosetta people :)15:51
Riddellubiquity starts up in oxygen now, is that your doing apachelogger?15:52
apacheloggerdidn't last time I tired15:53
Riddellhmm, doesn't seem to be a new version15:53
* apachelogger noticed an issue with the release notes link placement, so decided to not change anything15:53
apacheloggerRiddell: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/kde4libs/+pots/kdelibs415:53
apacheloggerin comparision to http://l10n.kde.org/stats/gui/stable-kde4/package/kdelibs/15:54
steveireHi. Is kubuntu membership for ubuntu contributors only, or is it also granted to upstream (kde) contributors?15:56
* NCommander points steveire to Riddell 15:56
RiddellI don't think we're considered the matter, but I think the assumption is for contributions to kubuntu15:57
apacheloggersteveire: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Membership15:57
Riddellsteveire: why would you want it?15:57
apacheloggerRiddell: kubuntu-membership is also ubuntu-membership, so we could only increase the requirements I guess15:58
Riddellcontributions to kubuntu is defined quite widely of course, including user help et al15:58
NCommanderRiddell, anyway, we do need to get this in before the CD's freeze16:01
NCommanderapachelogger, how hard are these changes to the kde-i18n-* packages?16:01
a|wenapachelogger: pretty much looks like some languages are simply missing (eg. german / norwegian bokmål) :/ ... can it be due to an import failing?16:01
Riddellkde-i18n-xx isn't used, kde-l10n-xx is only used to feed rosetta16:01
Riddellwe'd need a script to copy the .po files from kde-l10n-xx source to language-pack-kde-base-xx source16:02
apacheloggerNCommander: -i18n- is KDE 3 - l10n- is KDE 416:02
steveireAh right. I'm just interested. There's not many irish ubuntu blogs on planet.ubuntu.com, but I've just started volunteering with a charity (camara.ie) sending ubuntu on recycled computers to africa. I think it'd be good to get it on there.16:02
Riddellsteveire: that sounds like excellent loco activity and would be likely to get you an ubuntu membership16:03
apacheloggerNCommander, Riddell: shouldn't be much work, but we need to make sure further lang-packs uploaded don't supersed, and break it again16:03
apacheloggerthat would be pretty annoying as well16:03
NCommanderapachelogger, we could add an epoch. I don't understand why we use Rosetta translations over upstreams ...16:03
apacheloggerI'll write a script for the po copying later today16:03
apacheloggerNCommander: me neither dude, me neither16:03
steveireThe ubuntu-ie is already tied in with them, and camara gives ubuntu-ie some office space, but I don't think it's an official loco yet16:04
Riddelldon't add an epoch16:04
NCommanderRiddell, can we get the langpacks for kde to stop being exported?16:05
RiddellNCommander: i expect so, but if it's just slow imports it would be sensible to just not make language packs until they are imported16:05
apacheloggersteveire: there is a german project doing exactly the same http://www.linux4afrika.de/16:05
steveireGot to go, later...16:05
NCommanderRiddell, we'd be doing this through out all of Intrepid until Rosetta is fixed. Given that Rosetta been broken since LP 2.0 ....16:06
apacheloggera|wen: all possible, but I think the >300 untranslated ones for the other languages can't be all that correct either16:06
a|wenapachelogger: no, that looks strange too ... danish is 100% in upstream and 80% in rosetta (but at least thats an increase)16:07
NCommandera|wen, want to be the danish translators did that on their own?16:07
apacheloggerI doubt that16:08
apacheloggerNCommander: some languages got ~300 untranslated string16:08
NCommanderapachelogger, probably some of it was salvaged from KDE3 too16:08
apacheloggernot that much16:08
NCommandertranslation + salavage?16:08
a|wenNCommander: it increased dramatical after the rosetta people told they fixed it ... so something changed just about that import16:09
apacheloggeron a technical level ... shouldn't the LP strings be completely removed before importing KDE 4?16:09
apacheloggerjust saying, otherwise it might collect junk16:09
* NCommander reframes from calling Rosetta junk16:09
apacheloggerin fact, knowing how rosetta doesn't work very logical, I think it is collecting junk16:09
a|wenbut then, why don't we just quit rosetta and use pure upstream translations ... i really don't see the point for rosetta for kde packages16:11
apacheloggerRiddell: what's it gonna be fore Intrepid? lang-pack depending on kde-l10n, or kde-l10n .pos copied over to lang-pack?16:11
* NCommander votes option 216:11
apacheloggera|wen: languages which are not supported by KDE (yet)16:11
apacheloggermore of a point on improving canonical's deployment possabilities as they can easily increase the supported languages for new clients16:12
apacheloggerat least that is how I understand it16:12
a|wenthat of course makes some sort of sense16:13
apacheloggerit still doesn't justify the import of translated strings to alter them for no good reason with no good QA16:13
a|wenright now it's not increasing though :/16:13
a|wenapachelogger: is it upstream over rosetta or rosetta over upstream when importing ?16:14
apacheloggerRiddell: do you know?16:15
Riddellapachelogger: kde-l10n-xx has no mos, they need to be in language-pack-kde-xx-base16:15
apacheloggerRiddell: well, we can make kde-l10n-xx build mos16:16
apacheloggerthen again if we switch back to lang-pack for jaunty we would need a conflicts/replaces16:16
Riddellthey won't get through the buildds16:16
apacheloggerok, copying it is16:17
NCommanderapachelogger, can I help :-)?16:28
apacheloggeralmost done :P16:28
apacheloggerwell, maybe not, but we have a couple of scripts for KDE releases, just need to copynpaste and modify a bit16:29
ryanakcaapachelogger: were you still working on making a new wiki theme?16:40
ryanakcaalso, could anybody with a minute please upload some pretty KDE4 screenshots here https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidWebsite/KDE4Screenshots ?16:42
apacheloggerryanakca: I am pretty busy lately16:43
ryanakcaapachelogger: no problem :)16:44
apacheloggerRiddell: is there no lang-pack package for ptbr?16:44
a|wenapachelogger: there isn't any, neither in my hardy or intrepid install17:08
apacheloggerpretty lame17:08
apacheloggermaybe it is just named differently17:08
a|wenapachelogger: ptbr is potuguese for brasillian ... i suspect that they simply use the pt (generic portuguese) package for that too17:10
apacheloggerin that case the lame applies17:11
* apachelogger needs a faster connection17:12
* apachelogger has a hard time handling the special cases17:49
txwikingerapachelogger: Do you want another one?18:33
Riddellapachelogger: ptbr is part of pt18:44
Riddelllikewise for zhcn, zhtw are zh and engb is in en18:44
ScottK-palmAnything get sorted on language packs yet?18:56
* ScottK-palm is at a college admissions fair with #1 daughter. 18:57
ScottK-palmI'm pretty sure she'll skip the one college I actually suggested she might want to consider.18:57
ScottK-palmnixternal: Did you ever get a handle on what was going wrong with the HAL call in the g-p-m bug?18:58
nixternalnot really...throwing in the try: there would only hide the crash I think18:58
nixternalI can do the calls once I am logged in just fine18:59
nixternalI just think HAL isn't catching up when the crash occurs..I can't recreate that crash at all18:59
nixternalI was having another g-p-m crash, but that isn't happening anymore either18:59
ScottK-palmHmm. Maybe it's hardware specific?18:59
nixternalcould be...I am on x8618:59
ScottK-palmI did fix it up not to crash in a couple of spots if HAL is completely missing.19:00
ScottK-palmSo that's probably what you were having.19:01
apacheloggerRiddell: ok, I think the script is ready, doing a test spin right now19:01
ScottK-palmI guess if it's a timing thing though it wouldn't hurt to try/except and then not crash.19:02
ScottK-palmapachelogger: Is this for upstream translations?19:02
apacheloggerScottK-palm: yes, we will copy the .pos from kde-l10n-xx to the associated language-pack packages19:03
ryanakcaScottK-palm: random offtopic question, are colleges and universities considered the same down in the states? Up here colleges are more practical while universities are more theoretical... mind you, lots of people over here end up doing a bit of both methinks.19:05
ScottK-palmDear Kubuntu translators: Thank you for all your hard work. unfortunately we had to throw it all away because LP was broken.19:06
ScottK-palmryanakca: The terms are often used interchangably, but Universities are bigger and more diversified.19:07
ScottK-palmUniversities are usually made up of topic specific colleges. independent colleges are generally smaller and more focused.19:08
ryanakcaScottK-palm: ah, ok :)19:09
ScottK-palmThen there are community colleges that offer two year degrees and tend to be very practical.19:10
* ScottK-palm recalls somebody recently blogging about giving a rosetta lecture and scaring potential translators away.19:11
ryanakcaah, ok... I guess community colleges are what we consider college up here, and then the rest of the institutions = our universities19:12
ScottK-palmWhere the English would say "Go to University", Americans would say "Go to College".19:14
ScottK-palmDunnu where Canada falls between those.19:14
ryanakcawe say university :)19:15
ScottK-palmIt's seemed to me when I've been in Canada it's really hard to predict if Canadian usage will be more American or more English in any given instance.19:17
ryanakca*nod* might vary by region... I haven't lived outside south eastern Ontario, so I can't really say :)19:19
ryanakcafor the website, should we accept only screenshots of the default desktop, or can we accept customized desktops?19:19
ScottK-palmI haven't lived in .ca, but I've visited lots of places.19:22
smarterif we accept customized desktops screenshots, they should be easily reproducable so that users don't get frustrated because they can't do something like that19:22
ScottK-palmI was in western Ontario last month.19:22
ScottK-palmsmarter: That's a good idea. "Customized screenshots must come with a recipe."19:23
smarteriirc, kde-look has a section for screenshots, so they could be posted here with instructions on howto achieve that and then linked from kubuntu.org19:23
ScottK-palmI like that.19:24
ryanakcasmarter: http://blog.ryanak.ca/archives/uncategorized/13 ... ask them to post to kde-look instead of the wiki?19:25
ryanakcaPosting them to KDE-Look would promote Kubuntu... but it would also mean that people have to create another account. Up to you two :)19:26
ScottK-palmNot /me.19:26
smarterI think a kde-look account would be worth it, since it's also a kde-apps, cli-apps, and tons of other sites account :P19:27
smarterthey could all put something like [Kubuntu Website] in their screenshots so that you can easily find them19:28
ScottK-palmMaybe wiki.kubuntu.org needs a section on connecting with the larger KDE community.19:28
apacheloggerryanakca: we (KDE) are working on that :P19:30
apacheloggerone day you will only need one account to do everything19:30
ryanakcaScottK-palm: *nod*... I think the wiki theme will be redone eventually... someone in Kubuntu should have write access to the theme at least, we've been waiting for close to three months for the broken documentation tab to be removed/fixed.19:31
ScottK-palmSo is Kubuntu Ubuntu with KDE or KDE built on Ubuntu?19:31
apacheloggerit is Kubuntu - KDE for Humans19:32
ryanakcaI'd say Kubuntu is the Ubuntu base + KDE...19:32
ryanakcaapachelogger: oooh, that's a good slogan :)19:32
* apachelogger notes that using Ubuntu in any kind of description is a) confusing b) bad marketing c) more confusing19:32
* ryanakca shrugs as for the definition of Kubuntu... 19:32
ScottK-palmapachelogger: As long as they speak English .....19:32
ryanakcaKubuntu - KDE for Anglophones19:33
ScottK-palmOr Danish apparently.19:33
smarteraccording to the Kubuntu.org FAQ, it means "towards humanity" (:19:34
smarterand free in another language19:34
apacheloggerKubuntu, the bastard of Ubuntu, which is a bastard of Debian, which is a bastard of GNU19:34
apacheloggerKubuntu - GNU for the masses19:34
* smarter notes that kubuntu.org faq is awefully outdated19:34
apacheloggerthat also ensures that we get supported by RMS, then again KDE is evilsoftware so that might not work out after all :S19:35
apacheloggersmarter: FAQs are always ;-)19:35
smarterKubuntu - gears everywhere19:35
apacheloggerKubuntu - gears everywhere19:35
apacheloggercopypo.rb:108:in `mkdir': File exists - /home/me/s/uploads/zh (Errno::EEXIST)19:35
apacheloggerit broke19:35
ScottK-palmSee you all later.  Good luck on translations.19:36
smarterKubuntu - Like a Rolling Gears19:37
smarteror s/a//19:37
apacheloggerKubuntu - We love clocks19:37
txwikingerLinux kernel needs a better i/o scheduling19:38
* txwikinger 's contribution to clocks19:39
txwikingertranslations? what kind of translations19:40
apacheloggerthe kernel gets a new ioscheduler every 6 months19:40
txwikingerwell.. I have never seen an improvement19:40
txwikingerI have a dual-core cpu and run a vbox... Unfortunately the vbox hoggs all my disk19:41
apacheloggerdo you have an io schedule clock palsmoid?19:41
txwikingersure ... and everything under 6 lines :D19:41
apacheloggercopypo.rb:71:in `chdir': No such file or directory - ca (Errno::ENOENT)19:41
apacheloggerit broke again19:41
txwikingerlooks like ruby19:42
txwikingerwhat is that?19:42
apacheloggerthe fancy script that will save us from drowning in lp screwups19:43
apacheloggerin theory that is19:43
apacheloggeras a matter of fact this script got more control structures than any other other I ever wrote :P19:43
apacheloggerthat makes it buggy as hell19:43
txwikingerwell... never done a Riemann-Schneider Diagram?19:44
apacheloggerthat already sounds boring19:45
apacheloggerit is working again19:45
apacheloggerI think the script is finished19:45
txwikingermaybe it was the buggy i/o scheduler ;p19:45
apacheloggerstupid scheduler19:46
apacheloggerRiddell: are you around?19:46
* txwikinger needs more than one computer19:46
apacheloggerwe all do at times19:47
apacheloggerRiddell: http://aplg.kollide.net/kubuntu/scripts/copypo.rb20:15
vorianhey crimsun20:48
vorianhow goes it?20:48
crimsunvorian: not bad, yourself?20:48
yuriyapachelogger: pong20:49
voriannot bad at all20:49
vorianjust kickin back20:49
=== coreymon is now known as coreymon77
jjessehello from my dell mini 9 running kubuntu intrepid :)21:50
ScottKHello jjesse.21:56
jjessehello ScottK21:56
* ryanakca loves with irssi segfaults :)21:56
jjesseboarding plane to houston, wonder how long the bqattery on this littleguy will last21:58
jjessehopefully the entire flight21:58
a|weng'evening fellows22:43
jussi01heya a|wen22:44
* ScottK bzr committ's his blog to Planet Ubuntu.23:05
* a|wen boots/tests the newest daily-live cd in his vm23:12
ScottKa|wen: Did you send your kdeadmin patch upstream?  That was a good catch to fix a bad bug.23:23
a|wenScottK: after fixing it i found a commit (almost similar to my patch) in the kde-svn... so that should be good23:24
ScottKa|wen: Was it 4.1 branch or trunk?23:25
RiddellScottK: yay23:25
ScottKThat really ought to get into 4.1.323:25
a|wenScottK: checking...23:28
a|wenScottK: commit 864850 in branch kde/4.123:33
a|wenhuh ... the "Release Notes" link on the first page of the installer does absolutely nothing23:36
a|wenwas apachelogger looking at ubiquity, and was this one of the issues being looked at?23:37
Riddella|wen: he was but I don't think he was looking at it23:38
Riddellfixes welcome :)23:38
ScottKa|wen: Great.23:41
* a|wen graps the ubiquity source23:42
blizzzwhat is the reason acitivities cannot be used in intrepid?23:57

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