ravDanaKil: i'll give it a try. thanks00:00
[|Liam|]DanaKil: How can I open up this shell script file, i'm double clicking it but it is not opening :$00:00
[|Liam|]Nvm got it :o00:01
GoanI just tried to run a command for mysql installation.. and I can't stop it with ctrl-c or whatever00:02
GoanInnoDB: Unable to lock ./ibdata1, error: 1100:02
GoanInnoDB: Check that you do not already have another mysqld process00:02
GoanInnoDB: using the same InnoDB data or log files.00:02
Goansame thing.. again n again00:02
Goanhow to stop it, using a keyboard interrupt sequence?00:02
ravGoan: if you have KDE, Ctrl+Esc and kill the process from the window00:04
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joe_salve qualcuno mi aiuta a configurare il video di kubuntu00:05
joe_vedo la schermata di login enorme00:05
Goantks rav00:05
DanaKilhttp://img.4chan.org/b/res/91775556.html    <<00:06
DanaKilhoo sorry00:06
DanaKilwrong channel00:06
DanaKilreally sorry -________________-00:06
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)00:06
roganhow do i get amarok to play m4a format? and read the id3s correctly?00:09
DanaKilhave you installed libxine1-ffmpeg  ?00:11
DanaKilyou can try libxine1-all-plugins   too00:13
roganlibxine1-ffmpeg is installed00:13
l3r1kWhenever I boot my machine with the kubuntu install cd in the drive, it acts normal until I hit enter on the menu option to install kubuntu, then puts me in an ash shell on a busybox system of some sort. That's all. I've downloaded several different versions and tried the text based installer too, but they all do the same thing.00:16
l3r1kThis is the most strange thing ever.. I've never had anything like this happen.. Anyone have any suggestions?00:16
DanaKili had the same problem with an older version of kubuntu l3r1k00:17
DanaKiland adding the boot option all-generic-ide solved the problem00:17
DanaKilbut it's a quite common failure, it's something related to your configuration i think00:18
DanaKildo you have SATA drives ?00:18
DanaKilor a MSI motherboard ?00:18
DanaKilrogan >> you can try to install "kubuntu-restricted-extras"00:22
roganDanaKil: Ok thanks Amarok plays m4a format but it cant play cirtain ones and it does not read the id3 tags00:24
roganfor ex song named xxx comes up as just title and when you go to play it it gives and error about hte format and then changes the title of the song completely00:25
DanaKilhm, don't know sorry :)00:26
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ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:29
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Widgetnothing lol.. changed my Nick :p00:31
FuriousGeorgehey all00:31
FuriousGeorge im gonna use partimage to clone a computer, rather than set it up from scratch.  I calculate it should save me a lot of time.  I figure i just need to recreate a few dev nodes for the first boot, check my udev rules where my mac address is listed, change my hostname, etc...  sounds easy enough, right?00:32
FuriousGeorgeis that a good strategy?00:33
DanaKil(don't know sorry)00:33
Widgetsame.. not sure, sry.. im still a linux noobie00:34
Widgetrebooting, brb00:34
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ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:39
Widgethey.. got a hardware drivers message pop up in task bar saying drivers were generic, so i enabled the ones that were listed in hardware drivers, restarted but it still doesnt let me cahnge resolution or anything else00:40
antonHow do I install Opera from the konsole?00:40
Widgetthe hardware driver said it would allow me to utilise the 3d/2d effects etc..00:41
DarkriftXmy computer restarted and now X wont start. I get an error about "failed to load module nvidia (module does not exist)"00:44
DarkriftXanyone know what i can do to get back into x?00:44
DarkriftXi think there was a nvidia driver update last night00:44
DanaKiltry to use the "nv" drivers00:45
KyleLguh, linux seems to think I have a monstor screen... 3360x1050, but what I really have is two 1680x1050's, can anyone give me a tip on how to make it see the screens as two different monitors?00:46
KyleLtheres a lot of info in google about this, but thats kind of the problem.  its all cluttered together and I can't find my exact issue00:46
KyleLit works like this, but its defaulting to the wrong monitor... which is why I want to make it see them as seperate and then hopefully I can reverse their order00:48
rogantry #ubuntu ... seems a bit more active00:48
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DarkriftXwhats the location to xorg file again anyone?00:49
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:49
Widgethmm.. ive followed the steps to insall the nvidia driver for my 6800gt, but it still doesnt work00:50
GaMbi_DKHi :) Can anyone tell me where to throw commands that I need to run on startup? :) - GaMbi00:52
DarkriftXthx guys, got it working00:53
Widgetwont let me get more then 640/480 res00:54
Robb_M!cron | GaMbi_DK00:56
ubottuGaMbi_DK: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm00:56
jtismeGaMbi_DK, did you get an answer00:59
Robb_Mim assuming this is what you were asking about? if not..please say so and i can see what else i can dig up :)01:00
GaMbi_DKjtisme, still lookin for cron.. gonna check out the howto now01:00
DanaKilGaMbi_DK  : there is a new System Settings module for this if you use KDE401:01
DanaKilin the "advanced" tab01:01
EvilDaemonwhat's the .deb handler in KDE4?01:01
jtismedepending on what you want to start up u can use  /etc/rc.local  that is what it is for01:02
GaMbi_DKI dont got KDE4 I think?01:02
GaMbi_DKis KDE4 stable?01:02
Robb_MGaMbi_DK: kde4 is somewhat stable....01:02
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GaMbi_DKwell this is running smooth for the first time in a week ^^ think im gonna stay here for a bit..01:02
DanaKilthere is a new ubuntu version in 2 or 3 weeks with the new KDE4 so you might wait a bit :)01:04
DanaKili use KDE4 for some times now and i'm pretty happy with it (except the bad performance of my nvidia with kde4...)01:04
Robb_MDanaKil: you talking about 8.10 right?01:04
DanaKilintrepid ibex01:04
Widget""To start using the driver you will need to logout and select Restart X Server from the menu, or press Alt+E""01:05
Robb_MDanaKil: yes01:05
DanaKil(don't remember the version number)01:05
GaMbi_DKDanaKil, 2 3 weeks? I need this command in NOW ^^01:05
Widgetwhere does it says "restart X Server" ? or just restart PC ?01:05
Robb_MDanaKil: yes thats correct, but yeah, i got smacked earlier or 8.10 discussion and kde4 discussion in here :)01:05
jtismeintrepid is 8.10 due 10/3101:05
DanaKili was speaking of the switch to KDE4 GaMbi_DK ;)01:05
GaMbi_DK"compiz --replace --only-current-screen & disown"01:05
GaMbi_DKDanaKil,  ok :P01:06
DanaKili don't want to use compiz01:06
Robb_MDanaKil: im aware...just warning you, watch out, these guys get a little picky on topics ;)01:06
DanaKilpicky about what ?01:06
GaMbi_DKbut cant find where to put it.. still01:06
Robb_MDanaKil: talking about kde4 and intrepid01:06
DanaKilwhy ? <__<01:07
Robb_Mwell, intrepids a version thats not yet supported....and kde4 is well...cranky at best....01:07
madohi guys ...01:07
madothere's an error in my kwallet ...01:08
madoit doesn't recognize my password01:08
madocan anybody help me?01:08
jtismeRobb_M, no one should be smacking you about 8.10 and kde4 as the topic says to help us test 8.10 and kde4 is default desktop on kubuntu 8.1001:09
DanaKileverybody have a problem with his kwallet this times, it's the economic crisis :/01:09
DanaKilmado: do you speak about your main pass to open kwallet or about a stored password ?01:09
madothe main-password :(01:09
madoDanaKil: :(01:10
DanaKilhmm, if you don't have a lot of pass stored, you can delete and purge kwallet and reinstall it... maybe01:10
madosudo apt-get remove kwallet ?01:11
DanaKilhm, i don't know the command line to purge01:11
DanaKilso use adept_manager01:11
Robb_Mwrong button i think?01:12
DanaKilin adept_manager, right clic on kwallet and try "purge"01:12
DanaKilpurge delete all configuration files associated with your apps instead of just removing the apps01:12
DanaKil(check if this doesn't delete others importants things when you purge kwallet <<)01:13
madocheck what?01:13
DanaKilif it don't automatically remove other packages but i don't think... :)01:14
DanaKiland don't forget to close kwallet in the systray when you purge it01:14
madook ... i don't see it open ...01:15
mado*is trying it out now*01:15
dean0nulli'm having problems with connecting to the internet, can someone please help me out here i'm a newbie01:15
DanaKilmaybe :)01:15
dean0nulli don't know what program to use and what settings i need to enter to connect my linux laptop to a wireless gateway01:16
madono ...01:16
DanaKilsorry mado :(01:16
madolooks like it has saved the old password somewhere DanaKil01:16
DanaKilok :/01:17
madowell ... i will take it easy ... i will remove kubuntu linux 8.04 in some days :)01:17
madoi can't wait to try out 8.1001:17
dean0nulloptimally i'd only have to type in the number on the bottom of my router/gateway...but linux is confusing me01:17
dean0nullwhat's neccissary to get it online?01:18
DanaKildean0null : have you tried knetworkmanager ?01:18
GaMbi_DKargh.. someone here must be able to point me to where I throw in commands to run on startup01:18
jtismeGaMbi_DK, /etc/rc.local that is what it is for01:18
madoanother thing ... would a "8.10 beta" which would be updated regularly be as stable and the same product as the "8.10 stable" that comes out in some days?01:19
dean0nullit's not loading danakil01:19
jtismemado not the same but relatively stable at this point as we are only01:19
jtismeabout 12 days from release01:19
DanaKilmado : i tried to update my hardy a few days ago with the new beta and it broke my install...01:19
DanaKilmaybe you should wait too :p01:19
madoDanaKil: ok :)01:20
DanaKildean0null : it's a systray apps, maybe it's already launched01:20
dean0nullokay, yeah i think it's open01:20
dean0nulli put edit connections and my wireless device shows up01:21
dean0nullbut once i get to modifying the options i end up with no internet01:21
GaMbi_DKjtisme, im in the file.. the first "#" should be removed and the file will run the commands in this file? :)01:21
DanaKilare you in DHCP and all ?01:21
GaMbi_DKjtisme, "#!/bin/sh -e"01:22
DanaKilGaMbi_DK : nop, don't remove it01:22
dean0nullit's asking for a manual connection01:22
dean0nulli can connect and save though01:22
madoDanaKil: -> do i need kwallet?01:22
GaMbi_DKDanaKil, the only thing in that file (without #) is "exit 0".. is this right?01:22
[|Liam|]Are there any video editing programs for Kubuntu? Also are there any screen recorder programs for Kubuntu?01:23
DanaKili don't know GaMbi_DK but i know that the # should stay here in script files ;)01:23
madoi asking because i haven't used it much :)01:23
DanaKilmado: i never use it, i simply type my password by hand01:23
dean0nullit just says no network connection even though i put in the key at the bottom of the router/gateway as the first option01:23
jtismeGaMbi_DK, yes01:23
madook DanaKil :)01:24
DanaKilyes ,remove the # ?01:24
jtismeGaMbi_DK, no, leave  #!/bin...  it tells the OS what shell to run01:24
jtismeGaMbi_DK, i wasnt paying attention to your question01:24
GaMbi_DKDanaKil, and jtisme the command is "compiz --replace --only-current-screen & disown" this line can be putted in here?01:24
[|Liam|]i guess not >.<01:25
GaMbi_DKjtisme, NP :)01:25
jtismeGaMbi_DK, I dont know the answer to compiz since your desktop should already be up and running01:25
madoDanaKil: thanks for your help01:25
jtismeGaMbi_DK, someone else has to tell you about compiz i dont use it01:25
GaMbi_DKjtisme, dosnt matter.. it works if I smash in the command at any point01:26
[|Liam|]DanaKil: Are there any video editing programs for Kubuntu? Also are there any screen recorder programs for Kubuntu?01:26
jtismeGaMbi_DK, good01:26
GaMbi_DKk.. ill try that.. back in 2 min :)01:26
dean0nullthat's wierd it finally worked after all this time01:26
GaMbi_DKoh yea.. so the file looks like this: alot of text lines with # infront.. then "exit 0" it dosnt matter where i put my command? or should it be before the exit?01:27
DanaKilthere is kino (in gtk i think), cinnerela, avidemux01:27
dean0nullhow do you update on the command line01:28
DanaKilwhat kind of video editing do you need ?01:28
[|Liam|]was that for me DanaKil?01:28
dean0nulllike if i wanted to update my whole system?01:28
DanaKildean0null : sudo apt-get update01:28
DanaKilsudo apt-get upgrade01:28
dean0nullk thanks01:28
DanaKilthis 2 commands01:29
DanaKilyes [|Liam|]01:29
[|Liam|]DanaKil: just any editing software with decent effects is ok01:29
DanaKilheu no, the commands where for dean0null <<01:29
[|Liam|][02:27] <DanaKil> there is kino (in gtk i think), cinnerela, avidemu01:29
[|Liam|]i meant that01:30
DanaKilhm, you could try kino, even if it is not a kde apps01:30
GaMbi_DKDanaKil, in the rc.local.. do I need to put anything before and after the command? or just thorw in the command?01:30
DanaKiljust write one command per line I think01:30
GaMbi_DKok.. brb01:30
[|Liam|]googled cinnerela with no results ;$01:31
dean0nullare there any blu-ray player (software) for linux?01:31
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DanaKilbut i don't know if cinelerra is in the repository and it's a quite complex application i think01:32
DanaKiltry kino01:32
DanaKilsudo apt-get install kino (or use the GUI)01:32
dean0nullkino..hmm i'll check them both out01:32
DanaKiland Kdenlive seems great but it's still a young app01:33
DanaKilso instable and not a lot of feature01:33
* beata asks if anyone might know what's up with samba: his CIFS mount won't let root write to it.01:34
DanaKil(don't know beata, sorry)01:34
[|Liam|]What about for recording, DanaKil?01:37
EvilDaemonGUYS, in ubuntu, the microphone recorder was called "Sound Recorder" or something01:37
EvilDaemonwhat's it in Kubuntu?01:37
DanaKiltry krecordmydesktop but i never used it [|Liam|]01:37
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DanaKilhi owner01:39
[|Liam|]thanks DanaKil :D01:39
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dean0nullthanks everyoen01:39
dean0nulli'm off01:39
ownerhidanki  wats is this  can u ex plainto me pls01:40
dean0nullto find the wizard01:40
[|Liam|]2:40am, im off too, night.01:40
owner hi01:40
owner can u ex plain wat this room is?01:40
DanaKilthis is a community room for the linux/kubuntu users01:41
owneroh ok01:41
owner thank you01:41
Naaaatanhi, has anyone managed to get knewz installed on kubuntu?01:41
owner well iam have trouble loggin on to a msn01:41
Naaaatanit has a .cmake file but I don't know how to use cmake, never used it before01:41
owneraw its ok look like is wokring now01:41
DanaKilhave you already compiled an application Naaaatan ?01:42
roganowner: were are you from?01:42
Naaaatanof course01:42
Naaaatanjust not with cmake01:42
owner canada iam female01:42
owner i cant take the red01:42
owner can u change it pls01:42
Widgetanyone able to help me get nvidia drivers to work properly01:42
NaaaatanI tried using cmake-gui but ran into an error01:42
DanaKilNaaaatan :  cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`01:42
DanaKilthen make01:42
DanaKilthen sudo make install01:43
DanaKilerf, this is my command for kde401:43
DanaKilremove the 4 and it should work for kde3 i think01:43
NaaaatanDanaKil: I have KDE 4.. gonna give it a try, thank you :)01:43
GoanHi. Where can I search my java folder on kubuntu? Have to check whether I have mysql jdbc jar over there or not01:44
NaaaatanDanaKil: the cmake command worked nicely, but no make possible after that01:44
Widgetive installed the driver and enabled the 3d in Hardware Drivers section.. but cant get mroe the 640x480 resolution01:44
NaaaatanDanaKil: oh wait, an error occured with cmake : ERROR: cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake not found in01:45
Naaaatan /home/nathan/.kde/share/apps;/usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde4-profile/default/share/apps;/usr/share/kde4/apps01:45
DanaKilhmm, seems like you're don't have some devel package but don't know which one...01:45
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NaaaatanDanaKil:  there is a .cmake file included with the app, should I use that in some way?01:46
DanaKilnop, the file used by the cmake command is cmakelist.txt01:47
DanaKiland all you need is the command line, with the cmake command01:47
Naaaatanthat file exists as well01:47
NaaaatanI ran the cmake command in the src folder though01:47
Naaaatanthe cmakelist.txt file is one folder higher01:47
DanaKilcheck if you have all the kde4 devel packages installed01:47
Naaaatanhmm generates the same error in the parent folder01:48
DanaKilyou must launch the command in the directory where the cmakelist is01:48
DanaKilkde4-devel,   build-essential...01:49
Naaaatankdelibs4-dev isnt installed, thats possibly why01:49
DanaKilmaybe :)01:50
Naaaatanok installing 219 mb of extra libs :p01:50
NaaaatanMy install is quite fresh so.. ;-)01:50
[|Liam|]DanaKil: that desktop recorder was good but the format of the raw footage was .ogg, is there anyway to convert this to AVI or are there any other screen recorder programs that can record in avi?01:50
Naaaatanthanks for helping me so far DanaKil :)01:51
DanaKili can't understand why there is not a default metapackage for all this kde4 devel stuff...01:51
DanaKildon't forget libplasma-dev  too01:52
Naaaatanwell kde-devel and kde4libs-dev seem to sum it up quite nicely01:52
DanaKil[|Liam|]   if you want to convert something, try avidemux01:53
DanaKili don't know if recordmydesktop can save as avi01:54
DanaKilsudo apt-get install avidemux-qt01:54
DanaKiland don't forget to install ffmpeg and all if it's not already done :)01:55
NaaaatanDanaKil: it worked, but now I am at the following error message01:55
NaaaatanCMake Error: The following variables are used in this project, but they are set to NOTFOUND.01:55
NaaaatanPlease set them or make sure they are set and tested correctly in the CMake files:01:55
Naaaatan   used as include directory in directory /home/nathan/Downloads/knewz-0.1_beta4/src01:55
[|Liam|]How can I get that via sudo, Dan? i might already have it but i'm not sure.01:55
DanaKilwell, no idea Naaaatan but it seems like a not well tested cmake file, not a compile error01:56
DanaKilwhat is knewz ?01:56
Naaaatanmm I was fearing that01:56
DanaKilsudo apt-get install ffmpeg01:56
Naaaatanwell not much we can do about it I guess, thanks for your help DanaKil :)01:56
DanaKilbut you can launch sudo adept_manager and search for installed package from a gui01:56
Goanhow do i set the classpath for java01:56
NaaaatanDanaKil: it's a newsgroup client01:57
Naaaatanfor KDE 401:57
DanaKilok :)01:57
Naaaatanbut it's still in beta01:57
DanaKilyou should report the compile problem to the author then ;)01:57
NaaaatanI will01:57
NaaaatanIronic release note for the latest beta tho :P01:57
NaaaatanBeta 401:57
NaaaatanFixed issues with uudeview not being found.01:58
[|Liam|]DanaKil: You cannot open .ogg with Avidumux or w.e >.<01:58
DanaKiloh really oO;;01:58
DanaKilsorry then ^^'01:58
DanaKildon't know Goan, sorry01:59
DanaKiltry #ubuntu02:00
DanaKil[|Liam|]   http://ubuntuswitch.wordpress.com/2007/10/05/howto-convert-ogg-to-avi-with-mencoder/02:01
[|Liam|]wow DanaKil it worked02:09
[|Liam|]you pwn :o02:09
DanaKilthanks google <<02:09
DanaKilwith avidemux you can easily cut parts of the vids or recompress it now02:11
[|Liam|]yeah shame kino is so complicating tho :o02:14
Widgetshould i install envy to install nvidia driver?02:18
DanaKilwell, i use envy and it works great for me but graphics drivers are such a mess...02:19
DanaKilbut you can try, personnaly i like it and it's easy :)02:19
GaMbi_DKanyone who can tell me how to / if it is possible to drag a window from my monitor onto my TV (using Separate X screen) - I need this so I can use my desktops and watching a movie on TV-out at the same time02:20
vladhi there i have a little problem ... i cant play whit my screen rezolution before i had another screen and now i change it what can i do now i have 960x52902:20
vladi want more ....02:20
vlad can enywhone help me ?02:20
cuznti had that and had to restart hit esc and choose recovery  from the promt02:21
vladthats a answer to me? or to02:22
cuznti fixed broken packages and x server02:22
cuzntyes vlad02:22
cuzntit was easy02:22
vladok so i have to restart and hit esc02:22
vlad ok02:22
vlad thanks a lot i am gona try that ...02:22
vlad i have less rez on my screen in that but not more...02:22
cuzntthat is just what i had02:23
vladOk than02:23
vlad thanks a lot02:23
vlad Be right back02:23
kr0n05931is there a terminal command to show my hardware specs?02:33
DanaKiltry lspci02:34
kr0n05931thanks :)02:34
GaMbi_DKhow do i drag a window from monitor to TV using separate X screen?02:35
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with ark - also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression02:35
DarthFrogGaMbi_DK: It's actually possible to do what you want but not the way you're asking about, I don't think.02:36
DarthFrogGaMbi_DK: Do you have a TV tuner card installe?02:37
DarthFrogIf so, install and run MythTV.  It's available in the repositories and is an utterly marvellous app.02:39
GaMbi_DKDarthFrog,  TV tuner no02:41
GaMbi_DKjust movies from my pv02:41
vladhi there i have some errors on ubuntu still  what can i do my 3 d screen is not working eny more02:42
vladhow can i get compizconfig again?02:45
Widgethmm.. my driver seems to be installed.. is there a way to probe my monitor to allow for correct settings of it ?02:52
Widgetits an LG Flatron F700P CRT02:52
roganwill photoshop run on wine?02:53
werenerdrogan: i don't think so. if it does, it won't do it well.02:53
roganwtb photoshop for linux02:54
werenerdpeople have been whining about that for years. I just use GIMP or Krita02:54
cuzntgimp works02:54
werenerdWidget: you are using KDE right?02:55
werenerdrogan: i understand for some professionals, photoshop is a necessity. however if it is a hobby and nothing more, GIMP &/or Krita will do more than what you will need02:56
Naaaatanhas anyone managed to get Firefox 3 to use the KDE 4 dialogs?02:56
werenerdNaaaatan: there is a plugin for that I thought. Or was that only for kde 3.5?02:57
Naaaatanyea that's only kde 3.5, I tried it02:57
Naaaatanand I wasn't able to find a kde 4 version, guessing there isn't one :p02:58
werenerdi would be real money that is all you will find ATM02:58
vladi have to ask somfing can i use my webcam ? on Ubuntu for messenger? and if so how do i get my drivers?02:58
roganwerenerd: thanks02:58
vladplease help me use my nick wen talking tome pls02:58
werenerdvlad: you can use kopete for video, but you can't get video conference02:59
Widgetwerenerd: yep, kde02:59
vladi mean for yahoo ... werenerd02:59
werenerdyou could try out OoVoo, skype, or Ekiga though02:59
werenerdOh, I have never tried yahoo messenger before02:59
vladOk thanks so no use...02:59
werenerdvlad: can you use your webcam at all currently?03:00
jtismetried to mount floppy  /dev/fd0  does not exist in 8.04 any ideas03:01
vladuse it for what ...03:01
vlad i don`t think i have drivers...03:01
vlad does it works whidowt?03:01
werenerdvlad: what webcam do you have?03:01
vladpremier pc 19903:02
werenerdpremier pc is the vendor? like logitech?03:03
vladPremier is the company that made it03:03
vlad pc199 is the model03:03
vladand i have another problem too03:03
vladi was having my descktop like cube03:04
vladand now03:04
vladis like at first time03:04
werenerdcan you link me to a product page?03:04
vlad doesen`t works eny more03:04
vlad they don`t have a webpage03:04
werenerdyou still have compiz turned on?03:04
vladyeah i guess03:04
vlad how do i turn it off?03:05
vladnever done that03:05
werenerdvlad: no webpage?  that is weird03:05
vladwell is made on a ship :))03:05
werenerdin order to have the cube, you have to have desktop effects enabled03:05
Widgetwerenerd: 169.12 is the nvdia driver thats installed03:06
werenerdvlad: as far as the webcam goes, you will need to know the chipset it has on it so you can find if it is compatable with linux and then what drivers to use03:06
Naaaatananyone know if there's some way to get the "add to archive / extract here" context menu in kde 4.1 ?03:06
ubuntu__hello I am in need of assistance, my partitions are intact but neither my xp or linux are booting.03:07
werenerdWidget: i did not mean to ignore you. I am sorry i did not see you earlier reply03:07
vladand what about my 3 d desck03:07
ubuntu__do you count your partitions from left to right03:07
ubuntu__so (0,0) then (0,1)03:08
werenerdvlad: go to the kde menu->system->desktop effects03:08
werenerdWidget: do you have the kde control center installed?03:08
vladwhats that03:09
werenerdvlad: the desktop effects?03:09
Widgetwerenerd: umm.. not sure, ill jus check03:10
vladi got that03:10
vlad compiz config u mean ?03:10
vladcompis config settings manager03:11
werenerdvlad: yes that. Is compiz enabled?03:11
Widgetwerenerd: sry.. where do i find that info :S ?03:11
Naaaatanahhh.. answered my own question : http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Extract+And+Compress+KDE4?content=8420603:11
vladhow do i enable it03:11
werenerdWidget: open a terminal and type " kcontrol "03:12
werenerdif you have it installed, it will appear. if you fon't have t installed, it will tell us03:12
Widgetwerenerd: ah yep.. its installed03:12
werenerdvlad: well, if your screen looks like mine, there are 4 options. off - standard - extra - custom. is that what you have?03:13
DanaKilbye :)03:13
vladwerenerd:  i didn`t ever disabled so to be able to find now the enable button all is like it was ... the cube is cliked and all like it was03:14
werenerdWidget: go to the Peripherals03:14
werenerdWidget: monitor and display being the obvious choice next03:15
vladwerenerd:  let me tell u like this before ... web i was opening the pc it was showing that it is opened 3 d  in a special way03:15
vladwerenerd:  i didn`t ever disabled so to be able to find now the enable button all is like it was ... the cube is cliked and all like it was03:15
Widgetwerenerd: strange.. it doesnt say i have the driver installed there.. just says 'nv'03:16
werenerdWidget: do you have the restricted packages installed?03:16
Widgetwerenerd: yet under nvidia x server, it says it is :\03:16
NaaaatanWhen I right click a download in Firefox and click open containing folder, it opens in Nautilus instead of Dolphin, anyone know how to change this behaviour?03:16
werenerdvlad - you say you never turned it off, so what did the screen say? standard? Extra? Custom?03:17
werenerdWidget: trust the nvidia server!03:17
vladwerenerd if u help me reinstal it wod it work again like before?03:18
Widgetwerenerd: i installed nvidia-glx-new earlier and enabled the device driver under "hardware drivers" but now for some reason they're not installed/enabled anymroe03:19
werenerdvlad: uninstalling it should not be necessary03:19
vladok how do i uninstal it03:19
Widgetwerenerd: should i re-installed nvidia-glx-new and enable hardware driver again then reboot ?03:19
werenerdwhen you installed the driver earlier, was it via the adept updater?03:20
werenerdvlad: I just said not to uninstall it03:21
werenerdvlad - you say you never turned it off, so what did the screen say? standard? Extra? Custom?03:22
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vladwerenerd:  i am uninstaling it03:23
vladwerenerd:  how can i instal it again ?03:24
werenerdvlad: I just said twice not to. this is not windows, that will do nothing.03:24
werenerdvlad: how did you uninstall it?03:24
vladwerenerd:  from the uninsatal menu03:24
vladfrom the aplications03:25
vladmy linux is in romanian03:25
vladok than03:25
werenerdyou should be doing this through adept03:25
vlad how?03:26
werenerdvlad: lets take this step by step03:27
vladok brb a second03:27
Widgetwerenerd: should i still re-install the nvid-glx-new driver ? even though nvid x server say its installed ? i did an update earlier ift hat has anything to do with it not being installed still03:29
GoanI did not have jdk installed on my kubuntu machine, I have just installed it with sudo apt-get.. It did not give me the installation folder. Does someone have an idea about its locatio03:30
billydHas anypne had trouble with strigi?03:30
werenerdWidget: did you restart the X server or reboot after the update?03:30
Goanbillyd, I had03:30
Widgetwerenerd: dont believe i did03:30
Goanjust killed the process two days back.. and deleted the entire directory .. worth 23G03:30
billydI ended up ripping mine out and then un-installing - it ate my entore disk up with something03:31
werenerdWidget: aaah, that might be it. Log out of your current session. At the login screen press ctrl+alt+backspace03:31
Goansame case.. 14mb left out of 24 gigs03:31
Goannow its 23 gigs free03:31
Widgetwerenerd: ok, brb03:31
GoanI did not have jdk installed on my kubuntu machine, I have just installed it with sudo apt-get.. It did not give me the installation folder. Does someone have an idea about its locatio03:31
billydTAnhkfully a friend called me to see if I was still alive because of Ike and I was able to aske hime and we tracked the trouble down03:31
billydAnd I will keep un-installing strigi even if it'ssupposed to eb standard03:32
billydI like Kfind to find stuff in file name03:33
GoanI didnt uninstall it or something... a small bug taken care of03:33
billydI can't afford to have something eat up a 300G HD03:33
Goananyone for my qn?03:35
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werenerdGoan: what was your question?03:35
GoanI did not have jdk installed on my kubuntu machine, I have just installed it with sudo apt-get.. It did not give me the installation folder. Does someone have an idea about its location03:35
werenerdGoan: where was something installed or something like that?03:35
Widgetwerenerd: i did that ctrl-alt-backspace, then it look me to a screen like termin, so i put in my user name/pw, but it didnt log me back in.. so i reset.. is that ok03:36
werenerdGoan: go to adept, find the package you just installed. click on details and that will give you the paths and files installed03:36
werenerdWidget: the ctrl+alt+backspace should have restarted your x-server. basically a shortcut for rebooting. i don't know why it failed03:37
werenerdWidget: when you rebooted, everything OK?03:38
Widgetwerenerd: i can get 800x600 res now.. but no higher03:38
Widgetwerenerd: i got an error from sudo wen i logged back in03:38
billydIs 8.10 still slated for the 30th??03:38
Goanwerenerd, tks I have found the location as /usr/lib/jvm/sun-java6-jdk03:38
GoanI have a mysql jdbc connecter jar file.. where I should put this under this path03:39
werenerdGoan: good to hear03:39
Widgetwereerd: brb03:42
Widgetwerenerd: brb03:42
werenerdWidget: i gotta go, wife needs me. go get nvidia-settings. from there, you can edit your xorg.conf and manually set your resolution03:42
Widgetwerenerd: np, thnx for your help nayways :)03:42
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donjr_KSI have kubuntu intrepid and I cannot it to burn an iso immage.  It doesn't even pop up that it's found a blank CD03:48
NaaaatanWhen I right click a download in Firefox and click open containing folder, it opens in Nautilus instead of Dolphin, anyone know how to change this behaviour?03:49
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dr_willisdonjr_KS,  ive seen befor where the links to the dvd drives in /dev/dvd and /dev/cdrom (and perhaps otehrs) point to the wrong device04:00
Widgetis it kconsole that u type in terminl ?04:00
Widgetfor kde settings04:00
dr_willisseen that happen in about every release  - not sure wht controills those links04:00
dr_willisWidget,  kde3 or kde4 ?04:01
Widget3 i thinik04:01
Widgetthough i did install some kde4 things.. but im pretty sure im still using kde304:02
dr_willisfind what launches it in the menus, and right click on the icon inthje menu and see what it launches.. I dont rember the name04:02
dr_williskontrol-panel perhaps.. im not in kde right now04:02
Widgethmm.. its kcontrol yet i tried that multiple times b4 and didnt work :S04:04
dr_willisclarify 'dident work'04:04
Widgetdr_willis: do u know much about getting nvidia drivers to work ?04:04
dr_willisWidget,  normally takes me all of 3 min to get nvidia up and running on my machines.04:05
dr_willislaptop, 8600 desktop, and a 8800 desktop04:05
Widgetoh.. didnt work cause i typed it all wrong earlier.. my bad :p04:06
Widgetdr_willis: i cant seem to install my 8600gt properly.. can only get 640x480 res04:06
dr_willisWidget,  i normally install the drivers,, reboot, then install/run the 'nvidia-settings' tool as root.04:07
Widgetive tried both through adpet manager and envy04:07
dr_willisIts very likely the drivers are installed.. just its thinking your monitor cant do higher.04:07
dr_willisI also manually edit the xorg.conf and ENABLE the 'show logo' feature - that way i see/know the nvidia drivers are working at each startuo04:08
dr_willismy xorg.conf from one machine -- nvidia 5500   http://pastebin.com/fbaf339804:09
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dr_willisxorg.conf from my 8800gtsXXX machine --> http://pastebin.com/m46bd741904:10
dr_willisI dont have the logo enabled in those.. :) i just noticed..04:12
dr_willisunder    Driver "Nvidia" i normally have the line04:13
dr_willis Option     "NoLogo" "false"04:13
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Widgetuninstalled a heap of stuff then linux would load anymore :S .. had to revcovery =\04:24
Widgetso, because i uninstalled the video drivers n such, now my current driver is a generic one04:25
Widgetjust adept nvidia-glx-new > restart > nvidia settings ?04:26
Widgetdoes anyone know if 'new' works for 6800 cards ?04:27
Dr_Willis_I think that is the right driver for  6800, however i think the nvidia-glx also worked.04:28
Dr_Willis_the !nvidia url has a link to a page with wht card is for what drivers04:28
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:28
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:29
RoadHazardhey guys, what is a suitable kde app for burning an iso?04:31
Widgetshould i intall nvidia-xconfig tool aswell as nvidia-settings ?04:33
EvilDaemonRoadHazard: k3b , sudo apt-get install k3b04:34
mueslihey guys, whenever i start up kde, a knetworkmanager tray app starts up04:36
muesliand kills all my network settings (as if it did an ifconfig eth0 down). any clue why that's happening?04:36
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daleachI have no sound, not since I reinstalled with hardy, any ideas?04:42
daleachk3b is awesome04:42
daleachi read something the other day about... sudo alsa force-reload04:43
daleachdidn't seem to help though04:43
EvilDaemondaleach: Mine was fixed when I upgraded to the Alpha Intrepid Ibex04:46
EvilDaemongoogle upgrade ibex from hardy04:46
EvilDaemonand see04:46
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SlynderdaleI managed to set some graphic settings in Kunbuntu under the extra appearance/eye candy section like shadows, transparency that my system didn't support and now the screen appears white every time I log in. What would be the best way to reset the config?04:48
dr_willisYou mean to say you enabled compiz?04:49
Slynderdaledr_willis: Talking to me? If so, no, I simply enabled some settings in KDE under appearance that came with KDE 4.104:50
dr_williskde4.1 - no clue on that .04:51
Omoikane_Alright, I want to try and tackle this one again. Every time I boot up my Kubuntu computer the login flash screen loads and I type in the correct password only to have it blink for a moment and reload the login flash screen, over and over. I have no idea why it's doing this and really need to get access to this computer.04:53
bewofthei think x server is down04:56
bewofthego to command prompt (safe mode) and try this here  sudo dpkg -reconfigure -phigh xserver -xorg04:57
bewoftheor restart hit esc and choose the recover mode and choose xserver one04:58
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dr_willisOmoikane_,  this is using kde 3 or 4.1 ?  what is your video card?04:59
roganis there a way to get cube to show on machine idle?04:59
dr_willisrogan,  not that i have ever seen.. or wanted...04:59
Omoikane_dr_willis it's hardy not sure what ver of kde though.05:00
dr_willisblack colors = kde4 :)  bright = kde305:00
Omoikane_I was able to login via ssh and tty so I know it's the correct pass/login also I was thinking it might be an xserver issue.05:01
dr_willisYou could try as a 'test' installing some alternative window manager, and  see if you can login to that.05:01
dr_willislike icewm, 'sudo apt-get install icewm' from a terminal/console/ssh - and select icewm from the sessions on the KDM screen05:01
dr_willisI had some bugs with ati cards where KDM worked..but would crash wheni got into KDE05:02
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ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:08
daleachhey guys my kdm gets me into kde but then i have no kwin windows manager wrapping my windows..i'm in blackbox now05:13
dr_willisdaleach,  this is kde3 or 4? have you been using compiz?05:13
daleachhaha dr_willis how did you know05:13
daleachjk yeah them and their wm hijacking!05:13
dr_willislet me guess.. You removed compiz?05:13
daleachi mean to say that05:13
daleachi got my sound working btw05:14
dr_williswindows answer = reformat/reinstall... :)05:14
daleachit was one of the frigen channels muted heh05:14
daleachluckily here, i use /home05:14
dr_willisbut the fix i recall is to remove some settings directory.... but i forget where...05:14
daleachah cool i found a good thread now to05:15
dr_willisI think thers a compiz setting file in .config  that if you remove it.. it 'should' fix it.05:15
daleachyeah i just saw that in a post, that there *was* a file that did emerald --replace || kwin --replace05:16
daleachso i'm thinking yeah its left over compiz as opposed to kde05:16
daleachmaybe in home05:16
gwp1hey daleach05:17
dr_willisthose commands i think alter that config file i was referng to05:17
daleachdr_willis  I'll give it a shot real quick05:18
daleachi just did rm -r ~/.compiz05:19
dr_willisI was thinkign it was in .settings/compiz05:19
dr_willisbut i dont use compiz so i dont have the files05:19
memeemeeei need help with fglrx!05:30
memeemeeeseriously or at least changing my xorg.conf file05:31
dr_willisand what part do you wish to change?05:33
manishi have been trying to change the boot splash screen in Kubuntu hardy but its not taking effect. has anybody faced such a problem05:34
dr_willisI normally just disable splash screens05:34
manishi am using emrald theme manager and have changed the splash screen in "spalsh"05:35
memeemeeedr_willis, I'm having trouble with my resolution being out of range05:36
memeemeeeI think I should be able to set it in xorg.conf but I'm not sure how05:36
manishBy splash i mean the progressbar and the kubuntu login screen where we put the user name and password05:36
manisham i being correct05:36
dr_willisI thought that was the compiz splash..  that you can set to  pop up.. but i could be wrong.05:36
manishdr_willis: was that for me??05:37
daleachdr_willis , just to update ya, deleting the .compiz didn't help :(05:37
dr_willisya got the bootsplash, then the kdm login, then that little splash thing that goes on while kde loads... then.. i THINK compiz can even have its own little logo/splash when it starts up05:37
daleachwhen did beryl stop being the one to use btw?05:37
daleachhad the most success with that05:37
dr_willisberyl died out ages ago.05:37
dr_willis2+ years05:37
dr_willisit got assemilated05:38
daleachit hasn't been that long :-P05:38
dr_willisdaleach,  you could just reinstall compiz05:38
daleachit was compiz->beryl->compiz right05:38
daleachuck, i had big issues with that05:38
dr_willisreinstall it.. but disable it. :) dont uninstall it.05:38
manishno i want to change the login screen and the kubuntu screen showing the progress bar and the kubuntu logo that appears there05:38
daleachahhh, that's an interesting idea05:38
manishi want to put something different when kubuntu loads05:38
dr_willisLogin screen = the KDM themes.05:39
manishwhcih file do i change or where do i dothe setting s05:39
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes05:39
manishi have already tried that05:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kdm05:39
manishnot successfully05:39
dr_willisTheres a kdm theme tool in the repos i think ya need to install for a gui to change it05:39
memeemeeeanyone had experience with ATI and fglrx?05:39
manishit this link valid for kubuntu as well05:39
manishi have installed a tool named splash05:40
daleachdr_willis how would I disable the compiz ? also, are you an ubuntu developer?05:40
dr_willismemeemeee,  at one time i used a 'x modeline generator' web site to make a specific res modeline for my old machines.. but now a days X is supposed to get the info straight from the monitors05:40
daleachdr_willis memeemeee yeah so did I heh05:40
dr_willisdaleach,  kwin --replace would remove it.. or use that fusion-icon tool.05:40
manishit does solve the purpose but for splashh screen that comes upwhile Kubuntu is bieng loaded after i enter the username and password05:40
daleachwhat a pain in the but that was!!05:40
memeemeeehmmm. perhaps not working because I'm using a kvm splitter/.05:40
daleachdr_willis i had to do that only a year ago or so05:41
dr_willismemeemeee,  those can  cause issues.05:41
daleachlet me guess its a 1680x105005:41
daleachu have dual screens or 105:41
daleachi had dual wide screen scetpre naga III's05:41
daleachand i had to do a bunch of that stuff05:41
daleachcustom modelines etc05:41
manishare you getting some idea of the problem dr_willis05:41
memeemeeeworked for a while pretty well dr_willis . then I installed extra ram and all went bad05:41
daleachok u want to edit the login screen itself?05:42
dr_willismanish,  theres themes for that also.. but i rarely change the thing.. Im not on a kde3 system right now where i can even check the menus05:42
daleachthat's kdm05:42
daleachkdm theme05:42
memeemeeeis there a way to tell Xorg to change resolution from tty1?05:42
dr_willisGrub -> usplash -> kdm -  You Login -> kde splash  thing -> kde desktop05:42
daleachmemeemeee i was doing alot of that05:42
daleachwith like start x05:43
daleachand killing it05:43
daleachwithout that it would have been a nightmare (not that it wasn't)05:43
manishya every screen that pops up while i am booting my comp. Right from the pre-login  screen that appears where there is a progress bar indicating the bootinig of Kubuntu and the place where i enter my username and password: that screen and the splash screen which i have managed to change05:44
manishso what are these screen called ? each of them05:45
manishand ya i have tried on " eye candy " no instructions on how to!!!05:45
daleachthere's probably some documentation online on kde themes05:45
daleachoh ok05:45
daleachwell we already said05:45
daleachgoogle kdm05:45
daleachkdm is the login screen!05:45
daleachkdm theme05:45
manishthat comes before my username and password screen??05:46
manishis that what you are callign kdm theme05:46
dr_willisI thought that ChangeThemes factoid site detailed these...05:46
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes05:46
dr_willisThe Splash Screen is the animated image or screen that is displayed while KDE loads after you log in. Each user can have a different splash screen. Changing the splash screen for the current user can be done in the Splash Screen module of Kubuntu's System Settings. Select the splash screen you want to use and click on Apply.05:47
daleachmanish do you want to do something like this? http://www.kde-look.org/index.php?xcontentmode=4005:47
daleachor did u already get that part05:47
manishjust checking05:48
manishgot a slow internet connection05:48
joshua__how do set mozilla to use certain applications for certain file types? like torrent05:49
joshua__or ktorrent05:49
=== dr_willis is now known as Dr_WiLlIS
daleachwrong room really05:50
daleachi think05:50
daleachdo u want kde to use mozilla for those types u mean?05:51
Dr_WiLlISI just set ktorrent to auto load torrents from a specific dir..05:51
joshua__why is that? what room should it boe?05:51
joshua__how do you do that?05:51
daleachno i mean are u tryign to change the way firefox behaves05:51
manishi downloaded one of those things but made to work only partially05:51
daleachextensions etc05:51
daleachtype about:config in firefox05:51
manishi was able to change only the splash screen05:51
manishdont know how to change the login and pre login screen05:51
memeemeeecan someone tell me if there's a way to tell Xorg to change the screen resolution?05:52
Dr_WiLlISThe xrandr tools memeemeee05:52
daleachmemeemeee xorg.conf05:52
daleachor something05:52
daleachoh yeah that evil thing05:52
Dr_WiLlIS!info kxranr05:52
ubottuPackage kxranr does not exist in hardy05:52
Dr_WiLlIS!info kxrandr05:52
ubottuPackage kxrandr does not exist in hardy05:52
Dr_WiLlISSomthing like that. :)05:53
Dr_WiLlIS!find xrand05:53
ubottuFound: libxrandr-dev, libxrandr2, libxrandr2-dbg05:53
memeemeee!info xrandr05:53
ubottuPackage xrandr does not exist in hardy05:53
daleach!info randr05:53
ubottuPackage randr does not exist in hardy05:53
manishdr_willis: deleach: i have tried the stuff you gave me but been successful only partially, can you guide on how do i next change the boot screen (i tihnk that is what it is called : the pre login screen)and the login screen05:53
joshua__how do i get kubuntu to use ktorrent for torrent files?05:54
daleachi've never done this stuff manish05:54
daleachand don't realy care to leran how to right now :(05:54
joshua__like when i am using firefox05:54
daleachbtw i don't think there needs to be an i nfo05:54
daleachon that no package mabye05:54
daleachbut if you do05:54
daleachman xrandr05:54
Dr_WiLlISBoot screen befor the Login is the usplash screen.. I normally just disable it..05:54
daleachyou should see it memeemeee05:54
Dr_WiLlISI dont care for any useless splash screens that hide usefull info.05:54
manishso dr_willis: how do i change uspash screen05:55
manishdo u have ne idea05:55
Dr_WiLlISBoot screen befor the Login is the usplash screen.. I normally just disable it..05:55
Dr_WiLlISwhich is to say.. No05:55
daleachfirst thing u want to do is to get kubunto to use ktorrent for torrent files does that happen?05:55
daleachyour best bet after that is to go to firefox extensions and search torrent05:55
daleachin addons05:56
joshua__now do i do that?05:56
manishwant to have something flashy : new to kubuntu : just testing its goodies compared to win05:56
ubottuTo change your KDE splash screen go to KMenu -> System Settings -> Splash Screen05:56
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork05:56
joshua__where do i go to firefox extensions?05:56
memeemeeeI've tried that but it says "can;t open display" daleach05:56
daleachhmm in kde u should be able to find some options in05:56
daleachjoshua__ some optins in like settings05:56
daleachi would google  "associate file extensions kde"05:56
joshua__didnt find it there05:57
daleachk 1 sec05:57
daleachmemeemeee are you doing things as root05:57
daleachu know about f6 or f7 that has the x stuff yeah?05:57
daleachu might have to kill -9 a whole bunch of things05:57
manishne ways thankyou for your time delaech. thanks dr_willis05:57
daleachor well how do u stopx i forgot05:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bopm05:57
daleachfrom command line Dr_WiLlIS05:57
daleachkilling x ? i forgot05:57
daleachbest way that is05:57
memeemeeeI've tried as root but it says "can;t open display" daleach05:57
daleachmemeemeee usually its because its like already running05:58
daleachi think05:58
daleachu need to be careful about that but yeah hmm so05:58
daleachthere was this page that i used for modelines that Dr_WiLlIS  mentioned also05:59
daleachyou put in ur info and u cut and paste that into xorg.conf i think05:59
daleachhold on let me refresh up on thsi stuff05:59
memeemeeeso how do I sop it so I can make changes and restart it?05:59
* memeemeee is a linux noob05:59
* Dr_WiLlIS is cnfused as to what the actual problem was....05:59
* Dr_WiLlIS needs more coffee05:59
daleachmemeemeee have you read the file06:00
memeemeeewhich file? the xorg.conf? I'm intimately familiar with it by now daleach06:00
daleachah ok06:01
daleachso yeah changing it does nothing obviously06:01
daleachu have to restart06:01
memeemeeenot sure what to do with some of it. when I installed fglrx it changed everything.06:01
daleachoh yeah now i remember06:01
daleachu kill kdm06:01
daleachi think kdm spawns x or somethign?06:01
daleachDr_WiLlIS does taht sound right?06:01
daleachso if u do ps -A06:02
daleachso if u do ps -A | grep kdm06:02
memeemeeeI've got 2 kdms running06:02
memeemeeeand 2 Xorg too06:02
daleachhah yeah so do I06:02
daleachnot sure if that's supposed to be that way :\06:02
daleachprob is anyway06:02
daleachif u kill those heh06:02
Dr_WiLlISkdm spawns X. if you kill the kdm service.. that will kill X.06:03
daleachast long as ur in a tty u should be fine06:03
memeemeeeis that normal for kde to run kdm*2?06:03
daleachgood question06:03
daleachi don't think it always used to be that way right?06:03
daleachanyway if u kill both u can be sure its dead06:03
daleachand since it spawned x x is now dead06:03
daleachto test06:03
daleachfollow that with startx06:03
daleachor sudo startx if u need that i don't htink u do06:03
memeemeeeone of em wont die06:03
daleachur probably not doing06:04
memeemeeeno error but when I check it's still there06:04
daleachkill -9 <pid>06:04
Dr_WiLlISyou do NOT need to do 'sudo startx' Unless you want to run X as root..06:04
daleachhehe ok cool06:04
daleachi didn't feel like testing :)06:04
memeemeeeright thanks Dr_WiLlIS06:04
daleachi never really do sudo anything unless it doesn't work hehe06:04
SlynderdaleHmm, in Kubuntu 8.10 is there a way to reset the config? I made a mistake of enabling some appearance settings that my video card doesn't support and now the screen just appears white06:05
memeemeeeshoot! I switched to tty7 to see if it was dead and now I'm stuck!06:05
Dr_WiLlISdelete the users .kde* dirs perhaps Slynderdale06:05
daleachmemeemeee what are u on another pc?06:05
daleachlucky u i don' think i really had the luxury of any of this the last couple of times i was trying heh06:05
Dr_WiLlISalt-ctrl-F1 through F6 for consoles. :)06:06
memeemeeesmart and helpful! u single? j/k ;)06:06
memeemeeenot working06:06
=== |Aryn| is now known as aRyn
memeemeeefrozen on 7 and keyboard is non responsive :((06:06
daleachi don't get what u eman ur stuck yeah heh06:06
daleachoh u weren't doing control + alt?06:07
daleachah so all frozen that sucks06:07
daleachi think i got that once or twice myself to yeah06:07
daleachdo you have some kind of crazy xorg.conf btw? make sure you back up the original hehe06:07
* memeemeee is noob but not stuub06:08
daleachwell i was saying that also because like06:08
daleachnot sure if there's an easy way to really generate the defaultish one back again (sigh)06:08
memeemeeelol I learned that the hard way06:08
daleachi tink linux+ubuntu have a long way to go still heh06:08
memeemeeethanks daleach  you're being helpful and I'm being a bit of an ...06:09
joshua__kde sucks06:09
daleachjoshua__ if you google file association kde06:09
daleachyou get so much06:09
joshua__and so does firefox06:09
daleachdude firefox06:10
Dr_WiLlISso do vacume cleaners06:10
joshua__i tried that nothing works06:10
daleachis sent from god hah06:10
joshua__it's so stupid06:10
daleachweb developers would slipped their wrists if you took firefox away from them06:10
daleachso memeemeee06:10
Dr_WiLlISI normally save  my .torrent files in a "Torrents.incoming" directory and set up ktorrent to auto load the new torrents from there.06:10
daleachi can send u some old xorg.conf's06:11
daleachbut they wer from like 2 ubuntu versions ago06:11
Dr_WiLlISthose may have the actual modeline lines in them06:11
memeemeeewell I'm curious to see how the modlines are applied06:11
Dr_WiLlIShe could also test out various live cds and get the xorg.conf files from them06:11
daleachDr_WiLlIS heh cool, I rarely ever use torrents used them one time, it was pretty cool with ktorrent that sounds pretty efficient though heh06:12
daleachgreat idea06:12
daleachgreaaaaaaat idea06:12
Dr_WiLlISOr he couldunplug the KVM switch and plug inthe moniutor directtly and reboot and see if it sees it properly then...06:12
daleachalthough some of those may start up kind of half assish but yeah06:12
memeemeeeso I put a line that looks like "Modeline "1280x1024" 109.62  1280 1336 1472 1720  1024 1024 1026 1062"06:12
Dr_WiLlISbut i may have frogotten the original problem now..06:13
daleachsomething like that06:13
daleachwait first off06:13
memeemeeewhole thing. in my xorg.conf file.06:13
daleachwhat size monitor06:13
daleachdo u have a widescreen yes right?06:13
daleachi bet06:13
daleachthen that should be a valid res i guess06:14
* Dr_WiLlIS bets its a vga monitor also.. not dvi06:14
daleachmind u memeemeee this stuff is also tied to ur video card stuff06:14
daleachi beleive06:14
memeemeeei know. it's where the problem is06:14
memeemeeepeople need to avoid native ATI cards06:14
daleachso i mean not just modelines but like drivers06:14
daleachand the driver section in that file06:14
memeemeeedo NOT play well with ubuntu06:15
daleachi dunno i've had problems with nvidia to06:15
memeemeeeyeah? I thought nvidia was open06:15
daleachwell back then when i was doing it i think it actually wasn't officially06:15
daleachand just i dunno that with xinerama and or my 2 widescreens ........1 widescreen was bad enough but then 2 ... heh06:16
memeemeeewell-- part of the problem is i'm at AMD64 and ATI06:16
daleachwell id on't thikn the amd64 part should be an issue06:16
daleachless its an integrated video or somthing06:16
daleachshould just be video card and monitor06:16
memeemeeeI'm gonna try Dr_WiLlIS 's suggestion and connect the monitor directly.06:16
daleachyeah its a really great one06:16
memeemeeebut I'm not sure if that will work if I switch back?06:17
daleachwell what did he mean plug in the monitor directly though06:17
memeemeeeI need the KVM switch to keep peace with my girl06:17
daleachdoes it detect?06:17
daleachi mean06:17
memeemeeethat's what the fglrx is supposed to do. right Dr_WiLlIS ?06:17
daleachi thought the idea there (which i liked) was like,06:17
daleachoh u know i think i finally realize why they sell this crazy thing out there06:18
daleachkvm that like detects monitor settings or something06:18
daleachnever really got it b406:18
daleachmaybe its for things like this i dunno06:18
memeemeeeItis a switch between 2 computers and one moniter and one keyboard and one mouse06:18
daleachmy coworker and I didn't get it heh06:18
daleachyeah no i know a kvm06:18
daleachsomething else they sell06:18
memeemeeeoh sorry06:19
daleachi would just try restarting with these boot disks06:19
daleachand changing resolutions with them etc06:19
daleachthen see if u can get the xorg.conf06:19
memeemeeeit doesnt actually write anything in the xorg.conf06:20
daleachare u sure?06:20
Dr_WiLlISkvm's can cause issues - since depending on how the machine powers up. it may not see a monitotr attatched06:20
daleachi know its all in memory but06:20
daleachespecially if not dvi i'd guess06:20
daleachlike vga's were analog right?06:20
Dr_WiLlISive not seen any DVI KVM switches.. not looked at them much .06:20
daleachi think they exist now06:21
daleachbut yeah06:21
Dr_WiLlISVGA Monitotrs compound the issue. :)06:21
daleachsynergy i guess helps with a lot of those issues right?06:21
=== davidc_ is now known as concernedcitizen
memeemeeejust realized that I don't have a VGA cable!06:22
daleachu have a dvi?06:22
memeemeeenope. my computer has HDMI and vga06:22
Dr_WiLlISsynergy is for whenya got 2 machines+ each with their own monitor.06:22
daleachur using hdmi1?!06:22
memeemeeei'm using vga06:23
Dr_WiLlISUse dvi/hdmi over VGA - you will get a MUCH better picture06:23
Dr_WiLlISthen again.. ive never seen a CRT that used dvi/hdmi06:23
Dr_WiLlISor is this a lcd?06:23
daleachDr_WiLlIS yeah, but i think ther emight be an option for 2 machines that go to the same monitor... but like if you scroll to the right or left it switches machines... i think..06:23
memeemeeeit's lcd06:23
daleachbecause its the same function kind of06:23
Dr_WiLlISVGA connection to LCD = looks nasty06:23
memeemeeethat's true06:24
daleachmonitor jump with mouse to some networked machine06:24
Dr_WiLlISand given how cheap lcd's are these days06:24
daleachoh yeah but then06:24
memeemeeethis one was free06:24
daleachdamn that won't work at all06:24
Dr_WiLlISif you where here.. id give you several CRT's I got in the garrage. :P06:24
memeemeeeI've got space issues... it's why I'm using one moniter for 2 computers06:25
daleachDr_WiLlIS i can't even notice a difference ... my video card has one vga and dvi out and my dual screens... has one of each obviously...can't notice a difference.. the color settings are differen tnow but hwen i had them the same i couldn't notice a difference heh06:25
Dr_WiLlISI can tell a big diff on the machines i got in the text look on the vga conection to the same LCD vs the dvi connectin06:26
memeemeeeso if I'm gonna try modline I just stick it under devices? or monitors?06:26
Dr_WiLlISPlys with DVI the system gets the res correct all the time.06:26
Dr_WiLlISmodelines goes under monitors I recall06:26
OmoikaneThis computer is killing me, I forwarded port 8080 and 22 the computer's name is Yahweh Local ip is WAN ip is username is nickolaus pass is nickojo could someone try and login?06:27
Dr_WiLlISmodeline xorg.conf example06:27
daleachYahweh hah06:27
memeemeeelol that's pretty trusting06:27
Dr_WiLlISyou could just need a modes line, not a modeline.06:27
Dr_WiLlIS Modes            "1600x1200"      "1280x1024"      "1024x768"      "800x600"      "720x400"      "640x480"06:27
OmoikaneNah, there is nothing on that box to break.06:28
OmoikaneJust hoping someone can help.06:28
daleachyeah i woudln't even trust logging in heh06:28
daleachi guess its safe heh i dunno06:28
daleachwhat are u tryign to do anyway Omoikane06:29
* Dr_WiLlIS wonders why we needed all that other info :) like the compters name and stuff.. and how this is related toKubuntu SUpport06:29
Omoikanedaleach I have been trying to get this computer fixed for a week. It seemed to be stuck on the login flash screen.06:29
daleachheh yeah there's no question heh06:29
daleachdid you do control+alt+f6 and stuff like that?06:30
daleachone of those has msgs sometimes i think06:30
daleachi dunno, i'm not ur guy for that one06:31
Omoikaneyeah, I can login via cli06:31
memeemeeeDr_WiLlIS, you are my hero!06:33
Dr_WiLlISWell of course....06:33
* Dr_WiLlIS shows off his Tux Tatoo.06:34
* Dr_WiLlIS wonders what the problem was...06:34
memeemeeesimple solution. exactly what I wanted. just wish I asked the right question first06:34
Dr_WiLlISNeeded a Modes Line?06:34
memeemeeeweird thing is there's more modes available than I had entered06:38
Dr_WiLlISi normally just set ONE mode in the modes line06:39
memeemeeeI set two but now there's all the ones I could imagine06:40
memeemeeelol. including 320x20006:42
Dr_WiLlISI rember when 320x200 would be high res06:48
=== johnny_ is now known as Guest62295
memeemeeeremember cassette tape storage?06:49
Dr_WiLlISI still have several06:51
Dr_WiLlISC64s and vic20s06:51
Dr_WiLlISGot a Timex Sinclare hanging on the wall06:51
daleachDr_WiLlIS , memeemeee what did it the cd thingie?06:51
Dr_WiLlIS<Dr_WiLlIS>  Modes            "1600x1200"      "1280x1024"      "1024x768"      "800x600"      "720x400"      "640x480"06:51
daleachi can't beleve u ran into issues with the 1280 1024 btw thats' really bad (not on ur part)06:52
memeemeeeAll I needed was to add one of them and it started working.06:52
daleachso it was missing tha tkind of line all together?!?06:53
memeemeeethe problem was it was trying to display at 1600x1200 and my moniter wouldn't support06:53
daleachoh sheesh so it was too high06:53
memeemeeeright. fglrx doesn't seem to be very well put together06:53
daleachso u just deleted that one06:53
memeemeeeno there were no options06:53
daleachand it jumps to next in list?06:53
daleachu can delete it in the xorg.conf i meant06:53
daleachbut yeah06:53
memeemeeeI would have done that days ago if it had been in the xorg.conf file06:53
daleachoh so wait where the heck was it?06:54
memeemeeeall it had was Depth 24 and that was it. no modes06:54
daleachthe 1600x1200 number06:54
memeemeeeerror on my monitor06:54
daleachwow so no res ratios what so ever!?!?06:54
daleachin xorg.conf06:54
memeemeee(smart monitor) told me it couldn;t display that res06:54
daleachwhy didn't u say that sooner06:54
memeemeeeright daleach no res ratios at all06:54
memeemeeeI thought I did06:55
daleachi thought u just got a can't open display from the console about x06:55
daleachwait we fixed that one earlier yeah hehe06:55
daleachwhen we killed x by killing kdm06:55
daleachthat's crazy man06:55
daleachdid this happen during some kind of upgrade?06:55
memeemeeeit's cool. working now06:55
daleachauto upgrade?06:55
daleachyeah, glad you got it working heh06:55
memeemeeethe fglrx driver is the ATI proprietary driver and it's not well written06:55
daleachif your monitor can't do 1600x1200 though06:56
daleachu can delete that fromt he modelines06:56
memeemeeewell I didn;t have any modes at all in my xorg.conf06:56
daleachshould work ok06:56
daleachyeah no i mean06:56
daleachbut u added that in now?06:56
daleach'm just saying06:56
memeemeeeadded 2 modes and they all magically appeared06:56
daleachmight be best to remove it06:56
Dr_WiLlISX is supposed to scan the monitor and determine what modes it can support.. some of those KVM switches mess with that feature06:57
daleachso i see06:57
daleachyou unplug it06:57
daleachsave it etc06:57
daleachgood to know06:57
memeemeeeactually no. I didn't have to unplug at all06:57
daleachno yeah i got it06:57
daleachbut in some cases06:57
daleachthat could facilitate it i guess06:58
daleachstarting the whole process06:58
daleachplugged in directly as opposed to through the kvm06:58
memeemeeejust added a couple modes and X figured it out. not sure why or how... the xorg.conf file is exactly how I left it. but now ...06:58
memeemeeekde is giving me all resolutions (4:3) below the highest one in my xorg.conf06:58
vokatorgood morning06:59
memeemeeenight here!06:59
daleachheh, yup06:59
vokatorhere 8,00 am06:59
daleachanyway i'm out guys thanks for the help06:59
daleach2 here07:00
memeemeeethank you daleach07:00
daleachwelcome, Dr_WiLlIS  is the man though heh07:00
memeemeeetrue. true07:00
ubottusource-o-matic is not available anymore, please use Software Sources (in your Applications / K menu) to configure your repositories. Do NOT enable "Proposed updates" unless you're willing to test possibly seriously flawed packages.07:05
=== amit is now known as Guest85531
memeemeeeDr_WiLlIS, the way this all started was I installed new ram and stopped getting display07:10
memeemeeeis that something that sometimes happens:07:10
memeemeeeit runs trhough the boot sequence but instead of giving me a login I get blank screen (but there is a signal, it's just blank)07:11
memeemeeeno ttys07:11
memeemeeeor the keyboard is non responsive07:11
=== root is now known as Guest35557
Dr_WiLlISsounds like  some hardware issue07:14
Dr_WiLlISI got a few old machines that need to be reset once they piower up.. to boot properly07:15
memeemeeeyeah. i just spent $80 on ram which makes my computer stop working! anoying because I bought it from the same people and they assured me it would work07:16
Dr_WiLlIScould be bad ram.. or a bad ram slot.. or....07:17
memeemeeeyeah-- I guess I could install one by one and see if thre's a bad ram chip07:22
memeemeeeI tried memtest86 but quit after 12 hours07:22
Dr_WiLlISsounds like it may be some other odd issue then07:23
memeemeeeis that normal for memtest to take so long?07:24
Dr_WiLlISYou can rum memtest for weeks.. :)07:24
Dr_WiLlISdepends on the test07:24
memeemeeeI know that my manufacturer says u can run 4x1gig chips if you run Win32 or 4x2gig chips if you run Win6407:25
memeemeeemaybe I need to downgrade to 1gig chips?07:25
Dr_WiLlISI dont see how it would matter.07:29
geekthats cause 32 bit OSes generally can't handle more than 4 gigs of ram without a few tricks07:30
memeemeeewhat about ubuntu?07:31
memeemeeewould there be a reason I cant run Kubuntu Hardy with a 2g RAM chip installed?07:32
Dr_WiLlISI dont see how the size of the ram chip matter.07:32
eagles0513875Dr_WiLlIS: it does though07:32
Dr_WiLlISTry the 64bit live cd and see I guess..07:32
Dr_WiLlISsounds like some weird adressing/memory issue/quirk/work around then. :)07:32
eagles0513875memeemeee: it could also be the ram slot could be the problem07:34
memeemeeeit seems like a display problem07:34
eagles0513875memeemeee: what makes u think that07:34
eagles0513875anyone else using firefox07:34
memeemeeewell I've tried replacing the old ram in the same slots and it has the same problems07:34
memeemeeeI use firefox07:34
memeemeeenot that happy with it though07:34
eagles0513875memeemeee: is it me or is it running sluggish even with 4 tabs open07:35
ubottuopera is an advanced and free (only as in price) web browser.  Install it via Applications->Add/Remove..., making sure that "Show commercial applications" (dapper only) is checked. For more info on opera please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser07:35
eagles0513875ffs firefox keeps locking up on me and i only have 4 tabs open07:35
memeemeeethe reason I say it's a display issue is because it locks the screen black (but not no signal) and it still seems to load a cd on insert07:37
memeemeeeI use opera on my helio. thinking about making the switch for my pc07:38
memeemeeeespecially my laptop which is very limited07:38
eagles0513875memeemeee: what kinda video card07:38
memeemeeestupid ATI radeon07:38
eagles0513875for the love of jeebus ff is pissing me off07:39
eagles0513875memeemeee: whats the exact model07:39
memeemeeei have spent so much time trying to work around it  could have bouht a new computer07:39
memeemeeehow do i tell? it's an Acer M310007:39
eagles0513875memeemeee: run lspci in the cli07:40
eagles0513875and its listed somewhere in there07:40
eagles0513875so im assuming we r talking bout a laptop07:40
memeemeeethis one is a desktop07:40
memeemeeeit's X120007:41
memeemeeeno wait...07:41
eagles0513875not sure what the support is like on the newer hardware from ati07:41
eagles0513875memeemeee: do u have kubuntu installed already07:41
eagles0513875u on it right now07:42
memeemeeebut I have 2 HDs one is (was) my working copy and the other is for trying to get it figured out07:42
memeemeeeon my laptop (ubuntu07:42
memeemeeesitting in front of my desktop07:42
eagles0513875for the 2gb of ram did u put it in with another stick of ram or is it 2x1gb stick of ram07:43
memeemeeegot it to load X from the install cd with the new ram chip inside07:43
eagles0513875Dr_WiLlIS: feel free to add any info if u got any to this07:43
memeemeeenow i have 2x1g and 1x2g for a grand total of 4g07:43
eagles0513875memeemeee: have u changed any settings in the bios07:43
eagles0513875cuz there is a setting which allows operating systems in the bios to recognize up to 4gb07:44
eagles0513875at least from what ive seen07:44
memeemeeeno I haven't07:44
memeemeeehow come grub>halt doesn't acutally halt07:44
memeemeeegoing into BIOS now07:45
memeemeeeeagles0513875, not seeing any RAM options07:47
memeemeeebesides OS207:47
eagles0513875what does it say on the right side bout it07:47
eagles0513875jussi01: can u do what u did in offtopic to emma plz07:48
memeemeeeabout OS2?07:48
eagles0513875memeemeee: ya07:49
eagles0513875jussi01: ty07:49
memeemeeeabout OS2?07:49
memeemeeesorry ;) my scroll wasn't working.07:51
memeemeeeit says select OS2 only if you're running OS/2 with greater than 64MB of ram on the system07:52
memeemeeeright now non-OS2 is selected07:52
memeemeeenot sure what that has to do with the price of beans07:52
* Dr_WiLlIS likes beans07:53
Dr_WiLlISi never have used OS/207:53
* memeemeee needs some double roasted bean's about now07:53
Dr_WiLlISdark roast  = less caffine then the lighter stuff07:54
memeemeeei know07:54
memeemeeejust trying to be clever07:54
geekbut not too dark ;p07:54
* jussi01 reminds peoplethis is drifting offtopic, and you are welcometo wander over to #kubuntu-offtopic07:54
geekmemeemeee: thats a legacy thing and shouldn't have tooo much to do with the system07:54
memeemeeecoffee hurts me anyway, I'm a tea drinker... but i digress jussi01 sorry.07:55
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!07:55
eagles0513875memeemeee: outa curiosity try it with that enabled and see if that does anything07:56
eagles0513875cuz u r running more then 64mb on the system07:56
memeemeeeright. didn't think so. but I still don't understand why my system wont run with the new chips!07:56
eagles0513875memeemeee: the os/2 might be y07:56
memeemeeeit's under OS select for DRAM07:57
* memeemeee want's to run Kubuntu!07:58
memeemeeeis there a trick to installing new RAM?07:58
memeemeeesome way to get the system to recognize it that I'm missing?07:59
memeemeeeso what do I do? it's not the slots, it's not the ram (I don't think... it didn't error on the live cd or memtest86+)08:00
eagles0513875do u have another laptop or anythign to test in08:00
memeemeeeI think it's a compatibility issue with the ATI driver08:00
eagles0513875could be08:01
eagles0513875but it wont install the driver unless u open the hardware manager and enable it08:01
jussi01memeemeee: my advice would be to first check 3 things, 1. the ram is seated correctly, 2 your motherboard can handle that much and 3.its set up in the bios correctly08:01
memeemeeethis is my desktop computer (the ram is in) I could put it in my gf's computer but I don't think her's can handle 2g chips08:01
eagles0513875jussi01: what bout a bios flash08:01
memeemeeeok jussi01 . that's good advice. 1 is for sure. 2. my computer can run the RAM with the kubuntu live cd08:02
memeemeeedoes that mean it can handle that much?08:02
memeemeeeit's registering in BIOS.08:02
jussi01hrm... weird08:03
memeemeeelike I said before... the guys who sold me the computer (compusa/tigerdirect) said that the computer could handle 4x2G chips if it was running Windoze Vista 6408:04
memeemeeebut only 4x1g if it was running Vista 3208:04
memeemeeeI'm runnig Kubuntu 6408:04
memeemeeeI'm beginning to wonder if it can really handle the 2g chips after all08:05
memeemeeeit would explain why they sold it to me with 2x1g chips in it08:06
eagles0513875memeemeee: in that case if it cant would go back and complain to a manager08:06
eagles0513875wether its 4x2 or 1x4 u still could run 32bit08:06
alluphow do i get my kde 4.1 back to the earlier version?08:07
memeemeeeyeah-- especially cause I specifically asked about linux compatibility with the ram chips08:07
eagles0513875jussi01: im having a really annoying issue with ff3 even with no tabs open its really slow08:07
eagles0513875allup: try #kubunt-kde408:07
memeemeeeit's really slow!08:08
eagles0513875memeemeee: ff for u as well08:08
memeemeeehate it!08:08
eagles0513875im going to get opera but need to export my book marks08:08
memeemeeedrags my computer into lagland08:08
eagles0513875which i cant even do08:08
memeemeee:) reminds me of bill gate08:08
allupeagles: how i get my 8.10 back to hardy?08:09
eagles0513875memeemeee: doesnt do that for me it drags itself into lagland08:09
eagles0513875allup: dunno :(08:09
memeemeeewell my laptop has VERY limited resources08:09
eagles0513875allup: i usually install beta stuff in a virtual machien08:09
eagles0513875memeemeee: same with mine08:09
allupdoes some one know how to get my kubuntu 8.10 back to hardy?08:09
memeemeeeand it doesn't slow your whole system down?08:10
eagles0513875memeemeee: what kind of motherboard do u have08:10
memeemeeein the laptop?08:10
memeemeeeor the computer i'm having trouble with08:10
eagles0513875comp in trouble08:10
eagles0513875a thought just hit me like a lead brick08:10
eagles0513875are you sure the ram thats in there is compatible with the motherboard08:11
allupeagles: heh this would probably work if i could get drivers from atis page but this freezes every time i get to atis pages :P08:11
eagles0513875if u have faster ram then ur mother board can take it just runs the ram at the max speed the motherboard can handel08:11
eagles0513875allup: check in hardware manager it might be in there and it will pull driver from repo08:11
allupkeyboard light flashehs and nothing happens in screen :P08:12
eagles0513875allup: thats ati for ya08:12
eagles0513875memeemeee: u understand what im sayin08:12
memeemeeehmmm. eagles051387508:12
eagles0513875does the ram fit in the ram socket08:12
allupworked fine whit out drivers for ati  whit hardy :P08:12
eagles0513875allup: remember hard is still beta and will be until 30th october08:13
eagles0513875allup: u might try asking in #kubuntu+1 thats intrepid support08:13
eagles0513875they might know how to downgrade08:13
memeemeeelol. yeah it fits. and It registers with the BIOS08:13
eagles0513875memeemeee: have u tried any other linux distros08:14
eagles0513875and r u having this issue with intrepid or hardy08:14
memeemeeeno. I haven't. Hardy08:14
eagles0513875i would try another distro see if u have the same problem if not then its a super serious bug in kubuntu or08:14
eagles0513875the ram isnt compatible08:14
eagles0513875or a memory slot is messed up08:14
memeemeeewould I be able to run the live CD with it if it weren08:15
memeemeee't compatible08:15
eagles0513875what u mean08:15
eagles0513875does anyone know where ff3 keeps its bookmarks08:16
memeemeeekubuntu Hardy install cd.08:16
eagles0513875memeemeee: where does it keep them08:16
eagles0513875memeemeee: if the ram actually isnt compatible it wouldnt boot at all u would hear beeping08:16
memeemeee1 sec08:16
eagles0513875memeemeee: cuz ff3 is now constantly crashing on me08:17
memeemeeeff bookmarks are in ~/.mozilla/firefox/;qhiyrt04ut(orwhatever)/bookmarks.html08:18
eagles0513875memeemeee: ty08:19
thefuzz4good morning everyone08:20
thefuzz4got any intrepid experts in here?08:20
memeemeeeI'm not having beeping. i can load all the way into kde3 and kde4 on the live cds08:20
memeemeeewith the new ram installed.08:20
thefuzz4I have one small problem I just got done installing Intrepid x64 and no matter what I do I cannot get my SB Audigy to unmute08:20
memeemeeedid you find the bookmarks eagles0513875 ?08:23
eagles0513875memeemeee: what do i do when opera is installed copy them to the opera folder08:24
memeemeeeI don't know. I'm sure opera has a method of dealing with them08:24
Dr_WiLlISthefuzz4,  try the alsamixer  mixer, i recall some mentionof it in #ubuntu+1 the other day.08:24
Dr_WiLlISthefuzz4,  even seen a few times in here that some mixers dont unmute right.. but alsamixer did08:25
thefuzz4ok anyidea what I am looking for specifically in the alsa?08:25
JackWinteri started playing a game in wine/opengl.  when i  come back all windows on the kde desktop are made really small and placed at weird places.  anyone know a cure ?08:25
thefuzz4just an FYI on this08:26
thefuzz4I unmuted the Audigy A channel08:26
thefuzz4and that was the magic one08:26
thefuzz4Amarok is now busting out my tune08:26
memeemeeeeagles0513875, I had problems migrating from mozilla under windoze to mozilla under linux08:26
memeemeeedifferent data formats08:26
geek a bit OT but what's the quickest way to totally erase a disk. i don't need it secure, i just need it to appear empty for the installer since the previous user had some LVM thing on it08:27
thefuzz4does anyone know if the compiz effects still work in intrepid?08:27
eagles0513875memeemeee: this is on my linux box im migrating from ff3 to opera08:27
eagles0513875geek: fdisk u can setup partitions and everythign with it08:27
eagles0513875!qtparted | geek08:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about qtparted08:27
Dr_WiLlISthefuzz4,  I dident think one wanted to mixx compiz + kde408:27
thefuzz4I dunno had it working in hardy08:28
thefuzz4with KDE4.108:28
thefuzz4so as far as intrepid would go I should use the KDE 4 effects?08:28
eagles0513875!info opera08:28
ubottuPackage opera does not exist in hardy08:28
ubottuopera is an advanced and free (only as in price) web browser.  Install it via Applications->Add/Remove..., making sure that "Show commercial applications" (dapper only) is checked. For more info on opera please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser08:28
Dr_WiLlISkde4 has its own eyecandy goodness... that i disable..08:28
eagles0513875i cant find opera in repos08:28
memeemeeeI gotta sleep08:29
eagles0513875memeemeee: night mememe08:29
sunyuso doi08:30
* memeemeee is sad that his problem is as yet un resolved08:30
memeemeeethanks Dr_WiLlIS for your help with my initial display problem.08:30
memeemeeeand eagles0513875, if you find anything out. contact me!08:31
eagles0513875sometimes things when left alone will eventually fix themselves when u come back to them08:31
eagles0513875Dr_WiLlIS: y cant i add this deb http://archive.canonical.com/ hardy partner to cli to add to repos08:32
memeemeeethanks for the support eagles0513875. hopefully it will work out. I'm gonna call the guys who sold me the ram/computer tomorrow08:33
Dr_WiLlIS# deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu hardy partner08:33
Dr_WiLlISIts allreedy in my sources.list i just uncomment it08:34
* memeemeee is away: drooling on the keyboard again08:34
=== The-Compiler is now known as Guest88372
eagles0513875Dr_WiLlIS: did u go to sources.lst to uncomment it08:35
jussi01!away | memeemeee08:35
ubottumemeemeee: You should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»08:35
=== Guest88372 is now known as The-Compiler
* memeemeee is back (gone 00:01:41)08:36
geekeagles0513875: someone recommended dban. takes a little longer than i wanted (3 hours) but considering the system is an utter mess, i can live with that08:36
eagles0513875geek: ?08:36
* memeemeee is away: <sleeping at long last>08:37
geekeagles0513875: for wiping the drive08:37
eagles0513875geek: ahhh ok never used it08:37
geekeagles0513875: its the 'nuke it from orbit' option ;p08:39
eagles0513875geek: lol08:39
eagles0513875Package opera is not available, but is referred to by another package.08:42
eagles0513875This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or08:42
eagles0513875is only available from another source08:42
eagles0513875E: Package opera has no installation candidate08:42
eagles0513875Dr_WiLlIS: and i uncommented everything and added that deb link for opera and yet it still cant find it08:43
Dr_WiLlISYou did do a 'update'  after editing the file?08:44
ubottuopera is an advanced and free (only as in price) web browser.  Install it via Applications->Add/Remove..., making sure that "Show commercial applications" (dapper only) is checked. For more info on opera please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser08:44
Dr_WiLlIScould be its not in the repos.08:44
eagles0513875sudo apt-get install opera08:45
eagles0513875whoops wrong spot08:45
eagles0513875!info opera08:45
ubottuPackage opera does not exist in hardy08:45
eagles0513875time to try other option08:45
geekeagles0513875: you will probably either need the partner or medibuntu repo installed or download it from opera08:46
eagles0513875deb http://deb.opera.com/opera/ stable non-free would that repo work08:46
=== david is now known as Widget
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:47
Dr_WiLlISOr go to the opera web site and download the deb08:49
Widgetre-installed kubuntu.. so gotta chuck everything back on08:50
=== freaky[t] is now known as freaky_t
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate08:51
JackWinterhmm, some more details.  i run kubuntu 8.04.  when running an opengl game in wine fullscreen all (not maximized) kde windows have been resized to really small sizes and placed somewhere in the upper left.  no compiz installed.  any ideas ?09:01
JackWinterthat is when i switch back to the kde desktop09:01
etfbI have a printer that is supposedly supported by CUPS with Gutenprint, but the Gutenprint website appears to have been written by retarded martians on crack.  Does anyone know how to configure a printer to work via a Samba link with Gutenprint?09:03
Dr_WiLlIScant say that ive ever used gutenprint09:05
etfbDr_WiLlIS: Me neither, but the only alternative is the satanic TurboPrint, which is Free As In Guantanamo Bay, and therefore not really an option...09:06
Dr_WiLlIS!info gutenprint09:06
ubottuPackage gutenprint does not exist in hardy09:06
etfbDr_WiLlIS: Our faithful robotic friend has just demonstrated its fallibility.09:07
Dr_WiLlIScupsys-driver-gutenprint - printer drivers for CUPS09:07
Dr_WiLlISinstall that package yet? :)09:07
etfbNow that one, unlike gutenprint, doesn't exist.  Or at least it won't tab-autocomplete when I stick it in a command line.09:08
etfbAh - cupsys, not cups; my mistake.  Trying that now.09:08
Dr_WiLlISSpelling counts09:09
etfbYour teling mee!09:09
=== Dr_WiLlIS is now known as Dr_Willis
* Dr_Willis speels his name rite09:10
etfbEnd eyem yousuallee sutch a peddant...09:11
etfbSadly, I'm told that cupsys-driver-gutenprint is already the newest version.09:11
tdi_ketfb: ensure the cups service (invoke-rc.d cups start) is started and try using system-config-printer and system-config-samba to configure :-)09:13
=== mohamed is now known as Guest61049
etfbtdi_k: Are you talking Kubuntu here?  I don't have those system config programs (only one called s*-c*-p*-kde that didn't help) and I get "invoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/cups not found."09:15
tzdhi guys! Previouslt before my reinstall i had a gui program for creating simple webpages. I'm trying to find it but I've lost the name of it... Anyone that might help me please? Pretty sure it started with a "K" and had the letter "z" in it?09:17
tdi_k!info system-config-printer09:17
ubottuPackage system-config-printer does not exist in hardy09:17
veeti123Hi! Does any of you guys have Kubuntu 8.10? I have been thinking is it ready yet for installing my laptop09:18
tzdveeti123: it's still beta09:18
tdi_ketfb: ach. It's called system-config-printer-gnome09:18
=== david is now known as Guest85147
Guest85147stable comes out in 2weeks09:18
Guest85147well.. 11 days09:18
=== Guest85147 is now known as Widget
veeti123but only 12 days? isn't it almost ready?09:18
veeti12311 same thing09:19
Widgetcould install now and have bugs.. or wait and have more stable version09:19
tdi_ketfb: try 'apt-get --reinstall --purge install cups system-config-printer-gnome' (i've never used the ...-kde utility. don't know if it works. but system-config-printer does )09:19
veeti123ok :)09:19
Widgeti'm still having issues installing nvidia gfx drivers.. i installed driver/nvid settings/nvid-config from adpet manager, then i activated in Terminal by:09:20
Widgetactivated by typing: sudo nvidia-xconfig09:20
etfbtzd: It wasn't kwartz, was it?  I'm an emacs man myself, none of that sissy girly-girl WYSIWYG stuff for me!09:20
Widgetthen logged and Alt+E to reset x server... it did some stuff.. but then stayed in a terminal type window09:21
etfbtdi_k: the "-gnome" worries me.  Is there no hope of a KDE-native version?09:21
Widgetwouldnt show the login screen again.. so i reboot, and it keeps staying at same screen.. i had to recover and repair x server09:21
* etfb sighs melodramatically at the hardships faced by Kubuntu fans09:21
tzdetfb: hmm no, it was a longer name. Thanks though. hehe i don't have the time to code simple stuff :)09:21
Widgetanyone know whats going wrong09:22
Dr_Willishard to tell with the info youve given Widget09:23
* etfb 's least favourite quirk in Ubuntu: can't have two apt programs running at the same time. I always have to reenter every sudo apt-get command because I have Add/Remove Programs running...09:23
Dr_WillisWidget,  so you boot up and get to a kdm login window now?09:23
tdi_ketfb: I think the only extra gnomish stuff you have to install is python-gtk, which might already be installed09:24
* Dr_Willis wonders why etfb even bothers with add/remove 09:24
WidgetDr_Willis: yep, after rebooting and choosing the Recovery > repair x server, then loaded normally09:24
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: ff3 has a huge bug in it i think09:24
etfbDr_Willis: It's nice to have stuff auto-inserted into the menu.  Given how retarded KDE's menu editor is, every little bit helps.09:25
Widgetis just seems everytime i reset x server, buntu doesnt login properly.. i have to recover and fix09:25
Widgetdriver has reverted back to the Generic version'09:25
Dr_Willisor boot into the console, and trouble shoot.09:27
Dr_Williswhat is the video card Widget ?09:27
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:27
WidgetDr_Willis: its an Nvidia 6800GT09:27
WidgetI followed the steps given from the !nvidia link09:28
etfbDr_Willis: That seems to have worked!  Excellent! I owe you a $BEVERAGE_OF_CHOICE...09:28
Widget"Once the driver is installed you need to set the system to use the driver. Open Konsole from K-Menu->System->Konsole and enter the command "09:28
Widget sudo nvidia-xconfig09:29
WidgetThat will set the driver to be used from now on. To start using the driver you will need to logout and select Restart X Server from the menu, or press Alt+E09:29
Widgetafter the Alt+E is wen i get the issues09:29
Dr_WillisWidget,  actually if you just install the 'nvidia-glx' package i think it allredy does that.09:29
Dr_Willisalt-e ? never seen no alt-e..09:29
Widgeti installed the nvidia-glx-new one09:29
Dr_WillisOh alt-e to restart  the gdm/X09:29
Dr_WillisYou may want to try nvidia-glx09:29
Widgetinstead of the glx-new ?09:30
Dr_Willissudo apt-get remove nvidia-glx-new09:30
Widgetjust applying updates atm.. so will give it a go in couple minutes09:30
Dr_Willissudo apt-get install nvidia-glx09:30
=== socketbind is now known as szalonna
etfbAnyone here using Konversation?  One of the features I like on the IRC program I use on my Windows box at work is I can separate out system messages ("bhobama has left this server" and so on) from actual text written by human beings.  Can I do that in Konversation?09:33
freaky_ti think so09:34
freaky_tmust be somewhere in the options09:34
freaky_tlook in the konversation options under Behavior --> Chat Window09:35
freaky_ti guess09:35
freaky_ttheres something called "Redirect status messages to the server status window" if it's that what u need09:35
etfbfreaky_t: Could be.  But where is the server status window?  I still want to see the messages; I just don't want them intertwingled with conversations.09:36
etfbfreaky_t: Nope.  Still getting "jmccain has joined this channel" messages...09:38
freaky_tetfb: hm, the server status window is the first window of a network09:40
freaky_ttheres only an option "hide join/part/nick events"09:41
freaky_twhich hides them but doesnt display them in the server window09:41
freaky_tno idea09:41
freaky_tu could try asking in #conversation09:41
freaky_t#konversation i mean09:41
etfbfreaky_t: A plan of such surpassing cleverness and blinding obviousness, it's no wonder I didn't think of it.  Thanks!09:47
overshootHello. http://packages.ubuntu.com/ Does not say which version of which software is included in each release.09:49
overshootFor example: http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/kde/kde-core . What version of KDE is that?09:49
overshootWhat version of KDE is/are included in 8.10?09:50
jussi01!info kde-core intrepid09:50
ubottukde-core (source: meta-kde): the K Desktop Environment core modules. In component main, is optional. Version 5:48ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 7 kB, installed size 40 kB09:50
tsunealguien habla español? :P09:50
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.09:50
tsuneok gracias!09:51
jussi01tsune: type /join #kubuntu-es09:51
overshootjussi01: where do you type this?09:51
jussi01overshoot: what?09:52
overshootWidget: only KDE4? not KDE3 and 4 like in Kubuntu 8.04?09:52
overshootjussi01: you said: " !info kde-core intrepid" Was it in reply to my question? Where do you type this?09:53
jussi01overshoot: that triggers the bot - see what ubottu said ;)09:53
jussi01!info kdebase intrepid09:54
ubottukdebase (source: kdebase): base applications from the official KDE release. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu4 (intrepid), package size 67 kB, installed size 180 kB09:54
overshootOh. But it still doesn't say which version of KDE is there. There is no KDE 5.48...09:54
overshoot!info kdebase hardy09:55
ubottukdebase (source: kdebase): base components from the official KDE release. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1~hardy2 (hardy), package size 10 kB, installed size 104 kB09:55
jussi01overshoot: ^^09:56
overshoot!info kdebase4 hardy09:56
ubottuPackage kdebase4 does not exist in hardy09:56
overshoot!info kde4 hardy09:56
ubottukde4 (source: meta-kde4): the K Desktop Environment version 4 official modules. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.3 (hardy), package size 2 kB, installed size 36 kB09:56
overshoot!info kde4 intrepid09:57
ubottuPackage kde4 does not exist in intrepid09:57
freaky_t11 days to go for intrepid :D09:57
overshootSo, all this means that KDE3.5 is gone from intrepid?09:57
Dr_Willisit looks gone to me.09:58
Dr_WillisUnles thers some backports repos that have it.09:58
overshootOk, thanks. I am happy to use KDE4, but how is the data migrated? In my home folder I have both ~/.kde and ~/.kde4. Which one will be used?09:59
ubottuOn IRC, if you own a nick that is currently being used, you can make it quit by typing: /msg nickserv GHOST <username> <password>09:59
eagleagleovershoot: yes it is10:00
eagleaglei have both 3.5.10 and 4.1.2 my data is there as well10:00
=== eagleagle is now known as eagles0513875
overshooteagles0513875: you are already using intrepid? Which of .kde or kde4 will intrepid use after upgrade?10:01
eagles0513875overshoot: no using hardy with 3.5.10 then installed 4.1.210:01
overshootWhich of .kde or kde4 will intrepid use after upgrade? I can't find any relevant information on kubuntu.org.10:02
eagles0513875overshoot: i dunno10:02
eagles0513875the configuration from 3.10 after installation i had to re tweak 4.1.210:02
overshootok. thanks. I guess I better back up before upgrading...10:02
eagles0513875never hurts10:03
eagles0513875better to be safe10:03
eagles0513875tar everything10:03
eagles0513875cept for /proc and /tmp10:03
overshootI use dar.10:03
=== Kage_Jittai2 is now known as Kage_Jittai
vladi whant to instal that thing that makes ur desktop like a cube can anywhone help?10:17
vladi whant to instal that thing that makes ur desktop like a cube can anywhone help?10:17
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion10:17
eagles0513875!patience | vlad10:18
ubottuvlad: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines10:18
eagles0513875vlad: is english ur ur first language10:18
WidgetDr_Willis: ok, ive removed glx-new and installed glx.. do i need to "activate" it or restart x server ?10:19
vladeagles0513875:  romaniam10:19
ubottuDaca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro10:19
eagles0513875vlad: is that it10:19
vladyeah but....10:20
Dr_WillisWidget,  just reboot and see.  for starters.10:21
freaky_tlala :p10:21
Dr_WillisWidget,  youmay want to install the irssi irc client. so you can get back here from the console if needed10:21
vladDr_Willis:  can u help ?10:25
Dr_Willisdepends on the issue I guess...10:26
vladi want to make my desck effects back to make them rotate and stuff like that10:26
vladi just instaled my linux10:26
vladi had it before10:26
Dr_WillisInstall the 3d drivers. then isntal the compiz useless eye candy10:27
vladno is not that10:28
Dr_Willisand the ccsm tool10:28
vlad it was somf like compiz10:28
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion10:29
Dr_WillisYoumust have 3d drivers working first. then install the compiz program10:29
Dr_Willisprograms. :)10:29
vladit is working10:29
vlad :)10:29
manisham tryin to change my login screen for sometume now ... tried almost every thing but to no avail. can you suggest something10:33
manolosoy nuevo en este sistema alguien puede ayudarme10:33
manishhave tried login manager but the settings do not take effect. has somebody faced same problem before10:34
vladDr_Willis:  how do i enable my 3 d_10:35
WidgetDr_Willis: sry, was afk.. reboot PC or x server ?10:35
Dr_Willisvlad,  err... install your 3d video card drivers..10:36
Dr_WillisWidget,  i would reboot.10:36
vladok ok Dr_Willis just seen it d nvidia10:40
=== david is now known as Widget
manishplease help: settings in login manager not talking effect10:40
manishdr_willis: can you help me out of this10:40
WidgetDr_Willis: didnt seem to work.. driver still the same.. I tried loading into nvid x server but its says "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server. "10:42
Dr_Williswhat settings in login manager? You normally have to restart KDM/GDM for any changes you make to them to take affect.10:42
manishwant to change the look of logiscreen10:42
manishyou mean log off and log on10:43
Dr_Willismanish,  kdm has a theme tool for kde3, but as i said you MUST restart kdm  for the changes to take effect.10:43
Dr_Willissudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart10:43
manishits the usplash i am talkin about10:43
manishalready done that10:43
Dr_WillisI dont do anything withusplash other then disble it.10:43
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork10:43
manishi dont have a custom art . i just download it from kde website for it10:44
manishfor usplash also you need to type sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart10:45
manishcoz i am using emrald as my display manager10:45
Dr_Willisusplash is set up befor kdm even starts its a kernel feature - it has nothing to do with X/kdm/emerald10:46
Dr_Willisgrub -> loads kernel-> usplash screen -> kdm login screen -> user logs in -> kde splash screen...10:46
simon__help! my tittle line dosnt show when i run anny program! i cant [x] it out!10:47
simon__help! my tittle line dosnt show when i run anny program! i cant [x] it out!10:47
Dr_Willissounds like compiz crashed.. try  alt-f2, and run 'kwin --replace'10:47
manishand for the second command you gave this is the reply "http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/59644/"10:48
manishand for the next thing you mentioned how do iedit the screen where i enter my username and password10:49
manishi think that is known as "login screen10:49
Dr_Willisthats KDM - you use kdm themes to change it.. thers several in the repos.10:49
Dr_WillisKDM = login screen10:49
manishbut it does not happen10:50
manishi go as per the instructions but the theme does not get changed10:50
Dr_Willisas i said earlier - you MUST restart the KDM service for changes to take affect to its settings10:51
NasjYesterday my audio worked fine, but since this morning the audio is not working :\10:51
manishdoes this happen because i have kde 4 installed on my system10:51
manishbut i dont use kdm as my screen manager still do i need to do that10:51
Dr_WillisNo clue about kde4 - it uses its own themes/settings and stuff..  using kdm4  basicially means you are not using kdm3 , thus no setting changes to kdm3 will work :)10:51
Dr_Williswhat are you using as your Login manager then?10:52
Dr_Willisthe options are normally kdm3, kdm4, or gdm10:52
Dr_WillisIts very likely you are using kdm410:52
manishi dont use it just wanteed to test it so installed it now i dont know how to remove all the apps it installed in the first place so its still occupying my system space10:52
Dr_Willisfire up package manager and start removing10:53
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome »10:53
Dr_Willisemerald has nothing todo with kdm10:53
manishno kubuntu system10:53
manishi want to remove kde4 only and not kde 3 as it is my default10:53
Dr_Willisfire up the package manager and remove the various kde4 stuff you dont want10:53
manishso it still requires kdm10:54
Dr_Willisthere is kdm3, and kdm4  for kde 3 and kde410:54
Dr_Willisremove kdm4  package if you dont want to use kdm410:54
manishbut there is one more problemto that too . i checked the adept package manager but it doesnot show apps as kde3 or kde 4 but only app name10:55
manishso could not remove them individually10:55
manishand am not sure as to what components are needed by different packages10:56
Dr_Willismost of them have kde4 in the names i belive10:56
manishya they do have10:56
=== eagle3 is now known as eagles0513875
manishbut that is what is seen in the menus not in the package manager10:56
manishany ways i was on how do irestart kdm 310:56
* Dr_Willis pastes what he said earlier....10:57
Dr_Willis<Dr_Willis> manish,  kdm has a theme tool for kde3, but as i said you MUST restart kdm  for the changes to take effect.10:57
Dr_Willis<Dr_Willis> sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart10:57
Dr_Willistobe sure you areusing kdm3 use 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm' and select kdm310:58
NasjYesterday my audio worked fine, but since this morning the audio is not working :\10:59
=== Angellows is now known as Vlad
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: opera is borked11:00
manishsee the output of youe command11:00
manishStopping K Display Manager: kdm not running (/var/run/kdm.pid not found).11:00
manishNot starting K Display Manager (kdm); it is not the default display manager.11:00
Dr_Willissounds like you are notusing kdm then11:01
Dr_Willisbut kdm4 perhaps11:01
Vladwell i did all that 3 d .... but still have a problem ... afthet i instaled... doesen"t works what can i do ?11:02
=== david is now known as Widget
VladDr_Willis before i had it working and now....11:02
manishi did dpkg as you suggested nw will try and restart it11:03
manishsomething is happenign to the system11:03
manisheverything is moving and flickering11:03
manishok standthe system tray is gone11:03
VladDr_Willis how can i do to make my pc when i close linux gives me some errors alsow ççççç11:04
Vladlike bus_connection failed.11:04
manishok kdm restarted now what do i do11:04
Dr_Willismanish,  depends on what you are trying to do...11:05
manishwill the settings in the login manager take effectnow11:05
eagles0513875how come opera isnt in repos any more11:05
Dr_WillisVlad,  not sure what you mean.   You may want to try the 8.10 release - its due out soon and may have better driver support. That card should work with no problems.. but its possible some of the other things you did - messed up somthing else.11:06
manishok will try to restart the system and check please can i contact you again if something goes wring11:06
Vladdr willis it is giving me a error...11:07
Vladcan i ask u somf in prv?11:07
geekeagles0513875: cause its not open source?11:07
Dr_Williseagles0513875,  i see it in the package listing here on this system11:07
Dr_Williseagles0513875,  it may be in medibuntu11:07
Dr_Willis!info opera11:07
ubottuPackage opera does not exist in hardy11:07
eagles0513875i got it from link in the website when u do !opera11:07
ubottuopera is an advanced and free (only as in price) web browser.  Install it via Applications->Add/Remove..., making sure that "Show commercial applications" (dapper only) is checked. For more info on opera please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser11:08
eagles0513875deb http://deb.opera.com/opera/ stable non-free11:08
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP311:08
Dr_WillisGet:1 http://archive.canonical.com hardy/partner opera 9.27-20080331.6hardy1 [5677kB]11:08
geekeagles0513875: hmm did you apt-get update ?11:08
=== david is now known as Widget
* geek seems to recall installing it off a deb on their web site11:09
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats11:09
eagles0513875geek: no updates11:09
eagles0513875i used deb http://deb.opera.com/opera/ stable non-free11:09
eagles0513875that repo11:09
NasjYesterday my audio worked fine, but since this morning the audio is not working :\11:09
NasjAnd i cant seem to find any problem11:09
eagles0513875geek:  im off llunch time11:09
Dr_Willisthat repo is for debian..it may not work right for ubuntu11:10
NasjA friend of mine suggested that it ha dsomething to do with pulseaudio because of this error: AO: [pulse] Failed to connect to server: Connection refused11:10
geekeagles0513875: http://www.opera.com/download/index.dml?platform=linux11:10
Widgetok..ive enabled the use of Hardware Drivers and it says Propietry drivers are being used.. yet now, the drivers are only allowing me to display 640x480 res @ 50hz .. is this right? or should i now config my monitor ?11:11
Widgetnvid x serv says i got driver v.169..11:12
Dr_WillisWidget,  i would backup your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, then tweak the settings with the nvidia-settings tool  'kdeusudo nvidia-settings'11:13
Widgetwat command do i use to backup ?11:13
Widgetsudo nvidia-xconfig ?11:13
Dr_Willissudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.my_backup11:14
Dr_Willisnvidia-xconfig  is the NON-X based config tool..11:14
Dr_Willisnvidia-settings is the X based config tool..11:14
Dr_WillisNo X = its for X,     :) figure that out11:14
NasjThats so logical Dr_Willis :)11:15
Widgetok, so i typed sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.my_backup into terminal.. though it didnt say anything.. just went to new line...11:16
=== sarir is now known as Sari_gnam
Dr_Willisi normally use 'sudo nvidia-xconfig -a' to enable the multimonitor/twinview stuff11:16
Dr_WillisWidget,  linux basics... thats how it works11:16
Dr_Willisno reply = no error...11:17
eagles0513875geek: ty but i downloaded from the repon the deb http://deb.opera.com/opera/ stable non-free11:17
Widgetoh ok.. so now i go to Nvidia x server settings ?11:17
geekif it works, good enough11:17
Dr_WillisWidget,  kdesudo nvidia-settings11:19
NasjYesterday my audio worked fine, but since this morning the audio is not working :\11:20
NasjAnd i cant seem to find any problem11:20
NasjA friend of mine suggested that it ha dsomething to do with pulseaudio because of this error: AO: [pulse] Failed to connect to server: Connection refused11:20
Dr_Willisin all apps or just a few?11:20
Dr_Williskde dosent use pulse audio by default.11:20
WidgetDr_Willis: that's where i am now but cant seem to increase resolution11:20
Nasjall apps11:20
Nasjno soundat all11:20
Dr_WillisWidget,  not sure then. could be it dosent think your monitor can handle the higher res. You may need to put a modes linein the xorg.conf,  are you using a LCD montior? with DVI conector? Not using a KVM switch are you?11:22
WidgetDr_Willis: no, CRT with VGA and yup.. using KVM switch11:22
WidgetDr_Willis: should i just connect Monitor straight to PC11:23
Dr_WillisWidget,  thats proberly the whole issue then.. someine in here earlier had similer issue..11:24
Dr_Willishe had to put a modes line entry in his xorg.conf file11:24
Dr_Willisi would power down, unhook kvm. power up and then try to get it goind11:24
Widgetoh ok.. what if i connect mon > pc.. if it works, then connect back to kvm? would it resort back to issues ?11:24
Dr_WillisNo idea - i dontuse kvm's11:25
Dr_Willismany of them are so cheap they dont work properly when X tries to get the proper monitor info.11:25
Widgetah ok.. might try mon > pc.. brb11:26
Dr_Willisin theory - if you  restarted X/KDm it should rescan and reconfigure X for the monitor.11:26
Dr_Willisbut the kvm switch may not be giving the right info to X.11:26
=== david is now known as Widget
Widgetspent all day trying to figure it out and turns out to be a lil box under my desk :S11:32
Widgetthnx heaps Dr_Willis :)11:33
Dr_WillisOne reason to not use kvm switches11:33
Dr_Willisor at least not the cheap ones11:33
Widgetlol ya.. it was a freebie and freed up space on desk.. but ya.. tis pretty old one11:33
Dr_Willisif you manually configured your xorg.conf - in theory you could use that kvm switch. in fact compare the xorg.conf you got NOW with the oneyou bcked up earlier.. see how they differ.11:34
Dr_Willissomeone else was in here today with a idnetical issue.. with kvm. he put in that modes line.. and his started working11:35
Widgetcool.. though how do i compare the 2 ? or can i just save the current settings, then reload them with kvm ?11:36
Dr_Willisdiff file1 file211:36
Dr_Williscp /etc/X11/xorg.conf   xorg.conf.worked.withoutkvm11:37
VladDr_Willis puppylinux instales .... his own drivers alsow?11:37
Dr_Willisi dont find puppylinux slow.11:37
Vladyou like puppylinux?11:37
Dr_Willisor did i missread the question.11:37
Dr_WillisIt works.. i use it to make custome mini-live cds11:37
Vladso it is ok11:38
Vladfor msn messenger and ... i don"t know11:38
Vladbut it is not like unbuntu11:38
Dr_WillisIts not ubuntu.. thats right.11:38
Dr_Willisits about as far fromubuntu as disrtos get11:39
Vlad:)) i c well does it gett"s his own drivers alsow like unbuntu or i have to look for them ?11:39
Dr_Willislinux drivers are for the most part built into the kernel..11:40
Dr_Willisevvery disrto using the same kernel verison, are using the same drivers11:40
Vladthat means i don"t need no drivers11:40
=== rogan is now known as rogan_
Dr_Willisthe exceptions are the video/ati/nvidia propitary drivers, and propiarty wireless drivers11:40
WidgetDr_Willis: trying to save the current config.. /etc/X11/xorgnokvm.conf will work or is that wrong ?11:40
Vladaha i c11:41
Dr_WillisWidget,  you need to use sudo to write to that directory11:41
Dr_WillisWidget,  save it wever you want..  compare the 2 - see if they are different. they may not be11:41
=== martin_ is now known as martinjh99
Widgetsudo /etc/X11/xorgnokvm.conf ?11:42
martinjh99Which package do I need to install to get mount.cifs ?11:42
VladDr_Willis it is really 98 Mb? puppy?11:43
Widgetwhats the command again to save in terminal ?11:45
Widgetsudo /etc/X11/xorg.config.nokvm ?11:45
Widgetsudo /etc/X11/xorg.conf.nokvm sry11:46
Dr_WillisVlad,  it can be smaller11:47
Dr_WillisWidget,  time to learn some basics.. 'cp' copies files11:47
Dr_Willissudo does things as root11:47
Dr_WillisAnd of course you must give a SOURCE and a Destination11:47
Dr_Willissudo cp fromthis tothat11:47
Widgetoh ok.. so "sudo cf etc/X11/xorg.conf xorg.conf.nokvm" ?11:49
Widgetcp /etc/X11 ... *11:49
Vladdr eillis11:51
Widgetsudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf xorg.conf.nokvm .. didnt seem to get any errors11:51
Vladwillis wich one is the smalles?11:51
Dr_Willislook at the puppy linux web site.. theres some that are under 20mb i think .. but it depends on what you want.11:53
Dr_WillisWidget,  that copied the file to the current drectory. :) ie: wherver you were at at the time11:53
Dr_Williswhich may or may not be what you want.. but it dosent matter much11:53
=== ghettoblaster is now known as ghettoblaster32
Dr_WillisWell i must give this big Bonus to 8.10 - The wireless networking on my laptop... WORKS... i dident have to anything other then enable its drivers in the driver-manager tool...11:54
ghettoblaster32had some probs but gor wireless working too11:55
Dr_Willisi got friends that are afraid to upgrade because they had such a hard time getting wireless going...11:55
Dr_Willisso they want to keep what they got. :)11:56
=== axel_ is now known as axel1954
Dr_WillisOf course it was 'hard' because they couldent understand the rather straight forward guides11:56
bentob0xthere was a qgit update, where can I find the info on what was fixed?11:56
ghettoblaster32i'm not very happy with KDE 4.1, cause most people find 3.5 easier for beginners11:57
Dr_WillisI dont care for kde4 either11:57
Elmnashi guys11:58
Elmnascna someone help with my wireless network card please11:58
ghettoblaster32I got a game that uses directly sounddevice, anybody an idea howto get it working via kmix11:59
ghettoblaster32whats your problem Elmnas11:59
Nasjstill no idea how to fix this audio problem :\12:02
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk12:03
NasjYesterday my audio worked fine, but since this morning the audio is not working :\12:03
NasjAnd i cant seem to find any problem12:03
NasjA friend of mine suggested that it ha dsomething to do with pulseaudio because of this error: AO: [pulse] Failed to connect to serv12:03
=== igor_ is now known as senfman
senfmanKOrganizer seems to crash often, since the update this week. do you guys have the same problem?12:13
=== david is now known as Guest50602
=== Guest50602 is now known as Widget_
=== Widget_ is now known as Widget
Widgetok.. i connected the kvm, and it went back to the low resolution.. did I save the current conf file just b4 ? or didnt it save cause it was same dir ?12:15
=== julien is now known as JuLiEn__78
tdi_kI've got an usb stick with FAT32 (made with fdisk and mkfs.vfat ubuntu 8.10). Hal says 'volume.fstype = 'vfat', but when i try to open it, in dmesg i get message saying it neither iso nor udf12:18
JuLiEn__78Hello :)12:18
Widgethow can i load /etc/X11/xorg.conf from another setting12:19
Widgeti thought i saved /etc/X11/xorg.conf.nokvm witht he higher resoultion12:20
Dr_Willisxorg.conf defines the res's your system can dsplay.. well it CAN define them...12:22
Dr_WillisX tries to be auto-configuring these days.. so theres often not a lot in the xorg.conf12:22
wizkoderhy everybody12:22
Widgethow do i edit xorg.conf ?12:23
Dr_WillisWidget,  compare those 2  files see if there is any differeance in them.12:23
Dr_Willisits a text file.. you edit it as root, with any text editor you like12:23
wizkoderI am using 3.5.5 and when I press alt+F2 the programstarter opens. But it is behind all other windows. Can this be changed?12:23
Widgeti can open the xorg.conf.nokvm . but cant find where the xorg.conf is stored12:26
Dr_Willis /etc/X11/12:26
Dr_Willisas you said earlier. :)12:27
Widgetoh.. lol, thnx :)... is there a quicker way to compar the 2 rather then reading through both ?12:31
Widgetbugger.. read through both.. seems they both the same =\12:32
=== root is now known as Guest27508
tdi_kWidget: kompare file1 file212:33
Dr_Willisor diff file1 file212:33
tdi_kWidget: or diff -Naur file1 file212:33
Dr_Willislike i said earlier.12:33
tdi_kor so12:34
Dr_Willis!info colordiff12:34
ubottucolordiff (source: colordiff): tool to colorize 'diff' output. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.6-2 (hardy), package size 11 kB, installed size 104 kB12:34
Dr_Willisi mentioned diff earlier. :P12:34
tdi_kis there any fix for the size of konsole ?12:34
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)12:34
Dr_Willistdi_k,  never noticed a problem with it.12:35
tdi_kSince probably a week it always opens with a weird size and position... I've once seen a question here or in #kubuntu-kde4, but never seen the answer ...12:36
Dr_WillisIm not using kde4 so cant really verify12:36
Widgetwhere do i type that? just in terminal ?12:36
Dr_Willistype what? diff? yes.. its a terminal program12:37
tdi_kWidget: if you mean diff - yes. kompare is a graphical utility from the pakage kompare or kdesdk (not quite sure)12:37
Widgeti typed "diff /etc/x11/xorg.conf /etc/x11/xorg.conf.nokvm" but says cant find file12:39
tdi_kWidget: /etc/X11 ... (big X)12:41
Widgetoh ok12:41
Dr_Willisthis is whenyou learn about the TAB key. :)12:42
Dr_Willis cp /somth<TAB> completes the name12:42
NasjA reboot didnt tdo the trick either :\12:42
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.12:42
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP312:43
Widgetok, diff didnt say aything.. jsut made a new line.. but kompare says they both identical12:44
Dr_Willisthats basicially what diff said :)12:45
Dr_Willisdiff didnt say aything.  --> it would print out differances.. :)12:45
=== mux_ is now known as TheFather
TheFatherhy all12:46
kcghello there, i have a question about installing Kubuntu. when I am trying the live version or if I am trying to install kubuntu, I get this "ata4.00: revalidation failed (errno=-5)". Now, if I unplug all sata drives and have 1 usb drive, it boots into the live version, any ideas?12:47
kcgmy cd drive is also SATA, and I was wondering if this has to do with it?12:48
NasjThe sound trouble shooting page refers to : http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Main to find the drivers for my soundcard ive found my soundcard in the list but i dont see what drivers12:48
NasjIḿ really stuck here :\12:51
Dr_WillisNasj,  this close to the next release.. id be tempted to tell you to test out the  live cd's for intrepid and seeif that works with your sound.12:52
Dr_Willisits very likely it has newer drivers ..12:52
Nasjbut it worked yesterday12:53
Dr_WillisNasj,  :) what did ya do to it then!12:53
Nasjnothing :S12:53
Nasjjust shut down and start up12:53
Dr_Willismight of been some update.. if you have any older kernels listed in the grub meny. try an older one12:53
Nasji have .19 in the list12:54
Dr_Willisalso try the alsamixer. and see if its sliders/mute button dont help.12:54
=== Cx is now known as Vlad
Dr_Willisive seen 3 peopel this week that some how their systems got muted..12:54
Widgetoh ok.. so would i be able to go back and connect monitor > pc, then save the xorg.conf of that setup, reuse kvm and load the latest .conf file ?12:56
NasjI'm in .19 now12:56
Nasjstill no sound12:56
Dr_WillisWidget,  the diff comman sort of showed that  the xorg.conf dident change.12:57
Nasjalsamixer was not muted12:57
Dr_WillisWidget,  you may want to manually edit the xorg.conf and put in a modes line.12:57
Widgetah k.. do u know how to do that or have a link to show ?12:57
Widgeti'll have to get the info on the monitor from the LG website yeh?12:58
Dr_Willisnot really . the modes line just shows what res's the thing can display.. let me find that url..12:58
Dr_Willisnot a great example  but  ok.. ---> http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Linux/Administration/Q_22691344.html12:59
NasjDr_Willis: Still no sound, alsamixer was fine but what about that pulse audio error ?13:00
Dr_Willis pastebinit  /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:00
Dr_Willisusing that pastebin url as an example.. in  the 'screens' section  below 'DefaultDepth '24''13:01
Dr_Willisyou would paste in a line like...13:01
Dr_Willis Modes            "1600x1200"      "1280x1024"      "1024x768"      "800x600"      "720x400"      "640x480"13:01
Dr_Willisusing whatever #$'s you want.13:01
Dr_Willisthis MAY or MAY not work. :)13:01
Nasjpulseaudio is not even installed13:01
Dr_WillisNasj,  kiubumntu dosent use pulse..13:01
Dr_Willisubuntud oes13:01
Nasjthat explains that13:02
Dr_Willissome gnome apps will default to pulse.. then timeout if done right.. and go to alsa13:02
Widgetcool, thnx Dr_Willis :)13:02
NasjBut what could then be the problem, i mean it worked fine yesterday13:02
Dr_WillisNo idea.13:03
Dr_Willistry playingsomthing simple from a terminal and look for error messages I guess13:03
Widgethow many spaces between each resolution do i put ?13:03
Nasjthat pulse thing was only error13:03
Dr_WillisWidget,  spaces dont matter. 1 is enough13:03
Nasjmaybe it has the wrong output device slected ?13:04
NasjWhere can i see wich device its using ?13:04
Widgetok, thnx :)13:04
Dr_Willisi though that !alsa factoid mentioned that Nasj13:04
Dr_Willisbut it may be gnome-speficic tools.13:04
Dr_WillisYou could install gnome and pulse audio13:04
Nasjit has my audio card slected alright :\13:05
Dr_Williswell night all...13:05
Dr_Willistake care13:05
Nasjnight Dr_Willis13:05
Edulix is it normal that dbus-daemon --system uses (by RES column in htop) 98mb of ram, being that even more than amarok ? :-/13:06
Widgetdoes anyone know how to activate Cube in Compiz ?13:06
Widgetit says <Control><Alt>Down13:07
Widgetbut that doesnt work13:07
[|Liam|]Is it possible to get MSN on Kubuntu?13:07
Widgetwell.. it says that to "unfold" anyways13:07
Widgetget amsn13:07
GillesMMliam yes with amsn13:07
[|Liam|]Can I get it with sudo?13:07
Widgetshould b able to13:07
Widgetsudo apt-get install amsn ?13:07
[|Liam|]Yeah that worked thanks13:08
NasjAnyone got a clue why my audio is dead wilst it worked perfectly yesterday ? :(13:08
[|Liam|]That happens to me alot when I open firefox before i open Amarok :$13:08
Nasj? :o13:08
Nasjamorok opens on start up here13:09
[|Liam|]Same but i usually close it >.<13:09
NasjWhat do you do to fix it ?13:09
Nasjyour audio13:09
[|Liam|]Anyway, thanks for the MSN help Widget+GillesMM.13:09
=== Cx is now known as Vlad
Widgetdoes anyone know how to initiate the Cube through compiz ? ive got it enabled but cant seem to start it13:13
=== thunders1ruck is now known as gnomefreak
=== erwin_ is now known as vaiursch
Elmnascan someone help me?13:25
Elmnaswith network wireless card13:25
emilsedgh!ask | Elmnas13:25
ubottuElmnas: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)13:25
ElmnasHi can someone help me to set up my wireless card right when I am writing iwconfig wlan0 I get some invalid stuff13:26
=== x_ is now known as enaut
NewTOkubuntuHi i broke my swap file. What can i do?13:42
jtismeElmnas, sorry no one has offered to help you. I would help you but I am on the way out to church and will be signing off now.  jt13:42
=== mit__ is now known as __mit
ElmnasHi guys can someone please help to fix some errors in iwconfig please13:43
=== fatsasss is now known as fatsasss{}
=== andre is now known as Guest70874
giujtrloydesiderei sapere se gia esiste ubuntu per smartphon14:21
giujtrloyper htc-s62014:22
SIRavecavecI cant upgrade to 8.10 because i receive and error who tells me that the installer could not be verified and cannot run.14:34
Tm_T!ibex | SIRavecavec14:34
ubottuSIRavecavec: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!14:34
balckflagsomeone using Fedora Directory server on ubuntu 8.04?14:34
balckflagI have trouble to install it14:35
balckflagcan someone help?14:35
SIRavecavecTm_T: what should i do? My version is not upgraded. I receive error try to upgarde it.14:36
Tm_TSIRavecavec: even upgrading is to +1 but...14:36
SIRavecavecTm_T:  i am there.14:37
Tm_Tif you don't know how to handle errors, are you sure you should use unstable version, I wonder14:37
NasjYesterday I installed kubuntu and ervything worked great, I did someupdate and the went to sleep. Today when i started it up again I had no audio at all now ive been all day trying to work it out but im clueless. Anyone who can help me with this one ?14:41
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP314:41
Nasjdid that 1000 times14:41
Nasjit plays it in amarok14:42
Nasjeven speaker test wont give anything14:42
Nasjyesterday i could play everything14:44
lokpestall of my multimedia buttons on the front on my dell inspiron 6400 works exept the stopbutton14:47
lokpestwhere do I configure this?14:47
DarthFrogNasj: Have you played with the mixer?  Checked that it isn't muted?14:48
lokpestwhats the EOF-date for Kubuntu Hardy?14:50
DarthFrogKubuntu Hardy isn't LTS so 18 months.14:52
DarthFrogi.e. next October.14:53
Tm_TDarthFrog: base is lts14:53
DarthFrogTm_T: Yes, base is LTS, you're correct.  But Kubuntu isn't.14:54
Tm_TDarthFrog: mmm, needs definitions but lets say ok14:54
DarthFrogTm_T: Personally, I don't see how it really mattters.  The Kubuntu portion is the KDE desktop.  I don't suppose that it really matters that KDE 3.5 goes unsupported,as a fully mature product.  If the base system is supported LTS, that'd certainly be good enough for me.14:57
ansemdo anybody speak italian?14:57
DarthFrogThough I upgrade to the latest beta when it comes out. :-)14:57
ubottuansem: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)14:58
lokpestDarthFrog: october is a month, not a date15:00
ubottuHardy Heron is the codename for the current release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS) You can get it now from http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu but please use !torrents15:01
RoeyI start kvm -smb /path/to/my/dir but on the Windows side I just see "network path not found"; what's going wrong here?15:04
jasomjahi i have problem with Compiling http://lcd-mod.sourceforge.net/ , is working for somebpody under kubuntu  ?15:07
DarthFrogjasomja: Answers are $1.  Correct answers are $10.  Dumb looks are still free.  You get a dumb look. :-)15:12
alebocohi guys, does anyone know why i don't receive any notification mail after a completed task with kcron?15:16
jasomjaDarthFrog: u must be milionaire , am i right ?15:16
DarthFrogI wish. :-)15:16
DarthFrogI give away too many dumb looks. :-)15:17
DarthFrogaleboco: Is the task configured to report by mail?15:17
Roeyanyone here use QEMU/KVM?15:18
jasomjaDarthFrog: i am just asking if  somebody get it working on kubuntu, becouse i try it long time, have corected some compiling problems but still another is coming , and googling for compiled under ubuntu is problem15:18
linux_ki aurai adresse server backtrack svp15:19
DarthFrogjasomja: Oh, ask away.  And if anyone here can help you, they will.  But silence generally means no-one here now has the knowledge you seek.15:20
alebocoDarthFrog, i don't know. I have a task and a variable15:22
alebocoDarthFrog, the variable is MAILTO. and is set on my e-mail15:22
DarthFrogaleboco: Sorry, I don't use kcron.  Don't know if your config is correct.15:23
DarthFrogI do know that cron itself has to be specifically set to send mail.15:24
NasjDarthFrog: nothing is muted15:32
Nasjsorry for the late answer btw15:32
DarthFrogNasj: Hmm, too bad.  It's nice when things are simple.  :-)15:32
NasjIve been trying to get this to work from 08:0015:33
Nasjits 16:33 now :\15:33
DarthFrogWow.  It's only 0733 now. :-)15:33
DarthFrogI guess we're in different parts of the world. :-)15:33
Nasjme geuss eactly15:33
Nasjbut still no solution :\15:34
Nasjim getting really mad at my computer now15:34
NasjIm geussing it has something to do with updates or something :\15:34
DarthFrogOK, the usual suspects: Is it turned on?  Are your speakers plugged in? :-)15:35
Nasjofc :p15:35
Nasjnothing is muted15:35
DarthFrogDid you check?  It's too easy to say yes.15:35
Nasjofcourse i checked15:35
DragnslcrNo sound after a kernel update?15:35
=== hanzz__ is now known as HanzZ
eagles0513875how do i turn off or disable ipv615:36
Nasjno sound after Adept updates15:36
Nasjand after reboot15:36
Nasjyesterday it worked fine15:36
Nasji updated15:36
Nasjand turned my computer off15:36
Nasjthis morning15:36
NasjI turned it on and no sound at all15:36
Nasjbut the files do play15:36
ubottuTo disable ipv6 read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv415:36
DragnslcrLast time that happened to me, it was because the module package I had didn't match the kernel version. I had the -generic modules, but it was booting the -i386 kernel15:37
DragnslcrMight be worth checking15:37
NasjHow do i check that ?15:37
Nasjbit new to linux only installed it yesterday :p15:38
Dragnslcruname -a will tell you what kernel version you're using15:38
NasjIf i boot in -19 i still dotn have sound15:39
DragnslcrIn Adept, check that linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-21-generic is installed15:41
DragnslcrAnd not -38615:41
Nasjis installed15:42
DragnslcrI'd guess that's not the problem then15:43
Nasjany idea what could be ?15:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about uninstall15:43
Nasjelse i could reinstall kubuntu ?15:44
Nasjbut i dont think that would solve anything15:44
Nasji just dont get it15:44
DarthFrogNasj: Do you see an audio device configured in the various subsections of Audio Output in System Settings?15:44
Nasjyesterday it worked perfectly fine15:44
Nasjill look15:45
DragnslcrThat's the only thing I can think of, other than checking settings in kmix and/or alsamixer15:45
Nasjalso checked those setting Dragnslcr15:45
Nasjvaious subsections DarthFrog ?15:46
Nasji only see15:47
DarthFrogNotifications, Music, Video, etc.15:47
Nasji dont see those15:47
Nasjmaybe im looking in the wrong place15:47
DarthFrogNot necessarily.  I'm running Intrepid Beta, they may be new there.15:48
DarthFrogBut do you see an audio output device?15:48
Nasjthe output device is good15:48
DarthFrogWhat is it?15:48
Nasjmy audio card15:48
DarthFrogMore specific.  Exactly what does it say?15:49
Nasjin sytem settings it doesnt say anything15:49
Nasjbut in alsamixer it says it uses my audio card15:49
Nasjin systemsettings it uses auto detect15:50
DarthFrogCheck KMix and see if it looks OK.15:50
DarthFrogClick on the Volume icon in the System Tray and then click on Mixer.15:51
Nasjits ok15:51
DarthFrogCheck the levels and muting there.15:51
Nasji finally have sound15:51
Nasjbut reallllllyyyyyyyyyyy low15:51
DarthFrogOK, then it's your mixer settings.15:52
Nasjbut its really low15:52
Nasjmy volume control on my speakers are full out15:52
DarthFrogOK, I'm leaving now.  Have fun.15:52
Nasjusually they should hear me in the next village15:53
ActionParsnipyo yo yo16:03
=== Nasj is now known as Nasj|AFK
=== Nasj|AFK is now known as Nasj
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: yo yo yoyo16:09
=== jozua is now known as jozua_
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: what do i have to do to change how many mounts before a  check is run on the disk16:11
ActionParsnipoooh, erm lemme check16:11
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-show-the-number-of-reboots-before-next-forced-fsck-using-showfsck.html16:13
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-300477.html16:13
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: :) ty16:14
ActionParsnipnp duder16:14
eagles0513875hey BluesKaj16:14
eagles0513875how u both are doing better then i am16:15
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: u in ot16:15
BluesKajhey eagles051387516:15
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: no man16:15
kr0n05931how do I configure dead keys?16:15
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: hey man16:15
ActionParsnipkr0n05931: dead keys?16:15
BluesKajhi ActionParsnip16:16
Guest85531how do i configure my mic in kubuntu ? i have a hp 6700t laptop and i would like to configure the mics in the front , can anyone help?16:16
kr0n05931~n, 'e, etc16:16
ActionParsnipGuest85531: make sure its not muted16:16
Guest85531i hear something but the input signal is very faint16:16
Guest85531which sound system should be used ?  is it ALSA or OSS?16:17
Tm_TOSS is nogo unless you really have to16:17
bukoid say OSS16:17
ActionParsnipGuest85531: have you cranked mic gain?16:17
Tm_Tbuko: why so?16:18
ubsafdercan i install with no dependency checks ?16:18
ActionParsnipGuest85531: the one that works16:18
ubsafderi am trying to get gnucash16:18
ActionParsnipubsafder: --force-deps16:18
ActionParsnipubsafder: surely sudo apt-get install gnucash is the way?16:18
ubsafderapt-get install gnucash says it is not available i installed gnucash-common but i could not find what file it installed an how to lunch16:22
eagles0513875ubsafder: u on hardy or intrepid16:24
eagles0513875cuz its working for me16:24
Nasjwhat does IMHO / IMO stand for anyways16:24
eagles0513875sudo apt-get install gnucash16:24
ActionParsnipubsafder: type gnucash in terminal, try tab completing16:24
eagles0513875Nasj:  in my honest opinion and in my opinion16:24
ubsafderi am not very sure of my current version of ubuntu I have been upgrading since . dapper drake16:26
ubsafdergnuca tab gives nothing16:26
giraoalguem fala portugues16:27
Tm_T!br | girao16:27
ubottugirao: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.16:27
BluesKajubsafder:in the terminal , lsb_release -a16:29
eagles0513875!hi | admiral016:30
ubottuadmiral0: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!16:30
BluesKaj!hi | admiral016:30
* Nasj GONE16:30
admiral0i would like to install the RC of intrepid16:30
Tm_TNasj: please don't16:30
admiral0but i want bleeding edge kde416:31
ubsafderok i am on hardy then16:31
Tm_Tadmiral0: then install from neon16:31
admiral0no... better: compile16:31
ActionParsnipadmiral0: theres a kde4 intrepid16:31
admiral0my hardy system had kde4 compiles16:31
Tm_TActionParsnip: it's not "bleeding edge" =)16:31
Tm_Tadmiral0: so what's the problem then?16:32
admiral0the question is16:32
admiral0if i make install it over the actual kde4 in intrepid?16:32
Tm_Tno need to, but you can16:32
admiral0will it complain too much?16:33
ActionParsniphi ubuntu__16:33
Tm_Twell it could make some trouble, but if you're going to compile kde4 by yourself, you should be ready to fix those issues, I'd say (;)16:33
Roeyanyone here use KVM/QEMU?16:33
Tm_TRoey: making poll?16:34
RoeyTm_T:  I can't get -usbdevice working16:34
Roeyor -smb16:34
Tm_Tadmiral0: but shouldn't make much, depends on how you make it16:34
Roeyguest system slwos to a crawl.16:34
Tm_TRoey: then ask so (;)16:34
admiral0i just use kdesvn-build... it makes me worry less about launching cmake & kompany16:34
RoeyTm_T:  SO I try starting KVM with -usb -usbdevice host:NNN.NNN but it keeps saying it cannot add it16:35
Tm_TRoey: sorry I know nothing about that stuff, just wanted to get out the real question from you16:35
admiral0what's the prefix for kde4(intrepid)? /usr or /opt/kde4?16:35
Tm_Tadmiral0: usr16:35
admiral0WOW. So the devs finally decided to leave behind kde3?16:36
Roeyheh :)16:36
Roeyadmiral0:  heh!!16:36
Tm_Tadmiral0: not much to decide16:36
ActionParsnipkde3 is sound16:36
ActionParsnipkwin is horrific16:36
Tm_Tis not, but that's offtopic16:37
ActionParsnipfluxbox dude :D16:37
admiral0i understand.. you are one of those "minimal" guys16:38
admiral0fluxbox is not bad, but kwin makes me feel like home...16:38
ActionParsnipno i just want my system to do stuff "now" so I save ram with a slick WM. I have 2Gb ram but im not bothered for gloss like most girls16:39
admiral0ActionParsnip:i have, no i had a desktop almost entirely compiled16:40
admiral0i decided to use 8.1016:40
admiral0and to start again from 016:41
admiral0i cannot decrapify my home folder anymore16:41
admiral0it was huge16:41
admiral0so i formatted16:41
admiral0and there were a lot of conf files around that meant nothing anymore16:42
=== gregory is now known as DrThrax
admiral0ActionParsnip:guess what is that : http://img440.imageshack.us/my.php?image=desktopbp8.png16:44
=== tackat is now known as tackat_shower
ActionParsnipadmiral0: how do you mean?16:46
ActionParsniplooks like vista to me16:46
admiral0with kde...16:47
=== edu is now known as edu__
admiral0and amarok works16:47
=== edu__ is now known as edu_
ActionParsnipamarok runs in vista too16:47
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: they released windows version16:47
ActionParsnipim not a gloss guy, makes computers look lame to me16:47
bewofthe decrapify?16:48
=== bewofthe is now known as cuznt
ActionParsnipjust screems interior decorator to me16:49
admiral0yes i had a lot of junk in my /home16:49
admiral0yay i dindn't erase the cd with kubuntu16:53
admiral0any news about konversation 4 kde416:54
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php16:55
[|Liam|]Does anyone know the sudo package for TeamSpeak?16:55
eagles0513875[|Liam|]: hey let me check16:56
[|Liam|]hey eagles0513875.16:56
eagles0513875[|Liam|]: its sudo apt-get install teamspeak-client16:56
eagles0513875[|Liam|]: r u going to host the server or u just need the client16:56
[|Liam|]just the clieent16:56
eagles0513875[|Liam|]: r u going to host the server or u just need the client16:57
eagles0513875[|Liam|]: its sudo apt-get install teamspeak-client16:57
eagles0513875sry ignore one beofre this last one16:57
eagles0513875[|Liam|]: did it install and work for u16:58
[|Liam|]Yeah thanks16:58
eagles0513875[|Liam|]: no prob16:59
eagles0513875BluesKaj: im blue abu di abu die lol16:59
BluesKajeagles0513875:  uhm .... okaaay17:00
eagles0513875BluesKaj: lol hi17:00
giraokurumin ng what we need to now17:04
=== amit is now known as Guest35257
willluongoHello, I reinstalled Kubuntu, and preserved the /home directory from the previous install. Now when I log in as the user from the previous install, it starts with the wrong resolution. No other user has this issue. Any ideas?17:17
ActionParsnipwillluongo: resetup the resolution for the user17:18
willluongoActionParsnip: I have, several times. It doesn't take17:18
ActionParsnipwillluongo: try chmodding the whole directory to the user, it may help17:19
ActionParsnipsudo chmod -R <username> <homefolderlocation>17:19
=== tackat_shower is now known as tackat_towel
willluongoActionParsnip: What permissions do you recommend?17:20
willluongodo you mean chown?17:20
ActionParsnipyeah sorry17:21
willluongoI'm pretty sure I have done that but I will try again17:21
willluongoActionParsnip: no dice... :(17:23
ActionParsnipyou could try chmod17:23
willluongoYeah, I am a little hesitant though, I am not sure I want everything to be 75517:24
ActionParsnipwillluongo: find where the settings for res are set and check that is 75517:24
willluongoIf I knew where the file was that was causing the issue was I'd do that17:24
GoanI need to clear off $JAVA_HOME and redefine it to "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/bin/java"17:24
willluongoActionParsnip: yeah, I've checked every hidden directory though, and nothing evenlooks like something taht would effect that17:25
Goanhow do I do that?17:25
ActionParsnipadd it to ~/.bashrc17:25
Goanwill the existing config be overwritten while loading bash shell for me?17:26
willluongoGoan: If that is the variable that whatever you are trying to do is using, yes.17:27
willluongoBut if you don't log out you will need to reload it:17:27
willluongo. .bashrc17:27
ActionParsnipif you set it in there the $JAVA_HOME variable will be set when you launch konsoles17:27
ActionParsnipGoan: once youve set it, run: source ~/.bashrc17:28
ActionParsnipGoan: and it wil be active in the current konsole too17:28
Goandoing the "export JAVA_HOME=$JAVA_HOME:/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/bin/java" just appends the path to whatever is there already.. but because of the wrong initial path, eclipse is not starting up17:29
willluongogoan You are setting the variable twice that way17:29
willluongoGoan: just do JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/blablabla17:30
=== tackat_towel is now known as tackat
=== simon__ is now known as oo0
oo0how to make more users in inlogg?17:42
the_darkside_986Anyone using Kubuntu 8.10 beta?17:43
ActionParsnip!intrepid | the_darkside_98617:44
ubottuthe_darkside_986: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!17:44
oo0how to find out what KDE ver i use?17:45
oo0how to find out what KDE ver i use?17:45
administratorhello all ive installed devede on my computer but evertime i try to convert it to an ISO it starts and then about %20 inbetween my computer switches off, any ideas what this could be???17:46
oo0how to find out what KDE ver i use?17:46
oo0how to find out what KDE version i use?17:46
=== pascalFR is now known as PascalFR
ActionParsnipoo0: dpkg -l | grep -i kde17:47
ActionParsnipoo0: you could pipe that into less to make it readable17:48
ActionParsnipoo0: dpkg -l | grep -i kde | less17:49
ActionParsnip| is a pipe17:49
ActionParsnipdpkg -l on its own would show ALL packages installed17:49
ActionParsnipso we pipe it to grep to chop out the lines containing kde17:50
the_darkside_986If I have to reinstall the OS just because of switching monitors, I think I might just install Kubuntu 8.10 beta anyway. This is absurd.17:50
cuzntthat does not sound right...17:50
ActionParsnipthe_darkside_986: fixing xorg should make it ko, thats all thats setting graphics up17:51
cuzntwhy would switching a monitor make any diff?17:51
ActionParsnipthe_darkside_986: or use the vesa driver in xorg.conf and comment all the other fluff out17:51
the_darkside_986I've already tried that and the monitor keeps going to 1440x900 and not its correct 1366x76817:51
the_darkside_986*with the nvidia driver.17:51
the_darkside_986Nvidia is required because users sometimes play 3D games on that machine.17:51
ActionParsnipthe_darkside_986: rip all nvidia stuff out17:52
the_darkside_986Well, I did a complete removal of nvidia-glx-new, and then later reinstalled it. didn't seem to help.17:53
ActionParsnipdoes it do the same in the live environmentr??17:53
the_darkside_986The liveCD runs non-binary drivers though. The vesa or 2D drivers can detect the settings, however.17:54
v6lurwhat to do if kpdf doesn't show japanese characters? i have some japanese fonts installed, and for example kannasaver shows them fine17:54
ActionParsnipthe_darkside_986: on the live cd. I just wanna make sure the monitor is sound17:54
v6lurin acrobat reader the same pdf shows the japanese text fine17:54
the_darkside_986The monitor works just fine and I've been using it with Linux for a long time until I switched it to another Linux machine, which is the problem.17:55
the_darkside_986Well, it is an Nvidia 7300 GS if that means anything :(17:56
the_darkside_986*the graphics card17:56
ActionParsnipthe_darkside_986: try envyng-qt17:57
=== dan is now known as insuin
=== insuin is now known as insurin
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free18:01
=== pascalFR is now known as PascalFR
trappistwoooooooo!  after like a YEAR of trying to get kontact talking to my ldap server, I finally figure out I have to put my bind dn in the 'user' field.  bustication.18:19
alucardromeroAnybody else have an issue with Konqueror not rendering MySpace correctly?18:25
alucardromeroKDE4 does it well (expanding and collapsing).18:25
SIRavecavecHI i try to upgrade from kubuntu 8.04 to 8.10 and i cant.18:29
stdinSIRavecavec: you need to ask in #ubuntu+118:29
SIRavecavecstdin: they do not know:(18:32
giuseppe_Hello to everybody, can help me about "shutdown"????18:33
bob_Hi all I'm trying to boot from a usb drive using encrypted lvm and it keeps dropping me into a busybox console can anyone help?18:33
knioletgiuseppe_: mdahn up?18:33
jefferson_tem algm brasileiro18:33
knioletsorry i forgot what keyboard layout i was using lol18:34
giuseppe_kniolet: sorry... what do you want to say?18:35
knioletgiuseppe_: what help did you need?18:35
giuseppe_kniolet: well, when I turn off my notebook (toshiba satellite A40-201), the last word is: halt now... but nothing...18:36
knioletgiuseppe_: you mean like when you go to shutdown it doesn't actually turn off the computer?18:37
giuseppe_kniolet: correct... it starts to turn off... but in the end when appears will now halt... nothing...18:38
bilickihi guys, I am using kubuntu 8.10 with KDE 4.1, when KDE loads, I just get a blank screen and my mouse pointer, nothing else... any ideas? however, stuff is working in the background, as the wireless internet connection gets set up (I used another console by pressing ctrl+alt+F5 to get the latest updates) any ideas?18:40
stdinbilicki: intrepid support in #ubuntu+118:40
knioletgiuseppe_: you should probably file a bug report on bugs.launchpad.net about it, i think it's a hardware-specific problem18:40
=== jefferson_ is now known as jefferson_br
raja__remote support for Kubuntu desktop. can somebody help ?18:43
knioletgiuseppe_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/25583818:43
knioletgiuseppe_: looks like there is already a bug report for it18:43
cichyHi - did anyone encounter problem with random harddrive devices name change after reboot? sda changes to sdb and viceversa. I have kubuntu 8.04 and 2 harddisks - one sata and one ide. Kernel 2.6.24-21-generic18:44
raja__we have two Kubuntu desktops at different locations connected to Internet.18:44
giuseppe_kniolet: well, now I read it and let you know18:44
stdincichy: that would be a good reason for using UUIDs rather then device names18:45
knioletgiuseppe_: it looks like the problem hasn't been solved yet, it would probably help to add a comment to it saying you have the issue also and the model number of your computer18:46
raja__The remote guy is a dumb user using some application and dont aware how to get ip so VNC is useless18:46
cichyI'm using UUID, but ide is truecrypted, therefore does not have UUID18:46
giuseppe_kniolet: yes I think so18:46
raja__earlier for windows desktop hewas using teamviewer and expects something similar to that on linux18:47
raja__is thre any s/w like teamviewer in linux ?18:47
cichystdin: I'm using UUID, but ide is truecrypted, therefore does not have UUID18:48
raja__in teamviwer the user is suppose to run the application and get a connection ID and Password18:48
=== Kira is now known as Guest22552
raja__which he communicates to guy giving support by telephone18:48
raja__and the support guy runs client s/w and enter connection ID18:49
cichystdin: UUID is used to mount sda (where root exist) and also is used by grub18:50
raja__then the password and a remote support session starts where support person gets view/control of remote machine like VNC18:50
raja__does anybody know similar s/w on linux ?18:51
stdincichy: the only thing I can find is this http://fixunix.com/hardware/516915-hard-disk-change-device-every-boot.html18:51
chfwiggumraja__: sth like KRemoteDesktop not sure bout the exact name18:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kicker18:52
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy18:52
cichystdin: Thanks, I did already see this....18:54
=== david is now known as Guest14015
raja__chfwggum:It needs IP address18:57
raja__chfwggum : If the desktop is behind Broadband Router and in a LAN then u have to configure router for port forwarding abd user should get IP of Router18:59
raja__similarly firewall have to open porrt 590018:59
raja__which is difficult for a ordinary application user with poor computer knowledge19:00
Guest22552my system tray is driving me mad! Sometimes it doesn't show certian icons and other times the icons pop right out and respond like windows! Any help?19:01
raja__so we need a solution like teamviewer where requesting for remote supoort is very easy19:02
knioletGuest22552: mine did that too in 8.04, it seems to be much better in the 8.10 beta though (i know that doesn't really help)19:02
Guest22552kniolet: thanks, im definately going to upgrade 8.10 when its stable, mabye ill even try the beta because its driving me nuts. Thanks19:03
raja__no need for knowing ip, port forwarding, and firewall reconfiguring19:03
antonio_hola.hay alguien español o que lo hable???19:03
knioletantonio_: #kubuntu-es19:04
EagleSnantonio_ #kubuntu-es19:04
antonio_I'dont speak English.19:04
antonio_I speak Spanish+19:05
EagleSnantonio_ visita #kubuntu-es19:05
knioletantonio_: join the #kubuntu-es channel then19:05
antonio_in spanish please19:05
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.19:05
knioletyay for multilingual bots19:05
freaky_thehe ^^19:06
antonio_my name is Miguel19:06
CugelHello, people.19:06
kniolethi Cugel19:07
[|Liam|]Is there anyway to run a batch file without it opening up into KATE?19:07
antonio_any Spanish?19:07
knioletantonio_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.19:08
EagleSnantonio_ nos estas vacilando o qué, te hemos dicho varias veces que visites le canal #kubuntu-es19:08
Guest14015[|Liam|]: do you mean 'batch' file, as in windows DOS batch script?19:08
CugelQuestion: I want to put a text as a sort of overlay on the desktop. Like conky does, but more basic, just a text. Eterm can do it, maybe, but are there easier solutions?19:08
Guest14015you'll need to install/use freedos, a dos clone19:08
[|Liam|]oo okay19:08
[|Liam|]would Sudo get-apt install Freedos cover that?19:09
Guest14015package seems to be called "dosemu"19:09
antonio_alguien español?19:10
makandeALGUEM DE PORTUGAL???19:10
antonio_alguien español19:11
LjL!pt | makande19:11
ubottumakande: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.19:11
LjL!es | antonio_19:11
ubottuantonio_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.19:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ml19:11
ubottuNederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl19:11
LjL!msg the bot19:11
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".19:11
[|Liam|]sounds epic.19:11
antonio_pero no me funciona el canal en ESPAÑOL!!!!19:11
BluesKaj!es | antonio_19:12
ubottuantonio_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.19:12
makandehow do I change to ubuntu-pt???19:13
makandeim new to ubuntu...19:13
EagleSnmakande be more clear pleae19:21
[|Liam|][20:21] <-- makande has left this server (Remote closed the connection19:22
[|Liam|]Is it possible to open .rar files with Ark?19:23
EagleSnyes it is, install rar and unrar packages19:23
[|Liam|]And how can i do that?19:24
EagleSnK menu -> System -> Adept package manager19:25
[|Liam|]cant i do it with sudo?19:25
emilsedgh[|Liam|]: sure, sudo apt-get install unrar i think19:28
cichystdin: I think I may have found solution - I think I can use /dev/disk/by-id, which does not change. From there I will get device name assigned, and voila. Thanks for your help, anyway!19:30
[|Liam|]E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)19:30
[|Liam|]E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?19:30
[|Liam|]Thats what i got emilsedgh19:30
stdincichy: ah, I forgot you can use hardware IDs19:30
stdin!aptfix | [|Liam|]19:31
ubottu[|Liam|]: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »19:31
Guest14015[|Liam|]: no wiat19:31
Guest14015you probably still have adept open19:31
[|Liam|]yeah i do19:31
[|Liam|]is that a problem :19:31
Guest14015it's specially locked so that only 1 app can try and install things at a time19:31
[|Liam|]Oh okay thanks :D19:31
Guest14015perhaps that warning should be clearer19:32
[|Liam|]Yeah says 'Is another process using it?' - that explains it19:32
[|Liam|]probably means adept by that19:32
[|Liam|]working now ;)19:32
[|Liam|]I've installed Unrar now, question is: where is it? >.<19:33
=== florian is now known as replman
MrKennie[|Liam|]: which unrar19:34
[|Liam|]sudo apt-get install unrar19:35
[|Liam|]that one19:35
MrKennie[|Liam|]: no, I mean type "which unrar"19:35
Guest14015unrar is a command line tool. it won't appear in the menu19:35
[|Liam|]so how do i use it Guest14015?19:36
Guest14015however - ark should now understand how to read rars I think.19:36
Guest14015unrar x <ilename.rar19:36
Predator106which kde vers. will ibex be using? is it 4.2?19:37
[|Liam|]Cannot open nr_pk_client_v1.24.rar19:37
[|Liam|]No such file or directory19:37
[|Liam|]No files to extract19:37
[|Liam|]o there we go19:38
[|Liam|]Guest14015: everytime i try to run dos emulator it doesnt open :(19:40
[|Liam|]ugh anyone?19:44
=== giuseppe_ is now known as lionblack
lionblackHi, can you help me about turn off?20:13
lionblackwhy my notebook is not able to turn off?20:14
eagles0513875!es | pep20:16
ubottupep: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.20:16
eagles0513875!es | pepe20:16
ubottupepe: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.20:16
=== lionblack is now known as giuseppe_
scriptxhai.  is there a adobe pdf package?20:31
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\KiraIm trying to configure kubuntu's boot, but Im unfamiliar with the boot sequence. I think it goes: GRUB, Usplash, kdm, then my login splash. But on kdelook it has options for the bootsplash and gfxboot. Were are those in the sequence?20:41
=== rodinka is now known as smallhill
cuznt!boot sequence20:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about boot sequence20:56
crimsun\Kira: gfxboot is used on the desktop cd but not in an installed instance.  bootsplash can refer to usplash.20:57
=== pingus is now known as EvilDaemon
\Kiraokay, that makes sense, little strange that they would do that, but okay20:58
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Wharfedalehi there, after upgrading my kde version on kubuntu, my nvidia 3D support stopped working21:41
=== nathang is now known as EvilDaemon
EvilDaemonWharfedale: Maybe gotta downgrade?21:43
Wharfedaleso theres no fix?21:43
RoeyEvilDaemon:  nice nick21:44
EvilDaemonRoey: Uh, thanks?21:45
EvilDaemonWharfedale: there may be, did google weild any results?21:45
=== JulCes_ is now known as JulCes
WharfedaleEvilDaemon: nope22:00
Wharfedalei just cant  activate the driver22:01
EvilDaemondid you try 'nvidia 3d support kubuntu fix' on google? If not, then I suggest downgrading. unless anyone else has a suggestion.22:02
donjr_KSIsit possible to burn avi files as VCD files from kubuntu?22:25
=== fran is now known as Guest35042
donjr_KSCan anyone tell me where I might find more information on burning avi files as VCD files?22:29
Tann(wrong window)22:30
donjr_KSAlright, I now k3b works well for iso's, but yeah, thanks.22:31
Tannno problem. I didn't mean to type that in.22:31
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olliehow do i join the ubuntu chat?22:46
nenadfirst time on Linux22:47
ollieive been on here loads22:47
olliebut /#ubuntu isnt working22:47
nenadno I22:47
ollieplease help me join ubuntu22:47
nenadHow to conecct 2 monitors in 122:48
jussi01ollie: /join #ubuntu22:50
[|Liam|]Is there anyway to get Ventrilo on Kubuntu?23:06
plontajjoin #ubuntu pl23:12
szuper-tbeszél itt valaki magyarul?23:14
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat23:17
LjL!hu | szuper-t23:17
ubottuszuper-t: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál23:17
etfbIs there a program in Kubuntu that does what MS Outlook's meeting reminder does, ie keep track of appointments and reminders?  Bonus points if it will send emails or work across computers on a home ethernet network.23:29
Tannetfb: I believe that kontact will do that.23:38
Tannetfb: alternatively you can also use kalarm23:41
albhackis there anyone23:41
woddf2I have lost sound for all non--KDE 4 applications!23:41
woddf2I have lost sound for all non--KDE 4 applications!23:42
=== cendjm is now known as eukaryote
TannDon't think I can help you there.23:43
woddf2Thanks anyway23:44
etfbTann: Hmmm! Looks like he gave up rather easily...23:44
TannNever seen that happen.23:45
etfbPatience is a virtue.  It also gives you a better chance of fixing your bugs...23:45
benbloomlol Tann & etfb I was actually looking up the channel id for him23:45
Tannisn't it like #kubuntu-kde4?23:46
benbloomi guess it's just #kde23:46
benbloomi dont know23:46
benbloomyup Tann. that's the one23:47
petrI install new kubunyy23:48
petrwhere is ICQ here? In kubuntu???23:48
TannLike the instant messger?23:49
petrit is "chat"23:49
petrI want qip23:49
Tannyeah, thats what I meant23:49
etfbTann: Wow - I remember using Kontact before.  It's pretty hideous.  I created an "event" with a time and an alarm, and it told me I wasn't the organiser, then asked me which of two identically-named "resources" I should put it in, then put two entries in the calendar for it...23:49
etfbUgly piece of work...23:50
Tannpetr: You want to use Kopete. It does ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, etc23:50
Tannetfb: wow thats odd.23:50
petr))) thenks23:50
Tannno problem23:50
TannI've never actually used kontact for calendars though. Just email and rss23:51
etfbAlso, it defaulted the date to the 19th of October, but I'm in Australia, UTC+1100, where it23:51
etfb's now the 20th.23:51
albhacki am in kde23:51
etfbAh well, I'll see if I can track down the bugs and fix them.  That's what KDE is all about, after all: putting up with stupid bugs and missing features because you don't want to be patronised by the Gnome project...23:52
benbloomwow etfb. why do you use kde?23:53
benbloomdr_willis! my hero23:54
benbloomgood to see you again sir23:54
dr_willisNow what did i do?23:54
etfbbenbloom: You want to know the real reason?  Because I'm used to double-clicking the window icon to close a window, and you can't do that in Gnome.  Drives me batty!  So I stick with KDE, even tho kubuntu feels like a poor cousin.23:55
dr_willisI feel that windows is a poor cousin to kde.. :)23:55
albhackwho can help me to crack23:55
etfbYay!  dr_willis!  The man (presumably) who solved my printer problems!23:55
albhacka wireless please contact in pm23:55
benbloomlol u were helping me in your sleep last night dr_willis23:55
etfbWindows is the dumb retarded cousin you keep in the cellar when visitors are around so he doesn't rub faeces on the vicar during tea.23:56
dr_willisheh.. I normally sleep 7AM to 4 in the afternoon.  3rd shift person here.23:56
benbloomok so I switched to kubuntu because I felt like Gnome was lacking features and customizability23:56
dr_willisSort of the reason im back to using gnome after trying KDE4 benbloom  :)23:56
Zerothishow do i increase my virtual using xrandr? I'd like a 1024x768 next to a 1024x768, I currently have a 640x480>640x480. Getting a 'screen cannot be larger than 1280x1200' error. manually adding "virtual 1664 768" to my xorg.conf boots to console23:56
etfbbenbloom: Same here.  I much prefer the ability to change the things I don't like.  But my wife uses Ubuntu rather than Kubuntu, and I was amazed, for example, at how much easier it was to get printers working on her machine after only dr_willis could help me get them going here.23:57
Tannbenbloom: and that is why I'm still with kde 323:57
albhackhelpppppppp meeee please23:57
albhackhelpppppppp meeee please23:57
albhackto crack a passwd wireles23:57
dr_willisalbhack,  i wouldent much help in 'cracking passwords' from here.23:57
TannThe_ManU_212: Hello23:57
benbloomso kde4 is worse than gnome? but kde3 is best? that's what I run and im very happy with it23:57
dr_willisdue to the questionable legality.23:57
benbloombut ibex will be native KDE4 right?23:58
Tannalbhack: join the channel #aircrack-ng23:58
dr_willisibex has kde4 yes.23:58
Tannit might help23:58
The_ManU_212i got a queston for adept manager, i use it for updates, which options offers it, can i also deactivate a part of an upate?23:58
etfbbenbloom: I gather KDE4 is still pretty flakey.  Features missing, bugs, that sort of thing.23:58
The_ManU_212and start it alter? and how and whats this ubuntu sign for some apps have it some not23:58
etfbdr_willis: Does it really?  Interesting!  I didn't think it was quite ready for the desktop just yet.23:59

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