PandaUnixHow can I install either Ubuntu Mobile or Ubuntu MID on my device?10:14
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cypherdelicAnyone familar with xserver-xorg-input-evdev or-joystick detecting gamepads?12:36
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Celtiorethe last version ofmobile edition start correctly the video on aigo mid p 8860, thanks you very much19:51
Celtiorehow can i see,check the bluetooth hardware on it ? 19:52
[FR-ESTEL]Iraniahello :) *faq answered me* thanks for the topic owner :)21:31
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stgraberHey guys, I know it's weekend but I really need you to be update: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases23:03
stgraberwith the testcases for Ubuntu Mobile and Ubuntu MID (see Mythbuntu for example how to do that)23:04
ograyeah, i'll go over the ubuntu-mobile one tomorrow23:04
ograthough it shouldnt actually differ much from -desktop since its identical, only the ui is different23:04
ograand the touchscreen centric stuff indeed23:05
stgraberI'll likely ask the sysadmins to do the change tomorrow morning (my time), so mid-afternoon (european time)23:05
ograok, i should manage that23:05
ogranot sure about -mid though23:05
ograi didnt do much with it this release23:05
stgraberpersia said he'd do it last week but he probably forgot and didn't answer my pings yesterday (weekend ...)23:06
ograwell, its 7am in japan so i wouldnt expect much yet23:08
stgraberyeah, my plan was to ping him when I go to bed (12am his time)23:10

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