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ubuntu-vni'm in Ubuntu VietNam09:17
ubuntu-vnhow can i get a channel #ubuntu-vn?09:17
ubuntu-vnhi every body09:17
ubuntu-vnanyone is there09:20
ubuntu-vnanyone in here?09:29
jussi01!weekend | ubuntu-vn09:39
ubottuubuntu-vn: It's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.09:39
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BuiSyPhonghi everybody12:21
BuiSyPhonghope you are well ;)12:22
BuiSyPhongJust to inform you guyz that #ubuntu-vn was succesfully created and configured12:22
BuiSyPhongit's chatroom for ubuntu vn at ubuntu-vn.com12:22
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sysdefis it possible for an user called _sysdef (not me) to get a @ubuntu/member/sysdef cloak?13:34
Rafiksysdef, i think it's based on your launchpad id13:36
PriceChildsysdef: We won't be giving out identical cloaks for that reason.14:11
PriceChildRafik: that would seem sensible, but atm it isn't.14:11
sysdefPriceChild: so it isn't possible that _lux will get @ubuntu/member/lux if he don't own the freenode account lux? usualy14:18
PriceChildIts possible if we are lax.14:20
PriceChildPerhaps we should change cloaks to launchpad ids, and make all newones launchpad ids. sysdef i assume you believe this situation is about to occur?14:21
sysdefi just wonder what will happens if the original user lux ask for an ubuntu member cloak then14:22
RafikPriceChild, yes I think cloaks should use launchpad ids, just like @ubuntu.com email addresses14:24
sysdefin the case of lux i will not happen, because lux is just a bot account ;> i just saw a user with ubuntu/member/lux an thought wtf?14:24
sysdefand*, -?14:25
PriceChildah yes I see.14:25
PriceChildsysdef: lux is a bot account?14:25
sysdefi run a bot under that account for years - assigned to my account14:26
PriceChildsysdef: please don't run bots identified to a nick with an ubuntu/member cloak14:26
sysdeferr. i'm not _lux14:27
sysdefand i stopped to run a bot with my user rights because it's much too risky14:28
PriceChildelkbuntu: nalioth: LjL: What do you think about the dodgy way we name cloaks currently? Do you think we should be using launchpad account names?14:31
sysdefPriceChild: hmm, ... i created a launchpad account called 'christel'. can i get the cloak @ubuntu/member/christel now? .oO( i this a better idea? )14:36
sysdefjust my $0.02 ... i know you will find a good way. have a nice sunday!14:39
PriceChildno he didn't..14:52
* PriceChild goes off and registers sysdef___14:53
PriceChildI know what we should do.14:53
PriceChildLaunchpad gives you a unique identifier for openids as usernames change, letsuse that :D14:54
* PriceChild changes his cloak to freenode/staff/ubuntu/me14:54
RafikPriceChild, it's much more expressive when you use the LP id. This way we can easily find the LP page (for more infos, email address, etc..). A copy/paste of id from @ubuntu/member/id to http://launchpad.net/~id will do it. Plus, the LP id is also used for the @ubuntu.com address :)15:00
PriceChildRafik: I was joking about using the unique identifier.15:02
RafikPriceChild, ^.^15:02
PriceChildJust pointing out that launchpad urls can be changed like launchpad account names.15:02
PriceChildalthough I don't believe launchpad names can have non-dns characters which makes it easier to make cloaks15:03
RafikTrue. also i don't think ubuntu members will change their id because of the email address15:04
Rafik(I changed my id before applying for ubuntu membership :-) )15:06
naliothPriceChild: i think our naming scheme is just fine.  project GCs can request _any_ cloak content for their users ( look at any drupal user for an example )16:21
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