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unfohi all.  Could someone running Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) please volunteer to log into a text console such as tty1?  After you enter your username and password, does Ubuntu then tell you a web site you can go to for help?  If so, what is the entire line telling you how to get help?04:19
wgrantTo access official Ubuntu documentation, please visit:04:19
unfowgrant: thank you.04:19
wgrant(from sshing into a Hardy box)04:19
unfogood enough04:19
unfowgrant:  I use Debian.  Thanks for confirming what the Ubuntu after-login message says for me.  I have now filed bug 285734.  In the new wording I chose inside my patch, I mentioned help.ubuntu.com.04:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285734 in base-files "[PATCH] Tell users how to undo accidental Ctrl+Alt+F1 presses in /etc/issue" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28573404:41
wgrantunfo: It makes no sense to put it in /etc/issue.04:42
unfowgrant: then where?04:43
wgrantNot there. I'm not sure.04:43
wgrantBut /etc/issue is wrong.04:43
unfowgrant: why not /etc/issue?04:43
wgrantHmmm, I guess if it is only used locally it's OK.04:44
unfowgrant: what does "used locally" mean?04:45
wgrantunfo: It wouldn't be inconceivable that /etc/issue would be used for other login means.04:45
Hobbseewgrant: ie, ssh'd in users will see it, and it would be wrong for them?04:45
wgrantNot just local ttys.04:45
Nafallounfo: that it wouldn't make sense for people ssh'ing in ;-)04:45
* Hobbsee ^5 Nafallo04:45
unfowgrant, Nafallo, ah.  But unless someone can think of a better solution, I think /etc/issue is the best place to put it.04:46
unfos/ wgrant/ Hobbsee04:46
unfowhen I type "ssh localhost", my /etc/issue is *not* shown.  All I see is the following:04:55
unfo"Password: "04:56
unfoCould someone else try ssh'ing to a Ubuntu computer by a different way and tell me if /etc/issue is shown or not?04:56
Hobbseeer, it only is if you uncomment #Banner /etc/issue.net04:58
unfoHobbsee: so are you able to confirm that changing /etc/issue does not affect users who ssh in?04:59
Hobbseeseems so.04:59
unfoHobbsee: thanks.  may I quote you by name like this?  "Hobbsee thought that /etc/issue might be shown when people ssh in, but it is not, unless you change the 'Banner; sshd setting."05:00
wgrantAgentless passive is better.05:01
unfowill use the agentless passive then.05:01
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techno_freakdo anyone remember the CD/DVD drive eject recloses tray and remounts media bug? I have a duplicate for it08:13
Treenakstechno_freak: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal/+bug/283316 ?08:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 283316 in hal "intrepid - ejected dvd media is inserted right back in" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:18
techno_freakTreenaks, thanks :)08:18
Treenakstechno_freak: np08:18
Treenakstechno_freak: it works with CDs as well, for me :)08:18
Treenaksor :(, actually08:19
techno_freakTreenaks, ya, i got the same thing reported and hence marking it as duplicate08:20
* Treenaks likes the 'Me too!' marking08:20
techno_freakya, am commenting it on the bug that the reporter can mark "me too" on the parent bug08:21
G__81Hi I am new to this team just joined the bug squad team in launch Pad. I am new or a prospective Ubuntu Developer :). I have been contributing to fedora and i want to get into ubuntu development08:34
techno_freakG__81, if you want to focus on development and packaging, #ubuntu-motu might be a place of interest08:40
G__81i have not done packaging so i might be more interested in bug fixing/triaging to start off with08:41
techno_freakG__81, welcome, the wiki links in /topic might be a good place to start ;)08:45
G__81thanks techno_freak08:45
G__81and are you anjan by any chance ? :)08:46
techno_freakG__81, no, not me08:46
G__81so are you parthan ?08:46
techno_freakG__81, yes08:47
G__81oh ! :)08:47
G__81nice to meet you :)08:47
G__81is this the channel for 5 a day ?08:48
techno_freakyou can ask it here too, if you have any qyestions08:50
G__81how do i start off with 5 a day08:50
G__81i have installed those 5 a day applet and the relevant stuff08:51
G__81hey be right back08:54
G__81hi techno_freak08:56
G__81had to reboot my system08:56
G__81ok can you help me setting up my account on LP have some questions if you dont mind08:57
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ciapsadmTyped Ctrl + Alt + esc and now I no longer show icons on the desktop10:59
ciapsadmWhat to do?10:59
ciapsadmI use Xfce11:00
Hobbseeciapsadm: try #xubuntu11:01
G__81Hi RainCT11:28
G__81i ve to first reproduce it in Ibex is it ?11:29
G__81ok then i need ibex first its still downloading11:30
wgrantRainCT, G__81: bug 285720 is probably because displayconfig-gtk no longer exists.11:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285720 in ubuntu "Screens and Graphics won't start" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28572011:31
RainCTwgrant: uhm.. right, but.. he shouldn't have a menu entry then11:34
wgrantRainCT: "11:36
wgrantI added Screens and Graphics to the main menu"11:36
wgrantSounds like he did it manually?11:36
RainCTG__81: you can probably close that bug then11:37
RainCTbtw, any clue about bug 285695?11:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285695 in nautilus "Nautilus asks for user password when launched" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28569511:38
G__81is it RainCT great11:38
G__81RainCT, Let me do it11:38
G__81how do i close it11:41
G__81and whats the comment that i ve to give11:41
RainCTG__81: Status: Invalid, Comment: something like "Thanks for your bug report but this particular package is no longer in Ubuntu."11:42
RainCTG__81: btw, there are useful comment boilerplates on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses11:43
RainCTbtw, if some bugsquad guy is around, I disagree with the "About an incorrect translation" text11:44
G__81RainCT, So if you say the bug is closed you set it to invalid ?11:45
G__81RainCT, What if the bug if fixed and passed everything and what state do you set that to ?11:45
RainCT(there are many communities were people shouldn't never just go to translations.launchpad.net and do something.. beside that they can't, because it would just be marked as a suggestion)11:46
RainCTG__81: if it's fixed mark it as "Fix Released", and explain that it's fixed in Intrepid11:46
G__81Oh ok11:47
RainCTG__81: but you've to be sure that it's really fixed.. there are some bugs which can't be reproduced by everyone11:47
G__81i am just trying to install Hardy in Qemu but not able to :(11:47
G__81RainCT, Closed the bug :)12:10
RainCTG__81: Great :)   The last sentence is a bit confusing, though12:19
G__81RainCT, I ve triaged my first bug :)12:24
RainCTG__81: great :)12:27
G__81RainCT, when will the karma get updated12:27
G__81was curious to see that it has not happened12:28
RainCTG__81: not sure, I think it's recalculated once a day12:29
G__81oh ok Ibex is downloading and i have installed Virtual Box12:30
G__81so should start on testing Ibex packages by today12:30
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mnemohow can I get a stacktrace out of a hung python application?14:36
RainCTmnemo: uhm.. you can't, only if it crashes14:47
techno_freakmnemo, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Strace14:48
RainCTtechno_freak: oh, cool. although I'm not sure about how useful that is :P15:23
RainCT(at least for python apps)15:23
techno_freakRainCT, ya, i haven't tried it at python apps, but anyways15:24
ByteJugglerhello all15:30
ByteJuggleranyone alive?15:31
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?15:31
ByteJugglerhehe, ok ok didn't want to be rude... but you're right I have another question15:32
ByteJugglerfor reference, I'm testing Intrepid and I've "imported" 2 accounts from the windows partitino15:33
ByteJugglerIt's done a number of interesting things, which I'm not sure whether they qualify as bugs (and whether I should report them as seperate issues or as one)15:34
ByteJugglerand against which project (ubiquity I'd imagine)15:34
ByteJugglerfirstly, there were 2 accounts15:34
ByteJugglerbut it's not actually created a corresponding account for the 2 on ubuntu15:35
ByteJuggler(aside: the account username of one of the accounts is the same as the one I created on intrepid on installation)15:35
ByteJugglerthe installer however imported the desktop picture on the other windows account15:36
ByteJuggler(that may be because there was no desktop on the matching account)15:36
ByteJugglersecondly re the import15:36
ByteJugglerno files on the desktop was actually imported, only the files in the My Documents folder15:36
ByteJugglerthat may be ok but it might confuse users who save files (temporarily? permanently?) on their desktop15:37
ByteJugglerso, my question: which package do I report against?15:37
ByteJugglerwhich of these issues qualify as bugs and which as feature enhancements/requests15:37
ByteJugglerif need be, just tell me to go read the blueprints on launchpad15:38
ByteJuggler(I'm just also trying to avoid wasting my own time unnecesarily)15:38
charlie-tcaI think it should import files on the Desktop, but you can ask in #ubuntu+1, which are the people testing Intrepid15:39
ByteJugglerah ok, sorry so I'm in the wrong channel lol15:39
charlie-tcaI'd report it against ubuntu-migration-assistant15:39
charlie-tcaOnly wrong for part of it15:39
ByteJugglerok thanks... :)15:41
charlie-tcaByteJuggler: If you need to ask a question and a channel is busy, just ask anyway. Someone will15:50
charlie-tcausually answer. Most of us are working on stuff, and don't always see right away.15:51
bucket529bug 285499 is a packaging request. Debian has it, but it seems like the build failed when Ubuntu tried to pick it up. I don't see any further work on it since then....So should it be Wishlist?16:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285499 in root-system "[needs-packaging] ROOT" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28549916:58
sroeckerI also like to have root17:00
sroeckercouldn't create a deb file, it always complains about unuran stuff17:01
sroeckercool, didn't know someone uploaded it17:05
james_wbucket529: I've retitled the bug to reflect the actual issue17:05
bucket529james_w: Thanks17:07
kirruswhat is the bug announce channel nowadays?18:24
nellerykirrus: #ubuntu-bugs-announce18:26
kirrusthanks nellery18:27
bucket529seb128: Thanks for the feedback. Good way to learn18:43
seb128bucket529: hi, what feedback?18:44
bucket529seb128: Feedback on bug 231280, bug 216660, bug 26076618:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 231280 in gnome-control-center "Restricting access to USB thumb drive doesn't work" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23128018:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 216660 in gvfs "Show a usb device twice after hibernate (GNOME - Hardy)" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21666018:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260766 in gvfs "DBus error org.gtk.Private.RemoteVolumeMonitor.NotFound: The given mount was not found" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26076618:45
seb128bucket529: ah, you use different nicknames on irc and launchpad so I was not sure that was you ;-)18:45
seb128bucket529: you're welcome18:45
james_whey seb12818:47
seb128hello james_w18:47
james_wthanks for fixing gst-plugins-good0.1018:47
seb128james_w: not sure that's a "fix", some people commented saying  the other upload was making it work again for them18:49
james_wheh :-)18:49
seb128james_w: but yeah, slangasek sent me a mail saying the patch was dropped yesterday when he approved the upload so it was on my todo18:50
seb128james_w: do you know who is looking at those bugs btw? I'm not sure why we use v4l there and some users setup are broken due to that18:51
james_wkees and lool are the best people to ask I think, they will probably know where to start18:51
seb128ok, will ping them tomorrow18:52
seb128I don't intend to work too much today ;-)18:52
bucket529bug 172384 - No Package/New/Undecided, 10 months old. Assigned to The Dell Team. No comments. Should it be assigned a package or priority or something?19:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 172384 in ubuntu "Cannot unmount DellRestore and DellUtility partitions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17238419:11
bucket529Found a pile of old bugs like bug 202821, upgrades to Hardy (yep, Hardy) lose their previously automounted disks. Is there a clever answer and marking that I should give these? Or are they all dupes of a single I should link to?19:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 202821 in ubuntu "[hardy] automount method changed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20282119:19
mrooneybucket529: they could be dupes, if they seem to be I would mark them as dupes of the one with the most information and popularity19:24
mrooneyanyone know if fglrx should work in Intrepid yet? I am not sure what to do with bug 28602019:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 286020 in fglrx-installer "ATI Fglrx Mobility Radeon 9600" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28602019:25
crimsunmrooney: it works on an HP Pavilion I just tried19:28
crimsunmrooney: (I'm across the street from a Best Buy and popped in with a daily-live)19:28
bucket529mrooney: Thanks19:32
greg-gcrimsun: thats an awesome idea, use the demo computers at retails to do hardware testing. you're brilliant!19:35
rrittenhousecrimsun: very nice idea :P19:36
crimsungreg-g: I've been doing that for years for sound driver development19:37
greg-gthats awesome19:38
rrittenhousecrimsun: do they complain?19:38
crimsunrrittenhouse: no employee has ever rebuked me [yet]19:39
rrittenhousevery cool19:39
crimsungranted, I know generally how the procedure goes, since I've worked there and at CompUSA19:39
rrittenhousenice. btw great talk @ linuxfest.19:40
rrittenhousehopefully my audio goes well im using ubuntu on a mac mini. I'm streaming audio from a candidate forum as we speak.19:43
rrittenhouseso far so good :P19:43
mrooneyrrittenhouse: is that talk online anywhere?19:56
mrooneyI do love talks19:56
rrittenhousemrooney: i should talk with you so we can compare notes19:58
alex_mayorga1hello all, anyone that might help me file the follow up bug report for this please https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/124159/comments/12220:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 124159 in linux "Broadcom bcm43xx Wireless driver regression in gutsy" [High,Confirmed]20:11
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alex_mayorgaI filed https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/286071 as a follow u, can somebody take a look in case I missed something?20:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 286071 in b43-fwcutter "Poor performance/sensitivity Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN" [Undecided,New]20:35
crimsunalex_mayorga: looks okay.  Which version of the firmware was extracted?20:45
nhandlerHello ronj21:10
ronjI have resume issues after suspend/hibernate since some recent intrepid update. All Intel, worked fine in earlier builds. There are so many similar issues I don't know where to start. How can I help?21:11
ronjavec et sans compiz21:12
ronjwhoops sorry. with and without compiz21:12
ronjok that seems to be gnome-screensav segfaulting. result: I'm stuck at the screensaver instead of having a login screen as soon as I action kb|mouse21:25
alex_mayorgacrimsun: how do I tell?21:26
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ronjhello, I've filed #286127 about gnome-screensaver segfaulting. I think that's an interesting one because the bad behaviour is triggered incidentally in cases of suspend/resumes, which means badly diagnosed bugs. I found 3 such bugs that were closed because of missing info22:32
ronjcould somebody check it out before I upstream it?22:32
danagewhat is the appropriate launchpad package to report a bug in network manager in intrepid?22:50
Nafallodanage: network-manager I'd assume.22:51
danagei found it, thanks22:53
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