NewhoaDoes anyone have a second for a few quick questions?09:45
thorwilhi rsc-18:34
rsc-i got a cute idea18:34
rsc-maybe a si scott style jaunty18:34
rsc-like http://dump.ambiescent.com/i/rico-ss.jpg18:34
rsc-just ranting.18:34
rsc-good evening folks18:34
rsc-whatcha think folks?18:37
thorwilif you can pull that off - although if the motive is a jackalope, i doubt it will make it into the release18:37
rsc-no more animals, eh?18:38
thorwilwell, it was presented as a rule to not use the codename animals ... until hardy. so no hard rules there. but the jackalope is the first imaginative animal in the series18:40
thorwilrsc-: did you read my post about Kyūdō: Means to Express the Message?18:41
rsc-oh, i haven't been reading aynthing from the ML/wiki in a long white18:41
rsc-while*, sorry18:41
thorwilrsc-: asking because i got no feedback there at all ... and yours I would be most interested in18:42
rsc-link? :)18:42
thorwil-> Means to Express the Message18:43
rsc-alright, ill meditate on this.18:45
rsc-you're putting a lot of effort into Kyudo, the unfortunate thing is there's not a lot of people who "get it"18:47
rsc-(by "get it" i dont just mean "understand what you're saying", I'd mean more like "understanding the need for a vision")18:47
thorwilyes, exactly18:47
thorwili'm at a loss what to do about that. or even, if there is anything to do about that18:48
rsc-people will always go "OH HEY guys I made a cool Ubuntu wallpaper I thought the swirls are cool make it default guys!"18:49
rsc-which, also, is something that's striking me as a concern18:50
rsc-I think the vision works well when employed in bigger community efforts18:50
rsc-(e.g., Breathe)18:50
rsc-just a thought.18:50
rsc-I don't think you can simply say "here are the guidelines, now go make something"18:50
thorwilif only Breathe would be a bigger community effort. right now it is Sebastian doing the work, criticized by me :}18:51
rsc-haha :)18:52
thorwilrsc-: it was never meant that way, to leave it at he guideline level18:52
rsc-oh btw, i only saw the community backlash on the wallpaper now18:52
thorwilcurrently i have a huge schedule problem. in other words: not getting shit done18:53
thorwilbacklash, even18:53
rsc-yeah, the "waaah feces-on-wall with fingerpainted coffee stains" remarks18:53
thorwiloh, that. was expected, as far as i'm concerned18:54
rsc-which is something ive already anticipated, and warned about :b18:54
thorwilto be ignored. feces on the wall describes the niveau of some commenters18:54
kooldudeive been gone for a while, so can someone give me an update on what we're doing21:48
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