calchmm it can't find the oops yet00:00
calcer via that url00:00
wgrantAh, I guess you might be able to do something useful there with your credentials.00:00
wgrantYou'll need to wait up to 5 minutes for it to appear there.00:00
calcwell i have access to it, it just said nothing was there yet00:02
wgrantcalc: It's probably worth seeing if you can see it now.00:02
calcoh its there now00:02
wgrantI think it's on */5.00:02
calcsays TimeoutError00:02
wgrantOh dear.00:02
wgrantIt's reproducible?00:02
calcevery time i have tried to do it oops on me00:03
wgrantOver how long has it been doing this?00:03
calcat least 2-3 hr i would guess00:03
calci've tried it probably 4-5 times for that one bug00:03
wgrantI wouldn't have thought that would be a particularly DB-heavy operation, really.00:03
* persia suspects it to be ~ 12 hours00:03
calci have to leave now though, headed out to school reunion00:03
* calc bbl00:04
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HobbseeLimCore: please keep all discussions about the US, and patents, away from ubuntu development channels.  We have a release to do, and do not need you soapboxing.  If i see you do again, you'll get a holiday from both here and -motu.00:55
jtismehow do i mount internal floppy in 8.10  automount not in fstab03:05
Hobbseejtisme: this isn't a support channel.03:05
jtismeok thanks03:05
pwnguini wonder if bootchart should be saving pngs instead of svg04:03
pwnguini've got like 150 megs of bootcharts since dapper04:05
pwnguinit would be neat to graph out the trajectory of boot speed over time, but that'd be hard with pngs =(04:06
NCommanderStevenK, now that I see linux-lpia in the queue, does that mean we're making progress?05:40
NCommanderStevenK, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/linux-lpia-meta/+bug/284368 - want me to tackle this?05:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 284368 in linux-lpia-meta "linux-lpia-meta needs to depends on linux-firmware" [Critical,New]05:43
StevenKNCommander: No, it's fine05:44
wgrantcalc: You should be able to approve that nomination now that LP is fixed.05:45
NCommanderStevenK, know any good RC bugs that could use a hand?05:46
NCommanderStevenK, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/linux-ports/+bug/213668 - if I cook a patch for this, would upload? (the fix was already SRUed, it simply needs to be repeated for Intrepid)05:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 213668 in linux-ports "Hardy: please enable PASEMI_MAC for powerpc64-smp" [Medium,Fix committed]05:47
calcwgrant: ok, just got back home05:57
ScottKStevenK or slangasek: Would you please accept libspf2.  I have one rdepend I need to upload for a rebuild after it's built/published (this is the one we discussed at the last release meeting).06:07
StevenKI'm no release team member06:08
ScottKAh.  Right.  Got the roles confused.  Sorry abou that.06:09
slangasekStevenK: it's in universe though, and ScottK /is/ motu-release, so he's allowed to ask archive folks directly for approvals :)06:09
StevenKFair enough06:09
slangasekI'll grab it in a sec, anyway06:10
StevenKslangasek, ScottK: Accepted06:10
ScottKStevenK: Thanks.06:11
ScottKslangasek: I'll have a Main upload I can ask you about here in a few minutes.  Just so you don't feel left out ...06:11
NCommanderStevenK, did you get an ack from ubuntu-release on linux-lpia?06:11
StevenKNCommander: Yes, it's building.06:15
NCommanderthat makes me happy06:15
ScottKslangasek: Would you please accept kdebase.  Its a two line patch and it makes it so you can actualy create a working new user via KDE.06:26
ScottKThere.  Now it's even.06:26
slangasekkdebase, or kdeadmin?06:28
ScottKslangasek: Bah.  Right.  kdeadmin.  Sorry.06:29
ScottKslangasek: Thanks.06:29
pochuslangasek: thanks for the sponsorship!09:45
loolpersia: only seeing your question now and lastlog is short10:18
loolyeah I care to upload linux-lpia10:18
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pznI'd like to report a wishlist bug: when screen is locked, the keyboard buttons volume-up volume-down suspend and some others could work without unlocking the screen. to which package should I post this kind of wishlist?11:57
* RainCT doesn't know but thinks that that's a nice idea :)11:59
ograthere is a bug already somewhere12:00
ograa quite old one12:00
ogralook for "media keys" among the gss bugs12:00
ogra(gss -> gnome-screensaver)12:00
pznogra: thanks12:24
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scuserhow to redirect simple bind authentication is redirected to saslauthd ?13:27
scuserhow to redirect simple bind authentication to saslauthd ?13:28
james_wrelease team: bug 269651 isn't release targeted, but it has a lot of subscribers and duplicates, and is a pain for those who get hit, as they lose some desktop functionality until they restart their session. Would you accept and upload of my proposed patch to fix it?13:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269651 in consolekit "console-kit-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in g_str_hash()" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26965113:29
jspirohi all.  Idea:  the desktop editions of *buntu should check at startup if the computer's clock is way off.  If it is, it should automatically retrieve the correct time using Internet time service.13:33
NCommanderjspiro, submit it to brainstorm13:34
cjwatsonntpdate is already in minimal13:34
jspiroNCommander:  i will file a bug.  but wait, there's more13:34
cjwatsonand comes with an /etc/network/if-up.d/ script13:34
cjwatsonif that isn't working, it's a bug, not an "idea"13:34
Hobbseei wonder if that's compatible with the new NM world order.13:34
jspirocjwatson:  ah, i didn't know my idea was already implemented.  thanks for pointing that out :)13:34
cjwatsonyes, I don't know what NM does with /etc/network/if-up.d/, if anything13:35
jspirocjwatson, Hobbsee, I am going to irc.gnome.org to ask.  (Btw I am the same person as "unfo".  I have registered both nicks.)13:36
Hobbseejspiro: wouldn't be that hard to test out, actually.13:37
jspiroI don't have network-manager installed on this PC.  It is a Debian PC with KDE.13:37
jspiro(I got my idea when my hacker friend told me about a computer with noob owner whose clock was wrong, and the owner kept getting Firefox "certificate not yet valid" errors.  I suspect it was a Windows computer.)13:37
jspirocjwatson, Hobbsee, http://kutuma.blogspot.com/2007/11/changing-default-gateway-using-network.html seems to me to *probably* imply that network-manager executes if-up.d scripts.13:40
* Hobbsee eyes cjwatson13:41
jspiroHobbsee: why did you eye him? :)13:41
cjwatson(connection fixed)13:42
Hobbseeoh, finally13:43
Hobbseewonder why she didn't come to -ops and tell us that.13:43
cjwatsondon't know, she /msged me for help13:43
Hobbseeah well.  guess i'll find out soon :)13:43
Hobbsee(and hurrah for sucky connections!)13:44
cjwatsonjspiro: implies that, in that particular release of Ubuntu, if-up.d scripts were executed when using network-manager13:45
cjwatsonthat could be due to NM indirecting through something that executed them, rather than executing them itself. At any rate this is speculation; somebody should check.13:45
jspirocjwatson: ok I will ask in channel #nm (it's right here on Freenode)13:47
jspirowhat should i ask?13:47
jspiroall : how's this?  "Do all versions of NetworkManager always run the scripts in if-up.d at every bootup?"13:49
cjwatsonno, you should try it13:49
cjwatsonon current Ubuntu13:49
jspirocjwatson: all I have is 8.0413:49
jspiroI don't have a wireless card13:49
cjwatsonplease don't ask network-manager upstream how network-manager behaves in Ubuntu13:49
cjwatsonit's inappropriate and will just annoy people13:49
jspirocjwatson: ah.  fair13:49
jspirois 8.04 and no wireless card good enough for testing?13:49
cjwatsonI have no idea13:49
jspirooh btw we forgot modem users13:49
cjwatsonperhaps somebody else will have some time to help out13:50
jspiroI wonder if modem users' PCs run if-up.d scripts at login time13:50
jspiro*ppp_up time13:50
Hobbseejames_w: that probably should be release targetted.13:56
* Hobbsee pokes it13:56
jspirosomeone in #kde-devel said I am being annoying.  am I?14:12
jspiro*was I14:12
jspiroI mean was I here14:12
jspiroRainCT: I mean was I annoying here before I corrected myself twice :)14:13
RainCTdunno, I wasn't reading :)14:14
* Hobbsee mutters at nutcases on planet14:24
Hobbseeyeah, really, 11 days before release is a *great* time to decide to start a spec to get mono out of intrepid.  not!14:25
sebnerHobbsee: PATENZ FUD14:25
Hobbseesebner: probably.  I'm just stunned people still want to make contraversial changes like that at this point...14:26
jspiroHobbsee:  I have no clue if mono is good or bad.  But are they saying it should be removed from *Intrepid*?14:26
sebnerHobbsee: well, maybe some think. let's discuss and 2 days later everthing is fine and finished14:26
Hobbseejspiro: yup.14:27
Hobbseesebner: yay, clueless people! But yes.14:27
jspiroHobbsee: oh :(14:27
NCommanderHobbsee, link?14:27
HobbseeNCommander: planet ubuntu14:28
jspiroIMO someone official should tell them there is no point trying to get it removed from Intrepid because the release is too soon.14:28
Hobbseejspiro: i've already done that...14:29
jspiroHobbsee: ah, I see your comment at http://gquigs.blogspot.com/2008/10/language-leadership-i-actually-gave-up.html#c5045436021106559200 - it was kind of you to do that.  I wonder what the original poster will respond.  :)14:32
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scuserhi all, I've disabled simple authentication using the configuration "security simple_bind=64" in the slapd.conf, but the system refuses to login although I can obtain tickets for the same user which I'm trying to login with and that user is in the ldap database and I can login using it when the binding method is simple; here is what kerberos logs produces http://paste.ubuntu.com/59709/ any...15:18
scuser...help please ?15:18
geserscuser: this is not a support channel, please try #ubuntu15:39
kirklandslangasek: hiya, could you please review the patch attached to https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/ecryptfs-utils/+bug/27223216:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272232 in ecryptfs-utils "passwd - passwords do not match but updated successfully" [High,In progress]16:41
kirklandslangasek: it fixes both 272232 and bug #25929316:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259293 in ecryptfs-utils "Ecryptfs Private Directory Randomly Unmounts" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25929316:42
kirklandslangasek: jdstrand has reviewed it, and I have incorporated his suggestions and tested it16:42
jdstrandkirkland: did you see my comment about decrement()?16:45
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lfaraoneHey, kinda important bug (from a legal standpoint): bug 28546918:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285469 in firefox-3.0 "XML Parsing Error: unclosed token when clicking on "Know your rights" button" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28546918:27
sroeckerI need help with bug 250425, it's actually a gcc bug18:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250425 in zsnes "zsnes crashes with buffer overflow on startup" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25042518:33
james_wlfaraone: hey, please ask if they restarted firefox after the upgrade.18:37
james_wlfaraone: or do you see it too?18:38
RainCTI guess the nominations on bug #268996 can be rejected18:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268996 in nmap "Update nmap to version 4.75" [Wishlist,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26899618:44
lfaraonejames_w: I see it too.18:48
lfaraoneOh, and what's the best way to package docs in docbook format? (where do I put them in the FS)18:48
lfaraone(for use with Yelp and the kde help ssytem)18:48
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drH0useperchè è sconsigliato installare oo3?19:12
cjwatsonlfaraone: thanks - marking as release-critical19:37
lfaraonecjwatson: thanks.19:52
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a11enI need to load my network card to ubuntu, but I don't have the driver-cd. Is there anyway I can pack it up on Vista and since Ubuntu is on the same partition reach into the backup file and load it that way?21:44
ScottKa11en: Support is in #ubuntu or #ubuntu+1 (for Intrepid).21:46
ogramumble ....22:20
ograwhy did my webcam vanish22:20
james_wogra: a gspca one?22:31
ograjames_w, uvcvideo22:32
ograbut it seems to be simply gone22:33
ogranothing shows it anymore22:33
james_wah, ok, that I know nothing about22:33
ogranot even if i load the module its discovered22:33
directhexnot in lsusb?22:33
ograits really weird22:33
ogranot even there22:33
directhexthen it's just plain not detected22:33
ograif the laptop wouldnt be that new i would think its actually broken22:33
directhexshows up plugged into a different pc?22:33
ograits integrated in the LCD :)22:34
directhexoh. um... rebooting doesn't help? nothing in dmesg about attempted usb handshakes?22:34
ograit worked in hardy beta and thats actually when i used it last time22:34
ograi would have thought i dreamed i used it but there are stored pics and test movies in cheese :)22:35
ograand i just tried to use it again on friday22:35
ograso i dont even know when it vanished22:35
directhexit might be fluke that it's not working now - the lack of metion on lsusb is serious. much moreso than nothing from uvcvideo22:36
directhexit should show up on lsusb even if there are 0 drivers22:36
ograi know22:36
ograi'm not sure though it is even attached to usb ...22:37
ograit might be attached to some PCI bus, ot to the internal firewire22:38
* ogra makes a note to store lspci and lsusb next time he buys a new system22:39
ogralshal obviously shows an unknown button with info.product=Video Bus22:41
ogra(no its not the lid switch)22:42
ograand apparently hal decided to apply keyboard settings and evdev to it because it has button in its input.capabilities22:43
stgraberogra: and you have it working when botting an hardy livecd ?22:44
ograthats the fun22:44
stgraberdid you do a BIOS update recently ? (sounds like broken ACPI)22:44
ograand the BIOS has no option to switch the cam on or off22:45
ograthe hardware is like i bought it, didnt change a thing22:45
ograand the most funny thing is:22:46
ograogra@osiris:~$ lshal|grep camera22:46
ogra  access_control.type = 'camera'  (string)22:46
stgraberyeah ...22:47
ogra... belongs to a22:47
ograudi = '/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/fuse'22:47
ogra  access_control.file = '/dev/fuse'  (string)22:47
ogra  access_control.type = 'camera'  (string)22:47
stgraberI also have this one but I have no camera in my laptop22:47
* ogra doesnt really get why fuse is access_control.type = 'camera'22:47
ogramight be a libgphoto thing though22:48
stgraberyes, so that also means your system doesn't see your webcam at all (as I also get that on a system without a webcam)22:48
ograi think the unknown button attached to the video bus with keymap settings applied might be the cam though22:49
ograhave a look at that device22:50
stgraberogra: I have the same here :(22:51
stgraberogra: http://paste.ubuntu.com/59881/22:51
stgraberexcept the keyboard layout is fr_CH and not de_DE :)22:51
ograi dont get why hal applies keymap and friends to it ... it shouldnt22:51
stgraberwell, in my case I'm sure it's not a webcam so I don't quite get why hal would say "Video Bus" for a keyboard22:52
ogrado you have any special buttons ?22:53
ograi have two, one for rotation of the touchscreen and one as a virtual mouse button if i use the convertible tablet mode22:54
stgraberI have some multimedia things (sound level, mute, information center (?) and presentation) but these are mapped to standard keycodes22:54
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ograGEEEZ !!!!23:11
* ogra found his camera23:11
stgraberoh, where was it ? :)23:11
ograhidden in an unnamed fn-F key sequence you can toggle its power on/off23:12
ograthere is no icon on the F10 key for it23:12
ograi just fund the combo in the handbook23:12
ograall other fn key sequences have a little blue icon on the F keys23:13
stgraberogra: btw, what do you think of the MSI WInd ?23:13
ogranice device23:13
ograthough i would invest the 150€ to get a clevo 120 :)23:14
* ogra really really loves clevo lappies23:14
ograstgraber, http://www.clevo.fr/index1.html23:14
ogralook at the tn129r23:15
stgraberoh, looks good23:16
stgraberand cheap for that kind of device23:16
ograthats waht i'm using atm :)23:21
ograjust know the webcam is switched on with fn+f10 :)23:21
* ogra does a reboot to see if the module is detected properly23:22
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ograhmm, cheese doesnt really get along with it anymore23:29
ograbut ekiga does :)23:29
ograhmm, gstreamer doesnt seem happy either23:31
TheMusoslangasek: re bug #273507, I'l look into adding the gconf schema referenced to our existing package. While the ubuntu theme doesn't have such sounds defined for windw actions, other themes that people use may.23:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273507 in libcanberra "No sound effects play when "play sound effects when buttons are clicked" is enabled" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27350723:39
TheMusopitti: Demoting festival is fine by me. As for flite, why do you want it in main? IMO its not needed, as espeak covers the vast majority of use cases.23:40
james_wogra: make sure you have latest gstreamer-plugins-good0.10, an ubuntu2 one, the v4l patch was accidentally dropped in ubuntu123:42
ograjames_w, i upgraded 1h ago23:42
ograi think the latest came in there23:42
ograbut cheese doesnt show anyhing and locks up after a while23:43

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