emmaWhat is this channel about?00:24
emmaWhat does the 'desktop' team do?00:24
crdlbthey go around to the homes of the real developers and make sure that their desktops are clear of clutter so that they can work more efficiently00:25
crdlbit's an important job00:25
Nafalloemma: the desktop... you know... Gnome.00:35
emmacrdlb: hehehe00:36
emmaYes I know that GNOME is the DE in Ubuntu.00:36
emmaSo this channel makes the Ubuntu version of GNOME?00:36
Nafallono. channels doesn't make packages. people do.00:37
emmayou guys make packages?00:37
Hobbseepochu: erm, probably.  how big's the diff?00:54
emmaWell I'm glad I found this channel then. :)01:02
Hobbseepochu: and how stable is it, and have people tested it, and <etc, etc, etc>01:04
pochuHobbsee: not too big: http://pastebin.com/f38bfdf2309:47
pochuHobbsee: I've tested it for a couple of days, and it looked ok09:47
pochubut I understand it's a bit risky now09:48
pochuthere are a couple of fixes for performance issues, which are right now the most important issue with Liferea09:48
pochu(besides flash crashes, but not anything Liferea can do about)09:49
pochubut those performance issues were in Hardy already09:49
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Hobbseepochu: looks pretty small.  They're apparently only deleting non-translation code, according to that diffstat.13:53
dobeyfta: ping16:42
ftadobey, ?16:43
dobeyfta: http://www.gnome.org/~dobey/cairo-bug.png16:43
dobeyfta: do you think that's the same issue as the mozilla fix solved?16:43
ftacould be, what app is that?16:44
dobeyit's a calendar widget i'm writing16:44
dobeyi just noticed that it was doing that when i drag another window over top of it16:45
dobeyif i shade/unshade the window though, it redraws ok16:45
ftadid you try the work-around from the bug we had months ago?16:47
ftathe Xorg one16:47
dobeyi don't know of a workaround16:47
dobeyi am on hardy still, btw16:47
dobeyor maybe my code is just wrong16:50
dobeydoh. yeah, was my code16:59
johanbrHmm. Why are the gnome mouse (or in my case, touchpad) sensitivity settings lost on suspend-to-ram?18:05
johanbrWell, found a few relevant bugs, for instance https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/28014818:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 280148 in gnome-settings-daemon "After resume, ALPS touchpad fully functional, but with wrong settings" [Low,Triaged]18:08
seb128huats: there?18:45
huatsseb128: yep18:45
huatsseb128: I am updating anjuta and gnome-build right now18:45
seb128hello huats18:46
seb128huats: good!18:46
huatshow are you ?18:46
seb128Ampelbein: there?18:46
seb128huats: good, I got over my cold now18:46
huatsseb128: that was the question right ?18:46
huatsgreat !18:46
seb128ready for the 2.24.1 marathon ;-)18:46
huatsbetter too !18:46
huatsready for it :)18:46
huatsif you need some help do not hesitate seb12818:48
seb128huats: thanks, do gnome-build and anjuta, then we can see what is next ;-)18:51

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