nedkoups, sorry00:37
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avoinehi, I think I have a build that is doing a infinite loop -> https://edge.launchpad.net/~patrick-hetu/+archive/+build/74468000:59
avoineI don't know if you can "kill" the build process00:59
Hobbseeavoine: there's no current functionality for that.  either a buildd admin with more power will swing by, or it'll have to wait until monday01:06
Hobbseeoh, ffs!   (Error ID: OOPS-1023EC1)01:08
HobbseeWould it be too much to ask that launchpad actually continues to work, *all* weekend, close to release?01:09
HobbseeError ID: OOPS-1023EA301:10
wgrantQueue acceptance?01:10
HobbseeError ID: OOPS-1023ED301:10
Hobbseeyup.  1 package.01:10
Hobbseeit's not like we've actually got a release to do, or anything...01:10
wgrantI suppose it's a bit of a slippery slope to let a Launchpad release be postponed for one of its users' releases.01:12
wgrantAnd the only sure way to not break things is to not release01:12
Hobbseethye never do that.01:12
Hobbseebesides, it worked yesterday, and they released before that.01:12
wgrantcalc also complained of timeouts approving a nomination.01:12
wgrantMaybe somebody ate the DB server.01:12
HobbseeError ID: OOPS-1023B3201:18
Hobbseebusticated on both production and edge.01:18
* Hobbsee sends sms'01:18
pooliehi Hobbsee01:38
wgrantOh good, a fixing person.01:38
poolienobody else is around?01:40
pooliecan you tell me more about what's failingL01:40
wgrantpoolie: Accepting packages, accepting bug nominations. Those are all I've seen.01:42
wgrantEven the Soyuz console ftpmaster tools hang.01:42
poolieso if i try to upload to a ppa, nothing happens?01:42
wgrantI meant from the queues, sorry.01:42
wgrantBut that might also fail.01:42
wgrantI'm not sure.01:42
wgrantBut primary is mildly critical, given that RC ISO testing is meant to start tomorrow.01:43
pooliei guess many lp people are on their way to London01:46
wgrantReally, really smart scheduling.01:46
wgrantIt's great that LP happens to often collapse when all the LOSAs are on planes.01:47
pooliekeep your hair on01:47
pooliethey are not all literally on planes01:47
wgrantThey were last time.01:47
poolieanyhow, it is believed to be fixed now, can you retry something?01:52
wgrantHobbsee: ^^01:53
Hobbseepoolie: ppa:  seems to be a stuck build, and other biulds that aren't getting allocated.01:56
* wgrant is still waiting for a nomination approval..01:56
wgrantNot fixed.01:56
wgrant (Error ID: OOPS-1023EC4)01:56
spmwgrant: Hobbsee: looking....01:57
wgrantOddly enough, declining it works fine.01:57
wgrantspm: Thanks!01:57
Hobbseepoolie: ah, seems everything's timed out on the archive - openjdk doesn't take 6 hours to build.01:57
Hobbseespm: ^, cool, thanks.01:57
HobbseeError ID: OOPS-1023B72 for the queue timeout.01:57
wgrantThe buildds are royally stuffed, have been for a long time.01:57
Hobbseewgrant: erk.  they need to build over the weekend!01:57
wgrantHobbsee: Shh.01:58
wgrantWe are only Ubuntu.01:58
Hobbseewgrant: the solution to this must be that LOSAs arent' allowed to catch plans anywhere near the major projects' releases.02:02
Nafallothey aren't.02:02
wgrantI hear that LOSAs probably aren't included in the set of people which are heading to London.02:02
spmHobbsee: none of us are going to the Epic, we're all at home enjoying our sunday's or Sat's as the case may be. :-)02:02
Hobbseeoh, right.02:03
Hobbseefair enough, then.02:03
NCommanderoh yay02:08
NCommanderwgrant, is that both PPA buildds and main distro, or just the later?02:08
HobbseeNCommander: all.02:08
wgrantNCommander: PPA builds have been taking at least a few hours longer than they should, so I presume everything.02:08
NCommanderwgrant, ah, makes sense02:09
* NCommander is reminded he needs to make an autobuild lpia PPA script02:09
NCommanderArk, slangasek was right, my mind!02:09
wgrantNCommander: Just you wait... it'll get worse.02:09
poolieok, spm, i'll leave this with you... :)02:10
wgrantHave a nice rest of your weekend, poolie.02:10
poolieyou too02:10
Hobbseecya poolie, and thanks!02:10
spmpoolie: ta :-)02:10
wgrantspm: Is there an obvious issue, or is it Launchpad growing a mind of its own and breaking only those bits which affect Ubuntu releases?02:11
wgrantSee, it's not breaking non-RC bugs (I can decline nominations).02:11
StevenKHm. No lovely mail from LP about linux-lpia02:12
NCommanderwgrant, it works fine for non-Ubuntu distributions02:12
NCommanderStevenK, oh, so you did upload it :-)02:12
NCommanderStevenK, its not in the unapproved queue. Its likely in limbo02:12
wgrantThe upload processor is probably hanging like the rest of the world.02:12
NCommandersomeone reboot the world02:12
Hobbseewgrant: declining nominations is easy - that has never broken.02:13
spmNCommander: no windows sysadmins here thank you! :-)02:13
StevenKThat reminds me of my first job.02:14
spmwgrant: nothing obvious - looks like multiple issues in differing parts of the system02:14
wgrantspm: There's another Steve McInerney who is a sysadmin in .au?02:14
StevenKAt a small ISP -- we had one Windows NT web host, and we discovered a tool to keep it stable.02:14
wgrantStevenK: The power switch?02:14
StevenKAn oven timer that would power off the machine every night at 3am for 2 minutes02:15
spmwgrant: working for canonical? No, just me.02:15
wgrantspm: I remember reading something about Win2k3 servers on your blog some time ago.02:15
spmwgrant: tricky. I stopped windows sysadmin seriously with NT4, did a bit with 2k, nought with 2k3.02:16
wgrantThis is a very intuitive form: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/255660/nominations/7774/+edit-form02:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 255660 in ubuntu "symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libpangocairo-1.0.so.0" [Low,Confirmed]02:18
StevenK"Do Stuff?" "Approve"02:18
NCommanderwgrant, can I get a screenshot? :-)02:19
wgrantThe HTML is small enough to paste.02:20
wgrant<form action="https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/255660/nominations/7774/+edit-form" method="post"> <input type="submit" name="approve" value="Approve" id="approve" />02:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 255660 in ubuntu "symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libpangocairo-1.0.so.0" [Low,Confirmed]02:20
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Hobbseespm: any luck?  it looks like you got slight success.03:10
HobbseeError ID: OOPS-1023B19803:10
spmHobbsee: mixed bag; cprov is looking too. I don't believe we're totally out of the woods yet.03:13
Hobbseespm: oh dear :)03:13
spmHobbsee: oh, it's not all bad. I now have a *really* good excuse for not talking to my -in-laws on the phone. ;-)03:15
Hobbseespm: hahaha :)03:16
Hobbseespm: i'm sure you're not supposed to admit tothat on a public channel :P03:16
wgrantWhat has actually gone wrong?03:16
spmHobbsee: After 13+ years of being their son-in-law, I suspect they're more than used to it by now. :-)03:16
spmwgrant: unknown.03:17
spmIs a real bugger.03:17
wgrantThe best kind of bug.03:17
spmFar as I could see, an upload task kept getting wedged and thus nothing else was moving forward.03:17
Hobbseespm: ah, right.03:18
wgrantAnd I bet it ended up locking BugTask or something, which would explain why approving doesn't work while declining does...03:18
spmpossibly. I'm not that familar with the intracacies of soyuz. To my frustration atm... :-/03:20
wgrantThat is why we have super-cprov!03:20
spmwho has had to leave to catch his flight. something about 'last call' :-)03:20
wgrantFun, fun, fun.03:21
spmIt's laugh or cry atm; I choose laughter.03:21
* Hobbsee hands spm a drink03:21
* spm bows to Hobbsee's largesse03:21
wgrantAnd I guess it's 2am for the other Soyuz guys, isn't it?03:22
wgrantOr 3am, even.03:22
spmassuming there's already in London? yeah.03:22
wgrantbigjools always is, kiko is...03:22
spmSadly I'm thinking there's not a lot more I can do at this stage. cprov felt the issue could be inside the database itself.03:24
spmI'll try and grab kiko if and when he pops up, otherwise I think we just have to wait. :-(03:25
wgrantOh dear.03:25
wgrantYou guys have excellent timing, I must say.03:25
spmMurphy rulez. always.03:25
Hobbseeoh dear.03:25
* Hobbsee hopes we won't have to delay the ubuntu release, due to this.03:26
Hobbseespm: does this mean that uploads are all vanishing into the aether, or are they somewhere, but unprocessed?03:27
wgrantThey are somewhere half-processed, like those accepts, I suspect...03:27
spmHobbsee: I'm not sure to be honest. Haven't looked into that.03:27
wgrantBut I wonder if they will unblock or just die and vanish.03:28
wgrantHopefully after closing the bugs.03:28
wgrantJust for added confusion.03:28
Hobbseespm: well, if you could, that'd be great.  Will warn people not ot upload anything else for a while, if tha'tshte case.03:28
spmHobbsee: sure - I'll see what I can see...03:28
Hobbseespm: thanks03:28
Hobbseenote to self:  cleaning a keyboard is a bad idea - it makes it harder to type.03:32
wgrantHobbsee: Better than having annoying flying beetles that crawl under your keys.03:34
Hobbseewgrant: that's true.  although i can't say i've had that before...03:35
nealmcbI've set a "downloads" url for https://edge.launchpad.net/electionaudits/  and that url is shown now for "external downloads" but there is nothing in the "downloads" section (next to "announcements) - is there some other way to set up downloads?03:37
wgrantnealmcb: LP provides its own download serving functionality.03:37
wgrantnealmcb: You can add arbitrary files to a release, and they will appear there.03:38
nealmcbwgrant: it is well hidden :)03:38
wgrantnealmcb: Indeed. I believe beuno is working on that. If you can't find it, ask.03:38
nealmcbI'm asking03:38
* nealmcb pings bueno03:39
nealmcbwgrant: thanks03:39
wgrantI mean asking me, as he won't be around.03:39
wgrantnealmcb: You need to have a release first. Do you have a release?03:39
nealmcbat least not according to launchpad, I guess - I'll looik03:39
wgrantnealmcb: OK, you just have the one series and no releases03:40
* wgrant looks for docs on the concepts of series and releases.03:40
wgrantnealmcb: See https://help.launchpad.net/Projects/SeriesMilestonesReleases03:40
nealmcbahh - the fine manual.  thanks.   I hope bueno is finding some  good places to link that in to the site itself03:41
nealmcbwgrant: well, I understand about releases now, but have yet to run across a way to create one, so I can "Add download file."03:57
wgrantnealmcb: Well, that part of the documentation is stupid and broken.03:58
wgrantnealmcb: You create a release within a series.03:58
nealmcband my series is "trunk"03:59
wgrantYou probably want to create a different series.03:59
wgrantThough for smaller projects it's not entirely incorrect to use trunk.03:59
nealmcboooh - I found it03:59
nealmcbthis is all pre-1.004:00
wgrantnealmcb: I've added an extra sentence to that help page mentioning how to add a release.04:07
nealmcbwgrant: sweet!  thanks.  on another topic - any idea how long it might take to activate the mailing list for this team?  https://edge.launchpad.net/~electionaudits04:09
wgrantnealmcb: I've no clue.. I've no relationship to Launchpad other than being an (often disgruntled) user, and don't know much about its mailing lists.04:10
Hobbseenealmcb: they can take a while.  European working week is when they get done.04:12
sonofjonHi, my first time here.04:20
* wgrant looks all scary and intimidating.04:20
sonofjonNewbie question on PPA upload: I just registered a PPA and uploaded a package with dput. However, launchpad silently ignored my upload. How long do I need to wait for a response? No email after two hours. Neither did anything appear on my PPA.04:22
Hobbseesonofjon: it's currently broken.04:23
wgrantsonofjon: There are big problems with Launchpad's package service at the moment. It's being worked on.04:23
Hobbseesonofjon: it probably will be until tomorrow before it gets fixed - so just wait04:23
wgrantsonofjon: You would normally receive an email within 10 minutes.04:23
nealmcbwgrant: aha - well you're doing a fine job of support - thanks04:24
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Hobbseethere we are.04:24
nealmcbHobbsee: thanks04:24
wgrants/launchpad/Launchpad/, but otherwise good.04:24
=== Hobbsee changed the topic of #launchpad to: Soyuz, PPA, and a few other bits of Launchpad are currently broken | https://launchpad.net/ | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | https://help.launchpad.net/HelpRotation | Community help contact: -
Hobbseethere we are.04:24
Hobbseenealmcb: perhaps I should list wgrant as the community help contact for the day...04:26
* wgrant stabs Hobbsee with the shards of Launchpad that are scattered over spm's floor.04:27
wgrantAnd lifeless' I guess.04:27
* NCommander sweeps up the Launchpad shards and uses sueprglue04:29
HobbseeI wish launchpad had a X-Launchpad-Bug-Duplicate header or something.04:33
NCommanderdoes anyone have any idea what broke?04:40
wgrantI guess they would have fixed it by now if they knew what was wrong...04:41
NCommanderwgrant, probably a database server went boom04:51
* Hobbsee wonders who was severely on crack when they wrote the buildd admin GUI.04:51
Hobbseenot that it's used very much, but I do wonder that every time i see it.04:53
spmNCommander: pretty much - locks left lying around == major stuckness - gradually unsticking atm04:53
wgrantOther parts of Launchpad weren't that great to start with, and I'd imagine there's little reason to fix that UI just now.04:54
Hobbseeoh, sure.  I'm just...curious about it.04:55
NCommanderHobbsee, just wait until the source gets freed04:56
nealmcbwgrant: the api docs seem pretty useful to me - lots of detail all in one place, and the promise of nice integration with other tools to automate all this release management stuff: https://edge.launchpad.net/+apidoc05:11
nealmcbnow I just want to be able to do something like python setup.py sdist in a way that signs it and uploads it to the right launchpad release05:15
wgrantspm: It's fixed?05:30
wgrantAt least uploads are being processed now.05:30
slangasekare they?  I appear not to be able to upload05:30
spmwgrant: we believe so - am still re-enabling everythnig I stopped - so bear with me for a few more minutes or so.05:30
wgrantslangasek: See #ubuntu-release.05:30
csilkanyone around?05:30
wgrantlinux-lpia generated a notification.05:31
spmslangasek: that's one of the disabled things :-)05:31
StevenKWhich needs a shove05:31
slangasekwgrant: right, so something that was already uploaded finally made it to the db05:31
csilkjust wondering, on my lp profile why am I associated with "bug-helper" in the "related software" section?05:31
wgrantslangasek: Which means the process unwedged, which means something is fixed. Which is better than it has been for a few hours.05:32
wgrantcsilk: You might be a member of a team which is related to it.05:33
csilkYeah I guess, I wouldnt of thought that would associate me with it though, seems odd that's the default behavious05:34
wgrantFor most teams it should be correct behaviour.05:35
wgrantIf I'm a member of ~bzr, I'm related to bzr.05:35
csilkyeah but if i am a member of x and a subset of x use y , shouldnt mean I am related to y05:37
wgrantHow can Launchpad know that?05:38
spmok everyone, I *think* that's everything back and working.05:38
csilkwgrant,  it doesn't know that, which is why it shouldn't yes unless told yes05:38
slangasekspm: \o/ thanks05:38
wgrantspm: Thanks!05:39
csilkanyway, pointless debate, you already answered my question so thank you :)05:39
wgrantcsilk: Why don't you want it to be shown?05:39
spmcredit! lifeless played a major part too!!! :-)05:39
csilkOh, it's not that I don't want it to be shown, I just didn't understand the logic05:39
csilkanyway, back to packaing05:39
NCommander\o\ /o/05:39
wgrantThanks lifeless!05:41
NCommanderYay, launchpad still works05:42
wgrantHey. The buildds are doing something that isn't 6 hours old.05:43
lifelessmy pleasure05:58
darkholeI hace a question06:05
NCommanderdarkhole, just ask it06:07
darkholeI amd making a Poll.06:09
darkholeBut I get this error.06:09
darkholeA poll cannot open less than 12 hours after it's created.06:09
darkholeMy open date: 2008-10-19 12:00:00+01:0006:09
darkholeMy close day: 2008-10-25 12:00:00+01:0006:09
darkholeI don't know what is wrong06:10
darkholeAnd, some body can make this a little easy??06:10
wgrantdarkhole: What is unclear about the error message?06:10
darkholeLike the admin panel to aprove o decline some users in the teams?06:10
wgrantThat restriction doesn't seem sane, but the error message seems clear - you have to set an open date of at least 12 hours in the future.06:11
darkholeMmm, I' making a poll with 7 days of duration..06:11
darkholeBut I get this error..06:11
darkholeA poll cannot open less than 12 hours after it's created.06:11
darkholeMmm, ok..06:11
darkholeI now read all..06:11
wgrantIt's saying that it can't open less than 12 hours after creation - not that it can't be open for less than 12 hours06:12
darkholeSorry, but, my petition to the change of the Gui is there..06:12
darkholeThanks.. sorry for the inconvenient06:12
darkholeBye and many thanks!!06:12
wgrantHobbsee: My eyes are burning.06:13
wgrantHobbsee: Have you seen the poll creation UI?06:13
NCommanderwgrant, how bad is it?06:23
wgrantArbitrary constraints, bad error messages, bad field names, no field descriptions...06:23
wgrantMaybe it's not so arbitrary, actually.06:26
wgrantMaybe they don't want polls opening less than 12 hours after they're created in order to prevent people from looking at the poll functionality without making a significant time commitment to it.06:26
wgrantThus limiting the number of complaints and bugs.06:28
macois bazaar one of the broken bits of launchpad?06:49
macoi can branch fine, but i can't push06:49
wgrantmaco: It works for me... what is the error you're getting?06:52
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macossh: connect to host launchpad.net port 22: Connection timed out06:55
macobzr: ERROR: Connection closed: please check connectivity and permissions (and try -Dhpss if further diagnosis is required)06:55
macoi was getting it earlier...hoped it had stopped06:55
macobut its still happening06:55
macoalso possible i'm doing it wrong...06:56
maco$ bzr push bzr+ssh://maco.m@launchpad.net/maco.m/human-icon-theme/system-administration <-- what i typed06:56
* maco tries again, minus typo06:56
wgrantmaco: bazaar.launchpad.net?06:57
macooh dang two typos06:57
macosorry, i think this is my third time trying to use bzr *blush*06:58
macooh hey that works06:58
maco-_- ok it did the transferring thing and got this far: [======== then it said connection timed out07:00
wgrantMaybe just try again.07:05
macoit resumed and says "Created new branch" but yet again, launchpad believes my branch is empty07:06
macoi currently have two branches that ive pushed to (one was about a month ago) claiming to be empty on launchpad, but at least in the case of the other one, branching from it works fine07:06
wgrantWhich version of bzr are you using?07:07
wgrantWell, I really don't know.07:10
wgrantmaco: Looks like it has worked now.07:10
wgrantmaco: Note that Launchpad will only scan the branch for new revisions every few minutes.07:11
wgrantYour other empty branch needs another push.07:11
macotried that one already07:11
macohad someone helping try to debug it07:11
macoanother push a week later had no effect07:11
macobranching from it works fine.  its there...lp.net's GUI just refuses to show it07:12
wgrantHah. Launchpad is a strange beast.07:12
NCommanderwgrant, its still recovering from its database troubles07:13
macoNCommander: the empty branch i'm referring to was mid-september07:13
wgrantmaco: Launchpad is probably strange enough that it doesn't care about time.07:14
wgrantAnyway, your human-icon-theme branch looks like it's fine.07:15
wgrantWhich is good, because those two icons look very strange now.07:15
macowell i created the branch the night there was a launchpad update followed by "uh, we're taking it down again tomorrow because that didnt work well" and there've been updates since then and nothing's made it visible07:15
macothere've been updates to lp, i mean, not to that branch07:16
macothat branch has to wait for jaunty. string freeze is over for intrepid.07:17
Hobbseewgrant: no...07:41
wgrantHobbsee: It's pretty bad...07:42
wgrantIt looks like somebody dropped it into a new style of form at some point.07:43
hyperairhello there. i'm getting a strange error while attempting to get mesa built in my PPA - cp: cannot create regular file `debian/tmp/etc/X11/Xsession.d/65mesa-check-x86-64': File exists08:17
hyperairsince when does cp fail when the file already exists anyway?08:17
wgranthyperair: That's a bug in your package.08:26
hyperairyeah yeah you tell me that, but the only changes from the official intrepid package is debian/changelog, debian/patches/05something and debian/patches/series08:28
hyperairexactly where would this error be?08:28
hyperairand lpia works just fine =.=08:28
hyperairi don't know why it's failing for x86 and x86_6408:28
wgrantThere is an architecture in your filename, so it's not unthinkable that it should be arch-specific.08:29
hyperairhmm it's not arch-specific, if that's what you'er asking. x86 fails with that file too08:30
hyperairand the file is present in the lpia deb as well08:30
hyperairthe only error i can see in the log is a duplication of the cp command (god knows how that happened on x86 a d x86-64) and a failuer to copy because "File exists"08:31
hyperairtake a look: https://edge.launchpad.net/~hyperair/+archive08:33
hyperairdiff is there, log's also there08:33
* wgrant tries to rebuild mesa from primary.08:35
* hyperair tries to build mesa on pbuilder here08:36
wgrantThat's clearly a packaging bug.08:37
wgrantBut it might be in primary too.08:37
hyperairyeah i know08:37
hyperairfrom what i can see, debian/rules will copy the said file into debian/tmp/etc/Xsession.d/ with every install- rule08:38
hyperairwhich is approx 5 times if i'm not mistaken08:38
hyperairbut for some reason, on x86 and x86_64, that particular cp command is duplicated in the same rule08:38
hyperairwgrant: pbuilder on my system built it just fine09:06
hyperairdoes the ppa build with -j#?09:53
hyperairheh. i thought so. race condition09:55
hyperairif i keep rebuilding, it'll eventually build09:55
NCommanderIs there a rosetta guru around12:44
mdkeNCommander: generally not at weekends, but if you ask, you never know12:45
NCommanderWell, its a release critical issue12:45
NCommanderKDE's translations are horribly broken12:45
mdkeNCommander: unless you're able to give more detail, I doubt that even those who are around will be able to help12:48
NCommanderFOr the vast majority of the cycle, rosetta hasn't been updating as far as KDE translations. Neither importing nor exporting has been working. Finally the later been fixed, but we're stuck with no viable translations. We have the offical KDE translations, but no way to import12:50
mdkeI'm fairly sure that the issue about Rosetta not importing KDE translations was fixed, maybe a couple of weeks ago. See for examples these emails:12:52
NCommanderIt was fixed a few days ago, but now we have no translations.12:53
NCommanderWe need the KDE4 ones imported12:53
mdkenote that the second link says that the imports are working12:54
mdkefrom 1 October12:54
mdkeI think Rosetta hasn't yet finished working through the huge backlog of imports though12:55
NCommandermdke, but the imports aren't present12:55
NCommandermdke, is there a place where I see rosetta's progress?12:55
mdkethe import queue is here: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+imports12:56
mdkethat's just the Ubuntu-specific queue though12:56
mdkeit's showing about 19k approved files waiting for import12:57
mdkeif you're concerned about any packages in particular, you can view the import queue for specific packages. For example, kdebase only has one pending import13:00
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maxbooi, How are packages' "build score"s calculated?14:08
Hobbseewhether they're in main / universe, how long they've been waiting, etc.14:10
cjwatsonmaxb: it's a weighted function of: pocket (security = highest, proposed = lowest), component (as Hobbsee said), a small tweak for urgency= in debian/changelog, time spent in the queue, and whether it's a private build15:40
cjwatsonmaxb: language packs are scored right to the bottom, and builds in rebuild archives only slightly above that15:40
geseroh, urgency is used within Ubuntu? I thought it wasn't used for anything15:42
cjwatsonit's a tiny weighting compared to everything else15:43
cjwatsonso it doesn't make much difference unless the queue is huge15:43
cjwatson(I didn't know it was used either until I went and looked at the code :-) )15:43
NCommandercjwatson, wow, thats news for me?15:55
NCommandercjwatson, I assume it recongizes low, medium, high, critical, emergency?15:55
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cjwatsonNCommander: yes, with critical==emergency. There's only five points of difference between each17:42
l3dxisn't there a "help wanted" section on launchpad?18:04
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yarkolaunchpad source server down?20:05
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tritiumGood day.  It appears my @ubuntu.com email address forwarding isn't working properly.  Is this a launchpad issue?20:30
tritiumMy apologies.  It appears I need to contact #canonical-sysadmin.20:35
UatschitchunI can't connect to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~team-mms/mms/20:36
UatschitchunThere's a "try again" ?!20:36
stdinloggerhead probably needs a kicking20:38
Uatschitchunstdin: who can kick loggerhead?20:52
stdinnot sure, it's a weekend so not many people at work20:53
nhandlerIs the +contactuser page working yet? I get an Oops! Error ID: OOPS-1023EB115 when I try to use it.20:59
_AndrewHow long does bzr upgrade take over sftp?21:29
_Andrewbecause mines been going for ages now21:29
cody-somervilleIt can take quite awhile21:30
_AndrewSo it's not borked then?21:38
_AndrewIt's been around an hour21:38
jill_mannerson your website, you invited suggestions to improve launchpad. well here's mine : get rid of cristoph korn. he has broken THOUSANDS of ubuntu/kubuntu installations with his half-baked, broken "packages"21:56
xtophegood evening22:26
xtophei'm having trouble getting http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~motumedia/vlc/ubuntu/annotate/35?file_id=400_enable_embedded_-20081015162853-od5iuhcn7f4o0pq1-122:27
xtopheand so report here as indicated22:27
beunoxtophe, what's the problem?22:27
xtophebeuno: ah it works now22:28
xtopheit wasn't 30 mins ago22:28
xtophesorry for the noise22:28
beunoxtophe, did it time out?22:28
xtophebeuno: i was getting sth like "sorry unavailable. retry in 5 min and report on irc" with firefox and a 503 with wget22:31
beunoxtophe, it's a known problem with performance, but I'll look into it22:32
xtophebeuno: no problem. I watch a movie in the meantime and now it works22:34
mdkepushing seems very slow here suddenly22:39
mdkemy bad, dodgy internet connection22:43
lfaraoneHey, any idea why https://edge.launchpad.net/~flossmanuals/+archive is only building for i386?22:50
cjwatsonarchitecture: all?22:51
cjwatsonsurely as it should be for a -docs packages22:51
cjwatsonyes, it's building _all.deb. It's working fine then. If you want a package to build on each architecture separately (and for documentation packages you generally don't) then you want Architecture: any22:52
lfaraonecjwatson: ah, resolved-ish.23:02

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