ptlohi; i'm trying to install ubuntu (intrepid nightly) from the usb stick - copied over all the files from alternate install cd, set up boot loader (grub), using the newer cdrom-detect packages as described in bug #234185 comments; install comes pretty far, installs the base system, but then barfs on pkgsel.postint, which calls load-install-cd, which tries to remount cdrom (which i don't have, since i'm using usb), and fails miserably01:05
ptloafaics the only difference in my setup (from the situation discussed in that bug) is that i actually don't have a cd-rom drive on the target computer; so anyways, is this known, am i doing something trivially wrong, should i post a new bug, or? any pointers appreciated :)01:06
evandptlo: it's known, we're working on a fix02:02
james_whey evand02:03
ptloevand: ok, thx, if i can help out (by testing proposed solution, or whatever) just say02:05
evandhi james_w02:13
evandptlo: noted, thanks02:13
CIA-52installation-guide: cjwatson * r433 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 20080520ubuntu309:15
Elmnashi people can someone please help me to fix some erros in iwconfig?13:44
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cjwatsonevand: what's happening with those bugs? (I know it's the weekend ...) We need to get ubiquity uploaded tomorrow at the latest19:51
cjwatsonevand: which I assume will be best if the other packages get done first19:51
evandcjwatson: on them.  I intend to have everything uploaded tonight.19:52
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* cjwatson eyes bug 285626 suspiciously20:23
cjwatsonETA 3h 5m on the Kubuntu download though ...20:23
evand~1h here20:31
* cjwatson envies evand20:31
cjwatsonbandwidth is not something I have in abundance20:31
evand15M/768K here.  I used to have 15/15 but had to switch providers when I moved as it is a different cable market.20:33
cjwatsonI'm too far from the exchange I think20:33
cjwatsonso I have something embarrassing like 512K/256K20:34
evandI flat out refuse to go back to DSL (IDSL back when the cable companies didn't offer Internet access)20:34
evandI dont want to guess how long it takes you to download one of the DVD images or do an update.20:35
cjwatsonjigdo is my friend20:37
cjwatsonit's still not quick but it's less bad than it might be20:37
cjwatsonbut it's true I don't do DVD work very often for more or less this reason20:38
evandcjwatson: I cannot reproduce 28562621:07
cjwatsonmaybe it's hardware-specific then21:09
evandI've asked him to produce some logs21:09
cjwatsonmight still be some bit of the Kubuntu session we aren't running :-/21:09
evandif that's the case it's quite odd that it is only affecting him21:11
cjwatsonwell, could be the equivalent of composite vs. non-composite window manager, say21:11
evandthough there is no background set21:11
evandgood point21:11
cjwatsoncheck what wm the normal session runs? ubiquity-dm starts kwin and then dcopserver --nosid21:12
evandwill do21:12
cjwatsonwe might be missing some kind of configuration process before kwin21:13
cjwatsonthat kwin then expects to query for data to figure out which mode to start in, or something21:13
cjwatsonthanks for doing this on a Sunday21:14
* evand needs to pick up a KVM. Moving a usb keyboard between my desktop and a machine installing via d-i is somewhat primative.21:14
evandno problem.  I normally try to get some work done on the weekends anyway so this is nothing new.21:14
evandNothing in that jumps out at me as needing to be run, and my guess of maybe klauncher caused no change.21:46
CIA-1cdrom-detect: evand * r431 cdrom-detect/debian/ (cdrom-detect.postinst changelog):22:24
CIA-1cdrom-detect: Try to find an Ubuntu image on every CD device, not just the first22:24
CIA-1cdrom-detect: (LP: #234185).22:24
CIA-1cdrom-detect: evand * r431 cdrom-detect/debian/ (cdrom-detect.postinst changelog):22:29
CIA-1cdrom-detect: Try to find an Ubuntu image on every CD device, not just the first22:29
CIA-1cdrom-detect: (LP: #234185).22:29
CIA-1cdrom-detect: evand * r432 cdrom-detect/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.28ubuntu422:29
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