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uwe__is there something wrong with the repo right now?02:28
uwe__i get remote end hung up when i try to clone it02:29
uwe__ git clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-inrepid.git02:29
NCommanderuwe__, it worked fine for me easierly02:29
uwe__my url is right?02:29
NCommanderuwe__, you had a typo02:30
NCommandergit clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-intrepid.git02:30
NCommanderTry that02:30
uwe__thanks for help02:32
uwe__i just found out today that there is a git repo02:32
uwe__makes testing much easier02:32
NCommanderuwe__, lol ;-)02:34
nigel_c_Gidday all. I'm seeking to prepare ppa kernels with TuxOnIce applied to git. I've tried Hardy and Intrepid.10:40
nigel_c_In both cases, building after uploading fails.10:40
nigel_c_With Hardy, it's trouble with the custom flavours. Do I _have_ to build them all? If not, what's the best way to disable one or more?10:41
nigel_c_With Intrepid, I get "Previous or current ABI file missing". Not sure how to proceed there either.10:42
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NCommanderNicke, hey11:14
NCommandernigel_c, what kernel are you trying to build?11:15
NCommanderYou usually need to move the ABI folder to build it11:15
NCommandernigel_c, for every time you build a new verson, you need to bump the kernel version11:15
NCommanderhey amitk11:15
nigel_cNCommander: I'm working from current git, so...11:20
NCommandernigel_c, Whats the current version in debian/changelog, and whats in debian/debian11:20
nigel_cYeah, I think 2.6.27-7.10.11:20
NCommanderer, debian/abi11:20
nigel_ck. will look11:20
NCommanderWhat do you have in debian/abi?11:20
nigel_cls debian/abi/11:21
nigel_c2.6.27-7.10  perm-blacklist11:21
nigel_cchangelog: linux (2.6.27-7.11) intrepid; urgency=low11:21
NCommanderThat SHOULD work11:24
NCommanderrun fakeroot debian/rules check, tell me the error11:24
nigel_cI'm sure I've done something wrong :) Will do.11:24
nigel_cfakeroot debian/rules check11:25
nigel_cmake: *** No rule to make target `check'.  Stop.11:25
nigel_c(Trying in intrepid)11:26
NCommanderAre you at the base of the kernel folder?11:34
nigel_cAnd git status says the tree is completely clean.11:34
NCommanderOk ...11:35
NCommandervery strange11:35
NCommanderWhat is the specific build failure you got?11:35
nigel_cIf I switch back to origin (the tree I'm pulling into), it still says no rule to make check.11:35
mnemois there anyone from the intrepid kernel release team here? if so, please consider cherry picking this patch for intrepid --> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta/+bug/28557211:40
NCommanderthe PPA versioning thread is causing issues11:44
NCommandernot thread11:45
NCommanderthe ~versionX11:45
NCommanderRename the 2.6.27-7.10 ABI file from debian/abi to 2.6.27-7.1111:45
NCommanderAnd reupload to your PPA11:45
NCommanderTHat should get you a successful build run11:46
NCommandernigel_c, aren't ther kernel packages fun ;-)11:46
nigel_cI've been trying this on and off for a few days, so I won't argue :)11:47
nigel_cOkay. Starting an upload now.11:55
nigel_cI'm on ADSL1, so this will take a while :)11:55
nigel_cThanks for your help NCommander - I'm going to head off to bed now (Eastern Australia) and check the results in the AM.11:59
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