gTeaI'm looking to get involved, at the very least to report misspellings and such that I come across. For instance, I see a misspelling in the "Ubuntu Forum Rules" at http://ubuntuforums.org/register.php. Would I report this at the "Bugs in Ubuntu Documentation" page found here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-doc/+bugs ?08:07
gTeaFurthermore, is this sort of trivial contribution even demanded?08:09
gTeaI now see that the "Ubuntu Forum Rules" were last updated over two years ago. If my previous question came off as picky, it wasn't intended to be. It was just an illustration to help clarify my question =).08:58
gTea'previous question' == 'previous example'08:59
mdkegTea: the forum isn't part of the documentation team's work, you should report the issue directly to the forum team. I'm not sure how to do that but there should be a link somewhere on the forum10:40
mdkegTea: but if you come across any misspellings in Ubuntu documentation, feel free to report bugs in launchpad, certainly10:40
Gwaihirmdke: when are you going to export documentation po files?10:41
mdkeGwaihir: I had said 12:00 GTC, I haven't done it yet11:42
mdkeGwaihir: it will be 14:00 italian time, I guess11:42
Gwaihirok... so it gives me a little more time...11:42
mdkeGwaihir: by the way, interested in your thoughts on the mail about dialects I just sent to -translators and consiglio@11:42
mdkeGwaihir: maybe later though :)11:43
Gwaihirmdke: sure... I will answer... but lately :)11:43
technomenschanyone awake in here?19:02
* mdke is watching translations build19:05
technomenschI'm part of the docs team, but I'm kinda stuck with my googlefu and can't grab anyone from beginners-help......19:05
technomenschI'm trying to figure out a way to run a "checkdisk" from a gutsy livecd on an xp partition that won't mount19:05
technomenschwithout an xp cd at my current location19:06
mdketechnomensch: can only suggest #ubuntu19:08
mdkeno idea otherwise19:09
technomenschyea, I'm floating between the different rooms.  all the docs seem to imply I need the cd.19:09
charlie-tcatechnomensch: what about the ubuntu Rescue remix cd?19:11
technomenschyou've peaked my curiosity19:12
charlie-tcaIt's supposed to help with that type thing19:12
charlie-tcaI haven't used it, but it may help?19:13

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