bsniderno, no. if it worked in -6 but not -7 it's a regression they'll have to fix. something that was changed in the -7 update00:00
BWMwine works!00:00
BWMI can play games again! XD00:00
Mark_MillimanI'm going to start using the -6 kernel until I see a new kernel or ALSA update00:00
bsniderMark_Milliman, what's the pciid of your sound chip?00:01
Mark_MillimanIt worked in a prior version of -7 like -7-11 or something like that00:02
Mark_MillimanI am on -7-12 now00:02
Mark_Milliman00:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 02)00:03
Mark_Millimanoops, not good with the keyboard tonight00:03
bsniderwhat platform are you on?00:04
Mark_Millimanbsnider, what do you mean platform? i686, 32-bit, ???00:04
=== emma_ is now known as emma
bsniderbuild platform. i386 et al.00:05
Mark_Millimanbsnider, okay, i68600:05
Mark_MillimanLinux Coronado 2.6.27-7-generic #1 SMP Fri Oct 17 22:24:21 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux00:05
reabyMark_Milliman: use lspci -nn --> pci-id is the [xxxx:xxxx] number00:06
Mark_Milliman [8086:24c5]00:06
bsniderMark_Milliman, i'm on 64 bit and it is fine here. maybe the problem is specific to i68600:06
Mark_Millimanperhaps, I have read where it still works with the rt kernel too00:07
BWMtext is fuzzy in Elite Forcew00:08
BWMlike it's not at a high enough resolution00:08
BWMany idea why that would be? It's a wine app00:08
bsniderMark_Milliman, our pciids are almost the same00:08
bsniderlikely using the same drivers00:08
Mark_Millimanbsnider, that's not too unusual00:09
reabycorrect driver for the card is:  intel8x000:09
Mark_Millimanthese controllers are used in several machines00:09
bsniderhere's the build changelog for the new kernel: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/intrepid-changes/2008-October/008957.html00:10
Mark_Millimanreaby, so I should try to load the snd-hda-intel8x0 module?00:11
reabyMark_Milliman: try00:11
bsniderreaby, where didst you find that info?00:11
Mark_Millimanreaby, I don't have that module00:12
reabytho it's a bit old (2007)00:12
Mark_Millimansorry, gents, I have to get going.  Thanks for the pointers though.  I'll continue to watch the forums for others with this issue.  Until then I'll use the -6 kernel.00:14
reabybtw how accurate is that lspci first number versus lspci --nn00:18
bsnidermine is so new it doesn't appear on the alsa page00:18
=== TeLLuS_ is now known as TeLLuS
kjetil1001Where can I find daily builds of intrepid beta CD iso's?? cant find anything newer than 03.10.0800:36
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/00:36
bsniderand that's the bottom line cuz stone cold said so00:36
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chris__ne one around?01:24
chris__when i try to install nvidia gfx driver it says my xorgconf is invalid :(01:25
BWMNobody here but us potatos.01:25
chris__(i have to load ubuntu in safe gfx mode)01:25
BWMI dunno why that'd be, sorry. I don't know anything, really, about Linux XD01:25
chris__to be exact it says "Reconfiguring x.org video drivers is no possible: /etc/X11/xorg.conf is invalid"01:26
chris__everyone is gone :(01:27
chris__BAH!!! lol i want my 1800x1600 lol01:27
BWMIf I wanted a colorful terminal, like the one Mint has01:28
BWMcan that be done?01:28
chris__i assume....01:28
HobbseeBWM: sure, if you know how to.01:28
chris__Hobbsee, can u help meh?01:28
Hobbseechris__: nope.01:29
chris__damn :(01:29
Hobbseeapart from removing the file, or something01:30
chris__what do i remove?01:30
chris__i cant load up regular xorg :(01:30
zyrorldoes anyone know what the latest nvidia drivers that work properly with compiz are?01:30
wgrantchris__: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg01:32
BWMI just figured out how XD01:32
BWMAnd decided I like it fine the way it is, though I would appreciate those little tokens of wisdom Mint displays when the terminal starts :P01:33
aguitelthe last update ctash my system01:33
chris__wgrant, nope :(01:33
chris__do i need to restart xorg?01:33
wgrantchris__: Yes.01:34
chris__ok ctrl + alt + backspace good enough?, or full reboot?01:34
wgrantchris__: The former.01:34
chris__whats the former?01:35
wgrantchris__: Ctrl+Alt+Backspace.01:35
PeddyMy wireless card does not appear in Hardware Drivers. Can someone please help me?01:35
FFForeverhere goes nothing :)01:35
FFForever(this is my windows laptop...)01:35
FFForeverwgrant same thing from the restricted device manager...01:36
wgrantFFForever: OK, sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf{,.old}01:36
FFForeverone sec rebooting01:36
FFForeverohhh yeah that reminds me half way booting i have to hold down a key till it stops moving the loading bar then it finishes loading...01:37
FFForeverany idea about that wgrant01:37
wgrantThere's a bug on that, but I'm no kernel god.01:37
FFForeverok when i boot up it says (EE) No devices detected01:38
wgrantThat bug.01:38
FFForeverthen it says run in low gfx mode, reconfigure gfx, trouble shoot01:38
FFForeveruse default, create new config, use ur bk up (witch i don't think i have....)01:39
wgrantFFForever: Try the first.01:39
FFForever... didn't work01:40
wgrantWhat do you mean?01:40
FFForevernow it says no screens found (when launching x by hand)01:40
wgrantDo you have xserver-xorg-video-nv installed?01:41
wgrantTry removing nvidia-glx-*01:41
FFForeveryeah and its the newest version01:41
FFForeverok removing01:42
FFForeverthen what?01:42
FFForeverit only removed nvidia-glx-177 though....01:42
FFForeverwgrant u there?01:44
wgrantFFForever: I am, but a bit busy... tried starting X again?01:45
FFForeveryeah same thing01:45
FFForeveri understand u guys are busy but i need this laptop working its my school computer :(01:46
zyrorlFFForever - downgrade to 17301:46
zyrorlhardware drivers01:46
zyrorl177 doesnt work properly in intrepid01:47
FFForeverzyrorl restricted device manager won't work in safe gfx mode :(01:47
FFForeverinstalling 173 via apt :)01:49
FFForeverzyrorl if i build the kernel by hand will that solve my boot up problem?01:50
zyrorli dunno01:50
wgrantFFForever: You are not meant to upgrade a machine to a pre-release if it is a critical one.01:51
FFForeverwgrant i have no other option...01:51
wgrantWhy not?01:52
FFForevermost things i need require the newer version then what apt offers in 8.04... also wifi works in 8.10 but not 8.04....01:52
FFForeverthe point is i need wifi reguardless of the os...01:52
zyrorlwhat wireless device you have?01:54
FFForeveri tried madwifi and ndiswrapper the hardware manager in 8.04...01:55
FFForeveranyways gfx is working now (thanks for 173)01:55
FFForeverwhen is ibext planned on being released?01:56
zyrorli hear?01:56
FFForeverok wifi is no longer working :(01:56
FFForeveri have an AR242x01:56
FFForeverit says This driver is activated but not currently in use...01:57
zyrorl*shrugs*, i have an intel 4965, its got enough problems on its own (like not obtaining dhcp if WMM is enabled), never had an atheros to play with01:58
zyrorlwireless multimedia extensions..01:59
zyrorli think01:59
dredhammercan someone tell me what the link is for the intrepid ibex beta dvd iso02:01
bsniderFFForever, the old madwifi driver is deprecated in intrepid because of the huge kernel jump (from .24 to .27)02:09
bsnideruse the ath5k driver instead02:09
FFForeverhow do i install it02:09
bsniderin other words, remove the linux-restriced-modules package02:10
FFForeveru just recompiled madwifi-hal version
bsniderath5k is in the kernel already. you don't install anything. you take out the conflicting madwifi parts02:10
FFForeverbsnider no packages found for linux-restricted-modules02:11
bsnidersearch for restricted02:11
bsniderin synaptic02:12
bsniderhey grant, how ya doin'?02:12
FFForeverthere are 402:13
FFForeverremove them all?02:13
bsniderthey're conflicting with the ath5k driver02:13
FFForeverok removing02:14
FFForeverwhy dont we use ath5k by default?02:14
bsniderthe only reason they're in there is because you probably upgraded from hardy02:14
FFForeverwell i couldn't get the live cd to install...02:14
FFForevercouldn't get xorg started at all...02:15
bsniderwhich one?02:15
FFForeverdaily live cd02:15
bsniderwhat was wrong with it?02:15
FFForeverxorg won't start...02:15
FFForeverbsnider now what do i do?02:16
bsniderdo an lsmod and check for loaded modules with "ath" like ath_pci02:17
bsnideror wlan02:17
FFForeveri loaded ath5k by hand02:18
bsnideryou need to remove them. the command to remove them is sudo modprobe -r modulename02:18
FFForeverbut nothing with ath_pci comes up02:18
bsniderif that didn't mkae your wireless work, restart02:19
FFForeverone moment removing ndiswrapper02:19
racquadhi guys! I have ubuntu 8.04 installed on an acer one and I just upgraded to 8.10. the thing is that the video is strange, too slow. to move a window is a pain.02:19
FFForeverok rebooting02:20
bsniderracquad, what video card is in that thing?02:21
racquadintel 94502:21
FFForever*prays this works*02:21
racquadbsnider, on 8.04 it worked very gently. on 8.10, even a simple scroll on a webpage under firefox is a pain!02:22
bsniderracquad, so the performance is significantly worse than hardy?02:22
racquadworse. significantly. i don't know why, since this video card is well supported by x.org02:22
bsniderracquad, did you upgrade or do a clean install?02:23
FFForeverbsnider how do i make it auto load ath5k?02:23
wgrantracquad: dist-upgrade, or through update-manager?02:23
bsniderFFForever, that driver will be automatically selected02:23
racquadI know it still a beta, but it will be available very soon02:23
racquadyes. update-manager -d02:23
FFForeveri just had to load it by hand again02:23
wgrantracquad: OK. Good. Pastebin /etc/X11/xorg.con02:23
racquadjust a min02:24
bsnideror wipe that file out02:24
racquadit has 69 lines long.02:24
wgrant!pastebin | racquad02:24
ubotturacquad: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:24
bsnideri was going to tell him to send it inot oblivion02:24
wgrantbsnider: Best to check that there's nothing special there first.02:24
wgrantOnce I look over it I hope to recommend the same thing.02:24
bsniderwhat the hell is that thing anyway? "acer one"?02:25
wgrantracquad: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg02:25
racquadbsnider: a netbook by acer. similar to asus eee pc02:26
wgrantThere's nothing beneficial in that xorg.conf now.02:26
wtgeeHey all, I've been trying to figure out why my authenticate/authorization fails from some screens, any ideas?  Specifically the Hardware Drivers screen is what I am looking at.02:26
bsnideroh, that thing02:26
wgrantwtgee: What is the precise text of the failure message/02:26
bsniderFFForever, did you say you built a custom hal?02:26
wtgeewgrant: It just doesn't recognize my password02:26
FFForeverbsnider yeah but i guess i removed it...02:26
FFForeverwell madwifi-hal02:27
racquadwgrant: it has done nothing. just a new file02:27
wgrantracquad: It shouldn't do anything visible. Try restarting X now.02:27
racquadwgrant: any idea?02:27
racquadi will drop irc.02:27
wgrantracquad: Good luck.02:27
racquadhang on a second02:28
wtgeewgrant: So if I try to activate a proprietary driver it gives the me Authenticate popup and that doesn't accept my password.02:28
wgrantwtgee: "doesn't accept"? It tells you that your password is incorrect?02:28
bsniderFFForever, what does iwconfig yield?02:28
wtgeewgrant: But that same Authenticate screen fails from everywhere, Restricted Drivers is just an example.02:28
FFForeverbsnider it works now :)02:28
FFForeveri just had to add ath5k to /etc/modules :)02:28
bsniderbut i think if you have the default hal it will autoload02:29
bsniderwelcome to open source atheros support02:29
wtgeewgrant: It shakes like I entered it wrong.  I don't believe there is actually a message. If I hit cancel or try to many times it is 'You are not authorized to perform this action'02:29
wgrantwtgee: What do the implicit policies for com.ubuntu.devicedriver in System->Administration->Authorizations say?02:29
FFForeverone more thing bsnider do u know how i can fix my boot up problem?, it hangs till i hold any key for a few secs... then after the sliding bar finishes everything works fine02:29
bsniderdoes it say it's doing a fsck or soemthing?02:30
wgrantwtgee: Also, ck-list-sessions02:30
wgrantbsnider: It's a known kernel bug.02:30
FFForeverbsnider nothing its before it says anything (when its just moving the bar back and forth before it gets to the actual loading...)02:31
bsnideri thought it was already fixed02:31
wtgeewgrant: For "Install or remove device drivers" it is Admin Authentication. For all the others in com.ubuntu.devicedriver it is a Yes or No02:31
FFForeverwgrant wouldn't that be a problem with grub though?02:31
bsniderno, not grub02:31
FFForevercan i install an older kernel?02:31
bsnidergrub has already handed it off to the kernel at that point02:31
wtgeewgrant: what part of ck-list-sessions do you want?02:31
wgrantwtgee: If there's only one session, just check that active=TRUE.02:32
wtgeewgrant: Yes, active is true02:32
bsniderFFForever, rc1 is like 5 days away. i'd deal with it until then02:32
wgrantwtgee: Try to grant yourself an explicit authorisation to install drivers.02:33
FFForeverwgrant i am looking at the bug reports i don't see anything like what i am having02:33
wtgeewgrant: It pops up the same Authenticate screen and responds the same02:33
racquadwgrant: I figured out what's going on!!02:33
bsniderFFForever, are you kidding me? it's all over the forums and has been for months02:34
FFForeverbsnider i am not looking in the forums just the bug reports02:34
racquadthe thing is: I have a 22" external monitor plugged on my laptop. when I turn my laptop monitor into a secondary display, Ubuntu asks if I want to turn on virtual desktop, because the size of the external and the laptop are different02:34
bsniderFFForever, it can be very hard to find bugs on laucnhpad unfortunately02:35
racquadwhen this function (virtual desktop) is enabled, the whole system turn slow02:35
wtgeewgrant: I recently signed up for the Ubuntero and in the process generated a new gpg key.  I think this is the first I have encountered the Authenitcate screen since then.02:35
FFForeverwhere is the 8.10 forum?02:35
wtgeewgrant: I don't know why that would affect my user password though but just letting you know02:35
bsniderFFForever,  http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=34602:36
wgrantwtgee: That can't affect your user password. You're quite sure it's correct?02:36
wtgeewgrant: yes, I have entered it a 1000 times.  Very slowly02:36
wgrantracquad: i945 has an accelerated size limit of 2048x2048, IIRC.02:36
wtgeewgrant: checked caps lock and all that02:36
racquadwgrant: I know. i'm using 1650x1050 on the external. but with virtual on, it turns slow. now, I'm not using it and works justs fine02:37
FFForeverdid u guys take out the startup sound?02:37
wgrantwtgee: Are there just the usual four @include lines in /etc/pam.d/polkit?02:37
wgrantracquad: You should only see the problem if virtual is above 2048x2048.02:38
racquadwgrant. it's not above02:38
wgrantFFForever: Not deliberately, but there are some bugs with libcanberra/PulseAudio interaction early in the session.02:38
wgrantracquad: What is it?02:38
wtgeewgrant: I don't know what the usualy is, but yeah, there are 4 lines besides the shebang kind of line02:39
wtgeewgrant: 4 @incluce02:39
wgrantwtgee: OK, that should be fine.02:39
wtgeewgrant: err @include02:39
bsnideri think luke already fixed that problem02:39
racquadwell, as I said, when this function (virtual) is enabled, the video turns slow02:39
racquadnow, this virtual desktop is disabled. and seems to be fine02:39
wtgeewgrant: It has been this way for maybe a day or two, not just from the most recent update.  I was waiting to see if it fixed itself.02:40
wgrantracquad: What is the size? I run with one under 2048x2048 fine...02:40
wgrantwtgee: I've no clue, sorry. You've rebooted?02:40
racquadwgrant: the laptop works on 1024x600. the external, 1650x105002:41
FFForeverhow come wifi + linux just never works otb?02:41
wgrantracquad: I don't particularly care about the screen resolutions. I need the Virtual line in xorg.conf.02:41
wgrantFFForever: It does in a lot of cases.02:41
wgrantAll three laptops here have worked fine for at least 18 months OOTB.02:41
wtgeewgrant: Yeah, like I said, it has been a couple of days so I have shutdown and so forth.  I've gotta go so I will check back later.  It doesn't totally interrupt everything but wanted to check if others had seen. I will play around wth it later but thanks for the help.02:41
dli_racquad, so, 1650x1650 virtual is enough02:41
wgrant(they're all with Intel chips)02:41
wgrantdli_: Depends on the direction in which the screens are aligned.02:42
FFForeveri guess buying the cheapest laptop is not the best idea on earth...02:42
racquadVirtual2704 105002:42
wgrantFFForever: Mine was cheap. I just chose one with Intel hardware because I had good experiences with it and the drivers are free.02:42
wgrantracquad: There is your problem.02:42
wgrant2704 >> 204802:42
dli_racquad, no, the driver won't do it02:42
FFForeverbtw nice new background pix what is it?, a warewolf that got shot in the jaw?02:43
racquadbecause it sums 1650 with 102402:43
wgrantFFForever: An Ibex...02:43
wgrantracquad: Because you have your screens set to next to each other, right.02:43
FFForeverif you say so... lol02:43
racquadwgrant, that's it. now, I have one under the other.02:43
wgrantracquad: That should work fine.02:44
wgrantracquad: We may have a workaround for this hardware limitation for Jaunty, but maybe not.02:44
racquadwgrant: thanks a lot02:44
racquadwgrant: that's  a limitation about the hardware or the driver?02:46
wgrantracquad: Hardware.02:46
wgrantGL surface size limitation, IIRC.02:47
racquadi see02:47
bsniderhe could turn off the smaller screen and just use the bigger one02:47
tayotesting.. dont mind me :)02:49
tayoanyone else here running ATI graphics with the beta?02:49
FFForeverdark room theme + gmail == weird as ********* lol02:50
jtismehow do i mount an internal floppy   /dev/fd0  does not exist02:59
crashsystemsWow, it has been years since I've even touched a floppy. I'd expect it to auto mount like a cd or usb drive, but I don't know.03:01
bsniderit does automount03:01
jtismeno and /dev/fd is a directory with  0 1 2 and 255 links in it03:02
jtismei suspect the kernel code changed and i did not keep up with the chane03:03
jtismesearched google no luch03:03
chrisw_i have a problem with preseeding a network installation of intrepid which may (?) be a bug03:10
chrisw_i can't find a preseed option to address whether or not the initial user's home directory is encrypted or not03:10
crashsystemsis home dir encryption a new feature?03:11
chrisw_preseeding -- passing installer options over http during a network installation03:11
chrisw_yes, i think it's new to this release03:11
crashsystemsnice. I'm using the whole disk crypto, but that has been there for some time03:11
chrisw_(it's actually part of debconfig i think, but i don't understand the finer points yet)03:11
bsniderobviously you're using the alternate cd?03:11
crashsystemsand an insane passphrase03:12
bsniderthat issue might be a little bit beyond this chat room03:12
chrisw_if preseeding encrypted home isn't possible, i think that's a bug03:12
bsnidermgiht as well submit a bug report03:12
chrisw_it would prevent an otherwise completely automatic installation03:13
crashsystemshave you searched launchpad?03:13
chrisw_i've googled for a while03:13
chrisw_there doesn't seem to be much information specific to intrepid03:13
crashsystemsI'm not familiar with the automated installation topic03:13
chrisw_i also tried slugging through the installation scripts a bit03:13
chrisw_i'll submit a bug03:14
* chrisw_ checks the bug database first03:14
chrisw_oh right, that is what launchpad is03:14
bsniderif you submit a bug, it will at least precipitate a dialogue between you and whomever packages it03:14
chrisw_bug report away03:22
chrisw_hmm, apparently a kmitnick is notified of bug reports03:23
chrisw_hmm, i don't think i've used epic a handful of times in the last ten years03:24
chrisw_i must be developing irc nostolgia03:25
Kr0ntab~sigh~   I love Intrepid.  :-)03:44
zyrorlintrepid has come a long way int he last few days03:49
zyrorlits been far more stabe03:49
zyrorli used to get kernel panics few times a day03:49
BlackGAI installed Ubuntu 8.10 Beta, and started the Distribution upgrade. Everything went fine with it, until it got the the Cleaning Up stage. It had to remove 2 packages. (linux-headers- and linux-headers- It has sat on removing linux-headers- for about 2 hours, and has not done anything. What should I do?03:49
donjr_KSI am using Kubuntu intrepid. And I cannot get it to burn an ISO immage to CD. It dosen't even pop up that it's found a blank CD when I put one in.03:49
smil3yBlackGA>  wait a minute, you mean you were on 8.04 and did a dist upgrade? or you were on 8.10 and did a dist upgrade?03:50
BlackGAI installed a clean 8.10, and then did the dist upgade/03:50
smil3yBlackGA>  uh, no experience with that, you may have hosed it.  you dont dist upgrade if theres nothing to dist upgrade to03:51
smil3yBlackGA> what happens when you boot?03:52
wgrantsmil3y: That's incorrect. dist-upgrade is appropriate here.03:52
donjr_KSAny suggestion on how I can get intrepid to recognize my blank CD and allow me to burn an ISO?03:52
BlackGAWas told to do so, or else a certain package wouldn't work properly, while trying to run it.03:53
smil3yyeah i know, thats why I said "may have" and asked what happens when he boots..... not sure03:53
smil3yBlackGA> so what happens when you boot?03:53
BlackGAI have not rebooted. I have been waiting for the upgrade to finish up.03:54
smil3yBlackGA> you can always reinstall 27.4, im not using it anyway, cant get wireless to work reliably, i use .2403:54
bertodseracan anyone point me to a channel where I can get assistance for me to add a layout to X?03:55
wgrantbertodsera: "layout"?03:55
BlackGAIs it ok to cancel the Upgrade process while it's trying to remove it?03:56
bertodserakeyboard layout03:56
bertodseraa keyboard for a language that is still missing in the distro03:56
bertodseraI can start the translation, but I need a keyboard for that03:56
smil3yBlackGA> if it was me i would, i live fixing shit but im not recommending it to you03:58
smil3yBlackGA>  your rpobably going to be in for a ton of dependency issues if you do03:58
unfohi all, could you please tell me the entire contents of the file "/etc/issue" on Intrepid03:59
donjr_KSno help for burning an ISO?03:59
wgrantBlackGA: As long as you're not upgrading from another release, cancelling and retrying should be fine.04:00
bsniderunfo, ubuntu intrepid (development branch) \n \l04:00
smil3ydonjr_KS>  i dont know, havent tried to burn anything, what happens when you insert a blank cd? does it mount?04:00
donjr_KSsmil3y no, it doesn't show in dolphin at all, no pop up, nothing.  But any other CD reads fine.04:01
bsniderunfo, that's the funniest question. you want to know the contents of a file that has one line.04:02
smil3yunfo>  this is what I have "Ubuntu intrepid (development branch) \n \l"04:02
smil3ydonjr_KS>  well, i would test it too, but my dvd drive is busted04:03
donjr_KSwell crud.04:03
smil3ydonjr_KS>  you try opening k3b? see if it shows there?04:03
donjr_KSsmil3y thanks for the reply at least.04:03
donjr_KSsmil3y not yet, let me find it04:03
smil3yDon_Miguel>  try a different cd? maybe not a r/w?04:04
crashsystemsyou could boot from a usb drive04:04
donjr_KSthese are burnable. I have k3b open now, we'll see if it works out.04:04
donjr_KSI don't have a flash drive atm04:05
crashsystemsah, ok04:05
smil3ydonjr_KS>  maybe a bug in dolphin right now,04:05
BlackGADon, does the blank CD show up when you attempt to burn a file with CD/DVD Creator?04:05
donjr_KSk3b is working thus far..I tried earlier with cdrecord from console04:06
larson9999are there still some kinds to work out with policy kit?  seems every time i install hardy or ibex the unlock is greyed out on at least a few things.04:06
smil3ydonjr_KS>  well thats definately odd04:06
donjr_KSWe'll see if it works out properly, but so far it appears to be.  CD rom just activated and it nows says it's writing to disk.  Thanks a ton for the info, I wasn't sure k3b would do what the console wouldn't thought maybe I was missing something04:08
crashsystemsSpeaking of CD burning, it has always seemed to me that Brasero is rather slow. Has anyone else noticed this?04:09
unfobsnider, smil3y, thanks.04:09
unfoall : also : when you log in in text mode (Ctrl+Alt+F1) does Intrepid tell you a web site you can go to for help?  what is the entire line telling you how to get help?04:09
BlackGAHow do I cancel the Upgrade process, should I just log off?04:10
unfocrashsystems: nope to who?04:13
crashsystemsit does not tell me of any website when I go to tty104:13
unfocrashsystems: thanks for checking.  but try this:  go to tty1, then *log in*. :)04:14
unfodoes it mention how to get help?04:14
unfocrashsystems: if so, what is the exact wording of the message on how to get help?04:14
crashsystemsnope. it just states that it is a developmental branch04:15
unfocrashsystems: thanks04:15
crashsystemsare you looking for help?04:15
unfocrashsystems: no, i am filing a bug report "[PATCH] Tell users how to undo accidental Ctrl+Alt+F1 presses by adding a line to /etc/issue"04:15
dr_willisheh heh.. accidental.04:16
crashsystemsis accidental Ctrl+Alt+F1 a common thing?04:16
dr_willisdont forget to mention about .hushlogin to make all the issue messages and stuff go away04:16
unfocrashsystems: it happens.04:16
unfodr_willis: what is .hushlogin?04:16
Hobbseecrashsystems: wouldn't have thoguht so - ctrl+alt+backspace may be more common..04:16
dr_willisIt makes for a quiet login. :)04:16
unfoHobbsee: I convinced dstone to disable ctrl+alt+backspace by default in the newest Xorg (coming soon).04:17
crashsystemsgrr, I love ctrl+alt+backspace04:17
larson9999for the past few days about every other boot here was met with a constant beeping.  that was nice04:17
unfoHobbsee: accidental ctrl+alt+backspace is alarmingly common04:17
Hobbseeunfo: ouch?04:17
dr_willisTo turn off the banner in Unix, create a special file in your login directory called .hushlogin.04:17
unfoHobbsee: what do you mean "ouch"04:17
dr_willis.hushlogin is OLD skool :)04:17
unfodr_willis: why would most people want to turn off the banner?04:18
larson9999you can't get rid of ctl+alt_backspace.04:18
wgrantThat was an interesting decision on daniels' part. I was very surprised when I first saw it.04:18
bsniderand how do you restart the x server then?04:18
dr_willisunfo,  becuase the banner is useless info for the most part.04:18
dr_willisi dont need to see the same banner in each ssh session04:18
wgrantbsnider: Gracefully.04:18
crashsystemsrandom jokes would be much better04:18
dr_willisand dont get me started on prople that put 'fortune' in their .bashrc :)04:18
larson9999my son already has muscle memory for ctl+alt+backspace04:18
larson9999dr_willis, i put fortune in all my team's .profile at work :)04:19
dr_willisI have encounted issues in the past with some of the login output , when scripting remote things.. But thats a bit rare.04:19
* dr_willis pummles larson9999 with 'fortune | cowsay'04:19
dr_willislarson9999,  i noticed that the Ubuntu-linux-Mint variant does that by default.. THEN they made a special GUI tool that lets you disable it.. its SOO critial!04:20
crashsystemslol, I've never seen fortune!04:20
wgrantdr_willis: It does not have Ubuntu in its name.04:20
dr_williswgrant,  i know..04:20
unfoOT : How does this sound?  "Ubuntu intrepid (development branch) 8.10 tty1"04:21
unfo"This is text mode ttyX. If you got here by pushing Ctrl+Alt+F#, then push Ctrl+Alt+F7 to return to graphics mode. Or see http://help.ubuntu.com/"04:21
dr_willisunfo,  actually i think you just need alt-f7 or ctrl-f7 to get back04:21
bsniderthat's obviously a good idea. disabling ctrl-alt-backspace isn't04:21
crashsystemsrather, "or see w3m http://help.ubuntu.com"04:21
Dalem50Hello :D04:21
dr_willisunfo,  ALSO -  if you have more then 1 X session going - it could be F8 of F9 :) or all 304:22
larson9999dr_willis, we just started using unix at work and for some dumb reason they didn't chmod the home areas very smartly so we could edit each other's .profiles.   a made a fake 'automated checker' it simulated a check of resources and said they're home area was too big and automatically deleted files.  scrolling the names one by one as they were being deleted.04:22
crashsystemsand the user who accidently went to tty1 also has several x sessions04:22
Dalem50Wait, you mean by switching between console and GUI?04:22
larson9999within a day they fixed that :)04:22
wgrantbsnider: I never have to use Ctrl+Alt+Backspace. I always either log out gracefully or convince X to hardlock my machine.04:22
dr_willislarson9999,  :) a simple "yes > .bigfile &" in the .bashrc is so amuseing also.... slowlys fills up their quota04:23
Dalem50Speaking of which, does anyone know how to install a desktop on Ubuntu Server Edition?04:23
bsniderwgrant, you get hard lockups do you? you must be running an ati driver04:23
dr_willisDalem50,  install the ubuntu-desktop package is one way04:23
Dalem50Wait, I heard of Xbuntu, how do you install that desktop?04:23
wgrantbsnider: No, -intel. Just I hack the drivers and it ends up segfaulting, and segfaulting with Composite on -intel is *bad*.04:23
wgrantDalem50: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop04:24
dr_willisDalem50,  xubuntu-desktop for xubuntu04:24
Dalem50Thanks wgrant :D04:24
dr_willisI wonder if the fluxbox/fluxbuntu guys ever made a fluxbuntu-desktop package04:24
bsniderwgrant, why would you need to hack an excellent driver like the intel driver?04:24
zyrorlintel wireless drivers are far from excellent:(04:24
wgrantzyrorl: ipw2200 works excellently for me.04:25
crashsystemswith 8.10, I can do dual monitors for the first time04:25
Dalem50Does anyone know how to get RTL8187B working?04:25
larson9999dr_willis, yeah.  the lasting fun part of that is one of the people i played that prank on was an admin.  probably the reason they weren't chmoded in the first place.04:25
zyrorliwl4965 doesnt04:25
Dalem50It's a wireless card.04:25
wgrantbsnider: I don't. I hack other bits of X and the -synaptics driver.04:25
bsniderzyrorl, it's a great driver, assuming you don't want your wifi to work04:25
wgrantAnd -intel occasionally, but not as often.04:25
zyrorlbsnider - i guess...04:26
thompaIm having one problem. Themes don't stay after reboot04:26
unfocrashsystems: re w3m: good idea. fixed.04:27
Dalem50thompa: Is this on 8.10?04:27
bsniderThomasD, maybe you don't have write permission to your own home directory04:27
crashsystems@unfo honestly, that was a bit of a joke, but if you find it helpful, then that makes me happy04:27
thompaDalem50: yes04:27
unfocrashsystems: I think it's a good idea04:28
Dalem50thompa: Sorry, I can't really help with that. I didn't try 8.10 out because I figured it wouldn't be very compatible with my computer.04:28
thompaDalem50: I found something on forum while back04:28
Dalem50thompa:What's that xD04:28
thompaDalem50: whats your computer04:29
dli_scim stops working for me:(04:29
Dalem50Thompa: It's a really cheap Toshiba Computer. I forgot the exact model number04:29
crashsystemsI saw in the release notes for the current kernel that there is now support for ext4, yet I do not see it as an option in gparted04:29
unfocrashsystems: just use ext3.  it works fine.04:30
crashsystemsI'm using reiserfs currently04:30
thompaDalem50: well its working fine here on a few systems all laptops04:30
zyrorli used reiser until recently when i couldn't recover my partition:(04:30
crashsystemsbut doesn't ext4 have better performance?04:31
Dalem50tompa: Mine has a X1200 ATI graphics card. I don't think highly on compatibility, but I have faith :D04:31
thompabut the theme issue I cant figure out. could it be compiz?04:31
Dalem50thompa: Not likely04:31
thompaDalem50: I had a problem with ati also04:31
Dalem50Thompa: Unless you're running Compiz04:31
Dalem50Thompa: Try turning Compiz off and changing the theme.04:31
thompaDalem50: well i am. I mean maybe cause ots updated so much.. compiz04:32
steve_crashsystems>  is reiser even maintained anymore?04:32
thompaDalem50: good idea04:32
Dalem50Thompa: I think you'd have to do some experimenting with your case.04:32
crashsystemsI also see reiser4 as an option, but it is grayed out04:32
crashsystems@steve_ it is04:32
crashsystemsthere is talk of changing it's name04:32
steve_crashsystems>  yeah., thats probably a good idea04:32
crashsystemsmkfs.ext4 currently exists on my system though04:33
crashsystemsbut mkfs.reiserfs4 does not04:33
crashsystemsthis is rather strange04:33
bsniderthat filfesystem is notoriously unstable04:34
thompadarklooks theme has changed i think . now blue highlights04:34
nathan_Does any one know if 8.10 includes the latest Atheros 9k drivers release?04:34
bsnidermuch like its creator04:34
crashsystemswhat, reiserfs?04:34
crashsystemsI've got it on my encrypted hd currently04:34
bsniderno, the 4th version of it04:35
thompaanyone know what the deafualt theme is supposed to be04:35
crashsystemsah, that might explain it04:35
nathan_included in the latest kernel I mean04:35
=== steve_ is now known as smil3y
crashsystemsperhaps we could have a file system war in here...04:35
bsniderxfs is currently the best04:36
thompanathan_: I had  manually install them04:36
bsniderbtrfs will eventually be04:36
crashsystems@bsnider what makes you think that? also, would it go well inside encrypted lvm?04:36
thompathompa: madwifi that is04:36
crashsystems(reffering to xfs)04:36
nathan_right I've looked into mad wifi and will probably go that route04:37
bsniderit's fast and efficient. it uses extents04:37
nathan_but was hoping to have a lazy way out... :)04:37
wgrantbsnider: And one would be crazy to run it without a UPS, in general...04:37
crashsystemsI'm on a laptop04:38
bsniderif you say so , sir04:39
unfobsnider, smil3y, dr_willis, crashsystems, and everyone else who helped, thanks.04:39
unfoI have now filed bug 285734 thanks to your advice.04:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285734 in base-files "[PATCH] Tell users how to undo accidental Ctrl+Alt+F1 presses in /etc/issue" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28573404:39
nathan_thompa: did you run into much trouble?04:40
bsniderthat's great. now talk them back into using ctrl-alt-backspace, if you please04:40
dli_how to activate scim? seems to be broken by upgrade04:41
nathan_is ubottu a real person?  Sounds kinda A.I.04:41
crashsystemsit is a bot04:41
crashsystemsa very nice, friendly and helpful bot04:42
nathan_explains bot in the name huh.04:42
nathan_thanks new to chat (if you couldn't tell)04:42
crashsystemswhat does everyone think of the new private directory feature?04:43
nathan_Hope I don't get "boo"ed out of here but does Ibex still include wubi?04:45
dr_willisI hope not. :)04:45
crashsystemsI like wubi. its great for noobs04:45
nathan_hey, I resemble that remark.04:46
pwnguinmy first linux install resembled wubi in 199804:47
crashsystemswhat do you mean pwnguin?04:47
pwnguinwubi installs to an existing windows filesystem04:47
bsniderwubi has been improved. now, it not only destroys your windows installation. it now prevents you from ever installing windows on that machine again. sort of like salting the earth.04:48
crashsystemswhy do you say it destroys windows?04:48
pwnguinin 98 someone showed me a linux distro based on zipslack04:48
dr_willisSalted earth.... Drooooolllll...04:48
wgrantcrashsystems: Because he's wrong.04:48
nathan_I havn't had any trouble with it in 8.0404:49
pwnguinyou could load up all your favorite slackware programs without reformatting window04:49
pwnguinjust linload into a umbdos setup04:49
pwnguinunfortunately, in 98 i had dial-up, and linux liked modems even less than it does now04:50
crashsystemsI don't even know if my laptop has a modem04:50
dr_willisMost do.04:50
crashsystemsyep, it does04:50
pwnguini know mine does. wired into the sound card04:50
dr_willisI imagine tht will change here in the next few years.. so they can save a few $$$04:51
bsniderthat's what i wish wubi did.04:51
nathan_got one.. never use it.04:51
crashsystemsis there any useful applications of a modem other than dialup?04:51
nathan_mmm security systems.04:52
pwnguinyou don't nessecarily need the phone system04:52
nathan_I use one to dial into and modify security and fire alarm programming04:52
crashsystemshmm, that sounds like it could be fun04:53
pwnguinyou could perhaps use it to connect to other computers without "dialing"04:53
nathan_depends on the reason I guess.04:53
pwnguinthe amusing pizza programs04:53
nathan_customer hasn't paid bill being a jerk...04:53
nathan_Usually just adding/ removing users, devices etc.  everyday stuff04:54
nathan_but I'm getting a little outside topic...04:55
pwnguinthat one is internet based though04:55
pwnguinthere used to be some that were direct dial04:55
crashsystemsI've seen that one before04:56
pwnguini used to use a modem to connect to the public library04:57
pwnguincheck out books04:57
pwnguinreserve em etc04:57
nathan_sounds "war games" era.04:57
nathan_I was muddling my way through junior year.04:59
secret901I'm running a Dell laptop with volume controls but they seem to work in Gnome04:59
pwnguinsecret901: um, good?04:59
wgrantpwnguin: I presume my laptop's hardware to be broken, TYVM.05:00
secret901pwnguin: I mean they don't work05:00
secret901pwnguin: when I press the buttons the volume thing seem to show to be going up or down but in fact the volume stays the same.05:01
pwnguinah, then it's controlling the wrong thing05:01
pwnguinive no idea how to fix that05:01
nathan_have you checked alsa mixer?05:02
secret901nathan_: how do I check that?05:02
pwnguinbring up a terminal05:03
nathan_you should be able to enter "alsa-mixer" in terminal05:03
pwnguintype in alsamixer05:03
pwnguinno hyphen05:03
nathan_Oops yeah what pwnguin said05:03
pwnguinis alsamixer any different than the gnome-audio thing?05:04
nathan_mmm... I think so.05:05
dr_williscontrolls the same things but different look/feel05:05
dr_willisBut the gnome thing MAY be doing Pulse AUdio05:05
dr_willisNot sure about that... I just remberd Pulse. heh.05:05
pwnguinif its really controlling the same thing then i'd just skip suggesting alsamixer05:06
nathan_I had trouble with an acer laptop a year or two ago and found that all I needed to do was adjust "main" setting In alsamixer05:06
dr_willisive noticed some of the alsamixer tools have different sliders/controlls for someof my machines05:06
dr_willisand ive seen a few cases where gnome mixer had voulme up.. but it was actuallymuted.. alsamixer was able to unmute things05:06
secret9011My volume control buttons stopped working in Gnome even though the volume control in the applet panel still works.  When I press on the buttons they act as if it's working but the volume doesn't change.05:09
nathan_right. when I first opened it up it was muted. then after I unmuted  it I still had to turn it up, because if it was set to a medium range no matter what I set the audio settings to it wouldn't go past a certain volume.05:09
bigfoxThat audio problem happened to me.  The default audio device and the mixer device got changed to another audio device I had connected.05:11
secret9011bigfox: how did you fix it?05:11
bigfoxIn System -> Preferences -> Sound  correct the default mixer device.05:11
bigfoxThats what worked for me.  During the update it set my mixer device to my USB microphone.05:12
chris__how can i edit the dark room theme?05:15
Volkodavanybody installed on a new Mac book Pro just got out? I wonder about drivers for NVIDIA GeForce 9400M +05:19
secret9011bigfox: thanks, that seemed to work05:21
bigfoxGlad to help.05:22
secret9011anyone have zsnes installed and have trouble running it in Ibex?05:24
wgrantsecret9011: Bug #250425?05:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250425 in zsnes "zsnes crashes with buffer overflow on startup" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25042505:25
secret9011wgrant: thanks, guess I'll have to wait for a fix then05:26
Volkodavis there a FF 3.1 beta for 64 bit ?05:45
crashsystems@Volkodav I searched for one, but could not find it. I do not think so.05:47
Volkodavthat's what I figured too05:48
crashsystemsI wish 3.1 was going to be included in intrepid05:48
Volkodavwell it's to much beta I think but I do not see no reason why not to include05:51
Volkodavit is faster05:51
VolkodavI tried it in Mac05:51
crashsystemsI'm a little upset about the geod extension not working with linux though05:51
chris__how does cxmb work?06:10
chris__it just flashes the files for me?06:10
hyperairdoes anybody here have an intel 965 GPU? if so, can someone run "glxinfo | grep MAX_TEXTURE" and tell me the output?06:29
hyperairsorry i meant "glxinfo -l | grep GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE"06:29
TychoQuadHi, I'm having a really strange and annoying problem. My computer is randomly restarting all the time. there appears to be no correlation between when it happens and what I am doing. I have run every hardware test i can think of, I can reproduce it on hardy fully updated and ibex (livecd included). i haven't been able to reproduce on windows, hardy live cd or without running a window manager06:42
TychoQuadoh, and nothing is showing up in the logs06:44
Polygon89hi, i cannot install the pacakge g77, it keeps saying it has no installation candidate, can anyone help me?07:22
wgrantPolygon89: Use gfortran instead.07:23
wgrantg77 is dead07:23
Polygon89is it the same package? im being told to install it to compile a certain program07:23
wgrantUsing gfortran is your best bet.07:24
wgrantIt might not work, however.07:24
wgrantg77 is really old and it finally got killed in Intrepid.07:24
Polygon89ill try it without it07:25
TychoQuadokay, I may have narrowed my problem down to a component of Gnome, possibly nautilus07:38
hyperairTychoQuad: i don't think nautilus can restart your system. by restarting what dyou mean? dump you back in the login screen, or a similar effect to hitting the restart button?07:41
TychoQuadrestart button. and i agree, but it's one of the only thing running in every case07:43
TychoQuadI installed and am currently running kubuntu on top so far without incident. I previously tried icewm which used nautilus for the file manager and it happened there too07:47
hyperairthat's very strange07:49
hyperairwhat's your version of nautilus?07:49
TychoQuadwhatever one is in ibex right now07:49
TychoQuadbut it also happened with the one that is in the most up to date version of hardy07:50
Polygon89wgrant, the program seemed to of compiled fine without g77. thanks =)07:52
hyperairTychoQuad: i don't know the version on hardy07:53
hyperairTychoQuad: apt-cache policy nautilus07:53
wgrantPolygon89: Excellent.07:53
Polygon89wgrant, i think ive seen your name on the forums as a ubuntu dev...where would be the best place to go for help on how to do a kernel bisect? i apparantly need to do one to figure out which revision totally borked support for a specific laptop chipset but i have no idea how to do one07:54
TychoQuadi'm not currently running hardy, i upgraded to ibex to hopefully fix the problem.07:54
wgrantPolygon89: I may be an Ubuntu dev, but that doesn't mean I know *everything*. The kernel is one of my deliberate blind patches.07:55
TychoQuadthe version in ibex is 1:2.24.0-0ubuntu207:55
Polygon89wgrant, you mean ubuntu devs arnt gods? you just destroyed my perception on life itself. Lol, ok ill ask around07:56
wgrantPolygon89: Haha. Good luck.07:56
drakemanhello, people, hey, just want to say hello to all, recently i installed my ubuntu, so far is great! i love it! i tried mandriva and fedora, but now i feel more comfortable with ubuntu07:57
wgrantdrakeman: That's great to hear! We do our best to make the experience excellent.07:58
Hobbseewgrant: oh dear.  you're noticed on the forums.07:59
drakemanyou welcome wgrant, im newbie, but every distro i tried before was redhat based, but i think i feel better with debian based07:59
wgrantHobbsee: I've only a little over half of your post count, IIRC.07:59
drakemandont know why, but i feel better, this is my third day with ubuntu..07:59
Hobbseewgrant: that's scary..08:00
edgyisn't ubuntu final coming in the coming days? how come it's still beta? when would we have the RC's?08:06
wgrantedgy: Ubuntu 8.10 will be released on 2008/10/30.08:07
wgrantUbuntu 8.10 Release Candidate will be released on 2008/10/23, I believe.08:07
SebastianStill only 11 days before final.08:07
edgymy main issue now is I have to applets for network connection one coming from kde and the other from gnome and the one from gnome prevents the one from kde from working, is it only me?08:09
TychoQuadanyone have any idea why nautilus could be resetting my computer?08:09
wgrantTychoQuad: Due to a kernel bug.08:10
Polygon89hmm. one more thing befor ei head off to bed, where did the suspend and hibernate buttons go?08:11
TychoQuadreally? any idea if it's going to be fixed any time soon?08:11
wgrantTychoQuad: I didn't know it existed until you mentioned it.08:11
wgrantBut if something is causing your computer to reset, it's very probably somebody pushing the reset button, Alt+SysRq+B, or a kernel bug.08:11
TychoQuadokay, i don't really like the idea of running kde forever, any way i could work around this?08:13
alluphow can i downgrade back to hardy?08:14
wgrantallup: You cannot, unless you reinstall.08:14
wgrantallup: Why do you wish to?08:14
wgrantWe go stable in 11 days.08:14
allupthis isn't working08:15
allupit have freeze now 3 times08:15
Hobbseeit sits on the couch all day, yes.08:15
Hobbseebad release.08:15
allupleafes keyboard light flashing and nothing happens on screen08:15
allupthen i have to shut down my computer and then next time i come i have to restart it before i can use kubuntu :P08:16
wgrantallup: That would be a kernel panic. Have you tried to boot an older kenrel?08:16
allupwgrand dunno even how to do that08:16
wgrantallup: You should have a kernel named like 2.6.24 in your boot menu, if you've upgraded from hardy.08:17
TychoQuadwgrant, i tried that as well, no luck08:17
allupno theres only inderpid 4 times and xp professional08:17
allupoh and memtest08:18
Polygon89hi, how do i suspend or hibernate ubuntu? im not seeing the entries in the new little quit button applet08:19
wgrantPolygon89: Do you see them in System->Preferences->Shutdown...?08:19
alluphow can i down grade kde 4 back to what it was before?08:20
Hobbseeyou can't.08:20
Polygon89i dont see shutdown in system> prefs>08:20
allupis there anything i can do to get this work?!?08:20
HobbseePolygon89: System->Shutdown08:20
Polygon89i do see it in system> shutdown. there we go..08:21
Polygon89why is it not in the new quit button applet?08:21
alluphow can i down load opera or firefox whit out going any where whit konquerror08:22
allupany way from terminal?08:23
TychoQuadsudo apt-get install firefox08:23
drakemanHey another think i love of ubuntu is that there is a lot of help in internet, thats a good think for the newbies like me!08:23
wgrantPolygon89: It's not there because it's probably failing to interact properly with gdm. It's there for me sometimes but not others.08:26
alluptychoQuad: from what i see in terminal id say that this is trying to install gnome more then firefox!...08:27
Polygon89wgrant, hmm. im tired, ill go hunt down to see if there is a bug report for this already. thanks again, goodnight08:27
drakemanHey, little dumb question, hehee, when i use the command, wget, for example if i put wget www.google.com from command line, i got a message like html file saved, but i dont know the location of the saved html?08:27
wgrantdrakeman: You'll see line like 2008-10-19 18:27:56 (982 KB/s) - `index.html' saved [5644]08:28
wgrant'index.html' is the file.08:28
drakemanyes, i know, but it saves the file08:28
drakemanbut where?08:28
TychoQuadallup, firefox requires some gnome components08:28
drakemanwhere is the location of the downloade file, indexhtml saved, but where?08:29
drakemanany folder?08:29
drakemanspecific folder?08:29
wgrantdrakeman: The current directory.08:29
allup:P  how can i remove kde 4 and install gnome?08:29
wgrantallup: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop08:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gnome-only08:29
drakemanok, thanks!08:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gnomeonly08:30
drakemanthanks wgrant08:30
wgrantIt's here somewhere.08:30
wgrant!removekde | allup08:30
ubottuallup: Want to remove gnome/kde/xfce completely? Look at debfoster, it's a great help08:30
allupiam quite new where ans what is debfoster?08:31
wgrantIt's a package.08:31
wgrantYou don't actually need to remove KDE4...08:31
allupbut wouldn't it eate memory  if its under gnome?08:31
wgrantOnly if it's running.08:31
wgrantWhich it won't be, if you start GNOME instead.08:32
allupbut i would liketo remove it fully so that it's impossible that it would start runnig unless i reinstall il08:32
TychoQuadcan dolphin work as gnome's desktop?08:34
alluphow can i made my kubuntu to ubuntu whit out burning ubuntu on disc?08:34
crdlbTychoQuad: afaik, dolphin doesn't provide a desktop, but you could use it as a file manager08:35
crdlbnot sure why you'd want to though; nautilus and dolphin are rather similar ...08:35
TychoQuadyes, but nautilus is killing my computer, so i need to replace it08:35
drakemani hate nautilus08:36
alluphmm do you think  apt-get install ubuntu could work?08:36
crdlbTychoQuad: how did you determine that nautilus is 'killing' your computer?08:36
crdlballup: ubuntu-desktop08:36
tdawgedogghow do i update from 8.04 to 8.10 beta...it says push alt+f2 which brings up run application then type update-manager-d but its not working08:37
allupcrdlb: does it install ubuntu so well that when i start up there reads ubuntu instead of kubuntu?08:37
TychoQuadcrdlb, because after much trial and error, i have discovered that my computer will reset itself after a random interval if nautilus is running08:37
crdlballup: iirc, it will ask if you want to change the bootsplash08:38
crdlbor maybe it does it automatically; in any case, it's definitely possible to do08:39
allupok i'll give it a try08:39
crdlbtdawgedogg: did you omit the space before '-d' when you ran it? it should be 'update-manager -d'08:39
allupdoes it remove kubuntus papages and  recover them whit ubuntus?08:39
tdawgedoggcrdld: yeah i did08:40
allupappereantly it only adds more stuff here and removes nothing08:40
crdlballup: nothing will be uninstalled, but unless you are very low on HDD space, that doesn't matter08:40
tdawgedogghey if im upgrading to the beta right now....as soon as a stable release comes out will the packages to fix it come up on the update manager?08:41
allupcrdlb: i want that every thing will be unsinstalled asnd it would be like installing ubuntu on kubuntu same time as removing kububntu  fully08:41
crdlb!final | tdawgedogg08:41
ubottutdawgedogg: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Intrepid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.08:41
crdlb(you will be kept up to date)08:42
tdawgedoggso whats the whole deal with the release of it...the stable version...are they just changing the files in the iso so there all stable08:42
tdawgedoggas long as i keep up to date with all the updates then im good?08:42
drakemanhey , thanks for all people! good night! Thanks to all to make part of this great community and your great inconditional support!!!!! Thanks to promote a good M$ alternative..... mm not a good a better alternative.... like i said before, my third day with ubuntu and i didnt miss Vist@ hehehehe08:42
drakemangood night guys!08:42
alluphey would it work if i write sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and version number of hardy ? to get this downgrade back to hardy?08:43
crdlbtdawgedogg: only packages that are actually changed will be updated08:43
drakemanthanks for all wgrant!08:43
crdlballup: that is completely unsupported, and probably wouldn't work without lots of manual effort08:43
allupcrdlb: :P08:43
alluphow can i uninstall kde 4 and leafe whit only terminal so i could  install ubuntu whit all its pagages so that for example default browser would be firefox and not konquerror08:44
crdlbif you boot into the gnome session, it will _not_ matter whether kde is installed08:45
allupbut its therre! isn't it! and if its on my hard disc it will take some memory to keep it there! and i don't want that theres some kde that i will never use stored for nothing!08:46
wgrantallup: Try GNOME for a while and work out if you like it first.08:46
wgrantIf you do want to move permanently, there are ways to remove KDE.08:46
wgrantRemove some KDE libs and watch everything cascade. And then work out what is autoremovable.08:47
allup...understanded les then half :P08:47
wgrantThen don't bother. It's only a few hundred megabytes, and you can always remove it later when you're more skilled and running out of space.08:48
allup...iam runnig out of space right now!08:48
allupi don't have even 500mb room lefth08:49
wgrantAh. That's one small partition.08:49
crdlbwow, what size is the hard drive?08:49
wgrantapt-get remove kubuntu-desktop, apt-get autoremove, I guess.08:49
* crdlb hopes that doesn't remove too much ...08:49
wgrantcrdlb: You can never remove too much KDE.08:50
crdlbwgrant: I mean, what prevents that from removing X, etc?08:50
wgrantcrdlb: Probably nothing.08:50
=== freaky[t] is now known as freaky_t
allupthis says it removes 1 file and will release 49.6kb room :P08:51
allupi think kde should be bigger ?08:52
crdlbheh, that's just kubuntu-desktop08:52
tab_shiftallup: apt-get remove kde08:52
wgrantallup: That's why I advised 'apt-get autoremove' afterwards.08:52
crdlbwhich is only a metapackage, which means it exists only to depend on the real kde packages08:52
allupok..so wich one i do?08:52
tab_shiftallup: apt-get remove kde08:52
wgranttab_shift: That's just an even smaller metapackage.08:53
tab_shiftallup: apt-get remove kde408:53
wgrantAnd that's a non-existent package.08:53
wgrantEven better.08:53
tab_shiftallup: apt-get remove kde308:53
crdlbnow you're just guessing08:54
wgrantapt-get remove tab_shift08:54
allupsome one tell me  sost  write in termina (command) plz!08:54
tab_shiftyeah .. pretty much08:54
wgrantallup: apt-get autoremove08:54
tab_shiftapt-cache search kde08:54
wgrantI invoke my Ubuntu developer superpowers and win.08:54
allupwgrant: you won! :D08:54
allupwell ..... now i think it didn't work08:55
allup0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.08:55
tab_shiftallup: do apt-cache search kde08:55
tab_shiftallup: then remove tha packages that show up as installed08:55
wgrantallup: Did you remove kubuntu-desktop first?08:55
allupno? should i?08:56
wgrantallup: Yes. It won't work otherwise.08:57
allupafter that can i still use konversation?08:57
allupi don't think i  can get ubuntu on whit out help :P08:58
wgrantallup: No, you won't be able to.08:58
wgrantWhy do you have so little disk space?08:58
allupwhat commands i need?08:58
allupwell my windows takes  so much for games and stuff :P08:58
wgrantallup: After you apt-get autoremove, just 'apt-get install ubuntu-desktop'08:59
allupwow nearly 10GB flight simulator 3 GB08:59
allupwgrant: didn't work nothing have changed09:00
freaky_tSysinfo for 'loopy': Linux 2.6.27-7-generic running KDE 4.1.2 (KDE 4.1.2), CPU: Intel(R)Core2QuadCPUQ6600@2.40GHz at 1603 MHz (4788 bogomips), HD: 91/611GB, RAM: 1106/3038MB, 158 proc's, 14.10min up09:00
wgrantallup: You removed kubuntu-desktop, then autoremoved?/09:00
wgrantwin 1009:00
wgrantI screwd my kbord drivers.09:01
wgrantEhem. Let's try that again.09:01
TychoQuadwgrant, will ibex work ok with hardy's original kernel?09:01
allupi go eate i'll be back soon09:01
tab_shiftallup: how much space do you want to free up?09:01
wgrantTychoQuad: Yes.09:01
wgrantTychoQuad: Except for nvidia/ati proprietary drivers, of course.09:02
maek0is the Ibex shipping with the 2.6.27 Linux Kernel ??09:02
wgrantmaek0: Yes.09:02
TychoQuadit's okay, they're not too friendly in ibex anyway09:03
TychoQuadthe config panel always crashes whenever i tell it to save my settings for dual monitors09:04
maek0wgrant, thanks ... Im just reading a great article on the 2.6.27 Linux Kernel ... I suggest everyone reads it  http://blogs.computerworld.com/the_five_best_things_in_linux_2_6_2709:04
allupiam back09:04
wgrantTychoQuad: They're not too friendly anywhere.09:04
allupcan you be too friendly?09:04
wgrantI'm sure I can manage it.09:05
allupany way i thik i install xubuntu i have in disc i should work better then kubuntu09:05
TychoQuadwgrant, where could i find hardy's release kernel? it doesn't appear to be in synaptic09:06
allupi'll be back after that :P09:06
tab_shiftallup: if you have less disk space, start install with debian business card iso, and install only the packages you need09:06
allupi have 8GB space after formatign kubuntu it should be enought09:07
wgranttab_shift: Debian is not the solution.09:07
wgrantTychoQuad: You'll need to grab it from Launchpad, most likely.09:07
tab_shiftubuntu install should only take 4.5Gb max, what diod you do ?09:07
allup:D install kubuntu :P09:08
allupand it crash in midle of installation :D09:08
tab_shiftallup: partition details ?09:08
allupdunno even how i get it crash :P09:08
allupwell iam going to install now see you gues later09:09
tab_shiftallup: something is wrong in how you installed the OS,09:09
tab_shiftallup: exactly, without more info this issue will forever remaina mystery to us09:10
elmargolmaek0: ? basically 2.6.27 has nothing new09:11
tab_shiftallup: please practice ubuntu install process within vmware or something, before doing a real install to learn all the options available09:11
allupeverything crases in my hands it's not new and i didn't do anything when it did  i was sot selecting  my hmm dunno the word time zone? and i goed to eate i comed back and nothing moved i couldn't choose anything and  after while it telled its not responsing :P and  that i should terminate it :P09:11
allupi have installed xubuntu before it worked fine :D09:12
tab_shiftallup: goodluck then09:12
elmargolmaek0: the only 2 big changes since hardy for me are. dkms and faster wlan connectivity09:13
TychoQuadsorry to be a pain wgrant, but i'm having trouble finding what i want on launchpad. can you point out the hardy kernel for me?09:16
wgrantTychoQuad: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/linux might be useful.09:18
wgrantYou need linux-image, probably linux-ubuntu-modules, maybe linux-restricted-modules.09:18
TychoQuadokay, going from source to usable, screw that. can i remove nautilus without breaking ibex's ubuntu-desktop?09:21
wgrantTychoQuad: Are you quite sure it's nautilus?09:23
wgrantTychoQuad: It's probably a better idea to get the bug fixed...09:23
maek0elmargol, oh okay ... I suppose theres a few bug fixes that would be good09:24
TychoQuadi agree, if we can do that, i will be immensely happy, but since i have no way of narrowing this down furthur, it's not going to be fixed via any report i make09:24
vertisvashello, I have a quick question. I have tried the rtl8187.ko driver for a 8189 usb wireless device, and it works fine but it only allows me access to channels 1-10, is there a way to override domains on wireless drivers? or a global way to set domains?09:26
maek0Does DKMS mean that when there is a kernel update it wont break my graphics drivers and virtualbox install ??09:27
wgrantmaek0: Yes.09:28
=== TheImp is now known as TheInfinity
maek0wgrant, omg thats a nice feature !!09:31
maek0it would make it much easier for the ubuntu kernel devs to issue kernel level security updates09:32
TychoQuadwgrant, I'm just about to put pcman file manager in place of nautilus, if it doesn't crash, then we shall have our evidence09:38
TychoQuadman kde is ugly... i can't wait to get rid of it09:39
tab_shiftTychoQuad: could you post that in #kde , we are too tired to flame you ;-)09:41
maek0so what are ppl here going to do ... wipe their drives and install the Ibex clean or upgrade from Hardy ??09:42
maek0... when the Ibex comes out09:42
TychoQuadright now i'm tempted to go back to hardy and turn off all updates09:43
* wgrant upgraded 5 months ago.09:43
vertisvasI prefer clean install so I backup important home stuff and install from scratch09:45
toomaihi all09:50
toomaianyone got a lenovo thinpad x200 with x4500 graphics running with intrepid (or hardy)? It runs, but it looks a tad blurry (its only 1024x768, could be better)09:51
elmargolTychoQuad: hardy is a LTS. so why not keep using it if you like it.09:51
TychoQuadbecause the crash happens there too when fully updated09:52
TychoQuadbelieve me, i would like nothing better than to have this issue resolved, but so far, all I've had is "it can't be nautilus" and "must be a hardware problem" more recently i have better help, but still nothing that would allow me to even approach solving this issue09:55
=== Rafik_ is now known as Rafik
vertisvasdoes anyone know anything about setting wireless domains in ubuntu? like a global variable somewhere?10:07
puremichaelHi! Since intrepid most of my location entries start totem instead of nautilus - can i change that behavior ?10:07
malnilionI'm having issues with switching to a guest user.  I click Guest Session from the fast-user-switching applet and the screen goes white as if it were opening a new X session or something and then it flashes back to the lock screen asking for my password to get back into my user session10:09
elmargolTychoQuad: do you have a bugreport about it? I did not follow the problem10:09
TychoQuadno, i haven't nailed down enough to file a bug report. what happens is: my computer will randomly restart as if i hit the reset switch. it has nothing to do with whatever i'm doing, i can reproduce it in a fully up to date hardy, icewm running nautilus and the latest ibex (including the ibex livecd) i haven't been able to reproduce it in windows, hardy live cd, kubuntu ibex or icewm running pcmanfm10:13
elmargolTychoQuad: are you using nvidia or ati closed source drivers?10:13
elmargolTychoQuad: do you use composite?10:14
toomaianyone got a lenovo thinpad x200 with x4500 graphics running with intrepid (or hardy)? It runs, but it looks a tad blurry (its only 1024x768, could be better)10:14
TychoQuadi have reproduced the crash with both of those switched off10:14
elmargolTychoQuad: if you ask me it is hardware related. if it is software related the system hangs and does not reboot10:15
elmargolmaybe overheating10:15
TychoQuadi've been over this. if it was hardware related, i would be able to reproduce it in windows. i've been able to run for days in windows without a problem running any 3d software i like. i can't last 5 minutes in ibex and my temperature monitors in both operating systems show no overheating10:17
elmargolTychoQuad: My nvidia GPU crashes if i use linux. works perfect under windows.10:17
malnilionAh, disregard my problem, I figured it out :D10:17
TychoQuaddoes it still crash if you don't run the nvidia drivers?10:18
malnilionI had previously created a "guest" user account on my laptop that was interfering with the creation of the guest session10:18
elmargolTychoQuad: no the problem is related to the nividia powermixer. somehow the driver clocks the memory wrong10:18
elmargolTychoQuad: i have clocked the GPU and memory to 100mhz now... no crash for 2 days10:20
elmargol+ the GPU is about 10°C cooler and the battery lasts longer :D10:20
TychoQuadso your problem does still happen when you don't run nvidia's drivers?10:22
elmargolTychoQuad: well if I manually clock the GPU and use the free drivers the GPU crashes too10:22
elmargolIf i just use the free drivers it works just perfekt.10:23
elmargolIn order to save power and to use the fan less. Nvidia clocks the GPU down. and there has to be a bug10:23
TychoQuadplease just answer the question. if you have no driver configured, and the graphics card is displaying with the kernel's built in basic display driver, can you reproduce the crash?10:25
elmargolTychoQuad: you mean nv or vesa?10:25
elmargolTychoQuad: vesa works fine10:27
TychoQuadright, well I'm saying i can reproduce the crash in vesa10:27
TychoQuadand there goes my nautilus theory10:29
=== LSD|Ninj2 is now known as LSD|Ninja
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment10:34
dns53i can't seem to manually change my network settings with network manager as that device's config is read only this is a usbnetworking device produced by a neo freerunner, any ideas where i should file the bug? is it network manager or something deeper like udev that is at fault?10:39
emilien_need little help sorting out sound driver11:07
emilien_made a thread at ubuntu http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=598887111:08
emilien_no one aswered though someone could have a look =)11:08
freaky_twhere can i file a kubuntu bug in launchpad?11:20
freaky_tkdevelop can't compile programs11:20
Le-Chuck_ITAfreaky_t: report in the source package of kdevelop11:26
cypherdelicAnyone now anthing more than I about the current gamepad bugs? :) please tell me that, thanks.11:26
Le-Chuck_ITAif you google for kdevelop launchpad bug chances are that you'll find some :)11:26
cypherdelicGamepads still dont work in games.11:27
freaky_ti can't find a link where i can report a bug for kdevelop11:29
freaky_ti see some kdevelop bugs listed now11:29
freaky_tok i filed a bug report :D11:39
MTeckAn installation step failed - "Select and install software"11:46
MTeckin the current alternate cd11:46
MTeckany ideas what's causing that? do I NEED to to have internet access on the system?11:46
tdi_khi! I've got a strange problem - ubuntu tries to mount my fat32 USB Stick as UDF or ISO. Does it both with gnome and kde4.11:52
tdi_kThe stick has one partition formated with mkfs.vfat11:52
tdi_kand works normally on 8.04.1 with kde3 ... Ideas how I can make intrepid mount the disk automaticaly ? "mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt" works, so it's kind of system issue11:55
cypherdelichttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-evdev/+bug/284951 - Any ideas?11:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 284951 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev "Intrepid: Gamepad "Saitek P580" not working in games, buttons not detected." [Undecided,New]11:55
methril|laptopsomeone up12:24
NhorningAnybody know how I configure my Logout menu?12:29
cypherdelicAnyone familar with xserver-xorg-input-evdev or-joystick detecting gamepads?12:35
larson9999youtube works here but hulu doesn't :(13:06
shirishhi all, just updated and ran system-cleaner-gtk, it shows something like 200 odd packages deprecated, is another rebuild on the way?13:13
=== thunders1ruck is now known as gnomefreak
methril|laptophi, any clue to fix the MacBookPro keyboards?13:16
xukunhi all. How can I enable the tv-out of my ati card?13:32
ronnyanyone aware of bugs that cause gnome/xfce to loose all window decorations and start all apps maximized?13:33
illuminihey intrepid ppl :D13:35
illuminiis there a displayconfig-gtk alternative? I can't locate the package anywhere for 8.1 :(13:35
illumini(btw, I'm a first time nix user)13:35
cwillu_remote(8.10, not 8.1)13:36
IdleOnewhy do people drop the 0?13:36
illuminiwell, it's very cool13:37
illuminibecause we're lazy13:37
cwillu_remoteillumini, should probably stick with 8.04 for now, or wait until 8.10 is released in 2 weeks13:37
illuminiand zeros aren't cool anymore.13:37
cwillu_remote'8.1' would be january 200813:37
illuminicwillu_remote, too late. I've already installed it and love it13:37
cwillu_remotethis isn't january13:37
IdleOneillumini: there are 10 kinds of people. those who understand and those who dont.13:37
freaky_t8.10 he means :D13:38
illuminiIdleOne, I'm 1 of them13:38
cwillu_remoteillumini, okay, but at this point, we're in 'if you aren't helping us fight bugs, you're part of the problem' mode :p13:38
illuminisorry for disturbing, if I find any bugs I'll let you guys now13:38
cwillu_remoteillumini, gnome-display-properties is what you're looking for I think though13:38
illuminicwillu_remote, cheers :)13:38
TychoQuadthanks for your help everyone (if you guys are even still here) I probably found the cause of my issues. the motherboard just died :(13:38
cwillu_remoteyay!  /usr/lib/libnvidia-tls.* has broken symlinks!13:41
cwillu_remotestill not sure why I'm the only one with this problem, because as far as I can tell, it couldn't have ever worked as is :/13:42
xukuncan somebody please tell me what to enable the tv-out for my ati card. I,m using the Proprietary drivers13:42
* cwillu_remote demonstrates the problem to illumini by pointing at xukun :(13:43
cwillu_remotexukun, iirc, man fglrx should have enough clues to make it work, I think you need to use xrandr instead of xorg.conf though13:43
cwillu_remotethat might only be the 'ati' driver though13:43
cwillu_remotebest bet would be to look at ati's site for fglrx documentation13:44
xukuncwillu_remote,  is it really that hard13:44
cwillu_remotexukun, what?13:44
cwillu_remoteoh, enabling it?13:44
cwillu_remoteprobably not, but we're not exactly in 'support mode' yet :p13:45
cwillu_remoteaka, all the helpful people who know all the answers are in #ubuntu, and don't know the answers for #ubuntu+1 yet13:45
mnemoim upgrading to intrepid pre-release now and it's asking me some strange question about "What to do with menu.lst?" ..... ehm, what is the answer to this question??13:45
Hobbseetell it you want to take the package maintainers version13:46
cwillu_remotemnemo, 'replace', unless you needed to make grub changes at some point to makesomethingwork13:46
* cwillu_remote curses at his space bar13:46
mnemoi think I changed this file some time to fix some grub error 11 or something?13:46
cwillu_remotemnemo, are you comfortable that you'll be able to fix it again?13:46
ronnyagain: anyone aware of a bug that causes gnome/xfce to drop window decorations and start all apps maximized?!13:47
jribmnemo: I make a backup of the file somewhere13:47
cwillu_remoteyou have a fairly good idea of what you did last time?13:47
cwillu_remoteronny, -> launchpad13:47
ronnycwillu_remote: i failed at searching13:47
cwillu_remoteronny, probably not, if nobody is responding13:47
cwillu_remoteronny, then file a bug :p13:47
mnemookay, yeah... i always get really worried when I see some menu.lst.... i really would like it if ubuntu just did this stuff automagically in some smart way :)13:47
ronnyand it might be a local thing13:47
* cwillu_remote high-fives cwillu13:48
Supersaiyan_IVronny, I haven't noticed a bug like that13:48
shirishhi all, dhcbd is obsoleted, obsoleted by what?13:49
DSpairHi gang, I have bought a "netbook" for my Dad. It has a Broadcom BCM4309 Wireless card. Ubuntu loads up the restricted driver for it, but I can neither browse networks nor connect to networks. Is this a known issue in Intrepid?14:03
DSpairWhen I check the logs, it shows that the WPA supplicant fails to get the connection keys right.14:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 182716 in linux "bcm4306, bcm4309, bcm4311, bcm4312 with b43 : Authentication with AP doesn't work." [Medium,Confirmed]14:04
DSpairOK, then unencrypted networks should still work, and they don't.14:05
DSpairOK, Interesting. I read bug #277716 and found out that toggling the wifi kill switch will not change the LED status, but does enable the card and things work now.14:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277716 in b43-fwcutter "[Intrepid Beta] Card does not seem to work with b43" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27771614:19
DSpairThanks for the help!!14:20
giujtrloyqualcuna mi sa dire dove posso prendere  ubuntu per smartphones14:23
giujtrloyprecisamente  per htc-s62014:24
jfOdd, installed 8.10 on three machines and one of them is unable to update. Get the message "`cpp-4.3' is missing final newline".14:24
jfTried to reinstall cpp but got the same message when trying that.14:24
gnyffelQuick question: for trying out 8.10, would I be better off with the beta release, or would a daily be better?14:25
Hobbseegiujtrloy: and in english?14:25
Hobbseegnyffel: beta - i'tll actually install14:25
gnyffelRight. Thanks.14:25
kulightcould it be that launchpad is down ?14:26
charlie-tcakulight, launchpad is working for me14:27
kulightcharlie-tca: now it's alive again thank you14:28
giujtrloyno speak inglish14:29
giujtrloyonly italian14:30
Hobbsee!it | giujtrloy14:31
ubottugiujtrloy: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)14:31
ubottuלשיחות בשפה העברית ולגישה לקהילת המשתמשים העברית אנא הקלד:14:32
ubottu/join #ubuntu-il14:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about smoke14:32
puremichaelhello; again i've got problems with 'places' in the panel... most entries start totem instead of nautilus14:33
puremichaelcan i change that behavior ?14:33
mnemohow can I get a stacktrace out of a hung python application?14:34
SIRavecavecHi i cannot upgrade to 8.10 kubuntu i receive the error that the installer could not be verified. What can i do?14:36
=== erle64- is now known as erle-
john_has anyone gottem daul pci-e nvidia cards working?14:44
amikropSo, finally, will Wall-Light be the default theme for Intrepid? :-)14:45
amikropI find it totally beautiful.14:45
SIRavecavecamikrop: you upgrade it?14:46
kulightamikrop: what is Wall-Light ?14:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wall-light14:47
amikropkulight: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Intrepid/Wall-light14:47
amikropSIRavecavec: Excuse me?14:47
SIRavecaveci asked if you upgrade to beta14:48
amikropSIRavecavec: No, I have not.14:49
amikropkulight: Awesome, huh? ;-)14:49
kulightamikrop: yes very nice and im not a fan of dark themes14:51
kulightamikrop: also im on the beta and it not the default14:52
amikropkulight: Oh :S14:52
amikropAnyway, I really believe, if Ubuntu wants to make the difference, and really compete Vista and MacOS, it needs not just to "use GNOME", but to come by default, with a very costomized, simple, beautiful and different GDM theme, which will make it unique.14:53
robin0800amikrop: try kde4?14:54
amikroprobin0800: That's not my point.14:56
danbh_intrepidis anyone else having trouble ejecting a cd?15:00
kulightdanbh_intrepid: yes it opens and immediately close the trey15:02
danbh_intrepidwell, I found the bug report 27120215:03
danbh_intrepidbug 271202  !!!!15:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 271202 in hal "Intrepid alpha: cd interaction between hal, grip, and eject" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27120215:03
kulightthank you15:04
IdleOnecd eject works fine on laptop15:04
IdleOneleast mine15:05
danbh_intrepidIdleOne: can your laptop pull the cd-rom back in?  mechanically speaking?15:07
IdleOnedanbh_intrepid: no it can't15:07
kulightIdleOne: thats why you dont have the problem15:08
IdleOneso the issue is not eject but more the short amount of time between eject and insert15:08
danbh_intrepidas soon as the cd drive fully extends, it starts closing again.15:08
sourcemakerI am using kubuntu intrepid now... but I have a lot of gfx related problems... the screen repaint is very slow... and sometimes... it hangs... (NVidia 7600GT)15:10
danbh_intrepidsourcemaker: MY short answer, is that there is a bug already filed, its a problem with compiz.  But, don't take my word for it.15:14
sourcemakerdanbh_intrepid: ok15:16
* cwillu hits eject on his cd15:18
* cwillu 's nautilus eject icon didn't do anything15:18
Kajoverhey.. i downloaded the ubuntu 8.10 beta but the wlan doesnt work (macbook pro). Is there a newer ubuntu than the beta?15:20
wtgeeKajover: Did you check the restricted drivers? They will  not be enabled by defalt15:21
Kajoveri am new the linux.. no15:21
Kajoverwhy shouldnt wlan drivers be enabled by default and its a macbook.. not the only one with this issue15:22
wtgeeKajover: System->Administration->Hardware Drivers15:22
wtgeeKajover: They are not Free (as in speech) so they are not enabled.15:22
Kajoverand how do i enable them?.. im not on ubuntu right now.. is it self explaining when i see it15:23
wtgeeKajover: It should be pretty straightforward once you are there...you will see any drivers that are available but not turned on by default and you just hit 'Activate'15:24
blip99hi all, is it recommended to use 8.10 Beta and then update to the final when it comes out ?  or do people usually do a clean install ?   thanks15:24
Kajoveris there anything newer than the beta?15:24
Kajoverbecause ill download it right now15:24
Kajoveror is the stable 8.04 release enough?15:25
wtgeeKajover: No, I think only Beta 1 is out.  It will also tell you when any new updates are available and that will bring you up to speed15:25
Kajoverso.. i should install the 8.10 beta and check if the drivers are enabled15:26
Kajoverthank you..15:26
Kajoverand after installing this build15:26
wtgeeKajover: You should be able to test it with the livecd without actually installing.15:26
Kajoverwill it update automatically and only update stable updates afterwards15:27
Kajoveroh k15:27
danbh_intrepidblip99: the beta is for testing purposes.     I personally plan to wipe, and do a clean install when it comes out, or maybe just upgrade my hardy install.  I dunno.  The release candidate is right around the corner.  I recommend you wait for that15:27
wtgeeKajover: The drivers will not ever be enabled by default on any version of Ubuntu.15:27
Kajoverok thank you15:27
wtgeeblip99: You shouldn't have to do a clean install (I asked this last week) but I sort of plan to anyway.15:28
blip99thanks wtgee15:28
Kajoverwould be great if ubuntu would check what hardware your system has and enable everything it needs15:28
wtgeeKajover: Again, it is a legal issue.  It is not a technical issue.  It should actually prompt you that non-free drivers are available but it is never going to do it by default.15:29
Kajoveroh sorry didnt read that15:29
Kajoverjust one more thing.. which build is for me?15:30
Kajoverthe link displays only alternate install cds15:30
wtgeeKajover: FYI, you will find the same issue with mp3s and dvds.  They are not going to be playable by default but they should be easily enabled.15:30
wtgeeDoes anyone have a link to a page that quickly and sufficiently summarizes the issues around non-free software on Ubuntu?15:31
freaky_thow can i play mp3s in intrepid?15:32
freaky_tit stopped working a week or so ago15:32
Kajoverhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ i have a core 2 duo.. is it the 64-bit pc although its amd64?15:33
Kajoveri know it sounds stupid.. just making sure15:33
blip99can i get *most of* the power and coolness of KDE4 which comes on 8.10... by simply installing packages on 8.04 ? or there is more updated things with kde in 8.10 ?15:33
* charlie-tca sorry, wrong keyboard15:34
danbh_intrepidblip99: why not just install 8.10?15:34
wtgeeKajover: Yes, it is.  Note that 64bit is always a little behind 32 bit.  I am running the 64 bit now but once the release comes out I am probably switching to 32bit just because it makes some things a little smoother and there is not a huge performance difference at this point.15:34
minimecKajover: 64 is for amd64. You will have dome problems with ati fglrx dirvers and flash player..., as there are no 64 versions for some software.15:34
Kajoverits just confusing because the intel x86 version is for "newer Apple Macintosh systems based on Intel processors", but the amd64 version is for Core 2 architecture15:35
blip99danbh_intrepid: i want to...the 8.10 Beta is geat :)       but i'm developing a software system in C/C++/Java and other which is targeted to run on a specific 8.04 machine... so i need my development machine to run 8.04 too for max compatiblity15:35
Kajoverok.. so the x86 edition thank you15:35
wtgeeKajover: I would probably recommend just doing the 32 bit.15:35
danbh_intrepidblip99: but I think the answer is that, while you can do whatever you want with your computer, there is no testing of installing packages like that.  Nor will there be fixes.   Er, there are fixes, but those fixes are included with the rest of 8.10.  See, if you upgrade every single package in 8.04, that IS 8.1015:35
Kajoverthank you very much.. im installing cu15:36
danbh_intrepidblip99: there is already an unofficial release of kde4 for 8.04 on the kubuntu website, but I have no idea if it works that well.15:37
blip99danbh_intrepid: ye thats a community remix. i can't risk it :)15:37
danbh_intrepidblip99: well, installing 8.10 packages on 8.04 is even more risky.  Thats your own personal remix, so to speak15:39
blip99danbh_intrepid: hmmm,  so you're saying the 8.04 repos don't have KDE4 ?  or you mean the libraries underneath are meant for 8.10 ?   so installing kde4 on 8.04 will be almost like a distro upgrade .... hmmm,  i'm thinking of just sticking to kde3 then15:40
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sourcemaker"apt-get install kde" tries to install the following wrong packages: kdewebdev-kde4 kfilereplace-kde4 kimagemapeditor-kde4 klinkstatus-kde415:45
jemarkis the cpu usage for pulsaudio15:48
jemarkwould the cpu usage for pulsaudio lower in intrepid final?15:49
cwillujemark, unlikely, unless you're seeing something obscene or can otherwise demonstrate a bug15:50
jemarkcwillu: rhythmbox is using about 15% in intrepid versus 1% in hardy...15:53
cwillujemark, rhythmbox or pulseaudio?15:54
jemarkcwillu: with me... the same confugration and the same rhythmbox version15:54
cwilluif it's the rhythmbox process, it's probably not pulseaudio at fault15:54
jemarkcwillu: in intrepid... pulseaudio is froced with rhythmbox15:55
cwillujemark, yes, but that doesn't mean it's pulseaudio15:55
cwillupulseaudio's fault, rather15:55
jemarkcwillu: in hardy, i use alsa... in intrepid i use alsa in gstreaming properties as well... but in intrepid, i can still see pulsaudio in the processes but in hardy the pulseaudio is on in the processes with "top".15:56
cwillusorry?  couldn't parse that15:56
jemarkcwillu: rhythmbox is using about 15% in intrepid versus 1% in hardy... that's the buttomline... i don't care if it is pulseaudio's fault or it is the fact that pulseaudio is forced on intrepid. the fact is that a simple mp3 file gives a high cpu usage...15:59
jemarkintel duo 2 1.6 Ghz - 15%15:59
thunderstruckdisable it and use something else16:00
* cwillu recommends banshee :p16:01
thunderstruckPA is not forced on you. its enabled16:01
cwillujemark, is gstreamer-properties set to use alsa right now?16:01
cwilluif so, you're going through a compatability layer which may the the cause.  Set it to pulseaudio, restart rhythmbox, and see if rhythmbox still uses too much cpu16:02
thunderstruckas i recall !pulseaudio has options to enable disable ect... if you run into needing help16:02
cwilluthunderstruck, on the otherhand, people testing prereleases should be trying to nail down the pulseaudio issues, so that disabling isn't necessary16:03
cwilluwe're not talking about audio recording here :)16:03
thunderstruckcwillu: they should yes but i doubt its PA causing the issues16:03
cwilluthunderstruck, I think I said that :p16:04
thunderstruckim on a P4 1.7 and no problems here16:04
cwilluhaven't had any issues with other gstreamer apps either (don't use rhythmbox myself)16:04
thunderstruckaassuming you didnt update to a version in a PPA16:04
cwillujemark, bug #27724316:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277243 in alsa-driver "High load during audio playback" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27724316:04
cwillubug #14139016:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 141390 in rhythmbox "CPU 60% and High Temperatures with Cross-Fader and low bit-rate MP3 (dup-of: 73744)" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14139016:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 73744 in gstreamer "rhythmbox is slow!" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7374416:05
jemarkubottu: i diesbled the crossfader for your information...16:05
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:05
cwillujemark, that was the other duplicate on the first bug16:06
jemarkcwillu: i diesbled the crossfader for your information...16:06
cwillujemark, 73744 is the main bug16:06
jemarkcwillu: i know about those bugs...16:06
jemarkcwillu: how could i have 1% usage in rhythmbox in hardy?16:06
cwillujemark, um, okay?  Nobody here is going to have any more information on those bugs than is on those pages already :p16:06
cwillujemark, is gstreamer-properties set to alsa or pulseaudio right now?16:07
sivelhello all16:08
* cwillu blinks16:08
jemarkcwillu: i told you that gstreamer-properties are set as ALSA  in Hardy and Intrepid16:09
sivelhas anyone been able to get a logitech communicate stx to workj with skype?16:09
cwillujemark, okay, can you set it to pulseaudio, restart rhythmbox and test again?16:09
cwillujemark, "sorry, I couldn't parse that" == I didn't understand what you said that time16:09
jemarkcwillu: only Intrepid  FORCES pulseaudio... even if you disable the process in the "session"16:10
* cwillu counts to ten16:10
* cwillu takes a deep breath16:10
cwillujemark, if gstreamer is set to alsa, you're going through a compatability layer16:10
jemarkcwillu: at System - Preferences...16:10
cwillujemark, please set it to pulseaudio, and retest16:11
jemarkcwillu: the fact is that in Hardy with the same version of Rhythmbox (via a ppa) the cpu usage is 1% an in Intrepid the cpu usage is 15%... i don't mind what layers are being used...16:12
cwillujemark, hardy _doesn't_ use an alsa compatability layer (which was the cause of alot of other applications not working properly.  Flash, skype, sdl apps, etc)16:12
cwilluso under intrepid, you shouldn't be using 'alsa' in gstreamer-properties, because that's actually just an inefficient way of running pulseaudio16:13
cwilluso again, please set it, restart rhythmbox, and retest16:14
jemarkcwillu: so, in Hardy it's not a layer?16:14
cwillujemark, nope.  Broke tonnes of stuff too because of that (alsa and pulseaudio basically fighting over the audio device)16:15
cwilluintrepid's doing pulseaudio right (well, more right than they did the last time :p)16:15
cwillubut it does mean that workarounds from intrepid can cause some grief16:16
jemarkcwillu: so, why do you keep alsa in Intrepid... remove alsa and don't force Pulseaudio when you want to use alsa...16:16
cwillujemark, 'alsa' is several things16:16
cwillujemark, it's the kernel audio drivers (how pulseaudio actually makes sound), and it's an api used by lots of applications16:16
=== Oric_ is now known as Oric
jemarkcwilluL are probably also several things.. plugins, etc...16:16
cwillujemark, the same way as 'oss' is both a kernel audio system, and an api used by lots of old programs16:16
cwillujemark, well, plugins falls under a different category16:17
cwillubut anyways, the 'alsa-as-api' in intrepid is actually compatability layer over pulseaudio, so that apps that only know how to use alsa (and can't be updated) will still work16:17
cwilluincluding skype, flash, and so on16:18
jemarkcwillu: well, at least that gives you a choice... Intrepid forces Rhythmbox to use Pulseaudio, right? In Hardy, you can still choose to use alsa...16:18
cwillujemark, it's a false choice16:18
cwilluit doesn't make sense to have them coexist16:18
cwillubut again, can you please set gstreamer-properties to pulseaudio, and retest rhythmbox?16:19
cwillufor me?16:19
ByteJuggler@charlie-tca (or anyone who can help) ok, so I'm trying to make sure I'm going to report apparent issues with the migration assistant in the Intrepid beta against the right project on launchpad -- there's the "migration assistant" *project* which is just a placeholder and eventually points to the Debian bug tracker, and then there's the "migration-assistant" *source package* in the Ubuntu project (I've not been able to find an "ubuntu-16:19
jemarkcwillu: that's why I still use alsa since programs that I use like skype use alsa.. otherwise you get more cpu usage bc of the compatibility layer story.16:19
cwillujemark, gstreamer _has_ pulseaudio support though, so you don't need to use the compatability layer for it (skype and the rest will still work _because_ of the compatibility layer)16:20
jemarkcwillu: and more cpu usage...16:21
cwilluonly for the apps that are still using the alsa api16:21
jemarkcwillu: it's like vista with compatibility layers of xp and nt, etc16:21
cwillujemark, that's a whole other ballgame16:21
cwillubut anyways, you originally asked about rhythmbox.  You still haven't answered me on that16:22
peterereri had problems with jack and pulseaudio :(16:22
jemarkcwillu: the question is: is it possible to get 1% cpu usage of rhythmbox in Intrpid... im interested in low cpu usage since I don't want to waste my battery16:22
cwillujemark, omg16:23
cwillubut again, can you please set gstreamer-properties to pulseaudio, and retest rhythmbox?16:23
cwillulast time16:23
charlie-tcamigration-assistant source package, ByteJuggler16:23
jemarkcwillu: compatibilty layers, alsa, pulseaudio... i don't mind... all i like is to hear the sound going out of my speakers with rhythmbox with a low cpu usage... the same as in Hardy.16:24
ByteJugglercharlie-tca: ty16:24
cwillujemark, I don't care.  Either do the test I've asked you 5 times to do, or stop talking about it :p16:24
jemarkcwillu: are you using intrepid now?16:24
cwillujemark, I've got 2 intrepid machines, and a couple hardy machines16:24
jemarkcwillu: why don't u test this... i've tested it already. it's still high with only pulseaaudio in gstreamer-propoerties.16:25
cwillujemark, THEN SAY THAT THE FIRST TIME16:25
jemarkcwillu: do you think i would tell ths story if i don't test it FIRST???16:25
cwillujemark, you came in, said something about a problem.  I spent a couple minutes looking for bug reports that were related, and linked you to them.  You told me "i know about those bugs...".  I can't read your mind16:26
jemarkRhythmbox ix eating CPU like Flash in intrepid... cpu usage with flash is another issue ofcurse... still high with Flash 10 final16:27
jemarkcwillu: yes, I know about the crossfading... how could I get 1% cpu usage in Hardy... it would be 50 percent with the crossfading.16:28
td123jemark: not necessarily...16:28
td123jemark: it could range anywhere from 1% to 100% depending on your processor :P16:29
jemarktd123: let me know how to fix this... i would check it right away in my hardy where i type on...16:29
cwilluooo, xchat doesn't log ignored users to .xchat2/xchatlogs any more!  bonus :)16:29
jemarki use a 1.6 Ghz Duo core 2 processor.16:30
td123jemark: what is your current setup?16:30
jemarktd123: yes16:30
td123jemark: how do you know its eating so much cpu.. is it because your computer is slow or you checked?16:30
jemarktd123: 1) fan is blowing a 2) checked "top" and looked which process is the cause of the high cpu usage16:31
ttaI can't get rhythmbox to exceed ~10%16:32
ByteJugglercan I ask a really stupid question: How/Where do you set gstreamer properties/change rhythmbox to use pulseaudio?   For reference, on my old AMD64-3200+ 2Ghz which I'm on now, running Intrepid, Rhythmbox uses 5% on a default install, no settings changed16:32
ByteJuggler(reported by top)16:32
jemarktta: very good... try audio streaming16:32
jemarktta: with the crossfader on ;)16:33
ByteJuggler(pulseaudio process takes about 1.7%)16:33
cwilluByteJuggler, gstreamer-properties16:33
minimecByteJuggler: <alt><F2> 'gstreamer-properties' change the audio section.16:33
ByteJugglerah ok ta16:33
jemarkByteJuggler: change to Pulseaudio16:34
jemarkByteJuggler: Rhythmbox uses 5% when ur playing a mp3, I guess? can you tell what it uses when ur using radio streaming?16:36
minimecByteJuggler: If you want to play around with Pulseaudio, I recommend to install 'pavucontrol' ;)16:37
jemarkByteJuggler: I guess, I would need to install a fresh Intrepid or 9.04... upgrading from Hardy to Intrepid gave me a high cpu usage in Rhythmbox...16:38
=== raystlin is now known as lilrayray
ByteJugglerinterestingly, i've just forced it to ALSA (= unneccesary layering if i understand correctly) and it's still using about 5%16:39
ByteJuggler(I have restarted rhythmbox etc)16:39
td123jemark: the actual upgrade shouldn't have caused it.. its the package that's included in intrepid if anything16:40
ByteJuggler(this is playing from magnatune, not sure if that streams but I think it does)16:40
jemarktd123: umm... alright16:41
ByteJugglerI'll do a test from a proper radio stream hang on...16:41
td123jemark: I'll try it out16:41
jemarkByteJuggler: have you tried audiostreaming as well? not only a simple mp3 file?16:41
ByteJugglerjemark: like I say, the tests were using Magnatune which I *think* (but am not sure) streams16:42
jemarkByteJuggler: ok cool16:42
td123jemark: what is your average cpu usage for rhythmbox?16:42
ByteJugglerI'll do another test with a radio stream16:42
minimecByteJuggler: My Rhythmbox also uses about 5% of my CPU and i have a amd 5000+ on a Hardy machine with PulseAudio.16:43
lilrayrayhas anyone got a pptp vpn working in intrepid? i need to connect to a m$ pptp server and i keep getting the error message that the connection "failed because there were no valid VPN secrets."  Any ideas?16:44
ByteJugglerdoes anyone have any radio url handy (no default ones in rhythmbox on a default intrepid install)16:45
minimecByteJuggler: http://ubuntu.hbr1.com:19800/ambient.ogg16:45
minimecByteJuggler: The link is not working... as I see.16:46
ByteJugglerlol so i see16:47
minimecByteJuggler: This one works http://scfire-dtc-aa05.stream.aol.com:80/stream/107416:49
ByteJugglerthanks, this also seems to work: http://www.hbr1.com/playlist/ambient.pls16:50
ByteJuggler(google knows all lol)16:50
ByteJugglerok well CPU use is the same on a radio stream for me16:53
ByteJugglerand it's also virtually the same for me regardless of whether I force gstreamer properties to PulseAudio or ALSA16:53
danbh_intrepidByteJuggler: I think pulse implements the ALSA api16:55
ByteJugglerrhythmbox uses between 4.3 and about 7peak% CPU, averaging about 5% or so on "top" (with pulseaudio taking between 0.7% and 1.7%)16:55
ByteJugglerdanbh: yeah I'm just commenting cos there was a whole big discussion about Pulse and ALSA just now...16:56
danbh_intrepidits like WINE.  Its not an emulator.  In the same way, I think pulse doesn't have compatibility layers.  It has modules which implement the various apis16:56
ByteJugglerjemark was having unnaturally high CPU usage16:56
minimecByteJuggler: I was just testing exaile. Looks like exaile uses a bit less of CPU. I get between 4%-5%16:56
danbh_intrepidi see16:56
ByteJugglerso I decided to test on my machine (which is older than jemark)16:57
nlionhey guys16:57
nlionI'm having sound trouble on a macbook 2,116:57
nlionin ibex16:57
ByteJugglerdanbh: ok i c16:58
ByteJuggler(that fits in which why the cpu use is the same)16:58
td123ByteJuggler: so what was your conclusion on the older cpu?17:00
ByteJugglerwell, for me the CPU use is the same on Intrepid in all cases, whether using Pulse or ALSA17:00
ByteJugglerit seems acceptably low at about 5% (sometimes lower, sometimes slightly higher)17:01
td123ByteJuggler: so, what was jemark talking about?17:01
ByteJugglerdidn't follow the first part of the conversation in detail but he was having higher cpu use on rhythmbox (10%+) compared to hardy (1%) and wanted to know why and how he can get it down (running core2 at 1.6Ghz iirc)17:02
cwillutd123, 5% is higher than should be expected17:02
ByteJuggler(will have to scroll back up to check)17:03
td123cwillu: 5% is pretty reasonable though imo17:03
cwillumplayer will play an mp3 < 1% cpu17:03
ByteJugglerthis is a 2Ghz AMD64 754pin CPU17:03
cwillupre-pa, it seems that gstreamer was <1% as well17:03
ByteJugglerabout 3.5 years old17:03
td123oh, I guess that could be high, so who wants to profile rhythmbox :d17:04
cwilluI'm tempted to blame a change in gstreamer actually17:04
cwilluit's the only thing that's the same across totem, rhythmbox and banshee17:04
cwilluand that's also in-process17:04
ByteJugglerIll have to test on Hardy to compare (havent got it on this box tho...)17:05
ByteJugglerbtw in case it matters, this is an Ogg stream17:05
cwilludecoding the file isn't the issue afaict17:05
cwillumore likely that it's either buffering very aggressively, or there's some extra transcoding going on17:06
ByteJugglerso you reckon 5% is a bit high even for this box?17:06
td123ByteJuggler: I think you can't say 5% is too high until you've actually profiled it and see what its spending that 5% on17:07
cwilluit's really really easy to burn more cpu time doing higher quality filtering and the like, it's quite possible that something was turned on17:07
cwillunot completely convinced it's a bug, but it _is_ possible to play an mp3 with next to no cpu time on any modern'ish machine17:08
WelshDragonByteJuggler, have you got cross fading enabled?17:09
cwilluwell, on the other hand, mplayer is using 3% cpu on this box (as opposed to 5% with banshee, totem or rhythm17:11
minimeccwillu: ByteJuggler: exaile uses 4%-5% on a amd 500+ dualcore with a normal 32bit Hardy installation. OUtput is PulseAudio.17:13
minimecI guess, the plugins and database stuff are taking 2-3% permanently...17:14
=== rconan_ is now known as rconan
cwilludatabase wouldn't be doing anything for playback17:15
cwilluplugins could be a problem, but should only be if they're actually filtering the audio stream17:15
ByteJugglerwell, for reference, my laptop (AMD64 1.8Ghz running hardy) uses a shedload more CPU lol17:16
ByteJuggler(just walked over and tried)17:16
ByteJugglermight be something I've done to the laptop (but don't think so)...17:16
cwillu1.8 would match his clock speed as well17:16
cwilluaround 10-15%17:16
ByteJugglerthere was a rhythmbox and rhythmbox-metad and pulseaudio processes17:16
ByteJugglerrhythmbox was eating like 15%17:17
cwilluPLEASE NOTE: PulseAudio's default configuration uses high quality sample17:17
cwillurate conversion that may be overly CPU intensive. If PulseAudio's CPU usage17:17
cwilluis unacceptable on your hardware, please change the resample-method option17:17
cwilluin /etc/pulse/daemon.conf to either src-linear or trivial. See daemon.conf17:17
cwillufor more details.17:17
ByteJuggleranyway, I wouldn't read too much into that cos I might've done any number of things to that laptop17:17
minimecjust playing an radio stream in audacious. 11% CPU on hardy ;)17:18
ByteJugglerbut still, a bit surprising17:18
Turmsbug 27289617:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272896 in linux "intrepid - after upgrade to kernel 2.6.27 i cannot upgrade nor i can navigate internet" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27289617:18
cwilluminimec, with or without pa?17:18
minimeccwillu: Pulse17:18
ByteJuggler(mine was with pulse as well)17:18
cwilluminimec, comparison in question was against hardy without pulse17:19
ByteJugglerah kk (brb)17:19
Turmssome op would write in the topic the reference to the workaround for outdated modems not working with kernel 2.6.27?17:19
minimeccwillu: 9% using the alsa-outpu-plugin17:20
cwilluminimec, have you tweaked pulse at all though?17:20
cwilluminimec, flash workarounds typically applied the same settings that intrepid has by default, including an alsawrapper that would be getting used by alsa-output-plugin17:21
cwilluminimec, close rhythmbox, killall pulseaudio, reopen rhythmbox and retest :p17:21
minimeccwillu: As I was always upgrading I used 'the almost perfect pulseaudio tutorial' and made a manual install on hardy17:21
cwilluyep, do as I said above, you were still going through pulse17:22
cwillumake sure pulseaudio isn't showing up at all once rhythmbox is playing (ps aux|grep pulse), and then check cpu usage17:22
charlie-tcaTurms: done17:23
minimeccwillu: Pulse is on test here, I agree, as I have some issues with my TV-card.17:23
ByteJugglerhmmm well on the turion amd64 1.8ghz (single core) it's 7.3% cpu for rhythmbox alsa (no pulseaudio in process list) and 1.7% for rhythmbox-metad17:24
ByteJugglerwhich is a lot lighter than with pulseaudio17:24
ByteJuggler(both of those on hardy)17:24
cwilluByteJuggler, okay, so jemark is just on crack :p17:25
minimeccwillu: On the other hand, I love the sound-managment with pavucontrol, as it alows me to control my soundcards easily.17:25
ByteJugglercwillu: well yeah, it's all similar scores from where I'm sitting17:25
Turmscharlie-tca: thanks :-)17:25
ByteJuggler(except for the pulseaudio scores on hardy which is a bit bad)17:25
cwilluByteJuggler, let no man say I didn't investigate :p17:25
ByteJugglerwhich then for that matter seems pretty good on interpid17:26
ByteJuggler*intrepid even17:26
lilrayrayhas anyone got a pptp vpn working in intrepid? i need to connect to a m$ pptp server and i keep getting the error message that the connection "failed because there were no valid VPN secrets."  Any ideas?17:26
ByteJuggleraside: I might have to redo the intrepid tests here, cos I did not killall pulseaudio just now when I tested (didn't realise I needed that...)17:26
cwillulilrayray, people will take you more seriously if you don't say 'm$' :p17:27
lilrayraythanks... ;)17:27
cwillulilrayray, have you been able to connect to it from a windows box?17:27
cwillu(you personally)17:27
ByteJugglerwhat's on the other end of the pptp tunnel?17:27
ByteJugglera windows box or a concentrator or what?17:27
lilrayrayyes... i have vista on a separate box and it works like it's supposed to...17:27
lilrayrayit a w2k3 server17:27
cwillulilrayray, what client?17:27
cwillubuiltin windows?17:27
cwilluon the windows box17:28
lilrayraynp... it is the built-in windows client17:28
cwilluwhat's the exact error?17:28
lilrayray"The VPN connection to 'PMT' failed because there were no valid VPN secrets."17:29
lilrayraycwillu: i had it working with the exact same settings in Hardy.17:31
cwillulilrayray, network manager has had its guts ripped out :p17:31
ByteJuggler(eish that sounds painful :P )17:31
cwilluByteJuggler, you have no idea :p17:32
lilrayraycwillu: well, that would explain why it is performing better in some aspects... just not this one...17:32
cypherdelicAnyone familar with xserver-xorg-input-evdev or-joystick detecting gamepads?17:32
cwillubug #28561517:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285615 in network-manager-pptp "Network-manager-pptp does not work with saved vpn password" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28561517:33
cwillubug #28337617:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 283376 in network-manager-pptp "Network manager sends CHAP response in wrong format" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28337617:33
cwillulilrayray, clear the password out of the vpn configuration, and try connecting (typing the password in by hand when prompteD)17:34
minimeccypherdelic: If it is an usb device I would begin with 'lsusb' in a console. There you get the ID number of your device. This is a good hint for google ;)17:35
cwillu_remotebsnider, where art thou?17:35
cwillulilrayray, you don't have any control over the vpn implementation do you?17:36
lilrayraycwillu: i just happen to have control over the network i am trying to connect to... ;)17:37
cwillulilrayray, so "don't use pptp" might be valid advice? :p17:38
* cwillu isn't a huge fan of password-based vpn's17:38
jaumei have networking problems17:39
jaumesomeone can help?17:39
cwillu(cisco/openvpn both use certificates, and only passwords as an additional option)17:39
cwillujaume, just ask, don't ask to ask17:39
lilrayraywell, unfortunately, i also have capital budget constraints and a boss that is a HUGE Microsoft fan... I have proposed a different solution for the upcoming year, but I will have to see if it goes through or not17:39
cwillulilrayray, openvpn is opensource, and works on windows with a nice little system-tray icon17:39
cwilluuses bog-standard encryption (ssl), and the devs have always been extremely responsive (good mailing list)17:40
jaumewell then i installed 8.10 beta when i connect to my router via wireless or lan cable i get the ip and all from via dhcp from the router17:40
jaumelan works17:40
jaumebut firefox or synaptic dont work17:41
jaumean a ping google.com works from the console17:41
jaumebut from firefox doesnt17:41
lilrayraycwillu: thanks for the help... i will see if i can get it to work the way it is... i got past the error message i was getting which was the point i was stuck at17:41
minimecjaume: *lan works* can you ping your router in a console?17:41
jaumeeven i can do ping google.com and works17:41
cwillujaume, ping works from wireless and lan, but firefox only works from the lan?17:41
jaumeexactly firefox cant acces internet17:42
cwillujaume, you're using network manager right?  not configuring from the console?17:42
minimecdo you have a nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf?17:42
ByteJugglertry disabling ipv6 in firefox17:42
ByteJuggleractually never mind17:42
* cwillu pokes ByteJuggler with a stick17:42
ByteJuggler(old problem fixed long time ago so its not that)17:43
jaumeyes i have the nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf that the router give via dhcp17:43
cwillujaume, when connected the the wireless, open firefox, and tell me if firefox has itself set to offline mode17:43
cwillujaume, you're connecting to wireless using network manager, or from the console?17:43
jaumethe work offline is off17:43
minimecjaume: If you used another one (add one manually) just for a try.17:43
jaumei'm connecting via network managers17:43
Turnohas ubuntu moved away from using vnc for remote desktop?17:44
jaumehow can i try to disable ipv6?17:45
ByteJugglerits probably not that, but in the firefox address bar, type: about:config17:45
ByteJugglersearch for ipv617:45
cwilluTurno, not that I know of17:45
Skiesssiwhen I install openswan, ipsec-tools, linux-patch-openswan and that other openswan package, _my internet gets broken_17:45
cwilluTurno, I usually just run apps via ssh -XC, but that doesn't help connecting to existing sessions17:46
ByteJugglerchange network.dns.disableIPv6 to true17:46
ByteJugglerrestart firefox17:46
Skiesssihow do I know is one of those packages or my isp?17:46
Skiesssi*...know is it...17:46
jaumei found it17:47
jaumeit's not that17:47
jaumestill doesnt work17:47
cwilluSkiesssi, if you just need to connect to a cisco ipsec vpn, you just need network-manager-vpnc17:48
jaumebut how is possible that the ping google.com responds and the from the firefox doesnt?17:48
cwillujaume, don't have a proxy set in firefox do you?17:49
jaumei check that17:49
Ayabarasince there is now only one output slider in alsamixer, is it only the gnome-volume-control frontend I can use to change various output levels?17:49
Skiesssicisco ipsec vpn?17:49
jaumei put it in no proxy17:49
Skiesssiwhat's cisco?17:50
cwilluSkiesssi, the most common vpn provider :p17:50
cwilluSkiesssi, try the package I suggested (removing the other packages that broke your internet), if it works, then you're golden17:50
ByteJugglerjaume: the only thing I can think of17:51
ByteJuggleris mtu problems17:51
cwilluSkiesssi, unless it only breaks when you connect to the vpn, which is a different problem17:52
jaumeand what i can do?=17:52
ByteJugglerwell, to test if that might have something to do with the price of eggs17:52
ByteJuggleryou can force the mtu size down17:52
jaumecan you tell me how?17:53
ByteJuggleruse "ifconfig" command e.g.17:53
ByteJugglerifconfig eth0 mtu 140017:53
ByteJuggler(or something like that)17:53
ByteJugglerthat sets mtu down to 1400 on eth017:53
ByteJugglercheck "man ifconfig"17:53
ByteJuggleranyway i gotta go for now17:54
minimecByteJuggler: Good idea! sudo 'ifconfig wlan0 mtu 1492' could do it.17:54
jaumei have the mtu in 1500 line17:54
Kr0ntabjaume: mtu issues are seldomly an issue unless you're dealing with other encapsulating protocols, such as VPN's, etc.... whats the symptom?17:54
jaumei cant acces google or any other page with the firefox17:54
Kr0ntabsorry to butt in ByteJuggler17:54
jaumebut i acn do ping google.com and works17:55
minimecjaume: Good idea! sudo 'ifconfig wlan0 mtu 1492' could do it.17:55
ByteJuggleryeah might be a problem as wireless adds another wrapper to the packets iirc... (?) but Krontab's right17:55
ByteJugglernot usually a problem17:55
ByteJugglerstill, try it17:55
ByteJuggleranyway might hang out here a bit more, nice talking to you all17:55
jaumei tried with a wired cable and does the same17:55
Kr0ntabjaume: is this a personal network you are on?  with a single router/firewall?17:56
jaumei changed the mtu but still dont work17:56
Kr0ntabjaume: I know... because that is almost definitely not the problem...17:57
jaumeyes is a personal network17:57
Kr0ntabjaume: for the following commands.. please paste the output here...17:57
Kr0ntabip addr list17:57
Kr0ntabroute -n17:57
Kr0ntabcat /etc/resolv.conf17:58
Kr0ntabthen give us the resulting url so we can see17:59
jaumewait that i have to copy the results from the other computer17:59
Kr0ntabis that complicated?  I can have you give me the pertinent info in another way if it is.18:00
jaumealmost done18:01
jaume ip addr list18:01
jaume1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 16436 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN18:01
jaume    link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:0018:01
jaume    inet scope host lo18:01
jaume    inet6 ::1/128 scope host18:01
jaume       valid_lft forever preferred_lft forever18:01
jaume2: eth0: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state DOWN qlen 100018:01
jaume    link/ether 00:02:3f:dc:a3:71 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff18:01
Kr0ntabnot here18:01
jaume3: eth1: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1492 qdisc pfifo_fast state UP qlen 100018:01
jaume    link/ether 00:0e:35:73:0e:b1 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff18:01
jaume    inet brd scope global eth118:01
jaume    inet6 fe80::20e:35ff:fe73:eb1/64 scope link18:01
jaume       valid_lft forever preferred_lft forever18:01
jaume4: pan0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 qdisc noop state DOWN18:01
jaume    link/ether be:17:d5:6d:04:72 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff18:01
Kr0ntabjaume:  not here18:01
jaumei send you th efile?18:02
Kr0ntabno....  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/18:02
bsniderjaume, !pastebin18:02
Kr0ntabpaste that here18:02
jaumei have the results on a plain text file18:02
Kr0ntabon that url18:02
Kr0ntabgo to the url... and paste it in there...18:02
=== Sebast1an is now known as Sebastian
jaumePaste from jaume at Sun, 19 Oct 2008 19:03:30 +010018:03
Kr0ntabnow give us the URL...18:04
Kr0ntabthere ya go.  :-)18:04
bsniderwhat's wrong with the bot18:04
minimecbsnider: I guess there is no bot on ubuntu+118:05
bsnideryes there is18:05
jaumethe same computer with ubuntu 7.04 in  the same network works perfectly18:05
charlie-tca!pastebin | jaume18:05
ubottujaume: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)18:05
Kr0ntabok.... first set your mtu back to 150018:06
Kr0ntabtype the following, and paste results back into the pastebin page:     ping -i .2 -c 50 -q
kulighthoe do i find the dns's im using in intrepid ?18:08
Kr0ntabthis sends out 50 pings in a very short interval and only displays the summary at the end...18:08
Kr0ntabkulight: cat /etc/resolv.conf    or simply through the connection info dialog.  right click Network icon on your and selected the connection info option.18:09
Kr0ntabjaume: is there a new URL?18:10
Kr0ntabor did you keep the same one?18:10
kulight# NOTE: the libc resolver may not support more than 3 nameservers.18:10
kulight# The nameservers listed below may not be recognized.18:10
kulighti got that18:10
Kr0ntabjaume: cool.... you can keep updating that same URL (at the bottom of the page) so all I have to do is refresh when you update...18:11
Kr0ntabyour ping results are good by the way...  now     ping -n -c 10 -q
Kr0ntabthen    ping -n -c 10 -q
Kr0ntaball we're doing here is testing basic responsiveness... I'm looking for latency, packet loss... etc...18:14
jaumeit works too18:14
jaumeor you want to see the results18:14
Kr0ntabwant to see18:14
Kr0ntabI am looking at the min/max/avergages... etc...18:15
Kr0ntabdid you update the page?18:15
FFForeverwhy does update manager say it cant update all of the repo's?18:16
jaumei'm sorry but i dont know how actualize18:17
jaumewhen i click paste on the same url it goes to a new one where oinly is the new text18:17
=== kalpik_ is now known as kalpik
Kr0ntabjaume: this all looks good... lets do some other tests...18:18
Kr0ntabjaume: type the following and paste results in pastebin...18:19
Kr0ntabjaume:   dig @ www.yahoo.com18:20
Kr0ntabjaume: dig @ www.yahoo.com18:20
Kr0ntabjaume: I just private messaged you so we don't have to fill everyone's logs in this channel window...18:22
SIRavecavecHI i try to upgrade from kubuntu 8.04 to 8.10 and i cant.18:28
FFForeverhow do i turn my mic on?18:29
knioletSIRavecavec: you cant in what sense?18:29
knioletSIRavecavec: it worked for me when i followed the instructions on the kubuntu site... are you getting some sort of error message?18:30
minimecFFForever: Maybe you have to configure that in gstreamer-properties18:30
SIRavecaveckniolet: i receive this error : Could not verify the integrity of the upgrader application. This program will now exit.18:30
FFForeverhow do i do that?18:30
minimecalt+F2 gstreamer-properties18:30
minimecFFForever: alt+F2 gstreamer-properties18:31
knioletSIRavecavec: :-/ i dunno... that seems strange18:31
SIRavecaveckniolet: this is what i receive.18:32
SIRavecavecI try several times.18:32
stdinSIRavecavec: you can try switching to the main repositories and/or report the issue on Launchpad18:33
cwillubsnider, ooooo!18:34
JDahlI am having some problems with laptop brightness after latest updates in Intrepid...  If power is removed, the brightness level is reduced significantly and isn't restored when power is restored. I didn't find a bug report about it - have others experienced this?18:34
SIRavecavecstdin: how do i change to main repositories?18:34
duaircDoes anyone know how to bridge a device with network-manager 0.7 in intrepid? Is it possible?18:36
stdinSIRavecavec: from Adept Manager, Adept -> Manage Repositories -> Download From -> Main Servers18:36
cwillubsnider, got it figured out, the libnvidia-tls library was at fault.  Could you tell me what your symlinks are for /usr/lib/libnvidia-tls* and /usr/lib/tls/*?18:36
cwillubsnider, I've got mine up and running again via nvidia-glx-177 (and also nvidia's installer if I feel like it :p), but I'm curious what the proper symlinks there are supposed to be18:37
cwillubsnider, and am curious why reinstalling nvidia-glx and company didn't rewrite them18:37
bsnidercwillu, brb18:40
bilickihi guys, I am using kubuntu 8.10 with KDE 4.1, when KDE loads, I just get a blank screen and my mouse pointer, nothing else... any ideas? however, stuff is working in the background, as the wireless internet connection gets set up (I used another console by pressing ctrl+alt+F5 to get the latest updates) any ideas?18:40
emilienneed help nautilus keep crashing whenever i open /home18:43
emilienworks fine for other directories18:43
emilienanyone any ideas ?18:44
FFForeverwhy is the repo running so slow?18:46
bilickiok, does anyone know how to reset / reconfigure KDE settings or something?18:48
bilickias I said, I get a blank screen and a mouse pointer18:49
bluefox83has anyone been able to get google gadgets to compile in 8.11?18:54
bluefox83i keep getting a compile error when i try, i think it requires a library or something that's been outdated in ibex18:55
squid0hello. I want to install Intrepid beta, but on the live cd I get an error with X... I see the KDE loading splash screen, but then X dies, the screen goes various shades of black, and then tries to start X again... this becomes a loop... On examining X logs, it seems to be a problem with my Intel graphics card, and mentions something about planes (A and B) and memory errors...18:55
bsnidercwillu, /usr/lib/libnvidia-tls.so.1 -> libnvidia-tls.so.177.8018:56
bsnidercwillu, /usr/lib/tls/libnvidia-tls.so.1 -> libnvidia-tls.so.177.8018:56
squid0how do I fix this, and (how) can I install intrepid knowing I'll be able to get a stable system with X?18:56
cwillubsnider, dpkg-query -S /usr/lib/libnvidia-tls.so ?18:57
bsnidernot found18:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 182716 in linux "bcm4306, bcm4309, bcm4311, bcm4312 with b43 : Authentication with AP doesn't work." [Medium,Confirmed]18:57
cwillubsnider, dpkg-query -S libnvidia-tls rather ?18:57
defryskoops, sorry18:57
bsnideri'll have to pastebin that18:58
bsnidercwillu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/59784/18:59
emilienneed help nautilus keep crashing whenever i open /home18:59
emilienworks fine for other directories18:59
emilienanyone any ideas ?18:59
squid0could my issue be related to the effort at an X configuration without /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?18:59
cwillubsnider, okay, thanks19:00
bsnidersquid0, you did download the daily-live image and not the old beta cd right?19:00
squid0bsnider: eh, no, I downloaded the beta from 2 october19:01
bsnideryeah, don't do that19:01
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/19:01
squid0how stable is the latest daily?19:01
cwillubsnider, any reason why nvidia-glx-177 wouldn't recreate those symlinks (they didn't exist before), and instead put full copies of libnvidia-tls.so in their place?  (that was the error, two identical copies rather than one symlink to the original)19:01
bsnidercwillu, i have no idea, but you should tell alberto about it19:02
bsniderin other words, file a bug19:02
bsniderobviously it should rewrite every file when it's reinstalled19:03
squid0so bsnider, my beta disk is useless?19:05
bsniderit might make a good coaster19:05
squid0ha ha19:05
squid0what's a good vm to use to test?19:06
bsnideri dunno, virtualbox?19:07
* kniolet likes vmware server since its free now19:09
knioletonly free as in beer though, of course19:09
BlinkizHaving problem getting my second network card to work. Its a Intel 1000 Pro network card (e1000). I have installed todays nightly of intrepid server. Can someone help me troubleshoot this?19:10
squid0thanks, kniolet19:10
crimsunhas anyone tried recording using a mic?19:11
crimsunmore specifically, you need to be running current intrepid with libasound2-plugins installed19:11
=== Skiesssi is now known as Skiessi
crimsunplease contact me (IRC, e-mail, gtalk, whatever) if you're unable to record correctly using pulseaudio - I have a patch that should fix it, but I need testers.19:12
bsnidercrimsun, a patch to pulse 9.10?19:13
crimsunbsnider: no, alsa-plugins.19:13
alex_mayorgawhat's the official VNC solution on Intrepid?19:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bc4319:14
BlinkizI can't get my Intel 1000 Pro pci express card to work. is it e1000 or e1000e that has to be loaded?19:15
BlinkizFor some reason, e1000e is not in the server version... Maybe its e1000?19:15
bsniderBlinkiz, e1000e, but only if you made the mistake of installing the beta19:15
BlinkizIs 2.6.27-4 the blacklist variant?19:15
Blinkizbsnider: I installed todays nightly19:16
bsniderbut it's fine now19:16
bsnider27-7 works19:16
BlinkizHmmm, did I make a mistake and took the wrong iso file? Not the nightly one?19:16
alex_mayorgais vinagre still the VNC of choice in 8.10?19:17
crimsunalex_mayorga: yes19:17
BlinkizAAaaagh, took the wrong iso and installed. that explains it :P19:18
squid0bsnider: why not have a message on the beta download page informing about the dailies and linking to them?19:19
alex_mayorgaBlinkiz, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/263555 maybe?19:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263555 in linux "[intrepid] 2.6.27 e1000e driver places Intel ICH8 and ICH9 gigE chipsets at risk" [Critical,Fix released]19:20
alex_mayorgaoh! fix released, never mind19:20
alex_mayorgacrimsun: thanks19:20
Blinkizalex_mayorga: Yeah, I know. I took the wrong iso file from my own repository and installed an old release of intrepid. My bad19:20
alex_mayorgaanyone with usable broadcom wireless?19:21
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, beautifully usable19:21
cwillu_remotebut I had no issues in gutsy or hardy either once I discovered b43-fwcutter19:22
bsnidersquid0, you are preaching to the choir19:24
squid0bsnider: ok19:24
bsniderpeople are still mistakenly downloading hte beta and experiencing bugs that were fixed in some cases weeks ago19:25
squid0right, example: me19:26
alex_mayorgacwillu_remote, mine is all flaky, would you mind sharing configs19:29
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, what chipset?19:29
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, lspci|grep -i net19:29
alex_mayorgaBroadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01)19:30
alex_mayorgacwillu_remote, do you have a wmaster0 bogus interface?19:30
bsniderpciid would be better. you can obtain that using lspci -nn19:30
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, yes19:31
theBishopis firefox nearly unusable for anyone else?19:31
crimsuntheBishop: please describe further19:31
cwillu_remotetheBishop, nope, perfectly usable here19:31
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, how is it installed right now?19:31
bsniderwmaster0 is created by the mac80211 driver. it is normal for it to be there19:31
theBishopafter one of the many updates this week (not sure which)19:31
theBishopFirefox is crashing constantly for me19:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 124159 in linux "Broadcom bcm43xx Wireless driver regression in gutsy" [High,Confirmed]19:32
theBishopseems to be related to the previously visited URL dropdown19:32
cwillu_remotetheBishop, can you run it in a terminal, and pastebin the output leading up to the crash?19:32
alex_mayorgacwillu_remote, it's using b4319:32
theBishopcwillu, yeah, i'll try that19:32
myk_robinsonis there a way in Gnome to have the wallpaper auto-rotate among images in a specified folder?19:33
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, unrelated bug, unless you're using the old bcm43xx driver19:33
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, lsmod|grep -Ei "b43|bcm"19:33
Redhammerhi on one of my computers an hp laptop my keyboard mapping has gone completely awol after the upgrade19:34
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, (pastebin the result, don't paste it here, it's a few lines)19:34
RedhammerI have delete the custom xmodmap file I had for hardy and checked the setting in xorg.conf and in gnome19:34
Redhammerboth appear correct, any ideas19:34
louiseI just upgraded two machines to intrepid, one of them can' t connect to the internet19:36
louisecan someone assist?19:36
cwillu_remote<alex_mayorga,>  http://pastebin.com/m6dfb4d0719:36
louiseI believe once I can make a connection to the internet and update ibex everything might work19:37
alex_mayorgacwillu_remote, anything I should remove/add?19:38
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, :/ nothing jumping out at me19:38
alex_mayorgamight it be my hidden SSID?19:38
cwillu_remoteI can't speak much to that exact chipset, other than it's explicitly listed as supported by b4319:38
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, could be, I don't use a hidden ssid myself19:39
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, worth a shot if you don't mind turning it on19:39
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, but I've had no issues with wpa, wep, open, etc19:39
alex_mayorgaactually I've just checked the router and it's broadcasting as we speak19:40
alex_mayorgaso that shouldn't be the problem19:40
alex_mayorgathe bug I posted earlier is where I've been tracking my problem since gusty19:40
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, it's for a different driver though.  You're not using bcm43xx19:41
alex_mayorgayes, the title hasn't been updated in a long time19:41
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, do you have b43-fwcutter installed?19:41
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, you should probably update it so that people like me don't get misled :p19:42
alex_mayorgainstalled Version: 1:011-4ubuntu119:42
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, hmm, comment #106 seems familiar.  At one point, I had to force my _access_ point to a minimum rate, due to interference from too many other ap's in the area, (or so I thought)19:44
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, might give it a shot19:44
cwillu_remote(that said, I haven't had any issues elsewhere, dunno)19:44
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, have you run the fw cutter?19:45
cwillu_remoteor rather, do you recall it prompting you when it ran?19:45
cwillu_remotewhen it installed the first time19:45
alex_mayorganot the first time, but I've ran it weeks ago myself19:46
alex_mayorgado I re-run?19:46
cwillu_remotenah, should be fine19:46
cwillu_remotesorry, I really don't know19:46
cwillu_remotebut look at that comment (#106)19:46
ElTimohi everyone19:46
louiseoh man, I just need a wired internet connection to solve all my issues. Can someone assist me? I edited /etc/network/interfaces and I still get an error message "failed to bring up" eth019:47
sanMy notbook has a Atheros wifi card. This get detected by ubuntu (I even see it in the 'hardware drivers' application). But the device does not show up on nmapplet nor ifconfig/iwconfig? Anyone got an idea what to do?19:47
ElTimohas anyone managed to get the gspca webcam drivers working with intrepid?19:47
louisesan, i am getting the same problem19:48
bsnidersan, you've got the old madwifi stuff conflicting with the new ath5k/9k stuff19:48
alex_mayorgacwillu_remote, do I add that?19:48
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, give it a try19:48
bsnidersan, search for the linux-restricted-modules package and get rid of it19:48
sanbsnider: that's all?19:49
louisesan, actually, I don' t have my card listed in hardware drivers19:49
bsnidersan, yes19:49
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, (the comment with the four commands, right?)19:49
alex_mayorgacwillu_remote, yes19:49
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, need to at least reconnect to the wireless after you do that19:50
ircbinHello! When will the release candidate be released?19:50
bsniderircbin, a few days19:51
bsniderif you want to use intrepid now, try the daily-live cd19:51
ircbinI need to made a new installation... Will it be released before next weekend?19:52
theBishopcwillu_remote, http://rafb.net/p/b2KYLQ36.html19:52
alex_mayorgacwillu_remote, what would that prove? I guess I should use wlan0 instead od eth1 right?19:52
bsniderircbin, yes19:52
ircbinIf not, I'll install the beta19:52
emilienneed help nautilus keep crashing whenever i open /home19:52
emilienworks fine for other directories19:52
ircbinbsnider, ok19:52
emilienanyone any ideas ?19:52
emilienis there anyway to find out why it crashed to debug it ?19:52
ElTimoemilien: run it in a terminal19:52
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, yes.19:52
emilienElTimo,  tried that got nothing19:53
ElTimothat's weird19:53
emilienElTimo,  it starts and then crashes suddenly19:53
cwillu_remotetheBishop, is that all of it?19:53
ElTimoemilien: are you 32 or 64 bits?19:53
emilienElTimo,  3219:54
theBishopcwillu_remote, yeah, it cuts off exactly the way i posted it19:54
ElTimoemilien: that's what I'm on, and I haven't had any problems so far19:54
cwillu_remotetheBishop, how much is there before?19:54
emilienElTimo,  the only thing i changed is that i added a truecrypt file could that affect it ?19:55
ElTimoemilien: it might, what exactly does a truecrypt file do?19:55
ElTimoI'm a bit of a noob but I might be able to figure it out19:55
sanbsnider: There are multiple linux restricted modules packages: linux-restricted-modules-common, linux-restricted-modules-2.6.27-7-generic, linux-restricted-modules-generic, linux-generic. Are they all safe to remove?19:56
emilienElTimo,  its a encrypted directory19:56
theBishopcwillu_remote, just this: ** (firefox:9929): WARNING **: Exception in gr::RangeSegment ... and it starts doing this as soon as the application loads19:56
bsnideryes. remove them all19:56
ElTimoah ok19:56
ElTimoit might19:56
ElTimoemilien: is it mounted currently?19:56
emilienElTimo,  il move it from terminal19:56
emilienElTimo, no19:56
ElTimotry mounting it then19:56
cwillu_remotetheBishop, is it unstable under a fresh profile?19:57
saint-takeshii'm trying to fix the bug listed at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/120834 with the script porvided in the comments there on an acer aspire 5315 notebook.19:57
cwillu_remotetheBishop, "firefox -P --no-remote"19:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 120834 in mesa "intel gm965 freezes with 3d applications" [High,Confirmed]19:57
=== kalpik_ is now known as kalpik
Kajoverhey ive just installed ubuntu 8.10 beta on my macbook pro, but it it doesnt show up as a bootable drive.. i cant boot it. there are three partitions right now.. the disk is partitioned in the mac part. one disk0S3 40,3GB, linux swap 953.7MB19:58
saint-takeshii can't really tell if it's working, but the script and the notes seem to be geared towards 32-bit systems...is there anything i'm likely to have to change for x86_64?19:58
cwillu_remoteKajover, try again with a nightly19:58
ElTimoemilien: any luck?19:58
danageso, i just did a distro upgrade and it failed critically. now doom awaits on the next reboot? is there a dkpg fixing command i can issue right now?19:58
cwillu_remotedanage, define 'fail'19:58
emilienElTimo,  heh , can't realy mount do not know password19:59
Kajoveri tried it with a daily (through the normal installation) and the beta.. (over livecd)19:59
ElTimoemilien: lol o....thats a bit of a problem then...19:59
emilienElTimo,  not my comp fixing for friend19:59
ElTimoah gotcha19:59
emilienElTimo,  god know what he has in there don't wana know19:59
danagecwillu_remote: i wish i could. i used update manager, it cancels. gives me error message and tells me my system might now be unusuable19:59
emilienElTimo, lol19:59
emilienElTimo, il try moving i20:00
ElTimoemilien: yea it's always awkward to unearth someone else's porn20:00
danagei should probably backup my home folder now?20:00
emilienElTimo, heh20:00
cwillu_remotedanage, well, typically you would do that before you upgrade :p20:00
ElTimoemilien: anyway, try moving it20:00
danagei have20:00
danagea few days ago20:00
danagei will do again now, i suppose20:00
Kajoverive installed it by deleting the FAT32 partition which bootcamp made.. and split it up into an ext3 partition and a swap partition..20:00
Kajoverany idea why it cant boot it?20:01
cwillu_remotedanage, if you open a console and run dpkg --configure -a, what does it do?20:01
cwillu_remotedanage, (pastebin the output if it spits anything out)20:02
danagedpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/available' near line 5975 package `xserver-xorg-core':20:02
danage `Conflicts' field, invalid package name `xserver-xorg-input)wacom': character `)' not allowed (only letters, digits and characters `-+._')20:02
danagei dont think it's funny20:02
cwillu_remotecould try editing the file20:02
louiseI am trying to connect to my lan. When I do "sudo dhclient eth0" I get an error message tellling me to make sure packet socket and Socket filtering are enabled in ibex' kernel, what the heck should I do?20:02
cwillu_remotedanage, changing the ) to a -20:02
danagecwillu_remote: perhaps it should be a bug report?20:03
ElTimoso anyway, anyone know anything about the gspca drivers in intrepid?20:03
cwillu_remotedanage, nah, you probably just caught it at a really bad moment20:03
danagedefine bad moment20:03
ElTimoguess not....20:04
cwillu_remote"bad moment:  The moment at which, if you upgrade to a new release, the upgrade process will trash your install rather than upgrade it.  See also, 'beta testing'"20:04
xyzhi ubuntu alpha/beta community20:04
* cwillu_remote pokes alex_mayorga with a stick20:05
alex_mayorga1didn't help20:05
cwilluah well20:05
alex_mayorga1disconnections remain20:05
emilienElTimo, to move file this right syntax ? sudo cp  truecrypt  /Desktop20:05
emilien 20:05
cwillualex_mayorga, you're up-to-date on your updates right?20:06
ElTimoemilien: I would try sudo mv truecrypt Desktop20:06
alex_mayorga1cwillu, would you help me work out that bugger report so it gets picked up soon20:06
ElTimowithout the /20:06
alex_mayorga1cwillu, fully updated to 5 minutes ago :)20:06
cwillu_remoteemilien, ~/Desktop20:06
louisehelp me out will ya?20:06
ElTimothat's probably a better idea20:06
ElTimobecause I don't know where truecrypt is20:07
louiseI need to establish a wired connection thats all20:07
sanbsnider: thanks for the help.. writing this now using the wireless connection!!20:07
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, comment #12220:08
sanbsnider: Do you know if this issue will be fixed for the final release?20:09
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, you're probably best off submitting a new bug, with a link back to bug #124159, with an up-to-date summary of what is known (leaving out anything bcm43xx-related, except perhaps for historical context)20:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 124159 in linux "Broadcom bcm43xx Wireless driver regression in gutsy" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12415920:09
alex_mayorga1cwillu, so new bugger is due?20:09
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, I think so, the old one has too much gunk that's unrelated to the current problems20:10
danagecwillu_remote: do you know what i could try to fix it?20:10
cwillu_remotedanage, I wasn't kidding :p20:10
danageedit the file?20:10
cwillu_remotedanage, edit the file it said, and change that ) to a -20:10
danagethen, do the whole thing again?20:11
cwillu_remotecheck if anything around that part of the file seems really out of place20:11
cwillu_remotedanage, then run dpkg --configure -a again20:11
bsnidersan, it isn't really an issue. the problem occurred because of the new drivers available in the .27 kernel. the restricted-modules package used to be necessary but isn't anymore.20:11
cwillu_remotedanage, if that works, run apt-get dist-upgrade, and the dpkg --configure -a, back and forth until they both finish with no errors20:11
bsnidersaint-takeshi, someone installing fresh would never notice the difference20:11
bsnidersan, someone installing fresh would never notice the difference20:11
sanbsnider: well I installed fresh20:12
bsniderdid you specifically request the restricted-modules package?20:12
xyzHow you guys feel with this beta version of Ubuntu?20:12
cwillu_remotealex_mayorga, your job is to make this as easy as possible for the guy reading the bug to do something useful  :)20:13
danagecwillu_remote: `Conflicts' field, invalid package name `xcerver-xx7f;rg-video-1.0': character `x7f;' not allowed (only letters, digits and characters `-+._')20:13
danagei will try that one too20:13
cwillu_remotehold up20:13
saint-takeshixyz: it's like a dream come true...a really weird dream, with lots of errors, but not a bad dream, by any means.20:13
cwillu_remotedanage, it's not just an isolated case, so now I'm worried20:13
Redhammerhi has anybody here managed to use the broadcom sta driver with wpa ?20:13
danagemaybe a corrupt file. do you want it?20:13
cwillu_remotedanage, flash drive or normal harddrive?20:13
danage*new* hdd20:14
RedhammerI can see my network but it keeps going around in a circle trying to authenticate, without security it works20:14
cwillu_remotedanage, what's the filename again?20:14
danage /var/lib/dpkg/available20:14
cwilludanage, filesize?20:14
danagethe file doesn't look like there is garbage20:14
cwillu(ls -l /var/lib/dpkg/)20:15
saint-takeshiRedhammer: does it the 2nd little green ball light up?20:15
danagemd5sum a450f7f23321ee6df802d2b33816312f20:15
cwilludanage, do an apt-get update , and dpkg --configure -a again20:15
danagethat is, with my edit20:15
saint-takeshiRedhammer: or do you just get the one little green ball and the spinny thing and then the "disconnected" message?20:16
cwilludanage, yep, we already know it's corrupted :p20:16
emilienneed help can't mount /home directory with nautilus crashes , ran in terminal no errors,  can open all other directories including /home branches20:16
danageit didn't find anything on the update me thinks20:16
danagesame error20:17
=== alex_mayorga1 is now known as alex_mayorga
sanbsnider: well with the previous version the hardware was wrongly detected (AR5006EG instead of the actual AR5007EG). Perhaps this detection is still wrong??20:17
danagecwillu: should i wait a moment?20:17
* cwillu ponders how to get that file rebuilt 20:17
=== alex_mayorga is now known as alex_mayorga1
cwilludanage, what does available.old look like?20:17
cwilluavailab;e-old rather20:18
* cwillu cringes20:18
=== alex_mayorga1 is now known as alex_mayorga
danageno file20:18
danagesame size20:18
emilienneed help can't mount /home directory with nautilus it takes couple mins to load full cpu get black box  , ran in terminal no errors,  can open all other directories including /home branches fine20:19
danageshould i rename it?20:19
cwilludanage, one sec, I'm testing20:19
danagesorry, take your time20:20
cwilludanage, I don't know if this breaks anything else20:21
cwilludanage, but rename the file (sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/available /var/lib/dpkg/available.broken)20:22
cwilludanage, and then sudo touch /var/lib/dpkg/available20:22
cwilludanage, and the dpkg --configure -a20:22
danagelet's test if it does :)20:22
cwillu_remoteit didn't immediately break anything on mine :p20:22
danagelooking good20:24
cwilludanage, if it continues, then when it's done, run an apt-get dist-upgrade, followed by another dpkg --configure -a20:25
cwilludanage, as long as either of them continue to give errors, keep going back and forth20:25
cwilludanage, it should eventually get everything resolved, although you may still have a weird system after a reboot :p20:25
danagewill report20:25
cwilluand next time, don't buy a maxtor hard drive :p20:26
tazzhey would this be the right place to talk about kubuntu 8.10 ?20:26
danagecwillu: inside joke? cause i dont have none20:26
DanaGIt's always good to have backups.20:26
bsnidertazz, only because of the absence of a kubuntu+1 channel20:27
danagecwillu: ah yes, totally agree20:27
trigpinneed help think found bug , my /home directory has been set to read only , i think nautilus did this20:27
danageerrors with evolution and evolution-exchange20:27
cwillutrigpin, did you run nautilus as root?20:28
tazzcool, i just finished dist-upgrading + reboot, and now kdmgreet is crashing at startup.20:28
danagecwillu when i do dist-upgrade it gives me unmet dependencies20:28
danageand tells me i should apt-get -f install20:28
cwilludo that :p20:28
trigpincwillu, i can't do any thing only terminal as gui will not start ' read only file system '20:29
cwilludanage, at the end of it all, apt-get install ubuntu-desktop will make sure most of the normal packages are installed, in case it gets confused at this point20:29
danageit's looking pretty normal right now20:30
danagei am in the distro upgrade process right now, and it gave me no errors so far20:30
cwilluDanaG, bsnider can tell you about my last 'it looks normal right now' experience :p20:31
cwillubut it's a good sign20:31
trigpincwillu, how can i change file permissions via terminal20:31
danagetrigpin: chmod20:31
cwillutrigpin, readonly filesystem isn't a filepermission, it's the drive itself mounted readonly for some reason20:31
danageehh chown20:31
danageehh both20:31
cwillutrigpin, did it give you an error on the last bootup, or is there anything else weird right now?20:32
bsnidercwillu now that you have the nvidia driver, did you try the gtkperf tests?20:32
cwillu!info gtkperf20:32
ubottuPackage gtkperf does not exist in intrepid20:32
trigpincwillu, well before nautilus would not notopen home / but would open /home/music then this happened20:32
cwillutrigpin, before that, anything weird?20:33
trigpincwillu, no20:33
alex_mayorgacwillu, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/286071 anything I'm missing?20:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 286071 in b43-fwcutter "Poor performance/sensitivity Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN" [Undecided,New]20:33
trigpincwillu, reboot do anything ?20:34
cwillutrigpin, what does "df -h /" say?20:34
=== kniolet_ is now known as kniolet
cwillualex_mayorga, seems okay.  May take a few days before it gets triaged, but at least it'll be looked at20:35
trigpincwillu, nothing get '>_' blinking cursor20:36
cwillutrigpin:  df -h /20:36
cwilluthat's what you typed?20:36
cwillu(no quotes)20:36
cwilluhit ctrl+c first20:37
tazzA faital error occurred.The application unknown (kdmgreet) crashed and caused the signal 6 (SIGABRT)20:37
trigpincwillu, yes , i typed that20:38
cwillutrigpin, /, not \, right?20:38
cwillu( '> ' means your in a line continuation, which is typically an unclosed quote or bracket, or a \)20:38
trigpincwillu, yes20:39
cwillutrigpin, hit ctrl+c and try it one more time?20:39
cwilludf -h /20:39
RedhammerHi, anybody had any luck getting ndiswrapper to load properly ? I have a broadcom card and despite blacklisting b43 b43xx b43legacy ssb i cannot get ndis to take the cardover20:41
trigpincwillu, i tried def -h /  not df not sure whats come over me today , i got /dev/sda2/ 317 G 74 286  25%20:45
DanaGRedhammer: perhaps blacklist 'wl', also.20:45
cwillutrigpin, lol20:45
DanaGThat's another Broadcom driver.20:45
cwillutrigpin, sudo mount / -o remount,rw20:45
trigpincwillu, ok one sec20:46
tazzroflol ok i found a workaround for my problem...20:46
bsnideruse gnome?20:47
tazzi can login from gnome's login prompt, scelect kde as my session20:47
edgyHi, when I have a screensavor in kubuntu I cann't see the password box while typing20:47
edgyonly me?20:48
tazzbut then kio_trash crashes :/20:48
trigpincwillu, here http://pastebin.com/m5229815020:58
trigpincwillu, sorry for long wait had t copy , from screen to paper and paper to paste bin =(20:59
cwillutrigpin, I'm inclined to say you've got a hardware problem :/20:59
trigpincwillu, oh damn21:00
DanaGYeah.  Advice for dealing with failing hard drive: stop using it... as soon as possible.  Use a backup system, or something, and get a new hard drive to transfer the data to.21:01
trigpincwillu, do be honest has been making clunking nosises when it starts =(21:02
ByteJugglerI'd suggest you get yourself another hard disk, then boot up with the Ubuntu rescue remix CD (or maybe the liveCD with some extra apps installed online, or something like Trinity Rescue Kit), then clone the old disk to the new one with e.g. "dd_rescue"21:03
danagecwillu dist-upgrade now gives done, no errors21:03
danagedkpg configure gives no output21:04
ByteJugglerit will get the good parts of the disk first, then try as long/hard (or not) as you like to try the damaged bits21:04
cwillutrigpin, that would count as 'anything else weird' :p21:04
DanaGHandy hint: use a log file.21:04
danagewhat do i do to finalize the upgrade process?21:04
DanaGPut the log file on a flash drive, or such.21:04
ByteJuggler(yeah dd_rescue = the command in gddrescue package iirc)21:04
cwillutrigpin, shut the machine down, leave it shut down until you have something to back up to21:04
DanaGThat way, if it locks up, it can resume even after a reboot.21:04
cwillutrigpin, but pay more attention to DanaG and ByteJuggler than me right now :p21:05
cwilludanage, yay!21:05
danagedo i reboot now?21:05
cwillugood luck :p21:05
ByteJuggler(warning: there are 2 ddrescue commands out there, the normal "ddrescue" and GNU ddrescue.  Confusingly, the first's package name is "ddrescue" and the command is "dd_rescue" (so my previous comment was slightly wrong), and the seconnds is "gddrescue" and teh command is "ddrescue")  You want the package "gddrescue" with command dd_rescue, its the better one21:07
ByteJugglersorry I mean21:07
ByteJugglercommand "ddrescue"21:07
ByteJugglerfor petes sake21:07
* ByteJuggler slaps himself on the forhead21:07
danagecwillu: i just realized my computer has the e1000 intel thingy21:08
danagedo i need to blacklist or am i safe?21:08
cwilludanage, I'm not sure what the state is on that21:08
bsnideryou're safe21:08
bsniderthat bug was fixed21:08
* DanaG wishes they'd remove the other one from repos.21:08
danagebsnider: so if i boot my new kernel that i downloaded today i will be fine?21:09
DanaGThat is, remove the bad one that doesn't skip bad areas.21:09
* cwillu is away now21:09
danagethanks cwillu21:09
=== erle64- is now known as erle-
trigpincwillu, just rebooted into windows and it works does this cross out the possibility of drive failure ?21:19
DanaGtrigpin: try installing SpeedFan ( www.almico.com/speedfan.php ), and check out the hard drive diagnostic thingy.21:21
danageok it worked21:22
danagecwillu ^21:22
trigpinDanaG,  ok thanks will do , thanks for all your help21:23
hadi57hi, i have problem with my atheros wlan, i looks recognized as per system > administration > hardware drivers but still not working, help really appreciated21:33
danagehadi57: you might try the regular ubuntu channel, as probably intrepid uses the same type of driver as hardy21:36
hadi57ok thnx21:37
danageafter my distro-upgrade to intrepid, update manager shows ubuntu-desktop as a package but it's greyed out, i cannot install it. any ideas how i could resolve that?21:38
dvoidis there any xconfiguration frontend in 8.10 yet?21:38
dvoidthe only thing i can find in the default installation is changing resolution...nothing more :S21:39
bobertdosdanage: In the terminal, see what sudo apt-get dist-upgrade says about it.21:41
bsniderhadi57, still there?21:41
danagebobertdos: i think that's what it needed21:42
bsniderhadi57, do not use restricted driver manager for the atheros card anymore. remove all linux-restricted-modules packages you have installed21:43
hadi57i didnt install them, i dont know how to remove them, still not that good in command line21:44
bsniderhadi57, open synaptic and search for linux-restricted-modules21:45
hadi57ill do now21:46
hadi57there are 4 of them, remove all 4?21:48
bsnideryes remove them all21:48
bsniderhadi57, is your atheros card a wireless-n card?21:51
hadi57i dont know, it is built in, aspire one acer notebook21:52
hadi57module removed21:53
bsnideropen a console and run the lspci command21:53
bsniderlook for the atheros entry and paste it in here21:53
hadi57Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)21:54
bsnideralright so the driver you need to be using is ath5k21:55
bsniderthe command is sudo modprobe ath5k21:55
hadi57ok i issued the command21:56
theBishopfirefox just crapped out with this error: firefox: /build/buildd/cairo-1.8.0/src/cairo-ft-font.c:622: _cairo_ft_unscaled_font_unlock_face: Assertion `unscaled->lock_count > 0' failed.  any idea how i can fix this?21:56
hadi57but i didnt see any action21:56
bsnideryou should be able to use network-manager to connect to an access point now21:56
hadi57still nothing there, shell i reboot?22:03
hadi57cant see the see the wirless device in connection manager22:04
hadi57ok ill reboot22:05
hadi57hi again, did a reboot, still cant see the wireless22:11
bsniderwhere are you looking fo rit?22:11
hadi57network setting, nothing as wirless22:12
hadi57no wlan22:12
bsnideruse the network icon that is up near the time/sate22:12
hadi57i did22:13
hadi57cant see it22:13
hadi57i use to see it before i updated ubuntu, but still could connect, couldnt see any AP22:13
bsnidertry in a console "iwconfig"22:14
hadi57no wireless extensions22:15
bsniderdo a lspci -nn, look for the pciid -- [168c:0019] or something like that associated with the atheros device22:17
hadi57u know, when i issued the command ath5k, i didnt see any reactiion22:17
hadi57ok ill do now22:17
hadi57i got this:  Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter [168c:001c] (rev 01)22:20
bsniderwell, that pciid is on this list as definitely working22:22
hadi57what i could be missing22:23
bsnidermaybe jockey is trying to load the madwifi drivers or something i don't know. i'd file a bug. the package is going to be your latest kernel. tell them that the kernel isn't properly loading ath5k to control your card even though it is listed as working.22:24
bsnideri've helped a few people over the past few days with exactly the same problem as you except they got it working. so maybe you're not doing something they did22:25
hadi57few hours ago, i was trying to install huawei 3.5G usb modem, and couldnt, do you think that may affected it?22:27
bsniderthat's an impossible question to answer since i don't know what you did22:28
hadi57ok, thanks a lot for your help22:28
nlionI have a macbook 2,1 and I'm not getting audio out of my headphone jack, although my speakers are working22:31
nlionwhat should I do to troubleshoot this?22:31
bsnidernlion, your headphone jack is probably muted22:33
Supersaiyan_IVnlion, volume control → preferences, enable everything, then look for headphone output and enable/unmute22:33
nlionexcellent, ok that works22:35
nlionnow, the f3, f4, and f5 buttons on my keyboard are supposed to change the audio volume, and when I press them the image on screen pops up that shows the audio volume changing22:36
nlionbut the volume doesn't actually change22:36
bsniderit's probably controlling a different channel than the one you're hearing22:37
nlionwhere can I set with channel they control?22:37
jinI have a problem with intrepid. when I click on a window, after changing the sound volume, the volume bar doesn't disappear..  it used to disappear automatically in Ubuntu Hardy. a bug?22:38
nlionbsnider: I'd like the volume control buttons to only change the master volume level22:39
bsnideri'm sure you would22:39
serenecloudnlion: you need to select which volume it controls \22:41
nlionright, but where can I select this?22:41
serenecloudSystem > Preferences > Sound22:41
serenecloudbottom option "Default Mixer Tracks"22:41
serenecloudmake sure you have the right system and Master selected22:42
nlionthank you!22:42
danagewhat is the appropriate launchpad package to report a bug in network manager in intrepid?22:50
nellerydanage: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager22:51
nellerymore specifically, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+filebug22:51
danageouch, there are many bugs in it already22:52
nelleryIf you are filing a bug on NM 0.7, remember to add 0.7 to the beginning of your description22:52
danagethis needs some going through, maybe someone has reported the issue already22:52
danagemaybe someone else has the problem too: with ath9k, it keeps asking me for the wireless lan key even though it knows it, and doesn't connect22:53
bsniderthat used to be a problem, but was fixed long ago now22:54
danagehmm... not for me :(22:55
bsniderdo you have all updates?22:56
danagewhich version should i have?22:58
bsniderthe latest of everything22:58
danageis it a svn snapshot from 20081015 that they are using?23:00
nellerydanage: the latest version of NM is network-manager (0.7~~svn20081015t224738-0ubuntu1)23:01
nelleryin Intrepid23:01
bascule!info bash23:06
ubottubash (source: bash): The GNU Bourne Again SHell. In component main, is required. Version 3.2-4ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 564 kB, installed size 1232 kB23:06
Storrgiehow do i get back into gnome when i push cntrl+alt+f123:11
charlie-tcayes, serious23:12
Storrgieok i will try23:12
ByteJugglerOK does anyone else have an old 9800XT (AGP) and having it working successfully either with FOSS radeon driver or ATI fglrx?23:12
Storrgiethank you, you are my hero23:12
Storrgiei will drink this beer to you23:13
charlie-tcaYou have 7 terminals there alt+f1, f2, f3, f4, f5, f6, and f723:13
ByteJugglerI've been having a boatload of trouble since the initial Intrepid install on this hardware23:14
ByteJugglerafter the initial install everything worked fine with the OSS driver (even "extra" visual effects)23:15
ByteJugglernow having done updates fglrx will not work (reported a bug just now) and the "radeon" driver is flaky23:15
limecatwas a new theme for intrepid rolled out recently o.0 i just installed with a daily alternative CD from saturday, and its TOTALLY different than it was a week ago23:21
Storrgieis there any reason for screen savers not to work in intrepid?23:22
ByteJuggleryeah well I must say the cirly theme doesn't do it for me23:22
limecatnah, its not that23:22
ByteJugglerbut hey23:22
limecati had that one, this ones a gritty awesome lookin one23:22
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charlie-tcaMaybe it's the final theme for Intrepid?23:23
J-_Will Intrepid work with my hardware? http://paste.ubuntu.com/59894/23:23
limecati hope so, but it doesnt look like it would fit with the ubuntu-y feel23:23
limecatlike, the top and bottom panels have gritty shading in parts like theyre dirty23:24
limecatscreenshot incoming23:24
ByteJugglerat glance I'd say yes23:26
charlie-tcaJ-_: it should, why not download a live cd and make sure23:26
ByteJugglercant vouch for the GM965 driver but it should be ok23:26
ByteJuggler(took the words right out of my mouth)23:26
charlie-tcaJ-_: Make that the daily image, though, not the23:27
charlie-tcabeta image23:27
J-_I flippin well hope so with the GM965. Someone told me to get this laptop because the hardware would work well in Hardy, and upcoming releases.23:27
bsniderthat's human with the new wallpaper23:28
limecatcheck the panels tho, they have a gritty dealie goin23:28
limecatits awesome23:28
bsniderthey're partially transparent23:28
J-_charlie-tca:  Meh, maybe I'll just wait til it's out of beta. I don't want to risk my newish laptop.23:29
limecatoh, doh23:29
J-_would suck to have hardware not work after installation23:29
charlie-tcaOkay, should be the RC this week23:29
limecatnow if i could only get repos with bleeding edge versions of wine >_>23:29
charlie-tcaI saw on the mailing list the maintainer has packaged the latest version for Ubuntu23:30
ByteJugglerlike I say, I cant personally vouch for the GM965 but I'm 96.231% sure it'll be fine23:31
charlie-tcaSorry, that's stable version, I think23:31
ByteJuggler(my 9800XT otoh is not so fine... :( )23:31
* DanaG wonders if nvidia will EVER fix the damn 96 drivers.23:35
limecatyea, it is23:35
DanaGWhat panel image is that?23:35
limecatwhich is irritating, since the point of wine, when it comes to games, is to get the most FPS, which means dev version (or latest that works with your game)23:36
pwnguini thought the point of wine was to run23:36
limecattell that to a raid leader/arena partner in wow23:37
limecatwell, its 2fps, but hey, it runs!23:37
RAOFs/most FPS/adequate FPS/23:37
limecatagreed, but adequate=most at this point in wow, when youre playing on a laptop23:37
limecatand runs=latest when it comes to warhammer (with luck)23:38
pwnguinsomehow, i cant help but imagine most means not running wine23:38
* ByteJuggler enables the new "gritty" wallpaper on his Intrepid install...23:38
limecati get more FPS on my laptop with latest wine/hardy, vs vista with all crap services off and themes off23:38
RAOFWhen I was playing WoW, my laptop (after I stopped it throttling due to overheating) got perfectly adequate ~60FPS with wine versions as old as 0.96(?) or there abouts.23:38
bsniderit's increasingly the case that computers aren't for 3d gaming though23:39
limecati think it was 30FPS wine/hardy vs 15 opengl vista, or 20 directx vista23:39
* ByteJuggler cant really see any difference on the panels... (?)23:39
ajmitchRAOF: I wouldn't mind seeing something that smooth :)23:39
limecatByteJuggler: i was an idiot, the panels were transparent because of compiz and weere showing the background23:40
ByteJugglerrofl ok23:40
limecatanywho, cya all :D23:40
* c0mp13371331337 slowly snuggles into Intrepid rather nicely.23:40
DanaGE: module-alsa-sink.c: snd_pcm_rewind() failed: No such device23:41
DanaGE: asyncq.c: q overrun, queuing locally23:41
DanaGE: sink-input.c: Assertion 'i->thread_info.rewrite_nbytes == 0' failed at pulsecore/sink-input.c:1147, function pa_sink_input_request_rewind(). Aborting.23:41
ByteJugglerfwiw I think sound on Linux is moving in the right direction with Pulse, it's all becoming pretty damn cool...23:42
ByteJuggler(so thanks if you're working on it)23:43
J-_should I download 32 or 64bit?23:43
ByteJugglerwhat cpu have you got?23:43
pwnguinim just happy that my jacksense works23:43
J-_I have a 64bit cpu23:43
pwnguinno more looking like an idiot with my headphones on and the speakers playing23:43
bsnideraccording to recent remarks by linus, you should be using 64-bit23:43
ByteJugglerhow new are  you with linux/ubuntu?23:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about icedtea23:44
J-_ByteJuggler:  I've had Ubuntu installed a couple years. Since dapper I think, possibly back more.23:44
J-_I might just download 32bit. I want to try adobe air.23:45
ByteJugglerok, well I'd also say 64-bit with the warning that there's a diminishing number of things which need a little more fiddling to get working (or requires 32-bit versions to be installed)23:45
ByteJugglercompared to 32-bit23:45
ByteJugglerall imho of course23:45
ByteJugglerit also depends on how much RAM you ahve23:46
c0mp13371331337What about flash on 64 bit firefox?  I've read a few ways of doing this, what's the best in everyone's opinion?23:46
wgrantc0mp13371331337: Click Install when it asks you.23:46
ByteJugglerless than 4GB (or I should say 3.5GB) and you might as well avoid any hassles by going 32-bit23:47
J-_2gb RAM23:47
dli__c0mp13371331337, I use gnash /swfdec23:47
* sarixe skdjf23:47
* sarixe dies23:48
c0mp13371331337wgrant: Hasn't asked me yet.  I tried going to youtube, it didn't display anything where the video should be.23:49
ByteJuggler(sorry cant remember what I did for flash on my 64bit install)23:49
c0mp13371331337dli__: I've had bad luck with gnash being buggy in the past (6-12 months ago).  Has it gotten more stable since?23:49
dli__I think ubuntu will do well during recession? can I buy ubuntu stocks on market?23:50
dli__c0mp13371331337, they just released 0.8.4, should be quite stable23:50
dli__c0mp13371331337, swfdec is always stable for me, but uses too much cpu power23:50
J-_buy ubuntu stocks? I thought Canonical was private...23:51
dli__J-_, any chance to go public?23:51
dli__J-_, I think recession would give linux a lift23:51
J-_Ask Mark Shuttleworth.23:51
* sarixe hi23:52
c0mp13371331337dli__: I'll check it out then, thanks!23:52
dli__c0mp13371331337, probably, you may want to try gnash when 1.0.0 released23:53
wgrantc0mp13371331337: That's because YouTube does strange detectiony things. Visit another Flash-using site - if it asks for Flash, Firefox will ask you to install it.23:53
* c0mp13371331337 adds 'detectiony' to list of words to be used at least 5 times today.23:55

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